05-29-68 Bible Study Q&A


Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:---(tape) How is the Tabernacle like the Temple with all of its furniture?

ANSWER:---Well the symbol of the Tabernacle as far as the laws of God and the patterns of God are concerned was to symbolize the whole area of worship, form outward manifestation to inward preparedness to the inner mental perception, and then to the spiritual delineation. In otherwords the Holy of Holies was the highest area of spiritual perception. When God gave the instructions of the symbol of t he tabernacle which was a portable tabernacle to Moses then Moses built the Tabernacle. And then the glory of THE LORD was over the tabernacle . And whenever the Glory of the LORD was over the Temple or Tabernacle then it came down around the Tabernacle and the Israelites did not move. And Moses couldn't go into the Tabernacle when the cloud or Glory of THE LORD was around it . And when the cloud was lifted then the children of Israel went forward in their journey. When the cloud was around then the cloud was around then the children of Israel did not move. But the tabernacle was like the physical body in which men work, in which the soul consciousness of perception of the senses and the spiritual perception which is the mind of the spiritual entity of the spiritual body --this is the real Holy of Holies . Of course we realize that we had a spiritual body before we had a physical body and that a God begat the Adamic race to embody his household in physical form. We also can well understand that we have not lost our spiritual bodies altho our actual physical consciousness many times is not aware of the spiritual body, but the spiritual body still guides the functioning work of the brain, and indirectly can call out and guide the people. At the same time when God speaks of this he says:--"ye are Elohim and all of you are the children of YAHWEH". But God said we have been begotten of incorruptible seed which lives and abides forever. therefore there is no possibility of transgression in the celestial body. the spiritual body never makes a transgression. The spiritual body is no only in the image of God , but so also is the physical body in similitude or form. But the physical body operates under the pattern of the senses and with also the response of thee brain and is subject to temptation, and can make transgression , but the Celestial body is incorruptible and lives and abides forever. So when God talks about the Celestial body he is talking about a body which lives and abides forever , and is also talking about the fact that as Celestial children we were with the father in all patterns of yesterday while history was developing, while Lucifer rebelled, while the ancient creations and all these things were being witnesses in Celestial bodies. But down here in physical consciousness we are not always able to recall all of what we once knew in Celestial bodies. This has not as yet re-dawned on us, but this is one of the things God in Spirit said he would bring to pass. For his spirit brings us to the knowledge of all truth, brings all things to our remembrance and causes us to possess a knowledge of all things, does establish the fact that we did know all things, and in our Celestial bodies can know all things. Also we have what we call the subconscious brain which is actually an area of spiritual intensity functioning thru on the consciousness of this pattern. This is why today we have extra sensory perception where people who perceive things they couldn't normally recognize by the senses are concerned. And if it is true, it is spiritually perceived because the Holy spirit moves upon the individual. So when God begats a household of sons and daughters in the heavens then he begat Celestial bodies of incorruptible seed, spiritual entities and spiritual beings. And we are told that God must be worshiped in spirit and in truth. You a re also told that far as the consciousness is concerned therefore the Tabernacle was the symbol of outer service and inner service and then a spiritual delineation. Because of the fall of man then men lost the spiritual perception that he once possessed . They lost the light that they possessed.

One of the things we find in the book of Enoch of course is that the children of Lucifer came to him and said: --we can't stand this light of Adam and Eve, they shine forth in light. Lucifer said that if he was successful that he would put out their light. But Adam and Eve were radiant because of the effulgent pattern of illumination of Glory and aura that shown from the physical bodies of Adam and Eve, as there was a much faster quickening of the electrons around the nucleus of their existence. And the aura, the emanation and the illumination made them bright and shinning maybe like the sun to Lucifer's household. But one of the things we are told is that at the end of the age when perfect restoration is accomplished because God said he would do this for his people, then they are to be like HE is, be like they were before their fall. We are told that we shall be like the sun---"Arise and shine thy light is come, the Glory of YAHWEH shall arise upon thee".

So in this instance the Temple which Solomon later built is a type of the tabernacle in Perfection. One was portable, the other wasn't , therefore one had a revere of water, the other had a great baptismal fount on the yoke of 12 oxen. The Temple was large and had all the same ramification of the same spiritual factors. The High Priest before he could enter the Holy of Holies where in was the Ark of the covenant establishing a symbol of Divine presence, the word of God, the law----all these things were in the Ark of the covenant, and when Glory of the LORD came down over the tabernacle, the Glory or light shown all around the tabernacle and no one dared enter into the Tabernacle because of this Glory or radiation. of THE LORD which was in there.

High Priests were required to make a sacrifice for the people after they had also made a sacrifice for their own transgression coming into the cognition that he was incomplete until he entered into the Holy of Holies where the unction of God's spirit and the working of the urim and Thummim could take place. But then the supreme guidance could come and the High Priest could tell the people the mind and will of YAHWEH.

