04-06-66 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:----Can you tell me in the Bible what day we are to observe as the Sabbath? How do we really know which day is the Sabbath?

ANSWER:----Well we can come to the first day of the equinox, then the seventh day thereafter the equinox, that was the day thereafter for the Sabbath unto Israel under the old Testament law. The Adventist today hold that Saturday is the seventh day therefore Saturday is the Sabbath. However it would be hard to, and rather impossible for them to have given you a seventh day from the creation Sabbath because they don't even know the time involved in that period, whether 1000 years, or 10,000 years or 20,000 years so how could they say every seventh day thereafter. They tell you they are working from day one, the Creative Sabbath, but this is not true. It is impossible for anyone to denote or carry forward an accurate measure, so this is not the procedure by which the Sabbath is kept. The only Sabbath given in the Old Testament was the one given to Moses. Then when they came to the end of the year then all the extra days thereafter as they came up to the Equinox was a Sabbath unto them, so they had a whole week of Sabbaths some times, and then they would start out with a new moon. So the time changed, some years it might be a Wednesday, sometimes a Saturday, and sometimes it might come out on Friday and so forth. But the Christians have not tried to keep that kind of a Sabbath. We have been told to keep every day unto THE LORD, but we have also been keeping 'THE LORD'S DAY'---the Resurrection took place on thee first day of the week, so the Christians come together on Sunday and they continue to break bread together and worship on Sunday which was 'THE LORD'S DAY' thru out the structure of the church. But 'Let every man be persuaded in his own heart what day he wants to keep. Let no man judge him in the eating of meat, or the keeping of the Sabbaths but in all things give thanks.' But as far as the Christians are concerned we set apart the first day of the week, but it is more important that we set aside a day for rest and worship than it is the day we set aside. Frankly the whole foundation of the Christian church is based on the Resurrection. If there had been no resurrection there would have been no church to talk about. So this is the Sabbath as far as the Christian Church is concerned.


QUESTION:----Who did Seth Marry?

ANSWER:----He married his sister, he did not have anyone else to marry. He could not have married a daughter of Abel who were not acceptable, so Seth married a younger sister after she became of age. This was alright at that time for there had been no alternative for Seth, there was no one else available for him to marry who could carry forward the seed of the Kingdom.

QUESTION:----Can you explain which side the second chapter of Joel is on. It starts out it seems with the hordes of Russia and then changes as if it was The Christ's army.

ANSWER:----This is because the book of Joel is running thru a period when The LORD is sounding his voice before his army. "Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound the alarm in my holy mountain (nation) let all the inhabitants tremble for the day of the LORD COMETH, it is nigh at hand." Now;--the darkness and gloominess, this is the enemy, and 'a fire devoureth before them, and behind them a flame burneth. the land is as the Garden of Eden before them, and behind them a flame burneth. The land is as the Garden of Eden before them, and behind them a desolate wilderness, yea, and nothing shall escape them. This is ZIONISM --- then the appearance as like horses, this is the battle, and sometimes it s the LORD'S army such as verses 7 & 8. The translators not being able to divide verses have made much confusion in this chapter. But there are two armies here, and verse 11 should be before verse 7. The book of Joel can be a little bit difficult. Those who translated the King James Version before the end of the age just did not know how to line it out.

QUESTION:----What is the Black Pope?

ANSWER:----Well the Black Pope is tied to a rather sinister group of internationalists, and the Black Pope is a Jew. Of course this would not make him to far from this present Pope because he is 50% Jew on both sides of his house. This Pope may be some what ignorant of the fact that he is influenced somewhat still he is 50% Jewish Pope. The Black Popes had their start with Jesuitism. When Ignatius Loyola organized the Jesuit movement, he of course was a Jew, and he called the Jesuit movement the Soldiers of Christ. In otherwords it was supposed to be Jewish converts into the church but they were only there for the same purpose Jews come into the church to begin with which was to condemn doctrine, and change doctrine. As time went on the Swiss Guard was brought from Switzerland to protect the Pope, and actually to hold the Pope a prisoner in the Vatican. Of course this has gone on for years more or less, and it was the custom that the Swiss Guard was to protect the Pope, and this has been going on for generations. But behind the scene a Jewish institution was now inside the Catholic Church, which is all powerful in that it carries out the assassinations in areas of world finance behind the scene using the tremendous information they can gather thru Priestcraft of the Catholic church. They have used the Priestcraft of Rome for their own ends.

