06-24-66 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:--I have read that all Semites are not Israelites. That Gad, Asher, Dan, and Naphtali, were from servant girls and were not true Israelites. They were of mixed blood. How would that be reckoned?

ANSWER:--This is not necessarily true. There are true Israelites. In fact, the tribe of Gad were the Romans. They were of the Lombards. And their skin is as white as anyone. There were many blonds as well as dark eyed Lombards. And they exist throughout all Italy. They are not as dark as some Italians, for there is a fusion of blood. But the true tribe of Gad is very, very white. The question of Asher---Well, Asher is Sweden. And I think you would have a hard time proving that Asher wasn’t pure white---pure Israel. Even tho they are confused today in the areas of their thinking and their politics, because a tremendous area of Socialism moved in, a lot of pressure has been put on them as they are trying to mongrelize Sweden and have brought in Negroes from areas of the British Colonies on some kind of an exchange operation. The true Swede is more or less staying clear of this altho some are falling. We have the motion picture industry most forward in mixing the races anyhow. And today Sammy Davis Jr. is married to a Swedish girl and he talks about a polka dot child. But these are the kind that should be eliminated from the United States. But as far as Asher is concerned, Asher is true Israel.

Now, Dan is true Israel. Dan is not mixed up as other races. Early Dan went out to sea in ships. Dan was a seafaring nation and they did a lot of exploring. Then went up the Danube and the Deniper which have Dan’s name, as well as a lot of other places. In fact, the landing spot of Dan was in Denmark, or Dan’s land. They knew they were Israel and they have always held to the pattern of their identity. Very few Danes don’t know that they are Israel. So you have a pure stock there.

Naphtali is in Norway, Denmark and Sweden. For there has been some inter-marriage back and forth. And of course, the wife adopts the nationality of the husband. So actually, it is still all Israel moving from Norway to Sweden, or to Denmark. There have been a lot of marriages between these Norsemen, these north country Israelites. But all these tribes mentioned are true Israel. And you don’t have to worry about how to reckon of who is Israel, for they are identified.

QUESTION:--If a true blood descended from Abraham, would he be an Israelite? Would he believe in the Christ?

ANSWER:--Well, yes. He might be a product of schools, colleges. Some students,--after they have been in these schools for a while, think they do not believe in Christ. But give them a little time and they will. Some of them who have been in a bad accident and dropped on their heads, they may have injury to the brain. But it is not normal for a White man not to believe in Christ. And even the people who do hold good activities and wouldn’t be modeled after as perfect Christians, still--they would not want to live in a country without a church and ‘would not want to be without Christ.

Years ago in the mining camps of California, where the towns were wide open, still there wasn’t anyone who wanted to live in a town without a church. We went into these towns and we preached in the Rand Districts and so forth. And pretty soon, we had the people coming to church on Sunday night. Pretty soon they closed down the saloon on Sunday night and moved some of the chairs over so we could have more seats at the meeting. This was sort of a peculiar thing. We were a real young preachers. But we were preaching a positive Gospel and we found out that this area was probably considered an outcast area. For most of the people were miners and some cowboys who came in. They gambled and they swore and some people said that we would never make a Christian town out of them. But when we went in there and started to preach, they started to come out and it was not long before they closed up everything and came to church on Sunday nights. This proves it still holds true. They came from Christian backgrounds, Christian homes in their background and in their history. And they responded, they came out to it. This was a rather unique experience for me since I was but a young preacher and I didn’t know a lot of things, altho I thought I knew everything. We believed in ‘Hell fire’ and perdition and all the rest of that picture. But at the same time, we will say that these people came out to church and they more or less straightened up the more they came. Pretty soon they were watching their language and the Saloon wasn’t doing so well. So it made a difference. As far as a person believing in Christ, this is basically the pattern of Israel.---”I shall be a God unto thee, and unto thy seed after thee thru all of their generations.”

You can count on this. It would only be a special Shemite that would not believe in Christ. Lots of people make little professions of what they believe. They think they can pass off a ‘hail and farewell’ sort of fellow we meet. And yet individually in their hearts they pray unto God and cry out for help. There is not many people in these United States who do not believe in Christ, if they are Anglo-Saxon, Nordic, Scandinavian, Basque, Lombardic, or Germanic. This is still true.

QUESTION:--In Romans 4:4---’Now to him that worketh is the reward not reckoned of Grace, but of debt’---This is one of a number of opinions? In other parts of the Bible it says you have to work for----.

