06-28-67 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


It is frightening today to see how so many preachers have gone all out for the Jews. Especially since their success was so skillfully engineered in Palestine. But you must remember that the Jews do not change their identity. They don’t change their way of life or their way of living. And nothing had changed what Jesus had to say about them. When Jesus in the time He walked the earth, called them the children of the devil, He does not in 1967, turn around and call them the children of God and the chosen people. They are still the same seed of the serpent and still up to the same chicanery that they were doing in the days when Jesus identified and denounced them.

In the book of John in Chapter 8, Jesus says they are of their father the devil, and the lusts of their father they will do. That he was a liar and a murderer from the beginning, and Christ denounced them thoroughly and identified them. (Tied them back to Cain) All Jewry was in this same boat because Jesus said they could not understand His speech. They could never understand Him. And they had no spiritual capacity whatsoever. Thus could not understand. So in the 8th chapter of John, this is brought out quite thoroughly, as He denounces the forces of Jewry. We use these passages quite often, but remember, we have only four books in the Bible with the words of Jesus in them. And yet He spent more time denouncing Jewry than any other fact brought out in the New Testament. Thus the fact remains that the Jews of today are the same descendants of the forces that Jesus denounced in His time.

In the book of Matthew, Jesus said that these forces of Jewry were white-washed sepulcher. And He said that when they called themselves Pharisees, that they were false Pharisees or Shamah Pharisees. He said they were white-washed sepulchers. They were like open graves waiting for men to fall in them. That they were descendants of the serpent. That they came from the generations of the serpent and of the asp. He said to them:--’Who warned you to flee from the wrath to come?’ Then He told them that they had killed the prophets and all the righteous that He had sent to lead Israel.

They then replied:--’If we had lived in the time of our fathers, we would not have killed the prophets.’ But right there they just trapped themselves and Jesus replied:--’Ye have just proven that ye are descendants of the prophet killers. Ye are guilty of all the righteous slain from Abel to Zacharias who was killed between the horns of the altar.’

All of the Sadducees were reincarnationists. They were Cainaanites, Hittites, and Amalikites. And Jesus named this situation well. The people called Jews in Palestine today are from these same people or under their control by their religion. And their names should have been Yehudin (meaning accursed). And they should never be identified with the children of God. We have the unfortunate situation that when the translation of the New Testament came about, the Jews came in to help translate the Greek and the Hebrew.

One example of this is---this Dr. Schoenfeldt, who put out the book, ‘The Passover Plot’, which is one of the most vicious books ever written against Christ. For this book says that Christ planned His own crucifixion. But He never planned to die. His movement was just a big conspiracy to grab power. And His resurrection was a part of the conspiracy. This book was written by this vicious Jew. But he is way up in the intellectual community and in letters. This Jew is the one who helped translate the Revised Version of the New Testament. This Jew is the one who has written untold books on theology. No one knew that he was a Jew until he wrote ‘The Passover Plot’. Then in the forward of that book, he tells of his being Jewish and how it pleased him to write that book. This is typical of organized Jewry. So many times where the word Jew is used the New Testament, the word should be men of Judah, or Judah, or Judea. And in a very few instances it should be Judaism.

In the book of Revelation it says:--’Woe to them that say they are Jews and are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan.’ The Correct translation is:--’Woe unto them that say they are Judah and are not.’ That was the way it was written in the Aramaic when John wrote it. But through their handling of the translation, we have many places where the words were changed in the scriptures to hide the identity of true Israel and put in their place these of Anti-Christ as the chosen people. Then by this method they try to put themselves above criticism. Altho they deny Christ and Christians know this. I think we should go by the teaching of the beloved disciple who understood what Jesus said. John was to tell you that there are already many anti-Christs in the world. How do you know an anti-Christ?--He who denies that Jesus is YAHWEH come in the flesh, is an Anti-Christ.

Jesus warned us that these people are thieves and liars. And we should never let them come into our nation and into our homes and into our churches. If we do, they will swear their allegiance to Christ, only to betray our nation, our homes and our schools. And to get their hands in our pockets. They are to never be trusted for they are the sons of Lucifer.

Never has such an opposition to Christ been retained quite as strong as this opposition of Jewry. For instance, the Jews will not use the Red Cross because of their hatred of the Cross. They use instead a Mogen David red star of Jewry. They hate the Deity of the Christ. And they hate it as much as they ever did. There is no let up in their hatred for these are Anti-Christs.

