04-07-65 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:...What were the words Jesus said on the Cross if they weren't ...'Why hast thou forsaken me?'

ANSWER:...You mean:..E-li, E-li, La-ma, Sa-bach, Tha-ni? It wasn't actually...why has thou forsaken me, altho this was the way it was translated into Greek and into Latin, etc. This is the human spirit which cries out as the soul is about to leave the body. The soul consciousness cries out...Oh, Great Spirit (God) wouldest that this need not happen. If the Greek translation would have stayed with the Aramaic in which it was originally written the cry would have been:...that the flesh now felt the spirit leaving it, and knew that it was abandoned unto to death, and this was the flesh that now speaks. But...then it adds...An Dias...in Latin, or So be the will of Deity. So the flesh recognizes the sovereignty of the spirits right to go, and knew that the fullness of God dwelt bodily in HIM. So these words were...well, to put your hands on these words in the original text except you put your hands on the Old Alexandrian Codex, whereas they took it from the old original Aramaic text...this is impossible for most today. But the Aramaic from the Book of John and other Gospels were to mention this in the 7 cries of the Cross, and from study you realize that the flesh now cried out in agony as the spirit was leaving it. It cried out because it was suffering, but it also was willing to receive this because of the Will of the Spirit. See? But the cry is a great anguish cry as far as theology is concerned. But anytime you get any display...upon the body of God of unwillingness, this is error. Because he fully was willing to do anything which was to be done. The only thing He did in anguish was to create a background for the intensity of what was involved. So again when He said...'It is finished', it was with full cognition that the Spirit was leaving the body, and it would die, within a few moments....See? But He knew, and He released the Spirit. If He had wanted to He could have kept the spirit in the body and stayed there on the Cross for days. In fact He could have come down from the Cross if He had wanted to. But this would gainsay His own purpose, because this was the body of God which was carrying the physical suffering. The soul consciousness of God was in His mental acceptance carrying all the transgression of the world which He had assumed upon Himself. This was of course a new experience for God even tho in His foreknowledge He had planned it. Without transgression...with absolute perfection, without a violation of law, a Lamb without spot or blemish which was the full embodiment of it...the soul consciousness assumed all the responsibility for all transgression.

Now: He alone assumed...Himself accountable, because He was YAHWEH. He could have put it all aside, He could have ordained another route, but it would not have been as efficient and He can't short Himself. Therefore the most effective procedure for Him is the way He has gone. And therefore because He has purposed to do the thing, then it had to be done this way. Therefore this was the highest...the perfect...the Most, and so far by this very process He has assumed all transgression. That is why it says in the Book of Hebrews:...Should the son of God have done less, shouldn't the son of God...the embodied God have done this? After all He created the Heavens and the Earth. He created Lucifer, and He even foreknew what Lucifer would do, and He didn't put the obstacles in the way. He even put His own Family in the earth knowing they would be seduced by Luciferian forces in this area of a new environment as they were subject to temptation. And still God didn't intervene, He allowed all these things to transpire and therefore if you are looking for someone to be accountable...then God is accountable. Someone said:..Well was God to blame? Well, the word blame is an irresponsible word. God purposed that this route could take place, and permitted to go without shielding His people so they could not be touched by it. Then now that the Race had fallen under Luciferian bondage, then they are liberated by their Father who challenges the power of Lucifer and defeats Lucifer, and assumes all transgression upon Himself. This they couldn't understand but now they couldn't keep Him out of the Netherworld and now He conquers the Netherworld with the Power of His Resurrection and sets all of His own sons free, and leaves Lucifer a defeated foe. But all these things were necessary to bring the Ultimate, the absolute finality of the power of Deity over the powers of Darkness.

So in every facet...the negative is permitted to rise, it is permitted to carry on its facets of operations in every facet, and then it is defeated in every facet and then everything is restored to the condition it was in beforehand, and then it can never happen again, because the negative can never again seek to challenge the positiveness of the Sovereignty of the Universe. And after all, God always keeps the balance, they never get it anyhow. So to defeat God is impossible and therefore that which God has purposed is to come to pass. So therefore He said:..Could I do anything less than that to redeem my people and put the world in order? Do I have any pleasure in suffering and pain, or in anything which enveloped my people in darkness? On top of all this He restores all things because God can do no less. So the cries from the Cross are but reflection..translated theologically into almost a shrinking from what was before Him. But it is only a part of what originally was a full revelation of the depth of the fact that here was a symbol of God..immaculate in His conception...without transgression in His life...assuming the guilt of all transgression so that He might pay the supreme price for it all, so that He might set His people free, who were caught in the field (earth) in this process. So therefore He paid for the whole field to get the treasure that was hid in the field, or the Pearl of Great Price. The Aramaic is there...but I would have to go look it up to give you the answer to that...the Latin did reflect early that they were in cognition of the Aramaic in which the body showed its horror of having to assume upon itself the blood weight of all the transgressions of the world, but knowing this had to be done, and for this purpose He had come into the world. So there is no reticence about God, He couldn't be reticence in doing that which He purposed to do. And He couldn't leave the spirit in the body or it would not die. So He had to pull the spirit out to let this body for God die. And yet He didn't let it see any corruption because He reactivated that body. But it was just a vehicle to live in during that time, however it still had senses just as you have.

QUESTION:...It says:..He was made perfect by the things that He suffered ...what would be a better translation?

ANSWER:...Well! in the first place that wasn't in the original translation. Hebrews 2. In otherwords the original didn't say He was made perfect by the things He had suffered. In fact this is an insert which came out of early Rome, and then it was translated into the King James Version. Christ was God to begin with and He was perfect here from His Birth. He was immaculately conceived, He never transgressed or violated any law. He was perfect in spirit, perfect in soul and in body. The only area there could be any question of this is where the blood which was in the body of the Babe had affinity to the flesh of Mary who was under the fall of the Adamic Race. But the seed which had brought about this conception being of the Spirit, then the Ovum was a perfect development. So we have now a perfect being, in His own right, not one violation of Divine Law. So..the flesh never violating the law, and fulfilling all that had been destined by the Spirit in the soul consciousness of God was established as full Deity. So the words should be...that the things which Jesus went thru would establish before men...the Deity of the flesh. In otherwords this was spirit, soul, and body, and everything which could be physical, that could be Divine was established by the conduct of Christ in the physical body. And the absolute and immaculate life that He lives established this. He didn't become something by that which He went thru, He established something by the evidence of how He lives. This is as far as the body could go. There had been changing factors all the time, and He proved it even by the miracles that He performed, and the raising of the dead, and the controlling of the elements, the resurrection..all of these are the evidences that the body fulfilled, established that it was Deity in its own right, because it was the living embodiment of God...spirit, soul, and body. God is one, just as you are soul, spirit, and body, a Christed people in that you are spirit of His Spirit. And therefore the word Christ means Embodied and when you as the Children of God, embodied in the physical world...then you are the Christ of God.

