04-26-67 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:----I thought Jeremiah was supposed to be St. Patrick but I see in one periodical that Patrick claimed that pirates seized young men on the west coast of Ireland, and sold them as slaves, and that he was one of them, and he died in England at the little Wattle church?

ANSWER:------This is all a fallacy, the one known as Allah Follo was also St. Patrick, and Jeremiah, and is buried in Ireland, this is known as the burial place of St. Patrick, who was Jeremiah. The tradition says that he drove all the snakes out of Ireland. Jewry tried to get into that portion of Ireland where Black Irish are supposed to be, and Jeremiah drove all the Jews out of that area. They were called Black Irish because of their dress, and their hatred of the Jews. But Jeremiah drove all the snakes out of that area. Jeremiah and St. Patrick are one and the same not withstanding these stories which paint a picture of pirates that you mentioned.

QUESTION:----Genesis 7:21---says all flesh died and from Noah and his three sons was all the whole earth repopulated---how do you explain that?

ANSWER:------But it does not say that---"All flesh died that moved upon the earth both of fowl, and of cattle, and of every creeping thing which crept upon the earth." This is all flesh that dwelt in that country, the word is --Eret-- in Hebrew this means all that place or that area. But the flood of Noah's time did not cover all the whole earth.

Now; Genesis 9:17 --"This is the covenant I have established between me and thee" --- and all flesh that is upon the earth. But who went forth from the ark --- only Noah, Ham, Shem, and Japhet. These are the three sons of Noah and Vs: 19---- was the whole earth overspread. It does not say that by them was the whole earth repopulated.

Remember that he makes the statement that he divided the nations of the heathens according to the household of Noah, thus Noah's sons were a continuation of the Covenant made with Seth, that the promise was that the seed of the Adamic race was going to overthrow the earth. The book of Enoch and the book of Seth clearly make this clear. And Noah also thru Ham, Shem and Japhet especially thru Shem from whom the Abrahamic line would carry on this promise and the world would then be overspread with the Shem line, from which the kingdom was to come. This just meant that the Adamic or White race is to spread out and occupy the earth, but it did not mean that they were the fathers of all the people of the earth. The Negroes had existed thousands of years before this so by no stretch of the imagination did they come from Noah. Some say that the Negroes came from Cain, because he put a mark on Cain, but no the negroes did not come from Cain. They had been here long before Cain.

Now; Cain did kill Abel, and was driven out from the Adamic people, the original Eden, but by no stretch of the imagination were the Negroes from Cain. Then you hear some people say that the Negroes came from Ham, but no, Ham is the son of Noah and a white an, and Nimrod came from the Ham line, and he was the ruler of a great civilization, in Chaldea which finally was taken over and brought down, but he was a white man. Then Terah the father of Abraham, a Shemite was Prime Minister under Nimrod. You can run the line back from Abraham thru Terah, Shem, Noah, and back to Seth and Adam. But Terah wasn't a Prime Minister under a Negro ruler, no way. Nimrod was referred to as a mighty hunter, he gained great fame until in this city built by him he started to break the law he was raised under. The false Priests gradually came into his kingdom, and they brought in the women of India for his harem, and the Negroes from Africa, so in Nimrods harem were women from India, Asiatics from the Steppes, and the Negroes from Africa. Of course they brought the most beautiful of the women from all races that they could acquire to the court of Nimrod. And in Nimrod's Empire now the policy of mongrelizing the races was started. Thus this was also the starting of mongrelization of the Ham line.

Now; the Shem line was found here in the kingdom of Nimrod because Terah was from Shem and he was the Prime Minister under Nimrod. But part of the line of Shem had gone on into the land of Moab and other places. But then God called Abraham out of this land of Nimrod because Abrahams line still had purity and He wanted to maintain it. Abraham as a boy had been sent to the caves where Noah was residing and there he was taught the laws of God. When Abram was brought back to his fathers house remember the trouble he got into because of all the gods his father had in his home, big gods, and little gods of wood and of stone. Terah thought he must do this to stay on the good side of Nimrod, but Abram the boy challenged his father because of these pagan gods. Terah said:--- you must not talk this way, for these are the gods of Ur of the Chaldeas and you must worship them.

Now; remember that at the time of the birth of Abram a star was in conjunction, in a constellation that confirmed the birth of Abram---and Wisemen came to Nimrod and they said:--- there is one born tonight according to the message in the stars who is to be a great and mighty ruler, the father of many nations, his seed will eventually spread out over the entire earth, and rule in a might kingdom with the God who set up this constellation.

