06-02-65 Bible Study Q&A


Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:..Have you ever gone into this question about the wheels in the first book of Ezekiel?

ANSWER:...We have discussed that in various bible studies. And the Book of Ezekiel is rather hard to understand when they translated it into English because they didn't understand what it was talking about. The Wheels are flying saucers as we would call them today, space crafts. As they translated it into English they did not understand that what Ezekiel was talking about was moving, pulsing,crafts with people in them. They sort of thought there were creatures in them because they moved. Actually it was a description of the same kind of space craft as described by Enoch, and that is found in the Apocalypse of Paul, the kind we see today when we try to focus on them. But you will note that he said a whirlwind came out of the north, and a great cloud, and a fire was enfolding itself, and brightness was about, and out of the mist thereof as the color of Amber, out of the midst of the fire.

Now; whirlwind was not the actual word, it was a whirling object, a round circular object, a round object came out and it had a radiation, an emanation, a light, and it said that although it was circular it had facets to it. The upper part was a cubical tower on top. And also there were emblems on it. He tells that there were people in the crafts and that their wings were joined one to another, they turned not when they went, and they went every one straight forward, in otherwords they moved in formation. He said these living creatures were like burning coals of fire, and behold one wheel came upon the earth by the living creatures. So one of the crafts landed. He said the appearance of the wheels and their work was as it were--a wheel in the middle of a wheel. In otherwords, they were circular with layers of machinery, and as he watched, one of the craft's landed. Some thought that one wheel was on the earth while the other was rolling around in the sky but that isn't what it was talking about. In fact, one of the craft's was sitting on the ground, and it looked to him as tho it was a wheel within a wheel. Those who have looked at them through our quasar have noticed that there is concentric circles, moving at higher velocities and not at other times. When they are moving slow sometimes you can even see the segments move, and this is what Ezekiel saw at that time.

QUESTION:...I have looked at them and it seems at times as tho there is a light around them.

ANSWER:...Well, some have a light, some are illuminated, some seem to be reflecting light, and some seem to be able to turn it off. When Ezekiel sees this he says the living creatures go into the wheels and they were lifted up. For the spirit of the living creatures was in the wheels. Well, the 'Living creatures' were people, Celestial creatures, and when the drivers go in, then they took off and circled around. This is what he is saying; that the spirits of the Living Creatures must have made the ships go. Just like a chariot, they had to be operated. He said their wings were straight, or like a great circular ledge, it wasn't as tho their wings were like the wings of a bird.

In otherwords, these machines had overlapping planing surfaces. He said he heard the noise of their wings like the noise of a great waterfall. Well, when you hear a jet go by it roars, or a high velocity airplane cutting through the atmosphere...it roars. And crafts moving at supersonic speed have a great tendency to roar. So he heard the sound as of many waters and there was a voice as tho over the firmament. So in otherwords, when they led down their wings there was a roar coming in behind them. And these roars Ezekiel hears are the noises you get from supersonic aircraft or anything traveling at high speed. Even the old propeller's of planes used to make quite a bit of noise. However, these are moving at supersonic speed, and we know that they were using electro-magnetic force. So when they came in and landed then Ezekiel was curious and he came close. They opened a door in this one craft and he said they took out a throne, and the appearance of it was as though it was cut out of a sapphire, and the throne had upon it one in the appearance as tho of a man. And Ezekiel said there was the color of amber around this figure. From his loins upwards he was radiant, as well as downward, and he had the appearance as tho shimmering with fire from the brightness, and as the appearance of the bow in the clouds in a day of rain. So was this brightness round about.

Well, this was the brightness of THE LORD, and Ezekiel fell on his face. Then he heard a voice saying:...'Son of man stand upon your feet, and I will speak with thee.'

Now; come over to the Book of Revelation and you will notice that this was not unlike the experience of John when he was on the Isle of Patmos, for the name of THE LORD. The Jews had exiled him out there, and he heard these words:..'I AM THE ALPHA, OMEGA..THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY' And when this happened he said he was in the spirit on the Lord's Day. And then he said he beheld ONE standing before him, like unto "THE SON OF MAN". This means like a man embodied in Glory, or the embodiment of God. This phrase.."Son of Man" means God embodied in the flesh, and John said the radiant emanation was Light and Glory, and from HIS eyes it was as though flames of fire came, and the radiance around His feet was as tho the light from a furnace. His voice was as tho the sound of many waters, it was so filled with authority. So when he talks about this he tells of the great radiation from THE CHRIST.

In another place he says:..'Come in hither', and he steps through a door in space into the plane of spirit. This is in the 4th., chapter of Revelation, and after this..'Lo, behold a door opened in the heavens and a voice spake unto me and said, Come hither,'....but this preposition has no area of direction, it is come in hither, step through into this plane and he did. And he said that immediately when he was in the spirit he beheld a throne set in the heavens, and ONE sat on that Throne, and as he looked at this ONE it was as tho he was of Jasper, and there was a rainbow around the throne. And out of it came a green mist, like chlorophyll which is synthesis of Photosynthesis of Light to Light. But the most important thing is that John saw just ONE sitting on the throne.

Now; go back to Ezekiel and he saw them take this throne out of this great circular ship, he said its appearance was like a day of clouds, or like a rainbow. So this is a graphic duplication and witness concerning the MOST HIGH, whether this throne is carried in a space craft with HIM, or whether as John stepped into the plane of spirit there was the same characteristics about this throne. So we know that Ezekiel beheld Deity riding in a chariot or craft of THE MOST HIGH.

