06-16-65 Study Bible Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:--What is the deeds of the Nicolaitans which Jesus said that He hated, who are these people of Revelation 2?

ANSWER:--(Revelation 2:18-26) These things saith the Son of God who hath his eyes like flame----------This is of course is the church of Thyatira which has some of the same conditions remaining in it which is Baalism, and Nicolaitanism. There is also another passage where it refers to this similar condition, and that is in the church of Pergamos. (Rev. 2:14-15) This doctrine of the Nicolaitan was a sort of hold over of ancient Babylonian order, which was established by ancient Jewry in ancient times.

Now, remember that Mystery Babylon the Great is the carrying forward of all the Political, the Social, the Economic, and the Religious programs of the Anti-Christ. But to do all that he must set up some sort of symbol, some pattern, some sham in order to move in on the Kingdom. And ancient Babylon at the time of Nebuchadnezzar when they had captured Judah and Benjamin, was under the control of the Baal Priests who had a great organization. Baalism, and Baal Priests had a powerful order, in fact there were thousands of Priests, and they maintained great and tremendous Monasteries for these Priests of Baal. They kept within it like keep today in the upper Tibet and in India, under Brahma, Vishnu, Siva, and Kali in their pagan worship these thousands of Vestal Virgins. But these Vestal Virgins are virgins in name only. They entered as Virgins into the service of the church of Baal, and then the Baal church kept them as virtual "Brothel Slaves" of Baal. And what was true in Babylon in those days is also still true in India today, in that these girls are supposedly the brides of the gods, and they are told they would be visited by the gods, and would have children for Baal, and for Kali in India. And then the Priests go out to all the youths and tell them that they must meet with the gods in the temples at night. The young men then came into the Temples at night, and are told that the girls they met in the temple are the visitation of Siva the goddess. They pay their tithe and great tribute to come in, and to know this Brothel operation of prostitution to their religion. And the girls are told that they met with young gods, and the boys are told that they met with female goddesses. This is a part of what is being talked about here as a doctrine of the Nicolaitans. This is FORNICATION IN THE NAME OF THE CHURCH which was still going on here in the early church age.

Now, this was done under Baalism in ancient Babylon, and the HIGH Priest of Baal was the authority, in other words the Highest Priest before Baal (Satan) was a Pontiff. And then there were lesser Princes of Baal under him, and they all wore red caps, and these were the lesser Priests. And when Jewry could not destroy Christianity after crucifying Christ and He had Resurrected, then they began their war on the church instead. And as they persecuted the church it went underground, and in Rome it went into the Catacombs. But Jewry remember still continued its work, and when they had bribed their way into control over the Roman Empire they sought to buy their way into the Roman Senate to try to destroy Christians. And still they were unable to stamp out the church, so then the Jews joined the Christian church. And when they joined the church they gave vast sums of money so as to be elevated into positions as Clergy and Bishops. And the church which had been in trouble so much of the time, and feeling they needed all the assistance they could get became very gullible in this area of operation in Rome. And after they (the Jews) had come into the church they started to gain voting strength in the early church, and they started to sow into the church these doctrines of Baal which they were familiar with.

Now, the church of Pergamos is also referred to as the place where Satan's seat is. When Babylon fell as Medo-Persia conquered Babylon, then many of these evil Priests escaped, and these Priests were not of Israelites, they were Jews, and they have been found all over the world at all times. And they set up the pagan religions as a service to Satan--Lucifer and it was called Baalism at all times. Thus to the Island of Pergamos was the place where these Baal Priests migrated to, and after the fall of Babylon, they set up their headquarters of International Money Changers, this Baal system on Pergamos.

In the early days of the Christian Church, Mark tried to set up a church on this isle of Pergamos. Mark's church was headquartered in Alexandria, Egypt, but when they tried to develop a unit of the church on Pergamos this was when Jesus said they would have a terrific time because this was where Satan's seat was located. And behold, here in the church of Pergamos they tried to do the same thing as they had done in old Babylon. They were trying to confuse the church and put in the authority of Priestly assumption, from the Pontifical power on down, and this way they would have authority of life and death, either to put people into perdition, or take them out of all kinds of imaginary torture chambers. This is also the doctrine of Nicolaitanism.

John is then told that in the church of Thyatira there is still some of this doctrine, and with it they moved into it the idea that it was perfectly alright for them to violate areas of Divine Law, in instruction, and to give more respect to all deity even though they weren't accepted as the High Deity. It would be perfectly alright for sacrifices to be made to various image idols as well as the true God. And it was perfectly alright for any food brought to the temple, and sacrificed to idols, and then taken and eaten by the people. These are things we would not be involved with in our times, but they were very important back in those days. So when God gives the message to John concerning these various churches, and since they symbolized facets of the Church ages also, then it historically had little fulfillment in the church ages, in the history of the Church right up to our time. So it was divided by men like Larkin, and men like Scoffield in the dispensation ages of the church, as to which maybe it had some symbolism, but the main factor was that this was what was wrong with those churches.

Now, when the Jews invaded Rome and then invaded the church, they were able to in some instances, change the church from what was established by Jesus with his Disciples, some of whom he made Bishops over the church while the rest were pastors or ministers. And these original Apostles, ordained ministers in the church according to their ability and their calling. Some were set by the congregations of the churches as Bishops above others by the Apostles, to carry out the Biblical fulfillment of the church according to its Biblical requirements. But down in Rome which was now one of the most powerful churches in Christianity, the Jews had now set up a Papacy. And they made the Chaste Bishop the Pontiff, which is the "Pope", and they made the "Red Hats" just like in Babylon, and now they call them Cardinals. There is of course a bird called a Cardinal and it has a red hat, but the word--Cardinal--Cardinal Red was a symbol of the "Red Hats", transferred absolutely out of ancient Babylon, and now there after the Bishopric of the church.

