04-28-65 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:...How do you explain....and the earth also shall be burned up. Peter 3-13? ANSWER:...This is referring to the World Order, and is found also in the Book of Isaiah. The Scripture says this earth shall be the habitation of man forever and forever. And then God declares the earth is His Footstool. Then of the Increase of His Kingdom there shall be no end, and upon the Throne of David to establish and order it. Then there is another place where it refers to the sun, moon, and stars as enduring forever. The Psalmist declares the earth will be the habitation of man forever and forever. So....the fashion of the world passes away. The Cosmos...earth order changes, but the earth itself never is totally destroyed because it has a Destiny which never ends. It reaches out to the endless tomorrows, the outer earth has been injured dozens of times and yet it is still here. Continents have sunk, mountains arose, plateaus came, and valleys disappeared. Each time this happened the earth has been injured, but as far as this word:...What manner of people ought we to be when the earth is dissolved in fervent heat? It is a matter of translation and interpretation for God has declared the earth is to remain forever. There is no way for the earth to be destroyed by fire, it could be molten and still be here, this is not the intent.

'The day of the LORD shall come as a thief in the night, when the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and elements shall melt with fervent heat, and the elements therefore shall be burnt up. Seeing all these things are dissolved what manner of people ought we to be?' Here is this thing:...the Celestial order of the Angelic Hosts in rebellion...in this instance the earthly order they control as physically embodied, all these things are to be overthrown, dissolved with fervent heat, and the world order shall pass away. The present world order is not designed to be drowned like in the days of the flood, but to be disintegrated by nuclear explosions, dissolving in fervent heat. But the world wasn't wiped out in the flood, only the world order was wiped out. And the nuclear dissolving by fervent heat is not the world dissolving but the cities of the world order, the Beast who rule their hour with the Anti-Christ is to be destroyed. The Kingdom is never destroyed, it is to be upon the earth forever, and the earth is to be inhabited by man forever. The throne of the LORD is to be set in the earth forever. The earth is His Footstool forever, so all kinds of forevers and Eternally relate to the history of the earth. However it can go thru some drastic upheavals and still not effect the children of God too drastically, as far as their survival is concerned.

QUESTION:...Can you explain Druidry?

ANSWER:...NO, it is too long a subject to go into tonight. But Druidry is a part of the Light Carrier symbolism. One would have to be careful going into this subject and think out carefully what he wanted to say before it was outlined. We will discover some facets of it later, but one might say too much.

QUESTION:...Can you explain what I H S means....what it does?

ANSWER:...This is the symbol of Deity enthroned, empowered in earth. It is entirely related to the full embodiment, the full investment of God in the element of communion. the element stamp is..ONE..with God, the fullness of the Universe, the investment of all life, vitality and power. This is what is involved in the letters.

QUESTION:...The eating of pork, I was trying to point out where in the Scripture that it is condemned to my doctor.....

ANSWER:...Well, this is all thru Leviticus, the dietary laws discourage the eating of pork, swine flesh is forbidden. And this is because God gave this law far in advance of then known medical science of their day. But medical science will admit that pork is not fit for human consumption. But they will cover that up for the meat packers just like they cover up the cigarette ads. In the first place the fat in pork has a very high melting rate. All digestible foods which are permissible for you to eat, no part of the fat has a higher melting rate than the human body. So therefore Lamb has the lowest melting point of any meat, so it will break down to either be used with osmosis, or consumed immediately because of the melting point factor. Where as the Scripture says don't eat the fat, because you get overloaded with fat, still in all meats there is some veins of fat. But lamb is not as rich as pork and when they say this it is because it does not load up on the system, but you dissolve the lamb fat at a much lower temperature than the human body, somewhere in the 70's. The beef fat dissolves in the 80's while pork fat dissolves about 102 or 103 degrees, even above the human body temperature.

Now; that is one thing, but the second thing is that the pig, or swine, was not created. The pig is a mutation, came from violation of Divine Law by Luciferian species who didn't keep their first estate. These Angelic hosts not only didn't keep their first estate but they crossed over and intermingled....they set up areas of bestiality, such as at the Hill of the Satyr. This involved the crossing of goats, and man, and sheep and fallen Angels. The pig is thus a mutation and because of this, people were forbidden to eat it. But all pagans ate it, and the Priests of Baal. And human flesh and pork taste alike, this is why Baal Priests ate pork, and they also ate humans, even in the days when God destroyed all that degenerate bunch in the Tarim Basin...they were eating each other. In the first place people who don't know all these things, they eat anything they want to, but the Scripture also says:...'Let no man judge you in what you eat or drink, and in all things give thanks.' And as to whether a man has Eternal Life is not determined on the kind of food he eats, but his health can be determined on what he eats. After all, you hate to say that you ate a little part of a fallen Angel...in the pig. Of course you can go out to a restaurant and you may eat a salad which has a little bacon in it and it probably won't hurt you. And you go to a home and you eat what is set before you, and 'In all things give thanks.' But there are still several things which are significant about it. Of all types of flesh which give a cancer reaction when a test is made of food...pork always gives a positive reaction whether you can find any ulcerous condition in the beast itself or not.