Now; there are many Roman Priests and a great many of the Bishops with the concern of the church on their minds and hearts as far as they know, and they are much concerned in carrying forward the concerns of the Church. They make up the ecumenical conferences and all the prestige operations of the church but they have not much influence, and don't have to much to do with what does go on in Rome. But the Black Pope has virtually nothing to do with these officials and Bishops unless there happens to be a Jewish Cardinal, or a Jewish high Bishop who is in touch with this Jewish army.

The Jesuit movement has expanded thru the years and there is the Franciscan order and other orders as well, so today many Jesuits are not Jews. In fact Father Loyola was a Jew, but today many of the finest of the Fathers provide the front for the Jesuit movement without realizing it. In Los Angeles we had Father Brophy the head of the Jesuit college, and movement and he was not a Jew, but at the same time at Rome behind the scenes Jewry rules behind the Jesuit and they have one who is called The Black Pope, and this one is supposed to have the power of life or death over the present Pope chosen by the ecclesiastical order. Of course the Present Pope is quite concerned with being the number one churchman of the world, has changed the concepts of the church by making an appeal to Buddhism, and Communism. The ecumenical conference has made approaches to Christianity, they would join all the heads of the pagan philosophies with the true doctrines of Christianity, thru out the world, and make all Faiths, one make them interchangeable. We think the policies of this Pope are totally wrong. When he came to New York he held a mass after speaking to the U.N. and the public turned out, and even the President (Johnson) and the State department went down and bowed to him. But he only has his right as the head of the Holy Sea and Temporal head of the Vatican. For the Vatican is a temporal society as is this nation altho the Vatican is very small, this is the ground the Vatican sits on, still it is the seat of authority for the Catholic Church. When the Pope speaks as a world statesman, and as a world churchman he can get away with this only because at the present time they are letting him get away with it. But normally the only authority he would have to speak as head of the Vatican state as a temporal state, --- just as much prestige as the Vatican state can muster in authority and power. On the other hand if today the Vatican is to possess a position of authority because this man claims to be head of the Catholic church, then the head of the Methodist church or the head of the Presbyterian church should have equal time to speak at the U.N. before the world. But they have no desire to do this so the whole thing is sort of a farce, and we don't mind putting it in its proper light.

They invited all Clergy to come down to the U.N. and join forces with the Pope when he was here, and many leaders like Carter Blake and various leaders of the Methodist and Baptist churches came. So all their talk about being against the Catholicism and the pressure of Rome which was said not to be good on a world scale went down before this man, even tho they said that unless Rome softened up on things such as marriage and so forth, the church could not be one.

Now; we have no objection to the church becoming one if that church is THE CHURCH OF JESUS THE CHRIST. It is a testimony to the ONE GOD --- "Hear O Israel the LORD they GOD is ONE LORD." And since this is the church in Israel then it would have to be one Church. I recognize however that the catholic church today is not the church of Israel. Oh it is a church alright, but it is in its own consciousness a church of the world. So as a church to the world then it becomes a world church in its institutions, in its development. It doesn't care if you are a Buddhist or a Hindu, just so you kiss the Holy Ring.

Now; as far as the true church is concerned: ---"Hear O Israel the LORD GOD is ONE LORD"--- Then again the LORD thy GOD is a Jealous GOD, so he will not recognize any of these strange philosophies and theologies so there is no recognition of them in the church.

