06-15-66 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:----If the areas of the heavens are visible to the naked eye, then are any of the areas of the heavenlies or spiritual areas visible to the naked eye?

ANSWER:------Well, this might seem a far fetched question but not quite as far out as you might think. We know that we do have one area of physical occupation of the earth for everything that God created, for He made it also in a physical creation, and this reaches out to the furthermost outskirts of the Universe into the sidereal systems, and the immensity where it was created out of the elements like that of earth. We have a spectroscopic analysis which takes the light rays from various suns and runs them thru the spectroscopes and determines the chemicals, what they are made of . And of course we have the spectroscope analysis of earth, but so far we haven't come up with any new chemicals, but the entire Universe is made up of the same chemicals you have here in earth. These things are visible to the eye, and you can see the burning suns and look across the vastness of space and see these things. The MOST HIGH GOD has been creating for ages and ages, in fact there is no end, no period of time when HE WAS NOT CREATING for ages and ages, in fact there is no end. When John heard the sound of the trumpet and lifted up his head he heard these words:--"I am Alpha and Omega, the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, the first, the last--" and now John fell on his face, but he described this Glory of the MOST HIGH GOD. Then he heard these words:--"Stand on your feet John, you were not afraid when you walked with ME in Galilee." But HE was ALPHA AND OMEGA the beginning and the end, and there was no one before HIM, for HE is GOD --YAHWEH-YAHSHUA.

It is hard for us with our finite minds to understand this unlimited destiny because we function in areas of flesh limitation has a perimeter of eternity yet we can perceive this in a sense because we have this spiritual perception to this point. We can see that YAHWEH has always existed, always been creating, always making, and when we look out today into the vastness of space, and the areas of one thousand two hundred sixty trillion suns just in the Milky Way then these things stagger our imagination. But we are using instruments that are probing the circle of the Universe as it moves out beyond, and we can see where God has been masterfully creating. In fact you can take one spot inside the solar system and here we have a galaxy made of suns so numerous that at one time we might have thought that the whole Universe did not have as many as our scopes find in one of these areas of Nebulous in the heavens. So as we see these clusters of stars and these patterns in the heavens then we can get some idea of the vastness of the Universe.

QUESTION:----Then is anything visible to the natural eye that is spirit?

ANSWER:------Well, we exist spirit, soul and body, and God exists spirit, soul, and body, and when he begat a household for Himself he begat them spirit, soul, and body. Now the areas of spirit are in wave lengths of light but they move into the ends of the frequency which is not beheld by the eyes as well until they move into the effulgent demonstration when they are beheld by the reflections of Light. But we do not actually behold all of its functions. We see the effects of it as it comes in contact with something in the earth. For instance when God steps into a burning bush---Moses did not see God but he saw the bush with cloven tongues of fire. When God was on the mountainside with 10,000 of his Saints in judgment, giving the law to Moses they didn't see God altho the mountain was radiant and glowing, but of course God was hidden in the light of the Glory which he showed.

Then at the day of Pentecost when the day had fully come then they were in one accord in that place, and there came the descent of the Holy Spirit upon them, and they heard the sound like the mighty rushing of the wind, then cloven tongues like fire sat on them, and the static phenomena of the presence of the MOST HIGH GOD with such an area of his energy was poured out at that time, and it produced the illuminated area of phenomena. We see the effect of the spiritual entity of God on substances, we see this when ever God intends for us to see this.

Now; the area of the Pleiades which of course is the areas of the seven heavens. We look thru our telescopes at the Pleiades and see them a little larger than when we look at them with the naked eye, because we can multiply them a hundred times, and still they aren't any bigger than the head of a pin, but they are out there. this is known as the center of the Universe, this is the area where Enoch was taken as He was summoned to the seat of the MOST HIGH GOD. He was told that he must come to the throne of YAHWEH, and like the Apostle Paul he was taken into spiritual plains, and he talked to Angels, and interviewed spiritual beings, and also saw the center of the contact with the entire creation. He was taken to a vast crystal Palace and he saw this palace, and it was huge, so large that it was stories high like our mightest sky scrappers, and in the upper portions of this huge Crystal Palace was the throne of God, with the Seraphim moving around saying "Holy, Holy, Holy, etc." And Enoch also saw that in the areas of the perimeters of this Palace, sort of like a ground floor, here it was as tho it was an asteroid floating in space, and ships were coming and going and paying their homage to the father and getting their instructions. So there was a spot where God was making contact with these people who were coming and going. And Enoch was told these are my sons and daughters who have as yet not dwelt in earth. Paul also was told this, and that some are the people who dwell on other planets, thru out the Universe that come and go. So in this area Enoch sees them coming and going, and some had an audience with God, some with lesser Angels, but the business of the Universe was being carried on as they loaded and unloaded things on their ships. Enoch saw this, and it was not on the Pleiades, but was tho a floating island in space where this crystal Palace was.