Now: if you were to eat fresh pork or roast pork, or pork chops and then have a cancer test made on you within 24 hours, you will react positive to the cancer test as long as anywhere in your digestive tract there is any remains of the fresh pork. This is more than just a coincidence, it doesn't meant that you are going to get cancer because you ate pork, but almost all non-pork eating people do not have cancers. Jews have cancer even tho they claim not to eat it, but they are phoneys and they do eat it. The Arabs do not eat it, and cancer is almost unknown among them. So when you come here you don't get any pork chops because I don't eat the stuff. But again, if you go to someone's house, and they give you a sandwich with ham in it you don't turn it down because that would insult them, so that's it. But people say:..oh, but you miss the bacon. But if you ever eat beef bacon its better anyhow, has more flavor. Secondly all the flavor in the bacon and ham is in the smoke. I have seen other things smoked in the same smoke (turkey) and you can't tell it from pork.

Then another reason why the Scripture forbade the eating of pork is that its whole system is a drainage system. In otherwords all the poisons and toxins go thru the entire meat. And at the base of the leg on the rear feet of the hog there are two little puss holes, and all the poison and puss drains thru the meat and out thru these holes in the bottom of the back legs. This is why it is called a succulent meat, because it is kept moist by all these body excrements, fluids going thru the meat..see? Real nice you know. And after you look at those pussie ham hocks you don't want to eat it.

So you asked why God said:...don't eat swine, this is why. He thought after that you would be smart enough to not want it. And if you want all the facts then here they are....this is it.

Oh, there are a lot of other factors I could tell you about, such as trichinosis and that is found in lots of other creatures but it lives and spreads faster in pork because it is an impure toxic meat.

QUESTION:...I was reading about this testing of earthworms, that they would respond to light.......

ANSWER:...I know the story, this would prove that maybe a worm doesn't have a brain, but just absorbs a cell consciousness you know. Most anything will find its way to something to eat. But an earthworm won't eat another earthworm unless it is dissolved. So I wouldn't want to go into the biological ramifications of this. But I will tell you this...if you were to eat meat that had been tortured, there is a different chemical reaction in that meat unless it is thoroughly cooked, than in meat killed without all that extensive torture...see? This is one reason why meat from an animal instantly killed doesn't fall into this category. A venison instantly dropped is good, but if he has been shot at 20 times and runs over the mountains, then there is more toxin pumped into this animals flesh. Now; we do know this...that there is a lot of occult practices in Satanic orders in which the evolved processed of...what they believe to be.. thought transmission into food, but I want to stay away from that subject tonight because this again belongs to Devil crafts of Asiatic and Negro religions...witchcraft, and they can't bother us unless we let them.

QUESTION:...Dr. Swift...right or wrong I wouldn't eat a pork sandwich when someone gave it to me.

ANSWER:...Well that's o.k., however I wouldn't insult someone who had prepared a meal for me because the Scripture does say:...'Eat what is set before you and in all things give thanks.' Ministers especially get stuck with this, they never know what people are going to feed them when they don't know any better. The last thing you want to do is hurt their feelings ...see? And so far nothing has yet hurt me. But this is seldom because most of the people know the truth. Most people who are learning of the Kingdom soon learn the health laws, and discover that they were given for a very vital reason. Generally they discover they are a healthier individual if they obey them. Someone always says:..you mean I am not a good Christian if I eat Pork? NO...go right ahead and eat pork, and smoke all you want to this doesn't effect your Eternal Life. But if you want to live a long time and be healthy while living then observe the health laws. I don't go out and say I am anti-anything...see? In otherwords let no man judge you in what you eat or drink. So says the Scripture and I am not going to judge you, but I will say that if you eat something that is not properly assimilated by the body, then the body has to throw this off. And in so doing sometimes produces areas of injury to other facets of the body, and if infected or contains poisons or virus, or carrying some area of micro-organisms that can attack the body, then generally the body is fed on this, it is too toxic to protect itself. Probably most everything which attacks the body can be thrown off if the body is properly balanced and has proper nutrition. But if it is in an area which has had an invasion of the body micro-organisms which were toxic to begin with and is fed on this, the body will be as toxic as the carrier. I have done a lot of microscopic work so no one can tell me that this is no virus's or germs...Virus's can not be seen, however they have been photographed and you can see the bacteria, all types of protozoa. I have look at trichinosis, and it is there. I could show you anytime If you are interested. QUESTION:...When our bodies are the temples of God don't we have a responsibility to obey these laws?

