05-01-68 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:---Did God predestinate a race in the beginning before any man fell?

ANSWER:---This is operating on the concept that all men arrived at the same time. But they didn't. Men had fallen long before your race was ever placed here. In otherwords, Lucifer had mongrelized and seduced Asiatics onto worshiping him. Lucifer was an Archangel who ruled over a certain portion of the Universe which included earth. And as an Archangel, he was good and in the right status. Then he fought against the MOST HIGH and this lasted for a considerable time. Then Michael the Archangel, threw Lucifer out of the heavens. But Lucifer had been the bright and morning star of the earth. So he had been between the peoples of the earth and YAHWEH as a powerful representative; as a teacher of all truth. And as a great Archangel he was almost a point of worship. But when he declared himself as deity, here on earth, then the people had been taught to listen to him thru out all periods of time were still under his spell. So it was that the fallen angels who rebelled with Lucifer also intermingled with the Asiatics and they brought Negroid in with them. And this started the mongrelization patterns of the Atlantic as well as the Pacific areas. The races of earth--there may have been different colors of races than the Asiatics, and the Negroes who came in with Lucifer, but the Asiatics were here and all these people of all races here had fallen under Lucifer before the coming of the Adamic race.

Now this was only 7400 years ago and when God placed the Adamic race here there was no race on the face of the earth which had not already fallen , God talks about the fact that His sons would set the captives free. That his sons would rise, and after their patterns of redemption which He would work out in them as he placed them in earth with his spirit in them, this would come. He said:--ask me concerning my sons. But in all these things the races of earth had all fallen before Adam was placed here and even the Adamic race then fell. But God knew this would happen--before the foundation of the world. And he told every one of the household of his children that He would redeem them and would establish them. That he would raise up patriarchs and wise men and He as Messiah would come at a certain time, and He would redeem them. That he would establish the power of his kingdom of Israel, and that 'all Israel shall be saved as written. All these things he declared unto us before the foundation of the world. We did not think we would fall of course, and we said;----you can send us we won't pay any attention to Lucifer. But of course the seduction of Eve and the accusation of Adam afterwards was the situation.

We want to point out to you---as we have spoken to you before --we established the fact that Jesus was YAHWEH THE ETERNAL GOD for in the book of Isaiah He said: --"I AM YAHWEH THY YAHSHUA". I am the Almighty God, I am thy savior. We spoke to you before on the subject both LORD AND CHRIST , in otherwords that Christ was the embodiment of YAHSHUA (Jesus). Thus Christ was not the last name of Jesus,

it just meant embodied. The word Jesus came from the writings of the Apostle Paul to the

Greeks in Corinth. The Bible was translated into Greek. The pattern of the entire New Testament was Greek altho very little of the New Testament was written in Greek , instead was written in Aramaic. So Paul wanted to establish for the Greeks whose chief God was Zeus, and was the Universal word for God, so Paul said:--Yah-Zeus was the all powerful savior God. Yah-Zeus is the Messiah, or Yah-Zeu Christos, and when they translated it into English it was Jesus Christ. This was English enough for the embodiment of God the Messiah but this is not his name. The actual name of God is YAHWEH-YAHSHUA the Almighty God. YAHSHUA is the Almighty Eternal God as Savior, but God makes this very clear in the book of Isaiah as he says:--'I am the Almighty God--YAHWEH, I AM THY SAVIOR OR YAHSHUA. I alone am thy YAHSHUA or Savior. So with this in mind as far as Jesus is concerned --all things were made by Him, and without Him was not anything made. This is what the Apostle Paul tells us about Christ. He says that Christ was the image of the invisible God, the first formed of all creation was this body for God. Therefore we are told (Heb.13:8) that Jesus was the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. In otherwords if everything was made by Christ then this Jesus was also the Everlasting father, and Jesus established this as he talked to Thomas. "He who hath seen me hath seen the Father. How saith thou show us the Father, have I been with you so long and yet ye says:--show us the father?" I am the father, this is what Jesus said.

Now before the foundation of the world, --the mind of the spirit is greater than even the flesh. Jesus reveals this because he is God embodied in the flesh. He said:---concerning His sheep---'I give them Eternal life and they shall never perish. Neither can any man pluck them out of my hand. ' But the father--Agra-Pneumos or spirit is greater than I and nothing can pluck them out of the spirit. So the spirit is greater than the flesh. The entire physical universe is held together by the laws of the spirit. And even the atomic law, the power which fills the nucleus of an atom holds these component parts as the orbit around which the electrons revolve---they are light factors which are spiritual factors for the spiritual world in a plain of dimension in which the wave lengths of light, ---even as the physical dimension we are in is formed of particles of electricity and wave lengths of this.

