05-27-64 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:---One lady said the Christian Defense League was backing Goldwater in this election. Is that true?

ANSWER:---I don't know of anyone of the CDL who is doing this. You wouldn't back a half Jew who has let you down all the way. If you think that Goldwater is a Christian because he goes to a Christian Church, remember that he said the reason he did this was because there was no synagogue in his town where he was raised. He was telling other Jews this story and they all laughed about it. There are strategies to use sometimes in elections where you vote for the lesser evil, but I don't want to get into this. I have not discussed with the CDL who to vote for except in the matter of Co. Gale in that district. Now;---Alan Cranston is running for a senate seat, and also Pierre Salanger which leaves the Democrats with no choice. This Alan Cranston is a One-World Federalist, and in Italy today he is under suspicion of murder of anti-communist officials who would have been in power in the post war government. This has been buried until the statute of limitations has run out, and our government would not let Italy bring these charges against this man in the proper channels, for they would have charged him with murder. A Colonel in charge of Security briefed Colonel Greer and myself about how the two top anti-communist leaders in Rome were liquidated by high officials connected with our military, and told us who they were , and Alan Cranston was one of them.

Pierre Salanger is backed by the Jews, but this play also involves Bobby Kennedy and is a possible power grab.. Possibly to drop Johnson and run Bobby for President, for they are spreading rumors that Johnson's health is poor.. Walter Ruther is also trying to get his hat in the ring, and we hear that Walter Ruther and Bobby Kennedy are thinking of teaming up. This is a dangerous situation but the CDL is not trying to tell people who to vote for.

QUESTION;--Did you say the other night that you might talk about contacts with outer space?

ANSWER;---Did I say that I would talk about it Wednesday night?


ANSWER;---You were fishing, I did not say anything about direct communications, but there has been lots of things happening..

QUESTION;--- People say ;---'God is all' so since God is all then Satan must be God also? And since this is all planned we can't do anything about it. This seems to be coming from the Meta-physical people. I was in this group at one time and they say ignore all things, we must not get our minds on all these things that are happening, just keep your mind on so called positive things. I can't answer them to their satisfaction, in fact I can't even answer myself on this.

ANSWER;---Of course it does not make any difference what they think--it is what is to be that counts. As far as thinking positive without recognizing the enemy, this is very satisfactory to Lucifer, because he can conquer the world easier this way. He can do this because people who do not recognize the area of struggle and do not catalyze the energy against it help to overthrow the world anyway whether they realize it or not. Secondly they are the kind that try to convince themselves that there is no enemy because they don't want to face up to the facts. So with this are of fallacy they make no kind of contribution. But they are such a rare minority that they aren't going to upset things to much. As far as Lucifer is concerned we have the historical records not only in the scriptures, and other sacred writings, in fact there isn't any area in the world today which doesn't give us some records which tie into the Luciferian story. The rebellion against the MOST HIGH GOD set up a permissive revolution which involved 1/3 of the universe. As far as sovereignty is concerned this in no war effects HIS Omniscience or HIS Omnipotence, HIS wisdom, HIS foreknowledge, nor does it effect the fact that in establishing the universe that He established ordinances and held together --all things --thru out the ages, --the millenniums with no beginning, for there was never a period of time when he was not creating. There was never a period of time when there was not cycles and substance and form. There isn't any point which you can go back to and stop. When we deal with the Hebrew ---"in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth" this is the beginning of this individual creation, our Solar system. it is not talking about a period of time when there wasn't anything anywhere. There never has been a time in an Biblical record when things did not exist. He has always been creating, always existed.

Now the finite mind of man is limited while in this area of sense perception for this total evaluation. This is why the waves of vibratory universe, its circulatory orbits, its compression, its expansion waves, all these are within areas of Divine orbit and transition, and if we got into that subject we would be getting --out--and beyond tonight in just compression waves, and waves of light and formation and so forth. These things have been going on for endless ages and God has been directing it for all times.

Now; one must recognize that this is the only record we ever had of a revolution, permitted in the universe, and expanded until it involved one third of the Universe and of course fortunately no unfortunately it depends on how you look at it, the earth happens to be in that area of upheaval. This is one of the historical spots under Lucifer, defeated by Michael, was forced now to come. And as far as the ultimate victory over Lucifer, God has already ordained this. In fact the pages of history just ahead of us, and even the period we are going thru today, tells him what will transpire because this is pre-determined. This is fore-ordained, and this is destiny.

HE is Deity. HE synthesized substance and rolled out the mass of gasses and turned it into spital nebula, formed whole conjunctions in the Universe, and this same policy functions in the orbit of Lucifer. For Lucifer operated in an area of resistance but he can only go so far and no farther. God permits him to go on what Lucifer thinks is a full course of Liberty. But he gets pulled back every once in awhile. Conditions are thrown into the environment until God is Effectively shaping the course. When transplanting our race from heaven to earth Lucifer came into the plan from the beginning, to bring down our race. Our Father told us we would fall even before the foundation of the world. But Lucifer also became so confident that he would or had overthrown the house of God that he thought this race would be a total loss. He thought that if he could hold the earth, that he could win a victory in that area. He thought that if God would chance the embodiment of His race in a physical dimension where he--Lucifer, himself would be master, that he could hold, in his rebellion, this part of the Universe forever. But the Father knew exactly what the procedures were, and how much spiritual power was involved. He knew just what the spiritual entity of his children would be, therefore everything which has happened has been within an area of the plan.

Now; he also knew when He deposited his race in earth by this process, He knew the plan, the program, the history, the ascension that would take place for them again as they were brought back out of the area of their violation of Divine Law. He knew just how many ingredients of spiritual energy and power it would take to fulfill the patterns of history, and thus if you are in the midst of the history, then you are a part of this history, a part of this defeat of Lucifer as well.

There may be a great many people who are neutralized in some areas of their thinking. They may be casualties in the physical dominion to this struggle. But the majority of people who constitute the household of God are all somehow filling in this mosaic of resistance. And the very operation of their presence in the earth does this very thing unless it can be mutated, mongrelized or destroyed which represents to Lucifer a massive bulwark which he cannot set aside.

