06-30-65 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:--Where did the word Jew come from?

ANSWER:--It is an English word, not to old. Yehudi is the Hebrew meaning of accursed. Today the word Jew means what everyone imputes to it. In other words when we say Jew we mean those people with their hooked noses and high ears. These enemies of the Christ with their Synagogues, this is what we are talking about when we say Jew. But actually the word Jew in the King James Version is found only twice in the Old Testament. Then the word was mistranslated from the word Judah. There is no place in the New Testament for this word Jew as we know it except in these places where Christ called them Devils and sons of Lucifer, the unassimilatable offspring.

QUESTION:--Where can this be found?

ANSWER:--In Greek and Aramaic the word was not Jew, but a word meaning those same people. The Bible was translated from Aramaic into Greek, into Latin and then into English and many words were used for these same people. But the people today called Jew are by no stretch of the imagination part of Judah, not related to Judah in any way. So the use of the word Jew started with the English translations. But these people were called, a word for Jew, before the King James Version, and in the translation of this King James Version, then there were a lots of Jews helping with the translation and they wanted everyone of Judah to be called Jews, since they were trying to usurp the name of Israel. And Jews today claim to be Israelites but they are not. There is not a Jew on the face of the earth who descended directly from Abraham. These Jews today which we know are Hittites, Cainanites, and so forth, but they are not Israelites. So this is an indistinct question as you ask about the word Jew. It is an English word, there is another Hebrew word for them which is Sheenie, and this in Hebrew is also accursed, and it is Hebrew not Yiddish. God said talking about these mixed multitudes of Amalekites, Hittites, and Cainanites----"I will call you Sheenie or accursed." They also have a word for themselves, KIKE. But this is not an English word it is a Jew word, see. And when they get mad they call each other "Kike", and this word is like the word 'Devil', see. This is what they call themselves, KIKE, but you will remember that Jesus also called them Devils. He said: "Ye are of your father the Devil, you cannot understand My speech because you cannot understand My words". He said: "Your father was a liar from the beginning", and then He identified at least some of them as coming from Cain. Of course there are Chinese Jews, and Black Jews----

QUESTION:--I was thinking of Ben Freedman---

ANSWER:--Well, let's not get Freidman into this discussion on this tape, or it will mess it up across the country. There is a reason for this. In the first place he has a Prussian interpretation, and this is alright but he is no scholar on Identity.

QUESTION:--The Aramaic tribes that went into conquer Mesopotamia, did Abraham's family come from them?

ANSWER:--No, the family of Abraham came from Shem. Remember, that Terah, the father of Abraham, was the Prime Minister of Ur of the Chaldeas, and the Emperor was Nimrod, who was a Hamite. So of Noah's sons, Ham, Shem, and Japhet, it was Ham and Shem who migrated southward, and Japhet stayed in the upper Asian area, and was finally absorbed. But Ham had many sons and one of the most famous was Nimrod. Not only was he Emperor of Ur of the Chaldeas but also over the Plains of Shinar, and all those around Chedorlaomer, all those kingdoms were virtually under control of Nimrod, and of course his Prime Minister was Terah, the father of Abraham. But many false Priests came into that area and they started to exalt Nimrod as the ruler of the earth and he began tofall for this. And of course this was strictly propaganda, but they sowed many pagan women into his harem and Nimrod began to be a rebel against God. Because he accepted their praise, and they deified him which is another way of feeding praise to a fool. So Nimrod then started the mongrolizing of the people of Ur of the Chaldeas. This is one reason why Abraham was called out of Ur of the Chaldeas, and he took his father out with him. But before this his father was Prime Minister, but he was beginning to fall. Read the story of this in the Book of Jasher as to how Abraham chopped up the room of fool idols. How his father and Nimrod were going to haul him before the great tribunal and try him before all their gods. So Nimrod said: are you telling me these gods chopped up each other? They have no power. So Abraham then said: If they have no power then why do you worship them? But there was a death penalty in all of this so God called Abraham out of Ur of the Chaldeas, since this was no way to build a Kingdom, out of mongrelized society. The purest strain of the white race was then in the family of Shem, down through Terah and Abraham, there was no contamination in this line. So for the continuity of the white race, the family of Abraham was selected. These others could be descendants of Shem but they were not selected as was Abraham (and then only through Isaac should the seed be called).

QUESTION:--Do you have any idea what ever happened to the descendants of Enoch, those Aryans who lived in the Holy Land long before Abraham?

ANSWER:--Well, they came on down, the parents of Enoch and Job especially came down into the land which later was called Palestine. But you see Enoch and Job had a special ministry which they were called into, and they went down into Egypt after selecting the 144,000 of their race, and in Egypt in the Crescent they built that city of ON, then later they would build the Pyramid and the Sphinx. The city of ON was laid out with the Temple Square in the middle, and the Temple carried the divine weights and measures, the precession of the equinoxes, the Zodiac, thus the Star Bible. They laid out this city in 12 sections, but the Temple centered it. The two pillars were symbols of wisdom known unto our race. Job and Enoch represented two separate pillars, one was on type of spiritual wisdom and the other another type. One was all the applied sciences of inspiration, the laws of the fulcrum, all types of engineering, this was under Job. The other was all spiritual lore and wisdom and under the symbol of the Master of the Rose Cross. This was under Enoch, where as Job was the first Mason, or Master Mason shall we say. But don't confuse the original Masonry with what it has degenerated into today, anymore than you would confuse the true Church of Christ founded with what the hierarchy has become today in denominationalism. But Enoch and Job went down into Egypt originally to establish that city which became known as a wisdom or University city. In the days of Joseph when he went into Egypt he married Asenath the daughter of the Priest of ON, so this White Priesthood was still in that city of ON, and it run back to Enoch and Job. This had to be true Israel, white man's seed because Jacob said: "Let my name (Israel) be named on these two lads, Ephraim and Manasseh". These were the two sons of Joseph and Asenath. The laws of God are so strict on integration and mongrelization that if this had not been pure seed Joseph could never have married Asenath. Remembering today that all white men descended through Adam, Seth, Noah, Shem, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and his 12 sons, and we then find that Enoch and Job's people were of the true line, and they had remembered this in Egypt through out the years, and then Joseph married into that ancient line.

The twelve tribes of Israel came out of the sons of Jacob and were also of the Sethite line, so some of these people were identified as Hyksos or Shepherd Kings. They were explorers, astronomers and they had a high spiritual lore, and they moved with their flocks thus were nomadic, and in the land of Midian there were some people who were not Midianites but actually Hyksos or this Sethite line. Moses married a Princess of the line which dated her father way back to these men Enoch and Job when they came down to build the city with that great group of men who were divided into groups of 12,000 each. One group was formed for each month of the year, and they had selected these men from the time of their birth, so for each month of the year the Savants would take over their time of the cycle. But this shows you the divisions of the city, and around them were their flocks. The pagans round about who later dominated the Egyptian philosophy and religion were most of them black Jews. But when I use the term Black Jews I am not speaking of Negroes. They were called the Black Priests of Set and Soth, this is where the Satanic religion came from in Egypt that warred against the truth. They warred against Horus who was one of the ancient Priests from the land of Atlantas, and whose teaching was of prophecy. He talked about YAHWEH-PUTAH, the eventual coming of the children of YAHWEH to build temples in the land like they had on ancient Atlantas which went beneath the waters.

