06-26-68 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:---(tape) Concerning the factors of Sonship--the questions of this individual are due to the theologians explanations thru the years concerning the philosophical developments which they throw to spiritual powers that makes sons of God out of them by some mental attitude they take.

Now, with all realization that truth changes the outlook of the individual, still they have to have the capacity to receive this. It the thing they hear does not erect an image in their mind comparable to the thing which God is expressing, then the whole process is not being recorded and communicated as the spirit intends. In otherwords, Jesus said:--'It is given to you to know the Mysteries of the Kingdom of heaven, to them it is not given.' This is hard for some people to understand. They think the whole world has had truth given to them. This is not true. The whole program of God's Kingdom in the earth is to subdue the powers of darkness. And to again, release the people of the earth from the trouble they fell into under the Luciferian rebellion. When we deal with years of time and history, we are not dealing with something which just passes in the night. The program of God to transfer a Celestial household from Heaven to earth is one of the great mysteries of scripture. In fact, the Adamic race has a specific part to play in history as different and distinct from other people. But one thing is important for us to know,--that the Holy seed is referred to thru out the scripture. In fact the prophets were very much concerned because one of the violations of Divine Law which has occurred is when leaders who were among those in their trespasses start to mingle the Holy seed, when they start to take sons and daughters of other races and fuse them into their society. This was a violation of Divine Law because the process by which God ordained transferring them from heaven to earth, from Celestial plains to physical plains. And they came thru the advent of the Adamic race. The fall of our race started with the violation of Divine Law.

Remember that God showed Adam all the animals on the face of the earth. Genesis starts off telling us this. That he saw all these creatures and he also saw all the enosh (and this word enosh, is sometimes beast but not meaning animals in the field, but refers to non-spirit people who walk upright, people who are not offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD, and all thru the Old Testament, it refers to this. Both of these are translated man. But Adam should not be translated thus for he is Hu-man having so much more that the other races. It seems sometimes as tho it is repetitious when we have to refer so many times to the 31st chapter of Ezekiel. But questions do force this. The 31st chapter of Ezekiel refers to the great racial streams as great waters and mighty rivers. And because of the racial stream, the greater the kingdoms or nations are. This 31st chapter of Ezekiel makes it quite clear that these trees are Empires. The smaller shrubs are smaller kingdoms. So it talks about the fact that the Assyrian Empire, the waters of this race were so great that they were established all over the earth, its kingdoms and empires, because of the greatness of its waters or people. The Egyptians also were great waters and they were a mighty Empire, but not as great as the Assyrian Empire. This was in the days of Eden when god placed Adam in Eden. One, when comparing these scripts in the 31st chapter of Ezekiel, are Biblical records that when Adam was placed in earth, there were millions and millions of people upon the earth. So by no stretch of the imagination or by any process, could it be conceived that Adam and Eve are the parents of all the people on the face of the earth. They were only parents of the people who were of the Living God. And when it refers to the mother of all living, it is referring strictly to the spiritual seed or the life seed of God, or a Holy seed.

In this instance, the scripture--Ecclesiastes and other places, used the term as here for all---the living---as it says there are people who are now dead but millions now 'living' will never die. When we say millions now dead, this is talking about those who live without spirit. The word for 'mother of all living ' was mother of all spiritual seed. Remember Adam was shown all the people of earth and there was no helpmate for him. God had instructed him that he could not marry or participate with this Tree of Knowledge of good and evil. So often repeated--this Tree of Knowledge must possess intellect. God had set up a program and created all of the trees of good for food. So God said:--'of all these trees good for food thou may take, but this tree of knowledge of good and evil, thou must not partake of.' This was a racial tree. This is well marked, for there was no race tree into which Adam could marry. Adam was a different individual.---Bara--nor formed out of mud, but was the issue of God.---Two words--bara and yastar--one to begat or bring forth Issue and the other to make, form or shape. Thru out the course of God's creation, God has always been creating. There had never been a time when He wasn't creating. There is only a beginning in a certain place. The world reflecting the Eternal nature of God is --"I AM ALPHA AND OMEGA"--the first and the last.' He said:--'Jesus the Christ is the same today, yesterday and forever.' He said:--'I YAHWEH, I change not. Therefore ye son of Jacob, are not consumed.' The total nature of God is unveiled many, many times in the Old Testament as well as in the new. And in this instance, God has been creating sidereal systems which may have been occupied thru out the ages. We have no evidence of any point in time when God was alone without a creation, just standing suspended in space as some people imagine. The Eternal nature of God has always existed and always will exist thru out the ages to come. Finite limitations sometimes make it hard for us to vision something without an end because we have become accustomed to this environment. Since our attention has focused upon it. We are accustomed to some things decaying and other things rusting. We are aware that everything collapses or crumbles and gets old unless you keep it in constant areas of repair. That people get old after while and finally die from sickness or old age. And this has created an expectancy in us that things have to end. But there are dimensions and plains which are not subject to this deteration. Spiritual realms synthesized out of light are not decomposing or breaking up as are the dimensions of physical creation which is of course an electronic creation. When we talk to you about differences between a physical and a light creation, this is not only supportable by scripture, but is supportable by the methods of Physics. For instance, the physical dominions are all created out of electronics, protons, neutrons, positive and negative unites of electricity. In fact there isn't a physicist today who doesn't know that every element from the hydrogen atom which is one electron to one proton up to the most advanced areas of atoms, areas of multiple protons and electrons like uranium 235 and 238---these are composed of particles of electricity. They are revolving at high speed around the nucleus. They are operating on a pattern of Divine Law set up by the mind of God but they are fixed. Entire sidereal systems of everything which is physical to the senses which you can touch or handle with this 'sense' body and everything which is subject to the visibility of the senses in making its manifestation in what we would call the physical plain or video plain, or area of audio frequency all of which are subject to sensitivity and vibrations which can be received by anything conscious in a physical creation. So the physical creation we refer to is synthesized all around us and out of all the electrodes and protons. But the energy that is even more consistent than these elements which tend to disintegrate is the elements of light which hold it together. And of course, the light dominions and the light plain exist just as realistically as does the physical dimension we are in.