Now then the expansion of the program of the Kingdom is becoming more and more obvious. So the stepping up of the intensity of Satanic opposition is matched with the intensity of Spiritual power. So we have a conditional catalyst because God will add more to this than Lucifer can because Lucifer has limitations, where as God has no limitation. And of the increase of HIS Kingdom there is no end. Whereas Lucifer can never produce more spirits than he had at the hour of his rebellion because he is unable to produce a life he had at the hour of his rebellion because he is unable to produce a life giving spirit. He is not a life giving spirit. So the moment that was cut off they must go into cycles of return, and that is the reason for the doctrine of Asiatic----reincarnation. And this reincarnation is only where the life giving spirit is cut off, and they are going thru the cycles of return. This has nothing to do with the white race, for no white man ever reincarnates. This is only for the Asiatic Kingdoms in the negation of rebellious demonic forces. There you have people who do not even possess the spiritual factor. They are soulish and when they die they are dead unless resurrected by an unprecedented power, and that is why Negroes do not come back until the general resurrection. So you have different kinds of species. And when some groups of people start setting up laws in which they have to put God in the circle and say:---'there can't be an all powerful God, and have Lucifer exist. Therefore there is no Lucifer. He doesn't exist.--then this is a very foolish thing. He who has the power to put this thing together, if there was no such power we would be wasting our time here tonight. If God wasn't powerful enough to hold together His Universe, then the whole thing would have fallen apart long ago. It might be about explode now if this were not the truth. However there has never been any area of time where we did not see the solidity of Divine function and operation. The only area where we see Divine Law permitted to be violated was when Lucifer was permitted to rebel. Now there was always a possibility existing thru out all ages for every positive force, where in there would be a negation or negative force. Altho the negative force might not ever be as strong as the positive force, the supposition of its existence requires that it has to be dealt with. So in the course of time the cycle was permitted and Lucifer was permitted to rebel knowing what he would go thru---. That is right. For Lucifer became Satan or the devil in the course of his thought procedure, in his rebellion, in his mutation. But Lucifer was perfect until the day evil was found in him. This comes about by his turning away and refusing to reflect the light.

Now;--with all his capabilities and foreknowledge, and power YAHWEH could have stopped Lucifer from rebelling, but if he stopped him from rebelling it would have been precluding the fact that the positive forces could not withstand the cycle of negation. So Lucifer was permitted to rebel altho in his rebellion he violated the principals of divine law that set up a chain reaction for which God has had to compensate--ultimately. But in this same cause there never would have been an appreciation of righteousness in its total scale without the comparison backdrop as to what error and violation of Divine law would produce. the Universe had never witnessed anything like it before. If there had been anything like this so many eons, and eons ago that no one in all patterns of history had any record of it, then things would be different now. So in this instance we know that the course of this pattern gives us the pattern of experience. And out of the patterns of experience, and out of accumulated knowledge of experience, understanding the value of Divine law, understanding the values of the difference between right and wrong--- then you catch the values that also demonstrate why things must be in their proper order. You learn standards of value mathematically, you learn them chemically, for all these things of course relate to a Universe that is of the electric field. Within the field of Light which is the dimension of spirit itself, here we have an area retained for perfection. Here the father had to retain an area for perfection except on the wave length of the entity of the nature of Lucifer, or of the Angels. For this cause we say:---"To none of the Angels did he ever say -- Thou art my son".-- No Angel ever measured up the Celestial level of the household of God. You think of them as greater than men, you think of them as powerful, because they are immortal, and because Angels possessed great power, and because it was willed that way, for they have retained great knowledge, understanding of certain areas, and wisdom. We think of them as being superior to men, but they are only superior to the consciousness in the physical dominion. The Celestial consciousness you have moves with the dimension of God's mind, and is so much more powerful than all Angels that never has there been a level of invasion in the violation of Divine Will in the Spirit level of the mind of God. In otherwords, at the mind level of God's existence, the law is maintained. Never therefore is the law broken at that level. If it was broken at that level the Universe would explode. But there is no way for Lucifer to break a spiritual law at the level of the mind of God because he cannot get that high.

You would say:--Well, then our race is the only one that can get that high because we are the offspring of God. But you are not in a dimension wherein such a law exists so your spirit never violates this law. Your soul conscientiousness may make an error and in the physical dimension you may violate law, but you never violate that law in the Celestial dimension. That is the reason why we tell you again that when John says in I John---""That which is born of God cannot sin, the seed remaineth within him"--- this is spiritual seed, incorruptible seed, this is a higher spirit level than Lucifer himself consists of. Therefore, he cannot move in dimensions of the Celestial. He has been cast out of -- this light. The Stones of Fire, in the book of Isaiah are the colors of the spectrum. All the radiation of the total light band of the Ultimate Holy of Holies, out of the Celestial white--golden light-- this is a place where Lucifer cannot get into, he falls far below this. When he was permitted to enter--he was only permitted to approach it, but never actually to enter into it, but you can enter into it, you can be surrounded by it, and its light is also dwelling in you. Therefore this makes you so far above the Angels that the Angels are thy servants. And they are given special charge to protect you while you are in earth.

There is no defeat coming to God, we get into battles and we lose wars, and win wars, and the spirit of God gets involved in this strategy, but our victory is already ordained.

Someone says:--but we are just going to think about nice things and sit off in some corner, and not do anything,--but you are not designed this way. There may be a few casualties so saturated with foolishness that they fall into the category, but what generally happens is that they are in a mess until they come out of it. And they will actually discover that the "Wall of Fire" actually protects the resistance. That the greater catalyzation of power for protection comes against the area that catalyzes the spiritual force for the greater resistance.

