06-10-64 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:....Is there a time limit on Jacobs Trouble?

ANSWER:...Well, there is of course in the measure of heaven, without a doubt, because they know the end from the beginning, and they know the hour when it will be all over, when we will have won a total and complete victory. But to give you a time limit at this moment will be a hard thing to do. I think the intensity of this situation is going to step up with great speed. I don't think the temple will permit it. I think that you might figure that if things get under way with the speed of the proper in- tensity of the measure, as it looks here in 1964., then you would be coming out of it in say 1967-68, but this would be in line with proper measure. But that is a long time, 3 1/2 years for some situations, it depends on where you are, and if you are standing somewhere and they are shooting at you...then that would be a long time. There are lots of things which are yet to happen...that are in the measure.

QUESTION:...Where in the Scripture does it talk about a daughter of Jerusalem being on the throne..a daughter of David in these latter days?

ANSWER:...There are several references to a daughter of Israel-David... but here is one I will show you. Micah 4...'In the last days it shall come to pass that the Kingdom of YAHWEH shall be established in the top of the nations, and it shall be exalted above smaller nations; and people shall flow to it. And many nations shall come and go into the Kingdom of YAHWEH- YAHSHUA, to the house of the God of Jacob.' Here Micah tells about reducing strong and powerful nations and so forth, but in this instance it says:... 'And thou, O tower of the flock, a stronghold of the daughter of Zion (Kingdom) unto thee shall it come, even the first dominion, and the Kingdom shall come to the daughter of Jerusalem.' This is at the time when many nations shall be gathered against thee that say:..'Let her be defiled; and let our eye be upon the Kingdom.' BUT 'they know not the thoughts of YAHWEH neither do they understand His council; for they gather themselves like sheaths on the floor of the Kingdom.' .....'Arise and thresh, O daughter of the Kingdom, I will make thy horn of thy weapons as iron, and thou of the Kingdom shalt break in pieces many peoples, and I will consecrate thy gain unto YAHWEH, AND THY SUBSTANCE TO YAHWEH the God of the whole earth.' Now:...they who lay siege against you...'Gather thy self into troops, and O daughter of the troops..they who lay siege against thee, they who would smite against the Kingdom of Righteousness of the nations of Israel..Thou Beth-lehem Ephratah tho thou be little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of thee shall come the ruler of Israel.' Therefore she who is the daughter of Israel is holding the throne of Messiah which will be ultimately demonstrated...before...the climax of these events which will be involved. And in the midst of this declaration is the same declaration that God will raise up Shepherds and Principal men in the Kingdom. There are a lot of other factors involved here as well. But here it definitely refers to the fact that in the period where catastrophes arise, as the assault of all communist forces comes against Christian civilization...when all powers of the pagans, the Cainanites, Assyrians of modern times moves against the Kingdom then there is a daughter on the throne. This is true of today, and has been for some time.

QUESTION:...Do you consider the text in I John 4:1-3 accurate, or do you subscribe to it?

ANSWER:...It is quite obvious that in defining the difference in Christ and Anti-Christ in the world today that it is based first around this fundamental found here. All the enemies of Christ hate this identification, and refuse to recognize that YAHWEH came in the flesh as YAHSHUA. So probably there is no more valid identification of a persons acknowledgement that he is a disciple, or a Christian, than his avowed declaration that he believes that YAHWEH is Christ...come in the flesh, and we declare this to you right now. Upon this basis we should eliminate all Clergy who do not believe this strongly. This is why the National Council of Churches and all those areas fall into this disrepute. We have too many Clergy who accept Christ as a good man, a teacher, a way shower, but refuse to recognize His Deity. Of course the Jews have always repudiated His Deity. They are Anti-Christ and therefore there is no room for communion between Jews and Christians based on this fact. I have no communion as far as I am concerned, I will have no trust in any individual, even found in the right wing, or anywhere else, who will not acknowledge that YAHSHUA or Christ is YAHWEH (God) come in the flesh.

QUESTION:...it has been contended by many that the Anti-Christ elements will do anything, including this confession...do you believe this?

ANSWER:...Well to this degree, I think that the Jews, if it would acquire money for them would do this, for many have joined Christian churches with such a statement. And have even gone into the waters of baptism in churches of Christ as disciples of Christ in Christian Churches, and then after being found out they revert to Judaism.