In fact, we are told much concerning the spiritual plain in the scriptures as well as many of the ancient documents given by God to the Apostles, patriarchs, and to ministers of our race. After all, we know about anything by knowledge, wisdom and experience and remembrance, because we inherited it or discovered it. So you are going to have to find a foundation for knowledge and wisdom somewhere. And all truth begins with God because He was before all things and by Him all things consist. If it is truth, if it is right, it is truth which sets you free. If it rolls back darkness and superstition, it is truth which makes you master in your dimensions. And there is nothing more important for you to understand than truth. Nothing more important for you to eliminate out of your conscience than error. The process of truth and error are today the deciding factors between ignorance and superstition, and power and wisdom and understanding. And of course Jesus said:--'Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free from all areas of darkness, superstition and ignorance, and illiteracy. Everything vanishes with truth. Of course, people talk a lot about education. They say the thing we need more today is education. But we need education only if it produces truth. But if education is going to be on founded areas as tho they were truth, but are not, then they may be more harmful than to do without some formal areas of education. You could do without some forms of education but you can't do without truth.

Now, understand this. Celestial plains exist in dimensions of light, and their wave lengths are no less fixed in dominion than exists in the physical when we find the balance. So the scripture talks about the fact that there are Celestial dimensions that these three components--spirit, soul and body---are just parts of His being, dimensions of His existence. He is spirit, and He is able to move around in creating thinking ego consciousness, in soul existence that can dwell in Celestial plains and also dwell in any of the dimensions of His creation even in the physical dominion. So there is a body of God, and we would not for a moment say that this body was removed or separated from the physical realm, from the physical creation which He made. There is a body of God for He demonstrated this from time to time, and Jesus Christ, the symbol of the body of God--He has an entity--a being. Yet He said in Hebrews 13:8--that He was the same yesterday, today and forever. He said--before Abraham, I AM. The Apostle Paul, in the book of Corinthians, and also in Colossians said--all things are made by Him, without Him was not anything made. He was before all things, by Him all things consist. So everything visible in our physical realm, everything we can see in the solar system has been put together by Him---by the Eternal Creator God who said:--I AM YAHWEH thy YAHSHUA.' It is important that we understand this. Even written:--'I am God thy Savior--and Hear O Israel, I am YAHWEH thy redeemer, the Holy One of Israel--I have a spirit, I have a soul, and I have a body, but I am ONE.' Therefore the entity of the body of YAHWEH didn't have to start with Jesus for the miracle of God utilizing the vehicle of Mary to produce and to synthesize with the re-growth--the tissue of God so that we could see the body of God who walked among us. In otherwords, this is one of the most important keystones of the Christian faith, that we believe that this was God walking among us. In fact this is that absoluteness of the writings in the book of Isaiah:--'Unto us a son is given, unto us a child is born, and the government shall be upon His shoulders. His name shall be called Wonderful, Councilor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father.' It is impossible for us to separate the person of Jesus Christ from the Everlasting Father. So He had to be the Everlasting Father in the flesh. So when we say this, there is a synthesis in words, for instance since God brought forth His issue in earth, (the word is Bara) this was the Adamic race. Adam was the son of God. In the genealogy of Jesus the Christ, where it seeks to take its human nature and trace it back thru all genealogy, the most important thing in all the scripture is that thru all this genealogy, it traces back to Seth who was the son of Adam who was the son of God. This is what the scripture says under inspiration in the New Testament. Therefore, since Adam was the son of God, then this was a transference of the Adamic race from heaven to earth. In Psalms it explains why the Father said unto the Elohim, and if you get into the text of the Old Testament, then YAHWEH said unto the Elohim. So who were the Elohim? Pick up a lexicon and it says Elohim is Gods plural. But God says:--'Hear O Israel, the LORD thy GOD is ONE LORD.' How then--what do we mean by Gods plural? So we find out that the offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD, or the sons of GOD are Elohim. So if God had children, then they would be like unto Himself or offspring He alone being God. Elohim is a plural word meaning Gods offspring, not like another YAHWEH---but offspring, not another set of deity. In the 82nd Psalm, we have the key to this like in other parts of the scripture. God stands in the congregation of the mighty and judgeth among the Gods. This word here is Elohim. Thus YAHWEH standeth in the congregation of the mighty and He judges among the Elohim. So what did He say:--'Ye are Gods and all of you are the children of the MOST HIGH.' So this in Hebrew is:--'Ye are Elohim and all of you are the children of YAHWEH.'

The reason why I want this understood, is because it will answer this fixed question, probably ten of the questions coming in now---all about Sonship, its mystery, and its relationship. How do we know that sons existed before they became converted by an Evangelist or before they even heard a passage of scripture? I want to point out to you that no area of mental gymnastics, or the acceptance of an area of truth, produces, or makes an individual anything except to enlighten him and take him from an area of ignorance to knowledge. I want you to know that birth is a procedure, that the father and mother have control over. It is also true in spiritual realm. You do not decide your birth, it is fixed for you by the pattern of your parents who produced you as offspring. In otherwords, then you had nothing to say about your arrival in the physical world. Tho I will tell you that one time in the Celestial world, you volunteered, but it wouldn't have made any difference anyhow. The fact is that you arrived on time and under a synthesis known to God. But in biological law, then Kind begats like Kind. Therefore we well understand that nothing you decided to do or not to do made you your father's son at some later date after you were educated in grammar school or high school. This didn't make you your father's son. No.--You are your father's son because he begat you. And that begatting in the spirit made you existent before the world was framed. That you have been already been blessed with spiritual blessings before the world was framed also. Therefore God said to the Elohim--We will make Audaum in our own image. (Genesis)

I point out also that in the 82nd., psalm he thus said; --'You are Elohim and all of you are the children of YAHWEH . This is the inspiration given tot he Psalmist to make this declaration. And I think it quite significant that in its semantics it proves this.

Now when we talk about Jesus being the only begotten this sometimes confuses people. (John 3) For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son---Actually this is the only Issue --begotten out of the race. The only Issue God sowed into the race to bring forth his own form among his kinsmen.

