05-15-68 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:--The trees of the garden are for food. But the other tree?

ANSWER:---God spoke of this. Of all the trees for food, but this tree of 'good and evil' was a race tree. And they were not to partake of that racial tree. Adam was told all about this, but Eve was not. In fact before there was any Eve, Adam walked the earth with God and named all the animals. And then Adam was shown the races of the earth by God and Adam saw that there was no help mate for him. So God separated the female portion out of Adam and made Eve, that they might come out of one flesh. Because he had begotten Audaum in His own image.

So Adam and Eve were begotten of God after His own likeness in what the Hebrew says---the word is Bara, to begat. And Eve,--tho the Septuagint was tampered with--it still holds to the two words, Bara and Yatsar, the meaning--to bring forth issue and to form out of substance and create like a new thing. So God created the Asiatics and they were given a spirit, but not of HIS spirit, and given a soul consciousness in the earth. This is the Asiatic race. And for thousands of years they spread out over the earth into Europe to the continent of Lemuria and Atlantas. And these lands were populated by these people created by the MOST HIGH. And maybe He didn't necessarily just create one set of people, for there were several races created by the MOST HIGH. And He said that they were good. There is only one area where this is singular and God created one man and one woman and told them to populate the earth and so forth. This was in the similarity of God but not as Issue of God. And thus He did establish the races. And this is a plural. He may have created a yellow or a tan race, but they were created. And this was done in the sixth day. And these days are eras or epochs and are significant to the early Hebrew. They were divided into these eras so that the seventh era wasn't a thousand years, or anything definite like that. It could have been even a billion years between these ages. There were just given as periods of time until the seventh era. And that time God ceased His creating and considered this creation.

But now Lucifer had his rebellion and tried to upset God's plans. And according to the books of Enoch and of Seth and others, God had made His plans before the foundation of the world. Had declared this unto His children, who then were in 'light celestial bodies and in the same plain. (in the same form as was the body of God) And this household existed in the heavens and ruled over all the creations of God. After all, there were trillions of solar systems in the Universe and all kinds of places to go and things to do. This solar system was just a speck in size as it came into that Great Universe with its other solar systems. Archangels, and other angels controlled the Universe under YAHWEH, taking their orders from HIM. There were four great Arch-angels with their division of the Universe as their areas of rule. These then had lesser Angels, and there were propagating angel. And these Angels who did not propagate like the Angels around the throne. There were a few winged Angels right around the throne who said "Holy, Holy, Holy LORD GOD ALMIGHTY'. They worshiped and served the MOST HIGH. These angels has no sect or gender. There were propagating angels with sect and gender as well as people, created people on the various planets of the Universe. All of this is told by Enoch in the book of Enoch. Seth also refers to this. So we know these things. So again, in the days when Lucifer rebelled against the MOST HIGH, then we realized it was over this household of YAHWEH (God).

In otherwords, when God unveiled to the Angels that He was going to establish a household in His own likeness, who would be HIS children, then all the Angels were glad but Lucifer who was musing and he said:--'Now Yahweh, would they be greater than I?' Remember that all Archangels were next in command under YAHWEH. But when YAHWEH said to Lucifer:--'They will be even as I.' Then Lucifer rebelled and said:--'I will not show it. I will not reflect this light (truth). I will not carry this to my people in my section of the Universe. I will not tell them this.' ---When Lucifer said:--'I will not tell them this.'---Then this was his first transgression. For he had set his will against the will of YAHWEH (God). Then you are told that Lucifer 'deviated'.--This is one of the oldest words in the Universe. Because from deviation came the word 'devil'. Lucifer took the road of deviation and rebelled against the MOST HIGH. Then he goes out to his section of the Universe and tells them that now he is God. They may have to fight a war, but they will overthrow this God of the Heavens. Lucifer tells them that YAHWEH (God) is a phony and that he, Lucifer, is god. And he not only sold this phoney story to one-fourth of the Universe, but a few others as well. Because one-third of the Angels of the Universe were swept by Lucifer into this Luciferian net. So they gathered their space crafts and they gathered a few mortals also into this net.

The Negroes were created beings on planets in the Milky Way. And Lucifer made them into axmen and swordsmen on his ships. This is the reason why the books of Enoch say that the dark and curly headed ones were used this way on the ships of Lucifer. So this was the first time weapons of war were produced. So against the other areas of industry and so forth of the Universe, then Lucifer and the fallen Angels hurled these forces they had gathered.

Well, Michael was the Arch-Angel who volunteered to take command of the hosts of the MOST HIGH GOD and was given charge of these great hosts of the MOST HIGH. Michael was told to bring Lucifer to submission and there were thousands of years of space war. But remember that you and I looked on all this and were amazed that anyone would challenge our Father. But we never questioned His victory. After all, He was God Almighty and had made all these things. Besides, we had never had an evil thought in our lives. We had never seen anything like this. We couldn't imagine anyone refusing the WILL of YAHWEH. See? But Lucifer, in his rebellion, did one thing which the scriptures refer to. He brought forth--sin--for the first time.

Now, it says that God created good and He created evil. In that He created Lucifer and the other Archangels with the ability to think. But never suggested or established a pattern of their opposing HIS WILL, but that He, with His infinite power could put it down, could set the whole thing back in order. So actually Lucifer does Him a good turn even tho this catastrophe took place, because now God would handle the--sin--question once and for all. But until it was developed in someone's mind, God would not introduce the thing having been against it. Altho He had created the force which brought forth the idea. Therefore, as Lucifer rebelled against the MOST HIGH, then the MOST HIGH automatically determined his destiny, his defeat and all these thing. There is no question that Michael and Lucifer fought a terrific space war and ships and chips fell all over the heavens. And Lucifer and his forces were driven further and further back in the Milky Way and finally Michael surrounded the forces of Lucifer and his broken ships were driven into this solar system. The scripture talks about this. The books of Enoch talk about how these broken ships of Lucifer came into this solar system and then to earth. How Saturn was one of the planets where the ships of Lucifer landed. So they were cornered in this solar system. Scripture says:--'I saw Satan fall as lightening out of the sky, as a star.'

