05-13-64 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:..I have a friend back in West Virginia who listens to your tapes all the time and I promised him I would ask any question for him that he would want asked, and he said:... What position does Dr. Swift hold on the people of the Adamic race who do not receive Jesus Christ as their Savior? What about murderers, adulterers, liars, drunkards who apparently do not give any thought to Jesus Christ? Does Dr. Swift believe that all the White Adamic Race will share the same position throughout eternity?

ANSWER:..This question is as long as it is involved. I will say this to get into your question, the Adamic race, or the white race, is the offspring of THE MOST HIGH, they were spiritually begotten in the heavens before they were ever begotten in the earth. They brought nothing into the world but their beings. They possess a Celestial being as well as a physical one. The soul consciousness is resident in a physical body and is activated by the patterns of the senses. The Activation of the consciousness which is the Celestial mind impacts upon the areas of the soul's reasoning, and does to a certain degree restrain and effect or make the consciousness of an individual uncomfortable when his selections are not correct in relationship to Divine protection on the sense pattern. In otherwords, the only areas of temptation to a race such as yours is in the physical area because the only areas of transgression is physical. The soul consciousness draws all of its evaluations out of either the natural perceptions of the five senses or out of the areas of Celestial consciousness.

Now; we are born of incorruptible seed which lives and abides forever. It is just as impossible to corrupt something that is incorruptible as it would be to destroy the immutableness of God Himself. So the spirit is never destroyed, the spirit never dies, the spirit never transgresses. This is what is referred to in I John in his first Epistle as well as in the second. But here in I John 3:9., he says:..."That which is born of YAHWEH cannot sin, for his seed remaineth in him." This does not mean that men can't make mistakes in a physical body, it does not mean that they don't violate Divine Law, but it does mean that the Spiritual seed or as far as the spirit is concerned, it was begotten in the heavens before the world was framed, therefore the spirit does not transgress. Of course we have discussed this in many facets in the past when we brought out the face for instance that you were with the Father before this Solar System was framed. The Book of Job tells us this, and this Book was written about 5000 B.C., so it is one of the oldest Books of the Bible. And in this instance..."When the morning stars sang, and the sons of God shouted for joy", there isn't one individual in this room whose spirit was not begotten in the ages of yesterday even before the creation of the earth. I would hesitate to give you a figure on how long that was. I will give geology all the time they want, and we have no reason for a discussion of that because now we have a well established...one million, four hundred, sixty-five thousand years of the existence on earth of intelligent beings. These were beings who walked upright, used metal and ceramic's and so forth. We have the evidence of civilization in the Olduvai gorge in South Africa and other places as the established patterns of Antiquity. So we aren't hedged in by contemporary limits, and we are not accepting the areas of fallacy that were taught from ignorance in the past, that everyone emerged from Adam.

Thus the Adamic race is the white race, the Negro pre-existed, the Asiatic existed in the days of the Torogs which was one of the early creations, and which is the creation described in the scriptures before the Adamic race arrived on earth. Many thousands of years intervened between that creation of Genesis on the 6th, day and the begatting of the Adamic household in the 7th., era of re-creation.

Now; as to transgression, Orthodoxy has considered itself sometimes to be correct in many things in which it was accepting tradition. In which the whole area of it's theology was organized by those who had won it with Witchcraft, and with fear, to hold down your race, as well as the structures of the Christian church. There are certain things altho we have had created status---of maybe we could say---'Self Righteousness'---built up inside of Christianity in which individuals want to be sure that people are punished ENOUGH, and they and their friends are regarded as highly as they feel they should be. No one wants to admit this, but this is the structure which comes out of denominations all over. we want to point out this, there is no approval at any time, in any areas for the violation of Divine Law. The Divine law is the way things are put together, whether moral law, economic law, ethical law, mathematical law, or race law, all these are God ordained laws, this is the way he synthesized His Universe. This is the way He put it all together, the law is immutable, it does not change.

Now; the law inflicts it's own penalty, and again we point out to your question---the law enacts it's own penalty in the area where the violation is committed. Enoch and the Apostle Paul were both told, and this is again demonstrated by the necessity of understanding----but in the field in which a man sows---in that field he also reaps. Man does not sow in the physical world and reap in the Celestial one. Man does not sow in the physical world and reap in a life hereafter. This is a very important thing because this is one of the great basic areas in the structure of theology. In other words---what a man sows he also reaps---and reaps where he sows. And his race suffers, for he is not alone in this for this transgression which is considered the greatest of all transgression is the mutation of the Holy Seed, the mongrelization of the Race. The inter-marriage of blacks and whites, or Asiatics and whites and so forth. This in the scriptures is the greatest of all transgression---supreme Blaspheme against the Holy Seed and the nature of God. Where as the individual could be forgiven, this cannot move to the mulatto mongrel who will never have the capacity that the parents on either side have. Will never be accepted in the structure of the Kingdom of God. This doesn't mean he is going into great pits of fire where he is going to be roasted, toasted by demons, devils, angels or God. For God does not have a nature such as that, for this comes out of superstition which Jewry sowed into Catholicism and then it was transferred into Protestant theology. There the continued to hold it in place, and use it as a holding factor, where as the "Wages of sin is death", but this death is physical death, not spiritual.

So again one of the factors involved was that a spirit returns to whence it came from. This is why the scripture refers to the fact that the Spirit returns to God who gave it. But those who fell under the Luciferian control such as the ancient races of Asia, and Africa, and those who are the unassimilatable offspring of fallen Angels, the Nephilin of the various races have no affinity with heaven, for their spirits never came out of heaven. When they die they return to the Netherworld and the dimension which Lucifer was consigned to as well as Beelzebub the chief Prince of his revolution.

Now; under this remember that no Luciferian seed ever enters the heavens, because the Luciferian seed since the fall of Lucifer has no area of entrance into heaven. No created people of earth enter heaven because they didn't come down out of there, they started here. But the Celestial household which is your race, having come from, thus there isn't any way for that to be changed.

Now;--again remember that there was no ability upon the part of Lucifer to torture the Adamic seed. Altho every Adamic seed, with soul consciousness resident in it went into a netherworld, it was not within the area of Luciferian power to torment those in this 'Twilight world' as it was referred to. At the time of Christ's Crucifixion remember HE then descended into the Netherworld, stormed the gates of iron and brass, and "those there in darkness saw a great LIGHT", and the cry went out---who is at the gates? The answer was:---"The LORD STRONG AND MIGHTY, THE LORD STRONG IN BATTLE---LIFT UP YE GATES, THE KING OF GLORY SHALL COME I". So Christ descended into the netherworld and spoke to the spirits confined there, waiting, for the coming of the MESSIAH. And resurrecting out of this area HE took all of the seed from Adam down to the time of his resurrection---did not leave one son in the Netherworld. This was not based on their conduct, this was based on the finished work of Calvary.