I cannot answer questions scriptural defined except where THE LORD might give you perception, but I will stay with the areas which can be defined with the scripture passages, and the writings of Enoch. We can go into the twelfth scroll of the book of Enoch and it tells about his advances into the heavens. How he had left the earth, and passed all the planets in our solar system, how he saw ten planets but we never found Pluto until 1932. And we finally then discovered that we had another planet in our solar system, but we thought we had a tenth one out there somewhere. But Enoch went out into the vastness of space travel at tremendous speed, and he said he went out to the Pleiades so that is that, and he came back. But what ever the mode of travel which he had, it was certainly moving beyond the speed of the squares of light at the earth's surface. It was moving with the magnetic influences of tremendous resources. But the fact remains he was in the heavens, and in the spirit, and in his body as well, for his body was taken into the heavens.

Now; we know that the areas of Bible history prove that God intends to bring Heaven to earth. And in a sense when we arrived in earth as the Adamic Household we were enveloped with Light, we then possessed the Light of Heaven right here in earth. We possessed the light of Shekinah Glory of God, we were immortal and could not be injured by sickness and disease germs, as long as you were immortal and possessed this light. But the very moment we cohabited with darkness then we lost this light and disease germs that Lucifer had manufactured out of cultures attacked our bodies and we started to die---from sin. When the atonement came this was to cover sickness and sin, and death so all these things were to be restored back to us that we had lost. So at this time we are told:---"Arise and shine thy light has come, the Glory of God has risen upon you". So the whole nation of Israel is to be radiant with Glory. It will shine forth with the Glory of God. This will be in the earth, and perfectly visible, and when the entirety of the New Heaven and the New Earth, this new order has come forth, the whole thing will shine with the Glory of God, and then we are told that we won't need the sun or the moon, altho they will still be there. But Christ is brighter than the sun or the moon, and the household of God is like he is, and there are no shadows. When this comes then remember that Christ ascended into the heavens with a physical body. Remember it was enveloped in light and it took the scepter hand of authority. So when he comes will we be able to see the kingdom of heave, or will we be able to see the dimensions of heavens, for we do not perceive them at this moment? If we perceived all that was present from the heavenly domains we would see a great company of Angels, one for every one here. God said he would put a guardian Angel here, and some people seem to think they get sleepy at times when things seem to happen, but the fact remains that if they weren't here you can't tell what would happen, for the guardian Angels are what keeps you going, this is without a doubt. The LORD said He was giving His Angels charge over thee, and He has, given you Guardian Angels. The areas of this room can be a highway in the dimension of spirit, it does not bother them at all. It is operating on a solidified form in the areas of dimensions that God created it in. And yet we know that God said:---"If the spirit of The Christ which raised Him from the dead dwell in you it will quicken your mortal body" Well it does not have to quicken it very much until you put on immortality. And then you start to glow, but even before this the immortality can begin to dawn before the light fully develops. So therefore if the spirit of Christ dwells in us, it can quicken the mortal body. In fact this is what happens to the mortal body even when it is put into the ground, because it is going to be quickened, and even the electrons are going to revolve around the nucleus and this body is going to raise again. And when this transpires then these with Christ, those who he brings with him, those we do not hinder, for we who are alive and remain when Christ comes are not going to hinder those he brings with him for in a moment, they are going to be resurrected--restored, and those who remain, who are alive, are here in these bodies will also be changed, and we will think as He thinks and know as He knows. And these things will be visible in earth when God is ready to reveal it. However there are areas of spiritual factors that can only be beheld by the spirit, because even now Angels around now are not to be beheld, but they can decelerate their appearances until they can be seen.

