04-24-68 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:---Why did the Apostle Paul tell the Greeks in Corinth, that all our fathers passed thru the same waters and ate of the same manna and so forth?

ANSWER:---Yes, here in Corinthians, Paul says that very thing. And that they also drank water of the same rock. He told them this because they were all Israelites. So the people of Greece were one of the first settlements of Israel in Europe. Paul said:--'All our fathers passed thru the waters and ate of the same 'manna'. So they were Israelites, to be able to do this. Over in the book of Acts, chapter 17, the Apostle Paul was on Mars Hill and he was talking to these people and he said, you must be superstitious, for as I passed by your devotions, I see you have an altar to an unknown God, whom ye ignorantly worship. HIM, I declare unto you. HE is GOD that made the world and all things therein. Seeing HE is YAHWEH of heaven and earth, and dwelleth not in temples made with hands, neither is worshiped with men's hands as though He needeth anything seeing He giveth to all live, and breathe and all things. He hath made of one blood, all the nations of the Ethene to dwell in the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation. For in HIM we live, and move, and have our being; as certain of your poets (Plato) have said, for we are HIS offspring. For as much then as we are the offspring of God"----here he is talking to the Greeks which proves that they are Israelites. The entire story from the book of Seth and from Enoch also--God said:--'Ye are Israel. Ye are my offspring.' And he told Seth:--'Ye are my issue ruling in the earth.' And He tells Enoch the same thing. He then changes Jacob's name to Israel. But this didn't change the fact that the white race was already Israel because Adam was the offspring of God. And of course Israel. So the race--Israel--starts with Adam and comes on down thru the genealogies of the white race which happens to be the genealogy of the Adamic race. That is again why in Genesis 5, the story starts out with the history of Adams Race. Starts right out with Adam saying of Seth:--'Now I have begat a man in my own likeness and in my own image.' Then here again we find Genesis 5:1--'Here is the book of the generations (race) of Adam in the days HE begat him; in His own likeness did YAHWEH begat him.

Then Adam lived 130 years and begat a son in his own likeness and in his own image and called his name Seth. And from the fifth chapter of Genesis, the identification of the household of Seth as the household of the MOST HIGH continues.

Now, other children Adam and Eve had before this, were never counted. They came from a contaminated womb. Until the cleansing of the womb, and the birth of Seth, none were acceptable. So until Adam begat Seth, he had not begotten a man in his own image. And now with Seth, he could say this. And this starts off the genealogy of the white race. So starting here God says:--'you are My Israel--my offspring.' And over here in the book of Isaiah, God says:--'ye are My offspring for I brought you forth from the womb.' This again falls into the same situation which Paul attributes to the people of Greece. For when Paul turns to these people of Greece, he says (Acts 17:20)--'For as much then as we are the offspring of God, we ought not to think that the Godhead is made of silver or gold. God may have winked at these things in our ignorance, but now He commands us to repent.' The Apostle Paul talks thus to the Greeks who he has already identified in the book of Corinthians as Israel, by saying their fathers had all passed thru the same waters. This meant that their fathers were Israelites. All came out of Egypt in the Exodus and passed thru the Red Sea. They all drank from the same Rock which Moses struck. They had all eaten the same Manna when God fed them. So these Greeks had to be in the loins of Israel at that time, for Paul to have made these statements.

You see there are many of these places in the scriptures. The Apostle Paul knew exactly what he was talking about. But in the translations in the book of Romans, the Jews helped with the scriptures as they did being hired after worming their way in and they had done this in Rome. So the Douay Version had a lot of this damage. They had left out a lot of the volumes which had been inspired. At the Council of Nicaea, they had 165 books and all they should have thrown out were 10. As some of them never had the name of God in them, not even once. They were thrown out, all except the book of Esther and the book of The Songs of Solomon, but both are phoney books. The Songs of Solomon sing of how beautiful this race mixing is. And the churches go off in rapture as to Christ and his bride. But this book tells of a dark nigger bride and an Asiatic bride. And all this was written by Jewry. Solomon is talking about how he loves the Negro bride and Asiatic bride. It is fallacious, because this doesn't belong in the scripture. And the name of God is not in this book, not even once. But you hear these silly people come out to say:--Oh, this is a type of Christ. See? He takes a gentile bride and all this. But this isn't a type of anything but the evil mind of the Jew who wrote this book.