Now; remember, their Celestial spirits went into the Celestial planes, and in many instances the very graves gave up their dead. For in the book of Matthew it tells us that after Christ was crucified, and before his resurrection that every little bit the dead came out and walked the streets of Jerusalem. In fact if you read the Gospel of Nicodemus you have the testimony of two of these resurrected young men, there was not a difference in their testimony for even the crossing of a T or the dotting of an i, they were given parchment and pen and put in separate rooms to write, as to what happened to them from the time they died up until the time they resurrected, and their testimony was the same. This was one of the most vital of Gospels inside of Christendom up until Rome separated this out of the Gospels because it left no room for purgatory or Priestcraft to enact areas of fear from the people. And once they found out that there was no longer a hold on Adam's race, they sought to eliminate this book, so that they would be able to continue Priest craft as the Jewish infiltration into that church had redefined, and codified areas of their theology.

Of course, remember, that the text of the scriptures were written in Aramaic in the days of the Apostles like Matthew, Mark, Luck and John, altho Luke knew classical Greek and wrote in that as well as in Latin. Luke's writings by his own hand were apparently released in three languages, but Matthew, Mark and John wrote strictly in Aramaic. And Mark was the Pastor of the church in Alexandria Egypt, where the largest collection of sacred writing of scriptures had existed clear on back to the days of Seth. In other words, the traditions, the ancient scrolls, and writings of Adam and Eve, of Seth---in probable multiple copies existed at that time. The Writings of Enoch, the Secrets of Enoch, the books of the Bee,---multitudes of these books were a part of the scrolls held by the Alexandrian church. Prior to this they were held by the Essene company at the time of Christ's ministry and afterwards. The antiquity of these are among our oldest, and of course those we have in the scripture, except the books of Esther and the Songs of Solomon which were actually not put together in their historic period at all, but are forgeries which the Jews produced, the name of God does not appear in them once, and these were put together in order to create an area of vengeance, double played and twisted, and the other to sow mongrelization as tho by Divine approval into the Bible. The Songs Of Solomon being the pattern of love affairs of people of all races and colors, diametrically opposed to tall law, which of course is not true.

Now; in this instance we point out that this violation of law brings it's own penalties. Administration of the Kingdom of God actually depends upon responsibility and obedience. While the Grace of God reaches out to certain things which HE has said. Over in the 45th., chapter of Isaiah HE says:---"Thus saith YAHWEH the Holy one of Israel---Ask me of things concerning my sons." And in this statement he says:---look unto me and be saved all the ends of the earth for I am God and there is none else. For In YAHWEH shall all the seed of Israel be justified, and shall Glory. This is not just some of Israel, but ALL. Then following this we are told that "All Flesh shall be saved:, and the Light of Israel brings light unto the ends of the earth. This of course is referring unto your Race.

Now; lets turn over to the New Testament to the book of Romans where we have again the statement upon the part of the MOST HIGH in which He says concerning this matter:---"All Israel shall be saved as it is written". The reason I point this out is because God is not in the losing business. He didn't send his Celestial children from heaven to earth to take a chance on losing them. We always get suppositional statements as someone will say: does this mean all murderers and all adulterers, all individuals are going to be saved?-----ABSOLUTELY, to the degree that if God is not Ultimately able t save everything inside of His Universe, then He has been defeated by Lucifer. Secondly He puts His children down in this environment knowing some of them will be casualties to the semantics, to the symbols of temptations, to the struggle with Lucifer. Some of them would absorb more areas of temptation than others, and some become bumpers to those who lead more sheltered lives. And others would be moved by more endowments of power. All of this is Biblically declared, in fact scripture says:---children being not ye born, having done neither good nor evil,---to my purposes---according to My decrees, by Election---might stand.

Now; in the first place this is a subject we didn't want to be bothered with at the moment, but we will take it since we are so deep into this subject. There is no degree in transgression, as we say this we mean that the law broken in one is broken in all. this is what was told to Moses. For instance we think about property---someone who takes a lot of our property is worse than one who takes just a little of our property? But that is theft and is not built upon the degree, or by the amount. Secondly murder, and one is not more or less of a murderer by the number. However, we must recognize that there are degrees in the utilization of the term we use today as murderer. One is in a struggle which involves defense and this is not classified as murder. I can show you whole patterns of early Israel law, and race law, and the crime of passion committed, if classified as defense was not classified as murder unless it was something pre-mediated and the design was for the individuals gain.

Again the law was:---Thou shalt not kill thy fellow man. This instruction was given in the Zohar, and was given many times before. "Thou shalt do no murder" is what is written in the ten commandments not "Thou shalt not kill". Because the same people who are told "Thou shalt not kill" are also told "the Lord is a man of war". They were told that they should serve not only YAHWEH, but also the Race. They were told that they should destroy their enemies utterly. So there is a difference between the uses of the Hebrew words---kill and murder. Now in this classification we work with a very small number. In other words the number of people ever guilty of murder are a very, very small number of people. They are not a regulation or a rule, they are an exception to the pattern, or the rule. Most of these areas, the area where they are sick is in the soul consciousness of the mind, and they have been a casualty in this factor.

Now; as far as the spirit is concerned, understand this, not one single one of the spirits of the Father begotten in the heavens transgressed against the law. It was done in the flesh, and in the soul consciousness. Therefore the reason we are faced with this kind of question is that ultimately---now remember this-----ultimately this individual, is that person dies, the spirit returns to God who gave it. The cognition immediately to God who gave it. The adjustment which takes place then is in a Divine pattern. Nobody because of any area of failure gets out of a responsibility if sent into earth to do a certain job. There is not one single one of our race who was not sent into earth to do a certain job. There was not one of us who was not known to the Father even to the timing of his birth, and death, for the timing of his going in and going out was known unto the Father. There isn't anyone who didn't do his task while in the earth that will not do as he was supposed to because the doctrine of your race on this matter is resurrection, and they shall finish the task they were sent to do, so make no mistake about that.

In this instance the ability of God to complete, the ability of God with His Spirit to put all things in order, the Ability of God to finish and to correct the areas of what we call displacement in the individual is already decided. He said:---I will do this---I am God, this is My Will.

Now; it doesn't hurt my feelings one little bit that God put together, re-balanced, and by his Grace, cleansed and transformed any area of error in any last one of our household, or our Race. It doesn't bother me one little bit---and the fact that I didn't kill anyone---didn't violate any of this law doesn't disturb me a bit, and if God decided to put someone back in proper balance who has done this then I am not disturbed. I am going to say that we are working on it's and an's which Lucifer uses to disturb men's minds with, to make them doubt as to how far God's Grace goes concerning His people. The scripture says:---having begun in the Spirit don't let anyone put you back under the condemnation of the curses of law. This is the psychological acceptance of a guilt complex that can destroy men, or the error which can make men think they remain in bondage---past Calvary. In other words we do not live by fear but with the full understanding of what God has accomplished. And we restrain today---men from violations of law by the penalty of the law. In other words if he violated the law they stoned him, put him to death. These laws were the laws of society which God gave to Moses on mount Sinai, and all English jurisprudence and American jurisprudence is virtually based on this.

This is one reason I totally believe in the death penalty. I think the best way to curb murders is to let them know that if caught and convicted they are to be executed, there is no other way. The same thing is true---the laws of God are flexible concerning these rascals, but in the instance of their entity as a being this didn't mean that this is the end of these individuals as far as their spiritual nature is concerned. So we will say until this--that there is o area of violation under the law that can keep that can keep a man from the Grace of God.