Now: I do think that in this instance when they are involved in their chicanery that they come out and repudiate this. One of the best of this is ...how long has a man avowed this.

QUESTION:...I have never found one who did avow this.

ANSWER:...Well, I could tell you of Jews who moved in, for instance I covered the Methodist 'Federation of Social Action' for the un-American Activities Committee'...and this 'Federal of Social Action' is a communist organization operating inside of the Methodist organization. I found that the Clergy in this organization by a great majority were Jews who professed Faith in Christ. Went right thru the procedures of joining the church, went into the Seminaries and received their papers from Camden New Jersey, then went into the Methodist church to spread revolution and destruction. But now they were boasting in this conference that their major objective was to get into places to further their revolution which they believed in. They had gone thru the lip service and forms of many things which they did not believe or ascribe to and they laughingly said:..we crossed our fingers as we did this. So you have a bad situation, so maybe we should make people hold up their hands when they affirm Christ...Ha. But gener- ally speaking you won't find people who do not believe in Christ who will make this affidavit, but when you hear a Jew do this, he is a liar. His father was a liar from the beginning...so Jesus said; and they are liars and will continue to be liars. I will never take the word of a Jew on anything because I expect them to lie, and they will do that. I think it is a different step when you deal with a white man, if he understands and has been taught you won't find one who will not recognize that Jesus is the Christ. If he does not avow this he is a mental casualty or is mentally sick, has a vacumn here, or is a captive at the present time to the enemy. A white man can come out of this, but a Jew never.

QUESTION:...In George Washington's Vision is the prophecy of taking out the tares....

ANSWER:...no..it isn't George Washington's Vision which talks about the tares, it is Washington's Vision which tells you that there is to be fighting in the streets which will be with Negroid, and Asiatic hoards as well as communist forces. Because he talks about the red banner, the black clouds of the Negro revolution and so forth. He talks about these things as the last phase of the multiple series of events that he saw in his vision. Now; George Washington's Vision was not only printed and published over a century ago of course, or beyond this but it was in hand written form as well. You can go to the Washington room today in the Library of Congress and if you want to see anything in there they will go in with you, and take out an index file and go down thru this and find what you want. Sometimes the keepers don't even know what is there, but they get out what they find and altho you can't touch it, you can see it. Washington's Vision is there, I have seen it with my own eyes. One of his General's first published it when it was found among his papers, in his own hand writings. This which Washington saw is something that is not far removed (Negro Revolution 1965) but...you were talking of taking the tares out and that is a different thing. Jesus said:...'Everything my Father (spirit) did not plant will be plucked up by the roots.' Under the same instance in the Parable of the Sower and the seed Jesus makes this same declaration over here in the Book of Matthew. 'The Good Seed sown were the children of the Kingdom', and He identifies them as the wheat. And the 'Tares are the children of the Wicked One.' Now; this doesn't leave you any area of interpretation because Christ interprets His own parable after He takes His disciples, and they ask as to the Mystery of the parable of the Sower of the Seed...He says the tares are the children of the Wicked One. The word is progeny..children..they are the actual offspring of the Wicked One. They are the descendants of the line which has to be the Cain line, those identified with Jewry in the Gospel of John as well as in the Book of Matthew. So Jesus talks about these tares, and He tells the story as to how the tares are to be taken out first. So here we have the WORD...the tares go first! So the unassimilatable Satanic Seed of Lucifer which continues down thru all periods of time, creating catastrophes and problems, this is those who are to be removed from the Wheat here at the end time. Just how much George Washington was acquainted with this parable of the tares here in the 13th., chapter of Matthew we can't be sure. But come over here to what is involved in this situation and Jesus tells us He is going to send in His Holy Angels, and they will gather out the tares first. This then means that He is going to eliminate..as prophecy tells us..everything which will hurt or destroy in all of His Holy Kingdom. So everything out of the house of Lucifer will be removed from the Kingdom to fulfill the purpose found in the fourteenth chapter of Isaiah. Here He identifies Lucifer....'O Lucifer, sun of the morning how thou art fallen.' HE said:..'this is my purpose, which I purposed in Myself, from the foundation of the world, that I am going to overthrow..smash all of the power of the progeny, and the household and kingdom of Lucifer. This is My purpose, to smash his kingdom and erect MY KINGDOM FOREVER. This again is reintegrated in the Book of Hebrews, and also in the Epistle of III John vs: 8: 'For this purpose was the son of God made manifest that He might overthrow all the works of the devil.' In this instance this ties into Isaiah as well as the identification of the tares. You never make a wheat out of a tare. In otherwords some people think you can go around and by a psychological reaction make a conversion, and turn tares into wheat. You never change tares into wheat..tares are tares..they remain tares, and the same for the wheat..they remain wheat no matter what. He says:..'I call my sheep by name and I lead them out..I give them Eternal Life..All that the Father (spirit) hath given me is not lost..only this son of Perdition... Lucifer...so that the scripture might be fulfilled.' He again makes this quite clear as to the complete soverignity in Gods purpose...in which He makes absolutely clear the gathering of His Household and of course the work of the Spirit in this matter...but He leaves no area of the possibility of defeat.

