06-09-65 Bible Study Q&A


Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:--Isn't it true that some words of the Apostles were changed from their original Gospels?

ANSWER:--Yes, that is true, and it is a matter of interest that many Christians don't know this. They don't realize that the Jews tampered with even the New Testament texts. Now the early church Gospels and Epistles were written in Aramaic and some in Greek. John wrote in Aramaic but Luke, who was a doctor, wrote in Classical Greek. Luke could have written in Aramaic and he did write some in Latin, thus showing that he had a full knowledge of Latin as well, then Matthew and Mark wrote their Gospels in Aramaic.

Now, all of these Gospels went to the early churches, and Mark was Pastor of the Church in Alexandria, Egypt. This was one of the oldest Christian Churches of Great Strength, and one of the greatest cities of the Roman Empire. This city of Alexandria, Egypt had been a great city ever since the conquering of Egypt by the Greeks, and had remained a great city in the Roman Empire.

Now, of course the Greeks were Sythians and great areas of Greek culture remained in Alexandria even after it became part of the Roman Empire. Also one of the greatest libraries of all times, in history, was established at Alexandria, Egypt, by Alexander the Great. And there were curators from all over the world who came to sell their scrolls and rolls, because this library continued to buy rare rolls and scrolls and catalog them, even up in the days of Caesar. And even at the time of the Christ this was still a great library and depository for great volumes and here curators, both Greek and Roman paid great prices to add to this library.

Now, after leaving Judea, then Mark went to Alexandria, Egypt and he was Pastor of the church there. And that church grew very fast from its small start to a group of one of the largest ones in Christendom. Then also there was less pressure here in Egypt as the Jews were moving in their influence and with their money into Rome, in their drive to destroy the early Christians if they could. So the power of the purse of the Jews was sent to Rome instead of Alexandria, Egypt. Rome was the seat of the Empire, and there in Rome they worked like they do in our time, trying to influence the government as they bought some Senators, and Representatives and Presidents. But in Egypt the pressure was not as pronounced so Mark had more Freedom to preach, and his church group grew.

Now, the Gospel that Mark wrote existed there in Alexandria, in the Aramaic in which he wrote it, and then also it was translated into Classical Greek. And into Greek Codex which was a literal translation because all scriptures were translated into Greek, and all those Greek scrolls were included in library form, copied from there and sent into Asia Minor which was an area of Evangelistic activity, that Mark was participating in. So we find that Mark reached out to all the Greek speaking people, and all of the Sythian people through this activity from Alexandria, Egypt.

Now, the Jews tried through persecution to stop the church in Rome and then when that did not work they decided to join Christianity and tear it down from inside the church. Some of them came into the Roman church and they used their money to obtain higher positions such as Bishops. They put up the money for the copying of the scrolls and scriptures.

Now, the Jewish money was coming in from the Isle of Pergamos, where Jesus said that Satan's seat was located. And this Isle was where the head of gold from Ancient Babylon was now located. So through the use of this money were able to elevate themselves in the Roman church after its start. And they poured great amounts of money into this church. And the thing they tried to do from the positions of Bishops was to stop the preaching of the Gospel of the Kingdom.

This preaching of the Gospel of the Kingdom was being directed by the Apostle Paul, and the Spirit told him not to go to the Asiatics but to go to the people of the Nations who were Kinsmen, or to the Lost Sheep of Israel. And the Apostles all understood that they were to go to the Lost Sheep. And the Jews understood that because they knew that they were not Israelites. The Jews knew that Jesus had identified them and that Christianity had exposed them, and that the Gospel of John contained the Identity of the Jews, and that all over early Christendom this fact was known and spoken of.

The Early Church fathers like Clemens and others knew and preached that the Jews were the sons of Satan, and they told of how the Jews had denied Christ. So the Jews came into the church to give lip service and then set out to change the Gospel.

Now, the Gospels were contemporary with Jesus and 100 years after the time of Christ, there was no question about the death of Mark, and of the time of his death. We put Mark's death back to 33 years after his ministry started. So Mark was dead by the time he was 51 years of age. He was just a young man when he was following Jesus.

Now, in the 16th., chapter of the Gospel of Mark starting with the 9th. verse, this was not written by Mark.

Now, if you have a Scoffield Bible, you will see a place a where there is a number 1 right along side where you see these words: "Jesus was risen early on the First day of the week, he appeared first to Mary Magdalene out of whom he had cast 7 devils, and she went and told them that had been with him, as they mourned and wept. And they, when they had heard that he was alive and had been seen by her, believed not."

In the other Gospels it tells how Mary Magdalene had seen him in the garden, and she had told the disciples and they came with great gladness and ran to the tomb. But here in this "Add On" to Mark's Gospel we find it says that when Mary Magdalene told the Disciples they did not believe her.

Then verse 12 says: "That after this he appeared in another form unto two of them as they walked, and went into the country." (Luke 24:13)

Now, what did Jesus really do? He appeared as a man, not as any other form, and He met with the two Disciples, or these two men on the road to Emaus, but these two men although followers of Jesus were not of the 12 Disciples, they were however of the Apostolic company. And when Jesus joined these two men, He found that they were so torn with grief that they did not recognize Him. Remember that story of how Jesus explained all the things of the scripture to them as He told them of the things Moses wrote, and all the things down through the writings of the Prophets. Then the two men said, here is a cafe and we haven't been able to eat anything for some time, but you have cheered us up so much we would like to break bread with you. So they went in to the cafe, and as Jesus broke bread then the two men saw the nail prints in His hands, and they saw His light and His Glory and they said: "Our Lord and our God" and then Jesus disappeared.

Now, all the other accounts of this time are accurate but here in the end of the Gospel of Mark we find: "After that, he appeared in another form unto of them and they went and told it unto the residue; and neither believed they them. Afterwards Jesus met with the eleven as they sat at meat and upbraided them with their unbelief and hardness of the heart, because they believed not them, which had seen Him after He was risen.

Now, this is a LIE, Jesus did not even scold Thomas very much, but of the true record, Thomas was the ONLY one who thought he must see to believe that the Christ had risen. Well, later Jesus did appear to Thomas and did let him put His hands in the nail prints, and in His side. But here in this False Account they have Jesus upbraiding His Apostles.

Now, you know that if anyone could understand the feelings of these Disciples, then YAHSHUA could, for He knew how these Apostles and Disciples felt. Their Messiah was gone and their hopes for the restoration of Israel at this time was also gone, and under these conditions you know that there was no upbraiding by Jesus.

Now, go a little further and here it says: "Go ye into all the world and preach unto every creature." But remember that as Jesus walked this earth and taught His Disciples He always said: "Go only unto the Lost Sheep of Israel." Yet here they have it saying: "Go unto all the world and preach to every creature", and creature means every dog and cat or everything that lives and breathes. So on the basis of this falseness that crept into the scripture we have abandoned all the other scriptures and have gone into Africa and other places and try to do this. Now, go on, it says: "He that believed and is baptized shall be saved, but he that believeth not shall be damned."

