07-01-64 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:---In Revelations, why is the tribe of Dan left out?

ANSWER:---Actually, Dan prepared the way in migrations across Europe. The trail of Dan is to be found everywhere. Denmark marks the tribe of Dan. And he is not left out of the Assembly of Marching Israel. Dan was infiltrated, absorbed into lots of the tribes as they came westward. He was over in Anglo-Saxon land as well as in Denmark. But in Revelations both houses of Joseph are named. So if you have two houses of Joseph, then Dan would have made 13. So they want the number at twelve. So I think it is just a matter of translation. (Levi was to be absorbed into all tribes) Dan is not left out. And anytime anyone tries to cite that Dan was rejected or ejected from the numbering of the tribes of Israel, it is very foolish because no part of the white race has been ejected. None removed. Probably no tribe has more marking of their migrations that Dan does. Of course the marching positions of the great nations which are a part of the descendants of the House of Jacob are still to be found positioned almost exactly as they were found in their encampments and eventually in their provinces set up around Jerusalem. To the East, to the West, North and South, they are almost in the same groupings today as nations.

QUESTION:---When will you discuss the displacement factor in the Pyramid?

ANSWER:---Not tonight, we will ---but we should use charts. There might be some factor, or area of it which we might hit upon such as the number 153 fish in the net however.

QUESTION:---The Tower of Babel. There are many things said about this--?

ANSWER:---Well, there are many things which would take too much time here also. But as far as the catastrophe which expired there of course a great earthquake occurred. And in the frightening pattern of the earthquake, then each man cried out in his own language. For in the days when they were building this great tower, they had men from India, and from all over. But of course, one of the things Nimrod had demanded was that all workers had to speak in the language used in UR. No man could speak in the language where he was born because you couldn't trust these people. They thought is they only spoke the one language, then they couldn't plot or plan against the Empire. In fact, in the Sumerian doctrines and so forth, it tells you of this as to what transpired. So all the people that worked for Nimrod in Ur of the Chaldees, at that time, had to speak the language of Ur to remain in that country. Of course, when the great earthquake came then every man cried out to his own god, and in his own language. Then they had to flee the country because of the law for speaking only in this one language. And they fled to escape being beheaded. And they went back to their own countries. This divided again what was anticipated as a ONE WORLD PROGRAM in that day. Of course, a complete and total violation of all patterns of Divine Law would be the result.

Remember that some of the people of Shem were still identified with the peoples of Ham. And Terah was the father of Abraham, but also the Prime Minister for Nimrod. And remember, that the City of Ur was a powerful concentration of white people. Any idea anyone has that the Hamites were not white people is quite foolish. These had a little confusion of their bloodlines later in the reign of Nimrod, when they set up their International city and started to absorb Africa and Asia. So remember, it was for this reason that Abraham was called out of this city of Ur of the Chaldees. Because the preservation of an unpolluted seed was essential. However, the idea that the Tower of Babel was the starting of languages is superstition and ignorance. It was never intended for you to secure this from the scriptures. Translation has suffered much in violence. And changes were made in the Septuagint text. And the old and individual text of Genesis were not as the Septuagint. None of the Armenian texts had this interpretation. The old Aramaic texts such as the Essene company had, didn't contain the story anything like its present form.

QUESTION:---Just how important is Baptism?

ANSWER:---This is a matter of denominational dispute to some extent. To this we say that the instruction what Christ gave to his disciples, was for them not only to be baptised--but to baptize. There is of course symbolism and significance which has long been identified with our race. The symbol of the washing of clear water was a ceremony of the elimination of transgression. Not by the water, but--in fact that the Grace of God had removed it--ye shall be washed with clean water and be free from your transgressions--symbolically. This is why when the old original temple was built it had the great sea. And it had the great fount which was on the back of oxen. The Mormon Temple has reproduced this which was existent in the days of Solomon. And which was one of the things which was in the original temple. Of course, the patterns of Baptism were re-instituted with John the Baptist. And he went out baptizing people in the Jordan River. Christ had John the Baptist baptize him even tho John didn't want to do this saying he wasn't worthy. Of course, in the instance of baptism, you note that the entire early church followed this instruction and they were told to go out and baptize them in the name of the Eternal. But the words you see here in Matthew and in Mark did not exist. In otherwords, the entire New Testament church baptised in the name of YAHSHUA or Jesus Christ. That is why when you turn to the last chapter of the Book of Mark and it talks about sending them out to preach the Gospel to every creature, then says baptize them in the name of the Father, son and Holy Ghost. This did not exist in the scripture at all--it is a lie. This may be repetitious to some whereas if you will turn to your Bible and if it has any footnotes, then you will note that from the 9th verse to the last of the Book of Mark did not exist until two centuries after Mark. So it was added to the scriptures in Rome by two centuries after Mark. So it was added to scriptures in Rome by two priests who were Jews---Aranius and Pipolaneus. You will find this in the footnotes of the Scofield Bible and in the research of most every commentary on the last verses in the Book of Mark. This is also where it says that he who believes is saved. And he who does not is damned.

Over in the last of the Book of Matthew, they added the same type of commission. Go out to all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. But from the 16th verse to the 20th, in the Book of Matthew, did not exist in the text of the New Testament until 3 of more years after Christ. So here we have whole areas of passages which have been ADDED ON. What we have never been able to understand is why theology continued to include areas of known error inside the scripture just to keep in tack an area of error which existed 300 years after an infiltration of the church---to put over a certain kind of idea. This idea of course was to put over total integration, total joining together of everything. And then of course the doctrine of Babylonianism was creeping into Christianity. And Babylonianism was Trinitarianism. Altho Scripture says:--"Hear O Israel--The LORD GOD is ONE GOD." They taught that God was made up of three different people. This doctrine became, in the third century, a part of Christianity. Yet it existed in no part of the early church in England where Abbetries go back to the days of Jesus himself, when He spoke in London to the Druid Universities, and where also was built the Wattle Church at Glastonbury. And the records of ancient Britain did not have this area of theology. There was an attempt to include some 350 years later, into Druidry, a pattern of Trinitarism based on the Triad. But the Triad was not based in any way on the numbers of Deity. The Triad, like the Pyramid, was sometimes set in Pyramid form. These three staffs were the staffs of life. So spirit, soul and body was the making of man. And this is the way you consist. You are spirit, soul, and body. Thus you are in the image of God who is spirit, soul, and body----not three people. HE is ONE person. And Jesus made this clear as he said:--"He who has seen me has seen the Father." Especially as he was going away, He said:---"The way I go you know." But Philip said:--"How do we know this--how do we know where you go?" Jesus said:--"I go back into Agra-Pnemas."----which is spirit---Father of Matter.(translated --go back unto the Father). But Philip still did not understand and he said:--"Show us the Father." Then Jesus said to him:--"Have I been with you so long, Philip, that you say show us the Father? He who has seen me has seen the Father, for I and the Father are ONE."

