05-11-66 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:--Will you please explain where the Negro came from? Do we have any evidence that they were pre-Adamic?

ANSWER:--This is an interesting question. And we do have evidence that they are pre-Adamic. In the book of Seth, and as Enoch wrote, he referred to them as the ‘dark skinned people’ having come in with Lucifer in the days of this rebellion on the part of Lucifer. When Lucifer fought his war against God and against the household of God, which was you and I in the spiritual realm, before we became embodied in the physical world, as we were Children of YAHWEH---then Lucifer refused to acknowledge the children of God and was very incensed at the fact that anyone could be higher than himself. But---’To which of the Angels did God ever say---‘Thou art My son?’

In this instance Lucifer rebelled, and went out into the Universe, in that area which he controlled, and got axmen and swordsmen. These were Negroes who came out of one part of the Milky Way. Lucifer you see controlled 1/4 of the Universe, under YAHWEH and had been a good cooperating Angel until this rebellion rose up in him. So these were Negroes he gathered up out of the Milky Way and he taught to battle, and they were on his ships in the first recorded battle of this ancient war. Of course Michael was given command of the Hosts of the Most High. These chariots under his command were out of God’s Universe and there was of course lots of room for this battle because of the immensity of hundreds and thousands of trillions of solar systems and stars thru out space. Many of them were inhabited, many of them possibly not inhabited. But Lucifer, under YAHWEH, ruled over 1/4 of the Universe as an Archangel, and the ships came and went throughout the vastness of space. We are told that when Enoch was taken out to the presence of God, that he locked up his house and told his children he was going out into the heavens, but that he would be back. He told of going out thru space, about the immensity of this as he traveled out to that area which we know as the Pleaides, the exact known center of the Universe where everything revolves around it. So under this instance, again he was told about the battles of Lucifer and God brought back to Enoch’s remembrance all these things, that he had witnessed as a son of God, as this rebellion of Lucifer began.

In the ‘Towers of Enoch’, he refers to the fact that Negroes came in ---were the axmen and swordsmen on the ships of Lucifer. How they fought against Michael the Archangel who gathered the fleets of the MOST HIGH GOD---ten thousand times ten thousands, times thousands. Then of course, we have in the book of Daniel, about the ‘Ancient of Days’ and the fiery chariots that went out before him----the thousands, times ten thousands times thousands. The Psalmist also carried the same message about the chariots of God. So we have one hundred million, times millions, and thus this is quite a fleet that Michael commanded. We don’t quite know how many fleets Lucifer had, but we do know that this fleet was broken up in the heavens and sent scurrying into oblivion as far as the powers of the heavens were concerned. And he made it into our solar system and came to earth, which was inhabited. And here he stretched forth his power. He thought he would gather new hoards and go back and capture what he had lost. Of course, when Lucifer fell to earth it was a defeat. The book of Seth talks about this same things. The book of Job was contemporary with Enoch and also talks about the dark and curly headed ones. Now Job tried to take them into his home and tried to treat them good, and to educate them. But when trouble came to Job, they left him and joined his enemy. They hurled epitaphs at him and rocks. And Job said that these Negroes are not fit to live with dogs. I do not have a dog that is not better than a Negro. This is the way they are as they go into this area of action. So this was the position of Job on the Negro. They are sub-human. They had fallen with Lucifer in the pre-Adamic period. Thus you find them back in those days in earth and the Tungus people were then mongrelized with these Negroes to a certain extent. And this produced a very violent reaction. And the Tungus people were scattered all over. And the mongrelization was worse in some area than in others. Because of this, God sank great continents such as Lemuria and Atlantas.

These people who migrated to Egypt under their prophet Horus and Khufu their king (the kings of Egypt were called Khufu, until later they were known as Pharaohs). These people had worshiped YAHWEH-PUTAH the same YAHWEH-Savior. And they had great temples on these areas that were to sink, wherein the children of Light taught them praises of YAHWEH and they sang songs of praise to YAHWEH, in the services. And these temples were on the mountains, while in the lowlands the people also had temples which Lucifer had set up. And here they worshiped Lucifer. And the people there were mongrelized with the Negroes, and wild orgies went on in those temples. God then started the sinking of the continents. And it says the mountains cracked open and the waters rushed in and the land split and the mountain tops split off. Horus then said that things would settle down for a while, then again the mountains would split open and more land went down.