Oh, what a text this one is, "He that believed and is baptized" every creature, race, creed, color, or animal if he believes he will be saved and if he does not he is damned. This is the only place you find this declaration, but go on a little further for there has been more damnation sermons preached on this text than you have any idea of.

Here it says: "And these signs shall follow them that believe; in my name they shall cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; they shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing it will not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

Now, there may not be to much wrong with some of this but Mark never wrote this, and Jesus didn't say this, in that sequence at least. Jesus may have said at various times some of these statements but Mark never wrote that these were the words of Jesus, in his Gospel.

Now, go a little further, in verse 19, "After the LORD had spoken unto them, he was received up into heaven and sat on the right hand of God". Now there is no doubt that Jesus ascended up into heaven, but how? Jesus entered into a cloud, two men came out of that cloud that brought the two men, then they went back and the cloud ascended and Jesus was not with them anymore.

Now, back to Mark, chapter 16, verse 19, it says: "He was received up into heaven and sat on the right hand of God. Well, remember that Jesus was YAHWEH here in earth, embodied as Savior-YAHSHUA, and He then ascended into heaven and took the scepter hand of authority simply means that, He assumed the authority from there, that is the meaning of the right hand, the hand of authority.

Now, by dwelling in the flesh He had lifted Israel, symbolized by this body which He dwelt in, this body having been the results of His own immaculate conception, to His Holy Spirit, in which He had taken the synthesis of the bodily substance of His own being and projected it through the seed into the womb of Mary, and brought forth His own birth, so was thus Virgin born, and by this process had lifted those which He identified as His kinsmen, with His own ascension into the heavens, and gave that body the scepter hand of authority. So that body of YAHWEH still sat in authority, spirit, soul, and body, for He was YAHWEH--THY YAHSHUA--IN POWER.

So you see, He was not sitting along side of Himself. This idea of Jesus on the right hand of God was first introduced, when they started to twist the scriptures to form a background for Babylonian theology.

In verse 20, we have this: "And they went forth and preached everywhere the LORD working with them and confirming the word with signs following." This might not be such a bad passage of scripture but when it is tied into the above one saying, go into the world and preach to every creature, and he who believes is saved and he who believes not is damned, that is a false picture.

In the first place the foreknowledge of YAHWEH is already laid out in the scripture and YAHWEH has already demonstrated His authority to move with His Holy Spirit, to quicken the capacity of anyone with the knowledge to understand, but there wasn't anyone of His Household who wouldn't believe when the Gospel reached them under the measures of the time and purposes of YAHWEH. There wasn't anyone of the house of Israel, of this House of YAHWEH that was going to be damned, and there wasn't any of 'all flesh' who were going to be damned, or some saved and some damned, this is the background of this HELL business which started in Romanism and inside the Catholic Church and then spread into Europe and the Protestant Churches later. But this started in Rome and the Jews planted it there long before the official Catholic church came into being. The Hierarchy was in formation at the time, and the Jews had worked and bought their way into the Hierarchy, and then planted this HELL bit. Constantine gave the Jews great power when he came to Rome and it went from there on.

But just take a look at this; In all the footnotes and all the documents which deal with this translation, where those translations are honest and then those which are full of malarkey, and then alter when men were afraid to face the truth.

Now, there is no doubt that we have many orthodox believers who would never consider the truth if it would upset some little orthodox idea, even though that idea might not have been orthodox with YAHWEH, but only with their organization. For instance you have Methodists who think that John Wesley had the last word in theology, and then you have Baptist who think that Calvin knew all there was to know in theology and then other denominations think that who ever started their denomination knew all there was to know in theology. But these men like Wesley and Calvin founded churches on belief and the Faith of the Word of God. Never the less, there are things which became quite obvious, and evident in the pursuant of the study of the passages of scripture, and some of the oldest codexes demonstrated that the oldest documents of the Gospel of Mark in original Aramaic and in the Greek as well as in the original codex did not have any of the verses from 9-20 of this 16th, chapter of Mark. (Your Living Bible and the Revised Standard Version tell you this as well.)

Therefore there is not any Gospel of Mark written later, but between the second and third century after Christ, or a minimum of 150 to 200 years after the death of Mark these verses begin to show up in the King James Version at the end of Mark's Gospel. So if Mark had written these Gospels they would have been in the original copies which the church had.

And Scoffield who was very literal would not have upset anything found in the scriptures for if the devil was talking you would have had to argue with Scoffield to talk him out of the fact that those words should not be in the scriptures. So if Scoffield says that the passages of Mark from 16:9-20 are not found in the most ancient scriptures such as the Si-natic and the Vatican and others have it only in parcels, admissions and variations, but it is quote by Aranius and Hipolanious in the second and third centuries then you can believe Scoffield.

Now, this is not my interpretation, but this is a part of the knowledge that we possess and can confirm with multitudes of documents and facts and not because it happens to be in a footnote in a Scoffield Bible.

It was in Scoffield's Bible and you can be sure he believed it, and he did move with complete integrity in what he believed and understood. Now I disagree with what Scoffield didn't know for he was looking for a secret rapture and things like that. And there were areas which before his time, when translation had already changed the impact of ideas. For remember in the King James translation into King's English of that day, some of the words had different meanings than they do today. Also some of the words were not translated in the sequence with which the original text would indicate. For instance, this rapture theory; I Thessalonians 4:15----

We who are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not hinder those who are asleep. The word SLEEP was put in afterwards. Now, the verse here should read: "Those whose bodies are dead, their spirits He shall bring with Him raising their bodies in the twinkling of an eye." Then the Dead in Christ, which means their physical bodies will rise first, and then we which are alive and remain shall also be transformed in the atoms, in this air breathing, physical bodies, not some spiritual thing.

In other words it did not say that we were going to be caught up into the air. It says in these elemental bodies of substance, these physical bodies, these same bodies which are used for spirit, soul and body. Then this body in this atmosphere, breathing air, this very body that has blood in it that oxygen purifies the blood, this body then that had blood in it shall be changed in the twinkling of an eye like unto the glorious body of the Christ, like unto what He had after His Resurrection, when after that, in that body He made, He had Life, and vitality, this same body in which He came to His Disciples.

That is what Paul was saying but when it was translated they said: He shall come, bringing all these with Him, and raising their bodies, then we shall all be caught up into the clouds and forever be with the LORD.

Now, from that translation then people got the idea that they will be floating around out somewhere in space. But this is not consistent for He is coming to earth to take the throne of His Kingdom and not stay up there floating around somewhere. So if you go meet someone you go to the spot where he is coming to and not out in space somewhere.

Actually what is being spoken of here is the gathering of the great Hosts of the Kingdom around the returned Christ, but the translation is this: The moment He enters this atmosphere the moment He reveals His presence, then every last one of our race will be changed instantly everywhere in the world, by the evolving Glory of the MOST HIGH moving out to all that has this infinitum. Every lost son of Adam will be changed in the twinkling of an eye, in the very element of His being and all those who are dead will be raised and the spirits coming with HIM in their Celestial beings will re-enter their bodies for this same transition.

Then as you come over into the Book of Thessalonians you can see that translation may suffer violence, but not the actual fact of the Christ's return, and of the transition.