Now; lets deal with the Africans,----they don't have a spirit like you have. They have a created spirit susceptible to guidance and instruction, but when Lucifer was thrown out of the heavens in a great space war, defeated and driven to earth, and took over all Asia, the isles of the sea, Africa and so forth, then many of the warriors with him in that battle were those we call Africans today. We know them as Negroes, and they came out of somewhere in the Milky Way, and we are told this in the ancient texts. And this was the first Negroes the earth ever saw, and we know they were burying Negroes in the caves of Kilmanjaro 73,000 years ago. And faced with this I will say:---I don't know what the Negroes had before they arrived in earth, it is quite obvious that they are not Divine offspring, they were created beings at best. But the Negro does not possess a Spirit consciousness and as such is soulish alone. The scripture says that when a Negro dies he is just as dead as can be. And until the resurrection of all dead there is no life in a dead Negro. In other words he doesn't have a soul being held somewhere by devils, because he doesn't have one. In other words when a Negro dies he is dead until resurrected, the scripture says that the dead when they die know nothing at all. But the word for them is----'the walking dead'. The scripture says they are dead even if they think they are alive. The word for the dead when they die is Zombie, the Walking Dead.

Now; in voodooism and Devil worship the animated bodies of Negroes---are by witchcraft animated---down in Jamaica and out in Haiti, and down in Africa witch doctors and Demon craft actually manipulate bodies of Negroes that have died. Sometimes they keep them in almost suspended animation, and the bodies even eat and are activated---altho previously they had died.

Now; what are they called today?---Zombie---which proves that this old Universal word for the walking dead is a term which applies to Negroes, and applies to no one but Negroes. So in otherwords:---'The dead when they die they know nothing at all'.-----But THE LIVING when they die the spirit returns to God who gave it. Thus you are talking about this distinction of the dead, and the living as they are here walking around. The word here used to classify the dead means in the areas of perception, receptivity, spiritual life, and vitality, and the Negroes do not have this.

The program we are told in the book of Isaiah---thru the work of Messiah, and the work of His Kingdom, and of his sons---then eventually all flesh shall be saved as it is written. The scripture also talks about a resurrection in which every individual who ever walked the earth shall eventually be activated to stand before God for decisions which relate to his ultimate destiny. There is absolutely nothing in the intent of the scripture to indicate that there is any area of what we might call perpetual destruction with torture, and flames. In other words whether an Asiatic, a Negro, a white man, or what ever his is, there is absolutely nothing concerning putting people into an endless eternal flame of persecution and torture in which they never get out, and they suffer for ever and ever. Oh---you say---but Hell is in my Bible. Well--- it wasn't in the text before the Jews messed up the text of the King James Version, and the Vulgate was translated. Before this it wasn't in the text.

In the First place you can't burn a spirit with fire. In the second place you are not burning a physical body in the fire. The word Gehenna translated fire in the book of Matthew is the refuse pit outside the city of Jerusalem where they burned the garbage. When they talked about throwing people into the fire it was throwing them into the discard. And in this instance they were not to be tortured because in the instance of this---the 'Worm does not die'. They were always throwing stuff out in this pit and the worm stayed there, and he never died, he was always feeding on the garbage. Secondly the translation is twice handled in 3 different texts, handled differently and the third time following the Vulgate, then you note that the King James Version follows the same pattern. So this was not in the original text as written by Matthew in Aramaic, it was not in the Aramaic until translated into Latin and Greek, and then into English. SO this again hasn't anything to do with the Ultimate destiny of the sons and daughters of God.

Now;---if a white man--and we mean an Adamite, the spirit in him is of God, the soul in him is the life ego, that dwells in the spirit, and now dwelling in the physical body, subject to certain limitations of its environment because it lost the height of it's spiritual perception by the violation of Divine law in the days of Adam. God restores this thru the knowledge of the Patriarchs, thru the prophets and thru his own word, thru the activation of the period.

Now;---remember this God controls 100% the waves of Light impulses, or spirit impulses that effect the Celestial Consciousness, and bridges the affinity between the soul and the spirit. Remember he can pour out such a wave of spiritual energy that the soul intent to spiritual idea becomes completely established. This is what Joel talks about as the former rain, at the beginning of the Church era. This is what is talked about as the latter rain, and is to descend upon Christendom at this time, in which limited areas of perception and knowledge will be brought to our attention. The fact again---we go back to that word 'Paraclete' in the Greek which means the very Essence of MY Consciousness. in other words the Paraclete is the MIND OF GOD in a picture image in the seat of your consciousness. This is the most vital thing you possess, in that you are Spirit of His Spirit, and that you have a Light Center of Spiritual entity, a Celestial consciousness which can receive these impulses of the Mind of God, and then can set them up inside the physical brain under this nerve center where it is electrons the same remembrance patterns it does when it sees a picture.

Now;---when you understand this you will realize that a child of god who is Spirit of His Spirit in the same wavelength of God, can receive the things which are of God. This is why in the 14th., chapter of the book of John that again Jesus said:---I will send the Paraclete, the spirit of truth, and "When he comes--this spirit of truth"--sometimes they translate this Holy Ghost, and some times try to make it another person of the Godhead, when there is only ONE---the ETERNAL YAHWEH---LORD--GOD--YAHWEH--YAHSHUA----Spirit, soul and body. HE is the ONE ETERNAL GOD, "He who hath seen me hath seen the Father"--"I and the Father are ONE". "I will send the spirit (Paraclete) I will come unto you." Before Abraham was "I AM". The moment we get multiplicity, idolatry and pagan patterns of God out of our minds we then expand in the perception of HIM, and of ourselves because you are Spirit, soul and body. You are one individual capable of residing in a plane of Light dimension (spirit) where the solidity is just as real in that dimension as it is here in this physical world. This is an electronic world synthesized and made up of all the particles to make atoms, and molecular masses, and you reside in it, and have all the contrivances, the balances chemically and electronically that make you a resident consciousness. You have a soul seat, and this is the dimension of idea, this dimension of idea is a panorama of the continuity of form. So you can exist with in this realm for you in the minds eye can travel back into any area of remembrance that you have experienced. Or you can by inspiration be carried forward by having your consciousness residing in ideas that are ahead even tho you are residing here in a physical body, and a spiritual body. Right now there isn't a person in this room that is not resident in the Celestial plane and a physical plane, and isn't aware they are a being, and while residing in this body, they are listening to me with audio frequency, except there be a spiritual tuning to truth it won't make an image.

This is why the Jews could stand around Jesus and Jesus would say to them:---You can't understand my words based on your perception, you are not of this wave length, not of my household. Then Jesus said:---"unto you"--here speaking unto your Race here in the book of John--"When this spirit comes"--the word is Paraclete---"when this complete consciousness re-dawns on your Celestial being it will bring all things to your remembrance." Again I stress that you had experienced it or you couldn't remember. "It will lead you to the knowledge of all truth"----and Anything I know you can know.