Now; in the book of Revelation it gives us some teaching about the Catholic Church. In the structure of the church of Thyatira--- The Son of God who has eyes of fire, his feet as fine brass says:---"I know thy works, thy charities, not withstanding I have a few things against thee, thou sufferest that woman Jezebel which calleth her self a prophetess to teach, and seduce my servants, to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols. I gave her space to repent of her fornication, and she repented not. Behold I will cast her into a bed, and them that commit adultery with her into great tribulation, except they repent of their deeds. And I will kill her children with death; and all the churches shall know that I am he which searches the reins and hearts of the people. And I will give unto everyone of you according to your works. But unto you I say --- and to the rest of Thyratira as many as have not this doctrine and which have not known the depth of Satan, as they speak; I will put no further burden upon you. But that which ye have hold fast until I come, and he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him I will give power over the nations. This is NOT THE TRUE CHURCH -- remember that now -- they have the doctrines of Jezebel, and operate in darkness.

Now; when the Jews came into the catholic church in the second and first centuries before Nicaea they started to corrupt the church, and continued the corruption of doctrine, and within this there are many Priests who do not know this, but the corruption started with Jewry and continued with this policy. They even solicited for indulgences, for instance, and indulgence was the permission to transgress, to violate some given law. You could buy so many indulgences that this is then the doctrine of Jezebel and Satan. So in this God said he is against any who have this doctrine in the church. Of course we can see why HE would be against this because who could sell permission for instance to commit adultery? Or go out and violate any law.

Now; some churches might violate some law and repent and God would forgive the individual but for a church to sell indulgence for him to commit the transgression, or to move into merchandizing of men the doctrine of Baal Priests for instance, set up the idea of Purgatory. The Priesthood of Baal begins then to hold control over the people, not s to whether they are good or evil, but they had to pay for certain things, various perdition would come upon them if they did not pay. But He that overcometh will give power over the nations and he shall rule them with a rod of iron, an the vessels of the potters shall be broken to pieces, even as I have received of my father.

Now; there was another church, -- in Pergamous and this is where Jewry had its seat of control after the overthrow of the city of Babylon, then the Yehudin or Jews escaped out of Babylon as Medo-Persia conquered Babylon they came out to the isle of Pergamos when Alexander the Great conquered Babylon, and then some of them went back to Babylon and some went into Jerusalem, and opened a temple which was not the structure of the Kingdom. But on the Isle of Pergamos the Jews ruled, and Herod was from Pergamos. He was thus king over the land of Palestine at the time of the birth of The Christ, and had received his appointment by Rome itself, but the Jews had used the pressure of finance to settle a debt, and thus Herod got his appointment. But as far as Herod was concerned Pergamos was where the Yehudin or Jews had settled, and they moved from Pergamos out over the world using the gold they had brought out of Babylon as the Medes and Persians came in, and they used this gold to buy influence. "I have a few things against thee", such as eating of the things sacrificed to idols, and fornication and so forth. So this again was like Thyataria --- the license to commit sin, the operation of the Jews in Pergamos. This was then where Satans seat was, and they crept into the church to destroy.

Now; in this final message to the church ages, to this church of Laodicea -- "These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness. The beginning of the Creation of God. I know thy works, that thou art neither hot nor cold. I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thy are neither hot nor cold, I will spue thee out of my mouth. Because thou sayest; I am rich and increased with goods, and have need of nothing and knoweth not that thou are wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked; I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest by clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear, and anoint thine eyes with eye salve that thou mayest see. As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten; be zealous therefore and repent"

Now; this is to the total church in the later days which is a worldly church, which has great power, which has great cathedrals, which stand in great pomp and ceremonies. But in it is also Rome with its great power, it is still a great symbol, an effigy. The revelation of the wisdom of God does not flow out of it, they do not have the oracle of God, but they have the ritual, its communion, but again whole areas of it has this was for people to pay their way out of perdition --- that is still there.