Now; Lucifer has always had a rather strange philosophy, and one can understand why he used this because this was one way he could accomplish an easier victory over men's minds. He tried to say that if they thought any of these things or meditated upon any of these things pertaining to opposition, that anger, or resistance, or strong catalyzed opposition would kill them, that it would create toxic poisons moving thru their bodies. This is, of course, a Satanic lie, and I can tell you that when you start to hate one another, that if you hate the Body of Christ--- if Christians start to hate Christians in physical bodies then the negation of spiritual force does create a toxic factor. But if Christians are in opposition to the enemy they not only become more immune to the areas of the enemy, but they also become more immune to the forces of disintegration itself. Actually the catalyzation of spiritual power with all the strategy to defeat the enemy where he stands for evil, gives strength to that individual and gives him immunity. But the person who does not put out that resistance is more susceptible to the sickness, to the attack, than the individual who does resist.

Now; you note these rascals, they threaten, they move in on the person who retreats. Just let any start to run, and crawl under the bed, and see how quick the ADL moves in on them. If the enemy can start fear he follows this fear. He does not move in where it is hot, he is very cautious, for the devil knows that there are certain areas where he cannot get thru. Someone said: but we aren't supposed to have hatred for anything or anybody. But hatred is just a word---am I supposed to love the enemy of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA?-- No, I am supposed to hate them with a perfect hatred, so what is this perfect hatred?---It is a catalyzation of Divine energy which will destroy the areas of Satanic opposition. An if this is embodied in the flesh, and they catalyze out of this, then the spiritual force catalyzed against that comes also. Thus in this instance there is no greater power than the synchronization of the vision of the perfect law of God, the function of the Kingdom, the ultimate blueprint, and with this the resistance which would destroy or bring it to submission. Because this is true therefore there is no short cut to victory. The one thing you cannot do, and men may fool themselves, may hypnotise their physical brain, for it is very possible to mesmerize your physical brain with error, as you say--it is good, there is nothing bad. This does not make it right, for it is still bad and you just fooled yourself, for you haven't catalyzed any opposition against it. And when you get thru, you don't believe it.

Not too long ago I talked to a man who had been in this for 27 years. He was a Christian Science man and had totally sold himself that everything was alright, but he said:--the thing which bothers me is the doubts every once in a while. But in this period of time he had never resisted anything, but he wasn't in on the organizational foundation of this order. There was time when the Christian Science Monitor was a battling instrument. It used to wage war against the Jews, against all conspiracy, but now it doesn't do anything. This shows you again that the perception which its leadership had--concerning areas of their doctrine has been changed. Of course the Methodist church and Presbyterian church have gone downhill, and the Lutheran is following the same course, but the True church made up of individuals is going to catalyze with strength and come out of this, and the more spiritual catalyzation of those who know, just spreads, and the more they are going to triumph over this negative thought. Never has there been a period of time when Satanic forces were so heavy in conflict as they are now. Don't fool yourself, they are moving in every possible avenue, in every possible area, to conquer the Kingdom. But there never has been a period of time when in this structure of this Satanic design, that Lucifer is coming up against things that he knows he cannot stop. For instance spiritual forces are catalyzing strength from outer space as well. There are whole avenues of direct Divine Energy being directed down upon the household. This is why I tell you again that it is not possible to just set back and do nothing. These particles moving thru just do not wait, and do nothing, they come together in form, and what we are here for is to form. We started out as Celestial spirits, entered into the progeny of the Adamic family because God wanted us to for a race, a nation, and a kingdom, and we will do this, don't doubt this, for this is what is going on.

Someone said; --we will just sit down and do nothing, but men don't just sit down and do nothing, they are always doing something, and the collective something done by your race is going to defeat the enemy. As I say, we are not going to worry about the small percentage of casualties, whether we snap them out of it or not. These men are bound where they think, they have been captured by earth philosophies which do not belong to them, and they are temporarily neutralized.

Now; when we use the word Metaphysical probably there is no more misunderstood word. Metaphysics actually comes out of the application of energy in a thought dimension. In other words there is a spiritual law, and da physical law, and there is a thought world. In otherwords we are told --God exists, spirit, soul and body. And soul is the consciousness of awareness, or the awareness of being. Altho it is not always the correct awareness. Now; when we say this---again, men can be held captive in the thought form, and this is what has transpired in some cases. Proper thought form is possible as well as improper thought form, and as we have referred to all the natural sciences rolled up in areas of physics, so also metaphysics are the scientific principals of the use of thought. Only there is nothing as unscientific as the way a lot of Metaphysicians use thought as they tie themselves all up. But this is the strategy Lucifer was sharp with, for he could negate them in this way. This does not mean that we classify all Metaphysics as error because proper soul consciousness within spiritual realms, within the dimensions of the Kingdom involves Celestial law lore, and mental lore as well as physical science, so it is the consummation of all these three. Today we include ---much of Satan's error as Metaphysics, and it is not Metaphysics anymore than Satan's error has been good. You can't say that sin is the law, for sin is the violation of la. For instance the whole world is now moaning and mourning over Nehru of India. He is no loss, for as far as he was concerned he was neutralized by his pagan philosophies. More than that this is why he was a tool in the hands of the enemy. He was an appeaser to the Reds, he has stopped the western world from rolling back communism, time after time. the knucklehead we have for a President said we should dedicate a great shrine to Nehru, a world without war. He said that this man has done more for peace than anyone else, yet just a short while ago, it was Kennedy who did more for peace. All you have to do is to be a neutralized rascal, and when you die the world goes crazy. The world leader are running over to India crying, and we are sending Dean Rusk to stand with the leaders of Russia and China, and what is the end of this man?---They are going to burn his body on the banks of the Ganges River beside the Tomb of Ghandi, and they will try to gather something up out of this pile of ashes to put in the tomb.

This particular factor involved in all this is that his type of reincarnation is not so good. He may get back as a man, and he may not. He may be a bird of Paradise or an ant. You just can't tell. India is a total metaphysical country. It is the nearest to nothing in the world today. Remember that. In almost every area where we have error coming into the 'thought' channel of the western world, India has been one of the sources of it. All the propaganda comes by this route.

QUESTION:--Is there some purpose then in all this which we go thru in the physical body? Is this to prepare us for experiences that are coming, of for administration?