Now, the thing I point out to you is that in the last of the Book of Mark these Jewish Priests who became lip service Christians, in their period of time when they were having the manuscripts copied and reproduced, used these texts with their add on verses, and they were used first in the Roman Church in those early days for the first time.

This is also true with the last of the Book of Matthew. In the Book of Matthew in the 28th. chapter starting with the 16th., verse to the 20th., it says: "Then the eleven Disciples went away into Galilee, into a Mountain where Jesus had appointed them, and when they saw Him they worshiped Him, but some doubted."

Remember here where it says that some doubted Him, that Jesus had been with them several days, and was teaching them and this was after His Resurrection. And Jesus then told them that He must go away, and they went to the mountain with Him, all this after they had been with Him, and after His resurrection, so you can believe that some of them doubted?

Verse 18: "And Jesus came and spake unto them saying; All power is given unto Me in heaven and earth." But here remember that He was stile the Fullness of YAHWEH dwelling bodily. "Go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the son and the Holy Ghost." THIS IS STRICTLY BABYLONIANISM, that was sown into Rome as they tried to split up YAHWEH into separate beings. Now do you think that Jesus was suppose to have told them that? No, of course not.

"Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and lo I will be with you always even unto the end of the world." This passage is O.K. because there is another place where Jesus said: "Lo I will be with you always", and it was alright for them to go out to preach to all the kind red, the Ethnos, so in Greek they use the word nations of Ethena which is O.K. but Matthew did not write in Greek, he wrote in Aramaic and these verses weren't in the early Book of Matthew, which was the true Gospel of Matthew. Instead it showed up in Rome, after The Christ, in fact about 150 years after The Christ. Then this Gospel had this addition: "Go unto the world and preach the Gospel and baptize in the name of the Father, the son, and the Holy Ghost." Even the word Ghost has no place in scripture for the word is Holy Spirit. But this started the theory of God in three persons, blessed trinity. But there is no trinity in the Bible, just the essence of spirit, soul, and body.

Now, the fact is that if you go into the Holy of Holies or into the Sistine Chapel you see 3 Gods. You see God the old man, on the throne, and the light of the illuminated Holy Spirit on the one hand, and then you see doves flying around, and on the other side you see the young man. So on the right hand here is Jesus with His heart hanging out, and he had the scepter, and you see God the father and He has a scepter, and then on the other side you see the Holy Spirit, thus 3 Gods.

Go to India and you find Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva, all set in the same form, 3 gods. Then in India they sometimes have Siva as a woman and Brahma is the highest areas of deity and Vishnu if the Messianic Identity. So they also have a trinity. Then they also have a negative goddess who is the mother of all the forces necessary to make the positive forces work, and that is Kali the assassin goddess, and Kali is the wife of the Serpent of the Ganghis River. The serpent however is also Lucifer so they worship Kali too. The thing is that these idols are set in their religion, and this was done also in Babylon.

Here in Babylon, Nimrod was a white man but they took him over and by using false Priests from India and other places, they praised Nimrod and they said no one was like Nimrod, for he had conquered all that ever oppressed him, and he had built a great Empire in that land in those days. Then they brought in so called beautiful women from all the races in Babylon, and established a Harem for Nimrod, and they brought their great wealth to him, and all this time their design was to mongrelize the white race of that area, and to destroy their Faith in YAHWEH.

So these false priests and soothsayers said to Nimrod: "Behold, out of our ancient mysteries we discover that you like unto god, and behold thy mother, she is also a goddess, and the mother of god." Then before they got through with all this incest then the daughter of Nimrod's mother became the wife of Nimrod. This became the Trinity of Babylon and they tied in the name of Baal, or Baalie, which means Luciferian or the embodiment of Lucifer. Then they said: "Behold the chief ruler is not YAHWEH, but he is Baalie and thus Nimrod is the embodiment of Baal.

Well by this time Nimrod was off his rocker and he had fallen for all this. So the people began to bring in all these pagan gods and put them in their houses. Each house had a chapel. And at this time then Terah, the father of Abraham was Prime Minister of Nimrod's Empire. And Terah was a Shemite, and Nimrod was a Hamite, and both were white men of the race of Adam. But under the influence of all this idolatry the pagans were coming into the Empire in droves, and they moved into the court of Nimrod, and the great Harem was established and at that time Abraham was just a baby, and his father, Terah had to send Abraham away because these soothsayers would have killed him because of what they saw in the sky the night that Abraham was born, and their interpretation of that sign was that this baby would break this Kingdom of Nimrod. So Abraham was sent down to live with Noah in the Caves of the Treasury, and there he received his education, and he was over 10 years of age before he came back to his father's house.

Then at about 13 or 14 years of age Abraham went into the room where his father kept his idols and chopped them up with his axe. They had this Babylonian Trinity set up way back there at ancient Babylon for they said these gods were the emblems of the gods who do obeisance and which have begotten thee in their image for thou art god. So on other words then Nimrod believed that all these gods were joint gods, unto him, and he was supposed to be an invincible spirit of the Eternal God, and thus put him in PLACE OF YAHWEH. This was why Nimrod became a rebel against YAHWEH. (No wonder he was crazy.)

So what happened at that time when Abraham chopped up the idols? Abraham before that had said to his father; what are you doing with all those gods in your home? His father said, these are the three highest gods that rule the heavens and these other are our gods and you shall worship them. But Abraham said, no we have only one God, and that is YAHWEH, and I have been taught by Noah, and I know that you know this also." Terah said, "I shall smite thee my son, for you shall ruin us, for these are our gods and everyday we take sacrifice to them.

Well, someone went to Nimrod and said, the son of Terah, thy Prime Minister has taken an axe and broken up all the gods of our people." So Nimrod called Terah before him, and Terah put on quite a show as he tore his hair and moaned and said, "My son, has done a terrible thing. I went into my temple and everything was chopped up."

Well, here was a little boy sort of like George Washington and his little hatchet and the cherry tree, so what happened here? They called Abraham and said to him, "did you do this terrible thing? And Abraham said, "Oh, no my father I would not do this terrible thing I would not dare lay a hand on thy great gods, for you say that they rule the heavens with great power, and so, I am a man, and would never touch them. For these are the gods of great power whom you the mighty Nimrod worship. Behold I brought in that savory bowl of rice and all those other things which you bring to your gods and behold, the smaller god took some of this food before the bigger one could eat and so the bigger one got mad and grabbed this axe and started chopping them all up.

Well, Nimrod jumped up and said: "That is a lie, you know that they are made of wood and stone, so how could they have any power to do anything?" Then Abraham said: "Oh, mighty Nimrod and my father, if these gods be made of wood and stone and have power to do nothing, then why do you worship them?

For a moment they didn't know what to do, but the soothsayers got busy again and they told Nimrod that this child had outwitted him, so Abraham had to go into hiding again.

Now, to go on with the story, later Abraham had taken a wife and YAHWEH told Abraham to get out of that land of Ur of Chaldea. Word of this reached Nimrod who was close to 80 years at this time, so Terah the father of Abraham was also getting old, and as Abraham then left Ur of the Chaldeas his father went with him, and they took all their households.