ANSWER:--No, no. You do not work for the Righteousness of God. You do not earn this. He gives it to you. In otherwords, you work to keep the law which was given to us, as a task master to bring us to Christ. But the areas of the individual---God imputes His righteousness to the individual. Now Romans 4:4---this is the Apostle Paul talking about the Justification of Faith, not by debt. In otherwords, Abraham our father, was not justified by works, but by Faith. Because he believed God. ‘If Abraham was justified by works, he hath wherefore to Glory, but not before God. What saith the scriptures?’---Abraham believed God and it was counted to him for righteousness. Well, God told Abraham--’I am going to make of you a great nation, a company of nations.’ God told him this before He gave him the law. Remember, that the Apostle Paul is several places in the scripture, for instance, the covenant that God made with Abraham, was 430 years before the Law was given. And it was an unconditional covenant. God said to Abraham, “I am going to make of you a great nation, and a company of nations. Kings are going to come of thy loins. I am going to be a Father unto you in all your generations. This is what I am going to do.” I swear this by my holiness, God does not lie. This is what ‘I AM GOING TO DO.’ The sovereignty of God, the finality of God, the predestination of God, when God gave the law to Israel, it was a task-master to bring them unto Christ. In otherwords, it was also referred to as the law being a school master to bring us to Christ. It taught us the things which were right and demonstrated areas of perfection. And yet no man measured up to perfection. The spirits of the sons and daughters of course, are perfect. Because God has begotten them out of incorruptible seed. They were begotten in the heavens, were spiritual children long before they came into physical bodies. So there is no transgression ever of the spirit. All transgression took place because the mind was tempted and gives in, and the transgression is therefore in the body. Let’s face it, you are living in a physical world and all transgression is committed in the body. They are committed in the body and the soul consciousness is the master of the body, and the brain is the functioning instrument. It records to him the senses, the desires, and the patterns. This same soul consciousness can draw on the spirit, because we have the Spirit of God. We did not receive the spirit of the world, we received the Spirit of God. We were born, begotten in the heavens before the world was framed of incorruptible seed. But in the areas where God would put this spiritual entity and consciousness, in the areas of the physical body, He was developing, there a point of contact between the brain and the spirit, and the soul consciousness which does the reasoning and draws out of the mind because the spirit is like that of Christ.---This is perfect. It see the things of God, it knows the things of God. We have thus received the spirit of God because we are the children of God and it freely giver unto us the knowledge which is of God.

Now, under the patterns of the law, when Lucifer conquered and they yielded to temptation, everybody then from Adam right on down to the Christ, in the areas of perfection, ---well, they were not perfect. And Lucifer could hold their soul consciousness and their spiritual entity in the Netherworld, their body on earth being dead. They would have been held forever if it had not been for the redemption by the Christ. But Christ was the redeemer from before the foundation of the world. He said, ‘I will redeem the souls of My people, every last one of them.’ He said, ‘I am the Lamb.’ Of course, and the Lam is the symbol of Sacrifice, and when He gave the Law, then He gave them ordinances as to how to display the sacrifice. This was the substitute for ‘He who would come in and dwell in a body just like we have, and would die and so forth. All this was symbolism pointing to the embodiment of God and the sacrifice, His triumph over the grave. For this He would have to die in a physical body in order to get into the areas where they were holding all the sons and daughters of Adam.

Now, the soul consciousness resided in a spiritual entity, but it was of course, within the areas of control by Lucifer because they had yielded to temptation. And therefore, even tho Lucifer could not torture them, still they couldn’t get out. When Christ said:--“It is finished”---then immediately stormed the gates of perdition, He preached to all the Adamites from Adam right up to His time. He preached to them, then took them into Paradise which was also a portion of the Inner-earth, with a great gulf between the two places. But He took them into Paradise and there was the thief from the Cross waiting. Remember Jesus had said to the thief on the Cross---“This day shalt thou be with Me in Paradise.” And when He ascended up out of the grave, HE TOOK EVERY ADAMITE, EVERY WHITE MAN WITH HIM, GREATER OR LESSER, WHICH EVER THEY MIGHT HAVE BEEN, HE TOOK EVERY ONE OF THEM AND ASCENDED INTO THE HEAVENS. This HE did. And this is why the Redemption is complete.

Now, the law given to Israel was a perfect law, as to how Adam man should live. God says if you obey the law, ‘I will bless you.’ If you do not obey the law---because of its cause and effect, it brings curses (judgements) on you. But only He can put aside the judgements for the breaking of the Law. But He says---’IN MY GRACE’---. But then a lot of people don’t understand the Grace of God. This is one of the biggest things there is. The GRACE OF GOD.---The love for His children and for His creations, ultimately. But the Grace of God is the quality that belongs to God alone. And of course, we take on the Grace of God as we become more conscious of it. But the Grace of God is unmerited favor.