ANSWER:--Well experience is the best education which you can get to prepare you to live in the dimension you came out of. In other words we don't need experience to learn to live in Celestial planes for we came out of there. We were perfect in that dimension and still are. The only thing is we are moving over a whole Universe. And thus are going to rule in many planes, even planes we never dwelt in before. And the evaluation of experience will take care of the eons of tomorrow. Still beyond the horizons which we can discuss today is:--"Eye hath not seen or ear heard things of tomorrows cycles--beyond"--But there are cycles just ahead of which we have a pretty good perspective so we don't have to worry about what we haven't yet discovered, as far as the perimeter of these things are concerned. We as the Household of the MOST HIGH GOD know HE was not taking any chances. HE knew exactly how to redeem every last one of us. There is nothing out of the mouth of God, nothing in things he revealed to his prophets, that He ever unveiled to the Apostles, that ever suggested that He would lose even one Celestial child, or that He would not have him ultimately in any dimension conform to what was best for him, and the whole family in the Universe. When you recognize this then yon are not bound by superstitions and fears. Which is one of the first hurdles to get over in all areas of theology. Probably nothing binds men down and keeps them from accomplishment, or locks their attainment in false fears which has been sowed into the areas of religion than this sowed in by this fifth column that came in to conquer the Kingdom. They had to subdue the consciousness of men so that their brain would not function, their body would not perform, and the Kingdom would never accomplish its objective.

Some one said:---but why would God allow all this to happen. Why would He do this? Well it is quite obvious. He is going to defeat Lucifer, defeat him as Satan. And when He is thru, He will bet Lucifer back. But he will get back an acknowledged defeat--one who has been defeated, and then restored to the administration, under our family---one who will never try it again. In other words even that nature will be gone. But the record of the fact that error is totally incapable of achievement will remain. It will be remembered that error destroys, but it cannot build.

Now; there is an area within your makeup which many people are not aware of. At least they are not aware of the fact that when you come to perfect knowledge in any plane then you never err. The reason is that as a person comes to perfect knowledge, of perfect understanding as to what is good for them, what attains the greatest, accomplishes the most, they never violate it. Thus people who violate it have never reached that attainment. Once people come to the knowledge of what violated law produces, once they discover what the catastrophe is at the point of realization, they never do it again. Oh, you say--people make transgressions all the time and then they repent and are sorry for it. But they have not as yet attained the full intent of its realization, and when they do they will not violate it. This even applies to Lucifer. This is why within the scriptures, that the ultimate purification factor within our race comes out of the spirit, refining the soul consciousness, and re-enveloping it with light. Even the physical body, putting on immortality in the physical world. Thus again, those in the areas of violation of Divine Law, like Lucifer and his fallen angels, and his unassimmalatable offspring, the scripture says they are to be thrown into the 'Lake of Fire'. But the word is Shekinah Glory, and should never be translated as it was. In other words Shekinah Glory, is all Light Emanation in Celestial planes. Divine energy which adjusts the whole Celestial being. If you would go into the concordance you would find that the word which should have been used is Shekinah, in the Old Testament, and the word is the same for the Divine Aura which emanates from the presence of the Father. And when they are thrust into this, it may be to them because of the combat of their natures during transition and absorption, --it may be something that is disdainful, like an agonizing thought transition, but it is also a purifying factor. It is not flames of torture. For the constellation of Ara--translates as "Lake of Fire", for that is what it is called because it is an Altar. But the constellation of Ara is just like this solar system of ours. It just happens to be an island in the Universe scattered far out to the edge of the Milky Way. So far out that there is this idea that it is out of the isolation chambers described by the Angels in the days of Enoch. And in the inspiration of the records what John was as he talked about this constellation--the name was Flaming Altar. And it was thus translated as "Lake of Firs." So people then thought that this was a lake of torture by fire. But HE does not burn spirits in fire. This is a whole constellation way out in space. And I can show it to you on a Star Map. When one starts thru these factors in which theology has been neutralized to some extent, this is Satanic policy, think wrong, and you act wrong. Therefore capture the mind, and hold the earth. And this is what Lucifer has been up to.

Since the earth is a material plane, and the soul acts as the conscious center, and the brain is the instrument of sense perception, to relay the demands to the physical body, therefore Celestial awareness or truth causes the soul to think right, and to conquer this area. This is why the scripture keeps saying:--'Be not conformed to this world (order). but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.' The Celestial consciousness does not need renewing, but the soul consciousness does, and the physical mind needs to be brought back because the senses are not always a sure definition of such things. Some say:--seeing is believing. But I know men who with slight of hand can show you things you never saw. So seeing is not always believing. And hearing isn't always believable either. Illusions are sometimes created and Lucifer is of course a master of illusion. So by setting up illusions you need more than sense perception to discern. This is why metaphysics without additional spiritual power from across the Celestial being out of the Light field isn't sufficient. Even when it thinks it is it still needs this factor.

QUESTION:--Explain Romans 2:28---

ANSWER:--Well, the word Jew here is incorrect. The word should not' even be Judah. Until the King James translation it never existed this way. I think the word there is the same we have in the Latin Vulgate ---Progeny; "One is a progeny who is one inwardly". This is the progeny of God who is first spirit. The old Latin and Greek--the word isn't Jew. It is progeny. It is talking about the spiritual origin. The spirit is the resident in the physical body. This again is "The Christ in you which is the Hope of Glory."

QUESTION:---What about earthquake patterns? Is there anything to that?

ANSWER:---Well, we are moving thru patterns of alignment in a very touchy time. In fact most of the rest of this year is involved. And we are to have a lot of eclipses under strong triangulations and conjunctions. And this involves Saturn and Jupiter in conflict with Mars a factor. Sometimes you have the earth sign and you have the judgment on direct alignment. As far as the earth is concerned in 1964-65, the whole earth is under judgement. We are speaking next Sunday night on judgments. But as far as the Kingdom is concerned, these judgments are not designed for the injury of the Household. But the scripture also says that He will destroy the enemy who dwells carelessly in thy midst. However, we are told not to let the enemy in. And if we do we will lose a little plaster when he draws near us, because the earth is going to shake. You can be sure of that.