Now, we make no war on the Catholic Church than we would on any other church as long as it takes its stand for Christ and Christianity, and for truth, and believes in His Deity. But there are certain things which were sown into the Papacy that was brought there directly by the Jews who came into the church from Babylon, even to the Vestal Virgins which was the original creation of what was now called "The Sisterhood" today. It was the establishment of the convents, and all this, but originally they were Vestal Virgins, and were forbidden to marry. They were thus brides of the church and so forth. But all this had its start in Babylon. At no times was such instruction ever given anywhere inside the structure of Christianity, and there is nothing Christian about the procedure.

Now, a person has a right to fore-swear all patterns of knowledge to remain virgins, and to profess themselves among any order, there is no law for or against it. If they want to do this they can, if they want to serve the church in great armies, and operate out of these convents and convent schools, and work in service to the church, by being teachers for the church it is perfectly alright if they want to do this, but it is not done by Divine instructions. At no place was this done by Divine instruction originally, this was started by transferring into the church, some Babylonianism. The Jews thought they would control Christianity. And eventually the same would develop and be used as a Brothel operation which would make the Christian church just like India, and just like these other areas.

Now, do not for a moment say that we do not believe that there are thousands upon thousands of Catholic nuns, sisters who live lives of complete devotion to the church and its holiness. Even though we would say that these are what would be called innocent creatures, still it is not quite the natural order which God has approved for Christians, and for the church, but there is no doubt also that this has not been the case always, and everywhere. For in many instances it has been almost a brothel like operation. This has not been done openly with church sanction, and it was not an advocacy, but it was so prevalent in the days when John wrote the Book of Revelation, and was still prevalent in the years to come, that Christ denounced this function, this operation as a Priestly assumption of the Nicolaitans. And even in the church of Thyatira this practice was stated to be there. You can go to a Catholic Bible today, A Vatican Bible, and it is still identifying the facets of this, because they did not know enough to take it out. This is one of the reasons why, since the order of Baalism is Scarlet and Purple, that they transferred into the Catholic Church the Cardinals and Priesthood with those same colors.

Then the Priesthood in this instance adopted the exact voting system, and everything connected with the upper Catholic Hierarchies exactly like that in ancient Babylon. And for those who move on Faith, and those who may wonder at this question, what we are saying is merely an academic pattern of fact, it is merely a record of scholarship. It is not a hostility toward the Catholic Church, as a church, although we do believe that this church has been quite vulnerable for infiltration. And we know today that one of the most powerful influences in this church is still the Black Pope who rules over an area of Jewry inside, and dominates orders such as the Jesuits. And in many instances has used the church to accomplish the end, of the enemy. So the church today is in trouble, there is a battle going on inside of Rome, inside of Catholicism, and many are disturbed about the Blue Armies, and the Internal armies inside of the Catholic Church, because Jewry influences some, and because they did not follow certain areas of guidance they had lately, so there is intense trouble going on inside the Catholic Church as well as inside of some of the denominations as well.

Now ,the doctrine of Nicolaitans as well as the doctrine of Thyratari was PRIESTLY ASSUMPTION. No man can come along and by his Priestcraft help a person in or out of the chambers of heaven, or consign him into perdition. By no function or operation can anyone at anytime be held back from slipping to perdition, or be held in a state of limbo or purgatory. There are no intermediate states, there are no conditions of torture chambers which the church has any influence over keeping people out of, or getting them into, none of those places exist, they have all been created and written about out of superstition. Wrapped around some areas of truth such as the Netherworld where Lucifer and his angels have their abode, and from which Lucifer emerges, came these ideas. Many of these angels have been held in virtual prison chambers by Watcher Angels until the Judgment Day, but that is God's business not the business of the church.

But since the Resurrection of The Christ, and the church did not have any foundation until that time anyway, then after Pentecost it was energized to do its work. But at the time the church started there wasn't any perdition to try to keep Christians out of because there wasn't any. Christ had already triumphed for His race, and His people at Calvary. So for any Priest to assume that he had the authority to keep anyone out of some kind of condition after he dies, or to collect money for this, or money to say his Mass, or any other process for keeping a person out of some type of Purgatory, or to bleed someone's family, relatives or friends for any kind of finance, in order to do anything for any individual after he dies, is a part of the doctrine of the Nicolaitans, which Jesus said: "I hate", because it is nothing but a racket in His name.

We do not want to go on record as waging war against any branch of Christianity at this time, however against this doctrine which has been used for years, and which was started by Jewry then we want you to know that Christ had nothing to do with this, IT IS NOT GOD, and that phase of the Catholic Church has been one of the great areas of its problem. Because of this, the Jews were making great use of this, and they then dominated whole phases of Priestcraft inside the church.

Now, inside of Protestantism the Jews have also pulled all kinds of things. There has been all kinds of phony doctrines taught inside the Protestant Church, instituted by the enemy in what he has tried to do through translation itself, and what he has tried to do here at the present time by having them denounce areas of the Faith. Actually they have done this by having moved into areas of publications, to serve no cause that is good. But this is still the Doctrine of the Nicolaitans as well as the Thyratira doctrine which God was against. But tie this back 1500 or 1800 years ago and there are lots of things to gather the whole world inside the church, and turn the church services into wild sex orgies and so forth. This was just an appeal to gather people, and to gain control over them. In the same time pronounce righteousness, but make this perfectly alright because it was under the guide of the church. Make no mistake about this, there are a lot of Holy Roller churches involved in functions not to far removed from this, although they do not seem to know it, but it is all conducted as something so high and spiritual and off on cloud nine. But this is usually the end of all cloud nine groups for generally they get off on something like this.

