04-13-66 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:--Explain Judges 12:6--------.

ANSWER:--Well, they would ask the Jews among them to say ’Shibboleth’ and when they said the word--’Shibboleth’, they would know that person was not an Israelite. At that time the Ephramites wanted to determine if some among them were true Judahites. And if they could say ‘Shibboleth’, then they were Israelites. But if they could not pronounce the ‘H’,--they were the enemy and they slew them.

QUESTION:--Concerning the 11th chapter of Daniel, verse 6, who were these kings and the kings daughters, and where are they located?

ANSWER:--This passage referred to and is tied to in with the Assyrian king of that time. So we will start reading here in Daniel, chapter 11:--’In the first year of Darius the Mede, even I stood to confirm and to strengthen him. And now I will show thee the truth. Even now shall stand up yet three kings in Persia, and the fourth shall be far richer than all. And by his strength and thru his riches, he shall stir up all against the realm of Greece.’---This is talking about Zerzes. And he was very wealthy and he hired people from Europe and from Rome, and people from the East, out of the Steppes, and he hurled them against Greece. He was stopped at the Marathon. Then---’A mighty king shall stand up, and shall rule with a great dominion, and do according to his will.’ This is Alexander the Great. And he stood up with power to extend his kingdom as far east as China, and as far north as the Walls of China, and the Steppes of the North. And he went as far as India in the East also. He controlled all the land from Palestine to India.

Now, it says---’His kingdom shall be divided toward the four winds of heaven, and not given to his posterity, nor according to his dominion which he ruled; for his kingdom shall be plucked up, even for others besides those.’ Thus when Alexander the Great had conquered the best of the known world, then he died. And none of his family received any of his kingdom. It was divided between four generals. These four generals divided the Greek Empire among themselves. One of these kings was Ptolemy I, and one was Ptolemy Nicholar, one was the king over Egypt and one over the Northern Empire. One of the kings had a daughter. ‘The king of the south shall be strong, and one of his princes; and he shall be strong above him and have dominion; and his dominion shall be a great dominion.’ Thus the kings daughter of the south (Egypt) and the king of the north shall make an agreement. But she shall not retain the power thereof.

This was simply Daniel looking ahead and telling them what was to happen even to the kingdoms which had not even come into being. And described even in small details that Alexander the Great was to rise up and Medo-Persia as it was waning, produced Xerxes and then came Alexander the Great to spread his kingdom. And when he died then the kingdom went to four generals. Then two of the generals were the strongest ones, and one of their daughters married the other. But you are to see here how Daniel was outlining this prophecy as to what was to come.

QUESTION:--Please interpret the passage I Thessalonians, 4:17, which states:--’We who are alive and remain, shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the LORD in the air; and so shall we ever be with the LORD.’

ANSWER:--This is a bad piece of translation to begin with. But actually at the return of the Christ,---and He is coming back---this is not a spiritual interpretation. It is a literal interpretation. For He shall come back and He shall possess His body. He shall come with the hosts of Heaven and with His mighty armies. And He shall meet those who constitute the House of God in the elements or atmospheric breathing bodies, or as translated---in the air. This is not talking about being caught up and out into the sky, such as this stuff they use to call it ‘rapture.’ This word rapture is not in the scripture. Nor is there any place in the scripture that teaches the ‘rapture.’ What happens is that the people of God are gathered to Him. They come from the east, west, north, and south. But He comes in an atmospheric breathing body, and He meets us in these bodies. This is definitely speaking of the elements, and so shall we ever be with the LORD. Not out in the sky or out in the air somewhere, but here in these bodies, transformed, yes,--but in elements of physical being bodies. This meeting HIM in the air is just telling us that we do meet HIM in bodies---’atmosphere breathing’ bodies and not spirit.

QUESTION:--Being Adamites,--I don’t think we pre-existed before becoming Adamites. What do you say to that?

ANSWER:--Well, it does not matter whether you want to believe it or not. The fact remains that we were existent in the heavens and came from heaven to earth. It is a fact that God created the Heavens, and came from Heaven to earth. It is a fact that God created the Heavens and the earth in the beginning, and the earth became without form and void, and darkness was on the face of the deep. This is after the first creation, and after a partial destruction of that first creation.. The difference between the time element of the first and second chapters of Genesis is very, very great. In fact, several million years could have occurred. But --’In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth’ and after the going thru of the entire creation, then the earth ‘became without form and void.’ It was voided by power which was so great, such as that which created it. Thus much of the original earth was destroyed. And then the re-creation was started. Then God, in the recreation of the earth, again created man upon it. He populated the earth, but the Luciferian activities were still going on. Then when we come into the book of Genesis to where God placed Adam in the world, we remember that He said that on this seventh day as He rested from His work, that He looked over His creation and then said:--’Behold there is no Adamite to till the soil.’

