06-01-66 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:--In the time of Enoch's prophecy he had prophesied that there would be a star--a sign which would pass to the head of Virgo and then during the pregnancy of Mary, then Saturn and Jupiter would come into conjunction three times. Did this star have a name that came to the head of Virgo?

ANSWER:--We have no name for it, and it may have been a comet but we do know that from the time it left the head of Achillea until it reached the head of Virgo that it was three years. The Savants had this time to watch this star, and to gather to the spot in Egypt. We have no name for the star, but we do know that it took three years for the crossing from Achillea to Virgo.

QUESTION:--Well then how long before the birth of Christ did the Star appear?

ANSWER:--Well three years and 9 months after it came thru the head of Achillea, of course it may have been many, many miles from Achillea but this is the appearance that it gave as it formed its ecliptic.

QUESTION:--When Enoch was taken into the heavens, how long was he away from the earth?

ANSWER:--We do not have any accurate information for this. We know that Angels came in a vessel and landed outside his house, and told Enoch that YAHWEH had summoned him. He was to be shown things, and then they would bring him back. So he went into his house, and shut the shutters, told his children good-by, that he was going to the throne seat of the MOST HIGH GOD, and he went with these Angels. We estimate that he was gone over a year, and he came back at the same time of the year that he went, so he was gone over a year, and if over two years that is possible but he left no record of this. He wrote 365 books, these books may not have been because of the trip, but they contained many of the things about this trip. So he might have written one of the scrolls every day, this we do not know. When the Apostle Paul was taken into the heavens, whether in spirit or in the body, he did not know, but in the Apocalypse of Paul when writing of this trip it would appear that he was gone for just seven days, for it would appear that on various days he was taken into the various areas of the heavens. Some days he was shown this, or that by his heavenly hosts. But he thought he was gone seven days. He knew he had gone out into the heavens, and returned to write his book of those days. Of course in both of these instances it could have taken longer. I am convinced that the transportation system after we leave here is very fast.

QUESTION:--How far away is that Constellation?

ANSWER:--Well the Pleiades is out there, and the throne is in the Central constellation of the Pleiades. We know Enoch was taken there, and I would think that Paul was also taken there. We know that Enoch also went into the Inner-earth, then out and over the ends of the earth, and on out past the Planets, and into the Pleiades. He traveled at high speed, and a far as light years we do not have a good measure on that. However, they used to talk about how long it takes for light to come to earth from the various stars, but they found that this was a fallacy. The density of the atmosphere, the pressure of earth, and under the conditions of the atmosphere of earth they site that light would take so long to travel because it would be hindered. Then in areas where there is less density there is less time elements in the refraction. However, again we point out that you see across the elements of space, and they talk about the time it took for the light to get here, but they have discovered that out in space light is squaring the velocity it takes to travel here. So when you multiply the velocity 198 thousand miles per second then you have a pretty high speed. And what they had thought to be 20 or 30 thousand light years really is only a matter of minutes. So we are not going to speculate on the pattern of light years. We would find these distances more accurate by triangulation. Where we can by triangulation make an estimate, or where we can by the procedures of movement in astronomical bodies gage the distance to planets and stars, but it is a most impractical impossibility to arrive at an accurate estimate of distance except by triangularities.

QUESTION:--Tell us something about Lucifer not keeping his first estate?

ANSWER:--Well, in the first days of his rebellion, in the heavens, he had Angelic hosts with him, and they did not keep their first estate either, for they took upon themselves human size. They seized women and seduced them--inter-bred. And later in the Days of Noah when they had did this with our race, we then have a record and there were giants in the land. Their celestial beings were so much bigger than their human beings, and as they mixed with the humans they produced these great giants called the Gotmas. These were huge monster individuals who taught that they were gods, and they acted like gods, and they were living in Asia. But Gotmaism happened thousands and thousands of years ago, before this area of religion in Asia. There were existent 25 to 30 foot tall individuals, this was their norm.

