06-03-64 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


Question:--I would like for you to explain to me about the Old Testament and the New Testament--what changes were made. Because when you tangle with the Jehovah Witnesses they are always telling you that as the New Testament was made different facets were applied to it until it is not the same as the Old Testament.

Answer:--Don't ever try to compare anything on the basis of what the Jehovah Witnesses have to say. When you finally find out where they stand you have something to work with, but basically the general run of them is Biblically illiterate. They are quite well informed on the books written by Judge Rutherford who is now dead, and since that time the International Bible house has come out with a tremendous amount of paper turned into propaganda, and these people know this forward and backward, but you can lose them in a hurry in the Bible. Then they only have a few verses they know very well, such as the 144,000, and they think that these are Jehovah Witnesses, and they are the only ones going into the gates of the New Jerusalem, the heavens and yet there are some 3 million of them in the organization. One came to my door once and I said:--if I became a convert then what could you offer me? He said:--well you could become one of the 144,000. I said:--are you one of that 144,000? And he said:--Of course. I said:--well being one of those 144,000 then what does it get me? He said:--Into heaven. And I said:--well are all of the Jehovah Witnesses going to get in this 144,000? And he said:--Oh, yes surely. So I said:--well there must be some mistake here for the World Almanac says that there are over 1,840,000 of them. So you are going to have to throw out so many that I would just create a problem wouldn't I?---But he said:---no--no problem. Then I said:--Well then am I to assume that all the men in your organization will go to heaven and the women will go to hell, is that right?---He said:--no that is not right. So I said but this verse you are quoting me says 144,000 men virgins.-----And now I am going to say this--if I am illiterate then this 144,000 are men who have never married, never known a woman, and if this is true then that probably lets you out doesn't it? He got red in the face but never said anything. So I said:--Is this how you go through your members and weed them out? Do they all belong in Hollywood, or just how do you find them? He said:--I will have to go home and get in touch with the Bible Association and the preacher and have them figure this out--I am only a missionary. So I said:--Well don't keep bringing out this verse until you can explain it, and he left.

Actually there is no limit on this 144,000 for it is 12 thousand times 12 thousand and so on and on. The square of 12 is 144,000, and this is always a good Biblical number from the Patriarchs to the Apostles. The square of 12 gives you thousands times thousands and times thousand and so on and on. The same thing as the Stream of Fire coming out of the throne of the MOST HIGH GOD. You always end up with these measures which end in the square of 12. First there were 12 Apostles, 12 Patriarchs, and 12 tribes of Israel. So 144 is the numerical number of the hosts. The word here is talking about the Adamites who have dwelt in earth. It doesn't mean just the men either, it means Adamites millions of them--a pure people. The word virgin is so used to mark them as pure--untainted in their lineage. Therefore to be a part of a ruling administration company you have to be born of the Spirit in the heavens. Because you can not corrupt an incorruptible Spirit. Therefore this born of Spirit as we read in the book of I John 3--can not sin:--"That which is born of GOD can not Sin"--this is Virgin pure, because the Spirit begotten of God never made any mistakes in heaven or in earth. The mistake is made in the physical body by the soul consciousness which is the thought realm, as it violates the pattern of Divine Law in its thinking. When the body violates Divine law still there is perfection of Spirit. This is onlymarking the identity of what eventually the administration ruled over, and who the people are who constitute this. When you talk about the entrance into the New Jerusalem, the New Order of the Ages, it is again the children of the 12 tribes of Israel. You talk about the difference between the Old Testament and the New Testament and it might be like comparing the 17th., and the 19th. century as periods of progressive time and history. The word Testament or Covenant means the assured words of GOD. Testament doesn't mean a collection of books, it means the Words of what GOD has promised and covenanted. The Old Testament is what GOD had promised basically in the beginning, the things he declared unto the Patriarchs as he progressively revealed and historically carried down their destiny with his Covenant and the things now newly unveiled unto them with the restoration of the Spirit first, with the embodiment of GOD as the man CHRIST JESUS being the fullness of Spirit dwelling bodily in HIM. Many things involved in the New Testament was falling from the lips of JESUS because--the Spirit--was now with them. Then HE said: it is important that I go away so that I can send this Paraclete, this intelligent consciousness of My Spirit back upon you. And HE said:--"I will not leave you without this perception." Thus the Holy Spirit descendsupon all of the 120 and many other disciples who waited for this. Descends upon all of our race from then on, as they became aware of it, and begin to draw upon and use the power of GOD.

Now; the New Covenant which is made--is the things which were fulfilled in CHRIST, and in the establishment now of the activities of his churches. Therefore the revelation of the Apostle Paul, taken into the heavens and given a quick course, was sent back down to reveal all this--which is part of the New Covenant. The revelation to John on the Isle of Patmos is a part of this also, as well as the things which JESUS had told them which they now understood more fully. The Spirit was now giving them a clear pattern and this made the New Covenant. Thus this New Testament contains the continuing history of the family of GOD, now activated by the Holy Spirit, and understanding this new Covenant is now possible.

In the book of Jeremiah, HE said:"I will make a new covenant with the House of Judah and the House of Israel"---Not exactly the same as I made with their fathers, this a new one, for I will put my Spirit in their hearts, and the law will be written on the very table of their hearts by the very perception coming into their consciousness which they lost in that first violation of Divine law. This had to be restored by special administration of YAHWEH--by revelation--by his special activity upon HIS prophets, by HIS promise to the Patriarchs. The Old Testament covenant was one in which the people were dependent totally upon the special administration of certain select people to unveil this to them, as YAHWEH brought things back to them through the essence of His Spirit. Thus the mantle of his Spirit fell upon His prophets and His leaders. Thus the New Covenant is better than the Old Covenant because it sets all people free in the House of YAHWEH. It fulfills the atonement of the CHRIST, everything he promised to do, and now makes them capable of being guided by the Spirit. He sets up ministers and disciples and Apostles and prophets, and continues to unveil unto them things of His perception. Also now upon all our race, upon all the sons and daughters of GOD there is no spiritual limitations as to how far they can progress, how much they obtain in carrying out the objective of GOD until eventually before this age is over they will conform to His Image. Thus we bring this out because it was said that the New Covenant was made upon better promises. This does not mean that the Word of God was less effective, or that He even went back on a promise, this just means that if you add more to it then you get more from it, then it is a better promise. In other words if I promise a plot of ground here in our city, and then come along and tell you there will be a house for you on the lot then that is a better promise. You are still getting a lot, but also a house, so it is a better promise.

Alright then: what God is giving us under the New Covenant which He promised before the foundation of the world, but which He re-interates here in earth is a better promise under the New Covenant than the old. But it includes all the old plus the new, thus this is why it is called the New Covenant, or better promise.

Question: Does it include the laws pertaining to food, and the ordinances of sacrifice?

Answer:---The only thing taken away under the New Covenant is the handwritings of the ordinances which were against you--these were nailed to the Cross. We are told this is the New Testament so what does it mean? You are no longer under a guilt condemnation which effects your relationship with God to the point you couldn't make contact with Him.