Now, He had made man, and man existed, and had traveled all over the earth. But there was no Adamite to till the soil. The original men were Enosh. Then the second man was the offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD. This was Adam. There is some garbling of the scriptures because of the procedures by which they have been preserved and by much copying. But the fact remains, that when HE established Adam, He made Adam to hold the Spirit of His Celestial children. In other words, we were with the Father before the world was framed. We existed with HIM in the bosom of Love. He has done this according to the book of Ecclesiastics. When the sons of God shouted for joy, as He rolled forth the creations of the heavens and the earth, ---our present world--and we were in Celestial and heavenly places. The scriptures say that the Morning Stars sang together. And these were the Archangels. And that the sons of God shouted for joy. So we were existent before the fall, before any of the Archangels rebelled.

Now, when Lucifer rebelled, then Michael the Archangel who was established by God to gather up the armies from the various portions of the Universe, these reinforcements of the Kingdom,---when Michael went forth to battle for the Children of God, you were there. Another instance that we pre-existed is that in the book of Daniel, we have a passage brought forth concerning this. Michael shall stand up, that great Prince which standeth for the children of Thy people, or the children of God. (Dan. 12:1) There is no place in the scripture where Michael stood except in that beginning battle. So at that time--’Shall Michael the great Prince stand for the Children of God.’---There shall be a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation even to that time. And at that time, thy people (Israel) shall be delivered, everyone that shall be found written in the book. Now the other time Daniel stood up was in the Celestial realm, in the house of God, and he took people, or created beings from all of the various spheres and overthrew Lucifer, driving him out of the Heavens, from those areas which he had controlled. And he was cast into this portion of the ‘Milky Way’ and into this particular Solar System. And we had to have existed at that time, in the heavens, for Michael to have stood again, and to come in to bring deliverance, with the armies and hosts of the MOST HIGH GOD.

Now, the 82nd Psalm is still one of these passages of pre-existence, for it says:--’YAHWEH standeth in the congregation of the Mighty, He judgeth among the Gods (Elohim). How long will ye judge unjustly and accept persons of the wicked? I have said that ye are gods, and all of you are the children of the MOST HIGH.’ Thus He was chiding Adam men, because they were dying like men of earth. And they fall like the princes of men, and He says:--’Arise O Elohim and judge the earth; for thou shalt inherit the nations.’ Here He clearly declares that we are the children of YAHWEH and that we are the Elohim. When YAHWEH was declaring the creation of the Adamic man, we are told--’Let us make man in our own image’--this is plural. This is said unto the Elohim. If God had children, of course they would be gods or Elohim. We didn’t fall while in the Celestial realms. The fall occurred in the flesh of the Adamic race. It occurred even as YAHWEH told us it would,---before the foundation of the world. He said:--’He was the Redeemer slain before the foundation of the world.’ In the book of Genesis, after He had said that Adam was not to partake of ‘the Tree of Good and Evil’, then He came down to cover Adam and Eve with skins and to remove from them, this covering--fig leaves---the symbol of Lucifer. And in this instance scripture says:--’Behold man had become one of us.’ But YAHWEH here was still speaking to the Elohim and talking of how this Adamic house thru which the Elohim were to enter the world, had now fallen. So He promised redemption to us and said He would take ‘the Tree of Life’ from this fallen race. And then He drove Adam and Eve out on to the surface of the earth. He separated them from ‘the Tree of Life’, so they would not partake of the ‘tree’ and find a way to perpetuate themselves in their transgression instead of waiting for the redemption. And then in the redemption they would return to that ‘Tree of Life’ and be preserved in their righteousness. This is in itself, evidence that God continued to speak to the Elohim concerning our entrance into the world, and our being apart from the Enosh.

Now, the Enosh are the Beast (world order people). And in the Old Testament the word man is used for both Enosh and Adam. And we have answered this many times, but will answer it again for this tape. The word Enosh for Beast, is not the word used for four legged creatures which walk around on the earth. The word Enosh is used for those who have not the begotten spirit of God. This spirit in this Adamic race is from the Living God,--is Spirit of His Spirit, Light of His Light, and Breath of His Breath. So because of this, the word Adam or Adamite, should be used only when referring to the White man. In the Old Testament, the word Enoch is used where ever it is referring to those descended from, or who came from those people who have a soul consciousness, but do not posses a spirit. Thus the people created on the earth, were Enosh, and they were dependent upon God for instruction and on the teachers that God would send.

