05-26-66 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:----Do we have a time table for the sinking of Atlantis, and the relationship to the coming of the white race?

ANSWER:-----The facts are sort of turbulent because the Continents did not sink all at once. In the areas of Lucifer's being driven out of the heavens, and the areas of his battling and mongrelization and mutations that were taking place in the earth, this situation existed for many thousands of years. But the actual sinking of Lemuria took place approximately 14,000 to probably 38,000 years B.C. actually, and this is how long it took for Lemuria to all go down section by section from one catastrophe to another. Some of the Islands were left as the final sinking occurred about 11,000 years before The Christ. And 11,000 years is also about right for the sinking of Atlantas. But of course the white race did not come from Atlantis or Lemuria. In fact the Tungus people, the original creation---when God placed them in earth as men and women, they were somewhat Asiatic, or shall we say an Asiatic type. The Tungus people migrated out of Asia, migrated across Europe and on to Atlantis and Lemuria. They were the original people of earth. But during the period of Lucifer's rebelling and being driven into earth he brought with him the Negroes, so the Negro was not on earth originally but were brought in here when Lucifer came. And he used them to intermingle and mongrelize the people of earth. The resulting conditions created by this work of Lucifer, created a pattern that was not good.

Now; Atlantis, where now the Atlantic ocean is today there were areas of water, around, and thru out the land area. And some areas went down before others. The ancient Egyptians migrated from the last of Atlantis about 12,000 to about 11,5000 B.C. The reason we know this is because of the writing of Horus, their High Priest or Prophet of that day. His writings were of YAHWEH-PUTAH which word they used for God. He told about this mongrelization, about how Lucifer came in with this mongrelization program. Horus tells us that there were Temples on the High Mountains to YAHWEH, and how Lucifer set up Temples in the lowlands, and there he taught that he was deity, and he taught mongrelization, and that fallen Angels were deity.

Now; all the people did not accept this, however some of them did mongrelize their race. But a vast group of these Atlantians did not go along with the teaching by Lucifer and they prepared to migrate as they saw the catastrophe coming. They had a good king or Pharaoh over them and their word for Pharaoh was Khufu. So when they migrated from Atlantas then Horus says that the water was rushing into the craters, and the tops of the mountains were blowing off, and devouring more of Atlantas which was fast breaking free from the continent on the step up, and then there would be a quieting period and then it would slow down. But they were warned of a final catastrophe, of the sinking of their continent so Horus led his group out. He was told that God would provide a way for them and that eventually HIS Sons and Daughters would come to earth, to take up on themselves physical bodies, that they would have physical bodies as they came in that could be touched. You see as the Sons and Daughters served in the Temples on Atlantas, in the Temples of YAHWEH-PUTAH, as spiritual beings they could be heard, could be seen at times, but they could not be touched, but God told Horus that His children would later come to earth to build His Kingdom, that a temple would be built in Egypt which would be a symbol of the Temple they had on Atlantas. This we know because we have found after W.W.I., and at a given site in the temple of Karnac these copies of the writings of Horus. They did have some fragments of the writing of Horus down thru the ages, and in the traditions of ancient Egypt many of the things they had from that time were excellent and came from Horus. They might have had more than one Horus, perhaps the name of their High Priest was always Horus, but this was the book of that Horus, of that time, which was found, and it is the best record we have of the sinking of Atlantas.

There are many other things such as the Maya record which do touch on Atlantas but the land did go down at that time, and these people were an Asiatic type of people. The Egyptian of today is a semi-Asiatic, and there has been some pollution of blood in that time. Negro blood came into the line, but over thousands of years the line stabilized to some extent. But when the Atlantians migrated they came across North Africa where it was still all a vast grass land with grass up to the bellies of their animals, and there were also great forest lands. Horus tells about how they came all the way over and settled in the fertile crescent in Egypt.

Now; we have records of old Egyptian dynasties of approximately 11,000 B.C., then you come on down until the time when our race came along about 5,400 B.C. and that makes it approximately 7,400 years for our race up to now. But our race is the Caucasian race, there may have been better specimens of manhood in those earlier races than those who developed afterwards we do not know. Their eyes may have become more Asiatic or slanted as they mongrelized, but we do know that there was much mutation from the Luciferian lines. We only know of one race which came out of the Catastrophe of the Luciferian fall which carried even a testimony of truth, and this was this early Egyptian line. They also taught that God would come in a physical body out of the race which he had planted here and would be called Osiris---Lord of Life and Resurrection. Horus thus wrote of the coming of God, of his crossing of the river Styx and of his preaching to the dead in the Netherworld and of the bringing of them out as the LORD OF LIFE AND RESURRECTION. This of course fits into the work of The Christ. Altho the Egyptians in time had false and evil prophets such as Sette--who was actually Satan who came in, thus they had a dark and evil Priesthood, which at times dominated their land, still they would at times have a good leader, and come out of that for a time. There was then later our race, and there was a leader who Knew Joseph, and was convinced of the true God, and then there were others who would lead the people astray. There were those of a line who were good Egyptians who did not mongrelize and pollute their line, so there were different types of Egyptians, for there was the high caste Egyptian who was fairly white. Then there were the tan Egyptians who might have had Arab blood, or that fused over a long period of time with the Negroids. We do not know all their background, but we do know that there were four or five casts in the Egyptian background. All that we can tell you is that there was no white man in the linage of the ancient Egyptians.