So by the earthquakes and volcanoes and the mountains splitting open, the waters rushed in and whole areas sank. As this started to get close to their area, these people, led by Horus on Alatcan, those still trying to serve the right God, made their escape under the leadership of Horus and Khufu their king. And they made their way to the mainland of North Africa. And they then say that as they reached that land, there was a great shuddering and the last of their homeland went down. But Horus their High Priest wrote that YAHWEH told them that He would send again His sons, not this time in spiritual bodies, but in physical bodies which they could see and touch. And these children would teach them the way back to the right God. They were to establish again a great and mighty Temple and Pillar to their God. They had Pyramid temples, remember. And when Enoch and Job eventually came down into Egypt about 5000 B.C. they still had their writings and their records of the writings of Horus. And they saw that this prophecy was now true. So they talk about Osiris the LORD of Life and Resurrection. The Ka of Ra, or the soul of the God of Light who was YAH, the God of Light was symbolized by the sun and this was not necessarily the worship of the sun altho this would be the result of pagan worship in Egypt. But the real purpose was that they served the God of Light which the Sun symbolized, and Osiris was the Soul of Ra or the Spirit of God in a physical body who crossed the River Styx and conquered death, and so forth. But in this, they taught that the children of this Adamic race would be the children of God. This they anticipated.

In 11,000 B.C., the last of Atlantas went down. And then after W.W.I, they found the books of Horus in the Temple of Karnac at the spot a man was led to dig up. And they also found the entrances to temples. They found the books of Horus which went back thousands of years before Horus, and they also spoke of the Negroes and how they were being mongrelized by Lucifer. The chief factor in the books of Enoch also tell of the fallen Angels who rebelled with Lucifer and came to earth, and how one was put in charge of the Negroes and others in Africa. His name was Voodoss. He declared himself, as god. And he started to teach the Negroes in Africa, Voodooism. And they started to worship little devils. And all the religion of this area became known as Voodooism. Today we call these people in Voodooism, Negroes. But at the time they were not called Negroes. They were called Zombie---THE WALKING DEAD. And Ecclesiastes then said that the dead, when they die know nothing at all. The Living, when they die, their spirit returns to HE who gave it. This is of course, the Adamic race, for YAHWEH said:--“Let us make Adaum in our own image.” And He said this to the Elohim.

Now, in the creation story, in the book of Genesis, we have the creation of the Tungus man and then a vast area of catastrophe between the first and second chapter of the book of Genesis, because of revolt and trouble. And then there was much re-creation or reconstruction. But when God came on the seventh day and stopped this reconstruction, again HE said:--“There is no Adamite to till the soil.” Then He begat Adaum in His own image and then brought forth Eve because there was no helpmate for Adam among the fallen races, because they were racial trees that had knowledge of both good and evil.

Now, a tree has no intellect or knowledge. But a family tree does. So the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was a race tree. And any of the Race trees who had fallen with Lucifer, such as the Negroids, and of course the unassimilatable offspring of Lucifer as he and his Angels intermingled with people of earth and produced these children all over the world, are today those we call Jews. Of course, in the war between Lucifer and Voodoss, this was when Lucifer put a stop to this rebellion, and made Voodoos subject to Beelzebub of the Netherworld, the inner earth, the place so to speak of as ‘Hell.’

