05-05-65 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:----Would you want to explain your statement that there is more than one judgment, and the different Resurrections?

ANSWER:------I don't want to get into that tonight, but I will say that judgments are constant. This idea that the judgments are set up for one specific time is erroneous. Judgements are constant, there are continual judgements based on the law of existence. So what so ever has been put together in the exactness of His law are constant, continual judgements, and come by the continual violations of the law. Whether the economic, political or social law--still the law exists backing its judgments. Violate the law of proper rotations of the soil, and you soon destroy the soil, its life and vitality. You don't have to wait for judgment day you have it immediately. Violate the economic law and the mechanics which you create already starts the shortage with in the structure of the circulation of money. You can't take a high percentage out of the production merely for the use of money without eventually shorting a whole area of exchange. This is why usury is a violation of Divine law, and usury always destroys itself with depressions, and crashes, and it can only build up so far and then it wipes itself out, it carries its own judgment.

The areas of moral law does this also, it leads to broken homes, whole areas of upset social patterns. We have tried to create around the image of God an idea of a God just working for revenge, and lots of times we may have created the idea that man sows in one field and reaps in another, and this is fallacy. You reap in the same field in which you sow, you do not sow in one field and reap in another. You don't sow in a physical world, and reap in the Celestial, this you do not do. The processes of the violation of law creates the conditions both as to how it reacts on the nervous system, and in their areas of thinking and hypertension. Violation of Divine Law, brings about disintegration of the body, brings about conditions which bring on death--"For the wages of sin is death".

The spirit never dies so therefore it is not talking about Spiritual death. There is no such thing as spiritual death, there is no such thing as spiritual death. Death is entirely in the areas of physical existence, the soul consciousness can be completely mutated, which is the soul area of conscious thinking unless spiritually enlightened or guided. There are areas of beings of creation which have a soul consciousness without the entity of spiritual perception. And then of course there are those with Spirit, Soul and Body. But this area again--any thing which violated law will be punished in the area in which it is violated.

The Apostle Paul in his Apocalypse which of course was one of the great doctrines of the early church---and which at Rome and at Nicaea they separated from the scriptures--later because there were so many copies of the Apocalypse of Paul around the eight century they at the Vatican--in order to eliminate areas of theology that disagreed with them--they revised the Apocalypse of Paul and said that of course there were things written here in which Paul was in error. That the high order of the Church and all the ecclesiastical order would correct the Apocalypse of Paul, and they would put out new version, and this they did. This translation existed for a while and you could get copies of this one, even today the Oxford people have some of them. And even in some new testaments there is some of the Apocalypse of Paul. The Chief factors of the book were the things shown to Paul in his trip into the Celestial plains. Whether in the body or in the spirit he did not know--he could not tell--only God knoweth. So during this experience he was given the Mysteries known as "Hidden Things". And he was to go back and give them to these people of the household and of the race. And it is out of this Apocalypse of Paul that all of the mysteries are found, that are at any time suggested inside the Epistles that Paul wrote, whether he wrote to the Romans, or those at Ephesia, or Galatia. Every once in a while you will see a Mystery in here, and all of these came out of the Apocalypse of Paul. Everything you find in the book of Hebrews was further discussed in the Apocalypse. So in the individual Epistles or letters to the individual churches, and groups he may have dwelt on some to some extent on admonitions, or something he wanted to bring to their attention, but we find that most of this was in the original Apocalypse. It was in this situation that God spoke unto the Apostle Paul, and he was in the fourth heaven, or DIMENSION OF PERCEPTION, and he was told at this time---'man does not sow in one field and reap in another. He said: men do not sow in earth and reap in the plains of spirit'. So--"Absent from this body is to be present with the LORD". The spirit is born of incorruptible seed and lives and abides forever. The spirit was begotten before the foundation of the world, the physical bodies were begotten in the earth cycles of the Adamic Race, thus The Apostle Paul was clearly told that the transgression of the physical body has its impact in the physical plain, but when the spirit is released from the body it immediately returns to the Celestial plain from whence it came with the exception that ever since the resurrection of The Christ it has not been possible for the spirit of one Adamite to remain imprisoned, entrapped, or held past the point of death. The Apostle Paul was also told that the Adamic Race has no ceasing of consciousness, that absent from the body was to be present with the LORD.

Now; when you are dealing with the Negroes this is something else, for they do not have a spirit, and their soulish condition is an entirely different one, and they sleep like the dog when they die. There is no consciousness until the resurrection. The only reason why there is a covenant is because HE SAID:---"All flesh shall be saved as it is written". And Ultimately in the purposes of God, in the plan of ALL THINGS HE has to raise every consciousness that ever dwelled.

At one time the Negro had a different background and status. "They were mutated during the Luciferian rebellion, possible before they came to earth in that rebellion. We have 73,000 years of their record of existence here in the earth. We have Radio Carbon evidence as to how old their fossils are. Of course there are those who are a lot older than that, because when the Negroes came to earth there were Asiatics all over the earth, and the white man has no history which ante-dates 7,400 years. Of course the average Christian operates on the erroneous idea that it was 4004 B.C. when Adam was placed in Earth, and it is now 1965. So he is operating on the idea that he can add that to 4004 and come up with the year of Adam. But he does not know that the Jews knocked out close to 1,400 years--out of the Septuagint trying to prove Messiah came at the wrong time, because the prophecies of the earliest records in the scriptures of Adam and Eve, and the book of Seth which are not in our Bible, but were a part of the original text and scrolls--and in them Adam was told when he stepped out of his Adamic condition, and got his proverbial headache--one of the first we have Biblical record of--and ask God to do something for him. He was told that this was covered in the atonement TO BE MADE WHEN GOD CAME TO EARTH---in 5,400 years. This was included in other given prophecies in the Patriarchal age, existing in the oldest patterns and texts and records. So the Jews wanted to disallow the fact that THE CHRIST was the Adamic Messianic Fulfiller. That the seed of the woman would bruise the serpents head, and he HIS HEEL, and that all that was involved in this and the patriarchal age knew this. Significant things were given to Seth when he wrote the Book of "Seth" and of course there was also the book of "THE BEE", which was among some of the missing ones, and of course the book of "Jasher" which is the book of the record, and is in possession of the race. It has been uncovered in many scrolls, and in Essence areas, and over in Assyria and so forth, but these contain the 5,400 year prophecies and this 5,400 year prophecy was the right date of the time of Christs birth. It also coordinates with the Pyramid prophecy coming out exactly at the same time. You have the month of two or three witnesses. This was confirmed again as Isaiah said:--"A virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel. But it was Enoch who was given the exact time for HIS birth, marking it with the Conjunctions which were to be in the exact and proper place, this was to be when--Saturn and Jupiter were to conjoin three times during the pregnancy of the Virgin Mary. This sign was that the star would then move out of the Head of Aquila the Eagle to the head of Virgo and transverse the womb. This would be the indicator as this comet out of Aquila moved across the sky. The eventual, final movement of the Comet to come out of Aquila only took a few years of time. This is why the Magi--the White Shepherds came from India and various places, they had seen the :Sword of the LORD"--at that time all Comets were called "The Sword of the LORD", if they had a tail. And they were witnessing the "Sword of the LORD" crossing the sky--out of the head of Aquila the Eagle, to the head of the woman Virgo. So the timing was accurate, they knew therefore that Enoch had said that it would be 5,400 years until The Christ. But he also knew that there would be this sign in the sky to mark the birth of The Christ. And these ancient wisemen thus had chronology, they had astronomical measures, and the measures came to pass so there was no question of the time. We however have 1,400 years taken out of the Septuagint by the Jews trying to shorten the measures so as to say Jesus was not the Messiah. This was just a piece of Jewish chicanery, but this is also the reason why most all chronology in the King James, or the Douay Versions are short these 1,400 years. But you can turn to the back of this King James Bible and you will find the chronology, and several versions give you from 5,311 to 5,400 years before The Christ as the exact time for the date of Adam.

