05-06-64 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:...The Urim and Thummim are they for the church? Could you use them?

ANSWER:...No..No, they were for the High Priests only, and operated with immediate spiritual reaction. A King could only apply for an answer, and ask the High Priest to ask the question and use the Urim and Thummim, but Saul was not using it properly at that time and that was why it would not work. I don't want to get into the areas of occultism. However as far as spiritual forces are concerned this was a Divine operation. But Lucifer duplicates this kind of thing, and a Ouija Board that she mentioned is a Satanic operation, and it operates on a trilogy of function. It takes two people as a rule who catalyze their energies which are opposite and polarized, and then a familiar spirit moves the operation entirely. A Ouija Board should not be allowed in the home of Christians for it is a part of the function of Witchcraft. But as far as Saul was concerned, Saul just wasn't getting any answers. He was being liquidated as King and all these things were a part of the pattern of destiny, but this does not have anything to do with Eternal Life. Hasn't had anything to do with his destiny, he had accomplished his purpose. God wasn't defeated, disappointed or unhappy, even tho there are a lot of things people need to learn abut a situation like that. Saul was actually anointed to be King over Israel, and as long as he obeyed Divine Law, as long as he functioned in proper balance he accomplished his purpose. He had quite a temper, and was somewhat jealous of David which is understandable. But he was quite zealous to defeat the enemies of God, but was also subject to areas of irresponsibilities. I think in his decisions largely because he pleased and satisfied himself as King, and the more he used this power for himself, the more he did this. And as far as David is concerned, he was to replace Saul as King. Saul killed his thousands and David his 10,000...and yet when God was thru with Saul as King and had planned this thru his foreknowledge of this situation then things went according to the foreknowledge. But many people run around after being propagandized by flaming fires, terrible judgments, and perdition's, and when they know a man dies or commits suicide by falling on his sword, then they think he is headed for perdition. But there was not foundation for this belief at all. Saul was mentally sick, he was a casualty to a war to the enemies of the Kingdom. Many people would think nothing of a casualty involved in a war where the wound was physical, but the tremendous amounts of Satanic energies to try to upset a King of Israel were probably beyond anything we could evaluate. So every known temptation and pressure was brought upon Saul. In many things Saul failed, but in many things he was successful. And God who knew all about it before the foundation of the world was not surprised, and Saul was a part of the program of Israel's line and was anointed of the MOST HIGH, and in this instance this was just that the Wages of sin are death. This is something we have talked about in the past because the highest areas of revelation concerning reactions like this were given to Enoch and others like Paul. But these men were told that...a man does not sow in one field and reap in another. He reaps in the field he sows in. So if he sows error in the physical world, he reaps this in physical judgment. This doesn't mean that God is destroying his Celestial nature or consigning him to perdition. Saul was an Israelite, an Adamite, a son of God. Saul was a Holy Seed, and God never abandoned his seed. He hasn't abandoned His Universe either, and He isn't going to lose anything so He sure isn't going to lose Saul. In this instance as far as Saul is concerned, Saul's biggest casualty was in the end of his own reign, and the procedures of his defeat. What men sow they reap, or the structure of their society reaps. Collectively or individually they reap, but there is this fact..they still have to live with themselves. And torn between great pressures, and guilt complexes, and these patterns we can say that Saul made some bad decisions, and that he reaped what he sowed, and was a physical casualty. But don't worry about Saul, for as Michael brings his army back he will be riding not to far behind David, and yes MacArthur, so don't worry about it. All Israel will be saved as it is written, and this goes backward as well as forward, so that is the pattern.

QUESTION:...Who was this woman...called the Witch of Endor?

ANSWER:...This witch of Endor was a medium who was able to summon familiar spirits. There are many mediums today who can do this, we have watched the function of this, and we have also mentioned before that in this room are familiar spirits. If you could but see them you are surrounded by a great company of witnesses. The Witnesses which are interesting to us are out of Celestial Planes. They are related to you in many instances. And then in some instances they could be any part of Angelic hosts out of Celestial planes. The Celestial planes are a light dimension, in fact your spirit being which you already possess, is a Celestial being which you had before the foundation of the world. It is the Celestial Eternal spirit body, and is made up of particles of Light. God is Light and you were begotten in spirit (Light), when the world was framed, you were there. He tells Job about this:...'Tighten your belt and stand before me like a man. Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? And the morning stars sang together and the sons and daughters of God sang for joy when they saw this creation.' The word used here for sons and daughters is not Nephlim ...which is the word for Angels who did not keep their first estate. Genesis 6 is wrongly translated as sons of God, but should have never been allowed. The word Nephilim should have been translated fallen Angels and their immediate offspring. The Ancient words...demon and devil...come from this same thing. Devil is to turn away, the word Devos..Davoss..in Hinduism is all the same, it means to change, or alter course. So to turn away from the foundations of truth, and from the laws of God means that Lucifer is Davoss...or Devil, and his offspring, his own progeny are devils. The word Demon relates to his own spirit, or an embodied spirit, but most times they are disembodied spirits which obsess people, but are spirits of devils called demons because they no longer are embodied.

So under this instance in the Ancient 'Pillars of Enoch' rather than the regular Book of Enoch...it contains a great amount of knowledge concerning the order of the Heavens, and the Celestial. Also the Book of Seth contains quite a bit about Celestial orders. And when we talk about Angels who do not keep their first estate, this man in the sum pattern of the rebellion of Lucifer. Having filled up the sum total of knowledge and wisdom, he knew the law of creation. Thus in rebellion he mutated the Divine Law which produced changes and transitions, even as it related to the dimension of his being. He moved out of the Celestial plane and in disobedience took on the form which he had the power to do, but when he intermingled this form with the people of earth then this mutation produced Nephilim. So with Lucifer then were fallen Angels, or Devils, like Lukii and Amaraphal, and Beelzebub, and great numbers of them. In this instance then Lucifer him- self uses many forms of embodiment...Baal..Moloch and others, these were all names and embodiments of Luciferian mutated manifestations. Therefore in all of the races of the world, except the Adamic race...Lucifer over the thousands of years since the hours of his rebellion had not only set up a hierarchy of his own offspring, but had also placed in power Nephilistic forces who ruled over all the peoples of the earth. He had already wiped out whole races of which none any longer existed. The Asiatic race was of course there root stock race of the original creation...the Turogs. And when our race was placed here, then the seduction of Eve was Lucifer's major design in order to mutate this race, so as to take away from it the ability to carry out their responsibilities as sons and daughters of God in earth. Of course he overlooked the fact that The Father knew this from the beginning, and had laid all foundation and plans for a consummate atonement. And laid the laws of the purification of he womb and the re acceptance of the race line, and still preserved the Holy Seed so that out of Seth the Race line was to continue, and Adam could say:...'I have now begotten a man in my own image.' The Preservation of this Holy Seed is the theme of the entire Old Testament, and the foundation for the spiritual capacities of your race in the new. So these spirits of the Nephilim move in and out of the Netherworld, and various dimensions, but their physical embodiments know death just the same as the physical bodies of men under the fall. So in this instance many times spiritual forces have experienced and disembodied Satanic pressures. And many times they have been exercised by forces like Michael and Gabriel and others.

But the demons...not embodied also were sent forth out of the Netherworld. We were told of this in Ancient writings of Seth and in the Zohar, of how they obsessed men. This is of course quite obviously true because in the time of Jesus we have this obviously insane, wild man of Ger-ge-senes who when Jesus approached cried out:...the devil cried out...and the word is....dimension...'What have we to do with ye thou YAHSHUA embodied?' You King James version says:...Jesus of Nazareth, but they used the word YAHSHUA because the name of Jesus was not then around, for it is a derivative of the Greek Ya-Zeus. YAHSHUA TOLD THE DEMONS to hold their peace, and he cast the demons out of this man who was obsessed with them. The man was tossed about as tho with angry fits, but it was actually the demons in him turning and tossing him. As YAHSHUA tossed these demons out they begged Him to let them go into the swine. (Matthew 8) The reason probably for this was that they had been exorcised before this by Archangels, or by Spiritual powers, and they wanted to go into the swine so they could die a natural death. And they wanted to thus die so they could go back to Tartarus which is the Netherworld, or place of departed or fallen spirits. If they could do this they could go thru the cycles of return over 612 years, under the incarnate law of Satanic forces. You see the Luciferian forces reincarnate constantly...but the sons and daughters of God do not. We have one body, we are the children of the Resurrection, we have a Celestial body and a physical body but we do not find ourselves being re-embodied in more physical bodies.