Now: the body of the man Christ Jesus...you are talking about the embodiment of God..but when it talks about Our LORD and His Christ then it is talking about all of you. Because you are the body of Christ in the world today. You are the embodied children of a Divine Household in the flesh.

QUESTION:...How does His Will confirm..His own people concerning their genealogy?

ANSWER:...There is a whole Book here...concerning your genealogy, it is quite obvious that one thing you will find in the Scriptures is a preservation of an uncontaminated Seed Line, and that is one of the greatest responsibilities of a society, and one of the greatest heritages of a child. In otherwords we point this out quickly by going back to the Flood. It says: Noah found Grace in the eyes of God. Why? Because Noah was perfect in all His generations. Now if you don't think that genealogy is important look how it is carried from Christ right back to Adam. To show that it was a straight line, to show there was no mongrelization in the line. It carries right to Adam, the son of God. In otherwords the body of Adam was the begotten issue of the Most High God. And that Celestial Spirit that resided in it was a Celestial offspring of God in the Heavens. So God is our Father after the Spirit, and we are the Children of Adam after the flesh, who was the offspring of God after the flesh in the earth.

Therefore the most important thing you can do as far as your race is concerned is to preserve a pure posterity, and one of the most valuable heritages you can possess is to show that you are of a pure posterity of your generation. Now of course we don't have the genealogical tables as well kept today as they were in the past, all the Mormons not withstanding. They do a lot of research to prove that they have an impeccable descent in their generations. And they trace themselves back to various tribes. Of course they can do this as far as that research goes in the temple for things they have set up for families in their marriages, but they can't carry it back to Adam accurately. They can do it probably generally speaking for most of our race are not mongrelized, and not mutated. And for this cause we find that we have a sort of built in antenna that prevents us from mongrelizing and gives us Racial self-respect. This is one thing that God uses to keep people separated instead of integrated.

Some say we need to get these blacks and whites together but God builds into us an affinity that makes this idea repulsive to you. And so he has put this in you on purpose. The word of God stands without any ability to be reputed, from one end to the other, and it calls for racial purity, racial self-respect, and the laws of God place the greatest curses on mongrelization than any single transgression in the Scripture. In fact in the Zohar it is said:...that he who would contaminate his race with any of the unfit of earth was Blaspheming God whose Seed he was, and whose body was the Temple. In otherwords they thought that the supreme Blaspheme against God was the mongrelizing of this race which carried the Holy Seed. You remember how the Apostle Paul talks about Blaspheme against the Holy Spirit, and he says we are not of they who can draw back into this kind of an area....see? So people go around and think that swearing is Blaspheme, or that if you took the name of the Lord in vain, that you were Blaspheming, but that was not Blaspheme against the spirit, but it was in the knowledge of the Ancients that he who would mutate his race line knowing that this was the vessel thru which the Holy Seed was propagated was Blaspheming against the Most High God for the rest of the flesh, and there- fore if he knowingly violated Divine Law, and mongrelized his race, knowing this law which God had given to this race, that God forbade this thing, and that he was carrying a Holy Seed, and his responsibility was to preserve it then this person was Blaspheming in the face of God the entire program of the Kingdom of God, for the Household of God and for His purpose and His plan.

Again...the offspring receives the curses and it passes from generation to generation. All Israel is to be saved as it is written, but his posterity is cut off.

QUESTION:...what about 7 and 10 generations?

ANSWER:...7 generations cleanses the womb. 10 generations were required for absolute perfect back breeding for a line which had any affinity what so ever. If there was any violation of this law then no one who was a tainted mongrel was allowed to enter into the Temple and participate in any of the spiritually responsible positions of leadership or ritual inside the temple..and this was down to the one thousand sixty-fourth degree. So in any generation...any people who absorbed him back were themselves cut off out of the Temple until that man was bred back to the 10th generation. So no one with any responsibility in Israel would permit their children to marry one of these mongrels to help bring him back. This was why they were stoned because these 1/2 breeds were out of spiritual leadership, Temple worship, and any kind of leadership. So you can't imagine anyone who would want to sell out their inheritance. We have a lot of nin-ca-poop Clergymen today who might be thinking they were saving somebody, but all they would be doing would be throwing away their own..see, and future generations from all responsibility in the Kingdom...See? So no one ever anticipated that anyone would ever breed back to a 10th generation.

QUESTION:...Well, then why did some do this, was it a lack of knowledge?

ANSWER:...No. there were so many of them, but Kings lived in wealth and power, and the enemy brought in fancy dancing and entertainment and beautiful women, if you want to call them that. I never saw a beautiful Negro, but they brought them in and Asiatics and then they made them appealing with these sex orgies, and they set up these leaders, and then they were finally trapped in this and then they brought in their strange gods and mainly it was the rulers who were trapped in this. They could afford this type of living and they got into this life style. That is why Amos came out and said much about this and Ezra said these are outlandish women, they are outlanders, and you send them away or great judgments will fall. In fact those who wouldn't do this they took them out and stoned them. They couldn't let this mutation go on because God brought a drought and everything else because He wasn't going to have this seed ruined. So all the ruined seed was sent out of the country. Just like all Japanese should be sent back to Japan. This is all a part of this, if they came from outside of the race. Even if they evangelized these races they still were to stay within their own race.

QUESTION:...Do you have any Scriptures to prove where these Mongrels were not to have any part in Israel?

ANSWER:...Well, all thru the Book of Leviticus, the Levitical laws make this clear, then the Book of Ezra, and of Amos of course does this also. They are not even supposed to live in the land and once you get them out of the land then you don't have any problems with that. Take the Book of Ezra, and it will have all your answers.

QUESTION:...is that all?

ANSWER:...I don't want to take the time to look up all of these...I have another Bible which works much better than this one, for this one I am just breaking in. There is some in Amos where they have polluted the land, and they shall fall by the sword. And any of the violation of this law..God will destroy. He said if He had to, He would bring in an enemy to kill the people, but He would cleanse the land.