Now; when we found the book of Horus, the old records of the Egyptians they had the story of the sons of God who came to earth and served as Priests in their Temples, they could hear us sing and they could behold us, but then suddenly as the people of the low lands fell under the influence of Lucifer, then God became angry and we were withdrawn from the earth. But God told Horus that the day would come when His sons and daughters would build a great Temple like the one they had on Atlantas, a Temple to their God, and then they would take on a body like his children had, and He would cross the river Styx and triumph over death and come forth out of the grave. This was why all this was included in the Egyptian theology. Even the books of Horus went into the "Book of the Dead", and they couldn't get it all in there. The pattern then was that God would come out of spirit and dwell in earth. Then He was to cross the River Styx, which is to go into the Netherworld and then come back up out of there, bringing his many sons. And the sons of God were going to establish his kingdom for ever and forever. We of course have spirit, soul, and body, it reasons with the senses, it operates with these areas of phenomena but we do not see the soul. But you do sometimes see the spirit, they become visible sometimes when we excellences.

Also we know that the body of light is the body of spirit. The Apostle Paul said:--I do not want to die, but I want to put on my Light House. I want to put on my light, I know that I have a body not made with hands, which is eternal in the spirit. I know that the holy spirit therefore---that God has given me a body which I can move into, a house, a tabernacle not built with hands. But he was waiting until three things came together, But we do not know how much of the Physical universe sees the presence of the heavens, but it may see much more than people realize, but we do know that as far as we here in earth are concerned that the plains of spirit are as plains of light. We know that they saw the Shekinah Glory of God even when they did not look on God. They could not see thru the effulgent cloud and radiant light when he hovered over Israel, but they knew He was there. And remember that Moses begged to see the body of God. So, he let him look at his back, but no his face as he passed by the rock. Moses was so curious and he tried to peak, but God put his hand over the hole in the rock until he passed by. So one would not say that this was not a heavenly thing because it was. We do see the theosophy of God.

We find that HE appeared and stood before Joshua, and Joshua saw this might man in armor before that battle, and wanted to know:---"Are you for us or against us?" Actually Joshua knew that they did not need any more against them, for he looked at all the Cainanites, and then there stood this one radiant in Glory and He said:---"I am the captain of the LORD'S hosts". So Joshua fell before HIM, for this was thee God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. One would not say that this one embodied was not heavenly for He was to a point, and to a degree and yet he was seen. We have had the point of separation to this degree of tangible visibility due to the fall in earth, we do not know if that is separated on the outside or not, but we do know that the Apostle Paul traveled in these plains and dimensions and of course he said:---"Whether in the spirit, or in the body I cannot tell" We also know that as far as the earth kingdoms are concerned, and those that succumbed to Lucifer that they do not have the perception or reality. This is true except among the Tungus people who would catch some areas of perception if they would accept the right God, and so forth. We may have a few of these but the patterns are indistinct until we come into the areas of fullness.

We know that at the end of TIME He is going to make new creatures out of these people. He is going to re-educate these people and add spiritual perception to these patterns until they too can discern. The scripture talks about the fact that He is going to make new creatures out of them. Thus we see that the children of the Kingdom are restored, and the others are made into new creatures. This does not mean that they become our brothers because we are the Household of God, and remain His children forever, but it means that they like us will also be able to perceive spiritual things under some dispensations. I would say today that only those children of God who are enlightened have already been restored in the areas of their perception, and can behold spiritual things on the earth level. Some see visions, and some dream dreams and some can catch the perception of the MOST HIGH GOD, and maybe some times Christ will appear to you and he can be so real---