Now; the translation suffers violence and theology seeks to arrest it, and I hate to admit sometimes that translations are arrested with the intent of course to produce good, but I will point out --in the book of Hebrews which we discuss from time to time because we see so many great mysteries of God, we point out to you that in Hebrews 2 God talks about this very thing. "For as such as the children of God are now partakers of flesh and blood"--in other words --down here in bodies of flesh, then YAHWEH himself took part of the same. And then thru his death he intended to destroy the power of death, meaning the devil, and deliver them who from fear of death were all their lifetime in bondage. He did not take on himself the nature of Angels but took upon himself the likes of the seed of Abraham. In all things it was behoving of God to be made like unto his brethren. In other words since the Children of God were down here in bodies of flesh, he took upon himself a body of flesh so that he might be like his brethren or kinsmen. The Scripture says he was not ashamed to call you his kinsmen. What I think is important for you to see is that the children of God were here in flesh and blood before he came along.

If I were to accept some of the areas of theologians, their interpretations then a child of God only takes place after a man accepts the fact that Jesus is the Christ. If a man reads to him from the scriptures and says that when Jesus was manifested in the flesh this was God , and when he was crucified at Calvary then he paid the price of your atonement this is of course true. And therefore he resurrected from the dead and this is the atonement. The Preacher will say: --if you will accept this atonement then you became the child of God. And because you have accepted this you are "born again" and you have become a child of God.----So because you have accepted this you become a child of God, after you have heard what Jesus did. But the scripture tells me that you were down here in bodies of flesh therefore He took a body of flesh just like you had, and he did this to save you. So---I have some of God down here before the atonement. I have sons of god down here before He Came. I find sons here without any relationship to his conduct. You can be a good son or a bad son, a disobedient son or an honorable son, but the condition does not make you a son it only determines what kind of a son you have been. This is also true in natural as well as Celestial realms, so God has Celestial Children, and these celestial children were with him before this world was framed. And when God said to the Elohim--we will make the bodies for you to dwell in the flesh, this was promised before the foundation of the world was framed, that as you fell he would redeem you .

We have this out of the book of Revelation given to the Apostle Paul when he was taken into the heavens. He was carried into 4 heavens. He was taught by Angels, he was taught of God and sent back to earth to write 'The apocalypse of Paul", and out of that Mystery volume comes the Epistles that he writes to the church. So the Apostle Paul wrote that you have already been blessed by all spiritual blessings before the world was framed. He tells us that your name was written in the Lamb's book of Life before the world was framed. He tells us that He predestinated you to conform to the image of the son---this issue--embodiment. Tells me that you are the Elect according to the foreknowledge of God. So when did he foreknow you? ---before the world was framed when he put your names in the family records. This means that the Celestial entity, the Celestial being who was the child of the father in the dimensions of Light was begotten long before this sidereal system was formed, long before Lucifer's rebellion, long before he was thrown out of the heavens by Michael the Archangel.

Someone says;---How do you know that? Well I can go to the book of Daniel and I think this is important--for in the book of Daniel as it tells us about these latter days when we are facing the problems of the battles against the anti-Christ when there is a time of trouble like there has never been since our nation was on the face of the earth. We are told that the hosts of darkness are going to try to overthrow God's kingdom. They are going to try to overthrow the white western world and to conquer Christian civilization. Ezekiel tells us that the hoards come out of Asia, and the book of Revelation tells us that these pagan powers come to make war against those who have the testimony of Jesus the Christ and the Commandments of god. Then in the book of Daniel---at that time Michael the Great Prince who stands for the children of thy people comes to help---so there is a time of trouble in the earth such as there has never been since there was a nation and we are in that time of trouble.

The other day Walter Cronkite and other men who had been traveling all over the world, as they came together from six different parts of the world for this interview they were bringing together the facts that they had. All were known reporters and a friend of mine sat to talk with them and bring back this information. They already had been briefed about what they couldn't talk about and thus only parts of it would go out over the air. So the first thing they said was ---the nations are in trouble like nothing since there was a nation, since there has been history, and things are about to explode. There never has been such a time of trouble in all human history. --That fits right in with the signs of 'The son of man in the heavens, ' and other things that we know. But it says here at this time, when apparently the white man is in great trouble, outnumbered in the world 6 to 1, then this is the measure that at this time we are not left alone. For in that time Michael the Prince shall stand up and the people will be delivered, all those whose names were written in a book.

So at that time Michael stands up like he stood before for the people of God. and what I want to point out is that Michael commanded the hosts of Heaven, and he stood and fought for you in the past and threw the Devil out of the heavens. So if the children of God didn't exist before the conversion, if some one had to point this out to them, as a conversion, if the children didn't exist since the days of Adam then by no stretch of the imagination could we say that Michael stood to fight for us 'again'. Because Michael stood for the kingdom of God in the heavens, and Lucifer and all his hosts out of the heavens came in great space warfare when you were Celestial children, in Celestial plains long before you were ever embodied in a physical world.

And now down here in the flesh you are still being attacked by Luciferian forces, who put the world in darkness and superstition. For this purpose God put his own family , his own children here to build a kingdom in the earth, and started this posterity with Adam. He intended for the race line to remain pure, for the spiritual vision to remain pure. He has warned you that if you mongrelize the race, that you mutate the spiritual capacity, you mutate the ability to understand. There is no capacity for spirit to cohabit with that which is not spirit, in the synthesis of reality. So you can have physical mutations by mongrelization because of the similarity of men, and the processes of the physical and because of this fact of mitosis, chromotin, and genes functioning but you cannot inherit the spiritual wave length, for instance you cannot take out of the chromotin and pass on a culture to a people who have nothing in common with this inheritance. So God is very specific about the racial laws because of this. The old Testament is still with us, and the New Testament says come out of them and be separated or segregated. God has laid the facts down as to why this is to be and what it causes.