Now, when Buddha was a bandit, he was sort of like a Robin Hood Bandit, and then he got caught. He would raid the wealthy caravans of the wealthy merchants and divide up the spoils with the poor people so he was sort of a popular bandit. He came out of an educated background and was able to express himself. He wrote poetry and so forth, and when he was caught he was thrown into one of the major prisons of China, and was then brought to trial. Well he then concocted this idea, and he proclaimed that he was deity, and he threatened the jailers with dire destruction if they held him. But the jailers had to hold him because they knew he would stir up trouble. In the meantime his bands raided with impunity while he was in jail, and the general trend of the people, was that they were for Buddha. In the meantime his band raided with impunity while was in jail, but they still robbed only the rich, and gave to the poor. So the Jewish Chinese moved to make Buddha a living Gotma, and if they could get him out of jail they would build him up and recognize him as a priest, if he would adopt their religion. So Buddha started to write about the lotus flower when he was in prison, and he was a magician you know, and he confounded the jailers, and he got out of jail, and they could not figure how he had gotten out, and then he disappeared. Of course they let him out, and then closed the doors, but anyway Buddha got out of jail when he was on trial for murder. Then Buddha disappeared for a year then came back a great religious figure. And all these Priests in yellow robes started to serve Buddha. And the old Gotma Temples, these temples to these fallen Angels, the sky devils who fell with Lucifer were all now incorporated by Jewry into Buddhism. And the Priests began to wrote many of the scrolls and documents of Buddhism. And the repetition of Buddhism was set in motion, if people repeated their God's name over and over like---How is your mother Buddha, Buddha, how is your father Buddha, Buddha, and so forth, and they went into trances, and went into Buddha gibberish, in those Buddhist Temples. The Tibetan Buddhist Monks prepared prayer wheels so as to vary their repetition a bit, and if they turned the prayer wheel then all the things on the prayer wheel would be said. They had 360 spokes on a prayer wheel and a prayer on each spoke and every time they turned the wheel then all the things on the prayer wheel would be said, and this was the same as saying the name of Buddha over and over. The people brought gifts to Buddha and these Temples were growing by leaps and bounds thru out Asia, and all Gotmaism moved in with Buddhism and there it is still today. And all devil worship is now in Buddhism, so Buddhism is the largest religion in China and all Asia today. This is the story of the Divine Buddha, he is fat, and well fed, so there is happiness in Buddhism. they teach of a Navana which is a Buddhist heaven and they teach areas of reincarnation as well. when an individual is totally absorbed in the fullness of Buddhism, and fulfills all the functions of Buddhism then he is swallowed up into Navana, and becomes one with the spirit of Buddha. Tho the areas of it are not always understood---for instance the High Temples of Buddhism have the individual swallowed up, one with his god, but still existent in the plain in which the god can exist because he does not lose his personality, or his existence which is permanently installed as a Buddhist Priest so to speak. Others who arrive at the point of Navana are swallowed up in the nothingness of Buddha, as the spirit goes into the sea of the myth of Buddhism. This is a secondary stasis, and then the lower Buddhist can move into the lower realms of Buddhism and come back. This is included in Buddhism but is not accepted for the higher orders of Buddhism until they make it into Navana also. You never know just what Buddhism is because so many religions are now incorporated into it, and it is all Jewish, and most of its Priesthood is Jewish in the world today. This is the route of Buddhism, and of course Buddhism has always been anti-Christian in every sense of the word. Buddhism produced the most vicious warriors in the Boxer rebellion in China. Buddhism has always been in league with Communism and against Christianity. These Priests told the people of China to accept the collectivism and programs of communism. These Priests went into the land and aided and abetted communism, and during the period of General Mao's rise to power Buddhism was active in this. But when Communism was being installed in China, then Chang Kai Chek a young man went to Moscow to study and he came back militarily trained, but his wife was converted to Christianity, and he was also then converted as he saw the fallacies of Communism. The Chinese did not want Communism, and these were the wealthier Chinese, they had learned to raise vast crops and how to merchandise, and probably they represented about 25% of the people of China, and were from the Middle class and up. But these people had the most to lose from Communism they say the fallacy of communism. Some of them turned Christian and when they were finally pushed out on to the Island of Formosa, after W.W.II, when we were supplying arms to Chang Kai Chek---do you know that those arms were never delivered? They were sunk in the China Sea. Left wingers in the Administration were in on this transportation and actually dumped the weapons we were giving Kai Chek into the China Sea. We had traitors in our service, and Vinegar Joe Stillwell was a total traitor, he should have been shot for he was an absolute Red, and yet he was one of the top Generals we had over there. He was with Mao, and those other forces, and in league with them during the time the Communists were creating all conditions they could so Kai Chek could not remain in china. So many of these Buddhist with him were fighting with him, but their Priests were against him. By the time they got to Formosa many of them were turning to Christianity, and a Christian country was supplying them with material, with help, so Christians are motivated with a better spirit than Buddha so he called for his people to come with (Chek) and turn from Buddhism to Christianity. And many did turn from Buddha, and today the majority of Chinese who moved to Formosa have turned to Christianity, and rejected Buddhism, which at best was a pagan philosophy. There are a few Buddhist left on Formosa but most have turned to Christianity, to the best of their Asiatic minds. They still recognize Christ, and the things we do of the atonement. They recognize that there is one God---YAHWEH, and refer to him as God, and they may have a better concept of Christ being their God who came to earth. But the Buddhist have carried on, and even now are the subversive forces on Formosa and in Korea, and have done the same things in Viet Nam. For instance the Buddhist forces who traveled back and forth in the Vietnam area---and because they were thought of as religious they were not political so they traveled forward and backward and no one bothered them. During the time they were doing this they were moving transporting arms and radio equipment. The Diem's were Christians and were in charge of South Viet Nam, but the Buddhist were making trouble for the Diem's. During the Kennedy Administration Kennedy gave the high sign to go ahead with the revolution, and upset the Diam's and put the Buddhist in power because there were more Buddhist in the country. This is where he made a great mistake. You can talk about the Kennedy Christianity but this move did not make sense because Diem was a Catholic Christian and Kennedy was betraying his own church. He betrayed them because the Buddhist cried out that the Diem's were mistreating them. But this did not start until they discovered that the Buddhist were betraying them. A car driven by a Buddhist Priest had a wheel off, and then they found that they were carrying machine guns and everything else to the Reds. So they investigated the Pagoda this Priest was heading for and found that it was an armed fortress for the reds. At the same time they were going thru their rituals and so forth, but then Diem was shot and Cabot Lodge our Ambassador went down to the Pagoda and they received him with great honor and they bowed to him, and said he was a Buddhist as well as an American. They eulogized the President of the U.S. and so forth, but Cabot Lodge said he did not have any idea they would treat him so wonderful--after all he just went into the Pagoda to Worship.