ANSWER:...Sure I would advise you to observe them. 'Blessed is the man who teaches my law, to obey it.' Most of these laws...being referred to is the moral and ethical laws that relate to the Race of ethics and morality. But this is a law for your own well being, to protect your health. In otherwords God gave them these laws so that they wouldn't have to go thru trial and error to find them, and which years and years of research would eventually bring out. Today after all these years of research the medical profession doesn't tell you too much about this because of those in the pork packing business...see? Just like the facts...if they would tell you the truth, that the coal tar, and carcinogens in tobacco when it burns, these things can create cancer. They know these things but they won't come out all the way because of the pay-off to the medical profession which is ...BIG. A lot of people I know think of eating pork and won't do it, but will still burn themselves up with other areas of poison. So there is all kinds of these factors, and if you say don't...don't then everyone runs away and they say you are to narrow for words. So I don't say don't, don't say...the Scripture says he who wants to be filthy, let him be filthy still if he wants to be. (Revelation 22:11) That word used in the Book of Revelation meant he who wants to take into his body that which is contaminated then let him take it in. But if the gets sick and dies then it is his own fault. The worst thing which can happen to you in all this is to die, and you might die in the end anyhow. But if people obeyed Divine Law you would live forever, because they eventually will live forever, and they will obey Divine Law.

QUESTION:...Well, when you are conscious of being a member of the kingdom shouldn't that bring you closer to obedience?

ANSWER:....Well, conscious of being a member of the kingdom brings you closer to whole areas of better conduct. But the Scripture says:..'Let no man judge you as to what you eat or drink.' So there is to be no spiritual standard set on what a man eats or drinks. This facet is:..let every man decide in his own mind whether he will believe God and live, or be sick.... see? This other area...the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, so don't defile it is talking abut mongrelization with other races, contamination of the body in the wave length of perception. This is what it is talking about here. Since you are an offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD then you are of incorruptible seed, dwelling inside a tabernacle which must be physically maintained in the balance of the race line with its nerves, and its background tuned in the way God projected it into the world in the beginning of the Adamic race.

Now: if you therefore intermingle with Negroes whose bodies have been the habitation of evil spirits, who are a different specie, of all these fallen races, if you were to mingle with Asiatic or the Negroes then the offspring is mutated. There is no ability for cohabitation of the spirit with the non-spirit entity, and what is produced is a mutation. So therefore since you are of the House of God joined here you are not to be joined to the House of the fallen society. This then is the contamination talked about when it says your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. This is what it is talking about as not to contaminate this temple (body) of course there are physical contaminations related to health which were religiously adhered to by some of the Pharisees, and generally most of your race fulfilled and maintained these laws unless they got stuck down in Egypt or didn't have much variety. But when they came out of there they were given Divine instructions as to what they were to avoid. It says:... some of the lusted after the flesh pots of Egypt. Well, they remembered some of the flavors which tasted so good. But after you know what I know of these things, you look at some of his stuff and it doesn't even look good, and you find it harder to swallow than you think. QUESTION:...This is more of a comment, we were lunching with some friends, and this lady had gone to many lectures, and it seemed that a German man had married an Indo-Asian woman in the Dutch east area, and religion came into discussion, and it came up as to whether this United States was, or was not a Christian Nation. The German man said it was not a Christian Nation and of course our friends were shocked to hear these things.

ANSWER:...This is a bad area to be going out over the tape, so better not say. But I will answer it since you ask. This is a Christian Nation, and those people are twisted if they think it is not. It is a Christian Nation irrespective of the fact that we have a lot of unassimilatable people here who are not Christian. And they have sought to influence conduct until you see much non-Christian conduct but it is still a Christian Nation. Never voice a negation on your Faith or your race. Always repudiate the exception, but never accept even a finite suggestion that they cannot prove. They cannot prove at any point that this is not a Christian Nation because it is. They can always prove that there is an unassimilatable minority that we wish were out of here and some of these days they will be.

Now;..I point this out, the moment you house any negation...this German with a guilt complex for marrying out of his race would be willing to classify this country as not being Christian but he would do that if he were an Irishman or no matter what he was. You see, all of these people want to pull every thing down to their own level, to justify their own error. This is just human nature, so I think the man should send the Indonesian back where she came from, and he go back to his race. This may seem hard, but the ways of the LORD may seem hard, but they are right.

QUESTION:...Would you feel like getting into that bit about Living Stones? ANSWER:...We have answered this before, but the stones are just symbolism of the Pyramid Temple, and Masonic lore goes back to Druidry and our Mystery Schools. QUESTION:...The question I had in mind was this...where it says He could use these stones to raise up children unto Abraham.

ANSWER:...We won't go into that tonight, but all Living Stones are of the Adamic race, every last one of them. All stones raised up are either Adamic race or their pro-generated people who have the same foundation. In otherwords if God had to He could have more offspring...start more seed lines, but He still cannot bypass His covenant to redeem this one. Since this is His offspring any which He would produce would still be our kinsmen. This is Druid and Masonic Lore.

QUESTION:...Isn't Christ referred to as a stone man, a stone cut out of a mountain not by hands?

ANSWER:...No..that was talking about the Kingdom. He is the stone which the builders rejected, and is to be the head of the corner. In otherwords Christ is the Chief cornerstone which seals the whole kingdom together. Each of you are living stones fitly framed together, and grow into a Holy Temple of God where as He is the Chief cornerstone...Peter tells you this.