In the book of Nicodemus, we have shown there that the Prince of Hell was Beelzebub and Voodoss was under him in command. Again we find the Negroes in devil worship. They came in with the Devil, so of course this was probably not their fault, but they had worshiped Lucifer in that controlled area, and been lied to. But then again they had also degenerated to a great extent before they came into earth. They must have been much more brilliant than they were when they arrived in earth. Lucifer had degenerated them and even mongrelized them. And even in the areas of scripture, we find that Lucifer taught bestiality. They had then degenerated after coming to earth. There are some African-Asians, and Japanese who even had tails. They didn’t have them originally, but they had them after this lying with Beasts as Lucifer taught. This is also true of the Negroid people. Negroes in their development, their degeneration are down to Pigmy sizes. Then there are some as tall as other human beings, and some even taller. But always there is one difference in the Negro, irrespective of all the propaganda put out today in our schools and colleges. The Negro has a heavier bone structure in the forepart of his skull. He has a much thicker skull than the White man. He has this heavy ridge structure that is 1 ½ inch thick. This super orbital ridge on most Negroes goes inward and they have forty-six centimeters less brain factor than the poorest developed White man. The Negroes brain like that of some of the--say, the monkey family,--sutchers up at a real young age, say at twelve years. Their head grows until they are twelve then sutchers up. And after that, the bone structure grows until it compresses in. So they do not have the mental development. But a White man’s skull does not do this until he is about twenty or twenty-five years of age. So his brain continues to expand. But the Negro then has forty-six centimeters less brain capacity. Now some Negroes move with an angling gait, and their arms are much longer than others. And some have the same arm length as other humans. But all these things come from background situations. But the Negroes did come in with Lucifer. And they were burying Negroes in Africa 73,000 years ago. They are listed--these fossils--found at that time as Negroes, who were dying in Africa 73,000 years ago.

Ivor Lissner tells us that there is 600,000 years of history in these patterns. Then there was an Asiatic pattern that goes back one and one half million years. And down in the Ouldvile Gorge in Africa, they are finding artifacts that confirm the antiquity of man. But there is not history of the White man beyond 7400 years. This is a matter of record.

Now, there is another facet of this question. In Genesis 9:27, it discusses Noah being drunken, and Ham the father of Canaan, seeing the nakedness of his father. (I have wondered if this has any symbolic meaning?) This was simply that Noah was drunk and did not know that Ham lay with his mother. This was established by the passage of scripture which was willfully translated out. So Ham violated Divine Law by incest with his mother. And Noah did not know that this was occurring. So as far as Ham is concerned, he and especially this offspring, would be a servant of his brothers. But this did not last too long. And Ham did not turn into a Negro. This is just a fallacy. The most fallacious thing of all times was this story that Ham became the father of the Negroes. Actually, Nimrod was a descendent of Ham and was then the Emperor of Ur. But he was not a Negro, he was a White man. And this child Canaan was the child of Ham and incest with his mother. But he was not the father of the modern Canaanites under any circumstances. The Canaanites came from Cain who went Eastward into Nod and married a woman who was pre-Adamic. This is where the Canaanites came from. This particular Canaan was from the Ham line of White men our of which also Nimrod came. And they remained White for a long time until they chose to go into Africa and gather wives and consorts of these other people. India and Tyre came into the site of Ur of the Chaldeans. But this mongrelization took place long after the Negro people came to earth. Ham, Shem and Japhet were White men. Don’t ever forget this.

After many generation, Japhet’ people mingled with the Asiatics and Japhet lost the fullness of his seed in the Asiatics, the Russians, and the people along the Chinese river Wang-Ho. The Chinese people were of the Tungus people. And there are various types of Mongols. And Japhet’s seed was absorbed by them. And the heads over the areas of the Mongols that roamed the Steppes of Asia, for a long period, were Japhetic.

