05-12-65 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:...The four horses of Revelation?

ANSWER:...That is an all night subject. But I'll give you a fast answer. The four horses of the Apocalypse are symbols of great earth movements for the climactic end of the age. The PALE horse is the false Peace movements: ...Behold, I beheld a white horse and he who sat upon it had a bow and a crown was given to him and he went forth to conquer'...and in the Scriptures the Beast System is catalogued as all the forces that do not belong to the Kingdom. God divides the world into two categories, the Hu-man or spirit man of His Household, and the Enosh or those not of His Household. Therefore these others fall under the category of the Beast System. And here you are not talking about animals, but people without Divine Spirit. Many of the races which existed thru out the Universe were created races and had soul capacities, and some had spirit within themselves, take the early Tungus man, the first inhabitants of the earth. We find fossils and a million six hundred thousands years of their existence in our present earth. And their pre-Cambrian and other periods show this. Now; these people had the spirit with which they were created, but the Negro then was a different creation. For instance he is a soulish creation and he lacks spirit, he has a soul and emotional consciousness but no spiritual perception. So he is fully Enosh. So all the non-spirit people, all those not the offspring of God..are Enosh..or of the Beast System. But the Adamic race, these were begotten in the heavens before the world was framed. Having been begotten of spirit in the Celestial being, having a body composed of particles of Light with Light synthesis, where as all the visible realms are made out of electrons, protons, electronic particles. Therefore we call all the solids made up of the Atomic molecular masses as a physical world or physical Universe, all of this is within an electronic vibration. But all of this spirit realm is in Light Vibrations. But the offspring of THE MOST HIGH GOD are spirit, soul, and body. So your consciousness is capable of residing in a Celestial realm, in a Spiritual plane and also capable of residing in this physical body. And the thought consciousness which is the soul consciousness can reside in both, thus you are spirit, soul, and body. God is also Spirit, soul, and body. He can exist in any plane and He was embodied in earth, and His consciousness carries the whole pattern of thought out of which the whole Universe is synthesized.

So recognizing this therefore, the Book of Revelation contains the patterns of prophecy, some of which go back to the things which happened ages ago while discussing events which are going to happen, and lay foundations. The Book of Revelation isn't just a Book of continuity, various parts overlap, some parts are just dealing with special subjects. So in the Beast system which wars with the Kingdom, Lucifer not only took over the earth when he rebelled against God, but he ceased being an Archangel in the service of God to become SHATON, or DEVIL, meaning to turn away or be devious, or to refuse to reflect the Light. He gathered people out of the one-quarter of the Universe he controlled until he had one/third of these hosts of heaven following him, so this rascal rebelled and these others rebelled with him, and sought to overthrow the throne of God and take over the Universe. This is why in the 12th., Chapter of Revelation that it tells you that there was a war in heaven, and Michael and his Angels fought against the Dragon..Lucifer...Satan..the Devil and his Angels. All is repeated just in that order so that you would know just who it is talking about. Now: in the Book of Revelation you will discover that all of this battle is the battle of the Luciferian forces to try to hold the earth. So..since God's plan for defeating Lucifer, developing His children was to embody His race from the spiritual realm into a physical world by the begatting of the Adamic household...then Adam was the offspring of God. Adam and Eve therefore were to begat the physical bodies into which the SPIRITUAL Children of THE MOST HIGH would enter the physical world. They would come in out of the planes of spirit, and enter into the physical world, into the bodies of the Adamic race. This is why that the Apostle Paul was taught that God is our Father after the Spirit and Adam is our father after the flesh. So since Adam was the Son of God, then we are the children of Adam after the flesh, and this is why Jesus said as He spoke to Paul, and Paul recorded it in Ephesians...'You are flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone, spirit of my spirit.'

Now: in this instance the Negro is not spirit of His Spirit, has no spirit, they are creations, but in their rebellions with Lucifer they were brought into areas of violation of Divine Law and descended into lower levels of degeneration. Their mongrelization, their mutation, their depravity and the resulting patterns of immortality are the result as Satan who guided and influenced them, and who was over them as an Archangel upset them in outer space. They became the man-power on the fleets of Lucifer, when defeated by Michael then they arrived in earth and they began still under the influence of Lucifer to intermingle with the people of the earth under the leadership of fallen Angels like Amaraphael, and Lukii and Beelzebub and so forth. The Book of Enoch gives us the names of all these rebellious Angels in leadership.

Now; as we look at the world today, we are in the end of the age, at the climactic of time of a prophetic Ara where another struggle for the earth is taking place. Long set up kingdoms of darkness, powers of evil fight for control of the world. Their political philosophy for today is Communism and Socialism. This is the economic foundation with which they battle against the Kingdom. They design to hold the earth, conquer minds, mongrelize people, and absorb this Adamic race. Everyone of these are facets of their attack against the Kingdom.