The Apostle Paul fell under the teaching of these of Anti-Christ and he moved right along with their hatred until he saw Christ on the way to Damascus. Now God had special plans for this Israelite. And He had a hand in his training. When He stopped him on the road to Damascus, He said:--’Saul, Saul, why persecueth thou me?’ And Saul head Chris and he saw Christ. But the Jews with him thought that it only thundered. Then when the Apostle Paul moved into his ministry, then immediately the Jews wanted to put him to death as they had been putting to death every follower of Jesus that they could get their hands on. The Apostle Paul says in Thessalonians that the Jews are against God and contrary to all men. So they are not the Israel of God. And by no stretch of the imagination are they a part of Judah and Benjamin. There is not one Jew in the world today with Israelite blood unless he married some Israelite for some sort of gain and a child was produced. But that child was not to be a part of Israel. The Jews are Hittites, Amalakites, Cainanites, and they are red, black, yellow, and off color white. They have one thing in common. They are the offspring of Lucifer and fallen Angels who fell with Lucifer. Jesus made it quite clear when He said He had chosen 12 for His disciples and one of them was a devil. He was talking of Judas of Iscariot. For his mother was not only a Jewess, but she consorted with devils. And Jesus meant what He said.

In John, chapter 17, Jesus prayed a prayer which John never heard Him pray. But which under inspiration, he recorded:--’Thine they were in the heavens, Mine they are in earth.--I have kept all of them except the son of perdition, that the scripture might be fulfilled.’ Thus Judas of Iscariot was the son of Satan and he was the only one in the twelve. By this declaration, Jesus has set very clearly once again, that the children of Israel came down out of the heavens. That they were spiritually begotten in the heavens and then physically begotten in their bodies of the Adamic race here in earth. That is exactly the entrance to the Kingdom of Heaven. In Revelations, you find the gates of the Kingdom of Heaven. And the names of the twelve tribes of the children of Israel are above those gates. Also in the instance of the spirit speaking to John concerning the bride, the Lamb’s wife:--’Come hither and I will show you the Bride, the Lamb’s wife.’ And He showed John the New world order, coming down out of the heavens from God to our time thru Adam, thru Seth, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And on down to our time. This was the city---New Jerusalem---but not a is not buildings. It is people. And the gates to this New World Order has four main gates. And three names are over each gate. And the names on these gates are the 12 tribes of Israel. There in the 21st chapter of Revelation is this New Order. And the entrance into the New Order is only by one way, which is thru birth. That is why God said:--’The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.’ Then He also said:--’Only to you is it given to understand the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven.’ Here He was speaking to the Apostles and to the Adamic race, Israel---meaning ruling with God. For this to be possible, then the Adamic race had existed with HIM in the plains of Spirit.

One of the reasons why we know that God has already spoken to this Adamic race, and made covenants with them, is that in the plains of Spirit, you have already been blessed with every single blessing that is possible to obtain in the spirit. In the Celestial realms we existed with a Celestial body, a Celestial consciousness. We have already been blessed with every spiritual blessing. Therefore, through the embodiment of the Adamic race was God’s way of transferring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth. The only area that the fall of Adam lost for our race was the fact of cognition and the remembrance of the Celestial plains. This will not be restored until Christ comes in His fullness. Altho God does restore it in certain patterns of remembrance and some people have this restored more than others. But the fact remains that the scriptures do tell us that we already existed in the heavens. That is what Christ meant when He spoke to Nicodemus. And you will remember how Nicodemus asked how he could enter the Kingdom of Heave. Jesus said to him:--’Ye must be twice born.’ --- In your Bible it says ‘ye must be born again’ which is not a true translation. In the Aramaic as it was first written it said:--’Ye must be twice born.’ Thus now the born again came in. And when the King James Version was translated, it has Nicodemus saying:--’How can I enter my mother’s womb and be born again?’ But Jesus said:--’Ye must be born of the spirit and of the water.’ Then the church changed it so that it would mean just the opposite. And did it deliberately. Because through the work of the church at Rome, and then with the Protestants, it was decided that there must be a ‘born again’ experience. So they changed it around to say that you must be born of water from the mother’s womb then have a religious experience of Spirit. However, this was not what Jesus said to Nicodemus. For Jesus said ‘ye must be twice born to enter the Kingdom of God. Born in the spirit of God and then born here on earth through the Adamic Race into the flesh.’

Now, today there is also teaching about conversions. And what is spoken as from the scripture is misleading. What the Aramic text said and what the Greek words meant, show us that conversion meant changing ones mind, or ones thinking. Thus when God talks about this, the word ‘repent’ also means to obey by changing ones mind, or your thinking. So when John said:--’Repent and be baptized for the Kingdom of Heaven is about to appear.’--He is saying that Christ the King of the Kingdom was about to appear.---This one who had promised that He was going to save all His children and had promised a great redemption. And that He would take the throne of His Father David. So John said ‘change your way of thinking and be baptized everyone of you, for the Kingdom of Heaven is near.’ Then John said:--’He who comes after me---I am not worthy to tie His shoe laces. And He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with Fire.’

Now, we note here that the Kingdom is not for everyone. That is in the areas of its administration. You could push forward a Negro and preach all you want all your life long and you cannot push him into the Administration and the participation of that Administration, because you cannot make of a non-Israelite a Kingdom of Priests and a Holy Nation. For God spoke out in the book of Exodus and again in Deuteronomy and He said:--’I shall make of you a Kingdom of Priests, and a Holy Nation.’ And He then spoke:--’Thou--Israel--are a Kingdom of Priests and a Holy Nation.’--and in the 7th chapter of Deut. He says:--’Thou art a Holy Nation and I have chosen you above all the people of the earth because thou art MINE.’---The word Holy means that you emerged out of God.