So I point out to you that we have no support for Nicolaitanism. We believe in a "Called" Clergy, we believe in an Apostolic succession of all Clergy back to the time of The Christ. We do not believe that everyone who calls himself Clergy is called of God. We do not believe that all Clergy in the Catholic Church are themselves accepting areas of error. Some of them have never known all the truth, and some of them have known none of the truth concerning this matter. Some of them are just now discovering some of these things which they are now denouncing. I just point out that there are rascals who are a part of a machine, and when they could not wreck the church they joined it to destroy it on the inside if they could. So this is a fact even though many people thought they were living sacrificial lives, and doing God's Will inside of that church. They were not accomplishing what they could have accomplished if they had moved under Divine direction with full freedom, this was the position of the Nicolaitans and not of the church.

I have another question here but I don;'t like a negative question because these tapes go out to thousands of people but---

QUESTION:--Isn't it strange that God is fulfilling all the prophecies made to Israel for Palestine, with the Jews?

ANSWER:--I have to refute this whole question to start with. God is not fulfilling any of the prophecies given to Israel with the Jews. This is nothing but false propaganda, put out by phony Evangelists who call themselves Israel, pushing themselves into Christendom, trying to make themselves fit into something they do not fit into. You talk of rebuilt cities of that area, the cities of Israel were being rebuilt before W.W.II came along, before the Jews in any great numbers went into Palestine. The Jews went into Palestine after the war to create, the state of Israeli which is a phony Israel. This land was making great progress under the British, and of course most of the finance for this was taken from America and put in Israel, but the Arabs were making their transition as well, much of the labor used was Arab labor. But there is nothing about the Israeli which fulfills any part of any prophecy God ever made to Israel. This Israeli is the abomination of the Desolator, standing in the Holy Place. This is what Jesus said about the last days: "Behold the abomination of the Desolator will stand in that land.

There are a few things that you see in that land that show a little progress, such as they have taken this money and have put in some citrus orchards, and a few of these things, but not near enough to support the land of Palestine alone. They have a few show orchards, and some expansion here as money is siphoned from all over the world is going there, but the fact remains that they have to import a lot of things. They export some things which go to "show markets" in some places, but as far as Palestine is concerned, then Palestine has not seen the "Great Day" in the Millennium which is to come when finally God speaks to those Jews in that land, and finally flips the land, and turns it over, and makes a park of it. Then that land will turn into a garden from one end to the other. You will see the Dead Sea become a fresh water lake. You will see fresh water flowing out of Jerusalem, but these things have not as yet occurred. But you will see this land become one of the Most Beautiful spots in Memorial Forever.

But as far as Israeli is concerned today, God is not fulfilling any prophecy made to Israel, WITH THE JEWS. As far as the time element was concerned then Britain and America fulfilled the prophecies, but today prophecies are also being fulfilled. The Abominations of the Desolator are going to Israeli, and many will meet their destruction at the time of the return of The Christ. So this idea of freeing the water, of drilling wells there, today there are no more springs in Palestine, no more springs of water there today than there was a few years ago. This year and last year the land has had a little more rain, and is thus a little more moist, than before they had this rain but some of the springs had been dried up for 30 to 40 years, and now they are running because the rain came. But that is also happening right in this country, for I can take you up into the mountains and show you springs that had not run for 5 or 6 years, and now this year they are running. In another few months they will be running stronger than other wise because it takes a little while for the rain to work its way down to the base of the spring.

But no prophecy which relates to Israel is being fulfilled in the Jews. The prophecy as to the Jews themselves being the abomination of the Desolator, and being in the Holy Place is being fulfilled. In fact they are plotting against Jordan, and they are plotting against Syria, and creating an act of aggression against these areas. And pretty soon there will be an attack against Jordan, for you see the reason being is that the Holy Place is on the Jordanian side of the old city of Jerusalem, and the Jews want this and they will of course strike to take it, but of course they want all of Jordan also. But the moment that they move in the Arabs will rise, and the war will be on. (It came in 1967.) The Arabs are rather divided, they have always been rather separate Arab nations, and there never has been a really united Arab Republic. There has been some uniting so as to be a powerful force, but if all the Arabs decided to move at one time they could move real fast, and make short work of Palestine, but they have never done this. Palestine has been robbing all the world, they have most of the gold in the world, down in TeleViv right now. We had someone in here today telling us about one of the major import-exporter, form over in Switzerland, and they were trying to make some deals, and they could not, because they had to make the deals between nations, and make the deals in gold, and the exporter said all the gold had been taken from them, and was being shipped to TeleViv. That in the last few months it was all going into Israeli. This is why they are also trying to root out all the silver in America, they want it in Israeli also. Then this man started to laugh for he remembered what we had said, that if they put all the gold and silver in those caves over in Israeli, then when that earthquake comes it will dump it all in the water. This would be a good place for skin diving because there would be more gold and silver in the water than was left on top of the ground.