Now; therefore Christ as the Eternal father was holding all the physical creation together, and also existing in the spirit was the total spiritual consciousness. Now as to the man --the embodied Christ Jesus , this body which he had was the body he had ages ago. Any of the times when He had appeared in the physical world this body was the body of the man Christ or Jesus. God had performed the miracle, and brought forth in Mary again this same body which was the same yesterday, today and forever.

Now; we can establish this again , over here in the book of Micah 5:2---"Thou Bethlehem Ephratah, though be little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of thee shall come forth unto me He who is to be the ruler in Israel, whose going forth have been from of old, from everlasting. Here is a declaration concerning the Christ, the Messiah who is to be the ruler of Israel. He is to be born in Bethlehem whose coming forth has been from of old, from everlasting, or yesterday. This again establishes this fact.

Now; God declares that the people who are the Adamic Race are strangers and pilgrims in the earth, the reason being is that he sent them out of the spiritual realm into the physical realm and he is then the sustainer of their ego consciousness which is their soul consciousness. And eventually they will become perfect in mind as they are in spirit. He says they are not to conform to the way the world thinks, but to be transformed by the renewing of the mind. The ego consciousness of our mind which controls even our physical mind to get our bodies to perform as we want them to is still over guided by the spiritual mind. And the Celestial mind of the spiritual being breaks thru to the ego consciousness. This God has the capacity to do, so He can break thru and call his children by name. He can bring His sons out and he does this from a spiritual realm. But the fact remains that He establishes that his household are 'Elect' from before the foundation of the world. Or they are 'chosen' before the foundation of the world. That is why having told us in Ephesians;---Having predestinated us unto this positioning of children by YAHSHUA (SAVIOR) who was embodied according to the good pleasure of his own will------as we talk about the pleasure of the will of god we are talking about his capacity to predetermine conditions and existence of things. For instance in the book of Isaiah 46: 9-10 it says;---"Remember the former things of old for I am YAHWEH THAT IS MY NAME. I AM YAHWEH THERE IS NONE ELSE, THERE IS NONE LIKE ME. I declare the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things which are not yet done. I want you to know that my council shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure."

Now; this is YAHWEH the Eternal God who says Ia tell you all these things from

the beginning. I tell you before they happen, and I want you to know that I will have MY WAY. For I am right, I have all wisdom all knowledge, all Omniscience, Omnipotence and I am going to do everything I want to do, and will do it the way I want to do it. So my council will stand and I want you to know that I will do all my pleasure.


Now over here in the book of Ephesians concerning this;---'Having therefore predestinated us, even our time of birth, our going out and our coming in------"The steps of a good man which is the household of God, the elect as ordered by the LORD---"His going out from the plains of spirit and his coming back into the plains of spirit are even ordained as to the time element. Therefore He predestinated us even as to our timing by his own Messiahship which was YAHSHUA embodied, and He did this according to the good pleasure of his own will.

When ever you see the word Christ it means embodied in the flesh. It is not an attachment to the name of God other than to reveal that YAHWEH AS YAHSHUA WAS EMBODIED IN THE FLESH. This is the most important thing that men can know. Because men know that the children of YAHSHUA are Jesus are the children of the Most High. If they don't know this then they are not the children of the Most High or they are blind to it for a while until they come to it. But this is the important thing, in fact so important is this that it separates the men who are under the influence of Lucifer . And another thing is ---know the spirit of God for every spirit that confesses that YAHSHUA is come in the flesh is from God. Every spirit which confesses not that YAHSHUA IS COME IN THE FLESH IS NOT OF GOD. But this is that spirit of Anti-Christ whereas ye heard that it would come. So one of the most important marks of the children of the Most High God are those who believe that Jesus Christ or YAHSHUA came in the flesh. In other words our Jesus Christ has come out of the Greek Yah-Zeus. This was only done by Paul for the convenience of explaining to the Greeks. If we had translated this Bible from the Aramaic into English, we would have had the name YAHSHUA and would have referred to His Eternal pattern as YAHWEH, for this was the way it was. But they translated this whole Bible out of Greek after it had been before that translated into the Greek. But the Gospel of John wasn't written in Greek. It was written in Aramaic as was Matthew and Mark. Luke may have been written in Greek. However, we are not too sure of this altho we know he had the capacity to write in Greek. However Mark who was in Alexandria, Egypt, and while this was a Greek community, still Mark had the Gospel of Luke in Coptic Aramaic. He had a lot of the Epistles in Aramaic as well showing it might have been written in Aramaic. And Coptic Aramaic is the closest to English as any language that has been found. In fact, the modern Hebrew of today has already been slurred into plain letter Hebrews and translated into English. But the actual pattern of Coptic Aramaic and the original Hebrew was much like the Anglo-Saxon language. Plus the fact that many of the words were almost interchangeable.

