04-14-65 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:--This story about Three bulls coming out of the ark, in the Book of Enoch, a Red one, a White one--

ANSWER:--Enoch never wrote about anything like three bulls coming out of the Ark. This is only inserted into the Oxford Edition, I never found out how it got in there, and it was an old copy, so this was--BULL--coming out of the Ark. It was quite obvious that they were trying to say that Chinese, White, and Negroes were all coming out of the Ark, but this is totally a fallacy because only Noah was spared because he was perfect in his generations. His sons and their wives were thus on the Ark with him, and he was still perfect in his generations, thus all these were white men and women of this you can be sure.

QUESTION:--A destruction of the unrighteous in the Book of Enoch, how do you justify this with the scripture saying, "All Israel shall be saved, and all flesh is to be saved."

ANSWER:--That is alright, but in the midst of the judgments in the battle of the ending of the age, all the forces of evil fighting against the Kingdom are going to die, they are going to be defeated, broken, smashed. This is the destruction not the destruction which relates to their entity, or their being, as it relates to the endless future. It doesn't make any difference who or what is destroyed, the scripture also talks about a general Resurrection, and this general Resurrection takes care of all the opposition, the evil, all the wicked who have died. But this Resurrection is before a judgment of chastisement, but ultimately there is nothing lost beyond the ability of God in the fullness of time, to redeem.

Now; in the earlier writings of the Book of Enoch he doesn't make any statement of annihilation, or permanent extermination. This is also to be noted, at one time we had all the works of Enoch bound in one huge volume. This included,"The Towers--The Secrets--The Pillars of Enoch", and in going through the older translations there was not as much adjustment in translations as contained, or translation to make it conform, to various church doctrines. So I find that apparently the church or their translators found a greater license to change or twist around any way they wanted the older documents and texts where as they might not have dared to do this openly and so flagrantly in the scriptures. For they were in that instance held back in a restrictive sense. They wouldn't have taken the King James Version and torn it all up at that time, and taken out what they did not like and put in what they did, even though in the King James Version they translated it to conform to the prevalent ideas of the Episcopally. They also had the assistance of Jewish translators who helped mess up some of the phrases in the King James Version. But when they came to the book of Enoch, or any which they saw as very contrary to their doctrine, which did not support the Priestcraft, and the teaching of the church, then they would change it around some. So the older texts such as they had in the Alexandrian text, the book of Enoch did not contain the same story any more than some facets of the Gospel contain the same story from the Alexandrian codex down to the late one. This is the reason why that the book of Enoch which you can buy then some things which look as though not quite compatible with what the scripture says, as thus contained.

You can always be sure of this, anything which is inspired at the point of inspiration will always agree with any other great point of inspiration as to what God has proclaimed. He never makes a mistake, never forgets anything, or trips Himself up. Because He is telling you through inspiration what He is planning to do, and He says: "I will do all my pleasures'. So no one is going to stay or hinder it. There is always the desire in interpreting the feelings of God to tie to the emotional levels of men, where then the emotional reactions of man are imputed to God. This sometimes has God feeling sorry he has did something. At no place is there ever in antiquity any evidence that God was ever sorry for anything. In other words God couldn't be sorry for anything because what He did was right. So God could never be sorry for being right, so their theology is not complete. Someone said: 'How dare you correct a passage of scripture?' But if it does not measure up to Him then I am not going to tie Him down to it, because you cannot limit God to human fallacy.

Now; you always have one thing, and this is the gift of Discernment, and you will discover that the spirit will continue to bear witness, to reveal truth. It will continue to create an area of perceptive discontent when it has been tampered with. However everyone does not have this gift of Discernment, but you continue to develop it the more you become acquainted with the WORD. In fact I am going to tell you this, you do not have in any facet of attack against you by anyone, anything more powerful than this BOOK. This is the one spot they don't want you to have a soap box, this is the one place they don't want to turn loose of controversy. This is one place where they do not want to discuss the integration program, on the basis of what the Bible says. Even the left leaning Liberals want to put words in His mouth, such as this is Christian, and this is love. But they do not want to lock horns with someone on the basis of what the Bible says.

For instance, we have a local commentary on this: Last summer Dick Butler was teaching a group of young people down in the Whittier area. He taught them what the scripture said on several subjects. The minister came in and sat in the class, then he got up and said, 'I am not going to dispute the fact that this is what the Bible says, this man has taught you exactly what the Bible says, but we have advanced beyond this to what Jesus wants, irrespective of what the Bible says. So he substituted Brotherhood, mongrelization and such with the enemy of God because this is what the church wants, so this is what we teach, this is our stand.

This is a re-interpreted position for Jesus but; "Thus saith the LORD" is hard to refute. But in these things they refute what God has said to based on even the facets of it delivered that when Paul, and in all areas of the prophets, and you will discover that when they make an error in interpretation, they don't have conformation by all the Prophets. This is one reason why in the Gospel, which they have tried to scale down, there are areas that they do not want taught. They interpreted as they desired some facets of the Gospels, because the Priestcraft wants a terrible torture chambers of punishment, so that people have come to them for a way out. This they will admit in their theology of the atonement, still they want to set up a regulation scale, and an area of obedience to Priestcraft. When I say Priestcraft I do not just mean Rome, this is true with the Methodists, and others. Of course the problem today with the denominational Priestcraft, no matter which church it is in, is that they use this to get hold over people where as they repudiate that hold when they deny the Deity of the Christ. For as they deny the Deity of the Christ then there is nothing to worry about anyhow, nothing exists, and there is no truth, see. In other words then their perdition folds up, in this matter they then become very incompatible with their own inconsistencies because they have broken themselves up. This has been developing over the past years more or less. I know some Liberal Clergy who are actually teaching evolution, teaching that the races came from various monkeys and chimpanzees, this is why they have them evolving into different colors. This is actually being taught in Methodists seminaries, they are teaching evolution. Teaching that the various races came from monkeys and chimpanzees, this is why they evolved into different colors. This is actually being taught in Methodists Union Theological seminaries, they are teaching evolution. In this policy therefore the only difference between people was in the chimpanzees and the monkeys which they came from, and that in some environments some advanced further than others did. Then along came the integration and mongrelization program and automatically these same seminaries stopped this teaching of evolution marking the difference of the race, and now everyone comes from Adam so now we are all brothers. Now it is alright to intermingle and the environment just brought a change in the pigmentation of the skin. Some went to Africa and became darker, some in the Temperate zones were lighter. So no longer did we all come from the monkeys, we now were all from Adam, all brothers. The only reason why that the Anti-Christ, modernists, Anti-Christ theologus embraced the change was so that going to Orthodoxy in this matter, in an area where knowledge was not complete, it would support their policy of social revolution a little better. So it shows us that there is no honesty with our enemies. There is one thing they have to admit about the Gospel of the Kingdom, they may not like it, but the party line is changeable, unswerving in declaring God's purpose and plan. There is no change here.