Israeli is going to receive great Judgment, this Promised land ceased being the promised land, until after the judgment, after it has been made palatable once again. One of the most unique things is that the Jews are trying to propagandize us all the time. They never quit, they always tell us they are the Holy People. They come out with one phony story after another always trying to make themselves fulfill what the scripture said was going to happen when Israel returns. So they cook up all this phony stuff, and this Phil Harris and others have been telling lies long before they took over Palestine. So a lot of people hear this all the time, that Palestine is the promised land, and they believe it. But you just travel the world over, and then come back and look at California, and if you are real honest about it, then this looks like the promised land. Me, I wouldn't swap California for Palestine, but I'd like to ship a lot of Palestine refugees back over there. Again this is why I don't like a negative question, that God did something for someone else which He promised to Israel. God knows who Israel is, and He didn't do anything for the Jews which was to be for Israel, because the Jews are not Israel. Jesus told them off in His days, and the scripture is still telling them off because this is what He wants done. These Jews are behind all the trouble in America today and behind all the trouble in the whole world, and they are in the spot where God is going to bury them, and that can't happen to quick to suit me.

QUESTION:--You remember at the time that Nasser and Red China made this treaty, it came out that they were both against the Jews, and that the Chinese had joined Nasser.

ANSWER:--Don't buy that, the Jews are in power in Communism, in Russia and also provide the technological assistance and advice to China. In fact this was just a story that was being spread, and circulated to try to make the Right Wing feel less hostile toward China, and more friendly toward them, and toward Nasser of Egypt. Because most Right Wingers who are intelligent and students know that the Jews are behind Communism. But if Nasser and Red China had a pact, and the word spread that the Chinese were against the Jews then people wouldn't be so hostile toward Red China, and might put pressure on the government so they wouldn't bomb Red China. Blow it off the face of the earth, who cares? The fact remains that Red China is one of the most devastating forces that we face. Its population runs into more millions of people than can be gathered anywhere else. It is pagan, it is Anti-God, it hates our nation. As to its communist factor I have no more concern as to how many forces are destroyed, and what happens, or how many of the Red Chinese population which die, than I have for red ants when you spray your garden, it is all the same to me. So if the Red Chinese said they were against the Jews it wouldn't make any difference. Nasser has a reason to be against the Jews, so the Red Chinese in order to go along with Nasser will say the same thing, but the story is being spread to neutralize the Right Wing more so than for any other reason. So if we stood up for Nasser and Red China that would give the whole outfit an excuse to go against the Right Wing.

If Nasser plays with Red China then good bye Nasser. I do not believe Red China, I don't believe Communist, I think if a Chinaman is smiling at you with his hand on a Bible, he will still double cross you. I have had personal experience to testify to this. Someone said: Oh, don't you trust a Chinaman? No, and especially a Red Chinaman. I am not worried whether they are for or against the Jews, cause the Jews are still in the show. Chou-In-Lai comes from a family which is part Jewish-Merchants. There are a lot of Jews in China, and when the church was trying to train Chinese troops back in the time of Chaing-Kai-Shek one of the things they reported was that there were all kinds of Chinese and many were Jews. Thus I don't get excited, because I don't trust the Commies under any circumstances. I know there will never be any battle between the Chinamen and the Jew, unless the Chinese think they can get the better of the deal, see. There is no principals or morality among Chinamen for they want to rule the world, and they will work with the Jews, and the Jews at this time are in solid with them. They will take everything and liquidate anything anywhere they go except the woman, they have one dream which is to bring EVERY WOMAN THEY CAN FIND--EXCEPT THE NEGRO--HOME TO CHINA, AND MAKE THEM BROTHEL SLAVES. Remember this! Great Billboards show pictures of white woman from all over the world being brought home to China with ropes around their necks.

Just remember that we fight against the power of darkness, this is a total war. And as far as Chinamen are concerned there might be some Chinamen who are without Idolatry, without a Witch Doctor. You might set up a mission station, you might train them, but if you had a Witch Doctor competing with you then the moment that you turned your back they would go back to the devil. So our program for over there doesn't start with a revival. However I would send Billy Graham over there anytime he wants to go, maybe we should send him every where. I don't believe he is getting anywhere but one of these days someone is going to eat him, and then he won't be around any more, and no problem. The fact remains that there is no solution for China or for Africa until we conquer the Anti-Christ. When we do then let the Eagle fly high and scream because this is your destiny.

QUESTION:--What about those boys who go over there and marry Chinese girls?

ANSWER:--Well, it is just as bad because they sold their birthright. Let their wives and offspring stay over there and let the boys come home in sack cloth and ashes. I have already sent a few of them home. In fact the chamber of Commerce sent a few of these Pagan marriages to us because they were in trouble, and they wanted them to consult with us. They sent them here when they sent them to a minister, and we told them to send that pagan wife and children home.

QUESTION:--But what if they were married, do you break up a marriage?

ANSWER:--These are not marriages, they are just experiences of convenience, cursed by God and have no part in our race.

QUESTION:--Why would you talk that way when you support Chaing-Kai-Shek?