But under negative law, Nephilistic law this is different. Just like Judas of Iscariot who was Satan's own son, in that his mother was a sorcerer, and he was a progeny of the Luciferian line. When he hung himself, it says:...he hung himself so he could get back to his own place which was Tartarus.

When we talk about this witch of Endor she could contact familiar spirits, and these familiar spirits had an old skilled adage which was used for centuries. This was one of the things explained to Enoch, and you found it also in the Zohar...that when familiar spirits appear they take upon themselves or simulate the form and appearance of some loved one being sought.

There is not too much being taught today as to the work of the Celestial beings in the Celestial planes. If we get into this it is a long involved subject. The sons and daughters of God from Celestial planes embodied only thru birth in the Adamic race...is why Adam was the physical issue of the MOST HIGH GOD. Where we are all Celestial children begotten of the Father. This is why God is Our Father after the spirit and we say Adam is our father after the flesh. This again in this sense, is the physical progeny of THE MOST HIGH GOD. You turn to the Book of Luke and you find that Seth was the Son of Adam who was the son of God. Adam was not a creation molded and made like a clay doll, and then had life blown into him. He was a begotten issue, the words Bara and Yatsar in Hebrew divide the difference between the begotten and a formed issue.

Now; God created, man....formed out of the elements of the earth, out of the synthesized same body operations. In other words Gods format for bodies and beings was in the Omniscience of His mind for ages. The Asiatics were in this format, but they were created and the breath of life was breathed in them, but still they were a creation. But the Adamic race of which you are a part were a begotten offspring, a Celestial issue in the beginning. We mentioned this as relative to cognition to areas of spiritual power. This is one of the great secrets of the spiritual power of the sons and daughters. This is one of the things they must relearn...as to who they are, and how they got here, and how they came. They must understand that that power belongs to them, that the Father has bestowed this power upon them, and wants them to use it. Has given them unlimited areas of functioning power. So they first must know who they are, they must perceive this, they must desire this power. They must reach out for it, and the function of it will then be clear.

Now:...As far as the children of God are concerned, the Adamic race is made up of the children of the Father...entirely...who have existed with the Father before the world was framed...existed for thousands and even millions of years in the planes of spirit. There isn't a person in this house who's spirit wasn't with the Father when He rolled forth this whole sidereal system. There up in the Yellowstone, there are millions of years portrayed, which show volcanic action over the ages. And the Radio Carbon patterns and the replacement patterns and the seed time and harvest patterns, the formation shown here is not scattered over the earth in what might be simultaneous running conditions, but all here in one place, showing a multitude of changing conditions of what happened, so we will give the geologist all the time he wants for this pattern. The fact remains that this had nothing to do with us because we existed, before all this was made. We were with the Father before this Solar System was put together. We were the children of the MOST HIGH GOD, we were begotten by the Father as his Celestial household, the continuity of spiritual function we may not in total remember, but it can be brought to your remembrance if we chose to call for it. The significant thing is that since we were begotten of the spirit, and we dwelt in the Universe, still out numbers did not exceed the numbers of the stellar creations because the ultimate embodiment of the sons and daughters of God must at least be a minimum of...at least one son and daughter for each Solar System which exists. Because HE said that his sons and his daughters would be as the sands of the seashore, or the stars of the heavens, and the stars of the heavens we now know are at least one thousand, two hundred and sixty trillion suns which are now photographically on the electronic scopes at Harvard. Prior to this we had about one-tenth of these photographically on lenses, and this is not the limit, this is just the limit of our ingenuity to record. But you see, this is just a part of the size of your Celestial family. There is no way to determine the antiquity of this, as long as we are within physical limits to totally have a background comparison, for numbers in this size. Otherwise when we involve ourselves, or think of earths population expanding to 3 billion people, we can't think even of this many. We can't think anything much larger than we have physical comparisons with. A sack full of sand doesn't do it for you because you can't get it separated in your mind. But if you see 60,000 people in a coliseum a 100,000 then from then on you could see that many in your mind and multiply them in multiples of that group. But the Celestial mind can think, and see what we are prone to miss in the physical. Thus when our race was placed here the Father had a desire, and it was HIS purpose, and he did exactly what he wanted to do. As he set up this creation he knew what would happen. He knew when Lucifer was driven to this Solar System by Michael...he knew what Lucifer would do...that he would take over the earth, and take over the Ancient people called the Turogs, that he would bring in the Negro. He knew that he would upset the whole balance of race and earth, and that this would probably be the most terrible place in all of God's Universe. And this was the exact crucible that he intended to put his sons and daughters in because...the very beginning of Luciferian resistance came because of Lucifer's refusal to acknowledge the family of God, the progeny of the spirit...which would be greater than he was. Thus his first question as he came before the council of the MOST HIGH...as we find as Enoch had brought to his remembrance as to what he said that the Father had declared in the antiquity of yesterday...was that Archangels had preceded the begetting of HIS offspring, and the Archangels ruled over His creation, thus when YAHWEH announced that His offspring were going to share in the administration of the Universe and sit with Him upon His throne...then Lucifer said:...I will not relate this, I will not carry this message, I will not tell it.

In other words in Lucifer's thinking, the children would be above Archangels and all other created minions, and Lucifer rebelled against this stated purpose. The other Angels stood together, but Lucifer rebelled, and the moment he chose this deviation course then all the processes of his functions would have to be in negation. Thus he mutated law for he knew how everything was put together. Everything exists in the pattern of law, and the law moves out of the essence of God's will, out of the multiple energies of His being. It holds the Universe together, it keeps all its functions together. The Celestial dimensions and planes are in light, and the light dimension is no less tangible than this, it is no less solid in its plane than this one is to us. It is only a matter of the cognition of the dimension in which you are in which is solidified for you at this individual time. We are in a dimension of nothing but particles of electricity, of protons, electrons, neutrons, nucleus, and so forth. And the thing which holds it together, the nuclear cement in it, is the Sovereign energy pattern of the pulse of Divine Will. That is why this pulse is the pulse of a life beat, the revolution beat of every substance which existed in the beginning.

There is not a point where you could say:...this is a beginning. There is a beginning to each creation and the changes he has made within it, but there has never been a beginning of the entity of Spirit, there has never been a beginning of His making, forming and establishing of material. In other words within this we have 3 energy planes. To understand any area of spiritual cognition it is important that we understand that Spirit, soul, and body are 3 dimensions. The Spirit is a light plane, and is composed of Light. It exists as dimensions of Light, its wave length, and its energies, its vibratory planes have their measures. We have learned in modern physics and under the patterns of science to register the light wave bands of visible light, or light which is subject in its reflection of color to video frequency. We have also discovered since we are the sons of God, and because we are inspired to accomplish the things HE wants us to work out, thus we designed and worked out the spectrograph by which we are able to analyze by light wave lengths, the impact of light wave lengths of the reflections of light, off of substance, which are electronic. Thus the physical Universe of things we call solid, like all the Universe is....electronic. It is made up of particles of electricity which are actually wave lengths in themselves. This is an electronic wave length which is a wave length itself, it differs from a light wave length. But as a light wave length bounces off any mass of these, once they become a molecular mass of a given substance, their wave lengths vibrated when light reflects upon it...then light reflects off it in a band. It absorbs everything but the wave length measure of its own band. We have learned today to therefore look at that color band and to pick out that color knowing what is accepted, and what rejected, and thus able to analyze by light reflections what a substance is made out of. So also we can take the light which breaks from a distant sun, and as it breaks thru our spectrum we can discover just how many elements it is comprised of. Whether there is any missing elements, for in this constant combustion all of these elements are reflecting under the light pattern...their energies. So it is we get a spectrographic analysis, but what does it determine for us? It determines that all the Universe everywhere is made out of these organizations of electronic particles. The physical house...this tabernacle..body we dwell in..solidified yes...solid only because of the Sovereignty of a WILL by which all things are held together. 'All things were made by HIM..without HIM was not anything made that was made.' All things consist because HE consists. And therefore as long as He exists they consist out of the sheer energy of HIS OWN WILL.