Thus God said:--“I am against thee, O Gog---O prince of Meschek and Tubal.” --for instance. These were names of the sons of Japhet which continued for some time. They were not necessarily Asiatic, but they were used and continued to be used long after the Japhet seed mingled with the Asiatics. Thus occurred this mixing of the Japhet line. And this line of Adam was lost in Asia and the Ham line was finally lost in Africa, and throughout the world. But it was not until we had gone ten or twelve generations that this line was lost and was still not lost at the time of Israel. God called Abram out of the Land of the Chaleas and said, ‘I am going to make a great nation out of you.’ Then the line of God to bring this Kingdom thru would be the line from Shem. After all, HE had made a coat of skins for Adam and Eve, and then accepted SETH. And then brought his line down thru and out of Seth. And by the time of Abram, some what after the time of the flood of Noah’s time, then Abram was sent down to the cave of the house of the Treasures to be educated by Noah. Abram’s father had to send him away as we discover from the book of Jasher. The wise men of Nimrod’s prophecies said a son had been born who would be a danger to Nimrod. They said the stars in the sky said that some child had been born who would be a great one. And he was born to a man’s wife in the kingdom, thus was a danger to Nimrod. So Terah sent Abram and his mother to the Cave of the Treasures where Noah lived. Here Abram was taught the things of YAHWEH. And when he came back to his father’s house, he found a whole room full of idols. Abram said to his father, ‘Why do you serve all those idols? We have the great One in heaven that we serve.’ And Terah said, ‘Abram, you do not understand. Nimrod demands this and I am his Prime Minister.’ So the Shemites and the Hamites were not separated at this time. This was a predominately White controlled nation. But now Nimrod was being influenced by outsiders to take into his nation, these foreign women. He was now adopting their gods. And this was the area of Baal worship being introduced into Chaldea. So Abram was called out of this land. And as he came out, he crossed the Plains of Shinar where all the kings were locked in battle. Tidal, king of the lands that went down under the water---this Tidal, was not out of the Adamic race. He was pre-Adamic and was at one time ruler of the continent of Atlantas. The cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were run by fallen Angels---Nephilin, whose every thought was evil. These fallen Angels were said to have mixed with the people of earth. And these cities were total evil. When Lot went down and pitched his tent next to these cities, he did not realize what he was getting into.

When Abram came out on to the Plains of Shinar, these Kings were battling for the ancient gold fields of Ophir of Africa. And much later Solomon would develop much of the gold of Ophir. But when some one tells you that Japhet fathered the Asiatics and Ham the Negroes, then that is a very foolish statement. The Asiatic in time, absorbed the Japhet seed, and India was a very mongrelized society. And the Jews, Lucifers offspring, became the high priests of that land, with Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, and Kali as their gods. Buddhism was the religion of Asia also, and this was Gotmaism--the worship of these huge monstrosities called men, who were some of them, at least, twenty to thirty feet tall.

You wee, in the days of Noah, after Lucifer’s children took over and attempted to seize all the White women in the Upper Tarim Basin,---many of the Adamites, the Sethites had already migrated out of that land. And some went down even into the land later called Canaan land, and built the city of Orusalem, and a great White civilization sprang up there. It wasn’t until Enoch and Job left that land with their 144,000 men and their families, to do down into Egypt to built the great Pyramid, the City of On, and the Sphinx, that the hill country Cainanites came into the land around Orusalem and killed almost all the Sethites left in that land. This is the reason why as God let the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt and back to the land of Canaan, that He said they were to kill all the inhabitants of that land. He had them to march around Jericho seven times and they found that in that city as well as in Ai, as they came in, that there were also now giants in this land, and monsters just as there was at one time in the high Tarim Basin, where we were told that there were giants in the land after the daughters of the sons of men mingled with the Nephilin. So when the Angels did not keep their first estate, then they took on the size of the normal people, but their offspring grew into great giants. The spiritual norm in them continued to develop until there were giants in the land. God told Noah, remember to built his ark but he would give those people 120 years too. Then He would wipe them out. When the time came for Noah and his sons and wives to get into the Ark, none of the wives were Cainanite women. This is important to remember. And God put them into that Ark and He delivered the whole family. So they were all White people. God did not turn one of them into Chinaman, and one into a Negro, and then start the races all over again by this route. The Asiatic and the Negro were here in earth many years before the Adamites. And the Asiatics were here long before the Negroid. So by this intent, we have many strange doctrines in our churches of today. Even in the South, where there is segregation, we will have them say, ‘We cannot mix with the Hamite people, for God cursed Ham and turned him black and he is to be a servant to his brethren.’ They do not even realize that Ham did not produce the Negroes. Clear up to the days of Ur of the Chaleas, Nimrod was a great a mighty hunter, altho a rebel unto God in his later days, as he adopted the ways of some of his advisors who came in, thus starting a very bad and evil process of mongrelization. But he and his people were Aryans---Adamites. Some of his people went into India and the land of so much mongrelization after Lucifers rebellion. And some went into Africa. But the fact remains, that Ham, Shem and Japhet were White men, Aryans, not Negroes or Asiatics. And neither were their offspring until they finally started marrying into the Asiatic and Negro lines.