Why in the world would an Ambassador of the U.S. go into a Buddhist Pagoda to worship?--Well, he had planned this deal to overthrow the Christians and put the Buddhist in power. Ever since this we were losing the war, and we are getting no where, and before this we were winning and accomplishing much thru the Diem's The results of this is that the whole area will go under the Communist mantle. The most futile, most asinine religion of all is Buddhism, and it is Jewish at its source. The thing they attempted to do is to remove themselves out of the politics, and the Jews then run the politics on the one hand and the Buddhist Temples on the other hand.

Now, Brahma, Vishnu, Siva and Kali are the gods of India, but the Jews reorganized these also. They are the leaders of these religions in India, and the same thing happened when President Eisenhower went to India, and they wined and dined him and took him to Kali's Temple and the High Priest put Kali's mark on Ike’s forehead, and he went around India with Kali's mark on him. He should have said:---I represent a Christian nation, I cannot take that mark, but no he just bowed down and scraped. They do not want our God but they want our money, and they sit around in poverty and wait for our food and money. But most of the money sent goes into the coffers of the Pagan temples. As far as Buddhism is concerned it is set up like Baalism, and they have Monks in their Monasteries, and they have the Vestal Virgins, and they set up their Monks exactly as the Catholic church does their Priests, but it is exactly like Baalism when that was the religion of old Babylon. They set up a Pontiff over them all, and the chief Lamas in the Buddhist Temples are under the Living Lama who is of course the embodiment of their god, this is the fullness of god in Buddhism, where the Pontiff is the representative of Christ in the Roman Church. So when the Pope received the Buddhist monks they kissed his ring. The Monks from Burma and Lassah as well as from China prostrated themselves before the Pope and he said he accepted them into the ecumenical conference because Buddhism was close to Christianity anyway. But of course it's not close to Christianity at all except in the hierarchies of it.