Now, the fact remains that the most important thing is to recognize that YAHSHUA was embodied in the flesh. The second most important thing is to know that He does all these things according to His will. For instance, the Predestination of His children. He did this according to the pleasure of His will. But He had already said in Isaiah--'I shall do everything according to the council of My will and according to my good pleasure. Some will say---'who had resisted His will? Art thou who hath replied against God? Shall the thing formed say to Him that formed it--why hath thou formed me thus?' He says:--'One I have chosen and one I have elevated for great leadership and the other I have rejected.' But all of this is again, in the timing of God. For He says:--'All Israel shall be saved as it is written.' But He also says that eventually all flesh (the world order) is going to be saved. And even Lucifer will once more worship at your feet. That is a way out in the tomorrow's, but we aren't waiting on that now. We will beat on Lucifer and his children every chance we get. Because this is our destiny. But God said in the fullness of time, that Lucifer will wake up. In the fullness of time, in the constellation of Ara--Lucifer will learn, after being locked in the ;middle of the earth for that period of time 1000 years. Then he will still come out fighting, so will be thrown out into the constellation of Ara, out in space. How long will it be before he comes back to worship at your feet? We aren't worried about that because there is a lot of fishing and a lot of hunting and a lot of other things to be done after the Millennium comes. I am not going to be caught just waiting for Lucifer. But he is God's archangel and in a way then, our archangel because we are the inheritors. We share the inheritance with our fathers. But somehow it has not quite seeped into our nature as yet to look at Lucifer except as the enemy which he is today to God and to us. But the time will come probably when he has been thumped enough. But these are the patterns of the LORD.

Now, when God does all these things according to His will, in the dispensation, in the fullness of time when He gather back again all things in the embodiment of His own Messiahship, both things which are in heaven and in earth even in Him, in whom also we have obtained our inheritance being predestinated. When ever you are predestinated you go back before the foundation of the world. Sitting around the throne of the Father, we were sitting around the table and the Father was talking to us. And this is when He determined this predestination. It was before the foundation of the world. Therefore we were predestinated to this according to HIM who works all things according to the council of His own will. Sometimes we find the passage seems so hard because the passage said:-'God created both good and evil.' Yet we know that out of God comes only righteousness and out of Lucifer's capacity of development, comes the evil. Yet at the same time, we who are His children placed within the Adamic race, He could have thrown that veil around us. But He didn't, because of the purpose of the patterns of His Grace, and the working out of His Atonement.

The scripture also said:--'The seed that sinneth much also loveth much.' Also the pattern from the relative pattern of experience, the things our race will have been thru, and the Grace of God which is sufficient to carry us thru will make us greater in our capacities as judges, because we will understand and we will know all the things in the Universe. And yet HE is the greatest. There is no question of the fact that God is not going to lose any of His children. He doesn't lose anything. He said:--'I am not going to lose one of my sons or daughters for --"All Israel shall be saved as it is written." I will take away the ungodliness of Jacob and so forth.

Now, some people take more experience that others especially when the thing seems to be in error. For the concept of error, we assue and the more we see of it the more disgusted we become. And other people have to go thru it and hit the bottom before they respond. but remember that the fact remains that we refer to these things sometimes as the standards of spirituality or the testing of spirituality. But every last Adamite has the spirit of God. Remember that. And since he has this spirit of God, eventually every last one of the children of Adam will conform to His image because we have been predestinated for this. Christ was in this world without spot or blemish and so thus are the children of God going to be. This there is no question of because He says. when HE appears, we will be like Him. He will present us to Himself without spot or blemish even to the aging of the body which came thru the original transgression. There will not be a spot or a wrinkle and we will be absolutely perfect in this status. We want to point this out.