If the powers of darkness were by any process able to destroy the entity of GOD'S BEING the whole Universe they are in would fall apart, there wouldn't be anything left. In other words HE is the LAW. If the crucifixion had been successful as far as Lucifer is concerned, there wouldn't have been any earth for him to stand on. This is in itself is where there is a ...LIMIT..in the perception to perceive. We are told in I Corinthians that if Lucifer and those who fell with him could have perceived what was involved when they sought to crucify the LORD OF GLORY they never would have done it. In other words it would have been so deadly a catastrophe if they had succeeded that they wouldn't have gone as far as they did, they would not have taken a chance on it.

However the physical Universe is created and solidified in the areas of electronic patterns, so all we are accustomed to is not the change of the pattern, we are only accustomed to the erosion of the massed substance. And we see a creation made up of all these substances held together by the dynamics of the WILL OF THE FATHER, but it is a physical creation. We look out over it, we see the wind, the rain, all the elements erode it but basically not much change of the energies. It just releases its particles, chemical transitions take place, mountains move and rise and fall, pressures and alignments change the order of the Universe, but the substances are still here.

Now, in this instance again:...as to the spiritual children in the Celestial realm..life was real and tangible there as we have often cited. Maybe we should just for a minute reflect on the fact that the Apostle Paul couldn't tell whether in the spirit or in the body, when he made a trip into four dimensions of the Heavens. He traveled out thru the solar system, he was carried into the Pleaides, and he moved into two other planes of Celestial order, and back. Actually we know from the Apocalypse of Paul we know that Paul went into 7 heavens, but the Scripture in Corinthians only record four. But in all of this, Paul said:...Whether in the spirit or in the body I cannot tell. This is probably one of the most beautiful key Scriptures in the Bible. For it proves that your soul consciousness which is a dimension of thought can travel in any plane. This is an awareness of thought, this is different than the function of thinking. This is the awareness of being. The soul is aware that it exists. In other words the dimension of thought is the ability of the individual to travel by perception, forward, and backward in the areas of ideas, apart from the physical embodiment, or the celestial embodiment. You seated in there can travel back over all the experiences of your lifetime which you have stored with electronic memories around the tendrils of the brain. Or you could travel backward under the guidance of the spirit farther than this because the spirit can bring all things to your remembrance even to the hour when you were with the Father before the world was framed.

This could be stimulated until Jeremiah records this...as the Father activated the consciousness, and the Celestial mind which was in the Celestial light of the body of Jeremiah, made cognition with his soul consciousness, and Jeremiah said:...'I beheld, and the world was without form and void, and darkness was on the face of the deep.' And he reiterates what transpired in that cycle and period.

I am a complete believer that God inspired Moses to write the Pentateuch. And so Moses did write the Pentateuch even tho he wrote the Pentateuch 3600 to 3800 years after the event. Remember....Adam was driven out of the Garden 5400 B.C. I can establish this clearly with the proper chronology. Your Scofield chronologies will tell you that there is 1400 years of error under the Usher chronology which is true. Alright! 5400 years Adam was driven out of the Garden and then 1400 B.C., Moses was writing the Pentateuch. He is writing about events that happened 3000 years before, and people were fighting and arguing about what he said. And to cover what transpired which involved whole thousands of years of transition...he does this in 3 or 4 chapters. For example from the day...'In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth', up until the sixth chapter of Genesis when he tells of what caused the flood, he had covered millions of years. And then he takes the rest of the Book of Genesis and the next four Books to write about the 80 years of his own life time, and he did this because he had full cognition of this, and remembered most completely. But the spirit had brought to his remembrance the things it wanted him to know, and of course guided by solemn Destiny all the life of Moses, so that he might be trained, also by the Savants who were the carriers of the traditions. He was educated at ON by the White Priests of ON, the same place of course where Joseph found his wife. These Priests of ON were descendants of the House of Seth, and of course had gone down into Egypt in the days of Enoch and Job. In this instance they knew the background and could teach Moses, but when the Spirit wanted Moses to record, then he was to catch the picture. He sees that 'In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth' and he catches the picture of the catastrophes when the earth is 'without form and void.' Then you come over to the Book of Jeremiah into the fourth chapter and God wants to stimulate Jeremiah so he will give us a record. And he activates the Celestial consciousness and it brings to his soul consciousness the ability to remember. And the soul consciousness remembers thru the Celestial mind and thus Jeremiah says:..I beheld the world, and I saw this happen. But remember concerning this Holy Spirit which is again this area of cognition for you. Remember he said:...when this spirit of truth is come..(this Holy Spirit). The word is Paraclete and it doesn't mean another person of the Godhead or anything like that. This is a fantastic lot of phoney propaganda created by meddling from Rome into Protestantism. God is not a multiple, he is ONE being...spirit, soul and body..not 3 beings. And you...also are spirit, soul and body. So therefore the essence of the though perception of God is the idea that forms the wave length of his own mind. When he promised Israel that there would be a total restoration. Then in this instance remember that the Greek word...Paraclete ...which is translated Holy Spirit or comforter, is another erroneous pattern. Actually the Greek interpretation is that there is nothing as soothing to the irritation of the consciousness of the mind which is probing for knowledge than to have an answer. Therefore if men desire, or seek after something, or want to know something, until they are disturbed, the only thing which gives them serenity in their consciousness is...the answer. So the word Paraclete translated comforter meant the perception of the total truth. This gives a serenity to the spirit because this is the thing it desired to know, and now knows it! Jesus was speaking in Aramaic and the Greeks understood, and they translated this as Paraclete. They understood when Jesus said:...I will send unto your consciousness the clarity of the vision, or picture (Paraclete) of everything you want to know. I will bring all things to your remembrance. I will lead you to the knowledge of all truth.

Now;...when this perception power re-dawns on you, when this comes it will be the essence of HIS own mind. In other words Scripture says:...'I will come unto you'. And then when this comes it will bring all these things to your remembrance and lead you to the knowledge of all truth. It is quite obvious then...that before you can be brought to the knowledge of all truth, before all things can be brought to your remembrance, you had to be there!!! It wouldn't be remembrance unless it can be brought back. The knowledge of all truth means anything within the focal pattern of God's Will and Knowledge, which relates to the plan and purposes for the ages to come. If you know this...if you understand this then you can also be assured concerning tomorrow...because:...'Seek and ye shall find....knock and it shall be opened unto you....ask and I shall tell you.' It is just that simple, but if you want the answer you have to know who you are, and why you seek the answer, and whence it comes. You have to desire to hear, and have to desire to know, and to use it for the greater good of the whole purpose and plan of God's whole heavens. These are vital...many people want something, and they ask for information, and they grab the prayer phone, and they tell God, and then they hang up. They don't wait for an answer, they aren't still long enough to get an answer, they just talk a little and then off they go again. If you call me on the phone and you fire a question at me, and then hang up before you can get an answer, you don't know any more than before you called. The fact is that what God was telling you is that once they perceived this picture then they can draw in. And the Celestial consciousness could bring them to the knowledge of all truth. And all the time the Celestial brain had this truth. The Celestial brain has never forgotten anything, the spirit has never transgressed. There isn't a spirit of one single one of the offspring of God that has sinned. Because born of God cannot sin, for the seed remaineth in him. This is incorruptible, immutable, can you corrupt the incorruptible? Could that which is Holy be anything but Holy? That is the reason the aura of light went off Adam, and Eve. Eve first when Lucifer seduced her, and Adam when he took Lilith and violated Divine Law. The aura went off them that very moment...why? Be- cause that which was the Celestial spirit could not cohabit with the darkness. So there was no spiritual capacity to this mutation, it was only a physical capacity...under judgment. This is why no offspring of Adam could carry down the genealogy of the Adamic race until Seth was born. Now the womb was cleansed, this was acceptable to the Father, the measures of energies had brought their new catalyst and the Celestial seed could now continue down. We have descended from this line, and thus genealogies are very important. Lots of people say...oh, my it says in my Bible don't pay any attention to vain genealogies, that they aren't important. Well, they wouldn't be if you came from a Chinaman, or a Negro. If you came from a mixed up genealogy I don't care if there is even Royal blood in there, the only thing I am interested in concerning genealogies is:...are you the descendent of Adam of the House of Seth? Are you of the white race, are you interested in your racial self-respect, in the laws of God, in the preservation of the Holy Seed, and the development of the Kingdom? This is not vain genealogy, this is very important.