Then he said:--"even this perception of spirit that the world cannot receive." So I want you to understand this. There isn't a Chinaman on the face of the earth that can think what you think. He makes a similitude, but he does not think as you because the wave length just is not there. Therefore, the best thing which can happen to him is when you translate into the audio field of perception by illustration of things he should know. Or when you catalyze out of spiritual power enough energy that he catches the temporary light. But the thing is that you are to lead the world into the recognition of the right God, to repudiate the areas of Luciferian catastrophe and lie; and to overthrow the powers of darkness, smash pagan temples, overthrow witch doctors, and pagan priests, and lift up -----'ONE Standard'. This is your ultimate Destiny, even tho it is anti-social in Mr. Johnson's New Frontier. But it wasn't anti-social in the days of your forefathers when you went out to the ends of the earth with the knowledge of the true God. And if they tried to shoot down your true colonizers, then your troops made sure they didn't do it anymore. And you taught them law for the first time.

People don't realize what it is like out in the world when you get out of the white race. I was talking to Mr. Bartlett today, about ebony used on gun stocks and so forth. One of the reasons it is so hard to get is because the man who used to gather the ebony down in Africa, was killed and eaten by one of the tribes down in the Congo, because there are no white men there anymore to enforce the law. This man may be a little item to you, but it was a big one for the man. In otherwords, he can't make another trip because he has been digested and gone. It is just that simple. He isn't around anymore. The British no longer can carry out the type of trade they used to carry out in the Himalayas. Because in the back country of India there is no longer any security. There is no longer any British troops in India to protect you in the back country. You didn't need a great and massive army; you just needed a British flag flying up there with the declaration that we are going to enforce the law. You touch one white man anywhere or violate the law, and you receive punishment. You say, why would those people stand still for that? Because when you start to move with Divine energy, to uphold the law, then suddenly you find that a catalyzation of power follows you; and a respect for you; even a fear of you, until they back away---descends on the enemy of the law. There is nothing to explain it. But an Aura goes out from a white man when he is Right that holds back pagans on all sides. But when the white man bows, and doesn't resist and he withdraws, then all law and order ceases.

Now, in reference to the difference in people, there is a difference in the makeup of a white man; to perceive and to take the impulses from the spirit. Therefore, he sees the things which are of God in his spiritual mind. Your soul doesn't see this at all except it be activated by the spirit. Or it seeks for this knowledge knocking for it, and then God answers, and started opening the veil of perception.

Now, we also point out to you that there was a reason you were placed here. "Ask me things concerning my sons."--you are actually placed here to bring in the Kingdom; to produce the Kingdom. This is our inheritance. This is our Father's Universe and our Father's world. There are our Father's creatures and our inheritance. He is our Father. We are His children. This is our Universe and therefore, we are here to bring in Divine Law; to bring in the Kingdom of God.

Now, the Kingdom of God isn't some spiritual entity wrapped up in the oriel realm of earth. The Kingdom of God is administration; the Kingdom of God, the ruling of earth under Divine Law by God's Household and by God Himself with the recognition of the people to the truth of God. This requires the upsetting of Lucifer but that is coming. Not only is Lucifer going to be defeated, tremendously defeated, but you are going to see the day when this happens. We call Lucifer the devil today because that is how he acts. That is the work he does. And we know him as we are told in the 12th chapter of Revelation as that old Serpent ---Satan--the devil, the dragon. But when he was Lucifer, he was the sun of the morning; a bright and morning star who served before the MOST HIGH controller of the Milky Way system of the Universe.

Now, God has an Archangel invested in all this. And in fact if we could remember all in our heritage, there was a day when an Archangel came before the household of the MOST HIGH GOD. And the day came when he refused to show the Universe that the Children of God were greater than he was. And in his rebellion and all the catastrophe which transpired, he went on a course of resistance. God permitted this, to handle this question once and for all times. Because the question once having come in existence, now must be settled by Divine authority. And HE could establish this and it would never occur.

Now, under this instance, time isn't nearly as important when you have all kinds of it as when you think you are limited to three score years and ten. As far as God is concerned, He has been building the Universe forever. There has never been any beginning with Him. And in fact it is a long way back to your beginning because you were with the Father; became Celestial entity ages ago. You watched solar system after solar system formed; watched double stars break into entire new Novas. And we have watched every development and have enjoyed in these things. But we just don't remember.

Now, there is certain nostalgic remembrance. And the spirit does bring things to you remembrance. In the 4th chapter of Jeremiah, he brought back to his remembrance. And as God activated his mind then Jeremiah wrote:---"I saw the earth become with form and void. I saw darkness on the face of the deep. I saw the catastrophe which occurred in the time between the first and second verse of Genesis I. I saw cities disappear; continents which sank as catastrophe rolled over the earth." So what God was doing here with Jeremiah, was stimulating the spiritual consciousness so that the soul consciousness could catch this wave. And he wrote it down in the book.

Now, Moses wrote 3400 years after the events. In 1486 B.C., Moses was writing the five first books of the Bible concerning events which happened 5400 B.C. Or, yes, even earlier. But he did this because the spirit activated his consciousness to record.

Now, from Celestial realms to physical birth is the process by which we entered the physical world. And as such, our affinity even with our relatives, our association with friends in strangely tied by a direct pattern of Divine coincidence. Again---letting you see that the semantics of this WORD is things coming together,--but not by accident. This coincidence is a Divine pattern because the 'Steps of a good man are ordered of the LORD. His going out and his coming in is known unto the Father.'

Now, let me assure you that your groupings in areas of activities have been reassembled in earth patterns by Divine schedules, because He purposed to do this. He said I do this because I am God. I wrote your names in the Lambs Book of Life before the foundations of the world. I even set the date of your birth. And when you leave the world, that time is set as well. Therefore, I did this before the foundation of the world. What man, by adding thought, can add an inch to his stature, or a day to his life? You say:--'oh, yes we can, by being cautious.' Well, you can also be careful for nothing. We think that being careful can save mens lives, and we don't advocate doing foolish things and getting hurt. But I would point out to you that for some people, the most dangerous place is a bathtub. You can fly around the world in a space ship then slip in a bathtub.

A man was in a foxhole in Germany, and a shell came over and landed in his foxhole, and it didn't go off. He sat there looking at it too afraid to run. And then he was there was a number on the shell; the same number as his dog tag. This was a numerological coincidence, but he said:--'They had my number, but they couldn't bring it off. So I am not afraid of anything anymore.' And he came home still feeling that way. But what I am pointing out to you is that God knows; has always known from the beginning, with an absoluteness. So as far as this pattern is concerned, none of you are an accident in the earth as far as knowledge is concerned. The very patterns of emotions, the very characterizations of sending the sons into the earth were known unto him from the beginning. Therefore, Spirit of His Spirit, Life of His Life, He is not taking a chance as to whether or not He gets you back. He didn't even take a chance on Lucifer.

