04-01-64 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:...Do you believe in, or did you ever see Washington's Vision? ANSWER:...Oh yes, we have published Washington's Vision. I have seen the original in the Library of Congress.

QUESTION:...What do you think about the last of the vision? Remember the people knelt down and prayed, and then looked up and saw heavenly beings in the sky? ANSWER:...Reinforcements coming in.

QUESTION:...Well, that encouraged the American people and they fought harder than ever. Now..those heavenly beings..were they in flying saucers?

ANSWER:...Well, all of this is coordinated, but what happens when a person tries to write it up and tell it...details sometimes aren't quite as accurate, and McClellen wrote the details as Washington told it. Washington had written it in two communications as he remembered it. Now; this is why there are two versions of the letters, the original and MeClellen's copy, and why they are slightly different, because McClellen copied the original. In this again, the Invasion is a struggle against the Asiatic and the Blacks, carrying communism and the flag, and the hoards symbolize..red, for of course communism is red. This is the Negro uprising with the Asiatic hoards, but Jew inspired, and led as are all communistic hoards. We already have a fifth column invasion, and the assault coming from the outside, so these tie together. With Johnson and people like him with their togetherness, they are just setting the stage for a sudden move, and his will come. However our biggest battle is not going to come from just those hoards coming against us from the outside, this we would be more able to manage, it is the thing on the inside that is more insidious. But I will tell you this, that when this battle is over, and even during this battle every communist financier, and every anti-Christ kike will be liquidated. And the Negroes who are left in this movement will be deported in masses. Inevitably this thing will reach battling in the streets. The LORD then using the Hosts of Heaven as they intervene will spare the masses of the Elect. Because we are outnumbered six to one, still we are given superior technology, but we don't have superior statesmanship. We don't play with the cunning of the enemy for we let them come in and join us.

QUESTION:...These things that they saw, will these beings come in flying saucers???

ANSWER:...Anything that comes in this way is classified as heavenly beings. We have two words for this:...one is Celestial and this is Spirit beings, and then there are embodied beings possessing spirit. And of course the Adamic Race and all other races are body beings. But out in space, in the vastness of the Universe it is all under the organization from Archangels to Seraphims and so forth, all kinds of Orders. And if you go into the Ancient writings of Enoch you find that we have no way of computing, in our finite limitations, how the vast extensive distances of the Universe are found. But we do know that we now have a multiple of ten times 126 trillion suns which are visible from Palomar, photographable or should we say 126 trillion suns from Palomar and ten times this by Harvard electronic telescope. This means we have no way to compute miles over this great a distance. But from what Enoch saw, he was told that there were residents thru out all the Universe. And that they were policed by the Hosts of Heaven.

QUESTION:...You mean someone lives thru out all the Universe?

ANSWER:...Yes, everywhere it is all occupied. Even such orbs as the sun has residents, for there are beings who live in such temperatures, they are different dimensions, and thus the heat of this dimension with its exploding atoms and molecular masses do not effect people in a different vibratory plane. The Universe is made up of electricity and of Light, so there are light planes that are not touched by the electronic planes of known substance. All the electronic plane is what we call today the field of rapid oxidation, and all those patterns.

