06-05-68 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:-- (from the tapes)--How old are our scriptures?

ANSWER:---At the present, there is no manuscript available of age which dates back before 900 A.D. I can establish this. 980 is the oldest manuscript they have copies of. That is of the scriptures they have copied and translated of the King James Version and the Vulgate Version. It so happens that the scriptures they copied, have been lost. But the Monks copied scriptures that were 200 years after Christ. That meant that these scriptures they chose---the age was 200 years after Christ. Thru out the dark ages, the Monks copied and copied the scriptures. But these were considered to be authentic. But everytime scriptures were copied, changes were made in some of them. Then they read--they re-did the Septuagint and re-made Mazzaretic text and they put it into Greek and then into Latin, then back into plain letter Hebrew. And then put it back into English. Today Hebrew scholars can explain Hebrew which wasn't Hebrew at all. Actually, it is a Jewish combination. So today, the Hebrew, that some studies say is 'classical plain Hebrew, isn't Hebrew at all. And when one studies and translates Greek, well--there was only one or two books ever written in Greek. That was the book of Acts written by Luke and the book of Corinthians by the Apostle Paul; with the possible exception,--that of those to the Ephesians and some of the Aegean Sea colonies which could have been written in Greek. But it wasn't established whether all were written in Greek or not, like the Epistles that went to Galatians etc. So most of the Bible was copies of copies of copies.

Late years here, we now have evidence of antiquity which carries us back into the scriptures. And some of these things are quite significant. Some of these things were being passed out and being copied. The scrolls of Enoch were being copied. When printing started, they were printing the scrolls of Enoch before they printed the Bible. And some of the scrolls were bound together. But the Catholic church wanted to stamp out the book of Enoch because about 200 years after Christ, the Jews joined the Catholic church because they weren't getting anywhere trying to get the Romans to persecute the Christians. With Constantine coming in and he being a Christian, it was hard for Jews to use their money to persecute the Christians anymore. So the Jews entered the church, bought Bishoprics and thus bought and brought in much that caused problems in the church in that day. Constantine wanted to combine the scriptures they had. Mark had 163 scrolls at Alexander, Egypt. Mark went into Alexander which was a Greek-Egyptian and Aramaic speaking city. In otherwords, the Greeks controlled the Egyptian city and there were people there who spoke Coptic Aramaic. So Mark was the Pastor there of quite a strong church and they had all the scrolls and all the Epistles. They had Old Testament scrolls and these had been copied tediously. For the work of copying these scrolls with cut presses was quite a job. Remember the Essenes were true Levites. And when they went back into the land of Palestine to rebuild the city of Jerusalem in the days of Hezekiah, the Levites and those who were loyal to the King line there, some went back to Judea to rebuild the city of Jerusalem and the Temple. But a mixed multitude came with them. After Babylon was destroyed the Jews went to the Isle of Pergamos and from there they kept filtering into the land.

Medo-Persia wouldn't stand for the evil of the Jews, so they began locking up the Jews while the true Israelites were allowed to go back to rebuild the city of Jerusalem. But the Jews then started coming in from Pergamos where many had fled to and now they started infiltrating into Palestine to try to take over the hierarchies that had gone back to Palestine.

Now the only religion that existed in Palestine then was the religion of the Old Testament, which anticipated the coming Messiah. Actually, all of the scrolls put together were known as the Holy Law or the Mishna. Some quoted the law they had in the major temple and others had some scrolls which they quoted from the Mishna, their verbal interpretations. And then once in a while, they would borrow the scrolls and pass them around.

Now, the Jews were almost all Sadducees or Saddsees which are one and the same. The Sadducees there, as well as those of India, never believed in the Resurrection. Thus they come back in a cycle of return. But in Palestine the true Pharisees, all of these who studied the laws of Moses, believed in the Resurrection. Even Job believed in the Resurrection. ---'Altho the worms destroy this body, still he thought he would stand on his feet again and his Redeemer liveth'. So the Jews then by chicanery, gained control of the land of Judea and the Temple. Many of them claimed to be Pharisees, but were not. They were Shamah Pharisees--false Pharisees. But they came into the Sanhedrin until finally they took it over. That is why in the days of Jesus, that Annas and Caiphus were false Pharisees,--Cainanites. But they controlled. So all the Levites were being pushed out of the temples. And the wars of the Maccabees occurred and so forth. But still the Jews took over. Always by chicanery, they took control. So they started to change the scriptures and to call it the Talmud. They said the Rabbi were more important than the areas of scripture, for God asked the advice of the Rabbi. So the Jews started writing the Talmud and the Essenes copied the old scrolls. They lived in the cavern systems of the hills outside of Jerusalem, down to the Dead Sea and all the way up into Syria. These were natural caverns and the Essenes made their home there. They had students,--Levi and those of the king line who formed an area of defense for those left of Judah and Benjamin. That is why Barabbas was the captain of 'The Blue Tunic Army'. They were watching the Messiah. And Joseph of Arimathea was an Essene as well as of the Sanhedrin.