I think it is significant therefore that when we talk about the sons of God that we are talking about a household, a race that God started out with Adam , and which comes on down to our time. but the Celestial sons--your ego consciousness, your soul consciousness, your thinking intelligence resides in a body like God. Not made like you would make a house, not formed of mud or putty/ Some people have this idea that God put things together like a tar baby and then breathed life into it and it came to life. We are not talking about the original creation, we are not talking about the Tungus man who roamed the Steppes of Asia , whose tracks we find around the world for 600,000 years . Whose tracks we find making ceramics, painting in caves, moving into the Ouldville gorge in Africa where great rifts show us that 600,000 years is only a start on how long intelligent people walked, made ceramics, and painted with material on the face of the earth. I am not talking about Adamites for this was a pre-Adamic world , and Lucifer ruined it. This is one that under the fall Lucifer brought under subjection, but these people were not sons of God, they were people of creation. They had only one God but Lucifer an archangel became a rebellious Archangel and did not keep his first estate, and was thrown out of heaven in that great battle, and came into this one sidereal system where he became isolated. You know Michael was going to come in and make a full end of this rebellion at that time but God said:--'Stay Michael'. So all Lucifer could do was disintegrate the material structure, he could not have destroyed the spiritual structure because being spirit it is indestructible even in error. So in this instance I point out to you that this physical creation, this part of it made the antiquity of the ages, millions of years as any geophysical chronologists can tell you, and we now come face to face with the fact that there were creations and creations for our father was always making.

The day he rolled out this little solar system and spun this world around we thought it was just another Fourth of July. It says;--"The morning stars (archangels)s sang and the sons of God shouted for Joy"---How about that ? the sons of God shouted for joy when he created this solar system?--sure because we were with him before the foundation of the world was framed. We were celestial Children, and you say but I don't remember that. the reason why is that when you were born into the physical world thru the body of Adam you being the children of Adam after the flesh as the scripture says;-----but Adam was the son of God according to the genealogy of Jesus. He was the son of God because he carried the holy seed. He was warned not to mix with those not of his kind, and the race then did not find acceptance after the fall until Seth was born, this is a very vital issue. After this race was placed in earth it carried out this posterity---but under the fall.

But God promised something to Adam, he promised he would be embodied in human form, that a woman was going to encompass a man. that he would activate the womb of this woman to synthesize his body and that He would dwell in earth as the offspring of the woman out of the race that he begat, and was not thus ashamed to call you his kinsmen. He fulfilled every promise made before the world was framed--didn't he. But he told us these things while we were in celestial realms, this is brought to the attention of the Apostle Paul, this was taught to him, and he said;--I am a son of God because the father begat me by His Will not mine. If I had any choice in the matter this is what I would choose. You would all want to be sons and daughters of God and you should be glad you are because if your weren't you wouldn't be able to choose him anyhow. People do not understand this but people who do understand this are only the people who have spiritual perception. Nobody else understands spiritual things except spiritual children. this is why in the 14th., chapter of John it says;--He sends the Paraclete, and it has been translated as holy spirit, but it says:--"I will come unto you". This is his intelligence the wave thoughts sent upon you by the very essence of Light, spirit vibrations. This is the Light of Life of men. He said:--I send this down to you, even the spirit of truth the world cannot receive. You are not of the world little children ---as John tells you---'Ye are Gods '--begotten of god so you can receive these things.

The Apostle Paul tells you in first Corinthians that the spirit in you is different than the one that the world received. We haven't received the spirit of the natural man in the world. They have received a natural man's spirit and all they understand is the things they get thru the senses. But the spirit we have received is of God--our Father--and we perceive things they can't understand, even t he spiritual things not in their discernment. So therefore this marks the difference of the children of God on one of these levels, of higher level of understanding. So therefore he said:--ye received the spirit which the world cannot understand, even the spirit of truth.

So I bring this to your attention--Adam possessed it, and it was mutated to the extent of violation of divine law, thus it took seven gestations to cleanse the womb, and then Seth was begotten and Adam said;---'Now I have gotten a man in my own image.' If this seems repetitious then let me get this across---the thing that I want you to get fixed is that you are children of God. Of course you have been born here in the 20th., century and you come into this picture over 7000 years after Adam but you are still the posterity of Adam. Every scripture in the book says;---'In Adam we all die'--that is right, because of Adam we all come under the condemnation of death because of the violation of divine law. In Adam we say that transgression fell on the race and we lost our immortality, but look what the scripture says:---'In Adam we all die, but in Christ we shall all be made alive'. The first Adam was a living soul, but the second Adam (Christ) came a life giving spirit---but he also was in a body. Remember to be YAHSHUA he had to come out of the issue of the Adamic race, thus the first begotten one to produce a synthesis of flesh since the days of Adam. That is why he is referred to as the second Adam. That is why he is referred to as the only begotten of Agra-Pneumos--the Celestial spirit consciousness of God. Yet that which was formed was His body before the world was framed. By this miracle which makes this the super natural advent of God, the greatest historical turning point in history this then was measured by the signs which were given to Enoch which the wisemen followed, and was thus measured on his time table of the ages, nothing added to it, and nothing taken away from it. this was the embodiment of God, and at no time since the time when god begat the Adamic race was there a specific issue of God other than the holy seed passing down thru the generations.

No; God proves this ---since the children of god were in bodies of flesh he therefore took upon himself a body like they had. The reason why I am making this repetitious to this point is that I want to seer deep into your consciousness this one factor. I want the tape audiences over the world to catch this one facet , to understand that because He caused the children of God to come down here into a body of flesh, then he took a body to save us, to give back our immortality, to conquer fear. He did not do this to make us sons, we were sons in the flesh before he came. Therefore it is not some area of thought that you accept that makes you a son, but because you are sons you can receive the thoughts. In other words because you are spirit of his spirit, you are also flesh of his flesh, and bone of his bone. The Apostle Paul tells you this in the book of Ephesians. He said concerning you---concerning his people----flesh of his flesh an bone of his bone

As we mentioned to you just last week in this subject ---who are the Israelites concerning who are the fathers, concerning the flesh----Christ came--God above all forever, and these children of God were Issue dwelling here. They were people , they were 'Thy people' according to this pattern that He was our father and we are the seed, the Holy people, and he refers to Ephraim as his first born, but this is talking about the synthesis of his kingdom, one of the leaders from the 12 tribes of the sons of Jacob. This emphasis is therefore clear that God produced a miracle----"A virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and thou shall call his name Immanuel."