"Eye hath not see, or ear heard all the things which God hath prepared for those who love him."---This is the natural ear, or eye which has not heard or seen all these things. The Spiritual knows these things because the spirit searched out the deep things of God, even those things which are given to you because we have not been given 'the things of the world' We have received the spirit which is of God. This is the exact words found in the book of Corinthians. Of course---again as people study the word of God they become enlarged, they have bigger horizons. Then its easier to study, to step into bigger and bigger horizons, and the first thing you know you are--way out there. You are working on things for the Kingdom, you are using powers of the Kingdom. And even here when the Apostles preached, they preached the Gospel whether the Jews liked it or not. The Jews could kill them if necessary because they didn't mind. Of course most of them were killed at that time. They were martyrs at the first official outpouring of the church. The pattern is today where the true church is a powerful influence inside the nations of Gods Kingdom, that they are battling the power of the Anti-Christ. False Clergy will come in, they will set up hierarchies and they try to remove truth, but we speak with triumph for we know that we are going to win. We know that the power of God is here, and that we have won already. We know that there is nothing they could do to us, that would be important, concerning the things we know, and we know that we have Eternal Life, we know this body is going to come back, this body is going to participate in putting down the last enemy. So even in this area we are undefeated. It is a fact, we believe that they will not be successful in removing all the bodies, for some of us will be alive, and remain until the coming of THE LORD. Some will be here in this last operation, but 'they' do not see these things, and they laugh at us, say we are paranoid. 'They' do not see the Book of Revelation, they around us do not behold spiritual things. But as God has quickened in your consciousness the areas of spiritual things he has made you capable of thinking in heavenly reasoning about temporal things. Therefore we do not reason like they do, we reason as God does, as HE steps in and overthrows the world. They will gnash their teeth and they imagine a vain thing, but remember that HE is the one who triumphs, and because of this we go thru all these things.

Remember that they beat Paul and threw him out of the city for dead but whether the LORD raised him up, or what happened, Paul then came back and he said for "Me to live is Christ--to die is gain', then he went right on. But as far as this is concerned he also went OUT and he came right back. He denounced the Jews and said that they crucified the Christ, they are 'contrary to all men'. He tells in Thessalonians what rascals these Jews are, but the pattern remains that nothing would stop the Apostle Paul. He had been in the heavens and back, he knew what he saw, he was talking above the people, but he was reaching thru to those who were line on line, precept, upon precept, here a little, there a little, so with spiritual revelation do I speak to these people. Of course they say this line and precept on precept is with stammering lips, and in another tongue do I speak to these people, however, in the book of Joel and the prophecies of its revelation says "With vibrations which cannot be uttered". So again this is not with stammering lips, the pattern is that of God says I will teach you--here a little, there a little, and each time God brings some revelation home to you. God is using HIS Church now to take the enlightened ones forwards, to hold the stable ones stable, and to reach out for the new ones of the times. This is why there is so much repetition, we have to repeat and by repeating we are also reaching out as well. We have to enlighten the House of Israel, and they have to come up the 'primer' way the same way that you did. And yet we bring the message within the areas of Kingdom teaching. We must be able to bring on the new, be able to keep those who you have and reach out for the things beyond. It is becoming rather difficult and yet it is not, for God unveils the truth. And God is bringing out again upon his people, the consciousness of his spiritual realm. We are thus moving with tremendous speed into the envelopment of Divine Truth.

It s absolutely a necessity that the spiritual realm be perceived as it relates to the physical realm. The spirit is master of the flesh. The spirit becomes your master until you are set free into your spiritual being. And then the physical becomes subordinate to the Spiritual body. This becomes more and more true, and the areas of temptation become less as the Christian becomes more aware. This becomes evident also,--of course we don't think like the world order thinks. They only think of how to make a buck, how to clean out our friends. This isn't the way we are to think, we share with them, we give away to one another because as we move on we become more integrated with our own people, in this area of development, we see the necessity, we want to do it. No one compels us to do anything, but there is a close knit operation today. This is one of the reasons why the 'Right Wing' is so effective, and hard core in the world today. The areas of his people which is more spiritually alert is the heart of the 'right wing' today. Some of them may not as yet discern identity, they have other fundamental factors to develop. But still at the same time the fundamentalists today who recognize the Christ as God, that they are His children living in earth, they are at the core of this operation. As far as the Gospel of the Kingdom is concerned it is spreading at unprecedented speed. We know what tapes are doing, where they are going. I just read a letter this morning from on of the men on our tape list in South Africa. He is sending tapes on to Ian Smith of Rhodesia and Ian Smith had his secretary write to the man in South Africa thanking him for the tapes, and saying that he would listen to them the first chance he had. But the pattern is that the tapes are going out. We have this letter from the Prime Minister of Rhodesia and they asked for the letter back, so we know that the tapes are going out, and we are reaching people. There are lots of things concerning the Kingdom that God is bringing out.