Now; I cannot speak for all the various tones and colors of theological interpretation of the Gospel of the Kingdom, but I can speak for this ministry. So go back twenty or thirty years in the background of this ministry and never have we had to change the facets of what we taught. We could expand as God developed new truth, but we did not have to repudiate the position. We did not have to account for the Jews because we had always accounted for them, from whence they came. They are Satan's children and that is that, they will be still Satan's children tomorrow. We never had to try to figure out who Judah was, because we knew that Judah had to be a company of Christian nations, just like the House of Joseph had to be a company of Christian nations, and thus you could locate the Anglo-Saxon nation. There was one other great pillar in central Europe, or any part of Europe, where was gathered Christian nations around a political body, and this was the Germanic group with their locations. On the East, their emblems, their marching patterns, the evidence we have of historical fulfilled prophecy, the book of Zacharias it proves it all. So we haven't had to change in these areas as to what we would say is a party line. Plus the fact that the Adamic race in its history supported by the passages of the scripture, leads us to find in almost every area where they oppose the Gospel of the Kingdom, and these areas of development, that they do not know what the Bible contains. They do not know anything about the origin of races of people, and different societies. One thing which stands out, kings and empires whose genealogy is not traceable back to Adam. In other words in the book of Genesis for instance there are people who cannot be traced back to Adam, so they are stuck with this also. There is Tidal King of the nations for instance, and others. The evolutionary trend has been given quite a bank by the work of Leakey and others in the discoveries in South Africa. In fact he is now in this country and is in Bishop this next week speaking, and this archaeologists and anthropologist is speaking and showing color slides. He just happens to be in this country for a few days for a celebration, and has gone up to Bishop for a short vacation in this area. So he brought his color slides from Africa and these deposits of fossils of Negroes, and these other kind of bones which they say are not Negroid, but they do not have the heavy super orbital ridge of the Negroes figured out, and the little brain capacity like the Negro, of these other people must be a race long extinct, so says the archaeologist.

The fact is that they mark them different but when he talks as an anthropologist about a Negro like race except for the difference in the length of the arms and so forth, with the same thick skull and little brain capacity like the Negro, remember then this is an anthropologist talking. He had an article in the Los Angeles Times and other papers and was talking about being able to differentiate in these different species or races. Telling how you can identify an Asiatic type from way back, so here is another race they give a name to, but it has a longer skull than the Caucasian, and is also different from the Negroid. So where is he putting these races, before the ape from which they supposedly came? And this just blows up their theory of evolution.

QUESTION:--Would you comment on, I don't know whether this is an error in translation, but comment on the different positions of certain Priests and Elders which they had as to much of the service not open to the average congregation.

ANSWER:--Are you talking about the New Testament church?

QUESTION:--No, in the Old Testament.

ANSWER:--Well, all of the true Priesthood came from the house of Levi, so open to the Levi was the functions of the ministry, and all they had to do was apply themselves. They were a ministry given to all the tribes forever.

QUESTION:--I was thinking about sacred ground that only they could stand on.

ANSWER:--This was for instance in the Tabernacle, the Holy of Holies which was forbidden unto everyone the High priest, after he had made a proper cleansing of himself before he entered it. He had gone through the ritual, the sacrifice, all these things being the prelude to types and shadows, and symbols of the cross, which in itself is a long, long study.

When you come to the Mountain (Mt. Sinai) which was burning with fire when God came with ten thousands of his ministering Angels and thousands times thousands, then you have quite a description of how many crafts came in with the MOST HIGH GOD, when He came to the Sinai. Moses tells us about how they came in, and that the mountain was so charged with power that Moses was told to keep the people from touching it, so he put guards around the mountain. And the mixed multitude, the Enosh with the Adamites were not to touch the mountain either, for the scripture says: man or beast, but it is Adamite and Enosh. None of them could stand the spiritual power which would emanate from that mountain if they put their hand on it. Now; the exception was Moses who had by continual contact with God been equalized and was enveloped with special protection so that he might receive the law. So only Moses could go up to God, and when he came down from that mountain remember that he was so radiant with Divine Glory, light and energy that he had to cover himself with a cover, for men could not stand to look at him in this condition. You are told this in the book of Corinthians as well as in the Old Testament. Men could not look upon him at that time until this glory had gone off of him. This was just like Jesus after his resurrection, as he said: Don't touch me until this power goes off of me. He told Mary Magdalene this,"Don't touch me". In the original Greek and Aramaic text it says: "Until the power of my resurrection goes off of me", because you could not stand the charge.

Then again, Holy Ground, when Moses was out in the wilderness after he had overthrown the Egyptians and spared Jethro's daughter from the enemy, when he was residing out there, with this virtual White Shepherd family, then Moses walks along and sees this, a bush burning which was never consumed. Since there was no one to set it on fire Moses steps closer to see this, a bush burning, radiant, emanating with light as of fire, effulgence is coming off of it, as it shimmers, but it is not burned up. Moses goes over to see it, curious as you would be of a flying saucer. So he walks over to it and the voice says: Moses take off your shoes for the place you are standing on is Holy Ground. Now; the oldest commentary on this, and probably the oldest text we have, but I haven't taken the time to thoroughly go over this text, but I do follow the old commentary which said that the place was so charged with light and energy and power of the presence of God standing invisibly that Moses was given these instructions. This spot was so charged with this power that coming close to it Moses had to take off his shoes to be grounded or he could not have absorbed this much radiation. They didn't use the word absorb, or the electronic factor at that time, they just said that unless Moses had taken off his shoes the power could not have passed through him, and on into the ground which is the same thing. This shows they were inspired to understand this. Therefore Moses could not approach this burning bush unless he had his feet on the ground, so the energy could pass on through into the ground. So therefore Holy Ground is so charged with Divine presence that men must conform to this standard, on this.

Again as we talk about different standards, there are different status in the orders of the Priesthood. There are different areas of service among the Levites, a lot of them were like the theological students. The had different responsibilities in the service as though they were an apprentice. When the Levites decided they were going into the service of God into the Temple, they went first to what would be called a type of ecclesiastical school. Some of them may have received higher spiritual inspirations as they went to the school of the prophets. Therefore they were taught by the prophets, in how to mediate. These Priests were the kind, like those who would gather around the Revere (Moten Sea) to check out the rippling which would come in the water. This was another area where God gave them vision and perception.

Then there were the Levites not particularly adapted to spiritual responsibility or at least they did not apply themselves. They came from Levite families, and they wanted to share in the responsibilities but they just studied the law, and were more or less the legal lawyers of the Temple, and of the Sanhedrin so to speak. So you had different orders of different functions. You had the High Priests, you had the lesser Priests, you had the Levitical students, and the legal students who taught the law, and as such became the lawyers before the ecclesiastical court of Israel.

Now; there are some people who want to follow the calling, but there is not enough desire in their lives to bring them to diligently search after it, they think they will just absorb it. And there is an area of absorption, and this is the reason the Levitical students were kept in the environment serving the ministers of the Temple, associated with the older Priests and so forth, because they absorbed and developed in this atmosphere. Many were brought at 12 or 13 years of age into the Temple. And from that time on were raised in the Levitical order, being prepared for ministry from that time on.