Now; we don't have any controversy altho I disagree with areas of their theology, but the Mormons are interested in genealogy because they feel they have a responsible service to fulfill the ordinances and sacraments that might not have been fulfilled by their brethren, or their ancestors while they were alive. And they know that there was certain ordinances given...way back...and this is true, for it was in the Zohar, that the responsibilities for the carrying out of ordinances which was done by Patriarchal men, and in their progeny as well would this be carried on. Therefore they feel that they can carry out ordinances which might have been overlooked by their ancestors. So in order that they might serve God, and to be sure that every thing is in type they follow thru on the genealogies, but this is not vain genealogies this is important to them. They are going right down Israel's seed line, and taking in all they could under this measure. But actually the Grace of God is sufficient for the patterns of ordinances to this hour, because he consummated and fulfilled them. But what I want to point out to you is that this is a vital factor that belongs to the sons and daughters of God. The Celestial body is exactly like this physical body in the Celestial plane. Someone said:...when do we get it? You already have it. You say but I can't see it...but it can sit on the same chair with this body because it is in a different dimension. Your soul is capable of residing in both dimensions. If you do not have a Celestial body today you would not be a son of God. You would not have been begotten of the Father, and you wouldn't have any spirit whatsoever. You would have a soul consciousness, and the spirit of the world, but you wouldn't have the spirit of God. This spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the sons and daughters of God. The Greek word...Tekon...is children, progeny, or offspring. Therefore how do we know? The spirit of God guides and leads even in areas we don't understand. Therefore 'They who are led by the spirit, they are the sons of God', so says the Apostle Paul. Romans Knowing this then, and knowing that thru out all the Universe as well as in this world...thru out all areas of the Universe, the Celestial planes are constant. For instance the Pleaides, the central portion of the Universe as we know it, and every single constellation which we see is moving in a fast orbit around the Pleaides but all are constant. There may be areas in sub Universes that are beyond our present perception that may be all in turn moving around something larger than the Pleaides, but as far as we understand and know the Pleaides is the center of the Universe. But it is just as physical as this world. There is still at that same place dimension upon dimension because Enoch went to the Pleaides and went into everyone of those seven planes while out there.

Now; we know this also that in each one of these planes, that Paul saw beings. The fact remains that the beings in Celestial planes are multiple. There are Archangels, there are Saraphims, there are Cherubs, there are Angels of the MOST HIGH GOD, but the word Angels are also Administering spirits, and administering spirits at least some of them are offspring or progeny. Sometimes this word Angel for Administering spirits is applied to some one of your race. And when it applies to Administering spirits not of your race, and in another plane, another word is used in the Ancient Aramaic and in the language of Enoch.

But in the dimensions before the throne in the heavenlies...before this throne people were coming and going from all over the Universe. As Enoch speaks of this he sees them traveling in vessels or crafts, and there are different descriptions of these crafts. Ezekiel saw one kind of craft, and in the Book of Zechariah you see another kind. And in the days of Elijah there was another kind of these vehicles, and these men tell about them. Tell about beholding these vehicles. But the one thing so important to you was that in this coming and going thru out the Universe was this household of God.

Now;...the words to Enoch were:...these are my children, they are thy kinsmen. And the Apostle Paul said:...who are these who come and go in their chariots of the sky? And Paul was told..these are my kinsmen, some of them have not as yet dwelt in earth in the flesh, and some of them will yet dwell in the flesh in the earth, even as thou hast. But these are my kinsmen..My sons. Thus Angels were pointed out to him in their orders. Now;...One of the silliest things in the world is another idea, some people get a bit of knowledge and they think they have all the answers. But they don't know very much about it, they haven't stopped to ask God, they just tell HIM. But they say:...Angels can't propagate because they don't have any sex or gender. What kind of a critter do you think they are, anyhow? Now that particular word calls to mind the aura or circle around the throne. In other words there is a circle around the throne of special administering Seraphim's and Cherubs that serve right around His Throne. These are a flaming honor guard which stay right around His Throne, who are perpetually the honor guard who are permitted to pass into HIS LIGHT, these do not propagate. This is that heaven which is referred to...that orb, and the only one...but these Angels do not propagate, because he is under the law of completion, and does not propagate because he serves the MOST HIGH. But when Lucifer rebelled, and no longer served the MOST HIGH, he no longer remained a Cherub and there wasn't anything Cherubic in his actions. Thus he didn't retain his first estate, but took upon himself a physical being. And Celestial beings can take upon themselves the wave length of electronic form, and its multiple particles. When it does, it takes a form like a human body. This is what Lucifer did and he intermingled as did the fallen Angels. In the Book of Jude we are told that this was the original transgression, they did not keep their first estate. And then they violated Divine Law, and mutated their species, and the results...Sodom and Gomorrah ...an example of their cities. Here they gave themselves over to fornication..going after strange flesh..mongrelization etc. Thus integration, mongrelization was Lucifer's trap...his plot to take over the Universe, and so it was also with our Race.

Now;...in this instance, someone says:...what did they do out there in Celestial planes? Well, in Celestial planes they do everything which is to be done. They eat, they travel, they sing, they see, there is architecture of magnificence. There is demonstration of perception in form, there is nothing in this physical Universe...in form that doesn't first exist in the Light form of Spirit. That is why the physical body is the expressed image of the Celestial body. The Man...Christ Jesus...His physical body was the express image of His Eternal Being..The Great Invisible God YAHWEH. Now this was still one entity, for you were told concerning Christ that 'By HIM was all things made, and without HIM was not anything made that was made.' There wasn't three different beings...Father, Son and Holy Spirit, because again the Holy Spirit they were getting is out of the cognition of the Celestial or Light Being of the Father which is...the ONE..the Eternal ONE..is simply energies out of HIS mind which set up these mind images. This is exactly the same as all his children can receive...and again the word in Greek is Paraclete. This is what he said he would send to bring all these things to remembrance.