QUESTION:--Concerning the pre-Adamic races, were the Mayas and the Toltec people Pre-Adamic, were they not from the early Adamic races?

ANSWER:--Well, again this is hard to say, unless you know who you are talking about, as some later Mayas contained some Adamic people. But the Mayas were Pre-Adamic because they tell much in their ancient history of periods that were Pre-Adamic. When Manasseh, on the ships of Dan, went to Sea they came across and landed in the Caribbean and then these white men pushed into the Maya territory and the Mayans received them saying that they were the Queeche and this was the name for the White Gods. So the Manasseh people took over a sort of Priesthood for these people and taught them all the Bible stories, and we discover in the Maya records that they have many, many pieces of history that go a way back before Adam, but also they have the history from Adam down 800 B.C. So they received this from the Manasseh people then came on northward. We discover then that there were in the U.S. white Indian tribes--the Cherokee, the Sioux and the Apache who came from the Manasseh line, but in the areas of this connection with Manasseh, that if the Mayas had a pyramid like that of Egypt then it was built in the time of the Manasseh invasion. Thus there was a temple and it had inner Temples in it, and that temple which was built in Mexico before that, goes back to 11,000, or 12,000 years ago, and those temples were buried with lava. When they broke into these buried with lava, they found whole cities, the buildings covered with lava. They found one whole mountain shaped like a pyramid but covered with lava, and when they got into it then it was a pyramid. This was just one of these time elements, and the things inside date it at the time when the last of the Andes went up to the south, altho this was completely to the other side of Central America, and into the northern end of the Andes. There has been three layers of civilization buried by lava flows, and they have drilled into about six levels of civilizations buried by the lava flow, and they do not know how far apart these time tables of the Mexican volcanoes which poured out their lava scarves. They did find in the last one that there were Chinamen with Jade beads buried there. They were small--Chinamen about 4 1\2 to 5 feet tall, but they were Chinamen with Jade beads and those came from around Peking, China. They may have conquered a small area because they seemed to have been in positions of authority. This would again show that they go back before Adam because we only go back with Adam 7,400 years, and these go back 11,000 to 12,000 years so you can't start them with Adam. The factors for Adam are accurate, we have from Adam to Christ 5,400 years, and we have Enoch at approximately 5,000 years for his beginning, and 5,000 to 4,000 years before Christ the Great Pyramid was started. The Egyptians had a dynasty, and this old dynasty was at least 4,000 years old when the Garden of Eden was established, so add the 4,000 years before Adam and the 5,400 from Adam to Christ and this is 1966, so you get back to the 1,0000 mark.

Now; the high Inca mountains went up in the period far antedating this. We know that the tremendous capital of the Incas and the tremendous capital of the Incas and the huge blocks of stone that weighed 800 tons that were moved out of the Matagrossa---that this was on the level with what is now high mountains today. When these things were built of stone, the Andes mountains were not where they are today. The Andes went up high as the tops in Peru and Chile, and they had to go up in order for these huge stones to be on top of them. On the west side of these mountains you find sea shells and all kinds of things thrown up by the sea, which are just a little bit below the top of the Andes, just a little below the level of the top, so this area was seashore at one time. When they moved these stones and built these buildings of the Incas this area was on the seashore. They were older than the Andes so were built before the Andes went up. Some of the Andes thus went up thousands of years ago, and the northern end went up about 12,000 to 14,000 years ago. We do know that the Pre-Adamic chain of life had to have had a linkage with the Tungus people of the High Steppes. But in the catastrophe of Lucifers rebellion and the wars that took place in the mid-pacific, as this occurred, then this caused this separation of the land masses. Of course this was an atomic war, and we have the isotopes to prove this, and the high spots that are left from the Pre-Adamic times.

QUESTION:--I have heard that Mount Rainier is smoking.

