06-16-67 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:...If the Church is the body of Christ, then how is the symbolism of Christ married to Israel fit in?

ANSWER:...The fact is that God deals with a race as His wife, He identifies His race because "I am married to you, O Israel." His race brings forth His many sons. Since the race brings forth many sons and daughters then He says He is married to Israel. Isaiah 54:5...."Thy maker is thine husband...YAHWEH of Hosts is His name; thy redeemer the Holy one of Israel, the God of the whole earth shall He be called." So in this statement God rather precisely states that He who begat Israel is also the husband of Israel, for she begat's His many children. Verse 13., "All thy children shall be taught of Yahweh and great shall be the peace of thy children."

Now; in the New Testament in II John 1., again identifies the House of Israel and the Church as one when He says:...'The elder unto the Elect Lady." The elect are of course those known unto Yahweh from the beginning. "Those He did foreknow, He did elect." He knew them before the foundation of the world. Therefore having foreknown them before the foundation of the world they were His spiritual children in the plane's of spirit and now there they are dwelling in flesh bodies as He established the Adamic race. So the race of Israel is the Bride of God in that they bring forth the posterity that He commanded Adam and Eve to bring forth. Then when the Apostle John writes he says:..."The elder to the Elect Lady and her children whom I love in truth for the truth's sake. Grace and Mercy be unto you from the Father, not as tho I wrote a new commandment unto thee, but that which we had from the beginning that we love one another. This is love that we walk after His commandments. This is the commandment ye have heard from the beginning, ye shall walk in it. For many deceivers have entered into the world who confess not that Yahshua is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an Anti-Christ. Look therefore to yourselves, that we lose not those things which we have wrought, but that we receive a full reward." When John wrote to the Elect Lady he wrote to the House of Israel. Some say he wrote to the church but he is writing to the House of Israel and declares that the commandments are those which we have had from the beginning. Also we are to love one another. But in this loving one another then remember that there are many deceivers who have entered into the world who will not confess that Yahshua is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and Anti-Christ, look to yourselves that you lose not the things which we have wrought so that we receive a full reward. "He whosoever transgresseth and abideth not in the doctrine of Yahshua hath not Yahweh. He that hath not the doctrine of Christ, then does not have the father. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the father and the embodiment of Yahweh-Yahshua."

"Now; if there come any unto you and bring not this doctrine into the house of God, receive him not into your house, neither bid him not God-speed. For he that biddeth him Godspeed is partaker of his evil deeds." In otherwords, in your nation, your schools, your society, you are not to say 'God bless' anyhow, don't be tolerant and bring in the Jew, the Hittite, the Cainanites, and so forth. You are not to bring them in...any of them, or let them dwell with you to teach in your schools, or permit them into your church. We have had this commandment always but here it is brought out that anyone who says....o.k. So you don't agree with me, but God Bless anyhow is going to be a partaker of his evil deeds.

John talks about the face we would lose our reward, our technology of the development of the Israel people of the House of God whose technology was far beyond the other people of the world. This is some of what you lose, this capacity which is greater than all other people on the face of the earth. Should these people come in they will take from us all the things we have gained. We have watched this happen....37% of your income (1967) now goes into taxes which they control from the bottom to the top. In fact Lenin said:..."The power of tax is the power to destroy." Give us the power to tax and we ill give you a communist state. Of course this area of taxation is increasing so they are taking away our freedom and our liberty and so forth.

Now; this is the declaration of John to the Elect Lady, thus the bride of Christ is without question the woman Israel who brought forth the man-child. She the Elect Lady is Israel the Household of God and in this area He then says:...."I am married to you, O, Israel."

Now; speaking of the body of Christ...the church is symbolically referred to as the body of Christ in that the people who comprise the church are the spiritual center of the Kingdom of Israel. They are the people who have taken the time out to study the word of God, to assemble themselves together, they comprise the active center of the true church. Therefore they are referred to as the body of Christ in that they are embodied in physical bodies, so called Christed as well. And as Yahshua was embodied so also are you embodied each and everyone of the children of God who have dwelt in the plane's of spirit....are now embodied they are Christed.