The book of Esther was written by Jews so they would have a right to kill all their enemies, the goyim or Ethene. And the name of God is not in this book of Esther, either. Never comes into it. But they twist the story around as to how they hung people and then wined and dined and had the feast of Purim. At this feast of Purim, they baked their cakes (Mottsas) with human blood in them. And today the Jews still celebrate this feast of Purim. And today this book of Esther --- there is not a word of truth in it as far as scripture is concerned. It is all about how she seduced the King, and put over this deal. But they use this to prove how they have a right to kill all their enemies. Every year they have a feast of Purim. And they just held this years Feast of Purim (1968). And when they held it over in Switzerland, all these big Jew Bankers were there. They were talking about how they were going to fleece us out of the last 33 billion dollars in gold that they wanted. But because of the time they held this Feast of Purim and all these Jew bankers had gathered there in Switzerland and they all were discussing how they were going to handle the United States. And the Israeli Bankers were there to assure the United States that they would not sell the gold anymore at 60 or 70 dollars per ounce. That they would hold with the U.S. at the rigid price of $35.00 per ounce. There would be no more wild sales of gold, because they didn't want to upset the applecart and they wanted the U.S. dollar to remain strong until they accomplish their goal. But in the Israeli papers (which we have), thought it wise to do this before the U.S. Government and Congress stopped the honoring of the dollar notes they had with our gold which they were going to sell for 60 or 70 dollars per ounce after we give it to them for $35.00 per ounce. So they said:--'don't rock the boat until we have fleeced the U.S. out of the last of the gold which they have the paper for.' So in this, the European Jews drank the Feast of Purim Festus 1969. They spoke up and said that the Viet Cong situation is our 1968 Purim Festus. But who is making all the money over there in Saigon, but the big Jew merchants who left here and went over there. They are holding this war back and killing our boys while they make money over there. They control Johnson. So he doesn't do anything. So the Jews over in Switzerland were sitting over there and discussing this world situation and they said:--'this is our Purim Festus.'

Back in 1941, they held a Purim Festus when they were getting us involved in that war. In 1942, they said Purim Festus was when the war started. So this shows the Jewish manipulation. When they talk among themselves, they say a lot more that they think you understand. As far as the scripture is concerned, they try to change or cover up the meanings. And they try to make it read to their advantage. But Christians let them get away with anything they are allowed to get away with, while thinking, they are the 'chosen people'. But God is going to change this. So the Jews put this out and they get away with it. They get away with murder because they are the so called 'chosen people'. See? But they wove this into the scriptures and a lot of Christians have swallowed this. But no theologian today can honestly accept all this, because they know that the original Hebrew and Greed doesn't bear this out. Plus the fact that in a place where there is two meanings, the Jews always push this one way. But the literal translation of the passage would run true to form as to how these words had been translated in other instances. Of course this establishes it right away.

Now, the Apostle Paul is a Benjamite. He was from Tarsus. He said he was a Hebrew of the tribe of Benjamin. So the Jews translated it as---I am a Jew of the tribe of Benjamin. But he couldn't have been a Jew and be of the tribe of Benjamin, for the Jews were not Benjamite. They were not men of true Judah or Benjamin. Jesus never did come out and denounce men of Judah or Benjamin. When He said:--'Ye are of your father the devil.' They He proves this for He was denouncing the Yehuddin which are now called Jews.

Then remember, that during the ministry of the Christ, the people were turning gradually to HIM. And His own family wanted HIM to go down to the Feast of Jerusalem and declare that HE was the Messiah and see what would happen. But Jesus said:--'You can go down there because your time is always ready. But my time has not yet come. If I went down there, the Jews would crucify me.' And as yet He had to fulfill the three years of His ministry. So all the people went down to Jerusalem and they talked about Jesus but no man spoke openly of HIM for fear of the Jews. So the Galilean were not Jews. Jesus proves this and then He turns to the disciples and said:--'I have chosen you twelve and one of you is a devil.' In otherwords I chose one of you, a devil. So it would be a testimony forever for Christendom. And then this devil was identified as Judas of Iscariot. Then after this, Jesus had to walk in Galilee for He couldn't walk among Jews because Jews sought to kill him. The Galilean then were Benjamite and they had no part nor lot with Jews.