But we don't have to worry, there are dimensions round us which we cannot see, and those stay in Spirit form. But Enoch was told for instance of the great ships of Lucifer which were defeated by the fleets under Michael, the Archangel, and these ships were made of substance just like we make ships of material. And that on these ships were not only fallen Angels who did not keep their first estate, but were now in physical form, but Lucifer had gathered up people from the Milky Way such as the Negro who he had gotten to revolt with him. You see Lucifer manned a lot of his ships with Negroes. They had degenerated under the violation of Divine Law, because all transgression is a mutation of Divine Law. And when Lucifer was defeated by Michael and virtually imprisoned in this Solar System, then eventually only the Earth and Saturn were the spots he held. Now probably only the earth is held because Jesus said:...I saw Satan fall like a star out of heaven. Now he is earthbound, and the Negroes who were defeated with him came in on those crafts. They are described in many sacred records as well as Biblical ones. And these Negroes under Luciferian law were mutated from their own kind even to bestiality, and they dropped and degenerated, and are far beneath the level they once held. But at no time were they on the level of the Aryan white man, because the white man now embodied was once the Celestial family of the MOST HIGH GOD, LIFE OF HIS LIFE, AND SPIRIT OF HIS SPIRIT. The Negro were good when created, good in their place, but under rebellion degenerated. So remember that in that struggle there were mill- ions of ships involved, and that way you get a little idea of how big that battle was. But when you talk about ten times 126 trillion suns...then all were not involved in that battle, for only 1/3 of the hosts of heaven were in this rebellion, altho that is a pretty big area. No general ever had on earth as many men under command as there were ships in this battle. So we discover that when Enoch was out in this Celestial headquarters he was in the Pleaides at El Cyone, and before he arrived there he saw this huge floating Island in space. But when he arrives in this great vessel he had been taken on thru space, he describes this Island as tho it was a floating disk in the sky, but there is land on it. And one building was so high that its top was in the clouds. it was as clear as Crystal and looked to him as tho made of diamonds and sapphires. But he said that he looked at the walls so sparkly, but you couldn't see thru them because the light was breaking out all with colors as from a rainbow. Thus you couldn't see thru it altho it was transparent, and when he entered into its great halls he said that high up...'lifted up' suspended in the air, in the great amphitheater of this Palace was a Throne. And ONE sat on the throne, and he said there were beings and even craft which ascended to this Throne. He tells that there were those round about who were ministering unto HIM that were winged. But he also said that almost all the Angelic beings of heaven were not winged, and looked just like men. These winged ones were just around the Throne.

Now; again this is a different picture because most all people think Angels have wings, when they don't. These winged ones were very special, and then there were captains of hosts in upper echelons, and arch Angels commanded them. And these Archangels each ruled over one quarter of the Universe.

Now;..Christ..The Eternal took over that quarter of the Universe that Lucifer once ruled...This is the Mystery you find in the Epistles of Peter, as he says HE-Yahshua is the Father of all Light, all vibration, no variables, no shadow of turning. Then talks about the perception, the Day Star rising in your hearts, and you perceive that this Day Star is The Christ. However this Day Star of creation, in the Universe was once Lucifer...Son of the Morning,..this was his title, and since the sun is a symbol of Light he was the Day Star. And the sun is the Day Star of every Solar system, and since Lucifer was the symbol of Life for this Solar system and he fell then he had to be replaced. Thus God, Himself, assumes this role in this quarter of the Universe while carrying out the Central Control, and will until such days when He restores Lucifer in the ages to come. Never, however will Lucifer have ascendancy as no Archangel has ascendancy over the race who are the Sons and Daughters of Almighty God.

Now; these crafts of heaven come and they go, and we know that Michael has a very unique army. I don't know how much of it he has to use, for he probably wouldn't have to use to much of it for what he has to do now, but the Book of Daniel tells us that Michael will fight for the children of God like he did once before, in Ancient times. He will help us defeat Lucifer in earth just like he was driven out of the heavens. Now; turn to Revelation and it tells us how Michael threw Lucifer out of heaven when they cleaned up space. But Lucifer when defeated here has no place to go, so they will imprison him in the Netherworld chamber for that period of time called 1000 years, and gather out his hosts from among us.

QUESTION:...But wasn't Michael withstood once by the powers of darkness? ANSWER:...Yes, that is right, but remember that this time Michael had come with a message, so he had embodied himself to come to Daniel, and when he came thru out stratosphere he got into Lucifer's bailiwick and he never had any experience down here embodied, and he had to use all the lore he had, and they still withheld him until they sent another Angel...Gabriel I believe...who came to his assistance, and released him so he could finish his task. But as far as being a logistical master of vast fleets of space crafts, then Michael is a past master. But out of this might come something else. It would be like taking a tank commander and putting him in charge of the infantry, he might not know how to do that as well.

QUESTION:...Was Lucifer black like the colored races?


QUESTION:...Then why do they call them the Luciferian race?

ANSWER:...Now; wait a moment...Lucifer did not beget the Negro race. He and his fallen Angels mongrelized with various races, and there are black, white, tan, yellow and red Jews, and they are the Luciferian race. They are the people he mutated with just like with Eve...she produced the white Jew- Cain.