Now, the Essenes had been copying the scriptures for some time. A hundred years or more. And they had been always copying scriptures. As the enemy gained control of the Temple, the true scriptures that hadn't been changed or weren't being folded into an area of hierarchy, was those the Essene company had. They had 100 or so scrolls and some of these by the time they were all brought together at the time of Mark in Egypt, numbered 163. And ten of them were spurious. The facts remain of these scrolls and records, the Essene company had copies of scriptures which were older than we now have and which men talk so much about as being infallible.

As far as every word which comes out of the mouth of God, it is infallible. But every word which is translated even translated from the scripture is not necessarily infallible. But His spirit bears witness with your spirit as to what is true---'A wayfaring man could not err in studying the scriptures. But the fact remains that the King James Version, the Douay Version --in fact, all versions, have siphoned this off in translation. The Moffett, the Rotherham and so forth, all have gone along. But have taken in the areas of earlier translations and made modifications. But they didn't translate this word for word. They just went thru it and took advice and produced a new version. But the fact remains, that the scriptures they copied from had gone back and forth into Latin and Greek. So this was the situation. This is why some material has been covered up. Even tho the Jews were not smart enough as they helped translate the scriptures. As they told King James that since they had Rabbatical knowledge, it was important that they help with the translation. But they were still not able to cover up the great revelation as to what the scripture said as to who they are and where they came from.

But I can still take the King James Version and run thru it and find the identity of the races and men because it is still there. So in these instances, these things are important. But remember, again, that in the Dead Sea Scrolls, there are many now being translated. I have been writing to the head of the Greek Orthodox church (in Syria?) and he sent me scroll after scroll. And I have them as they were translated. The Jews stole some of them and he was quite angry about that. But this is the way they operate. They found hundreds of scrolls. Many copies were the same thing. And they were diligently hand copied because there were no printing presses at that time. So we find that the Catholic Church burned and destroyed all the books of Enoch that they could find because as they called for all the clergy to select what scriptures to make up the Bible. Constantine wanted to put out one Biblical or one great bound set of scriptures. So the priests at Niceae threw out everything which said anything against Limbo or Purgatory and so forth. And yet most of the scriptures never talked about 'hells, limbo, perdition,' and so forth. So the Priests under the influence of the Catholic Church which had been infiltrated by Jews, discarded every book that exposed their racket. They took these 66 books because in these books there is nothing said against the things they taught. The original books of Enoch never had any perdition, fires or anything like flames. It contained battles and destructions of the enemy. They discovered there was enough of them in Armenia that were being copied so the Roman Catholic Church printed a Book of Enoch all revised. And this still had about 2/3 of the original in it. But they had inserted all their perdition and so forth. This book died out and in the dark ages it disappeared, then came back later as Oxford published the book of Enoch. But they are publishing the book of Enoch re-done by the Catholic Church.

Now, in the books of Enoch these contained great things God had revealed to His race; to His household. Like the book of "The Bee" and the book of Seth the book of 'The Salters', -- these were early Adamic records. After all, Enoch was building the Pyramid by 4900 B.C. and Adam was put out of the Garden of Eden 5400 B.C. Seth was begotten when Adam was 130 years old. But Adam was already driven out of the garden long before that. There were other sons and daughters before this, but not acceptable because the first conception by Eve was from Lucifer and Cain was the progeny of Lucifer. Then Cain killed Abel the first son of Adam but the womb was not cleansed until seven gestations which is scriptural pattern. Seth was the first begotten son in Adam's own likeness. And to Seth also, was born sons and daughters. But then they began to call themselves by the name of YAHWEH.---Genesis 5:1---This is the generations:--the race of Adam, male and female were they, also in the day that they were begotten. The word is Bara, meaning begat. And then Adam lived 930 years. And he begat sons and daughters. So with the begatting of the Adamic race the facts remain that the book of Seth, the book of 'The Bee' are two of the oldest books we have in inspiration which were books of scripture.