In fact, the children of God came into earth in the antiquities of yesterday. And they taught and conducted the worship in the Temples of YAHWEH. In fact, this was before the final Luciferian fall. Before the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria. But at that time, we were in Celestial, not physical bodies and could not be seen. At least---faintly, and could be heard. The people could listen to us but as to when we left prior to the destruction of Atlantis, we have found in the temple of Karnac, the same story as told in the book of Horus, and in the Egyptian records of their ancient dynasties. They tell of their escape out of the land of Atlantis and into North Africa which was a great green plain. Much better than it was later after the drought set in. But these old records do tell the story, and some of things they looked forward to was the day when the Children of God would return, now in BODIES OF FLESH. This race was to come to establish God’s Kingdom and rule over the earth and restore all things into their rightful order. In the instance of this then, this Adamic race was told in our Elohim beings, that we would be redeemed, and we would consummate a purpose which God sent us here to perform. So this is the story of the Adamite and the Enosh.

Now when Moses went out of Egypt with the children of Israel, there was a mixed company which came with them. These were not Israelites. But they came along because they saw that this was to their advantage. In this instance, then Lucifer had sowed some of his own seed into this company, and altho Israel did not marry or mingle with this group, never the less, they came with Israel. Then when God gave the Law to Moses on Mt. Sinai, He said---’Do not let the ‘Enosh’ or the Adamites touch this mountain with their hands for they would die as they could not stand the power and Glory which was coming off this mountain. Therefore, Moses roped off the mountain to keep them from touching the mountain. But it was both the Adamites and the Enosh who were to be protected. Therefore, as it said---man or beast--it meant that neither Adamite or Enosh were to touch the mountain. So it was not talking about four legged beasts at that time. All thru the Old Testament you find this was true.

Now, remember that Strongs Concordance as well as Youngs Concordance are both based on the King James Version of the Bible. They are the concordances for this version and they work on the words translated out of the Greek and Hebrew version. So because of this, there is sometimes some garbling that does occur in the King James Version. But one can always take these concordances and find in the Babylonian (Chaldean) as well as the Hebrew and the Greek the actual meaning of these words.

QUESTION:--Where is the modern counterpart of the Illuminati found today?

ANSWER:--Inside of the United Nations and inside the Jew controlled conspiracy, inside the World Monetary Fund, and inside the handling of the World’s money. It was originally formed as you know, way back by the house of ‘Red Shield’ before the Revolution was formed, by a Jew Lodge conspiracy in which they designed to take over all the Christian nations of the world and to dominate them. Today they are doing this thru their monetary operation and thru their lodge.

QUESTION:--If the Germanic people are the House of Judah, why do you find that two/thirds of the Germans are round headed?

ANSWER:--This is an ambiguous statement. The Germans are round headed and long headed just like the Anglo-Saxons. You could not tell a German from an Anglo-Saxon by the shape of his head. There were Assyrians from the Steppes and they were round headed. And there were Assyrians who came from the Mediterranean area. So this does not make any distinctions, because these from the Mediterranean area were long headed. You will find that Ashkenazim Jews are round headed and the Sephardin Jews are long headed. But remember that Lucifer took a people out of all the existing races, and by inter-breeding, inter-mingling with them, produced his family. And as he took them out of the ancient races, then some were round headed, and some were long headed. So that statement is not a mark of identification of Israel. For you find the same thing in Jewry.

The Germans are Judah because they are out of the tribe of Judah, of the House of Israel. And many of the Germans came out of that old land with the ten tribes of Israel. Then the rest of them who came out of those of Judah and Benjamin, left that area before Titus the Roman invaded Jerusalem. They left the land of Palestine and the city of Jerusalem because they had no part or lot with the Jewish mess there. They asked the father of Titus the Roman, if they could leave and were given permission to migrate. This was the coming of the last of Judah, the VisGoth and the Normans (true Benjamin), which took place at that time. (Just before 70 A.D.)

As you check the marching standards of Israel, which were established around the Tabernacle and Temple you find their placement, with Judah to the eastward, with Zebulun to the south of Judah, (the Slavic people), and Issachar (Finland) to the north of Judah.

QUESTION:--How do the Greeks fit into this picture?

ANSWER:--The Greeks were Scythians, Israelites. They were Pho-Honoc or Pho-Enoch--Phoenicians. And they were the first to come out of slavery as Shalmanezzar gave the tribes of Israel their freedom, and let them go. So the Greeks (these Adamites) were joined with Scythian (Israelites) as they came out of captivity. And then some of Israel stayed in Greece whereas the others went out thru the passes and other routes westward into Europe. But the Greeks---Phoenicians, Scythians were of our race. Same people. No race mixing here, just Adamites on the move and they settled in Greece.

QUESTION:--Well, if we have predestination then how do we know we get out prayers answered, because sometimes we can’t tell even tho we are told to pray?

ANSWER:--Well predestination is ELECTION OF GRACE. It was determined that by this process, ‘All Israel shall be saved.’ All Israel would come to the calling of the Spirit. Jesus said:--’All that the Father giveth Me shall come.’ ‘He that cometh to Me I in no wise (way) cast out.’ ‘No man cometh unto Me except the Father (spirit) giveth him to Me.’ Well now, no one then really prays except the children of the Kingdom. In otherwords, only the people of Israel pray. The others pray to their pagan gods, to all kinds of gods. (Other people can turn and worship the true God). But those that pray ‘Thy Kingdom come’ are Israel, and Jesus taught you this prayer.