After being educated in Egypt then Plato wrote about Atlantas, Alatcan. And in the Book of Genesis it talks about one of the kings who fought the battle of Shaldmer when Abraham came out on the plain of Shinar. There was at that time a great battle going on there for the Gold of Ophir, and one of the kings was this Tidal King of the nations, these were pre-Adamic people. You can run down the genealogies of these people from Adam and these kings fighting there are not listed as coming from Adam. They were thus a carry-over, a pre-Adamic people, and the Egyptians were the better of these people. But later integration and mongrelization were attempted and practiced, and they worshiped Satan instead of God so came this catastrophe on Atlantas in those days. So when this transpired in Egypt later, then came Enoch and Job and their great company and they were unable to battle these people coming in. But the pagan Priests were belligerent and were afraid of losing their control over the people. They had them under superstition, under a multitude of gods, but when Job and Enoch came in with their great company, this is where that weapon THE EYE OF YAHWEH shows up. This call: "The EYE of YAHWEH is upon thee" went out. These people with Enoch and Job had a great concave lenses of polished brass with an eye in the center of the triangle, and when they came in then the Egyptians charged them but they turned these great lenses and threw the light of the sun into the eyes of the Egyptians. It practically blinded the horses of their chariots, and many of them plunged over the precipice into the valley below. And then the cry went up for this great company of Enoch and Job, "THE EYE OF YAHWEH IS UPON THEE". This is when the Egyptians said that the sons of Yah coming in had "the EYE of YAHWEH upon them." It was like a burning light, a burning fire, and they were afraid to attack this company. Later Pharaoh went down and wanted to know about their God, and became a convert. From then on there was a struggle on between the Black Priests and the descendants of Job and Enoch there in Egypt. But these people remained in Egypt, where some of their descendants still there in the days of Joseph, and still there when Mary and Joseph took the child down into Egypt. There in the Temple under the Sphinx is where Mary and Joseph and Jesus stayed in the midst of this white Priesthood, until the death of Herod and then they returned to Palestine. Herod remember wanted to destroy the Christ Child as soon as He was born, in conformity with the symbol of the Dragon in the Heavens, wanting to swallow up the child as soon as He was born. (Revelation 12) "Behold the woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet". The woman the symbol of Israel, or the race from which the embodiment for the Christ came. And the Dragon stood ready to swallow her child as soon as it was born. This was in symbolism, Herod the King of the Jews who was not an Israelite, yet who tried to destroy the Christ at His birth. So again there was still some of this Adamic Priesthood at ON in the time of Christ.

Now, do not confuse this lineage of Enoch, since the word Israel did not start in scripture until Jacob. For Seth was told that he was of God's Israel, or Issue ruling with HIM. That all of the Adamic Race were Israel ruling with HIM, Princes of the Heavens. This is what that word Israel means, and the Jews have tried to steal the word saying they are Israel, when they are not. The Israelites are the Issue of God, and the Jews are the Issue of Satan. Turn to the Book of Luke 3, and you find that Adam was the Son of God, thus Seth was the son of Adam who was the Son of God. Then there are many passages where God has said how he has begat thee of the Adamic Race. Of course the passages we used before from the Book of Acts, from the words of the Apostle Paul when talking to the Corinthians who were Greeks, and he said: "we all came through the water, all drank of the rock, all ate the same manna, all our ancestors did this". Then speaking of YAHWEH he said: "In Him we live and move and have our being" then said: "And certain of our forces", here he was speaking of Plato who after being educated in Egypt returned home to Greece and said this word for word---"For we are HIS offspring"---and since we are thus His offspring we should never make the mistake of making images out of gold or silver, like the heathens do, we know God isn't made out of gold or silver, we know He is Spirit, Life, and Vitality, for we are His offspring.

Now, in your King James Version or other Versions, the word translated offspring of God is Genos, and if you have a Scoffield Bible with notes, you find at the bottom of the page the note says that the Greek word 'genos' means offspring or race. So the literal words here are: 'Therefore we are the progeny of God', race or offspring. The word Genos in Greek is also where we get the word generations. So the Adamic Race came down, and Enoch was one of the outstanding ones of the race, and you have this all tied in when you go back in the Book of Genesis, with Cain rejected for he was Lucifer's seed, then no Adamite could be accepted until the womb was cleansed, and finally Seth is born. This is one of the reasons why you are told in Genesis 5:1 these are the generations of Adam's Race, and it took seven gestations before a child of Adam and Eve could be accepted. So when Seth is born then comes the fifth of Genesis which tells of these being the generations of Adam in the days God brought forth Issue, translated created, but it is brought forth a son in His own image, and called his name Seth, spirit, soul, and body, uncontaminated in this line. Of course Enoch was born of this line, also Noah who came after this. Them Shem and on down to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, this is the genealogy line of Jesus, and fortunately for you, this is also your genealogy line.

Right after Nimrod of the Ham line became intermingled with Asians and Africans, and thus was never after that racially pure, still the Shemites produced every white man now on the face of the face of the earth, and almost all from Abraham also because you came by that route, and the others have been absorbed or mongrelized.

QUESTION:--Well, were the Pharisees double, more than one?

ANSWER:--Yes, this is the words that Jesus used in the Book of Matthew and of course had a very special significance to all those around about who were true Israelites. Being a true Israelite they had been raised on the Pentateuch the books written by Moses. So Jesus looked at the False Pharisees and He said: (Matthew 23:27) "Woe unto ye scribes, Shamah Pharisee", this is the true words, False Pharisees and Hypocrites, 'Ye are like unto whited sepulchers, which appear indeed beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness. Even as ye would appear outwardly righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hypocrites and iniquity'. "Woe unto you scribes and (Shamah) false Pharisees, hypocrites, because ye build the tombs of the prophets, and garnished the sepulchers of the righteous. And then you say: If we had lived in the days of our fathers, we would not have been partakers with them in the blood of the prophets." Then Jesus said: "Ye have just born witness to yourselves, that you are the children of them which killed the prophets." In this statement they bore witness to the fact that they were the children of those who had killed the prophets. Thus "Ye fill up the measure of your fathers. Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how do you think you are going to escape the judgment?"