So, the Holy of Holies, and the temple and the Tabernacles were types of the administration of God meeting his people, thru his Priesthood, thru meeting these High Priests and lesser Priests serving the people until such a time as that which was perfect would establish himself. He said it is a New Covenant that I make with the house of Judah and the house of Is rael in those days. Not the Covenant I made with their fathers in the old days but a new Covenant . I will write my laws on their minds and place it in their hearts, this is the thing I will do with the house of Israel and the House of Judah.

Remember that once again God, in the hours of His atonementm became embodied in human form, and the word said He tabernacled with us, his physical body was thee Tabernacle, He symbolizes as the Tabernacle.

Over in the writing of the Apostle Paul we find there is much evidence of this tabernacling with us. (I Cor:6:19) We find----Know ye not that your body is the temple of the HOLY GHOST which ye have in you, out of God, not of yourself. --in other words--the body was the temple of the Holy Spirit. The Tabernacle was the dwelling place of god, the Temple becomes the dwelling place of God, and the Apostle Paul said our bodies are the Temple of the holy Spirit. The resident spirit is perfect like He is so no wonder YAHWEH said:--'Ye are Elohim and all of you are the children of YAHWEH', THIS IS TRUE. The soul consciousness, and the natural pattern of man is capable of transgression until totally redeemed. But the spiritual entity of the Adamic race is perfect. But there is no other race like this, other races have the knowledge of good and of evil, they are not of the same spiritual order as the Adamic race. When God begat the Adamic race and placed his spirit within them he elevated the substance of the flesh even of which he had begotten it to the highest orders, for there was nothing higher than the Household of God, with God as its head. and of course the people of creation who he created in earth, they were good when created. God said they were good, but as far as a spiritual capacity this only belonged to his Israel, there was none higher in earth than his Adamic race. Ultimately even after the fall it still remains the highest on the face of the earth. They possessed the spirit of the Living God, but this spirit of the Living God does not cohabit with darkness. When Eve cohabited with Lucifer God had nothing to do with this, therefore Cain had no spiritual capacity. Because God had said:--my spirit will not cohabit with another race. He declares this in the book of Isaiah---My Glory I will not bestow upon another. The Glory of My Spirit I will not give to another race , to another society. When He sent his race into the world it was to put it in order, to bring the world under divine rule, to unveil the patterns of his plan, and therefore God has not changed his plan, nothing can change it, nothing can hinder it, nothing can stop it for I am God, and all these things shall come to pass.

Then we come over here to this passage in Corinthians, to those of his household and he says:--'Come out from among them and be ye separate' saith YAHWEH 'and touch not the unclean things, so that I can continue to receive you. So I can continue to be a father unto you and your sons and daughters after you saith; The Almighty God. This calls for separation and segregation and was because of the spiritual abilities of his household and their offspring, to receive the guidance of God, and become activated like the Priests who entered into the Holy of Holies in direct communion with the word of God. So he said;--Be not unequally yoked together with unbelievers, for what fellowship hath believers with unbelievers, what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness. What communion had the light with the dark, and what concord hath Christ with Belail??

The first use of the word Belail was used for fallen Angels when they did not keep their first estate and took upon themselves human form, and having done t his then in human form they mongrelized the creation of people on earth, and this word --Belail--comes out of the ancient books of Horus when Horus wrote of Atlantas and the sinking of the continent and all the catastrophes that transpired. He said that Lucifer rebelled and the Angels who followed in rebellion intermingled with those people and brought forth the children of Belial. This is the first place you ever find the word Belial. he refers to it in the Egyptian and its in the Greek, the children of Belial in the New Testament means the Luciferian offspring. Thus you can see the contamination of the people of that earlier race and time, and then in the New Testament here it says:--"What communion hath Light with darkness, and what concord hath Christ with Belial?"

In other words this Christ is also the embodied household of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA for 'ye are Christ's, ye are embodied in the world, this is what the word Christ means ---embodied. YAHSHUA or Christ means embodied--THE MOST HIGH --YAHWEH (God) Thus what concord hath Christ with Belial? You the embodied household of the MOST HIGH what concord can you have with Lucifer? Then even going further than this it says;--"What part hath he who believeth with an infidel? " --or what agreement hath the temple of God with Idols? For you are the Temple of the Living God. I will dwell in you and walk in you for you are my people. This again demonstrates that the physical body is literally the Temple of the Living God. that the Holy Spirit of God resides in the Holy of Holies of within the body. Therefore the body is a type of the tabernacle and the Temple and He says:--'ye are the living temple and all of you are fitly framed together and grow into a Holy Temple unto the living God. All of you are living stones and he is the chief cornerstone, or capstone, this corner stone which is elect and precious. So with this pattern in mind then he says:--'ye are the temple of the living God , and I will dwell there'.