Now; the dietary laws, your spiritual status is not determined by the things you eat or drink. In other words in all things---"Give Thanks" but your intelligence status under the perception of the spirit can well be measured by what you eat and what you drink when you know the truth. You can't say that this man ate pork chops and he no longer a son of God, no longer an Israelite. You can eat all the pork chops you want and die next year of cancer, and go right to heaven. But if you were to fulfill the dietary laws of this book with the faith which you possess you would never die. But you see people violate areas of these laws, and of course some areas are involved because there are some animal and creatures which we have cross names for. In other words, the names translated in the King James Version are not exactly accurate. For instance the word Coney (Lev:11:5) is translated rabbit, and people are told that a hare is a coney. But a Coney you find in Australia, and there used to be lots of them in Palestine, but not many now, but they are sort of a creature looking like a rabbit but without a tail, and have sort of round ears, and they are related to a rat. These animals don't go out and eat green grass and chew the cud. They nibble at weeds, but they eat Carrion. It is translated wrong in the King James Version as a hare so people say you can't eat rabbits. But it is no more unclean to eat rabbits than chickens. In other places it says--if it lives on grasses and chews the cud then maybe it is eatable, so a rabbit lives most of its life chewing on green things. This is why I am bringing this out, a whole lot of things by misunderstanding become misleading. So no longer does this law keep you out of places of worship, but diet is another thing.

In other words a lot of these laws were very strictly observed, to the point that when a person was known to violate these laws he was unclean, and couldn't even enter into the place of worship. One of the reasons why these laws were made like this was because they were good for people. For instance the oldest law we know of which segregated a person with disease until they could determine what it is--that is Biblical. This isolation policy is a good one so that the disease won't spread. Certain types of diseases of course were kept isolated. Their methods of treatments might not be up to the levels of our modern knowledge of food, health, and other patterns, but lets point out this fact:--they had something under that Old Testament that would work. HE said:---If you keep my laws, my commandments, none of the sicknesses that come nigh the Egyptians will come nigh you. This is found in the book of Exodus.--"Keep my laws, my commandments, and none of the sicknesses which comes to the Egyptians will come nigh you"--Then HE said also that if a man violate a pattern of law, and brought upon himself these sicknesses, then realized that he violated these laws, and was repentant of his error, that there was an area where the Grace of God followed him still. He said:--He would draw nigh unto them when the people called upon His name. He said:--I will heal your sickness. So these were covenants of the Old Testament. There were areas of the law which were pretty strict about certain things, and these areas of law may not necessarily have been changed. If a man did certain things he was to be put to death. If you murdered a man then you were to be put to death. These laws seem very strict but remember they were a Nomadic society, and they had to have strict laws. More than this God gave them certain patterns of conduct, and these laws still exist today. If you think it doesn't then do it, and they will hang you. There is nothing wrong with this for it is still the continuity of that law. The individual who violates law is not cut off from the Grace of God, and who he is, and what God's plan for him is, that is not thwarted, he has simply become a casualty to areas of temptation which brought his problem, but he is the loser in all these things, during his life span, and during his areas of experience. So under this the law is upheld, we uphold the law of society and practically all of English common law, and all we have in the U.S., is basic foundation---which came out of the Old Testament Mosaic law. You will find that some of the finest patterns of law were extracted originally from Mosaic law, and the long patterns of interpretation of them.

Now; come over here to the areas of Grace and the Apostle Paul said:--"Let no man judge you in what you eat and what you drink, but in all things give thanks. He didn't want people thrown out of the church or thought as unspiritual, or as having lost their relationship so that the church would excommunicate them on the basis of the food laws. Basically there were certain areas of violation of law, and the Apostle Paul said that if you observe these moral and social laws you do well. And if they caught someone in violation of some of these laws then they tried to reason with him and correct this situation. There may have been far more forceful punishment under the old laws of the Old Testament, than under the grace of the New Testament, where they might see human frailties involved, or extenuating circumstances might have effected emotions, so they would try to talk to the individual and straighten him out on these situations depending on the seriousness of what transpired. What the impact had been would be the deciding factor. This was why the early church had been almost a tribunal in itself. There was a period in the early church when these set up a tribunal among the Bishops and Elders, and if an individual was caught in some area of social complication which maybe violated the principles, and death was included. The Christian church from its very beginning had a high spiritual and moral standard, but under the same instances it often went into the patterns of circumstances and conditions, and was far more merciful in trying to understand that the open and shut case, under the Old Testament. However the program of the church was that having been set free from the bondage of superstition by works of The Christ--having also the assurance that the work of God would to the diligence of seekers, strengthen him in his inner consciousness, and give him a complete perception of the areas of violation, and what it did to society or to himself. The resulting conditions led to the purification of the individual in the areas of his consciousness. This is why we tell you that perfect knowledge not only casts out all fears, but perfect knowledge under the spirit stops men from making the errors. In other words people continue to transgress or violate areas where they feel the pricking of their consciousness and know that they shouldn't have done this. If they had come to the full knowledge of the truth, if they had perceived this pattern, men do what they perceive to be the pattern, or they do what they want to do if they don't evaluate the cost.

Now; under this instance when men perceive what impact it has on their society they generally stop and only the spirit of God brings this to cognition. So the transition in the individual is a regenerating of spiritual life forces in these at of an individuals consciousness. The more therefore that one understands God's program, understands its laws, the more they understand the necessity for them, the more they want to keep them. The more you know about God the more your spirit mellows toward Him. You may fiercely fight the evil which would hurt your society and still possess an area of mercy, as it relates to some caught within this factor which is not as advanced as far as you have. At the same time this does not mean that we permit a looseness in our society, but it does demonstrate that we don't see every man according to his short comings, but as he shall be.Therefore the Apostle Paul said;--I am determined to see nothing among you save Christ crucified---which eliminates all condemnation, and promises you are going to fulfill all His purposes as being someday conformed to His image in Light and Glory.

Now; If Christians start thinking Christ, and His program, start thinking the high standards of our race then you do something---first thing you do is go out and fight these Jews because of their immorality, their corruption, and what they have done. We know that they have come in here, and tried to sow a general pattern of corruption and degeneration in our society, and they have accomplished this to a great extent. They tried to make this a more promiscuous society, and tried to do this by integrating the teaching of morals for our youth. They have tried to throw all areas of infamous patterns before them to make them lose the perspective which they would normally have.

Now; what we would like to do---we would like to drive the Jews out of the Motion Picture Industry, out of radio, out of the press and yes even out of America. If we were honest there may be one or two inhere who don't want to do this, they know they are in the wrong place, but just different--see. But why do we think this way?--Because we recognize that these people are a sort of lecherous evil.

Now; I know some people who are totally against evil, and they are totally against these people. This does not say that they necessarily violated law, or that they may not have been a victim of this pattern, but the fact is that their nature is not the nature of the enemy. So if you could organize all the white men in your community, and they were to get busy fighting evil, then the more they fight it, and see what a catastrophe to society it is, the less they become involved in the evil. The more their perception develops the less they become involved in the evil. The more they fight it.