I have quite a few volumes on the record of Atlantis, there is one big book on Atlantis by Judd, and when it was written then he was doing some work down with the Mayas in South America and he thinks it's all one continuity of civilization, but it is not. But he has caught certain smattering of knowledge which comes from the various areas of the Mayas and others. As to Atlantas the Continent went down to the eastward, and he thought these people all came from Atlantas, but they did not. In fact all that we can tell you for sure is that there was no white man in the ancient Egyptian background lineage.

The Incas were much, much earlier, actually the Incas, were there before the uplift of the Andes. these were the first Incas, and then there were a later people called the Incas, but the original Incas were of the Tungus man who were located, all over the earth.

Now; when God came to the seventh day creation of the Adamic man he said:---'Let us make Adam in our own image'---but the fact remains that as far as Adam is concerned--He said:--'Behold there is no Adamite to till the soil, so He brought forth Adam in his own image.' So the white is white. And since arriving the Adamic race has increased until it is one fifth, to one sixth of the worlds population, and we have ample facts for these time factors, which are very substantial. When we deal with all these things we see that there are more than one race on earth, and we have 7400 years, to 14,000 years for these races such as Judd and some of these other men such as Churwood who was doing excellent research as far as tracing certain symbols and characteristics and areas of worship from Africa to Asia, and from Asia to south America and the Andes, to the isles of the sea, and so forth. He had all Asiatic theology, and those people were not white in no sense of the word. But he runs into Aryans in India and there where it had contacted these areas of civilization long before then runs into areas of Aryan civilization which came later, but he isn't right in its timing, because he did not use radio carbon, and has no way of telling between an Asiatic and a white man, or as to the time element. So these men are generally writing as tho they had thousands and thousands of years to go, but they do not have this time span for history, and do not give this allowance for the white man. Because the entire history of the white man comes in with the Adamic race, can be fitted in perfectly with the white race. There is no evidence to the contrary, so when they talk about the Mayas or the Egyptians and so forth, they are talking about a higher cast of Tungus man which did not deteriorate as far as others. The ones that mongrelized were pretty much destroyed as the continents went down, and swallowed up civilizations and everything.

Now; we know that this took place, we know that the Azores for instance which are off the northern end of this continent that was the northern end of it as it stretched between South America and Africa, we know that the Azores out at sea were once a part of the Atlantian continent. And we know this is true because under the water for miles and miles there is a volcanic flow. And this volcanic flow shows a great long scarf where the lava flowed. And much of the sea bottom was raised at that time, bringing it much higher than it used to be. In fact they have to mark channel lines because it is near the surface until ocean liners can hit if they are not careful, at low tide, especially. And this is still far out to sea. But much of this continent is down, down as much as 3\4 of a mile or further. This we know was once the surface of the earth for lava will not flow under water. In other words if a volcano erupts under water it builds the lava up under its cone and keeps building up the cone until the cone comes up above the surface of the water. Then the lava runs down and freezes against, or into big lifts. For instance Hawaii was built from a cone which came up out of the water and coal formed, but still at the same time, it is the same---all volcanic. If a piece was above the water, and volcanoes erupted then it eventually caused its downfall. The lava flowed down the mountain and went for miles and miles out because water did not stop it, but water does stop it and causes it to build, but the lava scarfs in the Azores---there under the water there are miles and miles of lava as if flowed. They show terrific catastrophe because as the volcanoes erupted the cones are split wide open, shattered, and yet the scarfs run for miles. What happened is, just as the prophet Horus said:---God told these people to go because he was going t destroy this land. When the volcanoes erupted a crack would go down the wall of the volcano and right out of the water, and the water would then rush into the cones were split wide open, shattered, and yet the scars run for miles. What happened is just as the prophet Horus said:--God told them to go because he was going to destroy this land. When the volcanoes erupted a crack would go down the wall of the volcano and right out to the water, and the water would rush into the crack and steam would blow off the top of the mountain, and shatter the mountain and this was the cause of the sinking of Atlantis. It was caused by volcanic eruptions, and great catastrophes came, and predominately there was much water under Atlantas, there was separated cavern systems, but also great water systems as well. The continent went down and left the Atlantic ocean, but there were seas, more seas inland, than there is in America, but there were some smaller seas in this land which went down and they connected with larger ones. But when that land went down there was plenty of water to cover it.

The north end of the High Sierras was the last to go in our country, but the Andes went up about 11,000 years ago and on back to 32,000 years for some of it. This is B.C. measurements, but we have the chronology of the risings going back to this period of time, for Radio Carbon can go back 43,000 years, and even some of the Andes were up at that time. But not only can we show this by the volcanic flow under the Atlantic, but in the mountains of the Andes was built Strange Temples to pagan gods. The original Inca might have had Temples to the true God, but we do know that there was no high mountains where the Andes stand. But we also know these temples were on the same level as the jungle lands now in South America. For instance we have on the western slope of the Andes mountains---sand, and sea shore shells of various creatures which lived in the sea. We have the sand crab as well as the sea shells with the sharp teeth there. And on top of the Andes mountains one of the things that is amazing is that they built a wall there, in fact the stones are so close together you can hardly put a razor blade between the great stones. These blocks of stone weigh 600 to 700 lbs, apiece, but there are no stones like those on top of the Andes mountains. So they wanted to find where they came from and they finally discovered that was down in the Matagrossa--the forest land or jungle, in the heartland of Central and South America were these quarries where these stones came from. And there is no possible way to take those stones up the Andes mountains. These mountains were not up there when the stones were put in place. They built their Temples and walls, and we no know that they have been there before the Andes mountains went up.