ANSWER:--About four months ago this happened and the snow was melting but over around Shasta and Black Mountain they have had lots of tremors, vibrations in the mountains. And we may get an eruption at Black mountain, but so far it is just a rumble. Mt. Shasta did rumble and they were afraid that at Rainier the mountain would blow, and send red hot coals into the mountains which would then burn. Of course the whole Pacific chain has hot volcanoes in it. We have all the way down to Bishop---600 years ago Indians said they were hot, but there has not been to much motion on this end for a long time.

QUESTION:--Sunset crater in Arizona?

ANSWER:--Well we don't quite understand the Ice Caves not to far down. Whether there was a convulsing pattern at the end of the last ice age which was caused by a comet tail lifting masses of water into the sky from where it froze and then dropped down and this formed the ice age,---this was why the mammoths were eating grass and then were buried alive in snow? If the ice age had been slow as some would have you believe, as slow, moving down these animals would have moved away, but they were instantly buried over their heads. So here were ice masses like this which were caused by the comet tails picking up water and then slamming it back to earth. And if a volcanic pattern was laid over it then chunks of ice would be buried under, and turned over pieces of earth. And there was no reason why it should melt if it was insulated enough. At the bottom of lake Tahoe we have ice that stays there all year round, and this is hard to understand. 200 feet down in Lake Tahoe you find great caves of ice and some times ice comes up closer to the surface. A cruiser which sank 15 years ago went into the ice and they never did recover the people, only one girl and she was in a state of perfect preservation. So the ice had melted until she was free, and she came up from this boat. So the cruiser got into the ice. This is a phenomena but ice caves do exist. This idea that you move into the earth and it gets hotter and hotter is not necessarily so. Sometimes you get hot spots close to the surface and where Mercury is close to the surface you get hot springs. When you get water flowing thru it you get hot springs. You will have some areas then where it is hot and some areas where it is cold. They have been two miles down in mines, and it is cold. Then in other places it is hot and there is lots of pressure. If you tried to go thru this fault line between here and Santa Barbara then they hit hot steam when drilling for the aqueduct thru it. The men had to wear asbestos clothing when they went in there to drive that tunnel. They hit hot steam when they tried to drive that tunnel thru so there are hot spots close to the surface of the earth. Then you have places where it is volcanic, and places where it is not, but the lava from the volcanos is not coming up from the center of the earth, it is just coming up from some depth below, one of those areas where there is heat. The theory that the center of the earth might be hollow and have a crust of a mean dimension of four or rive thousand miles in diameter, and some had thought that there were hot belts in this, but there are not belts by the holes, they estimate that pressure creates great heat so it leaves the masses in molten condition. Well it would take centrifugal force, and they would have to balance it half way in between, so therefore this theory did not necessarily agree that centrifugal force would be enough to create this at nay great depth they wanted to create it----that is molten areas. They do site that the earth is hollow, and thus it gives as it turns. We know that it gives as it turns, and it is not exactly round, and when these alignments line up they

might give from a few inches to several feet, and if you get enough give then you get an earthquake. This is because the earth is somewhat elastic, it gives in its shape when it turns.

QUESTION:--Why do you suppose that right up here on the Don Granger ranch that there is a well that pumps 260 gallons per minute at 102 degrees---would this be Mercury under pressure?

ANSWER:----Well that is not to hot. There might be some Mercury at the bottom, you can't tell. Hot springs do form where Mercury is found.

QUESTION:--Why did they have an Earthquake in Washington D.C.?

ANSWER:--It was only a small one--2 degrees, they do not have them there much, but New York City, they have more of them there, but of course we could do without much of it.

QUESTION:--Mr. Williams says there are large animal bones in the rock in South America?

ANSWER:--I never heard of Mr. Williams, but in South America there were Jaguars, and large cats, no existing mountain lions except the American kind. But there are yet today Jaguars, and some spotted cats. There were pre-Adamic animals there and I have heard that in the jungle areas that there still exists pre-historic animals. That Petrodactiles are found there, huge flying lizards and so forth, in much of this area. It is possible there are some of these pre-historic animals still there, you know there was one found in California when the White men came in. One flew from here at lake Elizabeth to Arizona and there it was shot. And it was a flying animal weighing about a ton and it folded up over there after it was shot.