Then Jesus said; --'Lo, I stand at the door and knock and if anyone opens up the door I will come in and dine with him. ' This declaration is in similitude --a parable like declaration, but it is also a pattern of the soul consciousness of the believer, when it realizes that it has a soul contact with God. His Omnipresence also resides in them and their body is thus the temple of the Holy Spirit. That spirit which you possess is thee spirit of the Living God, for HE begat it, and it possesses divinity. And He also because of the Celestial nature of this body can enter in and the individual can thus turn to the MOST HIGH and commune with God and the Father can commune with man (Adamites) as tho into the Holy of Holies, the center of consciousness of the individual. Therefore God can unveil his wisdom and the things of mystery unto this individual. He can answer his prayers and give him guidance and so forth, and one discovers that the more one seeks God the easier it becomes for them to receive the understanding of the MOST HIGH GOD.

Now we recognize that people says Oh, I am a transgressor, I have violated the law, these things are not for me, but this is not true. God says:---If any man (Adamite) asks he can heal the sick or forgive a transgression-----God says;--'Ye are my household, ye are my children , I have given you eternal life, and ye never perish'. He wants his household therefore to know that they are the temple of THE MOST HIGH GOD. And the more they are aware that they are this living temple of the MOST HIGH the more they live in accordance with the law , for they comprehend the pattern of divine law. For the laws of God are now written in our minds and hearts. This is the New covenant made with the House of Israel and the House of Judah. This is not just a punishment by law, of a law they must obey, but it is going to be the spiritual capacity of the individual to respond to the things he now knows and understands. So God now writes it on your heard and in your mind. But literally this is not the physical heart with blood when it talks about this, but it is the spiritual consciousness. And this spiritual consciousness is the place where God meets man, and it is the place where he possesses this Eternal nature.

Now; we do know that the entire nervous system of man is surrounded by the Celestial consciousness. And whether men realize this or not the spiritual consciousness surrounds the brain, the nervous system and the solar plexus, the whole pattern of the consciousness of man. And there are filters by direction from the Spiritual domain into and over the nervous system of man, connected to the capacity of the spiritual wisdom and guidance of the MOST HIGH. Therefore this is the real Holy of Holies and a man can enter into it.

John said;--I was in the spirit on the LORD'S DAY---He was meditating then on the things of God, and when he said;---"Pray without ceasing " it means to be meditating in the things of the spirit, or to be consciously aware of the things that God has done, or had declared and said.

Now; we know that the children of the kingdom know more than those who are not of the kingdom. And we know the Gospel of the Kingdom as we become filled with the knowledge of God , with prophecy, we become filled with the pattern of God's word, his law until as we read the newspapers, or watch the news we are always waiting for prophecy to be fulfilled. We are waiting for something to happen--why? because that is a part of it, the conscious pattern of your thinking which thinks in tune with the mind of God. The more one thinks with the mind of God the more in tune he becomes and the less chance there is for violation of the law. Surely for the law is written in his heart and he becomes so filled with the thoughts of God that he does not break the law at all by intent.

We have the old Episcopal type of transgression where it said there is a law of commission and a law of omission and then the law of ignorance. So there were sins of commission and sins of omission and sins of ignorance. but as the spirit of God works upon the consciousness of man this is atonement. When a person recognized that he has been atoned for, that the redemption is absolutely sure, that God gave him Eternal life, that the atonement has already been wrought, that there is nothing to be added to it, and nothing taken away from it, that iniquity has been removed rom him for the fall of the race, that God said he would remove iniquity away from you as far as the east is from the west, and remember it no more ---THIS IS TRUTH. So with this in mind we therefore turn with more perception and God unveils more wisdom, more of his purpose to the household.

Now; he doesn't take us out of the world, and Jesus did not pray for this for he said:--'I don't pray take them out of the world, but to keep them in it. ' For if they were taken out of the world then world would not be salted. He said;--'I don't pray for the world, but Thine they are, and mine they are.' After all we have a celestial consciousness as well as a soul consciousness and we never received the spirit like the world received.

Again over here in I Corinthians 2;6 ---'How be it we speak wisdom to them that are perfect, yet not the wisdom of the world (order) nor of the Princes of this world.' So the Apostle Paul in his ministry said;---I speak wisdom to them that are perfect. We are