However, the church of Philadelphia given its description just prior to this is the true church. The scripture here referring to the Philadelphia church says: --- "He that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David, he that openeth, and no man shutteth, and shutteth, and no man openeth." This is the church of the House of Israel. This is the church that has the throne of David, this is the house of the Kingdom. Therefore the LORD GOD of Israel, of this Kingdom is here, this is the house of the Kingdom. And He is the one who alone can sit upon the throne of David. So he said: --- "I know thy works, behold I have set before thee an open door." And in this church O Philadelphia, no man can shut this door, for "thou hast kept my word, and not denied my name." This church at not time will recognize Buddhist and bring them into the church, at no time will it recognize Hinduism, and bring them into the church. This church at no time will recognize any that strayed from YAHWEH-YAHSHUA, or Jesus the Christ. In other words there may be churches today who might be enclosed in this, they do not get the full light, but I do know this that there are Baptist churches, and Presbyterian churches and Methodist and so forth, these would be those whose ministers had not gone over with the Wards, the McConnels, the Carters and the Blakes and so forth. We would say that the side of denominationalism like Ramsey in Britain, and those who would go over to Rome, would be today in the church of Laodicea. But in the meantime we have in the church --- One LORD, One Faith, and One Baptism. Today they are divided in that they exist in their many denominations, and find it somewhat hard to break away from. But still some of these forces of darkness, would now consent to the recognition of the pagans, and these forces recognize that you could buy for yourself a release from judgment in violation of Divine law.

To this church he says: "Behold I will make them to come and to worship before thy feet and know that I have loved thee." Here in Revelations 3:9-- he wants you to know that those who call themselves Jews are really Jews, because they lie when they say they are of Judah. Actually the Germanic people are Judah, and when in the days of the siege of Jerusalem by Titus the Roman, the last of Israel went out of that old land. They came into Germany as the vis Goth, and joined the Goths already in place who were also Judah people. The Normans coming into Europe were the Galileans of that time of Christ --- Benjaminites. So the Jews of today have no part nor lot with the scriptures.

"Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep them from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon the world, to try them which dwell upon the earth."

As far as the true church is concerned they understand patterns of prophecy, they understand a greater or lesser amount according to their ministry, but the fact remains that before we have climaxed this age, we will have come to a fullness of knowledge of truth and Light. We know that this will occur because we are told that when He comes the entire church will think and know as He is known. but at the present time the church of Philadelphia is the church standing in truth.

Now; we have this Black Pope, this pope is 1\2 black (Jew) so that is pretty bad, it is the other side of the coin, a false Priest hood of a false church.

QUESTION:----How do you explain--One Faith, One Lord, One Baptism?

ANSWER:----Well---"Hear O Israel, thy LORD THY GOD IS ONE LORD. This is the declaration of Faith in HIM. This is followed thru quite carefully in the book of Hebrews. For here we have given unto us the characters of faith, and they are all of Israel. So whether you come on down thru the Patriarchs or on down thru the background of the Race you have those listed in the book of Hebrews as the people of Faith. One LORD, one Baptism is referring to the fact that they are all baptized into One Body (of Christ). When a person is baptized in water this is a natural operation, this is an ordinance, a person is thus baptized unto the death, burial, and resurrection of YAHSHUA. This is a confirmation of his Faith, in the baptism. But everyone who has put on Christ has been baptized by the spirit of God. In other words the Holy Spirit baptized Him into the body of Christ. So one Faith, One LORD, and on Baptism is talking about this.

We realize that the Baptism church and many of the other Christian churches go so far as to say that if you are not baptized by their minister then you are not baptized. But every minister who is ordained by a minister was ordained by a minister who was ordained--by the Disciples. So as you come on down thru the existence of the church then it doesn't matter what name the church goes by or what institution the church is numbered with today, still the minister has been ordained by a minister who was ordained by a minister, who has been ordained by Christ.

QUESTION:----Then this is what is known as the Apostolic Faith.??

ANSWER:----That is right, so the actual divisions which have occurred around points of doctrine, these seem very important, but now that we come to the end of an age they seem very unimportant. We do not disallow what it is talking about but the spirit of God does baptize the individual into the body of Christ. This is the one thing that the Holy Spirit does.

Now; since "all Israel is to be saved" then all Israel makes up the continuity, the background of a people, then all Israel comes to this light, to this Faith, this Knowledge, at this time, and thus ONE LORD, ONE BAPTISM IS THUS SIGNIFICANT.