John 6:..'All that the Father (spirit) giveth me SHALL come to me.' there is no and's, if's or but's...'ALL that the spirit giveth me shall come, and I will in no wise cast out.' This isn't in a second category, this is a ONE.. complete category. The Father shall call every last one of His Adamic seed planted in the earth. He shall call them, and all that He calls are going to come, and for no cause, or matter 'Will I cast them out!' Now:...'no man can come to me, except the Father draw him, and I will raise him up at the last day.' This isn't a guess work program for the Kingdom...this is an absolute Kingdom with absolute Sovereignty, absolute Grace. YAHWEH wasn't gambling when He transplanted His children from heaven to earth, when He placed them in the Adamic household, when he produced a physical issue for the residence of their spiritual beings. The Spirit in them was Light of His Light, and Life of His Life. And thus this is also true...they were born of incorrupt seed which lives and abides forever. And in the periods of their physical bodies in which their consciousness could err, and transgression would take place, still YAHWEH was not taking a chance as to whether he would get them back. So under the circumstance of this we have the infinite pattern of HIS GRACE. Again:..these people were called 'Israel' from the days of Seth...Issue ruling with HIM. This is the reason why that in the writings of the early Patriarchs as well as everything the scripture says bears out this fact that 'Israel' is His Household!

In the Book of Isaiah it says:...'All Israel shall be saved.' Then in the writings of the Apostle Paul...'All Israel shall be saved, as it is written.' This is the work of the Spirit, this is the work of Grace, this is the work of the Atonement. So come over here to this Book of Romans where the Apostle Paul is confirming that thru the Atonement, by the Grace of YAHWEH, by the Mighty power of His Spirit...where as if He had 100 sheep and one was missing, He would search until He found him and brought him back to the fold...He would search...how long? 'Until I found him.' Anything else would not be big enough for this situation and this God of the Universe....HE is big enough.

QUESTION:...On this question of the tares would you comment for a moment on Lord Beaverbrook?

ANSWER:...Oh, I don't worry about Lord Beaverbrook, he is gone, there are all kinds of ways to take them out of the way. Barney Baruch is over due.

QUESTION:...Well, the way I was concerned about this is that they covered up the fact completely that he was Jewish, the son of a Presbyterian minister?

ANSWER:...Well, his name wasn't Beaverbrook...this was an adopted name. But that isn't anything unusual, go down to the Presbyterian Seminary and you will discover that the Union Theological Seminary has 19 Jewish prefacers on their staff teaching all the areas of languages, and Old Testament interpretations. These men are just plain Jews, and some of them came right out of the staff of the so called Hebrew University, and are 100% enemies of Christianity, they are members of the B'ani B'rith and belong to the American Jewish Committee. And they are continually opposing everything that has any spiritual value to it. Of course they are the proponents of the removing of prayer, and everything Christian from our society.

QUESTION:...I still don't understand if it is Biblical prophecy that Russia attack first, or that the tares be taken out first?