Therefore we never find God bestowing Holiness on one who is not of His household,--one who is not an offspring. For this cause then, Israel is Issue, or sons and daughters, ruling with God. These came out of outer space. They came in their Spiritual natures and their physical natures, were begotten into the Adamic race. And the children that are begotten into the Adamic race are children of Spirit. When they are not mongrelized, they are children of the Spirit. Thus the transferring of the Kingdom of Heaven to earth and these transferred of the family from heaven to earth, are the people who have the capacity to be taught, to be called of god to teach and to lead, to guide in the teaching of the Word of God.’

Now--’God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son’.----thus, the King James Version says. Actually:--’God so loved the world that He gave His first begotten or first formed of every creature, because His image was the first begotten, or first formed of every creature. Because His image was the first formed of every creature before the foundation of the world. Back before time---the embodiment of the God of Spirit was the body of the man Christ Jesus. Thus Jesus was the same yesterday, today and forever. Eternally He was the Eternal YAHWEH (God) and had a body. Even tho the Virgin Mary brought forth the body of Christ---telescoped into her was the miraculous seed of Very God. And the One who emerged from her was the body Christ had before the foundation of the world, which was the same yesterday, today and forever. This is the only body God will ever have except in the Celestial realms.

We refer to sometimes in the Trinitarian teaching to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. But these are one, the same as you are one, spirit soul and body. We are in the image of the Eternal Father. In otherwords---He begat Adam as His son. And Adam emerged forth from God. So this had been a theological complex. For they say, how can God be one? In the positive and the negative force of God---which makes up God, then God begat Adam and he was a son of God after the flesh’---that is a true factor.

Now, the fact is that God is a Omnipresent God, but He is also a pulsating God who sets up the rhythm of His Universe. And Cosmic conception is one of the mysteries not quite explainable as yet, as we have not had restored to us our total areas of memory concerning the things that were of Spirit. But when Christ appears, we are going to know, even as we are known. And we are going to know even as He thinks. But Cosmic conception was one of the great miracles by which God begat His household. Ever Spiritual forms however, begat spiritual forms in the plains of heaven. There is absolutely nothing to the concept that there was not begatting or enlarging of the household of God in Spiritual plains.

It was the Sadducees who were reincarnationists that got into the argument with Christ. And He talked to them about the Angels in heaven. The type of Seraphim that surrounded the throne did not propagate, but of the other Angels of heaven, there were propagating races. There were propagating Angelic hosts also. And there are different types of Angels such as Cherubims, Seraphims, and Arch Angels above the. And they are propagating Angels. Then there was the propagating Angels of the Universe. There were also races of people which were planted on planets that God had created. With ten times 126 trillion suns out there in space to work with---of course God created them to be inhabited.

The book of Enoch is of course, one of the richest volumes concerning the history of antediluvian things because God had taken Enoch into the heavens and told him these things. And told him to write them in a book. Then Enoch did write a tremendous volume and it contained all the mysteries. So of course, Jewry tried to destroy the writings of Enoch. This was the volume that Charles translates into the Oxford addition today. And they thought that they had burned all the book of Enoch. But the books still exist. In 1867 they printed a volume which had ‘The Towers of Enoch’ and ‘The Wisdom of Enoch.’ And in fact, in this volume, were all the scrolls and chapters of Enoch as that is what his writings consist of. Thus in this great volume, they had all 360 books of Enoch. And it was about as big as your Bible. But the books are only a few chapters to each book. But in this volume was all the things that God had revealed to Enoch of the mysteries and the ancient patterns.

QUESTION:--All flesh?

ANSWER:--God will save all flesh. He declares this it the book of Isaiah:--’Look unto Me all ye ends of the earth and be saved.’ Well this plan of God hasn’t been stopped or side tracked by Lucifer. So many people think that Lucifer has upset God’s plan and that therefore many people are going to be roasted and toasted in hell. Now most of the ‘hell’ is in their minds. And that is why we have so much of it in the world. God never changed His nature. He has always dealt with the world with Grace. But He does have pre-requisites of design and choice. And He says that when it comes to His family, that He loves them above all the rest of the whole world. He loves the whole world. And He did establish salvation for the whole world so as to get the treasure hid in the field, because He placed His Adamic race in the world to establish His Kingdom, to rise in power and to bring in the world the overthrow of Lucifer. And put Lucifer through the experiences he has had because Lucifer rebelled in the beginning.

When we deal with this quotation:--’God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son’--the true meaning here is:--’God so loved the world that He gave His own body--sacrificing it so as to raise it from the dead, so that whosoever believeth shall have everlasting life.’ This is not a sheep call. God does not come out here and say--whosoever, come in. Rather He said:--’I call My sheep by name.’ He deals with individuals. He sis not get me on a call of --’whosoever come’. He got ma with a ‘sheep call. God has to deal with individuals. He has to open their mind and restore to them their Spiritual consciousness.