In this instance it was Paul who was given many of the mysteries, and one of the things he told was that Judgments would take place in the areas where the violation was made. Therefore if men violated Divine law in the physical world, then Judgment comes in that physical world. It descends upon a society, collectively, and it descends upon them individually, creates catastrophe and wars, all of these being patterns of violation of law. Most of the trouble we have here in these United States today is because we permitted in violation of Divine Law, these people of other races to come in here and settle who did not believe in our God, who were not of our Faith or our background. We were told not to let them come in and not to absorb them under any circumstances. But our problems today are being augmented by the fact that we let in thousands and thousands of refugees--Jews--after the war who did not believe in our Christ, and who have been the very significant force behind World Communism.

I talked one day to an Argentina ambassador who was very much concerned at the time, we had immigration hearings going on in Washington, and their experience was that there had been so many thousands of refugees coming in under the 'Refugee Association', and they had assigned them to various countries, and they had abridged the immigration laws to let them in. They got stuck with 1,900 of them in Argentina although Argentina did not want them. But of that 1,900 all but 400 of them were actually trained in the Communist party as saboteurs, and so forth. And as they ran across the Russian border, they shoved them in like a Trojan horse, and then we rescued them from the Russians and distributed them around the world, and they went right to work for the Communist party. Of the 1,900 forced on Argentina, they caught 1,400 of them as actually engaged in Communism, n communist activities and Argentina put them in concentration camps. I had a lot of material on this when Pat McCarran was alive, and it showed the same thing. Where then does your trouble come from?--from violation of Divine Law. The day should come when we should not let anyone come in and settle down in the United States who does not believe in our Faith and our race. Some one said:--You can't get away with that. Well there are 149 million White Christians here so we are big enough to do it. This is Divine Law, this is the way it should operate, this is the way it will operate.

QUESTION:---In the Moffet Version he says that this passage in Isaiah about the pillar in the land of Egypt was not in the original version, but was put there later.

ANSWER:-----This might or might not be true, because different areas of the text included this. But you see--the areas of the text from where he is taking his translation may leave optional the use of the word "Pillar" as against a Pile of stones. This should be made clear here as far as text is concerned that there was no statement made as to the existence of a pillar because there is a pillar and an altar in the middle thereof and at the border. The reason for this is that old and new Egypt divides and the Pyramid is in the middle of the land, but still on the border of the old and new land. It was both a pillar and an altar, but the word pillar had a different meaning, and some of the old texts used the words:--a monument and an Altar. Others used the words 'fitted stones' and the original word Pillar was as a single stone. So you see, Moffet refused to accept this, and there was an old argument over this, but it is not so important whether he wants to call it a pillar or not. The fact is that there is an altar in the midst of the land of Egypt and it carries very significant time and measures. The Pyramid is the ideal symbol of the Messianic building, because it is the only structure with a chief corner stone. In other words Peter says:--"All of you are lively stones fitly framed together of which Christ is the chief corner stone, or apex stone, which seals the whole building together. Then in this instance the perfect image of the entire structure has to be the Chief corner stone of the Pyramid. Because all angles and all plains have to be as the rest of the Pyramid so as to complete the pyramid as the capstone. So Christ is the completer as the capstone and this was the only building never finished. In otherwords the capstone which the builders never put on, or the stone rejected is still the head of the corner. This was so well known in Masonic lore, that in the days when our forbearers were looking for signs, and for the obverse seal, as well as for the United States, they selected the pyramid as the ideal Messianic building. 72 times in the Abrahamic covenant confirmed in the scripture, and there is 72 blocks of stone on the American seal Pyramid. I have in my safe here the original copy document of the great seal of the U.S. and professor Totten did the work. And the U.S. thought they were putting up a tremendous amount of money for that day--$25,000.00--which was a big amount, the biggest congress ever voted for any research, and Totten was professor of Astrology and other things at Yale University, so he did the most complete research in this matter. I have two of these old original copies and I keep them in a safe. In this copy Totten shows that in the discussion and acceptance of this ideal symbol of a Messianic building, they said:---Being the Israel people of God, the ideal symbol of a Messianic building in the old and new Testament is of course a Pyramid. It is the only structure with a chief corner stone fulfilling the fact that our society as a culture, is the living stones fitly framed together with Christ as the Chief Corner Stone. They had this rite, and knew what is symbolized. They also knew that it symbolized the Great Pyramid of Giza. George Washington knew this in his day, he also knew about the inner passage ways, altho we were not to get into the Pyramid until long after the death of George Washington. But he knew by Masonic lore and tradition about these things. He also knew about the Temple of the Sphinx. This is also rather interesting because in the writings of George Washington himself he refers to things he learned concerning the Pyramid and the Sphinx. Then of course the word Mason or Wise Master builder goes a long way back. Paul as a Masano or Master builder said:--'No other foundation can any man lay then that which is laid in the man Christ Jesus'--or in Christs, not only as the foundation but also as the finisher of our Faith. So Paul talked about himself as a Mason or Master Builder. These two schools of Wisdom, the Masters of the cross, and the Masters of the Fulcrum continue as the two wisdom schools from way back in the days of Enoch and Job who first went down into Egypt to lay out the city of On, on up to the present time.

There are areas of discrepancy in Pyramid books because there is discrepancy in the knowledge of pyramid authors. I find some people who spend their whole lives studying the Pyramid, just like some people spend their whole lives studying the Bible, and they still don't come up with the answers because they are trying to make it come out to suit themselves instead of the way it is. It just don't work that way. Some want to support an area of it in the time element, but they just want to shove it up to the time of the flood or shortly thereafter, when the Pyramid was built, but the Pyramid was built in much earlier time period, of around 5,000 years before Christ, and we are also told that Khufu and Cheops are the same, but Khufu is so much older than Cheops which is just a Greek word, where as Khufu was an Egyptian title. This title goes all the way back to the sinking al Atlantas, in the days of Horus as the name for the King against that of the Priesthood. And the King Priesthood continued down from the sinking of the land beneath the waters--Atlantas, and the crossing of those who survived over to the land of Egypt. And the old books of Horus are the oldest books of literature the Egyptians have. And even at that time they were told that there would come tall white ones ARYANS--from YAHWEH-PUTAH--which is like the word used in ancient times in India--Manu--tall white ones, the sons of YAH. Manu meant white ones, and from this we get the word man. And the word Aryan even still used today was anticipated in ancient Egypt. The children of the Ka of Ra, and so forth. This is again--that they perceived that when the Pyramid was built that it was to be a might Altar raised unto YAHWEH-PUTAH--meaning Savior in the book of the Dead), and would carry the measures of HIS Purpose. And they anticipated it, that white men would come down there and build this Altar.