Now, Abraham was wealthy in his own right at this time, and so was Terah who had been the Prime Minister, and as they left Ur, they took their wealth, and flocks and servants and all their households. And as they came to the land of Chedorlamer then this great battle was taking place there. When this battle was over then Abraham was still wealthy, and he would not take the gold from the King of Sodom, because he did not want the King of Sodom to say that he made Abraham rich. Abraham said: "The almighty YAHWEH hath made his covenant with me, and He alone has made Abraham rich."

Now, the thing I want to point out to you is that the trinity, 3 gods, goes back to ancient Babylon. But the scripture says: "Hear o Israel, thy God is one LORD". Not three, just one, and when you were made in the image of YAHWEH, it was thus that Adam was brought forth. This is the way it should read: Bara, when YAHWEH BEGAT, OR BROUGHT FORTH A MAN IN HIS OWN IMAGE, BEHOLD HE WAS AS YAHWEH, SPIRIT, SOUL, AND BODY, THUS ADAM WAS NOT TRIPLETS, see.

In other words today, theology has been interpreted out of a pattern of Babylonianism and then out of Rome came these spurious scriptures that we have mentioned. If this three of trinity was so we would all be looking as though through blurred glasses as though we were multiple and as though YAHWEH were multiple. But even though these things were sowed in we still believe in one, YAHWEH.

When the Jews brought these things into Rome then one of the things they sought to do was to integrate the church. (The book, "The Plot Against the Church" explains how this worked from the time of the death of the Christ and then his ascension up through the present time in the Roman Catholic Church, and also this carried over to all Christian Churches.)

It was in the year 650 A.D. when Judith was Empress of Rome that the Jews rewrote the scriptures of the Books of Esther and Judith so as to make them both, Esther and Judith, Jewish heroines. They wanted to bring all races into the church and through Brotherhood melt the Kingdom of Israel into all the nations. To accomplish the same thing they are trying to do today which is to bring in a world government. So if they could get the church to go out and gather in all creatures of every race and bring them all in then in the end there would be no more Christianity, and Jewry would rule the world. So until they gain the control of the One World Government they must control the church.

Now, we can show you in Revelation where the church was contaminated and this doesn't mean everyone is cast aside for this is still Israel, but in Revelation Jesus told John about the great church ages, in the first 3 chapters of Revelation, and told of where the false and the true was being taught in the churches. He also said that Satan's seat was in the Pergamos. This was the seat of world Jewry at that time, and these were Cainanites.

Now, someone will say, well you don't believe in the Bible. Well, I believe in the Bible from cover to cover, but I don't believe it was infallibly translated from that time to ours. But as an inspired Book and given by inspiration and given and written by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John it is infallibly accurate, but as translated later this version of the King James Bible is not translated infallibly accurate. That does not mean that you cannot find out the true translation because you can, it just seems to be to much work for some people.

At this moment I do not believe that with all the work of Jewry to twist the scriptures that they have obscured any great truth of scripture that YAHWEH wants us to have for these truths have survived all their attempts to crush it. But it also demonstrates how potent this great truth is for Lucifer feels that he has to obscure it. On the other hand remember that YAHWEH permitted some of this in foreknowledge, for He talked in parables because He did not want the Cainanite Jews to understand the significance of what He was teaching, as He did not want them to rush in and join the church. If Jesus had made the Jews understand what He was teaching then they would have joined the church immediately to conquer it, as they would have known the secrets of the church. As it was this joining the church came later at Rome, and as it was they thus joined the church later to destroy it not to conquer it.

Now, you do not destroy anything that has Divine vitality. The more you martyr it the faster it grows. So the more the Cainanites fought the church the faster it spread. Every time they hit a Christian community they scattered the Christians and the word spread faster and further and reached more people.

Now, this same thing had scattered the Adamic race all through history. Eventually they had to leave Palestine and that Mid-East area and they did this, going into Western Europe. And by the time of the Ascension of the Christ then the Galileans all had left, and a large part of Judah which was the Visgoth and the Normans entered into Europe, and when this transpired then it did not leave hardly any back there in Jerusalem except Josephus who was a newspaper reporter who stayed around that area to report on what was happening. And because Josephus was an honest historian, the Romans didn't bother him as they moved in to conquer these rebellious trouble-making Jews.

Most people miss the fact that the father of Titus had in that period of time given permission for the Galileans to migrate and they left that area. And another thing that people miss is the fact that when these people migrated they went right to the appointed place and settled with the Goths who were already in place, and who were the kinsmen of those coming in the last migration. And these people knew where they were to go. Just like Peter knew where his kinsmen were; as he wrote to the 12 tribes scattered abroad. So Peter wrote, not to the people of Palestine, but to his kinsmen over in Europe.

This is one reason why today we hear of this great commission, a lot of ministers if they are ordained as Missionaries are told to go out and preach the Gospel to everyone and if they would get them to accept Christ then baptize them in the name of the father, the son, and the Holy Ghost. There has been a continuity in the church form, and it is rather interesting, for it says: "In the name of the Father, the son, and the Holy Ghost." Then in scholarship they discovered that when they were saying: Father, son, and Holy Ghost, that these are not names. There is only ONE NAME, YAHSHUA, for the Messiahship of Jesus. When men are baptized they are baptized into the Messiahship of Jesus, or thus baptized into Christ.

When the early church baptized they did not have all this Malarkey because they weren't fed into the scriptures until 200 years after the ascension of YAHSHUA.

Now, I will prove this to you, turn to the Book of Acts, chapter 2 and verse 37, here Peter is preaching to those who had come to Jerusalem from all over the world for the feasts, and these are Israelites here listening to Peter and it says that they were pricked in their hearts. Now they were thus understanding Peter and things were being brought back to their memory and they turned to Peter and the other Apostles and Disciples gathered here and they said: Men and Brethren what shall we do?" Then in verse 38, Peter said to them: "Repent (change your thinking) everyone of you and be baptized in the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, for the remission of sins, and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit."

Now, if Jesus had told Matthew, Mark, Luke , and John to baptize them in the Name of the Father, the son, and the Holy Ghost, then that is what Peter would have said at this point, but you do not find this in the entire Book of Acts, and this Book of Acts is the history of the first 70 years of the church, and anytime they baptized, then they baptized in the NAME OF YAHSHUA. Because the word Jesus comes out of the Greek--ee-ay-sooc--and is pronounced Yeh-Soose, and the word Jesus did not show up for another 200 years. So they were all baptized in the name of YAHSHUA, just like the Virgin Mary was told by the Angel Gabriel, "Thou shall call his name YAHSHUA, and He shall save His people from their sins."

Thus when anyone was baptized into the Christian Church and into the body of Christ, they were not baptized into a vague concept of YAHWEH, they were baptized into the embodiment of YAHWEH as MESSIAH, and so they were baptized in the name of YAHSHUA. Thus this was the name used by Peter, and then all through the Book of Acts, and this proved that this act of scholarship which came between 200 or 300 years after the ascension, proves itself by the record of the scriptures to be spurious.

QUESTION:--By that then I have not been baptized?