This is MY REWARD---Jesus said:--“I bring My reward with Me.”---and I am going to give to every man, as his work shall be, not as it has been. So God promises that He is going to restore everyone to perfection. And thus every knee shall bow. But in this area also---’All Israel shall be saved as it is written.’ Yet the law is not Salvation. It blesses the people who fulfill it, except where the Grace of God comes in, or where they appeal to God about their sickness, and so forth. They can have all sorts of troubles because of their disobedience to the MOST HIGH. God has some laws which are social laws and they are real strict. They even stoned people to death over these factors. If they didn’t put these intense patterns on misconduct, if people who entered into these patterns such as they would keep on and on. But this would upset the structure of the society and the keeping of symbols, and so forth. Because the was was the law. So they exacted extreme penalties for breaking it. But under Grace, this is not true. There were natural laws like the fallowing of the land and the use of Usury, and God said in these areas that the breaking of them brings great catastrophe. They would come because they were natural laws. God said, you bring in the strangers and start breaking these natural laws, and I will tell you what will happen----Leviticus 26:26---Ten women will be at one big oven baking your bread, and you won’t get any vitality out of the bread because the staff of vitality will be taken out of it. You can eat and never get full. You will buy bread by the pound and it will be worse than not having any. Why? Because you brought these strangers in and put them into the areas of your industry and they want to make a big profit, so they rob the product. But God says this came from the strangers moving in. This is of course true. You would be better off if you never ate a piece of white bread. For the staff of life has been broken in this bread. In otherwords, when our country was founded, almost every stream had a mill on it. And the farmer hauled his wheat to the mill and had it ground. They ground all the wheat then left some for the grinding and the miller had flour to sell. But into this flour went the wheat germ and the hull. All of it. And it was nourishment or the ‘staff of life.’ You could live on the whole wheat and water forever. But on a diet of bread and water today, you wouldn’t live as long as you would on just water alone, and no bread. This is true because there is no vitality in this bread. But then God told you what would happen for these people will do this to you. They will say, ‘it is whiter, and whiter. And they start to purify it with all these deadly chemicals that are used bleach it whiter and whiter. In fact, sulphur dioxide is even used to some extent. But one area used in it is a very deadly area of gas, but it does bleach it out, just so it is white. But push it together and you have dough. It’s not even digestible. So people eat what is poison. Today, we have sen a little comeback from this for by studying the laws of God people refuse to eat this kind of bread. You can now get stone ground Roman Meal bread. But yet 60% of the country still eats white bread. But the more the people learn of the Gospel of the Kingdom, the more they quit eating the white bread. And they couldn’t go back to it if they wanted to. But this is what God said. It did not mean that God was doing this to them, but the strangers were doing it after we let them in. Most all of the flour mills of today are owned by Jews, here in America. Father Fame, one of the economists who is studying the impact on the areas of the economy, does not know identity, but he does know economy. And he is telling them in Britain that the Jews now have 90% of the flour mills and are responsible for this. But this just ties in with this warning to you when God says don’t let them come in.

Here is another area of this. God says for every area of the law which you break, ‘My Grace can cover, My Grace can still follow you.’ But this one---one only--this is the sins of the father which descend upon the children even to the tenth generation. This is when a man marries an outlander woman, when he lies with a woman of another race and brings forth a mongrel child. So God says, ‘What can I do with a mongrel child? He is not Israel.’ And ten generations then, is to be considered. It will be out of touch with the temple and with worship. For they could not move into leadership of the country. This is what God said is wrong. This is one place where we handicap God, when we marry outside of our race. This is contrary to the law. Over in the book of Exodus, the book of Deuteronomy, He talks about the deliverance. He said, ‘When I take you into the land, these people are to be destroyed. They are an abomination unto Me. Thou shalt not join with the people of the land thou enter into.’ In otherwords, He said I have chosen you about all the people on the face of the earth. I have segregated you. I have separated you from the people of these lands. This is one of the biggest transgressions of the law. You are not to join with them, or to marry with them.

Now, remember, that Abraham believed God. And when God told him that out of Isaac shall thy seed be called, well, Abraham went for years and he did not have any children. So he took his handmaiden who was an Egyptian, and the child was Ishmael. The strange thing was that she was white. For she was out of the city of On. And On was a White Priest city. The temples were built by Enoch and Job. This was the city of knowledge. And this woman was a White woman and she was a servant to Sarah, because when they were down in Egypt, this girl was given as a servant to the wife of Abraham. So Abraham raised up Ishmael. But this was not the promised seed out of Isaac. But since Ishmael was out of Abraham, he would father a great people. Tribes would come of him, out of his loins. But he was not of the Kingdom. This is not the program. But he and his people would have the right to dwell among Israel. Altho they were not to marry among them. There was still this separation. So Abraham believed God and he told his wife and she laughed for they were beyond years. But God told Abraham that your seed will be as numerous as the stars of heaven and the sands of the seashore. And Abraham believed God. And he would sit and dream and picture this happening---great cities, and the tremendous Kingdom of the MOST HIGH. Abraham would tell his people about this great Kingdom, how his seed would cover the whole earth, thru his son Isaac.

Then when the LORD called upon Abraham to sacrifice this son, Isaac,---he did not quite perceive this. And of course, he was a little blind. Isaac, however, was as obedient as well. But he said where is the Lamb? Abraham said, ‘I am to sacrifice you.’ And Isaac was ready and he was willing. As Abraham raised the knife, he said, ‘I don’t understand, for you said out of this boy would come nations. I know this is to be---but how?’ So God then spoke to Abraham and told him to stay his hand for a ram was caught in the thicket. Because out of this child was to come nations for the Kingdom. And God then blessed Abraham and reputed righteousness (right thinking) to him because he believed God.