Now, most pagan religions have a multitude pattern of deity. And, of course, Babylonianism which became a perversion of Patriarchial Faith, which descended from the days of Adam down thru the time of Seth and Enoch and Job and on down, was finally polluted by the doctrine which came out of India into Ur of the Chaldees, by the setting up of the three Satanic patterns of Deity---Brahma, Vishnu and Siva. And then, of course, the embodiment of evil--female--as Kali, and Lucifer the Nola-Kalas or the embodiment of Deity. And, of course, he had a backdrop of manifestations of three aspects in which he ruled. And Lucifer could enter into these three persons--Brahma, Vishnu and Siva as areas he could enter. But Lucifer and Kali remained the two embodiments of gods from which all areas of evil can come---male and female deity. This is the doctrine of Luciferianism---or Baalism, which was incorporated into early Babylon. And Babylonian Priesthoods which were spread by world Jewry (Yehudin). This was utilized in setting up almost all areas of pagan religion. But of course, the YEHUDIN were the offspring of Lucifer as Jesus emphatically said:--"Ye are of your father the Devil, and the lusts of your father, ye do. He was a liar and murderer from the beginning." Thus Jesus identifies this group as being Cainanites. He identifies them in Matthew 23 as of the line of Cain, as well as in the book of Job, where he again identifies them thus. In the Book of Matthew, chapter 23:35, HE says:---"Ye are guilty of all the righteous blood from Abel to Zacharias whom ye slew between the temple and the altar." ---"Ye say if ye had lived in your fathers days ye wouldn't have killed the prophets."---"Ye have just born witness against yourselves that you are the children of the prophet killers."---Therefore they could not have been the seed of the Household of Abraham. And here Jesus identified them.

Early scholarship inside the early church understood this. In fact scholarship honestly knows this today. But what has happened is that an area of attempt to completely obscure some of the most vital facets of Faith take place in major denominations today in our Seminaries. In fact I can assure you of this that on the staff of most Seminaries, there are so called Hebrew scholars who, instead of being Hebrew scholars, are Yiddish. And what they are seeking to do is obscure the interpretation of what the original Hebrew contained. The only text they use is plain letter Hebrew and never the Coptic-Aramaic Hebrew which was basically the Hebrew in the days of the disciples which existed in the days of Mark and the Alexandrian Text. You must remember, where as in Alexandria, they translated virtually every area of scripture into Greek, that Mark was the Pastor for this great church in Alexandria, Egypt. Here was the greatest library known to man. Here was a collection of the sum total of all the teaching of all the people and all the religions, and all their backgrounds, and all their traditions. So here also existed this church. And, of course, since the days of Alexander the Great whom this city was named after, much of the wealth of the world in the areas of literature came, in order to build this university city.

Thus the Christian Church under Mark had access to more material than probably any single church has had from that day to this. Plus the fact, that the Essene company which made up the Wisdom Schools of our race in their days. But which reached back to the days of Enoch and Job, carried the full fulcrum patterns of what was true Masonry patterns in those times, and the true Spiritual laws of the Rose Cross, the Rose of Charon, all this was involved in their background and their teaching. These schools carried down the symbol of spiritual symbolism and teaching which was applied to every student of theology. Every Levite of the Temple was thus taught, as well as every member of your race who aspired to know, and who would diligently set themselves aside for what was practically a University education in areas of then understood patterns of Divine Law. They learned astronomy, physics, and matters of Divine wisdom as it had been taught and passed down to the Patriarchs. All these things were included plus mathematics and courses out of the background of many of these things. When Plato and Aristotle, and men like Pythagoras, and Calculus went down to Alexandria, Egypt, to be educated, they studied here at the great Library. They learned the wisdom which came down from the days of Enoch,--from the days of the building of the Pyramid and so forth. When they studied here at the great Library, they learned the wisdom which came down from the Wisemen of the race. And then they returned home and were given the credit for founding Algebra, and Calculus and all those things. But frankly, they didn't found this knowledge. They just were taught this after they went down into Egypt to study. And they brought the knowledge back to Greece. And it became a part of western civilization on the continent. But actually most of our wisdom and knowledge goes back to our early forefathers who perhaps knew a whole lot more that we did about applications of principals and powers, and law which surpasses some of our modern technology.

But in this again I point out, that in the interpretation, the attempt on the part of the enemies of our Faith was to obscure all the things vital for the preservation of the Kingdom of God, os the Race and of the understanding of spiritual law. Thus this was continued in mysteries. And Jesus also followed the line of obscuring from the enemy, the things He did not wish them to become fully aware of. Thus He said:---"Unto you it is given to understand the Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven. Unto them it is not given. I speak unto you in parables lest they join you and the catastrophe would be what they attempt to do after they had identified themselves with the Kingdom." This is to be found in the Book of Matthew as Jesus makes this quite clear. He never at any time, repudiated the symbols and mysteries that He had taught, which He had bestowed upon the Race in the beginning. But is also points out that the spirit was able to bring all this to their consciousness. Even the spirit which the world cannot receive. But when this spirit of Truth shall come (John 14), it shall lead you to all truth. Bring all things to your remembrance and lead you to the knowledge of All Truth. This again, shows you the antiquity of the race, the Spiritual quality which dwells inside the children of God, and its inherit reaching back to the knowledge of the endless ages which is inherited. Because unless you had known this or had inherited a pattern of knowledge, you could have never known that it was being brought back to your remembrance because you couldn't remember something you had never participated in. This is something that the Adamic Race should understand. They, being the children of the Father, having come our of Celestial planes into this physical world, thru the Seed of the Adamic Race, ---still the spirit which dwells in this body was with the Father before the world was framed. And we witnessed whole areas of history before we ever dwelt in earth. And therefore because this is true, it can be brought back to our remembrance plus everything the Father had covenanted and promised and said unto us. And HE said:--"Ye are they who have been with me from the beginning."---Here the declaration is:--"Ye are they who were with me since before the Cosmos." In otherwords, this is the creation of the present cosmic order and you were with me before this. Thus the fact is that there is a people in the world today who have a definite affinity and a definite relationship with the thoughts of God. Whose consciousness can be quickened. Who can perceive it. Who can be energized by it. They are the people of this Book (Bible). It concerns them. It does not belong to anyone else. It is a part of the correlation of things God has revealed to them, thru the use of men, thru inspiration, thru vision, and by direct word. But think not that this is the sum total of Revelation or that here we have the completion of all inspiration because there are multitudes of volumes and doctrines which were the results of inspiration. And they are being brought back to us today from various areas where they have been lost or suppressed. Not all of them, but enough to confirm this. When I talk about this Library at Alexandria, Egypt, one of the things we do discover is that when we go into the older texts and the fragments and pieces of thing, which came from the 'Cave of the Treasury', and the Zohar, we don't find the additional transitional errors that the Jews did to the Septuagint in order for instance, to obscure the Messiahship of Christ. For 5400 years after the plea of Adam on being ejected from the Garden for violations of Divine Law--in his illness, he cried out to God. The ancient volumes of Adam and Eve contained this knowledge that when Adam cried out to YAHWEH, concerning this, then YAHWEH said:--It will be 5400 years from this time when EMBODIED I shall walk the earth. And I shall consummate for you--in earth--an atonement which shall not only cleanse thy transgressions, but heal all thy sicknesses, and diseases. And will lift you from a double curse.