ANSWER:--This is true, there are multitudes of Christians who have not been baptized in the name of YAHSHUA, however YAHWEH has given recognition to the intent of the heart, and you can be sure of that, even though we do believe in the baptism in the name of YAHSHUA.

Now, we baptized over the years in the name of YAHSHUA, but there were some people who could not quite understand this so we baptized them in the name of YAHWEH, who is YAHSHUA, and whose Holy Spirit seals this baptism and they were happy with that way.

But the fact remains that there is only one name in Heaven, and in earth by which men can be saved. Salvation is, the adjusting of the individual to the purposes of YAHWEH, saving them from their errors and their mistakes and not saving them from some terrible perdition, some burning place.

So when Peter is talking here to these assembled Israelites they said to Peter, we want to get out of all these errors, and we want the right Faith for we believe that the Messiah has come, so Men and Brethren or Kinsmen what shall we do? And Peter said:"Be baptized in the name of YAHSHUA." This is translated in the King James Version, and in the Si-natic Version, and in the Latin Version, as in the name of Jesus Christ.

I could show you other passages along those lines but they all prove the same thing.

Another passage where they tried through translation to tear down the fact of the Divine nature of YAHSHUA-Jesus, is where they tried to say that he had a natural father who was Joseph. This did not exist in the original texts for the Angel and the Holy Spirit bear witness to the fact of the immaculate conception of Jesus. However in their attempts to tamper through translation it says: "Jesus being as supposed the son of Joseph." This is where they tampered with the genealogy of Jesus because He was not, being as supposed the son of Joseph. Now, nobody supposed that He was the son of Joseph but the enemy, and then they didn't think He was the son of Joseph because they tried to blame His birth on numerous sources, proving that they knew that there was something strange about the birth of Jesus.

Now, Luke 3:23 notice the () around the words, being (as supposed) the son of Joseph. This is a fallacy and this translation was to upset the pattern of Jesus. The genealogy given here is for Mary, and of course as they try to make it look as though Jesus is the descendent of Joseph then it was put on for the purpose of making you think that Jesus was just a man, but you can still tell that it wasn't in the original scriptures because of its marking (as supposed), and then you check the real meaning of the verse.

QUESTION:--But the two genealogies do not jive?

ANSWER:--That's right for the one in Luke comes down through the Priest side of the House of David. This is actually showing the parent line of Mary, and also is to show that Joseph was also of the King line and the lineage of the throne line.

But remember that as far as Mary was concerned, she was from both the Priest line and these daughters married into the Priest line, so here was both Judah and Levi in the House of David. So with Elizabeth married to a Priest then John the Baptist was the cousin of Jesus after the flesh.

QUESTION:--Then both Joseph and Mary came down from the David line. I noticed one line from Solomon and one from Nathan.

ANSWER:--These genealogies were just making it clear that the House of David, was both Priest and Judah, and then it does happen that the genealogy of Joseph and Mary are joined at that point. This is usually true of all the Royal Houses of the Davidic line.

QUESTION:--Where is Lucifer, is he on earth at this time, and if so in what form?

ANSWER:--Well, I think he is here in any form which suits his pleasure. He could be in many forms and when he occupies or appears in earth, he appears as a man, and with great power. Now YAHWEH destroyed the body of the wicked being that Lucifer in the past inhabited, such as the King of Tyre. Remember YAHWEH said to the King of Tyre: "I know who you are, you are Lucifer, the son of the morning, the Cherub that covereth."

Now, I would not say that Lucifer is Barney Baruch, but he could sure be his kinsmen. But I'll tell you that he could have been resident for some centuries in the being called St. Germain. One of the most evil beings of all times was this St. Germain. Now people who are ignorant of historical record don't know this, but St. Germain was a demon, and he was an embodied demon, and never died, and he was in the history of Europe during the periods of the Illuminati. He was woven all through all the cult religions. He has been a visitant in the courts of Russia and in Europe for 200 years. In fact he has even been showing up in Monte Carlo and other places. This St. Germain is the one who DeCoursey put the finger on. DeCoursey said they will kill me for this but St. Germain is the embodiment of Lucifer, this is Anti-Christ.

Now, he deceived many, and even religions that got into the occult made him a Saint. So there is evidence to show that St. Germain has been an endless personality for centuries, DeCoursey who was the editor of the "Intelligence Digest" exposed St. Germain as Lucifer, then immediately DeCoursey was framed and then put into prison.

Now, the other day I received some facts from South Africa, we have a great movement of the tapes to South Africa and some reports came in from official figures and they say that this mysterious figure still moves behind the scenes of all communists circles, and that this figure who appears as a man will even pose as a philanthropist in some areas of religion. He controls areas of brothels and vice dens all over Europe. He also owned them when he was posing as a Saint. So these facts all tie into the report by DeCoursey who said: The facts are in my hands, and can be proved by eminent rulers, and by statesmen and others who are afraid of this powerful man in Europe and other places. And he also said: this man is one of the highest officials in Black Jesuitism and may be one who controls the Black Pope. (Jesuit Society of Jesus founded by Loyola in 1534.)

QUESTION:--Did you ever read the history of Rasputin? That man who moved in the court of Russia in the days of the Czar?

ANSWER:--Yes, the Holy Devil.

QUESTION:--Was he ST. Germain?

ANSWER:--That is very possible because this man comes and goes, and moves all over the world.

Now, the I.M. movement came into this picture a while back as they came into being, they had gotten hold of some Rosicrucian material and were trying to utilize it. The Rosicrucian schools were a part of our race just like the Masonic Lodge, but the Jews wanted to destroy Masonry and they wanted to destroy the Rosicrucians and they wanted to destroy the Christian Church, so they joined all these organizations by phony avenues, and then they brought into each and every one of them different pagan deities and false forces of Luciferianism. So when the organizations were trying to find transcendental doctrines like the I.M. organizations and others, these doctrines of St. Germain which had been built up after the penetration of the Rosicrucian by the Illuminati, were made to look beautiful and all these beautiful statements were hung around this personage of St. Germain.

At the same time they were using this teaching of supposedly beautiful statements of St. Germain as a fifth column to destroy the Rosicrucian organization. They have almost ruined the Rosicrucian organization, for there is now a red company and a black company and a white company. There is one bunch at Oceanside, and one at Escondido, and one at San Jose, and there is a black bunch of this that has infiltrated various branches in Europe, which is 100% Jew Illuminati controlled.

Now, I have a vast bunch of material on this personage of St. Germain but people believe what they are told sometimes, especially as it falls into a religious area of material. And they will say that St. Germain appeared to certain people as great and good man. Well, if anyone appeared to these people, then it was a familiar spirit for St. Germain only appeared to familiar spirits, because this is the history of this fellow.

Now, really they even have him on a par almost with Jesus. As one of the ascended Masters and so forth, so when people get free from some of these fallacies then they won't become angry when you tell them the truth.