So you might say that in the Old Testament there was a witnessing discernment among the Priests, and among the Elders. They baptized people in clear water, ceremonies were conducted for the testimony of God to be free from all their transgressions looking forward to the atonement, and actually a type of a preliminary baptism. There were rites and rituals that you don't have to much discussion of, these all have their part in the selection of that Priesthood.

Then in the New Testament you have ministers and the various orders of teachers, and elders and so forth, all these were set up in the church for the organization of the church. In those days it was sort of a theocracy set up in this order. This was in the great formative areas of the church, and in these latter days church hierarchies still possess some forms of these things. The function has long since been removed from the function of the spirit which were then applied.

QUESTION:--Were there Priests before the Levites?

ANSWER:--Oh, there were the Patriarchal Priests, the Melchizedek Priesthood which was this symbol. Then Moses and Aaron were both actually Priests, one of leadership, and one of selected Priesthood. Then out of this came the Levitical Priesthood, and the takeover of the acceptance of the Ministry. He says that He gave the Levi forever to the tribes as ministers.

QUESTION:--Is this the tribe that was no longer numbered?

ANSWER:--Yes, the Levitical Priesthood was especially picked, completely picked as given in the Mosaic law.

QUESTION:--My point is, why were some allowed these positions and some were not?

ANSWER:--Well, at the time there was as yet no atonement made. Each year there had to be an atonement made on the altar, and before the Priests could make this atonement for the people, he first had to offer sacrifice for his own transgression since he was a man also. And then having therefore offered for his transgression he could not go the next step and offer sacrifice for the transgression of the people . Then he had to offer an oblation before he could go into the Holy of Holies to make an atonement for himself in this manner. Then he had a special dispensation granted so that he could enter into the Holy of Holies and then approach the Ark of the Covenant. But you let someone who had not gone through the Priesthood ritual into the Holy of Holies and if he touched this Ark then he could not have with stood the charge. All kinds of things happened to people who laid their hands on the Ark. Remember what happened to the Philistine people when they stole it, and when it was brought back to Israel. The thing is that God set up an order, a Priesthood to do this very thing, and people could not participate by entering into the Holy of Holies, a Priest had to do this for them.

Now; YAHWEH, Himself, as a man of our race, under the Melchesidic Priesthood becomes the High Priest for our race, and as such boldly enters into the Holy of Holies. But first He becomes the sacrifice for He was without spot or blemish thus an acceptable sacrifice. And as the 'Sacrifice' He has made a consummate atonement for all flesh, and therefore boldly as the High Priest can re-enter into the order of God which is the Power of His Resurrection. Therefore He tasted death for every man. So we are not without a High Priest who was touched with our infirmities. He was a man among us, and yet He was YAHWEH (God). He did the ultimate atonement, and we cannot add to it, therefore there is no more atonement to be made. We don't have any other sacrifice other than the symbol of communion which is a "Living Sacrifice" for this is now essence of Him. He being the Lamb, He being also a Patriarchal Priest, a Melchesidic Priest as well as the Atoning Priest. Not just a Priest after the Levitical line which first had to make atonement for Himself. For He was without spot or blemish being the fulfillment of YAHWEH-YASHUA. For boldly, having consummated the sacrifice for us He demonstrated the righteousness and purity of His power through the power of His Resurrection. HE has therefore now entered into the heavenlies and has proceeded us in this matter.

Now; with this declaration we are told in the book of Hebrews that this has been consummated for us, that we no longer have to have someone intervene for us, between us and YAHWEH (God) for there was only one intermediator between us and the Father, and so that was the very embodiment, HIMSELF. When we recognize this then we can only come to YAHSHUA for this YAHSHUA IS YAHWEH (God), this was the fullness of God dwelling bodily. And since we now understand that this Jesus was God, then He was all of God, outside of Him there is no God. He fills the heavens and the earth, and therefore we boldly approach through YAHSHUA, or Jesus, there is no other for us to approach. There is no other who made the Atonement, there was no one else who could approach HIM. Therefore having made the atonement we don't need a High Priest to intervene for us because we have the High Priest who finished it. So you don't have to go to some High Priest in order to reach God in an appeal, or to get your transgressions remitted, because He automatically assumed this, and it only requires your cognition to accept it, and your individual approach to God.

Now; this does not change the fact that God established a ministry and poured out upon it various gifts, for which they are responsible. And He continues to raise up prophets, and His church to carry out His operations. This is to instruct men, to awaken them, to quicken their consciousness to things they may not know, or do not remember so that they will accept the finished work. The Gospel of the Kingdom not only teaches the program of the Kingdom, and the occupation of the Kingdom, but it is to be a free Kingdom, not one in bondage since Christ took the Chalice instead of the crown at the time. It is then the responsibility of the church to show men that they have been saved from their transgressions, the condemnation has been lifted off of them so that they can accomplish the purposes of the Kingdom. There is nothing which stands between you and God, the church does not stand between you and God, it is the open door of understanding the things of God. And if a ministry does not bring greater understanding then it is surely neglecting an area of its responsibility. Because the church was to do this, and a called minister will perform in this manner. There are people all over the world playing church, not that they are trying to just play church but because their preachers are just playing church, and the people know the difference.

In other words, they may give lip service such as saying, the Apostles Creed, it has a lot of doctrine in it, but also there is error there as well. But at least they acknowledge the atonement. They say: Christ died for your sins and you are set free. This is an area of service, but some people go through this all their lives and it never dawns on them as to the full freedom this involves. It has never dawned upon the minister so he cannot say to the people that which he cannot feel himself.

Now; this does not mean that every person will receive what the minister feels, but it does mean that every person should be able to get something across to them unless they are so callused, or they lack discernment, or have muddled up background which does not give them a clear vision. Thus there is no secret thing being withheld. There is no area of activity in the areas of knowledge of the occupation of the Kingdom that God will not bestow. But He does not always give it every time someone snaps their fingers because they may not be ready for it, or really don't want it bad enough to be able to receive it. You do not find this generally where people are ardently studying, apart. But I talked to a minister one day, and we were talking Identity. He said: "What do you mean, Identity?" I said, "Identity of Israel." And he said: "Oh, you are talking about the Jews." I said: "No, I am talking about the people of Israel, and I went ahead explaining about this for a little while." And then he said: "Oh, that would be to much to study. What difference does it make who Israel is?" So I showed him what difference it makes because, to Israel pertains all the doctrines, all the covenants, all the giving of the law, all the sacrifices, and thus all the promises given to our fathers belong to Israel. And when I had finished showing him the difference it made he said: "Well, all you have to do is accept Christ, you don't have to know all that. I don't want to be bothered with all that." Now; this is a good social director in his church, he was nice to little children, he did not believe that they should use profanity or steal from one another, he wanted them to obey, and be morally nice children, and to be nice to their parents. He wanted a comfortable society, but he did not want to know what the Bible taught. It was to much trouble to learn, and then it might disturb this comfortable way of living. But this comfortable way of is not the important thing, it will not bring us into paradise by overthrowing the darkness. And this man said: "My goodness, it looks like it would take years to understand all of this. Look at the ministers in my church who never bothered to understand it, so why should I."