Nimrod said:---when was he born, where, oh, here, then we will slay all the babies born this night. Terah hearing this sent Abram and his mother and a servant to the home of Noah, and there they stayed until years later when Nimrod had forgotten this. Then Abram came back to his fathers house and here were all these gods in the temple in the home of Terah. The story of this is in the book of Jasher. Telling how Abram took a dish of pottage into this room and set it down and then took an ax and chopped all these pagan gods into pieces.

Abram was then called before his father Terah, the Prime Minister and the ruler Nimrod to explain if he did this. Abram said:----oh, no he just took the bowl of food in to his fathers gods and the little god started to eat first so the big god was angry and he chopped all of them all up and hurt himself. Both Nimrod and Terah then said:---- that cannot because those gods are only wood and stone, they can't do anything. So Abram had them here admitting these were no gods, so he asked them why then did they worship these gods if they had no power? Well Nimrod was caught -- before this court which he had summoned, and brought Abram before, for if he denounced Abram now then he would prove that he was foolish, so he just nodded and let Abram go. But the Wisemen of Nimrods court warned saying:---this is the one we warned you about years ago when he was born. And once again Abram had to leave his fathers house with his servants. But God called Abram out of the land of the Chaldeas and Terah resigned as Prim Minister and went with him.

Now; Nimrod was getting on in years and he was very foolish but he was not a negro, these offspring of Ham had no capacity to begat Negroes. Some people sit that Ham married a Canaanite woman but this in not true. Cainanities came thru the flood on the Ark as with this woman but that also is not true. Ham committed incest, and the child Canaan was not permitted to be listed in the inheritance. He was to be a servant to his brothers. This is exactly laid out in the Hebrews text, this being the uncovering of his father's nakedness -- that Ham committed incest with his mother. Always in that time incest in the family was referred to as uncovering his father's nakedness. As far as the child of this incest, he was to be a servant of his brothers, not a leader of the family, but he wasn't black. The Ham line would however eventually be absorbed in earth.

The Japhet line moved out thru the cataracts which were cutting trails out of that high country and they came down, at least most of them, into areas of China, and then eventually the Japhet line was absorbed in time in Asia.

Now; the 31st. Chapter of Ezekiel tells you that the Assyrian Empire was strong in the days of Eden, and still there later when some of the Ham line went there, and gradually were absorbed. The Negroes were on earth before the flood, and after the flood, but they never made an Empire. There has never been a record of a Negro Empire on the face of the earth except the Marmaduke Empire in Egypt which was a mongrelized kingdom and it did not last long.

QUESTION:----Does a child have any of the mothers blood in it? If the child has her blood in it then how could the child Jesus have been without spot or blemish?

ANSWER:-----Well in the first place the father and the mother equally in the process of mitosis (the process of the multiplication of cells) which is the basic pattern of spermiogenesis --- there is an equal division of the chromosome of the father and the mother. These chromosomes --- splitting up in the original sperm and ovum form the body of the child. And as this begins to expand the child begins to expand the child begins to produce the organs of the body. The mother and the father both determine the character of the blood, whether an RX factor or an O Positive and so forth. This determined by the genes of both the mother and the father. The color of the eyes, the color of the hair and so forth is determined by both parents. Mary was thus the mother of the body of God, and a part of her, out of the seed of the House of David was in this body, but THE BLOOD IS ANOTHER FACTOR. The blood is formed in the child, the mothers blood does not flow thru the veins of the child. This blood is formed out of the background patterns of the Father and the mother. Both are necessary in forming the child, but the blood of the child is formed by the child is formed BY THE CHILD, and this is why the father of your child is so important because the heritage of your child comes from the Father's lineage, and from the father comes a certain something which lets the child develop its own blood.

Alright now; --- Christ was a lamb of God because he was conceived BY THE HOLY SPIRIT, thus without spot or blemish. And his blood was produced by his body being conceived in the Virgin Mary.

QUESTION:----Well, why would the questioner consider that the blood of the baby Jesus was not without spot or blemish even if it was Mary's blood ?

ANSWER:------Well the fact of the matter is that the modernists question this. They say that Mary was of the human race, therefore Mary's blood was in Jesus the Christ, and it was not any more pure than anyone else, therefore Christ could not cleanse anyone from sin. This is just something they can't seem to understand. This was however, YAHWEH himself and he could do anything.