I can show you this in the Book of Revelation. And this may help answer your friend. If there was any character who was responsible for such upheaval and violations--of all individuals, it would be Lucifer. Because Lucifer became the devil and Satan. Then he started mutating every law he could think of. And out of these mutations and violations, he started bringing the people under his violations. In fact, he had one-third of the Angels rebelling under him. And they fought a war in the heavens. When driven to earth, then he upset the balance of earth. He took over the ancient Asiatic Torog civilization and produced such catastrophes of violation and mongrelization by mutating species, by mixing Negroes with Asiatics and the peoples of earth. And in these catastrophes, the continent of Mu sank beneath the Pacific ocean, and Atlantas sank beneath the Atlantic ocean. Whole areas of land masses shifted and turned, and the violence and tensions will never be totally evaluated as it relates to sheer impact of thought alone--gone amuck. You see we don't always recognize the directness of even the energy in the physical body can be catalyzed for impact. Did you ever stop to think that God holds the whole Universe together by the mentoids that hold each atom in each little tiny atomic universe on up to the Molecular masses. And the vastness of the whole Universe---but the law of His OWN WILL, and by the Entity of His own Mind. And you are spirit of His Spirit, mind of His mind, intelligence of His intelligence. Little do you know how much the whole thinking of masses of people direct the patterns of impact in their own area. How much they bring upon themselves the storm or the shaking of the earth by the impact of Catalyzation of the mass pattern of their own thoughts.

Now; along with this comes the patterns of spiritual law. this is why again when men think correctly under the patterns of Divine inspiration, and are activated by Spirit and by light instead of by areas of negation, they therefore are functioning under what we call Faith, and Faith is the entity of Celestial capacity to think and perceive in picture form. This is the entity of Celestial capacity to think and perceive in picture form. This is the evidence of things hoped for, the substance of it. It is made out of it, and it is the evidence of things not yet visible. It is this vision of spirit which changes the world. It is the vision out of which all things are synthesized and created. This is the Spiritual Light power, these are the things that this race of people possess. Knowing that---then this is a marked factor. Lucifer was never of as high degree of this type of perception that you as a race possess. But he did know with a degree of knowledge all the laws of the Universe. Then look what this rascal did, he came down here and started crossing bacteria---and protozoa and made viruses and germs. You see we can show you in ancient manuscripts before the microscope was ever designed by your race under vision when it was Gods time for you to form the lenses to look in and see the microbes of earth. And we discover today that God wasn't a creator of death, but when you mutated bacteria in which there was then no anti-bodies in the body to combat this then you had germs, sickness and disease. The same with protozoa, and thus we are that they mixed brews. Enoch said they put together grasses, and substances and let then ferment. And then they poured the ferments together and crossed the visible things with creep and move, and the things crossed. And it says in Divine law that thou shall not mix two brews together---and having done this now produced the scope of death. Disease germs never came by Divine Will, they came by way of Luciferian mutation. So also everything is a transgression if you don't do it right. The little three letter word called---sin---is an ugly word and people don't like to hear it, they would rather say error or transgression, but maybe they need to be jogged a little to realize that the violation of law is this little ugly word called sin. This is the reason why the law requires a price for sin. Even tho the price was death physically, then technically there could be No Resurrection until this price was paid, but it couldn't be paid by people in this body who died, because they had violated the law. This was why when Christ was crucified that substitutionally he took all this transgression on Himself as only God could do. It was the physical body they crucified, nothing else. If anything else had died then the Universe would have fallen apart, and we wouldn't be here tonight. The only thing that died therefore was the physical body. The only thing which the death penalty fell on was the physical body---remember that. Therefore having paid that price he guarantees the Resurrection of the physical body---in the future.

But lets go back to this--we can say everything--pain--catastrophe--every war--all these situations--Lucifer did it, and his offspring carried on his program----So--if someone was to be tortured for ever and ever, it would be Lucifer not anyone else--wouldn't it?--Alright; then it tells me in the book of Revelation that the day is coming when the Morning stars are going to sing together, the day is coming when Lucifer--again an Archangel in space is going to serve God and his family forever. This is called the Universal reconciliation of all things spoken of by all the holy prophets since the world began. This is what Peter said under the unction of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Just because we have a little nature in us which wants to make the devil squirm, what do you have invested in this" This is Our Fathers archangel, and actually he belongs to your family, and he is one of our Archangels, so what do we want? Do we want a torture chamber forever of do we want this rascal once more performing with light and Glory? Do we want to see the universe cleaned up, or do we want the ramifications of possible defeat? Do you think you would be bored with a perfect Universe? it's a big Universe so you won't get bored.

Now; under this instance the whole area where the cry demands destruction, or pain, has been almost a Satanic symposium interjected into the Holy Faith. And therefore God keeps talking about:---What My Grace is going to do, and lie says:--"Vengeance is mine", I will repay, I will pour out judgment in the earth where it has been sown, where they have persecuted my people. I will just wipe out their dynasties where they have followed Lucifer, and ruled their hour with the Beast---those who battle against me, they will be consumed off the earth with that great bright Light, and those terrible stars which shine above the earth, and which reduces their cities to powder and dust. This is the time of the Atom Bomb of our day prophetically described, surely this is the by-product of war.

In all these things I point out to you that this never destroys a Spirit. Of course the fact remains that it takes a miracle to re-synthesize a Negro because what you are putting together is what he had. The animation of a soul consciousness which doesn't have a body to dwell in. Under this instance I am not sorry for elephants. I never have been sorry for them and am not sorry today. Let them roam and move. But I am not sorry that an elephant is not a man. I don't think you have ever been sorry that dog wasn't a man. You like dogs, but let dogs be dogs and everyone be happy. Everything God made He said that it was good. But when I talk about your race I am talking about Hu-man---children of Spirit---Spirit Man. I am not mad at the Chinaman. Let them continue to be Chinamen. Just let them worship the right God.

Now, the status and the level between Chinamen and Negroes is as far apart as that which is between the Chinamen and you. Therefore, you can't legislate their equality. You can't perpetuate any system that produces equality for them unless you were to change them in their nature, and that is not in this creation. In other words I am not against Negroes anymore than I am against elephants. But i am against being trampled by Elephants, and I am against being devoured by Negroes. But this doesn't mean that I am a hate monger except in the years of Mr. Johnson and his friends. but i just point out that these are just things we must evaluate today.

Now;--you say; but what should be done? Catch a murderer--execute him. If you catch a man in theft then make him return what he stole, and determine the degree of punishment, do with him as you think, or temper it with Grace, however you want to do it. Take the extenuating circumstances and evaluate these patterns, but don't consign the fellow to a torture chamber for ever thru out all ages and then come and blame it on God. This is the important thing I want you to see---these fellows trying to justify a peculiar theology---move under the pressure today of Socialism and Communism--they are Liberals who want to abolish all the patterns of Divine law. They want us to abolish Capital punishment, then it doesn't make any difference how many people they kill or maim in their revolution, for when they get locked up, they think the revolution will set them free. But if you execute them it doesn't work that way. So therefore the 'left wing' forces want to abolish capital punishment and all these laws, and enforce them. But don't for a moment carry on in the ages to come, and the world beyond any possible patterns of Penalty, for "absent from the body is to be present in the planes of Spirit." So when one steps into that dimension automatically the Spirit thinks as it knows. If God steps into this plane we shall see as He sees, and know as He knows, but there are whole areas of earth that will not.