The law did not come until Mount Sinai and Moses. But they were starting to establish the Kingdom of Israel. So as a system of government it has to have a Constitution. It has to have laws. It has to have ordinances--have rules. So Moses went to Mt. Sinai and spacecraft filled with HIS offspring, your relatives in fact, were brought in by the MOST HIGH. Thousands of them He brought over Mount Paran and they then settled down over Mt. Sinai. So Moses went up the mountain to talk to God. He did not see God. But like at the burning bush the static power was there, the phenomena proved that God was there because the burning bush glowed, but it was not consumed. But Moses had been so close to God so many times, that he was getting immunized even tho he did not know it, until he could stand the Glory of God. He could stand more than the rest of the people. God was in the Glory, but he could not see HIM, but the effulgent light from which the voice came, was all that he could see. When Moses came down from the mountain, he had to put on a robe because the children of Israel could not stand that much righteousness at that time. After all, the race was under the fall. And when the race fell, then Adam and Eve had lost this light, or Glory. They still had a light contact between the spirit and the extra sensory perception in the brain, and God could stimulate this and raise up a man or call him. And He could call them thru the spirit. God did raise up men. He did call them and Moses was called for a special purpose. The people would reach for God and Great Patriarchs were called. Seth was quite Patriarch and God had him inspired until he wrote the book of Seth. Enoch of course, was a great man. When god called some of these people, they were then making great contact with God, getting messages back and forth. And God was building these men up to teach the race and to lead them. This was His household, He was going to save this race. He was still the Redeemer as He promised in the heavens. Some of these men became so immunized that they did not die. For instance Enoch did not die. In fact, he wasn’t in the earth any longer for ‘God took him.’ He knew the plans of God, and he wrote the books of Enoch. He participated in the building of the city of On, and the Pyramid and so forth. So he was a tremendous person. As far as Job is concerned, he may have died, but we are not sure. We don’t care about those passages that say he was carried to his Father. For when a man writes a book like the book of Job, he doesn’t write that he was carried to his Father. See?

Moses did not write the last part of the book of Deuteronomy, either saying his forces were vital right up to the last minute. But there wasn’t any last minute. For God sent a craft for him just like he did for Enoch. Remember, that Moses was on the Mount of Transfiguration when Jesus wanted to prove to His disciples that He could bring the unction and Glory from heaven across. For His disciples had never seen Christ Glorified. He had laid off this Glory. He had taken a body like we had and the extra sensory perception in His was the fullness of God. Thus the fullness of God dwelt bodily in the man Christ Jesus. This body was all God. This body was before the foundation of the world, telescoped back into being and then developed. But the Christ was the same yesterday, today and forever. But Christ when begotten into a body, left off the unction of the Spirit. He did not take on the heavenly glory. For if He had, they would not have been able to put Him to death. It would be totally impossible to put to death a person enveloped in Glory. Enoch became so enveloped in Glory and then he never tasted death. Moses was enveloped in Glory because when Christ wanted to show Peter, James and John, this effulgent majesty, He took them up on the mountain, and suddenly He was transformed, transfigured from a figure on a Cross, to the dimensions of Spirit. From the physical dominion He was enveloped in light and Glory. And His face shown with a radiance brighter than the sun. And the men were immunized by YAHSHUA in this. They reveled in the Glory. It was so majestic. Such a spectacle to see, was this light on the Christ, that Peter, James and John wanted to just stay on that mountain. They said, ‘Let us stay on the mountain and not do down.’ But lo and behold, out of that plain of spirit, stepped Moses and Elijah. And they were talking about the Kingdom, about the work they had to do as they contacted the Christ. Peter, James and John said, ‘Let’s just build shelters here on the mountain to protect them from the weather and just all stay right here and never go down.’---So thrilled were they by the manifestation of the Glory of the Christ. But Moses and Elijah just stepped back into the plain of spirit.

Jesus wanted His disciples to see the Glory He had, how it could come over Him and then leave again. He said, ‘This is my Light and Glory.’ They pondered because they had now seen this tremendous Glory of God.

But remember that Moses was on that mountain. And if Moses had died, he would have been in ‘hell’ (the Netherworld) waiting for the Christ. We use the word ‘hell’ advisably because it is the word they use for the Nethermost realm. So he would have bene there waiting for Christ to come down there, but he was in the plain of spirit with Elijah and Enoch. And of course when they translated the book of Deuteronomy, now Moses was gone. So they added something to the book. But here was Moses. He was hale and hearty---and then all of a sudden, he was gone. So they said Moses died and God buried him. Even the devil believed this, for he was always hunting for the body of Moses. But Michael the Archangel knew where Moses was. He knew the Moses was not dead. So when the devil came before God and cried out, then Michael started to call the devil names, and tell him that he was a skunk and so forth. But God said, ‘now wait a moment, Michael, hold thy peace. He was an Archangel just like you and now he is in error, and is wrong. But you must not rail any accusation against him. Just be glad you are Michael and not tied up in this rebellion. Because in the fullness of my Grace, even Lucifer will come back and the nature of the devil will be destroyed. But this is in the fullness of time.’ But Michael was disgusted and he wanted to step right in and if he could just destroy Lucifer,---after all, he had at God’s bidding driven Lucifer out of the heavens and confined him to earth. And here he was wrecking everything. And now, even demanding the body of Moses. Michael was telling him it wasn’t any of his business where the body of Moses was because Michael knew that Moses was in heaven.