Over in the book of John, when He was talking to this great multitude of people, then it says there were certain Jews standing by and they stood up to criticize and contradict Jesus. Always there were these Jews standing by, for they controlled parts of this country. Even had gone so far as to name all the religions as theirs even tho the true Israelites were the Essene Company and they were the Priest of Israel living out in the caves outside of Jerusalem. Their lives were not even secure, because of the power of the Sadducees who had already taken over in the temple. So there is no place that the theologian can go that the Gospel of the Christ does not affix the Jews as the Luciferian children, as Cainanites. And thus they have no part nor lot in the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Then you come over to the Apostle Paul and he had been raised in Tarsus, but with the Jews in control of his religion. As a young man he went to Jerusalem and Christ had already been crucified and had ascended into the heavens. The Christian church was all over as the people assembled in groups and the Jews were fighting the Christians and putting them to death. The Apostle Paul didn't know anything different. So the Jews said:--'there is a fine young man--so we will make him a Captain and will send him out with his army to kill Christians. And they told Paul that Jesus was a heretic and we put him to death. And must put his followers to death also. So they gave him papers and sent him out to these towns to put Christians to death. Paul tells about this in the ninth chapter of Acts. He was on the road to Damascus to put Christians to death. He even held his coat while they put Stephen the Martyr to death. And Paul called him a heathen as they stoned Stephen. But Stephen said:--'Father forgive them, they don't know what they are doing etc. But here on the road to Damascus, YAHSHUA spoke out of the clouds. A great brilliant light shown down around him and HE said:--'Saul, Saul, why doest thou persecute me?' And Saul saw the Christ and Saul said:--'Who are thou.' And he said I didn't know I was persecuting anyone. Jesus said:--'I am YAHSHUA whom you persecutes; and it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks. But you are going out to kill my disciples.' The Jews with Saul-Paul, didn't see the Christ. They didn't hear HIM. They just thought it thundered. Then Saul was taken to a certain house and there he stayed until he got his sight back and his name was changed from Saul to Paul. So when the Apostle Paul found out that YAHSHUA was the embodiment of YAHWEH, and He talked to him from the heavens, then this cleared things up for Saul. YAHSHUA said:--'I have called you to be an Apostle to the nations, the Ethene, the house of Israel.

The next thing that happens to the Apostle Paul as he tells us later, was that an Angel came and picked him up and carried him into the heavens. He couldn't tell whether he was in the spirit or in the body, for YAHWEH-YAHSHUA alone could tell. But he went into the heavens. He was token into the various plains of the heavens, the plains of spirit. He was told to write these things in a book which he did. The book was called the Apocalypse of Paul. This is one of the greatest volumes our race ever had. We don't have it in this Bible because the Jews cut it out at the Council of Nicaea and threw it out. But there were many copies from the one Mark had at Alexandria Egypt to other areas of Christianity. So the Catholic Church had to translate the Apocalypse of Paul to satisfy themselves. So they translated an Apocalypse of Paul but they changed it. They put in limbo and purgatories in it; and flames of fire which you walked in up to your knees. But none of this was in the original Apocalypse of Paul. They just added it.

The Apocalypse of Paul talks about the Mysteries of the Kingdom. And all the things God told him as He brought things back to his remembrance. He proved to Paul how the white race was Israel. He said, we--the white race were strangers and pilgrims here on earth. That as we were put down here as babies, a veil of forgetfulness was brought down over the mind of the baby as it grows up and adapts to these things of earth. He said is HE hadn't done this, then we being strangers and pilgrims in this world, then we would have returned to where we came from, for we would have remembered how to get out of here. And we would have gone back to where we came from. Therefore, the Apostle Paul said:--'since we were strangers and pilgrims in the earth, then if we could have remembered, we would have gone back.' So YAHWEH-YAHSHUA told all these things to the Apostle Paul. Told him about predestination, and the Glory of God, and all these facts of Celestial existence. Told him he had a Celestial body and a physical body. And that his soul consciousness was involved in his physical body. And that the Celestial body was with him and yet not in him. And that the Celestial body was a body of light which would eventually cover his physical body. That he would put this on almost like a coat. And as he did this then mortal, would be putting on immortality.