Now; when we deal with the spiritual body it says:...they are the body of Christ in the world today. This spiritual center of the Kingdom are the Christed children in physical bodies who are fully aware of their identity; and the program of the Kingdom. This is the reason why they are referred to as His body. He says:..."as one body which has many members, so therefore there are many, many who make up His body in earth." One may be called to one ministry and one to another. One may carry out one factor and one another. So when He said the hand isn't important, or the foot isn't important, this is just a parable of usage by the Apostle Paul. He meant all of them fitly framed together make one whole body. So therefore the hand doesn't say to the foot, I don't need you, or the head say I don't need the body...again the entirety of the true church is the body of Christ in the world today with the testimony of the Kingdom, and the program of the Kingdom of God. It isn't a dual pattern in that the House of Israel is the bride of God, for we find that God said:...I am thy maker, father, but I have also married the Race to produce my Kingdom.

Thus God so spoke to Isaiah saying:...Thy maker is thy husband, and thus the author of the race is the ...in the symbolism of the unity of God with His people for the purpose of increasing in earth the people of His Kingdom....He is the father and the husband.

There are three things which bear witness, these are nation, church, and throne. God made a covenant with Abraham, for a great nation and a company of nations, these would exist as a structure so that the kingdom can emerge. The church, as the spiritual center of the Kingdom is where God reaches His nation, and ministers, the areas of His sacraments, contacts and pours out His spirit thru the children upon the nations. The throne is the relationship of God to the Kingdom as the individual ruler both in the heart of the believer as well as eventually in the earth itself. So church, and throne are areas of the Kingdom, and these symbols and patterns remain. This is more than symbolism however when the LORD says:...thy husband is thy maker. He refers to the fact that Israel as a people, and a race, not only have they come forth out of Him but He is married to them continuing the perpetuity of the race, they are the offspring of the Most High God. Therefore, they have a portion of Yahweh in each and every one of them, in their natures, and they shall conform to His image when He sited them as the Elect. The Apostle Paul said:...the elect according to the foreknowledge of God, then all thru the Epistles we find no losing of the Elect. The House of God is big enough, and has enough to make sure that He redeems the Elect, for this is what He has chosen to do. It says:...Elect according to the foreknowledge of god. To be reconciled according to the foreknowledge of God, and of course in all these things we have obtained an inheritance we are told because we are His Household. Again in the Book of Galatians as well as the Book of Roman's, the fact that we are His children, His spirit bearing witness with our spirit, bears out that we are the progeny or offspring of the Most High. Thus the spiritual center of the Kingdom is the church, and it is the nations of Israel. The people who make up the body of Christ in the world today. He said:...greater things are you going to do than I do if you understand how. When He ascended into the heavens He left the body of His church as the nucleus to carry on His work until the hour of His return. And He thru them...they as His body...thus the church is the body of Christ in the world today. In no way does it change the fact that He is married unto Israel, for the "Lord is thy maker...thy husband." This again is one flesh...they are His body in a continuing sense.

QUESTION:...About the people, when the church first started out when everyone was to bring all they had, and give it to the church. One couple should but didn't bring everything and the man fell down dead???

ANSWER:...This is in the 5th., chapter of Acts. Peter had the idea that since the persecution was becoming so heavy and the Christian's were forced to flee their homes and that they form a tight nucleus sort of like the barricades against the Indians. Because they had to secure food and things like that made everyone who came into this Christian community sell what they had and put it into this common treasury. Out of this treasury then they would buy the food and supplies they needed. So they held all things in common, and these survivors pooled all things. This was communism....make no mistake about it....in that they held everything in common and no one owned anything. Peter and some of the others were thinking that they were going to go out anyhow and spread the word all over the world in a short order. But this I would say was not inspired...not an inspired area of thought, not something God had put on Peter, but something which Peter and the Apostles had thought up. So various people sold what they had and brought it in.

Now; this we don't believe....this was not in the original text saying:...that Ananias and Sapphira sold their property and didn't bring it all in so they laid down and died. This was not in the original text, and we believe it was first incorporated in at Rome as a device to make the people bring in their tithe or they would be in big trouble. Now; this property....it belonged to Ananias and his wife and they didn't have to sell it. If this were a true story then they could have sold it and given any amount of it to Peter and there would have been no gain, or they could have given what they wanted. As far as the communist state was concerned this wasn't approved of God. It was an area which Peter had to give up, it didn't work, it was breaking up the church so he disbanded the whole communal lifestyle. Then Peter moved out as he was supposed to, and he went to England then back to Rome where he became Bishop. He was crucified hanging head downward in Rome.