We have existing, various measures that are consistent for instance in W.W.II they were flying over areas of South America o a mission, because they found some German radio stations that were located in South America. This was natural because they were just doing their job as we were, and so they were hunting these radio stations--but when flying over this area they say a city high on a basalt cliff, and it looked like only 1\2 of a city, like the buildings had just been sheered off. So several pilots were looking for a station some odd miles from this spot, and they went over this area several times where this city was located, and they made up their minds that after the war was finished they would go in and try to explain this city. Williams a scientist and explorer was interested in this, so when the war ended, they went down there and found this city, and they found that most of this city was two to four thousand feet below the top of the cliff in the jungle, and the cliff had shattered and covered part of the city below, while Jungle had grown up around it also. But there was temples here and homes, and in evacuating the city they found that this had happened 11,000 to 11,600 years B.C. But the part covered up was about 11,600 B.C. So we know that this part of the Andes went up and covered some of that city at that time. There was no one in this city, but they found furniture in the homes and temples. But we do have long periods of history which antedates the white man, has nothing to do with him. These cities were remarkable, and even the cities found in the jungle, had columns like the columns of Corinth, but more square perhaps, but nevertheless there were columns and evidence of quite a civilization. Much needs to be done at these sites, for there has not been much done on this area of the jungle. But we do know that the Andes mountains went up at the northern end at least about 14,000 years B.C. with the last of the uplift about 11,000 years ago.

Now; in Mexico there are several things which are significant, we have the Toltecs coming along after the Maya, and out of Mexico city there are cones which covered over civilizations which had gone before. When these mountains went up and the volcanoes built their cones we don't have to much information about this, except their traditions, which the natives say---that the mountains spewed fire and buried civilizations. There was a lava cone which looked like a pyramid, but it isn't. It was as tho lava had come out of a high cone then came down in long scarfs on two sides of this so called Temple. Then they began to dig into this so called pyramid type of building and they discovered that it was a pyramid type temple and it was covered with lava. It was different than the great pyramid of Giza but still a pyramid temple. So they went inside and found that a whole civilization had been buried at this level. And this level of burial was about 34,000 to 35,000 years old---B.C. measure. Then they started core drilling and found that they could drill thru three layers of civilization there in the mountains of Mexico and they proved that they could go back 11,000 to 12,000 years in this civilization there in Mexico. However, at no time in this period did they come up with a white man.

In this temple, however, they found men not to tall but they looked like Chinamen. In other words they were Tungus men, and they wore jade necklaces and had been buried by the lava in this temple. They had weapons and apparently they were an oriental type of ruling class that ruled in this temple, ruled over armies which had come in and taken possession of the Temple but they were actually an Asiatic type.

I have many volumes here such as--Wilkinsons--"Cities of South America" which are actually archaeological records of what has been discovered in South America since W.W.II. I also have material on the disappearance of Col.________(Fossit) for instance, and I have some writings n Spanish and translated, that are the record of when Cortez came. He brought Priests with him, and these Priests were out to convert the strangers of the land, and in these writings are several excellent chronological records of their trips and their timing. I have the translation of these records of these Priests even when they went down into the high Inca country. The Spaniards were looking for gold, and it was also there that the Priests tried to set up Christianity in South America among the natives. But the men who wrote these volumes wrote of the traditions, wrote of what they found, what the natives had told them, and they found that white men had been there before them. They found that in the history of Mexico that there were the

Queeche, and according to the Mayas these Queeche were a very brilliant civilization that arrived about 800 B.C. as close as they could compute this, but it would also tie in with the migrations of some of the Manasseh tribe when a part of that tribe of Manasseh went out and took to the ships of Dan and sailed across the waters. It is translated that the (Manasseh) crossed the rivers which should be great waters, and that he never came back. But these Manasseh evidently landed in the Caribbean and then went all the way to the Isthmus of Panama. And the natives there received them. Here were white men, but they came, for fighting, they came with knowledge, wisdom, and made their way to the Maya settlements both in Guatemala and into Central America. The Maya was an old Civilization, their calendars go back 5,600 to 5,700 B.C. or more, but we do not believe that they were from the Adamic race at all, they were definitely Pre-Adamic. But somewhere down the line they had been reached by members of our race, because when the Manasseh people came they called them the Queeche, which means Living Gods.

Now;---Israel believed they were Elohim and their Priests taught that they were Elohim. In the 82nd., Psalm it is translated "Ye are Gods and all of you are the sons of God". Then also---"Ask me concerning my sons---command ye me", and so forth. But when the Manasseh people arrived around 800 B.C. the Mayas received them with gladness, and the Manasseh people taught the Mayas the Bible stories. So the Maya records have all these stories from that time back to Adam. They especially were very clear from Noah on. They recorded the flood, but they do not have the great flood hitting the land of the Mayas. They record that the flood was somewhere in the earth, but they were not drowned by it. They were there then during the time of the flood, they have an uplifting of land recorded but no dropping of the land. They have the story of the great Patriarch Abraham, and of Canaan land, and they got it from the Queeche. The Gods came and told them of these things---so says their records. They had the story of the atonement, and all these factors worked into their Maya theology. The Manasseh people were going to make converts out of the Maya, at least they were teaching them to worship the right God.