The church today want to call it a ‘new birth’. But we would call this the reactivation of their spiritual consciousness. So when we have been spiritually begotten in the heavens, then physically born here in earth, we have been ‘TWICE BORN.’ Jesus thus said:--’Ye must be born of the Spirit and of the water.’ And if you will look in your Strongs Concordance, you will find that it says:--’Ye must be born from above.’

Then going back to John the Baptist, what he was preparing them for was the coming of Christ. And what Christ was talking about when He spoke to Nicodemus, is that the Holy Spirit of God was dealing with individuals. And He can reactivate their soul consciousness and renew their minds. This is why the Apostle Paul said:--’Be not conformed to this world. But be transformed by the renewing of your minds.’

Then when it says be converted, the word conversion means the transforming of your minds. The Apostle Paul said we have an entrance into the Kingdom because we have been converted to the transforming of our minds. God made this opening for us. And Peter talks about this also.

The transference of the Children of the Kingdom from heaven to earth thru the Adamic race is well marked. For this is the White race. God marked them well, for their identification. The people who do not like this identification are those who do not want to bow to the laws of God. Negroes who profess to be Christian, and only have a soulish religion, do not understand this identification and therefore resent it. Many of the Negroes are turning to Mohammedism and other religions. But they have no spiritual concept or understanding to this spiritual connection of Christians. This is why they have the World’s music in their worship patterns.

QUESTION:--Is every white man on the face of the earth an Adamite and did he come down from heaven?

ANSWER:--Every white person of the original, everyone of the white people who came out of this race. When god talks about this, He says that you are not to marry into the races of the Hittites, the Amalikites, the Amorites and all the other ‘ites.’ Because if you marry into another race, the spirit entity will never join with the other race. In otherwords, there will never emerge a spirit that God’s spirit has joined itself with in conception. Because the Spirit of God will never follow the offspring of a mixed race. The offspring always moved to the outsider. Back in the days of Ezra, he says that the Holy Seed had mingled with these other people. And to cleanse Israel, they were sent away. Wives, children, husbands of another race were sent away. For they were getting a confusion of race. And that is contrary to the law of God.

We have had experience with that here in the city. After W.W. II, some of our boys were bringing home Japanese wives. They apparently make good wives. But when the boys get home, and the children of the mixed races appear, they get unhappy. There was one case the Chamber of Commerce referred to me. And here in this case was a woman from very wealthy Japanese parents, but the man was now unhappy and he wanted a divorce. They called for me and I went to council them. And they told me of their problems. And on looking around this beautiful Japanese home, I noticed in the corner a Japanese shrine and a Japanese god. The Japanese wife said:--’You are a Christian and I am a Christian, so you tell my husband that I am to stay with him and our child. Isn’t this what Christianity teaches that I should do? And that he should keep us here?

I replied:--’I will be perfectly frank with you. Now you say you are a Christian, and you may be in a soul conscious way, but you have a Japanese god over there and you are Japanese.’ She said:--’Oh, that is my father’s god and I do honor to my husband’s god. And I do honor to my father’s god.’ I said:--’but you cannot honor your husband’s God, if you also honor your father’s god, for your father’s god has no affinity with the Christ. What you should to is grant your husband that divorce and return to your family and there you will meet someone who will be right for you.’ She said:--’Oh, you are not Christian, for you teach divorce and divorce is not taught in the Bible.’ I said:--’Who told you that?’ She replied:--’I asked Christians what the Bible teaches.’ I replied:--’I tell you that you do not have an affinity with this man you only might have another child that would be more nearly white and still that child would never have the spirit of a white man in him. Since you say you are Christian, then go back to Japan and marry a Japanese Christian and you will put into your children a soulishness of your race.’

In about a month, she got a divorce and returned to Japan. The Chamber of Commerce always sent me their problems that came from race mixing for I sent the strangers home. This was before our state became converted through the Civil Rights and threw out all the laws against mixed marriage. Of course this is unconstitutional because the Constitution has no rights over marriage, for that was left strictly to the states. They made this ruling however, on the basis of the Human Rights Commission of the U.N. on mongrelization.

We may have about 25% of the white race that are casualties and can be classed as white trash. The more emotional and the lower grade the individual is in his mentality may have come in the past from areas of mongrelization. Generally speaking those who will live with and marry the Negro, are those who come out of this white trash class. Still and all, a great majority of the white race stay white and even a great majority of our young folks won’t be contaminated by drugs and the areas of mongrelization. Our Press, T.V. and Radio are controlled by the Jews and if you pay attention to what they say, you would think that all the white race is finished. But at least 75% of the race isn’t paying any attention to what they say anyhow. We are in a bad situation. But I would say that 25% may be lost. But of that 255, probably 12% are those who should not have fallen, and the rest have probably already mixed in the past and aren’t to be considered still in the race. Generally, Negroes as a race, want to breed out of their race, thus showing that they have a feeling of inferiority. Usually the Asiatics stay within their class except when in war and our boys are thrust into that situation. Even in this country, they stay in their own communities and their own race structure. They make good citizens and good farmers.