We have Astronomical measures that they don't want to discuss. In fact in the Sunday newspapers, what they are disturbed about is that if they told the public, then the public would be running around in hysterics and panic. So they say they will decide what to tell us. But the silly people have already told us that there is something they are worried about, which is bad. There are astronomical bodies which are not acting right. Some of them are boring right into our solar system, and sometimes they change course and bore back out again. These are objects that are coming this way, and then going back out, and seem to be on a collision course. They are worried and don't want to discuss this. And if someone gets up to talk about it, they deny it. Just like they do the fact of flying saucers, even tho they spend millions of dollars trying to figure them out.

If a person could get into about an 8 to 10 inches of Cassigrain scope right now, this would gather far more light than the eye can consume. But in that scope we could get some photographic evidence of these boring in non-light carrying objects that are not projecting out visible light, but are blotting out whole areas of stars in their course. But it would be a wider field of Cassigrain where one would have a chance of catching this. But it would take that type of photography to produce it I know what the observers have seen. I have talked to some of these men and received information about this. But you don't find it in any of the astronomical journals right now. It is all being suppressed. But this star---Wormwood which falls in the sea, in the book of Revelation will make its splash yet.

As far as earthquake factors is concerned, where as you are going to see the largest earthquake the world has ever seen. This is prophetic. For along all the coasts of the earth it will effect the people dwelling there. In fact, one-third of the people dwelling along the coasts of the earth will be effected. At the same time the fault lines will give some of the greatest displacement right in the middle of Colorado. So you see, that old fault is going to move all the way across up into Yosemite and into Wyoming and down thru Colorado into a triangular junction near the Gulf of Mexico. Really, the alignments which are going to let go are going to shake lots of the earth---yet the promise is that 10,000 can fall at thy right side and no harm will come near thee---but you could lose some property. In fact it might be good to have a row boat in some areas. It all depends on where you live. So if I tell you to come out, you better come. But I don't think anything has happened that we didn't get the information spiritually far enough ahead of time to call the turn, as to certain areas of catastrophe along the coast. This past month they have been coming out with books on this subject, and probably one of the most unique books in the past few weeks has been "Sunset". It's a book about the San Andres fault.. It is a shocker. And if people read that, they will move out. So they are trying to suppress it. But really, it never told half the story.

QUESTION:---What was that book?---the Sunset book?

ANSWER:---No that is the name of the company that produces books. And this was a bound book on earthquakes and earthquake country. In fact I happen to know that banks and insurance companies have big maps. And the insurance companies are now insuring according to their earthquake maps. I also know that some of the people run from the coast, and run from the danger and fall in the fire. They go to Denver, and you know about that. Some places down beside the Rockies are all right and some are not. Everything south of Yellowstone in a triangle is just like a nuclear bomb for geological upheaval vertexes. Alaska was a vertex like this. And there are several other spots like this. So before you run from one spot you better find out where to run to. California has been here a long time. And the Red Woods have been here a long time. But some of them may fall into the water.

The oldest piece of this country now is on the east side of the Sierra mountains. All west of it is younger. And when you get to the coastal range you are just on the Lemurian shelf. You have supporting to that shelf that goes back. But you could see it go down in many places. There are places where the ocean goes back miles, and miles under the land. And in some places the water is a mile deep under the land. You was:---oh we have 2000 feet of land shelf. And in that shelf is the water stratus and even the oil stratus. But then under that is the salt water. I can show you spots all over, between the mountains and the sea. By Riverside, you can drill right down to salt water and loses the bits. There are areas like this for instance, out by Inglewood. There are hard ridges and soft areas all the way to the mountains. But when you have faults on three sides, if there are 4 sides, it can stand or break off and sink. But if you have three sides to area faults, and then get a major alignment movement, and there is water under it and no ridges, then that piece can just drop out. This happens along faults and you get big lakes that way. Of course down here at Palm Dale, that fault right thru there, and that little lake on the east side of the road---well, they never found the bottom. It is over a mile deep. Put in places it keeps on going down. The lake on the other side--you can't see because that little scarf which hides the lake is right on the fault. But the fault goes right on out into the valley and on across. This side of the fault can vibrate, but it is kind of a cushion barrier. But on the other side they will get the greatest shaking. So when the San Andres fault moves there are eleven fissure faults across the whole Los Angeles basin and plain. And they are joined to faults coming out of the Saltan Sea area and on up to San Bernardino mountains where it joins on to the San Andres fault.

Then all the way across, and up past Malibu the fault goes, so when the San Andres fault moves then this is the area that catches it. You say, but look how long its been here---sure, but we have never had an alignment coming all together over periods of years a we have been having come in the past two years. There has never been these kind of alignments for 12,000 years, that we are beginning to get now. Conjunctions yes, but not with the alignment factors quite like they are beginning now. Just like the constellation alignment of February 1962----we haven't had an alignment factor even approaching like that for 11,000 years, longer than that actually in some phases of it. So I will go down and preach on that side of the hill, but I won't live there. ha.

QUESTION; Why is the lake at Palmdale so full of water?

ANSWER;---Well earthquake movements start springs. Elizabeth lake used to be full of water, and then after an earthquake all the water went out of it. A crack in the fault opened up an away went the water. At the same time the water increased over here by Palmdale. While up by Calipate and down thru that region or canyon, when they had that big earthquake over by Tehaophapi, there is a scar like fault there. There is this Bear Mountain fault which runs up to Bakersfield, and then well down on the low end of this strip there was a bit of seepage from the springs, and where as they weren't on the fault still the shift of land was there, and the springs have opened and are running more ever since. It is running for five miles more now from these springs, so along thee faults themselves water come up and goes down.

In southern California, there is a fault that goes right thru Brawley and El Centro and a volcano which could start up at any time down there at Calipatria. I have slept on the ground and listened to it rumble way down inside. In 1932 it rumbled more than it does now, and there are hot springs down there which are caused by it, and you can hear the water work in there also. As the water kept getting higher the stream factors became more turbulent because the water ran down thru the little fissures in the rock, and in particular areas there is holes and sulphur was coming out in 1932.