This was the miracle, the advent of the Christ who stood before his disciples and said:----"He who hath seen me hath seen the father"--this is the only begotten body of God as a personal intervention in the seed line of the race since the bringing forth of the issue of Adam. So then has the Apostle Paul in inspiration thru the discourses he received in the heavens referred to this embodiment as the 'second Adam', for this is the only time he has brought forth a divine issue out of this race, tho he begat this race to begin with by bringing it forth as his issue, and thus he came out of this race. So if there is any one thing important for you to know it is that you are the children of God. That you are the family of God, no wonder then that the Apostle Paul said:--'His spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of god. There is nothing in all this understanding which is more significant. Therefore one of the situations which shows up is what is written;---"Eye hath not seen or ear heard all the things God has prepared for them. He reveals them to us by the spirit. Therefore this is the spirit that we have and the natural man does not have this type of spirit. "For his spirit bears witness to our spirit that we are the children of God. "

If you have a reference bible you will see a little mark by the word children. Then you will come over here, and you will find in the reference that it says:--Tekon--one born a child, begotten an issue--brought forth. Thus it is if we be children then we are the heirs of God, then along comes the embodiment of YAHSHUA OR THE CHRIST and we are joint heirs with HIM. so the Apostle Paul says:--'I do not compare the suffering or the trials, the problems I go thru here in the flesh to be even reckoned with the things coming to pass, the earnest expectation of the creatures waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God. And not only they but 'we--the whole world' is waiting to see the sons of god made manifest. This again I point out, is very important for you to know. People then wonder as we talk about the sons of God why in John I, we say that the translation has been made an Episcopal for it says:--"This is the light which lighted every man who came into the world . But if we came into the world we had to exist before we came. If we didn't come into the world then we started here. Jesus said as he unveiled this that we brought nothing into the world thus we take nothing out. But we did come in, so it says:--he came to the land of his inheritance and the occupants received him not. but those who received him he re-empowered them as sons of God. This is why we believe on HIM. Now then we were not born of blood, or the will of the flesh but of the Will of God. Didn't have anything to do with our opinions or how our mind was made up, but this was because of our being begotten of God before the will of the flesh, before the mind. In other words he came to the land of his inheritance to restore power. Those with the capacity to receive HIM then he re-empowered them as sons and daughters of God. But the fact remains that this passage has been done violence to by translation, but it does not change the fact that they were his household before they came. and in this instance people overlook the fact that when talking about Jesus it says:---"In the beginning was the word.", and this word was Logos, or He who commands with his voice, who orders all things according to the pattern of his consciousness, this is the LOGOS. And the 'word was made flesh and dwelt among us.' --and 'the word was with God'. This is in other words the intelligence, this is the great synthesis, the intelligence of the Universe, and the Word was God, this is the entity of His being. You can't separate a living spirit from his mind, his intelligence anymore than you can remove you from your entity, your spirit soul and body, the only thing is the body can die, and you can leave the body, but not for very long because he is going to raise it up again for he is not going to have any defeat for his family .There isn't' even going to be a defeat in the physical realm of god for I point out to you that you have entity (spirit) soul and body as well.

Now; I don't want to upset a lot of pet theologies but you could go out until doomsday and try to put some people into heaven and you never get them there because only those who came out of the heavens are going back there. Jesus said:---he said this himself but Preachers overlook this, and they try to make it singular but Jesus said:--'Only those can ascent into heaven who came down out of it.' In this instance unless you came out of it you can't go back because it is a matter of wave length in Celestial realms.

So Jesus said tot he Jews in the book of John when the High Priests had sent a bunch of soldiers to capture him, and the soldiers were afraid of the masses of people who were listening and following Jesus. They were afraid it wasn't a good move so they waited for an opportune time to seize him. But Jesus said to the Jews:---The day is coming when you will seek me and can't come, for where I am going you can't come. This is pretty plain because he turned to his disciples and said as it is translated;--'In My father's house are many mansions'--actually what he said was:--In the plains of spirit are many dwelling places, if it were not so I would have told you'. They translated Agra Pneuma--all that is of high synthesis as father, so we will leave it that way.

Then he said;--I go away to prepare a place for you so that where I go you can go also. So if this physical body as the Apostle Paul tells us--if this physical body dissolves we have a house not made by hands because it was synthesized by birth not make like a house put together like a putty ball. He said;--if this physical body be dissolved we have a Celestial house not made by hands--no--because it was begotten. Remember that Jesus said;--in the celestial realm there are dwelling places for the household. If I go away I will prepare a place for you that where I am you may be also.

Now; if we even take that interpretation it spells out one thing, that these people who Jesus was talking to, his disciples, his followers, the race, they had a place to go. He was going into the heavens and they could also come. But he said to the Jews--where I go you can't come. So there is a difference in the Jews and the people he is preparing the house for. This is quite obvious and it just takes a little putting of things together for it is all here. It is synthesized here and people are amazed, but truth is so interlocking for whenever you apply a little truth it fits --see. Everywhere you put it then it fits. When you find this Mosaic of truth it has to fit in all the structure of truth every where it meets along the line.

Now of course I recognize that one of the biggest problems in the world is Priestcraft . It is built on holding people by superstition not that God did not set up Priests to carry out the rituals of the old testament church, the Kehilla, or his ministry or Priests in the new Testament. This is fine, and I am not referring to their ministry as Priestcraft. I am referring to the superstitions woven in and the kind of translation bands, and the interpretations used to make people obedient to a certain area of Priestcraft or to a certain area of ecclesiastical authority by setting up a fear lest they break this link and be outside, or outcast. In other words Priestcraft has set up terrible flaming perdition, tortures, punishment and all kinds of things and then built an area which would cast doubt that anyone would have truth but their own church. Priestcraft says that if you get ex-communicated out of here you wind up in purgatory, and if you don't pay off you are never going to get into heaven. In fact we might make it a little easier on you and let you go into a state of suspended animation called limbo. If you have enough shekels or your family has enough money maybe we can push you into heaven. This is Priestcraft. And this Priestcraft wants you to be afraid. Oh, you say, that is only one church---no it is not, it wasn't so long ago that I listened to a minister who said that if people didn't belong to this particular area of churches, and this full Gospel band, then if people do not receive what we have offered it doesn't matter whether they are Baptist, Methodist, or Catholic they are all going to hell. I want you to awaken your neighbors and tell them, I want you to realize that if you backslide from this that if you don't get right back in you are going to be destroyed.