Now;...this is a law of the spirit, and is a hard thing to define, according to your extreme interest in spiritual law...is the perception you gain. How much you will or will not get out of what I am talking about may be determined as to how much you desire to know. You may be bored to tears and want to go home, or even to talk about politics or something else. This is really true...you possess this knowledge, but to have it brought to your cognition, you must be desiring to know, and willing to perceive. Therefore I tell you this:...all spirit...every spirit in this room is in harmony with The Father...knows what is pulsing in the Fathers mind because it pulses in you. Every Spirit from the time it came into being as an entity of the Father can remember, and never forget anything it ever perceived. But when we violated Divine Law after being placed here in earth as the sons and daughters of God, we lost that cognition which gave us this total knowledge, and with it we lost an aura of a radiant Light which immunized every atom of our being, and made decomposition...breaking down, and un- balanced physically impossible. Thus our bodies became mortal because the aura which connected the Celestial and Physical was broken. But the ability of the sound consciousness to be guided by the Spirit was still within the prerogative of the Father. And the amount of this guidance would depend upon how much energy the Father catalyzed back into the field. He having to supply this Light energy field that we no longer had in sufficient strength. Every last one of the Adamic race has a radiance and emanation, an aura, there is such an aura around every being, each according to its pattern. This is the pulsing light factors which move around this mass of molecules and even bounces out at the light patterns of the spectrograph. But under its highest order this Celestial reaches an intensity which from the Celestial to the Physical give the physical body its immortality. The soul consciousness has perfect connection both with the Celestial and the pattern of the senses. Otherwise man moves in the physical body, and makes his decisions by the reason of the senses. And therefore out of the senses he gets his perceptions and his desires, and therefore there is nothing wrong with the patterns and the measures of living with in a physical environment. Of the desires which are involved in the natural processes of life, of food, and of these patterns, and even in the registration of emotions, all of this is just a part of the way God created man. But within this also was patterns of conduct, of ethics and morals, and standards. And therefore these must be graduated out of spiritual perception from whence they come. Since the laws of God come from God, this is the proper order of these things, they are of spiritual origin. And the spiritual maintenance of our responsibility toward this is called the conscience. Therefore this acts as a moderator in the body, against being led by desires which come thru the senses, which are normal and natural even when moved by temptation, or twisted by the pattern, and the spiritual balance maintains this. If it were not for this guidance, then the individual would live with utter abandon that you get out of pagan countries, and out of Satanic powers. The thing which makes our race different, makes our culture higher, makes our spiritual forces greater...is the spirit within us whether we are aware of it or not. And we hear them say:....the regenerated man.

Now:...just remember this:...all the functions which the Christian church has to offer, all the processes which have to operate in it is a restoration. It is reactivation of spiritual life. So to generate is to produce life, to regenerate is to reactivate life at that same level. Restoration means to give back...renewing of your mind is to bring back to your remembrance what you once knew. So you see there is not one single thing which you get in the course of the processes of the functions either in theology or the church, or in any of the patterns of existence which didn't belong to you before this. What is happening in this being...reactivated..regenerated is that God is restoring his sons and daughters to finish the task he put them in the earth to do which is:....conquer the enemy..rule..establish His race and His Kingdom. To put this rule over all the races which need this guidance and leadership for what will eventually be for their own good. What is going to happen in the ages to come...new creatures formed, and made out of them, additions to their conditions which are not now in their original creations...these are ultimate plans and ultimate purposes. But living for now and not remembering what the spirit can show you about tomorrow, or what it can show you about your relationship with yesterday, the Celestial planes...fill the Universe. As we have said before:..this could be a Celestial highway and never disturb the decorum of this room. Altho we are here in numbers, they might just be passing thru and not even be disturbed by our conversation.

However I can tell you this:...there exists at least one guardian spirit apart from your own Celestial being, for every last person in this room. More than this there is a catalyst that you possess. Many people think that when the physical body disintegrates by the process called death, from the multitude of many causes, and the spirit goes back into the dimension of spirit that the soul consciousness resident in that spirit has nothing to do ever again with anything which happens on the earth, because they are all thru with earth. They have this passage which comes out of Ecclesiastics that say:...'The dead when they die they do not know nothing at all.' But there isn't anyone in this room...I believe that not anyone here falls into this category. The LIVING when they die...and again the word in Hebrew was transition...the LIVING when they die...the spirit returns unto YAHWEH who gave it. This is what the Apostle Paul said:...'Absent from this body is to be present with the LORD.'

Actually there are a lot of fictitious doctrines which we get out of Asiatic theology, and get out of the impact of false religions, and one of them is that idea that when you die, you just sleep until sometime in the future. There is no cessation of consciousness activity on the part of the soul, as resident in the Celestial and in the physical. It knows it is there and it knows that it is here in the physical. In the meantime the restoration of what is essential in the areas of power out of the spirit is dependent upon the activation which God gives it, the catalization which it receives. The pattern of its measure and environment as God stimulates that desire. For if God does not stimulate the desire within the soul consciousness to search and to find, it will respond to its closed environment and move by the pattern of the senses.

We have within the structure of our struggle for the Kingdom, and in our opposition...many casualties. These are people who have filled their Mosaic nitch to this degree. They have absorbed a tremendous amount of the impact of conditions, environment, and patterns...of the world. They are not wayward spirits that God has lost, he knows who they are, he wrote their names in the Lamb's Book of Life before the foundation of the world. They are His offspring, and he has promised to restore them. In fact there is nothing which transpires which can destroy a son of God. His body may die as did Saul's but God is able to bring all things to fruition. He resurrects... don't ever forget that whenever you ask what is in the plan of God, you are going to finish it...no one is going to get out of this just because you think they are shirking right now. Maybe these people are all down here in some cafe slurping beer, and you think what good are they doing? Well, they are just sort of casualties, but still they are kinsmen, they still may have all the patterns of the Milk of Divine Love, and Human kindness, and would give the shirt off their backs to their neighbors, and they are their own worst enemy, but they are just temporarily negated. And you say:...what are they going to do? Well, just you be thankful that the spirit called you out and said:...'I call my sheep by name, I lead them out..I give them Eternal Life.' But that same spirit will move back only into the plane from whence it came. There is not one single spirit of the children of God that moves back into the Netherworld since the Resurrection. Lucifer has no power whatsoever beyond the areas of this physical dimension, and the troubling of the mind...no other power over the spirits of the son or daughter. The Father is determined that this child shall be resurrected, and shall finish their task. And don't ever forget that. A lot of people are going to be resurrected to SERVICE and others resurrected to RULING. Ultimately they will all conform to His own image. But they are still going to finish the task so don't worry about it.

Someone asked me what justice is it when you get a fellow who is taken over, and does all these things that some of these people do in Washington today? Well, some of these people are going to miss some of the areas of the 'Marriage Feast' which is the Great Day, when the Great Glory is manifested and the sons of SERVICE are elevated. Some of these people who they wanted to integrate with for so long. But they will go out into those areas, and they will learn a lot of things. Because by the time you close this cycle...the first cycle of administration, they will have come to fruition. This is another subject, it is also mentioned in Enoch, and it is in the Scripture, and it is in the Zohar.

Coming back to this pattern of perception, you have your loved ones, your grandfathers, and your great grandfathers. What happened when their spirits returned into the Celestial realm? Those spirits had free access in the plane of spirit. It might have come and gone wherever the Father sent for it or ordered it to go. But there is a catalyst of energies, and one of the things which does transpire...as these Celestial consciousness of the children of THE MOST HIGH, that have been born into earth, and dwelt in earth...when they go back into the dimension of spirit by the back door, which is death...their major responsibility is...until it is finished..is that 'The kingdoms of this world must become the Kingdoms of Our LORD AND HIS CHRIST.' Thus they become catalyzing forces of energy upon their progeny. Because of this you have little realization of how the awareness and the building up of spiritual catalyst of your forefathers acts as a driving force upon you. Remember that we have told you that you have inherited the total memory of all events in your genealogy clear back to Adam. This is in what we call chromatin, inside the genes in that particular set of genes which effects the brain and its tissue, and when that baby brain forms out of that early nucleus, and emerges out of the embryo then that brain has around it already layers of nasion electrons which are electronic memory...just like this tape is made in electronic memories. And every object of Mitosis, every pattern of cell division from the time of spermatogenesis took place in the radiating strains of cytoplasm...stripped the chromosomes and drew them to their poles. The determining book keeping factor was in the electronic memory, in one set of genes in that spermatogenesis that determined the splitting. Determined how many times in the process of mitosis, the splitting cell multiplication would take place... it was already determined by the electronic memory in that chromatin. And suddenly the mutation dropped a fiber and an organ starts to form. So instead of splitting down like direct cell division, and every cell being the same, it is no longer every cell being the same, this group is fulfilling its responsibility, and around it there is a light form, and this light form is a Celestial norm. And this norm is a pattern of law, and it is sheer energy, and it was also released by the chromatin where it had been retained for this moment. Now this determines therefore the form and in that factor still down in the mitosis of this seed pattern is the least common denominator the mean height of this individual between the selective gene measures of his father and his mother. This is the electronic memory and it actually determines just how much cell division will take place, when it will stop growing, and the height will be obtained. You have inherited this, you have carried this down with you. And since this is such a tremendous pattern of sheer 'Will' memory of sheer essence of the actual guiding control..then this is wisdom, knowledge, will and spirit. This is the essence of its being.