Now; There are those who have certain areas of chastisement still coming to them. The factor is that they may be changed in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye because they perceived these areas of error. But they are still going to have to go outside the dominion of the Kingdom and reside in the outer darkness for awhile. Especially in the reformation period which follows the activation of the Kingdom. Fellows like Earl Warren and such---imagine him having to go live in Palestine. But of course the one thing about this is that he will be living pretty good because the Jews won't be there. Scripture says the tares will be taken out, consigned to a spot called Era in the Milky way. It is translated lake of Fire, but I can show it to you on a Sky map. It is a real good spot, way out on the edge, and some one said; but that won't punish them. You just wait and see, just imagine that bunch of people having to produce for themselves with no one to play on but one another. You know, that will be chastisement enough, and in the course of time they will be willing to say uncle. But which way will they go?----They have to be taken back by way of the Nephilin, they cannot be taken into the dimension of the sons of God because they were a mutation, by Lucifer. Thus there are black one, yellow ones, and off white ones, and there were green ones once, but they devoured them for the chlorophyll--so there aren't any of them left. Ha!

There is no doubt but that in our time we are faced with certain areas of reality, and Jesus explains many things which are cryptic, many things are in the Old Testament and in the New, and are not just given unto the masses as yet to know---"Unto you it is given to know the mystery of the Kingdom, unto them it is not given/" ---So Jesus said: "I call my sheep by name, I lead them out, they shall never perish." We accept this. To back and read that question again and see if I left anything out.


QUESTION:-----What position does Dr. Swift hold on those people who do not accept Jesus Christ as their Savior????

ANSWER:------Let's pause right there---Receiving Jesus Christ is a sort of church semantic, it means standing up in front of people and saying:----I believe that Jesus is the Christ. Or signing the church book and joining the church after having accepted that they now believe. Now;--- practically all white men believe that Jesus is the Christ, altho their formulas may have been different. In other words you say some people are agnostics, but there are some people who are casualties of our own educational system. In which we let the refugees come in and now agnosticism, atheism, and pagan philosophies into our educational system, in place of Christianity. But this till lays the responsibility back on the family. Most white people when they were babied growing up learned of Christ at their mothers knee. most of them went to Sunday School and most of them heard. The Majority of our people have heard----

Now; In the course of most everyone's life they are going to find out who YAHSHUA or Jesus is. They are going to realize that He is the fullness of God, and when the individual in his inner consciousness becomes aware of this he is being reactivated in his Celestial consciousness. We have all kinds of words for this, and theology of the Orthodox church used the words---'Born Again'. And they go to the book of John and use the discussion with Nicodemus:---"How can I be twice born, can I re-enter into my mothers womb?" But Jesus said:---Art thou a master of Israel and not understand these things?---You must be 'twice born' if you want the knowledge of the Kingdom of heaven. now;---"Ye must be born of the spirit and be born of the water." I am reversing this because originally it was just reversed. And it wasn't until later, and in the King James Version it said---born of water and of spirit. And water is the breaking of the water envelope of the womb at natural birth. This is being born of the water. Being born of the Spirit is being begotten of the Spirit of God. This was not done by your parents, this was done by The Father who begat you, not by the will of the flesh, not by the will of man, but by the WILL of GOD as He says in the first chapter of John. Therefore the text should read---to participate in the Kingdom of heaven, this rule on earth, then you must be born of the Spirit---first and then born of water, or natural birth into this physical body. We can assure you that this is true because you came in--what came in?--Your spirit entity of the soul came in to reside in this physical consciousness, and forgetfulness was pulled down in your babyhood because---:"If you could have remembered from whence you came, you would have returned." If you knew how, if you remembered the process you would go back.

In other words you were with The Father before the World was framed. You have been blessed by the Father with all spiritual blessings before the world was framed. Your name was written in the Lamb's book of Life before the foundation of the world. I can show you passages after passages of things Good promised me---Before the foundation of the world. And since He promised me then I had to be around to hear that promise. If it is going to be brought back to my remembrance I had to be there to hear it, and if it is going to renew my mind, it has to be something I knew long ago. And if He is going to restore to me, then I had to have had it before. He is also to restore my Light so that my body might put on immortality so I had to have had Light.

Therefore:---"Arise and sine they Light has come, and the Glory of God has risen upon thee."

Under this instance then what God is going to destroy by enveloping it in Light, and what will be a total destruction---is error---as the Light consciousness of Spiritual truth reshapes the thinking of Lucifer in the seat of his mind, that nature--stan or the devil--will cease to exist. Will be totally eradicated by the Light of truth, and a Glowing archangel will bow before you and acknowledge that you are the children of God---that will be the final results.

Someone says:---when? Oh, we have lots of time, but it can be off millions of years before that time. Just as he set the sign of the Son of man in the heavens which you saw in February 1962. Exactly on time---exactly in measure as Enoch saw it, those planets lined up in the sign of Aquarius, marking the age, exactly as God said it would be. So thousands of years roll by but the measures which set the balance goes back into antiquity. God runs the thing like a fine watch, and I am the least one to worry about whether he is able to finish the thing HE is going to do.

The greatest catalyst you can have is when you think positively concerning what God intends to do, that you roar against the enemy without fear, that he can stop you. And when you start to think in terms of fear that he can stop you this is when he does. This is when you defeat yourselves by throwing up your own walls of limitation.

I am going to tell you that the enemy is in for a great shock, he can't stand the awakening which is happening, the frustration he feels as he sees what he calls the terrible "Right wing,"

'the conservative movement', But what it is---is the Light of facts concerning what is going on.

Now; if the enemy begins to move drastically then God produces drastic reactions. If they get to violent when God sends in a tornado or an earthquake. He just flexes his muscles and swallows up missile sites in Asia, as he did a few weeks ago when he blew up that great earthen damn, and wiped out all those defense plants, and their accompanying cities. It almost wiped out the ancient city of Samarkand. They had to bomb the mountain down before the water got to Samarkand they finally saved that city, but were to late to save those factories of the missiles.

I want to make this very clear---"I call my sheep by name, I lead them out"---Jesus said in the book of John:---"Ye have not chosen me, I have chosen you"---thus except the Spirit call---no man can come (John 15:16). Let me show you another passage in the scripture and then you be sure you declare the Gospel---the truth of God. You let God catalyze it by His own Spirit, and let the chips fall where they will. Don't you stay up at night worrying about whether this one or that one is going to be saved, or lost. That is My Fathers business and I am going to let him stay up the rest of the night. The scripture in John 6:37 says:---"All that the Father hath given me will come"---I like that don't you? The word here is Agra-Pneumas---"All that the Spirit hath given me shall come." Now; listen to the rest of this:---He that cometh I will in no wise cast out.---Not for anything will I cast out. You say: but some he calls and some just come. No---that is not what you are told--read it again.

Now; Verse 44:---No man can come to me except He who sent me draw him, and I will raise him up in the last day. That sort of sows it all up doesn't it? then in the 17th chapter of John then Jesus said:----who are you that come?---"Thine they were, and you belonged to the spirit in the heavens, and now you belong to me here in the earth." "Thine they were in Celestial planes, and still mine they are here in earth in Physical bodies. I am flesh of their flesh, and they are my kinsmen, He told the Apostle Paul all this in the second chapter of the book of Hebrews.