Now, on Mount Sinai, they received the Law. And this was the Law of Life. And there was only one Law wherein god said I cannot by my Grace forestall the punishment. For instance, God tells us over and over in the scriptures that disobey the Law, as their conscience is cognizant of it, then it bothers them and they ask God to forgive them. And He does forgive. Many times He rolls back the judgement of the Law. But there is one thing He cannot roll back. If you have any bastard children, He cannot do anything for them. The sin settles on the children on the 3rd, 4th, or 5th, or even more generations. So this transgression---there is no rectifying the effect. It does not mean the God cannot save the person that produced the mongrelization, if he sends out the outlander and the children, if he separates himself from them because, ‘All Israel is to be saved, before He is thru with it.’ But this is the hardness and the fact of His Law.

Now, the Anglo-Saxon Juris-prudence is largely based on the Biblical law. Get Blackstones law and you discover that he ties almost all His law back to the Old Testament law. This is the area of the Law. And there was Law before God gave the laws codified to Moses. There were things God told Adam not to do. Told Seth and Enoch not to do. And of course one of those things was not to partake or the ‘Tree of Good and Evil.’ And not get tied up with these people to begin with. For after all this is what brought about the fall. But the codification of the law came in this manner in the time of Moses. When one seeks to keep the law---under the 31st chapter of Ezekiel, then God says, ‘I make a new covenant with the house of Judah and the house of Israel. And the new covenant was that He would put the new covenant in our hearts, to make us desire and to do the things which are right.

Now, people get caught. Temptations are all around. And maybe they live in areas of the world where sin is more of a temptation. For sin is but the breaking of the law. That is what it is called. And when God then talks about the areas of repentance, and those people who repent, God forgives them the areas of their transgression, and He removes the areas of curses that can come on them. There are a lot of curses that can come on people. There are a lot of things because the law brings these things to pass. The consciousness records the things which are right and every single thing you have done, everything you have ever heard or known is stored around the electrons, around the filaments of the brain. So some say, ‘does someone write it down, do they write it in books?’ No, it is right in your brain. Even if you think that you have forgotten it, you really haven’t. For it is right here. Everything you have ever done is right here, in the dimensions of heaven. It is like an open book to everyone except the individual who asks God to blot it out. In the areas of forgiveness, God says that He will remove your transgressions from you as far as the west is to the east and ‘I will remember them no more.’ So---God does not go back and dig up old transgressions. Those are gone. And the new one is what you are now asking God to forgive you for. People would feel rather bad about this if they kept going back for the same old transgression. But God does straighten people out. The Holy Spirit of God does transform and make people behave. And the more men seek the truths of God, the more they seek the truths of the Kingdom the more they are aware that we have a mighty adversary. That we have all the world order captive to Lucifer. That we have all his forces, this ‘5th Column’ of children who cannot be assimilated into our society. Then we need the power of Divine truth to protect us. There may be a few who get their hands in just a little of this. And then they start to study, just a little and they may draw back or they put it on the shelf. And they do not advance very far. But the person who becomes a student of the things of God, he advances with it. You can never separate the things you know. You read the papers this way, listen to the television this way, you are reaching out. And when you see happen you expect the things of God to happen, you expect the things He told you to come to pass. You may not know this, but God has counted this to you for righteousness. Abraham believed God and was thankful that he knew that God was going to build a great nation and a company of nations out of him. David also knew that he would keep his throne, knew there was a land just like this one promised to His people Israel. He believed God and God counted it for righteousness. So we know that we are going to be victorious. We know that we are going to see these things come to pass. We don’t doubt this. We know that God keeps His word, and that God imputes this Faith to us for righteousness. He says, because you believe me this Faith is bearing fruit and I impute this to you for righteousness. But you did not earn this righteousness by obeying the law. And in obeying the law, the person who obeys the law is better than the person who does not obey the law. In otherwords as one keeps the laws of God as he does these things, he is conforming to this pattern, but it is the righteousness of God which is making him conform other than the conforming that makes him righteous. In otherwords, as men seek God, they seek His ways. They seek with a desire to do this and they find that the more they desire to do His will, then His law becomes more and more their way of life. Oh, they may have little flares of temper, and they may hurt someone’s feelings when they didn’t mean to, and sometimes they are a bit selfish. That may be one of our biggest problems---being selfish. This is only wanting for themselves, not caring for other people. This is one of the big basic patterns and God wipes this out of the person until all these patterns are removed.