So we do not believe that God struck these two dead, or that Peter ever said these things. They were just woven into the scripture and into the narrative. When the King James Version was translated they used areas of the Vatican text, and the whole thing was worked out, and I think that these things were one area worked out by the Papacy and the church. I think it was used as a procedure to frighten people in the area of their giving instead of being true. Now; God would never knock anyone dead for an offering because God doesn't need it that bad. When you study this thing, then it has the whole area of error.

QUESTION:...You say it is not in the Alexandrian text?

ANSWER:...No it was not. There are several other places in Acts also that weren't in the Alexandrian text. So we take it that if it wasn't in the Alexandrian text then it wasn't in the scriptures.

Another passage not in the Alexandrian text is the one in the Book of Luke 3., concerning the lineage of Christ. In the Alexandrian text it doesn't say that Jesus began to be about 30 years of age (as was supposed) the son of Joseph who was the son of Heli. Actually, when Jesus was about 30 years of age....who was the son of the Virgin Mary whose father was Heli...this is the message. Joseph's lineage is given to us in the Book of Matthew and Jacob was the father of Joseph, not Heli. For this Heli is the father of the Virgin Mary showing that she also is of the Davidic line, and that Jesus is born of the Virgin. But the Jew's tried to wind this around and make it look as tho Jesus was the son of Joseph which would deny His deity. The same thing happens where we have passages in different books which the author didn't write as endings to their books.

Now; the Book of John 21:20., in the last chapter. Then Peter, turning about seeth the disciple who Jesus loved following which also leaned on His breast at supper and said:..."Lord, which is he that betrayeth thee?"

Vs:21...Peter seeing him saith unto Jesus:...Lord, and what shall this man do?

Vs:22...Jesus said unto him....If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee? Follow me.

Vs:23...Then went this saying abroad among the brethren that this disciple should not die; yet Jesus said not unto him....he shall not die; but if I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee?

Vs:24....This is the disciple which testifieth of these things, and wrote these things; and we know his testimony is true.

Now; John never wrote these last verses at all, these were written long after John had left the areas of Jerusalem. He wrote his Gospel and delivered it to Mark, and this was not in it.

Vs:25...And there are also many other things which Jesus did and which if they were written everyone, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. So John never wrote anything here after the 19th., verse.

But Jesus had said:..."If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee, just follow thou me." But the next verse is just the conjecture of a man. But we do know who died, but we have no record of the death of John, but Jesus had said there shall be some of you standing here who shall not die until I return. So there are others also in the early church age who were translated, several who lived holy lives, devout people who perceived things and they understood, they were used to unveil what God said or what He was going to do. Then they just went into the heavens like Elijah, Enoch, and Moses and others had done. A ship came for them and they just went into the heavens. But the scripture was already written and it is not thus recorded. But in the early church age there were 12 or 14 who were just translated. They just left the world and went into the heavens. So we say there is no record in the Gospels because after the Book of Revelation's nothing was added to the Book. In otherwords, people think that if there was to be any more added to the scriptures that this would be terrible. This is not necessarily so, for there were 153 volumes that we have and yet only just these 66 are bound together and we love them for this is the Bible. They do fit except these two spurious ones, and the records do fit. But in the King James Version there are some things which have been mistranslated and mutated, but not so very many. After all, If we would take out all the mistranslations and add on's which were put in, then it would only make up a few pages. But they are important things....where they were placed. The Jew's did try to make these things important that they put in, such as 'Jew' for the word Judah, and things like that. They did this on purpose, and then when they got to the Book of Revelation then they put the word Jew in there, and it doesn't work out...."Woe unto them who say they are Jews and are not"...but the fact remains that in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9., it says:..."Woe unto them who say they are Judah and are not"...this fits. I never heard anyone call himself a Jew when he is not. Even the Jew's never say this for they don't want anyone to especially know that they are Jew's. So this doesn't fit and the proper text does. Of course we have the original translations to know what the Book of Revelation did say. The Book of Revelation was written in Armenian and of course John never used the word Jew at all, it was Judah, for John knew who the Jew's were.