Now; the more you perceive the CHRIST in you which is your own spiritual heritage as a son or daughter, the more you recognize that you are empowered sons, the more you understand that you are on a vast representative resistance that you carry the Fathers name, that you are a witness to the program of the Kingdom because you became more responsible to what you know. When you discover that you are sons and daughters of GOD, spiritually destined to rise to power, to rule the universe, that this is your responsibility, then people start reviewing the areas of human conduct, pettily, selfishness, and things like this which we possibly permit sometimes, to injure our testimony. And it isn't very long before you find yourself correcting of your own accord these patterns of error until you find a transition. The scripture talks about being changed from Glory unto Glory until we conform to His image, and with it comes this catalpa. We of all people would have a powerless faith if the spiritual forces of Divine nature which GOD has bestowed upon us because we are Celestially from the heavens as his children, if He anticipates that in the earth in a physical body, that we would not obtain the highest standard in this transition which is before us. Eventually the quick transition of His Spirit is going to bring on His whole race--in the twinkling of and eye, this transition, but the Bible does not say to sit and wait for that time. But rather to strive to attain these levels, and basically stand as the opposition to the enemy. Therefore this is clear, under no stretch of the imagination do we get the twisted ideas that exist among certain areas of factual theology that in order to attain standards of righteousness you lose all joy of living or laughter, all fellowship, all these factors. In fact I know some people who can not prepare a seasonable dish they can't cook anything or eat anything which might taste good for fear they might enjoy it. It wouldn't be enough of a Martyrdom complex, and GOD wouldn't be happy with them so they eat parched peas, and put themselves on a Monks diet. If a Monk enjoyed what he ate he might become a glutton, so they think. These are some of the things they think which is carrying this thing out into the position of error. Therefore when we talk about righteousness, and about such a studied existence that there exists no communication, no fellowship, nothing, because this is not the foundation, then what we talk about is the standard for the essential preservation of our society, for the building of a strong society. Since a part of the program is that they shall multiply and cover the earth, therefore the structure of the family so a very vital structure. As long as we can maintain, and high moral and ethical standard for the preservation of the family this is good because the Kingdom has to be built on the Family Unit. Sometimes they are rejuggled and sometimes they are built on conditions which are untenable, sometimes the recementing, or the formation of such families can be cemented, and must be the structure of the Kingdom. Therefore standards of morality and ethics is not to see how promiscuous we can be, but how high we can lift the standards. It is not a matter of friendliness, joking, or all these things, as some people try to go out and say all those idle words. But idle words are when one curses instead of blessing his household, his own people. You know some people are so contaminated by the influence of the world that they damn their own friends. They get mad at someone, then turn around and curse their own children, their own household. There is no bigger fool than one of our own race who curses their own household. You say, but that is just a matter of speech, but this is what the scripture says is--"Idle words". There was another type of jesting, the word Jest as used in the original pattern of the scriptures, was to use sardonic humor which was debasing and belittling. This was the word which we have now translated as "Jest" meaning today something light--amusing. So some people now think that they can't laugh or listen to a joke, that everything they listen to is "idle words", and oh, my goodness, they turn out to be like say the "Holy Rollers" good when in church or in front of other people, and then in other places they let go. But actually what I am talking about is realism. We aren't against any particular brand of Christianity. We are not trying to see if they have something there, but there are certain areas of it where they have lost the pattern. You cannot take the words of Jehovah Witnesses going through the streets, for they just prove how much they don't know about the Kingdom. Ultimately they just annihilate anything which they don't totally redeem in the end. But there is none of this in GOD'S plan.

Question: There must be some passage in the New Testament--saying that God is impartial, that they get this from. I told them that there are many passages which I could show them that show that God is very partial, very discriminating. This passage I think is that one about the fact that whether a man is of Judah or of Greek.

Answer:---The man is of Judah or any other of the many tribes 12 in all of Israel. God is no divider in Israel between his children, His ultimate program for this calls for all of them to conform to His own image. But remember as far as status or authority, a man might be a potentate, or a man might be a politician and because he has this authority, still God has no respect for this authority, above His purpose before the foundation of the world. It says:--children not being yet born, having neither done good or evil, the purpose of God shall stand. He said:--One I have chosen, the other I have assumed. (speaking of Esau and Jacob.) He selected and rejected even before some are born, he knew all people and how they would react. And nothing the status that this man might obtain will be cause for God to select him for a certain purpose. In other words God would not select Nimrod to be the genealogy of His Kingdom just because he became the ruler of a powerful area, more than any of our race ever accomplished. He was still a white man descendent of the line of Ham, but it was out of the line of Shem through Abraham, that Isaac would come. So God kept his covenant with Abraham as--"Out of Isaac shall thy seed be called." Even Ishmael fathered many tribes of Arabs before Isaac had even fathered any, still this was not the Kingdom purpose. When you talk about partial there is nothing partial, everything is complete with God. But if you mean partiality where you select, this word comes as selecting out of the mass. Then the mass istotal, and selecting out of it is partial. This is the etymology originally of the word. But the fact is God didn't build the Kingdom with a mass, He built it with His sons and daughters which He started with one man's family and multiplies them until they fill the earth as a great nation, and a company of nations. So this is selection, it is pre-existence, this is an absolute unshatterable theology. Let them come and bombard it with everything they have, this is the God who wins, the God who puts it altogether, this is the God who holds it all together, the God who has a household, and still rules His Universe, and is going to have it His way. But His way is the best way for everything which has been created in His Universe, and He is the final solution for all things. And since He is righteous by nature, and nothing He does is not for good, and even when He has to chastise or punish the areas of error it is for their good. He never chastens except for your good, therefore you can trust your father, and if you couldn't trust God on these factors, then you couldn't trust anything He does.

Did you ever stop to realize how many religions round out the areas of Christianity?---Which can not totally trust their Father? Don't feel they can trust Him until they are secure. Even though they are now communicants inside the church they don't know whether they are going to be confined in some type of perditions, or some conditions of situations of environment where they might end up--where in they might be partial casualty. Then be totally expendable, or that they are going to be destroyed, burned up or eliminated. That God is going to run a torture chamber through out the years. I can understand why some people have never attained the standard in personality, in character that is becoming to a Christian. In other words this does not mean that you wouldn't be militant, that you wouldn't fight with a sword or rifle. This doesn't mean that you wouldn't liquidate the enemy, realizing that he is out to hurt either the life or morality of your family, or your household, or your friends. This doesn't mean that you wouldn't fight Satanic powers wrongly embodied in earth, but it does mean also that you can deal and move with a gentleness guided by the Spirit and by areas of discernment.

Now; some people have no mercy what so ever, in other words if he doesn't do as I do then throw him in jail, and then let God torture him and torture him in hell--just so he suffers. What makes people like that?---Theology---for they have a god like that, who just rips and tears and puts them on a hot spit and roast them forever and ever, and once in a while comes and sits in the bleachers and watches for a while and says:---there you rascals you got what you had coming to you. This my fiends; is the theology of 35% of Christianity just remember that. This is the theology of the Catholic Church, the Methodist Church and so forth.