Now, prayer does a lot of things. Maybe it changes us. It adjusts us to a lot of things God is doing or going to do. There is a ‘permissive will’ and a ‘perfect will.’ And between the two, there is a certain amount of motion which God allows. But the fact remains, that ‘If two or three of you agree, touching anything under heaven, it shall be done.’ And this ‘touching anything under heaven’ is --anything under the ‘Will of God’, or anything which God has in store. So by this procedures anything which is of God that you are led (by the spirit), to pray for. Prayer thus starts with God, passes thru you, and ends up back with God.---THIS IS TRUE PRAYER.

Now, there is thoughtless prayer. There is prayer where people ask for things they have no need for and do not even want. Or they may want, but it is not good for them. And they don’t get it because this thing is not ‘under heaven’ and it is not right. Lots of time people ask for things they do not get. Some may want a million dollars. And when they do not get an answer to their prayer, they are disturbed. But God didn’t intend to answer it anyway. One of the things people think about prayer is that it is always asking or getting something by this procedure. But prayer is supposed to be by meditation. Prayer without ceasing is in that area when you pride yourself thinking you did it. In otherwords, as we come to the vastness of this, there runs thru our minds all the time the things of the Kingdom, or some news which shows that the Kingdom is coming in. Because this is a way of life for us. Thus this is meditation, this is conscious living and living with reality.

Now, God speaks to us in a very definite way. He intuitively brings His subconscious thoughts into our minds. And from the subconscious, we receive ideas and impute. The nature of God is such that He intervenes with He ‘Wills’, thru the spiritual mind. For instance we have a Celestial mind. And we have a physical consciousness and a soul consciousness. And the soul is the meeting ground between the spiritual entity and the physical entity. The physical entity has a brain, and the brain operates from the senses and from the senses we evaluate. We compute the various areas of reason. We do not always see right or hear right. And the senses are not always accurate either. But the spirit is always accurate. The spirit never makes a mistake. Because YAHWEH keeps it informed. And in the spirit, we think and we know as He is known.

Now, our soul consciousness which is the eye that does the thinking,---when you are listening to me right now, you are listening with your ears, but this is you doing the thinking. Therefore, it is dependent on the senses or reaches inward to the mind of God. And the more we draw on the mind of God the more the mind of God is open to us; the more it works for us; and God is also able to drive thru at His will---the thoughts of God. So in this instance then, we pray and we also listen as well.

Now, some people pray sort of like they answer the telephone. They jump out of bed of a morning and they pray at breakfast, and maybe grab the phone and talk to God in the evening and right away they hang up and to sleep. But they never took time all day just to ‘Listen’. ‘Come let us reason together.’ How does God reason with men? He reasons within their meditation. He has given them His word. He has given them areas of contact. If we ‘listen’ we will discover that we hear more, by ‘listening’ to the ‘Still small voice.’ We don’t hear Him in the lightening and in the thunder. We don’t even hear Him in the natural voice. But we do hear Him in this ‘Still small voice’ within---directing us. Then again you might be surprised for He might speak out perfectly audibly because God can do that. You look around and you realize that no one is there. But you heard Him. And God is speaking just to you. This is good in these instances, for this is also prayer.

Predestination is the ultimate program of God, which He has for you. It says:--’All Israel shall be saved, as it is written.’ And ‘He shall take away the ungodliness from Jacob.’ And then’ All flesh shall be saved’ in the fullness of time. There are lots of situations a person goes thru. And some times as we go thru these different circumstances, we learn our lesson. And then we stop and listen and we ask God to show us things. And most generally, He does. However, there are areas for the healing of our loved ones, or our friends, or our children, and in those conditions it is necessary for prayer. And these things are according to our faith. This is within the purpose of God that ALL ISRAEL shall be well and strong. This is within the permissive ‘Will’ of YAHWEH. Therefore, sometimes we may not get an answer as fast as we want to, but this may be because of the condition of the individual, or due to the thing which God is working out. But we still persist in asking for the thing we want. And eventually, we get it. (One way or the other).

Sometimes, there are instantaneous miracle. And some which run over a gradual period of reconstruction. Other times, there are things we can do ourselves. And we do. And all these things work out. But there is a deep sense of realism for instance--an emergency comes up and the Christian immediately calls on God. Something happens to--right now--put him to talking to God. Just automatically he calls on God. Maybe a car heads for you and you are almost in a wreck. And sure enough, you will call on God. These things show up more in wars. For many soldiers suddenly find themselves calling on God in the midst of the battle, in the hour of his need. But this is in your makeup. We are of this household. He is our relative,--our God.