Over in the book of Romans, we read:--'We know all things work for good for them that love YAHWEH, to them who are called according to His purpose.' For those He did foreknow and this was before the foundation of the world. He did predestinate them to conform to the Image of YAHWEH (His embodiment). Therefore those He did predestinate, He called. And those He called He had justified. And those He had justified, He had Glorified. So who is going to lay any charge to His elect in these circumstances. In otherwords, God has said that any He has called He foreknew. And He is going to justify and to glorify. He is going to make them conform to His own image. So who can come out and lay charge to any of these people. You can thank god that His Grace is sufficient to carry thru His people. But the one thing is, He predestinated, predetermined. He called your race, called your household. Called this race to it's Sonship, to it's destiny. Because it has this capacity which no other race on the face of the earth has. So who can lay any charge to God's elect. Therefore, the Apostle Paul said he was persuaded it wouldn't make any difference, we were more than conquerors. Neither death, nor life, nor Angels, nor principalities---this included Lucifer and all his demons---nor powers of things present or things to come, nor heights, nor depth, nor any other creature could separate us from the love of God which we have thru YAHSHUA the embodied ONE.

Now, we find that these factors are well established in eternity and we come then again to the book of Genesis where Adam begat Seth. And we have mentioned the fact that people inherit their spiritual capacities from their forbearers. And they pass it down from generation to generation. This is the kind of factor which we call faith.

Thus Adam begat Seth. And to Seth was born a son and he called him Enos. And then all men began to call on the name of the LORD. All of the Sethites, because the word here is HU-man or Adamite. Therefore, from Adam thru Seth, comes the Adamic race, comes the word Adam, translated man in the King James Version. So therefore, Adam begat Seth and Seth begat Enos and Adamites began to call upon YAHWEH. These are the generations of Adam, but there were people already all over the world at that time and Ezekiel tells you this. People were in Egypt as well as the Assyrians who were all over the earth. But of the Adamites, He begat them and made them male and female, also, so that Adam begat Seth and the race starts.

Now, from this point on, in Deuteronomy, we are a Chosen People who the MOST HIGH GOD wants to separate and segregate from all the mongrel races of the earth because you are predestinated or selected or chosen by our God who says:--I am going to have My way. I am God. It doesn't make any difference. And no matter how you think, you are going to do so much. But I am God and I am going to have My way according to the council of My own Will.' In fact, it doesn't make a man feel so bad after the fact that he recognizes that he may have made mistakes. But God said make mistakes. They are necessary to get you to the place where you are. Because all things are involved in the pattern of God's sovereignty---His will. Who can resist His will. Who has broken His council. Who can surpass His grace. Therefore, He makes the statement concerning these people, that they would have nothing to do with the Hittites. And these Hittites were the people eastward of Eden in the land of Nod. They were people that Cain mixed with to produce Cainanites. The Akkads came form the Hittites and vice versa. And then later, they were not to mingle with the Amorites, or the Perezzites nor the Hivites who were the people the Cainanites had mingled with. So the Cainanites and Hittites produced the Hivites and so on. And thus they were all a bunch of mixed up Cainanites hill people. God said Israel was not to mix with these seven nations in old Palestine. He said I shall deliver them before you and you shalt smite them utterly. Thou shalt not show any mercy unto them. Thou shalt not marry thy sons and daughters to them for they shall turn you away from worshiping Me. The spirit of God will not cohabit with the pagan. They do not have the spirit of God. Only you have this spirit.

In the book of Ezra, Israel is told that if someone has married outside the race, then send the outlanders away with their children. Don't have a revival, send them away. It doesn't matter who they are or from what nation they come from. Send them away. The only way to preserve the heart of the Kingdom is to send the pagans away.

Again, if there is only one passage in the Old Testament important to you, it is--"Thou art a Holy People unto YAHWEH thy God. He hath chosen you to Himself above all the people on the fact of the earth." He tells you this time after time. And He talks about separation. He has segregated you from all the people and He has ordained you to be triumphant. Therefore, there is no way in the purpose of the MOST HIGH. There is no way to even weave it into the scripture. It is--go therefore speak and say:--'I am YAHWEH. I will take thee by the hand and I will help thee.' 'Fear not thou sperm (seed) Jacob.' It is translated worm Jacob (Isa. 41:14). But the word is not worm. It is sperm. And when the MOST HIGH speaks of 'sperm-Jacob', He is talking of the spiritual seed or sperm which carried on the race. Therefore, He says:--'Fear not you sperm (or seed) of Israel. For I will help thee, and thy Redeemer is the HOLY ONE of ISRAEL. Thus I am the Redeemer--I am YAHSHUA thy savior.' So--YAHSHUA the Christ, is none other than YAHWEH in the flesh. Of the spirit in the flesh, this is the ONE, the same God. As to His power to predestinate, to determine, He says:--'Behold My servant who I have upheld ---(when was this election?)---before the foundation of the world.' This was a predetermined purpose of God being brought to pass. One thing about it, if God elects you, then you will make the election I am going to tell you that, God didn't elect you and then the devil come along and wins you away. The devil and God haven't been shooting craps for the children of the MOST HIGH.