Now; at that time, there came some Asiatic Indians into North America, in other words the Asiatics had come across the Bearing Straits on that land bridge which did not fall in until later. In fact in the days of Peleg the earth was divided, and this land bridge finally fell in. No more was there any connections to the land masses even tho the continents had gone down at an earlier period. But there had been some contact with land bridges. And then in the days of Peleg, long after Adam, the final sinking of the connection of sorts across the Straights before this, and they came with Canoes and boats, and by land. And here were Ching Chinamen back thousands of years in Mexico.

Now; we do have Chicken Bone Hill, and Dragon bone hill outside of Peking, China, and there are some of the oldest fossils there that we have in time and history. For instance just take the last 10,000 years we have bones buried in Chicken Bone Hill that are that old. We have high cast civilizations, Dynasties, Jewels, and Emperors who ruled at those times. We have teak wood which came from the Teak Wood forests which is now the Gobi desert. They cut all the Teak Wood and then the land turned to desert, and the desert then covered over cities. In some sections of the Gobi desert there are buried Temples which they have found, and they dug into them. These were found before the war, but after that they went back with the radio carbon and these ruins were 8 to 10 thousand years old. But when the Chinese came down to the Maya land they came as those now call Indians, and they attacked the villages of the Mayas. These Asiatics knew what the Sulphur was, and the first thing they did when they came to the area where the sulphur was found, they took some with them. They cam to the Maya land and the records of the Mayas tell the story of how these Asiatics built rings of Sulphur around their cities and then set the fire to the sulphur and planned to kill the Maya as they came out. But inside these cities of the Mayas were these people of Manasseh who had come across the great waters. The people inside the cities now had underground communications, and they came out under the walls, and went for several miles in those tunnels before they came above ground. This the Manasseh people had taught them as a way of protection, for the Maya were not a war like people. They army of Asiatics surrounding their cities waited, and waited for the people to come out, and then when they entered the cities there was no one there, for the white people with the Maya had come out, but this ended the civilization of those cities, and the white people with the Mayas then came northward into Mexico and on into the southern United States, into Arizona, and southern California and New Mexico. There were then white Aztec, who were also Manasseh people, and there were white Toltecs, and the darker Toltec's were Maya migrating with the white people. This is the reason why when Cortez came that these people had many of the Bible stories. But the Manasseh people had to go tribal after the battles with these Asiatic Indians, and they would then gradually deteriorate, and disappear. But we then had white Apache, and White Sioux and in the east were the seven nations. But in the South West these white tribes came from this line of Manasseh which came over from 800 B.C. and on. These wars of those times displaced the Mayas and the Manasseh people and scattered them out to tribal life.

Now; 1000 years ago our Nordic ancestors sailed across the sea, and they came into the St. Lawrence river, and they came with their big open boats with Tents over them. These were the Vikings and they carried their weapons with them, to protect themselves. They built cities along the St. Lawrence river, and in the Northern Michigan and so forth. They immediately started refining iron ore, for they had been doing that for a long time. They found great ore deposits and set up refineries, and they made great axes and tempered this material. Then the Asiatic Indians came and they had met their match, for these people had learned to protect themselves and now they greatly out numbered the whites. The Vikings built great stockades for protection, and finally the Indians were in large enough numbers until they dared lay siege to these stockades.

We know they had these cities for we can find traces of them even today. We know that these Vikings had been there quite a few years before the pressure of the Indians became so great that finally they went tribal leaving their stockades in the night. We know that these people were white, and we also know that King Philip the father of Pocahontas was a white man. We know that when they took Pocahontas to England, that after she lost her tan that she was or whiter than any of the ladies at the English Court. She was blond with blue eyes, and King Philip's people we know also had a stockade, a village with buildings, and the Colonists could not understand why the Indians had villages like this. They were built like they had in Scandinavia but there had almost 1000 years of history here, and King Philip did not remember much of their history, or background, or of their coming across the great waters, this tradition had been lost, but they worshiped the great spirit, and they had the Valkyrie, as did the Norwegians. This is the ground, and they had no witch doctors with them, where the Asiatic Indians always had their witch-doctors.

So we have had several invasions of this continent by the white man, and we know of their tribal existence, which we believe sets them apart from the Asiatic Indians. We have volumes about those who discovered America--"The Vikings discover America" is a remarkable book and it goes back and talks about the various groups who came over. We have archaeological evidence, we have the mound builders. But we can go back further than this to the Pre-Adamic mound buildings in America as well. And we can prove that there were Asiatics who came across into Pre-Adamic America. For instance in South America the Tungus man was quite prevalent. But there must have been quite a Satanic catastrophe which effected Central and South America for the Negroids were in there very heavily, and made up almost all the population of a later era.

Now; outside these interludes which we can run back with radio carbon, and such we don't have a scale which would give an accurate chronology except we can establish the signs of these smelters, and the things that we find.