Now he was sincere but totally wrong for he was promoting an area of Priestcraft --see. He was promoting an area of fear lest they get out of this circle and be destroyed. But the whole thing is that God doesn't set his kingdom up on these little two bit ideas. The way you determine that theology is , or is not true, is --does it make God bigger or littler, just remember this. To many people have a little God, but the bigger your God is the closer you are to truth. I am telling you this,--little people are the ones who do this, they treat their inferiority complex like that, their religious feeling like that, they want to smooth everything out and they want to be the only ones who make it. And because someone has disobeyed the divine law then that is different for them. God gave us the divine law to make us better people, because we were sons and daughters we did not have to go thru trial and error to find the truth. He gave us his law and if we did not have any spirit we wouldn't be able to understand it. He did not give his law to the Chinese, and they didn't get a document on mount Sinai. They didn't go out to Chicken bone hill and have God come in with a fleet and give them the law. He didn't come to Mt. Kilminjaro and find a bunch of witch doctors rattling bones and say here is the law. The only people he gave the law to was Israel meaning issue ruling with him. Why? Because the others could not understand it anyhow.

Now; people say, but with the law, if you do this you are blessed, and if you don't you are going to get all the judgments of the law--yes--God doesn't have to spend much time making this work. He knew how, he put this thing together. He knew chemical law, digestive law, and so forth. Eat something and you get sick, and if you wear out the land the enzymes can't replace themselves. If you violate moral law you are in trouble. If you let a festering immorality exist then you better stone the immorality and kill it before it spreads thru the race. Today they want to take it into the church, if he is a homosexual they may ordain him. This may sound strange but the Presbyterian church has 15 homosexual ministers in Los Angeles country, and one of the secretaries of the National council of churches said:--Dr. Swift this is why these issues are here today, where they are trying to throw out all the moral laws of California. Here is Pike in the Episcopal church and Gluckman in the Methodist church and all these churches want these perverts in their churches. They say we have been following old superstitions out of the Old Testament.

Well, I don't want to go that way at all, for the law doesn't change. The law is accurate and it is right. And this law was given to you for a physical world so you would know how to live. And if you don't, the law takes care of itself. It brings its own judgements, its own catastrophe. And violations of the law by nations, produced the catastrophes that have moved on us economically as we permitted these strangers, we were warned about, to come in. When we let the evil powers take control of our economy, become our money changers, before long you don't even have any gold or silver. And they have taken that over and you get depressions. Alright, this is a divine law which God gave to His sons and daughters and specifically to you. He didn't give it to Africa or Asia because you are His household. He said:--'I gave it to you because you are going to set the captives free. You are going to overthrow communism. You are going to conquer evil, throw out the witch doctors, and pull down the idol temples.

In fact, everything in opposition to God's law is about to go. You should bring everything effecting your life and see how it stacks up according to God. And if there is anything you don't know, can't find out about, then you better get down before God and ask to find. I don't care whether you are a technician, a scientist, a farmer, or a banker. I don't care what you are. You better find your relationship with that pattern of your living backed by that which is sovereign. You better find your relationship with that which you don't have to apologize for. I don't say that you have to be perfect. Your spirit is already perfect. But your soul consciousness isn't, or you wouldn't even have a cold. Your body will put on immortality when your soul consciousness is perfect. But your spirit is already perfect. The mind and body will be, because He has predestinated every last one of you to conform to the image of the son (meaning His embodiment). Thus "All Israel is to be saved." And He wasn't talking about the Jews, but about sons and daughters. Because His spirit bears witness that we are the offspring of God. These are the working processes. Nothing else is as significant in this identity.

As we point this out, then you can establish very clearly this pre-existence pattern that you were sons before any of these things God did. This can be pointed out by any minister or evangelist. We are not opposed to ministers or evangelists. That would be foolish. We are not opposed to truth. And God says:--'I will unveil truth. I will raise up ministers. I will inspire them to proclaim My words.'

Now, it has been generally taught in order to be correct, that preachers speak 'Cathedra'---and whenever they speak thus, they are speaking the word of God. I can go to my library shelf and pull out the writings of St. Thomas Aquita and he says that when the Pope speaks 'Cathedra', he is speaking with the word of God and he is infallible. He can express his opinions like anyone in this room and make a mistake just like anyone else. But Catholic doctrine says that when he speaks the word of God, then the word of God cannot be changed. Therefore he is infallible.---This is 'Cathedra'.

Now, don't think this as a pro or against Catholic doctrine. But I reserve the right in Bible study to be honest. I know that a lot of Protestants run around saying the Catholics believe in the infallibility of the Pope and Priests say he can't do anything wrong. But that is only ignorant ones who do not know any better. I don't doubt that down in Mexico that some of those Priests teach Catholics that the Pope is infallible and can do no wrong. But I know he can be wrong, and he was wrong when he came over here and embraced the United Nations. And he made another mistake when he told us to get down before the Viet Cong and China. We were to prostrate ourselves before the communist in the name of Peace. In fact, don't believe he is infallible when he quotes scripture. For some of it has been tampered with. So when the Pope or Priests quote scripture they are right when they quote every word which came out of the mouth of God. But not right every time they quote every translation. However the spirit bears witness to our spirit as to what is truth. It witnesses to your spirit. Therefore I point out that this book,---the truth here is not obscured or hid from you. It is only hid from Lucifer and the world. So what happens? We run thru these long cyclers of ecclesiastical thought. Some are only thirty or forty years old and some five hundred years old. And five hundred years of error is harder to set aside that a thirty or forty year old one. They said:--'this is the way it is.' But it doesn't make it right if it does not link it to the Eternal pattern of THE MOST HIGH.

We have had so many questions, so I thought we should cover this area of Sonship.-Until we could get it clearly in peoples minds, that Celestial begatting of the family of God was in the creation long before they came to earth. Now here in earth the forgetfulness of yesterday came but the power of the spirit to bring anything to your remembrance has never been changed. Thus is inspiration and vision descended on your race and upon no other people. The technology, the ability to develop, to create, to find, came to you. I don't care what you go into. Suppose you go into the medical field; the mystery realm of sickness, disease and germs. They never look for leaders in this field in Africa or the filth of Asia. There never was any students of advance biology ever came out of Africa until the white man found it and then started to teach them. So even things you can't see--still God had to stimulate the vision and it fell on the race. And the people of the race could draw on the pattern. There is not one secret thing which will not be revealed. There is no knowledge hidden from you, for 'seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be opened.'