Well, Michael wanted to come in and destroy Lucifer, disintegrate Lucifer. Because Lucifer had from time to time taken upon himself human form. Thus had not kept his first estate. For in his rebellion, he had also assumed a body of the same proportions as the created peoples of the Universe; a body about 6 feet tall. So he did not always stay in his Celestial form. So under these patterns, he also had access to the Celestial plains, but also the physical on a physical level. And Enoch was told all about this. But Michael, now having driven Lucifer here into Earth, wanted to move in and fold him up for all times. But YAHWEH said:--'Whoa--Michael--this is the place where we are going to beat him. He is now confined to Earth. And here is where I am going to send my sons and daughters. Here I will embody them in the flesh. And here they will conquer evil. Here they will establish MY KINGDOM and Lucifer is going to worship at their feet.'

So Michael is told to surround this solar system with watchers, and told that in the course of time that the Netherworld which was an active part of the habitation as well as the outer earth would also be used in this program. The inner earth has more land surface than the outside with its great bodies of water, but there were entrances systems at the poles and other places to the cavern systems of the inner earth. The earth has a thickness of about 3,000 to 2,000 miles, but there is places where the thickness of earth is only about 800 miles. So there are cavern systems inside the earth and there is biblical evidence of this , but most people think and have thought that the earth was solid, and some even that the center is molten at all times, but this is not true. There are areas of earth which are molten down a few miles, maybe 200 miles ,much of this because of the pressures of weight and chemical reaction. Hot springs are where mercury is found, but also you can go down in mines where you find ice caves the deeper you go. There are ice caves some places deep in the earth and in other places you have volcanoes. The Hawaiian island chain is just volcanoes off the ocean floor. Go into northern Arizona and you find ice caves a mile down. So there is no standard principal for determining this, but the geologists of today recognize these facts.

Then we have areas in our solar system which are very dense. Pluto for instance is a

small planet, the smallest in our solar system but it is so dense that its weight is almost as much as our earth altho a much smaller planet. Then some planets may be in this pattern and some may have an inner earth like our earth does. Jupiter is an immense planet but it may be hollow to because of its size, in comparison to one like Uranus for instance which is more compact , but Pluto is even more dense.

Now remember there is evidence in the early portions of Genesis that entrances between the inner earth and outer earth did take place.

The Septuagint has been influenced in its translation, the Coptic Aramaic is probably more clear that this, but it does talk about Adam and eve being placed in a garden eastward of Eden, thus an entrance to the inner garden could very well have been for it says that the seduction of Eve came then Adam and Eve were driven out of Eden and that Watchers were placed there to keep them from going back to the original Eden where the Tree of

Life was located, and thus in their transgression they could have eaten of this tree of life and have lived forever , but always as a fallen race of his household. There is talk in the patterns of the ages. In Asia and in India as to how they (Adam and Eve) went from outer earth into the inner earth where strange and powerful gods ruled. But they went in and out of what we now know as the Netherworld or inner earth, and these dark patterns of religion talked of this going in and out of the inner earth.

Now; the doctrines do show that Lucifer controlled most of the areas of the inner earth, and when Lucifer seduced Eve she apparently told Adam and said:-- See I did not die as you said, we can mingle with these people and know all things. Adam was distressed but we are told in the book of Seth that Adam took Lilith unto himself, and she was the consort of Lucifer, but Adam did this lest he lose Eve and be alone upon the face of the earth. So Adam fell, and they tell you that the woman caused Adam to fall, but the scripture tells me that the , woman was deceived, but Adam knew better---Adam knew that he could not partake of this race tree of good and evil.

Later God came down into the garden of Eden and Adam was hiding, for he said he was naked. YAHWEH demanded of Adam---How do you know that you are naked? But the fact was that Adam had partaken of this race tree of good and evil, so then judgment had to fall. And judgment was brought on the household of Lucifer for doing what he had done also.

In the symbolism in the heavenlies it was of the constellation of Hydra the serpent which was intertwined over the constellation symbols. While the Dragon whose eyes were in Dragonus was also intertwined with the serpent, so both stand for Lucifer and his kingdom. But YAHWEH cursed the serpent, which was symbolic of the heavenly serpent and was not a snake as such. Altho the snake was an emblem of it. Because it was the emblem and considered a wise creature, and at one time had legs, even so the symbol of the serpent was cursed. The story of the the seduction of eve by a Serpent is all foolishness for Cain was the progeny of the wicked one as you are told by John.