talking abut the fact that his ministry was to the children of the MOST HIGH. A ministry to just men made perfect, a ministry unto a moving, living tabernacle, and as such to the Holy Temple of the MOST HIGH. Therefore the statement of the Apostle Paul was that we speak the wisdom of God, even the hidden mystery which God ordained unto our Glory, which none of the Princes of the world knew. For had they known it they never would have crucified the LORD OF GLORY. But the devils did not understand, had no way to understand for they were fallen and of course embodied in physical form. Never could re-enter completely the Celestial plain he had at one time altho Lucifer could come to the congregation of the Angels as an accuser of the brethren, altho I want you to know he had no spiritual perception. One thing that Lucifer could not do was spiritually perceive or spiritually understand the mind of God. He could never secure the mind of God. He could not find out the mind of God even tho a child of God might do this. There is no capacity for Lucifer to be able to do this. And this also---the children of Lucifer cannot understand---they cannot understand the mind of God. Had Lucifer known the mind of God he would have been fully aware of who the man Christ Jesus was. He knew that prophecy had been fulfilled in the man Christ Jesus, He knew he had come down here in a body of flesh like he had in the areas of his transgression, but he looked upon it as in the area of his own transgression, he also had cohabited with the non-Adamic as well as the Adamic race and brought about their fall because he was full of evil and transgression, and his evil offspring had no spiritual capacity. But Lucifer thought that Since God had come down here in the flesh, had established with the Virgin Mary a contact, and had now embodied himself in human form then Lucifer thought that all he had to do was to kill this human body, and he would thus kill god. So he sent out his ancient people to crucify or to kill God. This is told to us in the book of Nicodemus, he sent out his ancient people to try to kill the Christ--this embodiment of YAHWEH-God. They were always trying to stone Jesus or someway destroy him, because he was down here in a body of flesh. But what he (Lucifer) did not understand was that it was an Immaculate conception of YAHWEH who was perfect in all his ways, and he cohabited by the spirit, but remember that the race reflects the spirit of the Living God. This is that---My spirit will not cohabit with another race. It barred the Israelite or white man with spirit from other people on the face of the earth, even from the Jews (for they had Lucifers spirit or the spirit of the

fallen angels.)

Now the pattern was that God had established that he would reenter the affairs of his household by bringing forth his body thru the areas of the Virgin Mary of the Adamic race, and this he did. Therefore Lucifer could not understand because of his transgression that YAHSHUA was YAHWEH in the flesh, and had not lost anything by the entrance into the flesh. And thuds it is written;---"Eye hath not seen nor ear heard," and if Lucifer had known this he would never have crucified the God of Glory, but because they crucified Him after he came into the physical world then He could storm the Netherworld and they could not hold him there, or even stop him from releasing the captives. So this was the greatest defeat in all history because they could not discern, for the spirit of discernment had been lost thru the path of transgression. Therefore the Apostle Paul says that these mysteries--that God reveals them unto us by the spirit, for the spirit knoweth all these things of God. Therefore the spirit which had developed in all its dimensions in the consciousness of man, therefore revealeth them to us, receives the things which the mind of God reveals. Therefore our spiritual nature is of God who knows all wisdom and God can make this knowledge come upon our soul consciousness. And as he calls his sheep by name the developing Christian reaches for the wisdom and knowledge out of the mind of God until we see that we become an informed people. It says that God thus reveals things to us by spirit.

So what man knoweth the things of a man, he is a man who has a brain, and it operates by the senses and he knoweth thus the things of man. Even so the things of god knoweth no man except by his spirit which is of God. We have not received the spirit of the world in that we have received the spirit of God. We did not receive the spirit of Lucifer, the spirit of the world order, but we received the spirit of God so that we might know the things revealed. Not in words just necessarily in just man's wisdom but the holy spirit teacheth and compareth the natural things with spiritual things.

Now; the natural man--and we have natural men all around --we have Chinamen and Negroes and all kinds of natural men, and we have Jews who are a supernatural plant but all these natural men do not receive the things of God, to them it is foolishness. Neither can they know them because they are spiritually known. They are not the Temple of the Living god, we are those temples. They are the Temples of Idols, of Luciferian ideas, they are the Temples of all those errors while we are the temples of the Living God. Thus you are told to come out from among them and be ye separate. Ye are the children of the father, and he cannot cohabit with others. he said: I cannot join the offspring produced by the mongrelization of the race. So this again is one of the factors, people talk about receiving the baptism of the holy spirit, but actually of course every individual is baptised by the spirit of God into the body of Christ. But there is a filling of the Holy Spirit which is the in-filling or the baptism of power. There is no Asiatics baptized with this power, no Negro is baptised with this power, even tho they may be able to duplicate some things. This is where Brandon was foiled as he went down into Africa. He was preaching to the Negroes and all of a sudden they started to talk in tongues and fell on the ground and he said;--my --they are receiving the holy ghost. But the missionaries said no--they are only swearing and cursing. They were denying God because they were demon possessed, had been taught by witchdoctors, but this man did not know the difference. But the children of the Living God will receive the spirit of the Living God when they seek it and ask for it. And God's spirit will also unveil to them the wisdom and mystery but it does not unveil this to those who are not of the household of the MOST HIGH. "my spirit I will not give to another race". These are the words of the MOST HIGH, we discover in this passage;--"Who hath known the mind of the LORD?" This is the area where God has spoken of the ability to enter into the holy of holies , when he says;--'Lo I stand at the door and knock', and you answer and I will come in and dwell with you.' God will respond to the appeal of the individual, will unveil unto him the things of His mystery that the individual needs to know. There is a constant pattern of development for life and living. Why?--Because he has written the law now in your heart and mind. He has taken away every ordinance that was against you. All those that said;--don't do this or else, and don't do that or else judgment will come on you. where as judgment still falls on nations which don't follow the truth of God, where as the laws work as areas of blessings nationally they work retrograde also for disobedience. But as for you God said:--I nailed the handwriting of those ordinances which are against you to the cross. I have now written my law in your heart and activated the consciousness in you.