ANSWER:--That question is kind of extreme, but Chaing-Kai-Shek was raised a soldier and a militant, a political figure. Actually he was trained in Russia as an officer and was in the ___________ (Sunnyacts) army, and he married Madam Song who was a convert to Christianity, and was educated in a Christian College in America. And after he married he was converted to Christianity as far as his Asiatic mind, or any Asiatic mind will comprehend it. But he saw also the fallacies and the evil in the Communist aggression which was taking place in China, and he turned and became a leader against it. Now of course the family he married into was a wealthy Mandarin family, a family of merchants, and he became one of the leaders against Communism. Then all the wealthy, the conservatives, the educated classes of China rallied around Chaing-Kai-Shek. So he was rather a practical wizard, and made this argument himself after he had retreated to Formosa, for instance, after being forced there by a DOUBLE-CROSS in our own foreign service in the State Department. But there was 3 million of the leaders of China now out there on the Island, they were Mandarins, Merchants and actually the best of China's wealthy, on that island as a people willing to fight because it belongs to them. But finally Chaing-Kai-Shek said he wanted all these people to be Christians and they said, but what is wrong with our ancient gods? He said: well your ancient gods didn't do you any good, just look around and see where you landed. He said: all the help came from Christian countries. Our weapons, our strength has come from that source, and therefore he urged them to accept The Christ, and to become Christians, to forsake those old gods which had forsaken them anyway. You pray, he said to them, all night and nothing happens, so turn. So in as far as his mind was capable then Chaing Kai Shek took a stand for Christianity. Now it was a Methodist Christianity because that is what his wife was. But I want to tell you that one of the strange things about this is that Chaing Kai Shek's wife is a sister to Mao's wife, for Mao-Tse-Tung the Chinese Communist and Chaing Kai Shek married two daughters of this most powerful and well educated family. And here then is the Christian wife of Chaing Kai Shek, and the Communist wife Mao-Tse-Tung and they are sisters, so this whole Chinese group is a mixed up bunch. But as far as Chaing Kai Shek is concerned he stood firm against communism. And as far as Christianity is concerned he has absorbed as much of it as an Asiatic can absorb at this time. So these people with him on Formosa stood with him, maybe because of his firmness, because he has always stood against their enemies, because he turned to America to get all the assistance he could get in the way of weaponry, and he trained their sons. Anyway he is a pretty old man now, but he has been a fighter, and he has been a leader of the best trained fighting army in China, and inside of Asia as well. So I can pick no fight with Chaing Kai Shek. I think he has more brains than some of our leaders, and if we were real smart we would have done what Chaing Kai Shek wanted to do long ago. And we would have helped him take over all of China, and we would also have let Sigmund Rhe take over in Korea. We always worried about so much graft, but never mind the graft for Sigmund Rhe, if he had taken over all of North Korea then all would be in the hands of South Korea today, and there would be Korean soldiers fighting all over the mainland of China. With Chaing Kai Shek, and Korea under Sigmund Rhe, and Douglas McArthur we would have run all the Reds back over the mountains and back to the Steppes.

If someone wants to know what I think should be done with Asia, I think we should have let Japan have Manchuria, and that would have kept the Reds from getting down to the Sea. I think the best thing we could have done would have been to take South Korea, Japan and Nationalist China and swept ashore and whipped the Reds. But the fact of the matter is that the Reds are now coming against us, they will gobble up more of Asia, if possible and they move on to Japan. If we had men at the top guided by the Bible instead of these Jews, that we have in this country, we would have won this war a long time ago.

QUESTION:--There is a place in Revelation 7:14, I wish you would explain?

ANSWER:--Alright, these are the people of the Kingdom, and they have come out of great tribulation, and have made their robes white through the blood of the lamb. These are those who have fought for the Kingdom, stood up for the MOST HIGH GOD. These are some who survive, and the Martyrs come in great numbers, and they are singing triumphant songs. This is what it is all about, these have come out of the tribulation. You know some people say, when will the tribulation come? But you are in it. Just because we are in America doesn't mean we aren't in it, we are just in a favored spot, and the enemy has not been successful in cutting us up, but they are trying. They haven't delivered us to the synagogues, and magistrates over here to much, but they would like to. But there are some places where they have conquered, this just happens to be the resistant center of God's Kingdom so don't forget that. This land is under the symbol of the Outstretched Wings of the Eagle, for this day and this hour. The attempt of course is to make war against us, and to attempt to destroy us. They know that America is the Eagle Head, and this is what they are after.

Now, back in Revelation 7, this is the people who have come up out of this great tribulation, these are those who have never bowed the knee to Baal. They have not gone along with all this just to buy a little favor. This is the triumph of those people who come up out of this tribulation. There are a lot of people who will go around with just a little mark of the Beast on them for a little bit of security, for a little favor, or for job prominence, or just to be left alone. They really don't care whether it is Satanism, or Communism, but there are also a lot of people who never bow the knee to Baal.

QUESTION:--Dr. Swift, I am sort of confused over this issue of the true Jew and the false Jew which some of these articles you read seem to stress. I am of a mind that there is no difference in Jews, so would you like to comment on this?

ANSWER:--Well, some of the Jews are taller than others. The Sephardim are a little taller, and more than this they are the thin faced Jews, where as the Ashkenazim Jews are Asiatic and round, bullet headed, and have a darker skin. The Jewish newspaper always refers to this difference. But there is only one thing which is important about all this, as the Jewish newspaper talks about this they definitely prove that they do not think that they came from Abraham. If they had descended from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the most important thing would be that they were the same, in the purity of Race. You could not be round headed Mongols from the Steppes, and thin nosed Hittites from the South, and say that they were the same blood line, unless you recognized that Satan scattered his children all over, and that is where they came from. The only difference between the Ashkenazim and the Sephardim Jew is that the Ashkenazim were Asiatic and the Sephardim were from the Hittites of the South. But the Jews are Jews, and they are formed from the same pattern. They are all the enemies of our Faith, and our Race. There is one thing you are right about, they are still Jews. If some say there are good Jews and bad Jews, then I cannot agree, for I never saw a good one, and I don't believe there are any. I remain to be convinced, I want to see one perform, to expose his people, to denounce communism and take a turn for truth and run right out into the front lines.

QUESTION:--Jeremiah 14:15, "therefore saith the Lord concerning the prophets that prophesy in my name, I sent them not, yet they say: sword, famine shall not be in this land, but by sword and famine shall those prophets be consumed."