When you deal with the Jews who have gone into Palestine, they are not of Israel stock. But they have always dwelt on the outskirts of Israel. Even when Israel came out of Egypt, there was the mixed multitude. They are the devils who came around Rehoboam as advisors. And God has always called them the Serpents seed. Then when Moses was hearing from God, then God said these people are the serpent seed and the vipers. In Deuteronomy 32:7, God warns us so clearly:--’You ask thy father and he will shew thee, and ask thy elders and they will tell thee.’---tell thee what?

Vs:5--They will tell thee that they have corrupted themselves. Their mark or identification is not the identification of the children of your father. Rather they are a perverse and crooked generation.’--These are Luceferian offspring and they have been sown into the world to corrupt the world.

Vs:6:--’Do ye thus requite the LORD, O foolish people and unwise. Is not He thy Father that hath bought you? Hath He not made thee and established thee?’

Vs:7--’Remember the days of old, think back through the generations and ask thy fathers and the elders and they will tell you that when the Most High divided to the nations their inheritance---when He separated the sons of Adam, He set the bonds of the people according to the number of the children of Israel.’

So you see, there are all kinds of people in the world. But they are not all Israelites or Adamites. But He set the bonds of their limitations according to the number of Israel.

Now there are lots of people who are not Israel and do not come forth by this route.

Vs:12--’As an Eagle stirreth up her nest, fluttereth over her young, spreadeth abroad her wings, taketh them, beareth them on her wings, so the LORD alone did lead Israel, and there was no strange God with Israel.

Vs:16--’Now concerning these other people; they have provoked Him to jealousy with abominations, provoked they HIM to anger.’

Vs:17--’They sacrificed unto devils, not unto YAHWEH; to gods whom they knew not, to new gods that came newly up, who your fathers never worshiped.’

He is talking here of these people who followed Israel out of Egypt, and they were the mixed multitude on the outskirts of Israel, who followed along in the desert, who tried to turn Israel from following YAHWEH. (These were the ones whom Moses exposed with the brazen serpent.)

Vs:18--’Of the Rock that begat thee, thou are unmindful, and has forgotten YAHWEH that formed thee.’

Vs:19--’And the Lord saw this and He abhorred--them-- because they provoked His sons and daughters into the path of error.’

This is what YAHWEH said about these people who followed along with Israel. They are called Jews here. But in the old text it was Yehudim, or accursed, and these are the accursed. The word Jew only occurs a few times in the Old Testament and was translated in that way when the King James Version was translated.

Vs:31--’Their rock is not as our Rock’--meaning their god is not as our God.--Even our enemies themselves being the judges.’

Vs:32--’For their vine is the vine of Sodom--and Sodom is made up of Luciferian people that reached the depth of depravity. The people of Sodom and Gomorrah were made up of those who had existed long before Adam and who had fallen under the sway of Lucifer and the fallen Angels. These people had become so rotten, so wicked, that Sodom has become the symbol of wickedness even today. Then God says here through Moses:--’Their rock is not like our Rock, for their vine is the vine of Sodom, and the fields of Gomorrah; their grapes are grapes of gall, and their clusters are bitter.’

In otherwords, they have come down through the lineage of Lucifer and the fallen Angels. And their vine is of Gomorrah and their wine is the poison of the dragon, who is Lucifer, and the cruel venom of the asp.

There are two symbols that Lucifer uses in his kingdom. One is the serpent and one is the dragon. The people of Asia moved under the symbol of the dragon. The people of Africa moved under the symbol of the serpent. However, Jewry, which is Luciferian, chose the serpent for their symbol and they move under the ‘interwoven 6 pointed star.’ The star is interwoven with the serpent. The B’nai B’rith has the symbol of the interwoven 6 pointed star of the serpent.

So the identity of Lucifer and his false religions systems is by the Dragon and the Serpent. And he holds his religious systems by these symbols. The dragon is found in all of Asia as a symbol, and in India where a part Negroid people exist. It is found--the serpent--and you find always where the Negroes exist--there is also the serpent. And Jewry has this symbol of the 6 pointed star interwoven with the serpent.

Vs:41--’When I whet my glittering sword, and mine hadn’t taken hold on the judgement, I will render vengeance to mine enemies and will reward them that hate me.’ This is the word of God about these people who hated Christ at the time of the end of the Old Testament period and here at the time when the New Testament has almost been all fulfilled, and we are up to the final patterns of history, they still hate Christ and are still the enemy.