Now; in these Latter Days there will be systems with which they will attempt to do this. So the four horses of the Apocalypse are four forces which ride rough-shod with world power under the Beast System, or under its influence as part of its strategy. Back in the period of W.W.I., this was was actually started by the manipulators of the world economy..Mystery Babylon the Great. And this Mystery Babylon the Great is referred to by Christ as an evil force in the world as a power of darkness in its entrenchment. And God calls His New System for World Order, or Novus Ordo Seclorum as we see on the Seal of our Nation, or refers to it in the Book of Revelation as the New Jerusalem descending out of heaven from God. I am not talking about something coming down on chains but something coming down from Adam thru Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to us in our times. Under this instance therefore the struggle of Satanic power, a political force is involved and the design involved in W.W.I., was that the manipulators of world economy ...World Jewish Bankers...Satans own children by the words of Jesus, would be pitted...Christian nation against Christian nation to weaken the Christian nations while they enhanced their power. And out of the crumbling foundation of what they thought would be a catastrophe in Europe they spread their socialist revolution. While W.W.I., was in the breeding, the Socialist revolution was already at work inside of Russian lands and Jewry, many of them from New York under their evil Priesthood, their Rabbinical houses and under their International economic system had back the Marxist revolution. Had already started the overthrow of the Czar. So during W.W.I., Communism came in..Leninism, Marxism ceased in Russia. Then under the breaking down by this infiltration, the financiers of World Jewry economy actually sowed Communism all thru Europe. So with this resulting explosion, Socialism and Communism were entrenched. They established in Germany on purpose, they put it in various countries and let it start its spreading work. In the meantime they helped it establish its strength in Russia then as an operation liquidated Christians by the millions, moved against anything left in Russia that would restrain or oppose their Beast System. Now; during this time in order to regain control over nations, they were closing the end of W.W.I., with the League of Nations. You say:..but this was a great peace institution? NO, the League of Nations was laid as a foundation ahead of time, and all these false peace movements which gain control over nations are referred to as under this first horse here of the Apocalypse. All of these false systems under the Beast system come out as white, that is supposed to be good, so they come out as white symbolizing Peace, and using their influence. But one of the mistakes we all make is that being Christian nations we were not to join with non-Christian nations and with people of another race. We were warned about this in the Book of Ezekiel, from the Book of Deuteronomy on, that this was a violation of Divine Law. Therefore as Christian nations we joined...or were to be joined in the League of Nations with non-white nations..and this was a violation of Divine Law to begin with. In the first place W.W.II., was set up with the League of Nations dictated treaties of W.W.I. In W.W.I., not only did they try to disarm the strength of Germany but under the treaty of Versailles which was League of Nations controlled and dictated you will remember that they took away all north Germany and all the territory which ran up to Danzig, and turned this over to Poland for 20 years. The city of Danzig was to be a corridor all the way north from Germany to Danzig. This would give them the opportunity to travel back and forth but this corridor went thru land taken from Germany and given to Poland by the League of Nations. Now; the influence over this League of Nations which was supposed to keep the peace was again...Jewry. And anything the Jews touch they curse, this is something to remember, this was but a skillful design because they never intended to carry out the plan. But at the end of this time the free city of Danzig was to have a free election and if she so desired she could return as German property and this corridor was to be open at all times to German travel back and forth. And the territory taken from Germany and given to Poland was still German owned and occupied. These properties under the plebiscite were to vote and decide whether they wanted to return to Germany. So the Jews then controlled and they gained power in the Polish Government. but in 1937 they cut off the use of this corridor by Germany. In 1939 it was 20 years from the treaty of Versailles, and at this time Jewish gangs in Poland have much control in the Polish government and they used these gangs of mobsters and liquidated the German statesmen traveling back and forth thru the corridor and harassed German families. They used all kinds of assaults, they raped and killed and pillaged. I have all kinds of these photographs which were also witnessed by American and British councils.

Now; on Christmas Eve in 1937 most of the people in Danzig were in churches, in Mass and other activities and suddenly as they came out of the churches they were set upon. They were massacred..high explosives were used upon them. So immediately Germany protested this treatment of the German people and Poland ignored the protest. On Easter in 1938 a great number of these atrocities were committed, but what they didn't understand was that they had been denied the various access's of this treaty of Versailles. There were other violations of the treaty as well. They wouldn't let them hold the election a year previous to the 20 years period. So all these things were laid out by the League of Nations and knowing full well what would happen, whereas a lot of diplomats might have been innocent of what was going on, still the planners knew exactly what was going on. Meantime with harassment going on Germany built up her Air Force, and her underground gained in strength. So when the second catastrophe hit in 1938 then came the wave of assaults, and this is where Germany gave Poland the ultimatum. They said:..you are going to have to pay reparations to German families, you are going to let us have free access to the city of Danzig or we won't put up with this. So Poland said:...Or what? Germany said:..we will attack. Thus went one of those historic telegrams:...'Attack and be damned' ...from the Poles. They thought they were one of the biggest powers in Northern Europe, and just four days before Germany attacked Poland the Poles gave an ultimatum to Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania that if they didn't surrender to Poland then Poland would attack. Poland had an agreement with the Soviet Union in which they were in close alliance that this occupation would be permitted. The socialist Jews who dominated Poland had a complete alliance with the Soviet Union. Of course the Soviet Union was very much afraid of the gathering strength of Germany after the election of the Sudaten land, and the occupation of Austria and the re-gathering of the Central heart of Europe. In this instance you will remember that the treaty of Versailles actually laid the foundation of W.W.II. It tied up the territories of nations and had they left the people in their ethnic groups and not tried to destroy them,....but this was one of the major designs because Jewry was backing the Socialist Revolution, she wanted to weaken Germany because the two strong powers in the world today are Anglo-Saxon and Germanic. In otherwords, Britain and America represent a block, and the Germanic people represent a block. And if these two strong peoples are strong then Communism cannot conquer the world...this was known and believed by the enemy. If these two powers became weakened then they can roll across Europe and across the Western hemisphere, and thru the areas of Asia. The students of geo-politics well understood this, and the Red Revolution is built on a careful study of geo-politics of this area. So the design was that the League of Nations while being an organization which would set up the situation which would create war...would actually have no authority to prevent war. It would be a 'String-pulling' organization but would have no power inside the barbs of its bow. This is what you have here ...'Therefore I beheld the white horse and he who sat upon it had a bow, and a crown was given unto him'. Revelation 6:2. The authority of all the nations to declare and make war...but not to enforce Peace. It says:...'A crown was given unto him and he went forth conquering and to conquer'. But the fact is all he has is a bow...no arrows, so all he can do is pull strings...nothing else. Thus the League of Nations then was a 'String-pulling' organization and it had no power. Virtually all Peace organizations are the same thing, they don't have any power except that power is implemented by someone else's strength. But no strength of their own. So the League of Nations went out to weaken the Western world, to lay it in an area of pacifistic approach to what later would be the Red Revolution and take over.

Thus that is what started W.W.II., and this treaty of Versailles where the League of Nations was born is where this was all planned. They thought that Communism would so weaken Germany as it finally did after W.W.II., so they set up their brothel control and finally all the finance of Germany was under their hands, and under the chaffing of this in their design to deprave all the people of Europe, these money changers thought they had this thing all set in place. Then when the Reichstag voted to establish the Third Reich financially, to establish a bank based on interest free money backed by production, and extended this money to build silos, and to expand factories, and to build dams and so forth, then retired the money put in distribution backed by the goods they produced and by the energy profits produced by them until they had no tax burden in what they did, which was produced without any profit. So everyone became economically strong, but the Jews couldn't make money this was so they fought against this to begin with. Then after this system was established they went to Austria, Czechoslovakia and other places. Then pretty soon these countries became a part of Germany thru annexation or plebiscites as happened in the Sudatenland and Austria and Czechoslovakia. So after this the Jews were in France, and in Poland, and they were over here and crying about being put to death. Refugees by the millions poured into here telling how they had just been burned up in those gas ovens. And we ended up in the free world with 6 million Jews in the U.S. and the Western world who were supposed to have been put to death in Germany. And there were 2 1/2 million more Jews in the Jewish World Book when the war was over, than there were before. So we have had the greatest World Hoax propaganda that ever went out over the world, but this is a softening foundation to divide nations of the western world so that after the division and conquering they could move in. This is a part of the white horse strategy, always being done by diplomatic maneuvers, by the manipulation of finance, so as this was done under the false Peace systems this is what is symbolized here.