Now; the areas of Asia go back to the Pre-Adamic because apparently Lemuria was one of the areas where God would bring judgment upon it. In fact many of the Fallen Angels were battling one another in that area. In fact Lukii and Voodoss and Lucifer were having trouble. Voodoss set himself up in Africa, and even some areas of Asia as god. He set his religion up as Voodooism and they were worshiping him as god. Then Lucifer summoned Voodoss to a meeting, and he did not want to come for he had the Negroes worshiping him, and following him, and so Voodoss and Lucifer fought an atomic war. This is how far this went according to the records. They knew how to do this because they had built up a sum of wisdom, and today we have Easter Island which sticks up out of the sea, and Easter Island was once a part of Lemuria. We know that the walls, like those of ancient China, run for miles and miles out on the floor under the ocean. We know that for instance in Samoa the roads are set in ceramic tile, they are about 100 feet wide, and they go across the island and down into the sea for miles. These were made with honey and another solution like glue that cemented these tiles together. It never comes apart, it is one of the best cements of all, and they actually paved the roads and cemented them together like this. And this was engineering work, but here it is now under the water. On Easter Island are the great Gotmas, those great cement like gods of the Gotmas. This came about when the Angels mixed with species of earth, and mutated their line. These Angelic mutations were almost always monsters, and we were told that there was monsters in the land in those days.--see. And the people worshiped these monsters, and we find that Easter Island had the Temples, and the Gotma figures like found in India and Asia. There is a lot to be said about Gotmaism, as it goes back into the Pre-Adamic days, thousands and thousands of years. Because of these Angelic figures capacities to mix with pre-Adamic people of earth.

Now; in areas of Asia we find that in the Asiatic language they referred to Lemuria or Mu as the Mother land. The peoples of South China have in their tradition that they came from the land that went down under, and they migrated north into what is now China. In large parts of China the way of traveling is poor, by Yaks. Outside of the river valleys there is lots of Northern China that is not even good for raising food. But the people of China got off the sinking land of Mu, and this is true also of Ya-Pan or Japan. The god Pan was a monstrosity of the Luciferian tragedy, half man, and half goat, and he was called Ya-Pan. In fact we talk about the "Pipes of Pan today" and we have a half man and half goat playing, and the sons following this Pied Piper. But actually the 'Pipes of Pan' are a part of ancient Japan's mythology. The people of Pan were the Sumari, these were Priests of a high Cast of Japanese who go way back to when it was a part of Lemuria, and before it was the Islands that it is today. They had much pagan theology incorporated into their Sumari, still they were a tall white cast of people. In the periods of time there were also white Apes, or an Albino type of Ape on this mountain after Lemuria sank. So when Lemuria went down it left the Islands of Japan or, the ancient Sumari, so they had white Apes on this Island.

Now; the Chinese exiled their criminals out to this island which is now called Japan. And remember the children of Ammon who left their area of the mid-east after Sodom and Gomorrah---well Ammon produced quite a tribe of warriors and many of them made their way eastward into the areas of the lowlands of China. There they raided and fought. And finally the Ammonites were captured and put on the Island of Japan, and these were the Anu or white Japanese. There was of course some amount of mongrelization between the people of Japan and the Ammonites but some of them kept their race line pure, and they were the Anu. These were tall white men and they had Bible stories and they kept themselves apart. Then there were the squat Japanese and even quite a few of the Japanese had tails. They had intermingles with the Apes, and the criminals, and everything else put out there. Then there is just the average Japanese that we see. These were ruled over by the Sumari, the high casts. But the records of Japan go back again to 10,000 to 12,000 years in dynasty and then long, long back before that, but we do not have an effective record back that far. The Anu have only been on Japan since Lot and Ammon, and the Ammonites went eastward and were captured by the Chinese, then put out on the Islands of Japan, so their history is relatively new.

Now; during the areas of time when you are looking for Pre-Adamic man as was Clayton Smith and others who were doing their great work, when they went down to Java, and there they found what they thought was the Ape man who walked up-right, they called him the Java man, well several rivers came together there in Java, and they deposited all kinds of bones, and then during the great earthquakes and uplifts the river had changed their sources and receded, and just above the river bank they evacuated in the caves there in Java, and they found bones of men, monkeys, horses and everything else. This of course wasn't infallible science but they found what they thought was the missing link because they had 1\2 man and everything else. But when they eventually got the radio Carbon they began to check the Java man, and they had some bones years and years older than others, and they found that some of them were not even human bones---see. So no wonder they had their Java man. But one of the things they did discover was that they had a Giant man who was about 9 feet tall. He wasn't a missing link, he was a true man, but he was one of those fallen Angel species that had not gone back to his place of confinement. They estimate that some of the fossils were 7000 to 8000 B.C. or older. Some were about 12,000 years old and thus they were Pre-Adamic. We go back again to a catastrophe period when whole areas of land sank and put roads on the bottom of the sea, and whole areas of deposits were on top of those roads, and even cities which sunk as Lemuria broke up.