They copied these books also and we find copies again in Syria. In the 'Cave of the Treasury', they found these scrolls. And Dr. Budge, one of the greatest Assyrianologist,------in the British Museum where there are whole floors of manuscripts,---he translated 'The cave of the treasures'. And some of these were the books of Seth and Enoch and so forth.

In the Dead Sea Scrolls, they found books of Enoch. And in radio-carbon testing of the Papyrus, they found it dated back to 200 B.C. And now in Syria, they have found a book of Enoch which is 800 B.C. But the Jews and Catholics have said that the books of Enoch are spurious books written 200 years after Christ. And now all they have are copies made from copies made from copies. Thus nothing original. But the Dead Sea Scrolls are changing this because we have these old scrolls which were diligently kept and some of them were 800 years before Christ when they were copied. We have a book of Isaiah that goes way back there. Outside of the fact that they talked a little differently in the Mazzoritic text and others, except for the wording used as they copied the scroll, it was exactly the same in all its meaning---word for word proving the inspiration of the book of Isaiah and some of these other volumes.

However the fact remains that as they translated them both in Catholicism and Episcopalicy, each time they changed, or retranslated them, they made them conform to the doctrine they wanted them to believe. Always the Jews were in there covering up. For the Jews were trying to change the story.

This is why the book of Genesis and various places, that you will find some of the things are not accurate altho the book of Genesis was inspired. But it wasn't in its proper form any longer. One place for instance, is the passage about Adam knowing his wife and she begat Cain and Abel. In the original it says:--Adam said to Eve as she begat Cain--from whence comes this one? And Eve replied:--I have received this one from Baalie."

I can prove this to you because they were not smart enough to cover this up. Because the word Lord here is Baal. The person reading this translation wouldn't know the difference between one Lord and another one. If they don't use the name of YAHWEH or YAHSHUA, they are in a mess. In this instance again, the battle of the sons of Light and the sons of Darkness in the Dead Sea Scrolls, in the order of discipline, in the Damascus scrolls and so forth, then it talks about the orders of heaven. It says that God who existed in the light was the all powerful Potentate.

And in the declaration of the scroll when it talks about this all powerful potentate who dwells in the Light, it says He created all the Universe and was without end or beginning. So He who hath created solar systems upon solar systems abiding in the Light whose plain of Administration comes out of the Light, who is a God of Light forever, then His children are children of Light.

Now, in the order of heaven, it talks about Angels also, of Light. And in the story of 'The sons of Light and the sons of Darkness', it establishes that the sons of Light are the children of God begotten in Light before the world was framed. Well--this is what the Apostle Paul was inspired to write. He said:--'We are born of incorruptible seed which lives and abides forever.' So does the doctrine of Discipline in the Damascus scrolls. It says God begat His children in the Plains of Light, that He is the God of the Universe, that all His creation is held together by the force of Light which comes from His being.

Now, come over to the book of John, and I want to point out to you, when they talk about ' the WORD was with God', the WORD was God, because He was embodied, speaking, declaring the revelation of ---the WORD which was the fullness of HIS SPIRIT. This is the pattern of HIS mind and HIS intelligence. The essence of God being translated into 'audio frequency' is the WORD----spiritual frequency would be the pattern of intuition and interpretation and knowledge. Therefore all things were made by HIM that was made. Without HIM was not anything made that was made. HE is before all things and by HIM exist all things, without HIM was not anything made. In HIM was life and that life was the life of man. He is the true Light that Lighteth every man that cometh into the world. Here this man is HU-MAN--spirit man. Therefore remember that all the children that were begotten in the heavens were HU-MAN. This is what the Apostle Paul talks about in Corinthians. He talks about us not receiving the spirit like the world received. That we received the spirit which is of God. In this declaration, it says it makes us free to know all the things of God. It searched out the mind of God. He says I don't speak to you as I speak to the world. I speak of the wisdom that God ordained before the foundation of the world unto our Glory which is simply radiance, emanation and light. This--none of the Princes of this world knew. For had they known, they would not have crucified the LORD OF GLORY.

Alright. Not it is written, therefore that 'eye hath not seen nor ear heard, all the things in the mind of God. What man can know anything except a man who hath the spirit of God. When we were begotten in the spirit, we didn't receive the spirit which the world received. We received the spirit of God which is freely given unto us of God. Therefore, he comes over here in the book of Romans and he says:--'therefore His spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God, the offspring or the progeny of God.