Thus 5400 years was known all down thru the period of the ancients of the Patriarchal school as the time for the coming of MESSIAH. And they started to measure from the time of Adams ejection from the garden to this time of the Christ, and HIS Messiahship. But the Jews (Yehudin) wanted to knock 1400 years of this to make Christ's Messiahship out of measure so they carefully and skillfully altered the King list. And in altering the King list they took our 1400 years of history. This is why when you study good chronology, and this is where Pyramid chronology has been very interesting as well, because it also deals with the King list, that goes back into ancient Egypt, but also the measures can be confirmed here in a perfect chronology which comes on down to the time of The Christ. If you will turn to the back of most of your Bibles and turn over here to chronology because of the convenience of identifying chapter heads with time, but actually Haleys chronology and the Alexandrian chronology shows Adam as 5400 years before Christ,--Hale, between 5400-5400. So they admit that they don't use the proper chronology, but they use a convenient chronology. So were we have all Christendom going along with the idea that Adam was 4004 years before Christ when it is 5400 years instead. But you see the Jews put this over. And the way they got around this having altered the King list--by actually timing and dating which I can show you quite easily, if you project the whole chart of the King list. The chronology is utterly accurate. There is not one area of Biblical inspiration that is in error. Nor is there one break. We can come right down to the breaking of the year. We have the exactness for the time of The Christ. He was born, not a month in or out of the exactness of the exodus out of the Garden by Adam and Eve.

Thus, in this instance, and this is a little chicanery---, but when the church could not make the Messiahship come out on time, they adopted Usshers chronology of 4004 years. Then that did away with the 1400 years that the Jews threw out and brought them up of date. But by this time the Jews were inside the church putting something in and taking something out---adding on to the scripture.

Now;--do you suppose that Jesus would send someone out to preach to every creature on the face of the earth? Do you think he would do this with my poodle dog or an elephant? There are creatures you know. But what good would it do to baptize them?

But getting back to your question:--Baptism was instructed, but not as here in this add on scripture. In otherwords, remember therefore, that the Disciples baptised. And if you will turn to Acts 2:38, you will find that the Disciples did not baptize in names that the Jews were now trying to put into theology. They wanted to obscure the name of YAHSHU--which is the name of God the Savior. YAHWEH is the old Eternal name of God. YAH is God. YAHWEH is God Almighty. This His personal name. And YAH in German, means yes. YAH means yes in almost all basic languages, for this is a derivation of True Judah. And in the instance of this, the words YAHWEH-YAHSHUA--God embodied as Savior. The ONE and ONLY --the same God--this is YAHSHUA. I, God Almighty, am thy YAHSHUA SAVIOR.

Turn back to the Book of Isaiah 43---"Thus saith YAHWEH that created thee, O Jacob, and He that formed thee O Israel, fear not, for I have redeemed thee. I have called thee by thy name. Thou art mine."--Now:--"I am YAHWEH thy God, the Holy One of Israel. Thy Savior." And you go ask some Methodist what it is saying here and they will tell you that--'Well,-this is God the Father, and also God the Son'. They have just broken God up into different pieces. Then down in Rome, they have one with long white hair and a gray beard. And this is The Father and he is on one throne. And then they have Christ on the middle throne and he is the son. A young man, looking like Jesus, according to all the painters and wood carvers. Then over to the side, they have a bright light with radiant, filmy whiteness, effulgently surrounded by gold and jewels with a dove coming down. And this is the Invisible God. The Holy Ghost. And they are all seated on three different thrones. And then underneath them is the Pope, and he eliminates the problem by taking on the responsibilities of all three.

Now:--I am not going to fight over this idea that he is the representative of the son of God because the scripture says:--"Ye are my witnesses," and every clergyman could say we also are a representative of the son of God. So we are not fighting over titles. But I am just saying to you that where we got into trouble with Babylonianism is that the enemy infiltrated our theology to weaken its power and to split up its concepts. Where as the Scripture actually says:--"I YAHWEH, am thy God. I am the Holy one of Israel. Thy YAHSHUA. Before Abraham, I AM." The Apostle Paul refers to HIM and says:---"All things were made by HIM." He is talking about Jesus who is the image of the Invisible God--the physical body is the image of spirit, soul and body. Again speaking of Jesus:--"All things were made by HIM. Without HIM was not anything made."--"He was before all things and by HIM all things consist." Automatically then---if He was not the fullness of God--Father over His own Household, and over His own children, then where was the Father when Jesus was before "All Things"? This is of course, where theology starts getting into the strange problem that people cannot understand. And, of course, if they try to receive the Holy Spirit separate from the entity of the intelligence of God as being the real thinking energy out of the spirit mind, set him up as another person, then they are all so involved.

In the embodiment of the miracle of the Virgin Mary bringing forth the Embodiment of God, you will note. that it is the Will of the Father (Spirit) which destined and placed the energy essential for this---upon the Virgin Mary. And she conceived of the Holy Spirit. And if the Holy Spirit and the Father were not ONE and the SAME, then you could say, The Father wasn't the Father of her son at all. Then at the same time the Scripture says that the woman shall encompass 'the man'. In this passage, therefore, God declared that he could project Himself and come forth from the womb of Mary, or from the Virgin He would come. This is why the modernists and those who would destroy the scripture, want to go back and take out of the Book of Isaiah that:--"A Virgin shall conceive and bear a Son." If they can destroy that, they can destroy the fact that this was the Fullness of God dwelling bodily. That this was the son of Mary. This would also destroy what is declared over here in Matthew where it says:--"Hail Mary. Blessed art thou above all women." This is why the Catholic Church includes this in the Magnificat as it relates to Mary, 'Blessed is the fruit of thy womb.' But either this ONE is God or is not God. Well,-this is the fullness of God dwelling bodily. The Eternal YAHWEH-YAHSHUA who could come and go by any entrance. He could come and go by birth. He could come out of the heavens in the full majesty of appearance. He does as he pleases for this if His Universe.

But in this instance, again, the design coming into the church had been to institute again---a confused area of theology. To try to take away from the Adamic Race, its spiritual administration. And they tried to brutalize the whole pattern of the church as they came in to condemn its doctrines and destroy it. I have volumes and volumes on my shelves, written by them. It is modern Jewish literature wherein they boast about joining the church to condemn its doctrines, retranslate its scriptures. They did all this in order to destroy it while the silly people said:--"Oh, they are the Chosen people." They had no part nor lot in this matter!! God wouldn't claim any part of them now or ever. This is quite obvious if you follow quite closely, what He says which they were not skillful enough to obscure.