Now; I know this, I know that I could go to his congregation and preach one sermon, and some of those people, to some of them it would never be enough, and he would have to teach them or lose the people.

Again; the scripture says: "The blind lead the blind, and they all fall into the ditch." They can go for this brotherhood, and think it is progress, but it is not.

QUESTION:--About three months ago they had a program on T.V. about Stonehenge. It came close, very close to the truth except having heard the background of your comments before, but it seemed to me that this mans measurements of the planets, or the planets which were to fit in with this did not correspond with what you had said previously. Could you comment on this?

ANSWER:--Well, the citing measures are to extensive to go into without charts so we will discuss this when we have the projection charts, it is so much easier.

QUESTION:--Are you talking about the sun and the moon?

ANSWER:--That's right, when they would be in different or certain grooves of Stonehenge. Of course this was set for the certain progression of the equinox, the rising of the moon at various times, and the positions of the planets as they progressed. These could be measured and determined and set down, and the quadrants could be made. Now; what this professor said was true, and of course he knew this was not made by savages, and was tied to Do-Ring and others. What we would say is the only area he did not engage in, but what later found its proper position was Venus. For Venus was not in its proper order until it settled in its proper position in our solar system. The part of that wanderer was a Comet, which never came in permanently until about the time of the exodus, and then stayed in its position where it is today. One of the problems with man is that he gets up and goes to bed, and after he does this for 40 or 50 years, he sees the sun come up every morning and sets every evening, he sees Jupiter and Venus and then he gets the idea that this has always been this way because he has seen it for 40 or 500 years. But it can be very different, for even back in the pre-Noah period, Venus was not there at all, she was just a Comet crossing the sky, while the other planets were in their positions, so it must stay that way, nothing changes. But they are changing for this Comet came into our solar system, and took its fixed position, and now people don't think anything changes anymore. Even though other people wrote about this, still people cannot conceive that it could happen. But we can go back to the old Mayan Calendars, and in the early ones we don't find this progression. The early Chinese Houses of the Stars do not show the movement of the wanderers including Venus except as they tracked it as it came through as a Comet.

This makes me think of the passage over here in the book of Peter: "Knowing that there will be in the last days scoffers in their own lust, and they will say, where is the promise of HIS coming? For since the fathers fell asleep all things continue as they were since the creation." Now, this is the mental block of individuals who think all things continue as they were from the beginning, and the creation was a long, long time before this. We have had continents go up or down since then, mountain ranges go up or down since then. We know all things are not the same since the creation. Things are not the same back in Michigan and Ohio, or Minnesota as they were a week ago, and some of these things will never be the same. Each upheaval, each catastrophe leaves its mark, and there will be lots of changes before we get through even the months and years ahead.

You will see land rise, you are seeing this to some extent now in the Azores. You will see land areas effected in seismographic disturbances rise up out in ocean areas. You are going to see movement in the mountains and hills. You will see more earthquakes as this steps up, but when you see a mountain chain go up before you then you won't say that all things are as they were back in the days of your father.

Even back in the days of the Lewis and Clark Expedition a mountain range which extended from the Great Lakes all the way down to Oklahoma City, all of a sudden it shook and went down. This expedition of men felt the quake where they were, but when they got to Indian Territory they told them about the mountain that was swallowed up. The whole area was disturbed, there were pieces of trees and rocks lying around and the Lewis and Clark Expedition men could see that something terrible had happened there. This was only back in the Colonial period, so things do change. Who knows when it might come up again, for it is still under ground there, and when they had the earthquake a few years age, it was right on the alignment we laid down, and when it shook in Oklahoma City this whole mountain range quivered under the ground.

You turn in the scriptures and it says: People in the last days are willingly ignorant by the word of God, both of the earth standing out of the water and in the water, and that world order in ancient times was over thrown with water, and perished. And the heavens and the earth (now the present world order, in its cosmic pattern) is still reserved to a judgment on this World Order. It is not going to be drowned like the people in that area in the Tarim Basin, for it was swallowed up by water, or it will not be like Lemuria when it went down, or like Atlantas went down. This time the elements will be dissolved by fervent heat, this is something different whole areas of the World Order is going to dissolve or disappear right here on the earth. This does not mean that the earth is going to dissolve, it means that the World Order is going to go. But at the same time there will be chain reactions, and land surface of earth will rise, and whole areas of the ocean will be no more. The seismologists expect this to happen, some land along the coastline will go under water, and others will come up. There will be many small seas but not vast oceans, the great ocean areas covering the earth's surface covered with ice will no longer be that way. These great oceans in their present form will be no more. That will be quite a shaking, and the scripture does say that: Behold I will rise and shake terribly the earth. At the same time the shaking hurts the World Order but does not hurt the Kingdom to any extent.

A while ago when the quake shook Los Angeles it did quite a bit of damage to the business houses and to City Hall and so forth. I had called this earthquake measure the night before in our church, said it would go before morning. This is calling it real close but we had the measure, it could go, or not go, but it did. The Lord let us know, just like we are sitting here, He said; you tell them, so I said it would go before morning. I just launched out on Faith and told them it would hit before morning. I knew the alignment could provide a quake even to the north, and alright we were out of bed and taking pictures at the scene before the earth quit rocking at Tahapache. Houses were falling down and I have the pictures right here. Then three days later after this one in L.A., Frank Haggerty the head of the Fire Dept. said, I can get you a roll of film of the damage done, of the repairs that will have to be done to steel and concrete. He said if you want to show them we will get them for you. So we showed them in church the next Sunday, the pictures of Los Angeles, and those we took up in Tahapache. Here was a church that wasn't hurt at all, and a Jew business house was all cracked to pieces and falling down. But there wasn't a church hurt in that whole area, except a Unitarian one. It cracked a few Synagogues but I am talking about churches.

QUESTION:--Spirit man being the offspring of God, then what about a polluted being not having a spirit, what is there to resurrect?

ANSWER:--Soul conscious entity. Now; the Asiatics had a spirit breathed into them in the days of their creation. The Negro however lacks a spirit, Zombie is the name of one without spirit, the walking dead. He has a consciousness, he had a soul like that of a dog or a little higher. He may have had a little higher before he fell, this I can't tell you, I don't remember. But I know that when he arrived here after his part in the Luciferian rebellion that he was, man without spirit, Zombie. I know that the scripture continues to teach this.