Now; a chief corner-stone is only found in a Pyramid. In a square building you don't have a chief corner-stone. You have corners, no different than others, but in a Pyramid the apex is the chief corner stone and seals the whole thing together. That is why in our Ancient symbols a Messianic building without a capstone was the symbol of the Kingdom waiting for The King. And that is the reason why the capstone was not put on the Pyramid. It is a symbol of the Faith and the race. This is why the Seal of the United States has a Pyramid on its face. Our Masonic forbearers had a foresight of a Messianic building, and with the knowledge that we were Israel, and how many times God made a covenant with Israel, for a Kingdom that would endure forever, so for every time there was a reaffirmation of the Abrahamic covenant there is a stone in the Pyramid..on the Seal of the United States. And that Pyramid also has the chief capstone off. But above the Pyramid is a stone in the sky with the All Seeing Eye, and the light radiating out of it. This is the fullness of God, or the embodiment as Messiah, the All Seeing God, none other than YAHSHUA-Jesus who seals this whole race together making the perfect kingdom, and thus it is in all shapes, all angels, and planes a miniature of the entire building put together in perfection. A chief corner-stone, and the stone the builders rejected. But the Book of Daniel talks about a stone kingdom uncut by hands and says this stone kingdom comes out of the heavens, and destroys all pagan powers of Ancient Babylon. And this infiltration into Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome...this was the Kingdom of God. And this kingdom of God is this stone kingdom of the MOST HIGH which breaks the power of these pagan kingdoms one after the other, and after all, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome are gone, and we are still here.

Now: the powers of world communism come out of the areas of Asia, the last of the Dragon hoards, comes against the kingdom, the same area as that which produced Genghis Khan and his hoards. But this falls into the areas of prophecies touched on in the Book of Revelation. So Christ is not the great stone untouched by hands, but the kingdom which He leads as Chief Corner-stone...is this great stone. And then all of you are Christed and kinsmen of God as well, being that the spiritual seed in you embodied is the hope of Glory. This is why it says...'One body with many members' and 'Living stones, the Christ in you the hope of Glory.'

QUESTION:...In Matthew 5:38-39., 'It has been said, ye have heard that it hath been said, an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. But I say unto you, that ye resist not evil; but whosoever shall smite thee on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.' ANSWER:...This is an instruction inside the kingdom only to people of the kingdom, and in this instance...the sermon on the mount was to those inside the kingdom. In otherwords to someone who was your brother, and of your Faith. If they do you wrong, then overlook it, forgive them. If they smite you...the words here..generally to do you injury, so instead of this you turn the other cheek. If they hit you again..then let them have it. Ha. It doesn't say anything about after that. Ha. But to anger within the kingdom we show tolerance, temperance, and Grace. If a man would sue you for your coat, he is pretty small potatoes so give him your coat and cloak both, and in time he will be ashamed of himself. The idea is that we work with a law of love and restraint when we deal with our own house who have the soul in tune with God because they have a spirit we can appeal to. None of this applies to those outside your race for they no spirit to appeal to. If you turned your other cheek to them they will cut your head off.

QUESTION:...Verse 47...If ye salute your brethren only, what do ye more than others, do not even the publicans so?

ANSWER:...This has nothing to do with the other. If you salute your brethren only...his is a kinsman of your own household. And even the pagans salute their relatives, but this is talking about your own race, so treat them with kindness, mercy and grace. You see...translation has done violence to this as well as theology because they like to get some haram-scaram passages so as to have a little more Priestcraft. But generally speaking the laws of the kingdom which Jesus gave to His disciples was a superlative law...dealing one with another for Christians. But He gives you another set of laws when it relates to the enemy of the kingdom. This is:..do good until they spit on you then shake the dust of your feet off on them and go on. You don't have to take that from the enemy. QUESTION:...Are the areas of Extra-sensory perception part of Witchcraft? ANSWER:...No. They are areas of spiritual discernment, as well as areas of psychic discernment which can come thru the areas of the soul as well. But Witchcraft can duplicate areas of psychic perception but they cannot duplicate all areas of spiritual perception. They can be guided by Satanic spirits within the limits of Satanic knowledge, but they can never come up with the final vision or full force of the spirit because Lucifer lost that in his rebellion. So the psychic perception, soul consciousness perception can be good or bad depending on what area of it is there. Spiritual perception for your race has to be good.

QUESTION:...Matthew 10., did Simon the Canaanite and Judas both betray HIM? ANSWER:...Simon was not those Canaanites who Jesus said descended from their father the devil. This man dwelt in the land of Canaan outside the borders of Israel but still an Israelite and a Sethite. This is just like someone saying one is an Okey because he came from Oklahoma. But this man was called this because he dwelt in that land. You might be referred to as an Israelite who dwelt in Mexico which would be a much better way of putting it than that you were a Mexican. But this doesn't make a Mexican out of you just because you dwell in Mexico. Not that there is anything particularly wrong with Mexicans, there are all kinds of them. I am just saying that is the point. If a person had access to the Temple and was a disciple of Christ then this man and those mentioned in that chapter were Israelites, all but Judas of Iscariot who Jesus had identified as the one who betrayed HIM.