Every Pharaoh--way back to the first Dynasty--after they settled in Egypt--this was his title--Khufu--the same word we use for Pharaoh. But Khufu was the title of every Pharaoh who wore this great beak like crown. Every once in a while I run into the Pyramidologists who think when they found the Greek word Cheops that this was the name of the Pharaoh, but it was just the Greek word for Khufu, the title of every Pharaoh. And because on the Pyramid was the Cartouche mark which says Khufu--this is the burial chamber of some Pharaoh on the outside of the Pyramid, so they said this is the Pharaoh who built the Pyramid, here s his mark. But it doesn't mean a thing because there never was a Pharaoh named Khufu. Back in the days of Wilkerson this was known. I can show you that way back when the children of Israel went into Egypt that the title given to Pharaoh was Khufu of Egypt. This is almost like the Catholic church, there was a Pope Pius one after the other, but it didn't make any difference what their names were, they were just called Pius--one after the other, and now some of them go by the name John, but all Pharaohs were Khufu.

I must say that in the Moffet translation he is only right to that extent that there is no fixing of the word Pillar. It is not that there was nothing there--Fenton shows this and in the Alexandrian codex there is a pile of FITTED STONES--see--a pile of fitted stones would be masonry, something constructed. This whole symbol was that these fitted stones were fitly framed together into their capstone. I think this is another thing that Aldridge was quite strong on, and so was professor Albright that the one thing they could never figure out in the later fixing of Pyramid Chronology was the discussion of the Pyramid building taking place over 4,000 years before Christ. If it wasn't there why were people talking about that?

QUESTION:----How close to the exact date is Adam Rutherford?

ANSWER:-----I don't want to get involved in this, he is a friend of mine. I have known Adam Rutherford for years. I took him up to the mountains once and pumped him for all he knew on this subject. And in the meantime he was telling me when the Rapture would take place. So he was telling me that when you get up this passage way to a certain place that the church was to be raptured. I said: there isn't any rapture of the church in my Bible. He said:--it has to be right, but he didn't have the same set of dates then as he has now. I disagreed with him on this pyramid lore, and he went around with a little Elite core telling them that the Rapture was going to come on a certain date, and everyone who was spiritual would see this. So I had a lot people who told me good-by as they would be gone in a few weeks. And I said--what I want you to do before you go is deed your property over to the church because some of us are going to be stuck here after you are gone, so we might as well have it rather than to let it fall into the hands of the enemy. We will use it to Evangelize these who are left to show them what they missed. They said:---'you are laughing at us'. I said:--No--I just know that I am not going anywhere on that date, if I was going I think the LORD would have told me.

Now; I have every respect for this mans faith, but he has no key as to what he is talking about. He talks about insets, but he doesn't know what the insets contain. He is a nice fellow, has studied the Pyramid since he was ten years old, but there is more passages in my Bible than there is in the Pyramid. I couldn't get any of them to go along with my deal, but they all went over to Capt's house, or someone else home, and had a big dinner and then went up on the roof of a big apartment house---The LORD was going to be there at eleven o'clock--but of course He did not come. The following Sunday in the big Auditorium none of them showed up, and most of them didn't show up for a month. Adam Rutherford went back east, but a year later he was back again, and I took him up to the mountains, and I said: 'what happened to the rapture?' He said:--Well, I just didn't have the right inset. He worked on this quite a while then I drove him across country to a conference in Oklahoma and we talked all the way. I said:--how come every date we have followed came out right including W.W.I. right on down, everything was right on schedule, how come the Rapture didn't work? He said:--I just didn't have the right inset--but now I have it all worked out, now he had the right date for the rapture.

It is my opinion that some of these days you can be sure of, as the junctures going up to a year measure these are right, and when it changes into a month, this is alright. As far as various dates are figured in here he is right, but let me show you something here, you don't have to think that this has to go on until 1979--we are 40 years off now, so when you get to the 5409 measure, then you have a compensation of 4 and 7 years. They haven't been able to figure out whether that 11 year period is plus or minus or we would have arrived. This is chronology measures and we do know we are in a climactic period. In February 4, 1962 when the sign of the son of man was in the heavens, in the sign of Aquarius, the heathen mourned that the world was coming to an end. This was exactly on time, and this proved that Enoch's vision was right, because he told exactly what would mark this--"The sign of the 'Son of man' in the heavens."

Now; from that time on until the beginning of the judgments on the enemies of God, and this House of God was to be 42 literal months. These 42 months were not a day for a year, but these are climactic--a day for a day, and that time ends in September of this year. And this is the year when there are so many of them that there was hardly a month when there isn't more of a pattern. Never before have we had a year when there was such continual Universal upheaval as this one. But wait after September then they will start to go, maybe by a heart attach (Barney Baruch died) you now a lot of people are talking about a rapture, but it isn't the church that is going somewhere it is the tares who are to be taken out first. Someone said:--aren't you unhappy here, don't you plan on going somewhere?---No---I am not unhappy here since Christ is coming here, I just want to stay here. I like the mountains, the seashore looks good, and the trout streams are fine, the air is fine. The only thing wrong with the place is that the people are out of adjustment with God. There is no point in going somewhere else, I like if real well in this spot.

The thing I would like to see, is these children of Satan packed right out of here to the constellation of Ara. I don't care if these transport hosts with Michael in the lead, stay over time as they pack them out. But the scripture talks about the Lake of Fire, and this is the Constellation of Ara. On a star globe or map you would see a constellation set in stars which looks like an altar flaming. And this is called Ara, and there is no place found for it anywhere in any constellation of the Milky way, it is way out on the edge of space. This is why it says that Satan and the false prophet will be cast into the Lake of Fire thrown out into outerspace and no place found for them.

People got this picture of Hell somewhere, a great big fire which they are stoking, and keeps them all burning somehow, with God running the show, and people sitting in a great coliseum watching it. And the Anti-Christ and the beast and all these people are to be tortured in the presence of the Lamb, and the Saints forever and forever. Well, you can have my reserved seat to this because I am not a torture fan, I am not interested in that. While you are doing that I'll go fishing. But I know that God would rather go fishing, he doesn't want to sit there and watch people burn and burn, but never burn up. All that is a fantastic lie, this is something Priestcraft concocted. It started with the devil, it never had any foundation in the scriptures. Actually the Constellation of Ara is a Constellation way out on the edge of space, and they are going to haul these parasites out there, and for a few thousand years or so they will let them work on one another. I don't care how long they keep them there, but eventually they will all be willing to bow the knee.