There is one order without spirit, then the Enosh man with a type of spirit, but man without the spirit which is the Issue of God. The Negro comes under the order of the Enosh, but one step lower in rank falling into the beast level because they have a soulishness, that is all, thus they are the walking dead, never issue or offspring. They were alright in the days they were created before Lucifer corrupted them. We do not know how much brutishness took place. It is my contention that these people never had tails in their original form but there are tribes in Africa today with tails, and we know that they were involved in violations of Divine Law which produced bestiality and this produced degeneration. Filipinos today have some with tails, the Iglo tribe. I saw photographs made of them in W.W.II and I probably have those photographs yet. I think that most of these species degenerated, from violation of Divine Law to the status entirely not reconcilable to anything compatible with the Adamic race, or even the Asiatics although they also got involved with some functions of bestiality and produced some of the monster gargoyle gods they had. This produced the god, Yahpan, which was half goat and half man, the Minitar. This was definitely monstrosity, a violation of Divine Law. The worship of it was Satanic, the human upper half talked by Satanic power.

QUESTION:--Is this mythology?

ANSWER:--No, but mythology had its foundation in truth and event. The offspring of the Luciferians intermixed with people and produced these monstrosities, and sometimes these factors involved bestiality. In the book of Genesis you remember that Esau went to the Hill of the Satyr. And this Satyr was the god, man made by these evil forces joining themselves with animals, thus producing these monstrosities. Today doctors generally kill them unless Barnum and Bailey get them for their circus. But these monstrosities do happen, and some of the most hideous violations of moral law show up in the offspring, this occurs in Hollywood and other parts of the world. When you get down to moral depravity it is not all of the human factor, but is animals, beasts, dogs and so forth. Where as most of the time the chromosome factors are not right. The dog factors have sometimes occurred in sheep and goats and gestation will occur, and also in some types of deer. I can show you little Ivory gods in Buddhism that show the Priests and the little spotted deer that they lean over. They are leaning with their arms over the little deer, and this is the sign of the Divine rite, using animals and producing so they say, divine gods. I can show you this in Buddhism, but it is not the Lotus flower they are trying to get white man to meditate on, for this is demonology in the level where it exists. I haven't any respect for any part of any pagan religion even when they can write beautiful poetry about a Lily. Anyone who is able to see should be able to tell that a Lily is pretty as a flower. And all the contemplating of the Lotus flower does not change all the facets of demon power. Actually Lucifer filled up his sum of beauty, probably there was no more beautiful creature to look upon than Lucifer himself. The book of Isaiah tells you this as does the book of Ezekiel.

QUESTION:--About four months ago the San Fransico Chronicle had headlines on this Jew who had been searching for a number of years, was trying to put together a book, a very old book, pages had been scattered all over the world, this book is on Demonology. He finally picked up some pages in Russian, in Egypt and in Britain and other places, and had now found the last few pages.

ANSWER:--Well, this is a Jewish lie, in the first place I know how hard it is to just keep a few pieces of paper around for just a few years. Let alone pages of a book scattered all over the world. You would never get it together. If there was one such book then I would question if it was ever bound to start with. The thing is, this is strictly a lie used when they want to come out with some new area of magic. I have volumes of Magic, Satanic magic, Black magic and so on, Satanic pagan religions magic. The Jews play with it all the time, if they want to impress you they come out with something like that gathering from all over the world, for the book.

QUESTION:--I thought this was very interesting because they said it was a book of "Evil Magic". They admitted that it had been written by a Jew, and here was a Jew trying to trace it so I thought that was interesting publicity.

ANSWER:--I have in my library a book entitled, "Jewish Evil Magic".

QUESTION:--Is it called the Talmud?

ANSWER:--No, although the Talmud is a vicious, evil, immoral, rotten book and there is some magic in it also, but I have a volume here published by the Jews, for Jews in the inner echelon of the Cahilla. I surmise that the B'ani B'rith studies it also, but it is Evil Magic written for Jews, for Jewish absorption. And I don't even loan it to people because why should they be reading about such evil magic, that is not good, but the volume is available.

QUESTION:--Paul speaks about the creature being liberated, what is he talking about?

ANSWER:--Yes, the creature body. Turn to the book of Romans and it deals with quite a few significant things. The Apostle Paul was being kicked around pretty bad. They had him in jail a few times, and they beat him a few times so he had a right to say that they treated him kind of bad. But he said: 'we have not received the bondage of fear, but we have received the positioning as sons where by we cry Abba Father. For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God'. That is what let them say: "For the Spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God".

Now; where it says that the spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God, the word children here is Tekon in Greek, meaning begotten offspring of God. Therefore if children then we are the heirs of God, and the heirs of his embodiment which is Jesus the Christ in our language. And if we suffer with Him we will be glorified with Him.

Now; the Apostle Paul said: 'I don't reckon the suffering I have to go through here in this present time, be compared with the Glory to be revealed in us when we put on our Glory which belongs to us as the children of God.'

Now; "the earnest expectation of the creature (the physical body) waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God". In other words, the enveloping of our Glory and the putting of our immortality is what this body waits for, and 'Not we alone', look at this now, "For the creature was made subject to vanity",--Alright our physical body is subject to sensations and temptations--"Not willing by reason of HIM"--and it would not be willing if it is easy or comfortable, in fact the body wouldn't be willing to take a chance on getting hurt except the spirit in us makes us subject to be willing to His cause, so we don't count just the creature comfort as important, as the comfort of working for HIM. In fact we treat this body pretty rough, we have a drive in us, and we just make it go where we want it to go. But if it was not for this functioning force then we would just take real good care of this body. It feels and it enjoys life, it eats and all these things, and we take care of this body. Yet people expend their body to accomplish a cause.

Now; the creature (body) shall be delivered from the bondage of the corruption into this glorious liberty which belongs to all of us, the children of God. And we know that the "Whole creation" sees this isn't us, the whole creation groans (vibrates), we know that the whole creation of Africa, and Asia and so forth vibrates because of the evil in it. So the whole creation vibrates in pain unto now. "Not only they but us also" See the difference, they is the World Order of creation, and us, we are the children of God. They are not children of God, but a part of the creation so they vibrate with us and together we are waiting for what? "The manifestation of the Sons of God" Why? Because as we are made Manifest IN POWER we liberate the earth, we roll back the bondage and then their greatest day has come. Thus not only they but us also who have the first fruits of the spirit. We were thus begotten of the Spirit before the foundation of the world, and thus we are the fruit of the Spirit, God's offspring.

Now; we also vibrate waiting for this positioning "to wait--the redemption of our body". So what are we waiting for, not the redemption of the spirit for it is of Incorruptible seed, which you cannot corrupt. The soul consciousness can make an error of decision unless it be guided by the spirit, but we are waiting for the redemption of the body, when mortal puts on immortality.

Now; this process is taking place, and it is consummated when its fullness is reached. But as quickly as you comprehend this you can put on as much as has been paid for in this climatic day. And we are in this climatic age when a short work of righteousness comes and mortal is going to put on immortality.

Now; let me point out to you: "For we are saved by hope; but hope that is seen is not hope; for what a man seeth why does he yet hope for? (Roman 8:24) Because when you see it then it has already arrived. So there were whole facets of this in the days of Paul which had already been accomplished. But they still had the hope because God had said it, and if they could see it completely then they wouldn't have to hope for it, because it would already be there.