QUESTION:...So who was Judas of Iscariot?

ANSWER:...He was a Devil, descended out of the line of Cain. Since these Cainanites had captured seats in the Sanhedrin and taken over the religion and they were dwelling in the land, then the only Jew among the disciples was Judas. Jesus said:..I have chosen you 12 and one of you is a Devil. And He also called the Jews devils, as He identified them.

QUESTION:...If Judah and Israel are all Israelites then why did they separate? ANSWER:...There was a split in the Kingdom and they became two kingdoms. Judah and Benjamin made up one kingdom and the other ten tribes made up the other kingdom. The Northern Kingdom was captured by Sanacharib and carried over into Assyria. They went out of there thru the Caucasian pass, and on into Europe and thus the ten tribes and the Judah kingdom were captured by a different Emperor. They became a separated people but still of the same race.

QUESTION:...Well is this why they are sometimes referred to as Jews, and then Israel? ANSWER:...No. That is not true because all tribes are Israel. Judah and Benjamin did not become Jews, they are still Israel, and the ten tribes are Israel. But the Kingdom title was taken from Judah and given to the ten tribed Kingdom which was now in Britain:...'I dried up the green tree and made the dry tree to flourish'...in otherwords, He took away the greenness of which was once the Judah kingdom and transplanted the kingdom seat over into the strength of Israel. But Judah and Benjamin were still Israel. The Judah kingdom had one tribe given to it after the separation, so this kingdom of both these two tribes...Judah and Benjamin are now called the House of Judah. And when talking about them collectively they are all Israel, but when separated these two branches of the kingdom are the House of Israel, and the House of Judah. And also, there were some of the Judah kingdom who went out with the ten tribed House of Israel, these were then known as the Goths. And the rest came in as in the days after Christs resurrection. They came in and joined up with the Germans and the Normans their own people. You find Benjaminites in Iceland under their sign of the Wolf, and you find the sign of the wolf other places as well. But actually the land of Judea was referred to as the land of Judah, but Judah had only one part of the land numbered to him back in the days of the numbering of the land for their settlements, and Judea, and Galilee were provinces in Palestine.

QUESTION:...Well, when will they be brought together?

ANSWER:...They have been, today the Germanic nations are in central Europe in their rightful marching order, and the House of Israel is found in the Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian peoples and so forth. But today they are very much brought together plus the fact that about 30% of the blood in Manasseh is Germanic and Nordic. Here in the U.S. you find lots of people with German blood. So here in the U.S. you find all Israel to a degree altho the majority of our original settlers were Manasseh and the Angels. QUESTION:...How about Arabia and India...how do they fit in?

ANSWER:...They don't. But the Arabs always have a right to dwell under the protection of Israel. You see, Ishmael was a half-brother, but...'Out of Isaac shall they seed be called'. This is the kingdom, the pure line, and Ishmael was Egyptian and Abrahamic line. But the Egyptian line from which Hagar came was a fair line back to the days of Enoch and Job, but of these taken into the service of the Pharaohs over the years, there was some Egyptian blood which came in. Those of Hagar's line were more fair than the Egyptians but they were not considered pure enough for the kingdom. So when Abraham was told that he was to have a son, and then didn't get this son for so long then he took this hand-maiden and her name was Hagar. She was pretty white but not pure enough, so Ishmael was born. Abraham asked God if he would build a kingdom out of Ishmael but God said:...'Out of Isaac shall thy seed be called, so that was that. But God said that Ishmael was to be a great people, many Princes would come from him and he always had the right to dwell under the protection of his half-brothers. Ishmaelites accept the one God, and the laws of Moses and so forth, but they are not pure Israel, and you are not told to inter-marry with them, but you are told to dwell at peace with them as long as they will let you.

Now; the people of India are almost all mongrel stock. There is some high bred stock from the white stock which came down from our early forbearers who migrated into India...the Vedic early peoples. Of course the word Aryan meant the children of YAH, a strong stream of them marched into India and conquered and ruled India with a great area of wisdom for a long time. The golden age of India came with the Aryan, one God, monotheistic people. Jahani-Garten descended from this Aryan stock. Then the Mongols swept in from the Steppes, and they also had to contend with the Negroid who had been sowed into and became the downfall of the Ancient Indus, after the fall of Lucifer these Negroid came and they never fitted in. You will find sometimes that Hindus are referred to as Caucasian types but they are talking about Causoids who should not be called Hindu because Hinduism is a religion not a race of people. They called this Hindustanian, and called the religion Hinduism but the white man is not a Hindu, and he was originally Vedic in India. There is not much white blood in India today, to find it in purity you would have to go up to some little valleys high in the Himalayas.