QUESTION:...Oh, then Lucifer is the father of the Jews?

ANSWER:...Well, Lucifer and his fallen Angels are the fathers of all Jews. Jesus proved this as He said:...I am God and you are of your father the devil. He said:..Ye are of your father (the devil) and the lusts of your father ye will do. Your father was a murderer from the beginning, and this identified them in advance. Then in the Book of Matthew after saying all this in the Book of John He then said:...'Ye are guilty of all the righteous blood slain on the earth from Abel to Zacharias killed between the horns of the altar.' So that specific bunch of Yehudin...Jews, He was talking to had to come from Cain, or they wouldn't have been guilty of the death of Abel. Remember that God built a Garden eastward of Eden and He said:...'of all the trees for food you can eat. But there is one tree that you are to stay away from, and all the races on the face of the earth now under Lucifer, knew good and evil.' So having knowledge of good and evil is something with intelligence, so it is not a fruit tree, this is a physical ...a race tree, a family tree. And Lucifer seduced Eve, the serpent was just his title for he wasn't a snake, or a dragon, his emblem was Dragonis, and Hydra.

QUESTION:..Then he was a man...walked on two feet?

ANSWER:...Yes, Lucifer had an Ancient Empire in Ancient China, and there was the symbols of the Dragon, and in India for instance 10,000 years ago, they were using this emblem of the Serpent. 240,000 years ago the Sumerians recorded the emblem and 73,000 years ago when the Negroes were coming into Sumerian land they recorded this, and that the Negroes carried the Serpent emblem. So this goes way back as an emblem of Lucifer.

But what I want to point out is that this tree of good and evil was the race tree of the Luciferian hosts. Lucifer tempted Eve and she did partake. Lucifer said to her..'did YAHWEH say you shouldn't move in with this association or ye would die?' Then he said:...but this is not true. And Adam and Eve who were enveloped in radiant Light as they dwelt in Paradise in Inner earth, could come out upon the face of the earth as long as they were clothed in this Light. As long as they possessed this aura they could not die, but this Celestial body could not cohabit with evil and retain this aura. So they lost this Light and death was on them without this balance from rapid oxidation, there was nothing which would protect the cells from violation of law, because ages before this Lucifer had crossed Anamacula and protozoa, and bacteria and produced germs. The body of Adam and Eve was protected by this Aura of Light, but the moment they violated this law then they lost this Light, and now they were to die. Oh, they did not die in 24 hours, but death was now on them, and they no more had immunization against disease. Death would finally get them and it did.

Today we are making viruses in our laboratories, and chemicals to, and we are not able to resist them with our bodies and neither are the Russians, but this is what they call germ warfare. So how do we do it...we cross existing Anamalcula, we take these cultures and breed different cultures then mix the cultures. So after a while if we mix a lot of them, some of them for instance can cross breed. So we come up in these lower forms with the fact that they are not governed with Chromatin. They do not have any Chromatin inside genes as we do in mitosis, so we have multiple mutations, and out of these multiple mutations we get germs. Now; Lilith was the female consort of Lucifer after his fall. She was a female fallen Angel, and in other words after they both did not keep their first estate (good bodies) then she was the consort of Lucifer...therefore after the seduction of Eve, then Lilith seduces Adam.

QUESTION:...Adam? Then they produced Cain???

ANSWER:...No..No wait a moment, Eve and Lucifer produced Cain, but there is a whole posterity of people who dwelt in India that came by way of Adam and Lilith.

QUESTION:...Now wait a moment...let me understand this.

ANSWER:...The Serpent Kali, the Mother of the Ganges, Ishtar are all one and the same..coming down thru the years.

QUESTION:...I am kind of slow..you mean Lucifer had a wife...Eve?

ANSWER:...No, Lilith..

QUESTION:...But I thought that Lucifer seduced Eve?

ANSWER:...He did....Lilith is the wife of Lucifer, but he seduced Eve the wife of Adam, and Cain is that offspring. Then Adam partook of the same transgression and he went with Lilith. We have a long genealogy of this, and plenty of evidence of this.