It is like here when Mt. Lassen blew up, it would not have blown at this time if it hadn't been for something man was doing, They were running a big canal across where this crevice was. A certain geologist told them that if they brought water across there, and it seeped down in the cracks then it would only be a matter of weeks until Lassen would blow . So when the dam was finished and the water came across, and it seeped down in the fault, ran down into the fire, the steam blew the whole lid off the mountain. Once it started it never quit until the pressure was released.

Now we tell you this has been known for a long time, as to this area, and you have to take it if it comes. I am not going to tell you to move out of there, but if it is going to shake tomorrow or next week, I will tell you. Over on the Ventura end of the fault there is an old uplift not very high which comes over there, and if this moves from there to Santa Barbara with a big movement, and you get any subsidence of that ridge then San Fernando Valley will be just an arm of the bay. Because it will come all the way from Ventura past Encino, and on down, if you get subsidence on the ocean end, there is only a 23 foot lift in those areas, where there is just a high spot here and there, --there is many things involved in this if this fault moves. I know people living all along the coast, and the water is way deep under their homes. If they were to take a stethoscope down in their basements, or to any hard cement pad and put the stethoscope down on it they will hear the water vibrations, not from the surf, but just from the water surges underground. just like it breaks on the beach because this is just the natural breathing of the ocean. This pulsing movement of the surging water is the ground pulse as the water moves up and down, and you can hear it, a mile deep some places, and in others the water isn't so far down.

I will tell you this, you go down to Palm Dale or over to the Postpile and find any solid rock which is well anchored, and put the stethoscope on the rock and you can pick up the vibrations of that fault. You don't get them all the time, but most of the time you can hear them.

QUESTION;--What about the Hawaiian Islands.?

ANSWER;---Those Islands would be a good place to have an ark. All that is ---is a volcanic pile of ash and coral. It built up and up until the Island grew. At one time the volcanos which built those islands was on a high mountain, of a great continent. But when the continent sank the volcano kept erupting until the islands were built. The geology of those islands is interesting, all you would have to do is get an earthquake to open to the sea and the whole island would go just like that. In fact Krakakola blew its top when a little earthquake opened up a crevice way down under the harbor, and the water got in, and blew the whole top off the mountain. All the atom bombs put together would not make as much noise as was heard when that mountain blew, for they heard the noise all the way to London. It was the noise heard round the world, and the ashes d rifted down for forty years, and some is still suspended in the air. .

QUESTION;--when did this happen?

ANSWER;----Oh about 1890, somewhere about that time.

QUESTION;---Isn't there a place called Alagonquins, a very ancient part of the earth around Lake Superior which has been there a very long time?

ANSWER;---Before the ice age.

QUESTION;----Well wouldn't that be a safe place to be in this earthquake period?

ANSWER; --No---do you know that the Alabama hills just east of the high Sierras is some of the oldest pieces of rock on the face of the earth? But on the other side of it is the Lone Pine fault which never goes anyplace, That little mountain range was called the Catalena range, but is the Alabama range on the map. That little mountain range called the Alabama hills--was once higher than the Sierras. Just because it is as it is today does not mean that it is like it used to be. frankly some of the oldest land in America is right here in California.

QUESTION;----Where would be the best place to go?

ANSWER;---Well it is not so much where you go as where you sit. No--I am not going to go to the Alabama mountains. I am just citing that the east side of the Sierras is not going to be swallowed up with subsidence, It is not going to have that problem. The experts are worried that there might be some cracking thru which would let the water in to the San Joaquin valley, or into parts of it. I do know that we are in the time of the next transition, the next change. In fact some of the continents which went down are coming back up, and this is true of Atlantas. I would not buy any lots over there as yet, but it is coming back up. East of the Azores it is not safe for ships, for they have to put buoys out where there used to be 30 fathoms of water. This has been happening in our life time. And on the East coast with the last earthquake, the whole Atlantian Continent came up a bit. And this last earthquake which hit Alaska went all the way across under the major fault systems of the country.

I will tell you something you might not know---In New York, ever since that earthquake, water has been seeping up on various parts of Manhattan Island. And where they have the Worlds Fair,--that land has been sinking. We are in contact with friends in Manhattan. And where they had bought property,--ever since that earthquake there is water seeping up thru cracks on that property. The real estate people and the Chamber of Commerce know this. And they try to stifle this knowledge. These friends sold out and moved, because either the water is coming up or the land is going down. It is giving them trouble in the sewer systems and in the subways. They had an earthquake right there thru Manhattan Island. It hit right on the measures we had a month ago. And they had one early this year all the way down from New Hampshire. There is a major fault right down the East River, and right past the United Nations building, right past the Mayors mansion

QUESTION:--Then is it possible that the United Nations building will topple?

ANSWER:---Could be. The whole thing could go or it could topple over. If you could be there in a helicopter it would be a photographers dream to watch that glass elevator go down.

Now; someone asked:---Would it be a good time to go to Egypt. Well, I can think of lots better times to go there. Someone said they would give me a gift of a trip to the Pyramid with Rutherford. I thought it over, and it was a temptation. But after all, Egypt and Israeli are going to get into it soon. So who wants to be over in Egypt. Besides, the Reds have more echelons in Egypt now than ever. So who wants to go to Egypt at this time?

The Carpathian Mountains of Europe are to shiver and shake. And shifts are coming in the Alps. Besides I want to be here to see what happens. Asia is in for a lot of Shifts. This is not the time to go to Europe or North Africa.

QUESTION:---Is a ship on the ocean safe in an earthquake?

ANSWER:---Generally so, no matter how big a wave. The ship just goes up and down over it.

QUESTION:---How about England?

ANSWER:---Well there will always be an England.

QUESTION:---Would it be safe to go in July?