So concerning this again: "Likewise the spirit helpeth our infirmities; for we do not know what we should pray for". In other words we don't have perfect discernment lots of times, and it is obscured as to what we should pray for, but the spirit itself, which is the offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD, the entity of your celestial nature makes intersession for us with vibrations which cannot be uttered. So therefore the spirit within you which is the child of the Father, is in continual communication with the Father even when the soul consciousness hadn't had this perception re-united so that you are fully aware of it. This is what the renewing of the mind means, this is connection of the cognition of the soul consciousness to the continual intersession of the spirit, and the re-entrance into ability to be guided into all truth. When this spirit of the Divine waves of intelligence descends upon individuals it can bring all things to their remembrance. For instance the knowledge of all truth can be brought back.

So therefore we know: "He that searcheth the hearts knoweth what is in the mind of the spirit, because the mind of God maketh intersession for the believing offspring of the mind of God." That is what it is talking about as it says that the creature is waiting for a transition. (Romans 8:14-27)

QUESTION:--This then goes along with what John said: "Beloved now we are the children of God."?

ANSWER:--We always have been the children, He is making a statement. "Now we are the children of God. And He who is born of God cannot sin because the seed remaineth in Him." (I John 3:9) This proves that he was talking about the celestial birth from above because the physical body has transgressed, see.

The physical body which we now possess is the issue of Adam, and we are children of Adam after the flesh, and Adam was the child of God after the flesh, but we were fallen society until God restored us. He interposed with His Grace because we are his offspring after the flesh. And the second Adam restored to us what the first Adam lost. Which again is the embodiment of the Life of God. The one being projected as a seed offspring, the other as the visitation of God Himself.

QUESTION:--Would you care to answer that question I had written down to start with?

ANSWER:--Oh, I thought I had. This is a very involved one but as to the Christ of the Old Testament etc.,--In the first place Isaiah refers to The Christ, and the Psalmist does also--"A man of sorrow and acquainted with a grief" (Isaiah 53:3) Why? Because here the Creator of the Universe is in the World Order and the World Order does not receive HIM. The only one to receive HIM were the children of the Kingdom. And He has come to redeem His children, and put the World in order. The Luciferian hosts hated Him, despised Him, and were always seeking to destroy Him. So here you have God walking in the earth and the world walking in darkness comprehending Him not. As far as prophecy is concerned, instead of coming in and establishing His Kingdom with majesty and splendor and taking the Thrown of His father David at the beginning of His ministry, it was prophesied therefore that He would humble Himself to assume the work of the atonement.

Now; He was a Lamb without spot or blemish, and as a Lamb before his shearers was dumb, meaning made no move to protect Himself when He could defend Himself, He said not a word. Thus Jesus came to Jerusalem with all humility. Now they did have beautiful horses and they were going to bring Him into Jerusalem in pomp and splendor because they thought it was time for Him to take the crown. But HE fulfilled the prophecy, came riding in on the ass. Someone said;--my wasn't this a disgrace? No, this just identified HIM as to who He was. He came in to make as atonement after this He comes to reign. But He had all the dignity and majesty of a King, and all the desire to do good for His Household as a father for his children. So in this instance again, when God took on a human body leaving off His aura, He humbled Himself. Nothing could be more humbling than for God to reduce His power, in the area of His embodiment. Of course He could have called back this aura, but He purposely left it off. If He had not done this He could never have felt like people feel, He would have had to feel like a perfect, resurrected and glorified person would feel. And you won't feel like you do now when you are enveloped in Glory. Then you won't feel the pressure, temptations and pain for everything is balanced. So Christ is thus born of the flesh like you are with all the feelings you have, for He left His aura in the plain of spirit. This in itself was the one thing that left God with the necessity of having to stay alive because he knew everything that was going on. One time down in Judea this became to much trouble so He went to Galilee because the Jews sought to kill Him. You say:--but how could they have killed God, but He had left His protection (aura) off His physical body, and they could have stoned Him to death, and He had to use power to stop this.

Now; interpose power, which was miracles to everyone else, but the only time He had to interpose power to keep the crucifixion on the proper date line was when he was down in the Treasury Building, and as they tried to stone HIM He passed through the walls. He could not have gone out the door or they would have killed Him, so He just passed out through the walls and of course He had the power to do this. If you but knew you could do it also because He did it when He wasn't enveloped in His Glory. Of course for that one time He did put on His Glory so the Disciples could see it, for that one time from across the spiritual plain He was enveloped in Glory.

There is no mystery beyond the mystery of God likeness, God embodied in the flesh and then participating in that Atonement. And the hardest area of this was the assumption of all the transgression, guilt, and evil in the world on God, Him willingly assuming all that. I take this upon Myself, I pronounce Myself guilty as I receive this so that I can die and pay the price for everyone, HE in speaking to you and to the world, but the world does not hear. "I have to assume it ALL or I leave the job undone." So HE drinks the cup (the legal cup) in the Garden and this was a cup of Clear water, and we are told that as He drank this cup He sweat great drops of blood. The agony of strain as He took this full cognition of the soul upon one human body just brought the very blood out of that body. The intensity, the tension could never be understood by human man. This then is some of the majesty of God even in the atonement, and here is some of the greatest areas of Majesty. This is God-likeness--"Could the body of God have done less than this?" Is what is asked in the book of Hebrews. The body, the physical body was weakened almost to the point of breaking down. They did not crown Him with thorns to honor HIM, they did this to mock HIM. Pontius Pilate had written on the Cross: YASHUA of Nazareth, King of Judea. It was translated later as King of the Jews in the English translation. The Jews said, take that sign down for He is not our King, but Pontius Pilate said: What I have written, I have written. Pilate was sort of a thorn in the side of the Jews for he wanted to let Jesus go, he knew that Jesus wasn't guilty of anything, but Jesus had told Pilate, "Do what is written ". And even then Pilate did not want to do it, but he washed his hands of any responsibility. God never held anything against Pilate, he had to do just what he did.

In this instance a lot of things happened. There were many testimonies concerning the majesty of The Christ. Even Roman soldiers could not hold the standards of Rome straight as they brought Jesus into the presence of Pilate. Those hickory and ash staves bent like bows before HIM. This is still a matter of Roman record as to what happened. Again as The Christ was scourged and the crown of Thorns put on HIM, the fact remains this did not satisfy His enemies, they wanted HIM dead. But the crown which HE will take, which is the Diadem of the Davidic crown, this is looking forward to His ultimate Coronation as KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS, IN THE EARTH. It will be the greatest day of Glory the world has ever witnessed, and is not very far removed. There won't be any lynch committee working then.

QUESTION:--Will HE be crowned after the return, or after HE goes back?


Right now that great flagship which He comes back on has emblazoned on it, KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS, the book of Revelations tells us that. In fact the mighty cry is, THIS IS YAHWEH the Eternal EL.