For instance I have some interesting documents which just arrived yesterday, which are from the Secret Service in Washington, for instance that these mass graves in Belsin where they tried to tell us that these were bodies of Jews put to death there. But these gas ovens were non-existent, the ovens were crematories like you find at a cemetery and it takes 4 hours to cremate just one body at a time. So they had three of these in tiny Belsin but when we bombed little Belsin in the war we killed 2/3 of the inmates in the Prison and over half of the people of the community. This was war time so they couldn't cremate these bodies with the speed by which they would have to cremate them, so they dug a deep pit and put in the bodies, covered it with quick lime and buried these bodies. When the war was over...we...tried all these German Officers and claimed all these bodies as victims of gas ovens. This was done by military Generals and Adjutants of the Allied forces who were actually Jews who framed up this material. This is the same thing that they did with the Katyan Massacre. And when the records came out that they did accomplish this record of error, they did not want to carry this thing to the public so they tried to suppress it. And even President Eisenhower when he was told that he should halt the execution of these men because these German Officers had not committed this violation of law, this transgression, he (Eisenhower) said: ...it is better that these people die, they probably did a lot of things we don't know about, but it is better they die than disturb our relations with the Soviet Union. This is a matter of record, and I have the documents. Now as to what did come out in April of this very year concerning the relationship of this false material...concerning the whole areas of this...here we have even these mass graves with their bodies, and the records show how many were killed from the bombings. We have these facts now in our hands, and these were the very mass graves..of bodies...they were trying to use as evidence that they died in the gas chambers.

I would point out that all the four horses of the Apocalypse war is against the Kingdom by some subtle area. After all there is nothing the forces of darkness want more than for Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, Basque, Lombard, Nordic peoples to fight one another. If they can get Christian nation to fight Christian nation thy get wealthy from the profits of war, and manipulations of International Finance. These are Merchants of death who have dealt thus with us.

Over in the Book of James, chapter 5., God said:...'Go ye rich men, weep and howl, for your miseries have come upon you'. These are the miseries you have heaped upon yourselves thru this time of trouble and war. If you go into the text in the Greek it is:...'Go now ye evil rich men that heaped up your treasures in war, in the death of my people'. So this makes it quite clear as to who He is talking about because Jesus had repudiated these rascals in Jerusalem, and in the Book of Revelation again He identifies them as those Merchants of death.

Now; the second power...there came forth another beast and this horse is Red, and the one who sat there on it was given power to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another and there was given unto him a great sword. This is World Communism rising, and the Red horse of communism since it has risen has put to death over 70 million people. It has put to death more Christians then were killed thru out the years of Inquisition, thru out all the years of the hoards sweeping out of Asia in the days of Genghis Khan. World Communism has put to death more people...more Christians than any other institution in all time and history. They have killed more people in Asia, China than any plague which scourged the earth. Genghis Khan and his hoards when they went out to conquer the world didn't conquer as many.

Now; remember in another prophecy when Jesus speaks about the 7 hills which are the Beast System..about the Great Beast with 7 heads or 7 hills were 7 Empires. Jesus said:..5 are fallen, one is and one is yet to come, and then will come the eighth out of the seventh which is the final one, and it goes into perdition. It will be smashed and destroyed by the Kingdom of God and the return of Christ. Now the 5 which are fallen are: 1. Egypt which held our race in slavery when they double-crossed the offspring of Israel and of Joseph. You are to remember that the white race descended down thru Adam, Seth, Noah, Shem, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to our time. Every white Nation of our time is descended out of the House of Abraham. This does not make them Jews, it makes them 'Israel'..Issue and Prince ruling with God. We point out that the first head then was Egypt, 2. Assyria, 3. Babylon, 4. Medo-Persia, 5. Greece.

So five are fallen and 'One is' which was Rome in the days of Jesus, thus this was the 6th. And the seventh one to rise would be the hoards of Genghis Khan to attack Christian civilization and almost conquer the world. But at the death of Genghis Khan these hoards retreated back to Lassa. Then the 8th., comes out of the seventh area..so the hoards who attack us today, those who lead the hoards today...are out of the Steppes the same area, the Ancient Assyrians, the same power which wars against us in the seventh area wars against us in the 8th., this is why the Scripture talks about the Beast political, the beast economical, the beast system as it stands, and we are told that the 7th., beast gives power unto the 8th., whose deadly wound is now healed. So when Genghis Khan died the whole power of Asiatic pagans to conquer Christianity was broken because they never acquired a leader such as Genghis Khan ever again. And victory after victory eventually came to Christendom, and the Knighthood of Germany and Scandinavia, and of those all the way down to Italy and Spain as they turned the tide against Genghis Khan and after his death never such a leader arose. Shoggy Khan and Attica the Khan never could lead the hoards to victory over Christianity. Sulman the Magnificent who was the leader out of the old Turkish Empire, he was able to get into Europe, all the way to Spain on several occasions but never was Sulman to conquer all Europe. He did get to the gates of Vienna, but all of Christian Knighthood turned him. In the days of Martin Luther even, he made a confidant with Rome and they all stood together and said:...these are the forces of Anti-Christ and they fought together to turn back these forces who were Anti-Christ's. Remember that Jesus said:...the 8th., Beast System is the last beast system and our white Christian civilization battles the 8th., this is world Communism. It gathers the hoards of Asia and Africa against white Christian civilization. This is the 8th., out of the 7th., and it battles Christian civilization but it will be defeated and destroyed as we read in the Book of Revelation. And this is the Red horse, which goes forth to take Peace from the whole earth. It stirs up riots, causes violence and trouble and gathers the hoards for this attack, it is given unto them this great sword ...this is great power.

