07-01-63 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers
By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:---Who are the Hunza people of Northern India? Are they white people? We would like a comment on these people.

ANSWER:---When Alexander the Great was pushing toward the East and finally stormed the heights of the Himalayas, he was preparing for an attack upon India. Alexander the Great was basically, of course, in his recognition of white leadership. For he thought that with Macedonia and Greece united, he would have a strong opportunity to carry the areas of victory over to the Aryan Persians. The Aryan Persians came down from the North. They had fought no battles were moving for a pincher movement upon the Mongolians coming out of the Steppes. Alexander wanted to move with one force of his army across the Himalayas while with the other, he would move down on India where Hinduism was running rampant. His design was to crush Hinduism and put white leadership over the areas of India and join with the white Persians coming down out of the Steppes. And of course the strong Aryan control which has been over India had been somewhat overturned by this massive Hindu area of victories. The Emperor had fought against the Aryan Emperor. And the Aryan Emperor was over the most populated and civilized area of India, but the Hindu Emperor had gathered the great masses of Hindus back along the mountain ranges of the Himalayas. And realizing there was an Aryan Emperor who had left the areas of his basic throne, and had moved into Mantelet, this Hindu Emperor moved in. The concept of Alexander the Great was to push for the conquest of India. He also wanted to bring this other arm of his forces up to join with the Persians. And then they would come down thru the passes into India.

Thus it was that the left flank of Alexander's forces came down thru the passes toward upper India. And there were virtually only paths that had to be walked. And they had to use boats in places, because there were many streams coming down out of the Himalayas. In other places they had small trails where 2 or 3 men could walk abreast. But these trails did lead down into the open canyons of the Indian lowlands. So a group of Greeks---Macedonians---together with two groups of Aryan Persians took this route and the other group of the Aryan Persians were to travel across the high Himalayas and come down on the eastern side of India and then come back. So Alexander was a masterful military engineer even tho he was only 26 years of age when he conducted the Indian campaign.

But the people who are the Hunza people today, were from these Macedonians and Greek and Aryan Persians. For as they came down thru the pass where Hunza is, the snow had set in for an early snow storm, and it cut off the upper pass which led back into Mongolian lands and the upper Himalayas. They couldn't come on down the pass because terrific landslides had wiped out the trail. But the valley where Hunza is today, had lots of vegetation; wild fruits, and so forth. One thing that Alexander did, he had every company of soldiers carry all kinds of seeds for all kinds of food, and their women were with them, and young people. And if they had any kind of headquarters, then the women and young people would plant all kinds of seeds for their food to sustain the troops. Thus when they discovered they couldn't get back up into the Himalayas and they couldn't get down into India until spring, they planted late growing vegetables. This valley of Hunza doesn't get too extreme weather and it has warm springs as well as cold. So there people stayed there over the winter. These people possessed fine architectural style and they built fine houses out of the stone. And limestone was uses as well as other materials they found there to cement them together. Those houses built by these of the army of Alexander the Great are still in Hunza today. So you can see the fine architectural capacity of these people.

The following year battles had broken out along the Babylonian front and this had called Alexander the Great back to that area. And altho they had triumphed in some areas of India, still the Hindu Dynasty was left in tact in other areas. And the Persians battling to come down and join the white Emperor fell back because they were attacked by Mongol headmen, coming down out of the Utar-Batar. And there were tremendous amounts of these Mongols coming out of the Steppes. So these Persians of that flank of the army did not complete their drive to the East. But they did withstand the attack of the Mongolians and they retreated back into areas of Persia the following year. The winter was a severe one. And then the following year the people trapped in Hunza started to try to come out thru the northern mountains. But they ran into deeper snows, so they retreated back into the valley to wait for a better summer. Well, some of them made their way down into India and they discovered that the Hindus had come back into that area so these people in Hunza were now isolated. So they decided that they would wait for Alexander the Great to return and come down thru the passes again and then they would rejoin the areas of the Macedonians. This waiting went on for years. And Alexander the Great died. And no one came down thru the Hunza passes. But they had established a fine civilization here in this place. They had cut themselves off from the virus train. And they were very healthy. Practically no sickness was in Hunza; no colds; no smallpox; no diseases or epidemics. So they now had a fine society, no germs. And they were developing all kinds of food. There were wild potatoes growing there. And this was one of the first places where the white race developed and used the white potatoes. They had corn, and many types of vegetables, such as some that we don't know about here. They raised fruit trees until they almost over run the land. And they had to cut down the fruit trees to thin them out. Hunza, until this day, has remained a civilization of white people. Basically their theology was the theology of ONE GOD. And like Zoroaster who was the great leader in the Persian field, and of course a Magi, --they followed his concept of theology. The Magi had been trained in the beginning by Enoch. And taught the message of the stars in the days of Enoch. And Zoroaster was a Magi---in his time. Most of these Persians were Zoroastrian and they believed in ONE GOD and that in time the Messiah would come. But of course they didn't have the pattern of Christ and Christianity. But they did have the pattern which led up to Christ in their theology. So the people of Hunza were not barbarians. And they believed in ONE GOD, and in the Winged Orb of Zoroaster teaching, as much as their concept of such allowed.