QUESTION:--But where do we find these prophecies of The Christ in the Old Testament?

ANSWER:--You find them for instance in the book of Isaiah, and the other Prophets. There are so many prophecies that it would be hard to list them all. The Psalmist has many, tell about the life of the Christ. Tell even about His storming the Netherworld after His Crucifixion. But first turn to the book of Isaiah 7:11--"Ask they a sign of YAHWEH", then verse 13--"Hear ye the House of David--it is a small thing for you to weary men, but will ye weary YAHWEH also"? Therefore, YAHWEH will give you a sign: "A virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call His name Immanuel" (meaning YAHWEH with us).

Now; turn to the 9th, chapter--"Unto us (Israel) a child is born, unto us a son is given; and the government shall be upon His shoulders; His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty YAHWEH, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace. Of the increase of His government, and Peace there will be no end, upon the Throne of David, upon His Kingdom to order it, and to establish it with judgment, and with justice from henceforth, forever and forever. The seal of YAHWEH of HOSTS WILL PERFORM THIS." We could go on and on with prophecy after prophecy of His birth on through out His ministry.

QUESTION:--Well then, what about His Resurrection?

ANSWER:--Well, the Resurrection was a foregone conclusion all through the prophecies, the Psalmist talk about His storming the gates of iron and brass and setting the Netherworld aghast. The cry of Beelzebub as to who was at the gates, and the answer: "The King of Glory, the Lord strong and mighty is at the gates"--Then "Open up ye gates--ye everlasting gates, so that the King of Glory may come in.--Who is this King of Glory? He is the Lord strong and mighty". This is what the Psalmist says, then "He breaks through into the Netherworld and those in darkness saw a great light. Then there is the prophecy--"He will not leave my soul in darkness. He will arise and conquer darkness." And of course Jesus told His Disciples that He would rise the third day.

QUESTION:--One thing we were talking about, we cannot now sin?

ANSWER:--Wait a minute, the spirit never did sin.

QUESTION:--Oh, you are talking about the spirit?

ANSWER:--Well, wait I have to speak of spirit because the original you the full fruits of the spirit is what is born of God, of incorruptible seed.

QUESTION:--Oh, Yes--

ANSWER:--This is why John said: "I speak unto those who are perfect ". But you never saw a perfect man, but John was addressing a spiritual entity in a physical body. "That which is born of God cannot sin", he was talking about a spiritual being. Because it lives and abides in a physical body.

QUESTION:--That is how I understood it but unfortunately there are a lot of people who don't see this. They say that the Christ died for our sins and it doesn't make any difference what we do now, it is paid for.

ANSWER:--The essence of this is that since Christ died for their sins so what difference does it make now as to what he does, is in the area of reaping what you sow even though you have Eternal Life. In other words the Atonement has been made, and the destiny of restored Glory is consummated. I tell you this, you do not flaunt knowledge of the truth although you might be tempted. A person can be tempted and fail, and he is aware of this, and his consciousness feels miserable and God forgives him and he is free again. He was free all the time but his transgression put him under his own bondage. And his perception of the Atonement sets him all free. This is in the area Cognition. But the fact remains that VIOLATION OF DIVINE LAW will get you in trouble. We violate God's laws on integration and we are in trouble. We let God's enemy take over our economy and we are in trouble, we have taxes to prove it. So don't think you do not pay. Our high income taxes of today are the result of economic sin on the part of this nation of Israel.

QUESTION:--I argued your way but this friend doesn't see it.

ANSWER:--This is not important you will always have some you will not win over, because they like to torture themselves. Then there are some who like to think it doesn't matter what they do. But generally they don't behave as bad as they would like to make you think they do. I have seen both extremes.

I had a Holiness Preacher here and he said: Dr Swift don't you think that Eternal Security is damnable doctrine? I said: No, I think it is the most beautiful doctrine on the face of the earth. Jesus said: "I give them Eternal Life and they never perish", so go to bed and sleep nights and not worry as to whether or not you are going to make it. You just say: "This Grace is sufficient for me". The moment you get out from under this fear complex you start to behave. He said: You mean that no matter what I do I still have Eternal Life? Yes, I said: but as you develop in the knowledge of God what you think and what you do changes. This man then said: If I thought that no matter what I did I would still have Eternal Life I would really go out and tear around, go to Vegas, do everything, I would sure have a good time. I looked at this Holiness Preacher and I said: You are a Hypocrite! He said: What do you mean? I looked at this man and I said: If this is what you want to do, and you feel like you are being restrained then you haven't developed very far and should get out of the pulpit. If you are only doing this because you are afraid then the great, glorious impact of the Gospel hasn't met you. I can over look any temptation you might fall into, but to just sit here and anticipate something that you think you are getting beat out of, the fact is that no one wants to live that way when they come into the knowledge of God. This man was pretty embarrassed, and I intended that he should feel that way, he deserved it. He just sat there for a moment then said: If I thought I would be saved, on the basis of what Christ wrought whether I obeyed or not I would just go out and have a good time. I said: Aren't you having a good time now? If not you better get out of the ministry.

Then I had another fellow and he went the other way to the extreme. He said: I have Eternal Life so it don't matter what I do. I believe this way. I said: Well, what do you do? He said: Well, I try to follow Christ and when I get out of line I pray for forgiveness. I said: Don't tell me about how bad you want to be, start thinking about how good you want to be. In other words that is your nature so why not start trying to see what good you can do. The more that men are on an honor system not on some kind of torture system the better they become. This reverts back to the church of Christ Minister that I met at the service station. He said: I would like to have you come over to the meetings we are having, we have two ministers coming in, and we are going to have some debates, and a great rally to the church. I said: I have a pretty busy schedule of speaking engagements. He said: I understand that you believe, "Once in Grace always in Grace". I said: That is right. He said: Well, then you are probably going to hell. I said: That is probably right but then Jesus went there why should I be concerned. He said: Don't you try to save men from hell. I said: I try to save men from hell why they live, the scripture says that the day will come when not only on earth but down in the Netherworld they will be singing praises to the King. And in that day when that happens I will be able to go into the Netherworld. But what are you getting at? He said: Well, I know that you do not believe in the necessary things, so I think you should come over to our meeting and be SAVED. I said: Well what are you going to save me from? He said: From your sins and from hell. So I said: What are those two men going to preach about, do you know? He said: Oh, they will preach about sin, so you come and hear.

About three days later I ran into him again, and he said: you are missing some terrific sermons. I said: what are they preaching about? He said: Oh, about adultery, how you should not steal, all kinds of terrible things. So I said: These men are preaching this to your congregation? He said: Oh, yes and we are having wonderful meetings and a lot of people are being re-saved. I said: Do these people in your church do these things? He said: Well, they did until they got re-saved. I said: But weren't they saved when they were going to your church, what happened to them after they got saved the first time? He said: Well, they were baptized. So I said: Well, what happened then? He said: Well, they started doing those bad things again so they had to be saved again.