QUESTION:...I can't figure out the difference between a Hebrew and a Jew?

ANSWER:...There is a tremendous difference for every Israelite now on the face of the earth is a descendent of Heber in the general trend. There may be Israelites who did not go thru the Heber channel, there may be some, for the Adamic race is Israel, because God said to Seth in the Book of Seth:...'Thou art my Israel." He said the same thing to Enoch and it is in the Book of Enoch. He tells Enoch that this race is His Israel. Thus Israel means.... "God's issue ruling with Him in earth."

Now; you come down thru Shem, and Heber was the name....and thus Hebrew ('s) was the name. So most all the Israelites of today are those who came from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and the 12 tribes and they are Hebrew's. If there is an Israelite from Seth on down to Heber that have not been absorbed they are still Israel. There was at one time the Midianites where Moses got his wife, and the wife of Joseph was of course Israel, because they came from Seth. We do not know if there is any left which the tribes of Israel have not absorbed, but those of the earlier time of the race were also God's Israel, His Household. They were the ones who built the Pyramid, the city of On, the Sphinx and so forth. The father of Asenath was Pontipher the Priest of the city of On at the time of Joseph, and he was High Priest in the city of On when so much later Joseph went there to find a wife. Joseph married a white woman, an Adamite, also one of God's Israel who had not come from Abraham. But this marriage brought the two lines together. And of Ephraim and Manasseh they were both blessed by Jacob-Israel and he said:..."Let my name be named on these two lads for they are just as much Israel as I am"....see?

When you deal with the people called 'Hebrews', they are Israelites, and the Hebrew language was one of the oldest for the race, but this language the Jew's speak isn't Hebrew, its Yiddish. Pure letter Hebrew.... not the plain letter Babylonian which is fetish...but the Coptic pattern of Aramaic which is peculiar to the Hebrew is almost like regular English....so English comes closer to Hebrew than all the languages of today. But everyone descending from Abraham thru Isaac and Jacob is a Hebrew, but no Jew's are Hebrew. So today the Jew's have stolen the names of Israel and Hebrew as well, but that doesn't make them Hebrews.

You will hear them say:....this is a Hebrew congregation....but no it isn't , it is a Jewish congregation. The word Jew does not appear in any of the original texts of the Old Testament. It only appears a few times in the translations. But the actual use of the word Jew comes from Yehudin, this to God was 'accursed'. He referred to them as of their father, while the word Judah was referring to one of the tribes, to the House of Judah. Thus the word 'Hebrew' is no way related to those called Hebrew's today. This is because blindness in part has happened unto Israel so they refer to the Jew's as Hebrews, but that is incorrect. The Jew's were here as Yehudim long before the Adamic race was begotten. It is not unnatural for someone who doesn't know who he is to refer to the Hebrews, but when he finds out who he is then he doesn't do this anymore.

QUESTION:...If the covenant was unconditional...I don't understand why He had to make a new one???

ANSWER:...The covenant of the law was made with the nation of Israel...with a people. The law has to be obeyed therefore the law is harsh, it is hard, the law doesn't change, the law is good, but also it is hard to follow. Therefore if a person disobeyed the law in some instances they would stone him. In other instances he would have to repay...sometimes double. But remember that God spoke to Abraham before he gave the law to Moses. He spoke to Abraham and said:...I shall be a God unto thee and to thy children after thee in all generations. And God promised the redemption to Israel long before the law was given. So therefore when He promised He would redeem Israel and be a God unto them in all generations, then this was not with any area of fulfillment upon the part of Abraham. That he would do this or that...that he would obey or not obey. This was because..I AM GOD, you are my Household, I am God, this I promised to do. Therefore the law which was conditional, if you do what is right I will bless you....and if you do what is wrong you will be chastised and punished. Still my Grace shall follow you still, I can forgive every part of your transgression except that you cannot cohabit with another race. For if you raise a mongrel there is nothing I can do for that child. I cannot put a spirit in such a child. Thus this transgression descends to the 3rd., 4th., and 5th., even to the 10th., generation. So the only thing to do is send out the outlander woman or man and the child, and their Israel mates if they will not separate from. This is the area of the law, but because God chastised Israel, didn't mean that this Israelite lost his spirit, that God would never find his spirit, because He can. It says:..."All Israel shall be saved." In this area the law was one thing, but His promise to Abraham was a different situation.