Now, the Greeks and Macedonians had a background because they were Israelites who had settled there in their migrations. And as Dan moved out, he passed thru there and both the Macedonians and the Greeks had this in common. They had much of the tradition and records of Israel even tho they had split off earlier than the other 10 tribes. But one thing that Alexander said was that the one thing we know is that there is only one God. And He created the Universe and the white men are His children. And they have more knowledge and more wisdom than any peoples on the face of the earth. And--if they do not fight to protect their civilization, and protect the truth, they normally possess, then the pagans will destroy them.

Now, the death of Alexander the Great is not normally one that you possess the true story of. The historians like to tell you that he died in a drunken fit because he had no more worlds to conquer. But this is not true at all. Alexander the Great had some area of illness in the vertebrae of his back. He rode constantly and they became weakened. And finally he had to be carried in a litter. But his ambition was to establish the Aryan supremacy control from over the areas of Mongolian invasion, and possibly invasion from China over the Himalayas and down thru the canyons and into southern Europe. He realized that there were great numbers of Chinese and Mongolians. And he said:--We must hold these areas to keep them from coming down to overrun Western civilization. His death was caused by the Doctors waiting on him. They possibly gave him alcohol. But they also had given him other things like Myrrh and things that today we should consider as paregoric. They had extracted this and used it to ease his pain. But eventually it killed him.

But the people of Hunza were white Aryans and they believed in one God and they did refer to God as YAH. So did Zoroaster. But they were white and they did have the type of theology which was quite correct.

QUESTION:---What was the thorn in Paul's flesh?

ANSWER:---One of the major thorns in Paul's flesh was that he had eye trouble. Now, people have tried to find some moral complaint for Paul as they probably tried to cover up a guilt complex in their own mind. And they said the thorn in Paul' flesh was some area of misconduct which he did have, altho he didn't want to do this. And they take his argument of philosophy against the normal errors a man makes, or doesn't make to arrive at this. But as the flesh is fighting against the spirit the spirit is fighting against the flesh. And they concocted a rather strange philosophy and decided there was some moral discrepancy in character of Paul. But this was not true. The thorn in Paul's flesh was that he had poor eyesight and astigmatism and it was growing worse. In his ministry, he found that it was hard for him to read small letters and print. He was writing great Epistles and letters. And his writing was getting larger and larger until his letters in his letters were almost one inch high. This bothered him greatly because he felt that it hindered his work for God and church. So he refers to this as a thorn in the flesh. The early church fathers such as Clements and Polycarp referred to the fact that the Apostle Paul had weak eyes and that they gradually worsened. And it was as tho he had cataracts even tho if so, they were not operatable, because he could see dimly. But he wrote huge letters. But the Apostle Paul never had any area of immorality as some would have had you believe. That would not have been in keeping with his concepts. In fact the Apostle Paul, in the beginning, thinking The Christ would return very soon, thought that all men shouldn't get married. They must just move out to the Missionary field and win as many converts as possible. And spread the truth as far as possible because that time was coming very soon. Then as he had areas of revelation, as God took him out into space and brought him back he said:--Whether in the body or out of the body, God alone knew. But in this area of the operation, he had not been told concerning the time of the return of The Christ. And altho he was told---"Lo I come quickly,"---still he was operating on the areas of philosophy and truth much as Enoch had. But Enoch had mysteries of measure, as well. He was given operations of time and of measure. He had taught the Magi, and had written 365 volumes. And we discover that he was given measures to indicate that he knew far more about the return of Christ than the Apostle Paul. Altho the Apostle Paul did know there would be a falling away first. And that the anti-Christ forces would be revealed as the children of Lucifer. But as Paul grew older, he thought he would live until the Christ returned, and he referred to this as he wrote:--We who are alive and remain shall not hinder those who have died, or are asleep. For Christ will bring those with Him.' All that was the teaching of the Apostle Paul, and he thought that the time was very short until Christ's return. But then as time went on he realized that it would be a millennium or more and then he said:--'After I am gone, you write and tell people these things.' And a short time later, he passed away.