Here Jesus had just proved that these people today called Jews are the people who killed the prophets. In their own testimony they confirmed that they were the children of the prophet killers and they identified with their fathers. Then Jesus said: "Ye are serpents (Devils), ye are of the generation (race) of the vipers." There is no escape from this fact, "Ye are Lucifer's children". I can prove this to you for this is one of the things the Jews can never get out of. Over here in the Book of Revelation, this is the reason the Jews, The Union Theologian Seminary and a lot of kooks are trying to change the whole Bible, because the evidence as to who they are BEFORE THE CHURCH WAKES UP. Because the Christian Church has been blind to some of these things, they are blind as to who they are, and as to who the Jews are. So this is why it says: "Blindness in part has happened to Israel until the fullness of the times come in." (Romans 11:25) They aren't blind as to who God is, they went to church, got baptized in HIS name, but they did not know who they were, or who the enemy was only that it just vaguely referred to the devil.

Now, in the 12th., chapter of Revelation it tells of the battle fought in the heavens, about how Michael fought with the dragon, now that old serpent called the devil, and Satan who deceives the whole world, how he was cast out of the heavens, and Angels were cast out with him. So who was this Lucifer, he is the dragon, the serpent, the devil and Satan. So lets come back over here and Jesus said: "Ye are of your father the Devil, ye are the generations of the viper." And this is just like we are the generations of God, offspring, and the Jews are thus the of the generations or offspring of Satan.

Now, again I will prove this to you, go back to the Book of Deuteronomy, chapter 32, we find that Moses is talking to the Children of Israel about these people. He said: 'The mark of their countenance was against them. These are evil people that have corrupted themselves, their MARK is on their children, they are a crooked and perverse generation.' Then he said: Go ask your fathers, ask the Elders, they will tell you. "Their rock is not our ROCK". The ROCK that begat thee is the Eternal God, and He is the God who brought us forth, formed us because He begat us. But their rock is different from our ROCK. (Verse 31) 'Their rock is not as our ROCK even the enemy themselves being judges'. This is Moses talking to the Israelites about the enemies of Israel who are trying to turn them to the worship of false gods, to integrate and destroy their race. Thus their "Vine is the vine of Sodom, and of the fields of Gomorrah; their grapes (fruits) are grapes of gall, their clusters are bitter; their vine is the poison of dragons, and the cruel venom of the Asp. Thus Sodom and Gomorrah were mixed up with devils who did not keep their first estate, who mongrelized, integrated, and committed all kinds of perversions. So their vine is the poison of the dragon, and the cruel venom of the Asp. These are thus vipers, and from the 32nd., chapter of Deuteronomy, on these people are identified as not being from the ROCK of God. These are the vipers, the generations of vipers, and later Jesus would turn to these same people, now Jews in Jerusalem and denounce them. But all the people in Jerusalem were not Jews, there were Galilean there, and some of Judah, all Israelites, but these people that Jesus was denouncing were Cainanites, Hittites, Amelekites, and they were descendants of Lucifer directly. So Jesus just turned to them and said: "Ye are serpents, the generation of Vipers." and to prove that He was talking to these same people He said: upon you falls the blood of the Righteous (right thinkers), from the blood of Abel to Zacharias who they slew between the horns of the altar. If everyone of these rascals Jesus was denouncing, calling them serpents and vipers, if they were guilty of all the blood of the children of God, starting with Abel, then they came from Cain and Lucifer was the father of Cain. So Jesus identified them again in the Book of John as He said: 'They are of their father the Devil, and the lusts of their father they will do'. Jesus refused brotherhood with the Jews, and He said: "I am of God and you are of the Devil", there it is.

There is also another tie in with the serpent pattern, this serpent viper pattern, for you will notice on every synagogue they have the serpent woven all over.

QUESTION:--Who are the people of India?

ANSWER:--This is like saying who are the people of Russia. For there are 57 types of Steppe Mongols in Asia. India has many people some of them going all the way back to the Lemurian days before it sank. There are also people here who are the results of Lucifer's fallen ranks. You see when he rebelled, and his fleets came into earth he brought the first Negro to earth, they manned his fleets. This was thousands of years ago, and one of the great curses Lucifer brought to earth was trying to mongrelize the brutishness of these Negroes into the other creations. They had already fallen before they came in. And Lucifer sowed the Negro into Lemuria, into Africa, Atlantas and Asia. He had various fallen Angels like Lukii and others who ruled over various parts of the earth. So they mingled, and mongrelized and settled along the Ganges and called here the Mother Consort, or the Mother Serpent. And of course they wove these serpents into all their gods such as Bramah, Vishnu, and Siva with the serpents woven all around. And of course Kali is the wife of Lucifer, she is also the Assassin goddess, the chief consort of Lucifer. So Kali is also embodied in the name Semuramis which is of course the name of the mother of Nimrod. Actually they transferred Kali's attributes to her when they tried to deify her like they did Nimrod. Kalism is one of the rankest of all the areas of Hinduism.

Now, one of the things that touched India, is that tall white men, Aryans, sons of the Sethite line came down from the high Steppes, and wandered across the limbs of the world from the High Himalayas into India, and along that fertile plain. When they came in they were called Manu, and of course the Persian word, Aryan followed them for the Persians were Aryans. Thus the word Aryan is found even in the white Hindu and the dark ones referred to them as Manu. The word Man comes from the ancient word Manu, those tall white ones. The word Aryan comes from the meaning, SONS OF YAH, as this was the name from the Sethites from the other countries. Thus all of the descendants of the Adamic race in their pure lines were called Aryan or man. So although we call the Negroes--man, they do not belong in this category. You say: but they are a race of mankind: well, they may be man like at times, but even gorilla like at times, these are the same specie, they fall into different category than does the Manu. In the first place they do not have any spirit, and their soul is animated soulishness of the animal kingdom, lower Enosh. This is why it says the "Dead know nothing at all". In other words the Negro is dead where he lives, they do not have the living spirit, they are Zombie when they die, just dead. But the "Living " when they die return to the God from whence they came. But the Zombie do not do this, they are not His offspring. They were a good creation before they fell under Luciferianism and were mutated and changed, but this is the condition in which they are found today. These people have a capacity of reasoning, when they are given types of instruction. You can teach them and even wean them away and convert them away from their gods to a limited degree, but it is strictly an emotional soulishness, it is not spiritual because they do not have a spirit. When they die they sleep until their time of resurrection, and when they see this then people think that everyone sleeps. But "Absent from this body is to be present with the LORD." The spirit of the white man is an Eternal Spirit, and his soul consciousness can reside either in the physical body or in the celestial body which is a body of light.

Now, the physical body is made of electrons and protons, all the elements of the Universe. It is what is meant when they say we are made of the earth, substance of earth or atoms. The word translated in the King James Version is "Dust" but you aren't made out of dust, you are not a 'mud ball' that God breathed on, or spit on. This is just a lot of propaganda in the way it was translated. In other words the word Bara and Yastar are there and God brought forth an issue. But the elements of the Universe, atomic elements made out of particles of electricity are in these forms. Therefore all the creatures, and all the trees are actually made up of all these particles of these atoms.