Yesterday----(Crippman) came on the air, he isn't to smart for he married a Jewess, but it was flag day, and he was saying:--I am reading a piece which was in the advertising section of the Gas company, and it is very good. It talks about how this is a great nation, from its beginning under God. Men came here when they wanted to be free to worship. When Betsy Ross made the flag there were 13 stars on that flag. These 13 stars were not only because of our 13 colonies but also because these people were commemorating, the fact that there were 13 tribes of Israel, and here was the gathering of all the nations of White Christian Europe. Then he went ahead in this piece he was reading and he said:--'isn't it beautiful, isn't that wonderful'---but he was just repeating an established fact that this was the flag for the numbering of the colonies, and the tribes of Israel, and so even out of the mouth of a fellow like this came the truth. I don't know what got into the Gas company, but they have come out with some truth for some time. Before they said God called this land Israel, and that George Washington knew that we were Israel. This came out along time ago, but this fellow as he finished speaking said:---'It was ben Franklin who firmly reiterated this back in the days when this nation was formed, and this flag was selected. So this knowledge is moving and moving.

For instance we have had the most terrible Christmas stamp, oh, a little bit of holly, something like that. But this year there is the Madonna and child and she is reading a bible,

but this is in spite of 'them' not because of them. But as the things start to move in of this plot of the enemy, it will be because they are worried over the trend. But you can be sure that Gods spirit reveals the areas of activities and sometimes we get impatient and want to go out and do it ourselves, but it does not come to pass that way, we just get impatient. He is getting us ready, and we are still going to take the Kingdom and keep it forever and forever.

QUESTION:----Some say that it does not tell that Paul went into the heavens.

ANSWER:------Oh, but the Apostle Paul wrote here in the scriptures that he had gone into the heavens and came back. He wrote "Whether in the spirit or the body I cannot tell."

Of course he had a lot of different experiences, he was stopped on the way to Damascus and was blinded and he was taken to a man's house and taught the scriptures. He had several visions, so he knew, but he could not tell whether he was in the flesh or in the spirit, as he was taken out into the heavens to be shown what God said he was to teach---"My People". He said:--you are to go back and teach my nations, my church these things, and the nations were the seed of Israel. Paul was taken into the 3rd., the 4th., and 5th., and even into the 7th., heaven but then there are some things we don't talk about here. But in the Apocalypse of Paul, here is the mysteries of Paul, and he wrote a book called "The Apocalypse of Paul and put these Mysteries in t. This was a large book, and it was as big as all the Epistles of the New Testament, but has become a very hidden book. It is out of print as far as that is concerned but there are a few of them left. But he said you are strangers and pilgrims in the earth, if you could remember how you got here you would go back to where you came from. But in this God told the apostle Paul that his children had the veil of forgetfulness pulled down over their eyes as they entered in as a babe into earth, and by the time they acquire speech in the earth they have forgotten what they knew when they first came in. No wonder some babies look so wise, but this fades as they get older. But the Apostle Paul did not forget any of his experiences because he came back and wrote it in a book. And in his Epistles he tell about these things. In Corinthians--God had told the Apostle Paul in the heavens, as he showed him, that we were begotten in the heavens, and all His sons and daughters were children of His spirit, who he had placed in bodies of light, that we had lost this light but we still possess the fact that the spirit in us could still be quickened by the spirit of God, that this spirit in us is the spirit of God, and it can be taught the things of God, but the world cannot receive this. This is stated in the book of Corinthians, that we did not receive the spirit of the world (order) we received the spirit which is of God. The spirit will reveal all things to us. He (Paul) was told these things in the heavens and a lot more. So in the areas of this Paul was thoroughly conscious and he was conscious as he came back here, and he did not know whether he was in the body or out of the body, but he went---God alone knows this. But this proves that the dimensions of heaven and earth--altho there is no transgression in heaven, no evil up there, but all is working in a masterful program of creative good, but it is like earth, because he could not tell whether in the spirit or in the body.

This is like it was with John on the LORD'S Day when he wanted to show John what would come thereafter, and He said:---"Come in Hither" and John said that instantly a door opened in space, and instantly--boom--he was right in heaven. And he is looking for the throne of God and there is Christ, or YAHWEH sitting on the throne. John also wrote these things in

a book right here on earth, after his experiences. But also--he stepped thru a door into space, or into the plain of spirit--RIGHT HERE IN OUR ATMOSPHERE,--and here was heaven all around him. In fact heaven is a lot closer than people realize. It isn't way off there thousands of miles, it is closer than you might think as far as the functioning dimension of the spirit, in which things happen.

QUESTION:----Matthew 10:15--- " Verily I say unto you, it shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah in the day of judgment, than for that city."