Today, one of the strange things is that they are attempting to say that God is dead. You have noticed in newspapers and magazines, in the past few weeks, after Easter, that they have made a lot of this idea that God is dead. This man back in one of the Eastern Universities says he is not a theologian, for he doesn’t even know theology. This calling a person a theologian just because he talks about theology is foolish. This man is an agnostic and does not believe in a personal God. He believes that there was a man by the name of Jesus and that He tried to be Godlike, that He gave one of the finest examples of being God-like. But this man is in bad shape. He is kind of like a casualty in the environment and thinks he is a theologian when he is not. He does not realize that this Jesus is YAHWEH (God) Himself. This man does not believe in the Resurrection. He says that the Resurrection was just ghosted up by well meaning followers, so God is just dead. But if we could make God come alive and reduce HIM to one person, then we could fool people. For God would be just the imagination of a human mind. Thus if this be true, then some people would produce better gods than others. If we would become more Christ-like, and engage in a social revolution, and try to mix and mongrelize the races, then this must be a high Utopian value. But we are kind of an agnostic people without a personal god. Well, then along comes other theologians and they argue about this. And then the Jews come along and they bring them into the argument and the Jews say:--’Oh, no, god isn’t dead. We have been dealing with him for a long time. And he is a real god.’ And yet, the god they serve is Lucifer, the devil. So sure he is alive. But of course they don’t believe in Jesus.

Well, Jesus proved that their god is the devil. In the book of John, Jesus said:--’Ye are of your father the devil.’ That is right here in the scriptures, and Jesus said:--’You are not going to be able to understand my speech, because you are going to follow the devil.’

Now, again, as to prayer. There is no doubt that we have translated prayer into many things. The word we translate prayer means conscious communication---contact. So Meditation is prayer. And the reading of scripture is prayer. All these facets come under the heading of prayer. In this instance again, we are in contact with God because prayer is the route which we use for this communication. It is good for no other people because they do not have the use of a prayer line like we do. The Buddhist pray by much repetition, a Buddhist does not talk to God or take his problems to God or ask for his help. A Buddhist priest talks to Buddha and says:--’How are you Buddha, Buddha, Buddha? How is your mother, Buddha, Buddha, Buddha.’ And the more times they say Buddha, the more righteous they become. This is true. And while we are laughing about this, the Pentecostal is like this for they say:--’Glory, Glory, Glory,----they are doing the same thing. Vain repetition. They say Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, and think they are getting the Holy Spirit. But they are not getting the Holy Spirit by this method. God looks on the heart of these people and knows that they haven’t been informed properly and may give them an area of blessing in the spirit, but this is the vain repetition of the heathen. I do not classify this as prayer at any time. But the pagans operate this way. And even some Christians do. For there is morning prayer and evening prayer, and so forth. But they just speak a piece to God and then hang up. This way you go to answer.

QUESTION:--I wanted to know about the signs of the Zodiac at Glastonbury and areas of about twelve miles which has a tracing of the Zodiac by the shape of the hills. For instance they have the Phoenix bird drinking form the Chalice Well, and the Lion is there, and Virgo, and Gemini. Could you elaborate on this a bit?

ANSWER:--Of course, the thing is that the whole Zodiac is not there. Only that part of it which related to Britain is there. Of course, Virgo is the promised seed of the woman. And the lion of the tribe of Judah of course is the Christ. But the other end of the Zodiac is Leo, and thus Leo and Virgo both set in that incumbent circle. There is only a little over one forth of the Zodiac at that spot. The whole Zodiac of course, was set in the Heavens with a very careful plan. Because as far as the creation was concerned, then God knew with absolute omniscience, that these things would thus form these pictures when the lines were brought together. Thus the Zodiac was set for just one place, and no place else would see these pictures as such but from earth. The 19th Psalm, relates to the Zodiac:--’The heavens declare the Glory of God, and the firmament showeth His handiwork. Day by day they utter speech, and night by night, they show knowledge. There is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard, their language has gone out unto the earth, and their words to the end of the world. In them He hath set a tabernacle for the sun.’

Now, almost every race has the Zodiac altho different characters have been formed out of it. The Priests of Israel, by looking into the water when it rippled, then saw the stars formed in their inseparable lines. In otherwords, the lines came together and formed the rough shape of the Zodiac. Noah was taught the signs of the Zodiac. His Star Bible was the signs of the Zodiac. We know that the Sethites had the Zodiac and we know that Enoch was given the interpretation of all the houses of the sun and the houses of the moon. Enoch was the first to call these signs the Houses of the Sun, and the Moon when in each one of the months we came to the phase of the moon, and there were a different cluster of stars there. Each star was given a significant name. And in turn then, the Zodiac of Enoch was not much different than that of the Romans. The only thing was that the Roman and Greek Zodiac carried a little different names. But still they symbolized the same thing. The Gospel message of the Stars is too long to give you in this question. But it starts with Virgo----’A virgin shall conceive and bear a son, thou shall call his name Emmanuel.’ This son would come later. But when Virgo was placed in the heavens millions of years ago, this was the Seed of the Woman who was to become the branch of the nations. (Israel). Libra was the next sign and there is an earth equator and a heaven equator. And Libra shows that the earth equator was weighed in the balances and found wanting. Scorpio is of course the sting of sin and death. Capricorn delivers the death blow to the head of Scorpio and was fulfilled in the Messiahship of Christ who came forth from Virgo---the Woman Israel.