Now, Jesus talks about the son of perdition and the offspring of the Cainanites being Lucifers seed. Then after Cain had killed Abel and was driven from the presence of Adam and Eve who were now out on the face of the earth ---remember that before God drove Adam and Eve out upon the face of the earth, He had made them clothing of skins for a covering. They would probably not have been able to have stood the outside temperatures of the earth without this clothing, for the sun and the outer existence without their light would have been overpowering. But this does tell us that Adam and Eve were at one time covered with Light and Glory. This is one of the mysteries of the writings of Enoch who said that the Glory of God shown out upon Adam and Eve. And he talks about how the children of Lucifer came to him (to Lucifer) and said we cannot stand the light of Adam and Eve. They bedevil us. In otherwords, because they were radiant with Glory, they hurt the eyes of the children of the devil. But Lucifer said:--'never fear, they shall fall. I shall put their light out.' This was told to Enoch in his day. So Adam and Eve lost their Glory which they possessed.---lost it in the fall. And God reveals this over in the book of Deuteronomy as He tells Israel not to intermingle their sons and daughters with these other races around them; the Hittites, Cainanites, and so forth. The word is "My spirit will not co-habit with another race". In some areas they translate this and in others, they don'. But it is confirmed in other places in the scripture. In otherwords, "My spirit will not co-habit with another race" means that if you do co-habit, that all you will produce is a flesh spirit of another society.

When you use the words enosh enden---then this means the bassest of races or the Negroes. Enosh is always used for people who are not spirit of HIS spirit. Thus not offspring. So the word Enosh is beast of the field in some translations. But it really means those men who walk upright but with only a flesh spirit. In the days they were created, God said they were good. All things were then good.

QUESTION:---Does this include the Negro?

ANSWER:---They were brought in by Lucifer. But they were created in their beginnings in their solar system. And they became the bassest of people. Sometimes this translated as strangers. For in the book of Isaiah, it says when these strangers besiege you cities, when they burn them with fire and loot, they are called Enosh enden or egget---the bassest of people. Then there are other enosh and then the Adamite. In the scripture where it talks about Adam and Eve and Israel, every place you will find the word man, there it is Adamite. When you call Israel by name, it is Adamite. This means the man who can blush and so forth. But He never refers to the enosh as His children, or He their father. But rather as His creation. He refers to Adamites as offspring and when YAHWEH talks about them He refers to them as ---I brought you forth from your mothers womb---I am married to Israel---My sons---My offspring. I can show you this in the King James Version. He also talks about His sons---'Ask me concerning my sons, command ye me.'--Then I YAHWEH am thy YAHSHUA. I THE MOST HIGH am thy SAVIOR, thy REDEEMER. And as you come into the book of John, it follows this quite clearly. But John depicts Jesus in His humanities as communing with His own spirit which fills heaven and earth. And he uses Agra Pneumos which means creative spirit Father of all flesh. And the spirit is the father of all substance. The spirit being much more powerful than the flesh. And the actual pattern was that the spirit would be in a world of light. That the plains and formation of everything in the spirit world is in light. But don't think of light as intangible to the touch. Because as you are here in this dimension, and light comes down and flows around you, and you see light and darkness, you say,--don't feel it. But do you know that light is small particles and you do feel it altho you don't realize it. But talk about the dimensions of light, but light is something you can move your hands thru. But the wave length of light is different in the physical Universe and the electronic Universe. Actually we know now from the Apostle Paul that everything in a physical Universe that you can see with your eyes and feel with the senses, and touch with the hands, smell of taste, all these things are in the electronic Universe. For God has made out of positive and negative units of electricity organized by His law. And as said in the nuclear---held together by the power of light, every atom in the world.

Now atoms are very solid?----no--they are not solid at all, they are fast moving little units of electricity, and a mass of atoms becomes a molecular mass and seems so solid by the law which holds it together that you can even pick it up and handle it, for you see everything is made out of it. And it seems so solid that you can pick it up but everything is still made out of it. It is a combination of chemical reaction made out of all atoms. The hydrogen atom is one type of atom, one proton, one electron. Then you move right on down and come to Uranium and 235 stable uranium and so forth. So what do you have but so many electrons and so many protons according to the atoms which make up our universe. This is decided by the mind of God. He made the whole Universe, the furthermost sidereal systems that you can get light or reflection to come in, you can take this out by a spectrograph and you will note that this is coming even thru a spectrum for it breaks up into colors. All light breaks up into colors as it comes thru a prism, and this spectrograph is similar to a prism, in other words it breaks up into colors. And these colors denote the elements of the universe. You know as we see all of the elements of the earth in electronic form that they are also translated into light form or the spectrum.

Therefore the spectrum is actually the analysis of these substances and with the spectrograph we have become so intelligent as to a race that God's spirit comes down upon us, we can break up the spectrum and analyses the spectrum and determine just exactly what the actual substance is in its atomic formation in the light of the spectrum. In other words we can make a spectrographic analysis of a mineral or of an object and tell what it is made of because the spectrum will show. If you get an asteroid which is predominately one or two substances it will glow like a green fire, or burn yellow or might be red or purple but a spectrograph analyses on it will tell you exactly what it is made of. So the light dimension actually is the power that holds it all together in the Universe. And God in the absoluteness of his mind which is such supreme super intelligence makes every electro, every atom to stay where it is whether in the far off Universe or in this one. You may not make all of the universe, all of the atoms you have on earth, and there may be some atoms we don't know about some place else which we haven't discovered yet, but the fact remains that we have in our spectrograph the light coming from the furthermost planets coming thru our spectrograph, we can take their light and break it up in our analyses of it in the laboratories with our spectrograph. We can analyses the elements and the things which holds it there. So the same mind that created the Light of God--did this and it is quite obvious.

Now the plains of spirit are organized in the patterns of light, and as we see the patterns of electronics, the electronic world is on a wave length. And thus we have the electronic world set on a given wave length for the maintenance of substance and the electronic world. We also have the patterns of light for God therefore has made man out of the elements of the world. And when it says that man is made out of the dust of the earth, it means this physical body is made out of these electrical particles out of which He made the universe. God therefore then on the seventh day looked out over the earth and said there is no Adamite to till the soil, so he begat Adam in his own image, but since God begat Adam in his own image then it had to be God in the flesh that begat Audaum. So you see God the Everlasting Father had to be the first formed in His Universe, and he had to begat the physical embodiment out of his own image. This he did and Audaum was the offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD, begotten in his own image and out of his own likeness, out of the womb of the morning.

Now therefore God existed spirit, he existed in a plain of thought, and thought is a great highway of light formation, then you have the patterns of flesh which happens to be the pattern of the electronic universe. God has always had an atomic universe , make no mistake about this. Think about this, if God was before all things, and by Him was all things made in solar system after solar system then he was creating but he wasn't just standing on nothing, like some people think he was. In other words some people have God sitting on a cloud just about 7500 years ago. They think he was sitting on the cloud but didn't know what the cloud was made of, but this is all phoney, just an area of their imagination. Because God existed ages and ages and eons and ages ago. It tells you in the scriptures that one thousand years is as a day with the LORD.

The pattern is that God has always existed, his mind has always been active. We have sidereal systems out there that were made millions of years ago, but he is still young in our Universe. Now it is true that God may have made all in a circle, for all the universe moves in circles around other sources of creation. The Pleiades which is probably one of the oldest patterns of existing substance we have in our sidereal system---and the whole Universe that we know , with its 1,026 suns which reach out over our sidereal system moves in a great circle around the Pleiades.

Now it happens that our sidereal system and Milky Way system are effected by another orbit. In other word that the pull of Ursa Majors, and the fact that Orion had a direct pull causes us to have an ecliptic and thus we made a track like a great egg thru the heavens.The planet which causes our planets to move in this strange orbit thru the heavens happens to be Orion. That is why the 38th., chapter of Job as God talks to him --it says:--'Canst thou bind the sweet influences of the Pleiades , or would you lose the bands of Orion.? Modern astronomy does know that Orion causes us to make this strange circle in the heavens. They know the whole Universe revolves around the seven stars of the Pleiades. This may well be known as the seven heavens of the MOST HIGH symbolically. We also know that God begat Adam in his own likeness and then breathed into him the breath of life or put into him his own living spirit, as his offspring. And thus Adaum was not molded, or framed like something of clay. He was the begotten issue of the MOST HIGH GOD.

Now God created with a magnitude of infiniteness the formation of people out of the elements and substance of earth and has done this in other parts of the Universe with its solar systems, but it wasn't an experimental thing. These evolutionists and these nutty Priests and others who have moved into evolution they say that evolution is the process because God was just experimenting, was making this and that and if it was good he just left it, if not he destroyed it. And finally he evolved man by putting this and that together. But that is ridiculous because this was one of the last solar systems and God created the heavens and the earth but he didn't create it not to be inhabited. In fact he had men and creatures which existed out there in the Universe for thousands of billions of years. Evolution is supported by violent error, in fact God never made an error in his life. He thinks with perfection, everything which moves out of his mind is perfect, it is good. Sin is the violation of divine law, it is the design to upset the standard of the creative god. So in this issue again then Adam was begotten about 7400 years ago, so we have been here not so long, and don't have much to complain about. Men were here 600,000 years ago, we know this is a fact, the archaeologist and palentologists can prove this to you. I cfan show you here supported by anthropologists how long they have tracked the people from the Steppes--600,000 years ago. They were Asiatics and were dwelling in the caves in Europe, in areas of South America, and Africa and this was 600,000 to 400,000 years ago. And we have evidence of them further and further back. Dr. Leakie is somewhat of an

agnostic but he is a great anthropologist , has been for many years, and he went to South America, and into Africa and then down into this great gorge and there he examined the stratus and there he found hundreds of thousands of years of seed time and harvest in the strata down there in the earth. He discovered the earth had turned over in antiquity and they not only ran out of radio carbon in their testing but there was all kinds of things to tel them that there was hundreds of thousands of years here. Argon 40 used and they could go on further back and they discovered that carbon related to a pattern of time that goes back even further than this. And they found sealed in the strata areas of complete catastrophe and a turn over, and event his turnover dates way back in radio carbon time. They found human skeletons and they found artifacts such as spear heads, and beautiful pottery with glazing on the outside. So way back there were people smart enough to glaze pottery, way back there.

You can go over there to the four corners here in Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico and so forth, and they drilled oil wells and down there they found ceramics in the Pre-Cambrian uplift dated about 1 1/2 to 2 trillion years .There could have been a Precambrian condition in other places, but it is estimated that this was at least that old because it was older than the present recreation of the earth. And when they went down thru the Pre-Cambrian uplift in their drill bits they were bringing up pieces of glazed pottery with paintings of grass and birds and creatures, and they were perfect.But go down to Leguna Beach and look at those pictures and you think what happened? You have to untangle a mp of hair, and you don't know what you are looking at, and realism is justs gobs of paint. But those people were not smart enough to be r ealistis and yet 1 1/2 million years ago they were glazing pottery.But manking has beeen existing on this earth for thousands of years.They may not ahve been mankind like we know, they may have been visiting Angels or other hosts who were here, but we know that earth has been inhabited for a long long time.We know the Asia tics have been here 600,000 years and we could go into the patterns to prove this but I don't want to do t his tonight. However it is a fact and they also worshiped One God, and the elements of their danger was from Luciferianism and was symbolized by the great bear, and they painted these pictures in the caves. They showed that they hated the great bear, and they sacrificed the Caribou to the great God of the heavens symbolizing a protection from the Great Bear. And they worshiped all over ---offering the Caribou as a great sacrifice against the great bear. And they worshiped and they lived in the caves, and they painted the mammals that lived around the area and these that they painted looked like mammals. Go into those caves even today and those pictures are still there in the caves of France and they look like mammals. They painted elephants there also and horses and the horses looked somewhat smaller than today, but every one of these paintings have color and to get that color they went out and picked berries and mixed them to get the colors and every one of these pictures are in color. So for 600,000 years or less that paint has stayed on the walls of those caves and the color has stayed unto this day also. And thus they weren't without their capacity to paint and select color and they knew art forms, and they built fires and cooked their meat, and they had these patterns and they had weapons such as great spears.

We find no metal in that period, and then we come to what is called the great iron age, so the experts try to divide up the earth into various ages from the stone age to the iron age, and these fellows with their obsidian spears and knives and so forth did pretty good with those kinds of weapons so there were a stone age people.

Now; you go down into Africa today and you still find stone age people. Over here in Australia you find stone age people and here you are up to the atomic age, so you can say that the world went thru ages of time for we are living in the time when you can't put the stone age and the atomic age in the same dimension at the same time. So therefore you would have to admit that it had to do somewhat with the mentality and initiative of the people in the age they live in. Our society never lived in a stone age, we know that Adam and Eve when placed in earth---were to till the soil, there was no one on earth with a green thumb. Do you know that as Adam was placed in earth he was known as a husbandman, a tiller of the soil. Did you know that Adam made plows? That the Sethites had plows? Did you know that they tempered metals and made things form metal. Our race never used sticks for plows whereas the people of India still plow with sticks. So Adam came in and right off, they made plows. Who told him how? What would have happened if he hadn't been informed. We not only learned to plow fields, but men used to go down to the stream and dip up the water and pour it on their plants. From the very beginning of time, we started irrigation systems. We brought the water thru ditches to the plants. Then in areas near to water, we built things to raise the water. They used great hinged beams and dipped buckets into the water and lifted it up to their ditches and dumped it. So our race was then making hand pumps and doing it with speed. For we had technology from the beginning. And this white race has had the knowledge of how to do things. There is nothing we have set our minds to do that we have not done. It is just like when man decided he wanted a horseless carriage. He set out to find out how he was going to do it and we end up with cars that drive down the road. Don't ask me how he has done it, but we have always come up with some principal. Oh you say, we had to have a combustion engine before we did that. Alright then. Men set down and figured out the combustion engine. Men then decided they wanted to fly like the bird. And the Wright boys may have looked silly in those old ships, but today our rockets and great ships come right up our of our pattern of thinking because there is nothing our race had decided to do that we don't do. In fact, man, to some degree, can do this. Even the Asiatic man. Even in the days of early Ur of the Chaldees, man decided he would built a tower into the heavens. And if he had to pile the whole earth up into one pile, he was going to do it. These fellows actually thought they were building a building, a tower into the heavens. But the top was getting smaller and smaller and eventually it would end, just like the Norwegian hold. He can only dig it until he hits the bottom and that's where it comes together. They wouldn't square a hole even if it would save their lives. It gets smaller and smaller at the bottom, but that's the way a Norwegian digs a hole. When it got smaller at the bottom, they just bottomed the hole. But it wasn't because they couldn't think, it was just because they didn't square the hole. The fact is that the pattern still was that God confused them by sending a great earthquake which rocked the tower. Every man cried out in their own language. They were not allowed to speak in their own languages while there in Chaldea. In order to keep rebellion down, which was a rather wise thing, Nimrod said every man must speak only in the language of Ur of the Chaldeas. He must learn 'yes' and 'no' and the things he must know to work on this tower in the Chaldea language. So for fear for his life, no man could speak in any other language but ancient Babylonia. So the fact remains that when the earthquake came, every man cried out in his mother's language in fear. The moment that they did this, they realized they couldn't stay there or they would be killed. so they all started to scatter over the face of the earth. It says:--'man was of one language at Ur of the Chaldeas, not all over the earth. They just scattered out to go back to where they came from. Your race had always spoken in Coptic Aramaic. In fact the original tongue in the scripture is more like the English language today than any other language. The English language is one of the most difficult to learn because there are so many words which are disconnected. But these sounds make words and your race, with its intelligence, has a larger vocabulary than any race on the earth. There is no other race on the face of the earth who can come out with a dictionary and encyclopedia with so many words as does the English language. I want you to know, just how surprised you might be at the many things you do know. For instance, the other day I was looking at a new encyclopedia and it was on fire arms. And all the words used in the fire arms industry and many things connected with the fire arms, from the smallest wheel on to the biggest pattern, and it was a big book, but I didn't find a word I didn't know. I got excited and I turned over here to the encyclopedia and I know most of that, everything but maybe some medical terms. So where did I get all this knowledge? So far, I have acquired quite a pattern of knowledge. Where did I get it? there maybe a few things off in a far off country, but most things we know. We don't know all about atomic energy, but we are learning there too. The thing is, you don't know how much you do know until you get something to compare it with. And your language is without a doubt, the most extensive, the most complete language on the face of the earth.

Now, of course we have a pattern of German and Scandinavian. But Scandinavian is your language to a degree. And by it's own colloquialism moved into the Swedish language. But many of their words are German because the German language also goes back to Coptic Aramaic. And many of their words have the same root as yours does. This is where the tribe of Gad, which settled in Rome, had in the Roman pattern much of the original pattern of language. And they said Latin is the mother of all languages. But this is because it was in the forms. That it remained more pure to the original Coptic Aramaic than some of the others. Take 'aqua'. That is water. And that is water in your language too, as you talk about aqueducts to carry water, and about all the patterns of water--aqua.--But these are quite similar. There were many words picked up by the Roman Empire that were not of the background of the tribe of Gad. But the sum total of our languages find that the biggest pattern of expression happens to be the English.

Now, again we move into the structure. The program of God was by the begatting of His own household and transferring the consciousness of His children from heaven to earth. He had told us before the recreation, restoration of the earth, which finally ended up in the establishment of the Adamic race that He was going to place us in physical bodies because Lucifer had brought problems upon Asia and upon Egypt and other lands. That He was using the Negroes to mutate the races and to break every law of God. In case you want to know, Lucifer tried to break every law God had set in place. And tried to change everything God had made. The word sin means the violation of Divine Law. This word sis comes from an old, old law meaning to mutate. So therefore, mutation is against the law of God and thus sin is a violation of Divine Law. Therefore, Lucifer mutated the races. He mongrelized and mixed them up and they fell. And then he sought the fall of your race with the seduction to Eve.

Now, I want to point out that this was the violation of your race. And he created disease germs by mixing the cultures of harmless protozoa and bacteria which had their proper place in the earth. Bacteria may have had its use in the digestive track. And protozoa existed for natural forces in the earth and for development and so forth. But he mongrelized; he took cultures. Go back to the book of Enoch and you find that witches and sorcerers boiled grasses and other things and let them ferment. And some of these ferments formed mysterious death vapors. These protozoa or bacteria that formed. Then they would mix together the two cauldrons and this produced the death mists. What they did was that they mongrelized by this vat, mixtures the protozoa and bacteria that were different and unnatural. They held their own life and dimension by the areas from whence they came. And then when the witches poured the mixtures together the night air carried the mists of death. Actually the witches were creating and producing germs for the death of the enemies of Lucifer as they mixed these protozoa and viruses that were originally good in the days they were created separately. So again God has immunized us thru the years. And we have become somewhat immunized. Many of the new viruses, as they appear, are immunized by scientists. Let me tell you that the work of the witches or wizards hasn't stopped. Right now, the Soviet Union is working on germ warfare. They have mixed and crossed deadly viruses and bacteria. And today there are viruses so deadly that we have no antibiotics for these viruses. And they can turn them lose as bacteria and let them descend on the night wind. And they can come into a city and destroy it before they know why the inhabitants are dropping dead in two or three days, form viruses and plagues for which there is not known antidote for. They want to be very careful too. Because the winds blow. And to see that they blow in the right direction.

We also have laboratories on germ warfare to counteract this. In Denver Co., just outside the city, we have a laboratory where they have found viruses so deadly that there are no antidotes for them. We have been working on antidotes to give people to counteract the viruses discovered by Russia that will save our people. But we created viruses of death in these laboratories that we don't know how to cope with. We know how to contaminate water until it will kill them nine months after the contamination. This is a part from the chemicals that they can throw in the water such as cyanide and fluorine and so forth. We could wipe out whole cities with this contamination and the enemy knows this also. This is the reason why right now, with the Negro warfare on the upturn, with their plan to move out and burn our cities, the Secret Service has discovered that the plan is to destroy the people in 900 cities by contaminating their water supply. This is a chemical warfare and the police in Sacramento are very alert to this. And around the reservoirs of cities, they are putting police guards. They even could drop it from planes or get by the guards and cause this death. In fact, the reservoirs which supply New York City-----they are so afraid of that, they have them surrounded by guards. The communist party has these Negroes talking in their meetings about how they will be supplied with the material so they can poison these cities and so forth. And any place where they are talking, they are overheard by agents and they now know that this is the design. Instead of picking these conspirators up and throwing them in prison or off with their heads or deporting them, they just let them go on. What is the FBI and the CIA or the Secret Service doing when the commies with Jews behind them, stir up the Negroes, and have these Negroes saying--'we are going to poison their water supplies.' And yet we also let them work with our meat and so forth. We ought to track this down and arrest them for conspiracy. All these things we should do for the salvation of our race. You can't poison a city like this because our water comes from deep underground wells from water out of the Sierras. But how many cities have water supplies like this? This is just something you have to watch. If you hear of people dropping dead, you better start drinking bottled water. Because this is a situation which can hit any city with reservoirs. And these are the ways to attack those cities.

So we find that Lucifer started the waves of mutation so very far back. So in the areas of mutation, the mutation of anything which God made was a sin, or violation of Divine Law. So when God set standards such as the giving of the law in the book of Leviticus, He gave the standards according to His knowledge and wisdom. In otherwords, He didn't give you the law to be spiteful. He didn't tell you not to eat hog meat just to be spiteful. Just because it was succulent and tasteful. He told you not to eat hog because He didn't think you knew much about the hog. The hog had it's beginning in bestiality. The Luciferians had actually joined with goats and other animals in bestiality and the hog was something which came out of fallen bestiality. So He didn't want you to eat it. The meat is succulent because the poisons drain thru the system and out thru the hind legs of a hog. There is a puss which drains out thru the hind legs. You can raise hogs on a farm and make sure they get nothing to eat but good clean food. And you can eat them if you want to. But they are one animal which will always give a cancer reaction. If you have been eating fresh pork, you will get a reaction when taking a test as long as that pork is in your system whether there is any active cancer in you or not. It is the one animal more susceptible to cancer like a human being. But also the one animal which carries it. So God knew what He was talking about. He said don't eat it. So don't eat it period.

Now, they say it is a sin to violate Divine Law. What did they mean by this? Actually it is a violation of the Will of God; a violation of what He had said. So when God made the Universe, He knew some things that were chemically not digestible and other things are better for you to eat. He tells you that there are races here which know good and evil and they are contaminated. This is because of this mongrelization. You can't partake. ---eat of this tree,---because "My Spirit" will not cohabit with these people. And if you propagate offspring, then those offspring will have only their spirits. And as they grow up, they will turn your children from following Me. Because they will have nothing to believe but their pagan gods. So these people as they occupy your lands---destroy them utterly. They are an abomination unto me. God actually tells them as to what we are going to do. He tells us that one of these days we are going out and we are going to cut down the groves of these race trees. We are going to cut down their temples an destroy their idols. We are going to do this with fire. We aren't to do what the United Nations wants us to do, such as see the beauty of all these cultures. Those temples have the friezes on them of all the obscene scenes of history. The people live with this obscenity. Their religion has great figures constantly violating the moral laws. And yet it is alright to them because these are supposed to be gods. This is the private background of India. They have 583 million people. They have more children born there than almost any country in the world. And until the age of 11 years, every girl (unless her family has enough money to buy her 'out'), is a vestal virgin in the temples of Siva and acts as a prostitute. The boys of India go into the temples and in the darkness, they lay with the gods and move on to these girls. And they have the blessings of the gods for this. But there is more V.D. and other diseases there than in any other place on earth. Let's fact it. This is immorality. It is depravity.

Now, if we get into a war, they always say you can't bomb these temples. But you aren't even supposed to get into an alliance with India or those like her. If you happen to fight a war, it is for you to look out for your salvation, not any others.

The fact is that God tells us, we cannot evangelize India, with all her cesspools. We can't even evangelize the Chinese with all their Babylonian background of Buddhism. Gotma Buddhism is transferred into the modern Jewish Buddhism, held by the Jewish Priests of the Red Tunics. And remember that all this operates with vestal virgins and its apostasy thru out all Asia. In otherwords, in the Vietnam area, we have spent billions of dollars to rebuild Buddhist Temples which we knocked down with our artillery. The U.N. says we must preserve all this beautiful culture. But we aren't to do this at all. Actually what we need to do ---we have tried with several centuries of work, ----and that is to evangelize areas of China. But the only progress we ever made was in Hunan Province. And the background of this province is very strange. They never accepted Christianity with the spiritual conception that the white man does. But they did make some area of acceptance. But the fact remains that the Hunan Province at one time held some of the children of Ammon. And then the Chinese exiled them out to the Island of Japan. But Ammon did multiply and did intermingle in some of the Hunan Provence. So there was some seed. Because Ammon was descendent from Lot and Abraham's line. So they did have some understanding of the Gospel. This is where the Chang Kai Sheks came from. And where many of the ruling Mandarins came from. The majority of the people on Formosa came from the Hunan Province. The Buddhist Priests hated Christianity and wanted to put it out. So after a couple of hundred years, the communist came in. And the Buddhist Priests accepted the communists and even melted down the bells of the chapels and turned them into weapons. And they are again ready to eat you up and destroy you and thus the Chinese moved right back into the pattern of the Buddhist Priests and Communism.

You can send in eight or ten missionaries and when you move out, then back in comes the Buddhist Priests. And they gather them all back again. So this is what happens. But God says the day is going to come when you are going to set these captives free. Because their minds are held captive in Luciferianism.

In the book of Isaiah it tells you:--'Ask me things concerning my sons, command ye me for they shall set my captives free.' This is how they will do it. Before you can set them free, you will have to cut the heads off these Buddhist Priests. These witch doctors and cut down their groves and temples and smash their gods. And yet these nincompoops say:--'oh, these great grotesque beautiful things.' But they are devils. And we don't need to remember any of these things. Everyone is an evil program.

So the whole program of the kingdom --out of its very origin was to defeat Lucifer, so if he loses his Temple and his Priesthood then we wouldn't have any problem capturing the minds of these people and moving them back into the right orbit. And the day of Evangelization is going to be in the Millennium --after you have knocked our Lucifer, and smashed his Temples and burned his idols, it tells you hat you are then in the Millennium going to put out a colonial system like it was never put out before. In fact the nations of the world are going to come to your feet, and you are going to teach them the knowledge of the Right God. You are going to teach them the things they are going to need to know, and they will be supporting themselves, and maybe you. But you won't be supporting them anymore, the Millennium says you are going to teach them to the ends of the earth, the knowledge of the right God and they will worship the right God, they will say;---Behold! God is within thee. The book of Isaiah makes this declaration.

So the process of transgression is just the violation of Divine law. This is the reason the episcopal church at one time used to --in this canonization--to talk about the sins of commission. These are the things which you know are wrong because you know enough aobut what God said in his law that you shouldn't do it, but you did it anyhow. There are sins of omission, these are the things God told you to do and you didn't do them. So these are the things you omitted doing and then there are the sins of ignorance and these are the things you didn't know anything about. So they had three types of principal transgressions. I do not know what they have today, but that is the three they used to have. The fact remains that as men learn the things of God and the knowledge of God they learn the text of God and all the things God told men to tells us as he raised up his Patriarchs, well he has promised to lead us to all truth and bring all things to our remembrance, for not only are all the facts stored up, but all the practical and technological and other knowledge of our ancestors, but also that which we were begotten with which is from somewhere in the knowledge of the MOST HIGH GOD. And he can touch us with remembrance, with the things he said before the foundation of the world, so that the wisdom of the technology of the Universe does belong to the household of His children. This is how God can give you better ideas, can start the revolving of the electrons around the nerves, and they may say--I have this picture like out of a clear sky. This is where most inventions come from, and as you meditate on it, then as out of a clear sky here it is. But that clear sky happens to be out of the thoughts of the MOST HIGH GOD because your race produces the inventors. The Negro race never made a wheel, never invented anything. In other words they just can't build. After living in your society for a while send them back to Africa as the smart ones out of your society and they fall back into the conditions they were once in. As we turned all these areas back over to the Negroes, these areas are going retrograde, going backwards. Take the cities in the Belgium Congo, like Leopold and others, they were modern cities, paved streets, elevators, modern sanitation, electric lights and so forth. And when the U.N. drove the white man out of there and turned it over to the Negroes it wasn't long before the toilets were clogged up, didn't work any more, and weeds were growing in the streets, when something breaks down it is never repaired, civilization stops, it goes retrograde. The stench in the cities is so great you can't live in them. So what do you have-----you just demonstrate that you have something which the lower races down have. The pattering of Luciferianism was of the bassest. Over in Asia Lucifer filled up the sum total of wisdom, less the brilliant wisdom he had before he mutated. He fell from the heavens, he does not go back and forth and accrue the brethren like he did before he was thrown out. He is now cut short, but at the same time he retains great areas of wisdom and cunning. The Jew had cunning but not wisdom, they have cunning when it comes to strategies, as to how to gather up money and how to defraud people out of it, and realizing that it is necessary for the life of the world they have become cunning in the mishandling of it. People say, oh they are very wise and cunning, but you are told that the children of this world may seem more cunning than the children of the kingdom, but they never have however the constructive wisdom which produces. these are the situations that we are faced with in this great pattern. We discover that the greatest agriculture nations on the face of the earth are the Adamic society. We have not only produced, but we have saved, stored and siloed, even to press our food into pellets to save it. Whether Alfalfa, corn or what ever it is ---we have learned to save, to produce what the rest of the world knows nothing about. Again you will have to acknowledge that thee bread basket of the world is the Kingdom of God. These other people plow the ground with sticks, even tho they know that the plow is better, they still won't use them. The Indian government now has come out to forbid the destruction of the plow, but even so they are way behind the agricultural area we have trained them in.

So again all these are a part of the Divine laws of the kingdom. You hear so much, we are not under law only under Grace. Yes---God does not leave the condemnation of the law as originally given to Moses as the life and death pattern. he has removed from us as far as the east is from the west our transgressions. Then it tells us that He nailed to the cross for us all the violations of the law. In other words what he took away is all the judgments of the law and left the blessings for the children of Israel. This does not mean that you can go out and practice usuary and let the Jews take over your country and not get judgments and chastisement, but God means this individually as far as individual children are concerned. His Grace is sufficient, you are saved with the works of the law. When a man with intelligence and wisdom will keep the law because it is good, it is a way of health and vitality--then he is smart. So the kingdom of God doesn't keep the law thru fear, it keeps the law now thru love. We keep it in our hearts, in our minds thru our intelligence. This is why I tell you that the more you know of the Gospel of the Kingdom, the more you know about the magnitude of God, the more you know about this selection of a race, about the selection of a race, about the segregation of this society, and the pouring out of this spirit upon them, the more you know, the more you want to know, and the more you want to work for the kingdom, you want to bring it in, the more you do these things the less time you have to run around with the world. And the world seeming not to have to much to do turns to vice, depravity, no longer has a pattern of temperance, and they seek to envelope you in that. So many of your people are trapped and become casualties. But the more you know about the kingdom the more you get evolved in the kingdom, the less time you have for these other things, and pretty soon you discover that people want to do what is written in their hearts, and they don't want to do what is wrong.

These things are true, the more they discover about the proper diet, or the patterns of economy, the more your race knows these things are true. The more your race knows of the plan of god the more they follow thru. If a person knows they will do these things, if they know only in part they may move into patterns of error, but I want you to know that these are the mysteries of the Gospel. This is one reason why, remember when you are told that you are under Grace and not under the conditions of the law this means that He has blotted out the hand writing of the ordinances that were against you, and nailed them with HIM to his cross. But He says he tht teaches my law, and to obey it is good. Not only does this cover transgression, for you are told that not one dotting of an i or the crossing of a t is out of the pattern of the wisdom of the law, so blessed is the man who teaches my law--to obey it.

The person who doesn't transgress isn't under the law anyway, he isn't bound by it. I don't care how many laws they make against going out and holding up a store---I am not going to do this anyhow. I don't care how many laws they make to try a man for murder, I am not going out and kill any man anyhow except as the hoards of darkness come against the kingdom, then it is in the pattern of defense of the kingdom. All these patterns, the law isn't written for the honest man, it isn't written for you. The law is written to make you honest by knowledge and to set a standard to hold the world back which is against the pattern of Divine law.

So the structure of God's Grace, the power of Faith the capacity of Faith, even of Abraham were counted to him as righteousness. Abraham surely made some mistakes, did some things that weren't right, and David did many things not right, but David so believed God, was so repentant, and so honest that the Psalms brought to him were masterpieces of inspiration that God said David was a man after his own heart, and he reputed righteousness to him because he BELIEVED GOD.

So again, this is the power of Faith. God knew he put you down here where everything was going wrong. He knew Lucifer would seduce your race, and he told you this before the foundation of the world. He also said:--I will be your redeemer, and told you this before the foundation of the world. He wrote your names in the Lamb's book of life before the foundation of the world. This is the one who the scripture says will do everything according to the council of His own will. This Gospel of the Kingdom then--its rule over the world has no room for defeat, only victory. Has every room for growing, transformation and for the rising glory of the household of the MOST HIGH. THAT IS ALMOST OVER OUR HEADS ISN'T IT AND I ANSWERED ONLY ONE QUESTION TONITE DIDN'T I? BUT WILL TAKE ANOTHER NEXT WEEK.