Go back to the Book of Deuteronomy, and you find that God came over Paran and down over Sinai with 10,000 of His Saints bringing the Law, before Him and His chariot was radiant and so forth.

Then Abraham said that THE LORD passed by like a radiance of a burning furnace. This is a radiance, emanation, and the effulgent Glory..Shekinah Glory was almost like clouds round about when the LORD passed by. He said:. 'He went by with chariots and it was like a burning furnace.'


QUESTION:...What is your interpretation of the New Jerusalem?

ANSWER:...Well, when we talk about the New Jerusalem we are talking about the descending civilization...WITH A PURPOSE. It has been coming down out of heaven like a bride prepared for her husband. But God said it has been descending from out of heaven, from spiritual plane's into physical ones. So from Adam to Seth, to Noah, to Shem, to Abraham, to Jacob, always multiplying and increasing. THIS IS THE NEW JERUSALEM...coming down. And of course has been the developing, building, culture,...the New Order of the Ages, to ultimately bring in the Kingdom. But to establish that the New Jerusalem is actually a great body of people then you remember it takes people to build a city, not just buildings and so forth. This is to be discovered in the twenty first chapter of Revelation, and here:..'I saw a New Order of Ages, for the first order of the earth has passed away. And I saw a holy city, the New Jerusalem coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.' So you see God talked then about His Israel, His issue ruling with HIM in earth and He said:..'I am married to you O Israel'.

Thus Israel is the bride of God..as a Race, and the posterity of the race are the children of the kingdom. Thus the race is identified as embodied in the earth as God's bride, and the children of this race as His Household. You will not this here as it says:..'I heard the voice saying that the body of god is with them, he shall dwell with them, and they shall be his people.'

You will note this also in the 21st., chapter that he saw this Great City (the kingdom) descending having the Glory of God, and her light was like a stone most precious (vs: 10-11). This is talking about the radiance, the aura, the great Central City. It has walls great and high and 12 gates, and the names written thereon were the 12 tribes of the Children of Israel. So the way you get into this NEW JERUSALEM is to be born into it. You have to be of the Issue of THE MOST HIGH GOD ruling in earth, for the City of Peace, or New Jerusalem is the capital of God in earth. And it has been multiplying and increasing, and will until it comes to its full, and it is made of people.

So...when talking about New Jerusalem, this is symbolic, this is the great congregation and eventually of the entire posterity of the kingdom, and at the hour of Christ's return then He brings all those spirits who have passed back into the plane of spirit, he raises the dead, these great and mighty hosts who make up this New Jerusalem, and they are a great living city. Of course the capital of God's Kingdom has dimensions given to it even in the Book of Ezekiel. Symbolically it is 1500 miles square, thus signifying it has to be set down on a great continent where there is such areas of room, and the great Capital City will be made up of people. There is no need of a Temple inside..for THE LORD is the Light thereof, and it says:..'I saw no Temple, for THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, and the LAMB are the temple of the New Order.'Therefore, symbolically then it is a living community, a living city made up of the glorified children of the MOST HIGH. A lot of people are looking for a city, a building coming down on golden chains out of the sky, and a lot of such things, but this is rather impractical, it would be the longest chains in all history, but a few people have had visions in the past and these visions are a result of their word pictures and imaginations, and maybe the dill pickles they had for supper along with it before they went to sleep.

But they saw this city coming down hanging on these golden chains. The sun, moon, and stars were lowering this down to the earth. It would be quite a job to land it at the speed it was moving at, it would really be quite a feat. This is of course just like the idea that people have that the Marriage of the Lamb is a whole lot of tables spread out in the sky, surrounded by clouds, where they will set down and eat pheasants, and turkeys while the tribulation goes on here on earth. Then after the marriage supper is all over, they hope to come back down to where someone else has run the rascals out, and they get their houses back and all their possessions. But there is nothing to this idea either they just misunderstood the symbols, and they translated and interpreted this as a literal happening not realizing what it meant. Because when God returns to earth, you aren't way out there, if you plan on meeting someone at the station, after the meeting you come on home.

Now; there are many people not interested in the Kingdom, so they cannot be brought into contact with the Kingdom until after the Kingdom comes in, then with the administration set up, the Kingdom administration closes, and blessings begin to descend, then there are a lot of rascals who will want in. And He said..you can stay out in outer darkness, in Africa, or Asia for instance, because they have some training to come and some catching up to do. Because you didn't want to come in before...now you can stay out in outer darkness, thus there will be some weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. Now down in some subterranean chamber of perdition, but on the outside.

"The Last shall be first, and the first last"..they were made last by the World Order, but they are first in the eyes of God because of the truth they carry. For instance you wouldn't have a hard time finding out who they would like to make last, according to the rascals in control, those in administration of power. But there are a couple of passages over in Revelation that talks about the Brethren ruling with HIM. That they shall sit in the administration and rule and reign with HIM. This is a very significant thing, but you will note here that it says:..They rule and reign with HIM IN EARTH.

"And I beheld, and I heard the voice of many Angels round about the throne, the number of them was 10 thousands times ten thousands of thousands saying...blessings and Glory to HIM which sitteth upon the throne." (Revelation 5:). And you will note verse 9., that all of these out of every kindred, meaning all the relatives were redeemed by Him irrespective of language they speak (tongues) from these different nations of people..."And has made us kings and priests and we shall reign in earth." This is the literal reigning on earth by the kindred.