You say:--but how do you explain this ONE LORD, ONE BAPTISM? ---Well---"He who hath seen me hath seen the father." --- "I and the father are one". When you turn to the book of Isaiah to the 43 chapter the words are:---God the father is YAHWEH, he is the total Supreme God who walked in the flesh as the man Christ Jesus. This is the God who comes in the Holy Spirit, thus there is one God, not three. We still have the picture today inside of Protestantism of three Gods, but this came out of Catholicism. It was put there prior to the council of Nicaea. It was put within the structure of the catholic church at Rome that God was the father, and there was also God the son, and God the Holy Spirit, or Ghost, and God bless the Trinity, and we have been talking about the blessed trinity ever since. But Isaiah was telling you that it carried thru as ONE FAITH, ONE LORD AND ONE BAPTISM.---I YAHWEH am they YAHSHUA---I am the Almighty God, behold I am thy Savior---beside me there is no other God. So under this declaration --- Thus saith He who created thee, when thou passeth thru the rivers, they shall not overflow. When thou passes thru the fire thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame be kindled under thee, for I am YAHWEH thy God. I am the Holy one of Israel---thy Savior---So we have only one God.

In this instance we have in the 14th., chapter of John these words: Let not your heart be troubled, ye believe in God, believe also in me. In my fathers household there are many dwelling places, if it were not so I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you unto myself that where I am there ye may be also. And whiter I go YE KNOW, AND THE WAY YE KNOW.

How then would they know where Christ was going to go, and the way he would go?---Because "Those who ascend into heaven have come down out of it"---Those are the Sheep of His Pasture---everyone of the lost Sheep of Israel have been in the heavens. In fact you have existed in a Celestial body. You had perfect entity, you were a celestial being, you existed in Celestial dominions long before you were place in earth, and you were placed in earth thru the process of perfect birth. Adam was an offspring of the MOST HIGH, and for this---YAHWEH planted you---thru the seed line of Adam into the earth. But remember that when Jesus said to Thomas concerning this---that Thomas would not remember this, then none of the disciples remembered this thing that Thomas did not remember, so Jesus was telling him something that he did not know. Jesus said:---You know where I am going, and the way that I am going, but Thomas said:---"We knowest not where thou goest, so how can we know the way?" Of Course Thomas was now ignorant of the fact that he was with the Father before the world was framed. So therefore Jesus said:---"If ye had know me, you would have known the father also---because ye know me, ye have see HIM."

Actually the King James Version here suffers a little violence because they did not know how to translate after being stuck with the Trinity. When they took the scriptures handed down to them from Rome, they also had the manuscripts which had been copied over and over again, by Monks in Monasteries, they had been kept alive by the work of these Monks. Of course today we have the Greek text, we have translations that go back to the church watched over by Mark when he was Pastor, in Alexandria, Egypt and they were never touched by Rome. But generally speaking when they translated the King James version they compared it earnestly with the Vulgate, but the Jews helped in translation, so some of these passages suffered some violence.

Now; Jesus turns to them and said:---"Have I been with you so long and ye hast not known Me?---He that hath seen me hath seen the father, how sayest thou show us the Father?" 'Believeth thou not that I am the father. The thing is that it was important for the disciples to understand this. Philip didn't have any ideas of idolatry but he thought the Messiah would be the embodiment of God, and that the embodiment or son of man would be somewhat different that God. But Jesus said:---"I will come unto thee"---I will be thy Messiah, I YAHWEH thy God am thy savior, or YAHSHUA. Once again:---"Unto you a child is born, unto you a son is given, the government shall be upon his shoulders---and He shall be called the Everlasting Father". So again if a child born unto us is YAHSHUA OR THE CHRIST then this is also the Everlasting father, thus One Faith, One LORD and One Baptism.

Now; he may manifest Himself as Eternal YAHWEH in the Heavens, and as YAHSHUA as he walks the earth, but the fullness of God was dwelling in was dwelling bodily in the man Christ Jesus. What people do not realize is that when Jesus walked in earth then here was all of God, the fullness of God. So one Faith, One LORD, and One Baptism is the testimony of the true church.

Now; of course we know today that a lot of churches try to worship God, the Father and Jesus Christ the son, and then the Holy Ghost as the Spirit, but the intellect of God, the consciousness of God, the enveloping wisdom, this is the spirit of God. So therefore when He, the spirit of truth comes, he can bring you to the knowledge of all truth, bring all things to your remembrance. Therefore you know all things he has said to you from the beginning.