ANSWER:--This is where there was prophecies being made back in Palestine days, when God was bringing chastisement upon these people of Israel, for their disobedience, when Jeremiah was the prophet. And he was prophesying prophecies of God for the preservation of His Kingdom, and for the eventual elimination of the enemy. And these fellows then said that this would not happen. They had the "School of the Prophets" along with their ecclesiastical order of that time, in other words, all the ministers went to this school at that time, and they grew up and went out and taught. But when they prophesied it was supposed to be when God gave them visions. But it was a much better prophecy to tell people to stop their transgressions, than to say that nothing would happen to this land. Although this was unpopular, they used some other prophecies to say the land and people would abide forever, and they would then say, see nothing will happen to this land. So Jeremiah is telling them that YAHWEH said: 'These tell lies in My name, as I did not command them to do this. Thus by sword and famine shall these prophets be consumed.' In other words God said: When I promise to do something then I am going to do it. These people who try to lull my people to sleep, until they do not resist the enemy, then by this very judgment they shall be dealt with. Jeremiah remember, and I want you to remember that Jeremiah prophesied for several different times and ages. So Jeremiah knew what he was talking about, he even transferred the throne line clear over to Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England so some of his prophecies were future, and some were dealing with the dynasties in that land. Some dealt with the chastisement of the city of Jerusalem, some were not only about Israel but about how the Jews came into Jerusalem, and how God was going to break that whole vessel again, and never put it together again. In another place he talks about the good figs and the bad figs, and in another he is talking about Israel. So Jeremiah is not a continuity, Jeremiah has such decisions, and sets his messages, and you have to pick up his line of thought, and follow them to know what he is talking about. The translators did not help you any to understand, so this is why the Book of Jeremiah is so complex. It is good to know ahead of time if someone picks a question out of Jeremiah because his prophecy is perfect for its time, when it wouldn't fit any other time.

QUESTION:--Is this for our time?

ANSWER:--We have had chastisement hit us, we have had famine, not as far as food shortages, but we have had dust storms and drought, all kinds of judgments, so we don't tell you that we won't have judgments, but we are telling you that America is going to endure. We are going to defeat the enemy, and the powers of darkness. We don't tell you that there will not be earthquakes, and tornadoes, and those types of catastrophes, but we do tell you that it is our duty to control the darkness. And that one thousand can fall, and ten thousand at your right hand, and still no harm will come near you. If you could go back over all things we have come through, as God poured out chastisement, and we then see the people in tornadoes, and in earthquakes, but you are still here. There are a lot of enemies, both on the right and on the left, but this is nothing like what you are going to see.

I point out to you that a lot of these Preachers in the National Council of Churches are now prophesying saying: don't let anyone worry you, there will be no great chastisement, no great judgments, we are going to have world Brotherhood and Peace. They say: just don't worry about it, mind your own business and let the government worry about things like this, let the Ministers and the Priests worry about it, let the world be run by those who know how to run it, and you just take it easy. Of course they Divine lies to, for they say: Peace, Peace when there is no Peace. This is what Jeremiah was talking about, that some of these fellows were prophesying in His name and said: come join the Untied Nations, they build walls of untempered mortar saying Peace, Peace when there is no Peace. But God says He is going to destroy all this with bombs and famine and fire. And these people prophesy this way, who say: in that day, well, they are going to take these people who are not prophets, no ministers, who lie, and who do not divine the truth, and destroy them. This is all just a part of the whole story. In other words if they do not know the prophecies, and the measures, if the spirit of God does not move through them, and give them the picture then they will not know. God can however point out which is His Household, and His prophecies, and He says you will know these prophecies WHEN THEY COME TO PASS.

QUESTION:--If the United States is the promised land then all the laws made in the U.S. would have to made Parallel to the Laws of God, in the Bible wouldn't they?

ANSWER:--This is not necessarily, so. All good laws are made basically on the Mosaic Law and Covenant Law which God gave to our race when He established the foundation of Government. But governments are built on law, and not on an outlaw Race. When we framed a government like our own we had to frame it around a constitution, and this was a government under law, a stable society.

Now, these laws were inspired, and the only thing which we did not do was that we didn't go far enough in some of them. If we had of had an idea that people were going to deteriorate as they have, or that these population changes would have occurred, we would have made the constitution stronger in the days of our forefathers. But the laws were good in that time. And now there comes areas of legislation when problems arise in communities, and in areas, then laws were made supposedly to help. But all laws are not good, and some of the laws which have been made, we would be better off if we wiped them out now, and went back and started with the constitution over again. Because you cannot live today 24 hours in Los Angeles county and keep the laws. Because there is an ordinance or law which forbids almost everything. There are laws made in horse and buggy days which don't have anything to do with the automobile, and they just never took them off the books. There are laws which have been made concerning the burning of trash and for the disposal of any kind of material, and most people don't conform with them, see.

Now, these things are not the laws of God, these are things men put in restriction around one another. Our Congress passes a law, if it is in the frame work of our constitution, and it makes it easier for the regulation of proper conduct of society then you might think this is a good law, but if it infringes on some, and gives others power, then it is a bad law. I am not easily fooled about this, making America good, and I don't think many politicians are good today, because we are in the Latter Days. I think God has a great group of people He can raise up to do the job, and I believe in government under the law, so I am not an outlaw. I believe in support for good law, an the abolishment of bad laws. I believe in good courts, and the necessity of having good courts, but I am not going to be fool enough to trust in the degeneracy of today. So when I say I am not an outlaw, I mean that I am not opposed to constitutional government, good government. We would support that which is the government of these United States, but I have no allegiance what so ever for areas of perfidity, or for the Rascals who come in and will not abide by the Constitution. When Judges say: We are going to interpret this, we are going to throw out that, or say that the constitution is old fashioned, then these men do not deserve my respect..