Now:...this all exists and this is why you are different, this is why the Negroes and the Asiatics are of different patterns. Their wave lengths of perception are different, even the capacities and the carrying ability of their nerves are different. Their reaction form their nerves to their areas of motor reflects. And because this is true then the greatest transgression a man can commit today is to mongrelize his blood. Because when he integrates, he does not in his offspring, belong to either specie, he has brought a mutation into being, and the results of violation of Divine Law which is the Luciferian catastrophe came into being. And this ends in destruction,...not for the man himself, but for the offspring. The sins of the father, we are told, descends now to the children of the 3 or 4 or 10 or beyond thru the generations.

Going back to this...this is why I tell you that you should understand this, for what sounds like a simple question is involved in this whole panorama. We have surrounding us a great cloud of witnesses. Since our mind is in the spirit we do not have to make an appeal to our forefathers who's spirits surround us, but they may be catalyzing the activities of those who may be coming and going. Our forefathers knew this through out the centuries, and they believe that their mighty powers may effect the weather, may effect the catalization of elements, and they may move out against sinister forces. Do you know that warfare is being carried on right now by our ancestral Celestial forces, and the hosts of the MOST HIGH against demonic powers that you cannot see? Against Luciferian forces which you cannot see? Actually a lot of your shielding is coming out of your own household. Let me show you this:...the affinity of your ancestral Celestial forces is more careful of you and the posterity than to others because this has been a connection that reaches back into the Eternities. This is why we say that your conduct will improve when you realize you are surrounded by so great a company of witnesses. It will also improve when you realize that in the knowing are those who are closest to you, and those who go back thru this line. They have a greater perception, and more understanding and evaluation than you have, or you would feel much worse than you do. The fact remains that in this catalyst of spirit therefore, we do not ask them. In other words when we ask, we ask that the Father connect the conscious remembrance, so that we know the perfect truth which is in His mind. The enemy does not have this connection anymore, since the Father provided no spiritual essence for the multiplication of fallen races, or rebellious peoples then this is why they go thru these cycles of return. (612 years) And they try when they want something...they try to pick out a dimension where they could see more clearly than they could in the flesh. So they went to mediums, and sorcerers and to Witchdoctors. In turn they called the familiar spirits which were the Nether spirits, and the Demons gave them guidance, or they got guidance from their familiar spirit to whom they were related, or...the fallen races appealed to demons for such guidance. This is an area of spiritism and the area of communion for them. Now:...the witch of Endor should not have been allowed to live as the Scripture tells us. You say:...surely you don't believe in witches? Oh, yes I think we have a lot of witches around. I wouldn't doubt but Eleanor (Roosevelt) had a bit of that in her, but we have witches, and what people don't understand is that sometimes a witch doesn't act like a witch, but goes around like an Angel of Light. And she likes to get a lot of people off on cloud nine, but never produces anything, this is witchcraft. Sometimes witchcraft is taken up by people on the wrong side of the fence be- cause of bad influences.

Now:...listen:...every spiritual truth, every great vital truth is usable, understandable, workable, and if it isn't...then my friends it is phoney.

Now:...while we go back to seek only that LIVING SPIRIT, which is the Mind of the FATHER which existed in all our ancestors in the spirit, and which they are even now trying to catalyze. You say:...isn't there such a thing as spiritualist who are Christian? Yes, they believe in Christ, in everything you believe in, and they are still trying to reach back to get an answer, not knowing the law of the spirit which doesn't make this necessary. So some of these people are not bad people, and they recognize Christ and the atonement. And then there is another area of spiritism which has made its invasion inside of the church. And people wonder what has happened to my Uncle Charley, so bring back my brother and so forth... and working mediums generally bring back something. I have watched this, I know who this functions, how it operates, and I know that negative mediums posing as the answer, can produce an image on the wall in front of you. I am not talking about the hokum or the phoney sheets, or the wires. I am talking about one tied in like the Witch of Endor. And what they summon up is a familiar spirit. And this familiar spirit in a celestial plane can have and does possess the Luciferian cognition of the image, and nature, and appearance of that person being called for. And they come up to falsely guide, and to influence, and to attract the attention, and to make an addict out of the person so they will go often to a negative spirit, and thus negate their influence. Lucifer uses this method to deceive, to guide and twist people. Don't think they don't get a familiar spirit when they call, and this was what the Witch of Endor was used to doing. Somehow Saul couldn't get thru to God, he was out of touch, he had become grossly materialistic enough to the fact that he wasn't getting spiritual guidance. The anointing couldn't come upon him, he couldn't get the intuitiveness of how to guide the battle. He had violated so many principles of law that God was about to replace him with David. It didn't matter whether he died of indigestion, or fell on a sword, Saul's time was up. If he hadn't fallen on that sword he wouldn't have lived one minute longer anyhow, because his time was up.

But the fact was that when he went to that Witch of Endor, he said:...I have been trying to get hold of Samuel. And you remember that Samuel was the one who had anointed Saul and David. So Saul said:...I want to get hold of Samuel. Nobody speaks to me, God doesn't speak to me, no prophet speaks to me, and I want Samuel. The Witch of Endor doesn't get a familiar spirit, and gets Samuel instead....she passes out. She had a tizzy because she wasn't used to this....see. But Samuel told off Saul, saying that it was to late for him, it was all over. But....this is the secret...when one understands this order of dominions and of spirit, and of form then one realizes that there is no reason for us to even attempt to make contact as such with loved ones, our own line, in order to get information, when you have the information already filled in. In other words your celestial consciousness can take direct guidance from the Father because the spirit which is in you has full cognition of what is in the mind of the Father, in the relative pattern of what has transpired, and is stimulated in all the things he purposes to do. But your soul does not perceive this unless--it seeks it and God catalyzes it. This is why he said this:---I will pour out my spirit upon my sons and my daughters, my old men and my young men. And when I pour out this wave length of catalyzing energy of the image of my consciousness, then they dream dreams, and they see in pictures, and they understand and know.(Joel 2)

Then Peter says:--this is that which is spoken of by the Prophet Joel. But this is not that which Joel was talking about because what Joel was talking about was the end of the age---our time. Because this would be an outpouring of energy which comes down like rain. But the only place it does any good is for the sons and daughters to receive. It is without measure. And at the end of the age all these things are to be brought back to our remembrance. We are to be catalyzed in our vision. And we will understand and know this is a part of God's purpose. When was this to happen? In the days of the atom bomb, and the nuclear explosions, the pillar of fire, and the umbrella of smoke. Then the enemy gathers about Jerusalem. But don't worry about the old Jerusalem. Think about the New Jerusalem because the New Jerusalem is a New Order spiritually and physically made up of the sons and daughters of God in the earth. And the gates to it are the 12 tribes of Israel. And you don't get in any other way. The old Historic spot (Old Jerusalem) belongs to us and we measure and we have interest in it because we can measure and can compute lots of patterns because of events and the surge around it. But against the most important thing that you can know is that you are a child of YAHWEH, and the spirit has to bear witness to this because here are a lot of people who don't know about it. A lot of Preachers will get up and fight about this. And they don't know or realize this great heritage. All these silly preachers at this very moment are back there helping Johnson pass this civil rights act,--going the way of the world order. They think like the world instead of having their mind renewed by the consciousness of the Spirit. Instead of the law of God it is the law of the world order which leads to catastrophe, destruction, race war, violence and trouble. The way of truth leads to administration, power, strength, government, peace and triumph.