ANSWER:-----Now; Jesus is talking to the disciples. He is instructing them or setting them up for what they were to do in the church age. They had been with Christ so some of the effulgent power had rubbed off on them. So he said:---Do not go the way of the Pagans, or into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not.---"Go rather to the lost sheep of Israel, and as ye go preach the gospel of the Kingdom, heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils, freely ye have received so freely give. Provide neither gold, nor silver, nor brass in your purses, nor script for your journey, neither two coats, shoes, no yet staves for the workman is worthy of his meat."---

Now;---he sent them out from time to time before the end of his ministry. But before the end of the age, and before he was taken to trial he said to take script and swords, so now here he says to take nothing.--- "And into whatsoever city or town ye enter, then inquire who in it is worthy, and there abide until ye go thence".---In other words find out who is Israel in the town, who will accept the message. "And when you come into a house, salute it, and if the house be worthy let your Peace (understanding, come upon it, but if it is not worthy let your Peace--your understanding of the Gospel of the Kingdom return) to you.

Now; in other words if they reject the fact that here are the disciples of Christ, and they are teaching Israel Identity, well if the people were not Israel they would say you get out, so you move on. He said:---whosoever won't receive you cannot Hear HIS WORDS.

But these men were the disciples who would be the Holy Apostles for the church age. These were Israel except Judas and of course Mathias took his place. These would be the mighty force which would give life to the church and lift to the tribes. So if they don't receive you then shake the dust of that house off your feet, and it will be worse for that house than for Sodom and Gomorrah in the day of Judgment.

Well---Sodom and Gomorrah was the cities established by fallen Angels, and it was an area of debauchery that God would destroy, but even so he said He would enact a hard judgment upon the cities which refused the fact that the BODY OF GOD has been here, and they were told of the program by the Apostles and they still wouldn't believe it.

QUESTION:----What about Israelites who don't accept the Gospel of the Kingdom?

ANSWER:-----Well so people don't accept it--but they won't reject Christ--they didn't start out that way, so they will be back, they have been brainwashed, but remember---"All Israel shall be saved."

QUESTION:----Was verse 15 applicable to then or now?

ANSWER:------Then--for He was sending them out, but we have passages that apply as well to now. Because the scripture said that it will be like Sodom and Gomorrah, now because of the homosexuals, and the strange twerps, so lets face it. But that passage is well defined within those verses. The thing we have today is that Israelites are today in the areas of transgression, as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man. There they were eating, and drinking, and giving in marriage, but the way they were doing it in the days of Noah was that they were mongrelizing with the fallen Angels, which was not good.

Thus as far as the areas of chastisement, there will be lot of chastisement for the kingdom, as well as for those areas without. But the Shekinah Glory of God will purge out and burn away the areas of error and establish clearly that no foundation can any man lay except that laid in Christ.

The Apostle Paul says he sees this as a wise Master Builder. Remember that tho 'all Israel is going to be saved' still there is also a remnant that remains that has not bowed the knee to Baal. So in this hour he is going to have a vast number that do not bow the knee to Baal, or fall under the areas of darkness. At the same time we see today the casualties of this battle. People who are brainwashed and so forth, but the majority of people are not necessarily brainwashed, they are just not informed, they are asleep, and if you can wake them up you do a good thing.

QUESTION:----Proverbs 11:30---'The fruit of the righteous is the tree of Life, and he who wins souls is wise.---What is this referring to?

ANSWER------This is O.K.--HE gives us immortality. As far as the program of the righteous is concerned, the righteous go out to awaken all those who are unrighteous--to righteousness---this is what is called 'winning souls'

QUESTION:----Then it is these sleeping ones, or those brainwashed that we are winning.

ANSWER:------Well those, and even those who have not even thought about it. You would be surprised at the number who do not think about it, they go out, have a few beers, and then some sill chatter, maybe at a bar, and then they go home and turn on the T.V. and this is their life. They do not have any spiritual concept like you do, they just do not know. Yet they are pretty good people, and they would give you the shirt off their back, and help out anytime, but they don't have an area of enlightenment, or discernment. Then maybe they will hear something, and will get just as involved as you are, so to attempt to win souls is wise. And we attempt to win souls because this is the mental area. We take it out of the sense perception, and give it spiritual enlightment, and it is on its way.

(End of message)