Then we had a great falling away and inside the church there has also been a great falling away. And we are in the Laodician church age. And even the Communist have joined the seminaries and the World Council of Churches and the National Council of Churches. Today we also have a great number of ministers who are actually Communists. They come out in support of the world communist revolution which is no problem for them since they are communists to begin with. The National Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches has become taken over in its mind. And they also advocate that it is not necessary to believe in Jesus the Christ, to remain a minister.

Now let’s go into the finality of this. Christ says if they deny that He has come in the flesh, they are Anti-Christ. He also tells us that by that way we can separate the true church from the false church. So the main management of the denominational churches lay in the hands of Lucifer. These same sons of Satan have crept into the churches for there are many Jewish ministers even the Methodist Church. I know this is true for I went to the Methodist Conference for Social Action. And I covered this conference for the Un-American Activities Committee. It was known that the conference was taken over by the Communists so they wanted a coverage of this conference. I took a minister with me by the name of Dr. Clark and we went to the conference and we signed a name and a place of identification. And since here was ministers from all over, there was no questions asked. There were ministers her who were Jews and they openly taught Communism and talked of how well they were putting thru the church their Communist philosophy. And of how well their system was working. And how the people were absorbing it not knowing where it came from. I reported back to the Un-American Activities Committee, that there were Communists at work in the Methodist Church under the guise of ‘The World Federation of Social Action.’ Then such a commotion within the Methodist Church came, that they threw out this work. But then the same ones just came back under another name. We still have too many liberal ministers yet today. And they are willing to settle for the idea that Christ was just a good man. So this pattern of invasion of the Christian Churches still goes on. The program of Lucifer teaches --’love everybody, brotherly love, in wedlock of out of wedlock.’ In fact, the Presbyterian Church came out a week ago with an edict that said:--’The highest service a Presbyterian could render would be to marry a Negro or an Asiatic and help bring about the integration of the races to show that you were devout.

Now the Presbyterian today is being advised that the way to become devout is not to study the Bible and try to learn what it is all about, but rather they are to mongrelize and bring a curse upon you and your offspring. So this is what is cited today and they are in error. How do we know they are in error? Because we take the words of Christ and the instructions of His Apostles.

The results of this is that they say that I am a narrow minded minister that shouldn’t be allowed to preach, because I say God’s laws teach segregation, no integration.

This I will say. People still stay in the denominations because their eyes are not opened. But when they get their eyes opened, they will be looking for a church which teaches God’s law. And this will become more obvious as time goes on. Because people are searching for truth and this search will force them to turn to where they find it.

Now you will say---but I am under Grace. Alright, Grace is the way God deals with His people. Rather than by punishment under the law. But what did Jesus say about the law? He said:--’I come not to destroy the law, I came to fulfill it. But blessed is the man who teaches men to obey My law.’

He cites that the one who teaches men to obey--MY LAW--will be first in the Kingdom of Heaven. And the one who teaches men to disobey--MY LAW-- will be the least in the Kingdom of Heaven. The fact remains that the laws of God are still in force. Still righteous in these factors of race and in this condition God only took one thing off His people.

Now, understand this. He took away the hand writing of all those ordinances which were against you and nailed them to His Cross. In otherwords, God is not placing the punishment factors of the law on the individual Spirit. That part has been nailed to the Cross, but the law still works in the world that you live in. If a man disobeys the laws and lives an immoral and degenerate live, He is going to have all the problems of a broken home and everything that goes along with that kind of a life. For the law is not mocked. But God does not allow this to be used against the Spirit of Adam man. Then if all the works of a Adamic man be burned up by the Shekinah Glory, the man is saved by his belief in the Christ. There will be lots of casualties in our race and lots of men of our race will not have much to show by their life’s work, if they feel that is important.

Now, I will say this. Anyone steeped in God’s word will listen to the news, and to the T.V. and to other teachers, and he will accept this and reject that. And why? Because everything has to measure up to your understanding of God’s word.

Now, we know when there is truth, for the spirit bears witness to truth. And you know when something is in error. So we listen and we divide up what we hear and collect some of truth and discard that which is in error. So when you read the newspaper, and the mind of god is activating the mind of His child and you pick out and identify the error from the truth. There are many people who are of the Israel of God, but who do not have this renewing of the mind as yet. So they are what we might call casualties in this struggle. But when they die, they cannot go to hell because this ‘hell’ bit is a bunch of malarkey. Their spirit will go back to where it came from and then God will handle the situation. For there are degrees and there are areas of chastisement. But they are going to come back--IN THE FLESH--and then they will live perfect lives. They are going to fulfill all this for all Israel is going to be saved. All Israel is going to know the Glory of God. And all Israel is going to shine for they are His Family. God says that He is going to resurrect them FOR A PURPOSE. BUT WHEN THEY ARE RESURRECTED, THEY WILL BE READY TO FOLLOW HIM. They will speak and they will know as He wants them to know.