The thing I want you to see is this. Many think that since these were Angelic host in the dimensions of spirit, that they couldn't propagate. Or any of these things. But these rebellious ones didn't keep their first estate. This is exactly as the scriptures tell you. They violated Divine Principals of law. And this is what God says they did. No matter what a nin-compoop preacher says. This is still what they did.

Now; the fact is that most all of the great and vital areas of truth are contained in the scripture. But because of doctrine and ecclesiasticism has effected translation of give it a form. Sometimes these things are obscured and we come out with some grotesque doctrine like God cut up into three pieces,--an old man, a young man, and a ghostly spirit all sitting upon thrones.--'three' thrones. And they get the idea that altho God filled the heavens and the earth, and he lived in a physical body, and he took this physical body with him into a Celestial plane, and he sent the directive of a quickening and awakened consciousness, and Pentecost was to catalyze this----"I come unto you"---they divide it up. I come unto you not only as I was with you in the earth as your YAHSHUA Messiah, but I come unto you in all the Fatherhood----. But translators make it as this--I and the Father--we come unto you. Then turn right around and say:--Christ in you the hope of glory---Lo I stand at the door and knock.

There is only One. For Jesus also said:--"He who has seen me has seen the Father--for I am the Father (Spirit)---thus ONE. Not two or three but ONE--spirit, soul, and body. And you, also one person, capable of living in Celestial or physical realms, capable of traveling forward or backward over millenniums of time in the seat of the consciousness, and not realizing that even in the seat of the consciousness in a physical world is a directivity of energy greater that we have ever applied. There is nothing within the world or heavens that the sons and daughters of God cannot do if they only apply themselves.. Jesus said:--Greater things than I have already done, "Ye will do when ye understand". This has been translated 'believe' because it was more fitting in the theological trend---'When ye believe'.--. But the fact is that I know thousands of people who believe but they haven't done greater things as yet. But if they perceived this key they would.

Now; greater things sometimes come in strange ways. As God starts to use and guide and catalyze your purpose, he directs you to that channel. And out of it comes something which becomes big--large---stupendous. He blesses the work of your hands because he set your hands to do it. You take this congregation of people. Do you realize how you have reached people with the tapes from your tithe, your offering, your faithfulness? You are reaching millions of people, and we are in the middle of this and we are watching. But how many congregations have reached so many people with such a simple process? (tapes) But God has to catalyze all this. But as you begin to move and things take on such a proportion you never know just what channel god is going to catalyze. There are multiple horizons ahead which will be developed by this people, and all the other sons of God as they start to move. And they are moving, And they are being catalyzed. And God is moving them. God holds together units just like the family started in the Celestial plane, and then had its function in cognition patterns and connections here. And then they are catalyzed around, and each is turned by the community as areas of guidance determining your response to areas of environment, and thus shuttle and move you and bring you together, for a purpose. And thus bring out what we call coincidence. When two things are brought together by Divine plan this is no coincidence. This didn't happen by mistake. It happened by timing. It was a foreknown thing to the Father before it took place. Thus it is that even in this room tonight, ---think of the long sequence of events that have been in your background which suddenly started to change, to alter, to direct your course, to bring you together.

Now; what is God catalyzing? He is catalyzing actually not only a household, but a number of households. But you have been in the catalyzation of directed activity, a part of celestial forces. You have been in the units of the past, brought together for purposes. In fact the Father sent you, directed you, and brought you together. Whenever the Father starts to assemble spiritual forces, this is why congregations, and spiritual movements have responsibilities put upon them, because God has gathered them and bought them together. And they are stronger than one. Four come together and they are not only twice as strong, but four times as strong. And it squares itself always in the catalyzation of spiritual power. This is a Divine plan. How far will it go? Until the whole Mosaic comes together and fills the whole earth. In this instance:--'Righteousness shall cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.' Why? Because of the increase of this Kingdom which shall have no end. Now; is there a small question before we take a big one?

QUESTION:---Lazarus--did he remember the spiritual when Jesus brought him back?

ANSWER:---Lazarus never forgot anything concerning the fact that he had gone into the netherworld, and came back out of it. Now, he was not carried back at that time beyond the time of death. In other words, he didn't tell them all the mysteries, the knowledge and wisdom he possessed which would have been even as to this nuclear age. He didn't do that. He did tell them that he had knowledge that he died and was resurrected. But did not tell them all the inherited, and buried, at this time, knowledge that he possessed. We have evidence that he told them this, both in the scriptures, and in the Gospel of Nicodemus. For instance:--For when the sons of Priest were raised, they told of all that had happened when they died and were raised. And they told of the conversations from the time when Christ was crucified. And when HE stormed the Netherworld. Such as:--'Open up ye everlasting gates. The King of Glory shall come in'."---"Who is at the gates?"---"The LORD strong and mighty."---"The LORD might in battle"--'Open up ye everlasting gates of iron and brass, for the KING OF GLORY shall come in."

Now; both of these men who had died knew of this deliverance. And when David heard this cry, and heard this dialogue between Beelzebub and YAHSHUA--this embodiment---Messiah----then he said:--'They were all shook in the Netherworld because there is a great cry outside the gates'--and he said:--'I hear these voices--I hear a great cry "Open up ye gates"-- which fulfills the prophecy:---"they who sat in darkness were to behold a great light". And now David said:---'Oh I remember ---when the spirit came upon me, and how I did prophecy and now HERE IS THIS GREAT LIGHT/ And these two sons sent back to Jerusalem heard David. And they had conversations with others. And they saw Christ burst thru into the Netherworld, for it could not keep him out. And it could not hold him either because he had drank all that transgression out of that cup and took the guilt off His sons and daughters. Couldn't keep HIM in because HE had not violated any law. There was not spot nor blemish on HIM, and His spirit was greater than matter. The perfect spirit of the Eternal YAHWEH who was immortal and incorruptible now produced a great demonstration. HE led "Captivity (Adamites) captive", and took them into Paradise. And thus brought them out of captivity under Lucifer.

But before this, during that interval of the crucifixion and resurrection, Jesus, every once in a while plagued the rascals on top by sending out an Adamite to walk the streets. It tells you in the Book of Matthew, that after the crucifixion that the earth rocked and rolled. And some of the graves were opened. And some of the Saints (believing offspring) walked the streets of Jerusalem. In the history of Judaism, and in the history of Rome it is recorded that some of the Saints walked the streets. And the Priests were scared to death and were hiding down under the Temple. Finally they decided to take two of these men and find out what had happened to them. These were Sadducees and they knew these two Israelites. They still wanted to find out from them what had happened. So they took these two men, sons of Israel, and tho they were afraid, they put them in different rooms inside the temple and gave each a tablet and pencil. As they refused to talk. And each wrote the story. And there was no difference in either story. Even the crossing of the T's or the dotting of an I. This is not only in Roman records today, but it is in the Sanhedrin record as well as in the Gospel of Nicodemus which was used by the early Church in Alexandria and Armenia. And was used in Rome as well until they had to blot it out or they would have nothing--. No hells, or purgatories, or nobody to run them. So they blotted out the Book of Nicodemus and tried to down grade it. They modified it once and then tried to call it spurious because it didn't leave them any gimmicks. So Rome is better than nothing. But lets face it. For it is half pagan and half Christian. For all Priestcrafts which is Luciferian, has to have a gimmick to operate.