Now; the fact remains that when it says they will be placed in the fire, the word is "Shekinah", and Shekinah Glory is the emanation which comes from God Himself, and to his household it says:--"Rise and shine thy light has come, and the Glory of God has risen upon thee" There is nothing which will refine the error and evil like this Shekinah Light and Glory of God. It burns the error and cleanses the drout and when it is through all error has been consumed.

Now; actually this works in the children of YAHWEH, in the Celestial there is nothing wrong, there couldn't be, but in the physical world we violate Divine Law. And here is the only place in the seat of our consciousness that we carry any areas of error. Because the incorruptible spirit can not be corrupted. You cannot corrupt incorruptible seed. You cannot do this or you would take the Universe apart. Therefore we recognize that the facets of Purpose--if error existed in the mind, then it must be purged. The Apostle Paul said:--there is no foundation any man can lay than in the man Christ Jesus. And on this foundation then a man builds. So the building of his house, or his life image, or the cycle of his soul consciousness, this is the mansions of the soul. Jesus said:'In my fathers house there are many mansions, if it were not so I would have told you.---If I go away I come again, that where you are I will be also.'

Yes, I know that translations are not always the same, but you are dwelling in a physical body, this is the mansion of the soul, so to speak, and except that the image of the mansion of the soul is the total comprehension of the ideas and thought and patterns of remembrance which you do have, then you are what you think more than you realize, because remembrance is the sum total of the stored up nason electrons that you have. So what are you?--just the sum total of the total experiences as far as you soul consciousness is concerned. This being true, if you have ideas that are wrong, if there are errors it is right here in the physical. So as one builds it is classified as being of hay, wood, or stubble, or stone, and the Apostle Paul said:--so everything you do, every way you build goes into your building. And some of these buildings may not be very cementrical--may not be of very good shape as you try to build on the fire of perfect wisdom, perfect knowledge, which is the Shekinah light of God, and if all a man's works are burned, if everything a man built here is a mistake, but still he is a white man, a son of God, still be built on one foundation which is Christ, but if all that man's works are burned still the man would be saved, and this shall be by fire. So what does the Apostle Paul mean by this? He didn't say that the man was saved from an imaginary hell, but that he is saved from the errors in his thinking which got him into all his troubles and catastrophe. He is aligned by his spirit, and all error is eliminated, this leaves him purged so as now to build on TRUTH.

God has said:--'I am going to lose nothing.' I did not destine you to conform to the image of the son (the embodiment) just to let you run off with this rascal the devil. I am going to make him (devil) get down on his knees and acknowledge before it is over. He says that Lucifer is going to bow the knee. In other words you can't have the restoration of all things, restitution of all things spoken of by all the Holy Prophets since the world began, and not make this Archangel get down on his knees and acknowledge God once again. For God to be total, and absolute he has to make the Devil do this, otherwise the Devil would always be one up on God, and he could not hold the Universe together. So there is no defeat for God!

When we talk about Shekinah Glory it is spiritual illumination. The Shekinah Glory is like the tongues of fire which touched on the disciples who waited at Pentecost. It is the effulgence which was on the bush, and Moses couldn't see the spiritual presence of God but he could see the impact of so much concentration of Divine Presence on the bush, and so the Shekinah Glory emanated from the bush.

Remember after Moses was up on the mountain top when YAHWEH came with ten thousands of his saints---his administering spirits and might fleets of space. He went over Paran and came over Sinai. A lot of people never notice that passage there in Deuteronomy. They never heard how YAHWEH came to bring the law to Moses and brought all those saints with HIM. Then turn to the book of Daniel and again we learn that HE came with ten thousand, times ten thousands times thousands of these ships in his command. In the book of Seth it said that YAHWEH was not without ten thousand of the accompanying of these ships. So you see He does things in a big way, after all its a big universe.

But in this instance the evidence of the Shekinah Glory which was present there was tremendous on top of that mountain. Everything was radiant with the Glory of God. So much so that Moses had to put a covering over himself because the people down below had not this exposure. But Moses had met him in the desert, and been in his presence until he had absorbed so much Shekinah that he could stand it. But the others couldn't take it all at once. And over here in the book of Corinthians it tells you that Moses had absorbed so much Glory from the presence of God that he had to cover himself so that the Children of Israel could look upon him and live. In their present condition they could not have stood the radiance of all that Shekinah Glory at that time. So we have a little bit of the idea of the tremendous radiance of Light and Glory. The Quicker we get this torture chamber out of our minds the quicker we get aligned with God. Because anytime you have a torture chamber religion then you would be more righteous than God because if you were running things you would run it that way.

QUESTION:----It says in some translations that Moses wore horns.

ANSWER:-----That is right.

QUESTIONER:--(could not hear the question)

ANSWER:-----Well, let me tell you something else about that---The symbol of Patriarchal power was Priest-Kingship. And the symbol of it on a Dynasty was the symbol of two horns. In other words:--King of Kings, and LORD of LORD'S, a mighty potentate. In the early symbols of the nations this was two golden horns and the crown. Priest-Kingship--a Patriarchal dynasty. It did not mean that he had two horns, but this kind of literalism with out discernment had a lot of impact in areas of theology.

There are a lot of things we have thought were real fundamental, and real orthodoxy and it would shame God to think we thought this way about HIM. Imagine a God as big as this, and then have him running a torture chamber religion because he lost---God can't lose anything.

I was raised in strict theology and it was just as tho the devil and God were running a chess game with the souls of men. Maybe even checkers for you were out of luck if they jumped you, and if God didn't win then you had it. There was one thing--they let the checkers decide, but you don't play checkers that way, the checkers don't have anything to do with it, the decision is made by those who move the checkers.

I am going to tell you this:--God said that those he did foreknow he did predestinate to conform to the image of his embodiment. And something that God did Predestinate isn't going to end up in some other fashion. So the Devil isn't playing a game of chess with God because the devil never gets his turn. All he is doing is fighting with powers that he does possess to mutate and destroy, and at times there are casualties in this, but the casualties are not spiritual they are physical and soulish.

God however always wins, for even if the man dies, the LORD can raise him but the Devil cannot do this. So under this instance the Devil only destroys, but God creates, and one thing the Devil cannot do is create, all he can do then is destroy or mutate, or put in prison over a phoney situation. But God produces miracles while the Devil comes out with tricks, and hocus pocus, he has to phoney it all up. But he can never do any good with it. Oh, a man climbs a rope in India to prove that there is a Devil god, and they can't see him, then he comes down the rope, but what good does that do. When you open the eyes of the blind, or raise the dead there is something to that. The Devil never had an original idea that was any good. He said unto Jesus:---'Look here, if you want to prove that you are God then take these stones and make them into bread. Well, that would still be a trick--see. but when it comes to doing anything for people, as long as he is a Devil he cannot do it. When he becomes once more an Archangel then he can. When he gets back to his status he will be of some use to us. He was a pretty good servant at one time, he was at the top of the list for our family, but he is not much use at the present time.

QUESTION:----Can you tell us what is supposed to happen the first of May?