I will say this. The casualties are not nearly as numerous as you are led to believe. Because when you pin people down, they really believe in Christ no matter what stupid things they have done. They don’t know too much about it, for they are working and having fun. And they don’t have too much urge to find out these things. But since my ministry begun, I see more of a movement at this time than any time before this,--that people are now listening to the Gospel of the Kingdom and are coming back to listen for more. And when they began absorbing the Gospel of the Kingdom, then they never go back. Satan never gets them back in their minds to follow him. Not ever again. We see this movement thru the tape ministry and thru the letters we get and the questions we get from ministers. I think the Gospel of the Kingdom is a fast growing Evangelistic Gospel. We teach the whole scripture because that is the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Now, going back to these people who moved into Palestine in 1947. These people were not the children of God. Since the 1917 mandate of Palestine, the land was in the hands of the British and they are of the House of Joseph. And they ruled the city of Jerusalem well. Then the Zionist Jews (Cainanites) came crying that they needed a homeland. But Britain said no. This is a land for Christians, Arabs, and Jews each according to their quotas of immigration, as the land will support. Then the Jews assassinated the governor of the province and some of the leaders of the protecting army. Winston Churchill then said if the Jews think they will shoot their way into control of Palestine, they better think again. Then came W.W.II and the Zionists were now ready. And they collected the scum of the cities of New York and Chicago and put them aboard the ship ‘The Maypaie’ and had them armed with the arms left over from the war. And no one knew they were there until they landed in Palestine and had taken Jerusalem. They killed and they raped, the Christians and the Arabs. And every atrocity in the book was committed in Jerusalem.

Then in 1948, President Truman recognized the little abortive state of Israeli without informing his State Department. He had been led astray by his Jewish advisors. And from that time on they have been sniping at the Arabs. The United Nations then partitioned the land and Jordan got the area where the Mosque of Omar is located on the Old Temple site. Then the Israeli got the rest of Jerusalem and they also got all the sites of Palestine where the water was. So 963,000 Arabs were pushed out into the desert.

Now, these are the people who hated Christ and still do. And the scriptures do say that when you see the time when the abomination of the desolator stands in the Holy Place, then you get out of Palestine because all hell is going to break loose. Well, the abomination of the desolator--in one meaning--does stand in Palestine in the Holy Place. But the site where the Mosque of Omar stands was in the hands of Jordan. Now the wailing wall is no part of the temple of Solomon. The wailing wall was a part of the temple built by Herod king of the Jews. Herod was the enemy of Christ. And they wouldn’t pay their taxes to Rome so there trouble came. But the temple that fell in the days of Titus the Roman, was the temple built by Herod. By the time that Titus and the Jews destroyed the Temple, those left of Judah and Benjamin by then had left that area of Palestine by permission of Rome. And became the Goths, the Visgoths, and the Normans which came into Central Europe to take their place. The people who were in Jerusalem at the coming of Titus the Roman were those of the vine of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Now, the New Jerusalem coming down out of heaven wasn’t going to build in that old city anyway. For God told David as he was standing by that Holy Stone, the Coronation Stone, there in Jerusalem, that He was going to give Israel a New Land in the Isles and beyond the seas, where they would move no more. Then today we find them in that land, in the place where He told David He would place them.

The fact remains that New Jerusalem follows the people. It is located with them. The Temple of God to be built today is not a great massive temple. It is---that each of you are ‘living stones’ which grow into a Holy Temple unto God. When you turn to the 21st chapter of Revelation, there is no great temple there. For the LORD of Light is there. And He is the Light thereof. And all of us are the Light of the Living God. And the Light of our God is on our countenances and within us is the Temple.

So this thing where the Cainanites or Jews say they are going to build a great temple over there in Jerusalem and it has to be built to the specifications in the book of Ezekiel, is just once again something used to deceive. For that temple was built by the specifications of Ezekiel after the remnant of Judah and Benjamin returned from the Babylonian captivity. Then the Jews moved in and they fought with Israel and in the process that temple was destroyed. Then Herod built that next temple and that temple with the golden face was there in the days of Christ. But it was not Israel’s Temple. For the Jews (Cainanites) controlled it. So where we hear the cry today that the Temple must be rebuilt to fulfill the prophecy of Ezekiel, that it must be built before Jesus can come, then the Jews are using that to deceive as they want you to tear down the Mosque of Omar so they can build it on that spot. They want you to do it and use your money so they deceive the church thru false interpretation of scripture.

Now, remember this. We the United States of America, gave the victory to Israeli in the 1947 war. Israeli was armed and ready to move into the Suez Canal area, into the rest of Old Jerusalem, into Jordan and into Assyria. The Arabs saw this situation and they moved to combat them. But the United States under President Johnson said to the Arabs--’now if you move against Israeli, then you will have to answer to us, for we will fight for Israeli. You must go back to the U.N. and abide by their decision in this situation.’ So the Arabs appealed to the U.N. and they waited. And Israeli struck and destroyed their air force on the ground. And we covered for Israeli while she did this. In the deal with Israeli and Russia, then Israeli was to get the Suez Canal and the old city of Jerusalem, and part of Syria and to Damascus, while Russia was to get the oil of the Mid East. That is why Russia never actually helped the Arabs altho giving lip service to the idea. So the Israeli struck with their air power while the Arabs waited for the U.N. and their air power was knocked out. They fought on without their air power which is suicide and Jordan lost 32,000 men trying to hold the part of old Jerusalem where the Mosque sits. Did you know that the Israeli killed 15,600 men, women, and children with their tanks and machine guns when they came into that part of the old city? Finally the U.N. called a cease fire and everyone stopped fighting but the Israeli. And they kept moving until they acquired all they had started out to gain.