We are told that when He shows up here we shall be like him, but in the meantime I want to call your attention to the latter day church, the church of Philadelphia, the climactic church of this hour. This church that God is spiritually perfecting and making it more like himself each passing day. He has given you a deeper desire for his truth and his will, to his law, as well as the animosity which you might have toward his enemies. This is the thing that he talks about in the Psalms, this enemy which would crush the kingdom and so forth. This is what God says;---'I have indignation toward them, I will have until I have destroyed the power of those who would do violence against me.' But for those who have his spirit he says to you--'I lead you to the knowledge of all truth'. I bring all things to your remembrance, this is the covenant with his household. this is what Jesus said:--'I pray to Agneu Pneumos the great spirit which fills the heavens and the earth that He send you the Paraclete to illuminate your consciousness and to override for my new covenant . Therefore the Paraclete is the guidance of the spirit of the living God. He said;--"I come unto you". Therefore Christ is the fullness of the spirit, dwelling bodily in the flesh, and is also the one who can come invisibly but spiritually into the heart of the individual and comes constantly and individually when the person seeks guidance and advise in the name of YAHSHUA.

QUESTION;--A Jew can never convert to Christianity can he?

ANSWER;--No--never can they convert to a Christian. When we say Jew we are talking about Lucifer, and or any of the Luciferian offspring. Now; there are people that are called Jews, are called Jews who lived in the time of Jesus, and there are people called Jews who are Jews by religion but not by birth. There were Israelites and they became devout Christians like the Apostle Paul who was an Israelite of the tribe of Benjamin, but of the sect religion) of the Jews, but not a Jew by race. And he said the Jews were against God and contrary to all men. Jesus talks about how evil they were, and how they were of their father the devil, how this was why they could not understand what he said because they did not have the capacity to understand. So we don't necessarily imply that all people who get called Jews were Jews, but the fact remains that the people born Jews are just as bitter against the Christ, just as much the sons of Lucifer today as they were in the days of the Christ. If they had it all to do over again they would crucify him again if he were to walk on the earth and they had the power. They are instead crucifying the church, they are bringing on all this destruction, this mongrolization, and all these things today as they did with Communism , when they put 17 million Christians to death the first few years of Communism.

I have the works of Martin Luther and he said don't admit the Jews to the church for all they are is from a heretic on the outside of the church to a heretic on the inside of the church, an agnostic and a changer of ways. In other words he talks about the fact that they are not to be admitted to the assembly of the Lutheran church. He wrote the Princes of Germany and said;--don't let the Jews come into Germany, keep them out by segregation. Keep them out for they have no part nor lot in Christian civilization. They are betrayers who constantly opened up the door to the Asiatics as they invaded Europe. They were behind Genghis Khan, and are behind all the hoards which have been coming ever since. He said the Jews should never be allowed to enter the church, they do not belong,

QUESTION;--I read somewhere that the Rockefeller foundation supports the British Israel foundation, I can't understand this because they are so selective on things?

ANSWER;--Well, lets say this--The Rockefellers were as American as the Dime they gave away. But they were also victims of what was happening in the church. Old man Rockefeller built one of the biggest Baptist churches in the world, and his children were raised in church. In fact when I was a boy I knew them, I used to go out to my aunts on Long Island and they were out there at Fort Jefferson. They mingled with the rest of the boys and were just as nice as the other fellows. But they were growing up in this church which was reaching out to gather in the world. The federal council took over the Baptist

churches and all these other churches. The British Israelite foundation taught that it was

mainly British--Anglo-Saxon as to identity. it is a strange situation for old man Rockefeller believed in identity. This is the old man who many times went over to Buckingham Palace to see the names written on the wall. This chart of the kings back to David. This old man was quite a talker and he would sit down and talk to a man and tell them about the white race, and Israel, how they were to go out and colonize and Evangelize the whole world. And his boys had a smattering of this, but the thing today is that the people who are patriotic steer away from that street called 'Union now', and 'Union now' was sort of an operation which was sort of an operation which was politically being done by the 'left wingers' and Fabians, and Socialist. This book 'Union now' was a part of the program which would build a world super government which would actually unite America and the British Empire. ---But the fact remains that Patriots were against Fabianism and a lot of Patriots are so they were also against this 'British Israel' also because of the idea of joining them. But British Israel said that America was Manasseh and Britain was Ephraim and they were two great nations of God's kingdom and would be one in the Great Empire of God's Kingdom. Well the inside of this idea of 'Union Now' was that those who fought the idea of British Israel for their reason and the patriots fought it also for their reason, they would have nothing to do with the union of Britain and America now.