Many times the Apostle Paul said:---'I think as a man. I speak as I think men's conduct ought to be in those things.' He wasn't always right, even tho he was a great Apostle. In the areas of things he spoke of in spirit, he was right. Yet when he spoke as a man, his philosophy was not always right. Surely if we had followed the philosophy of the Apostle Paul, we would have died out (as a race) --a long time ago. Because he suggested that men remained unmarried and all move out as Evangelists to save as many people as could be redeemed before Christ came. But the pattern was not to be this way. And this was understood by the other Apostles. However, the thorn in the flesh was his bad eyesight.

QUESTION:---If the 7th world power was the Khan's Mongol power, how did it cover the whole earth as a government?

ANSWER:---In the book of Revelation, He said:--'the woman rode upon the back of the Beast, and the beast is the political power of World Government, or the government of Anti-Christ and the forces of darkness. The beast the woman rode upon had 7 heads and 10 horns. The seven heads are kingdoms which the woman uses in her power. The woman is Mystery Babylon the Great---political--social and economic evil---the outgrowth of the family of Lucifer moving into economy, politics, as well as religion. And this rides upon the political system which is basically not the program of the Kingdom.

Now, as Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome came into power, they were the 4 Kingdoms. But Assyria and Egypt were before this. And they existed back in the days when Eden was planted. In the book of Ezekiel in the 31st chapter, you are told that Egypt is a mighty power and the Assyrians were all over the world. This was back in the days when God put Adam in Eden. So Adam was not the first man. But he was the first human--Hu-man--spirit man. He was the first begotten offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD. And God said:--'We will make Adam in our own image.' And therefore He begat the physical body for the Celestial children of the Household of God to make their entrance into the world. We have here the beginning of the Adamic Race, but we don't have the beginning of mankind on the face of the earth. What we have here is the beginning of Hu-man---Spirit man---, or the white race. And Adam then fathered the white race.

Now, understanding this, we note that the Assyrians and the Egyptians were the first Empires which were against the Kingdom of God at any time. Then came Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome. This made the 6th, and the 7th was to come. This seventh was the power of Genghis Khan, or the hoards which would sweep out of Asia to try to capture Western civilization. This was again organized by world Jewry, now the headquarters of which was in Venice. Having left Babylon when it fell, they settled on the Isle of Pergamus in the sea and then moved to Venice in due time. The situation which is marked here is that during Christ's ministry, their headquarters were spread out on the Isle of Pergamus. And they were buying gold. And they were controlling the Roman Empire with gold. Then in the opening passages of Revelation, The Christ talks about Pergamus. And as He talks about it, He says that this is where Satan's seat is. In other words this was where the headquarters of their operations was based and where Lucifer's sons and daughters worked and dwelt. There in the Aegean Sea. Then He says this ( and is talking to the church located in Pergamus)--"I know thy works, and that thou dwellest where Satan's seat is; and thou holdest fast to my name, and have not denied the faith, even tho Antipas was slain among you. But here is where Satan dwelleth."---In other words-----why did Satan dwell there?? Because this was the headquarters for the head families of World Jewry. In fact even Herod, who was King of the Jews, came from there. For they were loaning great sums of money to the Roman Empire. And they were at that time also pulling their normal capers. And Herod was made the ruler of Judea and of Jerusalem, and that area. And he was king of the Jews. But Pergamus was the seat where Satan's headquarters was located. This is again fulfilling the 8th chapter of John as Jesus said:--"Ye are of your father the devil. The lusts of your father ye will do."----Remember, that this is the passage after Christ had just made the statement:---"Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free."---And the Jews standing there replied:---"How saith thus, that you can make us free, we have never been in bondage at any time?"