QUESTION:--Dr. Swift you said something Sunday from the pulpit, I wonder if you would feel like elaborating on it a bit. Something about no one has authority over you unless you seek that authority, something like that?

ANSWER:--We cited concerning the freedom of a Christian that no one is free, unless they are set free by the SON (YAHSHUA), and then they are free indeed. Jesus said: "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free". I also said that Jesus said: "Ye are not servants, but sons". Now, it is true that a child before he becomes an adult is under teachers, and servants, and must serve in the family like a servant. Over here in the scriptures it states that as he grows up he ceases to be in that status and no longer is a servant, but takes his place as a son, an heir. We are told here that God's spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the sons of God. Now under this instance since ye are sons of God then He sends forth this spirit of the concept of Sonship into your heart and you say: "OUR FATHER". Now you are no more a servant, but now a son. And if a son then you are an heir of God through Christ, but in the early part of the 4th., chapter of Galatians it says: "An heir as long as he is a child differeth nothing from a servant, though he be by inheritance Lord of all." Thus it is even though he be under tutors and governors until the time appointed by the Father, even so when we were children it seemed as though we were in bondage to these tutors, and servants. But when we become a son and have now had our knowledge expanded, and are ready to assume our position as Sonship, then we are no more like servants, but are like a son and an heir.

Now, what we are saying in that phrase of the message, although I can't pick up that thread at this moment, was that you are only in bondage to what you give accent to. That as far as the Kingdom is concerned, The Christ paid in Atonement, ONCE AND FOR ALL, for all transgressions of the individual. That no one could put you under a guilt complex, or under a bondage. If individuals are under bondage today it is because they have allowed themselves to be made captive through the areas of thought. In other words if someone comes out with all kinds of propaganda, and he is on radio and is on T.V. and he comes out and says that we are in a new age, America is developing and we are ashamed of her, but now we are to have total equality, and she is going to cast aside these areas of segregation and selfishness, that it is going to stop thinking one man is better than another. That it is going to accept the principals of brotherhood, and the fatherhood of God, and if individuals are old fashioned and cruel or mean or hateful, then they will have areas of segregation, but as Christians then they shall be Christians and embrace the great doctrines and the teachings of Jesus, beware these are the teachings of the enemy.

Now, these are words, words cleverly put together by the enemy who gets up and preaches these things, in the name of God without the support of the scriptures, when in fact the laws of God, the orders of God the Faith of your Fathers deny them. To do this he wars against your culture, this culture you have inherited from your ancestors, from your forefathers in the ares of though. There is an area of electrons around the tendrils of the brain, and at the birth of a child as he comes up out of the embryo, the Chromotin contains the thought waves of his ancestors. As his brain tissue develops in the embryo there were measures of electrons stored around some of those tendrils. And that child grew up and inherited all the thought waves from Adam to his time that came through his ancestry. But he did not know that he grew up. He knew that he was hungry, and he felt the warmth of his mother, and he felt the satisfaction of food, and the caresses of the care of his mother, but he was a very restless child in a new environment and he had to get adapted to this environment. He learned to talk and he learned to walk, and didn't know that behind him at this time was all the wisdom of his ancestors, and their culture. But as he grew up he was nurtured by this culture, and his mother would tell him things he should know. He was trained in his household, and at times they used to teach about these things of our forbearers, about our history, and about our nation. And he went to church and was taught about God, and all the facets of this subject. Thus his culture was being brought to his attention, and these images which were formed were pulled out of the memories of his background and his culture. This is one of the reasons why you were told that you must not do certain things. And one of the important things you were not to do was to permit the aliens, the pagans to come into your land, and then let them instruct your mind, and try to give you the alien culture. For when he talks of music it is music of his race. When he talks of culture it is culture of your race. When he talks of folklore and songs it is of his race. It is things that are natural to him, for he carries his way of life and his culture. And when the enemy comes in, he wants you to absorb the world. And he has brought in his evil, vicious syncopation of jungle rhythm. Even good people and children get effected with it, they like the sway of it, and it is double cursed. There is nothing which stirs more anger in me today than the vibrations of hell, nothing, for the spirit tells me this is a more cursed thing which moves out over people, as they listen to the vibrations of this Satanic pattern of hell under which they then start to move, and to sway in falsehood. I am not a prude, I don't follow all the patterns which are thought of yesterday, for singing and dancing and music is just a natural pattern of our race. I don't think it is good, bad or indifferent, I just think it is a part of our life as far as that is concerned. And churches used to get real narrow on this issue, and said you could not dance at all. This is not my philosophy, but when we dance lets move to the music which is the culture of our race, lets not vibrate to the rhythm of the sex and passion of the jungle, and the Temples of Asia. This does not belong to you, and you say, why do they do that, well it is to change you. They capture your minds until we give accent to a little of it, and then they give us more, and we give more accent to more, and soon it fills us, and when it fills you then you start to think in that vein, and then this will start to deteriorate your society.