I had a professor tell me:--'That may not be true, Dr. Swift. There are a lot of things that we haven't been able to find out.' I said:--'Tell me one.' He scratched his head a while and said:--'Well, if I tell you one then it is because we have already found it out.' I said:--'That's right. You don't know anything you haven't found out as yet.' There are certain areas you may be looking for in the area of the medical profession or some area of research, and you haven't found the cure because you are brain blocking this with something else. But the fact is, that you have discovered what you need and you are on the road. There is nothing that in time we won't find. But you don't find it down in Africa, or in China, or in India or the Islands of the sea. For--"ye are the Light of the World"--"Ye are the Salt of the Earth"--. But don't mongrelize that light or it loses its brightness. Don't mix it with the earth or it loses its saltiness. This is the reason why God said come out from among them and be ye separate---segregated.

Someone brought me a Bakersfield paper and the city council says they don't want any groups in Bakersfield or Kern County who believe in segregation. They want a totally integrated brain as well as society. Well, thank God, there are a lot of people down there who may not say much about it, but they don't believe in being mongrelized. One of these days judgement will begin in the house of God. We are already getting judgement for things which happened in the past and we will continue to get them. But HIS spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God. Because we were children before He came then He came to redeem us, came in the flesh. But since we were sons, it says He brought His many sons captive in the Netherworld---brought them into Glory.

Remember this. After Jesus was crucified, where did He go? That would make a good sermon. If I believed the average preacher, he went to hell. But we are going to call it the Nethermost world, or Sheol. But HE went to do what? He went to preach to those souls imprisoned by Lucifer. And after He preached to them for three days, He came up out of the grave and brought these spirits, all these children, out of the Netherworld, out of the grave. And I can show you this in the scripture. He went down to set His sons free. And He said:--'I will not leave the soul of any of my sons in Perdition. No.--I will not.' So I want you to understand this, that the spiritual capacity is something which you have.

To the Jews, He said:--'You can't understand my speech because you can't hear My words.' But you know everyone can hear a voice. But they don't always perceive the things of the spirit. Remember when Saul was a man of God, but he didn't know it? He had been schooled at the temple under Jewry, so he rode with the Jews. And God said:--'This is the man I have picked from the beginning to be the Apostle to the nations. He is intelligent, he knows many languages, he spoke Latin, Greek and many others and could write the dialect of the Ephesians and of all the areas of those he wrote to. And he wrote classical Hebrew and even had been to Britain and knew the tongue. So he was a very brilliant man, and he wanted to serve god but didn't know how, so he was brain washed and held by a Jewish theology. So he thought he had to kill Christians. Scripture says that they were riding along and God spoke to this man:--'Saul, Saul. Why persecute thou me? I know it is hard for you to move against this prick. (error)

Well Saul lifted up his eyes and said;--"LORD who art thou? Those riding with him said it thundered, they could not hear the words nor discern the spirit, there wasn't anyone else in this group that could discern the spirit. but Saul -Paul was taken to this mans house and he was blinded by that flash of light and couldn't see until God opened his eyes. But this was the calling of Saul whose name was changed to Paul. And when he got his eyes opened he knew all he had known before and now more was unveiled to him. So God then sent two special Angels to him and they carried him away in a great chariot and out into space and then he returned to write the , "Apocalypse of Paul". There was a lot more in the "Apocalypse of Paul" than in the Epistles, but he said whether in the spirit or in the body when he went out there , he did not know. But he tells of going out into the 3rd., and 4th., heavens and beyond and when he came back he wrote for you, and he did not write for the Cainanites, Hittites and others with their hatred of Christ. He said that the Jews were against God and contrary to all men. This was after his eyes were opened, and he knew the difference between his own kindred and the Jews. And this one Jew sorcerer --he said to him---'you have no part or lot in this matter'. In his preaching and teaching the Apostle Paul had a capacity so that when God called then Paul responded. Jesus said;---'I call my sheep by name, I lead them out, I give them Eternal life, and they never perish'. So this is the reason again why Jesus would say--"All that the spirit hath given me shall come, and those who come, I in no wise cast out.'---No man can come unto me unless the spirit draws him, and I will raise him up in the last days. So the greatest thing you can know is that you are a child of the spirit.

We talk about what transpires when a child of the spirit maybe not being aware of this, and he has been brought up in a Christian family which is natural for your race, and he may be growing up all his life with a conscious awareness of the things he has been taught, he has been growing up with this and then a Preacher comes along and says

this has to be a personal thing , you have to accept this and announce that you have accepted it altho he has always accepted it , so he makes this acceptance and is told that now you are 'born again', You say: but Dr. Swift don't you believe that? --I believe that you are twice born and if you will go to your Lexicon you find that Jesus said: ---'You must be born of the spirit and born of the water. This is the breaking of the water in natural birth, the first is spiritual birth.

Now God said;--and this we now do---when you come to an awareness of this truth, thee spirit moves, the holy spirit calls and you reach out, and it gives you Eternal life. This is a re-generated understanding, this means that you have been re-activated in the full perceptive consciousness of the spirit. But if you did not have the spirit, if there wasn't any spiritual seed there, if you didn't have it before you couldn't regenerate it. You can't regenerate something unless it has been generated before. You can only renew the mind which has something to renew. this is the great cardinal point of Christian philosophy, of the truth of the word of God. So men are quickened in their consciousness, they are filled with the wave length of spiritual power, they are filled with the spirit. And all nine gifts of the spirit , or anyone of them can be bestowed upon them as a gift of the Father. All of them by the spirit are baptised into one body, and thus you are all members of the body of Christ. So all of you with your many attributes, your many talents all grow into this one body. One doesn't' say, look I am down here, I can't do anything for the head of the body is up there. But one part of the body doesn't say I am greater than you, for it takes all the body to make the body complete , to be able to get around and do its task. So we tell you that every true Christian makes up the body of the Christ. it is not a matter of his attributes, it is not a matter of his gifts, it is a matter of the discerning of his gift, and the spirit will quicken his gift when he is ready to use it. The most important thing then is to set yourself free with truth, and when truth sets you free then you are free indeed.