Now, when we think of big transgressions, a man of the Kingdom will not commit murder. He is always planning a defense against the forces and how to meet them as they come. But we say he does not commit adultery or any of those things. But he might be caught in some temptation and yet be repentant and God forgives the violation of the law. But the breaking of the one---’thou shalt not cohabit with one of another race’---that is very different. But no matter what you do, if you have the seed, if you seek the face of God as the children of Israel, and live with the Book, you are the people of the Book. Then you can hear every word out of the mouth of God. This is the way we plan our lives. This is the thing that is the driving point. And as they seek, they become more righteous every day because they are taking in more knowledge of the Kingdom. The Spirit of God is being brought forth in them. And when an individual recognizes that Christ came as Messiah, that HE PAID THE PRICE---that HE took away our transgressions, and no more are they held against us, when HE was crucified He satisfied the demands of the Devil. And we refer to this as an area of experience because it may be a deciding point for the individual, or it will may be one that dawns on him. But as the individual studies the scripture, he may have known this since he was four years old, or eight or ten. But some don’t know it until they are thirty-five or older. But still Christ paid the price. He was the Savior Redeemer. This is a normal thing for us to believe, as God raised HIS body from the dead, this is the working of HIS Spirit. This knowledge imputes righteousness. And as people realize this, and are regenerated by it, therefore spiritual life is an entity that dwells in the children of God, and God activates it by the very specific patten that the consciousness of man embraces with these areas of truth. As you embrace and enfold the areas of Divine truth you become more activated by the spirit and become more spirit dominated.

Now, we then have again something we had before. We just never had it in the flesh. But we have it. One thing the scripture promises, is restoration. In otherwords, the giving back of all we lost in the fall. Restoration, restoring, regeneration, it has to be reactivation in the spiritual consciousness with God renewing the mind. We have to have our minds refocused on God and He brings this back. We were thus focused in the heavens, in the spirit---before the world was framed. We were God focused then. And in fact, when God said He was going to send His family into earth controlled by Lucifer, and out of all harmony with what we would think and do, we looked in horror at Lucifer---all out harmony---his staff and their work. But when we got down here in bodies of flesh and Lucifer approached Eve in a semi-logical way, a semi-logical manner, then he deceived her and Adam was caught in the circumstances of events. But this was all for a purpose because God had told us before the foundation of the world that this would happen, that this was the way He was going to put His Kingdom into the world. This was the way He was going to manifest HIS GRACE. And the last end of this---after all the things we had gone thru, after all the things that had transpired, that there was no area of existence, no area of development in the areas of transgression effecting Israel that could be compared to the glory, the brightness, the Majesty of the things that God has prepared for you and yours for His Kingdom in the world to come, in the ages to come. Eye has not seen or ear heard all the things. Altho He does reveal them thru His Spirit, for those who love HIM. This is the thing.

Now, Paul said, the covenants, the ever lasting covenants God made with Abraham, the law which came 430 years after this, could not dis-annul. You see---already, Paul was getting some arguments. He was getting the argument that if this person or that person didn’t keep the law, he was going into perdition. But Paul said, no, the Grace of God is going to save him. This is the truth. The Grace of God will save him. But they were saying, no, that one is on the outside now, he is not keeping the law. They were always raising some arguments. So the Apostle Paul said, this covenant is the Kingdom, this thing God said He is going to do is coming to pass, and no law coming 430 years after is going to put any conditions on the promise.---THIS I WANT PEOPLE TO SEE.

Now, we teach ‘Blessed is the one who obeys the law.’ But we do not teach these laws as a way for you to become righteous. Because the Love of the Christ---you approach to truth, your expansion under the knowledge of things of God, your belief, your Faith, is going to make your righteousness. And God is going to impute more and more of it to you. And the righteousness of God is going to make you keep the law, but you aren’t going to keep the law to get righteous. You see, man would not keep the law except as the Grace of God prevailed. Some of them---this is why they put some of these judgments on people. Some of them got away with it, but they got stoned if caught. In otherwords, this was the reaction to it. But when God put the law in their hearts it was received. And every one of His prophets that He called forth, He reactivated their consciousness as He called them thru the spirit. When God called Samuel, he went to Eli and wanted to know what this was and was told that this was God talking to Him. This was how Samuel the Judge was given the prophesies and so forth. He saw things to come. He anticipated David and so forth.

Isaiah remember, went into the house of the LORD and he saw God lifted up, high, in the Holy Temple. He saw the Glory filling the whole place. And God spoke to Isaiah. And he heard His voice clearly. But it was not in the lightening or the thunder. It was a STILL SMALL VOICE. But he could still hear this voice of God. And God spoke to each of the prophets. Look at Amos, and at Ezra, for they talked about the mongrelization, this terrible thing. This pattern of the confusion of face. So God speaks to Ezra and then Ezra goes out and speaks to the people who then come under conviction and have a great meeting. It hadn’t rained for a season so they drive out the outlandish women and the few with the great amount of money who keep these harems, and they stoned the ones who did this. But this was the law of God at that time. You see, God activated another group at that time. He said, ‘Levi will be my ministers. And they went into the seminary schools at the temple or tabernacle. Oh, there were some doubters, even among the Levi like some of our modern preachers of today, or some would stall saying God has gone off a long way. But this was the way it was in the days of Elijah and Elisha. God would bring back the sons of Levi until they were more spiritually alert than others, and they would draw more easily on the areas of the church. So God made a new covenant with the House of Judah and the House of Israel. And when the Apostles began speaking after Pentecost, then 3000 to 5000 people would hear them and God add to the Church (assembly) daily of those ‘of those who should be saved.’ Now, all Israel was coming in. And in fact, they were so successful that in a few years all the people of Israel in Galilee were Christian. In fact, the king of Rome granted permission to Judah and Benjamin to migrate out of there because they no more wanted to stay in the old land. They moved out and left the Jews. then Titus the Roman, would have much more trouble with them in the old city of Jerusalem. But there were not many of Israel left in that old land. They were moving out, moving into Western Europe.