So the Apostle Paul wrote a big book called the Apocalypse of Paul. And then he wrote his Epistles to the various tribes in various countries. He wrote to the Romans, for the Romans were of the tribe of Gad. He wrote to the Greeks in Corinth and in every one of the Epistles, he put some of the mysteries out of his book 'The Apocalypse of Paul. Some were in one place and some were in various parts of his Epistles. He writes these things in his letters. But to the Apostle Paul, these were the mysteries God showed him in the heavens. So after these things were showed unto Paul, he moved out to preach and he said:--'the spirit of God expressly forbade me to go to Asia. But Israel wasn't in Asia. Israel was in Europe. This is the reason why the Apostle Paul went to Britain. And he went to Europe and to the catacombs of Rome where he spoke to the people. So is was that he appealed to Rome as a Roman citizen when the Jews were wanting to put him to death. He had to be sent to Rome because you couldn't try a Roman citizen anywhere but in a Roman court. And Rome never found anything wrong with the Apostle Paul. They didn't care anything about the Jews as to whether he had their religion or didn't have it. They didn't care anything about the Jews charge of blaspheme. The only thing Rome was interested in was that he was a threat to their Empire. But they found that everywhere Paul went, he was talking about the Jews. The book of Acts is very clear as to how the Jews were stoning Christians. Then how they were trying to put Paul to death. How they put him in prison and were always trying to kill him. How everywhere he went to speak, the Jews were there to oppose him. Until finally in the book of Thessalonians, the Apostle Paul said:--'These Jews are against God and contrary to all men.'

Paul wasn't talking about Israelites. He said:--'I am an Israelite of the tribe of Benjamin but I was of the sect (religion) of the Jews, but not one by race.' Note here, he never said he was a Jew. He said he was an Israelite of the tribe of Benjamin, but of the sect of the Jews. There is no Jew blood in any Israel stock.

The fact is that today we are faced with the fact that we have the abomination of the desolator at the end of the age standing in the Holy Place. And when you turn to Old Jerusalem, today, you find these Jews who drove the Arabs out into the desert. In Palestine today, the Arabs were not driven out by Israel. Had these Jews been Israel, they would never have driven out the Arabs, for God said that Ishmael had the right always to live among his brothers. He wasn't the ruler, for Israel holds this place. But he was to have the right to dwell among them.