QUESTION:-----Dr. Swift, my opinion is that there could have been some of Mary's blood in Jesus, and even a drop could change things.

ANSWER:------Well I don't care what your opinion is, this is simply not true, if you understand mitosis, if you understand the biological aspect of birth you would understand that there is not one drop of the mothers blood in the child, and there is not one drop of the fathers blood either as far as that is concerned, but the genealogy (the science of heredity) of a line will determine the type of the line, but the blood of the baby is of itself. And the ascendancy is --- "Kind begats like kind" --- "Seed having life in itself" --- thus the holy spirit by the process of the Immaculate conception projected the 'seed' of YAHWEH into the womb of the Virgin Mary. (In other words YAHWEH thought and the Virgin conceived --- this was the WILL OF YAHWEH, so he could come forth out of your race as your savior).

QUESTION:----A Christian Negro, where do they go when they die ? Do they get reincarnated after the Millennium? It seems as tho the Negroes get cheated out of the resurrection?

ANSWER:-----No, they are not getting cheated at all. They should be glad that the Grace of god will eventually take care of them. And no -- the Negroes do not reincarnate, they do not have such a spirit. It is the Asiatics who seem to have a scope within their pattern of reincarnation --- definitely a type of Karma. But the Negroes do not have a spirit as does the other societies, he fell much lower than did even the others in the rebellion of Lucifer. (In fact was cloned ??)

But lets face it most of this Bible is written to Israel, and his seed. When God talks about coming back and bringing his Angelic hosts with HIM then He is not talking about the Negroes. For the Negroes did not come from the dimensions of the heaven to begin with, only from some planet in space. When they die they are dead until their resurrection. The soul is incarnate within a body but this is referred to as sleeping. People make a great mistake thinking the doctrine of soul sleep is for everybody.

They think we all sleep until resurrection day. The words they refer to is those of the Apostle Paul when he talks about those who sleep in Christ, actually it refers to death when the body dies, the spirit descends unto YAHWEH FROM WHEN IT CAME. The Apostle Paul proved this as he said:--- "For me to live is Christ, to die is gain, for absent from this body is to be present with the LORD." So Paul was not planning on just going to sleep somewhere. But the Negro when he dies has death, and then he sleeps.

But God does say he will raise all flesh, and this is a resurrection after the millennium which refers to all flesh. As far as God is concerned with Negro Christians --- the Negro receives certain areas of religion, but you had to have a white man teach them, or they go right back to the witch doctor even in this land. But as far as God is concerned he extends again life to all flesh, for He says:--- "All flesh shall be saved" but the resurrection which takes place when Christ returns from the heavens with his sons and daughters, the people who will resurrect --- or be restored at that time will be his people from Adam on down to our time. He is not going to resurrect the Cainanites or all the rascals because they are in for a bad time at his coming. But the Negro, this person asking this question --- probably knows some Negroes who are kind of nice, and who respond to the teaching of Christ. We used to have a settlement of them here and they were Christians, they hadn't heard of a devil god. They were Christian after a fashion, but the Negro religion is not moral or amoral, they believe the stories and some have white blood in them, and they can understand better. The Negroes wanted to build a church out there and the preacher and some of his group went down to Rickebackers and they stole turkeys and took them down on Spring street and sold them to the Jews who knew they were stolen. They made about 12 trips and finally they caught these Negroes and one of them was the good Negro Ezra Carver, he used to come over here once in a while and borrow some money, and generally he would pay you back with chickens, and now I know where they came from They hauled them all in before the judge, their Negro Preacher with them, and they said we didn't do anything wrong. That man has so many more turkeys than he can eat, and they didn't even miss them for a long time. They said , we had to have money to build our church, we now have the walls up, so its for a good cause. The Judge said:--- but you stole those Turkeys. --They said:--- our Preacher was with us so what is wrong? Well this is just normal --- Negroes do these things and they don't think anything about it, along with the children of God. It is better when they accept who the right God is because they have been following Witch doctors and every thing else. It is without doubt that if they accept Christ then they come to a better resurrection than those who do not. But in the fullness of Time God is going to raise all flesh, and all these pagans will be restored, put back where they came from. Remember that there were no Negroes on the earth when god created the heavens and the earth, and put the Turanian man on earth. The Negroes came in on the ships of Lucifer during his rebellion. But all things are going to be restored, and when they are put back there somewhere out in the Milky Way, they can be restored to what they were in the beginning. So the Negroes aren't cheated out of anything. I think if they find out who the right God is, will be treating them as well as they can be treated. It will take a lot of Grace to restore these people to where they came from. In fact the white race has been rather good to the Negroes, also, they have tried to establish missions in all these lands and help these people.