The ancient Masters of the Rose Cross were one of the great schools of Spiritual wisdom of our race, and the ancient masters of Masonic history were the great spiritual mysteries of the "Law of the falcurm, and the divine ordained laws of technology that moved through our race". These two schools of thought were areas of education for the highest and most deserving of our youth through out the antiquity of the Patriarchal ages right down to the days of the Temple of Solomon. So since the wisest of our youth who were the most astute and who applied themselves to learn were selected, for their desire to learn then others without that calling became farmers or took other occupations. Now, there is nothing wrong with being a farmer, but if your drive was there for knowledge then if you were of the House of Levi, then these youths were put through the school of the Rose Cross as well as through their school of Temple Training. And then if their desire was still to serve YAHWEH through this particular service then they went through the "Law of the Fulcrum" and they came out as scientists, or technicians and even to a degree they became students of application of literature to knowledge stores. For there were other factors here of Mathematics and patterns of leverage and thought, and so forth. All these ancient Mathematics were taught by ancient Masonry, such as trigonometry, and the great doctrines of Geometry. That way the so called Greek Mathematicians were called Great. They had gone down into Egypt to the city of Alexandria to be educated, and there in that city was the old library and that great seat of learning. Here were still the wise men, descendants of the people of On. Their ancestors had built the Pyramid. So Calculus came back to teach the Greeks and Phargas came back to teach Geometry. But remember that Egypt was the source of all the knowledge of Mathematics that came to Greece, and then spread from there into the Western World. So when they say we got our Mathematics from Greece, remember that Greece got it from their ancestors, and ours in ancient Egypt, who built the Pyramid. See how it all ties in.

You know the emptiness of theology when its story doesn't control the history, because it then becomes self evident when you have the facts and they all fit in, showing what a terrific and beautiful Mosaic of time and history and events that relates to your race, to your background, and to the Faith of your race in YAHWEH, and their areas of mysteries, and Jesus still spoke of the mystery in, THE WORD, when he said: "To you it is given to know the mystery and to them it is not given."

The enemy has always been trying to find some strategy to come into the gate of these mysteries, but always they come back out. And these great wisdom schools of our race that carried this historic pattern of Mystery have been almost totally obscured in error and phoniness. The one still has in its inner Blue Lodge the light that carries the truth, but there is a great revolution going on in there. You could send the shrine packing and still keep the Blue Lodge, and its inner course, and still have the wisdom school of your race.

QUESTION:--Jeremiah 8:21, it says: Jeremiah said I am black, that worries my wife somewhat, was he black?

ANSWER:--No, here Jeremiah was mourning over Israel and he had covered himself with sack cloth and ashes, and was degrading himself before YAHWEH. His face became black from the soot.

QUESTION:--What does it mean here as the daughters of My people?

ANSWER:--Both Jerusalem and Samaria were symbolic as the daughters of My people. Sometimes Jeremiah as he talks refers to the Queen, the daughter of Zedekiah who was transferred to Ireland where the Kingship was set up. In each of these instances it depends on what Jeremiah is talking about. Remember that Jeremiah was the one who took the "Tender Twig" of the highest branch of the Cedar Tree, and transferred her to Ireland when all the Princes' of Zedekiah were killed, at the time when their father was taken to Babylon. In Ireland then this Princess was the Mother Lioness, and out of her came all the young lions who were the lines of Royalty for all of Western Europe, for her throne was overturned until it finally planted in its rightful place in England in the land of Joseph. Of the Royal line of David was waiting for here in Ireland and this was a transfer from the Green Tree in Jerusalem to the Dry Tree in Ireland and then the dry tree became the Green Tree, and the Green Tree in Jerusalem became the dry. In other words the throne of Judah-David in Jerusalem was dried up and transferred to Ireland, and then eventually England in the land of Joseph.

QUESTION:--Generations of Vipers, does that translate, race of Vipers?

ANSWER:--Yes, progeny of the viper.

QUESTION:--I couldn't find it in Strong's Concordance.

ANSWER:--Well, that is because the Vipers were doing their work to see that it remained obscure. Let me show you something about this, remember in the 12th., chapter of Revelation that Lucifer is called the devil, the serpent, the dragon, and Satan. Then in symbolism remember that the Satan is the shiny shimmering one. He had a tunic which had many colors as did the rainbow and on that colored tunic was even scales of gold, and in the figure of a man he wore that colored shining tunic.

In other words Satan had not only set up a farcical kingdom in the Steppes of Asia and Western China, but in the ancient symbols, the visitation of Molach-Kali, the anointed Peacock could in his method of transformation he could come forth emerging as the serpent. And that he was the Almighty God of the Consort of Kali the goddess of the serpent and light. In the background of studies in India and China they tell about the tunic which was blazing with all these colors and they tell of the scales of gold, and how in this tunic Lucifer appeared as a man and was a shimmering ray of colors.

So when Lucifer walked into the Garden of Eden he was dressed in this royal tunic and he was a beautiful man, and Eve looked at him and saw this man in his beautiful attire and Lucifer said to Eve: "Hath YAHWEH said that thou cannot consort with us?"

Now, I know that the scripture says, you cannot partake of the tree of Good and Evil, but that is just symbolism which is some of the mystery which you are to know, and is not for the world to know. This tree was the family of Lucifer which had the knowledge of both good and evil. And all of the fallen seed that had been sown into earth had this knowledge of good and evil. Up to this point the Adamic race had only the knowledge of good. And it was forbidden for the family that had only the knowledge of good to mix with this other race because they had different backgrounds, and because if they did then they would have knowledge of both good and evil and thus would inherit a curse.

So, for this reason they were not to mix these two races as God had determined that His seed would be carried down through this line, and for this cause He had not let Adam select a helpmate from any of the Enosh, the beasts of the field. Now that did not mean that Adam would look out over the Apes and the camels for a wife, it just meant that he look over the Asiatics and the Negroid and other races around the garden and God put a revulsion in the heart of Adam and said to him, these are the Enosh, but I shall produce a helpmate for you out of your own flesh, which is out of My flesh. So the Hebrew says: He caused a deep sleep to come upon Adam and He separated the female portion and made the Wo-man from Adam.

Now, incidentally this was not a rib, it is just one of those translations that make someone feel better. They told this rib story ever since. But actually when Adam came forth out of YAHWEH, he contained two people, so YAHWEH just separated the female portion and fashioned Eve so they would be one flesh, and His Issue.

Now, the significant thing of this is that the Luciferian house is marked with the symbols of the serpent, the dragon, the Devil, Satan. The serpent was the master over India, the Dragon over China, and the Serpent over Africa. And also the symbol of the Devil reigns there for Voodoss was one of the fallen Angels who ruled Africa, and had both those symbols, and all these symbols are a part of that tunic of many colors.

All the unassimilatable offspring of Lucifer were the people who produced the Jews of all colors, and their emblem was also the Serpent, and they wove this into their star, and this star they stole from the design of the Inverted Pyramid, which is the sign of the House of David. They did not use to do all this, but now they do, and they weave this star from the serpent, and the serpents head holds its tail in its mouth.

Now, we have had the serpent in the Book of Genesis so turn now to Deuteronomy, Chapter 32., verse 1, hear O earth, the words of My mouth, My doctrines shall drop as the rains, and My speech shall distill as the dew, as the small rain upon the tender herb, and as the showers upon the grass.