I said: I wouldn't have to preach a sermon like this to my congregation because that is not their way of life. You don't dwell on those types of things, you concentrate on learning and live what you learn, as you understand Gods word. I wouldn't want to go to a church where people act this way, so he was trapped in his own trap. So I said: Now this is not the way Christian people live. We recognize the temptations, and we know that these areas of transgression become repugnant to them when they begin to learn of the Kingdom. I said: If your people knew the Gospel of the Kingdom, they would be so busy fighting for it they wouldn't have time for all those transgressions. I said: I have found that people who are under Grace live more consistent lives than those who are not under grace. You can get a devout Methodist and can't tell any difference between him and a devout Baptist or a lot of these holiness people.

I talked to a man the other day who was under this doctrine where he thought that he could be saved today by saying a few words at the altar, then sign the slips and so forth. Then this preacher taught him that if he made any mistakes he was a back slider and had to get saved again. So this minister was in my home and he admitted that when his people made mistakes then they lived like the devil until the next Evangelistic meeting, and then were saved again. So I said: That is the bad part of that system. Our people are on an honor system and all are never lost, and if they make a mistake they are sorry and then they get away from it. But you, your system they are lost most of the time, and they really haven't caught the great impact of the Gospel, which renews their minds, and changes their lives. Don't talk to me about regenerating, impacting force on people when they do not have any desire to be different, actually they are just champing at the bit waiting for an excuse and can blame it all on the devil.

QUESTION:--Explain, we know that we shall be like HIM--

ANSWER:--"We know we shall be like HIM when He appears for we shall see HIM as He is." This is talking about the fact that when HE appears this mortal shall put on immortality. Our consciousness shall have no errors in it, thus we will think as He thinks, and know as He knows. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye. So when people know this, know the Grace of God, the average individual tries to make his life conform to the pattern of the sons and daughters of God. To the program of our Father, in other words to those who are the children of God, to them He gave the power to live like sons of God, this is a part of the message in the words of John.

Now; we support that one of the areas of the church is to call for responsible living. In other words the church in the New Testament gives them advise as to their conduct in these various patterns. But as far as the great message of the Gospel of the Kingdom is concerned, as people get wrapped up in the program of the Kingdom of God they become participants in this. They do not become wrapped up in the Babylonian program. Today the Babylonian world order captures people in wild orgies, all types of pollution, everything which destroys the structure of the home, the background of the society, and the structure of the race. And the moment that you learn the truth, then God makes the whole thing repugnant to you, so you are then fighting this thing.

When I was a young preacher I was in one of the toughest mining towns in the west. We put together one of the first congregations in that town. I went up there for a special meeting almost by accident, and people traveled 67 miles to church here in this town. And we held meetings. We had a legion hall up there and we said: Will you come? And they came, these were people interested in the Bible, in prophecy and they came. There is not much to do in an old mining camp like this, I think two nights a week they had a movie, so all kinds of people came to those shows, and all kinds of people came to our meetings, and the hall was filled. We didn't have enough seats, so when Sunday night came they closed up the Saloon and brought the seats from the Saloon and everybody came. They came from other places in the area also, and here they were some of the wildest, toughest, roughest living people on the face of the earth. Every time we opened the doors they packed the place. So all of a sudden these tough people said: we don't want to live in a town without a church, so they said: Will you come and be our preacher? I said, I would just to start until I find a preacher who will come, but I couldn't find a preacher who was willing to come and live in that spot, so I was there for several years. And by this time I didn't care because the mining town didn't bother me. But we found out one thing, after these people came in contact with the truth, even though all of them didn't behave like angels by any sense of the word, still their life was changed and they didn't want to live in a town without a church. Their life then centered around the church and its functions and the community began to come together and the impact changed.

Now; there were some who never left the night spots, and yet we could have total respect for them. We did not tell them don't do this or don't do that, we just told them about the Kingdom, what it was all about and the reaction was that it changed men, it sobered them, put a restraint upon them, and it put restraint upon the community. And there was more respect for the woman as they walked the streets after that. And even though they brought in Mexicans to strike the mines, and tear them up, the fact was that there was a restraining force upon the community.

There used to be a Catholic Priest who came over once a month to hold Mass, his name was Father Crowley and we used to play chess with him. He was killed in a road accident and they named Crowley Lake after him. This was way back when we were only 20 or 22 years of age. He said that since he came only once a month to hold Mass, that he would rather have his people in a community church than to have them go only once a month. He said, we cannot get a Priest to come up here and stay the Parish is not big enough, but the people need the refining truths of the Scripture.

The thing I want to point out is that we watched what the Word would do in as tough a town as you could find. So we know that this is the great Grace of the Truth which reaches people with the capacity to receive it. We know how it modifies and changes people.

QUESTION:--You have said that when the Kingdom comes in there will be children, do you mean that children will still be born?

ANSWER:--It may be hard to define all the facets of this but: "Of the increase of His government there shall be no end." If there was no increase of children then the Kingdom would end. Therefore cosmic conception is another factor, and we won't get into that tonight, but everything is within the spiritual law, and order, and when our race fell in earth we fell to the nine month gestation period of the Enosh, and with it came pain, sickness and sorrow upon woman at birth. All this is to be done away with at the return of the Christ, and the cycles put back into proper order. All these cycles were a part of the curse, and this is one of the promises concerning the Christ. For the seed of the woman (Israel) is going to bruise the head of the serpent and conquer his power.

QUESTION:--Why are some children born deformed?

ANSWER:--This comes from various factors, sometimes from a mutation which is chemically induced and effects the chromosome and the genes which can take place either in the ovum cell or take place in the sperm cell. Generally it does not occur in both cells, or you would never get gestation at all. This sometimes is a chemical thing, evil and demonic from some of these drugs used in deformed patterns. Women did not realize this when they took them but they were in an area of material which should never have been taken into the human body. These patterns mutate chromosomes, Satan has been in the mutating business from the beginning. He has tried to mutate species, mongrelize and destroy. This then is why you get deformed patterns, destruction has to take place in the genes and the chromosome.

Now; sometimes this happens, for though out all ages there has been an area of Witchcraft so to speak. And areas of chemical designs to limit birth even in the more rude types of contraceptives. Some of these factors were introduced early in herbs by the ancient Egyptians and Chinese and these sometimes will mutate an embryo just enough but never break the pregnancy, the embryo is not given up, and the child can be deformed from this chemical invasion. Lots of time there can be a poisonous change of metabolism, causing a great impact that hits the areas of spermiogenesis, and the fact remains in the original breaking of the chromosome the pulling of the spindle fibers from its pole is a mutation to the gene. This is the medical answer but it is still true.

QUESTION:--Can this happen to a child of our race?

ANSWER:--This depends, but yes, a chemical factor occurs and it is an unfortunate condition. A toxic condition occurs and brings a break down in the cells. We do have a whole area of fifth or sixth generation violation of Divine Law which kick back mutated genes.

End of tape.