Now; the land of Hunza is Aryan but these people came from the Greeks, of the army of Alexander the Great who were marching over the Himalayas to conquer India. And some of them got isolated so they settled in this valley which had a temperature climate all year round. Alexander the Great always carried the women with his army thinking this was a good idea because they were always moving. The army was always happier when they allowed the wives to accompany their men, so all wives and children followed their foreign armies. The army would fortify a area, and leave the women there, and then move out to conquer more territory. Hunza was one of these spots where part of the army with their wives and children got trapped in high country. They always carried seed to raise food so these people after the first year had vineyards like you never saw. The water was perfect as was the soil and the temperature was mild, and wild game was all around them, and today they do not want to leave their area. In Hunza they live to be 140 to 160 years of age. A lot of them who if they don't fall or get hurt in anyway lived a long, long time. Some have been reported living to 400 years of age. So it is a remarkable spot. It is said that they had an epidemic there after someone got in there after the war but they have that stamped out. But this was a true Aryan community, and they came from our Scythian forbearers.

QUESTION:...During the dark ages, the Romans were falling under Nehu, wasn't there much inter-mixing with the blacks?

ANSWER:...No. Go and read Gibbons history of the Fall of the Roman Empire. It shows you the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, but remember Constantine overthrew pagan Rome, and most of the Nubians fought against Constantine, and after Constantine's time there was no persecution of the church. Later came the dark ages but there was not enough of an educational situation so the church kept it alive, and copied the Scriptures. And as the dark ages ended then freedom and truth spread again, and some areas of the church kept knowledge away from their people so as to keep a better hold on them. But eventually as the Bible was translated in more churches then literacy came back. But the dark ages were dark from oppression, as Asiatics came in waves, but Christianity was spreading in Britain and in Scandinavia. The Moors invaded Spain but the High Castillian families looked down on mingled blood. There was mingling in Portuguese and this continues today as they still bring back the dark ones from their colonies. This is their mistake, this is why many refuse to marry a Portuguese as they don't know whether there has been some mixing with their colonies. But remember that the tribe of God are the Italians, the Lombards who are not mixed up with other people.

QUESTION:...Is there any significance in the fact that some people have almost grotesque noses...and you find these in the Arabs mostly???

ANSWER:...No, because you find these noses among Greeks, Assyrians, Serbians, among people of different groups. The nose itself it not quite an identification even of the Jew, but more Jews have those noses than not. They also have...Mockie ears, and other traits. They used to call this a Roman nose because the Romans had them. They were also found among some American Indians. And no one would ever accuse them of being Semitic Eastern stock except those who came from Israel stock.

QUESTION:...When Moses struck the Rock for water, why was it so wrong. I don't understand?

ANSWER:...He struck it twice, but the miracleism of the spring coming out of the Rock and the symbolism that was involved in the Rock is the symbol of the Eternal Life of Christ...'Water out of The Rock. However, there is a whole lot of mysticism and Ancient Mystery School truth in this and Moses was angry and he reacted in anger, but if he had done what he was told it would have been alright. He wasn't angry at God, all he had to do was hit the Rock once, but he hit it Wham-Bamb and this was as tho he was striking back at God, but he was only angry with Aaron and the Israelites. After all Moses was a great Prophet, but he had some human elements that go in the way. Moses and Aaron went from the presence of the assembly into the door of the Tabernacle. Remember when Moses was up on the Mountain that Aaron had gotten into trouble then also. 'Wherefore ye made us come out of Egypt into this evil place, there is no place of sea, or figs or pomegranates, there is not any water to drink', thus the people were griping. Moses was getting tired of this so he began to talk to God about these people, and Aaron, 'and using the same rod with which you smote the river, then smite the Rock, and water shall come out of it for the people to drink.' And thus God said to Moses and Aaron...because ye believe me not to sanctify me not in the eyes of the children of Israel therefore ye shall not bring this congregation into the land. This is the water of Meribah because the children of Israel strove with the LORD, and He was sanctified in them.

Now; Moses didn't have to put on a big show when he got up there, and rap the Rock twice in his anger. All he would have had to do was say:... 'God will provide water out of this ROCK, so stop your grumbling and acknowledge Him, that would have produced water. But Symbolism is involved here again, and the results of the symbolism relates to the Living Stones and a lot of other factors are also involved here. QUESTION:...But what about Aaron, he didn't do this?

ANSWER:...But remember that Aaron had violated the law while Moses was up on the Mountain, remember the Golden Calf?

QUESTION:...Was this why he did that?

ANSWER:...That's right...Aaron was also aggravated with the people. After all these people had never been left without food. They had gone a few days without abundance of water but this was just a testing, they were to have water. They could have gotten it without any crying out against God. All they had to do was ask for it. All Moses had to do was to speak softly and not hammer on the Rock like he was a magician. QUESTION:...This isn't a question exactly, but I have been very concerned about those young boys, and this one did such bad things. Isn't it true that they could have been hypnotized?