ANSWER:-----Well April is passed--ha--but we are moving into a bunch of measures--in the coming months, and by the end of May you have a heavy conjunction until the fifth of June, this could be earthquake cycles, it is a heavy fault system. These quakes that are hitting right now are on the line. The one which hit Seattle, I told them about it about a week before that, this is for the Andes and north, but the alignment was about three days long and I told them that it would be further north. Then another on top of it, and it hit on both ends so our faults here were kind of relieved. The coastal plains readjust protruding shelves you know, and there is coming in the not to distant future an earthquake of unprecedented proportions. I would hate to say it is coming on the 30th., of May but it could. I know that is also economical, political and I know it is military, and that it involves a squaring with Mars, and that Saturn is involved, as is Mercury and Uranus is also in the picture so the economy, and natural signs under Neptune all these are the biggest single dates for 1965. But I have not picked up the absolute insurance that it will be an earthquake of unprecedented proportions for this date. The measures are just as good as when some have hit, but there is more to it than this, we only tell you that it has earthquake potentials. Also low atmospheric measures are included. I would say from Mexico south is the stronger cycle, but it is about 600 miles wide from the Andes to the Aleutians.

I want to tell you something, if someone gave me a piece of the coast, and I had to live on it, I wouldn't take it, but I would sell it to some Schmoes.

QUESTION:----You think this part of the coast is going to go?

ANSWER:----Yes there is no question of that, but there will be hard ribs and areas that won't go. I look at that area and it is getting more black and pagan, more Cainanite everyday. It is just one pagan and Cainanite area all the way to the coast. The headquarters of evil is in that area. You are told---come out of her oh, my people--if you dwell with Babylon you also will get hurt. If you dwell with Babylon and work with Babylon you will get hurt. If you stayed in Sodom and Gomorrah they would have been consumed. That didn't mean that he would have been tortured for ever and ever if he had died. I don't believe that silly story about Lots Wife turning to a pillar of salt either--I don't believe that at all, I think that story was concocted and put in there. Someone said:--you don't believe in miracles? Yes, I believe in miracles but I don't believe in that one, because I don't find any trace of that in any of the early editions. They take you down there and say:--This is Lots wife, well if she was big enough to make that big pile of salt, and it has lasted all this time then she was a monster. Besides God knew that if you told woman not to look back she would have to take a little peak. Do you mean that you think no one else looked back to see it burn? The looking back meant the desire to return into the things of evil--see. This other is just curiosity, and most theologians have found that is existed in later texts and not in the earlier ones. So when anything comes along in later texts and not in the earlier ones then I am skeptical.

QUESTION:----Well what about this being caught up in the Clouds?

ANSWER:-----Well if you are talking about this in the book of Thessalonians where it says; 'Ye who remain shall not hinder those who are asleep---etc--then this is referring to those in Christ'--those whose bodies might still be in the ground, and they shall be 'changed in a twinkling of the eye'--this is all true. But this idea that we are to be caught up in the clouds and so shall we ever be with the LORD--the word is Atmos, and the original says we shall be transformed--resurrected--restored in our atmospheric breathing bodies--in the element of our being--see.

Now; the original text is that a change transpires in the element of our being, and that transition takes place where when HE returns, when we are in our physical bodies--not as tho caught up by a magnet in space. This is a differential from spiritual bodies, these are air breathing bodies made up of substance, and breathing air, and this is what is meant here. The word is prepositional--as it is in Latin, and in--add to--from--it--all these are the same words. So by this same token, being caught up into the clouds--as long as they used the word clouds--this is how they translated it. But the word is Pneumos, so we are changed in a moment in the twinkling of an eye, in our atmospheric air breathing bodies, and so shall we be forever like as unto our LORD--In otherwords Immortal--unable to die. This is what the Apostle Paul said, he was also talking about this,---'I know that if this physical body were to disintegrate or die that I have another tabernacle, or mansion not made with hands'. So--if my body were to die my consciousness would dwell in my spiritual tabernacle not made by hands, but also begotten of God. Then he said:--but I don't want to die I just want to put on my Celestial House, or my Light and my Glory. In otherwords before the fall of our race, our physical bodies were wrapped with Celestial Glory of the Spiritual body, and it was totally impossible for a man to die. But it kept itself in perfect balance, nothing could injure or destroy it, but when Adam and Eve cohabited with the darkness then the enveloping light and Glory went off of the physical body, and now it was subject to death. For the process of aging was now started. Not as we now know it, but it has stepped up---but the process was clear. We lost our Glory and our Light. In the early books of Adam and Eve it talks about how Adam and Eve were surrounded by radiance and Glory and that the people who served Lucifer, and his own offspring, those fallen beings said that the brightness of Adam and Eve blinded them and they cried out to Lucifer to do something about it. He said:--'I will dampen that Light, If I can take that light away then we will destroy the Kingdom.' So by the seduction of Eve--since nothing spiritual could cohabit with something which had fallen--therefore then it was only a physical impact, and it effected the soul consciousness and quality for our race.

Now; the seat of Light still there, and in time---"Arise and Shine thy Light has come, and the Glory of God has risen upon thee".--See--it was there all the time, it is inside, so we still have it. But the fact remains when it envelopes us once more then what Paul was talking about will be accomplished. He said:---'I don't want to die, I just want to put on my light, my Celestial House, for when I am wrapped in Light I will never die.' This is what Paul wanted to do, but he also said:--'If I die then absent from this body is to be present with the LORD'--but better to stay and work for the Kingdom.

As far as the Rapture is concerned there is no such word in the scriptures. In other words there is no place in the Greek or anywhere else where this word Rapture occurs. The word--translation is also not there either, the word Translation is like the word--Transfigured or transformed. When Christ was on the mount of transfiguration, when the light came out of the Celestial plain--crossed over to envelope HIM for this moment then he was radiant with his glory. The disciples saw HIM, they beheld all this beauty, this light. And this is the only thing He as the man Christ Jesus missed, for HE said that he missed this Light and Glory he had before he was born into this physical world. He said:--as a man--Oh that I might have the Glory which was i Me before the world was framed. As a man this was the only thing he prayed for and longed for, the only thing he missed.

Now; Jesus could not have retained this glory during his ministry or they never could have crucified HIM. He had to leave off this Glory until he conquered death, by first tasting it for every man--and it says that HE took a body like that of his kinsmen. Since the Children of God were here in bodies of flesh without their light, he also took on a body just like they had. For one moment on the Mount of Transfiguration he took back His light. But he took on a body just like you have, for his purpose. So also this translation is the same things as when we put on the Light, we are thus transfigured from across---forever.

In otherwords when Christ comes back he can carry all the Glory He wants to, he doesn't come back to Die, thus we who remain, in a moment of our being, in these atmospheric breathing bodies.

And so shall be ever with the LORD--Some people have a great big marriage supper--a table set with turkey and all kinds of eats--while down here we will be having a hell of a time, because the Anti-Christ is going to take over, and it will be terrible. Everyone will be tortured, everything will be real bad down here, while those people will be sitting around that great big table eating turkey for 3 1\2 years, and saying:--see what you missed because you weren't good enough.