Now; remember--God has all power at all times, in his hands. He could have turned anyone of these His children from this course, He could have intervened, it would have been better to have taken them home rather than let them live long enough to get into this situation, or He didn't even have to send them into earth in the first place if He was just going to lose them. But was He doing this?--Was He gambling with His own offspring? Is God an ogre who likes to see the victims of chance or conditions? Did He turn loose an Archangel to have him become a monster who would totally liquidate or destroy God's own sons and only come out with a handful, and then take pleasure in all this?---If you have a God that is like this, then your nature is never going to become Christ like because this was not the God revealed to us as He walked the earth. Oh, He could drive the rascals off the steps of the Temple, but He also revealed through the spirit that in the fullness of time HE was going to reconcile all these people unto Himself. But as to His own sons and daughters He said:--"I call My sheep by name"---If I have one sheep out there who is lost I would search for that sheep until I found it.

Now; if I were to go through life believing that He had lots of lost sheep, believing that the Shepherd of the flock, that this Embodiment of God who said if he had one lost sheep he would search until he found it, if I believed that maybe even the majority of the

sheep were lost and He couldn't find them then I would have a god who was not ENOUGH. Then I would have a god who could not fulfill, and this is not even acceptable in our thinking, because we have a positive Faith. You can't go out and fight the devil in the kind of struggle we have ahead, and accomplish the job without a positive theology. Until you have a positive God, until you can spread yourself without fear where you don't have to worry, if you have made mistakes, or there is some transgression either under ignorance or inner pressures, or any situation which so handicaps you because you made this mistake that you don't dare carry on until you hit the next revival meeting, or the next confessional, because you are liable to go to perdition---if you have to be so careful because there is no such thing as big sin and little sin, there is either transgression or no transgression, if it is not under Grace, or behind the cross, if you can't live without fear, and you might end up in some terrible and total situation, then you never get anything done. The only people who can get anything done is people who live without fear, who can move with the challenge. The fact is that Jesus said He came to set you free, not to condemn. He came to liberate. This thus is the situation, so why do we get bogged down in condemnation.

The other day I had a Church of Christ preacher come up to me at the gas station, and he said they had very attractive meetings going on with two Evangelists. I know that they always preach on the same thing---the church today and the church tomorrow. But he was passing out these invitations to the meeting and he handed one to me. Then he said:--OH! you are that man Swift aren't you, I didn't realize that as I handed you the invitation. Then he said:---but you better come.

I said:--I will be speaking in San Francisco and other places every night next week, and I won't be able to come, but I hope you have a good meeting.

Then he said:---"you are the man who doesn't believe in hell aren't you?"

I said:---"That depends on the matter of speaking, and what you believe about it."

He said:"From what I hear you don't believe in hell, so you ought to come over to these meetings and be saved, or you will probably go to hell."

I said:--"Well you have a point there, and thank you for being so concerned with where I am going, but tell me---what is this Hell like?"--

He said:--"It is a place of excruciating torture, permanent and without end. It is a fire that will singe flesh, it will destroy without end."

I said:--"I don't think it will hurt a body like this one."

Then he said:---"Oh, it isn't the body that is going to get to hell, the spirit is what goes there.

I said:---"Oh, the spirit is what is going to go there, then if the spirit is going to hell then there is no temperature involved in there, because it is only this physical body which registers temperature. The spirit never caught cold, or was too hot, never had pneumonia and was never burned up---you can not destroy a spirit. So I said:--You might as well throw the fire out of that place, for you will never hurt the spirit with it."

He looked up at me and said:--"My Bible says you are going to hell because you don't believe in it."

I said:--"Look, show me where it says that." He looked at me as sort of stunned and I said:---"I might go there to visit someday because where ever Jesus went is good enough for me."

He said:---"What did you say?"

I said:---"Jesus went to hell, and then he came up out of there and took all my relatives with HIM."

He said:--"That is not in my Bible."--and he got his Bible out and I showed him where HE brought captivity out and lifted many sons unto Glory, thus leaving hell larger, and there are no more captives of our race down there, and hasn't been any since that time. I said:--"I am looking forward to the day when---"

He said:---"What do you mean?"So I turned over to the 5th chapter of Revelations where it says that the day is coming when they are going to sing praises to the Lamb, to the Glory of God, in the heavens above, and on earth, and under the earth in the Nether World.

I said:--"Do you have a lexicon--this Nether World is down below Sheol which is the grave, it is the Nether World where the fallen spirits of Lucifer and his hosts dwell. When the day comes when they are singing hymns in heaven, on earth, and even in the Nether World---this I want to see.

He said:--"I don't understand this, I didn't know that was in this Bible, so I will have to ponder this a bit, but you better come to the meeting--anyway."

I said:---"Why are you holding this meeting ?"

He said:---"To get people saved--that is the key."

I said:--"Who will be coming to your meetings?"

He said:--"All the people of our church and anyone we can get to come."I said:---"Well what are these Evangelists going to preach about, tell the people?" He said:--"For them to quit lying, stealing, committing adultery and things like that, and come forward and be saved."

I said:--"Whoa! There wait a minute, you mean you are asking me to come over to a church where there are liars, and those who steal, and commit adultery? Do you mean to tell me that those people down here in that Church of Christ are liars, cheats, and adulterous? If that be the case I guess you really need an Evangelistic campaign. I wouldn't insult the intelligence of my congregation who believe in Christ by preaching a sermon like that."

He said:---"Don't you think they violate laws like that?"

I said:---"No, I think it would be a rare occasion if any facet of these laws were violated, and if they did they wouldn't want anyone to know it. I said:"you know--you must know your people better that I know ours, but if you think your religion is better than ours, still on that basis, our people are better than yours. You have a hellfire religion, and yet you have harlots and thieves in your congregation.---Just you stop and think--a lot of people in your church have already accepted The Christ and you have already baptized

them haven't you?"

He said :"Oh yes, yes--"

I said:--"So, and yet you are now telling me that these baptized Christians are already committing adultery, and lying, and stealing?"

He said:---"You are just putting this into a strange concept."

I said:---"No, but you are inviting me over there and I assured you we are not violating any of these laws."

He said:---"You have me all confused."

I said:--"Well I am sorry, but I will be gone so I won't be over, but don't worry about where I am going, just worry about this church of yours."

Now; this is what I mean by twisted theology, it produces a twisted standard. Surely we instruct conduct, surely you might teach Sunday School lessons in courses of conduct. We made a constant advocacy of morality and ethics, and are always fighting our enemy on the basis of what he does to destroy our ethics, and morality. We understand that He works through the senses, we understand the pattern of the senses, its effects on the nervous system, and these reactions. But this is why Lucifer tries to destroy the Kingdom through the eye, the senses, and to inflame the lust of passions. Why do you think they produce these motion pictures that they make today. They fill them with as much lust and appeal to unbalance the people s thinking as much as possible. Lets face it they do it to sell it, and to create the kind of world they want this to be. This is the way they live all the time, only they are so depraved that they degenerate even the patterns of their own lust. That is why the scripture warns us so carefully about these people with their strange patterns of affection, and their utter evil which climaxes in these latter days.