This is only a part of the story as told by the Zodiac and we won’t take the time to go into all that tonight. But the story goes all the way around the Zodiac. Each one of these houses of the Zodiac has another phase of the Gospel, of the history of our race related to it. The spot where the Phoenix bird dips his bill into the Chalice and eats of the Manna was symbolized as an area of the Kingdom.

Of course, where Stonehenge was built, is not too far from where King Applestain set up his palace and round table. And it was thru this part of England where there was a great significance shown in the tops of the hills that made the formation of the Zodiac. Even tho just one quarter of the Zodiac was there.

The real signs of the Zodiac of course, were the Gospel of the Stars. And from the mouth of two or three witnesses, things are established. We have the Holy Scripture, the Gospel message of the heavens, and then the signs made in stone which is the Great Pyramid. Thus you have your two or three witnesses. I don’t know if that answers all your questions on the Zodiac in that place, but it is an outline.

QUESTION:--What Sagittarius?

ANSWER:--Sagittarius carried the bow and the arrow, and thus the death of Scorpio. And this story ends with the arrow in the head of Scorpio (Satan) as he released it.

QUESTION:--Was there a special cup inside of the Chalice and who made it?

ANSWER:--We just spoke of this on Palm Sunday. But the Chalice was made by Demetrius the Silver smith. He was brought to the home of Joseph of Arimathea where Jesus came many times with His disciples and they say that many times in this semi-open dining room in the summer, and in the enclosed one, when the weather was not good, that this was quite a meeting place for Jesus and His disciples when He came to Jerusalem. But here in an alcove of this room sat Demetrius. And here he was engraving this outer cup (the Chalice) with the figures of Jesus and the disciples. Oh, Jesus knew he was there. But Demetrius thought He didn’t know. And this great cup was the Chalice found later at Antioch. Later after being hidden in the church at Antioch, by the Christians, it would also be found there. The church had been destroyed by the Turks then thirty or forty years ago. The Chalice was dug up in those old ruins. It was bought by Rockefeller. And is now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York City. At times, it is taken out for special ceremonies. And it was once out here in the church at San Sophia. The cup on the outside was very beautifully engraved. And it is almost a foot in diameter. I have a picture of the cup in my library. And the face of Jesus is the most remarkable thing upon the cup. Because the face of Jesus is instantly recognized. Jesus, not with long hair, but hair down in the back to His shoulders, but tapered. From the beauty of the countenance, you would recognize the Christ at once. You would recognize Him as tho you were picking His picture out from among many pictures. In otherwords, the Spirit of God has born witness with the various artists as to whether Italian or German, or whoever they are. Almost all their pictures have the same face. The same features for Christ. And you would recognize Christ in the picture for the same reason. These are wood cuts, and other likenesses which go way back, but this is the old one. And this face in the silver is beautiful.

Now, in the cup (Chalice) was the resting place for another cup. It was more long and not as round as the outer cup. This has no engraving on it. And this is ---’the Holy Grail.’ This is the cup which Jesus drank out of at the ‘Last Supper.’ This is the cup of Communion wherein the Christ breaking bread said:--’This is My body,’ and with this cup said, ‘This is My blood.’

When in the Garden of Gethsemane, as Jesus left His disciples and went farther into the Garden, in His agony He goes to the spring and fills this cup with clear water. The agony is that now by the symbol of the clear water that reposes in that cup---ALL THE TRANSGRESSIONS OF THE WORLD---will now be taken by Him in order that He might make this Atonement for Israel. For this is the reason He came to earth. He thus had to pay for the sins of all the world, so that He might do this. Thus it is said that He bought the world to take out of it a ‘precious pearl.’ This being Israel which was in the world. Therefore, HE who was without sin, took upon HIMSELF ---upon His sinless nature, all the sins of the world. And in doing this, then great drops of blood came with the sweat. Then He was taken out of the Garden. But John picked up the cup and later gave it to Joseph of Arimathea.

Now, John and Peter were the two disciples who were listening in on the Sanhedrin later, and John was on the inside but Peter stayed outside. Then after the Crucifixion the cup was given to the early church, and as the persecution became so great at Jerusalem then Mark was in Alexander, Egypt and the Chalice and cup were taken there. But then they were taken back to the church at Antioch for that church was very strong. And later it was found under the altar in that old wrecked stone church. And when it was dug out, they were amazed for it was very badly tarnished because it had been kept from the air.