Now:--within this same scope therefore, the early church went out and baptized in the name of YAHSHUA. And this proves therefore, that they knew that the name of the Eternal was YAHWEH (Eternal Spirit)-YAHSHUA (Embodied as Savior). And they baptized in the name of YAHSHUA not in three- but in ONE name. In this instance, they didn't try to go out and baptize everybody. They didn't go out to try to see how many people they could bring in. Nor did they try to convert everybody either. If you go back to the Book of Acts, and even after that strange outpouring of effulgent energy and Divine spirit which happened upon the day of Pentecost, as it descended upon those Disciples and transformed them into very efficient clergy, or ministers, and as they spoke you will see here in the Book of Acts that the "Holy Spirit" added to the church daily such as should be saved". This may be a bad choice of words--'this saved. For it is used in a far different tense that is used later by theology. Its meaning when an individual is brought out of ignorance into light, or out of incompleteness and into awareness--and the word used then was saved.--Meaning saved from your transgressions, from errors and mistakes. The power of the Spirit would carry this out. They did not intend to insinuate that they were being 'saved' from some terrible catastrophe that God would put upon them in the ages of come. In otherwords., this was another thing which was sowed into the scriptures which was not in the earlier texts. And when Christ refers to His own Ministry, He said:---"I didn't come into the world to condemn it. I came that it might have light." More than this, the one thing Jesus states of His policy concerning His people, His Household, and His plan is that He was going to consummate everything He was given to do. He said:--"All that the Spirit hath given me will come and he that cometh I shall in not way cast out. No man can come to Me except the Father (Spirit) draw him. And I will raise him up in the last days." Thus with this pattern, He is specifically talking to a distinctive people which is, of course, the theme of the scripture. The message we brought last Sunday nite on "A God of Discrimination" identifies thoroughly and completely, the elective-discriminary course which God takes from Adam in the Book of Genesis, all the way thru until the end of the Book. A Holy people. a selective Seed. Placing them above all the peoples on the face of the earth. Identifying them as His household and His children. And keeping this theme thru all the scripture.

You say:--'but how did the clergy miss this??? How did they miss this in the areas of scholarship?? It was in the areas where students, year after year, were not taught this. And the exclusion came when they permitted Luciferian sons to become their theological professors. So 'Blindness in part happened to the people'. But we are at the climax of an age wherein this is to be restored. I believe in Baptism because it is an outward sign of the inward work. The promise of the scriptures to the people of God's Kingdom is 100% giving you back something you already had. It is--"Be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind." Therefore if the saving of a person is the bringing of them out of error by the renewing of their mind, then they had to have possessed this knowledge at one time or it could never have been renewed. It could not be renewed unless it had been possessed before. When we talk about restoration then I think this again is a part of the process. You had to possess it to have it restored. When we talk about the restoration of the Kingdom, then these had to be the heirs of the Kingdom to have this restored. We hear them referring to regeneration as the Spirit reactivates the consciousness, adjusts the pattern of God, which is the work of the Holy Spirit. This is along with the saving Grace of God. Then re-generation is to reactivate the Spiritual seed which existed in the individual. If he wasn't of the gender of God, the progeny of God who needs to be re-energized, then it would not be regeneration in any sense of the word.

So in each one of the things which the church has to offer, is to restore back to you what was your inheritance--by Race, by Spirit, by identity, by purpose. The Father says:--'Of all this--I shall lose nothing. I shall call my sheep by name. I lead them out." He has then made form the Old Testament to the New Testament these same purposes and promises.

Again, one of the initiations, shall we say, into the Ecclesia, or rather the called out body of your race, is that they became aware that Christ was the embodiment of God--.That this was the fullness of God dwelling bodily. That His atonement paid a complete price to set men free from all areas of error, and transgression and sin. And that they need have no fear. That they were justified in His sight. Therefore, the symbol of this was baptism. Where as Christ was dead and buried and raised again for your transgressions paying the price---"The wages of sin is death."---So the price He paid was eventually to restore unto you immortality. He paid that price and now Lucifer has no hold and death is not essential. The day will come when death is ended. And the scripture tells us that the last enemy to be put down--is death. And Christ paid this price.

Now:--the essentialness of recognizing the death, burial and resurrection of Christ

consumate for all times. When He said ----It is finished --The Price was paid..

When He resurrected the powers of darkness were conquered. ----by this instance baptism, is in like manner, is a symbol of being buried with HIM, we are then raised with HIM, --- not that if they didn't go thru this ceremony those wouldn't be part of the resurrection, but the fact remains that this was the spiritual significance of the outward sign of the finished process of Faith. Now having not only been identified with Christ, but we have been buried with Christ, and we shall be raised with Christ. A translation which has suffered violence is found in the scriptures in which it talks about how Noah was saved from the waters off the flood by getting in the Ark----and in this particular place it says;--'Therefore Noah being saved from the waters of the flood, so also are we saved in baptism, in like manner. This is a bad piece of translation for Noah was not saved by the waters as far as his personal existence was concerned, it was the Ark that saved him. But it was the waters which cut off this immediate force of darkness which was trying to destroy the race, to swallow them up, to integrate them, to wipe them out. So by cutting off the darkness and destroying evil, this was a saving factor. So also when we deal with the the symbolism of the Mysteries of The Christ --then what Christ wrought on Calvary---His atonement --becomes an Ark to the children of God when they understand this. But his death cut off the power of transgression and the forces of evil from being your conquerors So therefore as they cut off evil ---Christ's crucifixion cuts this off ---for his death, burial and resurrection conquered evil, and we can say Baptism is a symbol in like manner of his death, his burial and his resurrection. A symbol of having cut off from area of darkness, fear and superstition. Once a man knows truth you don't put him under bondage unless he is mentally ill . or sick. Some times they say; but they fell, they went away---but this is alright, for Jesus said; --they went out from us because they were not one of us, or they were not capable of digesting the facts as yet. But Truth is the most powerful force on the face of the earth, and it comes out of the mind of God.

It can quicken your consciousness because your mind, and celestial nature beats .with the same vibrant pulse off of the same pattern of miliamps of electricity operating in the center of your soul consciousness, and can radiate these patterns out thru the senses, and out thru the nervous system, and the balancing instrument of the brain. But the fact is that you are the only people--hear this --you are the only people who have the sensitivity of receiving direct from YAHSHUA thru this stimulation of the Celestial consciousness into the Soul consciousness, to put this thing in form, and to express this in words so that the world can be taught in audio frequency the image you have caught by vision. Africa, nor Asia has caught any of these visions for themselves, take a good look at what they possess. But the image of Monotheism and the pattern of God , of his household , and these truths still even in incompletion, by the insecurity of the dark ages, and coming on up out of the renaissance, and coming back now as we move into the latter periods in the end of the age--knowledge was to be increased. And the wisdom was to be brought back by the spirit back into the awareness of God's household. He said: ---I shall raise up ministers , I shall raise up principal men, and I will provide the wisdom, and catalyze it in your thinking. So this is Gods work for His time, he does not want any area of obscurity left in you for every secret thing is to be made known. There is not one area of mystery that as you a son or daughter require, that you are not entitled to remember, and have brought back to your consciousness, and this is the quickening way.