I point out to you again, the difference in understanding which we have. There is no Faith which is as Great as ours. This is why the Gospel is called The Glad Tidings of Great Joy which shall be to all people. Some say, but this is to the Kingdom, to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel, how is it to all people? Because the hope of the world is the administration of the Kingdom. This is the hope of all the things they want. From an abolishment of hunger, lack of food, to all the problems which they face. Because it comes through an administration of the Kingdom. This is the hope of all the things they want. From an abolishment of hunger, lack of food, to all the problems which they face. Because it comes through an administration of righteousness. And when people are instructed, when the law is kept then they are better off. Even nations outside the Kingdom never develop as fast as they do under the Kingdom administration because we have held back the charlatans, tied up the rascals, under the administration of the Kingdom they will not be the victim of the politician or the false prophet. They are going to learn to plow but they will also learn to eat. These are the situations, the Kingdom is a blessing to all people, and the House of God--this RACE of GOD is a blessing to all people. But in the meantime this doesn't disassociate our relationship from the book.

For instance---the pagans buried Nehru of India last week, and this rascal is now gone, but all those people with their splashing of blood on each other, and all those fantastic things they went through, the orgies and rituals, and yet they don't have sense to feed their own people? The rich silt along the Ganges and the amount of land they could till there, if they just use the water in that river along there to irrigate their land and grow food. If they would use just the water from that one river alone, which runs by all that tillable soil, think of the food they could grow. This just shows that they lack something that we over here have.

Again the best thing which could happen to the world, is the Kingdom. But don't think that as the Kingdom comes in that it makes all people sons of God. This is a family matter, thus those outside the family are not heirs of the Kingdom. This means that as the Kingdom comes in then these other people have a better relationship with God. And when the Kingdom is in place then an elephant will still be an elephant, and a horse still a horse, and it is the same with people, it doesn't change that fact. We don't dislike things as they are, but what a difference when things work with proper balance. Actually there are facets of development which we may not be perceiving as yet--fro "Eye hath not see, nor ear heard all things God hath prepared for them that love HIM." We would be most conceited if we said we had obtained such complete knowledge. That there is no facet of surprise in anything which God has out there, but I have learned and obtained such a confidence in My Father that there is nothing out there to fear. I have such confidence in HIS word, and in HIS Grace, and the fulfillment of His atonement, and the ability for HIM to plan, and to hold the Universe together that I know that anything HE is going to do is alright, and I will defend what HE is going to do against any and all opposition, and say we will go this way.

You have lots of opposition because you will have lots of enemies until the devil has been defeated, and the world will not be your friend, even though some think that you bought a friendship in the world, just because you give them something to eat. But you don't buy friendship by giving them food without correcting their avenue of thought, for they just demand more tomorrow. And since there is more of them than you they will take it from you. We never bought friends by scattering our "Plenty" around the world. No, the world is now ganging up on us, wants to enslave us so we don't quit supplying it. So these things again prove that the only acceptableness is with your Father, and your kind, who also must perceive and understand two senses of value. This is why again I say:--I would rather have the friends I have, than to be friends with the rest of the people who do not know what you are talking about, or perceive what you are thinking about. So in other words God doesn't have to move with a great majority of people. HE can take those who know, and can be activated to perception, and power, and accomplish miracles in the seat of society. People sometimes become defeated in their thinking because

we don't win every battle.--No, we sometimes lose a round and then win three.

For instance in Politics:--Bill Gale won this time in a different area, plus the fact we reached more people, and they found out who they are. Admiral Cromlin is always running for something down in Alabama, and people say:--What a waste of time he never wins. But he has thousands who can cast votes for him, and you thus keep something alive. If one man can catalyze 20,000 or 50,000 people, then if we just had people running for something all over the country and awakening as many people as these men have awaken, then we would awaken the whole nation wouldn't we. This is the process, it works with tapes, or what ever we put our hands to. Any time we start working to spread truth we are expendable in this operation, to the point where as the objective is denied as to win, but there is another objective the enemy hasn't perceived as yet. In other words we have won every round because we have gathered more sheep.

Now; there is going to be great reaction--which one of these days will happen, this reaction will crystallize with such an explosive force and such transition that America could be saved-- in a day. In a month's time it could be all over. In other words one-half hour of prophecy could be like a months' time shortened, or if a day is a year, and one-half hour is 30 days, so one hour could be pretty short. I do know this, there is just one thing ahead, and I want you to under stand this---there is just on thing ahead for the white Christian nations, and we are going to retake America, and it will be Christian ruled, Christian administrated, this is our destiny. Number two we are going to take the world for Christ, and rule it from one end to the other with Christ helping us in the final areas of this, as they hurl all their Satanic power as well as the great masses of all their technological devices. For this is their last show down which will be their utmost effort. God will be a part of this, as he intervenes and joins you--saying he is proud to stand along side of you with a sword in his right hand. So this is a great day coming, and I wouldn't want to miss it, fact is I probably couldn't miss it if I wanted to, but this will be something to see. Talk about a spectacle, wait until they come marching by and break their swords, and the nations learn war no more. Because now they acknowledge this is the Father, and you are the son. Then not only will people not integrate but they will all be separated, and all will know that this is the Great White Throne.

Question:--Are there to be certain men raised up, are these those who have gone before, or are alive now?

Answer:--God will raise up principle men---well this will be quick arising force which may already be functioning in the Kingdom, to awaken people in great masses and numbers, as the areas in which God will operate. I think this rising of principal men represents an awakening of his people, challenging people spiritually and politically. But it also relates to military leaders who will raise up as well to accomplish the same thing. Some of these men have been raised up in the past, but this could be all at once, and in one moment, or it may have been going on to say in the last thirty years, because we have had principal men in the military and political field, to spur this on. We have had men like McArthur who may have fulfilled his destiny in this factor. But we will have generals before this is over as well. Everywhere we go people would say, we wish a man would rise up. There is one man who has a reputation for driving all rascals out whether he did or not, in fact he got a reputation for burning six million of them when he didn't, but you see there always is a principal point of opposition against people we now know to be total evil. And what do people say; if we just had about six months of this man's time, or I wish we had him here, or could prove that he is dead---see. This just means that we have reached the hour where people are beginning to revaluate. To discover a sense of values, and they see that there are certain personalities. It is just like Napoleon, we might not agree with him, but he was a man of destiny whether he knew it or not. He was raised up for that hour, for Europe and for as far as his race is concerned. The Duke of Wellington was another man for the hour in the preservation of the channels of power in the House of Joseph. George Washington was the man of his hour, and today we are moving into this last cycle for these few years of history, and certain principal men will be raised up. It still may be just a fast quick motion for the gathering together of the corners of the Kingdom in this struggle. It could also be in this cycle for this day in which we live.

Question:---Would you tell me about this speaking in tongues?