Today there are many, many earnest people who are still captive to some areas of their faith because they haven't as yet found the truth , and they don't know this, but when they find it they are set free.

Now ; someone ask what is the theme of the Bible? The theme is this household of God. The theme of the Bible is made up of race, nation, throne, church, and the spiritual center of the kingdom is the church. Thus nation, church and throne make up the facets of the kingdom, but the thing by which it comes is the great racial stream that flows out of the throne of God like a clear water of life. And this tree of 12 manners of fruit is the kingdom, the race and the household.

Now ; it is because of that----that the new covenant was made with the same people as was the old Covenant. That the covenants and promises of God in the New Testament are not made with another people. And in the book of Jeremiah he said:--'I shall make a new covenant with the House of Judah and the House of Joseph in those days. ' And the New Covenant in the New Testament was made with the same people he made the Covenant with in the old Testament. It is just a better covenant because it includes greater and bigger things because He has consummated these things and we have moved into a new era. He has now taken off of us our guilt. He has justified us by His Grace, and He has set us free, and we no longer live by fear or stumble along on the hope of works. we live by the Grace of life of love of God, the atonement of God. We teach his law, to obey it, this is the fruit of the kingdom, this is his blessing.

Now; if you are a real smart person you will apply it. I don't have to tell you fellows not to put water in your gas tanks , but why not it is free ?--You say---we know the engine won't start if you pour water in the gas tank. That's right, and I am going to tell you something else--if a person knows something like the difference between water and gas, then when you know something --you use it. The more you know the more you obey, this is the same with the law. You don't obey because of the whip, we had a law all the time but didn't obey it even tho we gave lip service to it. You didn't keep the law because you were afraid of it altho punishment may have kept some people from breaking it. The fact was it was the Grace of God, the spirit of God which kindled the desire to keep it in you. At times he has to chasten you with a lot of things but he brought you up to a greater day.

Now since the resurrection of the Christ , since the out pouring of his spirit at the time of the former rain he said:---I have softened your heart and given you a higher spiritual sensitivity, having justified you by My Grace, you are now able to receive more than in any period since Adam. Since His crucifixion and Resurrection this is true, you are more spiritually rejuvenated than your forbearers were. So since perceiving this, except for the special ministry given to the prophets he said that now you are moving under a period of Grace. And in this latter day I am going to pour out so much more of my spirit, and my Grace, this knowledge, this wisdom on you that it will quicken your consciousness, and not just by a little bit, but every secret thing shall be made known. People shall be set free, and the one thing they need to be set free from is superstition which keeps them far out from God, and somewhat afraid of Him. In other words the Love of God casts out all fear---"Perfect love casts out all fear."

So we tell you again that you must not put a price on God to the point where we eliminate people according as to whether they have accepted all we have. We don't want to eliminate people, for the kingdom of God embraces all the people of the kingdom. We do not bring into the church that which cannot perceive truth because we are foolish when we do, as most of the trouble for the church comes from people who do not understand the thoughts and plans of God. If they did they would not make this trouble which they do. The scripture says that the Princes of this world wouldn't have crucified Christ if they had understood all that we understand. But they didn't have this spirit so couldn't understand for Lucifer's rebellion so long ago effected them. But the LORD says he will worship at thy feet. But that is a long time out in the plan of God , but he can do it, and it will be consistent with his law.

QUESTION;---The Asiatics are astronomers to an extent aren't' they, they have a----

ANSWER;--Yes, they go thru a Zodiacal cycle and they have the solar and the lunar Zodiac with the houses of the sun and the moon, and these forms are of little creatures, so they know they move out of the Pisces age into Aquarius. But they go thru cycles as this is the year of the rat, and so forth, an in their movements they have come up in their new year to the year of the horse. They also think this is the year when the hoards of Genghis Kahn will ride out of the Steppes.

QUESTION;--but they have only 4072 for the year on their calendars---

ANSWER;--but that has nothing to do with us t all. it doesn't matter whether we use the Alexandrian or Hales we still come out approximately 5400 from Adam to Christ and here we are close to 7400 years for history for the Adamic race.

QUESTION;--You say we must be born of the water and the spirit--

ANSWER;--I said spirit and water because they transposed it.

QUESTION;--well, then can you explain where baptism comes in.

ANSWER;---Water baptism?


ANSWER;--Water baptism is not birth--water baptism is an ordinance. God gave it and it is not a sacrament, it has been given sacramental standing in some denominations but the Communion is a sacrament, Marriage is a sacrament, but Baptism is an ordinance.

Now; baptism is an outward sign of an inner identity of the individual with the Christ. It is being dead, buried and raised with Christ. It is the ordinance God has used for the individual himself, it is the ordinance God has used for the initiation into his church physical. Therefore it is the identity of the individual by his own identification, own wishes

with the Christ . You are baptised into the body of Christ in the world today, or thus into the true church. It is an outward sign of an inward work.

Now as far as the spirit off God is concerned, the spirit of God is poured out upon his sons and his daughters, but the water is an outward sign of something God has done

within. It is not the birth of an individual, when talking of the breaking of the water that is talking about natural birth, the very words used in the Greek proves this. Spiritual birth is spiritually begotten. The transposing of this takes place, the verbs are at the end and they transpose them in translation, but it is spirit and water.

Nicodemus was asked by Jesus;---Art thou a master of Israel and do not know that? Nicodemus was asking;--how do I get in? Jesus said; are you a teacher of Israel and don't know that you have to be born into the kingdom, born in the spirit and or the water ? If you are not a child of God in the spirit, and a child of Adam in the flesh then you are not an inheritor of the kingdom. You can accept the right God and come out error and come into the light. The day is coming when all flesh will come this route as the scripture says in the book of Isaiah. But speaking of this particular point even Scofield had to admit this even tho he hated to -----but you can get a Strongs Concordance and it says;---twice born. Do you know what it says in all of the lexicons? ---Being born from above, then born in earth. It doesn't even break it down like we did into spirit and water. It says born from above and then born on earth, and the forefathers understood this. In other facets it said being born of the spirit and then born of water. Actually the spirit entity is before the physical entity because the spirit is that which entered into the body and dwelt with us in soul consciousness.