If you want to keep your culture, if you do not want to be slaves, then you don't have to be slaves to anything you do not give assent to. You have let this into your consciousness, you have to let it seep into your mind before you become a slave to into it. And if you give accent to this then eventually people have a guilt complex, and they start to believe a little bit of this propaganda. They hear a little of this and retain a few good views, and then hold a view, He said: I am a Father to your race, you come from among them. Jesus in His revelations to John said: Come out from among them lest ye be hurt in the fall. In the writings of the Apostle Paul he spoke through Paul and said: If you don't come out from among them I cannot be a Father unto you, and unto they seed after you through out all generations. I will not be a Father unto the Mongrel, I do not want you joining yourself to these people. So what they are telling you today is to was on your own culture, and if you give accent to it then you go into bandage. If you refuse this propaganda, and carry on our culture then your civilization will continue. The moment you blot out the thought pattern of a people you destroy that people. This is the reason why today we must keep on spelling culture with a C and not with a K. Because they are trying to destroy our thought patterns. They are trying to Judaize the world, and of course they cannot do this, but they sneak it in here and there, in commercials, and you catch it, and people fall for these things, and the first thing you know they suddenly change the tempo, and bring in the bongo drums of the jungle, see. So you see this is all a part of it, and they went to the LAW to get the measures of the Last Day.

The other day I was interested when one of these half Jew panels was on T.V. and they ask: What would you say was the Tempo of Today, and he said: I would say that Africa was involved, and introduced the highest Tempo of Music for today, more people respond to the African Music, even to the strange figures, and the peculiar fads. Whether it be in England, or any where else, it falls for the cadence, the sad cadence of life poured into this music. But this is not music my friends, this was designed by the Devil Doctrine to reduce restraint.

If you were to read some of the pieces of literature, some of these things distributed in our colleges, I have one here, and it is put out by the Presbyterian Church. One of the faculty of the colleges here distributed this one, and the thing they talk about is, the complete abandon to all physical desires, stirring up such pagan patterns of lust, and they are even talking about the kind of teachers these boys had, a queer for a teacher, and how he sounded a little voice, and this little voice said: Communism is lovely. And later this town drove out this nice teacher they used to like and to enjoy, and now they say they are ashamed of such pleasures, but how wonderful this little man is even though they called him a "Queer". He was better than all the rest because he understood better than all the rest, this thing called LIFE and LOVE.

This goes on and on, and it taught in our Universities. They ought to burn at the stake any teacher who would teach such things, in our Universities, they ought to put them at least in a concentration camp, anyone who even had these kinds of thought should be put there. When these kinds of thoughts move across America you need thousands of KKK men, you need night riders all over the country. This report is rotten, and I could not tell you nearly all that is in it. This is some of the Campus literature that is for use right now, to teach and to preach to. This just gives you an idea how rotten, how filthy this thing is, as it starts with little boys, and moves on down as they try to ruin them, and make them depraved. And they say it is only "Squares" who come out against this rhythm of 'abandonment', see, these are all patterns of evil.

We point out again that you do not go into bondage unless you submit your mind to your enemy. In other words we are a free people, we are not under condemnation, we have the torch of freedom and independence higher in this land than in all the world, and now we are letting it go under bondage because the World Order has come in and replaced our culture. This is also the reason some of us will fight for our culture. Someone said: but they will kill you for this, well at least we would be happy warriors.

QUESTION:--Along this line, a while back I went to a convention, and they had a very large Negro choir, and they sang a spiritual song, and they started to rock and roll with it, and it was very loud. And then the Negro Choir was given two or three standing ovations, and it made me boil. And then they brought out a lovely white Choir, and the music was just glorious, but they did not receive any standing ovation, why?

ANSWER:--Sure, this pattern has been working for a long time. We would have been ashamed of ourselves a long time ago. But this thing has built up until so many people are so thick that their brains nerves are tied to this strange jazzy stuff. I wish a great judgment would fall on the House of God when they listen to this. Their records would crack in their homes, I wish they would get the gout every time they listened to it. I only want a chastisement every time they do this. Because we let these Negroes come along, and they do not like to sing our songs our way, they want to sing them their way, and we used to think this was funny. And it was sort of funny the way they sang, "The shin bone connected to the neck bone", etc., but they were starting to throw our hymns to the Jungle beat, and we didn't mind if they stayed on their side and in their place, see. But if they never captured all the people, still we finally were playing that stuff.

Today whenever you get a little devil wave of emotionalism then they start to sway, bing, bang, they start to clap their hands, and everyone falls into this same rut. But think back, the music of the Sphere, the Majesty of our race moves under such depth and values so great that it impresses people with waves of AWE, with emotion, not hysteria.

I tell you what transpires, is this thing advances, as the tenseness builds up, the anger rises within you against all this evil, alien thing. No wonder the scripture says that the wrath shall rise up in our continence, and there won't be a Cainanite in the House of God. As each day goes by these is a mounting fury rising, and I feel it rise.

This does not make me sick, it just makes me cold and angry, and it mounts up with fury. The cleansing of America is a must. In other words the American people must wake up. Great judgments are going to fall, the enemy is going to hit, and then things are going to happen, and we will not escape this thing because we have permitted this to rise. And then out of a re-dedication, a re-devotion, a resistance of the people comes the Salvation of the LORD. But lets face it we are in trouble now because we let this thing go to far.

The people who have any security in this situation are not the object the enemy attacks. Those who have stood up against this evil are the ones who the enemy goes for.

People say: there is going to be a great revival, this rottenness which has swept our land, will be swept away in a revival as people wake up when God puts revulsion in their hearts and they begin to see all this evil.

QUESTION:--This patronizing attitude the Liberals have for the Negro is sort of sickening isn't it, for they are using them?

ANSWER:--Yes, and we allowed it to happen, but now some are beginning to see this, since no matter what the Negro does he gets away with it. And now I see that they want a Negro Astronaut. If it was not so expensive I would say, put them all on the moon, but of course I shouldn't say that.

This is enough for this tape.