So, therefore He begat for you an atomic body, but brought forth as His physical issue, and the spirits which reside in us are spirits begotten by His spirit, and thus you are children begotten after the spirit, and are referred to as the children of Adam after the flesh, but He was the father of Adam so He is your Father. And you are to remember that the Negro is not HIS offspring, and was not even an original creation in the earth either, for he came from some where out of an area of the Milky Way. This is a long story but we can find it in the records of antiquity, and in the accounts of the great Matavaros (wars) and struggles when Lucifer was battling God. We can find it in India, in China and so forth. So if you went to get an older encyclopedia, say the 11th. Edition you will note that we hadn't been brain washed by these mongrelizers as yet, and they talk about the various races of mankind, about the Hindu which they say belongs in the Caucasian type. These were the White Vedas, the Aryans who produced the Vedas, the deeper philosophy of the theology of India. And they talk about, how in India they have mongrels, Negroes, and then a pure strain of White men, and that the man who built the Taj Mahal was a white man of this lineage. The Mongrels then came in and tried to wipe out the Vedas as they conquered India, and they did exterminate a great many of them. But India, you don't count India at all, you just write off India. As far as the western world is concerned India belongs to Asia, although there are pockets of white men here and there. The Anu inside of Japan were white people. They went into Japan in the days of Ammon, who was a relative of Lot, but the Ammonites were captured and put out on the Island of Japan because the Chinese did not want them in their country. There were other people on this Island who were the Sumari from the Sumu or Summit the highest point of ancient Mu which had gone down beneath the waters. The Sumari were antediluvian, pre-Adamic. Ammonites were white people descendants of Ammon and Lot, and then there were Chinese and all kinds of bandits and scum which were also put on this island. Also there were some white apes who had the same kind of chromosomes apparently that humans have so this is why some of these thick, squat, broody Japanese had tails as was found and noted during the war. We found quite a few with tails, but do not mistake them for the general run of the Japanese, because there might be some hurt by this fact. But the same thing is true in the Philippines. I can show you photographs of all this. So just don't get the idea that just because some walk around that they are your brothers, they are not. They are different in their features, and in their background. You are to know that the Adamic race is the Household of God from which the Kingdom comes.

QUESTION:--Is it true that Lucifer changed bacteria and made germs?

ANSWER:--Well, remember that everything that God originally created was good, they were necessary for your digestion, such as bacteria. If you do not have good bacteria in the digestive track then you can't digest your food correctly, and this is also true in the patterns of germination which we see around us. Some are in botanical fields, as bacteria where as the smallest units of animal cell life are protozoa. Nothing particularly wrong with protozoa as they were made, just because they are minute creatures on up through the line, the fact remains that Lucifer in his rebellion against God wanted to mutate everything. This is one reason why it says: 'Angels who did not keep their first estate'--and they mingled with people--thus intermingling with people of the earth occurred. We read in the Book of Jude that these Angels went the way of Sodom and Gomorrah which is mongrelization and integration. This is what happened when they tried to destroy your race in the upper Tarim Basin. In Genesis 6, it says that there were giants in the land after the Nephilin of Fallen Angels mixed with the daughters of man--that was that these giants were mutations.

Thus sickness and disease came from mutation of bacteria. In other words Lucifer did, he concocted the fact that if he were to mix the bacteria with proper cultures they would cross, just like people and animals. With some animals if you cross them you may get some kind of birth but that production cannot produce. The mules are something like that although you can't be sure of that today. There are some mules not sterile and will breed a few mules, but this does not always happen. One funny thing about it is that their offspring are generally sterile. Sometimes you can get two generations and then that is it. But 99% of the time, 999 mules out of 1000 are a cross between the wild ass and the horse and they are absolutely sterile. This is true with most mutations unless they have the same number of chromosomes. Unfortunately a man and some breeds of sheep and goats have the same number, and ancient idolaters under the Luciferian system used to mutate these, and some deer also. The result was these great monstrosities such as the Goat god Yahpan, this is where Japan got its worship of half man and half goat. The 'Pipes of Pan' the flute player was half man and half goat, and he tried to woo the children, and lead them out to the "Hill of Satyr'. In the Book of Genesis God said one of the things He had against Esau is that Esau went to the 'Hill of the Satyr' to worship. And there at the hill this is what they worshiped, half men and beast monstrosities from their violations, and evil perversions which Lucifer had taught. This is one of the things which sank Atlantas and Lemuria, their evil was so great that God broke the Volcanoes out and let the waters of the Sea run in splitting the continents, and the volcanoes then blew up in those areas and wiped out this total evil associated with those areas. So the fact is that these were some of those mutations.

Now, Lucifer and those who served him were witches and wizards. In other words the type of words used were not like those used today for anything good, it was utterly evil, they were Priests and Priests of Lucifer or the Snake god. So as such they had many names, and in other words this is why the Bible says: "Suffer not a witch or wizard to live." They were demons working Satanic conspiracies, and were to be put to death. Of course they say, but you cannot say that in America today. Well, then let them come up and say they are a witch and then people usually don't have much to say, see. But Moses was told of God not to suffer a witch or a wizard to live.

So what did Lucifer and his Angels do? They would start simmering the meat of some mutated animal and then let it stand until some bacteria and animalcule developing in it would be fused. Then they would take another mixture made from flesh and then add to it these various combinations, and we call them cultures. In other words they would get all these bacteria and let these cultures grow strong, then pour the cultures together. They kept doing this until they mixed these cultures. Now they had bacteria which would be a mutation, and protozoa that was a mutation. These became germs because they were not natural to the biological systems of animals and plants. There was not natural protection for them and they would attack the system. Of course the body would throw out white corpuscles to try to protect the body from the forces of these agencies, and there is no question of the fact that under the scriptures, and the writings of Enoch these were called 'Mists and Humors'. All of the germs that are upon the earth were mixed and made by Lucifer, by his witches and his wizards who mixed together the broths in which a small life had been developed. So the old record is that they did the same thing that we are doing now in Denver, Co., and that the Russians are doing way out in the Steppes. They have germ warfare laboratories today, and the way they make new germs is to keep mixing deadly viruses and cultures until they get a new kind which no one has any resistance to. If they can get it to spore, if they can use it for instance as a germ spore, some of the germ spore which are minute molds when crossed can be some of the most deadly of germs. They can turn these loose on the wind, and if they pass over a city the people will come down with a respiratory disease of which there is no cure, because we have built up no anti-toxin for it. This is why germ warfare is so deadly today.

But as we said, Lucifer started germs. Prior to his mixing these things, and their designing this, everything was good in the beginning. So what was the results of Lucifer's work. For instance there was not a plant growing in earth that was harmful to mankind, but after these mutations and the crossings you had all kinds of harmful and toxic plants, such as poison oak, poison ivy. So again note, before the fall even of our race most of the plants were good for something where as today lots of them are weeds. So weeds are a mutation and God said this is a curse you brought on yourself.

QUESTION:--I read about this St. Germain, is he a devil?