But had the Jews been the children of Israel, of the 10 tribes of Judah and Benjamin they would have been in bondage to Nebuchadnezzar. And if Israel at all, they would have been in bondage to Egypt. But they said:---'we have never been in bondage to anyone.'----Jesus answered:--"Yes I know---and if ye had been Abraham's seed, ye would have received me. But ye are of your father the Devil." Then he goes on to prove that they came down from Cain, who slew Abel and who was a murderer. When Jesus refers to the Isle of Pergamus as Satan's seat. Then this was where their world Kehilla was extending its areas of authority from. In fact areas of world Jewry had entrenched themselves in areas of China, India, and Africa. And the strange reason for this was because Lucifer and these fallen Angels of his household, had intermingled with the Negro and the Asiatic---all these people. But the offspring had one thing in common. They were held together as the offspring of Lucifer's household. But the great_________(Gotmas) were the great giants or monsters in the land. And the reason that the idols of China are so big was because of these great giants who were the offspring of Lucifer and his fallen Angels as they mixed with the races of earth. These Angels were originally 23 cubits tall, so no wonder their offspring were giants, and even tho they took bodies the size of people of earth their offspring would increase as long as there was spiritual affinity, because mitosis will increase until it reaches the size of the electronic norm of the parent. Even if the one parent on one side was normal, and one huge, for even the Angels did not keep their first estate. And had come down in the size as normal human beings, their electronic norm which was their mental wave, and which controlled the division of cells, continued to grow until there were giants in the land such as Goliath and others as you have been told in the book of Genesis. In the time of the flood, the Nephilim had mingled with the daughters of men, and thus there were giants in the earth in those days. So we have these conditions existing at that time, and therefore----the Mongolian forces were now established on Pergamus. Then later they went up to the base of Florence and the Po river and established the city of Venice, and this was the place where Jewry was very, very strong. In fact stronger than any place in the world, and it moved in to control the Mystery schools of the white race. These were the masters of "The Rose Cross"and they perverted that, and the "Master Builders" or Masons, and remember that Paul was also a Master Builder, a Mason, and many Masons were in the Old Testament because----Mason meant "Master Builders". But now in Venice they moved into Masonry, and the people now had to go to Venice to move into the higher degrees which they now controlled as they sought to destroy Masonry, they were never able to destroy the "Blue Lodge" and George Washington was a Master Mason---who was at war with Pike and others, but even way back there in the year 1000 they were a very strong power. Actually by the year 950 to 960 Jewry was a strong power dwelling in the city in the lake bottoms of Venice. they were talking at this time of how they would control western civilization, and they had some areas of influence because they were money lenders, and they moved in and out of high places with their gold and this gold they didn't have or really own, they loaned--they just took tellers and checks against it while they absorbed the areas of the white Christian economy. However they decided that if they could gather a Mongolian conqueror and make him strong, they would gather for him the steel blades of Damascus, and the fine crossbows made in Turkey and they would then equip this Mongol and his hoards, and more hoards would join him, and they would guide him, and make him a conqueror of white civilization.

Well they choose a Chinese Jew named Cepe Neyon, and he was present at the conference of Jews in Venice. He said:--I know one and his name is Tumungin. He is slightly crippled but as a fighter he is savage. This was the one who was called Genghis Khan , or the Great Khan. They armed him well, and then he went out and forced other Kah's to join him. His forces then went out against the cities of Asia, and Samarkand went down before him, but the Jews had gone into the city first and set up their little bazaars and sold their trading goods like Marco Polo did later with these forces. But one night they opened the gates of Samarkand and in came the hoards of Genghis Khan and took the city. And then they then split the spoils with the Jews and moved on to another city to do the same thing. Baghdad fell in the same way and then they came thru the Caucasian pass and came into Europe. Thus the seventh Empire which was to sweep the Christian world, this Kingdom of God was born. And this Empire led by Genghis Khan almost did just that. It went up to the gates of Austria, and stormed the cities of Germany, but Knighthood from England and from Sweden, and Scandinavia and Spain and Italy came together to try to stop the hoards. Genghis Khan was storming Austria's gates with tremendous hoards out of the Steppes, and they had entered and burned cities, but always the Jews were never molested in their homes, or anywhere else because they had backed the Khan, and they wore yellow arm-bands to identify themselves.