ANSWER:---Yes, I think it would be safe in July. But we are on the verge of trouble, and things could step up even there. The Indian situation is unstable, Red China is threatening. But England would be a bad spot to be in if there is nuclear war. Because this is something of an omen--before this is all over they will be moving back to America---all the emblems of Israel, the cellars of salt---the Scepter---the Crown. In fact, before you get thru with it they will move that stone over here. There will be areas of this struggle when all things of the Kingdom will be gathered in one place as far as its symbols of power are concerned. Do you know that it was all over here in Canada during the last war? They left the stone over there, but they were all ready to ship it also. And maybe even the Stone came and the people didn't know it.

QUESTIONER:---We have the Canadian paper which says that for the two years it was in Canada--in Ottawa.

ANSWER:---Yes, and since this is the biggest resistance center of the Kingdom, it is going to be here when Armageddon is over. And since this is the chief nation among the nations of Israel for leadership, in the battle against the enemy, even tho we have all these rascals here, still our destiny and what is involved in this continent is going to be here the longest. Even if it does get renovated.

However, there are years to travel and years not to travel. And this is a time when there is noting quite that important unless it is National business or something which so involves a persons security that they are gambling on going. Yet you might go thru a cycle without anything major happening,--so no one knows. I think there will be less geological upheaval in South America, this year, and yet it is a bad time politically to travel in South America.

QUESTION:---Will there be lots of volcanic activity in South America?

ANSWER:---I look for some but I don't think there will be much before August. And this will be from old volcanoes. Mexico City may get some shaking.

QUESTION:---Would a tidal wave effect the Panama Canal?

ANSWER:---Anything can be effected by water washing over it. But it would not destroy it. The way the canal is located depends on where the quake is located as to the damage. So far no quake has ever hurt the canal.

The wave which came down from the Alaskan earthquake hit the coast line of California south of Eureka, California. And it missed areas just because of the way the land lays. Some places where land stuck out farther than the land behind it didn't get hit. We had friends living right on the beach in the area where that catastrophe was, and they didn't have a bit of trouble. The moving was a circular motion, and where it didn't hit in one area. Then on the other side it swept in and destroyed everything. Subsidence came all along the shelf and that is the main thing to look for. People don't understand this, and they don't believe it until it starts to shake. They didn't believe it up in the high Tarim Basin either, but they got it.

QUESTION:---I was reading an article supposed to be a Kingdom message and they said they were referring to the KKK and Black Muslim as being extremist groups. They said one was un-Christian and one anti-Christian. This particular author--Woodward--didn't name which was which.

ANSWER:---Well did he classify the Masonic order, and the Knights of Columbus as the same?


ANSWER:---Well he just as well have. For if one is un-Christian, then they all are.

QUESTION:---I wondered what was symbolized by the burning of the cross. and Stone Mountain and so forth?

ANSWER:---I can only tell you this by hearsay for I heard it all when I was little. The fiery cross burning symbolized the lifting up of the cross in opposition to all evil, all conspiracies. That is why they built the great cross's, dipped them in oil and set them flaming. So they would show up in the night. Generally, a symbol of the fiery cross against the darkness was the symbol by which the Klan marched.

You see Clans existed way back. Ku-Klu-Ko goes way back to the earthy Scottish clans, and they were thus identified. The Knights of the Round table were thus identified, and this is an old, old word. And the later formation of the Klu Klan was on this order. They gave it a lot of rig-ma-roll to make it look like it was just playing with names and titles. But this goes back a long, long way. Originally, these were blood clans--Kin clans. So it goes back a long, long way and this meant the "Blood Seal". This was the clan of a Race. And everytime the race go in trouble, they called for the Clan. This happened in Scotland and in Germany, and in England. In fact go way back to the famous Charlemagne and when he was threatened by Asiatics, then again the Clan rode. Everytime a great threat comes to our race there was always among the 'Light Carrying Order'--which was the true heart of ancient Masonry, and even in the Druid Order, this ancient tradition for the call of the Ku-Klu-Ko or perhaps it is written as Cu-Clu-Co. But it was the covenant of blood. This was the Kin Clan and they would accept any white man in a kin struggle except when it was a struggle between two white countries.

In the days when the Indians struck in the southern countries, this was when the vendetta started. This is when they started to exterminate Indians. They had been nice to them, then had been betrayed, and scalped. And after that, the white man got mean and thought a good Indian was a dead one. But Indians just performed this way. For every good Indian, there were many who were mean and bad. There was no way to tell which one they were. In upstate New York, when I was a boy, they were still fighting Indians as far as their thoughts were concerned. My Grandfather had a farm up in Duchess county in Millbrook, and he had been kind to Indians. He would feed them in the winter time, and they could come and sleep in the barn and eat at the breakfast table in the morning. Then one night they came and scalped every one on the place.

Kit Carson married a Swift, and was studying for the ministry at a theological seminary. And when he came home, his wife and family had been murdered. Then he went on the warpath and fought Indians the rest of his life. But the KKK was the call which formed that Kin group who heard the call and they warred on the Indians.

Now; when the Civil War came along the Jews put the Negroes in power in the South. And after the war, started to oppress the South with the most vicious tyranny of all time, with every practice of rape being used against them. The Northerner did not know what was actually going on down south. They were getting away with it because the Jews were able to get passes. So since there was no protection from the Federal government, as these rascals rode rough shod over the Southerners, then the cry came for the Blood Clan. It was started by Scotsmen. And the Klu Klu Klan was formed or reformed. It had not been in existence since the Indian war, but this time when they reformed the Klu Klux Klan they only formed it like a fraternity, but they set up titles. They used the old foundation but they used lots of things that were just titles, just a front. With this organization then, those of the Carpet Baggers who needed it--go lynched. And those who needed to be shot were shot. There was no way to stop the rape of the South until you stopped these demons. Thru this organization, which became so strong that almost every white family was in it, then fear came on the enemy until he behaved. What good was it to rob men of their homes and then die before you could occupy them? They set up all types of false taxation,--all types of conspiratorial things. They took over plantations and farms and did this in all sorts of ways. But the KKK began to ride. They shot the conspirators, and no one could find out who did it because those in the organization would never break. This happened because the KKK became an army to defend the race.