The original passages in some of the earlier translations were very lucid in this place because it said:.."They sang a new song, Thou art worthy to take the book,"...because He had paid the price of resurrection and redemption! (Revelation 5:9) "Thou art worthy to open the seals thereof for thou was slain, and hast redeemed us unto God by the blood, out of all the Kindred." And the kindred are relatives, so out of all the relatives of YAHWEH, irrespective of the tongues we have spoken in our dispersion where ever we have gone, still He gathered us, and hath made us again kings and priests unto our God, and we reign upon the earth. So this is the New Order of the Ages...Novus Ordo Seculorum.

George Washington recognized this, Benjamin Franklin knew this, most Master Masons of that day knew this before the catastrophe had altered the Ancient lodges, whereas they no longer understood that they were Master Builders. But the Apostle Paul who was a Master Builder said:..No other foundation can anyone lay than that...in Jesus The Christ.

So...the Kingdom was built in great symbolism, for instance when they selected the pyramid for the ideal Messianic building it was because George Washington knew all about the Pyramid, knew it was the ideal Messianic symbol. Knew about the covenant with Abraham, and the chief cornerstone which Peter speaks about. So when they saw America then they symbol was of course the Pyramid. Not literally...not piled up in the air 1500 miles high, but we are still a great symbol off "Living Stones", all of us framed together growing into a Holy Temple unto God. These areas of symbolism are shown all through the scriptures, and God says you are "Living Stones".

Now; no one is petrified, no one has been turned into stone, you are "Living Stones:, indestructible, so as stones remain indestructible so also do you remain sustained by the spirit, and cemented and sealed together by the spirit in which the chief corner caps the whole structure. And tho rejected by men..God set it..seals the corners and the whole building with this capstone.

Now note this; the concept of Christian Civilization and culture set, and growing in earth and reaching out toward its destiny was "Novus Ordo Seculorum", the New Order of the Ages, the New Heaven in the New Earth. The law of heaven makes the New Order in the Earth.

Now; the former law of heaven which came to earth was contaminated by an Archangel, so the old order of heaven, and the whole earth order where he (Satan) was the Prince of the powers of the Air as the scripture tells us, is replaced by a New Order of the Ages coming down out of heaven prepared as a Bride for her husband, coming forth from God into earth wherein God embodied might be enjoined to it in the establishment off His administration. Among the deepest of the symbolistic mysteries which belong to our race throughout our Mystery Schools are the lore...these are the KEYS. I could talk for hours on these symbol mysteries, because those symbol mysteries were given in the days of Enoch. They were given in the days of our Pyramid building forbearers. They were given in the days when the Temple Zendera was built in Egypt, when the signs of the Zodiac were there. They were explained to Noah, they were pictorial symbols, God formed them for their symbols when He built His Universe, they were for the earth alone, these symbols then have their value. So the Destiny, the Sovereignty of a mind that would so group this for the track of our earth would signify that they had their significance.

Now; this symbolism is woven into all kinds of philosophies and thinking in the Ancient Wisdom Schools of our race. Today our sophisticated Clergy who think they know more than God think you are superstitious if you recognize the signs of this, they don't know anything about the signs. In fact I am rather ashamed of the Masons today. I have talked with too many Masons who will give you the handshake, and will say they have traveled. They do know the difference between the Universal and the Jerusalem Pillar, they can tell you the difference between a Corinthian Column and a Gothic Column, and after all this is kind of superficial, but talk about the real mysteries, these were the Wisdom taught even in secular schools of those who would serve YAHWEH. And the Celestial schools were the Masters of the Rose Cross combined with the law of the Fulcrum, with the spiritual law, these symbols were taught down through the days when the Temple of Solomon stood in Israel, down through the Essene companies in the days of Jesus, for they carried the Live True symbolism. Then the Jews came in and they could not understand or catch this, so they muddled up everything in order to get some mystery which they understood, and to do this they had to bring in idolatry, and pagan religion. They did this back in the days of David and in the time of Solomon, they were working hard at that time to come in. This is one of the reasons why when Solomon built the Temple that the king of Tyre was trying to come in. He was mixed up with all these pagan philosophies, he knew David, had an alliance with David that they wouldn't go to war on each other, but at no time was the king of Tyre or his people allowed inside the Temple, because altho they claimed to belong to the Mystery Schools, and tried to approach through these Mystery Schools, still their Mystery Schools had Kali, Vishnu, and Brahma symbols in them, and all kinds of truth wrapped in paganism. So in the days when Solomon was building the Temple these pagan priests wanted to infiltrate Israel, take over its society. And Hiram had this Abif who was supposed to be the king of Tyre's special teacher. An Abif is a master of wisdom, could be a master of architecture or a master of the application of the Fulcrum, or any of these things. So Hiram the Abif was of the nationality of the King of Tyre, while Solomon's Abif was of a different race. A lot of Mason's do not know this today, they think he was a brother because he belonged to some ancient Asiatic lodge. This was the strategy, they would use the Temple that Solomon was building to infiltrate Israel. So when they got over there to Judea they were permitted as craftsmen to work on the Temple, and then Hiram sent his master masons, but when the Temple was complete on the outside, the Hosts of the Israel Priest's would not let these strangers come into the Temple and work on the Holy of Holies, or on any of the inside, so the Abif of Hiram went to the king and said:..'behold are we not yet brethren of these men? Have we not been the friend of Solomon's father David, and yet they will not let us inside the Temple to work? But the Levites would not let them inside the Temple because they were pagans, even tho they called themselves a part of the Mystery Lodge. This Mystery Lodge was sort of the B'ani B'rith of those days, which was tied in with all sorts of pagan philosophy, and was not the true lodge. It was not the brotherhood of Israel, of these children of God. So they had a big beef because they wanted to come in, and the day of the dedication of the Temple then the King of Tyre and his Abif had to stay outside. So the Abif decided they knew something to do...when they poured the great Molten Sea, they had to take it outside and let it settle, for it had to go through a certain process. So the sea was poured, they had a great tent where they poured it and then they rolled it into the Temple. But when they were casting the Sea they were to shout...Hallelujah YAHWEH, and the vibrations of Praise was put into the metal...the vibrations of their shouted praise as it went into the tent, and came down upon the metal as it cooled, put little concentric circles into this metal. Well they poured the first one, and they did not do it this way, and the pagans were so angry that they could not get into the Temple that Hiram the Abif climbed up on a pedestal and declared as he dove into the hot metal...'we shall be permanently in the Temple. But not so...the Israelites would not use any part even of the material, so they took this Molten sea and threw it out and started all over. They again gathered all the material and poured it, and then dedicated it to the High Praise of YAHWEH-Hallelujah YAHWEH.