Genghis Khan then died and the hoards all went back to Lassa because one thing the Mongols always did was to carry their fallen leaders back to Lassa, and they would go thru their voting ritual to find out who the new Khan would be, but they never again had a leader as great as Genghis Khan. Your scripture talks about the beast whose wound was healed--after he was nigh unto death. --this is talking about this world power which went down with Genghis Khan --for he had been wounded and then taken back to Lassa

and then had a giant heart attack and was dead. These hoards came back four years later, and Shaggie Khan went into Russia and then came back as he had under Genghis Khan and then Batu another Khan fought in Europe, still remember that the Khan hoards fought western civilization for 400 years. In the days of Martin Luther , and the Lutheran church was spreading in Germany, the hoards were still coming thru the Balkans, and thru the Caucasian pass and into Europe, and in thru Russia, and Christian Knighthood was taxed to stop these Asian hoards, and again they fought their way almost to the gates of Venice. We well know that Martin Luther and the Pope never saw eye to eye for Luther said;---The just shall live by Faith, and Luther came out on a strong position of theology, and they were calling him a protesting --Faith, and this was the starting of the Protestant faith. Altho Martin Luther was a Catholic he left the church over area of interpretation, and over areas of the scripture. Of course the Pope denounced him for a heretic, and called for his liquidation, and they would have martyred him if they could have gotten hold of him. But during the time of this upheaval, these hoards were coming in and they finally turned their forces toward Rome as well as toward Spain and Austria. And Martin Luther sent a messenger to the Pope. And the Pope made a agreement with Martin Luther and it called for a temporary truce while they turned to fight the forces of Anti-Christ. And so the Pope and Martin Luther and English and other Knighthood were fighting right up until the hour when their Knighthood rolled back this second hoard which came after Genghis Khan was dead. Seven German Princes decided that one way to stop this coming against the West was to outflank them. And they rolled thru the Caucasian pass into Russia and up the side of the Ukraine and rubbed out the remnant of Shaggy Khan. And they established one German Prince to hold the front here for the Germans. Then they called for settlers to help hold this area. The city then under the Mongolians was called Magog, or the city of Gog. This is a peculiar thing because it ties back to the Japhetic absorption. But in this instance the German Prince called for settlers and they came from Saxony, Northern Germany and other areas. And they settled the areas around the king so that they might be able to hold back these 57 varieties of Mongolians and Asiatics that settled in the areas of Russia. Then---the areas of the Ukraine were opened up and they called for more Europeans to come in as well as Macedonians and Greeks so that they could hold back the Asiatics. So the Western Ukraine was settled by white families. And these German Princes, as rulers, were holding these Czarkhans. Actually the word Czar came from the hoards of Genghis Khan as he was chief Czar. But now there was a white Czarkhan, or white king. And altho they were tremendously outnumbered, their intelligence and military ability in the strength of the German military, held these Mongol hoards in place. Then as the King-line of Russia married into the King line of all Europe, which had been always going on, the King line of all Europe was traceable to the English throne, and then back to the Throne of David. And on the walls of Buckingham Palace hangs all the names of every King and their descendants back down to David's in Jerusalem, from Ireland to Scotland to Wales. They are listed.

Now, the fact remains that one of the late marriages that existed was Czar Nicholas or Russia, who was the last Czar of Russia and was slain by the communist (Bolsheviks), was a cousin to Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany and King George of England. The men were cousins altho they had been isolated for hundreds of years. The white Russians were basically the people who came out of the Eastern flank of the re-settling of Israel. They were people of Judah, who were Judah; and people of the Slavic countries, who were of Zebulon; and people of Finland, who were of the tribe of Issachar. So these were the strongest areas of white Russians. And Zebulon people increased the strongest there as they had helped take the Ukraine. This was the situation until the time when the Mongols and Jewish predominance gathered in Russia. And now there are very few people who can trace their descendancy back to Russia, because the Mongols polluted with the revolution, the areas of white civilization which was not put to death by the Communist revolution. (1917) However, the hoards were put down. And Jesus talked about the danger of the 7th power and the rebirth of Communism. And it is, again, the work of World Jewry which has spread Communism all over the world. This is the power which financed the rise of Communism. Remember that Lenin was named_____________(Zederbaum). And__________(Wadosky) was another leader of the Revolution. And Stalin who changed his name from Steel, was a Jew. And so you have the massive program of Jewry who control the economic life of Russia today. The control is held of the political life also. And altho others have joined with this pattern, Communism is basically Jewish.