The Apostle Paul then said concerning the Christ that all things were made by him, and by HIM all things consist. So we have the purposes of God revealed in a way that we know that Christ was the fullness of all things. For instance--concerning The Christ:--He is the image of the Eternal God. In otherwords he is spirit, and the only image you have of HIM is his embodiment, the first born of every creature because HE always existed. There has never been a time when he did not exist, for there has always been something in the Universe. His body existed when he required it, in anytime and history. So He was before all thing, he was the first born of all creatures, and by HIM was all things created. This is the vastness of the Universe, for all things were created by HIM all things consist. He is the head of the body--the true church. He is the first born from the dead, that by all things he might have preeminence.

It pleaseth the father that in HIM should all the fullness dwell. That the man---Christ Jesus was the fullness of God dwelling in a physical body, thus---I YAHWEH AM THY YAHSHUA. So this is One Faith, One LORD and One Baptism, for by One Spirit we are all baptized into one body. You can go to the book Ephesians, and here we have the structure of the church. --- 'We are members of His body, His flesh, and of His bones, and then he talks about His church'---"He put all things under HIM and gave HIM to be the head over the church."

As we see this relationship between The Christ, and the church was then come to this declaration:--"There is one body, and one spirit, even as ye are called --- in the hope of your calling, --- ONE LORD, ONE FAITH AND ONE BAPTISM" There is thus on God and He is above all, thru all He is in all, and He is the one we know as Jesus the Christ.

QUESTION:----People have said:---but I have had the baptism of the Holy Spirit, they seem to think this is something special, the rest of us don't have it?

ANSWER:-----Well I am going to tell you something---whether people like it or not. There is a feeling of power which can be given for service, and this is called the Baptism of the Holy Spirit by some. But the individual today who is baptized into the water, into the body of the church of God has the Holy Spirit. Make no mistake about this---any Israelite today, who by himself, identifies himself with the Christ has the Holy Spirit, for if he does not have the Holy Spirit then he is not HIS. As far as the baptism of the Holy Spirit is concerned in the New Testament period. There was no question of the fact that the Holy Spirit came upon them, those in Palestine, and those in the Roman House --- the Centurion for instance, for he was of the tribe of Gad, and thus of Israel. But the fat is that after the initial outpouring of Rain at Pentecost then the Holy Spirit came upon them, for they believed. As far as people were concerned they advanced in knowledge, and with deeper works. Some in the New Testament period especially and with deeper works. Some in the New Testament period especially were called upon to receive the Holy Spirit for a special ministry, special works. There is no doubt that this was a work done upon them. As far as it being called the Baptism of the Holy Spirit there is only a few places where it is thus called. But it was not separate or apart from the fact that all Israelite believers were baptized with the Holy Spirit thus ONE LORD, ONE FAITH, AND ONE BAPTISM.

This is why He tells you that there isn't anything as important that you know,--than this--that you have been baptized by the Spirit into the Body of The Christ. We believe every individual believer is baptized by the Spirit into the body of the Christ. I have a preference -- I believe in water baptism. If you are going to baptize someone, then they emerge, so I don't think they just sprinkle but at the same time I am not going to disallow the hundreds or millions who were just sprinkled, because whether they had a little water or much water, the baptism is of the spirit.

Now; we can come back to this: --- "All Israel is to be saved" -- and their salvation comes thru the spirit because all Israel are descendants out of Adam, and out of Seth, and out of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and on down. Therefore he said: "I came for the Lost Sheep of Israel." But the Jews are not Israelites, and they were against HIM, and they fight HIM all the time. So we are talking about those people who are truly Israel of the scripture.

Now; these people have the capacity to receive Christ, and when the Spirit of God touches them they come to an identification with them. And there exists inside the church a special group. In this sense they spend their time in service and worship, and according to the knowledge which the church has, they spend more or less time in service and worship. There are a number of people who are of the House of Israel, and of the Household of God, and they may never link up with the church at all, but you challenge these people about their faith, and you find out that they believe in Christ, they believe in the Bible, but they are sort of a dissident Christian, but they have enough Faith in things vital to give them Eternal life, and remember that the scripture said that no man can ascend into heaven but he who came down out of it. And that the Spirit will return to He who gave it.