Some people say;--do you believe in British Israel?--No, I believe that the whole white race is Israel . As far as the word British this means Covenant man, this is a good word. Britain has the Britannic Isles, and in original Gaelic the word meant Covenant, so Britain or British does mean Covenant man. As far as God rising up the house of Joseph he said he was going to make Joseph the leader of Israel. He made Joseph the shepherd of Israel, and this house of Joseph is Anglo-Saxon, there is no question about this. So we have an area of pessimism to overcome, at the same time we have an area to get into to enlighten the race, because the race has been partially blinded thru the churches and their influences. And even in the race question and so forth we can trace it directly back to the false church which has helped to undo and destroy these things which are American.

Now; we talk about the Rockefellers as being Internationalists, but the Standard Oil as it first went out , where they could get a contract-----one thing that Standard oil always did was keep their word, it never sent a Jew over to any Arab country where they were not wanted. They would not break with the Arabs to satisfy Israeli. And Israeli was mad at Standard oil, and Jews would not buy from Standard Oil if there was any other station around. They boycotted standard oil for years. Even today if there is any other station around they won't buy from Standard and they keep this up all the time, even tho Rockefeller was internationalist we don't say he wouldn't be for America first, he probably would be but at the same time he wants to improve the lot of all these beggars coming in here, so I would never select Rockefeller for President of these United states because he is an Internationalists. But as for the idea of the white race moving out and ruling the world he was raised with it. This is one of the strange reasons why they backed the British Israel organization. I don't know how much they backed it , but with $5,000.00 at one time and with $10,000.00 another time and so much like that per year.

(E. M. --remember that one year after the organization of British Israel was established the Jews entered it and declared they were Judah and the British organization still says that at least some of the Jews are Israel, of Judah)

QUESTION; How much identity does the Mormon church have?

ANSWER:--They don't know much identity, the Mormon church had two sets of documents when the angel Moroni came and told them to go dig in the hill, and they went and found the plates. Then brought them the key so they could interpret the plates, so these plates were supposedly the history of a portion of the tribes of Israel who came across the sea with the tribe of Manasseh in about 800 B. C. into the Caribbean Sea, and then into South and Central America. Of course this is true, the Queeche were people with great brilliance but they weren't Indians at all, they were white men, but the Aztec still talk about the Queeche, the white men who came. They thought they were God's and they taught the people all the things they knew from Adam on down. All these things were taught in Central America and intro the areas of the Andes this was from the spreading influence of Manasseh.

Now; in the book of Mormons they are told that some of Israel came over here, but Indians had come down out of Asia and attacked the cities where the Manasseh people lived and they used sulphur to drive them out of their cities. The Manasseh people had taught them how to build escape route out of their walled cities, and they were tunnels over a mile long, so they came out thru the tunnels into the jungle and went tribal.

Later the Israelites from Scandinavia came into the Northeastern part of the U.S. and down the river and they found the iron deposits and developed the ire ore and hammered out their great axes as the Scandinavians had, and they built great stockades, and sank their boats with rocks in them into the Great lakes thinking they would be safe until they could rise them then return home. But some were not able to go back and one of the boats has just been raised. there in the north east the trouble came from the Indians who tried to surround the white settlers, and finally these people also had to go tribal. They came out of their stockade villages at night because of the scarcity of food and they made their way into the forest. So you had the Mohican, the Senecas, the Delaware, and other white tribes, and these white tribes of Indians, just like the White Cherokee and the White Apache, as well as the White Aztec , before all traces of the white people were gone, and then there were the pagan Indians. So in the ten nations of Indians there were lots of white Indians, like the white Sioux for instance, One of the most brilliant warriors of all times was a Sioux warrior. So from the time of the Scandinavians who went tribal

and were not able to go back --they like those in Central America went tribal and spread out.

But the book of Mormons does not deal with the Scandinavians. it only talks about the Manassehites, and how they say that the Indians are all supposed to be from the ten tribes of Israel, but of course they are not, never will beef. Some of them for some reason did not all of a sudden turn red, but there were some of Israel who came over here, and that part of the book of Mormons is true.

It is a strange situation but we had an archaeologist by the name of Farnsworth who is from Provo, Utah, and he went down to Central America to follow up on things in the book of Mormons and they found cities right where they were supposed to be. But this just means that there were people who got hold of some record. And I will not say that they dug them out of the hill in New York, or that the Angel Moroni gave them the interpretation. All I know is that there are some facts in the book of Mormon that they checked out and the cities were there. But there are also things in the book of Mormon that are absolutely phoney. The Jews are taking them over; taking over the mercantile business and moving into the church and playing these good people for suckers. There are some things which we disagree with. We know we preexisted and re embodied in earth. They know they pre-existed on several planets. Therefore if you are white here, you were a good one last time. If a Negro, you were pretty bad before. If an Asiatic, maybe a little better. But this is the doctrine that the Mormon church teaches.

Now, this is not right for the Negroes came in with Lucifer in his rebellion in the patterns of the past. We have the records of Atlantas and Lemuria. And we have the records of Horus and much that proves this is not true. But they did know they pre-existed. Today we have the testimony of Jesus the Christ. And Christ is the embodiment of God. He said in the Old Testament:--'I am YAHWEH thy YAHSHUA. I am God thy Savior. Beside Me there is no God.' Jesus said:--'Ye who have seen Me hath seen the Father, for the Father and I are One.' 'Why saith thou, show us the Father. I and the Father are One.'