QUESTION:--In the 6th Psalm, what is the meaning of this message?

ANSWER:--This is the Psalmist talking about his body in the grave. Remember this was before the Christ went into the Netherworld and took the Adamites out of the Netherworld, and they then ascended with HIM after His Resurrection. The Psalmist here is weary and he was in a valley of experience. He said:--’My eyes are consumed with grief--it waxes old because of mine enemy. Depart from me all ye workers of iniquity, for YAHWEH hath heard my voice of my weeping. YAHWEH hath heard my supplication; YAHWEH will receive my prayer. Let all mine enemies be ashamed and sore vexed; let them return, and let them be ashamed suddenly.’---

Now, in death there is no remembrance. In the grave who shall give thee thanks. As far as the body in the grave, there is no remembrance there. And there is no consciousness either. But we are not in the grave, for we are Children of Spirit. And that spirit even at this time, and even bound over to the Netherworld, was still conscious and could talk. And could go thru experiences. But then Christ came and took the Adamites up and out of the Netherworld. So this Psalm is only speaking of the grave.

QUESTION:--This is from a lady on the tape circuit. And she asked about Ecclesiastes making the statement that man was like a beast.--Ecclesiastes 3:19-21.

ANSWER:--’I find in mine heart concerning the estate of the sons of men, that God might manifest them. And they might see themselves as Beast. For that which befalleth the sons of beasts; even one thing befalleth them as the one dieth, so dieth the other; yea, they have all one breath.’

Now, the translation is poor. One spirit goeth above and the other into the earth. The word spirit should not be used here.---’Man hath no preeminence above the beast for all is vanity.---The word Beast is Enosh here. For the ancient Asiatics had a given spirit, but it was not a personified spirit like that of God or of His race, His family. The Enosh thus go down and we go up. ‘As one dieth, so dieth all others, they have all one breath, all go into one place, and all are of the dust.’---But, ‘who knoweth the spirit of man (Adamite) that goeth upward, and the spirit of beast (Enosh) which goeth downward.’ This is the difference in the Household of God and the household of Creation---those not offspring.

QUESTION:--Is a spirit breath, is it called breath?

ANSWER:--No, it really isn’t. Breath is an operation of the physical body of oxygen and so forth. But when it says that God breathed into man (Adam) ‘the breath of Life’, this was a spiritual input. And it did not mean just breathed in to him like you would to revive a person. It meant that God put into him HIS SPIRIT. And thus was an entirely different operation than our taking a breath. The soul consciousness may linger with the breath, and the brain function linger with the breath, but the soul consciousness is also an entity of being which goes on into a Celestial enveloped body.

QUESTION:--Do you have spirit without breath?

ANSWER:--Oh, yes. You have a spirit with you at this moment. And you have a Celestial body. And it is there whether you know it or not. So if you were to die because your body couldn’t carry on its functions, then your soul consciousness now with you in this body, would move into a Celestial body at once. This soul consciousness if now just using this physical body. And it stores ideas and so forth around nasion electrons. But at the same time this soul consciousness would move immediately to the Celestial body of the same time the physical body dissolved. The Apostle Paul said:--’I know that if my body were dissolved that I have a house built Eternally in the heavens. And it was not made by hands.’ It was begotten in the heavens, thus not made by hands. And as Paul said:--’Eternally in the heavens’--he meant Eternally in the plains of spirit. So he said:--’I don’t want to die, but I just want to put on my heavenly house.’ In otherwords, he said, ‘I so want to put on this consciousness that I shall be able to manifest it in the physical world. He wanted the effulgent light and glory which comes with full manifestation. And when Christ returns every last one of His household will put on his Celestial house, and we will never be separated again from the knowledge of righteousness and perfection, for we will think like HE thinks and know as HE knows. This is the area from which our spirit draws from the Spirit of YAHWEH. This is with us, it is above us. But we have not quite put it on. But we do move into the ‘inner Holy of Holies’ which is actually this third eye, this ganglia of nerves. And in this center, there is a dimension of spirit, a contact point. And in this dimension of spirit the abiding presence of YAHWEH, and the spirit essence of you are co-existent. In otherwords this is where Christ comes in and stays. So this is the area of spirit which is always present--always Eternally there. But understand this also. We do have this veil in the flesh that does not quite let us remember like we would like to.

QUESTION:--Where does it say that we cannot remember when we are here? Where does it say that we cannot remember back when we were with the Father?

ANSWER:--Alright. I will show you that. In the book of Hebrews, it says:--’We are strangers and Pilgrims in the earth. And if we could remember where we came from, we would go back.’ In otherwords, we would not take anymore of this physical life than we have to. Here in the book of Hebrews, it talks about the heroes of Faith of whom the world is not worthy. ‘And truly, if they had remembered that place from whence they came out, they might have returned.’