Over in the Book of Galatians, God again speaks about the pattern of the law. The covenant confirmed before of God in Yahshua embodied the law which was 430 years after, cannot annual that it should be made of none effect. Now to Abraham and his seed were the promises made, and the promises which were of a great nation and a company of nations, that I will redeem you, and that I will be a father unto you in all their generations ...this we are told here was made 430 years before the law was given, but the law does not set aside the promise. If the inheritance had been by law it would not have been by promise, but God gave it to Abraham by promise. The scripture makes it quite clear.

QUESTION:...The Ishmalites. Does the Abrahamic covenant apply to them?

ANSWER:...No. Only out of Isaac shall thy seed be called...this is the Abrahamic covenant.

Now; God made a covenant with Abraham concerning Ishmael, because he was a son of Abraham also. There is not too much in the scripture but in the other books there is much. Hagar, the Egyptian, is sort of like Asenath, not a complete outlander, but not an Egyptian as such. So Ishmael was not necessarily a dark skinned boy at this birth. But he was driven out and he did take and Egyptian wife. But he....God does reprimand Abraham to a degree for begetting Ishmael, for He said:...I am not going to build my kingdom out of Ishmael. Sarai shall still have a child even tho you think she is old and you are an old man, so after this Isaac was born and then God said, "Out of Isaac shall thy seed be called." Ishmael did build his race, the Arabs and they always have the right to dwell in the midst of Israel, and eventually they will to an extent but they are not to inter-marry. But we cannot exactly tell what developments are in store for those of Ishmael. He has played lots of important parts in history, sometimes even on the wrong side.

QUESTION:...It says that God gave Ishmael 12 Princes. Are there still 12 Princes?

ANSWER:...He did, but there is not necessarily 12 tribes today.

QUESTION:...Then does different Arab. countries represent those 12 tribes today?

ANSWER:...There has been a tremendous inter-mingling. All the Arab tribes have intermingled. Every man who was run out of Israel as an Arab is a cousin to an Egyptian. You see, Egypt today is not made up of Egyptians, it is made up of Ishmaelites. There is very, very few real Egyptians left in Egypt. Farrouk, the one who they deposed was the last of the Pharaoh's of Egypt. But the fact is that the lineage of Egypt was retained way back to Atlantis, and they were the highest Egyptians. They had Negro slaves but they never let them marry with an Egyptian. In fact integration was never permitted by the Egyptians, and on the tombs of their kings it shows that their Royalty had negroes as slaves, on the work level, sometimes on the warrior level, but they had to earn this. But this group was kept just for this one purpose...see? Generally the warrior level of the negroes that was allowed was spear or ax-men. So they often did this level of work.

QUESTION:...It wasn't too many years ago the Negro was kept in his place in this country.

ANSWER:...It wasn't too many years ago when the Negro just fell into his place. He was with a people he wasn't equal to and he called them master, that is what he should have done. The circumstances were that it was unfortunate that they were in this country, but they were better off here than they were back in their own Mau Mau districts. The worst slave masters in the world were Negroes, they used to capture other Negroes and use them as slaves, and the Negro tribes in Africa all had slaves, and then they sold them to Arabs, and to Assyrians and all over even into Asia. And this is another factor about the communist revolution...they bought Negro slaves in Africa and took them and used them in the mines in Siberia in the Lake Calley region. They were brought and used out there but never given their freedom. Long before W.W.II., Somalis land was Italian and under the protection of the Italian crown, and Ethiopia wasn't. Ethiopia was one of the biggest slave trading states in Africa. In fact the Negro tribes would sell other Negroes to anyone who would buy them. They would steal whole families of Samoa land negroes and Mussolini warned Ethiopia that this had to stop, but Ethiopia made a big raid on Samoa land and the next day Count Sciano, Mussolini's son, hit the Ethiopians with tremendous bombing raids and took parts of Ethiopia. Well the Ethiopians fought with beasts, tigers, lions, and elephants and so forth, but they were driven back into Ethiopia quite a ways. So they asked the Count how he like flying in war, and he said:...well its probably the most important thing I have done, I like to fly. They said:...what did you think of this bombing of the negroes? He said:...we bomb targets, but these negroes are like animals. So they wrote a book and in the book they said how terrible about the fact that this was the first time the Italians had gone out to fight for a colony and pushed back an invader...after all, this was just propaganda. But the negroes sold negroes, and the cannibal's ate far more negroes than any one else. They thought whites were a tasty morsel, but they ate far more negroes than whites. After the white man came in and said you are not going to be cannibals anymore then they just ate the people for rituals, but before this they did it for meat. Now they would just eat the hearts and livers thinking they would take on the attributes of the warriors they ate. But the fact is that they used to eat people for meat.