In the Book of Ezra it talks about the confusion of face, the results of this race mixing where you produce mulattos, and half-breeds, and God comes out clearly against this.

QUESTION:...But how about these orphans they are bringing over here.... these mongrelized Koreans?

ANSWER:...I wouldn't spend 5 minutes with a mongrelized Korean. I think this Pierce who is promoting this is as phoney as a $3.00 Bill. None of what he is doing is right unto God. In otherwords there are things which seem right unto men, but which is a way of death to a society. We can say today that all this condoning of racial mixture is a Satanic operation, and as far as these orphanages being set up in foreign countries, this is a money maker. Christians are suckers for this kind of operation everywhere, but if the money doesn't flow in they quit these operations quickly.

QUESTION:...But what about the Switzer foundation?

ANSWER:...This plays along with the pinkoes, there is something about the Switzer situation that I don't want to discuss tonight. A lot of people think he is a great spiritual wizard and so forth, but there are some things that are not so good about that pattern. It falls in the Jenkins pattern.

QUESTION:...Why was John on the Isle of Pergamos?

ANSWER:...He was on the Isle of Patmos.

QUESTION:...But I thought he was on Pergamos? ...but this Switzer foundation doesn't advocate race mixing does it? Is race mixing against Bible teaching?

ANSWER:...Now wait a minute...Turn to Ezra the 9th chapter. 'The Priests of Israel, the people of Israel, and the priests and Levites have not segregated themselves from the people of the land, and are doing according to their abominations, even of the Canaanites, the Hittites, the Perezzites, the Jebusites, the Ammonites, the Moabites, the Egyptians and the Amorites. And they took daughters for themselves, for their sons, so that the holy seed have mingled themselves with the peoples of those lands, and the hand of the princes and the rulers hath been chief in their trespass.' Now; everyone of these people were sent away or they were killed...it is that simple. Now, to answer this other question about John, turn to the Book of Revelation 1:9......'I John am also your brother, and companion in tribulation, and in the Kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ, was in the isle that is called Patmos, for the word of God and for the testimony of Jesus Christ.'

Now;..in one of the 7 churches...one of them is Pergamos, and that is where Satans seat is. Actually after the overthrow of Babylon, many of the Pagan Priests went to Pergamos, and there they established their headquarters for their international witchcraft, and gold exchanging. That is why in the second chapter of the Book of Revelation the Angel says to this church of Pergamos...These things saith He who hath the sharp sword with two edges. I know thy works and where thou dwellest, even where Satans seat is.' Now he is talking to the Christians on this Isle and things were in a bad way for them and he says:...Thou hast not denied my faith even in the days where in Antipas was my faithful martyr, who was slain among you, where Satan dwelleth.

In otherwords, Satan was not only embodied now in his Luciferian offspring but this was also his headquarters. Now for his next move here from Pergamos of course, was the whole Mediterranean area, and of course the Roman Empire was effected. In fact in the days of John the money changers were here, but eventually they moved to Venice, and that was the Master Seat of Jewry then for almost 1000 years of European history. You note here again that these of Satans seed, the first thing they did was to get the people to do things they were forbidden to do, like eating things sacrificed to idols, and of course get them to intermingle with other races.

QUESTION:...who are the American s and where did they come from?

ANSWER:...Well there are all kinds of American Indians...as such. I have shelves of Indian material here. The word of course is a misnomer. When you use the word...Indian, it doesn't have any use..it is just semantics from the days of Columbus as he called the people Indians. There were white people who were called Indians because they were living in tribal states, after long periods of time and areas of history. There were Asiatics who came down across the Steppes and across the Bering Straights when it was land bridges, and they crossed in canoes also. And they lived in this country...and in upper Alaska you have Asiatic Steppe Mongols, and a lower generation of them produced the Eskimo. You have Asiatic tribe forces who migrated into Alaska and came down thru Canada and into the U.S. Now, the occupancies of Asiatic Indians in this country goes back several thousands of years. At one time where the Pacific Ocean is was a great continent. It originally was called Mu, and sometimes was called Lemuria. All these places like Easter Island and Japan, these are the areas of the high Mountains and they didn't completely sink. Under great catastrophes, judgments and nuclear wars, and such, these areas went down and sunk below the waters and it broke the great continental bridges to this country. In fact the Andes Mountains was once a plain. In fact the highest parts of the Andes Mountains had inland oceans washing on them. The Andean Mountain uplifting was only about 11,000 years ago. In fact about 14,000 years ago there was a great massive upward movement there. We can tell this because the top of the Andes Mountains was level with the Mato Grosso (Plateau) which was on the floor of the South American continent. For instance as we have told you before in Bible studies, and can show the archaeology of it...since W.W.II. That whole mountain rose under great upward activities, and changes in the earths due to these catastrophes traced in the burying of material that can be dated at 12,000 and 14,000 years ago. So you see, some of these mountain ranges that we think are so old, really aren't so old after all. The rock is old because it was old before it went up, but the fact is that the mountains aren't that old, the world is in solution still. The Incas occupied buildings of Ancient civilization far higher than they themselves were able to devise, and to engineer, tho they copied much. But the earlier Incas had a great civilization, and moved great blocks of stone...800 or 1000 ton blocks and these blocks of stone by the way were cut out of Quarries in Central America. Some of them were cut 400 to 500 miles from the Mountain range. Only now they are up on top of that mountain range, in that high altitude, and they are fitted so close together that you can't put a razor blade between them. And the cement used between them looks like glass, it was made out of honey and some other materials. Out in the Samoa there is highways thru this Island (South Pacific) that were made out of Ceramic tile cemented together by this same honey cement used in the High Andes Mountains; and also the same emblems and artifacts are found there, and also on Easter Island...and from there all the way into the Steppes of China...you find the uniformity of artifacts and symbols that existed at that time.

It would take too long to go into this subject, but these people were Pre-Indians. These people were a type of Asiatic or they had the characteristics of what we would call the Tungus people that were among the original inhabitants of the earth. The Tungus people were what we would call Asiatic people, and their migrations extended all over the earth, and we have 600,000 years of their migrating history pieced together today by Iva Lisner, and others who were famous Anthropologists who can back up their tracings with their former replacements, radio carbons, and with their tracts, and with the levels of debris and material. It is pretty well established, and I can show you this by the hour, on page after page and in photograph and in illustration on great archaeological work in the last 15 years alone. And behind that I have 40 to 50 years of work done before we could come to the fixation of time that we have now.