ANSWER:--He is not THE DEVIL, but he is a devil. St. Germain is still around, and is the man being talked about in Intelligence Digest. Remember DeCoursey tried to expose the fact that the Anti-Christ is in the world today, and the Jews who are behind this thing went after him an he was put in the Penitentiary. St. Germain was supposed to have died back 400 years ago, but he did not die. He is still around because he is a devil.

QUESTION:--They say that he has lived for 2000 years because he partakes of a very special brew.

ANSWER:--Well, you do not kill Devils anyway, their bodies can die but they keep coming back again. I could pull out many, many volumes on the occult art and their teaching. I have read them all, and I know much about it, maybe Barney Baruch could have been St. Germain, but actually St. Germain has been in this body he has used for a long time. In fact there are a lot of silly people who even thought he was a Saint but this was a lot of propaganda, of course. I could point out something else about this brew, 'The Elixir of Life', remember Adam and Eve were driven out upon the surface of the earth away from Eden lest they drink from the tree of life and then live in their sin?

Now, death was the 'wages of sin', and death required an atonement. And in the Resurrection of The Christ after the atonement HE brought His many sons unto Glory who were being held captive by Lucifer in the Netherworld, and not one Adamite was left in the Netherworld after Christ resurrected.

Now, remember that prior to the atonement Christ did not want His race to find, WITHOUT SPIRITUAL EMPOWERING-ETERNAL LIFE, by maintaining the immortality of the body by certain mysteries of potent combinations that could be made out of the vitality of what is called "The tree of Life". Remember the "Tree of Life" has various manners of fruit upon it. There is a very vital factor that has not been discovered, and God did not intend for it to be discovered up until the time of His Resurrection. It doesn't need to be discovered now because if we would apply spiritual law we wouldn't need it. This would keep the body Living on and on, would balance every atom out, and keep the secret God drove Adam and Eve away from which is in this 'Tree of Life', lest they eat of it's manners of fruit and its light and live forever, "In their transgression". Therefore Lucifer filled up the sum of knowledge, but remember in his knowledge he was the forbidden tree in the garden, the Race Tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Remember that of any tree in the Garden you eat, but this one Tree of the Knowledge OF GOOD AND EVIL, you could not eat of. The one thing that Adam and Eve were not to do was to intermingle with this fallen race line. But Lucifer seduced Eve and Cain was thus the son of Eve and Lucifer. She then said to Adam that she got this one from the lord, but this one was of the Evil one and not the son of Adam. It is only through translation that they sort of hid that thought. Able was the son of Adam, but you had double conception, Eve with Lucifer, and Lilith with Adam, and then Adam knew his wife and Abel was born. Then Cain killed Abel, and actually there was some good in this act because Abel could not have fathered the line although his offspring was acceptable. Cain was driven away, and no one of the offspring of Adam and Eve was acceptable until Seth the Seventh gestation child was born. And then Adam could say, I have now begotten a man in my own image, in my own likeness. These are then the generations of Adam from Seth on, and God did not count the others.

This is the thing then with the St. Germain mystery again, this is that Lucifer had knowledge as to how to keep the body alive forever unless someone cut it up or strangled it, see.

QUESTION:--How about the Netherworld?

ANSWER:--Oh, we don't have time for that.

QUESTION:--Do you know much about it?

ANSWER:--We just spoke about that not to long ago, we can tell you a lot about it and we have read most everything written about it. We know all the Bible has to say about the inner earth, Netherworld, and it says a lot about it. But I wouldn't say that I would accept all the blueprints written about it, but there is an inner earth. There is a vast area down there that is occupiable, because Christ went down there and preached to many people. And there was a Paradise there also because he took the Adamites from the part of the Netherworld they were held in to the part called Paradise, and that day as they were led into that area they met the thief from the cross. This is the story from the Gospel of Nicodemus as well as from the Bible so remember Jesus said to the man on the Cross: "Today thou shalt be with Me in Paradise." Jesus went straight down into the Netherworld and stormed the gates of Perdition "Open up ye gates, the King of Glory shall come in, who was at the gates? THE LORD STRONG AND MIGHTY." Yes, He was at the gates and Beelzebub the Prince of Darkness did not want Him to come in. But The Christ broke the gates, the barrier to the Netherworld and a great Light came in. He since taking all the sins of the world on His shoulders could enter in, but since HE had neither spot nor blemish they could not hold HIM. He then took every one of the Adamites over into another part of the Netherworld or inner earth called Paradise, this was the site of the Original Paradise. And He took them into Paradise and there was the Thief from the Cross sitting there waiting for them. Remember Jesus said: "Today ye shall be with me in Paradise"? When He then brought forth captivity captive He led His many sons on high, and at His resurrection Jesus brought forth everyone of His Adamic sons and daughters, and from that time on Hell or the Netherworld was enlarged, and no longer is there any Adamic seed down there.

QUESTION:--Did you listen to the Joe Pine show?

ANSWER:--Yes, but I don't know if I should discuss this on tape for after all the tape goes all over the country and Africa and Europe.

QUESTION:--I know, but did you notice that a black woman was up in that stall, you remember and she said: "I am a black Jew," and she had certificates and documents and she said :"All Jews were black at one time" and Joe Pine couldn't get her off the air fast enough---

ANSWER:--Well, there are lots of black Jews in Africa today, they are the direct descendants of a fallen Angel, and a black Jew is a devil, he is an offspring of a fallen Angel host. Almost all Witch Doctors in Africa are black Jews. Then there are Yellow Jews, Chinese Jews and they do not have anything to do with the Bible or its background. There are Chinese Jews who run most of the Pagan Temples, and the Dali Lama has had around him in upper Mongolia, shall we say: yellow devils who are the offspring of Lucifer, and they worship devils as well. So that the upper core of the Priesthood are devils. They have many of their people who go into the Priesthood, but the controlling power of that Priesthood are Jews (devils).

In Israeli today when they started to gather up the Jews they had a world Kehilla which is a world organization, and this world organization has been gathering them all up, and when they went down to Palestine then there were black Jews, yellow Jews, off white Jews, and so forth. And if they had been sons of Abraham they would have been all of one color, because, "Out of Isaac shall thy seed be called". One of the things that God told Israel not to do was not to mix your race, do not mongrelize, don't mix the Holy seed, and if they were Israelites they would be all one color, so they aren't Israelites, they are Jews so this explains the situation there.

QUESTION:--I thought this was good because this was the Joe Pine show.

ANSWER:--Well, these are facts, there is no argument, these are facts, and there is no controversy. Oh, you may get some ignoramus who was maybe raised, and went to some Seminary and they taught him a few things and he thinks he knows it all. He will come along and argue about something of which he knows very little, and you find that he doesn't know what is in the Bible. But what we are telling you we have facts to back it up or we wouldn't tell you, see.

This is true, there are differences in races, there is fallen societies, there are those who are involved in these things, this is what brought judgments. This is why God sank continents.

QUESTION:--What about the Blue Gum Negro?