ANSWER:...No, the tares won't go before the assault, the tares go in the midst of that situation. Of course its a pretty hard thing to say which comes first...before anything. As to Russia's attack we have been under attack for some time, but just haven't been smart enough to wake up and start fighting. We have been under attack every since the Soviet Union came into being. Do you know which country was the first to go to war with the Soviet Union? It was the United States, in fact if any Veteran when he applies for benefits he is entitled to...the first thing you note is..which war did you fight in? Of course they have now dropped the Civil War and the Spanish American war. So now they have the American Expeditionary War with the Bolshevik Revolution listed here, and we were involved in this in 1917- 21. We were thus the first country to go to war with the Soviet Union. But as far as the Soviet Union is concerned, there is no break in the ranks of Communism. There are professional jealousies which relates to areas of power, but this isn't new. If fact even in the midst of the rebellion of Lucifer against the throne of the MOST HIGH GOD..way back in the period when Lucifer had one/third of the hosts of heaven in the Milky Way system in rebellion...whole masses of Angelic beings didn't keep their first Estate, and people were taken off some of these planets and into that rebellion. Michael and His Hosts overthrew and defeated Lucifer and his hosts, and they were driven into this Solar system, and finally they made Saturn, Mars and earth his refuge. Finally he was defeated until he was found no longer in any of outer space...was totally confined to this Solar system. In this time of Rebellion of Lucifer, there were certain Mighty Angels whose names are historic like Michael the Archangel, and his hosts who defeated Lucifer and his hosts...but also there are those following Lucifer such as Amaraphael, and Beelzebub and others. These are actual historical figures. Enoch wrote about them, Seth wrote about them. The Ancient Zohar tells about these fallen Angels. You find the same of some of these later referred to in the posterity of these Angels, referred to as those who did not keep their First Estate. Some of them whose king lines were still existent in the earth in the days of Nimrod, and in the days when Abraham went out of Ur of Chaldea. Under these circumstances we point out to you that these were in rebellion, but they to some extent also warred with each other as well. In otherwords Beelzebub tried to take over the control of the earth in a rebellion against Lucifer and he was consigned to the Netherworld under Lucifer, and never permitted to have power on the surface of the earth again. This is in the Book of Enoch, this is why Beelzebub is called the Prince of the Netherworld. This is why he is mentioned in the Book of Nicodemus, why there is a controversy sometimes between Beelzebub and Lucifer to the fact that they are different entities. This is also true of Lukii who was pushed into line by Lucifer, and Voodoos for instance who was one of the Angels who ruled over a section of the Milky Way from which all Negroes came...and he was a Commander of hosts, so says the Book of Enoch who rebelled with Lucifer. But after the fleets were smashed in earth, then Voodoos decided he would set himself up as a power like God so he declared himself in the areas of Africa and the Isles of the Sea, as the Great God Voodoos, and this is where Voodooism came from..which is Devil worship. Lucifer set up the major administration of his power in Asia and was called The Exhaulted Dragon. Of course he upset the areas of Lemuria and it descended into violence and judgments fell upon it which is described in the first and second verses of Genesis as the earth became without form and void, and darkness was on the face of the deep and great civilizations disappeared...land masses were swallowed up by water and so forth which all builds the history of Ancient geological and archaeological evidence. Today the high spots of such catastrophes are Ya-Pan and the people are Su-mu..Sumaria. The words Sumus and sumitt come from the Ancient word for that which stuck up out of the water. You could go into the areas of Semantics and Latan Semantics would show you that a lot of Latin words come from Asiatic words, some are Universal picked up by Rome. And eventual formation of the semantics of Latin for instance, proved that the high points which stuck up in the Pacific have their name and become Sumitt or Summa in Latin. Thus Ya-Pan..the god Pan..the Minitar..the goatman godare some of the devilish patterns introduced by Lucifer in his rebellion. This is called Satyr in India, this is why Scriptures warned against all that was involved in this pagan practice. And Esau went to worship at the Hill of the Satyr. This is all tied into semantics with the history of paganism. The archaeological evidences are so great that the story can't even be argued because faced with this evidence the opposition wilts. So remember that you have in this picture..Voodoos..Witchdoctors, witchcraft among whole areas of African and Asiatic Negroes who in the rebellion made up the action, and this is recorded in the Book of Enoch as well as in the Book of Seth.

Of course this is a part of the story in the 12th., chapter of Revelation where Michael the Archangel and his hosts fought against Lucifer and his hosts and Lucifer and his hosts were defeated. The Book of Jude tells you about these Angels as to how they didn't keep their first Estate. They went after strange flesh which included the transgressions of Sodom and Gomorrah ...mutations between earth forces and these Angelic beings. We have a group of ignorance in theology who think that all Angels are the same, but this is not true. They think those Angels around the throne who hold positions of guards around Seraphim's are Angels of heaven who do not propagate, and thus all Angels are as these. But these are of an order who surround the throne, and that is true for them, but not all Angels are as those, for other Angels multiplied and increased, and some of them DIDN'T KEEP THEIR FIRST ESTATE, they mingled, and intermingled with earth beings and other races thru out the Solar system, and this was a violation of law, and their offspring were as brute beasts..so says the Scriptures.