Now, Moses was a Mason and he says: "I will publish the name of YAHWEH, ascribe Ye greatness unto our YAHWEH, for He is the ROCK, HIS WORK is perfect, and all HIS ways are Judgment."

Now, since Moses was a Mason he would say: This is the foundation stone, the cap stone, the Stone Kingdom, and Our YAHWEH is the Eternal One. Verse 5: the Enosh have corrupted themselves, their spot is not the spot of God's children.

Now, in some places the word is The Celestial or Nephilin which meant Angel beings or Celestial beings who did not keep their first estate. And it says that their offspring are not the spot of the mark of God's children. They are the perverse and crooked progeny. (Offspring instead of the word generations.)

Verse 6-7: Do ye thus requite YAHWEH, oh foolish people, and unwise, is not YAHWEH THY FATHER THAT HAS BROUGHT THEE? Hath HE not made thee or established thee. Don't you remember the days of old, or consider the years and the generations that have gone before thee; ask thy father, and He will show thee; ask thy elders and they will tell thee, of the seduction of EVE, and about this perverse and crooked offspring, and the generations of them which is now among you.

Verse 8:--When the MOST HIGH divided to the nations of Adam their inheritance and when He separated the sons of Adam from the people of earth, He set the bounds of the people according to the number of HIS children. Here it is translated, children of Israel.

Verse 10:--Therefore He found him in a desert land, and in the waste howling wilderness, He led him about, He instructed him, He keep him as the apple of His eye. This means, His Issue, His ruling people that started many generations and did all these things.

Verse 11:--As an eagle stirreth up her nest, fluttereth over her young, spreadeth her wings abroad, taketh them, beareth them on her wings, so YAHWEH alone did lead him, and there was no strange God with him. Now, this means that your fathers, your forbearers, and the moment that you see the Eagle this is the symbol of the heavenly children. I AM is an Eagle, and He bore you on Eagles wings. That is why you love the Eagle and why you see the mark of the Eagle so many places in Israel. When God was in Rome that was the emblem of their power, then when Judah set up his place in Germany their emblem was the double eagle, meaning the transfer of the throne to the land of Joseph. The people knew this when they set up their emblems.

Now, back here in Deuteronomy Moses is saying, these strange people do not have the Mark of the Children of YAHWEH. They are not Eaglets, they belong to the serpent.

Verse 16:--These strange offspring should not come into your midst because they provoke YAHWEH with their strange gods, and they do abominable things, and they sacrifice to the Devil, and unto new gods that your father never knew.

Verse 18:--Of the ROCK that begat thee, thou hast become unmindful, and thou hast forgotten YAHWEH who formed you.

Verse 19-20:--And when YAHWEH saw these of the wicked generations causing His sons and daughters to error He was wrought.

Remember how, when Moses was up the mountain getting the Law, the children of Israel were having trouble with these children of Lucifer and they were following these Luciferians and were doing wrong? So Moses here is telling the children of Israel why they are having trouble with these of the house of Lucifer. And Moses says: you are the children of the ROCK born on eagles wings. Then Moses goes on to tell what is to happen to these children of Lucifer.

Verse 31:--Here Moses says; Their rock is not as our ROCK, and notice that our ROCK is in capital letters. In the old Coptic Hebrew it says; They have only a small stone but HE is the Great Stone.

Verse 32:-- Their vine is the vine of Sodom, being mongrelizing and integrating, and the field of Gomorrah, is all kinds of wickedness, vicious practices from eating of human flesh to depraved sexual acts.

Verse 33:--Now their vine is the poison of the Dragon and the Venom of the Asp. Well, then Israel is the tender shoots of YAHWEH'S vine and olive trees in His orchard.

Now, remember that Jesus said: "I am the vine and ye are the branches." So Israel is the household of God. You are the eaglets, HIS Issue.

Now, what about the Jews; well Moses made this clear back in Deuteronomy, about their ancestor as he said: "Their rock is not as our ROCK and their vine is the vine of Sodom and the field of Gomorrah, or the poison of Asps.

Verse 34:--Is not this laid up in store with ME and sealed up in MY sky treasures. The word left out is SKY.

Thus in the measures of the sky you have all the signs of the Zodiac and you have the HYDRA the serpent and you have Dragonus and you have the Pole star and the offset Pole Star. And the sides of the north are symbolic of Lucifer. The story of Lucifer in the sky and of his fall, and then all the heaven to be clear later after all the other messages of the sky.

So Moses said: See this is the enemy and he is wicked and seeks to turn you from following YAHWEH.

Remember that Sodom and Gomorrah were wicked cities and even today the word Sodomy means great areas of wickedness. But these people of Sodom and Gomorrah were the mongrel offspring of Lucifer's rebellion. They went way back before the Adamic race, just like King Tidal. So therefore YAHWEH said: These people are the offspring of the serpent and the dragon, the viper, are not these told in MY Sky mysteries? Do you realize that you could write this book and put on all the sacred scrolls and there were over 7000 of them, and they would all fit together because they were inspired and they were the work of the MOST HIGH YAHWEH, after all, you are His lips, His hands, His feet, and His body in the world today.

Turn to the Book of Matthew and see how this all ties together; here in the Book of Matthew we find Jesus talking and He says: to the descendants of the people of Lucifer; "Woe unto you, ye scribes, false Pharisees, and Hypocrites, you who built the tomb of the Prophets, and garnish the sepulchers of the righteous, and then you say: If we had been in the days of our fathers we would not have been partakers with them in the blood of the Prophets.

Now, there were other wise men in this area and they also like Jesus knew who the Jews were, these were the Essenes and they were out in the caves in the mountains, and they had their libraries and they had a secret Priesthood. Joseph of Arimathea was one of the Essene Company as well as Barabbas. These people knew of the kikes and they knew that these sons of Lucifer had nothing to do with the Kingdom, nothing whatsoever. Thus here in Matthew (23) Jesus is talking to the descendants of those people Moses in Deuteronomy was talking about. Here in Judea at this time the Jews were in complete control over the Temples of the Israelites and had turned them into synagogues and the Israelites were afraid of these Cainanites.

Now, listen: you have just said that, if we had been in the days of our fathers we would not have been partakers with them in the blood of the Prophets, but by that statement--"Wherefore ye be witness unto yourselves that ye are the children of them which killed the Prophets." So if you are the children of those who killed the Prophets, you are not Israelites, because all those Prophets were killed by Cainanites, the children of the Devil.

Now, in the eighth chapter of John verse 44: Jesus said: "Ye are of your father the Devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do." This ties them to the vine of Lucifer as his offspring. So not only did Jesus tell you through Moses, but Jesus, Himself, when talking to them in the Book of Matthew said: I know who you are, for you are of your father the Devil, and also John reported the same thing. Jesus was saying: you are the people who killed the Prophets, who are coming 5th., column of the Illuminati.

Well, then they spoke up and said: now wait a minute Jesus, we just said we of today would not have killed the Prophets, we are of a milder generation, but Jesus replied: you just admitted that you are the descendants of those who killed the Prophets, so you are not Israelites.