This is why the responsibility of the church was to bee the Oracle of God. Its ministry was t o be responsible for knowing the mind of God. Its patterns of inspiration were to be catalyzed by the quickening work of God's holy spirit, which is the essence of his inner consciousness. Not a multitude of gods, but ONE GOD and you his offspring. Not a multiple of people but you---spirit, soul and body capable of dwelling in each and everyone of the planes of spirit. And in the physical world in which you are now embodied as well. So when we understand this we therefore say that if we understand the deep significance of baptism as the ultimate initiation of the Christian, then his outward acknowledge of his Faith, that he was buried with Christ, and thus shall be raised with him, makes the realization that there is no power that can conquer him, his soul is free, his spirit is eternal and it will activate the body. For it was the spirit which raised that body, and would not permit it to see corruption. And the consciousness was resident in that spirit. It didn't lay in that tomb which belonged to Joseph while Jesus was down in the Netherworld preaching to the Celestial offspring of Adam. When Jesus came out of that grave he did not leave any seed of Adam, in the Celestial form, inside the Netherworld. He brought his many sons unto Glory--bringing 'Captivity Captive', and when He ASCENDED they went with him.

So in this instance again we have passed any power that Lucifer holds over the soul consciousness after death. We have passed any power he would hold to keep the spirit encircled . The only place Lucifer has any power remaining to him is in this physical world. His only approach to you is thru the processes of temptation. He has to reach you thru the senses, and the meeting ground for the defeat in the battle is the resident ego of the soul consciousness. Activated by the spirit, energized by wisdom and knowledge, catalyzed by spiritual power there is no temptation that can come upon you that you are not able to bear. There is no area where you cannot have a constant and continual victory. Nor is this anything in relationship to your eventual destiny, but has much to do with your present destiny, and the well being of the kingdom. For this therefore the LORD constantly demonstrates with the patterns of standards of righteousness for proper balance for the administration of out nation in areas of Divine Law so vital for a Holy standard. So in this again,--it this seems an extensive answer to your question, still you cannot understand baptism until you understand first its relationship of the name. When you have to throw aside the folly of Babylonian trinitarianism, you have to understand what Babylonism is related to. And why this is a ceremony and a symbol with your Race. You can go out into the world and baptize everyone if you want to, but I am not going to do this because it is impossible to baptize someone into something they have no part, nor lot in. Your proclamation therefore is to preach the Gospel unto every creature. But this is an error in the Book. You are to preach the Gospel to the Kinsmen and the Kindred. Preach the Gospel of the Kingdom to the Kinsmen and the Kindred.

If you will turn to the second chapter of the Book of Hebrews, you find that since the children of God are in bodies of flesh, He took on a body just like you, so that He might be like His relatives, or His kindred. Then turn to the Book of Revelations:--"I saw this great throng no man could number. And they came out of all the nations and all the kindred."--People have thought that this meant that they came from all races and all nations, all religions, all colors, and creeds. That they were all the Household of the Most High getting ready to rule with Him on His throne. No.--It says they came from all over. But out of the nations of the Kindred. And the Kindred are the relatives. So this is a significant thing. God has never altered the program for His Kingdom. And all types of church theory cannot alter it. The church is the most powerful institution in the world today to activate the Kingdom. But becomes the biggest stumbling block when in its physical form it talks in ignorance without the knowledge of God's plan. This is why we have temporizing Clergy. This is why we have preachers going for integration, World Order, United Nations pollution and destruction. This is why they will embrace all the depravity of the Jews in entertainment and every other area saying, 'Oh, they are good people. They mean well even when they don't.

QUESTION:---The Essenes---I am a little confused about them. Would you help me with an interpretation as to their wisdom schools and so forth?

ANSWER:---Well, it is a mater of identity. Back in the days when Nebuchadnezzar conquered Judah and Benjamin, and they were taken away captive, you could take them captive after you had liquidated the King and cut off all the Princes. But there was still "Seed" left. For one of the Princess's was transplanted into Ireland in the days of Jeremiah and joined with the House and Throne already there. But during this period of time, Judah and Benjamin went into captivity, and they still secretly kept their Faith alive because they had their two Pillars of Wisdom.

As every Mason knows, there if a Jerusalem word and a Universal word. Maybe we shouldn't discuss this. But I guess there is this much that we can discuss. What is the Jerusalem word? It is the spiritual center. This is the inner center of the City of Peace. This is the Household of God. This is HIS Family. And the Universal word, --the other pillar of wisdom, is the authority which reaches out to the Grand Master of the Universe. That reaches out thru the entire Universe. So we have these two pillars of wisdom where as one is the law of the Fulcrum existed. And it was Job who established the earliest school of this wisdom or what we know as ancient Masonry. They were called the Master Builders at that time. And now, the Masters of the Cross which was symbolized by the Crux below the Southern Cross. They knew about where this was in its astronomical position before this. And Enoch was the head or founder, under Divine direction of the Spiritual wisdom which could be applied to mans philosophy of thinking, while the knowledge of science would come also to all areas and aspects of earth as it related to justice and righteousness. All its patterns of science and law was with the Masons or Master Builders. These two schools of wisdom were to go together. And this is why Enoch and Job represented the two pillars of wisdom in the ancient city of On. This is why this wisdom was known in the days of the building of the city of On. And these two schools of wisdom continued to come on down all thru the days of the Old Testament. I can show you this woven in and out all thru the Old Testament. And I can show it to you thru the ages of other ancient documents as well.

Now:--remember that Moses was raised by Pharaohs daughter. But was educated in the city of On by that same priesthood which was still there even in the days of Jesus. Because, you remember, that Jesus was taken by Mary and Joseph down to the same city of On. And there, between the paws of the Sphinx, remained until the death of Herod, according to the scriptures. Now---this school of Wisdom contained many secrets of Divine Wisdom which was not to be trodden down by the masses, unless they applied themselves to learning. Even if farmers or laborers, they could apply themselves to this. But when God established the House of Levi, they were called to be His ministers. And Levi, as such, was given then to all tribes. To all the branches of the White Race. This seed line was to ever be called--a 'Called' ministry. And were to be responsible for instruction. They were not only to first learn the key to spiritual law, but all the scripture. All the Zohar. All the mysteries revealed as in the days of Enoch were delivered to them. But as they kept shortening this up and obscuring this, then their knowledge became weakened. But they were to learn the Masonic law. And this, they did. But they never could enter into the Priesthood--. Into any High Priesthood, unless a man hod been a Mason. This I can tell you. It was practically impossible for him to have been elected as High Priest unless he had totally become dedicated to the Rose of Sharon. and the Crux.