Now:...'When he had opened the third seal he said...come and see and I beheld a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand.' This is World Socialism (Kehilla) with its manipulation of the worlds money system. This is the economic war of Black Socialism against the whole program of the Kingdom. This Kingdom of God operates on thrift, initiative and enterprise. A laborer is worthy of his hire. He is told to save, to expand, to invest in production, and he doesn't live by usury but by created wealth. By the greatness of America, by the greatness of Germany by which we come back as God gives us spiritual vision, initiative, and enterprise. We thus develop industry, farms, production and as we produce these things we allow our people to own them. We purchase things we spend money to enlarge our homes, for our families, we tithe to our God, we support our church, we support our government. But in this instance you won the things you produce..and in this program of Anti-Christ you don't own any- thing, ..they are collectivists. But today the force trying to destroy us is the power of the Black horse. And the Black horse has even invaded parts of our government...refugees are pouring in here saying they are running from something, but they are Trojan horses flooding in here. They are now around our President, and from the days of FDR to our times, socialism has been increasing in America with a steady rate. And with it your taxes have gone up and up. Did you know that there was no Income Tax when W.W.I start- ed, and no one paid any tax but the very rich and they only paid a pittance. Our tariffs and the other taxes were all you needed to run your government. Then by the end of W.W.II., you were only paying 5 to 6 %. Today (1965) you are paying 30% out in taxes, and it is still climbing. Today we are 217 billion in debt and we finance ourselves with deficit financing which is ruining America. And it is definitely fiscal irresponsible. Now; this is the great nation of God's Kingdom, and they can produce more food than we can eat, and build more houses than we can occupy. Under the program of God's Kingdom it is important that we understand that the Black horse must control the economy, it works to control our economy so note that it said that he who sat on the Black horse had a pair of balances in his hands. And it said:...'a measure of wheat for a penny, and 3 measures of barley for a penny, and see thou not hurt the oil and wine.' Notice again that the economic strength of the power of the Black horse was to try to control all the oil, and oil is the latter day value. In Europe they designed to control all the agriculture and thru that all the Olive oil, but that is only part of it, because the word used for oil demonstrates it is larger in scope than this. (I would add here that we find in the sky picture that the planets are lining up for 1982...and they are in the foot of Virgo, just ready to cross to Libra which is also the sign of the scales...or the balancer.) The most powerful asset in the world today which the Beast system wants to control is oil. A part of Armageddon is the oil of the Mid-East. And economic manipulators are trying to gather up all the oil in the world. The Rothchild interests are trying to control the oil of the world. We have Rothchild oil interests dominating the oil of whole areas of different companies. The Jews have been after Standard oil but never quite able to get control of it. Standard oil of course was a Rockefeller interest but now it is a large Stock company. But now areas of Standard oil won't even employ Jewish employers because the largest areas of swindling that ever occurred in the areas of the industry was by Jewish employees. Secondly, the Arab oil is the greatest treasure in the Arab world, and they won't let anyone come in to drill if they have Jewish employees. So Standard oil was an American company and they didn't have to employ any Jews in those Arab oil fields. So Aramco is a great Arab oil field which Standard oil drilled for them. So the battle for the world is over oil which is very vital. The wheels of Armies move on the oil, so hurt not the oil and the wine.

The second largest financial commodity moved among nations which helps them to gain control is liquor. The liquor industry is almost 100% Jewish owned. In fact outside of Yellowstone and Harper, in fact outside of a few little Independents in the south, all of the bourbon and hard liquor companies in the U.S. are owned by Jews. In fact almost all the major wine factories except some in Italian families, and French or Basque families, they have the vineyards but the product which comes out of the big wineries for export is almost all controlled by the big International Banking Houses of the House of Rothchild and the Warburg interests. So again you have Mystery Babylon the Great, the one who controls money, now is trying to gain in these latter days the commodities necessary for fuel and oil, and also design for control of all the liquor industry and they use this in their warfare. But...realize that the money spent in Washington D.C., more than for any other commodity is spent for liquor. This is hard to understand but this is how far they go. And from the way they act, and talk, and believe, I am inclined to think its influences over our foreign policy is far more than the spiritual responses of their churches. So this is also a part of the problem.

Now; this is not being a blue nose...'Let no man judge you in what you eat or drink...or be temperate in all things'. but when they spend more on liquor than anything else, you are not very temperate, or very smart. God warns His people about this policy of intemperance, and in these latter days these four Beasts, of the Apocalypse start out with the manipulations, the string pulling and the false Peace movements, planning to bind His Kingdom and set it up for destruction thru wars.

The Red Revolution was expanded from this time on, and from W.W.II., it spread over the entire world, and then the economic war against God's Kingdom came by the manipulating of the pricing of the goods. They create a vast inflation and then pull the bottom out from under the goods until the individual can't get any money for his goods. They seek to gain control of all the money necessary for these latter day movements of armies, their equipment and their men, and for these areas of control and befuddling of the minds....Liquor.

The last one of these horses is the Pale horse. He who sat on this horse was death, and Hell followed after him. In otherwords, death and the grave ...the word is grave. And power was given unto them over the 4 parts of the earth to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

Here you have an example of Asia under its Communism rise, this is the 8th., and final Asiatic hoard...the man power of the Beast. Remember that a Chinaman is generally lighter skinned than even a Caucasian tanned with the sun. So the Pale horse is descriptive of the hoards of Asia and China. And when they battle over there they destroy the food supply and stave one another to death. They are one of the first areas in the earth to turn loose under their Mandarin Princes in their days of battle...even beasts and creatures. They turned loose captive Siberian Tigers from the waste lands, in the battles, and they did the same thing with Lions they were able to take from India and other places. The Ancient Chinese used to capture these beasts and turn them loose on their own people. But now:..'Lo I saw that power was given unto them to kill with hunger and with death'. So there has never been an area to add man power to the Beast system like that of Asia. They were always added in, they are pagan, they are Hindu, they worship Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva all Devil gods, grotesque ones and they use them against our race.

You say...Oh, there were a few ones like Chang Kai Shek on Formosa, and some in South Korea. But you see, all of the pagan nations from the United Nations on, are sabotaging the Christian nations, turning their massive manpower over to pagan forces. And when Kennedy was the President we actually upset the Diem families who were Christians in Vietnam and turned it over to the Buddhist who double crossed us then and have every since. Showing the manipulations of the Evil forces who had invaded our society, and so influenced our foreign policy that they sabotaged the leadership what was on our side at the time. Right now the world is faced with Asiatic and Negroid hoards under Communist influence. The hoards of the Steppes are to be hurled at our race while they seek to manipulate an economic war against us with all the manipulations of the first horse...from the League of Nations thru the United Nations right into the patterns of their One World Government. All this by manipulation and state craft, and finally by gathering all non-Christian manpower into a final struggle which is Armageddon. This is your fourth horse...we could go into this extensively by criss crossing this back, but we won't do that tonight.

QUESTION:...Hebrews, chapter five. It talks about he who uses milk is unskillful in the words of righteousness, is a baby?