Now; we don't know all that they are discovering in Oceanography, in the great clefts, because they have discontinued it for the time being, but there is no doubt that the sands of the sea are holding back a lot of things. But when we deal with these people, we have to deal with what we have in radio carbon for time elements. We have however accurate time elements for 43,000 years, and then go on back actually to 73,000 years with some types of Carbon. Actually we have some areas of atomic disintegration which they are not so sure of but hose go back 12,000 years if they are accurate, but this will take time to tell for sure.

QUESTION:----Can you explain the turning of the earth upside down, at this time the new heavens and the new earth is to be-----at the end of the age, or at the end of the millennium?

ANSWER-----I don't think it is going to turn upside down again, it has already done this. Isaiah said:--"I beheld and the earth turned up side down (Isaiah 24:1)---Isaiah was not looking ahead, he was looking back when he beheld the earth, and God brought this back to his remembrance as to what happened. It turned completely upside down, the seas slipped, and the land turned, and "as it was with a man so was it with a maid"----it effected everything. (the rest of the chapter tells of the earth at one time being caught in a comet tail, then the rest of the story is of the turning of the land right side up and the bringing in of the kingdom.)

Now; we can prove this--- coming back into this archaeological chain. We know what caused it to turn upside down was the catching of the earth in the tail of the comet Venus. We know that the earth had been turning over for years. Everytime we would go thru a comet tail then the tail whips the earth, and lays anything from dust to great boulders along the side that rotates in to the tail of the comet, and we have on the western slopes of the mountains like the Alps of Europe and the Andes in South America---we have one or two deposits of comet tails on the western slope of these mountains. But they would not be there if that part of the world hadn't been going to the east. We have one or two deposits of comet tails to contend with, we have deposits of the comet when we went thru the comet tail of Venus at the time of the Exodus out of Egypt, when they in that area got hit with a good part of it. But also we have evidence high in the Andes mountains of two comet deposits after the world had been completely turned around, when we roll into t the comet drift is deposited on that side. But we have comet drifts on both sides of mountains so this proves that the world was caught by the tail of a comet, and drug around like this. And this also may have caused some of the sinking of the continents. As great land masses did slip and water rushed inland. This was a catastrophe but yet God said he did not make a full end, there were some survivors to repopulate the earth. But the world turned completely upside down, this did occur, at the time when the comet came in at the Exodus, it mainly whipped at Egypt. Then another time it set the dial back almost ten degrees as the Kind wanted to know how the dial would move. He wanted God to heal him when he was sick, so God said:---Do you want the dial to go forward or backward? and he said he wanted it to go backward and it did. But the fact remains that we rotate into the sun at all times, but caught in a comet tail we slide and slosh around. We are held as tho in a vise and then when it lets go we whirl---see. But this turning of the world upside down happened in the Pre-Adamic world in one of the Catastrophes.

QUESTION:----Is this the effect of inter-magnetic action?

ANSWER:-----I am not going to analyze this for you because no one knows. In other words we don't know whether they script it that way or not. We do know that the tail gripped the earth long enough to turn it over, and then it did slosh and there were upheavals. We have sharks teeth over here on mountains on the back side of the Greenhorn. And over toward Maraposa we have great layers of sharks teeth in there. This at one time was seashore so that part of the coast came up at that time. This is just one of those points of evidence.

So, I would say that as to the turning of the earth upside down, this has already happened. I don't see it happening now, I do see more land rising, and a lot of things will take place, but what we are looking or now is the judgment which comes on the world order at the end of the age, and this is atomic. It is not going to be drowned this is going to be burned with fire. It is not the whole world, it is the world order. It is not going to wipe out the Kingdom---for the Kingdom will rise.

QUESTION:----Do you think the world is a cube?

ANSWER:-----No, you aren't going off the edge of it, you can throw all of that out the window because God talks about looking down upon the circle of the earth. He sits in the highest heavens and looks down upon the circle of the earth. And he also looks down on men like Grasshoppers so there is an Asteroid up there going around, there is one that is up there going around the earth. We know that sometimes it leaves its course and goes somewhere else. One time it was over Australia, and one time it came over New York, but it does go around the earth, around at the equator. It is still up there so high, and God does come and go from it. He may come and go from here too, but he comes and goes from there. And he has watching Angels, and by the way we have a question on this.

QUESTION:----When Satan was cast out of heaven after he warred with Michael he was bound on earth, if so then explain Job 1:6---"Therefore there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before God and Satan came also among them"---Now if he was thrown out of heaven how did he get back into the presence of God, at that hour?

ANSWER:-----Well there are certain areas that are not explained, but we do know that there is this huge Astroid which circles the earth, and which is also the throne seat of God. And it very well may be that as the sons of God came to the MOST HIGH that Lucifer also came to this Throne Seat. God was probably not there all the time, but this time he turned to Lucifer and said:---"Lucifer have you considered my servant Job. How about him, he is a good man, a righteous man how about him"? And Lucifer said:---"He isn't being good for naught, you are protecting him, you do things for him." And God answers back and even makes a wager with him, and lets him go ahead and do everything he can to Job but not to touch his body, and then even lets him touch his body, and still Lucifer couldn't waver Job's faith. Then God restored to Job everything that he had lost.

But the sons of God came before the MOST HIGH, and Lucifer came also--so remember that Lucifer was not referred to as a son of God, he was a morning star. So Lucifer before he fell was referred to as A morning Star. As far as the evidence is concerned the story of Job is here, but Lucifer no longer has access into the upper heavens since being cast out.