ANSWER:--Well, he is a devil Negro, they are as a rule the zombie Priests, in other words a Voodoo Priest is a Blue Gum Negro, and he is a purple black. The inside of their mouth is purple.

Now, I cannot prove this, but the Negroes believe this, and all Jamaican Negroes believe this, that a Blue Gum Negro is poison, if he bites you its just like the bite of a Gila monster. But in the Bible there is a word in Hebrew, I believe it is Chia, and it means they are a purple devil. In the Hebrew this word Chia means they are embodied devils, from fallen Angels. You can find this in the Hebrew. Its just like the word Enosh and Adam they are both translated man out of the Old Testament, but Enosh are non-Adamic races, and Adam is the white man.

QUESTION:--What Bible do you read?

ANSWER:--The King James Version because every one has it. But I have to tell you things you don't find translated here or you wouldn't know anymore than you would to start with. In other words in the Hebrew and the Greek, Aramaic, and Latin sometimes if they were not Jew tampered with they would say what we find here, and of course with what is given here in the King James Version we can prove most of the things I have been telling you. So I use the King James Version.

QUESTION:--Where is the record of the false Pharisee that you spoke about?

ANSWER:--This is in the Book of Matthew in the 23th., chapter and the 33 verse.

QUESTION:--I wanted to ask a question about ESP and Psychiatry?

ANSWER:--Psychiatry has made quite a study in the relationship of the thought patterns concerning physical health. A Psychiatrist is one who really studies anything he cannot put into a test tube, this is a thought because one of the things is that the brain tendrils store ideas as nasson electrons. And he also notes that when men think they generate miliamps of electricity, and that at all times while thinking this is a process where there is a distribution of small amounts of electricity. It is also possible to trace out over the nervous system from that part of the brain which we call the third eye, which is just a ganglia of nerves in the inner part of the skull. There is no eye there, but all the nerves of the eye. Do you realize that all the ideas which you get when you have a vision, or when God gives you an idea, or when suddenly ideas are coming into you, that they start right in there, and they can trace this out. More than this when these ideas start to form and you think upon this as a solution to a problem that you have never had any previous experience with or you never remember, the impulses move from there to the outer portions of the brain. These impulses are a different type of impulse and have been called mentoids because they are different from electronic impulses which are stored memory.

Now, every time that you remember something these electrons go around the tendrils of the brain, and the picture is erected because inside of your consciousness you have a screened image, and the focal point where this image is erected is in your brain, at this same focal point. When you see something in the optic nerve it relays the picture in the brain proving then that a picture image which is erected by either thought from the outside or by remembrance of what has happened is an erection of what was seen by the eye, or an experience in the memory, or by some related vision ideas stored. And you have enough of these nerves tissues so that if everything ever done from the days of Adam to now, and everything which was ever in any encyclopedia, and anything which was ever stored could have everything in all the books in the world, and you would still have room left over for more. So you don't have to worry about sewing them all up, no one ever uses up all the storage capacity that you have, for this is electronic.

Now, anytime a Negro thinks, ask him a question and automatically he tries to pick out of his memory the answer. If you give him a problem and he has never been shown this he can never work it out. He can never create anything, doesn't even have the sense to copy, they never made a wheel anyway, remember. Finally since they have been in America they are, some of them pretty smart, but there is also white blood in there. But the Negro has no mentoid ability he never gets a message at the third eye level. The Asiatic gets a little but not much at the third eye level, but he had mentoid creative ability as well. He has 45 to 50 % less mentoid activity than you do, but your race has a level from this center of nerves that is unique.

Now, when we talk about extra sensory perception this is a broad subject, so there are many facets of it. I have many volumes on this, Duke University made an intense study of this. One man there who was put in charge of this because he was so concerned with any discovery they could come up with which would control the minds of men was Dr. Rhine, and of course he has many books on this subject. I have many of these books on this subject as well as in the area of the Psychiatry field. The most advanced psychiatry in the areas of advanced nerve reaction came from German psychiatrists because they were working on this more extensively than we were. This became very vital and they knew the difference between patterns. They also knew many things that marked many patterns as it related to the differences in the race, and of course was stifled all over. They did not want this fact of the differences in races to spread. So remember there are more Jews in the medical fraternity today than there are non-Jews. They dominate and control most areas of the released application of teaching and thought. There are more Jew Psychiatrists than anything else, and these fellows are real head shrinkers. However, I don't classify them as real scientists, but I classify real psychiatrists as brilliant scientists in their field.

So ESP is perception which is not just accumulated or the immediate reaction of sight and nose in smelling, taste, or touch, and so forth. In other words these senses are classified as the coming from beyond, not just touching and hearing and so forth, even maybe perception of something someone else transmitted. But this telepathy which is a part of ESP. Also most ESP can be classified as spiritual whether good or bad. In other words there are 9 gifts of the spirit, most are powers in the form of the ESP pattern. There is not just physical perception, but there is spiritual perception added to physical embodiment so that they are manifested in the physical, and thus are under observation sometimes by the Psychiatrists who have to work with the physical. But at the same time he has to also work with thought patterns, and the moment you try to correct the thought patterns in error, even if you are wrong you are still working with the soul of a man because the soul of a man is where he thinks. And the spirit of a man is the entity of his spiritual being begotten of God in the beginning. So, you are a living soul, you are the sum total of all that you have experienced, don't forget this, the soul is made up of ideas, your spirit is made up of light, and your physical body is made up of electrons and protons.

You are thus made up of Light, Electricity, or Spirit, Soul and body. Soul is a net configuration of ideas which are the sum total of your experiences. Because of this then you say, what am I? Well, you are an entity living being who is the sum total of all your experiences, this is what you are, and you are a living entity, but your life is all the things which has happened to you, all the experienced things. So therefore if those things are good your soul is good. If all those things are bad then your soul could be bad. But if some of your experiences are good, and some are bad, then this is what the scripture is talking about. If all a man's works are burned up still he is the Son of God, and as he believes that Jesus is the Christ then if all a man's works are burned still he is saved as by fire because the error is burned out of his remembrance.