QUESTION:--Then this is not just a legend?

ANSWER:--No--I have the newspaper reports from Phoenix, they saw the wings and so forth when they went out to investigate the story. It was decaying and vultures were eating on it, but it was still there.

QUESTION:--Coming down from the mountains and getting back to the Synagogues---I read that the Jewish newspaper says that the Edomites of today are to be found in modern Jewry. If this be true then is it not also true as it says in Ezekiel:---"The Edomite shall be slain by the hands of my people Israel" (Ezekiel 25:14)--This hasn't been fulfilled has it?

ANSWER:--Well the Edomites who mingles with Jewry lost their identity, so under that instance yes--Edomites mingles with area of those who fell with Lucifer and the whole race shall taste judgment--see, but all Edom is not all of Jewry, because white Jewry goes back to Cain who was long before Edom. But before there was Asiatic Jewry, and Egyptian Jewry, there were even black Jews long before there were Adamites.

QUESTION:--Before they even came to earth?

ANSWER:--Well we know that the Negroes were degenerate to some degree, and of course since the black men were axemen and swordsmen on the ships of Lucifer then it is quite probable that the first mongrelization by the fallen angels when they did not keep their first estate, was with the Negroes. Then came the mixing with the Tungus people and then mixing with both, and the whole thing intensifies as YAHWEH decided to put us down here to straighten things out.

QUESTION:--I have spent much time in colonies of Jews and they are afraid, they are the most afraid people I ever saw. I used to wonder what they were so afraid of.

ANSWER:--You must remember that there are all kinds of Jews, various types of them but all Jews. You might find some with fear and some with braggadocio but you will find a very, very bitter, fierce Jew who is also a deadly warrior also. Make no mistake about it this type of Jew is making up the soldiers of Israel today. These young hardened Jews they have brought in----remember that most of the gangsters in America have been Sicilian Jews, from Sicily and they are some of the most evil, deadly Jews the world has ever known. And they bomb each other off the streets, they run the rackets, and they always are behind the scene, they feel rather secure. Then we have the Merchant Jew, and they run the areas of finances for the majority of the Jews. He may not be to active but he is cunning and controls the money. Of course---"Babylon is thy merchants, and deceives all the nations",---and they run the U.N. of today. So you come across colonies of Jews in New York, and elsewhere and they are afraid, but they are always going to be afraid because they are expecting to be caught up with. They are afraid that the white civilization is going to get wise to them. In fact in the B'nai B' Messenger of last week---Sammy Gaht has Milton Friedman handling the editorial and Mrs. Worf reporting in the American Jewish committee, on Anti-Semitism in the U.S. and in the article it says: "Over 50% of the people in the U.S. when they get together are talking about the Jews. They talk about the Jews, how they will cheat you, how they have cunning, deceit, how things are done by Jewish ways. All of them look down on the Jew, for they know he will defraud and cheat them if he can, this is their way of life. So if over half the People in America feel this way then all it will take is for a man on horseback to come along, and start blaming the Jews, and people will agree with them. This is why they are having such trouble with anti-Semitism, and the Christians are responsible because they say that the Jews killed The Christ. So they say--if we cannot remove from the scripture this idea that we killed Christ with cunning, then we are gong to have always to combat this, for it is our basic problem We have the heads of the churches, and the hierarchy going along, but we have to revise the Bible, and we have to teach Christians how to teach Christians because we are being blamed for this. Well it tells you that they bribed the false witnesses and so forth, in fact their high Priest Caiaphus said:--"You Jews don't know anything at all--it is absolutely necessary that we kill this man, if we do not kill HIM he will gather the children of God who are scattered abroad and we will lose our place in this nation. It is absolutely necessary that we kill HIM" And from that point on the plotted together as to how they might put HIM to death. This is their record and it is in our New Testament. But I don't want any good relations with them, I just want them to go,--see. In fact we are gong to work at it as long as we have breath, to see that they go.

QUESTION:--Do they deny that they are that way?