But any Negro over here who was a slave knew that no one was going to cut off his head and eat him. In fact the Negroes here have been able to learn things, so I think they were better off here under slavery than they were in Africa. And I think we would have been better off if the Negro had never came here. I don't have one bit of sympathy for the Civil Rights Legislation. I think the entire civil rights legislation is an entire communist line of propaganda. Even under this I see no reason for changing the Constitution of the United States. If under the Constitution a Negro is equal to a white man then there is no need for any laws but the laws for all men, not just laws for Negroes. But don't for one moment think that I said that a Negro was equal to a white man, they were slaves and considered only 2\3 of a man thus they were not allowed to vote. So we don't think that Negroes should vote, we don't think Negroes should have any control over a white man. I don't think any Negro should be a school teacher or enter politics or in any reign over the white man. I think the best policy would be to send the negroes back to where they come from, we should let them attain anything they are capable of . Most of them who are smart are those with white or other blood in them. But they are soulish, for the spirit does not cohabit with them to produce a spirit filled Negro. So God speaks of the fact that they are mulatto. They do however possess somewhat higher intellect and some of them are quite intelligent and efficient. I think it is alright for Negro doctors to doctor other negroes, but I don't think a Negro should ever doctor a white man, nor should there be any mixing of blood in transfusions and so forth.

Now; this bill they are proposing is fantastic, it has come out after the Detroit riots, it gives everything to the Negro. It is not Constitutional, it says:...this would extend additional legal protection from intimidation and violence to Negroes. Well; you should extend this protection to all American citizens. The Negro can intimidate white men with their looting and burning. But this is not intimidation to any American citizen, this is going to put Negroes above everyone else. So is this is to be done I guess we better fight it out because we aren't going to get anywhere with this situation.

This bill is by President Johnson, it is his Civil Rights proposal, it would strengthen laws making it a crime to harass negroes or civil right workers exercising federally protected rights. It would provide punishment up to life imprisonment and would especially apply in voting, education, public accommodations, in employment, jury service, the use of common carriers, and particularly in federally assisted programs. Therefore, you have up to life imprisonment for violating federal law in any single way which fits any of these facets of the law. I would never, after this...especially....employ a negro. I wouldn't even employ one to black my shoes. The fact is you would be foolish to employ them now or they could say you violated some law.

Emmanuel Cellars....a Jew from New York on the Judiciary Committee is pleading for passage of this bill to alleviate Negro despair. He says we can never do away with rioting until we do away with Negro despair. He said:...this must be passed, this was part of the omnibus civil rights bill passed in the house last year and which died in the Senate, but now it has the support of both parties. But this is a deadly bill, it is fantastic, no one could keep this one.

Now; the states have laws about voting, they do not register people who cannot read a simple statement on a ballot. There is no place in the Constitution which gives the Federal Government any right to tamper with states voting rights of the citizens. But the Federal Government went into Mississippi and Alabama and other places and said:...you must register these Negroes to vote. Well, they couldn't read or write so they determined they could just put an X down so now they are registered. But how would they go into a booth and vote. If they take a sample marked 'ballot' and just copy it then there is a state law against this. New York doesn't care but most states have a law against this.

Now; jury service. When you call Negroes for jury service then a white lawyer should have the right to challenge everyone of them...so they find a Jewish lawyer to get around that situation. But there should never be a Negro on a jury over a white man.