Yes, I believe every man must acknowledge Jesus Christ but every man is going to, for every knee is going to bow, and every tongue shall proclaim. And every one is in trouble until they find Christ so don't think they aren't. Especially of your race---they are in trouble in more ways than they know. They may be sitting over there at the bar living it up, and I am not condemning them, but they are a casualty to the impact and condition of environment. They are wasting their night sitting over there but they don't know it.

Now;---some says: are they lost? Well the only way they are lost is that they haven't found the pasture where the food is. They aren't lost as far as God is concerned because He knows where they are. They are like the Indian which we have mentioned before---the Indian said: no me not lost, the wigwam is what is lost. He knew where he was but didn't know how to get where he wanted to go. And there are a lot of people like that, a lot of people of your race have an inner want and they don't know how to satisfy it. they may think that inner want is for the beer over there but it really isn't. They are sitting around hoping to find a kindred spirit. They rush out and join a lodge hoping to find a brotherhood. Even Mr. Moss is running all over trying to find our brotherhood. They are waiting for us to burn a Cross or something like that. The Most powerful brotherhood on the face of the earth is the brotherhood of the family of God, the spiritual center of the church of Christ. That is such a factual brotherhood that when men find it's association, the catalyst of it's fraternity, it forms a harder core than has ever been formed before. And when it becomes aware of its responsibility and the impact of its truth it never quits. There are many agencies made up of Christians who are in fraternities or in actual organizations today who take active stands against various things. Far be it for us to impute any of them as not being ---In God's Plan. I say that because we may need a lot of them before we are thru.

I want to point out just this:---there is no agency which is more vital, more satisfying of this need for oneness with God than this catalyzation for true brotherhood with those who are children of the Father---activated by the Spirit. And when you pull a person out of that---drifting---when he doesn't even know what is wrong, and bring him into contact with the truth. Then he is the happiest person in the world. He has new associations, new friends, new reasons for living.

I am going to tell you this: The reason people go over there to the Methodist Church is because their fathers and grandfathers went to church. And they have been taught to go to church. And they are hoping to get something over there. They go to church because something is them says they have to go to church. And the best thing which happened to them is when they repeat the Apostles Creed and sing:--'Faith of Our Fathers.' The old hymns have more religion than the sermon is the minister gets up and says:--'if we all think right, everything will be alright. If we marry anything on the face of the earth, then everyone will be one race and everybody will be happy.'---They went over there for truth and they got error. So the best thing which happened to them is when they recited the Apostles Creed, or sang the old hymns. But in the meantime, they don't quit doing this because they are tied to an area of the confession of Faith. But you get hold of some of these people and once they get the truth, you couldn't drag them back over there.

Now, you know what is about to happen? "One Faith, One LORD, One Baptism,--is about to sweep the whole true Church of Christ in the world. It is going to reach every white man on the face of the earth. And some will have to finally be quickened by Christ's coming." Someone said:--'But aren't we supposed to be directing men back to heaven?'---getting back there, for I don't know anywhere else they could go, or anything else that could happen to them. But the biggest thing is to get them to do the thing they were sent here to do. Jesus just gave one prayer to you:---"Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven",---and they all want to run away. Someone says:--'But wouldn't it be better to be in heaven?' We better finish the job we were sent here to do. In fact, I like it here and most of you do too, even the most self-righteous individuals who won't laugh because they think God won't like it. And they live this way so they think they will get back into heaven. But watch them run to the doctor or drug store or call for the Preacher to pray for them when sick. They like it here. there is nothing wrong with the good earth, or the things God blessed; or all the patterns of knowledge, science and achievements, and all the things we are going to do with them when we take them over once again. But let me tell you something. What is wrong with it is, that we the sons of God, sent down here to take back our own inheritance, 'sent down by our Father', and we let the devil run things. And then we let some silly preacher who thinks he has more holiness than anyone else and he gets up to say:--'politics is for the devil.'--So we let the devil run things, and we are in a mess.

Now, this is your business. There is no greater challenge than occupying the earth for the Kingdom. Someone who is a real good conservative, usually has his theology in several twists. He believes in Christ and is against the devil. He believes in his children also. But he will correct them. But he still thinks the devil has to take over the world and hold it for awhile. But the devil has had it too long already.

Now, and in this instance he says that people who try to discharge their responsibilities in some physical activities in the earth---he says this is a social Gospel and is Humanism. Now,---just a moment,---when we point out that you are the children of God in physical bodies, this is not humanism to the point where it separates you from responsibilities. God Himself took on this body and was A MAN among men,--flesh of your flesh and blood of your blood. And was not ashamed to call you His relatives, altho the fullness of God dwelt in those bodies, even as you are all still sons and daughters of God dwelling in physical bodies. There isn't a Chinamen on the face of the earth who is a son of God. They were created here and God was their creative Father. But they were not His offspring. There isn't a Negro anywhere in the Universe who can say"--'I am a child of God. He is my Father. All they can say is HE is the God who created my species.

Someone said:--'How about us?'--We are His offspring, His issue, a Holy Seed, and have come out of HIM. And His spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God. Because we are the children of god we are led by the spirit of God, and as many as are led by the Spirit of God--they ARE the children of God. This is what Paul was trying to tell us. We try to make it complicated and go thru mental gymnastics to get to the end results of why we are here.

Now, I am going to tell you something. Some go drifting off in the sky and some of us figure on staying down here and overthrowing the Anti-Christ. But the funny thing is that a lot of people waiting to go somewhere aren't going. And pretty soon they will be glad to crawl up in the trench and join you because things can get rough. I am going to tell you this:--there is no defeat in this BOOK; no area of surprise in it. And the only people not surprised at what is coming on the earth are the people that KNOW.

Now, the problem is that the plot is so big that some people can't understand. And a little plot they maybe could understand. But when they get a glimmer of this great plot it is so big that they just don't believe it. And the big plot the enemy can get away with easier than they could a little one. This is what is going on. Satan is playing for keeps. But he has already lost. He lost when he crucified the Christ. If the princes of the world had known when they crucified Christ that they were only killing a physical body, and that HE was going to raise that body and set free every spirit they held in prison, and send them backwards to where they started from, they wouldn't have done this. Plus the fact that the princes of this world have been under judgement ever since.

So under this instance this is Our Father's world. Stay here as long as you can and work as hare as you can to bring in the Kingdom. I am going to tell you something. There is no reason why everyone in this room will not move into a New Age and never taste of death. For millions now living will never taste of death. There is no doubt of this.

QUESTION:---How do you explain the conversation that went on between Lazarus and the rich man?

ANSWER:---This was in the area of the separation of the people according to their obedience to the law under how much or how little they were at the mercy of Lucifer in separation. In otherwords, there were gulfs in the Netherworld until Christ conquered that Netherworld and empties it. He left it as just one Netherworld after that. Now you will note that this area is still a philosophical symbolism. The reason for this is that Spirits do not consume water. Spirits in the Netherworld were not devouring liquid and knew no temperatures or heat. So in otherwords, this is symbolic. And the rich man was in areas of mental anguish because he realized his areas of error when he got back into the plane or dimension where things were not obscured as he was now thinking where spirit was an agent. But Lazarus, who he had reviled even in simplicity----his served truth and was dwelling in the Bosom of Abraham---meaning dwelling in the serenity of Faith.