ANSWER:--It is not so much that they deny that they are that way, they just don't want white people to talk and think about it, this is the thing---see. They don't say that they didn't kill the Christ, or use cunning or craft or plotting, they just don't want us talking about it. And of course the Jews like Ben Becht say leave it to a crowd to bungle the job,---"If I had managed this disposing of Jesus the Christ I would not have crucified him, I would have fed him to the lions. They could not have resurrected a Christ out of hamburger." This Ben Becht just died a little while ago, he not only wrote a lot of script but he was the President of this organization of Christians and Jews. But when he wrote a book for his own people that was what he said, and I have that book. The Jews have one faith for themselves and one for us when they are with their own. We must remember this, they are a cunning people and never to be trusted.

QUESTION:--A lot of people think that they are good business men, but I have discovered that where Jews are in business, if head of that department then that company is losing money or---

ANSWER:--Maybe they have a way of siphoning it out. But you see they are not geared into production, but they are geared into handling money, and they make money, and they make money without money dealing on a lie. For instance this is one of the functions right now, they are scattering the word now that you can buy silver against a price rise. That if you have $500.00 then send it to Switzerland and buy $500.00 dollars worth of silver, then you pay 6% on it for the rest of the year. You don't pay the rest of the $5,000.00, just put down $500.00 dollars worth of silver, then you pay 6% on the rest of the $4,500.00, for the rest of the year. Then if it goes up you sell it back and get what is over the $4,500.00 that you did not pay. So what are you doing here? Paying out $500.00 and then paying 6% interest on $4,500.00 for the rest of that year, on the Jews word that there is any silver there---see?? And if the price of silver goes up then the bank handling the transaction closes---but people fall for this. They are even borrowing money to do this. The Federal Reserve is a total phoney fraud, and we don't have any money, but they loan it to us, they don't even have to have any collateral behind it, and we keep paying the 5 or 6% for this money, and up to 8 or 12% for car payments. So we are using their money and they are getting it back all the time. But all they did was to tell the banks that they would extend the credit so actually we aren't even using their money to buy a car of something, yet you are paying all this interest for thinking that you are using their money. But they never show up with gold or silver or something to back up the money. So the Jews are a bunch of lying scheming rascals, and when they can manipulate the areas of money they can make a living just manipulating money, and they don't even have to come up with it. If we said they had to come up with all the gold and silver for all the transactions they have made all over the world then they would come up with another story for they have all the gold and silver all stacked away in Tel Aviv and elsewhere. But as long as you come up with interest on their notes which they extend thru their banks then they have us. But I think they are a cunning bunch of money liars, they are full of braggadocio and talk, maybe they won't work so good in a production department, for they are not producers anyway. They are just scalawags and when they go to work they want the easiest jobs. But the fact is that they are managers of money. They work pretty good also with clothes and they sell them to you, but the areas of their work is money management, and they run this well if it is to their advantage.

QUESTION:--How about bankruptcy?

ANSWER:--Well Jews make a lot of money going into bankruptcy, when they do not deal with Jew concerns. The Jew does not deal with Jew concerns unless it is within the areas of their own organizations for they put men into all towns to bankrupt all clothing merchants, and all retail stores. They will sell at a loss to bankrupt these other stores, and after they have taken them all over then they set them back up again and raise the prices.

QUESTION:--If everyone was to call for gold instead of Federal reserve notes what would happen?

ANSWER:--Well you can't--you do not have any authority to call for gold. Your government does not have any gold anymore.

QUESTION:--There are some dates in Revelation, can we know more about them?

ANSWER:--Well, we know that the book of Revelation has dates, and when they are coming to pass, more or less, but you don't set dates on it, some can come to pass, and you can set dates on that, but some are chronological and areas of it are not. Take a single chapter of Revelation and it goes back before the foundation of the world, then comes up right to now, and then ahead into the fullness of time, then the next chapter starts back, way back, and it overlaps. So each chapter is covering a different aspect of it, or a different phase but it is not engineered so that you would have a chronological time arrangement. There is 'time' in the book of Daniel which we can hinge to, but we have the best of times now for we now have the 'time' of the Birth of the Christ, and we now have the sign of the 'Son of man in the heavens'. The birth of the Christ came exactly on time so then the second sign in 1962, and we are now in the period that overlaps with 'tare time' and the DAY OF THE LORD. We can look for battles, we are in the years of tremendous activity. We may see major earthquakes in June and July but one sure thing, we are going to see is Race Wars.