ANSWER:...There are all kinds of hypnotic controls, but I don't even want to get into a discussion of what you are talking about. There are enough attempts to get fire arms legislation without using some boob that goes nuts. There are two possibilities here..remember the one had been in a bad car wreck just before this happened? We don't know what kind of a blow he may have had to his head. What caused him to go off his rocker, and go up there and snipe at the people, then he blew his own head off or someone did it for him, that is pretty hard to tell just which. This is a very un-normal reaction. Then the other day a Negro took a car and ran down a bunch of people and two of them were killed. And then a Spanish boy went thru three streetcars waiting areas and killed 11 people. This is bad so should we take all automobiles away from people because they are deadly weapons? If someone does it with a gun then they go wild..take away all guns. There is no doubt of the Satanic powers in the areas of derangement. And there is no doubt that there is a lack of spiritual influence in some things which happened, and they try to blame the whole generation for this. I am going to tell you that one of the most deadly and dangerous influences on the youth of today is this Beatle...beatnik music. There is witchcraft vibrations here which breaks down areas of resistance. This Negro music is in the same category, and it breaks down resistance and continues this until there is disintegration in the central resistance area of the nerves. People don't realize this, that there are areas that are forbidden, and there are areas of witchcraft in all this. It is a very easy thing to bewitch a person while they are asleep...with repetitious sounds. This is being practiced today by actual exorcromicers, actual witchcraft, and they are doing this on students and on the military, and they take a tape recorder and put it under your pillow, and it will repeat all night long, repeat, and repeat, until in the morning if they ask you any questions... you will answer anything which was on the tape. QUESTION:...Is the tape audible?

ANSWER:...Yes, you can hear it, but its a low sound and you go to sleep while it is playing. They can do the same thing with bone conduction. But what is done while you are asleep...at that time there is no resistance, and they have sowed in things which stay in the reflexes and works. Psychiatry has been experimenting with this, and they know that it works. But there is also a lot of witchcraft today in psychiatry but that a long area so we won't go into that.

QUESTION:...I was reading a long article on this new math..how it could cause disease........

ANSWER:...Oh, I don't think you get a disease from math. The use of Math wouldn't make you crazy unless you set up a whole new area that wasn't true and just kept repeating it. Then the person would find it hard to figure correctly. This is more or less hypnotism. Numerology is one thing, but I don't think you get mechanical contamination from it.

QUESTION:...Someone said that the number 3 is symbolic.......

ANSWER:...Well, all numbers are symbolic.

QUESTION:...Well if three people were to die like Edward R. Murrow would this indicate the hand of God moving....if two more would go?

ANSWER:...I would say that anytime men like him leave it indicates the hand of judgment and salvation of America. Edward R. Murrow was one of these voices of America who betrayed us down the line. He was a left wing liberal, pro-communist, Anti-Christian, anti-conservative American.

Now; they say that these things come in 3's. But it doesn't have to come in 3's to be a peculiar type of judgment. It has been a peculiar thing, all thru my ministry, If I have one funeral then I have two more, but I always get them in 3's and we always wonder who will be next. But cycles of life and death in circles seem to come that way, I don't know why that is. But for the number of people we have we don't have many funerals, some years only two or three. The undertaker said we weren't very good for his business.

QUESTION:...Number 2....is that God's witnesses?

ANSWER:...Well...two is the symbol of witness. It is also symbolic, one person always has a witness if he has someone with him. So if two of you shall agree as touching anything, two of you witnessed...that's right. Three adds a compilation of power. QUESTION:...Then in Prophecy, one prophecy can't stand alone unless you have the collaboration of another prophet?

ANSWER:...No, Oh, no one prophecy can stand by itself. If you are talking about a layman who rises up in a meeting and prophecies then you have to wait until it comes to pass. There wouldn't have to be two prophecies like this, and never more than three, and if you get 4 it sure is phoney. God has always spoken thru His prophets and His ministers, and some of these individual prophecies were sent and interpreted, and became a prophecy. But every one who gets a dream doesn't have a prophecy they just have indigestion. I am not however discouraging the fact that people do get visions. I had a preacher come to me with a most fantastic vision and he said:...interpret this for me. I said:...what did you have to eat last night before you went to bed? He thought he fell off a high mountain thru lots of snow. He thought he was in the Himalayas and said: he went to bed and was carried to a high mountain and he looked down on all of India, and the next moment he slipped and fell, and fell and came out on a ledge in the snow. He was absolutely soaking we, and he was then carried to the floor of his room. And there he was sitting on the floor of his room soaking wet from the snow. I said:...No, you just had a nightmare and fell out of bed. He said:..it wasn't something I ate...you interpret this dream for me. So I said:...either you had a nightmare and fell out of bed or else the LORD is trying to tell you that you are heading for a fall, so you better come down off your high horse.

But with the kind of prophecy you could have two or three of them and it wouldn't make any difference. Sometimes you will dream something fantastic like this, and even go back and pick it up the next night, and lots of times this sounds pretty good if you are having fun. I have gone into the mountains in a dream, and the next night picked the dream up and sometimes had such a dream three nights in a row but this isn't prophecy and it had nothing to do with prophecy. But I have had visions of prophecy, and you are not just laying there dreaming...you are seeing it, you can be wide awake and still see it, and you know the difference when you come out of it. Sometimes this can happen in the daytime.

QUESTION:...Predestination....can you explain it?

ANSWER:...Well, predestination can be explained real quick. It is the pre-determined plan of God for which He will supply the forces necessary to bring it to pass. So if He pre-destined something then being God He will make it happen.