Now, that is the way some of these fellows seem to think it has been going on. But God says:--'Look. I am going to win.' Lucifer isn't in the game as far as that goes, because YAHWEH said:--' I have chosen. I have elected. So don't think for a minute that I won't have My Will. What I don't get in this allotted time, I don't want anyhow, because I didn't pre-destine them. If I didn't elect them, I didn't choose them, I didn't glorify them, and I didn't justify them.' So--we are 100% sealed by the spirit of God into His purpose. So who can have a bigger God than that? Who would want a lesser God than that? The children of God can't conceive of a God greater than He is. And we can see this. We can conceive this out of His word because He said it. So it is true. We can conceive it because He has proved by the pattern of His spirit that the children of God cannot conceive a God greater than He is. And the pattern is that He is a triumphant God who cannot lose because it is determined.

Now, that is the reason why He says in Daniel 7:18--that the saints of believing offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD are going to take the Kingdom and possess the Kingdom forever and ever.

Now, it doesn't make any difference as to how they want to argue for the Cainanites or the Hittites or the Coons or anyone else, it doesn't make any difference. They are working for Lucifer their father, and working for the powers of darkness. But they are defeated for God says:--'I will do as I have Willed. My believing offspring are going to take the Kingdom.' It didn't say that we are going to sit down in Paris and argue it out or that we are going to give them half of Asia. Even tho Mr. Johnson is trying to set this up for them. But concessions will only bring more demands for the whole world.

But the children of the Kingdom are being stirred by a new spirit. And they will fight on rather than surrender. Instead of being defeated, the children of the Kingdom are going to win. The enemy can't understand any prophecy of God. They have no spiritual capacity to understand it. And he can't realize that we are going to win. He sees us now as a minority in the earth because he has six times as many. And he still doesn't know that we are going to win. He doesn't know we are six times smarter that he is and that God will bring out the wisdom of the Universe in our behalf.

Therefore, it talks about how this horn (power) of evil will make war against the believing offspring of God. And the Ancient of Days came and judgement was given to the believing offspring of the MOST HIGH. And the time came when the Saints possessed the Kingdom. This is another area in the book of Daniel, for Daniel saw one vision after another and each time he catches a vision he ends up with the believing offspring taking possession of the Kingdom. He comes up with the coming in of the Celestial hosts and then ends up again with the believing offspring taking the Kingdom. This is another faction; the Kingdom and the dominion and the greatness of the Kingdom under the whole heaven shall be given to the people of the believing offspring of the MOST HIGH whose Kingdom is an Everlasting Kingdom. And all dominions are going to serve and obey HIM. This is the end of the matter, so says Daniel.

Now, you get into another area of the story and this is talking about the situations which are going to come to pass on the face of the earth. After you have gone thru another bunch of prophecies, it says:--at that time Michael the Prince shall stand up. This great Prince which stands up for thy people. And there is going to be a time of trouble such as there never was before. Or since the beginning of a nation. At the same time the people of the MOST HIGH GOD, the saints, everyone of them, are going to be delivered whose names are found written in the Book. But what book is Daniel talking about? He is talking about the Book the MOST HIGH has that was written before the foundation of the world. And you find that this was a book written in the heavens before the foundation of the world. And there God put down the names of every last one of His sons and daughters. This is a part of predestination of His election. And every last one of us who are alive at the day when these hosts are coming in, when the hosts of darkness are battling us at the climax of Armageddon, every last one whose names are written in that Book, Michael shall come to help deliver. And many of them who sleep in the dust of earth shall awaken and Michael the Prince, shall fight for the children of God as he did of old.

In otherwords, there shall be such a time of trouble such as there had never been before. But My people shall be delivered; every last one of them whose names are in the Book. Every last one He sent down here--their names are in the Book. and Michael stands to fight once more for the people of the MOST HIGH. When did he do this before? When he threw Lucifer out of the heavens. Absolutely trounced him and threw him out of the heavens. And we can't count the number of people involved in that battle for there are 1,126 trillion suns which can be seen with our great telescopes which you can count. You can't vision a trillion. It's such a majestic number. You can never see a trillion because you haven't even seen a billion. And a trillion---so with 1,126 suns this is just how many solar systems there are out there in space. Plus there may be more we don't know about. But Lucifer had 1/3 of the people under his control and this is how far his evil went. And the power of the MOST HIGH GOD with the military strength of Michael, which he brought up, conquered this whole force of evil and they drove Lucifer out of the Milky Way into this solar system. When you stop to consider the power and the forces thrown against Lucifer and his hosts, then no wonder it took a thousand years or more. No wonder the Negroes have been buried in the caves of Kilomanjaro for 73,000 years which was after Lucifer was cast into earth. People say that must have been a terrible long time ago? Well--not so long. This is only about 73 days with God. Because a day with God is as a thousand years in our time.