It will be communist inspired and led even tho they are telling you that communism has softened its stand. Just a short time ago they were telling you that their military will be built up at all cost, and that they must sacrifice to build the military to conquer the world for Socialism. All the time they have been working, building, secret weapons while the rest of the world has been boondoggled into disarmament and so forth. We know they have a n operating fleet of Submarines off each of our coasts covered by a mother trawler. We are in a spot now when anything can start to happen. Israeli is champing at the bit ready to take the areas of Jordan, and this silly administration says they are giving our best equipment to Israeli because the Russians are arming for a strike against Israeli. Well it might be a good thing to give them something to fight with, but when it comes to our going down there to help them fight, then I am a conscious objector on this. Every Christian should refuse to fight, for the Jews. There is absolutely no reason why we should fight for the Jews, for they start all wars.

QUESTION:--WELL our people are awful dumb on that. The paper was pointing out that the Viet Nam war is now costing 24 Billion dollars per year. This will break us in a few years.

ANSWER:--The most disgusting thing is that we don't take the tremendous coordination we have in our air force and move in and wipe out the enemy. This is the most fantastic debt spending we have ever seen, but actually we could just let I t fold up, all we own then would be to ourselves.

QUESTION:--The Israeli are using Asiatic and Black Jews to fight over there?

ANSWER:--They are not using so many Asiatic Jews altho at the rate they are pouring in they will be the ones running the show. (this is now true) Ben Gurien is a Zen Buddhist, he isn't a Jew under Orthodoxy Jewry, but there is a lot of Buddhists in Jewry so the whole ball of wax is fictitious and black Jews are fighting in the street down there for 'civil rights'. But the higher caste of Jewry moves into Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and they manage the show. There is a greater cast system in Palestine than anywhere else in the world. This may be on the higher order of the higher and lower echelon of fallen Angels. They are coming here, they are leaving Santa Barbara which is a special haven, as they think it is safer than Los Angeles, which might be a target area, but it could be the earthquake are. The Jews are also moving to Mexico City and to Rio-de Janeiro as they think after they have looted this place it will belong to the communists. So the wealthiest Jews are moving their families to these other places.

QUESTION:--Why move to Santa Barbara?

ANSWER:--Well the University is pink as they come.

QUESTION:--Why does not God raise up leadership for his people?

ANSWER:--Time--he can do this in 24 hours. It is nothing that comes prematurely, but it can come in days, weeks, or months.

QUESTION:--Will there be a spontaneous rising of the children of God?

ANSWER:--The book of Joel seems to call for this.

QUESTION:--I heard the other night about this Watts riot and it said that there were a lot of Minute men killed there?

ANSWER:--I doubt that, but there were more killed than they told us about, even of the Negroes. Some were even killed as the Niggers burned down the building with other Negroes on the roof shooting at the people.

QUESTION:--A person driving down the coast said that car after car of Negroes were on that road, and they turned off to go to Bakersfield, so will there be trouble there?

ANSWER:-----Well Yes, and at Oakland too.

QUESTION:--In Revelation and Joel 2:31--the sun shall be turned to darkness and the moon to blood, before the great and terrible day of the LORD----

Rev: 6:12--the sixth seal---the moon becomes blood?

ANSWER:--This could be an atomic bomb break--the sun blotted out almost like an eclipse when we broke the bomb out near the Hawaiian Islands. This prophecy was literally fulfilled for all kinds of cracking occurred in the atmosphere and it frightened the people in Hawaii. They thought we had started a chain reaction as debris fell to the ground, thunderclaps came, and the sun turned to a strange color, and the moon at night was red for almost a week, and then it fades. So lets face it we are only jockeying, but we are n the Day of the LORD, the economy is upset, the whole world is in trouble. We may try but we can't save England, or any other country because we do not have any money.  

(End of message)