Stephen S. Wise who is now dead, for which we are thankful, said:--'some call it communism. But I call it Zionism.' This is truth. Thus this Zionism conquered areas of China and conquered areas of the Russias and areas of Africa. And they were hurling all their power at Western Christian Civilization. But the Beast was wounded night unto death. In other words, their leader, Genghis Khan was dead. Organized Jewry, who is the woman riding on the Beast System, is political, social and economic evil. And gave life to the 8th Beast System, since she gave birth to Communism. And the leaders of Communism- -Trotsky was a Communist, and Karl Marx was a Communist and a Jew as well. So they gave life to the Beast of World Communism.

Jesus talks about this being the rider on the Beast, who is the woman or the children of Lucifer, who are full of political and economic evil as well as religious evil. And they gave life unto the 8th, which is out of the same area as the 7th.

So we see it gathering again in the same areas from out of which came Genghis Khan.

Now, the question was---'How can this be since he didn't conquer all the whole world?' Well, Babylon didn't control the whole earth either. Just the known world at that time. Altho they referred to it that way. Babylon never conquered China or areas of Asia, or the areas of where America and Central America existed. But these hoards did capture most of what was referred to as the known world. It didn't tough the Mayas or the Aztecs or the far areas of the Islands. But the Mongolians did conquer the areas of China and Asia. And this is the significance of that operation.

QUESTION:---Communism is the 8th. Is it today, the Anti-Christ and is the Anti-Christ one man??

ANSWER:---Who ever is leading the hoards of Communism (Zionism) is the one fulfilling the job of the Anti-Christ. But the Anti-Christ are many. For John writes in his first Epistle:--'Little children there are many Anti-Christs in the world.' Those who deny that Jesus The Christ came in the flesh are Anti-Christ. And therefore, he tells you in the Gospel of John:--'Don't say 'God bless you' or allow any of them to come into your country. For if anyone denies Christ, don't let them into your country because if you do they will steal all you have been able to gain under the blessing of God. Everything that you have wrought, will be stolen from you if you admit into your country a great number of Anti-Christ.' We should have listened to Benjamin Franklin and never allowed a Jew to come into America. As they came in they hated our Christ and they were Anti-Christ. And they worked on our economy. They have worked by every cunning device to steal and gain control of our country. They control the Federal Reserve Banks, in a majority today. They control the Banks of Switzerland and the banks of the world. This is one of the situations where they have been able to steal what you have wrought. This is one area where God says He will curse you if you join yourselves to them and give them His blessings. He will even curse--or take away--your blessings for this. So you have this assurance in the book of John, that if you are letting any of these deceivers or Anti-Christ come into your land, you will suffer.

"For many deceivers are come into the world who do not confess that Jesus the Christ has come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and Anti-Christ. Therefore look to yourself that you do not receive the full reward for what you have wrought. For whosoever transgresses and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, has no concept of God. He who abideth in the doctrine of Christ, hath God."

Now, if they come to you and bring not this doctrine, don't receive them into your country and into your house. Don't let them teach in your schools. Don't let them into your society and don't bid them God speed. Because ' he who bids them God speed, will be partakers of their evil deeds.'

This is the one transgression we have made,---we permitted Jewry to come into our country. And they have been the conveyors of Communism, of Socialism, of Economic chicanery. And our best days will be when they have been long removed as the tares, or they have long since departed from our shores.

Some people think it would be a good thing if they would go to Palestine. And I think that is a good idea, because God has promised to destroy Palestine and then completely remake it. And I think that is a good place for them to be when this happens.

QUESTION:---Who are the two witnesses in Revelation chapter 11????