Now; common carriers....drivers of busses, taxicabs, any type of carrier service. You no longer can keep a Negro from any of these services, all carriers must now have Negroes in their service. So all of these things spell out the end which is also the beginning. This is when we start fighting....the negroes are getting ready to blow, it is coming, negro riots are coming (and they did). The official's and politicians are running around trying to keep the negroes happy and then Rep. Brown comes to town and he said:...burn-baby-burn, the streets are yours, seize them. So the police followed him around with a great bunch of cops to see that he didn't start anything.

QUESTION:...When this gets started...these negro riots...isn't that a part of the plan to send in United Nations troops into this country?

ANSWER:...Yes, but we will shoot them too. I don't think the U.N. is strong enough to do it. I believe the U.N. is about ready to fold as to any strength, and the only thing which sustains it is the silly U.S. Government. I think if we pulled our money out from behind it then Russia might run in and try to prop it up, but that won't work. I don't think the U.N. can muster an army to bring in, they want our army to fight their war in Africa.

Remember when they started this operation down in the south? I blew the whistle on it, and so did some of the others. It was said that they were going to bring in the U.N. troops, already they were trying it in one state, and all would have to submit to this. Well, when we blew the whistle on this they called it off. They said that the radical right were such extremists that there would be too much resistance if they brought in U.N. troops so they kept them out....period. So if we can blow the trumpet and keep them out we will blow it all the time. One thing the United States people will not take is foreign troops coming here to advance the negro cause. This is absolutely something they will not take. The World Government of Anti-Christ is the whole Communist program, but they are not going to get away with any organization in the U.N. to make it work. (and they haven't) I think we have almost reached the point when we will see it fold up. You see Israeli actually controls the U.N. for its use against other nations, but disregards the U.N. when its something the other nations would speak out on concerning them. So when the majority of the other nations accepted the white paper of the Arabs accusing Israeli of atrocities then Israeli turns her back on the U.N. But I look for massive wars, and troubles in this design, I think South and Central America is going to see tremendous holocausts. I think if we turn the Panama Canal over to the Panamanians....which we are going to do....then Castros' Communism is going to rush in and take over. Already they have sympathizers in the government now, and the Panamanians and their freedom fighters are now all Castros' Cubans, or Soviet Mongolian troops. We find that the Soviets have another 75,000 to 80,000 troops landing in Cuba, the first boats had over 50,000 and our government knows this. These men are being dispersed into South America, into Central America and some are right there in Cuba. I think Cuba may try to seize our Naval Base, and that they may have missiles zeroed in on Washington D.C., but then they might save the country with those missiles. Ha.

Don't make any mistake about this, a lot of people think a little militia is a National Guard and Army, but it is neither. It is a group of citizens who band together to uphold the law who band together to stop outlawry. If your country is being invaded, a militia of citizens may be formed to fight the same enemy the Army is fighting. This will be in a far more dangerous manner for if a militia is formed and the enemy captures a militia man then they shoot him, because a militia man is not necessarily in uniform so they can shoot him. In 1976 at Bunker Hill the Americans were out there fighting and they weren't in uniform, it took a while before they were in uniform but they were a militia before they became an Army.

This is why I called for a militia last Sunday, law and order had broken down, Mr. Fitz said he did not have enough officers in his Sheriff's Department to contain or hold Watts. The Detroit police said:...we were overwhelmed even with the Army coming in, they kept us off the streets with their sniper fire until we were worn down. Well when the law and order breaks down then we should form a militia in every block, so that you can have men in the back yards to protect the back while you fight them off in the front, otherwise they will come in the back while you are defending the front door. A militia is essential. This is one of the reason you are given the right to bear arms, for a militia is an armed citizenry. These are the issues and the Constitution spells them out in no uncertain manner. All these things they bring out as laws....violate the Constitution and they tell us we have to like it.

The F.B.I. report which came out was false, they were trying to say that it is hand guns which cause crime, but check it out and a big percentage of murders was caused by knives, rocks, strangulation, and less that 8% of the murders were done by guns. There was more murders by cars deliberately running them down than you have with guns.

(end of this message)