Now: this is what transpired in other societies and with other races, and thus you have had Red Jews, Brown Jews, black Jews, but...Jews are not and never were Israelites..by any stretch of the Imagination. Because one thing marks an Israelite...which is his descent thru Isaac. 'Out of Isaac shall thy seed be called.' And if there was any fetish that was preserved as far as history and instruction, it was this preservation of racial purity. It was this attempt to mongrelize this race when God raised up his prophets, and they stepped up to warn Israel that the greatest transgression which could be committed was to mongrelize the Holy Seed. Because the Spirit of God will not cohabit with the pagan, and this is the Spirit of God which dwells in you, so there is no capacity for this spirit in mongrel offspring, thus the sins of the parents descend on the children up until the tenth generation or forever. Thus a mongrel called a bastard in the Scriptures is not permitted in the House of God for ten whole generations. And these ten whole generations would have to absorb him, and would not be permitted to partake of the social, or religious life of the nation..in construction or in leadership for all those generations. So you see the 'high point' that God placed in spiritual purity, and in the capacities of this God never plays stepfather to Satans children anywhere in the Old Testament nor in the New Testament,..never. He acknowledges His own, He utilizes His Holy Spirit to reach His own, and the only people who have an affinity for this are those who have this spiritual capacity to think these things, because they are Spirit of His Spirit, and Life of His Life.

Now: the world benefits by the Kingdom, and by its rise, and they bring to the people of the world the identity of the true God. They can worship Him, but they do not have the capacity of Spirit to be guided in their perception because they don't have a spirit of this nature. They are not the offspring of YAHWEH, they are Yatsar-creation, not Bara-Issue. Remember that Adam was the son of God, in that he was the Issue which YAHWEH brought forth. He was not of the 6th., day creation but of the 7th., day Issue. And this is so clearly brought forth both in the writings of the early Patriarchs of the Patriarchial age, and is understood here in the Scriptures. This is the reason why Ye are Elohim and all of you are the children of YAHWEH, in the 82nd., Psalm. Talking to Israel...the children..then it is 'Ye are Elohim, children of YAHWEH.' Elohim is the word for Deity-plural and yet it is because you are embodied children ELOHIM..that you are here in the King James Version referred to as Gods. Then...'why do you fall like the Princes of men?' Because in this violation of Divine Law, thru this seduction of Eve, and so forth the aura of Immortality went off the Physical body, but the Life left which was in the spirit of this propagating race was still there. And at the birth of each and every child the Celestial entity of God's Spirit moved into this individual, even as he had been with the Father before the world was framed. There had been blessed with all spiritual blessings before the world was framed. Had their name written down in the Lamb's Book of Life before the world was framed, and like Job had been with the Father before this Solar system was even formed. Remember HE said:..where were you Job when I brought forth this Solar system? And set the measuring line upon it? Job said:...I don't know, I am not that full of years, but YAHWEH said:..Oh, yes you are...you were there, you just don't remember.'

Again, this is the whole theme of the forgetfulness that YAHWEH graciously pulled down over the members of His Household because you were to be pilgrims and strangers in the earth, and if you could have remembered from when you came you would have gone back. He never sent us down here just to worry about getting us back. YAHWEH is going to get back every son and daughter, don't you worry about that. He is not going to lose one of His offspring. He didn't invest anything...to lose it! He didn't leave anything up to chance, either He is YAHWEH or He is not God. Either He is Sovereign or He is not Sovereign, this is the process.

So, in this instance HE makes it very clear as to the procedure by which He plans to do it. He consummated His Atonement which He promised before the world was framed. He is embodied, the fullness of God dwelt in HIM. The body of God dies on Calvary and the Spirit in which the power and vitality of Life exists raises up that body, and even sustains it without one area of putrification, not one area of decomposition during the period of His time in the Netherworld. There He preaches unto the sons of Adam and when He came up out of the Netherworld He brought his many sons captive and leads them into Glory. There has not been one son of Adam from that time until this, who goes into the Netherworld, and that is one time when Lucifer lost his power.