ANSWER:---The two witnesses are, strangely enough, not 2 men at all. I will prove this to you. "I give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophecy a thousand and two hundred and 3 score days."---Now this is of those 2520 years about half of this time. And the testimony is to come from two things,--Two special forces, and not two men. Because they didn't live this long. Now, there are two olive trees and two candlesticks which stand by the God of the whole earth. The two olive trees are areas that are significant in Israel. And the two candlesticks are of this same situation. --- "If any man hurt them then fire proceedeth out of their mouth and destroys their enemies; and if any man will hurt them, he must be killed."--Now, it continues:--"Their dead bodies will lie in the street of the great city called Sodom and Egypt and in Jerusalem where Our Lord was crucified/"---How will you cut the heads off two men and then lay their bodies in three different cities????--This is the mystery of the Ecclesiastical structure, the Kehilla or church, and the physical structure which is the government and the witnessing people, which is the nation---race. So church and state or church and the people by race, are the two witnesses. Church and Race---are literally killed in the streets of the city. And they lay dead in the streets (of Babylon). In fact we are only beginning to come out of it at this time. For just in the National Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches, they don't bear testimony to the birth of Jesus the Christ. You don't have to believe in the Virgin Birth or in the Blood of Atonement to be a minister now days, and to remain in areas of authority, or to be elected to the highest offices of the National Council of Churches. And they are even embracing Communism. They cite that we are not at war with Communism. We are only at war with anyone who tries to rule with tyranny over someone else. But Communism is O.K. The Church is dead.---

This is only symbolically. For the spirit has quickened the right-wing in America and called out a great people. They have been studying the areas of their troubles and pursuing the processes of Communism. And they have discovered that Jewry is behind this. They discovered that the Kingdom of God is real and that the nations of God are real. And they move from this into Israel and Identity. And they fulfill the pattern of the two witnesses coming alive.

QUESTION:---How does this fit with the two olive trees??

ANSWER:---The two olive trees are the witnessing of Israel. And they are spoken of back over in the book of Zachariah as it talks about the olive trees. And these are the two witnesses of this nation of Israel. And the oil that fills the golden candlesticks and illuminates the area of society is the process of God's spirit flowing thru His household, --to the nations of the world. And finally shows that the symbol of His Kingdom is identified by a great nation. He says:--'Behold, there is a great plain and in it is a great mountain--or a mighty Kingdom, and the capstone upon this Kingdom has the all seeing eye of God.---Behold--My Servant--a great servant.

Here it is speaking of the regathering of Israel. The United States of America is symbolic in this pattern, as a witness in both Church and State in the pattern of God. The spiritual center of the nation, or the Kingdom is the Church. But the children who make up the bride make up the household.--Make up the people who are this race.--The race is important to God because they are His issue and offspring. And the church is important to God because it is the spiritual pattern of truth that is brought about by the spirit of God. One operates out of the affinity of natural birth and one out of spiritual birth which God provided in the heavens and brought to earth. So these are the witnesses and America is the ideal symbol.

It is a strange thing that we are the one nation that has the all seeing eye of God--as the capstone on our seal of our nation--framing the whole building together so that every stone fitly framed together grows into a Holy Temple unto God of which He is the Chief Corner Stone. On our seal, we are Novus Ordo Seclorum--'the new order of the ages'. He prospers our taking out. We are made up as a great white Christian nation out of every white nation on the face of Europe. And so we came---Anglo-Saxon, Nordic, Germanic, Basque, Scandinavian, Lombard. And we can intermarry, for we are one race. We have one God. And we have fulfilled all this. The only area where we have had any trouble is in that area as we allowed Jewry to come into our country. We should drive them out for they and the racial minorities, we cannot absorb.

Strangers can travel thru our land, or remain apart and dwell by themselves, and conduct any areas of business that is permissible, but they are not to intermingle, or integrate. This is the status of the Kingdom as well. But you see this great mountain (nation) rising up in this great plain, and we see the all seeing eye of God, and we see this nation as the two witnesses which is also in the nations of western Europe and in areas of white Christian nations of the world. We discover that these two witnesses are now arising and coming to their feet. The anti-Christ is about filled with joy, for he thinks he has conquered Christianity. He says it is waning. And he says now they are writing that God is dead--the church is dead.

But I tell you that the Church is going to be one of the most powerful and proficient forces in the world today. It is not only quickening men to truth, but THE TRUE CHURCH will beat out Communism. Will battle the Anti-Christ. Will look for the appearance of the Christ and wage a war relentlessly against the hoards of Communism (Bolsheviks). And it will gather together the people, and they are going to leave the church official, and they will move out and resurrect again as a vital force that God has ordained. There is much more that could be dealt with. But we won't take anymore time with this.

QUESTION:---Stonehenge in England. Could you explain it?