QUESTION:--Would you care to comment on that meeting in Sacramento where they are trying to get a law passed to---

ANSWER:--I might. They tried to get a law passed to outlaw rioting, to put a heavy fine on rioting, even imprisonment, and the Brown legislature turned it down. So Parker and Yorty came on the air and said they are expecting trouble on the fourth of July. The Negroes are building up for it. But there is nothing they can do about it for the state is not going to help them. They don’t want people to go near the Watts area, to stay away from that area. Of course, there is trouble in Detroit and across the South, and they said that the Negroes are moving into outlawry. And they must be ready for it. Mayor Yorty and Parker made it quite clear that they are not against the citizens, but against the Negro actions.

Now, there is a segment of the Negroes who want to lay low until they pass the Civil Rights Legislation. But the others call for all out violence. And this is from the militant wing of the black. The head Black Muslim talked to one of our young men and said, ‘I know that you go to Dr. Swifts church.’ And that man is one of the most hateful men in the United States.

QUESTION:--He said you were inhuman.

ANSWER:--Alright, most inhuman, most hateful, and that we hate the Negroes and so forth.---Now, we never saw this man, but he has been listening to these tapes. But the Negroes have no spirit, no areal of reason. So the pattern is that even the Negroes who want to stay out of this still are against you for your thoughts. We have talked quite frankly about Africa and the world so they might try to get this place. We have been warned by the local law enforcement that they may try to take this place. We see them go by here every once in a while with their eyes on this place. It is just one of those things. And we will see how we get by. With the work at Watts, just more trouble builds.

Now, I am not saying that the President wanted to stir up all of these race riots, but at the same time, I think he wanted some reaction so he could push thru his ‘Civil Rights Legislation and integrate this country. But again Martin Luther King also cried no violence then got up and stirred it up.

QUESTION:--But what is this report about a United Church?

ANSWER:--I have not seen it. But I see it is sponsored by the National Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches. And I know that 90% of the men high up in these organizations do not believe in the deity of the Christ, and should not even be dog catchers, let alone ministers. I think you could turn loose about 50% of the students in our colleges today because they have been brainwashed and the average seminary today has absolutely nothing to offer. And our major dominations are set on the way of agnosticism. I think probably a fundamental school as any would be Concordia. They are Lutherans and would come out for the Virgin Birth and the Atonement. And now even there they have professors who do not believe any more, and have gone back for total uniting with the World church program. In fact, one of the chief professors spoke in San Francisco this week and he said, to think at any time that we should separate from the mother church was an error. He said, ‘Martin Luther was forced when he nailed his thesis to the wall of his church---he was excommunicated. But Martin Luther never intended to form a denomination based on his name and now that the church is becoming reconciled to Protestantism, the position they have held on to the dogma, we have no reason to be separated anymore. And Martin Luther, were he alive today, would be one of the first to talk about going back to the mother church. And any churches which will not go back to the mother church would be outlaw churches and not be recognized. They nor their clergy.---’

So, what they are trying to pull is to make a super hierarchy around the areas of the Pope and so forth. But I tell you this. Just watch.---All the churches that will not go back, because as the churches go back, people are going to come out of those churches in great numbers in that hour. There is going to be one faith, one church, and one baptism. And it will not be under this hierarchy as it is now being set up. Of course, the World Council of Churches and the National Council of Churches goes right along with their plans. Carson Blake who heads the WCC is an agnostic and an atheist. He believes in a ‘god’ of some description, but he does not believe in the Deity of Jesus. So this should disqualify him from preaching.

QUESTION:--Would you explain Isaiah 1:9 and Romans 9:29?

ANSWER:--Well, Isaiah had said, ‘The LORD of the Sabbath hath left us a seed, and unless He had done this, we would be like Sodom and Gomorrah.’ In otherwords, the word here is remnant, that remains, those shall be saved. In otherwords, that which remains are the same as the word remnant. He cuts the work short in righteousness because ---’A short work in righteousness’---because --’A short work will the LORD make upon the earth.’ In otherwords, a short work of righteousness is the manifestation of His sons and daughters of God JUST PRIOR TO HIS COMING. Of course, we are told---’Arise and shine thy light is come, and the Glory of the LORD has risen upon thee.’ Of course, HE had a seed that would never bow the knee to Baal, a seed that would alert all of Israel. And of course, the short work of righteousness (right thinking) is not necessarily all Israel. But at least some of Israel will shine forth as the sun just before Christ comes. But this will happen. And it may be only a few weeks before He comes.---But it will happen.