I am going to tell you that this is just Jim-crack which some preachers put together. A real fin fellow named Larkin drew up some charts, and a good old fellow in the days of Moody named Blackstone wrote:---"Jesus is coming"--I have this book. And then they started to put this story together--this theory, and they made charts, this was what was going to happen, here, and here, but they couldn't decide whether they would be gone 7 years or 3 1\2 years--see--but they were going to be up there at the Marriage supper of the Lamb. But--Israel--the Race--is the bride. He said:--"I am married to Israel"--and I am one God. They were trying to set up a whole conglomerated here with God the Father married to Israel in the old testament--those were one people, then here is another people, the church--and they are a different people, and Jesus is supposed to be married to the church--in their charts. Then they left the Holy Spirit out because they didn't quite know what to do with these people. This is a fantastic theology because God is ONE--"Hear O Israel YAHWEH thy God is ONE" Not three gods--ONE--Jesus said:--"He who hath seen me hath seen the Father--I and the father are one".---"Have you been with me so long Philip and then say show us the father?"--What more do you want, this is all there is of God. "Before Abraham I AM"--I gave the law. The Apostle Paul said:--"All things were made by HIM--by HIM was not anything made. He was before all things, and by HIM all things consist. So the Father didn't have a place to hang his hat--Jesus was before the Father?--So if the son is older than the Father so who is the father?--see. In other words, spirit, soul, and body, the manifestation of Jesus is ONE. We do not have all these problems theology has when they produce these stories. For John also was told:--Come hither and I will show you the Lamb's wife, and he showed me the New Order of the Ages, coming down from God through Adam, through out all ages. Form Adam to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob getting bigger, and bigger, then he showed him the city with the 12 gates and the names of the Children of Israel were on the gates. All the people of Israel thus make up the bride, everyone of the 12 tribes is an Israelite, a true Christian is an Israelite--the 12 tribes of Israel--this is the bride of the Lamb, this is also the wife. So the Christians better wake up as to their identity because unless they wake up to their identity they don't have any part nor lot in this new order, none at all, or in the new Jerusalem. You don't have spirit over here, and soul over there, and body over here, this is a fallacy. You are made in the image of God, and if any of you start walking out of here in three parts then we will all leave.

QUESTION:----What do the Lutherans mean by Faith, they say that the way to God is through Faith--if any man comes to God it is by Faith.

ANSWER:-----Actually they are saying--Faith is the entity of believing in God. And if you have Faith you just move on it--see? In other words Faith is the substance of things hoped for, it is the evidence of things not seen. There is a lot of things which you believe, and yet have not seen by the eye, but the evidence is a strong developer of spiritual knowledge inside of you. A conscious discernment, a divine area of Grace. There is given to every man an area of Grace, to every man a measure of Faith, therefore Faith is the evidence of your ability to feel and believe things which haven't happened yet, which haven't actually been beheld as yet, but you know it is going to come to pass. Abraham sat there and God said:---I am going to take this boy Isaac and increase his numbers until he is a great nation and a company of nations, and kings are going to come of him. I am going to build a kingdom out of him, the new Order of the Ages is to come out of him. Abraham just set there and thought about the rascals, and how his enemies were multiplying and increasing and spreading out. But his eyes of vision were opened up and he saw his people migrating, battling, struggling and developing. He saw the great nations of Germany, of America, of Britain, Norway and Sweden and so forth, and he just sat there and thanked God. Abraham knew this, he saw this, he believed this, and this is Faith. And because Abraham believed God then we are told that this Faith is counted as Righteousness, God imputed his own righteousness. And the things that God as YAHSHUA was experiencing was his belief, there are some things that even God could experience. Oh, you say, but God knows everything, he knows the end from the beginning, and we are just running on the time track of Destiny, he has already seen these things, and even John traveled there on his consciousness. Yes--but having it happen, in other words as it happened God receive the experience of having it happen. The love of his children, you can call this emotion, but God can feel this. the perception of God can know it will happen, but to experience it is the happening of it. You know, it is Faith which keeps us on the go--go--go. Because if you did not have any you would think you were licked every time, you were outnumbered. Now when you see a great crowd coming you say:--lets surround them. Otherwise you will think they are going to capture us, so lets think--surround them even tho we are outnumbered ten to one.

In other words the kingdom operates on an energy dynamics which is the ability to perceive what is in the mind of God, feel it, and function with it, even help it come to pass--this is called Faith. Now; there is a fellow who sits over here and he says:--I believe but he wants to run and hide every few minutes. He doesn't want to get out in front, he just wants to hide. He may have some faith, but he isn't using it.

Now;-- James was a pretty good fellow--actually a lot of people find fault because you have Eternal Life by the Gift of God, the works of God, but then everything comes from the spirit anyway--but James said:--You show me thy Faith without works, and I will show you My Faith with works, for Faith without works is dead--see. Well--anytime you don't have evidence that you have any Faith by performance you can't prove you have anything. If you can't prove to me by performance that you have something, you never do anything with it, you never use it, then I wonder. Someone says:--I know how to make a million dollars, and then he never tries, then I don't believe he really knows. Someone said: I have an idea how to revolutionize the whole automobile industry, but never does anything about it, well he just has an inkling about it, he doesn't have an idea, if he did he would do something. In other words some people talk about the fact that people know how to do good, and they do it not--see. Well, to a certain degree, when a person perceives to a limited degree God's Grace, when he comes to understand the Covenants of God, and begins to believe on them, and realizes what the benefits are, he obeys God and goes into this to do what HE wants him to do. In other words, we don't serve the law because we fear it, we serve it because we desire it. If we violate it we get punished by it but most people when they discover the value of the law of God, then they keep it. This is what we call conversion, it converts the mind from error to truth, from Light to darkness, from faithless to faith. Jesus said:--I came into the world not to condemn but to save--to save it from what? To save it from sin, or error, transgression, or to take it out of sin and give it good. In other words God did not come down here to hurt anything, he came down to put the Devil in his corner, but he isn't going to leave him a Devil. He is going to make him Lucifer the Archangel once more. The Devil or Satan is what he became, but God said:--I will put him in order once again.

But you have learned a lot out of this experience, you would never have been able to appreciate Grace and Goodness, if these things had not happened. But we may have to figure on that one for a while.

QUESTION:----So what was Moses doing--in Deuteronomy, when he was telling them what not to eat--certain animals and so forth?

ANSWER:-----He was trying to give you good health laws, because most of the things he told you not to eat had fat at a melting point so much higher than the temperature of the human body. Then some of these meats are succulent meats, and all of the matter, the drainings, the Uric acid and these things drain through the meat, and come out of puss holes on the hoofs like on the swine. These points drain throughout out the meat. We mentioned this a week ago--swine is a cancer carrier, and something which exists in swine flesh will--when you eat it, give a positive reaction to any laboratory test made on you. It will show a positive cancer test on you even if you do not have it. In other words it is just one of those things, but cancer is almost unknown among non-pork eating people. There are other things you can get cancer from, like coal tars, and other patterns but that is just one of them. There were a lot of things not fit to eat in the old land, the little streams were almost like ocean sewers, so a lot of things from them were not fit to eat, where as maybe the ocean condition would be different. But there are foods not digestible, not in chemical balance, so not for the best digestive results, so God just said:--don't eat those things. I give you this source of things so you will know. I give you the law so you do not have to learn by trial and error, you perceive this so you obey--it is good for you.