Now: what later became Rosicrucianism, was infiltrated with all the Asiatic and pagan doctrines and occultism. Then the descendants of Lillith, the Devil woman, --Isis--continues on down to Madam LaBotsky, one of the most evil persons who ever lived. She was a Jewess. She condemned all the ancient wisdoms. Brought out all secret documents and sowed in Devilism. This they had tried to do, and did, in the days of Nimrod as well. And Pike was one of the most evil men to penetrate Masonry. And Demolay, who was a Jew, also sought to destroy Masonry, came in and sowed all the pagan religious and foreign philosophies in. And added to Masonry, things which did not belong there. But the true Light Carriers still continued. However, they are a very select company. But the fact is that the Blue Lodge still carries most of the major areas of truth. One of these days Masonry will be purged, just like the church will be purged. And this evil and error will go.

Now: going back to the time when Judah and Benjamin were in captivity, they secretly kept this knowledge, and instructed their youth. They knew that they had two responsibilities--to build the Kingdom of God with Spiritual Law and scientific knowledge. They had to understand this----That they were first to serve their brethren and then to fulfill their responsibilities as children of God to bring in the Kingdom. Therefore these two schools of wisdom preserved this knowledge for this purpose.

Now: among the ten tribes carried away in captivity, and held by Shalmanezer, they were released. Then they migrated thru the Caucasus and came into Europe spreading out over Europe. Some like the Dani had gone out earlier. And the Sythians of Greece were a part of Israel. But everywhere they went they still carried these traditions. And even tho they were sometimes touched by contemporary theology, as happened in Greece, or as they came into the fjords of Northern Europe, they knew their great men and women were sons and daughters of God, because they were His posterity. And this is why they cried out to them. They knew that the spiritual forces of their ancestors were in the planes of Spirit, building for them. Their appeal always was to their Great ones. This is why they appealed to Odin. They knew the great marks of the Valkyrie above them. And they kept the inner patterns of their thinking monotheistic even tho they were charged with having deified all of the sons of their race which they had elevated after they died. But remember this:--"Ye are Elohim, and all of you are the children of YAHWEH." this is the declaration of the Old Testament. So the children of God who ascended into heaven are in the Celestial state where their spirits were perfect. And this is the teaching that followed the migration of the tribes. These two schools of wisdom also followed them and this is why in the days of Jesus, that this son of Mary, who after the death of Herod, was brought back to Palestine, was now in earth for His destiny. And the Uncle of Mary, Joseph of Arimathea, was also in that land. He was not only a member of the Sanhedrin, but he owned the tin mines of Cornwall in Britain. But also was one of the most influential men of Jerusalem. And he was an Essene. Jesus, as a young man, traveled on the ships of Joseph of Arimathea, to Britain where He confounded the Masters of the Great University inside of London. He confounded the people but they didn't treat Him with hostility. They welcomed Him with gladness. They declared:--Behold that we now have the embodiment of the Triad in earth. Thus Druidry acknowledged Him as God for whom they had waited. And wherever the message went among them it was acknowledged that this was God. That no man could know these things except this were Deity itself. Thus they were embracing this before the crucifixion of the Christ. This is why the oldest churches were in Britain, not in Rome. But in the Abbetries of England. Here is where the tomb of Mary is located. This is where many of the Apostles went after leaving Palestine. We have much documentation of this. There is all kinds of evidence of this. There are Roman records of the ships of Joseph of Arimathea coming and going. And of the paying of taxes as they came back to Palestine. Remember they had to pay the custom tax. Remember how when Jesus came back on the ship of Joseph of Arimathea and they ask Him for the custom tax of the land? So Jesus had them catch a fish and a coin was taken from its mouth. And then the Jews said:--"Look he is paying tribute to Caesar." So Jesus turned to them and said--"Look at that coin. Who's face is on it?" So as they answered:--"Caesar". Then Jesus said:--'Alright, give that which belongs to Caesar to Caesar, and that which belongs to God, give it to Him.' And the Jews were stumped with that answer. But the thing I am pointing out to you is the continuity of this. He had just returned from the land of Ephraim. He had paid at the seat of Customs. He had been to Britain on the ships of Joseph of Arimathea and had just paid the custom tax to come back into the country.

We have much continuity of these things. We have the Roman records as well. Thus there is no doubt of the many facets of this. So these schools of wisdom had continued and of course in Britain were the foundation of the story. The King line of Ireland, to Scotland, to Wales, had behind them, the schools of Wisdom of our race, carried there by the ten tribes, throughout all this time. Activated with Christian principals and brought back into a proper perspective in any area where as they might have accumulated certain things they did not need.

This is why in the days when Applestain was King. This is the days when Court was held in Camelot. And he became the historic figure of King Arthur, that he set up the Round Table with Knights dedicated to the Holy Grail. And to carrying the standards of Christian Knighthood to the ends of the earth. You will note that the two schools of Wisdom which were held there were the 'Spiritual Law' and the 'Law of The Fulcrum". The pattern of Master Masonry. And Merlin who was the Master of the schools had behind him, so they said---two adepts--One for the school of Wisdom and one for the Spiritual Kingdom. Thus it is that they polled--two poles--around the Round Table. This is why you see it laid out like a compass. The north and the south of the Round Table plus all the signs of the procession of the equinox, broken up each according to its position. Because they poled the spiritual law in the sides of the north and the law of the Fulcrum in the sides of the south. This is just as Enoch and Job had set up the two schools of wisdom in the Temple of On. However, again, this is why the Temple pillars must be so as to face the east and the west, and poled to the north and south.

Now: The Essene company was exactly this same thing. They possessed the two schools of Wisdom of the Race. One of them the spiritual school, and the other for the application of all patterns of Natural Law.

When Judah and Benjamin returned from Babylon to rebuild the city of Jerusalem, in the days of Nehemiah, there came a mixed multitude with them. They were Cainanites and some of them were from the Isle of Pergamos as well. But first as they started to come in, they were Amalekites and Cainanites. And when they saw that Judah and Benjamin were given permission to come back to rebuild the city, they joined them. Luciferian power knew that the spiritual law which this race retained, was the only challenge to his kingdom. Everything else had accepted paganism. But not this. For the true Race always accepted--'Hear O Israel. YAHWEH, thy God is One YAH.' So therefore the Luciferians infiltrated this return of Judah and Benjamin. Go back to the days of the Maccabees and you will note that the battles which took place in Judah and Benjamins land even after the Romans had conquered the land, was between those two factions. Amalekites and Cainanites against Judah and Benjamin.