Now; along comes Father Devine and started a settlement out here in Palm Dale and Peach was wonderful, and now they were worshiping Father Devine and not Christ. Then the Mohammed X movement came along and they had another god, the Shambazi god. So now these Negroes aren't Christians for they worship this new god of the Mohammed X movement. So --- the Negroes since they die, and they sleep until their resurrection which is after the millennium then this is different from the white man.

QUESTION:---- What I don't understand is --- since our spirits return to the Father then why resurrect these imperfect bodies ?

ANSWER:------ Well, because with god it is absoluteness --- spirit, soul, and body. God is spirit, soul, and body and the body of the man Christ Jesus had was existent in spirit before the world was framed. So here is the mystery of the accomplishment of the Virgin Mary, she totally encompassed the seed of a man --- by His spirit, he produced the body he had before the world was framed --- thru the Virgin Mary. But as Christ raised from the dead then remember there was no broken bone, it was kept in perfect shape altho the spirit had departed but that human body was dead.

QUESTION:---- But he had a hole in his side and hands and feet did he not ?

ANSWER:------Yes, but that did not make any difference that just let the blood out. When he resurrected the holes were healed.

But remember --- YAHWEH promised a Resurrection --- and "If the dead rise not then why did Christ raise from the dead ?" -- See.

The triumph of Christ's resurrection from the dead is that the bodies of the Adamic race shall be resurrected because they are a divine race. But they did not have bodies like this in the Celestial, it was only in bodies thru Adam that they had their earth occupation. So the story of resurrection is told thru out all the prophecy and as Christ raised from the dead he showed you that this is true. In fact in the books of Seth and of Enoch it talks about the resurrection. They believed in the resurrection, and the true Pharisees taught the laws of Moses and the resurrection, while the Sadducees were reincarnationist out of the areas of Asia, and they taught reincarnation. They even tried to trap Jesus in this saying:--- whose wife is this one going to be in the resurrection. So it doesn't matter what the Sadducees teach they will sell their life for money and gold, and think they are coming back and pick it up again. The Jews will defend their gold, will sell their lives before turning it loose. They have done this always because they believe that their race reincarnates and comes right back again. They work for their race and their wealth, they think they will come right back and get it. You can read this in their Talmud, this is their concept. But the children of the Kingdom are the children of resurrection. And these true Pharisees, who were Israelites taught and believed in the Resurrection. And their Sanhedrin reflected this belied until the Sadducees managed to get control of the Sanhedrin which they held at the time of Christ. But Gamaliel and the Apostle Paul were both raised believing in the resurrection, and the Resurrection is true and is for us.

Now; it does not matter what happens to the elements of this body altho we have basically buried the body from the days of Adam on down, we bury them until the resurrection. This was taught to Enoch and to Job and they taught it in ancient Egypt --- for there it was --- The Ka of Ra -- LORD of Life and Resurrection. The soul life of YAHWEH was Osiris, or YAHSHUA Christ, and they taught how he would cross the river Styx (which was the gulf in the Netherworld between Paradise and the area where the spirits of Adamites were held), and how he would deliver them by his power. So life and Resurrection was taught by the Adamic race from the beginning, and because God had promised from the beginning that he would restore --- them spirit, soul, and body. ---- a perfect man or woman.

QUESTION:---- What about cremation?

ANSWER:------The elements can be preserved but it is not a proper ritual. I will say this: -- God does not honor or require cremation. The fact remains that burial has been the practice from Adam on down. The pagans cremate, the Hindu cremate and they believe they go thru cycles coming back as an ant, or a better Bramah and so forth, but they cremate. So the process of cremation belongs to the pagans. The children of Adam do not do this. In the Temples of Baal they cremated, and when the Midianites followed Baal they cremated. Then in our Christian time some got the idea to cremated and put the ashes in an urn because ---- "The seas will give up their dead, and if burned with fire, the fire will give up its dead".