QUESTION:--1 Thess. 4:17---?

ANSWER:--We have answered this many times---this meeting Christ in the air. What the Apostle Paul is talking about here, is then when Christ returns, bringing the Elect with HIM, bringing His hosts and His armies to the earth, then we who are alive and remain shall not hinder those who sleep. For them--HE BRINGS WITH HIM. Then with a trumpet blast, and the voice of God, He will descend with a shout and the passage will indicate that we shall be caught up to meet Him in the air, and so shall forever be with the LORD. But what it really is meaning, it is saying, we shall be changed in the atom of our being. But still we will be in atmospheric breathing bodies. So we will be here in natural air breathing bodies, but we will be changed. Those saints with HIM will have a resurrected body. But it will be a body breathing air and operating here in a physical dominion. It is not a spiritual matter. Just synthesized out of Light. For He is bringing the Elect with HIM and their bodies will be raised. Then in a twinkling of an eye, we who are alive and remain here, we who do not hinder those who come with Him, we also shall be changed. But we are not caught up into the air. We are gathered into the Assembly of Christ and break their swords and so forth. This may not be a long way off. For we are reaching the end of an age. We are seeing climactic events. It may be five or ten, ---who knows--how many years. But we are reaching a climactic point. We are the children of God. And we are looking for HIS appearance. We are expecting the return of The Christ. We know we are in the right period of time, for we have measures in the sky. In otherwords, Enoch gave us measures. We have the prophecy of ‘Tare time’ which the Christ refers to. We have entered into, or are on the edge of ‘Tare time’ as the time of a great removal. But this is where stand---on the edge of this Day of the LORD which can come at any time. The last measure given unto us ends in July of this year. This is the last date given in Daniel’s ‘seven times given unto the nations.’ So we still are here in 1966, on the edge of turbulent times.

Our Secret Service discovered about two weeks ago that the Russians were building satellites and arming them with nuclear weapons in northern China. So the Chinese and the Russians are at work building these satellites so as to cover this nation, and then issue their ultimatum, then suddenly move in, and we are to put up or die. This year it is said that they are going full ahead with their army and in the move forward with Communism America is the first enemy to be knocked out. If this is their plan, then if they move, we will see the re-entrance of the Christ, somewhat earlier than we would expect. For if they start the sweeping hoards of the north, then Michael will be in the picture, you can count on that. For the weapons they plan to use against us will be turned against them. And of course, the horrible stars will burn high over the cities of Asia. These are the nuclear weapons of the Kingdom. And when these weapons but above the cities of Asia, it says that these cities will be turned to powder and dust because they ruled their hour with the Beast.

Now, in Revelation 17, God refers to this Mystery Babylon the Great, this system which is political, social and religions of course. It is the pagan religious system Lucifer has mastered. And they are all run by him and his Jewish offspring, symbolized by this Great Harlot. So Mystery Babylon is the mother of Harlots, the abomination of the earth, and in this passage, she sets upon this Beast which has seven heads and ten horns. Five are fallen, one is, and one is yet to come. We have thus this interpretation as Christ tells this to John,--and this is Egypt, Assyria, Medo-Persia, Babylon, and Greece. Then Rome was the ‘one that is’, or the sixth. And the seventh, was when Jewry of Europe gathered the hoards of Asia under Genghis Khan. These battles went on even after Genghis Khan died. Then comes the eighth. And it is termed as ‘out of the seventh.’ Thus the seventh gives life to the eighth, and it will rise for a season. So this Babylonian whore, this utter corruption of Jewry arises in the eighth and rises to power as the eighth beast system. Jacob Schiff and Kuhn Loeb and Company, financed Communism and produced it out of Das Kapital and Karl Marx. And it is a matter of Jewish banking and Jewish administration. The ‘Ten Horns’ were ten kingdoms dominated by this ‘great whore’ under her power of Communism. They might, in a sense, be today the countries on the border land of Asia. It tells you this that as they see this Beast they shall hate the whore. They shall eat of her flesh, and burn her with fire. As this statement is made, the beast, which is world Communism, which the ‘whore’ rides on. Then these people of Eastern Europe if they have a chance, will destroy her. They would crush and destroy her. But Communism is to be the massive control system of Mystery Babylon the Great, and with its program of Socialism and the miscarriage of material substance, with their design to take over the gold and silver, and precious stones and so forth, still carries out its function. All areas of false religion whether they be today in Buddhism, or Devilish Temples of the Yesserdies who are devil worshipers of Asia, whether in Voodooism and its control of the Negroes, they are all under the hands and control of Lucifer and the fallen Angels and their seed. Today, one of the most evil of the witch doctor temples in Africa, is run by Jews. In fact, Kenyata, who was a most terrific witch doctor, and the head of the Mau Mau, actually went to the London University at Oxford. And while there, he wrote a book on witchcraft in Africa. In this book, he tells of the fact that Jewry has set up the largest temple to witchcraft and the largest school to the same. But after Kenyata graduated, he went back to Kenya Colony and started the Mau Mau. Still the same old savage. But then he was the Chief Witch doctor.