ANSWER:...Let me explain this to you...Paul is writing to our race. Remember Heber was a descendent of Seth, and every white man on the face of the earth is a HEBREW. But not a Jew on the face of the earth is a Hebrew. This is something people don't know. You see they have tried to usurp our position and be called Hebrews. You see, no Jew has the Book of Hebrews in any of his literature. We are the only people who have this Book, and all Christian Nations have it. You see, the Apostle Paul had a unique experience. He had been taken out into space and had been carried out into the 4th., heaven, to the 5th., and on up to the 6th., and then came back. He said:...I know of a man...as he tells about this...taken out and whether in the body or in the spirit I can't tell..only God knows. But this is what I saw and what I heard. And he mentions this tremendous volume...The Apocalypse of Paul which he often mentions. This was carried by Rome altho they did finally retranslate it, but it was never completely destroyed, for parts of it are still left. All the great truths we find here in either the Catholic or Protestant Bibles are extracts from The Apocalypse of Paul and of his experiences and the things he was taught of God. So under this the Apostle Paul wrote the greatest area of mystery and truth concerning who we are in the Book of Hebrews. In this he tells us that since the children of God are now down here in the flesh (in the Book of Romans) that He took a body just like we had and was not ashamed to call us Kinsmen. This is talking to your race, not the Asiatics or Negro. This program for the earth is thru His own Race, to Evangelize the world under their administration, under their teaching. They are not to integrate or let the world absorb them, not to integrate your society or form a world government with the pagans.

Now; all the deep truths of this Bible from the Laws of God to the Covenants are to this race...of identity, of Sonship, of restoration, restitution and all these things involved, these are the things of God, these are the mysteries, hidden from the world since the foundation of the world, but we can understand them says the Apostle Paul in Corinthians because we haven't received the spirit of the world. We have received the Spirit of God and He makes known unto us all these mysteries. This is why He raises up a minister, for the minister is responsible for the instructing of the people in the Wisdom of God.

Now; we don't like to say this because people might say we are conceited but this isn't true...but there are preachers some of them in robes and with collars on backwards in the pulpits, but they are not the preachers who can feed the people on meat. They themselves having no great spiritual grasp, therefore they are on a milk diet, and all they can give people is milk, and therefore they stay on the bottle, everything superficial. The minister therefore is responsible for the people in the ministry. It is alright to raise people on their A B C's...on milk, but the Apostle Paul said...now that I am grown up I don't stay on a milk diet, I want strong meat, and he is talking about the truths of God. So the minister can not give out any more than he knows. Today the unfortunate thing is that we have a professional ministry but they are not trained in the great mysteries of the Kingdom. You go to the average Seminary today and they will give you pastoral psychiatry, social sciences, and they will give you a brand of church socialism supplied by the National Council of Churches. They will give you a sort of historic continuity of the Bible and then tell you that this is a tradition, this is an allegory, and this is a myth. And by the time they take this young man who is devout and bring him thru this Seminary, he may be an agnostic or even an atheist, so he is just a good social director. This is today...what the Scripture says will be a great falling away...that the last days will not come without this falling away and it effects our society.

Today we have this added problem which in the days of the Apostle Paul they did not have this in any great measure...but almost 2000 years later we have watched the falling away Paul talked about to Timothy and the others. And we also see this...as being more apparent today. The great structure of strength that men get is out of the wisdom and knowledge that they are capable of receiving. Being spirit of His Spirit, you see the mysteries of God, the power of God, the essence of your being, the message of the Divine origin and the incorruptibility of the internal nature. Instead of this we either get a fantastic bed-time story of torture chambers and burned up people and all these kinds of things. We even burn up their spirits which can't burn when they die. This is one end of superstition and then you go to the other end, and we do away with knowledge, with the purposes of God, and we try to throw people into a socialist revolution without God.

Now; a lot of people will say:...Oh, yes, well you want to remember that Jesus is The Christ, this is very good, and important. All you have to do is believe that Jesus is The Christ, be Baptised, this is all you need to know. But this is just what you start with, this is the milk that starts your growing, and that all they do..in altar call after altar call, they get Christians saved over and over again. And they never learn anything but don't steal, be good, don't rob, don't commit adultery. They don't even know that the word Abdolumos means thou shalt not cohabit with another race. They think what its just a violation of ethical and moral codes in the Scriptures. The Ten Commandments for instance..they don't know that Abdolumos..adulterate is to mix that which is not the same. Even mix milk with water...mix white with Negroes or Asiatics and whites. This is a violation of Divine Law. In the old Hebrew law it was that 'Thou shalt not cohabit with another race.' It is translated 'Thou shalt not commit adultery' and every Hebrew of that day knew what that meant. Today most ministers don't even know that. I just mention this because so many of these fellows will moralize this. They say:...look at nature, look at the beautiful birds, lets not steal, not lie, and all of these things are just milk...good advice to start with. Of course they say believe in Christ and then 70% of the Clergy today will say, but this isn't so important, just believe He was just a good man, a great teacher, you don't have to believe that He is the embodiment of God. I tell you that any minister who will not believe that this was God...the very YAHWEH embodied..Christ YAHSHUA, should not be in the pulpit because this is the very criteria as to whether a person has an understanding at all.

Therefore, the minister should have grown up..from milk to the deep truths of God before he ever entered the ministry. In otherwords when he was meditating he should have come to this point. If he, when he started his ministry, doesn't have something more to offer than the people he teaches have had then he better learn from the people until he is ready to teach because...Woe unto them who are still on milk.

Now; this doesn't mean that God doesn't want anyone not to drink milk, He isn't displeased because you have a glass of milk. It isn't talking about that, it is just a spiritual symbol of baby-food, and there is adult food. If you are ever going to grow up to be an adult son, to war against the enemy, and help bring in the Kingdom you better have something better than milk toast. I know a lot of people on a milk toast diet who don't know that they are, and they gripe and grumble but this is because they have spiritual ulcers. And maybe what they don't have is responsible for this. But this is what it is talking about...deep truths...spiritual truth. When you start in on Sonship, pre-existence, origin, and material destiny, preservation of the Race, the purposes of God and the synthesis of the Kingdom then these are the strong meat, these are the mysteries of God and the synthesis of the Kingdom, these are the strong meat, these are the mysteries of God. These are the things you know and yet 1/2 of the people have never had a square meal in their lives. This is one of the things that will awaken the country...remember God said:...behold, the people who are spiritually dead, He calls on Ezekiel to blow on these flames, calls on the winds to blow on Israel. You say what does this mean? It means they become spiritually energized, and they become a mighty people. You know it says in the Scripture that in the latter days there will be a famine? No a famine of bread but a famine of hearing the Word of God of 'Thus saith the LORD'. So people go to church and they come away hungry. God said:..I will not leave my people without witnesses, without a message. I am in these latter days going to breathe upon them, and tho they are like as to dead, in the midst of their economy, they shall stand upon their feet a great and mighty resurrected people. I shall restore to them in these last moments of these last days, the things they have lost.' So the Apostle Paul talks about a milk diet not being an accomplished point, and it isn't just a beginning point. God wants His people to feed on deep truths, He doesn't want them to be mentally and spiritually lazy. There are some people who do not want to think, they don't want to be troubled. They just figure that if they know anything they might be charged to spread it, or bear witness to it, so these people need to be stuck a little with the spurs. And God puts on the spurs a bit, and the land floods, the tornado rips thru, and before this happens you are so busy with possessions that you don't have time for God. When you get thru with this disaster you have time for God for that's the only thing left. Then you find that you can get possessions again, you can have the Kingdom.