So remember that the Atonement was finished, it is complete, and there is no power over the Celestial entity of one single child of God as far as Lucifer is concerned. He wars against us to weaken the Kingdom, He operates thru the areas of the senses, and soul consciousness not guided by the spirit which yields to temptation and transgression...sin is the result. Remember that transgression does not exist in the Spirit, it resists in the soul consciousness, and in the body, thus it is the body that dies...not the spirit. There is this factor that the consummation of Gods Atonement does cover, it covered every last one of His sons and His daughters, who HE died for. He bought the world to take out of it the treasure hid in the field, and HE will have that treasure. He said:..'I shall lose nothing', and as Jesus said this then all the theologians couldn't change this ultimate reflection.

People are so worried about time, they think God has to do all things in just a few years, but He has all the time He wants. The Universe is HIS... HE is existent forever, and He will exist thru out the tomorrow's and so will you. As far as His purpose is concerned, some things He sets up on His own time schedule, but never worry, not one bit, for God is the Ultimate Victor and He will accomplish exactly what He has said He will do. We look around at the casualties every once in awhile...they didn't maintain the spiritual standards we required, they didn't measure up to the Grace of God or as to how the Holy Spirit works in a man's life, because of being guided by Spirit they operated under the sense patterns, and just gave lip service to the assembly of God. They recognize this but never permit it to do a finishing work in their lives. But again, it is environment, the patterns of which they were casualties. Someone said:..where do these people go? Well, 'Absent from the body is to be present with the LORD.' There is no doubt as to where they went, their spirit returns to HE who gave it. The children of THE MOST HIGH are Celestial Spirits, and they can only go to the plane of Spirit. They have nothing in common with the Netherworld except under that captivity bondage in which they were held until that Atonement was made. Once that Atonement was made the power of Lucifer in this area was broken. The power of sin and transgression is not just broken over the physical body and over the consciousness of men, except as they become aware of the great saving power of Christ. In this same instance do not think that be- cause of this pattern of failure that Lucifer can hold them in the Netherworld anymore...this he cannot do. There is no doubt about the fact that the FATHER said:..I purposed this from the beginning, and these I did foreknow I did predetermined them to conform to the image of the son (my embodiment). They are going to be enveloped in Glory and finish the task outlined for them.

QUESTION:...Will you talk about Revelation 11?

ANSWER:...Well this is a long subject and we are running out of time, this is a whole chapter. However as it refers to the two witnesses I can prove to you that this is not two people very quickly. 'The two Olive trees who stand by the God of the whole earth' of course are the two witnessing strengths of the two Houses of Israel. Remember that 'Israel' is the Olive Tree, whether in the true center or out in the wild, still those of the Olive Tree are the only branches which can be grafted back on to the original Olive Tree. And the Scripture says that 'Israel' is the Olive Tree. In fact today all the white nations of the western world are branches of the Olive Tree. They are the Wild Olive Branches being grafted back into their own tree by the Grace of God, by the calling of the Holy Spirit. So the gathering of these people called Ethene or Gentile is the regathering of Israel, we are told in the Book of Romans.

Now: especially in the House of Joseph for instance...the two great Olive Trees which come out of this branch which stand by the God of the whole earth. In fact in the prophecies made back in the Book of Genesis, the other nations would say:...'God make us like Ephraim and Manasseh', because of their solidarity in their taking of this affirmation for Christ, and carrying the WORD to the ends of the earth. Now; remember it is also given the affirmative that the two areas of witnessing concerning Gods ability for maintaining His Kingdom was the National Life of Israel, and the spiritual life of Israel in the maintenance of the Kehilla and the Ecclesia. In otherwords then CHURCH AND STATE become two witnesses inside of the Kingdom. But of them the forces of Babylon seek to destroy, and to render them as tho they were dead for a period of time which could be measured.

Now; this thing has already taken place, and you say how is this? In the first place in the political status they raise the economic and political power of the Anti-Christ system, and then with their conspiracies they seek to suppress this strength of Christian civilization. They penetrate the Christian world, and they infiltrate its churches of its physical denominations, and seek to weaken its witness. But one of the prophecies climatically is the outpouring of the Latter Rain found in the Book of Joel. He says:..I am going to pour out My Spirit upon children and will raise up these two witnesses.

Now; you say again, but aren't these two people? No, because it says they are dead in three different cities, so you could not have two people laying dead in three different cities. So one of these places where they are dead is Egypt...not a city, another place is Jerusalem and the third place is in Babylon. Thus one is Ecclesiastical bondage, one is monetary bondage and one is political bondage. All the phases of the program of Anti-Christ of the three frogs of evil.