But in this instance, again, God tells His people to come out of Mystery Babylon today for it is about to fall. It has already taken away our gold and silver and all our money. And even labor is exploited by her, as she hides behind the demagogues of Labor, and has organized masses of labor. She even owns most every industry and at the same time, manipulates laborers. Even the shippers of the nation travel back and forth. Anything to make a buck. All are under their monetary power. So God tells Western Europe and the United States and Australia and South Africa, and Canada and so forth, to come out of her ‘oh, my people’ for she is going to fall. Now we have no money. It is no longer sound. And labor is going to discover that she raised the prices, and they raised the wages. And it becomes a ‘merry-go-round’. For by increasing their wages, it does not bring more to the wage earner. It just raised the prices all must pay for the product, even the laborer. So labor is suddenly also going to turn on Great Babylon and burn her with fire for these masses of people are this ‘great sea.’ It tells us here in the book of Revelation, that these people, tongues, and nations are these waters that the great ‘whore’ sits on.

Then in Revelation chapter 18, where the merchants cry ‘Alas, alas, alas,’ this word in Yiddish is ‘Oi, Oi, Oi’ what is happening to Babylon. They can’t do business anymore. Alas, alas, that great city which made us rich, in one hour this is all gone.’ But God is not sorry about this. The beauty of this is that Mystery Babylon was named after the control of ancient Babylon which set in place the Vestal Virgins, this pagan religion, this economic bondage. So Babylon is the symbol of Satanic power. Lucifer adopted Babylon as his bride. He was married unto Babylon as Christ is married to Israel. In Revelation, He showed John the Bride of God, the Lamb’s wife, the New Jerusalem descending---starting with Adam, and then out of Seth and on down. Whereas the names of twelve gates of New Jerusalem is the Twelve tribes of Israel.

This Mystery Babylon---Lucifer’s kingdom, --is evil. Everything connected with it is evil. Therefore, this cry is sounded forth:--’Rejoice over her O you Holy Apostles and all Israel, for Babylon is fallen.’ Then He says:--’God has avenged you on her. A mighty Angel took up a great millstone and cast it into the sea.’ And this sea is a mass of people. It is the mass of people which Babylon has ruled over. And they rise up and turn on Jewry, turn on Babylon, the Bankers. And with violence, shall she be torn down. So we will be standing on the side lines protecting ourselves from the violence going on, and we may get a shot in once in a while also. But in this instance, the whole world is going to turn on Mystery Babylon the Great. God has willed this. For He says:--“Be joyful, oh prophets, for Babylon is going to come down.”---So run these people out.