The Arabs then turned against us. But that only means that Russia will try to stir them to start another war with Israeli and get wiped out. We are cut off from the oil of the Mid-East as it then flowed to Russia. And we were short for our fleet and the Viet Nam War. But then the Israeli’s tried to sink our Liberty ship which was sending messages that Israeli was not obeying the cease fire. And after that, Mr. Johnson could not get any backing from us to help the Israeli and we didn’t move to help tear down the Mosque. So that affair was over.

When Jesus said,--when the abomination of the desolator stands in the holy place, then He meant the Old Temple site, the Jews not hold it. But the other countries of the world are very disturbed about the Jews taking over old Jerusalem, and President Johnson has even asked the Israeli not to annex the old part of Jerusalem. The people who are now in Palestine are not on a whole anyone but those that are supposed to be there at this time. For according to the book of Zechariah, when Christ comes, He is going to split the Mount of Olives. He is going to lay this land out with a tremendous earthquake. He is going to swallow up Old Jerusalem and fresh water is going to run to the Dead Sea. All this tremendous activity is going to hit this old land. He is going to swallow up these people who hate His name.

Now if He was to hit the Mount of Olives with a great earthquake, and this land was filled with Arabs, then the Arabs would be the ones to suffer with this catastrophe. So the Arabs were to lose the war and to move out of the way so that we can come up to this great event. The Jews are in the right place. Or rather a small part of them are. For there are about two million seven hundred thousand of them in Palestine, but there are 15 million here in the United States. Here in Los Angeles, last week, they collected one billion dollars for Israeli. So these Jews here in America keep a constant pressure on us to help and they send their money. From the time in 1948 when Mr. Truman recognized the little state of Israeli, we have been in Jacob’s trouble.

QUESTION:--But the reason they call themselves Israel is because they are out of Israel.--Isn’t that so?

ANSWER:--That may be Yiddish. But it is not Hebrew.

The fact remains that Jesus never put those who hated Him in the place of His family. That mistake is a part our troubles, coming up hereto the end time. We know that Jewry is still our major enemy just as Jesus said:--’They are guilty of all the righteous blood slain on the earth.’ Then way back in the book of Revelation as it talks of the fall of Mystery Babylon it tells us that these same ones are still around and are still guilty of all the righteous blood slain on the earth.

We had 70 million people killed in the Red Revolution. We had 7 million Christians put to death in the beginning of that revolution because they would not give up their faith in Christ. Then we have Kuhn Loeb and Company, and Jacob Schiff and Warburg admit that they put up the money for the Red Revolution. And we know that Jewry thus runs the Soviet Union and Israeli, and they are the people who hate the Christ.

Now, the church today which tells us that we are all wrong is also a church which does not believe in prophecy and has no vision. And do not believe in the Virgin Birth, or the Deity of the Christ. But now this same church comes out and says that the Jews going back to Israeli are the people of Israel fulfilling prophecy.

Well, actually there is no prophecy in the word of God saying that Israel is going back to that old land after they left to establish her new land and New Jerusalem. Rather it said that the abomination of the desolator would go there for the latter time and its consequences.

We have people standing up all over the country declaring their love for Israeli. Of course we knew that Goldberg was a Jew. So we were not surprised at his plea for money for our wonderful Israeli. Goldwater said he was so happy for this dual citizenship, for now he could join the air force and fight and die for Israeli and still be an American citizen. Well, it’s okay with me if he goes over there. Maybe the time is now when things will happen there. People say:--but the Jews will turn to Christ so we just have to keep working on them. I remember when Oral Roberts went to Israeli and Ben Gurion called him in and said:--’You cannot preach Jesus Christ here.’ Oral said:--’Oh, I wouldn’t think of doing that, because when He is ready He will bring all of your people in. But I wouldn’t try to turn your people from their religion. I just want to heal them.’ And Ben Gurion said:--’You have given the right answer, so we will help you to built your Tabernacle in Tulsa, Oklahoma.’ And when that Tabernacle was built, they named it the ‘Ben Gurion Tabernacle.’ Then Oral Roberts put a Jew in his organization to manage it and handle his money. This tells you why he has fallen from his healing ministry. So actually the Jews just work this way and they always have. And they will to the very end. Remember that they even bought the witnesses that denounced Christ. So that gives you a small picture of the type of people that you are dealing with here in the latter days.

(End of tape)