When it was no longer necessary, the Klan died down and then there were scattered organizations. But there was no great challenge to rouse them. The Civil War was over and duty and prosperity kept people busy. And it wasn't until Al Smith ran for President that the Jews began to stir up trouble with the fear that the Catholics were going to take over and the Pope was coming to Protestant America. There was a little plan like this because Countess Brady had this plan. But at the same time, the Jews were behind this for they wanted to get the Catholics and Protestants fighting each other. When I was a boy there were stirring ups going on among Italian Priests and others. And Catholics from Parochial School would stone us as we went to school. Especially a Protestant minister's children. As I grew up, Protestant gangs fought Catholic gangs just to survive in New Jersey and in New York state. The more they brought in these road gangs who worked on the railroad and so forth the more trouble brewed. These were Italians and Polocks who came in and their Priests would encourage this fighting. There are lots of good Priests, but the Polish and Italian Catholics were actually being stirred in areas of war.

My father built a beautiful church in Newark, New Jersey with stained glass windows which were brought in from Venice. They were beautiful things. And the Catholics came while the people were in church and stoned the windows out. So the Klan had to come to protect our church. And the Klan cam because of what happened. But what stirred this all up---? Rome did not do this. It was stirred up by people round about the area.

As far as Al Smith was concerned, he was better than anyone we have running right now. He was a good governor who got caught in the midst of this---Catholic hate Protestant and vise versa. There wasn't anything wrong with Herbert Hoover either. But he was caught in the Jew conspiracy to hold everything down, and then blame him for it.

But again---as my father's church was hurt, the Klan rose up at that time. In fact, in 1938 about one-third of all Protestant men belonged to the Klan. There were 17 million men in the Klan at that time. And two-thirds of all the men in the Catholic Church at that time belonged to the Knights of Columbus. And there was nothing wrong with the Knights of Columbus either. But all these stories you hear of killing, rape and so forth were started by Jews so as to start a war between Protestants and Catholics. To keep the Christians separated in all their thinking. There was nothing sinister about the Klan. In fact every part of its ritual is Christian. Every part of its ritual was built around Christianity, Spiritual law and Race. And the Light carriers of Masonry were built around our Faith and the history of our Race. Later they brought in pagan rites to destroy Masonry. But they also tried to destroy it way back in the days of Solomon. But they did not accomplish it at that time either.

This is why I say that if anyone comes along to attack the Klan as un-Christian then it is not true. You might say that about the Masonic order, and the Knights of Columbus, for the KKK are no more un-Christian than the others. And none are un-Christian.

Now; the Mohammed X movement, and the Mau Mau's are un-Christian and so is the NAACP. But this is a different situation. There have been things done sometimes in hate and mobs move in. But sometimes the Klan is blamed for things they never did. You get a person and he craves power, and he might abuse that power as a Klansman, or even a Chief of Police,--for this happens. But then take a look at all the people who have abused power at high levels in our government. The Attorney General of the United States, under Jewish pressure, lifted the Georgia corporation of the KKK and placed in on the subversive list. But that had nothing to do with hundreds of organizations which had no part of that organization. In 17 states they were separate corporations entirely. So someone then said:---all KKK organizations are on the subversive list. But no.---Just one, and it doesn't belong there.

QUESTION:---Why didn't the KKK let up on pressure when they realized the Jews were behind the trouble and let them be exposed?

ANSWER:---Ecclesiastical ignorance upon the part of their Clergy teaching this lie that the Jews were the people of the book, and the Jews always putting out the propaganda to have the Christians look elsewhere for all his trouble blinded people. But for the past 18 years the Klan has been fully aware of the Jew conspiracy and from that time on the Jews realized they must destroy the Klan. Then began the drive by the Motion Picture Industry to spend millions of dollars trying to destroy that organization. As far as the KKK is concerned today, it is a multiple organization. And maybe there is a liaison contact. Who knows. But so much money was spent to smear the Klan that many Klansmen changed their names. Dropped their old order, reorganized and went on leaving the smear on the old organization. This is why some states cannot find the Klan at all. I can remember when almost every Methodist Minister in the United States was a Klansman. This was when I was a boy. And was almost required in the Eastern Conference of the Methodist Church.

QUESTION:---Is the White robe they wear symbolic?

ANSWER:---Everything about what they wear is symbolic.

QUESTION:---What did you think of Goldwater saying that Robert Welch should be removed from society?

ANSWER:---Well, the Jews want to remove any organization which was fighting communism. They wanted Goldwater elected. But they also wanted to negate this organization. And finally they were able to neutralize Robert Welch. The only way the John Birch Society can survive as an effective society is to throw out all the Jews in that organization---right now.

This book which Robert Welch wrote is one of the best pieces of work that he ever did. In fact he didn't say anything in the book that we haven't printed down thru the years. For we knew about this conspiracy. He could have even gone further when talking about President Eisenhower. Because President Eisenhower knew, absolutely, that those German officers he allowed to be executed for the Katyn Massacre---were not guilty. He had the facts in his hand. But he said it was better that they die rather than to disturb the good relations between Russia and America. I have no respect for Eisenhower. He is a dog. And now he is talking about Welch. And for Goldwater,--he is trying not to divide the party. So he is playing it cool. But he wasn't a Republican until they nominated him for President. The only time he ever registered to vote he registered so as to vote for FDR. And he admitted this. Truman talked it over with Barney Baruch and they decided that instead of running Ike on the Democrat party ticket, they should run him on the Republican party. So they put their own man up for the Democrat party and they couldn't lose either way.

QUESTION:---Is Barney Baruch still alive?

ANSWER:---Yes. But there comes an end to all things. He was the un-crowned Prince of Jewry for a long time. He was the head of the Kehilla. In fact tonight in downtown Los Angeles, the heads of World Jewry are meeting at the Beverly Hilton or the Statler Hotel. One or the other. But the Zionist leaders are there from all over the world.

QUESTION:---Do you have a representative there?

ANSWER:---We will not discuss this -----enough for tonight.