This old land of Palestine was under Greece and then under Rome. But Rome always gave a good autonomy to its provinces. Permitted them to have representative governments altho it was under a Roman governor. Here Israel was a Theocracy and was ruled over by God so Rome didn't bother that, saying:--We have our God and you can have yours. Therefore your civil law will come underneath this except where it violates Roman law. Then a Roman court will supersede this court. And this was why the Sanhedrin was permitted.

Thus to gain power in this Province, a mixed multitude had to come in---Amalekites and Cainanites, who were reincarnationist. Sadducees who did not understand the embodiment of a Celestial people in the physical world. They wanted to follow the Asiatic cycles of return which has existed ever since the fall of Lucifer and the fall of the races of earth. And in this instance the Sadducees were Asiatic reincarnationist and they fought the doctrines of the Resurrectionist which was the Pharisee belief. And they fought Christ as well because He was a Pharisee. And they were always trying to destroy the Christ because He was a resurrectionist.

On the other hand, we point out to you that because the land had been under Rome and under the Jews, the Jews had partial control of the Temple. And they gained full control in the days of Anna, who was the father of the second Cainas, and then Caiaphas in the time of Jesus. So you had three generations of High Priests who ruled over the Temple who were total Cainanites. There was absolutely no historical relationship between these people and the House of Israel. But they adopted lip service to Israels theology to gain control and to change it and deny it. To control the people and to control their theology. When one understands that these were Yehudin, which means accursed, and the word Jew comes out of this, then you know you shouldn't use the word Jew for Judah. "Woe unto them who say they are of Judah and are not. For they are of the synagogue of Satan." So no one calls themselves Jews unless they are Jews. You don't find anyone who is an Israelite saying he is a Jew, unless he is crazy. But the Jews are always trying to say they are Israelites. So when they are not, they are always trying to change their names, to move. To move into your identity--to destroy it. The most anti-Jew in the world is one who changes his name so he can move in on your society, to effect all areas of it.

Thus, this Essene company realized that since they advocated the truth, that they were advocating this truth in opposition of the entire pattern of the enemy. Satanism was taught to produce a national collectivism under the Elite administration of Cainanite Sadducees. So what you had in Palestine at that time was the unlimited power to tax, by Temple control, turning Theocracy into a complete Cainanite, Babylonianized process . So when Jesus denounced them for what they were and identified them as Luciferians, and as the pattern of Babylon then they cried out against Him. They said:--we must kill him for if we do not then we will lose control of these people, and of all the children of God scattered abroad. This man is going to gather them all together so we have to kill him. So this is why they continued to try to kill the Christ. He knew who they were, and they knew who he was. They knew that if they did not eliminate him from the world scene that they were all thru.. This is why they worked so on this plan.

But in the days before Jesus the Essene company were waiting for their Messiah, believing that thee promises of God were good, and had kept their inner company going. It had been going thru the days of captivity and was still going on at this time, and they met in homes thru out all of Galilee --studying and waiting for their Messiah. They did not meet so much in Judea generally because they Jews had taken over the Administration. But they then discovered down by Syria and along its borders and down by the Red Sea that there were natural limestone caves from many of these Water Courses. And there they found caverns and caves, so immediately they disguised the entrances to the caverns with sage brush and covered up their tracks. They found that these caves had great rooms in them from the high hills of Jerusalem all the way down to the shores of the Dead Sea. Thus in the network of these caverns the Essenes set up their headquarters. Here they copied their sc rolls, and set up their great libraries. They has been thru out the years keeping many volumes that the YEHUDIN (Jews) were seeking to pervert or to twist, but they couldn't because of all this copying and maintaining of them. So the Essenes had copies of scriptures that the Jews had never tampered with. This is the reason why there were those scriptures not given the Septuagint translations.

Some people say;---but the oldest bible is the Septuagint, but no this is because the Jews helped put them all together before which they had been always kept in single scrolls. But the oldest Bible if it were made up of the oldest records would not be the Septuagint, but the Coptic-Aramaic , and would go all the way back to even thee fragment material such as was found in "The Cave of the Treasuries" record. So how were the Essenes to keep themselves from being followed as they worked to preserve their records?

The operated this Essene company just as much as a judicial, and just as a secret assembly as any in all time and history, for if they were followed the Jews might seek to destroy them or bring pressure against them, to try to destroy their libraries. So the Essene company taught these two schools of wisdom, and they met just as secretly as the day of the KKK, or the Citizen's council, and the Right wing does today. Because they were against the collectivist society of the false Cainanites who said they were an Elite core trying to destroy both the religion and the Faith, the same as they do today. But then Jewry has always operated this way. They set up the false pattern of the Illuminati, the program of Satanism to try to control the minds of men.

Now in the days of John the Baptist, and you will remember that John the Baptist was the only embodiment of a spirit which had reentered a body. He dies in that body but had existed before this and had never tasted death. This is why Jesus said that never was there a man born of woman like John the Baptist, for John the Baptist had the spirit of Elijah upon him. So as a babe he was talking, but we do not have the time to go into that, but it is of Biblical and historical record. Remember how Herod was trying to kill all the babies, so as to kill Jesus?---there was only 6 months difference between the birth of Jesus and John the Baptist, sot they had to protect him as well. Remember how one of the wisemen had secreted John the Baptist under his robe until the murderers of the babes of Bethlehem had passed by? Then his parents frightened for the welfare of John the Baptist had taken him out to the Essene caves. There John the Baptist was raised until he was 12 years of age, and then brought back into the Temple only for his dedication then taken back out because they were afraid he would be killed by the Herodians. So John the Baptist was raised out there among the Essenes and the records of the Essenes tell of how this boy was always talking as a babe--talking --and when 2 years of age he was still talking , and even up to the age of 12 years. He was always talking about thee heavens as to the things he had witnessed. He remembered all the things he was taught, and all he had seen. But as he approached 12 years of age a veil came over his remembrance, but now he was energized with a great determination that he would have to fulfill that for which he was here for. That the Messiah, the King was in earth, and his ministry would come in. So from the time he was twelve up until he was 30 years of age John the Baptist was proclaiming that The Messiah was in earth, and would soon appear. Of course it was in the 30th., years of Christ's life that He walked down to be baptised of John. And when John said:---"Behold, He whom the latches of his shoes I am not worthy to unloose"---but he shall baptize you with the Holy Spirit--this is divine energy?

Now in this instance the Essene Company not only continued in these caves, but they did two things, they trained---in all the history and all the natural sciences that they remembered. But they also maintained the military units, for instance Barabbas was one of the hosts of the Military leaders. They had blue Tunics for those Blue Tunic warriors, which had been supplied by Joseph of Arimathea this Essene who was also high in positions of influence. That beautiful blue Tunic with its crossed Golden fishes was worn by the Warriors of The Christ. They were prepared to crown Him King and back Him up in those days of turbulence and trouble. The dy which we call Palm Sunday---there in Jerusalem, the Israelites would have crowned Christ --King, for the Essenes had been planning this because they were aware that this was Messiah--YAHWEH embodied, the fulfillment of their prophecy.