Over in the book of Isaiah, God says, ‘you are My battle axes and weapons of war.’ He is actually talking here about Mystery Babylon the Great, and how she will be destroyed. But then HE says, “the portion of Jacob is not like them. (Who?) He (YAHSHUA) is before all things. Therefore Israel is also before all things. The LORD of Hosts is HIS name. Therefore, thou art My battle axe and weapons of war. And with thee I will break in pieces the horse and his rider, the chariot and his rider; with thee will I break in pieces the men and the women, with them will I break in pieces the old and the young, the young man and the maid. And I will also break in pieces with THEE, the shepherd and his flock, and the husbandman and his yoke of oxen, and with THEE I will break in pieces captains and rulers. And I will render unto Babylon, and all of Chaldea, all their evil that they have done in Zion (the Kingdom) in your sight, saith the LORD. BEHOLD, I am against you---destroying mountain (power) saith the LORD, which destroyeth all the earth; and I will stretch out mine hand upon thee, and roll thee down from the rocks and will make thee a burnt mountain.”

Now, actually old Babylon was overthrown by Medo-Persia. There were Aryan people. They descended out of the Sethite people, altho they were not considered as Israelites out of Jacob, but still God’s Israel people. They were righteous to a certain extent, and they let Judah and Benjamin set up a worship to their God. They permitted them to go back to their own land to rebuild, but when they came in, they destroyed Babylon---utterly destroyed it.

Now, there was another Babylon built four or five miles further on, but it was never very strong or big. But God said to Israel:--”Thou art my battle axe and weapons of war and you are going to take her down in your day.” So this is in a sense, talking about Mystery Babylon at the end of the age. So God talks about the utter evil that makes up this Mystery Babylon and these people who make up Mystery Babylon do not belong here anyhow. They belong back where they came from which was from Lucifer and the fallen Angels. They belong back in the realms, altho their offspring are embodied. God said, to go out and mow them down. You are to destroy them. You are to absolutely eliminate Babylon. And in Revelation, God said, be happy, Babylon is going down. So this is the attitude of God concerning this utter evil.

Remember, that this world has been predominately under control of Lucifer, under control of the false religions because the Kingdom has grown to about only 1/6 of the worlds population. And at this point, the rest of the world is under the powers of the Anti-Christ. At the same time, we are powerful, we have better brains, we have technology because we have come from better stock. We are thus the Household of the MOST HIGH GOD. But let’s face it, we are the minority in earth. We are going to battle and the whole world in a sense will rise up against her (Babylon), except for the colossal armies which are under the control of Lucifer. But there is no doubt that we will have tremendous havoc. In fact, I think labor is even going to rise up. And they will say we are not going thru another depression. They will say we want some hard money. You are going to make our money good. And they will cut off Jewry. They will do it suddenly in this country, when they discover what has been going on. When they wanted to destroy Hitler, these same banks which were telling you---we can’t loan you any money---well, all of a sudden they had money for everything and industry boomed and everything was going strong. In 1938, we were in a depression. By 1940 when the war came, we were out of the depression and things were going strong.

Now, once again, the Jews are talking depression and foreclosure and so forth. But they are going to keep the prices high this time, so as to take in more money while they liquidate the ownership by the people and grab up more industries and so forth. Now people aren’t buying cars because they are worried about their money. So the Jews start in Congress to louse up the car companies. They said, ‘we found many Chryslers with wheels that break in half.’ So they have to call back 290 cars out of thousands and thousands of cars. If they knew 290 wheels---but how could they know that these wheels might break in half? This is fantastic, but it effects the market. And General Motors shuts down the assembly lie, and the Ford Company closes some plants. They are now employing labor to make cars they aren’t selling. And this is a loss. So the car companies are in turmoil. And they are coming down. At the same time, people wonder what to do with their money. They have frozen us out of the world market by raising the prices so high, so we can no longer manufacture goods in the United States to sell except in the most inflationary nations abroad. So to keep on manufacturing, the American companies are going to Japan, to Germany, to other places and they are buying these companies in other lands. And their employees are then from those countries. So we are putting ourselves out of the manufacturing business in this country. They are forcing the companies to go International to a degree, because they do not have the labor in this country. It is too expensive. The Japanese buy for a smaller price, so he can work for a smaller wage. So all the American companies are going foreign. So what is America going to be? It is a nation of stock holders holding stock in companies having foreigners to do the work.