God says:..those I love I chasten. But also He pours out judgment on the enemy that also in thy midst...is found. The destructions that is going to move out, is going to strike thru parts of the country and it will wipe out the enemy of God's Kingdom. You are going to see this right here in this area as the fleets of the Most High come in to grab out the tares. But this is strong meat and it isn't on the milk diet.

QUESTION:...Would you talk about pre-historic animals?

ANSWER:...Well, what facet of them would you like to talk about?

QUESTION:...How they got there.....

ANSWER:...Well, they were created here. They were here in the Summerian period. They existed in the period of 400,000 years ago, on up to 120,000 years ago, some of them exist yet today. There is no doubt in my mind today that what we call pre-historic is just a fictitious word now. They used to say that all history started at 10,000 years except for evolutionary fossils, they taught that man evolved out of the great apes, and they taught that man was pre-history. In otherwords man wrote the history on animals so everything before man was pre-history. So they call these pre-historic animals. But there is no doubt in my mind but what we have pre-historic animals today. In South America in the deep Matagrossa, there you find flying lizards called Petro-dactyle and they are still there and have been seen in the Upper Amazon by explorers there. There is definite evidence that caves have cracked under earthquakes in the oceans and these anfibs must be able to stand pressure because monsters have risen and thrashed around and died and been thrown up on Islands of the Sea within the last three years, they were like huge monstrous dinosaurs. Great huge carnivorous whales like never seen in all our whaling history have been thrown up on beaches showing some subterranean disturbances. It has some how unlocked some creatures which previously did not have access to our upper waters. Pre-historic animals like the tyrannosaurs, the stegosaurus and the troutosaurs, there is no doubt that they are living today. They roamed like the great mammoth Elephants at one time when this land was not as warm. In fact in the north parts of the earth at one time there was no ice age, and the area at the north pole was a great grassy area. This was so true at the south pole, and these great mammoths fed on grass up there. Then suddenly a comet swept its tail thru and picked up water which when it got to high altitudes it froze, and dropped back as ice and snow in such tremendous volumes that every thing was trapped. This is what caused the ice age, and it happened instantly, one moment this mammoth was eating grass and the next they are buried in ice and snow. This wasn't something gradual, for if it had been these fellows would have kept going south. The grass was still there and they were eating it when they were caught. These fellows who try to tell you that the ice age took thousands of years to develop are kidding you...how do you think that grass was up there all that time? What do you think those mammoths were doing there, all that time? Do you think they would have permitted themselves to be covered and frozen? So it is not necessarily a sign that animals lived at a previous age who were not able to keep themselves adapted to survival in most parts of the earth. In the Sulurian period it was known as a great swamp area, at this time the earth had not gone thru ice ages, or at least not for a long, long time. So the earth was almost humid with vast atmospheric belts around it, and the growth was swamp like. Even the forests like the Mahoganies...they were the type that is very succulent and they were growing in great swamps. We have two kinds of mahogany today, I have pieces of petrified swamp mahogany that is 100,000 years old, or more, so in those days these animals could exist, but as the earth changed, because it cooled as the ice ages hit, the temperature Zones were set up, the swamp areas died out and only the trees of the high mountains spread like some of our great Redwoods which are 5000 to 7000 years old and older. These trees spread out from the mountains to the coastal plains. And in this country of course we have the fir, the pine, the sycamore, and the spruce and so forth, these spread and the swamps descended into the areas of the temperature zones, the gulf streams, the Japanese currents and so forth where these things might yet be preserved. Thus the swamps in Mississippi and those areas because of their proximity to the gulf stream survived.

Now; in South America just south of the equator we find great swamp areas which possibly could keep these kind of creatures alive. Also we can prove that none of these creatures had anything to do with man. That men were created as species, there are also different kind of men like the Asiatics and the Negroes created other places and brought in and then there is Adam man who was begotten. But remember that man existed before many of these pre-historic animals because we dig down and find such places like the Olduval Gorge (S. Africa) that man existed on the earth 1 1/2 million years ago, whereas as many of these pre-historic animals died out 10,000 years ago, and some of them are still here. In fact right out here in Elizabeth Lake there was a flying Dinosaur that was here within the last 200 years. In fact back when the Spanish still had California and it frightened people, it was shot at by cowboys from the Haciendas and Ranch's. And in the days when our settlers were coming in here it flew away out over Arizona and was fired at over San Bernadino, and fired at in the areas close to the Colorado River, and finally dropped in Arizona. It wasn't dead so cowboys fired their 30-30's into it then went and reported about this thing. But when they came out they were going to take this creature and put it in a museum, and it was already putrefying and all kinds of birds were feeding on the meat. So they took bones of this creature and it is still in the museum today. So probably that was one of the last pre-historic animals that were visible to out time. I have this, or did have, two volumns of the early California records, people borrowed them and they are gone now, but I know where they are and put my hands on them. Now; if there is anything else you want to know about pre-historic animals, I have a whole shelf of books in my Library on pre-historic animals. And these animals are mentioned in the Scriptures as having existed.

QUESTION:...I had a gentleman tell me that Peter was a Jew..is that true?

ANSWER:...Well, the fellow was probably as misinformed about Peter as he is about Jesus. Probably he would say that Jesus was a Jew...but I tell you that there was no Jewish blood in Jesus..He couldn't have been the son of God or the embodiment of God and Satan at the same time. Jesus remember said that the Jews are the sons of Lucifer, that they were descended from Lucifer their father, and the lusts of their father they would do. Jesus said:..I am from my father (Spirit), and you are of your father. And then Jesus said of His disciples, that they came forth from the father (spirit-father of all matter) and 'Thine (spirit) they were in the heavens, and now mine (embodied) in the earth.' The Jews are a monstrosity race of fallen Angels who became devils, intermingling with all races. This is why they are Black Jews, yellow Jews, some white Jews from the seduction of Eve and so forth.