Now; this symbolism of the Moulten Sea, they used to gather around this sea with various ceremonies for instance..the High priest as he prepared to enter the Holy of Holies had a little gadget called the Urim and the Thummim and he could divine with this. If the answer was yes, it turned one way, and if no, it went the other way. It was almost like a Cubical which rocked one way or another, it was not a coin, it was a cube. So when the Priest went into the Holy of Holies, and if there was any big question he wanted to find an answer to he could consult the Urim and the Thummim by asking his question. The aura of Glory was on the inside of the Holy of Holies and it would turn this little thing over and thus he would get his answer...yes, or no. So in the meantime this Moulten sea which was actually like a huge baptismal fount, the Priests would stand around it and they would start singing...HALLELUJAH and the water would ripple from the vibration like it did when it was molded, and the Priests would be looking as tho into a crystal ball, and they would catch a glimpse of this thing which the Priest was getting his answer on. This was a witness, so when the High Priest came out the other Priests had watched this also and this was one of the secrets known by the Mystery Schools for years. But you see they had this battle with the king of Tyre over this, and the pagans went away angry, and they were never friendly with Israel after this, but of course Tyre was eventually destroyed because it had warred against Israel. Tyre went down in a great collapse years after this, but the significant thing here again is that the Lodges were not of the spirit they were thus not accepted by the true Priest of Israel. The Essene company in the days of Jesus were still discerning the phonies and would not let them in even tho they also claimed to have the Mysteries, saying they had both the "Pillar's" which they did not. This is why these Cainanites, and Amalikites were not able to get their priests in with the true Essene Priests who were still holding services, and keeping their libraries out in the caves, in the hills. Joseph of Arimathea was of the Essene's and a member of the Sanhedrin, but was one of the leaders of the Essene company as well. Of course he was a relative of Mary, and of Jesus, he owned the tin mines of Cornwall, and had the ships which went back and forth. Zacharias the High Priest of Bethlehem was a true Priest of Israel and an Essene. The true Priests knew the phonies from the real, and they tried to hold on as best they could. But in a city like Bethlehem they didn't dare not put in a priest of the Melchizedek line, if they hadn't done this the people would have revolted. But the Pagan Priests never understood the Mysteries. Even tho they went through the rituals, and tried to put out the same kind of Lodge. But you go into these Jew run Lodges, go into the Masonic line like the Shriner's, and its just a play lodge, they don't know the Mysteries of the Kingdom. Ask them and they will look at you...blank. They don't know the wisdom which was known in the days of George Washington, Ben Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson and etc. These fellows knew because they came through this work. Actually one of the fellows that tried to penetrate..as the demons tried to come into the Mystery Schools was---(Demolay) who was a Jew. He came in when they should never have allowed it, so today the Junior order of the Lodge is Demolay. It should be Demon Lay. There is nothing wrong with the Junior Order of the Blue Lodge in Masonry, but this fellow is not the one to lead it. For instance you spoke of this fellow Pike who wrote "Morals and Dogma". He went out and brought in Hinduism and Buddhism and tried to run it into the Mystery Schools...one of the strong pillars of Israel. And this is the same thing which is wrong with the church today, the same thing that is wrong with Masonry. They let the pagans into Masonry first, and now the church is mixing in paganism, the world, and everything else into the church.

There is a picture tonight in the paper of Eleanor Powell, one of the Actresses and dancers of today, and this item says that she is to be one of the associate pastors of a church to be built down in Hollywood, on the strip, it will cost 8 million dollars. But this church will be a place where everyone can come in and worship God, it does not matter what their religion was. They can be a Witchdoctor, a Buddhist, or a Hindu, everyone can come in, just so they worship God and are friends. This is the great new thing, and she is dedicating her life to this wonderful image of God. So today the people do not know the Mysteries and what it is all about.

When some of the people discovered the secrets of the Illumminati, and found out how the Jews were waging war against our Republic, and how they had spread out in Europe and so forth...then because they had already penetrated areas of Masonry and set up their own phoney lodges as well, a lot of people think that the Jews created Masonry. But they don't know that men might retain these symbols, that all our worship in the Tabernacle and in the Temple were in symbols, that these symbols of a work which was to be done in secret. These were types and shadows of the Light ahead casting its reflections back, and when they arrived then they had the fullness of Knowledge. But Jesus said to the Jews:..'you cannot understand my speech because you cannot hear it.' And you say...but He was talking to them! Sure, but He never expected them to understand His words. He was talking to His household, He was the sovereign Grand Master of the Universe. He was the AUM, the absolute completeness, the top, filled up the sum of all Wisdom. He was the Completion...see? Here it was all right, there He was the fullness of this embodied power, no wonder Pontius Pilate said:...as Jesus gave him the answer to the question.."What is truth?" Pilate said:.."Not Guilty"...I am going to let you go. He knew right away that he was in the presence of the Master...greater than he was, even tho he had traveled to Britain and gone through the Druid University, and had been one of the representatives at the Roman Tribune, a Counselor, so he knew immediately being a white man, he knew exactly that this ONE was MASTER.