Now; there are a lot of people in the Roman Catholic Church. And some of their clergy love God and believe in Jesus and so forth. But this doesn't effect the fact that God will restore every one of his sons and his daughters, and bring them to a more perfect knowledge. But in this instance,--Lazarus---when he came out of the grave, had at least some knowledge of it. Remember how Beelzebub cried to Lucifer:--'Oh, Lucifer, what have you done? Behold thy ancient people the Jews (Yehudin) have delivered unto me that one whom we most fear. The very embodiment of YAHWEH who, when he walked the earth called out Lazarus whom we securely held in the strength of death. Behold! We could not restrain his spirit because his soul did join with it and he did flee our realm, and walked the earth again. Now look what disaster you have brought upon us. For if we could not hold Lazarus which this spirit did call forth, how will we now hold THIS SPIRIT or all these that he might come to suffer.'--This is in the Book of Nicodemus, and catalyzed in the Books of Clements. And as many in the early church had their spirit reactivated, --then they understood this. The outpouring of tremendous spirit at Pentecost so quickened this area of their consciousness. We hear a lot of folklore, bedtime stories of theological hodgepodge about Pentecost. But Pentecost was the re-connection of such a wave of spiritual energies, and so much light with it what it gave them the cognition of things on the mind of God. And it produced power, and perception and knowledge, which God activated with pulsing, vibration at all times around those who sought.

So that as these poured out the energies which they had within them, it poured back in again, and refilled. And they were recharged once more. And this took several centuries for this charging to run down. And now within this latter rain it is never to run down. And as it increases with knowledge it just increases and increases.

Now; a lot of things happened. The disciples spoke in the language of anyone God wanted them to bear witness to. They could speak in any tongue if the spirit activated them to do this. Or they might speak in a Celestial language which no man would understand---only the spirit. But the spirit was doing the activating, and it was known in the Celestial planes. This did happen and it was a part of that early pattern. But this idea that you have to yell or holler to have God hear you,---this is all just a bunch of superstition. If you all have to yell and bank your hands together to get God's attention, then he is so far out there he will never hear you. If he is as close as I know HE is then HE knows your thoughts before you ask them. He perceives what your thoughts are in your consciousness before you ask them. But people like emotionalism. In fact, its the moaning that they like. And most of them can't tell the difference between the spirituality they ask for, and the emotionalism which they expected, and received when they ask.

Today there are two aspects of this. And I don't want to get into that subject tonight. But this is vital:---As far as this pattern if concerned, of remembrance---Lazarus remembered things just like these two that He sent out. And in the books of Polycarp, we are told that Lazarus never stopped talking. He was so full of what he wanted to say that he couldn't stop talking. And the Jews wanted to put him to death again before he told too much. If you will turn in the Bible, I will prove to you that after Jesus resurrected (restored) Lazarus, then the Jews said about Jesus:-'We have to stop this man. No telling what He is going to do. He may call them all out. And then we are done. And we better put Lazarus back to death again also.' There are no people like the B'nai B'rith. A man could be resurrected by the embodiment of God, and these Jews will plot how to kill them all over again.

QUESTION:---In Romans, it says the Grace of God eliminates the necessity of the Law.---ANSWER:---No.---No---This is again churchology. The Grace of God supersedes law, as to the pattern of determined destiny. In other words what you will be and what God has given you when he restores back upon you the areas of things that were lost. When he gives you Eternal life, this is the Gift of God. Every attribute that comes out of that which is Holy, which comes forth from God is a Gift. But the law has not ceased to work. "Blessed is the man who teaches the law to obey it." I know a lot of Preachers who try to get around the law by saying:---'We are not under the law. We are under Grace.' They think they can go out and live like the devil. And --their ministries are devilish. But I want you to know something. The Law is a big packet of knowledge which God handed you with Grace. So that you didn't have to go thru trial and error, or experiment to find it. And the only people he gave it to was Israel. No other people would understand it. Set it up in form. That is why He says:--in Romans:---Who are the Israelites?---These are people--issue--ruling with God. The word adoption is misused in translation in our present language, because this positioning of sons was ---timing of birth into the world. Even as parents, planning, timed their sons and daughters coming into the world by timing their conception. The Greek work for this is ---Ehteusia---the timing of birth.

Now:---therefore God not only timed out birth knowing our coming into the world and our going out---known to HIM from the beginning. This is HIS Israel---to them were given the covenants of God. The giving of the Law. The promises of God. There is nothing in this book which is worth having that does not belong to you by this process.

Now; this is the Grace of God. And men may perform the functions which are good for them---economically, chemically, biologically, politically and socially. And even dietarily. God just handed out this knowledge and said:---'Here it is".--And in order to see that our race maintained a high standard, the civil government had penalties which God imposes so to make sure that people responded, rather than respond to temptation. So people obeyed the law at that time. Not because they were being spiritually energized, but because there were penalties. This law was a schoolmaster to bring them---to show us---the essentialness of THE MESSIAH. This is why the Apostle Paul said:--'The law was a schoolmaster to bring us Christ. Because when God became embodied in earth, and revealed himself unto His people, he lifted from us the guilt complexes and fears. He didn't destroy the fact that if you put your hand in the fire, that you would be burned. If you go out here an fire in with any mechanical electrons into Uranium 235, you will blow the pile up and blow a big hole in the earth. So the law still works. People say we aren't under the law. It doesn't work any more. We are under Grace. But I tell you that the law still works. You violate the moral laws of God and see if you don't get into a lot of family trouble. You violate the ethical codes and see if the whole nation isn't in trouble. When the economic code is violated, see if there isn't a shortage of money, and the dollar isn't losing purchasing power. For someone is robbing it all the time. You violate Gods racial code, and let the strangers come in and see if they don't take over the country and use their system of Usury on you. You violate any of these laws and you feel the effects of them.

The fact is that these laws don't have anything to do with your son-ship or your Eternal Life. This is the reason why you must understand that the prerogative of God, and anything which issues out of Him is His own Grace because He has no other way to live. His being is so filled with absolute goodness that it seeps out to all things.

As God chastises Lucifer, it is for his own good. When He gets thru with him, then there won't be any more devil. But there is going to be a day when Lucifer worships at His feet---That is Grace supreme.

Therefore My God is big enough that there isn't anything He cannot do. Nothing is going to defeat Him. There is nothing He cannot accomplish, and we aren't going to just sit around in some amphitheater and spend 1000 years and watch him torture people. For goodness sake. Look at all the fishing there is to do. There are lots of things better than sitting around torturing people. I would rather explore the Universe and get back out there somewhere.

Where did people get an idea like that? The church translated it this way. They had different routes to go. But this way made people jump when they cracked the whip. So witchcraft , and Priestcraft are almost the same thing. A lot of men got caught in that trap and became a part of the process. So now when we say:---'What the law of God could not do the Grace of God did do. The law could not make me behave. But the law was to teach me what happened when I didn't behave. The Spirit of God can make me want to behave. So therefore, the lifting off of me of the guilt complex, the quickening of my spirit which tells me I have Eternal Life. ---It tells me that I am free. There is nothing that can take this away from me.

Now; I am activated with spiritual consciousness then this if a regeneration in the physical body, in the spirit, while you live.

Now; what happens:---The more you know the less you want to break the Law. The more you know the more the Grace of God is functioning with spirit, knowledge and wisdom. The more you desire the program of heaven. The more you want to enforce the Law and for people to comply with it. This is why Jesus said 'Blessed is the man who teaches my Law---to obey it.'

Now; you are not supposed to run around and start bopping Christians over the head. Let no man judge you---what you eat and what you drink. Give thanks. I am going to tell you that you eat what you want. But I am still going to keep the law. I may miss it here and there, but not by intention. Or you may eat what is set before you, and in all things give thanks---God knowing. I am not going out here and say this is a "Holy Joe" attitude---a Holy route. This is superior---no. I know that god knows more than I do, and the only way to be guided is by the Spirit. So therefore what the Law could not do Grace does. You are being transformed from one area of Illumination in the seat of your consciousness to another.--From one area of knowledge into another, from on week after another. Transformed from one Glory unto another into His own Image. In other words into the same radiant Glory Christ had on the Mount of Transfiguration, as at His resurrection. And which He will have at HIS return.


Tape ran out.