Now; the other races, the Enosh are different than the Adamites. For Adam’s Race are the people of this book, and the Enosh are the other people who inhabited the earth, even long before you came along. But in this instance, they did not come from above, the races were created here, except for those who fought on the ships of Lucifer and were thrown out of space into earth.

Now; the hosts of Lucifer --- the fallen Angels who came --- these are those who created the false religions and caused trouble constantly and they will never accept The Christ. Oh! you say we have some people in China, some in Japan, and some in Korea that accept Christ. Yes, and we have some seed scattered there to. But here again is some thing that people don't understand. In the book of Isaiah it says:--- "All flesh shall be saved:, so here in the end time there will be a new development. They are going to be new creatures in Christ Jesus. There will be tremendous works of God's Grace, and actually we have the Pagans today who go down to their graves, but God has said that HE is actually going to restore every LIVING SOUL. This may take a long time, but it will take place. But there is also a vast difference between the sons of God and the House of Darkness with the races of earth also held in their darkness.

So -- Israel will build his Kingdom, so Israel has to have total redemption first, then she will carry her activities and ministries to the ends of the earth. We are at the climax of the age, and this is why we are battling in the Asian area in what seems a futile operation, for we have not decided that we are in war with the forces coming out of Asia. We are trying for a stalemate until these people wake up, but these people are not going to turn over a new leaf, they will only turn when we have defeated them, when we have crushed the power of Communism --- world communism. The same thing will come in Europe, for Russia has not broken with China, for secretly they are together. Russia could sweep down on Germany and go clear to the coast, and yet --- again America is the balance of power, and we will fulfill a destiny which is still a part of the last scene.

Again you come to a great development. Armageddon will be fought all over the world, and it will be done. We will see the nations of God's Kingdom, the white Christian Nations who are to rule the world, the Anglo-Saxon, the Nordic, Basque Christian nations, Scandinavian, Germanic and kindred people will take the height of their Civilization and culture to the ends of the world. And the ends of the earth will turn and come to learn of God. This operation may take a long time, because it is a thousand years, but that is just as a day with God. In fact when we pass the point of Armageddon, we will move into a period of time when there is no more death as far as our race is concerned. And the time when the increase of His Kingdom is to be no end will be here. Of the operation of it ---- there shall be no end. And at the end of that period then Lucifer will be released for a little time and he goes out and once more gathers up the same kind of People, as we find him gathering today, and they come out of the pit, and move among the people of darkness, and they gather together, and they will come again to destroy but God then just puts them down. The only reason why Magog is once more permitted to show itself --- it is because these people have no capacity, having come in from outer space with Lucifer in his rebellion, they have no capacity for the things which are good until they are totally made over, totally rendered incapable of doing as they have done in the past.

Now; the people of China, Japan, the Asiatic races have existed in antiquity, they were here before you came. They also fell long before you did because they were here long before you were. But under the instance of this God has a program for them, this is that they finally shall serve and worship the one True God. They shall serve HIM in Righteousness (right thinking) and according as they have the capacity. Today they have some capacity to receive truth, for instance some of them like the Chang Kai Shek's of Formosa, they are Christians. It is a little different type of Christianity but it reaches out to accept Jesus Christ. They can't get the enveloping of it, but they are going as far as they can. This again is the symbol of the battle. For instance in Korea there are certain numbers of Christians, and certain numbers of them are also in Vietnam. the Catastrophe was that we drove out the Diem's for they were Christians in their limitations. This had been the result of missionary activity, and they were partially Catholic. But we knocked out that Christian leadership of the Diem's when we permitted the Buddhist to rise up and throw them out. This was the Kennedy responsibility, and he betrayed his own religion when he did that. Then Lodge went down to the Buddhist Temple, and the Shammah and the Priests came out and acknowledge Lodge. They said: -- America would always be their friend for we had delivered Vietnam into the hands of the Buddhist. But this was not what we are here for. We are to deliver the world into the hands of the Christians. To establish the symbols of Christianity all over the world, and to demonstrate to the world that the people with One Faith, One LORD, and One Baptism will be the rulers of the earth in the long run.