Now, in the Dead Sea Scrolls, in the book of Thessalonians, as well, the Apostle Paul speaks out and says we are the children of the Day, not children of the darkness. We who are the 'day' put on the breastplate of faith and the helmet of love, the hope of salvation.

Now, at the same time, God talks about us being the children of Light in Thessalonians. In the book of Light --Dead Sea Scrolls--it talks about us being the children of Light. And in the book of Enoch, God says thou art my Israel--. So you are children of Light. Is-ra-el. Break it down and it means Issue ruling with Me. Thus He told Enoch he was Israel. He told Seth that he was Israel. Abraham was His Israel. and Jacobs name was changed to Israel. And this was not the start of the name Israel, it only started the name of Israel to come forth. Jewry tried to pass off on men that they were of Jacob-Israel. But they were usurpers and a fraud. Jesus proves they were not Israel when He said:--'Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.' 'How saith thou that thou can make us free, for we have never been in bondage?--they replied. Thus they testified against themselves, for if they had been Judah and Benjamin, they had been in bondage to Nebuchadnezzar. If on the ten tribes of Israel, they would have been in bondage to Assyria. So they spoke out against themselves, for if 'Ye were Abraham's seed, ye would receive me.'---'Ye are of your father the devil'.--'you are sons of Belial'.

This word Belial is one of the oldest words in Aramaic. When they translated this into the Greek, they took out--'Thou art sons of Belial'. But left the fact that Jesus said they were sons of the devil. Left also that Jesus said:--'Your father was a murderer from the beginning.' The word Belial goes clear back into Coptic-Aramaic. Horus who was the man who was the High Priest of the Egyptians as they escaped Atlantas as it sank, Horus writes about this evil. And he calls them the children of Belial--of Lucifer--of darkness. They called Belial the Prince of Darkness and the children of Belial the children of Darkness. All this is in the book of Horus of how they brought in the Negroes and mongrelized that society. But go a way back to the scriptures and you will note that God talks about how the Sons of Light are His Kingdom. And He tells over here that He begat His sons and daughters in the earth and brought His spiritual children into the world thru the loins of Adam. Now they were in bodies of flesh and it says that God begat Adam in His own image and inbreathed into him the breath of life. In-breathed into Adam a spiritual child, because they were children of His spirit dwelling now in earth. The fact remains, that the other races on the face of the earth are not children of the MOST HIGH. There are created races like the Asiatics. They are good in their beginning and for a long, long time. The Negro race was a fallen race and degenerated when they came. Of course, Lucifer mongrelized them with other races and with beasts. And there was degeneracy there. And some Negroes have tails and there are the Pygmies, some of them are bigger and some smaller. They mongrelized them with some of the Ammorites and with the last of the warriors of YAH-Pan the Summari. These were those who go back thousands and thousands of years.

In the Latin, they ran up against this word Sumari. And it became Sumos, the Latin word for high, the highest. The pattern of the movement of languages around some words, the Roman soldiers came in contact with the people on the edge of India. But in studying languages, you find the Latin word Sumus came from Sumari, the high parts of Japan, the last of that continent which sank like Easter Island.

So you have this pattern, the Asiatics migrated into the high steppes. So 600,000 years ago they worshiped one God. They lived in caves in Europe and they were intelligent people. The made dye, but they painted pictures on the cave walls of lpictrodectles and painted and colored animals perfectly. After 600,000 years you can go into those caves and tell what those things looked like. But you can't go down to Laguna Beach and look at those pictures and tell what they are painting. So we haven't made too much progress in art.

But in the Dead Sea Scrolls, in the 'Battle of the Sons of Light and the sons of Darkness', then God talks about the order of heaven and Lucifer was the angel who refused to recognize the fact that God had children. And that their spiritual entity would be higher than his spiritual entity. So he refused to reflect the light, ( the word is--became Shaton, or Satan, and devious)--this is the word for devil. The word devious comes into Latin and into English for it means to change course.

Now, we discover that God says there is a mystery of lawlessness and transgression. Therefore, the spirit of truth is given unto my sons and the Angel of Darkness giveth forth the destruction of Mysteries and the creating of error among his children who are the children of darkness.