I will tell you something else. As you worry about the days and so forth, we aren't on the earths time we think we are on. We are actually on heavenly time, we who He predestinated before the foundation of the world. Well, this old world is two or three million years old at least. And a million years is 1000 days with God's time. And we existed in the bosom of the Father before the world was framed. So within the space of a lifetime, we are here. But when Christ comes, we will put on immortality and when man puts on immortality, you never die. Who wants to die anyway? The body will put on immortality and there is no thought of death because we are a divine household out of a spiritual realm. And the spirit will sustain the physical body. The physical realm and the body will be wrapped in light. And with total immunity, it moves on in the measures of earth as well as the Universe forever.

Now, even for everlasting to everlasting; and by the way, everlasting has a period of time. But from everlasting to everlasting we are going to reign on the earth as Priests and Kings for God as well, and being administrators of the Universe with HIM also. With 1,126 trillion suns (solar systems) out there, you are not about to run out of space. And of the increase of His Kingdom there will be no end. And as far as the household of the MOST HIGH is concerned, and as far as our destiny is concerned, it will take us maybe, a billion years to get going with those 1,126 trillion suns and all that space out there. So time is not important. And the day is coming when God says 'Time' shall be no more. What does this mean?-- It means that Lucifer is thru. Never to have any influence anymore. It doesn't mean there will be no more advance in the pattern of existence, but as far as Lucifer is concerned, 'time' shall be no more. He will not even be allowed a temporary victory, for the Kingdom moves with total power, total righteousness.

Now, when we get to predestination, we get to this distinction of total power. And total power is directed toward the race that He has begotten to which His spiritual children have moved. They are the Elect race, a predestinated race. And total power goes out to them so that the children of God may sing out His praises and give honor and glory to Him. These are absolutes. And as you start to think in absolutes, you become light hearted. And we are amazed at the Majesty, the mystery and the power of God. As men dwell upon this earth, as they begin to dwell upon this great mystery of the Kingdom, they become so filled with the capacities of it that they can appreciate the infiniteness of god and the tremendous amount of knowledge and wisdom which was in His body when the fullness of God dwelt on earth bodily. Then you begin to appreciate the Christ. Begin to recognize that you can acknowledge your Father. And this is the reason why. Undefeatable Christians can understand the scriptures, understand the pattern of predestination and perfect will. So what would you give for the knowledge of heaven? What would you exchange for it? There is no money. Nothing you would take for these things that you know because those things money can't buy. You can get them again. There is all the time in the world to reacquire anything material that you loose. All the time in the world. But this knowledge of God is the one wisdom and knowledge that is superior to all else.

QUESTION:---Where does it say the children of God shouted for 'Joy' when this earth was formed?

ANSWER:---It is in the 38th chapter of Job:--'All the morning stars sang together and the sons of God shouted for joy.' So in talking to Job, He said:--'Job tighten up your belt. And remember where were you when I laid the foundations of this earth. You were there, so tighten up your memory.' Where are the foundations that fastened, or who had the corner stone, when the morning stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted for Joy?

QUESTION:---Is it there where it tells of the dark and curly headed ones?

ANSWER:---No. That is in another part of Job. This is where he said the dark and curly headed ones---the niggers--threw spears out of the thorn bushes. He said they are not fit to lay down with my dogs. Job took them in and tried to educate them, and set them as servants to work for him. And the moment the devil turned on Job, they fell right in line with him. Job said these people are not fit to lie down with my dogs.