QUESTION:----talking about the people returning to where they came from -- where did the fallen angles come from, did they come out of heaven?

Answer:----Now wait a moment --- you are talking about two different species. I am not talking about fallen Angels, as such ---- The people on the ships of Lucifer who followed him in rebellion, these were those who he gathered up, in space and were on the ships of Lucifer, and they came in that way. These were the Negroes -- they came in that way, on the ships of Lucifer. Remember that Lucifer had 1\3 of the Milky way under his control until his rebellion, and the Negroes were recruited from these islands or planets, this is where the Negroes came from and this is where they will go back to, for this is how they came in -- on the ships of Lucifer.

Now; Devios, and Voodoss were Semi-Angels under Lucifer, they were Angels with power but they were not Archangels. Voodoss sort of took over a whole batch of these beings that rebelled with Lucifer, and they then sort of had a war among themselves after coming into earth. Finally Voodoss was placed in power and Lukii saw his power broken. But they are different than the Negroes who came in with Lucifer on his ships. There may be other Negroes out there some where who did not fall, but these who came to earth this way fell, and followed Lucifer. And --- that also does not mean that those, if any out in space, are your equals because you are the only race that came directly out of the Heavens (spirit) from God. In otherwords we were in the heavens, we existed in the celestial realms, in the celestial dominions, and we were the race of God. This is why this book is written to your race, for you are a Holy Seed. He said: --- I have chosen you above all the people on the face of the earth. I would give Africa for you, or Asia, for you but the fact remains that there is a Mystery here. Psalms 82 says that -- "Ye are Elohim, and all of you are the children of YAHWEH." So why do you die like men, why do you fall like other races before Lucifer? I have been your savior since before the foundation of the world, and I am going to raise you up and you are going to rule and reign. These are the prophecies which relate to Israel, and relate to you. Today we don't hate the Negroes, we don't hate anyone, but we are not going to stand for this absorption by the Negroes either. That is the Satanic plan, all thru this book --- absorption. This is the one thing that God has ordained that shall not be.

Now; in the book of Ephesians, the Apostle Paul starts by telling you that you were in the bosom of the father before the world was framed. That your name was in the book of Life before the foundation of the world was framed. So again these things reach back into the yesterdays. When the morning stars sand, and all the Children of God shouted for joy --- You were there. So whether you know it or not, you were there, but the first physical body you possessed is this one here in earth. There is no less of a dimension to Celestial forms, or Celestial plains, it is only in the stabilization of the light firmament that we have today in the world itself, an electronic composed body, from the protons and electrons, thus your body is made with all the Units of value and all the chemicals that comprise it, and you live in this body. And yet just a wave length away you have a Celestial body, made of light. It is right there with your physical body, and you have a soul consciousness that can think in both. If you were to move into your Celestial body you would be no less tangible in it than you are in this one. So this is why the man Christ Jesus is YAHWEH-YAHSHUA, and the Apostle Paul tells you that He is the image of the Invisible God. In other words the spirit is not visible in this dimension, but visible in that one. This is what it amounts to. When Jesus said: -- no one ascends into heaven unless he came down out of there, he was not talking about the Negroes who came down out of space. There are planets out there in space you can see them as stars, and the Negroes came down out of space, and then deteriorated some more thru the years under the Luciferian influence, thru major intermingling and mongrelization. They scattered their seed thru the isles of the sea, and even into the beasts of Africa. So you do not have a missing link that evolved, but you do have the missing links which they pro-created. But the Negro does not have the capacity that he had even when he arrived.

QUESTION:----Did the Negro have that black body to begin with, or was it put upon him for something or because of something?

ANSWER:----Well, I am not going to go into an analysis of that. I do not doubt but that he had it, as least to some extent, but at that time people weren't going around pushing mongrelization. We stood back in amazement when this began. We were in another dimension of the Masters creation. We could see, be seen, and heard but not touched. I can go back to the Egyptian Records and show you this, for we came to the Temples of the ancient People of Atlantas --- but at that time we were not in flesh containers.

End of tape: