05-26-65 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:..."I feared thee because thou art an austere man; thou takest up that which thou layest not down, and reapest that thou did not sow?....would you explain?

ANSWER:...This is a translative problem. The man is saying that he was afraid that if he lost it that he would have to stand the responsibility for it. What is imputed in some translations is that this man had much, he knew the symbol of the parable which related to the sovereignty of the whole kingdom, the owner of all the property was the King of the whole Kingdom, the owner of all the property was the King of the Kingdom and the whole Universe. So he said:..he knew that God had everything and He did not need anymore so this man was afraid if he lost what he had he would have to stand judgment. This was his excuse for doing nothing. He said:...since you don't need it then it was better that I hid it and saved it so you didn't lose it, and then I wouldn't have to stand in judgment for something that you don't have need of because you have so much. This was just an excuse for getting out of doing anything. But people would find all kinds of excuses for not helping to build the Kingdom.

QUESTION:...Would you explain to me about the Samaritan's, they were thought to be a mixed multitude of people and were spurned by Israelite's.

ANSWER:...The Samaritan's were Israelite's. They were the ten tribed Kingdom and were the northern Kingdom of Israel. And when the Northern Kingdom was captured in the days of Sennacherib then some of the people hid out in the hills, they got the army and most of them, but not all of these Samaritan's were Israelite's. But remember that the Judah Kingdom was real angry at the Northern Kingdom because they had split off early in the days of Rehoboam and they thought they were the only true Israel...because they stayed at Jerusalem. Judah and Benjamin had this idea, so they were not only angry at these who went into captivity, but angry at any residue of them such as these Samaritan's. So the Samaritan's were Israelite's, and their worshiping where they did instead of at Jerusalem... came about when they went off with Jeroboam in the days when they refused to take the advice of a king who had bad advisors. But God had handled pretty well the design and there was a justification for the revolt of the ten tribes from the reign of Rehoboam. However this should read not Jew, but Judean's had no dealing with the Samaritan's as such because the Jews would deal with anyone if they could make a shekel. As far as the Temple was concerned, those who controlled the Temple also thought that anyone who did not worship at the Temple the Temple also thought that anyone who did not worship at the Temple were taboo unless they were tied in with Synagogues answerable to the Temple. These Synagogues were the Sin of Gog which had been taken over by Jewish Priests although there were areas still good like Bethlehem where Zachariah was a true Priest of Israel. This being the city of the King it wasn't as much controlled by the Jew Hierarchy as it was by the old line families. Take over in Tarshish where Paul was raised was much more so. His family was a wealthy family in commerce and other lines, they made tents and so forth and it was a big industry. Saul-Paul was well educated. But in Tarshish for instance the Jews controlled the Synagogue (former meeting place of the Scribes), and every true Israelite either of Judah or Israel was kind of subject to this control. It was just like the Buddhist control of their Temple's, always the Priests kept control and they did not let control out of their hands. But for this reason they always, even the Jews as well as Judah and Benjamin, opposed the Samaritan's because they did not draw on Jerusalem for their Priesthood. They continued with such Levite's as they had to carry on by themselves.


QUESTION:...But didn't Jesus say not to go to the Samaritan's?

ANSWER:...Now, this is something else because Jesus sent them to the Lost Sheep of Israel, and mostly this was the ten tribes of Israel as such. There were a lot of people who had settled in Samaria besides Israel after the main body was carried away into captivity. There was just a family here and there now left in Samaria which was once Israel land, but now a bunch of mixed people came in so actually in this instance it related to all of Samaria, not to a few families who were lost sheep of the House of Israel. (Remember that Jesus had already been to these people.)

Basically the parable of the good Samaritan was that the Priests of Jerusalem were not true Priests now, they were pagans and as they came by they would not help this man, but the Samaritan's (Ancient Israel) would help. And Jesus took the most extreme position there also because the Judean's would normally have nothing to do with the Samaritan's. But this man had enough of the Grace of God in him so he helped anyhow. This is all plus or minus to show that there was more Grace in this man than was in the dead Phariseeism or Sadducean Doctrine.

QUESTION:...You mentioned last Sunday that in the Dragon situation...further on one beast was like a bear with a mouth like a lion...

ANSWER:...This is too long to go into tonight because in the Book of Daniel are the names of the beasts for Babylon, for Medo-Persia, and for Greece and Rome. So in these Empires of the Beast System there is a facet of each one of these Empires....parts of it incorporated, the name of Lucifer is the Great Dragon (Revelation 12...that old Satan or the Devil) and anyone relates to him. Basically there was great areas where Lucifer was crowned supreme and ruled in the old societies of earth and pre-Adamic periods, but the Dragon Kingdoms were established all through the Steppes of Asia and China. All Dragon Kingdoms worshiped Lucifer, worshiped Devil, Dragon's and so forth. So they move the symbol of the Dragon into these areas, but the Beast System is of course the entire system of the enemy although there is the Beast and the false Prophet.

Now; the Beast System is Political, Economic, Social, and Religious in its facets. So the False Prophet, the Beast System, and the leadership is all Anti-Christ so it goes to make war with the Saint's. This is what it is talking about, the Mark of the Beast is in the Intellect, in the forehead, the seat of the intellect giving accent to the areas of error working for the Beast System by putting their hands to work for it. This is the Mark in their forehead and their hands. They set their hands to do the work of the Beast System. People are waiting for someone to come around with a rubber stamp to put a brand on them like you would a horse, saying 666 on their foreheads and hands, but they aren't going to see this for this is not what is meant. In the forehead this is the seat of the intellect, and cooperates with the seat of the mind, this is what it talks about. I can see the Mark of the Beast on all kinds of Politicians and all kinds of the enemy, and they better get out from under this in a hurry, or they will be marked by it.

QUESTION:...Would it be possible to hear how this modern music effects this whole situation with our youths?

ANSWER:...I don't want to go into this tonight. I will just say this, Music is just a kind of a terse term today for all kinds of sounds and noises. At one time what we called music had a much higher value in relationship to tone and quality, to concepts, and its vibratory patterns were much different. This whole syncopation of Modern music is of course tainted by the Beast. When I was a boy the Jews had the top floor in the Woolworth Building. Here they had already started to unionize the musicians and the Jewish producers of music wanted to send America on a wild sex orgy. They wanted to destroy its moral's, to reduce it to the level where the resistance is the lowest. They wanted to set it over to a total degeneracy. They wanted to wage a war against the higher spiritual values such as the music of our faith, from the patterns of our Great Hymn's which are all tied back in so they decided they would send out scouts to the ends of the world to find the most sensual music and they whipped into the most modern types of Jazz, a modern type of music as they called it, to wear down the vibratory plain of the resistance of people, to set their nervous systems up so it would be easier for them with fallacious material to go with the type of pictures they were going to produce, with all these facets to adjust or attack the sensitivities of, and to sneak up on the race and destroy our youth. This was part of their pattern, and they discussed it openly in a meeting there. (New York) They sent out scouts and they came back with the sounds they had recorded in Africa and all over. And with this they started to build up any of these Negro Jazz players and had them play instruments they never had in their own country, but they did know how to make the tones with the drums and the reeds. So they developed and created Jazz...hear this...I do not care how individuals react to this...they developed and created this to destroy this race, and any mental approbation should bring chastisement.

Now; they are doing this to our youth and if we leave this on in our houses then we are jointly responsible. This syncopation they are turning on now is as totally evil as everything has ever been. They say:...but the kids get a big bang out of it. Well, whether you know it or not it is tearing at the very fiber of their nervous system. This is all a part of their plan, they have semantics for this and it is... go-go and such, but it is done with design. This is the area of the most sensuous syncopation of sheer abandonment. The nervous system goes into total barbaric practices. I can get more furious personally over this vibratory attack on the minds of the youth and this conditioning of their nervous systems to everything that is suggestive and destructive, because I know it is Death. I see this taken lightly by people and they will sway to it a little bit, but this war, you wouldn't let them do this to your Faith or attack your Faith, but this is the area where they are getting to our youth, this is all a part of their process. Plus the fact that they have gone out to weave into it and interpret every barbaric, sensuous and evil dance ever produced to get this taught as a sort of modern dance to go to the rhythm of this factor. They are working however toward total abandonment. In fact you can't hardly pick the title of a motion picture today that does not have this tied into it. There is three bad ones for every good picture made today and this is only one facet of it. Now they talked about it and how to expand it and even in the volumes I have in my library on this Jew conspiracy, they tend to try to protect to a limited degree their own youth from the results of it by letting them know this was planned and developed for the destruction of the Goy. This is the reason we tell you this...the vibratory system within the physical body responds as does the nerve factors to certain tone factors. It can be raised or lowered, dropped down to the size of a dog which is better than their vibratory thinking capacity, or it can be lifted up to the highest status of mental abilities, and carries the symphony of the Angel's, actually because the music of heaven is the highest abilities we get in music production. And the beast, or jungle is the lowest we get.

Now; it is what we turn off or on, this is what we are willing to listen to. If America would wake up and stop buying such stuff and stop buying from any sponsor of the stuff and ostracize it then it would clear out in a hurry. So they say...You are a square...well lets be square then. I would rather be a square than see the race going down the tube. They work lower than the lowest octave, they pitch for the lowest factor which appeals to the breaking down of all resistance. There are certain discordant sounds that can be down with rhythm which breaks down the action of restraint to the senses of the body.

QUESTION:...Who are they?

ANSWER:...The Council of this last Issue breaks it down as to who they are. It is a tremendous article. It does not tell what it does, but it does tell who they are. We have a good tape if anyone wants it.

QUESTION:...You mean the Nobel tape?

ANSWER:...Yes. it is good to name the names as to who produces the stuff.

QUESTION:...It tells that in Israeli they don't allow the Beatles music to be played to their youth. In Indonesia if any of their musicians play the Beatles music they are jailed.

ANSWER:...Well, this isn't for our enemy and they don't want to deteriorate their own youth. Not because of high moral standards but because of the level of resistance fiber they use. This breaks down resistance fibers and after they have been subject to this its hard for them to resist anything. That's what this is for, it breaks down all resistance and of course this has it's effect when they turn it loose on the morals, but when subject to this their whole body gets to shaking and their brain too, and there is no resistance to anything. So what...Just live...nothing matters.

QUESTION:...Would you explain..."Seed hath life in itself?"

ANSWER:...This is a law of biology, kind begats like kind, seed having life in itself. The carrying forward of Spermiogenesis and the life is in the seed passing from generation to generation. All these things are there and doesn't have to be added to all of the time. In otherwords, it is not an evolving changing procedure and it is seed already fixed and has chromosomes, it's kind having life in itself. This is pro-generation.

QUESTION:...Is this hooked into God's Spirit?

ANSWER:...No, this is a law which takes place even in plants and in a cow or any creature. In otherwords, this is the law of chromosomes and genes, or pollen and these other factors. The design is that there is set up in the cell life the image of each and every offspring. God created it thus and made it so, pre-determined this process of life. It didn't evolve and it did not have any process of fiction or thrown together with protoplasm of a different sort, it did not evolve, it is a fixed blueprint of a plan set up in the image of a cell. This is what the scripture means when it says:..."Seed having life in itself."

QUESTION:...But some are preaching that this is just life...nothing spiritual.

ANSWER:...That's alright. This is not spirit, it is a blueprint of life in every form and created in the PHYSICAL, a protogenesis procedure and this is what it is talking about. Don't get tied up in semantics, don't let Humanism.....

QUESTION:...But I don't think....

ANSWER:...No, I mean Humanism and so forth, these are sort of semantics, they fire at one another. They don't give ascent to, just maybe a theologians interpretation. I have volumes here on this new Humanism. So your race has Spirit, Soul, and Body and other races do not have this, but they still have seed with life in itself, and they will still keep on getting Negro's without spirit.

QUESTION:...Well, then in teaching of life in the Christian religion they are showing stories of the heart, and how it operates because Life in the blood.

ANSWER:...This is true, there is life in the blood and if the heart stops beating or pumping then they die. There is a spiritual law involved but when they don't know it they don't teach it. Are you talking about your race, or some other race? For your race is different, we came out of the spirit, so we are spirit, soul, and body in a physical world, but we were spirit before we became flesh.

QUESTION:...But their students then think that the Bible is outdated.

ANSWER:...There isn't anything you can do about this but teach them the truth. The Bible bears this out, it bears out pre-existence, bears out that you came into this world, so you were a spirit entity before you became a physical entity by spermiogenesis...or cell life, beginning in your parents. Yet in the Chromotin and genes were all the determined, inherited patterns of knowledge, and all these things and what the spirit brought with it of the remembrance out of the dimensions and planes. But normally what you have learned then you have learned here in this environment through the cognition of these senses which bring back to you the images and pictures as you progress in knowledge and truth. But generally speaking when it talks about having life in itself then it is talking about the physical creation, and everything that you see. It is not talking about the children of God, but about cats and dogs and so forth. So what I am talking about as to your question, this is a Sinatic law, it never changes, while evolution is a fictitious law. Development within a specie due to environment largely based on nutrition and intellectual title but it does not change the people.

QUESTION:...Well, then what does it mean when the Bible says:..Life is in the blood?

ANSWER:...Well, try living without it. In otherwords, all the food and all the oxygen which feeds every cell in your body is carried there by the blood. Take the blood out and you are dead. This is the 'River of Life' in your physical body. This isn't talking about the spirit because your spirit doesn't have blood carrying food and oxygen, it lives in a Celestial Light plane, and is an entity in itself. But if it is going to strike cognition to your soul consciousness while you are in the body then you better keep the blood in the body, if it leaks you better patch it up. So it is true...Life is in the blood.

QUESTION:...A few weeks ago you were telling us that students going to our college who are not actually enrolled live off campus, but do not enter into the discussions?

ANSWER:...They do in such classes they participate in. The L.A. Times carried that story on unenrolled students, and they do not pay tuition and yet enjoy college more than any others because they study just what they like to study. They have no marks to make, they are just spectators, they are not enrolled. If they are just in for Political Science that is all they attend, all liberal things. And then some like Art and Drama. But basically they are therefore attending because of Liberal things, this is what amuses them because it is quite a liberal field today. Folklore, and folk dancing, they go for this and this area of art and drama. But basically they are therefore attending because of liberal things, many of them are young communist league people and various other communist fronts. So here you have almost half the students or kids running around...upper teenagers and early 20's., who are not enrolled at all and make no contribution other than to make it look like there are more people there. They audit some of the classes because there is so many in some of them that they have to use the auditorium to seat them. Everything going on in college is now utterly fantastic, what we need is a Paul Revere to come riding thru. What we need is to take hold of our school boards and demand that they give us schools without communist infiltration, that we have discipline inside our schools and colleges. And if they don't want to go to school with discipline then kick them out. If they do not want an education then lets not waste any money them. I wouldn't let this auditing crowd just cover this and I wouldn't let them stay on the campus. Actually it is a new way of bumming around, you con your parents into thinking you want to go to college while you bum your way around and work for the reds, that just about sums up what this amounts to.

About twenty five or thirty years ago you could go to Columbia or any other college and you made an application and signed a card, you could listen to anything being taught in the instruction if they weren't over crowded. It did not matter whether you were interested in Chemistry or something else, you could audit this class, you got no marks but just because you wanted this knowledge they let you have it up to the limitations of their facilities. This has been going on for years, but what is going on now is sort of a beatnik operation, and it so integrates itself into the school bodies that they pole the students and they think they have something to say about it. They influence weaker brains. The apathetic public who spend their time down here in a booth in a beer hall won't know, they will say...my, my all those educated students are against this. But no they are not, just those noisy beatniks. Nobody resents what is going on more than the true student body. We had about 19 students out from Berkeley last week when we were in San Francisco and this included a girl from India...the wrong kind, a few of them glared and hissed, but the rest were on our side early. They were gathering notes on the world situation so as to rightly speak up in their classes, and they gave well...in attention..but the beatniks...no.

QUESTION:...The Black Pope...cay you tell what or who he is?

ANSWER:...Well, for years they did not let anyone know about this, or that there was one. But the Black Pope is...they have an army which is supposed to guard the life of the Pope, and this army is called the Swiss Guard, they are on the inside...and there is a Jesuit of High Power who was called the Black Pope, who had absolute economic power. And once he established this possessiveness he actually had power over all the Cardinal's of the Holy C quite beyond anything which ever existed in any normal Ecclesiastical organization. And this man answers to the Kehilla...and he must be a Jew

QUESTION:...They say this one is a Spanish Jew?

ANSWER:...That is right. The Jesuit movement was formed by Ignatious Iola who was a Jew... a Morrano. Today that does not mean that all Jesuit's are Jews, I have known some fine Jesuit's. Father Vaughan of Iola University was one of the finest men I ever met. He was a Jesuit and was Roman trained as well. Just like Father Feye over in Ireland who knows that the Jesuit Order was a Jewish penetration of the Catholic Church. Known as the Jewish army against Christ...inside of the church. Well it became very powerful, a political force which would liquidate if necessary any opposition in its way. The Black Pope can control the life of the Pope. If the Pope disobeys the underground, or the release position, then he would just pass away...poison or something and they would get a new Pope.

QUESTION:...I read that 33 passed away in Rome recently?

ANSWER:...Not Cardinal's. What?

QUESTION:...I heard this from a Catholic Priest from Quebec. I would say...Bishop's. They were kicking them out of Catholicism. He said he sent a letter to the 'Blue Army' director, so what is that?

ANSWER:...I won't try to go into all the intrigue and facet's of the Catholic Empire tonight. It has almost been an Empire within other countries because of it's Ecclesiastical power. Whereas there are all sorts of Good Catholic Americans that love the United States and most of their Priest's don't ask them to be loyal to any political power of the church, but the fact remains that there are armies, forces, and groups under the Roman Catholic Empire. Remember that the Vatican is a country, and as long as the Vatican is a country it has every legitimate reason for having military armies, ambassadors, and everything else. But by the same token as long as the Vatican is the head of the church as well as a country then American Catholic faith must be very careful that they don't get implicated by a machine into dual allegiance patterns. We spend no time charging Catholic's with dual allegiance, we just use this on the Jews because the Jews do establish dual allegiance, and remand areas of responsibility and vote in Israeli elections. The American Catholic does not vote in the affairs of Rome, however there are armies beside the European churches which are set up. This Blue Army is one of them.

QUESTION:... I asked you the other night about Jeremiah 27., that all nation's must bow to Babylon?

ANSWER:...I gave the answer about the Babylon period. The nation's of the world are under Babylonian bondage. We have felt some of this in our own country. This is why we have the Federal Reserve System. This is why we have Jew control over our finances, but it is not going to crush or destroy or rule over all the nations...the nations of all the Kingdom. But 2/3 of the World Order is already under the rule of Great Babylon. The World Order is under it, the Kingdom is touched by it, we have too much of it here.

QUESTION:...He said:..and also it is in Zedekiah that He said 'you will be under Babylonian bondage until I visit you. I did not know whether this was for early days, or latter days?

ANSWER:...The overthrow of Babylon is a continual process, but in the latter days it has its final facet's as we overthrow the whole Jew conspiracy, world Communism, and Socialism, when it comes down, its economic control comes down with it, and Babylon is dead.

QUESTION:...In your opinion is Elijah coming again in the flesh?

ANSWER:...Well Jesus said:..'if you will receive it John the Baptist was Elijah who was to come. This was the spirit of Elijah in John the Baptist. As far as the Spirit of Elijah descending now on the Clergy then God said He would raise up men, raise up principal generals and ministers in the last day.' General's for the military and ministers to awaken His people for these latter days. In this declaration He talks about raising these forces up and they will do the work, they will stir the people as God lifts up the standard, this is how it will be done. What was the rest of your question?

QUESTION:...I was just wondering about...the Terrible Day of the Lord?

ANSWER:...Well, the spirit of Elijah descends upon the ministers of God, and they call for judgment in the House of God, and before it is through then it says....that wrath shall rise up in their countenances. In the Book of Zachariah as well, it says that in our own nation that there will not be a Cainanite in the House of God. There won't be a Jew left in America because they are going to run, to flee as the Christian's begin to get disturbed at all they are doing. And just as happened in the days of Elijah the people will call for their deportation and Elijah, remember, called for their heads to be cut off.

QUESTION:...Does this go along with Matthew 13?

ANSWER:...Well, Elijah was immortal and he was translated, but then he was in the body of John the Baptist, and remember that John the Baptist was executed so in this instance you could say that the spirit of John the Baptist went the route of death. But Elijah could come and go even before Christ's Crucifixion, so could Moses and then both Moses and Elijah were on the Mountain.

QUESTION:...Well here is a question, I don't know quite how to word this but I understand that we are to be attacked by Gog and Magog and all of this.....but here you say we are already under the control of communist's?

ANSWER:...Lets not go this far, there are communists in government and they surround the President, they are in the State Department, they control the economy and are in the schools and colleges. There are however 140 million people and the majority are against this, so if we were totally controlled by the communists you wouldn't have as much as you have now. They are working on this, and gradually using creeping socialism to gain more control, but with it all we are still in the areas of absorption producing things we want, and need beyond their ability to absorb and keep it from us. But their ability to manipulate our economy is the greatest danger. This old thing that we have to be taken over and ground down and beat up by the communist's has no foundation in the scripture declaration. Whereas the Beast System takes over the world, he does not take over the Kingdom, or there wouldn't be any Armageddon. There wouldn't be anyone left to fight Armageddon.

QUESTION:...Well, if we don't get these Kike's out of here before he attacks the....


QUESTION:...God. Isn't He going to take them out?

ANSWER:...Well, a lot of them will be taken out, and a lot will be planted.

QUESTION:...A lot of them don't have to be taken out physically do they?

ANSWER:...A lot of them will be taken out physically to the Constellation of Ara.

QUESTION:...Where is that?

ANSWER:...Out on the edge of space. That is called the Lake of Fire..the Altar, this is from the old text, that they would be carried there by the Holy Angel's. They would be taken out of earth just like you take the tares out of the wheat before the harvest...take them out....to the Constellation of Ara.

QUESTION:...Is that Gehennah?

ANSWER:...No, no that is a garbage dump where you burn trash outside of the towns.

QUESTION:...In connection with what you just said; where is the battle of Armageddon to be fought?


QUESTION:...Not just Megiddo?

ANSWER:...The plain of Megiddo where fierce battles were fought is just a little narrow valley out from the passes. When the Assyrians came in they crossed Megiddo. The facet's of this battle in the days of he fall of Jerusalem when Allenby came in...this is all symbolic. Actually Armageddon is the war against New Jerusalem, and all the children of the Kingdom, so it doesn't have to be just in one place.

QUESTION:...So what does it mean when it says the armies come out of the North?

ANSWER:...To attack you they will come out of the North. China and Russia have to come out of the North, that is the shortest way across the poles or across the Bering Sea.

QUESTION:...What if they parachute in?

ANSWER:...Well, then we would have to shoot them.

QUESTION:...In Matthew 24., He is saying...two will be in the field, one will be taken and the other one left. Does this mean one is a tare and one a child?

ANSWER:...Yes. This does not have to be just two...this is symbolic, but just the tares go.

QUESTION:...It always sounds to me as tho He is gathering up children.

ANSWER:...No. the tares have to be gathered out, He said the tares would be gathered out first.

QUESTION:...Yes, but it does sound....

ANSWER:...Well, He does not change His mind, there is no friction in this story.

QUESTION:...Will all these things be kind of together, like the tares going out, us being attacked, Yahweh coming in with the Hosts?

ANSWER:...It takes a certain amount of time to do anything, they don't happen all at once, but they are all of the same sequence of events...the gathering of the tares however will precede the return of The Christ.

QUESTION:...But doesn't the Book of Revelation say that He will gather His children to Him?

ANSWER:...Oh, this is not some kind of a fantastic deal (like the rapture). He gathers His Hosts together, gathers the seed coming with Him. But remember that this takes a period of time. Of course you have your Satellites today and world wide T.V. which was not possible before. But there will be battles, they are going to send their space weapons against Him. All kinds of Rockets will go against his armies, it tells you this in the Book of Revelation. But He will whip them and turn them away.

QUESTION:...And our own forces won't fight?

ANSWER:...Oh yes, our forces will help, we will fight against those forces who fight against the Christ. We will have missiles and so forth going, the whole gambit is a battle of heaven against earth, and we will join with Him when this battle comes.

QUESTION:...Then in Revelation what is the significance of this....'In the space of 1/2 hour the heavens will be closed?' (Rev. 8:1)

ANSWER:...I preached a whole sermon on this tape, but this 1/2 hour (7 1/2 years) is a given period of time, set to the shortening of the time of a day to a year, and then the 42 months being literal months. If an hour was 50 days, with a day for a year, then 1/2 month would be 1 hour, then 1/2 an hour would be just 7 and 1/2 days. So there are certain things referred to such as silence in the heavens for 1/2 hour. This is just a measure in Daniel. We made this tape on this..."There was silence in Heaven."

QUESTION:...You have mentioned this 43 months before, where does it come from?

ANSWER:...It comes from all over the Bible, for instance Daniel talks about 42 months. The Book of Enoch talks about the 42 months from the time of 'the sign of the son of man until the judgment.' The 42 months they talk about in the Rapture and Tribulation is that in the midst of the last Week. It was 49 years on this nation...a 70 week nation.....7 times 7 = 490 in a day for a year, so they had 490 years from the day they went back to rebuild the Temple at Jerusalem until all of Jerusalem would have fulfilled all the prophecy which was to be in place for it, at the coming of Messiah. Jesus was the Messiah, the Prince, and in the midst of the week He made the sacrifice. This made an end of sin, and all of these things. Then in that period He ascended..in the midst of the week, then in the next 3 1/2 years there was a total end to anything that had any relationship to the government of the people in Judea. The Sanhedrin had a few of Israel left in it whereas it was the only legal government anyhow. A few left in it like Gamaliel, but then he also walked out of it, after they had thrown Peter and John into prison...then Gamaliel walked out and there was no Israelite left in this government, and the 490 years nation was finished in exactly 70 weeks or 490 years. This cutting up this prophecy and sticking part of it off somewhere else does not bring you anything. But the 42 months is a measure of time for events, and sued from time to time. There is some reason for the 7 and 1/2 of 7 so this is talking about in Revelation 8:1, 1/2 of 7 or 42 months. And from February 4,1962 until the fall of 1965 is also the same amount of time when Judgment starts in the House of God on our enemies. Some chastisement may have proceeded this, but now is Judgment on the enemy of God in the Kingdom..and for anyone who helps this enemy...comes chastisement.

QUESTION:...What is the difference in the Lunar calendar and Solar calendar?

ANSWER:...Well the easiest way to do this is with a big chart showing the equinoxes and so forth. Lunar calendar is a different measure of time than the Solar calendar. But all this flitting back and forth by neighbors and fellows in "Destiny" is a lot of Hooey.

QUESTION:...What does it mean..."The dead in Christ shall be raised first, and we shall meet Him in the air?

ANSWER:...The Dead in Christ are to be resurrected, their Spirits He brings with Him, and then we who are alive and remain here in atmospheric breathing, tangible bodies shall meet Him and so shall we ever be with the Lord. We will put on immortality and never die, it isn't talking about atmospheric, such as high is space...the word is 'Atmos', and the church has translated this concoction of flying up into the sky instead of when Christ returns we meet Him in physical bodies. Had they said:.. we will meet Him in air breathing, bread eating bodies, it would have been clear, but they did not do this. We shall assemble to Him. This is not necessarily individually, this is the nations of the Kingdom who rally around the Christ. He isn't going to spend much time at the Mount of Olives, His Kingdom is over here. He sweeps in bringing judgment and great events will be taking place. Great battles all over the earth, with the earth shaking, but not hurting the Kingdom itself.

QUESTION:...What happens then when He returns?

ANSWER:...Oh, there are lots of things that go with This Day of the Lord, that He will set in motion before the actual moment when THEY see HIM.

QUESTION:...In otherwords if we are living when He comes we remain here.

ANSWER:...That's right, but then we never die, we can go throughout the Universe because we will be enveloped in our Glory. This gives this body immortality so we can go any place. In fact there are a whole lot of these facets that will work as we perceive them, because we are getting close to the climax of the end of the age. He is now sending the waves of spiritual power down upon His people. And according to this cognition, their areas of understanding the spiritual forces of vitality, and life already working for the children of the Kingdom, not that these days are just ahead, but they can be according to the understanding of the individual. He blocks all of the progress in when in the seat of His thinking, He bar's that which His Spirit would give lip service for God to do. In otherwords a man will say:.. 'I believe God can give immortality, I believe this and that.' But God has already given that to you almost 2000 years ago and you just haven't claimed it as yet. But He will bring this cognition to His children, He is doing some of this now, and whether you perceive it or not He will bring it with Him, and direct the whole awakening of His people at a given time. But there are a lot of people who will perceive this before hand in this time of the 'Short work of Righteousness' which is now beginning. This is getting into a very complicated area.

QUESTION:...Is there a calendar available where you can trace this 7 times as it says in the Bible?

ANSWER:...Oh yes, they are talking about the Mosaic Calendar. But we start our calendar in January, but the year actually ended in September.

QUESTION:...But the days were different then weren't they?

ANSWER:...I don't see that this is important....

QUESTION:...I don't see why not, it sounds like the 21st., day of the 7th., month will be the time of 'the twinkling of the eye?'

ANSWER:...No...no. No one had the day for the return of Christ. I would have it was the 21st., day...I know how to find the 21st., say of the Calendar they were using in the days of Jesus. But this is why I tell you it is not important, they changed those calendars, they jostled them around. In otherwords, we are now living under a pattern of a law now established as a continuity of day upon day, but we measure our years like Moses taught us to measure the year, when the moon crosses the Equinox at the autumnal and vernal Equinox, and start our year accordingly, this becomes the beginning of the year at the crossing of the moon of the vernal Equinox. And then the day it actually meets the equinoctial line then this becomes the first day of the year, and this opens the Ab for us. So in otherwords, the Jews set up a time, setting one day on another, and they were rigidly trying, for instance, to make it come out alright for a Sabbath which was convenient for them. They wanted Jesus not to pluck corn on the Sabbath, or not to do anything on the Sabbath, but this wasn't the true Sabbath, because the Sabbath was to be set by the moon crossing the Equinox. So Jesus said:..' you are serving time and seasons you don't know about.'

QUESTION:...Do we still go by this, or what?

ANSWER:...We are still operating a year which is free from any Phariseeism. Our year is on the Roman calendar, this is the year we are setting our dates by, and you are getting your paycheck by. But if you are interested and enough of a scholar and want to know what time it is then we can just check back and find out when the Sabbath is for that year, because of when the moon crossed the vernal Equinox. It is just as simple as that. You can have interchangeable calendars if you want, or get a Jew calendar and hang it along side of yours. They know which month they are in even though they don't know when the Sabbath is.

QUESTION:...Then you could figure out the right dates if you wanted to?

ANSWER:...oh yes, plus or minus a day or two, any little kid could do it. The Jew's aren't so smart just because they know when the Passover was. It is just a matter of adjustment from starting your year from the autumnal equinox or from January one.

QUESTION:...You said:..General Allenby went into Jerusalem on the 14th., day of the 9th month, I would like to know how you figured that out?

ANSWER:...He went in on the 14th., day of the 9th., month, this is the Prophet Haggai's date.

QUESTION:...If you are going to get technical...He said.."Remember the Sabbath and to keep it Holy"...so someone must have known the date. Then some people say..How come you don't go to church on Saturday?

ANSWER:...Saturday is not the Sabbath, we keep the New Sabbath, the LORD'S DAY. This is the Sabbath maintained by Christians since the Resurrection. He arose on the first day of the week on a Roman calendar basis. It happened that they synchronized pretty well those years. So we don't have a religion built on the eating of meat, or the keeping of days. Live everyday as unto the LORD, and if you want to be healthy then eat the right stuff. But let no man judge you as of Sabbath's today, or they will put you under a different type of LAW.

In otherwords, today we are concerned with the fact that the Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. God is not disturbed as you might think over what day men keep as long as they set aside a day to worship Him, and to break this tempo of high velocity living. And the idea of just working, working, and not taking time for relaxation and thus the Sabbath was to give him One Day in Seven where he would have time to serve and worship, where they might worship with congregations, so they came on the same day. The New Testament church came together on the first day of the week, and we have been doing it ever since.

QUESTION:...Is that what it means when it says:...The letter of the Law?

ANSWER:... Well, yes but when interpreting the "Letter of the Law" the interpreter is seeking to do this in order to bring harsh judgments down into an area of Grace. There is a lot of things you can do by the "Letter of the Law". You can go back over the law as it is in codes, and you can find loopholes in it because it did not spell out other things. A person could keep the "Letter of the Law" and still not have the spirit to please God.

QUESTION:...Well, the reason where we were searching this...does it state anywhere that chastity and virginity are the right requisites for a young unmarried girl...is that part of the law?

ANSWER:...Inside of the social structure of the Christian Church, the high standards of moral ethics, the more they classify the impact of Faith upon people...in otherwords, the deeper the faith becomes then the more the moral and ethical standards rise. The lower a religion, the less it has of a moral and ethical restraint.

QUESTION:...Does the earth end with fire?

ANSWER:...The World Order does, the world will be cleansed by fire to this degree; bombs will fall on Asia and will reduce those cities to powder and dust. The World Order is going through a struggle in which "it dissolves in fervent heat." In otherwords, the destruction which wipes out the World Order is perhaps nuclear war, it is not a flood of water. It was concentrated in one place last time when they tried to wipe us out...in just one place. So God just drowned them in one place. But now, "as it was in the days of Noah" the enemy is trying to wipe us out all over the world...see? Right now in Asian conference's they are planning this by mongrelization.

QUESTION:...What about our trial by fire?

ANSWER:...This is the Shekinah Glory of God, has no relationship to the World Order and it's fire. No...because every man's work is tried by fire and if everything you did in the seat of your consciousness is wrong, still you have no other foundation to build on except Christ, so if your conduct is not right on that foundation that conduct won't stand, but the foundation remains, and thus the man is tried as by fire. So you build your life of wood, hay or stubble, or even gold, silver and precious stones, still all men's works are tried as by fire. This is the Shekinah glory of God which burns out man's error's, but the man is left. So the Apostle Paul says:..'It would be better to have everything purged out by Shekinah Glory so that there was no error in your mind, than to retain any of this error...see? In otherwords, this is talking about men building their foundation of life, their soul image as they come to the knowledge of the truth. This is the Apostle Paul in Corinthian's, this is what he is talking about.

QUESTION:...The Shekinah Glory aura...well, will they be all the same or will some just maybe a little bit brighter?

ANSWER:...Some aura's are very visible, and some stand out like fire.

QUESTION:...Then some are as tho not there at all aren't they?

ANSWER:...Now lets not get them that small.

QUESTION:...I know but.....

ANSWER:...You see, the energy emanation which is the light catalyst of the energies spiritually being applied, the spiritual energy functioning through the soul consciousness, and this organic structure of the physical body gives that emanation called an aura. The more active this spiritual energy application is, the wider the aura. The more they have been meditating on it the wider it is. In fact anyone in Bible Study has more energy and aura after an hour than they had after they just came in, and then they will have, say, after two days from now...see? But at the same time if they are thinking these things of God and Spiritual energies are being used, sometimes this will make it sort of like a carpet of light right over the individual's. But the wave length of it is not always visible to the video frequency, it is just on the borderline, and there are times when some are given gift's to see it and others are not. Then there is the gift of discernment that can see it, and can tell whether a person has this aura or not. So that is one of the facet's of this.

QUESTION:...When Christ returns...speaking of the Cainanites being taken out..will the Japanese and Chinese leave?

ANSWER:..The Japanese and Chinese are not Cainanites, but every man will dwell under his own fig tree.

QUESTION:...Then will they be on this earth?

ANSWER:...Yes, each in his own land, they may come and learn but they will not reside here. In otherwords, this old story of you sitting around in heaven strumming on a harp, red, and yellow, black and white....it will not be like that either. Duck's even don't do that when they come in for a landing, you have to have more sense than a goose.

QUESTION:...What does it mean when it says...Outside the Kingdom are the dogs?

ANSWER:...In otherwords, the Kingdom has a very strict law, inside the Temple and the Holy places are for Israelites...our temples and centers, our government and where we teach our children these are not for the dogs, not for anyone but for the children of the Most High. The Enosh are not supposed to be in this area of contact. If the Enosh come into our land, they can pass through as merchants and so forth, but they are not to be absorbed into your society. If we have a house of worship for the stranger he can enter into this house of worship and be taught by a Levite. But they cannot enter into a house of worship and join themselves to those of the inner circle of the House of God. This was forbidden always. When it says without are the dogs, it is talking about the Enosh, not the people of God, not of the Household, not those with that area of spirit. This is why when the Negro woman kept crying out to Jesus that finally He said:...'I will answer your request this time, but it is not right to the children's bread to the dogs'...(the Enosh). She was trying to get inside the inner circle when Jesus was speaking to the children of the Kingdom, and He told her that the children come first, He came to the children, and then He said He would make an exception in this case. But the Creator can extend Grace in any direction He wants.

QUESTION:...He only made that exception because she understood, didn't He?

ANSWER:...She said:..We dog's would like the crumbs that fall from the children's table. In fact most of them are living off of crumbs now, if it were left up to them more of them would starve.

QUESTION:...What are the seven spirits of Revelation?

ANSWER:...These are the seven church's...a measure and development of church history going down through the ages. They were named after seven specific churches scattered in southern Europe, the Aegean Sea, and in the edge of Asia minor, which was between Greece and Rome, and in the Agean Sea between there and Palestine. There was Ephesus, Smyrna, and Pergamos and so forth, each had a name but each marked an area of church history in which each area of history would have some quirk to mark it, because it was a bad thing in churches. The enemy then set out to destroy these seven churches, sometimes with Priestcraft and sometimes one such as the one on Pergamos was such a bad place to run a church because the Jews had their financial headquarters here. This was where Satan's seat was, and there was a tremendous influence here but still He knew what this church possessed. So all these churches like the one at Thyatira had this wicked Priestcraft to contend with and Popery, so this was where the doctrines of Rome were being early planted. This later would be a symbol of the Roman Church when it got into the excess of man-made doctrines. But when you got down to the church of Laodiceans then this is the church age of today. The Methodist and Presbyterians have already joined it and the true church, and the church of the Philadelphia is here also. Actually every Christian of the race is a member of it...the True Church, for it is a church of One Faith, One God, and One Baptism. There will be a physical manifestation and representation of the true church which does not accept the fallacies of the many denominations of the Laodicean church age. But we are in this Laodicean church age and co-existing with it is the true church developing. There has been a true church all the time.

QUESTION:...Some people in the Baptist and Methodist churches say they believe in the Universal church...I don't understand this?

ANSWER:...The word they use is Universal...the word 'Catholic' is what we believe in the Universal church. This means the one united congregation of the children of God. We say we believe in the Apostle's Creed, this is the same thing. So this means we believe that the body of Christ is made up of all those in the household who believe in Jesus the Christ....this is what it means. The word 'Catholic' originally meant 'United Church', united congregation.

QUESTION:...I didn't mean the Catholic Hierarchy?

ANSWER:...No, no, I wouldn't even want to be Methodist Hierarchy. Right now I would not want it to be the Presbyterian church hierarchy.

QUESTION:...I was reading about the Presbyterian church now advocating inter-racial marriage, and the man who runs their music brought me down a tape. So I said....you have been nice to bring me a tape, so I am going to give you two tapes, and let me know what you think of them. They will be different from anything that you ever learned in the Presbyterian church but they are truth. So I showed him the whole stack and said if you want more I'll give you more. I thought I might convert him.

ANSWER:...Did you ever hear from him again?


Answer.....Well you win some and you lose some. Lots of times it is a fight to get them to listen to one, but if you can get them to listen to two or three then you've got them.

QUESTION:...Did you ever hear of this Professor Banmard who wrote about the people of Inner earth?

ANSWER:...Yes, I have volumes very old from Artic explorers on these entrances into Inner earth. The Book of Enoch tells you about it, how he went down inside and then out again. This book you are talking about was distributed by Ray Palmer and he wasn't the author, he was just the distributor. Then there was the Schaffer mysteries. Years ago I had a book about these English explorers who were down south of San Diego and they went inside through a tunnel system. But the beast authority on the Inner earth is the Holy Bible. Jesus went down inside and He preached to those imprisoned there. And there was a part of the inner earth which was called Paradise. When Jesus took the sons of Adam that He set free, when He smashed the power of Beelzebub, He took them over into the areas of Paradise, and there was the thief who was on the cross waiting. When they came out of the Netherworld they came out together.

Now; we are told in various parts of the Bible...Revelation for instance...that there will be singing and hymns above the earth, and on the earth, and down inside of the earth. There is a lot of the inner earth, I could show you passages about the 'watcher gates', and so forth to the inner earth. There is probably more land surface inside the earth than there is on the outside. Maybe 6000 miles of thickness to the earth in some places, but the fact remains that there is no seas on the inside.

QUESTION:...Do you think there is life inside?

ANSWER:...Oh yes, I know there is life inside.

QUESTION:...Are they human beings like we are?

ANSWER:...There is no doubt that at one time Adam and Eve were inside. Stood in the Mountain of God, in the Holy Paradise inside the earth. When they violated Divine Law, after the seduction of Eve they were driven out upon the surface of the earth. There are a lot of fantastic things being written today, and talked about that I have no way of confirming. In otherwords, just because some preacher gets up and tells some fantastic story about what happened to these people, and that people,...I can't confirm this. I don't believe some of this. But as far as the structure of the inner earth, there is even scientific reason to believe that this is true. This idea that the core is molten is ficticious, because there are certain patterns where it is moulten just below the surface. Some places the deeper you go the colder it gets, and some places the hotter it gets, so this is not a matter of depth but a matter of what is located there. I can show you where certain chemicals are producing certain situations, volcanic actions, Hot springs, and so forth, and it is formed by mercury and quick silver and other things. But there are other places where you have cold patterns. But the density of the earth as we know its weight by areas of scientific calculation and evaluation would not let an earth as big as this one be solid even if it was of dirt, because we would be lots heavier than we are.

QUESTION:...This confirms some of these cases where the temperature is absolutely the same all the year round.

ANSWER:...The temperature in the average mine is around 68 to 70 degrees if it doesn't have wind tunnels running underground. Then in certain places you get underground and it gets hot with steam, so you don't run into a volcanic cone and start digging. But the whole earth is not a volcanic cone.

QUESTION:...They were talking about at the poles that there are caves and people living down there?

ANSWER:...What they are talking about is that Admiral Byrd believed that this was true at the south pole. He had this in his notes, and they (the government) tried to suppress this and didn't want this published, and I know why they didn't want it published. Anyhow they knew why he was so desirous of doing more explorations down there because there was one place where he saw a city beneath the polar ice. They were there when the wind swept away snow and the ice was clear as crystal. They went back and then snow covered the area and they couldn't see through all the snow covering. But snow sometimes is whipped and blown out and land is clear as a whistle then you go back and its piles up like sand dunes. This does not mean that the whole pole entrance is covered with ice because Byrd believed that this was kept covered by clouds and you missed it. So clouds were on the mountain peaks surrounding it. He believed that there was a huge wide tunnel that went into the inner earth. It was quite large, much larger than many had believed. At the north pole it was quite large also, and that centrifugal force held water back at a given point.

Now; I am not going to pass on this, but I am going to tell you that there is an inner earth because Enoch went down there and came back out of it and then wrote about it. The Bible tells of people going in and out of it, Jesus went down and came back out of it, so I believe that the inner earth does exist. As to the physical characteristics of those who live there, I do not know, but I do know that demons can come out, watchers can release, and these forces can come out with aircraft from inside the inner earth. They are likened unto swarms of locust, or hornets inside of a beehive.

QUESTION:...Do you believe the story of the porpoise talking to man?

ANSWER:...I know about the porpoise, but I am not going into that tonight because it is a long, long story. It is too long of a subject, but the porpoise did not start as a porpoise, and some day that race will be released and that will be the end of the porpoise's. This is why they look to man, and at some time salvation of their condition....it is a very long story, too much data to dig out to explain, but this happened way back under the Luciferian mutations, under the seduction and bestiality which occurred long ago at the time when Lemuria and Atlantis went down, and some of these Angelic orders who could not die were imprisoned. You see you are talking about areas of knowledge that most American's now nothing about. This is something which I did a whole tape on, but we have to be careful here in Bible study or people will think we are crazy. But I can show you this being received in Academic circles and it is scientifically sound, they aren't laughing, only the ignorant are laughing. But I haven't time tonight to put all the facts forth so I won't go any further. But I can show you volumes on this. I talked to one man one night until about two o'clock, and a year later he came out with a pamphlet on this having found the volumes I told him to search for. This is pretty good material, but not complete. He was willing to go before he had it all.

QUESTION:...Is this opening in the sides of the north up in space?

ANSWER:...There are less stars in the north visible to the eye than any other place. It seems as though an empty area. If some one says that there are holes in space, well all space is full of holes. As to whether inhabited, I believe that all space is inhabited, every bit of it, even in the burning sun there are some who can live there such as the Seraphim and the Salamander..."My ministers are the Seraphim who can live in the blazing fire." That enviroment is as this one is to us, their Celestial bodies are not subject to heat. It doesn't matter to them at all because it is just as tangible to them as this plane is to us.

QUESTION:...How about the moon?

ANSWER:...There are probably people in the moon, on the moon, and on the other side of it as well. I think there are cavern systems which have light and under certain conditions we can see the illuminations of these cavern systems with the equipment we have. In the dark of the moon especially...with these big telescopes they can see it. I can show you scientific texts where they talk about it, but it is not talked about to laymen. The laymen won't buy the book because it is mostly diagrams and figures, but still it discusses it.

QUESTION:...Those cities under the ice, have they been there a long time?

ANSWER:...This I can't answer. I haven't seen them, I only have the facts which came out of Byrd's diary. Those facts were not made public, only to a certain limited group. But I do know where to write to get the facts as they came out, which I have seen.

QUESTION:...I know there is a book based on Byrd's diary.

ANSWER:...But it won't be published anymore, not even Patton's diary will be published.

QUESTION:...You have mentioned this short work of righteousness in the last days?

ANSWER:...This is a quickening of the consciousness of a people, bringing them out of their sleep. This is also always used with the 1776...the birth of a nation in a day. This is the people to bring forth the kingdom and maybe this people then will throw off their apathy in the last days, as a nation born in a day. The moment He touches the earth and His Kingdom comes to it's fullness, then all of the nations of His Kingdom come to HIM, and that would be as a Kingdom born in a day.


(end of this message)