So as we talk about the American Indians I could name lots of white Indian tribes, and they came from the tribe of Manasseh, which made its way across the river on the ships of Dan, and the Pho-Enoch ships, or the ships of the sons of Enoch. The Pho-Enoch...were the Phoenicians, or the descendants of Enoch...but the same race...see? They were white travelers and they carried part of the tribe of Manasseh as did the ships of Dan, and they came out thru the Mediterranean and out across the water and into Central America. They came thru the Gulf of Mexico and into the Caribbean Sea of Central America in 800 B.C., thus the Scripture says that a part of the House of Manasseh went across the great waters. And we have the history of their leaving that end of the migration.

Now: the Mayas were a rather high cast civilization, and they were living rather peacefully in Central America...but we find that they had all the Bible stories. For instance they have in their Lore all the Bible stories with which they would have had no connection with this background of history. But the Manasseh people were their white Priests and they taught them these things. And the Toltec and the Queechie, and the Aztec and these others had the story of the coming of the White Gods, the illuminated flying one, the Winged Orb, and then they had the Luciferian challenge to this and it was Quetzal-Auezal the illuminated flying serpent, or the feathered flying serpent. I could talk to you all night and into next week telling you of the history and the tradition and the legends of the Aztec, and Toltec and Mayas that ties back into Ancient factors of Theology some even going back into things which tie into Ancient theologies of Asia and others tied into the theologies carried by the Manassehites. And the difference between the white ones who came, and of course they always looked again for the return of a great number of white gods. The Asiatic Indians attacked the Mayas, and the Toltec and the White Aztec and the result was that the white tribes went into tribal living. This is a long story of how the Asiatics surrounded the cities of the Mayas and the Mayas Temples, which were Pyramid Temples by the way, and built after the symbol and form, with deep significance, and never were erected until after the 800 B.C., migration, and the people that brought this knowledge had been in Egypt. And of course they were the descendants of Enoch and Job who had built the Pyramid in Egypt, the first one that was built there. Again this was prophesied way back in the time of the sinking of the continent in the Atlantic...called Atlantis..Alatcan..and people migrated from that sinking land, and migrated across North Africa and settled in the fertile crescent, and became people we know as Egyptians. Horus and Kufu were their King and High Priest. There were people who died from sinking Atlantas, and were good people who would not become a part of evil, and thus were spared when Atlantas went down.

So there was such things as Tidal the King of the lands that went down beneath the waters, and who was also evil, but he also escaped as the lands where these evil forces lived who had even mingled with fallen Angelic hosts. And then you get up to the 14th chapter of Genesis and you find Tidal King of the Nations, and he is referred to elsewhere as the King of the land which went under the waters and you find he is not a descendent of any of the people of the Adamic race.

Now: this may seem a long round about answer but it ties into a lot of things. If you know genealogies and the generations, and who descended from Adam, then you know who are the white people, and those who are not Adamites pre-existed before them on the face of the earth. There is only 7400 years of Adamic history but there were tribes of white Indians in the U.S. who came here before the time of Christ, and then in a period after Christs time, even before the full Evangelization took place in the North-land.

We have Viking ships which came across the North Atlantic and came into the mouth of the St. Lawrence River, and they settled there and even made their way over to Lake Michigan. In fact they found that the Indians there were friendly until they could study them and then they would attack and kill them. So these whites had to build these big fortress's and they built these along the St. Lawrence River as the Asiatic Indians attack them in greater numbers. So finally they discovered that the Indians didn't fight at night, and from the Great Lakes area and the upper New England area these Norsemen who had sunk their ships so they wouldn't deteriorate, by filling them with water, and thus they could raise them in the spring, went tribal, and left at night and they set up their cities, but they continually had to fight for survival. I can show you findings of the last 10 years on this matter, we find forges where they had forged great battle axes like they had in Europe, and some of them hadn't rusted away and are still in the clay. We can find some of them in the molds, and some of them which weren't perfect were rejected. We can find where they brought metallurgy to where they were casting fine spears. And now they turned to the use of the bow, and forged arrowheads. We find the remnants of ruined cities, and their stone works along the Great Lakes. What happened to them? Well, these particular tribes who went mobile found that as long as they stayed mobile could match the warfare of the Asiatic Indians, and they grew. Now the Mohicans were white Indians, as were the Delaware, and the Narragansets, and Pocahontas was the daughter of King Philip the leader of the Narragansets, and she had blonde hair and blue eyes, even tho her skin was tan from being exposed to the sun. There were white Iroquois, as well as red ones, and the same goes for the Senecas. These white ones were living like Indians but King Philip and his people had stockade farms, and buildings with windows and they had stores and so forth. You remember when the Englishman married Pocahontas and took her to the courts of England to show her off, and then inside so much of the time soon she was fairer than all the women of the Court. And they were amazed at this and decided since she was white, then her father and people had to be white and of course they were.

There is a lot of research being done on this, the Heritage has put out a lot of research on these people called Indians. I have volumes of some Universities, which divides them into white Indians and red Indians, and then in Louisiana, and the Everglades there are Black Indians. Because there was some mutations, and mixtures but long before the Negroes were ever brought over here in slave ships, for there were Negroes in South America long before that. And South American tribes came all the way up into Venezuela and some of them were even on this side of the Caribbean. And among the Seminoles there are tribes of them that are black tribes apart from the possibility of them absorbing any slaves during the Negro advent to America by slave ships. The fact is there are black Apache today and they are not full Negroid, but they are part Negroid. There is red Apache and there was white Apache, and they were the Aristocracy, for instance Cochise was a white Apache. And their theology was woven way back into the legends they had of the Manasseh entrance into this land. The 7 Nations had white Indians for their brains. The white Sioux were there also and there were Steppe Sioux who were descended from the Asiatics and they had come across and down thru Canada, and they lived in Washington and in Idaho. But there were white Sioux and some of the most brilliant military logistics came from the white Sioux. There was some mutation of course, never think that there wasn't but the white Sioux were masters of the horse and they out generaled our military, and few of them were ever matched, as far as Calvary was concerned. In fact Custer was a fool to go against the Indians gathered there. But remember another thing, they knew the difference and in council they used to sit in two different groups, and many wars were fought between white tribes and red tribes, and the red tribes always resented the white tribes because they had more intelligence in architecture, and in technological development. And of course they worshiped the Great White Spirit, and they wouldn't worship the witchdoctor's gods. The witchdoctor gods came from the Asiatic Indians, and the more advanced tribes which didn't have this had been touched by these various white tribes. This is why when people came into the west they found that as many of the Cherokee took of their tunics they were white too. And a great number of the white Cherokee's married others of the white race coming in. Then there were white Navajo also, and in the intermingling of these people they have complete spiritual affinity. They have all the color factors, and we have the high Total Caucasian Indian as well as the high cheek-bone Asiatic Indians. So breaking these all down there is only one source for the Caucasians and that is the Adamic race. Now...like it or not, and try to preserve them if you will, but the non-white blooded Indian is dying out, for you can't adapt him to this change. You can put him thru college but that has nothing to do with it, this lineage just dies out. Remember there is Scripture on this:...Remember the heathen shall die out in the land before thee. So this happens, plus they still follow their Witchdoctors, and those cannot stand forever in your land, for eventually they have to go.