Answer:---Well in this instance, translation has effected this to some degree. There are nine gifts of the spirit, and of course these gifts are selected by the Holy Spirit until each person is given at least one gift of the spirit whether he knows it or not. It is the will of the Father, but under this instance;---one of the gifts was the ability to speak in a language in which one was not familiar. And this was a witness if people knew this person was not familiar with this language, without great linguistic school training this would be a great intellectual and spiritual perception. So it was with the early disciples. These men were mostly Galileans--Peter, James, and John were fishermen--sons of Zebedee, and their education was limited, they could read and write in Aramaic. They talked Arabic, and Hebrew and probably couldn't write the classical Hebrew of the Temple, which was Babylonian plain letters. There was a man like Luke, and he was a better trained man, a doctor, a beloved physician.--A well trained doctor who is well educated as well. So Dr. Luke could write in Greek, in Latin, in Aramaic, and in Hebrew, so here you had a linguist. Then there was Matthew and he was a tax collector, and he could write his tax computation in both Aramaic and Latin, the language of the Romans. Then the disciples spoke only Aramaic, but as far as their language was concerned it was basically Aramaic, and would have an understanding of some Hebrew. But when the day of Pentecost came the Spirit of God now moved, this energy wave of consciousness, this conscious intelligence entered the consciousness of their spirit through their perception. And the there were people now in Palestine who had come down for the feast, there were business men, and travelers, and they were wealthy men, or they wouldn't have been able to come to Jerusalem for the feast. They came from Britain and all the provinces of the Roman Empire, from the heart of Europe and they represented the areas where the tribes of Israel were scattered. And here were the Apostles and they arose to speak, and suddenly they were speaking in dialect of northern Britain, of Ireland, and of Normandy, of Germany, of the Roman Empire and so forth. Here was a simple fisherman and now he is suddenly talking to this group and he is talking German, Gaelic, Latin and all these other languages, and he could have talked Aramaic or Hebrew and they could understand him, or they wouldn't have been down there. But then everyone said:---what is happening here, aren't these men all Galileans and yet each of these men are speaking in the dialect of the land where in we have been born? They said that they added three thousand to the church at one time, and five thousand another time. This was a gift, and I happen to know that this has happened to missionaries. They found that when speaking through an interpreter that suddenly they were speaking as God took control, speaking this language they did not know.

Now; there is another area of prayer, in which in the meditation of prayer another person draws into meditation to the point where the Celestial consciousness which prays anyhow whether you know it or not---but this spirit has the semantics of heaven. And this is a pure language--remember that He says:--I will return unto you a pure language. This is an unknown tongue, and sometimes there is a synchronization of the soul consciousness and the brain at a given point can pick up the communion o the Celestial and the person speaks in an unknown tongue. How be it--no man understands it--said the Apostle Paul, for the inner spirit is speaking unto God. Under this instance there might be a message descending this way, but there would be an interpreter present also. So in a church or a service if there as an out pouring of spirit at that time, a special message would come there for this congregation, or for some area of prophecy, and sometimes it comes in a known language of earth, but, maybe no one there knew it. But if it came from the spirit, and even though no one was there from that country, still someone would get the interpretation from the spirit, and would interpret it. If there was no interpreter present, it was out of order. Never did this happen more than two or three times at the very most, so said the Apostle Paul, or it was all a fake.

Now; some people try to duplicate this miracle which happened in the early church, maybe they had traveled in far countries, and maybe there were Jew charlatans like the Apostle Paul said, but they would get up and just try to take over the people by--for instance talking German, and then interpreting since the people didn't understand German. And the people would be mystified and maybe some one would vouch for them and say, yes, this is what it is, and they would try to fool the people in this manner.

Now; in the frenzy of emotion---then emotionalism is sowed in today, areas of extreme emotionalism to try to belittle the work of the church. Thus it is that in some areas where men seek the Spirit of God they have been told that there are certain emotional thrills that move through the physical being. They have related them to spiritual perception, and this physical emotion which even moved out sometimes out of psychological and emotional levels even of the areas of sex and lust. But because of the way they were told, they don't perceive this. Here you have all the orgies of the African natives under the Witch doctors, and they move out of high areas of vibration, syncopation, crying and repetition until they lose their sense of perception, and they speak all kinds of gibberish, and go through all kinds of emotional impacts and orgies.

This sometime happens among groups who consider themselves bully spiritual because they have been carried away by a basic emotional pattern which preys only on the emotions of the sense.

Now; there is nothing wrong with proper emotions stimulated by true intellect, and by spiritual discernment. Love is an area of emotion felt within the senses as well, as one of perception, wholly based on fact which now draws the full awareness of an individual. Sometimes an appearance or action develops an emotion which draws people closer. In this instance we have these emotions, and they are alright, but then we have emotions which are activated in areas of ignorance.

I will point this out to you, the wilder the meeting becomes in the areas of emotional responsibility, with vain repetitions of the heathen, like Glory, Glory, Glory or something like that, the intelligence of God is insulted. If we are to teach our people that in order to receive the energies of God--of the mind of God which is translated the Holy Spirit, the essence of His Celestial being, which spirit is our spirit because we are Spirit of His Spirit then in order to receive the intelligent guidance, or the power of a gift of God, that we have to repeat over and over some word to capture God's attention, and when we prove how earnest we are by repeating over and over until God gives us these things we ask for---this my friends is Pentecostal error. There are many fine people in the Pentecostal movement who do this, but the areas of emotion they reach is what the scripture tells them not to do---mainly use not vain repetition of the heathen. He does not want them going this route, and they don't have to get up and yell at the top of their voice to attract God's attention. If He is so far out that we have to shout to reach Him He will never hear . But if He is as close as His Spirit--has a connection with your spirit, and He can even discern the thoughts of your heart, and the procedures of your mind--if this be true, and we know it is, then it is not the height of sound that reaches Him, for even the meditation of the heart is known unto Him. The only reason then for an audible spoken voice is because others are in contact with you to synchronize the thought. If a person is alone, to speak out is unimportant.

What I am pointing out is that in trying to capture minds of devout people may times Lucifer seeds to produce a substitute. If you ask for bread---"Will He give you a stone?" No--He will not, for you don't start throwing stones to get bread(truth). Now therefore we have today whole areas which have a form of Godliness, and they are not Godly by their performance. There are many things out of these areas where God sees the heart of these individuals and may supply him with certain areas of blessings, but God does not support and is not behind the areas of vigorous fallacy, and as people come to truth they move to another area. Still water runs deep--therefore it is not a sign of knowledge to be noisy. Some of the extreme ends of improper living are a part o the frenzied emotional back surge of some who make the most noise of what they claim to be the highest spiritual patterns of development and living.

Now; someone asked--what is the gage of the spirit? It is the knowledge of God, and God likeness is that knowledge effects you, and spiritually must be gaged on this increase. So that the knowledge of God shall cover the earth. What you know about what God knows--is power. It is power to know what is right, to know them by inspiration, to know them correct that is power. Therefore the spirit and the seat of consciousness is where you live. So if you live where you think, then to think right is the most important thing. So therefore we see these people going through areas of side tracking theology, and we feel sorry for them, and we don't say this in criticism. We have spoken in churches where it took 20 minutes to get the attention of the people down to basic truth so that they could understand what we were talking about. We had been invited to speak and these people had been brought up to this emotional peak where they were yelling and clapping their hand hands and jumping around. They were all worked up to this emotional peak and now they had asked the guest speaker to deliver them a sermon which they would be able to sing, be able to stand and shout. They were built up to this emotional pitch and you had to take them down easy. And their emotions are worked up to such intensity that you have to start in on that level of intensity. Generally I find these people in an intense Bible area of say--the flood and catastrophe. So start talking about drowning people, and that slows them down. Gradually you lead off this into something that calms them down and then you can teach them something. Fifty percent of them can then discern it and the other 50% usually say there was no spirit in the meeting tonight, after the Preacher started all the noise quit--see.