QUESTION:...Then Adam left Eve?

ANSWER:...No, he just went out on a little orgy, and there are some of the people of India even today who came from that original sin. And they will tell you in their pagan Hindu religion that their father was Adam, and their mother was the Mother of the Ganges, Kali...the Serpent Woman.

QUESTION:...This Lililth, how do you spell that?...Lilith, this is really good, I never thought Adam did anything.

ANSWER:...No, it was really bad. Ha.

QUESTION:...I still don't understand where Lilith came from?

ANSWER:...She was out of the Luciferian fall, she was a fallen Angel who did not keep her first estate.

Remember that Adam said:...the woman did tempt me and I did eat? This idea that came out of the Catholic Church even tho they didn't start it for the Jews messed it up...that Adam and Eve when they produced were part of the original sin, thus we are born in sin, is not true, this just comes out of ignorance. There was nothing wrong at any time for Adam to take Eve and produce progeny. Nothing wrong, there were many progeny of Adam and Eve.... the beginning of the Adamic race. So no process of reproduction was a transgression or under the curse. All this was a twist of truth. Adam did not partake of transgression when he knew Eve, he partook of Eve's transgress- ion when he knew Lilith.

The fact remains that at no time did Adam and Eve violate the law they had been given concerning the other races. They did not mix with the Negroes, or with the Torogs who were all over the earth. But Lucifer came into the Garden with all the splendor and majesty and power he possessed, and he seduced Eve.

QUESTION:...Then most of the trouble came thru Eve?

ANSWER:...Wait a minute, Adam participated in this as well.


ANSWER:...Again..he took Lilith and after all you can't go around mixing with fallen Angels and get away with it.

QUESTION:...I still don't get it...all these children????

ANSWER:...This child of Adam and Lilith was not raised by Adam and Eve, because Lilith never stayed any longer in the Garden than Lucifer, they got out of the Garden before YAHWEH came to talk to Adam and Eve. And some in India today trace their lineage back to Lilith and Adam, and call Lilith the Mother of the Ganges.

Now over here in the Bible where you find Tidal King of the nations... when Abraham came out on that plain, remember they said they came from Isis and Ishtar, the goddess Ishtar is a part of all this. There are various names all over the world for Lilith...even Madam Blavatsky is just another devil.

QUESTION:...Well then, where did Seth come from, and where did Abel come from?

ANSWER:...Abel was the son of Adam and Eve was his mother, but remember that altho he was born righteous he was never acceptable for the kingdom. After an adulterous relationship which relates to another specie the womb is not cleansed until seven gestations takes place. Therefore the offspring of Adam and Evil until the seventh gestation was not acceptable for the production of the pure white race, thus nothing is said in the Scripture about this until Seth is born and then Adam said:..'I have now begotten a man in my own image.' The Scripture tells you all this, and this purifies the Adamic line.

QUESTION:...Well then how about Abel?

ANSWER:...Well, he came from Adam and Eve. He was the second child for Eve, Cain being first, then Abel and then several more were born to Adam and Eve and then Seth was the Seventh.

QUESTION:...Do you have proof of this?

ANSWER:...Yes, the Scriptures tells you this, then it tells you in the law that it takes seven gestations to cleanse the womb. Now there is more involved here than just the Scripture for we also have the Book of Seth, and the Book of 'Adam and Eve' and the Book of 'The Bee'. So the names of the other children of Adam and Eve are given. Most of them grew up and had families were wiped out in the struggles with the Canaanites and others. But this may have been mercy for they could not produce an un-mutated seed line.

QUESTION:...Then from Seth you have a pure line of white men?

ANSWER:...Yes, and to prove that the Almighty was coming to redeem us, not ashamed to call us his kinsmen because he knew all this before the foundation of the world, and thought it was worth the experience, in the Bible it traces the genealogy of Jesus back to Seth who was the son of Adam who was the Son of God. See..this produces the pure seed line and it carries down to Seth then makes the jump to Adam.

QUESTION:...Finally I think I am getting this straightened out.

QUESTION:...Would you explain the nature of Manna?