The Apostle Paul of course was Saul of Tarsus and was raised in a small city of the Roman Empire, and he was also a Basque to a degree, but we note that he had traveled to the Wisdom Schools of the race, thus was a Master Mason. Before even he became aware of who Christ was he was looking forward to that time because he said:.."I am a wise Master Mason"..."no other foundation could I lay than that which is laid in Jesus the Christ"...and upon this foundation all Israelites have to build. No matter what they build in either wood, stubble, hay, silver, gold, or precious stone, yet in that day all mens works shall be tried by fire. And he says:..if all a man's works are burned up still he would be saved as if by fire. This is the Shekinah Glory of God purging the error out of the consciousness of man, eliminating him from all the areas of his error. And if all his ideas, thoughts and works were consumed, it would be better to have them consumed and not mixed with untruth. Whereas, the concepts which are good, the works and the purpose which men dedicate their lives to do as Master Builders like a building, such as like synthesized out of gold, precious stones, these the fire can't hurt. Fire can't hurt a diamond, or gold, or silver..it just refines it. But the fact remains the fire tries the works and it burns up the hay and the stubble. So the Apostle Paul is using two old symbols which go way back to the days of Enoch and Job for he says:..'behold a man's works will be as wood, hay, stubble, gold, silver or diamonds. The fire will thus test it, destroy what is not true, because a man (an Adamite) built on this foundation...it is better to have everything he has done negated that he might be illuminated with Light, which is Masonic Wisdom, than it would be for an individual to retain a great image of false ideas, and to be a part of the Temple, and not be illuminated by its Glory, you can't be a part of the household and not have eventually all the evil purged out. Because you have been destined to conform to His own image..."Light of HIS LIFE, Glory of HIS Glory." And those He called He has justified, and those He has justified will be glorified, and the Shekinah Glory purges out all error. It gives a perfect image to the seat of the consciousness, makes it a living stone of beauty, and seals it in to the Temple.

The reason they are called Mason's...they are Master Builders building a great Living Temple unto God. The great outline of the Universe reaching from the farthest realms outside to the physical in earth, thus in form and symbol these things exist, and in this body we tabernacle or dwell. But this is just an area of the Mystery School of our race, so Jesus spoke the language as He said:.."Unto you it is given to know the Mysteries of the Kingdom, unto them it is not given." He said He spoke in symbols and in parables so they would not understand. He said if I just pointed this out in language they would understand they would rush in and join the church and ruin it. He said:..I don't want to have them inside of the church for they are devils, and they would ruin it. They would only join because they would understand the key, and what ever the strategy was it would make the job harder. Again He said you have discernment, they cannot understand, but you can understand.

Now; start talking about such things as mystery, and divine energy and the miracles, all these things are synthesized together. The greatness of our sciences are only because we have gained an understanding in the applications of chemistry, metallurgy, or in the areas of the fulcrum, and the bridge, the strength of the triangle, this is "Know how", nothing more or less, this is just "Know how". And this was given only to our race by the spirit, and we are given mastery of the law of the Fulcrum. This is where you get that symbol, the old masonic symbol which was a measuring device, and also it was called the "Law of the Fulcrum". One of the oldest measuring devices was a triangular block and over it was a lever. Then above it was the device for measure and a man can lift many times as much weight using the Fulcrum. The Negro's cannot understand this, they try it, and can be trained to a certain extent, but they don't understand this. So much did we understand the Fulcrum and the application of the Light Plane which is even a higher science, that our forefathers using this could lift great blocks of stone. 800 ton blocks of stone were slid and lifted into place because they knew how. We don't know as much today about some areas of applied science as our forefathers did before they got all plugged up with these pagan philosophies. In otherwords, one of the things which can mutate perception is to dull the sensitivity of it. This is also true in any psychic science. For instance the Zuni Indians ....take the Zuni Indians away from their Zuni tribe and it doesn't make any difference as to how they developed their peculiar affinity to color, they can be blindfolded and pick out color, can pick out a piece of turquoise, and abalone shell, or a piece of red fiber, these Indians did beautiful mosaic work, and they worked with silver, they worked in all colors, had to be able to pick out colors from vibration of the fingertips before he could do this work, but now his religion was negated to a certain degree although they still believe in the Great White Spirit, and they did have this sensitivity, they could feel this color and they had this psychic consciousness, but when the war came along they found after the war when they tried to pick color, they couldn't do it any more. In otherwords, the things they had moved among, the vibrations they had gotten had circuited to a degree this sensitivity.

Now; there are spiritual areas of sensitivity which we have dulled with world thinking until we have lost some of the technique , but again it is to return. There are some things too hard to explain to people because some think you have to work real hard in theology, you have to work real hard in spiritual wisdom and mystery. They have concepts as to how people do this, they shut themselves up in libraries and they pour over books and they labor over a sermon. Maybe so..for others but we don't..that would be kind of boring. I wouldn't mind studying anything about these Ancient secrets, but if you just start thumbing through books you don't get them. The thing is, you get the image and the facts long before you can prove it, and then the big day comes and you find the truth. We have discovered that scattered throughout all the comprehending of human knowledge, scattered throughout anthropologists research, all these people who don't even know it are always digging up the facts for the things we already know. We knew it before they dug it up, but we couldn't go everywhere and uncover all this in a life span...see?