But---what about the laboring people in the U.S.? They haven’t been able to buy much stock. There is very, very little being saved today. People are just getting by. After the cost of goods and taxes, they are just about breaking even. This is the trend. So where does it lead? Where does it end? Well, God says the people will rise up and throw Babylon down in one hour.

QUESTION:--What about the savings and loans?

ANSWER:--Well, they are not in very good shape. They have their money out in property loans. It was a good way, but now money is getting tight and corporations are feuding with each other for this money to be loaned. So finance companies are loaning the area of industry the money, and they are paying as much as 15% for this money plus three of four points to borrow the money. So most of the loan companies raise their interest rates some more. So the man waiting to buy a house must have more money for the down payment on a house. And those loaning their money to Savings and Loan companies, find they can’t draw their money out on a moments notice. This was in the contract in small print. So the housing industry is getting into trouble. And this will become more intense. If they have a lot of money invested in building and loan companies, then people will have a time getting it out. The Federal Reserve Banks control this of course, and they are tightening up on this situation.

QUESTION:--Will we see the Negroes able to borrow money and the Whites not?

ANSWER:--The banks loan on the ability to pay. The Negroes don’t have any money unless the Jews loan it to them. And they don’t loan it unless they expect to get it back. This Federal Housing Project is something else. That’s a government sponsored venture to increase mongrelization. And anyone can get into that.

QUESTION:--Ezekiel 29:10---from the tower of Syene even to the border of Ethiopia, and Chapter 30:6---again we see the tower of Syene. What is it talking about?

ANSWER:--Just what it says. There will be a big battle there.

QUESTION:--Is this Armageddon”

ANSWER:--No. Some areas of this have already been fulfilled. It went way back into the time of Babylon when Pharaohs were on the throne in Egypt. There are areas in trouble, like the tongue of the Egyptian Sea, which was to be closed and that stretches into our time. This is the closing of the Suez Canal. This may still happen in the time of Armageddon. Altho today, Armageddon does not necessarily tie into Palestine. For Israel is scattered all over. She lives in the land of ‘un-walled villages’ which is over here. As they come out of the north, it is against this land and against the nations of Western Europe.

QUESTION:--What is the lineage of the mother of Judah? This is where Pharez and Zarah come in. What tribe was she from ?

ANSWER:--Well, she was not of the twelve tribes. She was a Sethite. Now, Jacob had several wives. And Jacob’s name was change to Israel and the twelve tribes start here. But God also called this race Israel, 5000 years before the Christ. For He told Seth, ‘Thou art My Israel.’ He tells Seth that out of him would come the seed that would establish His Glory and rule many. This is in the book of Seth. So in the Bible, we don’t have these books of Seth, of Adam, and Enoch. But we do have the book of Genesis giving the blessing to Abraham. Then when we get to Jacob, his name is changed to Israel. But God called the race Israel from the beginning.

QUESTION:--But this woman Tamar, the wife of Judah, who was she?

ANSWER:--She was of the Sethite line. And she was more honorable than Judah to this degree. (As she sought to correct some of Judah’s mistakes).

QUESTION:--Will money go broke?

ANSWER:--I think that money is going to inflate and be less valuable. In Germany you had to have a ‘500 Mark’ bill to buy a cup of coffee. I think the people of this country will not take that. They will never keep the source of this trouble covered as they were able to do in Germany for so long, altho the people knew where their trouble came from. We have the same thing developing here. But God said He would see us thru. And we are still in the Kingdom. And the fact remains, that in this same hour the Kingdom will move in and so---it is not so much what we save that is important, but that we survive this experience. But then God said He would see that this happens. And then He will return to His people all that has been taken from them.

QUESTION:--If it was so bad for Ham, this discovering his father’s nakedness, then how was it right for Adam’s children to marry their brothers and sisters?

ANSWER:--That is different. This was permissible to start the race. But with Ham this was his mother. Sin had not progressed as far at the time of Seth as it had later and brought degeneration upon the race. Today it is even worse for close marriage, or intermarriage. Because then you get white trash. They are called this because they are so low in concept, morals and values. Thus they will mingle with Negroes and with their own. And they have no insensitivity to this. It is thus bad for the race.

(End of tape)