ANSWER:...Well, I never synthesized it but they did that in the laboratories of heaven...it was a pretty powerful vitamin tablet.

QUESTION:...Did it taste like honey as I have heard?

ANSWER:...Well, It could have, there are several things which fall from heaven now that sort of tastes like honey. But Manna had solidified like a wafer because they could pick it up. I would hate to try to pick up honey, but Manna fell like a wafer of snow.

QUESTION:...That was miraculous wasn't it?

ANSWER:...I don't doubt that they flew over with a great craft and shoveled it out, this is very possible. They could have dropped in sacks but the Israelites were being punished, so they had to pick it up.

QUESTION:...(the same man) Do you have a book where I can read and find out about Lilith? I want to find out where she came from?

ANSWER:...Ha..Oh yes, I have the books, but I can't tell you just what orb she came out from, but she has been around a long time. She can come and go just like Lucifer. I can't prove it, but she could have been a relative of Eleanor (Roosevelt).

QUESTION:...Was she white?

ANSWER:...Yes, I think she probably was. I don't think she lacked anything in beauty. Lucifer you know filled the sum total of beauty and intelligence.

In the first place, for instance, at that time Adam was superior to everything in the earth, and would never have had anything to do with Negroes nor Asiatics. And Adam and Eve wouldn't have taken a second look at Lucifer no matter how fast he talked if he hadn't looked white, and Lilith hadn't looked white. Besides while in the color of the Masters of the Universe...remember were all things put under the feet of The Christ...then it is a Great White Throne. Its a great white company of Hosts, and they come in White Robes just like the KKK.

QUESTION:...Well, how did the colored races get in here?

ANSWER:...Well the Toroug, or Torog were the first creation, we say the remaining creation of the sixty day, but this isn't the way Adam and Eve came forth. The Negroes as we have said before came in the ships of Lucifer. And Adam and Eve came a different way....He brought forth Adam as His Issue, and then took Eve out of Adam so they might be one flesh, and He did this on the seventh day.

QUESTION:...There is a passage in Exodus 4:24-25..which says: 'It came to pass by the way, in the Inn, that the LORD met him and sought to kill him, and that Zipporah took a sharp stone and cut off the foreskin of her son, and cast it at his feet and said:..surely thou art a bloody husband to me.' What is this all about, was it because the child was not circumcised?

ANSWER:...It was a violation of 'Covenant Law', but the translation has suffered violence. In other words, the LORD intercepted Moses and stood before him. This demonstrates great force, and is thus translated. It is used once before...meaning to strike a blow or to give a deadly cleft, so is translated:...'The LORD stood before him and sought to kill him.' Now; if the LORD wanted to kill Moses He wouldn't have had to bother to even wave His little finger...you know that. But what God did was to force Moses to fulfill the law of the covenant..of circumcision. This was some- thing that could not be spared here, for Moses to assume the responsibility of leadership, and to carry out this leadership, then every detail had to be carried out. Sometimes he would become so bogged down in details that he would by-pass some things, which contained everything God ever said to leading Patriarchs. In other words it is like you have...say a New Testament with the words of Jesus in red. The Zohar had all the words YAHWEH said to man, not only in the Old Testament volumes we have, but the many things contained in the old Books such as the Book of Seth, the Book of the Bee, thus in fact all the things said by YAHWEH to man in earth. There are a lot of things Enoch was told while in the heavens which was also in the old Zohar. Long afterwards Paul was taken into the heavens, and he would tell you about it, but what Enoch was told while in the heavens would be in the writings of Enoch as he told of what God had said while he was there, and this was also in the Zohar. And this Zohar was then contaminated by Jewish perversion, just as they sought to adjust the Septuagint and other things. You can go to a book store where the Jews maintain volumes and ask for a Zohar, and of course you come up with a Jewish one. If you want to get an early Greek version of the Zohar before it was contaminated in after years, after the Jews penetrated theology, and tried to shift all promises to themselves then you would try to find the Alexandrian version of the Zohar. This like the Alexandrian version of the Old and New Testaments is more reliable. I had one copy stolen from here less than a year ago, when I was in Idaho...it was taken.