But the thing is, God has been doing this throughout all times, He brings things to the cognition of His people. There are a lot of things that I know before I can prove it, but I know all about it because God showed it to me. I don't have to prove it to myself...I already know it by my mind, maybe two weeks ahead of time, some times five minutes ahead of time, and sometimes I don't have it at all, then all of a sudden you get a topic. Then every time the topic comes then the ideas begin to flow, and maybe they aren't even organized until you get up to speak, so don't worry about it, if you did you would be whipped.

Someone said..how do you train preachers to do this? Well, it's pretty hard. First you have to train them to receive things from God. You have to train them to relax, to let it come. Many people are trying to work this out by working real hard, but.."There is a rest that remaineth for the children of God when they cease from their work and enter into HIS..See? I will show you this in the Book of Hebrews because this is a secret of the mystery of finite revelation. When it talks about this many did not understand it. (Hebrews 4:9) There is thus some fear lest a promise being left us of entering into His Rest...Any of you should come short of it. For unto Us was the Gospel preached, as well as unto them; but the word preached did not profit them, not being mixed with Faith in them that heard it. For we which have believed do enter into my rest; although the works were finished from the foundation of the world." The translation was not good because what they meant in Ancient English and what is meant today are two different things. In otherwords, this rest is an understanding..inner satisfied consciousness of the things which God did, of the things he had finished. These are His Mysteries, which are HIS law, which are HIS power. So therefore it says:.. there is a rest which we enter into when we believe..that is when we enter into His Rest.

Now; for instance God did rest on the seventh day, but not from His living. In otherwords, God stopped making, synthesizing things with His hands. But He still lived, for He begat..brought forth Adam on the seventh day as His issue. It was on the seventh day when God said:..'Behold, I have made all things, but there is no Adamite to till the soil.' There is no man with the knowledge of agriculture so as to till the soil. So God brought forth Adam and immediately you had the knowledge of agriculture. Before this you found people picking fruit off the trees and running their cattle over the hills then eating the cattle and getting the nourishment. So they were pretty smart people but as far as Adam is concerned he knew how to till the ground. With the Adamic Race God then gave this know how to till the earth, thus came the knowledge of how to make the earth produce food abundantly. The reason I say this...Let us labor therefore to enter into that REST lest any man fall after the same example of unbelief. So...there is a Rest that remaineth for the children of God when they cease from their own work and enter into HIS. The real words then are..instead of just straining for the truth, just take it..let it come, whenever people are working too hard they aren't inspired.

Sermon's used to be gotten and a certain amount of inspiration came. A minister used to go into his library on Saturday evening and start to figure out what he was going to say the next morning. They were taught this in Seminary, and they would laboriously build a sermon, and when they had some stories in it then it was interesting, and maybe they put in a little Emerson, or a little Tennyson in it and they had a little poetry or prose. Some scholarship out of literature would go in, so there would be body in it. This is what we get because they don't cease from their work, they want us to know what they know.

Now; the Apostle Paul says he might have communed with God more than any other, but he would rather speak one word in his own tongue than to speak ten thousand words in an unknown tongue. I will say this:..I have read as many books as anyone but I would rather have truth which is important than to put a sermon together, and when you have heard it you just as well have stayed home. The point I am trying to convey is that the secret to discovering truth isn't cornered. In otherwords you receive it with ease, pulse with thought, catch the tempo, and once you have caught the theme you have caught the knowledge as to who you are, where you came from, and know that the Kingdom is real, that it is in earth, and that heaven is for you. There is no secret thing hidden from you that you can't have, it is all for you, and the more you know the better it is. but you don't strive for it the way some people do. Oh, you press for it as you keep going for more and more, but you are also satisfied with this way of life. This is the important thing about thinking, this is the important thing about Faith. The Apostle Paul does not want an unhappy people . It does not make any difference as to whether they just can't seem to crack their environment. Back in the early days of the church there was a lot of hostility problems. In what ever state that you are in--then be content. It didn't mean have no ambition, to set around and make a martyr out of yourself, because you didn't get the breaks, this is why the Apostle Paul said;---"What ever state that you are in."

Now; at the same time never be satisfied that you have attained all because the earth could not contain all the things that Jesus had done, but be realistic--He never had a beginning, and of course through the ages he had been busy. So if books were written about what YAHSHUA or Jesus the eternal God has done, then the world could not contain all those books if they were published and wrapped. Why? Because there never has been a beginning. If you went thru hundreds of trillion of years, and listed every little detail of ever 24 hours, o r when he just put everything together, then you could never even think of all the little things God has made, even here after he still left the earth, from tiny shells to the very design of creation. Everyone of them has a brain wave of His. If you started to think on cell life, and about bacteria, about the difference in types of tissue, about the difference of the nuclei of the cells, and the areas of different kinds of cell life, then you could see how a biologists with only a limited study could fill books and books and spend a lifetime at it, and yet He put the biology together of the whole Universe. This is just one of the facets of it. If you started putting books together you could wrack them together forever. We never reach the point of being bored because there is nothing yet to be learned. You instead have the capacity of being Spirit of his spirit. And can tune in to the thoughts of the mind of God.

Now; we are doing here in earth environment things big enough for the present time although we are pushing outward. But the thing is not that we have mastered all we can know, to apply the fullness of divine power to the Kingdom. But some times men work so hard at it that they go out on a tangent, and they miss the true picture. Thus for this cause you reach for truth, you accept truth, and you let it flow. According to the facets of your environment, according to the things that you must apply yourselves to, the catalyst of the energy thus is supplied.