QUESTION:--I still read this as tho there is only a small remnant who will be saved?

ANSWER:--Well, as far as the seed of Israel is concerned, this has to be a pure seed. And it will come on down. Sodom and Gomorrah were mongrel cities moving with the world order---total integration. The sons of Lucifer and the fallen Angels from the pre-Adamic world all were in Sodom and Gomorrah. So if God hadn’t been retaining a racial seed, we would all have been like Sodom and Gomorrah. In fact, if this one world program goes like they want it to go, we will still be like Sodom and Gomorrah. But the majority of our race, our girls still marry white boys. So you only have a small portion falling for this. God said He would keep a seed alive, a race alive. Translations sometimes garble things. I have some startling things, found in the old scriptures, in the original and it does not even say the things that the translators are saying. They will be way off.

QUESTION:--This earthquake we just saw happen?

ANSWER:--Well, this earthquake (in China) was the best earthquake the LORD even sent. Things are totally destroyed, missile factories and so forth. They talk about judgement.----- There have been five hundred earthquakes there in the past month.

QUESTION:--This seven times judgement?

ANSWER:--2520 years is the seven times judgement. And this goes back to the time when God said for disobedience, that He would put on you a seven times judgement. And this is seven times 360 days of the year. When Venus came into this solar system and stayed, before that she just came and went. But it came in and for about thirty or forty years its tail lashed the earth every so often. The earth wasn’t light or dark for those forty years, remember, but God’s Light was over Israel all that time, and as they went out of Egypt. This all came about because of Venus. And up until then, the year was 360 days long, and had been from Adam up until then. So then we changed at the time of the Exodus to a year of 365 1/4 days. The LORD slowed down the orbit. We still turned around every 24 hours, but we now had 365 1/4 days in a year for an orbit around the sun. So the areas of seven times were always figured at 360 days per year. So this was used for the fixing of the Sabbath and so forth. But since the Resurrection, we have a fixed Sabbath, a new day, the day of Resurrection and we glory in it. So the LORD of the New Covenant has fixed a New Sabbath for Israel and it is based on the Resurrection.

QUESTION:--Will Russian and China strike within the next two years?

ANSWER:--It is my belief that we are on the cusp, that the great areas of prophecy prior to Armageddon have been fulfilled. I don’t see anything else, except maybe the great earthquake, but it may come prior to Armageddon or during Armageddon. We could have a big one even this July if the alignments do not ease off. It may hit here and somewhere else, but the pattern now is that the alignment does come for the West Coast in the middle of July.

This alignment lines up from Alaska to the Aleutian Islands. And as to the Russian attack, I think Russian has been doing a tremendous job of rearmament. I think she is building air forces while keeping everyone’s eyes off it. She has been doing things with space and at the same time she is not putting everything there. She does not pay the wages that we do. She does not have to come up with millions and millions of dollars when she wants to do something. She just says---you do it and they do it. At the same time, I think she has a terrific air force. She has striking power. I think she is building up China and the Viet Cong. I think she is going to arise and come like a storm. I think that air power will be at the head of this thing. I look for a strike against the mainland of the United States by the Soviet Union. There subs are preying our coasts now. These mother ships are out there, these trawlers. And I think they are practicing. I think they are getting ready, they are linking up. And I think there will be an assault. I think they will try to drop paratroopers, and sub service personal will be landed at night. Truly, I think they will at some time strike America. I think this could even happen this fall, or next year. But I do believe it will come quickly. They know that we have these thousands of aircraft on our landing fields, with no motors in them as yet. We know that there are no engines in these planes and the Russians know this too. It looks like a smart thing for the Russians to hit us while we are off guard, plus the Negro uprising that is being geared up. This black fellow by the name of Williams, was over in China and visited with the leaders of Communist China. And then he went Russia. They are off schedule a little because they were to hit prior to this. So these things could happen and they could drag on for years. But I think these events will occur.

So what will we do?---Well, we will fight. I will tell you this. The greatest area of surprise the Russians will have will be the tremendous arms of heaven if they come in. When they begin to jockey for position, it will happen.

Also there are some things that we do have that aren’t so well known. Col. Lindberg was in charge of a special program and he would not take the job until it was promised that there would be no Jews in it. They were working on a very special type of weapon, a special type of function. And no Jews were in on this. We understand that the program was put under wraps. We don’t know what has happened since then.

We don’t know whether the later administrations have honored this after it was finished or not. But there is an area of activity that is totally deadly as far as the Russians are concerned, and Col. Lindberg was working on it.

Now, of course, they are talking down the ‘due line’, as to how we are going to know when they get here. We have listening devices which tell us when the Russians are coming. We have listening devices which tell us when the Russian planes take off. And it must be busy all the time. I don’t know, but we are told that there are listening devices for all parts of the earth. And we can tell when they take off. I don’t know about this, but I do know that we are in rather a perilous circumstance. But, I also know this. We have the best fighting men in the world and we can do tremendous things.

(End of message)