QUESTION:----You mentioned in a Wed, night tape about no rapture, said there is only one witness to this translation, and that is in Thessalonians. Some one remarked that a similar criticism exists in relationship to the Pyramid--Isa 19:19.

ANSWER:-----Well it sounds like the one who asked the question is also making the remark. The fact is that Isaiah is merely discussing what God is going to do. So when he discussed what God is going to do--then he discussed this pyramid, and he was just discussing something which was not to be discovered of course until the end of the latter days.--"And in that day---there shall be an altar to the LORD in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar at the border thereof--to THE LORD. --- "In that day shall five cities I the land of Egypt speak the language of Canaan, and swear to the LORD OF HOSTS;--one shall be called the city of destruction"--THIS IS SIN. But the fact remains--the Pyramid is there, it was built by Enoch and Job, and it is in the midst of Egypt, and a pillar at the border there of--to THE LORD.

Now; if someone wants to accept this verse as being about the_________

then that is alright because the Pyramid proves itself, anyhow whether this verse is there or not, I still tell you that I Thessalonians---"When the LORD descends with a shout, and we who are alive and remain shall be caught up in the air, and so shall we be with the LORD"---this is the atmospheric breathing bodies in which we shall meed the LORD. In other words this is a matter of semantics. We accept this going out into space and staying there as this rapture theory---but the LORD is coming to the earth.

Now; the only place where the rapture theory has an facet of doctrine, the only place what so ever is in I Thess: and it is not translated right. So they have their doctrine from mistranslation. As far as the Pyramid is concerned we think this verse in Isaiah is accurate. We have much on the Pyramid, and we have Job saying he wanted to put the iron in the rock, and seal it forever---seal it with lead that His redeemer would stand in the latter time upon the earth. This is what he and Enoch did in the Pyramid, and the fact is that also in the writings of Enoch we find much of what god told him to do, and how to do it. Contained there is the measurements for the sign of the son in the heavens, and for His first coming as a babe. Enoch was the one who gave Noah the star Bible with all of those patterns. So there is little question of the areas of the pyramid. They built the Temple of On, installed on the dome those 612 illuminaries, knew all the patterns of the sky. And we have little question of the fact the builders of the pyramid were well informed. It has the birth of the Christ child in it, and many amazing things.. So I would comment on this by saying that this is in no way a witness to the rapture. The word rapture is a word coined to talk about a point of translation.

Now; they have translated this as tho you are going up into the sky, sail up thru the sky to meet the Lord, and then set down and eat the Marriage supper of the Lamb for 3 1\2 years, or maybe 7 years, while the devil takes over the earth and raises cain. Then they are going to come back and ship him--see. And in the meantime these people who are sitting up there eating the Marriage supper of the Lamb, well they have just concocted the whole story as to what is going on. This Marriage supper of the Lamb is a symbolic pattern of God, in earth with his people---providing and supplying them with all good things. This isn't necessarily a feast day where we are going to sit around eating turkey and pheasant. They have us sitting there and eating for years and years, and I don't even know where they get it all--see.

This is symbolism in Revelation, but remember that God said:---"I am married to you O Israel"--then in Revelation again He shows John the Lamb's wife, who is Israel. Takes John away and shows him the New Jerusalem which is these 12 tribes of Israel.

QUESTION:---I Thess: 4:17---isn't this the glory of the halo of the space craft, the glory of the transfiguration?

ANSWER:----No. It is the Shekinah Glory, the Effulgent Glory which will surround you, until you will be as Moses when he came off the mountain. He was surrounded with Glory which was so great that he had to cover himself because the children of Israel would not be able to look at him and live.

QUESTION:----Isn't that the same thing?

ANSWER:-----Well this is the effulgent light which belongs to the children of God. When you put back on your Celestial house you will have it. This is normal, this is natural for you. This is the transition that is talked about.

Now; The LORD from Heaven shall descend with a shout, with the voice of an Archangel, with the Trump of God. This dead in Christ shall rise first, then we who remain are caught up together and ascend into the clouds?---But these here on earth aren't going anywhere, why should we?---In other words HE has raised the dead, and all the elect are coming with them, their spirits are going into the body. and we are then going to be transformed in the twinkling of an eye. We are knocking out the enemy, as the Hosts of the LORD hold the line, and the outcome ins that every sword will be broken, and every spear of the enemy is broken. But this-------We who are alive shall be caught up to meet him in the air--this is fantasy they have translated. We in air or atmospheric breathing bodies will be transformed in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, and so shall be ever with the Lord in this area of existence.

QUESTION:----But isn't this also the shinning of the LORD as he comes?

ANSWER:----Oh, this is beside the point, you are talking about something that is also not there. In other words from the 15-17 verse---oh, it is there but it is not discussed.

QUESTION:----No, I mean the LORD Himself?

ANSWER:-----But it is not discussed. You are reading Aura into the verse---it could be read to meet the LORD--see. And from this verse then volumes and book after book have been written.

QUESTION:----On the mount of transfiguration what was the cloud?

ANSWER:----Well, on the mount of transfiguration this was when Christ put on his Glory that he had before the world was framed, and his disciples saw this, and they were amazed and wanted to stay there forever.