A Minister in his work, a farmer in his has to move in his own direction, and has to fill in the necessary sustaining block of his society, but the same dynamic must flow thru them all, and they will never feel inner rest until they find themselves in their thinking, apart of this pulsing Light, and Vitality, this is the Mystery of God. So when we talk about the mystery of God, this mystery does not belong to anyone else but you. --"Unto you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of heaven, unto them it is not given." This pulses in you, it flows in you, so don't bottle it up, don't solidify this except as it flows into the ever widening picture. So this again was a part of the mystery of the Wisdom Schools. For instance they taught how to receive, how to apply it, and taught the symbols, picture symbols that the World Order would not understand. And Jesus was still talking in these symbols because He willed it so, but now He says:---'As long as I stay here the world has eyes on me when I am talking to you, so I have to talk in parables, and it is absolutely necessary that I go away'. Someone said;--it is absolutely necessary that Jesus come today, but in that day the most important thing was that He go away. And He said:--if I don't go this wave length of my spirit will not activate your consciousness, so that you will be led into the knowledge of all truth, and all things will be brought to your remembrance---instead of my being here in one spot, talking just to those in audio frequency --My spirit, My Omnipresence will move thru my children an everywhere the children of God will be able to pick up the wave length of my purpose and thought at any given time. So --"Unto you it is given, and unto them it is not given"---See. Thus the greatest development then starts in with the church and with the Apostles after Christ's ascension, and it has been continuing and expanding ever since.

Now; when they tried to codify it up of course the church being invaded by the Jews, and Babylon wanted to codify it up so he church went into the DARK AGES. It then took a renaissance to lead it back out. It took the word, without a lot of interpretation --just the WORD to get it back. So they copied the scriptures and got it into print, and into the other languages. And the more they became free from the solidified theology which might not be free from Priestcraft the better off they were. The more they became free from the solidified theology that might not be true, the better off they were. When they saw the truth it became like a Rock, and it expanded and it grew. So many of the churches of the reformation hade some truth, but not all truth.

Now; we are moving into the end of the age, and the enemy is moving once more for a final attempt to stifle truth and leave us only superstition, to push us back again, and at the same time to mix us with the world, all these things were in the symbolism and were understood. We would point this out---you have to FEEL TRUTH, you don't just make it up. You don't work it up, you could search a hundred volumes but unless the spirit points out truth you do not find it. For instance I can find truth in all these books which have error in them because the spirit points it out. It is true as you read Newspapers, for you are always reading between the lines. You even know what the fellow looks like after you read what he has written. This is discernment. The most important possession that you have is his something that you know and feel. Probably knowing Sonship, and the Divine Celestial origin, this physical embodiment if pretty good, you now know who you are and where you came from, and when you realize that a Celestial child is pushing in here you aren't overcome by physical factors which you know can be corrected, that you are an Eternal spirit and then you start demanding. Even the physical has to bend to the will of the Eternal spirit. This is the difference between healing synthesis, the best doctor in the world has a hard time healing in the face of total defeatism, with the patient thinking that they are about to die. Some people have been shot all to pieces and still they live, they have a great driving will as to the things they still want to do, and this is synthesizing energy, pulling things together. So this is another facet of the mysteries.

Now; there is a secret to direct activity because you are the one with the spirit, and you are resident in this body. You have the power over the darkness if you use it, you have the power to direct life and energy and vitality with this synthesized divine energy if you will use it. As you see it so can it flow, as the receiver sees it so can it be received. Sometimes you are forcing a block because you pray for something constructive, and you have a negative reaction from the person who is receiving even tho they asked you to pray for them. And they throw up a block but all these things are of the same facet. God synthesizes the Universe, solidifies gasses and elements. He puts the things together and keeps it together, and he gave you the power to keep it together, gave you power to command even the elements, these are some of the mysteries of the kingdom. This is translated in part into our creative activities, our chemistry, our astronomy, our science and the evidence which makes us so different from ---Them. This is what we translated but even doing these things we haven't reached the apex point. You would be surprised how many of these things could have been done by easier synthesis of all this. And before we are through you are going to see --GREATER THINGS THAN THESE SHALL YE DO.

QUESTION:--In the king of Tyre's controversy with Solomon, I just have a hunch that altho he was a pagan and probably a devil, that he was probably a white devil. I have the same idea about the leader of the Persians.

ANSWER;--Now; wait a moment you are touching on Silas --the Medo-Persian, these people were Aryans. But the people of Tyre were in blood and background fused with the pre-Adamic people like Tidal king of the Nations and so forth.

QUESTION:--Then the Aryans or Phoenicians were white men?

ANSWER: --Yes--there is a place however to divide lines, everything called Phoenician today were not called Phoenician then. These were the Pho-Enoch--Phoenicians, and what some history book call Phoenician today weren't called that back in the earlier times.

QUESTION:--Egyptians called them Phoenicians or Pho-Enoch.

ANSWER; --Yes, but they did not call the people of Tyre --Phoenicians, and they did not call those of Sidon Phoenicians.

QUESTION:--Well my understanding was that the people of Tyre helping to build the Temple were Phoenicians.

ANSWER:--Wait a moment--this guy if he was not a pagan would he have jumped into the molten sea to curse it, to get in where YAHWEH would not let him in?

QUESTIONER:--Well isn't that what happened to the Persians, didn't they go the way of evil?

ANSWER:--Not necessarily. The nation of Persia was long the channel for our race in migration. But then other people came into that land from the Steppes, the ancient Assyrians, and then some mutation took place. But the Persians originally --the high Persians were Aryans.