Now; Peter was an Israelite & He came from Galilee, but remember that the Jews said of Jesus:..search and see if any prophet...anything good comes out of Galilee. So Peter was a Galilean and in the 6th., chapter of John, then Jesus identified Judas of Iscariot, the one Jew among His disciples...as a Devil. He said...'I have chosen you 12 and one of you is a Devil.' Then it says:..after this Jesus walked in Galilee because the Jews sought to kill him. So Peter, Andrew, James, and John were Galileans not Jews. There is no history of any of the disciples being identified as Jews except Judas of Iscariot. The Apostle Paul said:...the Jews are against God and contrary to all men. You have unfortunate translation in which Judah is translated Jew, but every German is a man of Judah, so don't ell them they are Jews or you might have a fight on your hands. Peter was definitely a Galilean, and probably qualified as a Benjaminite not of Judah, because Benjamin was the Light Carriers. And Jesus appointed Peter as one of the great Shepherds of the Church. Therefore he was Chief Bishop, so remembering that...surely he must have been a Benjaminite because Benjaminites were the Ministry of Light Carriers. Most of the Disciples even were Benjaminites, maybe some Judahites.

QUESTION:...Well, then was Peter just mixed up?

ANSWER:...Yes, Peter was mixed up when he formed the communal.

QUESTION:...I was thinking of after the Pentecost?

ANSWER:...Oh...As to 'That which was spoken of by the Prophet Joel'? No. Peter was not mixed up here for this (power of the disciples) was what was spoken of by the Prophet Joel, but it was not the final manifestation which Joel talked about, this was to happen also in the last days. This was the outpouring of the Spirit, but it was not the latter rain. The former rain came at Pentecost and the latter rain is coming now. Joel spoke about both of them and people assumed this was the whole thing but it wasn't. This was the former rain and the latter rain comes WITHOUT MEASURE. He said: in the latter rain I will pour out my spirit on all my sons and my daughters, this was to quicken them with knowledge, perception, power, with miracle operating force, this is for now, it is happening, this is for the bringing in of the Kingdom. So Peter wasn't mixed up on this...the only place Peter was mixed up was when he tried to get the Christians to sell everything they had and pool it in common and live together in one community. This was a mistake, he was conned into this. In the first place it would never have let Christianity expand very much if they all live together. Secondly communal government only works when people sell everything...but for you..you were to be saving, developing all the financial status of the families, and tithe to the State and Church, this was to be your way, but don't give all that you have, and then live as tho you are owned by the church, this is the error. This would be a Christian community around a false economic concept, and this was not something which Peter was guided in by the spirit. This was just Peter in his desire to make a homogenous society out of the family of Christendom to get closer with people of like ideas in which as they came closer together would strengthen their society. This they can do, but they must do it by retaining the entity of their family, and the entity of their economic structure. Because the laws of God provide for economy and inheritance...remember this. The new Grand Society would take away your inheritance when you are supposed to keep it.

QUESTION:...I was listening to the radio the other day and a lady said Dr. ------will not touch the Jewish question. (couldn't hear his name)

ANSWER:...She is right, he will not touch the Jewish question for fear ...he knows better.

QUESTION:...He says that the churches are declining because they are starting to teach Socialism.

ANSWER:...He is safe on that, but if he would tell as to where it come from, and how it is done then he would have some effectiveness. This he will not do for fear of the Jews.

QUESTION:...These 4 horses of Daniel are they the same in Daniel?

ANSWER:...We won't go into that tonight, but they do tie into Daniel as Empires.

QUESTION:...How would you explain to people...a good way to explain what it means to be a Christian?

ANSWER:...Well, now you have taken a question which we would need a Seminar on. But the most important thing today is for the Christian to battle for the Kingdom. The Christian today as he learns the truth is to work for the kingdom, to contend for the Faith, to work to see that impressed into the minds the children, the youth who are your responsibility...is the truth, to counter-act the fallacy taught in schools and in Socialism by the Government. They also should be taught the laws of God on race before they are absorbed by integration and lies. All these things are facets of this.

I would like to show you a report here, it comes from the police department and it is the briefing to the Pasadena Police Department. I just want you to see this...it gives you an idea why you have to counter-act this type of tom-foolery. (quote)...Tips to the Pasadena police department..... Bi-lingual retraining. Tips to all the top conversants. In these days of super communications people inadvertently use expressions or make references which offend friends and acquaintances, or other within ear-shot. This happens with disturbing frequencies in the framework of inner-group relations or contact. In most instances the ones using these expressions have not the slightest intent to hurt or ridicule. However, in todays average American community all racial and national and religious groups are represented. (unquote)

Now; we are working for the day when this will be a Christian Nation, when your immigration doors will be closed to unassimilatable immigration. Let Asiatics stay in Asia, and Africans stay in Africa especially pagans. But this police department is working for an integrated society. Listen (quote)...therefore informed and courteous persons will recognize that this is offensive, if not devastating in that all implications of certain words or phrases and they will make a sincere effort to refrain from using these. Here are a few tips...avoid all racial jokes. (unquote)

Now; all your lives you have heard jokes on Irishmen, on Jews, on Poles and so forth, because everyone knows the Jews are Kites, they even call each other Kite when they are angry. If you went back to 1926-27 and went to a theater, because there was no T.V., but they had Vaudeville and about 85% of their entertainment was a bunch of obnoxious kites out there dancing a jig and telling jokes, and one-half the jokes were on the Jews. Sure they knew no one was as Kike as they, so they told jokes on one another. But listen to this:...(quote) Avoid all racial jokes, jokes which derive their humor from any stereotype which could be considered ridicule, racial or religious jokes are seldom funny to members of that group. These types of stories are becoming increasingly distasteful to all. Modern Americans pronounce the word Negro distinctly, a slight coloring of slur causes this proper word to sound like a cruel and hateful epitaph. (unquote) Now; Nigger is the oldest word in the world for this race, it came long before Negro. Way back in the days of Stanley and Livingston when the white man went down to Africa, these people were living on the Niger River, and it is one of the biggest Rivers of Africa. Ethiopians went down and conquered these people and made slaves of them and called these people niggers. This is where the word came from. The word Negro is the word slurred out of it later but the work Nigger came first. But let's move on with this. I don't care what you call them, they deserve it all. (quote) ---Don't talk about a colored mammy or use the word Sambo or boy referring to them. Intelligent groups regard this as an unsound racial attitude. Such expressions may be indicative of a desire to adopt a superior and inferior relationship between the races. (unquote)

Well...the white race is superior to the Negro and realism recognizes this. Brain-washed people are moving the Pasadena department with their psychiatrists.....(quote) Never use any racial, religious or national nick- names, never say Darky, Dago, Wop, Pickanniny, Nigger, Bohunk, Mex or Kite. (unquote)

Now; languages are words to convey an idea, so if languages conveys an idea then language works. If I were to use the words, kite, nigger, chink, or jap, then you would know what I was talking about and semantics has accomplished its point. You know what I am talking about so do these others. But it says here....(quote) all of these are the results of a belief in white supremacy or Anti-Semitism, and must be avoided. Don't generalize about groups. Don't say Negroes are lazy or protestants are Godless or Jews are mercenary or Catholics are bigots. (unquote)

Well, no one would say protestants or Catholics are godless or bigots, but if anyone wants to know...Jews are mercenary, and if you haven't found it out yet....Negroes are lazy.