QUESTION:----This is that kind of Glory spoken of?


QUESTION:----Well then when this happens and you are changed will you continue to live on the earth?

ANSWER:-----Sure, this is where he is coming to, and this is where we will be for the 1,000 years.

Now; the question has been asked as to the New Heaven and the New Earth? Well this is the development after he takes the earth, as it is now, and destroys the World Order, and sets the Kingdom in place. It is not destroying the earth, it is destroying the pattern of the World Order, this passes away, but not the earth.

There is then a new heaven, and a new earth, it is a New Order of the ages, and it goes on from there. The millennium is ruled by the New Order. Then at the end of the millennium the battle of Gog and Magog comes, this is only a short incident, and Lucifer and all those with him will be refined in their period of time. We don't know how long it will take to do these things. He does not describe it, he just tells us he is going to do it, and it will be a long while. This is another facet, but the earth is here and it is to be and it is to be the habitation of man forever and forever, and forever. I don't think we are going to be hauled off and the earth be burned up. I don't think that at all. This is just God doing as he has decided. And as you think right, the New Order then is the Celestial area of the administration by the Sons of God, in the heavens and in the earth, this is just what is to happen.

QUESTION:----Archangels---I have heard of Michael--who are they?

ANSWER:----Michael, Gabriel, Lucifer and Raphael.

QUESTION:----Can you read about the gifts of the spirit?

ANSWER:-----Yes, it is in the 12th chapter of I Corinthians.

"These are the diversities of the gifts, there are differences of administrations, but of the LORD. There are diversities of operation, but it is the same LORD which worketh in all. But the manifestation of the spirit is given to every man to profit withal. For to one is given by the spirit, the gift of wisdom, to another the word of Knowledge, to another Faith, to another prophecy; to another the discerning of spirits; to another divers kinds of tongues; to another the interpretation of tongues, all by the same spirit, dividing to every man severally as He wills.

QUESTION:----How do you develop these---by prayer?

ANSWER:-----Well by meditation, communing, prayer---all are rather synonymous. He tells you to see after the best gifts. Every man has some gifts and some people have several. In fact people start applying these, they can start praying, or approach the church and the ministers who believe in this will lay hands on them. We will--we have people being healed all the time, and as the people practice this they find it is working for them.

Now; the gift of knowledge---this is a gift---once you get the Gospel of the Kingdom, you are never satisfied, you are forever digging, digging and you learn more and more, and you get smarter all the time. The person who catches this Gospel of the Kingdom, after he has studied it five or ten years then he knows more than anyone who does not have it. This is God bringing more things to your attention, and its been going on forever. He is not just a person who does not have his interest in the things of God, but its getting more and more interesting to him all the time. I discover that the Bible student---ours can go out of here and tell the Preachers about the Bible. I can take a child out of our Sunday School and he can go out and confound these preachers who haven't found the Gospel of the Kingdom. So again the gift of Knowledge will descend on people as they reach out for it. This is also true in Faith, for Faith is believing in God can, and that HE WILL. Faith is the substance of the things hopes for, its the evidence of things not seen, but God confirms them, Witnesses to them by the spirit. Faith grows on you, it just grows and grows until nothing bothers you. Faith is an overwhelming thing. You can give it to others as well. Every smart man is given a measure of Faith. The gift of Faith is the gift of the spirit. I think it is an over whelming thing, it just fills your life, and that is good. Then there is miracles and prophecy. You will see the things coming to pass, God gives a gift of prophecy to his ministers. He may give it to others but there is an adeptness to this, you will feel it. All these gifts are significant. The gift of tongues cam at Pentecost.

I have seen people in various places speak in tongues. I have seen a man suddenly run to the altar because he was spoken to in his own tongue. He didn't know that any guy knew what he had done, and then the message came. Someone got up to interpret, but before that he was at the altar.

In the days of Pentecost these men came from England, Spain, all the areas of Israel and the Apostles were all Galileans, and they never spoke all those languages. They could all talk in Hebrew to a certain extent, but here were these men speaking in all these different tongues (languages), unknown to them. How was this?---Weren't these men all Galileans?

It was a miracle, and it also happened with Cornelius the Roman of the tribe of Gad. He also was speaking in a language that was understood by those around. Then there is a gift of tongues that might occur and if there was not any one around that spoke that language, but the message came thru, then there would be an interpreter present. And the interpreter would tell the message, but there would never be more than two or three at the outside in this service. It was only in the early church where people were from all the tribes, and this would be a time when there would be an interpreter present.

Now; the Apostle Paul was a linguist, he could speak in many tongues (languages) but he said:---"I speak in tongues more than any of you, but I would rather speak one work in my known tongue than 10,000 in an unknown tongue. And I rather agree with him, altho I am not siting -------------

that the other doesn't have its impute.

QUESTION:----"It is given to them to make was on the Saints and to overcome then"---is this still going to happen?

ANSWER:-----No, we have passed that--they have been killing Saints in this generation ever since the Red Revolution. They have been killing Saints all the time behind the iron curtain, and everywhere possible. This refers to persecution.

QUESTION:----Have you heard the quote that the Pope said:---"I would deal with Lucifer himself if it would bring World Peace.?"

ANSWER:-----I do not have a clipping from any publication--I have heard it quoted but I cannot confirm it or deny it.