Now, look at Matthew 23:32-33, He said: Ye fill up the measure of your father, ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of destruction. Destruction here is translated as Hell, and means the destruction of the grave.

No, if any still doubt the identity of these people then study how Jesus marks and hangs on the Cainanite Jews their, viper, serpent, emblem and this their identification to Lucifer as He unveiled this story to John in the 12th., chapter of Revelation as one of the Great Mysteries known in the Great Mystery School through out all ages, and Moses under inspiration had told you of this from the beginning.

Now, this is an un-crackable theology, there is not one facet of these things that is not true. If we found one thing which was not true we would tear it out by the roots. But it is true, you don't hold anything together with anything but the truth. Every one of these things that come up in the testimony of Jesus fits together like a Mosaic and without doubt we are in a most important period of all theological revelation of all things as YAHWEH brings these facts to our attention and unveils these truths. For undoubtedly we are approaching this completion, we are coming to a theology which does not have any holes in it. If our young people in the high schools and colleges had the facts there would not have come a time when a Jewish agnostic could make atheists out of them.

I was in Bishop on Tuesday and talked to some of the students of the graduating class. One fine young man that we know said that some of his friends were aghast that so many of the young people who were graduating did not believe in God anymore, they said that the belief in God was just for silly ignorant people. Today you believe in technology and knowledge and science. And they said to your young friend: How could you believe in God after graduating from this science class taught by this eminent scientist.

Well, those teachers up there are a bunch of Kikes. Then the young man started to count heads and came up with the fact that over 50% of the graduating class of the Bishop this year didn't believe in God anymore because we allowed those Kikes to come in and teach these young people, ERROR.

If the church and the Pastors had known these things and had taken all the testimony and all this record and presented this truth to the minds of young folks, then they could not have been influenced by their teachers and been able to turn their heads into the paths of error.

So Jesus said: Matthew 23:34, "Behold I send unto you Prophets and wise men and scribes, and some ye killed and some ye crucified and some ye scourged in your synagogues and persecuted from city to city." There was no mistake who He was talking to, the Jews had turned the Temples into synagogues.

Verse 35:--Upon you shall come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth, all of the righteous blood from Abel unto Zacharias, son of Barachias, whom you slew between the temple and the altar.

That killing was done by the Jews on the command of their High Priest, so no one can disconnect this testimony against the Jews because these Cainanite Jews were in power, and Annas was in command and he ordered the killings. And Jesus also hung the murderer of Abel on them to show that they were Cainanites. This ties all the story into place, and hangs all this on the race of the serpent and not on your race.

QUESTION:--Were the ancient Greeks related to the Germans?

ANSWER:--Well, to this degree, Jacob had 12 sons and they were all brothers so their descendants were related and out of a common family tree. Now, a woman of the tribe of Judah might marry a man of the tribe of Dan, and if she did then she was adopted into the tribe of Dan for seed was counted after the man except in the King line, and there both male and female kept the lineage alive.

So the Greek Sythians were Israelites and so were the Germanic people and as the Greeks pushed north and the Germanic people pushed south, they often fought together as they battled for the same soil. Now remember that Judah was a warrior's (Lions) whelp and remember that now he built armies as he always had done, and that was the reason why Europe was able to role back the Asiatic hoards most of the time. And that is the reasons why Czadom set up in Russia after the defeat of Genghis Kahn hoards was White Rule. The German princes went into Russia and conquered the Czar Kahn of Russia and as they marched into Russia they held the country and they sent for people to come and to colonize. They set the King in power who they called Czar, and the ruling class in Russia was at that time, white, and they built cities and farms and ruled over the people of the Steppes of Asia who were the descendants of Genghis Kahn people. Then as German Princes married back into the David line then all the rulers of Europe were inter-related from the line of David. So we can say that this white blood that ruled Russia was out of the Judah sector, because Judah was camped on the East and this Judah sector included the Finns and the Slavs, and white Rumanians and so forth.

To this extent then, back in the days in the battle to save the city of Constantinople which was a Christian City, from the Turks and the remnants of the hoards of Genghis Kahn then the German and the Greeks fought side by side. But they were unable to turn the tide and the great church of San Sophia was destroyed and later they built the MOSQUE where the Great Church stood. In those days when the Germans and the Greeks fought side by side they had a common culture.

Now, today as they are making pictures for movies and T.V. as they do research, they are writing about the Huns and Astro Goth and they are finding out from their research in the Vatican library that these people weren't right out of the stone age, and gnawing food off a bone, rather they found that they had a great civilization on the Rhine River and great castles and so forth.

QUESTION:--Did you make a prediction for May 21-22?

ANSWER:--From the beginning of May the stock market began to drop, but by May 21, they started to sell stocks of American securities in Europe, like mad. By the 29th., of May the market was going down sharply and the stock companies like Mutual Funds were trying to bolster the market with all kinds of manipulations. Now this week the U.S. News will tell you that we have gone through a week of heavy selling of all American securities in Europe.

This is according to the sign, when Uranus comes into a square. when this happens then everything which involves our national house of economics is effected. This same situation was in place for the Great Depression and has been there in every economic recession even back in the Civil War days. Now this touched more signs that this through out the world, but right here, this is tied in with the Saturn picture, and it is Satanically engineered just like the Great Depression. It is an attempt this time to break the wealth of the nation in things that people own, for money is not wealth anymore.

QUESTION:--I heard a rumor this morning that President Johnson had a heart attack?

ANSWER:--Well, remember when I told you that the month of May would be bad for Mr. Johnson, and if he got through then September would be worse. Alright anything can happen for we are coming into Judgment upon the enemies of YAHWEH'S Kingdom. So even people who become instruments in the hands of the enemy can come under Judgment.

Now, remember how Jesus said to John in the Book of Revelation: "Come out of her oh, My people, unless ye be partakers of her judgments and chastisement for I am going to give double to her who chastised My people, and if you stay with her you will take the punishment that belongs to the enemy.

I personally think that your best investment has always been American Industry, and now they are breaking American Industry so that there is no good investments. You see, United Funds used to be invested in raw material and in scientific factors, and in production in this country. Then they merged these funds with the European funds and then the money was invested in European factories but mostly in Africa. So your investments moved out of this country so you are now just investing in a debt. Then I noticed that the funds have started a portfolio of Government bonds which are supported to pay high rates of interest, and be tax free, and the money invested in civic improvements. But here again you are investing in a debt. Then they have added a portfolio of Insurance and this is just another gamble, for the insurance companies are taking that money outside to Africa to invest it, and that is like pouring sand down a rat hole.

Now, where I have always had confidence in these Science Funds, now I do not for they have taken the investment all out of the country. If I had any of these I would transfer them to an accumulative fund, and then let them ride, and maybe if in 10 or 20 years things get better you might get your money back, that is if the millennium does not interfere, but we will settle for that. Whenever the stocks fail, then property is the anchor for your money. Always keep a little in a safe for if the banks fail that guarantee of $10,000.00 deposit is also a fraud for they pay that only as long as they have the money and can pay it back at 10% a year. If you can go to your safe and come out with a real silver dollar you can buy a lot of bread with that.


Its ten o'clock we better stop for tonight.