Let me say this---there is a gift of tongues which is bestowed for communication purposes. There is a gift of tongues which no man understands, for you are not speaking unto man, but unto God. This is not everyone's gifts, for everyone does not have all 9 gifts of the spirit. The Apostle Paul said: I have spoken in tongues more than ye all, but I would rather speak one word in my tongue where by a man could understand, than 10,000 words in an unknown tongue which nobody understands. This is realism, there is no doubt that the spirit in you is in communication in a language unknown to you in the fullness of its wave length. This is an area which could crop out in an individual at anytime, but not in an area of hysteria, but for apurpose. So if a person would yield to God, and that person wanted to talk to someone, and startled them, to wake them up he might suddenly put upon you something to say which could be in that persons language. There isn't anything which calls a man up short who thinks he is fleeing from himself, or something, who is in another land, than hear himself talked to in his own language. And when he is talked to it is all about the things he knew all along. I have watched this thing happen and it works. It says in the scripture---Covet the best gifts, the gift of discernment, the gift of knowledge, these are two of the best gifts. The gift of healing is a great gift, and He will bestow that more and more. But God has called people for different things. He called them to be doctors, physicians, and so forth, and they have trained their lives to this, but there is no greater power than the healing power of the spirit. And upon this then--this great gift--may fall upon people in great capacities, this healing gift of the spirit,

as we move into this climatic hour. And upon others as well for this falls upon the ministry in many instances also. We have prayed for hundreds of people to be healed from something almost incurable with no instance of our being anything, but just a channel for this. The situation is that there is no extremity where God can't reach the need of the individual. But there are others gifts as well, the gift of knowledge and the gift of discernment. These gifts are the secret of occupation, you can do anything which you know, and can't do anything if you do not know. Therefore we seek after the gifts of knowledge, discernment, and wisdom.

Question:---Will you comment on the position that some people take that we are going to become powerful, and immortal, that you can have a rattlesnake bite you and it won't poison you, and so forth?

Answer:---Well there is no doubt that there is a covenant the Father made that nothing will hurt you. Not that you go out and deliberately pick up a snake, but suppose like that time when they were taking Paul to Rome and his ship was shipwrecked, and they were camped out on the beach. And as they built a fire an adder snake struck him, but the Apostle Paul just prayed and shook it off and forgot about it and it never bothered him.

Now; there is a lot of funny things about snakes and snake patterns and immunity, also pointing to what the body is able to throw off. And a whole lot of it is in the area of the attitude of mind. The condition whether there is terror which steps up the heart circulation, and whether it throws out an accompanying pattern of toxin into the system to join with this poison and becomes paralyzing to the person. Not many people bitten by a rattle snake die unless bitten in the juggler or some place like that. The average person has much more tolerance than you think. However the thing is the attitude of their Faith is a most vital and powerful thing, plus the healing ability of God. Because the body works immediately to throw this off, it perspires to help throw it off, this is true, this kind of a miracle can happen.

Now; I absolutely believe in the total administration of power descending on the sons of God to the point that in this generation the mortal can put on immortality, this transition can take place and they never know death. This is going to happen at the end of this age, and it can happen as we perceive it. You see it is all paid for "in Calvary" anyhow. So it is true, mortal can put on immortality according to your Faith, so be it unto you.

Now; we already have Eternal Life Celestially, and we will have it physically. The scripture says the spirit of God that raised up Christ from the dead dwells in this mortal body, and shall so quicken your mortal body. The Apostle Paul says in the book of Romans:--"The law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death."

I have seen some of these fellows pick up snakes, and some get bit, and some don't and some even die, but some get all carried away and go around bragging about how they can pick up snakes, so they can pick up snakes for me too because I don't have time for such things.

My Bible says:--"Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God." If I pick up one by mistake I won't go into a panic, but I am not normally a snake picker upper. I have other things more important to do. I will shoot snakes for you however.

Now; if you find a minister who wants to advocate what he thinks is this wave of Bible living, then you go take a look at those who attend one of these sermons about picking up snakes, see who goes along with something like this, and see if you don't find some whose spiritual perceptions have hit a lower emotional level. The important thing to me isn't these snakes, the important thing is the snakes who walk upright.

Question:--One time you mentioned about "color" in Celestial plains, and you said you didn't have time to go into it then--

Answer:--In this instance the Celestial plain consists of Light and there is color in Light. All the patterns of the spectrum is the reflections of Light in various vibratory levels, upon our atmosphere and upon objects. So the vibratory pitch of objects, when it comes in contact with the light field produces what we call the spectrum, and we can make an analysis of substance of this. We know also that there are certain symbols of the synthesis of Light. For instance--"Light is the Life of men," and if it wasn't for the dimension of spirit there would be no sustaining Light. If it was not for the Life of God the physical Universe of those who lack even this amount of spirit wouldn't be held together except by HIM and through HIM.

The symbol of the synthesis of Light is the ability to translate Light into energy which can be consumed by the body as fuel. So this process is constantly done by Light on growing things, and the photo-synthesis produces chlorophyll which is high carbon concentrates of energy, transformed in the photosynthesis of the plant from Light to dynamic energy. This is the reason why this predicious amount of Chlorophyll absorbed by a piece of beef--for instance--charges the whole system, and when you consume it you take a catalyst of this same energy.

Now; you may get quite a catalyst of energy out of high factor foods. And the greener they are the higher this energy of carbon content. Some plants have a means of storing this in their fibers as well as in the areas of their surface. So you can get other plants

with practically none of this value.

But around the Throne, the synthesis of energies of the dimension of spirit when viewed by John as it radiated out toward earth itself, caused him to say:---I saw a rainbow around the Throne, but I saw the great color green coming out of the Throne. He says this great emphasis coming out of Light--Chlorophyll--is the symbol of that. And in the dimension of Spirit they see in color for Celestial plains are in color. In fact almost all areas of experience we have in a physical dimension of electronic energy exists in Light dimension, in Spirit energy. So your ability with your Celestial being to move into Celestial plain or to dwell in the physical plain is well established. The oneness synthesis will move you in and out by just de-acceleration or acceleration in the vibratory field of the total man. This is what Christ did at any time He chose, and had no problems with it at any time. There are things about color however, there is a relationship to color, and the nervous system. This because all ideas are set up in image form. They come in as vibrations, and are translated in an inner area of the brain, though having first come through the soul consciousness. The inner area of the brain erects the image in the nervous system, this highly complex unit of transmission made up of chemical factors that are essential as part of the body.

Now; when this energy pattern comes in, a person sees sometimes in color. But there are waves of color energy which can come in that are very helpful to some parts of the body. But I will be getting into something controversy---suppose I told you that there are waves of energy that you don't even perceive that come in. That if the person was in proper meditation they might see this color really fill the whole screen, which would automatically be the thought screen. They may find it is directable to certain parts of the body with strength and affinity. It is also possible that if you had the lenses with proper clarity, if you had the proper types of lenses, and did not have the wrong factors in it, then you could bring it through with such a color seed of transmission and it would enter through the physical eye into the nerve center, and reflect this into the conscious center, and it would have the healing portion of it. And according to the wave length of that particular color band, and the affinity of that wave length to the color factor of the given glands and organs, that would be the result.