Now;.....(quote) any generalization which is untrue, undemocratic, unscientific, un-factual...stop repeating it and avoid using any unnecessary designation as your people or my people. Just say:....fellow Americans. The latter terms can note unity, the former differences. (unquote) So to be a cop today is to be a brain-washed imbecile. (quote) use the same words for evaluation of all people, apply the same standards to all regardless of race, religion, or origin. No group has an option on ability, or depravity and in every group will be found geniuses, and scoundrels. Don't be apologetic, some speakers of minority groups on their own behalf are inclined to apologize to their group...be frank and honest. All groups are co-equal. What is needed is equality not immunity from responsibility. Practice speaking as if all groups were present at all times. Who wants to become unpopular by careless remarks. It is easy to become friends with people of all groups, therefore make friends with other ethnic groups than your own. These are enriching experiences, join other races in inner-cultural clubs. (unquote)

O.K., so join the Negro or the Chinaman. Join their fraternities and get together with them.

(quote) Study and support local and state and federal legislation, to insure equality and opportunity for all Americans. And when you hear any derogatory remarks referred to any race or nationality let the speaker know how deeply you disapprove. It will take courage for you to maintain this way of life but we will maintain it, and encourage its perpetuity. (unquote)

This is from the Pasadena Police Department. And there is no part of L.A. that the Negroes are taking over...more than in Pasadena where now 30% of the population is Negro. They are planning on race riots, robbery, rapes, more in the area of Pasadena than in any time of history in the United States. Remember, that this was before the Negro uprising that fall. All of that beautiful area out in Sierra Madra, but there are a lot of Jewish millionaires in that area who will pay the price for what they have stirred up.

QUESTION:...How do you explain to a child this operation of planets, animals, humans in death?

ANSWER:...This is not difficult. Plants grow up and reach their maturity. They are a vegetation and you can tell them they come out of seed which falls to the ground in this operation, and grows up again. Their life continues on in the seed, but the plants get old and wither, they can't last forever, because of the heat of the sun, and when they finish their blooming then the seed falls off, and their life continues in the seed because they are a plant. They have no conscious thinking like the individual awareness, but they do respond to thinking because they are sensitive to existence, but they don't meditate.

Now; when you come to animals then they are subject to accidents but animals don't have the longevity as people do, and so they get old, and the body wears out like an old car. You have to turn your car in once in a while and thus when the animals body goes down he goes to sleep and as his soul consciousness goes to sleep this is it for him. As far as death is concerned, it is not too hard to make it clear that our eyes can see this body.... but our eyes cannot see the body made in spirit, this is a dimension which you cannot see. So in explaining to a child, it is easy to explain that around us is another plane where people live but we can't see them. So when this body disintegrates this consciousness passes into a body we can't see. They can see us, but we can't see them until someday they will come back... these bodies will be resurrected again, just as we see them now only they will never die again. This is pretty easy...children pick up on this faster than you think. It is much easier to sow this frankness than to leave them with doubts and fears, and superstitions. You can develop these facets but don't push them to fast, but lay a good foundation.

QUESTION:...the children wondered about a rabbit dying. We didn't tell them that a dog killed it.

ANSWER:...It isn't long until the overpowering facts of life must be understood. As long as the child grows up liking a steak once in a while, he will have to realize that the cow has to die before he can have the steak. There would never have been any Lamb at the Passover if they hadn't killed it to eat it. So some animals are put here to be eaten, and children must learn this. They have only a limited soulish consciousness so there is no great factor here. I don't think people should eat horses tho...because there are horses in Celestial planes and on other planets. Horses came in on space crafts, horses are in the fleets of God. His conquering Hosts are on horses, white ones to, oh, maybe an Appaloosa might come in. These strains of Palominos are Martian horses. I have been waiting for one of these Pegasus flying horses to come in...Ha. It would be a big help to get into the High Sierras, or the High Rockies, to go into some of these Fidel camps. Ha. You think there isn't any? I can show you in the Scriptures that there are winged horses. And a winged horse must have a lot of tork. But a horse could fly much better than a bumble bee, did you know that? If a horse had wings that is...because the most unbalanced mechanism is the Bumble Bee. It is the biggest mass for the size of wing support, and they fan those wings at such speed that they whip up such a storm to lift themselves up...the hardest work in flying is the Bumble Bee. Aerodynamically there is nothing with less aerodynamics than a Bumble Bee. They probably sting because they are so mad. This is an extra biology lesson thrown in on Pre-historic animals....Ha.

QUESTION:...I was wondering...what should we call the Negro then? ANSWER:...Anything you are big enough to call them. Ha. The best thing which ever happened to them was when Jews sold them to Americans and they came in contact with the white man. It was Hayam Solomon who brought the first Negroes into N.Y., and sold them. Then when they wrote 'Uncle Tom's Cabin'...a propaganda hoax, it was a slave trader Simon LeGree who was the bad guy and he was a Jew. But Negroes were eating one another where they came from and they didn't do that over here because people didn't want their property eaten up. People took better care of their horses over here than Negroes took care of each other over there. Here they were under the aura of a higher race with higher intelligence, and they learned and absorbed the impact of our race, being close to them. It wasn't long before Negroes here learned to use the wheelbarrow. Whereas in Africa, Negroes never made a wheel. So don't talk about equality, the pudding is in the eating.

QUESTION:...Were they integrated with other races?

ANSWER:...Yes, but the offspring are far inferior to the race they mixed with. What happens is that the Negro pulls the race down, but he ends up without any visionary, creative ability, or initiative.

QUESTION:...But they are better than before?

ANSWER:...Well, in some cases maybe but generally they are throw retrograde without affinity to either race. For instance the exceptions are Booker T. Washington, and James Carver..both were Mulattos. But most of the work credited to them was done by white men around them, and they didn't go to integrated schools, they had white teachers. But James Carver is the biggest phoney of all, this 'peanut work' was done by white Laboratory technicians in his Library.


(End of this message)