It says that Michael, Gabriel and Raphael were given command of the three corners of the Universe and "I, YAHWEH, shall take on the fourth. Remember this. Lucifer had fallen and Michael was given the command of the heavenly fleets to drive Lucifer out of the upper heavens lest his people create havoc among the creations of God.

Now, the Negroes had been gathered up and Lucifer was using them as axmen and swordsmen to cut up the flesh bodies of creation. So Michael was given command of the Celestial chariots of the MOST HIGH. How many were there?---Twenty thousand times thousands times thousands. In other words four hundred million times thousands. These were the ships of the MOST HIGH in that day. And Gabriel and Raphael controlled the other areas of the Universe with YAHWEH remaining in the Pleiades while Michael comes out. It tells you that these were circular ships as Ezekiel saw them. Then the seventh and final battle comes up which we are in now. It rages in both plains and all over the earth. And He--YAHSHUA comes bringing a sword of destruction. Michael is leading his ships and he says I shall bring my Angels of righteousness and my sons of light and we shall destroy Lucifer and his fleets. We shall destroy the sons of Belial. And all the sons of darkness are to be broken, exiled, moved into outer space into the constellation of Ara. For there will be no place found of them in this Milky Way system. This is just a part of the judgement on them. But of the space war involved here, he talks about how they dissolve the earth and catastrophe sweeps the world.

Then turn over here to II Peter and he backs up the Dead Sea Scrolls, altho I doubt if he read them. He was a fisherman and I doubt, too well informed. But he might have read the Essene scrolls. But it says:--'The Day of the Lord shall come as a thief in the night and the heavens shall pass away with a great noise and the elements dissolve with fervent heat, and the fashion of this world order will be burned up because of elements of fervent heat. With all these things, what sort of person should you be? But remember, this is again what it said in the Dead Sea Scrolls, and in the book of Esdras which was found with the scrolls and is also classified as prophecy with 200 years after Christ before it was copied.

In the book of Esdras, it says, the sons of Darkness gather and the cities of Asia which rule their hour with the beast, seek to conquer the world. And I shall send against them my horrible flying swords. And horrible stars shall burn above them, and their cities shall turn to powder and dust. So here in the battle, they say they shall send their jets against you and God says His heavenly army shall gather them up in His hands and turn them back against themselves. So when their inter-continental ballistic missiles start coming over, the great fleets of space will gather them up and send them back against those that send them. This may not be very far off. You have Satellites from the Soviet Union circling the earth right now and they are carrying atomic bombs. And they don't pay any attention to covenants. But instead of being terrified, the children of God need to know the scriptures and know what God's word does say. He never went back on a covenant.

In these situations, He says that the Saints of the MOST HIGH --the children--HIS believing offspring, are going to take the Kingdom. They are going to destroy, to defeat the sons of darkness. Daniel records this. And we are told that we will possess the Kingdom forever and ever. Now we are told, Michael the great Prince will stand up. He fought the last time for the children of God. He did this when he ran Lucifer out of the heavens, and then Lucifer was earth bound. But Lucifer makes war with the seed of the woman, Israel, ----and the child is Messiah the embodiment of God. There comes a flood out of the dragon's mouth. This is other races out of Asia and so forth. And they make war against all the nations who have the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. Thus the Christian nations are the object of this invasion. They have captured minds and made captives our of even some of our race, and use them as puppets in government. But they are trying to integrate and mongrelize us. All these are things talked about in the scrolls and in the books of Enoch, and in the Bible. The book of Thessalonians, for instance, says there will be a falling away first. They have moved in on the church and they deny the Virgin birth, the Blood atonement, the second coming of Christ, the deity of Christ. All these are the facts. They tell you that you can be welded into a World Church.

In this case, the man of sin is plural. Thus this is children of perdition, children of Belial. Even tho Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed as examples, these progeny exist, And the people speak of things they know not naturally as brute beasts. And in these things they corrupt themselves.

Over in Peter, he talks about 'natural brute beasts' to be taken and destroyed. So they receive the reward of their own unrighteousness. And they count it a pleasure to riot in the daytime. The Negroes degenerated; were mixed with other nationalities and then beasts. This is the Enosh-enden--people without spirit; who when they die they are dead--Zombie--walking dead.

Jesus said to the Jews, where I go you can't come. They thought to the cities of Ephraim where they weren't allowed. But He was talking about heaven.

St. Patrick was Jeremiah. And there is not one facet of the race question that we can't find in the scriptures to substantiate it. It is--all there is-- you look.