Now, they do not believer the Jesus was ever God. They say that Jesus was a man that became God by the things which He suffered. Because of one little mistranslation in the English language which says:--'Jesus put on the fullness of Glory having suffered all these things.' Well. Having suffered as He said He would before the foundation of the world, the Almighty God having suffered as He said---did resurrect and return unto Glory. Why? They say that Jesus was a man who became a God and not He is seated on the right hand of God. And He is guiding the good Mormons right into the Glory seat. See? Remember this:--they sing a song. And in a way it is alright. But it says:--As Christ once was, so now are we, as Christ now is so shall we be. As far as the last half of it,---that is right,---for as He shows up, so shall we be. When He does appear we will be like HIM. And as Christ once was, so shall we be, has only one error there.---We are embodied as YAHSHUA was but He was perfect and we are not. He was YAHWEH (GOD) yesterday, today and forever. "Alpha and Omega", the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. There is no other God. But they think there must be a collection of Gods out there. And Jesus is just one of the boys. See? They think He is God now for this part of the Universe. But this is not true. I know that Mormons get out tapes and they will fuss and fume over this but the fact is this is exactly what they teach at present. They will tell you all of this, but they are also members of your race and God will reach thru to them. They all worship Christ now but the fact is that when HE was Virgin born he was God in the flesh. This is the thing, and yet they will come along and talk about the Virgin birth but they have never thought their theology thru. But as far as having a good program, they know that perilous times are coming, they are storing up food, putting it away, and the only silly thing is that the Jews are the keepers of the Mercantile doors. The Zion Mercantile company here and there ---see, and what they don't do is protect that food. Down here on Riverside is all that food stored there, and you know that if starvation hits everyone is going to go after that food over there, but they don't have any way of protecting it, they say that God is going to protect it. But the fact remains that they do know that perilous times are coming , they think that Zion is up there in Utah. If they put Zion in Zion national Park it might look better because I don't think the Great Salt Lake is any good. But the fact remains that there are many things that can be said for Utah, but all Israel is the house of God, all the white race is Israel, and God has a covenant with all Israel. They thought at one time that I was a prophet and they sent saints down to cover me, and my church in Los Angeles on Figaro, they wanted me to come to Utah and I went to Utah. But they wanted me to join the church and they would immediately put me in that big Tabernacle. They wanted me to speak there because I was a prophet. So I said;---well then why should join you, why don't you join me? That didn't' go so well because I would have to modify a little what I was saying. I said --why not them modify a little because there is one thing---you can never modify Christ---see. That was the statement, they are still waiting for a prophet.

QUESTION;--In their doctrines of the 144,000?

ANSWER;---No that is not the Mormons, that is the Jehovah witnesses.

QUESTIONER;--But don't they also believe that 12 Apostles will land only in the Mormon church?

ANSWER;---Well they believe that the 12 Apostles are the Mormon church, they have 12 Apostles there now, but I don't know that they believe that the Apostles were Mormons before the church was started.

QUESTIONER;--T he Catholic church says they have the Apostles and so does the Mormon church.

ANSWER;--The Pope says they are the direct descendants of the Apostles?---No--the Pope says he is a direct descendent of St. Peter--one apostle.

QUESTIONER:---Oh yes, down from St. Peter so they are the true church.

ANSWER;--Well he missed, for in the days of one Pope, the Papacy the office of the Pope was claimed by his sister who was his twin, and who ruled in his place, and they didn't know this until she died. So get the encyclopedia and look up Lucrecia Borgia and you will find she was the Pope of Rome for quite a few years, and she was a murderess. That does not make a good Apostolic succession. The Catholic church does however claim apostolic succession and so does Alexander Campbell's Christian church. But if you are not baptised by some one who was baptized by Jesus you are not in. So they said Christ established the Christian church and Alexander Campbell reestablished the name, so lets go along with that. But every minister who was ever ordained whether Methodist, Baptist, Lutheran or what so ever, they were ordained by some other minister who was ordained by some other minister who started out with Christ, so the entire ministry is Apostolic, and the true ministry is of Levi, for Levi was scattered among all the tribes, and Levi were to be ministers forever. He scattered Levi among the tribes and then calls them out.

QUESTIONER;--I have read where the Welch are supposed to be Levi.

ANSWER;--Well there are Levi there but he scattered them among all the tribes .But there is a lot of Welch in a lot of us also.

QUESTION;--What is your opinion of such men like this one who has written a lot of books on ESP, and others who write of unusual phenomena?

ANSWER;--Casey also?