In the course of time back 70 or 80 years ago, we were still fighting Indians. From the close of the Civil war right up to 1900, and I can go closer than this. Just 3 years ago Apaches were killing white men between the Colorado River and the Williams County just for their gear. Piutes were killing white men in the white mountains in the days of the depression. Back in 1897 Spaniards left areas where they were silver mining in the white mountains and they had to build barricades to protect themselves as well as wear armor to defend themselves from the Indians. I can show you the Forts in the white mountains just to the east of Bishop and south of there. So you see it hasn't been so long ago since we were fighting savages in our land.

Some people say, oh..isn't it terrible that we drove the Indians off their land? Well, these Indians came in here also, and they attack white civilizations and societies a long time ago. They tried to throw over civilizations that go way back into periods of culture when people lived in peace. So don't feel to sorry for this Destiny which sometimes arises. This continent was prescribed for your race way back in the days of David when this land was promised to your race, in HIS own time. You hear of how bad the Indians have been treated, but they weren't when the white man first arrived. I can tell you this...some tribes were alright and some were not, but I can tell you some facts which they try to bury today as they try to make the white man a mean person. In fact I listened to one of these Ogpu last night and this Mr. Johnson was saying:...My what a terrible thing has been done to the Indians and to the Negroes and to the Asiatics in America. And that the Indians, Negroes, and Asiatics should rise up and wipe the white man out of power on this continent. So as this is a spokesman around the President, then he belongs in a mental hospital. Since we have arrived ...if we let go of what we have we are fools.

QUESTION:...I have been reading about Joseph Smith, and between some of his writings there is quite a difference, in fact some of his statements are quite contradictory. Care to comment?

ANSWER:...That is true because there is a difference between Revelation and Human design to create a doctrine.

QUESTION:...This is what I have been reading...His doctrine.

ANSWER:...'The Doctrine of the Covenant'?

QUESTION:...Yes, a Mormon brought them to me and wanted to know what I thought of them. He thought that they were to go out and preach to the Jews and to the Gentiles....

ANSWER:...Let's clarify this. The original writings of Smith, was that he was told that the original white men in this country were Ephraim and Manasseh, and that there were many others of the tribes of Israel here, plus the fact that there were tribes of Israel among the Indians. This is what he said, he was told, and because he believed this he said that the time would come when Judah and Israel would be united and all Israel would be re-gathered and then he was told that this continent was the place where Israel would be built. I have his original writings here, and I have all the things the Mormons published as Sacred doctrine. But today there is a lot of revision in the things which are taught, and the same ignorance prevails over areas of these Mormons that the Jews are Judah. But when they talk about Judah they were not talking about the Jews. But when Jew is translated for Judah then a mistake is made. The catastrophe for the Mormons is that they let the Jews take over their Mercantile establishment and thus the Jews got their fingers in all things profitable. The Mormons tithe, the Mormons obey areas of God's law, and they have been blessed for this. However a lot error was woven in, and we cannot accept their error, as we agree with their truth. But the thing is I think there are great areas of human error woven into areas of their translation. But of course you know that Paul spoke at times and he said:..I speak as a man, or now I speak under inspiration. I wouldn't think they remembered all the areas of vision from the beginning. I wouldn't say that he couldn't have gotten all this, but I think there are lots of errors in Mormonism. For instance..... They think that Negroes were punished because of disobedience in a former life in another part of the Universe, and thus they were sent down here to earth. A Negro is never allowed to enter into any participation in the Temple because he is under condemnation. (they changed in 1978) But he can accept the truth, and worship under the direction and approval of the church, and then if he is real good then maybe next time he will get a chance to come back in a higher order...as a white man, and then get into the Temple and make it and then evolve into some kind of Deity in the future. They teach that Jesus was a man who became God. In a former life he served the Father well, and now in this one he became God by the things He suffered, and as He once was...so shall we be.

Now; of course we being the offspring of the Most High God, we are spirit of His Spirit, life of His Life. And the Scripture does say....as He was so shall we be. See? For we are predestined to conform to His image. But when He became man and dwelt among us He did not take off His Deity. So Jesus the Christ was God...embodied. He did not become God...He was YAHWEH- God in the flesh.

So the translation which talks about His being Defied by the things He suffered is that which we mentioned before...In otherwords it was demonstrated that the spirit was capable..He was God in the flesh..embodied... but still God.

Mormonism does teach that Jesus in this life was defied by the things that he suffered, was a true son of the Father, ascended back into the heavens. And as he now is, so shall we be. As he once as so now are we. Now they even have a Hymn to this effect.

Now:...this is no battle with Mormonism, these are just facts I disagree with because I know they are error. Because we antedate this with a series of facts that are separate from that. By this same token there are many things that no one could know without inspiration, in the Book of Mormons, and in their writings. Because they know things that are not recorded outright in the King James Version. They know things about cities down here in South America. They know things which were never proved until after W.W.II that they could even be there. They talk about a white tribe that came out of South America and that was Manasseh. They know the House of Joseph from which came Ephraim and Manasseh.

I have a book..'God's Covenant', by Elder Anderson and published by the Desserette Publishing Co., some years ago. This book is 100% on identity, in the covenants, and concerning the white race, so they embraced identity, but...their ecclesiastical leaders have been neutralized from areas of their teaching until today a lot of these fellows are almost as brainwashed as they are in other churches.

Today there is one group of Mormons who want to let the Negroes come in and go thru the orders of the Temple and so forth, and they are not aware of the fact that the Negroes were on earth ages before the Adamic race, that they came in with the Luciferian rebellion, that they never were of the Household of God to begin with and in their rebellion they degenerated and deteriorated. We have 73 to 74 thousand years of the evidence of their existence in the Caves of Kilmanjaro...and so forth.