Now, I want to point this out. The Baptist church comes along and says:--'race doesn't mean anything. The sons of Noah produced all races of earth after the flood. One son produced an Asiatic, one a Negro and one a white man.' But what fantastic nonsense is that? Of all biological law to get upset. The Baptist have sure upset it here for sure. They say they are modernists. They have scientific minds. But that is a lot of nonsense. It wasn't long ago when they said there wasn't a flood. And now because of this left-wing polity and this going down hill toward integration, they now accept the flood and bring everyone forth from Noah. that flood occurred alright. But it didn't cover the whole earth. Noah and this wife had three sons and they lived in the Upper Tarim Basin. But anytime a man and his wife can have three sons and one come out an Asiatic, and one a Negro, and one a white man, then a man wouldn't dare have a son. But the scripture says KIND BEGATS LIKE KIND. Science says:--'Kind begats like kind. Seed having life in itself. The biological law says this. It still operates thru genes and chromotins, but therefore we want to point out that they say the first Christian to be baptised was a Negro. They used this---'The Ethiopian in the book of Acts where Philip baptised this eunuch. This man was reading the book of Isaiah. And he told Philip that he was reading it but he didn't quite understand it. So Philip explained all the things concerning the coming of the Christ. So this man said:--'well here is water, what is to hinder me being baptized?' So Philip baptized the man and this is the first recorded baptized Christian, they say. But the 'Ethiopian' just meant that this man was dwelling in North Africa. This man wasn't a Negro. He was reading Hebrew. In fact the Negro of the days of Jesus, in Africa, weren't reading anything at all. And he was a man; a scholar. But he was the keeper of the treasury for Queen Caddice. And he was on the way to Jerusalem where he was going to worship in the temple. That tells you that he was an Israelite, for they would not let a Negro in the temple. Even an Arab couldn't get in the Temple. So the Ethiopian wasn't a Negro. This man was a descendant of King Solomon's Israelite sons who had gone over to form the court of Menlec I, the son born to the Queen of Sheba and Solomon. The Queen of Sheba was white and fair. We know that. She may have been part Arab, but there was 1000 Nobles of Israel sent to form a court for her son by Solomon. So it was a white race court that ruled over that land. So I think it is an intentional lack of scholarship. There is no excuse for them to be so ignorant. But they choose to be so ignorant. They said Moses married a black woman and they quote the 12th chapter of Numbers:--'Miriam and Aaron spake against Moses because of the Ethiopian woman he married.' Alright that was one wife of Moses and he had a Midianite wife also. But Moses was educated as the son of Pharaoh's's daughter. And at 18 years of age, he found the Egyptian beating and mistreating an Israelite. Moses knew he was an Israelite. He had been instructed by his mother and had studied under the Priests of ON where Joseph found his wife. But what did Moses do, but kill the Egyptian who was mistreating the Israelite and then he had to flee the land of Egypt. He goes into the land of Cush in North Africa. But who was Cush, but a the son of Ham. And the Cushites settled in North Africa. The book of Jasher has a lot more on this and it tells us that as Moses came into this land they were locked in a big battle. There was a bunch of Cainanites here that they were battling. These men Canaan and Cush, from Ham were white men. But we know who Cain was. And thus the Cainanites were absolutely Luciferian offspring. And they were the ones who caused the flood in the days of Noah.

Now, here the Cainanites were fighting the Cushites who Moses had moved in with. Moses had been trained as a brilliant warrior from the age of twelve to eighteen, in the military schools of Egypt. So Moses led the Cushites against the Cainanites and won. At this time the King of the Cushites died and so the Cushite's elected Moses King of the Cushites. They gave him Adonai the wife of the previous King for a wife to Moses. And Moses reigned over the Cushites from the time he was 28 years of age. And he reigned for almost 40 years.

Now, the people say that the people descended form Ham are Negroes. But they are not. So they make a big mistake here. They say these Cushites are Negroes. But they are not. They are white people; Adamites, in fact. When Ham transgressed by lying with his mother. This is what was meant by discovering his father's nakedness. This child was not black. But there was a judgement put on them. And they were to be servants of the Shemites for seven generations.

Then Abraham came along and he was told not to take a wife for his son and neither was Jacob to take a wife from the line of Ham because of this judgement. And here later when Moses came along, still the Cush line had not yet mixed with the blacks of Africa. They were white men. And this woman they gave Moses for a queen was also white. But we discover in the book of Jasher, that altho Moses was given this queen, still he walked before YAHWEH in his heart. Walked in truth. And Moses strengthened himself in the Kingdom of the Cushites. And because Abraham had warned the Shemites not to mix with the Hamites, the Cainanites and of course then Moses never claimed this queen for his wife. And never raised children by her. Just treated her as a sister.

Yet we have people who come out a say Moses married an Ethiopian. But as Moses came back to the children of Israel to lead them out of Egypt, then Miriam was chiding Moses for taking an Ethiopian wife. This is not what the scripture says about Zipporah. But back in the days when Moses was King of the Cushites, the Queen got tired of being a sister of Moses and she appealed to the Cushites and they gave gifts to Moses. And he left there and went over to the land of the Midianites and there is where he got his wife. But these Midianites were Sethites who had held their racial lineage. They were different than some of the Midianites but this racial group were a pure lineage of Sethites and they had beautiful daughters. So as Joseph had married Asaneth the daughter of the Priest of On, reuniting the white race so then did Moses. And when Moses told Miriam about all his experiences then she was chiding him for not marrying one of the then known Israelites, and God struck her with leprosy in judgement. I think she was healed when she learned the truth that Moses did not marry the first lady, and that his wife was very acceptable to YAHWEH. After all Moses was chosen by YAHWEH and he didn't want her spreading stories among the Israelites that Moses was to lead.