Practically no one of your race is that far out. On the other hand the spirit of God which is light and truth is going to eventually purge out all the areas of error, all the areas that are wrong until the individual thinks only those things which are right. In other words, he knows everything as right and agrees that if you knew everything right you wouldn't want to be wrong, but to be right anyhow. People don't want to be wrong, they just don't know how to be all right. But this is vital, this is Faith, this is what we talk about when we say: Perfect Faith casts out all fear. For without fear it is all perfect. The spirit never transgresses and all mistakes of the individual are always in the body. You have to use the soul in the area of thinking to make that mistake. You have to think wrong before you do wrong, nobody does wrong before they think wrong. You say, no they do it impulsively, but no they have to think wrong before the wrong impulses comes. So all areas of ESP are functions which don't have to have the senses to start the animation altogether, although it can. For instance we have this ability, although all people don't understand it, if you have a particular affinity with someone, if they are people whose thoughts are with you, maybe there is an area of affection, maybe there is an area of comradeship or a deep appreciation, and all people don't have this gift, sometimes this comes from association over a period of time, so if they might be even removed from you one mile, or even on e hundred, or one thousand miles, they then have a problem or an idea automatically, and it can well flash into your mind, and you pick up the idea, this is telepathy. Everyone may have more or less of this, a mother for instance with her children, maybe she will get an idea and transmit it to her child, this goes on. We have inherited all ideas of our forefathers, everyone doesn't have quite the same because we don't have the same mother or father and grandfather even though we go back far enough, and we are all relatives. For the experiences we have inherited in direct remembrance has to be the pattern down through our genealogy. Where as we are relatives if we go back far enough so this is an area of ESP. Many people do not realize that a stimuli is sometimes a miliamp of electricity running wild, maybe an electric shock could do this, could make electrons revolve, that you were born with, and you could then remember something which happened to your grandfather. Or you might remember something which happened to your great grandfather. Or when this happens you might be asleep, or you might dream this, or perceive this, and wake up and say, you remember the dream, but maybe just vaguely, maybe you traveled to New York, your grandfather lived there, or maybe you might drive up a river valley, and all of a sudden you say: this is my dream, I've been here, I recognize this.

This happens to me all the time, but the thing is I haven't been there, but this is the remembrance of your forefathers, this works for time and place. And now there is other areas of ESP because the mind of God is totally Ominsicient, knows everything which is even going to come to pass. He also knows how much energy He is going to put into it. In fact He sees tomorrow before it happens. In fact right here in the Book of Revelation, a large part of it has already been experienced and witnessed by John who has been there and back. He has been into tomorrow and back again, and told us about it. Therefore since you are Spirit of God you can also get another ESP, you can get the spiritual vision of what is going to happen tomorrow. And it will erect in your consciousness the things you see with your eyes.

Now, when you get this you say: what is this? Well, it is the gift of prophecy. In other words something flashed into your perception that hasn't happened yet. But later when it happens, it is real to you and you have the witness of it when you received it, and now see it coming to pass, then you can tell it. But everyone does not know it, see. This is also ESP, or discernment, being given the ability to determine the inner ability of a man. Maybe he is a devil, and you don't know it, see. Maybe this is something evil but you haven't been discerning it, then when you meet it you feel it. This is Discernment, and it tells you to stay away from certain things. Discernment comes lots of times because I am trying to give all the people the benefit of the doubt, but all I am doing is talking back to the spirit which at all times is telling me that someone, or something is no good, see. But I never wanted to admit it, I always wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt. But every time we have had a betrayal, or serious trouble, I always had serious doubts about them even when I was fighting this. Very few Jews ever get to far with us because we feel it, but some people only have one gift, and some have maybe two gifts, or maybe even four, but HE gives all His people some gift. And all gifts are of the spirit, are spiritual imputes, these are the secrets of Discernment, and ESP.

A short time ago they had the Bridie Murphy Mystery, remember, but the Jews were behind this. They were trying to sell us the idea of reincarnation. So how would you prove it? Well, suddenly we were to throw aside the Bible and believe in Reincarnation. So how would you prove this reincarnation? If people could remember past lives and things then they would believe that they had lived before. Actually what they were drawing up was not their experiences but the experiences of their forbearers, which is rather unique because this jumps generations. One thing we can prove to you as it has been done extensively in Germany, is that they can take an electrode and put it on the brain tissue, above it, and it stimulates that tissue, and the electrodes will go around and you will see experiences of things you never saw before. But what has happened is that these electrodes are the remembrance you inherited in the genes. But there is whole areas of your brain, where this can be done, and they don't press very long with the electronic point before they find it. There are things which happened in your childhood, you know it but you may not be thinking about it, and you will see and remember vividly, but everyone has these areas of stored electrons of anything which ever happened to you at anytime. You say, you forgot, but you didn't forget, probably it was just a lack of oxygen. Generally when they say people get forgetful they say this is a result of old age or something like that. But if you could de-toxify the system and get enough oxygen to the brain tissue then you would lose that forgetfulness, and this would all come back, see. Sometimes this maybe relative to pressure on nerves, this might also be something which relates to the atlas, or to the nerve pressure.

Now, a medical doctor understands, also understands also that it can be the chemical area of the body. And Osteopath would tell you that it could be something related to muscle contractions as well as nerves. Or you might think the bones were bringing this pressure, but the fact still remains that something is out of balance. And when out of balance then it effects the feeding of the nerve tissue in the brain. This does not mean it is gone forever but it means your sensitivity and remembrance sometimes slips. Especially if it is in an area you aren't using all the time.

Now, we have what is called brain muscle, this goes back to Larkin a few years ago. In other words the areas you use most in your brain, these areas get more blood supply in circulation than an area of the body which you don't use as much. If you didn't use your arm, and just let it hang by your side it would shrink up after a while, and any muscular use might even make it active once more. So again we tell you that there is no limit the mind of man can perceive if he tunes in. There is also this gift of the spirit, this is the ability to perceive something and pull it out of the mind of God which we have the affinity for. Why? How? Because WE HAVE THE SPIRIT OF HIS SPIRIT, AND LIFE OF HIS LIFE AND HE SAID: UNTO YOU IT IS GIVEN TO KNOW. He then said that the spirit of truth is come to lead you to knowledge of all truth. This is what the world cannot receive but you can receive because you are His offspring. Therefore your wave length is one with His.

We could go into other facets of ESP but this is why these people are seeing something they thought happened a long time before. Ever once in a while you will have an experience, and you will say: I lived this experience before, or I dreamed this ahead of time, and this my friends is prophecy.

QUESTION:--Can you show me a diagram of the third eye?

ANSWER:--I can show you a diagram of it on the most advanced theology book there is. It has everything there, the ganglia of nerves, the lenses and the actual optic nerve going to them.

QUESTION:--(Could not hear this question.)

ANSWER:--Not necessarily but underneath them. Did you know that in Tibet the Priests of the upper Lamasaries open the top of the skull and they peel back the skin and they cut a round hole in the top of the skull very carefully, then they stretch the membrane back over the hole and let it heal up. This is why all Buddhist monks keep their heads shaved. All of the Upper crust monks do this, and it is like the Cardinal around papacy, up there in the Lamastry. They believe that they get higher perception because they know there is a third eye formed, and they want to get anything out of the way of it. This was taught to them by Lucifer. So they get their Luciferian prophecy and they think they can get it more clearly if they go about it this way.

Circumcision was sort of a covenant symbol God established with Israel in the days of Abraham, and they were hunting for something in the Luciferian field. But go back to this ritual of cutting upon the skull looking for this third eye, this third eye is built into all beings but it is not developed as in you for it is your gift. In the Negro it is not developed at all.

QUESTION:--What about this speaking in tongues, is that related to ESP?