QUESTION:--Well then what happened to Enoch and his family did they die out because of integration and mutation?

ANSWER:--no, they came right on down, some of them were killed of course, but they were still coming on down in the days of Moses. For instance in the days of Joseph some of them were still there, and remember that Enoch was 5400 B.C., but Asenath the daughter of Potipherah the priest of On, was a Sethite, still there from the days of Enoch. They had come down to Egypt to build the Pyramid and they were the Issue of God --or Israel, and they still had Priests of this Sethite line at the city of On when Joseph an Israelite came down to Egypt, Joseph was the son of Jacob whose name was changed to Israel, and when he came into Egypt here was this white girl of the Adamic line going all the way back to Seth, so Joseph marries the girl.

Then when Moses went out of Egypt into Midian here he was among the Hyksos, and these were not Midianites, these were Hyksos Priests (shepherd kings) and Moses marries a daughter of a Hyksos Priest. The wife of Moses was fair haired, blue eyed, not a Negro as they talk today, that is a bunch of hooey. There is not a word in the scriptures today anywhere that indicates that she was a Negro. She was a white girl, fair haired and blue eyed.

QUESTIONER:--But Moses was an Egyptian?

ANSWER:--No, and Israelite, and he came out of Egypt into Midian and here met this girl. Moses was raised by the Egyptians, and that Princess was an Aryan, but Moses was thus raised by those termed Egyptians, but he came into Midian and rescued these girls when the Egyptians tried to capture them, as the girls came down with their flocks to the water. This Priest King, the father of the girl that Moses married had great flocks in the mountains. And when the girls cam down with their flocks to the water then these marauding Egyptians were going to capture the girls, but Moses defended them. The thing which is amazing is that when the girls brought Moses to their father, then Moses was wearing the Fen (his Khufu marking) this was a band which comes around he head and a Khufu on top, this is a sign that he was of the Royal line of Egypt. But then Moses had been raised as the son of Pharaoh's daughter, and when he fled

out of Egypt he was the Prince of Egypt. Remember the treasure cities of Egypt. Moses managed their building, those great treasure cities, Memphis was one of them, and Moses was in charge of the whole thing, and his name is on them today. The name they gave Moses as the son of Pharaoh's daughter, was --"WALKER OF LIGHT', And these treasure cities built by him are historic. Thousands and thousands of Egyptians worked under Moses the great engineer and technician. But when did he learn all this knowledge but in the school at the Temple of On, and then with inspiration brought all these things to pass. But when he killed an Egyptian, and the law said that if anyone slew an Egyptian in defense of another race he would have to die, then Moses left Egypt but he was riding on a white horse with a golden saddle, and when he left Egypt he was still wearing his Khufu. And when he fought these Egyptians they may have been the ones following him, but as the girls brought Moses to their Father, they were bringing a Prince of Egypt before him, an the girls said that this Egyptian fought off other Egyptians trying to capture them.

Later translations altered this a little bit from that which they had in Alexandria, Egypt but you still find this in the Scripture. So when Moses married the daughter of this Hyksos Priest of the Sethite line, and this was acceptable to the MOST HIGH because Jacob-Israel said; --let my name--ISRAEL --be named on these two lads who were the sons of Joseph and Asenath --Ephraim and Manasseh---why? Because Joseph never married outside of his race, and neither did Moses. If there had been mongrel seed here anywhere then YAHWEH would not have accepted either, and would never have blessed it and taken it in. So we--(Israelites) absorbed the remnant of the Enoch and Seth lines. There were a few of them left here and there, an they were thus mostly absorbed.

We won't go into what constituted the round table tonight, but when St George went out to conquer the Dragon, he went east to the Christian villages in the mountains of Asia, and he conquered these hoards of Chinese pagan troops who wanted to exterminate these people. These were Christians because Prestor John had wondered through those areas, and when St. George got over there he ask how they got the message which made them Christians they said they had been converted by the Apostle John. This was in 1036 A.D. and in the days of Genghis Khan there was still talk of this Pressor Johns and his message. And when St. George said to them--who is this John, they replied:--why the Apostle John and he remembered that HE had said:--'If he remains until I come what is that to you--just you follow me.'

Jesus said;--some of you standing here shall not taste of death until I come in my kingdom. So which one? We have a record of every one of the Apostles that died except John, and there is no record that he ever died. This is just another mystery, but it's kind of deep, so we won't get into that tonight.

QUESTION:--who were these people of Hunza?

ANSWER:---They were Greeks, remnant of the army of Alexander the Great. He moved to conquer all of Asia, and as he was coming down the back of the Himalayas some of the people got in this canyon and then torrential rains came and then snow in the pass behind them and they could not get out of that valley. So they were caught , but remember the Greek army carried their women and children with them as well as grains, seeds, cattle, sheep and so forth. So these people just settled down, built homes and since the valley had a wonderful climate they grew everything they planted. There was no disease in the valley an they expanded. Lowell Thomas then went into this valley, and they finally had guns as well as the great bows to protect themselves. They sent runners south into India to find the rest of the Greek army but found that they had already gone back to Greece. So they just settled down and stayed and built a civilization in that valley, and in those mountains. They lived for 140 to 160 years of age, and there was no Jews among them, no preservatives for their food, no taxes, and no problems of that kind.

QUESTION:--I thought that maybe they came from the Japhet people?

ANSWER:---No this was good Israel stock--Sythians and one of the first cameras that they made had a little picture of the people of Hunza. I have all kinds of records of these people as to who they were and so forth.


End of message.