QUESTION:...Are people pre-destined to meet?

ANSWER:...Well, there is pre-destined meetings. This coincident is predestined and foreknown. But there are people who may be destined to meet, and yet the meeting might not be always advantageous. There are perfect meetings and also those that are not so good. Every so often we meet some that are not so good, it didn't fool anyone, God knew it before it happened but the meeting might not be advantageous where the end experience would be. I can think of people I have met that I wish I had never heard of. Ha. But as far as predestination, some marriages are made in heaven, and some are made from areas of emotion or guidance and impact, and all of them could be foreknown, and some were not...see? But there is an affinity of people who had Celestial affinity in Celestial planes that do effect them in their physical orbit, and people are brought together who had Celestial connections in the past. So when its said that you can choose your friends but not your relatives, this may be more true than you know because some of these may have been pretty close kinsmen in Celestial planes, and were cemented thru the pathways of Destiny in the earth because of certain areas of affinity and application. This happens, and sometimes you find people that you just feel like you had known them before. So there is Celestial affinity, there is spiritual writings in some of the volumes from some of the original texts of the Scriptures that did touch on some of these mysteries. They didn't canonize them because the Priest didn't want to lose any power. QUESTION:...Will you touch on this Marrying more than one, and whose wife will she be?

ANSWER:...That is to long to go into tonight, but I will do this much for you. The Sadducees were trying to trip up Jesus, they are reincarnationist and they die and come back as someone else, so they never have any problem with the past. So they thought they would trip up Jesus..they would say:...If reincarnation isn't true what are you going to do with this woman who was married several times...who's wife is she? Well, technically she is the wife of the last one she married. But Jesus said:...since they wanted to know whose wife she would be in the heavens, that in the interim time from when she left earth until she returned in the Resurrection that she would be like the Angelic order of Cherubs around the throne who neither marry or give in marriage. But that had nothing to do with their occupation of the earth, or the increase of the kingdom....see? So they just caught themselves in their own trap. Besides this was not so important because cosmic conception went on in the Celestial plane and belonged to our race before we violated Divine Law and we fell to the beast level and gestation with its sorrow and pain at birth. But this is mysteries for another night.

QUESTION:...In Revelation when the Lamb opens the Seal there is a red horse, a black horse, and so forth.......

ANSWER:...Well, God alone could open the seals because they were sealed by His Spirit. He alone was perfect enough to open the seals, and convey it to all the children of His Spirit. But these are the four horses of the Apocalypse, this generally takes about one hour and fifteen minutes to answer. But they are a series of world forces ending up in climatic struggles. Communism is the Red horse. There is no doubt that these seals have been broken open, some seals and trumpets run consecutively, some go backward over-lapping, but these seals are in their last climactic hour. We have moved into the overlap period. The red horse is communism and the gathering of all the hoards of Asia. The Pale horse which moves with it brings death.

QUESTION:...Would you explain the three planes of heaven...I know you have touched on this.

ANSWER:...We went further that, we went to the seventh.

QUESTION:...In the first plane of physical residence.....

ANSWER:...That is right here....physical consciousness.

QUESTION:...Well, in the second plane then.......

ANSWER:...Soul consciousness is the second, and then you have spirit or Celestial consciousness. Then you have surrounding you...maybe this is what you are talking about?


ANSWER:...Well, you have this physical plane and right around you is the Celestial plane, and there are beings in Celestial planes which you cannot see....this is in earth. Then there is the plane which surrounds the earth but we can't go into that tonight. QUESTION:...But didn't you say that some can move in and out of these first two planes?

ANSWER:...Sure this happens all the time. Sometimes something gets out of dimension and we even see it with our own eyes. It has to get into video plane, has to accelerate to video-frequency or we wouldn't see it. That is why some apparitions are just on the line, just over the edge of the wavelength that the eye of spectrum can see, and it just drifts across and you catch something. But there are dimensions of spirit, and conscious entity right on up to higher echelons, into heavenly orbits.

QUESTION:...And in this plain there is both good and evil?

ANSWER:...Yes, in otherwords in earth there is both good and evil. In the second plane there is a Celestial dimension of good, and a Celestial plane of evil but there is a wavelength for both and they are apart. Evil cannot get into the Celestial of good, except they occupy the earth where both good and evil exist.

QUESTION:...Can you tell if you face this whether it is good or evil?

ANSWER:...Oh yes, both would startle you but you could feel the evil. For instance Job said that in the night God came and walked before him, and that scared him. But then God would scare a lot of people if He came walking in, not because of the way He looked either. Ha. But they haven't fooled HIM, for HE knows all. QUESTION:...Those horses of the Apocalypse. Does it involve socialism? ANSWER:...It involves so much that's why I didn't want to go into it so late on the tape, it takes to long. It involves Socialism, Jewry, communism and death, involves all the hoards of Asia, and the white horse is all the false Peace organizations like the League of Nations and the United Nations. It has a bow but no arrows, so is a string puller.

(End of this message) .