My opinion of Mormon writings is that it contains much inspiration and truth, and much error. Someone says:..do we have any evidence that the Angel Moroni was an Angel of God? Suppose that Lucifer had brought the plates for us, and all this background and so forth? In this matter, if it had been Lucifer he probably would never have acknowledged YAHWEH, and never acknowledged Jesus as Deity at all. Never have given any acknowledgement to the atonement at all, whereas the early Mormon church did. The revised Church of Latter Day Saints split over the values of the Atonement but they still gave lip service to Christ as the Savior and other things. So you have some divisions here, but I do not think that was naturally a bad Angel who came, for there were areas of inspiration and truth involved here, but also lots of error. I would never advise a person to join the Mormon Church because who would go into areas of partial truth when you can go far beyond that? But I will say this:...they have more life and vitality in that Church than most Methodists, Baptists or lots of other churches have. and they have a better program for their young people, and they do more to preserve their race from mongrelization except for one thing...they also get stuck on this Jew business, and occasionally Jews marry people of wealth in this church to gain more strength...and this is the mistake the Mormons make. But generally speaking they are good solid people.

Now:..I find this...I have been in Utah and in the homes of many Mormons and Mormons attend our congregations everywhere, and we have been waited on by those of the Mormon Church who thought that we were a prophet of the church and that we should join their church because they were looking for a prophet and they thought that we were that prophet. But we told them that we were willing to teach and to tell them the things which we believed, but we didn't think we needed to join their church because if we were a prophet ...and here they interrupted saying...Oh, yes, we know you are a prophet, it has already been confirmed to us. So I said, if that be so why don't you join us? However they didn't see it that way, they just wanted us to join them. However we have spoken at Provo, Utah, and we could have been speaking in a Tabernacle there if we had gone that route and it would have been a good operation, and a good congregation, but we still have contact with them. We every once in a while hear from leaders and every once in a while we hear from someone high up in the church as to what to do that we think about some area of prophecy. But they are watching...The White Horse Prophecies, and a certain Indian is involved, and the White Horse Prophecies do contain a certain amount of truth, but this White Horse Prophecy goes way back to white men living here before the so-called Indians who had this Ancient Prophecy pattern. We won't go into that now but I will say that they may have gotten some beautiful plates, and they may have gotten the key to translate it, but they got so intensely involved in the thing that they didn't get it all translated like they should have. A human element is involved here, of this there is no doubt.

There are some things they understood...pre-existence, but they didn't have a complete and proper picture of it. They knew Son-ship, and some of these things otherwise not perceived.

QUESTION:...Something about Mormons I couldn't hear........

ANSWER:... I don't want anything derogatory said about them, this tape is going out all over the tape route, and I don't want to find a bad element in them, for I can find a bad element in any church. In otherwords some rascals involved in what happened back in Mississippi, and it was a pretty bad thing. I mean they attacked these Mormons and massacred them.. ..Protestants were stirred up by Jews...to kill them.

QUESTION:...There was killing by Jacobs sons in honor of their sister, was this condoned...this killing all thru the Scriptures?

ANSWER:...Now wait a minute, what actually transpired here is they were surrounded by this enemy as they moved in, and the strategy involved was ultimately condoned in this way. What these sons of Jacob did was to slay their enemy...but if you go back to the people that were involved in this you find that they came from war like tribes that were in the Steppes of Asia, back in the days of the White Shepherds.

QUESTION:...but why did they do all this killing?

ANSWER:...well, the fact is that this was a matter of survival. If you go into the whole story of the highlights of the situation, the son of this Hivite took Dinah the sister and defiled her. Now:...the father had not given his daughter to this Prince, the daughter had been seduced first by the Prince. So then with the daughter already seduced, rather than anger these people around them he permitted her to receive the diary and to marry the Pagan Prince who had already defiled her, as she was with child. Then his sons were notified as to what had happened and they came and slew all the enemy...caught them in a trap..and then slew them. I guess it could be called treachery if you want to call it that, but they were dealing with a bunch of rascals and pagans. This was a violation of Divine Law, and they wiped them out.

However....this has nothing to do with the prophecies that relate to Jacob and is sons, as to their destiny. Everyone of these destinies has been fulfilled. He was talking to people who make up the Anglo-Saxon's and others of these people. Simeon was referred to as cruel, but Simeon was also an explorer and the Spanish people came out of Simeon. And the House of Joseph has been identified. Everyone of those prophecies given by Jacob there have been literally fulfilled, and there isn't a shortage of prophecy just because those have been fulfilled. But this fact of being surrounded by the enemy, and his daughter being taken and seduced didn't effect the destiny of Jacobs 12 sons, those involved were just all killed.

QUESTION:...But here in the 49th., chapter of Genesis, the daughter is not mentioned, but she is some place......

ANSWER:...Well, I don't want to get into that tonight, because we have too many people involved on the tape circuit not to explain fully. But here in chapter 49 Jacob called his sons to tell them what was to befall them in the last days. 'Reuben, tho art my first born, my might, and the beginning of my strength, the excellency of dignity, and the beginning of my power:.. ..and so forth, now as to leadership then Reuben was not stable, and he was not to be a leader among his brothers at that time. The King James Version is far different than the words used in other places, and so he tells them that Reuben had violated areas of Divine Law, so he was not to have leadership. The Dutch are the people of Reuben today, but back in the days of their growth Reuben didn't have this leadership. Simeon and Levi were instruments of cruelty in their habitations. Now...again this is a matter of translation. In other places this instrument of cruelty is cited as weapons of warfare, are in their hands. And in one translation this is translated: ...Behold, the instruments by which men are slain are a part of that creation. But Levi then became the Priest Line, and Simeon became the exploring line. One thing....Simeon and these warriors of the Church did push out and many times, Simeon became the protection for the virtual spiritual strength of the House of Levi. Many times the Levi were defended by the Simeonites. In fact when Cortez came to America, you will remember that this was long after Columbus, and the church had heard about these natives, and they had heard that there were white, fair, people among them, so they wanted to go out and evangelize these people. So Cortez said that he would lead the armies. So remember that when Cortez marched all the way across Florida, and into Central America, and finally came to the Andes Mountains, then remember they took Roman teaching with them. They set up all these brotherhoods and so forth, and here you have again this symbol of Simeon and the Church marching together. Cruel yes, maybe, but not until they became betrayed did they become cruel. I have here a long volume about the Conquistadors, the actual history written by the Priests of what happened as they traveled. Then how they were betrayed..shot at, killed, shot with arrows and poisoned darts as they moved. And before they were doing nothing but exploring and bringing knowledge, and then they were betrayed, so now they retaliated. So again this confused the whole story and some say that the Spanish people can be real cruel. But in this colonization they generally waited until the first blow was struck and then they retaliated completely.