Now; I do not believe in Cremation, sometimes there is a funeral and a cremation, and you burn them, but I do not believe in cremation. It was not the practice of Adam. We taught the Egyptians how to embalm, unless there is a 24 hour or 36 hour burial where they did not embalm, then we follow this practice of embalming before burial.

QUESTION:----Dr. Swift can you give me any proof that man lived before the Gorilla, or monkey line ? I never did buy the idea that we came from monkeys, but Colleges and Universities are still teaching it as tho it were a fact.

ANSWER:-----Some do teach it even tho they know its not right. But there is no area where they can prove that there has been a change from one specie to another. There may be a difference in height or something like that but then ---"Like begats like kind". Dr. Leakie has the fossils of a man, one half million years old, and the fossils of the Gorilla or Ape are not nearly that long ago so the man was before the monkey, and archaeology has proved it. Dr. Ivor Lissner talks about the finding man 500,000 years ago, and before the creatures he was supposed to have sprung from. When we look at the Java man they had the fossils of man and animals here, and then they tested them and found there was different time factors involved here, and they tore it up, but they never removed it from the text books. They had bones here of monsters of apes, and giant men, but they were trying to tie them together, and call it the "Missing Link" but they found they had different time factor, the giant men and giant animals and the ordinary man were different time factors, the giant men and giant animals and the ordinary man were different time factors, the giants did not go back as far even as man. So evolution stopped about 11,000 to 13,000 years ago. But there is no reason why it would stop if men had been coming from monkeys they would still be coming from monkeys, the evolution process would still be going on.

The evolution story is fantastic anyway, they said the need for some organ for a body would develop from protoplasm or down from the procreative purpose. Well if the protoplasm finally got a bump on it then gradually it became a man, that is very hard to understand. They say there is one ten millionth chance that a type of creature would evolve in doublets and be able to mate and produce a third. This is the weak point involution, and even Darwin admits this. So if you run into millions of conditions to be able to produce --- then even Darwin said:-- to conceive that the eye with all that it consist of could have evolved --- it had to be imposed. So if you have to super impose they eye to get the man why try to evolve him to begin with --- this is the fallacy of evolution.

But the Apes and all these creatures were created, seed having life and each after its own kind, (Genesis 1:12) "And the earth brought forth fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind, and the tree yielding its fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind, and god saw that it was good." --- Vs:20 --- "The water just brought forth abundantly, the fish did not all die in the great flood, the moving creatures which hath life. And fowl that fly above the earth, the great whale and every living creature after his kind, cattle and creeping things, and beasts of the field after their kind. So the mammals all propagate by mitosis, and they populate the earth. This then tells us that God made monkeys, just like he made elephants and anything else.

We had prehistoric animals and elephants were sort of a carryover but the monkey was not around when many of these prehistoric animals like the dinosaur was around. The next creation after Genesis 1:2 --- when HE made the earth void is different that the first, the time maybe hundreds of thousands of years between those of Genesis one and the time he put man (Adam) on earth.

QUESTION:---- If the seventh world power of the book of revelation is Genghis Khan, then that does not fit for it did not cover the whole earth ?

ANSWER:-----Well this is probably talking about 7 kings of Revelation 17:10, for there was Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome which was in power in the time of Christ, and the next was the seventh power to come against Christian civilization. They had used the sixth before this to try to destroy Israel, and now they used this seventh beast system of Genghis Khan, and there is nothing that says this has to cover the whole earth, but Genghis Khan conquered all of Asia, and then hurled his armies at Europe, the known habitation of western Christian civilization. He swept into china and into the mid-east and then on into Europe, but YAHWEH STOPPED HIM before he conquered all of Christendom with a wound right unto death. He did not conquer Christendom, but his kingdom was conquering almost all the civilized world. And Genghis Khan was the 7th., force to come and he continued for a short time, then the 8th., force is to come out of the seventh and then it will go into perdition. So the present Communist hoard has come out of the last Beast System and Jewry is the false prophet of this system which gathered up the hoards of World Communism. The Jews went back into Russia, or Asia, the very same area where Genghis Khan and his family ruled, and all the 58 different types of people were under the power of the Genghis Khan family until the German Princes conquered the Russias. But the 8th., system they took over more than the Areas of Russia when Jewry once again financed the 8th., Beast system --- world Communism to throw it at the Western Christian world. This is the system which will increase until the climax is reached which we are always building toward.

But always remember that the Kingdom will conquer Communism and it does go into perdition, do not forget that.

(End of message)