ANSWER:---Stonehenge was an observatory built by Aryans, white men--Adamites. And it was built by the Magi, who rejoined themselves with the descending houses which came out of the white race. For the white race of course, is the Adamic Race, the House of God and the Israel of God in the Bible. There were three Stonehenges. One of them was built up in the High Himalayas up between Burma and India, in a high plateau. One of them on the Persian shore on a high plateau, and it is called Do-ring. And then this one in England. These rings of stone were placed there to study the equinoxes and to locate and observe the areas of constellations of the sky which they knew were there to watch. The Magi had the Gospel of the Sky. And they knew where the Star of Bethlehem was to appear. And they knew the star would come out of the head of Aquilla and move into the head of Virgo. And they knew what to watch for. They knew of whole areas which were in the Star Bible.

Stonehenge was built by white men, maintained by an endless dynasty of Magi, and was an observatory for the watch of the stars. Later the Druids absorbed much of what remained of the work of the Magi. And the Druids remained until later in the time of the Good King Applegate--who was King Arthur. It was the area of the wisdom of Israel which remained with Britain even after their migration. For Merlin, who was the Magician of Good King Arthur, wore the breast plate of Israel with the 12 stones upon it. He also was a Magi. The lore of Stonehenge was that it was made to measure the stars, and made to observe the Gospel message of the stars ages ago. It was exactly the same as the Do-ring and the Observatory of the Aryans in the Himalayas. The fourth observatory was the Temple of Zendera in Egypt at the Great Pyramid. The Astronomers there at the Temple of On with divine weights and measures, divine wisdom, were white men from the days of Enoch. Remember that Joseph married Asenath the daughter of Pontipherah. So while Joseph was in Egypt, he married this white girl of the lineage of Enoch. And thus Jacob could say:--'Let my name--Israel be named on your sons.' There was no pollution here. And this line was the ancient house of the Magi, coming down out of the Adamic Race thru Enoch unto the father of the girl that Joseph married. So the two sons of Joseph named Manasseh and Ephraim renamed--Israel--and remained in Israel. And today they are the Anglo-Saxons of the household of Joseph.

This again is marked by the uniqueness of Stonehenge. Because Stonehenge is one of the oldest artifacts of England. But it is tied into the Aryan concepts of the Bible. In fact, when you look at the notches in the stone, the notches are fixed on the constellation, Aquilla and on the head of Virgo in the heavens. As the constellations move, they still line up within a fraction of a degree in the 'V' because they still line up in the same places.

The mystery of Stonehenge is only a mystery to those who do not see or agree with us. But the strange thing is that Stonehenge --Do-ring--and the observatory in the Himalayas were built all alike. Of course, the Temple of Zendera had all the signs of the Zodiac, all the stars from first to 7th magnitude. And the movement of the planets were also involved, including the one we just found in 1932, which was Pluto. They found Uranus a few years earlier than that also. Yet Enoch had been to all those planets. And came back to record all their names in a book written in Aramaic. They used to think that the Aramaic was wrong, for the modern scientists said that they had more planets in our Solar system than existed. But the Astrologers followed the old Aramaic text. They even knew where the planets were by progression, even when they couldn't see them. Still they talked about them and they knew that one was heavier and one was more dense. And the Astrologers operated with the knowledge of the planets, which we could not confirm until 1932.

Then we discovered Pluto and Uranus. But they have always had their areas of operations. But it was only of late that we have confirmed all this.

The Pyramid itself, contained a tremendous amount of material that deals with the astronomical Bible as well as the given areas of measure, even as did the Temple of On and the Sphinx.

QUESTION:---Is the Temple of Zendera in the Sphinx??


QUESTION:---Is it still there??

ANSWER:---Oh, yes. Its still one of the wonders of the world.

QUESTION:---What happened to the children of Mary and Joseph after Jesus??

ANSWER:---They became active in the church. James was the brother of Jesus, and Jude. And these two brothers wrote scripture. And were active missionaries. And were in the company who tried to establish the faith. The Jews tried to crush the family and the disciples moved Mary over to England. Peter and John were in the group at that time. And remember that Joseph of Arimathea owned the tin mines in Britain and owned Glastonbury. And he gave great areas of land to the church. The first Abbotrys were built in England. And Mary was buried in England at Glastonbury. The Wattle Church--was built by Christ at the spring there. When He was a young man, He sailed on the ships of Joseph of Arimathea and went to England at that time. We understand that some of the brothers of Jesus were taken early to England by Joseph of Arimathea. And they and their families settled around Glastonbury and entered into the Ministry.


I think that is it for tonight.