But these passages suffer some difference in translation, but this is what it is talking about. Also this doesn't have anything to do with what went on before. After all lets take a look at the Anglo-Saxon people. We seem to be sort of easy going until we get real angry. Do you know that there was never anything more destructive that the bombs have dropped on those two Japanese cities, we not only blasted those cities, but look at the civilians who were burned and so forth. But you say that is alright, this was war, and better them than us. But we always have people running around and saying terrible things...are cruel. But as far as God is concerned, He said...I would give Africa and Asia for you, I would give Ethiopia for you, as far as value is concerned, as far as the carrying out of His kingdom. I am not going to sacrifice you for these people. We could go all thru this chapter, but it would take all evening and part of tomorrow. But where it talks about Judah being a Lion's Whelp, and of course out of him comes the King-line and those destinies. And then we have Zebulon, where they would migrate to and what was involved there. Issachar is a strong ass between two burdens. The Finnish people are between Asia and Europe. So he is referred to as an ass between two staves.... he is caught between two societies, two civilizations. But the emblem of Issachar in the Banners of Issachar are found in Finland and her people. When Count Manerheim spoke as the Russians came in, he said...Men of Issachar stand and die, and show the world that nothing but scorched earth, cursed by God, will fall into Russian hands. They knew who they were and they were lined up on the same side on which they camped in the Ancient marching orders of Israel. Issachar, Judah, and Zebulon on the East. The Slavic people, the German people, and the Finnish people...on the East. Dan shall judge his people as one of the tribes, and some wonder what the serpent by the way is? This is the arrow on the path, and he biteth the horses heels so the rider falls backward. Now: the path is winding like a serpent. It starts for some of them way over in the Caucasus Mountains and moves on, and you have Danieper...Danube and all those marks he left, and you can go from that beginning all the way to Denmark and you have this winding serpent trail all they way up there. Some translations say...Dan's path shall be like a serpent, and he shall also strike like an adder on the path at the pursuing warriors heels, and of course we know that Dan in Denmark produced some of the strongest Norsemen and Viking Warriors to try to turn back the Asiatics coming into Northern Europe. Some of Dan formed the Vanguard along with the German Princes when they turned back the Asiatic invasion, after the set up of Czar Khans in Russia. And eventually the German Princes went thru these areas of conquered lands, the areas of Northern Russia, and drove these Steppe Mongrels, the descendants of Genghis Khan's hoards back into the Steppes.

Gad many times was defeated, and then each time arose, but Gad today is the Lombards, the white Italians. And of course they made up the Aristocracy of Rome, and as they ruled four times in history were the Gad ruled cast down, but always they would rise right back up again with power. Asher is in Sweden, and Naphtali is in Norway.

We have the House of Joseph, as Ephraim and Manasseh, and then we have Benjamin as the 'ravin' wolf. Benjamin is found in Iceland..in Norway and among the Normans, and the 'world' is the emblem of the Norman Shield. It has the wolf on the shield of all the Norman households. This is found in the Icelandic house. You have lots of things tied into these prophecies of Jacob, and we could trace them out into Deuteronomy whose phases of these prophecies which are fulfilled on a national level. There were Lions, and Unicorns, and all these various symbols and emblems. But this is too big a subject to try to break down, if you want to go into all the details and we should use comparative translations to show what it meant. God isn't particular in His prophecy...finding fault...Jacob in his spiritual vision is only referring to the Destiny of these tribes. Some were born to be the great leaders and some were not. The House of Joseph and the House of Judah were to be the leaders of all the white Western civilizations and today it is the House of Joseph, the Anglo-Saxon and Germanic (Judah) Houses which lead all the Western world.

QUESTION:...This prediction of Assyria in the latter day...are the Assyrians a Satanic race?

ANSWER:...The Assyrians are not a Satanic race, they were controlled by Luciferian Priests, for in those days the Satanic Priesthood moved in. Then their religion became contaminated and went retrograde way back in the days of the Assyrians. They worshiped one God and then after the Luciferian rebellion they worshiped many gods and then the Assyrians became the 'Steppe people', and most of the people of the hoards of the Steppes had Assyrian background. Most of the people we call Assyrians today are not, they just live down there in Syria, and a lot of Armenians are called Assyrians. Then someone always says....but we have Assyrians up here raising grapes. Well, most of these are Slavic people from Zebulon. The Assyrians they are talk- ing about here in your Bible...as the Assyrians of the latter day are still the 'Steppe' Assyrians, and now the Luciferian Asiatic household. You have Assyrian Jews, and they are pretty sad rascals. The Assyrian today as you talk about them....you are not talking about the white people, you are talking about the Steppe race. In Russia whole areas of their people are Assyrians.

QUESTION:...I don't quite understand when the Bible says He will step on its head and it will bruise his heel, or something like that? ANSWER:...This is mystery language, written in allegory, and is the battle between the Adamic raace and the Luciferian household. All Jews everywhere will always be at war against the white race and the white race will always be at war against the Serpent race.

NOW:...Lucifer thought to destroy using the Jews and Judas of Iscariot to destroy the greater seed of the woman, which is The Christ. But The Christ defeated Lucifer by the Re- surrection. However...Lucifer thought he had bruised the heel and accomplished defeat, by the Crucifixion. But by His triumph, His Resurrection, The Christ symbolically crushed the head of the Serpent. But also it is symbolically stating that the white race, the seed of the woman is going to absolutely crush Jewery all over the world, in every mutated sense, crush, destroy, smash, wipe out, eliminate, until there will no longer be any Serpent Seed. This is our Destiny. Of course a lot of them will be transported out of here, but again God fortold this EMNITY between the Seed of the Woman and the Seed of the Serpent. If you want to know who the Serpent is you turn to the 12th., chapter of Revelation and you find that he is Satan...the Devil..the Serpent..and the Dragon.

QUESTION:...Since it is our Destiny to destroy Jewery around the world and we are going to do it, then is it the responsibility of the Church to provide leadership in this fight?

ANSWER:...Not necessarily.

QUESTION:...Well, is it then their part to provide literature of identity, or where do we draw the line?