QUESTION:...Was it original?

ANSWER:...It was from the 1872, last printing of the complete one. There is I understand, a Zohar being printed in Europe today, and it is very accurate and it is now available.

QUESTION:...Where could we get one?

ANSWER:. I would go to have a dozen book dealers and say:..find me a Zohar which is not printed by a Jewish press. Because if you tell them you want an old one they will come up with 5 different prices on it, so if you just say you want a Zohar, you may get one more reasonable. I have had lots of experience with these book hunters.

QUESTION:...If it was printed before 1872 would it be alright?

ANSWER:...Well, it could be printed after that time, but the only one I have seen which was reliable was of the late printing of 1872.

QUESTION:...Is the Zohar a combination of Books like the Bible?

ANSWER:...No, the Zohar is a revelation of the sum total of things God told men in earth. Then there may be to some degree things which are related to this in happenings or events which they discussed in there also. Thus the Zohar was added to thru the years. Then all of a sudden the Zohar is cut off before the time of the minor prophets. The Zohar ends to a great extent with Elisha, but it does contain further along what God told Ezekiel.

QUESTION:...Who was it complied by?

ANSWER:...Your race, and tradition and record were added to it. And it is the spoken declaration.

QUESTION:...Was Sargon a famous king?

ANSWER:...Sargon the Magnificent was the name given by the Akkads to Cain. he was known in history as Sargon the Magnificent. We have the records of all the cities he built as Sargon. More than this we have the whole history of his sons and the line of Cain. Probably one of the finest pieces of work we have on that was done by the wife of the Curator of the British Museum...Mrs. Bristow, for she wrote:...'Sargon the Magnificent' and 'The Oldest letters in the World' and 'Cain in Argument'. These books are in my Library and I have material that she used, and it anchors right on to this Sargon line of Cain. And they talk about things which happened in the days of their father, grandfather, uncles, and so forth and then they go right back to Cain.

QUESTION:...About the Alaskan quake, was it a great destruction?

ANSWER:...It literally flattened the area. This was where that Barry Goldwater Mental Health Center was being built.

QUESTION:...You mean this was where the government was spending those millions of dollars for a Mental Health Center?

ANSWER:...That is right, and it all went down into the earth. That bill was introduced in Congress under the name of Barry Goldwater, he was the man who spearheaded it thru Congress. This was a type of Mental Health Prison, this was being built...for Patriots. It was a place for the Jew doctors to get rid of conservatives. This can operate in a territory, but not in a state, so it was put thru Congress while Alaska was a territory. Then after Alaska became a state they couldn't operate a Federal Territorial Prison in the state. But they were trying to figure a way to get around this situation..and then the quake came. Oh, they don't operate with the law, but they have to try to stay within a corner of it, but the best thing for any of you is to have so many friends and so many people to appeal to that they will be afraid to move against you...but the courts aren't yours anymore either.

Now; Barry Goldwater re-wrote the original bill and then got right in there and ram rodded it thru the Congress, and it was a phoney Jew deal, but he was a part of it, for Goldwater was one of the major supporters of the principal bill, and never did deny re-writing until it would look like it would be kicked out.

I have a dozen other projects in mind which you can't do with ignorance, for Barry Goldwater is one of the sponsors of 1313 Metro Government, to create metro areas who separate themselves from control of the U.S. Government, free from the manipulation of their own states, and to which you have no appeal, even to the supreme court. What ever happens inside of the metro area...you have no higher appeal than that metro court. So this breaks up the whole area of American Jurisprudence as far as its courts are concern- ed.

QUESTION:...Pierre Salanger is running for office in California, is this legal?

ANSWER:...Strangely enough it is not illegal, if you wanted to run for the Senate and you can put up the money, in any state, this can be done. But at one time Senators were not elected. Senators were selected by the State Legislatures. But when they amended this, so that Senators could be elected they didn't qualify the fact that Senators be elected...who had to be residents of the state a certain length of time and continually. They didn't spell out the qualifications of one filing for the Senate, so any- one can file for Senate anywhere, if they have the money. This is true also with the Representatives, however there are some requirements for Congress- men. You cannot register for Congressman of a state you don't line in unless you are a resident of Washington D.C. And you are in Government employ. In other words a person in government employment and living in Washington D.C. could have been born in Ohio, and still claim any state, and if he has the filing fees can file for Congress in any state. Now; some states have specific requirements, and these can hold against this Federal regulation, saying you must reside in that congressional district at the time you file. There are some states however which do not have this requirement.