ANSWER;--ESP is spiritual perception but also as there is ESP which is positive, there is also another side. The ESP which is positive and is of God is the holy spirit moving on the white race, but there is also a negative perception which comes out of Luciferianism. There is a super-natural element here and demons and creatures in plains of spirit. Some activate as obsessions, and some as possessions, that is the negative side and they aggravate people, they are sort of a phenomena. But there are evil spirits which do all kinds of things to torment people. Don't make any mistake abut that, but I am not superstitious, I am just going to be candid. I know they can be overcome by any Christian. I know that in thee name of Christ and the blood they can be scattered. but I also know they are hard to scatter.

Now; I know that when we get these people who try to preach re-incarnation because they have inherited a remembrance, in other words they have inherited some remembrance which was not in their life time, maybe of other lands, other countries which their forbearers migrated thru, in other words they can bring things out of the mind, retrograde experiences and they think that this is from a previous life. But it is not, it is only evidence that the seed which is a part of you is an accumulative evidence of a culture which grows and continues to grow . You are the sun total of accumulative experiences of your ancestors clear back to Adam. This does not mean everything from everybody because they were not all your ancestors. But if you would start back thru your ancestors right on back to Adam you find you are still recording, conscious or not. You are still recording, in the nasson electrons you have in the chromosome and in the ovum genesis itself you are recording the sum total of all their knowledge in the knowledge factors in the chromosome that carries it. Here is millions and millions of little tiny particles of chromosome and they are electronic. When these things are placed around your nerves you know when ever a nerve is touched. Over in Germany at Heildberg a lot of Scientists have discovered that they can touch around that nerve and it brings back experiences from your boyhood. They know this today, they see the results when they turn on the juice and touch a certain spot. then they turn the juice on and touch another spot and it will be ever so small still they have demonstrated that they can activate these nerve centers and you will experience things that go way, way back, maybe ten or twelve generations.

Now the thing is there may be area of perception that is activated or retrograding, they can do this. Here is another factor---this man Casey for instance--Casey seemed to be a good fellow when he started. he was a teacher and all that stuff, but he found that when he went to sleep that somehow his subconscious mind would tune in on the background material that was in the brain of the other individual. Now; he didn't analyze this, but when someone sat for him, then when he went to sleep, or call it a trance what ever you want, but he would then start to tell them what he saw. He would tell them what was wrong with them even if they didn't know what it was---see. And there is lots of evidence on Casey, he had hundreds and hundreds of cases that when analyzed came out right, that is true, so when he was right then he was right. At the same time he got deeper into the occult as everyone gathered a round him. Thee first thing then his theology began to change, and he was now a reincarnationist. He began to drum up remembrances over and over, but if this was not necessarily an area of spiritual perception, even tho it was a unique gift he had of tuning into the subconscious mind --still if not true spirit then it is not true. If it had been a spiritual area of discernment he would have known that reincarnation for our race was an error. he did not know this but he did know that there were records there in the brain of past experiences.

Now; there are some strange situations, a recent book brought out by his sons on Casey's reading is now referred to as "Casey on Atlantas" and in this book he talks about Atlantas and how it was destroyed, and all of this. I don't know whether he ever got hold of the book of Horus or not, but he is telling things that are in the book of Horus. Telling things about what Horus said about the Luciferians, how they didn't keep their fir st estate and became flesh bound, how they intermingles with the people of Atlantas and produced the sons of Belial. This is all in the book of Horus, and he tells how they developed all those things seen now in our modern civilization, like the laser beam, and nuclear bombs and so forth. He tells some people who he interviews to be very, very careful that one of their existences was in Atlantas and that if they are scientists working on the laser beam, or the atom bombs be very careful because they destroyed themselves back then and might do it again and bring on another holocaust.

Now; I have read this book and Casey is 25% right, if he had the book of Horus he got it there. In otherwords this book of Horus was written by the High Priests when they left Atlantas when it was sinking, as the tops blew off the mountains as the water rushed in, the continent shook and lava flowed 20 miles and then piece after piece broke off of the continent and went down, but they left before the last went down. God in his wrath brought judgment upon the children of Belial. So what do you find in Casey's writings but this warning to people not to make the same mistake, in other words profit by experience --see.

Now; reincarnation is not for you even tho some Asiatics do reincarnate. But it is not for you and we reach this perception and can say that if you are joined with an improper spirit, in many places familiar spirits reached Casey and gave him strange and different purposes and concepts. But some of these men like Ryan for instance at Duke University has done lots of experimentation in ESP, and they are quite amazed. The Zuni Indians have quite an ESP but I don't know where it comes from. But you can blindfold them and they can pick out color with the tips of the fingers. But put them in a factory in America and they go backwards and lose this and they never get it back. This is something they are working on for they don't understand this. As to the Christian it is not a general rule essential to understand this phenomena and all those factors for we know there are evil spirits, devil spirits and they sue them to torment and to obsess and to mix people up. At the same time we know how to disperse them. But also don't write it off as superstition for one of the easiest things to do today is to say that there is more obsessed people running around now who have no idea that demon possession is an obsession, the church never bothers with it. But there are a lot of obsessed people and lots of them commit suicide. You say they are lost forever----no not lost for ever, but they are sick and were persecuted in their spirits until they went crazy. These are subjects for another night.