The Jews forced Harry Truman to recognize Israeli. A Jew came over here and he worked on the President who was a Baptist and his preacher told him the Jews were the 'chosen people'. And they told Truman that he had to recognize Israeli or he wouldn't be elected again. He was told that he had to do this or a curse would come on him because in the Bible it says:--'I will curse those who curse you, and bless those who bless thee.' And the Jews say this pertains to them. But this Jew came to Truman--his name David Horowitch and was one of the slimiest Jews in the world. We have a book here entitled "The Bible" in the hands of its creator. This is one of the last Talmud drawn up. Moses el Capour writes most of the commentary and David Horowitch was one of the major publishers of the Rabbicanal Association of America of this latest and last Talmud. So he worked on President Truman. So without telling even his State Department, then Truman recognized Israeli. Britain was astonished, for the Israelis had murdered British soldiers and Lord Moyin. But the first thing which happened after that recognition, the Jews drove the Arabs out of their homes; out into the desert. Then the U. S. came along and partitioned Palestine. But they gave all the land of Palestine with water and wells on it to the Jews and left the Arabs in the desert without any water. The Jews went into all the Christian Shrines and they desecrated and destroyed them. And they killed the women and threw their bodies down the wells. They killed Catholic as well as Protestants. And they had a convent in Palestine and they went thru that and just wiped them out. I have the white papers of Count Bernadot on all this. The reports were sent back everyday as he wrote about what rascals these Jews were. And then sent the reports out everyday. But the Jews thought he still had the reports with him so they assassinated him. Took his briefcase and ran. Then they found out that he had been sending out reports everyday. And Sweden came out with all the reports sent out by the Count Bernadot. You know they used to accuse the Germans of everything they themselves did in Palestine, but on a vast scale. They just proved that they are a bloody people. Without a doubt, the Germans just put a lot of Jews in jail because they were communist and were murderers. I have a book by Jewish Publications Society, and it is called 'Agana'. This is about the great heroes of Jewry and tells how long before the war in Germany the Jews, no longer capable of controlling the money because the Reichstag had voted in a new monetary system, how they had elected Adolph Hitler chancellor, so the Jews, realizing that they could no longer control the economy in Germany, formed the 'Agana' underground and they started poisoning prominent Germans. In this book they say that they declared war on Germany before the war started. But they say we are the heroes, some of our people went around with hypodermatic needles full of cyanide poison. And after the milkman left the milk early in the morning, they would go down the street putting poison into certain milk bottles. And any of that whole family who touched any of that milk would die. So they killed lost of Germans this way. And they did all kinds of things and this made them heroes. I don't blame the Germans if they killed every Jew they caught after that. But the Germans never realized why these people were dropping dead. Maybe a whole family would be sick and they would say some kind of gastronomic trouble. But here the Jews admit they did this. They also have another edition now of 'Agana', but a lot of this has been removed so you would want to get the copy of the original. But this book is written for Jews. They never expected anyone else to get one and read it. But this just proves what the Apostle Paul said:--'the Jews are against God and contrary to all men, and they make trouble.' And yet today, the churches will go for this position that the Jews are the 'chosen people'. Yet the scripture talks against them. Warns that in these latter days the abomination of the desolator will be in the Holy Place. And they drove the Arabs out of Palestine proving they are not Israel. They took over the Old Jerusalem, and now they standing in the Holy Place. The theologians, their experts, know what the scripture says. But they just cover it up. Just like the World Council of Churches and the National Council of Churches. They know Martin Luther King was a communist. Everyone of them knows it. This was cited 23 times by the House of Un-American Activities Committee, 20 times listed by the Senate Judiciary Committee, and 16 times by the F.B.I.. They all said that he was a communist. But the W.C.C. and the N.C.C. are run by commies. And they had everyone running around praising Martin Luther King. But he was advocating violence in every speech. He was the head of these like Carmichel and the others. And the Jews then liquidated Martin Luther King after he had done about all he could for them. The fact is that the communist know who King was . But look at all the churches that held memorials for a commie. When I heard that he was killed, then I said:--'Good. A commie is killed. So what?' I wasn't going to cry over a commie He asked for it and a communist shot him. There is no doubt of that. Just like the commies shot J.F.K.----I didn't like J.F.K.--But after he got shot I wasn't going to cry. Look at all the Cubans he had killed. But the fact was--who killed him---we wouldn't do that. The commies killed him. And maybe Mr. Johnson was in this, I don't know. But the establishment is tied into this cover-up, so it is a very peculiar situation. They have made such a Hulla-ba-loo. They have so many churches holding memorials for Martin Luther King. More of a fuss than they did over J.F.K., actually. And they are still doing this every year. They are holding one down in Hollywood Bowl today for Martin Luther King. And the preachers got together to dedicate themselves before the body of Martin Luther King to end all racism. I have a copy of the minutes of this great meeting. And one of the things decided was for all Methodists to buy all the Negro dolls they could find to give them to their little children so that their children would start loving Negroes as little babies then grow up with them so they would have no aversion to Negroes, so that marriage could take place. This is in the first Methodist Church. And the ministers are coming out for this. This is the most fantastic thing you ever heard---trying to get whites to marry niggers. In one of the big Presbyterian Churches in Washington, the minister said he never saw a bigger guilt complex that when we saw that a white man shot Martin Luther King. And now he wants to assume the guilt of all white men. And since he had two white daughters, then if they married Negroes, they would have his blessing because he now realized that he had been a hypocrite and not a Christian. He just never felt this way before so he wanted to apologize and repent. And he now would be so happy if his daughters fell in love with Negroes and married them. ---Of all the fantastic propaganda put out that is being swallowed by the NCC and Orthodox. Preachers by the thousands are falling for this and accepting this Jewish pattern.