QUESTION:...What do you think is going on here in California now? ANSWER:...Well, the Washington Mafia is running against the California Mafia. As far as Brown and the Jews out here are concerned, they have their own gang, and the Schlangers, Kennedy and Schlessenger gang use the bunch here for an election, but they don't always play one another political game. Brown had hopes of Supreme Court or Presidency, and Cranston was his boy, and he was willing to forestall for a time this hope, but they didn't want anybody coming in from the outside against this machine, so they tried to keep Salanger.

QUESTION:...Can you tell us if it is the Government or someone else that is trying to bore down and get into the Inner earth?

ANSWER:...All I know is what I read in Harvard Astronomical Magazine, and others as they were talking about this. They were anticipating that they would be able to bore thru the crust of the earth. Of course this would be an expensive operation, and starting this idea goes back to Admiral Byrd. He believed in the fact of a hollow earth which many geologists support, and which of course is Biblically supported. And that the density of metals between the outer and inner crust make up the bulk of earths weight, and that certain combinations of materials and metals and pressures produce the heat we have in the volcanic areas with their internal pressures. That the pressures don't come from the center, that they work both ways. They can establish this by the fact that the temperatures are not the same over the earth, not paying any attention to the printed caps over the poles which are only surface codes. This has caused them to do much exploring in this area. For instance you can go down in some mines and its cold, and in others the temperature is 60 to 70 degrees all the time, where as in some places it is so hot you can hardly stand it. We have hot springs as well as some places where there is 5 miles in depth and no heat down there at all. There is no relationship to stability as they sought to say that molten heat was from an inner core center. And then as you come to closer to the surface the outer air cooled it off, and it gets warmer when you go deeper, this is not true. We have discovered in some of the drilling for deep oil, that there is no heat at all at the bottom. So all this has caused a whole new area of historical geology. How deep they will be able to put this probe is speculative, and these expectations are just preliminaries. They hope actually to drive a shaft like a subway tunnel and keep going inward, but Byrd proved that this isn't necessary, because he thought that all you need to do is probe at the South Pole and you get into Inner Earth. And in the conditions of winter which is there.. ..still birds fly out with vegetation, and you find this on the ice. Thus they knew there was an entrance down there to an area right in the midst of Antarctica. Byrd tells about several places where he saw old and ancient buildings beneath the ice, for the ice was so clear. This was seen in one of the expeditions when they were traveling down there. Roy Palmer published a lot of these things, then they moved to suppress this fact. We have a bunch of goons in Washington today, for anything they don't want published, for the public to know, they suppress it, thinking they are super intellectuals who are the only ones capable of understanding such things as unidentified flying objects, and space craft and so forth, so they just say they did not exist. At the same time they are spending millions of dollars trying to photograph them and then bore into the Inner Earth. This is the same way with the Byrd information, they suppressed all this information. After Byrd died they gathered up all the papers, and took them out of circulation. They transferred men of his staff all over, thus separating them. But there were Scandinavian explorers who also found a cavern entrance, and they tell how the land slopped in, they tell of a glass like entrance, and they talked about the changes of gravity there. Then there were those who talked about the shaft pattern that they found up near the Oregon border not to far from Eugene Oregon. Somewhere in those hills according to ancient tradition they think there is a particular entrance to the Inner Earth. And because of this particular pattern, and where it is located, they think this effects the balance, the magnetic tables in this area. And this is why in this area that levels do not work right, and things like that. They think that earthquake patterns have closed off an entrance there and there is talk of geological exploration there. The Government wants to do this but they don't want to admit it. I guess they are afraid that people will laugh at them, but just remember they laughed at Noah also. There is no explaining the twist we have today in the way the Government thinks. I believe we have so many Canaanites in there that the Government can't think straight anymore.


(End of Message)