Now; you don't have to do this, you can go out and eat anything you want to and get sick, or die, but if you obey the laws of God then you will be healthier. There are some things which some people have included in these laws which were not there, but this doesn't mean they are good, bad or indifferent, so let no man judge you on what you eat or drink but in all things give thanks. But I will say that if you keep the law of God not because you think you must, but because you think God is smarter than you then you will be healthy, and will find this the smart thing to do. This is the key to long life, as well as spiritual and mental peace. You can fight the enemy all your life, and still be a peace.

QUESTION:----What is this new Age Bible?

ANSWER:-----You mean the one the Jehovah Witnesses have--its a green one? I have one here--Rutherford put it out, and now they are called--"Watchtower Association"--well it is not to bad, but it is just another translation, not to accurate in some areas. It isn't a new Bible it is just another translation.

QUESTION:----They said--get this new Bible and then you can understand our literature.

ANSWER:-----Well sure--that is how they keep that thing going--sell the literature. Lots of them never read the Bible, just the literature.

QUESTION:----You mean the Bible they did have was no good?

ANSWER:-----Oh, no they don't say that. Jehovah Witnesses are pretty sharp--old Judge Rutherford was pretty sharp, but by translating this new translation and with the help of footnotes they just keep you right in their own corner. Actually they should have translated one about 20 or maybe 40 years ago and eliminated all these areas that people get trapped in then everybody would believe as we do. This is why these various outfits bring out these various translations. I have about 27 different translations here.

The other day I was listening to a fellow and he was quoting--so he said--Hebrew. He was reading this Hebrew and telling what it said, and was reading Greek and telling what it said, and if I didn't know where he was I wouldn't have know what he was talking about, but what he thought was Hebrew wasn't Hebrew, and what he thought was Greek wasn't Greek. So all he was doing was trying to pronounce some words which he thought he knew. In his own profession he might have been a whiz, but in this he was wrong--see. But actually it isn't important, these guys are just leaning on each other.

QUESTION:----I just wondered because I keep hearing this.

ANSWER:-----There is a Standard Version, A Revised Version and now the Jews are getting out another one. They are going to take out the fact that the Jews betrayed Jesus, and that they are of their father the devil. Every thing Jesus said about the Jews is to be taken out, and they are then going to try to squeeze the negro in---I don't know how but it is be a New Bible.

QUESTION:----Is it possible that Peter was the first Pope?

ANSWER:-----Frankly he was not. He was not the first Bishop of Rome, but the Apostle Peter did come down from Britain and became the first Bishop of Rome AT THAT TIME, and was crucified head down at Rome, but no he was not the first Pope, in that he was not the first father in the church of Rome. But he was the first one that Christ gave sort of an Apostolic Bishopric to because he said:--"Thou art Peter the Little Rock"--see.


Some people thought he was going to build it on the little rock--Peter--but it was built on the Big Rock. But he did say to Peter that he would give him the Shepherds Staff. He did this because John never died--I don't want to get into this tonite--but John never left the earth. He will be here until the very last climax--see. Jesus said:--some of you standing here shall not taste death until you see the Son of Man coming in Glory, in the Kingdom. And then everyone was dead but john, and no one knows what happened to John, and I can show you in my library where John was seen wandering over Asia and Europe, He was called Prestor (Priest) John, and I can show you in my library where he set up churches, and communities. I can show you where he was in Asia Minor, and on the rim of the world. I think we have seen him also. I think he was in church here ten years ago. Anyway remember that Peter was very curious as Jesus gave assignments to the various Apostles and Jesus told Peter to feed his sheep. If you go into some of the old texts it says that Peter was to take the shepherds staff. And Peter was thus to take the position of leader of the Sheep after Christ ascended into the Heavens, and this would be an Apostolic Bishopric to pass down through the church among the Apostles, and this is the way they understood it.

But Peter kept asking concerning John--"What is this man going to do" and Jesus said:--Do you love me more than all others? And Peter said:--"you know that I do", so Jesus said:--"Feed my sheep". Then he asked Peter the third time:--"Loveth thou me?" and Peter replied:--"you know I love thee". So Jesus said:--alright then 'Feed my sheep'. This was his order that Peter become the shepherd of the Sheep. Jesus remember had said:--'I am the shepherd of the sheep--I came to the Lost Sheep--I call my sheep by name, I lead them out,' so by this passage it was assumed that Peter was given the Apostolic power over the church. But then Rome had an interpretation that Peter was the first Pope. I happen to have a list of the Apostles and Bishops of Rome. The church--the true one was started in the Catacombs and Peter was then still in Britain. Peter went from Britain to Jerusalem on the ships of Joseph of Arimathea, and then he went from Jerusalem to Rome as he decided he should go to Rome. And we find in the writings of the Early church fathers that since they were persecuting the Christians at Rome, were putting them to death, that maybe it would be better for Peter to stay alive, and go on back through Central Europe talking to the people. He knew where Israel was, that they were the strangers scattered abroad, so maybe he should go back that way to Britain. But he was stopped on the way--He saw a great Light--and HE said:--'Peter I appoint you to go to Rome, and be Bishop of my church.' This was written about by the early Church fathers, and it is from this word that--'Quo Vadus' comes--"Whither goeth Peter"--go on back there, be the Bishop of Rome. So Peter went back and became the leader of the church--In the Catacombs' at that time, when the Jews were trying to get the demented Caesar to destroy this church. Then they took Peter and crucified him hanging head down. But Peter had been a very powerful Apostolic Bishop. His faith had grown through those things he had experienced after the resurrection. There was no voice among the Apostles any stronger than Peters concerning what he saw. After the death of Peter the Apostolic mission continued right on down. I have a list of every single one of the major Bishops of the Church--then when Constantine came along he conquered Rome and joined himself to the church and made that promise--that as he conquered he would lift up that sign of the cross. And then he just emancipated all Christians from persecution, and now of course the church in Rome was in a high position of power because the Emperor was a member. In fact by now Jews finding they could not destroy the church joined it. They then elevated the Emperor to chief Bishop of the church and started the Pontifical orders by this procedure. So they say Peter was the first Pope, but he wasn't because they did not have the Popery at that time, but Peter was assigned as the Shepherd of the Church all over the country. But the first Pope of Rome was way up in the days of Constantine--years later. The early church set up a chief Bishop, but Popes came after. As far as Rome is concerned, the Roman church goes back to the disciples, but so also does the church in Britain.