Now as God pours out His Spirit, awakening His people, the 'Right Wing' forms and conservative masses form, and they come out with their knowledge. The Holy Spirit moves on people and they come out with their knowledge. The Holy Spirit moves on people and they come out and take a stand against the powers of darkness and again a Witness arises. More than a witness, for never has there been a time when there was not a consciousness of truth, but we are moving up and out of this period of laying dead in the streets. As we move up and out of the period of Renaissance and out of the dark ages, this starts, but the greatest testing time has moved in since about 1909 with higher criticism as the trend to destroy the Faith in the Scripture, and in spiritual things. And when world...International Jewry had sprung its world revolution which was its political design to take over the world with its economic conspiracy coming to its full. With its infiltration into Christian nations, with its refugee conspiracy and all these things moving together into a vast Mosaic.

But we have gone thru a period where we might say the two great witness's portions of the Kingdom are dead, yet they are now rising and their witnessing is appearing. This is transpiring right now, and this is what the enemy is trying to stop...but can't. Once again you will see these great witnesses come alive. Three things you know are Eternal..nation, church and throne...absolutely indestructible, the Kingdom shall survive, the throne shall suffice and the church shall endure. The very gates of perdition shall not prevail against the church as long as the sun, moon and stars are in the sky. The House of David shall exist, the throne of David shall never lack someone to sit upon it. The Scripture says concerning the House of God's Kingdom that there shall never be a time when they are overthrown, for 'My Kingdom shall endure forever.' I shall rise up and join my offspring, and I shall smash, until their enemies cannot be found. No one shall confound them anymore. All these are the covenants of God for all these areas of preservation.

So these phases of the Kingdom shall survive, and even tho we go thru this temporary period which is described as The Time of Jacobs Trouble... as well as this conspiracy, still the Kingdom survives. Remember that the Satanic design as we reach the end of the age is coming out with the full impact of this attempt. And we are on the edge of probably the most trying times in all our history, but also the Most Victorious!

Of course there are all types of Ecclesiastical escape hatches which are suggested. Some of them come out of areas of theological error and misconception, but the fact is that the major themes do hold true. But remember that whatsoever YAHWEH has purposed is going to come true. I can assure you of this, that as far as the nation's of God's Kingdom are concerned they will survive. As far as our victory over the enemy this will take place. As far as Armageddon is concerned it is right at the door. A lot of people think they are going to escape it, but the escape will be by victory, thru Divine Intervention, there is no doubt of that. He said:..I will be as a wall of fire round about you. And He can surround you with security in this war against the enemy just as He surrounded the House of Noah in the upper Tarim Basin with the symbol of the Ark. As to the whole pattern of this chapter we would rather take it at another message than to go into all of it now.

QUESTION:...In the time of trial where should we go?

ANSWER:...This is a good question. Sometimes to enter into your chamber in good meditation when the hour of indignation falls, is to be desired. It says to enter into your closet, and this is symbolic of meditation and communion with God and the claiming of His covenants and promises. But don't for one moment think that we are not all involved in this struggle for survival. There are lots of things which I think are rather foolish to try to do. It is foolish to try to rush from one side of the country to another, for you just run from one situation into another. The place you are best acquainted with is where you live. This is something you don't realize, but you take a crucial hour, suppose there is fighting in the streets..suppose the hoards of Anti-Christ wage war against the church, where would you rather be if you had to fight against this thing...even resisting unto blood. But the best place to be in a fight such as this is right where you now live, this you know the best of any area. The day is going to come as Jesus said:...My Kingdom is hence, if My Kingdom were of this hour my servants would fight and the Kingdom would not be left in the hands of the Jews. The day is arriving and we are not now set for Martyrdom, we are set for Victory, for such spiritualization that the arms of the enemy won't be able to break the ranks of Gods Kingdom, they will just keep on moving. So where would you rather be to go thru this time? I would rather be here where I know the land better, where I have lived most of the years of my life since I was 18 years old. Be where you have friends, so you can stand together, and remember the enemy is also, even in the midst of this upheaval they are more disorganized than you realize. He moves thru the lust of the flesh, and thru violence, rape and spoil, so in this situation they also fight among themselves, so you are better off with family and friends, then to fight alone.


End of this message.