The fact is that if a person says I will ride with Jesus, in otherwords, if Jesus is for them I will be for them. And if Jesus is against them, I sill be against them. So when you do this, it doesn't matter who,---this stops them, because Jesus said they were of their father the devil and the lusts of their father they would do. Then Jesus said:(Luke 19:27)--'Bring hither these mine enemies that would not that I should reign over them and slay them before me.' This is Jesus quote and unquote. People say:--'is that in my Bible?' But the thing is that this is how stern Jesus is. Then Peter says they are brute beasts made to be taken and destroyed. This is St. Peter. And I think someone ought to roust the Pope out a little bit for he is supposed to be the Apostolic Delegate that follows in the footsteps of St. Peter. He is supposed to hold St. Peter's throne and scepter. Then he better realize that Peter said these are silly brute beasts made to be taken and destroyed. And he wouldn't have made such a silly speech as he made on Easter. This fellow got up on Easter and said he wanted to see an end to all racism and all nationalism. He said:--'We want to see all races intermingle as one race. They came out from one race and can be one race again.' Of course this is a fantastic error. For we are not all of one race. The Adamic race starts in the fifth chapter of Genesis and comes on down. The book of Ezekiel tells you about the Assyrians and the Egyptians being races over the earth before Adam. So he (the Pope) is off his rocker when he comes up with this one race bit. But he also said:--'All men worship many gods, but we must learn to seed good in all religions because all religions are but man's expression toward God. We feel we have the highest religion and we have the greatest responsibility, because we must father all these religions. Therefore all these religions must work together with us, but we must respect all these religions. And they will in turn respect us, and we will then all become one race. And we will end all nationalism and there will be only a church over them (end of quote).' ---But my this would be an all powerful church, but it is the program of the Pope. But he is acknowledging all gods, Hindu gods, Buddhist gods, Yesserdy gods. But in the book of Deuteronomy is says:--"THOU SHALT HAVE NO OTHER GOD BEFORE ME"----I AM A JEALOUS GOD."

So if you put other gods before HIM, then you will be in BIG trouble. Yet here we have the head of what is supposed to be the biggest Christian church and he talks, the 1/2 Jew that he is,---he says we just have to worship all gods. And put all races into one mass,---let it evolve. But actually, the Methodist churches, the Christian churches, the Baptist churches, and others are all for this Ecumenical Conference. They are all for getting back together. I wonder what some of the Baptist preachers will do when they put a Monks--Pope--robe on them. Or they have to wear their collars on backward?? A lot of them are drifting into that right now. But the fact remains, when they all become recognized as priests of the Catholic church, I wonder what their story will be then? It is a fantastic situation. But people are getting tired of this thing. Priests are leaving the Catholic church and many people thru out Christendom who are Catholic, are pulling out of this thing. And they are going to pull out of the N.C.C. and of the W.C.C. And they will pull out of all the churches which remain in the World and National Council of Churches. They are going to push this nigger business too far on our people. When they try to get them to resign from the white race, and marry Negroes, you will find that the majority of the white men won't do this. They may let these preachers talk this way, but it is not for them. They are trying to ram this down our throats on the body of a dead communist. If this fellow had died four years ago, there wouldn't have been a Watts Riot, or any disturbance because this speech is one of the key disturbing things of the whole lot. But they have tried to blame about everyone for that killing. Of course the KKK was blamed. They came out yesterday and said they were giving one million dollars reward for the man ---Ray, who shot Martin Luther King. Well the KKK never had a million dollars and no nigger is worth a million dollars anyway.

QUESTION:---I heard someone on the radio say they were trying to get legislation so it would prevent white marrying whites.

ANSWER:---Well, when that happens, then we should take that congressman out and hang him from the highest tree. If Congress ever passed such a law, then we would have to hand them. When they would get that law passed,--that would be the day.

QUESTION:---I understand some Negroes went to the Soviet Union and they didn't accept them too well over there?