In otherwords, the presence of the MOST HIGH GOD--YAHWEH, is a contact with our spirit being. But we can’t think back in all things at all times into the spirit. He came to bring things into our remembrance. He said that one of the things His Holy spirit was going to do was to bring all things into your remembrance, to bring you to the ‘Knowledge of all truth’.---’Ye are they who have been with Me from the beginning.’ This is another one of those passages which proves preexistence. He said that as you came into the world as babes, that a veil had been drawn down over your remembrance. The babes will laugh and smile, but they are much wiser than you think. As they age to one and one-half to two years, their background becomes veiled. And they learn to talk, to live in another world taking on its language and customs. But remember this entity is full of years. The babe not yet grown up, has to take on all this knowledge. But YAHWEH says that this knowledge is old. And that HE can bring to their attention all that was said---FROM THE BEGINNING. So after we become of age, we learn about the Kingdom, then we know once again---these things. HE starts to tell us as these things come back thru study, and thru knowledge gained, as we think back to yesterdays. And still we don’t remember---ALL THINGS.

QUESTION:--In the United States of America we have signs that we are a part of prophecy. But are there signs in prophecy that pertain to South Africa or Rhodesia, and what is the destiny of the White men down there?

ANSWER:--Well, of course, the White men there are fulfilling the fact that we were to go out and colonize the earth. That we were to develop the earth. And that the Kingdom of God is of course made up of our race. And in this Kingdom, those of the race in Africa are going to fulfill a great purpose. Things may look bad for them at this time, but it will be better for them later on, because in the Kingdom all nations are going to be taught of God. All are going to be ruled by God. I don’t think they will overthrow Rhodesia and South Africa. I don’t think they will make that point. I think things are almost as bad as they are going to get in that area. I think that Armageddon is all over the earth. And we are fighting for the Kingdom all over the world. The sad situation is that we have so little foresight in the thinking of our Presidents. They just jockey around. But one of these days Russia and China will make a swift move and the Asiatics will rise and come against us from the east and from the west. Africa will be one big jungle, but I don’t think too much of Africa will be involved, except as the White are involved there. But here in this country, I think we will have a big Negro uprising in every city and town where ever they can join with others to make this work. There are lots of them in Mexico, and South and Central America, but the United States is to be the big target.

In this last go around, I think this will be the time when Michael shows up. For this is the time which we are somewhat expecting and waiting for. But remember that the Kingdom will be victorious.

QUESTION:--In the content of my former question, I was wondering if South Africa is not a greater force in Christianity than we are?

ANSWER:--Now, you are speaking of National Christianity, at the heads of government. Well, it is not so much the people, as the heads of government. But you see in this country we hear and see a very vocal, and highly organized minority speaking all over the nation. They are agents from the Red Revolution, out of Russia and from the areas of Jewry. And all these little nitwits who they have parroting their phrases, from Chicago University and all these other outlets. These people don’t make up 10% of our country. But they make up the noisy minority. They are writing for the magazines, and they are talking, and so forth. But actually as you look at the population of America, there are 210 million people. So 10% of them make up this noisy rabble, and then there are 20 million Negroes, but that is only a small 10%. You have 10 million Jews and so there are less than a third for this noisy minority. You have lots of these men in government such as McNamarra and Johnson, but sometimes President Johnson shows thru on his better side, but he is motivated by these forces.

Now, down in Africa, there are 8 million Whites in South Africa and less than 300,000 in Rhodesia. But you have people who are to the left and liberal there also. But the power that is in government now is not liberal. And a majority of the people go along with them. I think the majority of people here in the United States don’t want to go along with the liberal left, but these people have been taught falsehoods in their churches. And they do not understand this clatter. We have had this falling away in the church which the scripture said would occur. First this falling away is that the church has not carried out its responsibility by what it has taught. This is the reason the noisy minority has been able to take over. Forty or fifty years ago the church would not have brought the Negroes into the church at all. But we do see some resistance now as the people come out against bussing---the program of mixing the children in the schools. But now it is too late. Little commissions under government instructions are now trying to move Negroes into San Marion from Watts. And the people are angry, but say a few will accept this. But the majority of the race will not stand for this mixing and mutating of the race.

But the Kingdom is going to rise. It is going to grow. It will sweep the country from one end to the other. And once it starts to move and to take hold it will spread and spread. There is no doubt of the fact that even in the midst of this upheaval the GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM is here, it is natural and it is true and people will see. As far as our race such as in South Africa, the scripture says they will push the heathen to the ends of the earth. They will colonize and build cities and civilization.

QUESTION:--Acts 16:3---His father was a Greek---was he a Jew?

ANSWER:--This passage is not translated right. But this man was a Scythian, not a Yehudin (Jew). Timotheus was from a mother--from the tribe of Judah. And his father was a Scythian of Greece who came out of the ten tribes of Israel. Thus Timotheus was an Israelite indeed.

(Enough for tonight)