Now; every minister I know, outside os some self starters have Apostolic succession because every minister was ordained by someone who was ordained by some one, and when you get through they all came out of the original Apostles, and they have been ordaining them ever since. You take for instance Martin Luther, he was ordained in the Catholic church but he ordained hundreds of Lutheran ministers, and they have been ordaining Clergy every since. The Episcople ministers came out of the abbetry of Britain and then out of the Episcople came Methodism and out of Calvin who came out of the Dutch reformed--out of Lutheranism. And get on down to ministers of today, everybody has been ordained by somebody. I have been ordained by the Methodist, by Kingdom Clergy and ordained by Baptists so that's a pretty good circuit. I mean if one of them didn't have the line then the other one did so you haven't missed anything. The fact is that those he called are the Levi because HE scattered Levi through out all the tribes, he call them. There are lots of Levitical sons who do not move into the ministry but those HE CALLED are out of the Levi, because this is what HE said from the beginning, and He never changed it. You can be a Levi in Judah, or in Joseph, Levi was in all the tribes--he was one of the 12 but he was also scattered through out all the twelve, TO BE MINISTERS FOREVER.

QUESTION:----How do you know that you are called?

ANSWER:-----Well, does it work? Like Samuel--he went out and said Eli did you call me? Eli said:--No I didn't call you, go back to bed. But Samuel knew that someone called, he came out again and said:--Eli I heard you call'. But Eli said: no--go back to bed and next time someone calls you say:--"Here I am YAHWEH--send me. Or what do you want LORD--I hear you".

Now; everyone does not get this same call, but they know that someone called, and you get an impelling push so that you cannot slow down. I am also going to tell you this--every time a big Evangelist comes along about 50% of the little guys of the church think they are called to be Evangelists, it looks glamorous for a moment, then as they get older other things come along that are just as glamorous. We have preachers who just decided it would be a good profession also. They went to college to be a preacher, they came out of college knowing less than when they went in, they are social workers, they run a good, nice club down here on the corner, but they don't know anything about the spirit because they didn't get the picture image that the spirit gives in picture form. What the spirit does is erect ideas in picture form. If you don't see this as motivated scene in fact everyone of you sees in pictures. If you don't see in pictures, then tell me how do you see? In other words you erect ideas of thought in pictures, you electronically lay them down. It is like a T.V. screen if you think you are seeing in black and white you are crazy. When people are in the nut house, and they see in black and white or grey they know they are mentally unbalanced---well when you see a picture you see in color, the grass is green and things stand out in your mind. So vision comes like this in pictures, and more, the more it is the better it is, and if it is 3 dimensional that is a good 'calling'.

Seriously it is the ability to see things clearly and true--some ministers never receive the gift of prophecy. It is hard to tell with some whether they have been 'called' but I will say this--if God calls a minister he gives him something to say. If he can't transfer the things God wants to say to other people then that is not a minister. He may be a teacher, but he hasn't been 'called' to be the minister of--"The Church"

QUESTION:----Some of the ministers of Identity say that Christ Jesus came to them and told them to be minister--is this true?

ANSWER:----Well, now who am I to say what might be true for someone else? I have seen lots of things, they may not see things like I do. Jesus didn't walk up to me and take me by the hand and say:--I want you to preach.---If they experienced that--I didn't. However I have seen Christ, and He didn't tell me to do this or to do that. In other words there are areas of experience that you don't talk about. Everyone has to live unto himself as God deals with them. I am not going to say that every man sees--every 'called' man becomes a professional, as does men in all professions. And we have a lot of men who are professional who are not called to preach, but they are pretty good story tellers--see? If he quit talking to Me I would be worried. But HE isn't going to tell some one clear across the country to come clear out here and tell me something.

A fellow came and told me---the LORD told me to come out here and take over your church, and you go out in the field--they do this all the time--ever once in a while they come and tell me this. So I tell them:--Well if the LORD told you this, then we will see what he told me. They say:--but maybe you aren't in the right place to produce.--Well, if I'm not then forget it see. There are a lot of people who come saying:--The LORD told me to tell you.

Now; remember that they tell you that the LORD told them to tell you--that you are to be their minister, you just take it for a grain of slat. Not that they aren't well intentioned, but there's a lot of people who are trying to use God to run every ones lives.---see---This hurts the Churches, in the choir this is always a factor, Choir directors sometimes think they are the LORD'S boy. When I was a boy the Choir director was the bell wringer of the church and always had more discernment on who was supposed to sing what---.

QUESTION:----These dark flying ships you see--what are they?

ANSWER:-----Well, it depends on what they are in front of--what is the background behind them--I couldn't begin to tell you what they are. But I will say that there are three things moving around the earth now. Some of them are the most advanced craft ever made, ever flown in the heavens, and they are not only fast rocket ships, but we have ships now in experimental operation that are a terrific piece of equipment. Then there is no doubt that there is an unprecedented number of space craft circling the earth, and moving through our solar system, all around our atmosphere, and sometimes they are in the same dimension as we are and we can see them. There are some of them that can be photographed, and some of them you can't see. But they are moving across Radar screens, so solid that they can be recorded on a rad screen as they pick up the bounce and follow them, so its there even though you don't see them. Then there are ships that are earth bound, or at least solar system bound that are Luciferian. And I would imagine they would be black. But the ships under Michael are already moving around and they aren't necessarily black. When you pick them up in space at night they are generally shimmering, and very bright. Some of them carry their own radiation--of this there is no doubt.

I am inclined to think that if they were black they probably aren't any good. There is a passage in revelation about this where God says he is going to bring a whole lot of those ships out from inside the earth, out for the end of them, outside the earth. It will be like a bottomless pit, they come out in great hoards. Well, they will have to be shot down but the hosts under the command of Michael will help so I am not worried about the enemy crafts for the hosts of YAHWEH will take care of them. I just don't want to miss any of it, but I will say this--every month of the year it is getting closer, and every month of the year there is more to see.

Once in a while we get to a point where electro-magnetic force are at pole terminals on our elliptic and sometimes it moves from one end to the other, or else you don't see to much moving for maybe 15 days. This happens, and then the only place you will see them is from the south east going north west. That is just for here, somewhere else it might be different.

QUESTION:----Can you tell us what Lieutenant Byrd had a chance to see?

ANSWER:-----Well I can't tell you that, but I can tell you that when he was in Antarctica he was looking for an entrance into the inner earth from the South pole.

QUESTION:----But I don't think that story is complete--

ANSWER:-----I have some of the records here of the minutes and diary of Lieutenant Byrd. I wouldn't want to get into that tonite for it would take an hour or more.

QUESTION:----Where did the use of the second name begin--in the Old Testament you rarely see it--the Jesus Christ of course is two names?

ANSWER:-----No--not al all--Jesus Christ is not his name, that is just descriptive--the word Jesus is an English word, he wasn't called Jesus Christ--HE was YAHSHUA---YAH is YAHWEH (God) and SHUA is--Savior or God Embodied--God as Messiah, God as Savior. "Thou shalt call his name YAHSHUA because he shall save his people." YAHWEH thus came as YAHSHUA and he shall save his people.

Thus when Paul wrote to the Greeks they were Israel, but they had changed in their language, and in their time of separation, they had some idolatry which had come back into their culture, but their highest God, the one who carried the big stick and ruled the heavens was Zeus---so all over the world the word YAH is positive--Yes--so YAHWEH--YAHSHUA and then later in 1300 A.D. came the word Jehovah.


(tape ran out)