Now, some in their Bible interpretations even when they should know better, say Moses married a black woman. There is no real doctrine for this, but they use it to say integration and intermarriage among all races is alright. Saying all people came from Noah and they can all go back to Noah. But Noah's children were all white. And these Cushites were not Negroes. The Ethiopians were not necessarily black. They were burying Negroes in the caves of Kilomanjaro 73,000 years ago. Radio carbon proves this. In the days when Adam was brought forth, he went out and looked at all the people of the world and God let him name all the animals of the world. He looked at the Negroes, the Chinamen and all these other people and he said there was none here he could take for a wife. So he had learned this lesson of --eating of the Tree of Good and Evil. So therefore, YAHWEH separated.---And the church says God took a rib out of Adam and made Eve. But the word is in Hebrew that YAHWEH separated the female portion from and made Eve. So apparently Audaum had been made both male and female. Because YAHWEH knew He was going to make Eve out of Adam. Thus he separated the female portion of Audaum and thus Adam--male and Eve-female could thus be one flesh. From this time on then Adam and Eve were offspring of the MOST HIGH. And of course, the great catastrophe, was the seduction of Eve causing the fall of the Race. And bringing Lilith to Adam also--she being the serpent woman. Eve was deceived in her seduction, but Adam wasn't. Whether he did this so he wouldn't lose Eve, I don't know. But Lilith became known as the mother of the Ganges. And is actually known also as Isis, and Siva and Kali the Assassin Goddess of India. The children of this child of Lilith and Adam is the reason why Lilith was known as the mother of the Ganges. For this was a place where they expanded. And some areas of India were also almost white. And later the Aryan came into India and this was a true white migration. Later some of the children of Keturah and Abraham migrated eastward into India. There were also Aryan, altho not counted as the seed of Israel thru Isaac and Jacob. And Hindustan was originally Aryan. But Hinduism was a religion which got taken over by Sivaism. Yet the whites of India wouldn't have anything to do with the other mixed races of India for a long time. The Brahma, meaning sons of Abraham, were totally white originally. And today India is just a mongrelized situation.

But when people start to talk about the fact that Moses married an Ethiopian, so race mixing is alright. Then remember he did not marry a Negro. And God didn't say it was alright for you to do this. In fact this is the greatest of all transgressions which can come on a race, or on a society such as this. Marrying outside the white race is not good and God said he will not give His Glory to another race.

Now, therefore you with the spirit of the Living God inside of you, if you were to cohabit with another race, the spirit will not enter into the cohabitation and the offspring will not have any spirit being, what so ever. At best, would only carry the type of the genes or type of spirit of the other race. This is what it says in the book of Deuteronomy as God warns Israel about marrying into other races. So here you would pass on nothing of spirit and if you marry a Negro, he doesn't even have a type of spirit. He has a soul, but no spirit. The Chinese have a spirit and they go thru their cycles of return because YAHWEH HAS GIVEN NO NEW SPIRITS to the Chinese ever since they accepted Lucifer in the ages before Adam came. However, they did have a spirit and they do operate out of the cycles of return from the Netherworld. When they die, back they go. And they stay in these cycles waiting for the resurrection. But the strange situation is, that the Negro doesn't have a spirit, or a spirit consciousness. He only has a soul consciousness and this is again what Ecclesiastics means, when he says:--'the dead, when they die, know nothing at all.' The word for that is Zombie. And in voodooism today the walking dead are raised up by evil spirits. When they talk about sleep walkers, they call them zombies. If you go to Jamaica, you will find this. Voodooism practices this evil of the walking dead. They work and slave and move like zombies. Which they are. There is a lot of things people don't understand. This is not superstition. For there is today, demons and demonology and evil power and evil forces.

Today many people don't believe this, but the powers of darkness still use their sway thru these situations.

Again, the one curse where in you can make no good out of is this mongrelization. For the house of the MOST HIGH GOD---marrying into a lesser society, and destroying the seed line of the Kingdom, this is what God said:--'of all the transgressions, he that breaks the law, he can forgive you still. For all these things God will have mercy on you. But this transgression of mongrelizing the seed line, the sins of the father, there will descend upon the children of the Kingdom up until the tenth generation.