Now; because this is true it would have a synthesizing and soothing effect an it would help to catalyze that part of the body. It reduces the toxic waste, and the tensions, and there are colors which are good for the eyes, and colors which are good for the brain, and for other parts of the body. This is something that Enoch was told, that there is colors to heal every disease of man.

Now; this is why I don't want to get further into this subject for someone will say:--this is quackery--just because it is not orthodox. As soon as someone sees something they don't understand they call it quackery. Just like a theologian, he says:---if I don't understand it then it must be false doctrine. But this is not just my theory, this is just something I know. I don't heave to propound the process of the synthesis of Light for a particular accomplishment, it all can be by-passed, and still it may be one of the ways the spirit synthesizes through the subconscious--the areas of directing the healing forces. It is possible that there are other area which move spiritually through the human body in area of electronic impulses with different wave lengths of energy so moving through the body that it finds the potential weight of the energy for the synthesis of each kind of living substance such as the liver or any other part of the body to carry out its processes.

Now; there is no doubt that Dr. Copeland established this so well in his areas of experimentation, but this is something which was known in another way. One of the things made known to our patriarchal forbearers is that since their bodies were made out of the sheer energies of God, and that all chemicals were composed by these energies grouped together by HIS WILL that He could send energies into areas where they would catalyze and send through out the body these waves of energies for a purpose. They were not perceiving the words for nervous system and some of these things, but they would send these milliamps of energy through and in meditation, and in the process of the proper condition, this would have an effect upon them, and would heal their body.

Now; if you are healed by the Spirit you are healed by a dynamic charge of energy which has to balance out every avenue of the body, in every part of the Molecular Mass, or it is out of balance.

Now; you can get bones out of place, and you can get muscles toxic and some muscles relax, and they let the bones slip out of place into areas they don't belong. And this required definite techniques. This requires someone who by the relaxing of the muscles can adjust the bones to free a body from pain. There are areas where man is trying to counteract end results, for all these things, and there is a certain "putting together". But again these are all tied into conditions in our environment and maybe we are getting far from our subject, but these are some of the things we don't want to get into tonight because you have to have a stopping point, and there are processes, and hues, and effects experience, and known facts about it, and then you are getting into the text book area.

Question:---Does the spirit have any control over your spirit like in dreams, and such things, can Satan tamper with your thoughts so the truth cannot come through?

Answer:---Probably you are at least protected when you relax into slumber than at any other time. If there is a medium by which Satan can reach you, or a Witch doctor, or a modern psychiatrist is on the wrong side, and he could get to you where he could use physical entrance such as to be able to talk into your ear when you slept, or to be able to record electronically with a wave of electronic impressions, which they now use which can put ideas into your nervous system by vibrations, this is mechanical. The sorcerer in Egypt with his black arts would take an Israelite for instance who worshiped YAHWEH, and if they could catch him asleep then they would whisper---YAHWEH IS NOT GOD---SETTE IS GOD--WORSHIP SET AND SETTE. They would repeat this over and over, and over. Then this man wakes and wouldn't know what went on, but when his mind came to the word YAHWEH he would hear---YAHWEH IS NO GOD---SETTE IS GOD--and this would come right out of his mind. This sorcery, this is why the scripture says:--"Suffer not a Sorcerer to live"--for he takes advantage of a man although he knows it not.

This is also why we are told not to let the stranger dwell among you for lo he will teach you to worship other Gods. He will practice sorcery on you. And now you will say:---Oh, these Witch doctors and Jews we let come in haven't done that. Don't you think they haven't done it--they are repeating it over and over while you are awake. They are telling your children at school, they have been telling you over radio and T.V. and they even have the preachers telling it in church. They flash it to you in propaganda, and you see it here and there. They are doing it in repetition, and now they want to take

over the young people completely by telling them they have short courses in history perception saying:--you can fit it in your mind, put a little ear plug in your ear and play this long playing record on this subject, and never forget any of the answers. The moment you see a question dealing with this fact it will bring right to your remembrance this thing you heard as you slept. This is forbidden by scriptures, and I can show you by these records, for I have a whole set of them--how they try to sell the United Nations--brotherhood--mongrelization, and they have sowed it into subjects not even related to it, just showing what they are trying to put in peoples minds while they sleep.

Now; there is this protection---a satanic force cannot come to a son or daughter who is aware of who he is and who has claimed his protection---"I will put a wall of fire about thee. I will give my Angels charge over thee." This is why men pray when they go to sleep. You don't pray about what is going to happen to your spirit when you sleep, you want to be fit in the morning. Therefore men commit themselves into the hands of GOD, and they unconsciously ask for protection of spiritual forces, guardian Angels, host around you, because this is what you have been promised. And no Luciferian attack comes upon the spirit of a son or daughter of GOD who claims this area of protection at night. This is the reason our mothers taught us to pray each night. Of course some of the silly prayers taught you, only forced you to recognize GOD, and were built around death such as---"if I should die before I wake--I pray the LORD my soul to take"---Well of course HE would, what else would you expect HIM to do? But don't start little children praying about death, because The LORD does not want to take away their souls---praying is to cause them to have no fear at all, for they have placed their spirit in the hands of GOD, and that is it. But it is good to teach children as they go to sleep to commit the conscious being into the hands of GOD. We ask for this protection when little, and it grows up with us and automatically you find your self praying for this, then thanking GOD for the rest as you wake up in the morning, and ask him for guidance for the next day, and for each meal, for they learned early to thank HIM for HIS bounty. This is a grace which moves with their living. But people who have been raised with it, and live with it find they become stronger with it because it catalyzed and a part of your living. We take to much for granted in the areas where we have perception, but remember that Satan's power has been broken by Calvary, and the Resurrection--to the individual who consciously puts himself in the sequence of the power of the Father.

Question:--Will you discuss this spiritual fire you call down from your protection?

Answer:--Well this area of energy and light is Divine quality which is not resident in you but is catalyzed. Because there is Light of Life which dwells within you and this is a spiritual fire, and energy field which moves from the solar plexus to the seat of consciousness. From the back of the spine in to the areas up under the skull, down to the solar plexus, through this nerve channel. There is an emanation of energy where the order is much stronger, and eventually when catalyzed spiritual Light envelopes an individual. This is why the spirit says:---"Arise and shine thy light has come, and the Glory of God has risen upon thee.

Now; the spirit of God is Light and He says:--I put a will of fire about you. More than this--this is the law of Life. And when an individual automatically recognizes this factor, the Omnipresence of GOD is of course this Omnipresence of spirit, and of His abiding presence. But HE actually does assign guardian Angels and whole host of the Kingdom around people who are aware of it, and people who call for it. Of course there are also guardian Angels around everybody, but in this instance this a matter of perception and people generally know what they ask for. When they ask for spiritual protection, when they rest or sleep, this is two fold factor. Do you know what that wall of fire will do? That is not only an area of energy which is excessive with the areas of discernment, but if danger ever approaches you it will wake you up when you are sound asleep, if you feel the contact of that which is negative.

10 o'clock time to quit.