Now, there are areas that exist in the King James Version and will be found in the Vulgate that as far as the text matter is concerned, may or may not be very well framed in parable-like form. Not as the original---for instance--in the Book of Mark 16:14---you have Christ castigating his disciples for not having believed sufficiently after His Resurrection. And He sent them out into the world to preach the Gospel to every creature and to baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. And those who believe would be saved. And those who did not would be damned. From verse 9 on this last chapter of Mark, until the end is a total fraud. It didn't exist until 200 years after Christ.

Now, there is not one commission in all this scripture where Jesus ever gave the command to go unto the world and preach to every creature. Only once did He say:--'Go unto my kinsmen and proclaim that I have come.' I point out here that even the honesty of scholars has to admit that. Right here in the footnote, it tells you this was not in the original but was added 200 years later. Again if you be a minister who shows himself to be approved, they would recognize that there are areas of mutation right here in the New Testament. And this was done on purpose. In the first place, these passages did not exist in the two most ancient texts. And did not appear until the second and third centuries. They were added by two Jews__________(Aranius) and _________(Hipolenus) in Rome. Why did they put this in? So you would go out to Africa and Asia and try to gather in everyone into one working fraternity until the spiritual center of the Kingdom was mongrelized and integrated. And thus from the beginning its development would be hindered. Therefore, an area of error was sown in right here. You say:--'knowing this, why would a minister go right on preaching this?' Because the Devils children print all the texts. And no one wants to oppose them. The Vulgate does the same thing. Then they do this in the book of Matthew as well. I will show you a passage in the Gospel of Luke that didn't exist in the original text. Which would repudiate the Divinity of Christ. And in is in every Bible. We should not only take it out but it should never have been added in the first place. Luke 3:23---"Jesus being as supposed, the son of Joseph." This is a lie. It is in italics to show that it was not in the original or older texts. So why have it here?

Now, I suspect with research we could do, altho now time is the factor, but I suspect that every passage like this one has more ramifications if we went into the original---speaking of the Rich Man, trying to persuade and Angelic hosts, the spirit of Abraham to go and warn his brethren so they would not be in anguish for not having discarded their responsibilities while in earth. You see every time Rome had a chance, they put in purgatories, judgements and hells, so it could get penitence areas of priestly control and could keep people in fear. There isn't anything more phoney than limbo and purgatory. Never was such a place. Never existed at any time. This was created not by Rome, but by the Jews who penetrated Rome. Being unable to destroy the Christian Church thru martyrdom, they joined it and fed doctrines into the church. The doctrines of Limbo, and purgatory that kind of flaming Netherworld came out of Baal religion. And was what was threatened in Babylon by the Baal Priests to everyone who did not fulfill Satans desires by serving him and turning away from YAHWEH. The one who promised flames was Lucifer. You see there is nothing quite as irresponsible ---do you suppose that in the course of behavior that the devil would be at war with YAHWEH and trying at ever area of temptation to get men to violate the laws of God, and therefore be subservient to him, and when they come over on his side does it make sense that he would torture them because he had won? Do you suppose that the devil would keep hell to please God? Or do you think God would make any pleasure in torture, if we were to accept the other process? The whole thing don't make sense to begin with. The devil never kept hell for anybody. The only thing is he doesn't like the fact that the spirit disembodied by death of this own household and races under his religion are consigned to the Netherworld and go thru their cycles.

If we want into the Spiritual law which relates to these beings it would take another evening, but it deals with the nature of demons and devils, and shades, and with the areas of obsessions, and how they move and function. This is a part of the mechanics of the negative Kingdom just as we were discussing a few weeks ago the mechanics of the Celestial Kingdom.

The great surrounding which we have tonight of so great a cloud of witnesses ---- in otherwords every last one of our forbearers have gone back into the plane of spirit. Are in Celestial planes the same dimension that our spirit lives in, but they move in it all the time. A certain amount of them have been assigned as guarding spirits beyond and with you. And they help to catalyze the guiding influences that give you those hunches your get ever once in a while. This is a catalyzation because you had the spirit to guide you all the time. And our Angelic hosts have responsibilities ----there are warrior Angels who surround the camp of the Kingdom as well. George Washington knew of this, and so did our founding gathers when they set those 13 stars in that halo. You go back and you find that halo was the shielding, abiding presence of the Eternal God around the 'New Order' of His forming---Novus Ordo Seculorum. They perceived Him as He said He was---"A cloud by day and a fire by night". That pillar of smoke----the word is effulgence, so-----I AM is in this cloud which is like a shimmering vapor----- I AM with you. This was with Israel 40 years---the abiding presence of God. As important as this Universe is, the Father said:----I will not leave you. He said:---"I bore you on Eagles wings and brought you unto Myself". I not only stayed with you but I am around you most of the time. He tells of how He brought in a great space fleet with 10,000 of His believing offspring. His space fleet with those believing offspring scattered out over three mountain peaks, and sat down on Mount Sinai the day He gave the law.

I talked to a minister the other day and he said:---I think to many people are on a space kick---a flying saucer kick, I don't think this has anything to do with the Bible---do you? I said:---well as far as transportation goes and fast vehicles, My father and our family thru out the universe have more of this than we have ever dreamed of. I said:---God brought 10,000 of his saints with Him when he brought the law to Mount Sinai, and their great crafts flew over mountain tops and came down on Mount Sinai. And there was a craft in the cloud which hovered over Israel as they came out of Egypt. The man said: that isn't in My Bible. I said:---what kind of a Bible do you have? He said:--a King James Version. I said:---it is in Deuteronomy, and I had to show him how YAHWEH came with His Saints. I said:---what do you suppose they were doing flying along like geese?

He said:--I didn't know that was in my Bible.---Well it is what men don't know that makes up the vacuums.

Now;---Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you.

Every time I turn around I learn something. O'Grady brought over a paper tonight, and this came from New Mexico, a little more light on this subject, for not only did they see a UFO but some silly people tried shooting at it. They could just be thankful that those in the flying object have a good sense of humor. You know Michael can just push a button and a whole ship just disintegrates. This was what was so disconcerting to Lucifer when he had to transport a lot of these beings. Everything was flying apart but God said:---Stay---Michael do not make a full end, let them get down to that little spot called earth, and we will handle them there. Then in the midst of this one spot where we focused all the animosity of Lucifer and his household---Yes I am going to put them down there and prove that even tho they will come under the influence of Lucifer still there is enough. I will re-empower them and cover them with My Glory until the World will know that you are my sons and daughters, that is why you are here.

Now;---I think we should make it clear to everyone tonight that Waddell and Reed have discharged Col. Gale because Jewish pressure was brought on that firm to have him discharged. And tho this means thousands of dollars to Col. Gale in livelihood just from renewals which were coming to him, in the ten years of building up this area of security----but they took a five cent stamp and dismissed him because of the Jews. This happened here in a Christian country where we are the majority----

( tape runs out.)