ANSWER:---This is always the way. The Asiatics are mostly communist and they don't accept them. Most of the white blood has been liquidated in Russia today. But the Asiatic don't want to mix with Negroes. And the so called white Jews don't want to either. However, there are black Jews. And when the black Jews came to Palestine, then race riots started. Yellow Jews came into Palestine and they run Buddhist Temples. They are really in a quandary in Palestine. For they think that the Asiatic Jews will outnumber the rest of the Jews and the religion of Palestine will turn Buddhist. So you see what a fantastic picture this is.

Again, if they were Israel, they wouldn't be all these colors. For Israel was forbidden to mongrelize. If this land (of Judea) today, was Israel, and Israel was returning, then those coming in would be all the same color. Whenever we find someone marrying a black of Asiatic, we just ostracize him that is all. We will always do this. But one of these days, there will be no Negroes either in the Senate or the House, because there won't be any Negroes here.

But these problems are coming from the World Council of Churches and the National Council of Churches and the communist party. And they think they can over-ride us with tremendous pressure. But the people are speaking out. In fact, Paul Harvey spoke out and I heard another commentator on the air the other night. And he said:--'Let's face it. This man had a long red record.' He said:--'Maybe we put out this sentiment too long? So the man got shot and look at all the people who got killed because he got shot.' This was on the radio. He said the Negroes were happy to be robbing and looting. The U.S. News and World Report had pictures of these Negroes looting the stores and coming out laughing. This article said there is no end to the rioting because Negroes are having a ball. They like this.

I will say this again. There is nothing quite as fantastic. In Chicago, two square miles is blocked off by Police. The Negroes can't get out. And the police hear gun fire and they rush in but the Negroes are up in these tall buildings shooting back and forth across the streets at each other. And eighteen of these Negroes were killed. Nigger killed nigger. So the police just went out and left them at it.

Now, they talk quality but intelligence has something to do with this. So actually these people shoot one another for excitement. They burn their own houses down just to see the fire. They loot everything. So how can you call them equal to the white man? Then you made jobs for them after the fires. Out of the 2000 jobs made for them in Detroit, about 800 came out to work. And in two weeks, only 40 remained at work. The rest went back to roaming the streets and taking anti-poverty money which was more. You can't get someone to work who doesn't want to. You just as well deport them and be done with it. Let they go back to Africa and do anything they want.

QUESTION:---How about letting the Negroes take over seven southern states?

ANSWER:---I think the white people down there have something to say about that. And they won't get them.

QUESTION:---Peter had a sword. When did the disciples of Christ stop carrying swords?

ANSWER:---Well, more or less when civilization came in. The sword wasn't as effective as the gun. And this is why my forbearers went to church carrying a gun over their shoulders. Because Indian arrows reached further that swords. So they carried guns. But now it isn't necessary. So they don't carry guns to church. They carried their guns as they moved westward. But today I think it is becoming a habit again for. For the Negro has taken the place of the Indian as your enemy. The African Negroes are coming in, so the white man is going back to carrying a gun again.

But in the days of the Christ, he told you to sell your coat and buy a weapon, because he was sending them out as lambs among wolves. At that time the short sword was the best weapon for them. They had archers, but the thieves and Jews were not archers. But in other parts of the world they used archery.

QUESTION:---Well, the priests aren't armed today.??

ANSWER:---You don't have to be a Priest to be a disciple. But I think everyone should be armed today. The more of this rioting I see, I think you need two weapons. Now, I want to warn you about something. These little guns,--ammonia or tear gas guns, or bombs people carry.--It is now a felony to own one in the state of California. So you better get rid of them. We checked and they will get you for carrying them now in this state. You better have a gun, than one of those. It's a $2000.00 fine and a year in jail for having the tear gas gun or any of these aerosol guns. So it would be safer to carry a loaded gun and that is only a misdemeanor. Whereas the tear gas gun is a felony.

QUESTION:---It came over the T.V. that you are not to be allowed to buy a pistol anymore.

ANSWER:---That is just from out of state, thru the mail. They would like to catch some Right Winger with those little tear gas guns, so get rid of them. For they will use this law. I had some. But I got rid of them. No use to let them get you for some little thing like that. It's not worth it.

(end of tape)