ANSWER:--Well, yes and no. The reason I say this is because among the gifts of the spirit is also mentioned "Tongues". Now in the church there is to be no speaking in tongues unless there is an interpreter present. Now there are different types of 'tongues' which are experienced by men. One is the unknown Tongue, or the language which they were not raised in, and which they did not learn in school. But the spirit will suddenly cause them when they are spiritually guided, as at Pentecost to speak in this tongue they were not raised in or had learned in school. But the spirit will suddenly cause them, when spiritually guided, as they were then at Pentecost to speak in the tongue so that they could be understood by all those men around them who had come from all parts of the world. They all could have spoken in Hebrew, but when they were speaking, here men from Britain who heard the language of Gaelic, and those from Rome heard Latin, and from Germany those men heard the German language, and they all said is this not a miracle because these men are Galileans? How is it that we hear these men speaking in our own tongues. This was the gift of Tongues at Pentecost.

Now, this is implied sometimes because Jesus told the disciples to tarry at Jerusalem until they were endued with the power from on High. This was concerning the coming of His own Holy Spirit which they were to wait for. So they tarried in Jerusalem, and there were 70 of them in the Upper room who tarried until endued with this power from on high. And when the energy came from on High it was so static, so dramatic in its power that cloven tongues sat upon them. They radiated just like the burning bush did when Moses came close to it, and God's physical presence was so great in the bush that it was like an aurora borealis, like it was shimmering with fire, yet it was not burning. That was not literal fire, it was spiritual fire, it was the glowing impact of God's Spirit. Remember God said to Moses, do not touch this bush, take off your shoes so you are grounded, there is so much energy and power there. Remember that Moses had talked with God so many times after that, that when God came to the mountain then remember that he went up the mountain to meet Him. God came in with all those spacecraft and He landed on Sinai, and then Moses went up the mountain, and God told Moses to tell the Children of Israel not to touch this mountain because they could not stand the energy there. The mountain was clothed as though by fire, but Moses went up and stood in the presence of God who stood as though in a veil, but still Moses stood there. Then when Moses came down from that mountain we are told that Moses had to cover himself because of this divine energy which was still on him, and which the Children of Israel who had not been in the close presence of God would not be able to stand.

But in this outpouring of cloven tongues of fire which stood around and over the disciples, there was also a great noise around like the mighty rushing of the wind because of the energies disturbing the atmosphere from this tremendous power of Divine Presence as it descended upon the disciples. When they went outside the crowd crowded around and they also heard this great noise, and saw these flames as though of fire all over the house. So when these men came out and they began to speak to the crowd, they spoke in different tongues (languages), and these listening from different countries heard the words in their own language so that they would understand. This was a sign to them that this was a miracle for they knew these men were all Galileans.

Now, there is an UNKNOWN tongue, and this is the language of Heaven, but it is not always used in the right way. If a person would be in Communication with God, they would have to have this gift, and no one would understand it except the Inner Spirit would perceive it. The Apostle Paul said that, I might speak in tongues (commune with God) more than any of you, but I would rather speak one word in my own tongue that a man could understand, than ten thousand words no one understands. Because this only edifies the individual himself, and it is not for the rest of the world, and it is not always good either. Lucifer can copy gifts, except the inner perception of the brotherhood this love of God which gathers unto us the Mind of God, helps us to know we are His children and to identify His embodiment, Lucifer cannot perceive this gift, but Lucifer can duplicate a lot of things but there is one area of spiritual discernment which comes from the Father, a gift of knowledge and discernment which Lucifer cannot get back until his restoration. Therefore he cannot discern some things. He cannot discern what God tells you in prayer and meditation, but he can discern what you say audibly. This is why Lucifer likes to get you to pray foolishly, go into vain repetition of the things of heaven. Anytime you hear someone saying: Glory, Glory, Glory as they do in some of the churches when they say they are receiving the Holy Spirit, God might honor their desire through ignorance, but this is what the heathen do, they say: Buddha, Buddha, Buddha how is your mother, over and over again. This is popular however with some groups. And we have spoken in many denominations, and Bible conferences, all kinds of missionary lines, and various scales of the Holiness groups and you find this kind of thing. We know of course that in the Latter Day Saints Church which is a branch of the Mormons, that there is a group of them that also have tongues in their interpretations, and others that don't. Some of them go into the same thing as the Pentecost do and others do not. I don't want to go into all that is involved in this because there is a very negative involved in this inside the church and it is very sensual. And it is not a spiritual experience, it is actually a sensual impact, a pattern of false and evil forces.

You ask the Father and would He give you a stone for bread? Is the question of some, No, but some people following through are looking for emotion, and signs not for the Grace of God. There are thus some false things and some people are not ready for what they go after. So I do not want to go into this discussion tonight. I do believe in the 9 gifts of the spirit. And I am not against 'tongues' as 'tongues' but I am against 'Tongues' where it goes into this irresponsible area. I think God gives you a gift of 'Tongues' it is for a purpose. If you had to get a message over to a bunch of white slaves of the tribe of Zebulon and you suddenly talked in the Slavic tongue when they knew that you did not know their language, then they are going to believe you.

I was in a meeting one time and I saw this happen. I was in the fourth row of Angels Temple and Amie Simple McPherson was delivering a message. All of a sudden she started to speak in tongues (a different language), and a young man started to scream, he started to run out of the meeting, then turned and went down to the altar. This man it turns out had committed a murder in a foreign country and had run away thinking that no one knew it, thought he had gotten away with it. But here in the midst of the sermon Amie Simple McPherson suddenly spoke to this man in his native tongue saying: "You think you have run away but actually God knows who you are, and where you are, and what you did, so you better repent."

This happened and there are many such things which have happened. I know of a missionary who was in a Province in China where some white people were, and this is the Province where some of the white Ammonites went and where there was still a white strain, thus a Missionary went there but they could not get a message across. Suddenly the spirit moved on these missionaries and they spoke in the purest of dialect of these people they were trying to reach and they got through to them. There are other factors, but we won't go any further with this.

QUESTION:--The gold, incense, and Myrrh brought to Christ, gold is suppose to stand for the spirit and so forth. I was wondering if the wise men brought just three gifts so that this is a symbol of the Trinity?

ANSWER:--No, because there is no trinity of say, God the Father, God the son, and God the Holy Ghost. There is no three persons, there is ONLY ONE. This whole concoction was started in Babylon, and then translated into Christian theology, as God the Father, God the son, and God the Holy Ghost. There is however not three people, there is ONLY ONE GOD, but this cursed thing was not woven through theology because, yes it is spirit, soul, and body, but not three people.

The three gifts for Christ's ministry were gold, for the ministry, and oil of Frankincense for His anointing, and the Myrrh was for His burial as they put His body in the tomb.

I would like to knock out this idea of the trinity because many preachers have been taught this error, and are hanging on to this as they overlook, "HE WHO HATH SEEN ME HATH SEEN THE FATHER."

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