ANSWER:...We only draw a line where it is essential. The church is the spiritual center of the Kingdom, and it is the greatest receiver of the Catalist of the ideas of God. In otherwords we have the Kehilla in the Old Testament and the Ecclessia of the New..this is the church. In otherwords the Old Testament church and the New Testament church are...the same people. And He says I make a new covenant with the house of Israel, and the house of Judah, not the same I made with their forebearers but with the house of Judah and the house of Israel. Again:..Joel's prophecies relate to this, and the Apostle Paul says that the New Covenant is the New Testament Church, made with the House of Judah and the House of Israel. Same thing... ..Same people.

When we deal with this...the church receives the instructions of God, it carries the Oracles of God, it carries the ministry of God, the gifts of the spirit, the gift of discernment, the gifts of prophecy. All these are the work of the church. Therefore the work of the church (these people) is the instructor, the educator, the informer, and the Oracle. Now:...under this instance again, the first thing the church was to do was to go out and gather up all Israel. He said:...go to the lost sheep of the Children of Israel. God said to the Apostle Paul...I forbid you to go to Asia. So he had to go only to the Lost Sheep, and he himself said he was to go to the Nations (Israel). So Paul went to Britain, Rome, and various parts of Europe. I have volumns here by the early church fathers telling where Paul had to go and we have the records of what he said here, and what he said in some other place as he traveled.

Now:...in this instance the Church gives us our instructions, and today our Christian civilization is founded on this Book...the position of our forefathers is well established here. This was a nation founded by Christians...they incorporated the teachings of God in their thinking, they resisted the Pagans. I could take you back thru sermon after sermon preached by the early Church fathers, concerning their responsibilities in battling the savages, and lifting up the standards. I can show you that all thru the history of our nation the church was the guiding influence, and that concerning our nation and even when wrong decisions were made, because of areas of human vision, instead of spiritual vision, it still had some impact on it.

But now:...the church today (these same people) are responsible for the waking up of this nation, concerning what prophecy in the Scripture has to say about what is ahead of us. For instance when we are told that we are going to fight Armageddon with the Princes of Russia..the leaders of Russia then it tells us that this takes in Asia, and China, and the hoards from which it comes. It tells about the areas of Africa being involved in this, and when the Scriptures tell us that we are to battle the hoards out of the Anti-christ which come against us...then we find that the hoards out of the Dragons mouth are Seed of the Serpent....Now who is to teach this to our people?

The Church therefore is responsible for giving the people information so that people guided by the Word of God would know what to follow. In otherwords, one thing which God condems and blasts in this world is Brotherhood programs which preached mongrelization with the acceptance of Pagan gods in other countries and with the assumption that we are to intergrate with them and join them. The one thing the Bible Curses is the world government...any formation of such until Christ forms His own Government after defeating with blood to the horse's bit, the hoards still trying to destroy your civilization and culture.

The worse enemy that Asia has is Asiatics under Communism. The worst enemy Aftica has is the witchdoctor and demogogs, and now they are communist. They were making great progress under white leadership...not integrating, ....but look now.

Now:...you want to know where the line is drawn. You don't have to worry for the line is drawn in this. The church, the true church proclaims the truth and people live and act by it. The church is the most powerful single influence when it..Proclaims the Word of God. Then understanding this the Communist (Bolsheviks) invaded the (Visible) Church and they even trained their own ministers for this job, and they moved into the Methodist, the Baptist churches and others, and these men are known as communists. I even did a job for the Unamerican Activities Committee on the Methodist church. I attended their Methodist program of 'Social Action', I listened to known communists there with their clergy, communist trained who didn't believe in anything from the Bible. They sat there and talked, man after man, talked of their influence in the church. I have known Red Bishops that were in the church at that time. I reported on this conference and that so many had come from all parts of this country unil they hadn't screened them properly. And I and another Clergyman for the 'Unamerican Activities Committee' entered this conference and participated, and made this report for the Federal Government. The whole operation here was intended to bring about the areas of communism. To teach total Pacifism so we wouldn't resist communism. See? Until they took over the world. All this was discussed in this conference and we have two of those people who write as philosophers today, and their literature is accepted by people who don't know that they are Jews! These are the Overstreets...they wrote a book recently on what you should know about communism. In it they attack your whole way of life and praise all the things the communists do. Then they tell us...Now we have to all of this or we are going to be defeated. This woman was telling us how the communists were our best friends, and she was one of the speakers at this convention. And I found her layout of what she was telling young people, as to how they should sabatoge our war effort and everything else, if we became involved with the Soviet Union. So this is why they push pacifism and non-resistance.

But it is also a Clergymans responsibility to expose these enemies as to what is going on. Most people don't know what the Bible says...and if they did they would be shocked. For instance as these people try to overthrow our government and society...do you remember what Peter says? These people are natural brute beasts, they should be taken and destroyed. They speak evil of things they know not, and they shall perish in thier own corruption.

Oh, someone says....You shouldn't say that in a church. Well, Peter was preaching that. This is the Scripture which is supposed to be taught in the Church. This means that we are not to let Communism in here and overthrow our country. We are not to let this evil force come in here, and set up their depravity and seek to lower every vice and viciousness upon our people. Today...get behind all this filthiness, behind most of the control of the Motion Picture Industry, and the areas of seeking to embrace nudeness, homosexuality, and anything else they can crowd in. They are pushing it in the text books, but who are the leading socialologists trying to lead us into ever more, and more of this? Who? THE JEWS....JEWERY. The Apostle Paul said in II Thessalonians that the Jews are against God and contrary to all men.

Now:...someone says: But wasn't the Apostle Paul a JEW? Well, what did he say? 'I am an Israelite of the tribe of Benjamin, I was of the sect of the Jews by religion...UNTIL THE CHRIST CAME ALONG.'

Back in old Judea, nearly all the people of Judah and Benjamin were stuck with the fact that these mixed multitudes had come in, Cainanites, Amalakites, and so forth had come in and captured their Temple. Sadducees and Reincarnationists who captured the Temple tried to steer these people wrong. This is why Jesus said:...you are the generation of the Serpents, I sent you prophets and you killed them, you are white washed Sepulcher. And now you say that if you had lived in the days of your fathers you wouldn't have killed the prophets. But by the statement you have just proved that you are the descendents of the prophet killers. You are a mixed multitude, the seed of the Serpent. This is seed of a mixed seed, of Satans line, and it always tries to infiltrate the Kingdom.

(The message runs out)