Now: you will note that the way they protected themselves was that they had shepherds. Members of the Essenes. And whenever a trail left a road to go out to the Essene cavern system, then sheep would be moved back and forth across the trail. This would wipe out the footprints of anyone who left a trail in an obscure spot. When he moved off the trail, a signal would flash to a shepherd and he would move his sheep back and forth across the tracks. They were so successful at this that only one Essene hideaway had ever been discovered up to the time of Christ. The Dead Sea Scrolls today are scrolls of parchment that contain the tedious copying of multitude of books which were then scrolls or manuscripts then put in ceramic jars made out of clay, so they could put a top on them and keep them from the elements. Those jars are over 1900 years old. And they found them in this library, and all of these are scrolls. All the books in them are not the books of the Essene. Some are the books of their library.

You go into this library here today and there are works from Das Kapital to the Bahai' Begeti. But that doesn't mean that we accept or teach everything in this library. But is here for record. Now a lot of people don't know this but the Jews exploited finding of the Scrolls. And a lot of things found in the scrolls doesn't mean that the Essenes believed this. Not at all. But those that they copied and set apart go back to their Faith and their Adamic history. Back always to the Race Line. They follow all the things which God said to the Patriarchs, to everyone of your race. In these Dead Sea Scrolls is the "Battle of the sons of Light against the sons of Darkness." And this inevitable battle which shall come is this struggle between the Divine race and the Luciferian forces. The Essenes knew that the Jews were the Luciferian forces and they taught this. The Jews knew that the Essenes taught that these Yehudin were Lucifers line so this is why they said that Jesus must be an Essene because He also was saying that the Jews were the children of Satan. This was the confirmation which was to come upon them.

Thus as you ask as to the Essene company, this was what they were. They carried forward the two mystery schools. They were masters of Masonry and they were masters of Spiritual law as well. They were carrying out the true Temple patterns of the Levites. And they carried down the true law of the Military loyalty to the Kingdom which went back to Jeroboam's time. And before that to the House of David. And here in that group of Essenes, all these things were existent.

After the Galileans left Jerusalem, after Christ's ascension, then Jewry was waging war on the church. And finally the people of true Benjamin and Judah who were left in that old land, petitioned Rome for permission to migrate over into Europe and this permission was granted. This was in the days when the father of Titus was Emperor over Rome. And Titus was the Commander in General of the Hosts of the Roman Empire. So the people we know as the Normans and the VisGoths joined the Goth--Judah--in Germany. And the Normans made their settlements. The VisGoths were the other branch of the Germanic house. If you go into these old patterns of the Old Testament, you find that some of Judah went out with the ten northern tribes as they went into captivity. And some of Judah and Benjamin remained in Judea. This is why there was already Goths located in Europe, one the east but in the center. And thus the VisGoths joined the Goths and brought the greatest Germanic House into being, which had the forces so that Rome could not conquer them.

The Normans came in exactly on the time schedule of the migration out of Palestine. And shortly after this because of the trouble the Jews were stirring up as they tried to pull the money out from under the Roman Empire, this led to Gold Exchangers on the Isle of Pergamos to put pressure on Rome. And thus Rome sent their army under Titus the Roman against the ancient city of Jerusalem to suppress the Jews living there. This was in 70 A.D. which brought the climax. There was not an Israelite left there unless he was a reporter such as Josephus who had permission to be there to record what happened. And these even ate their own children, rather that to give up their gold and silver. Their battle is said to be over taxes, tributes and so forth. But the fact was, that many of the Jews were killed in this struggle and the Temple overthrown and destroyed, fulfilling prophecy. Of course, this wasn't an Israelite temple. It was Herod's Temple and it was overlaid with gold.

This is some of the things which transpired at that time. And -No--it wasn't the end of the Jews because when you come over to the New Testament church you find in Revelations, as you come to the church of Pergamos, that Jesus said:--'I know all about this church. That is where Satan's seat is.' Why was Pergamos Satan's seat? Because when Babylon fell the Jews that controlled the economic world thru Babylon, who were the Masters of Babylon which fell before Medo-Persia---which they didn't control because Cyrus was Gods man. Remember that these of Medo-Persia were Aryans. They were not Asiatics. These were Aryans out of the Sethite stock. And this is why there was so much good in the Medo-Persian Empires. But as Babylon fell the Jews moved to the Isle of Pergamos and carried on their world trade from there. Secretly they moved in on all the various Empires. Had controlled eventually all of Greece and brought it down, and helped build and set up Rome. And then tries to pull the finances out from under Rome if they wouldn't do their will. They controlled the Roman Empire, and thus brought about persecution of Christians by using their financial power. Thus Jesus said of this early church, it is in a terrible spot on Pergamus, for it is where Satan's seat is. Remember that Jesus Himself had made the statement that the Jews were the sons of Lucifer. Therefore Satan's seat was where they held their base of power.

Herod had come from Pergamos. A wealthy and powerful family had actually been given a Kingship in Palestine to satisfy these money lenders. This is how Herod, a Jew, became King of the Jews in Palestine.

QUESTION:---Does the Essene company exist today?

ANSWER:---The Essene company exists today in the Wisdom Schools in their purest form. They may not be of this same company because there are those who call themselves the Essene Company today. But they have been a little Abotskyized, Occultized, and everything else. The modern Essene literature is not as pure as the early Essene literature. In fact, they don't have a continuity. They just call themselves this and don't even know their own history. But I can show you in the purest of Masonry which is 'the Light Carriers', that they not only know all this history, but that they have been passing on and preserving what they knew must be preserved, in the last few generations, because of the infiltration of Masonry. And I predict that one of these days the great organization of the 'Light Carriers' will come back and the light will come in, and there won't be a Jew lest in Masonry. There will not be a Cainanite in the entire Order. They will no longer be interested in going thru the rituals and recognizing Hinduism, Buddhism,--the Devils order. The moment the Devil gets into any order and turns them from worshiping the true God, then throw the Devil out, but don't destroy the order. If you can't throw out the Devil, then come out of that order and regroup.

QUESTION:---What is this symbol on the letterhead of the KKK. This circle with the S the center?

ANSWER:---How would I know that?--ha-ha.

QUESTIONER:---Well, it is supposed to be symbolic. A friend of mine says it is the beginning of the age. He called me on the phone and I said I would ask you.

ANSWER:---I can't give you any information of that.

QUESTION:---What do you think about the Book of Mormon?

ANSWER:---Well, I think it contains a lot of truth. I think it also contains a lot of human error which has been included. Not that there might have been some inspiration. For there has to be some area of inspiration for something like that. In fact I am gullible enough to buy the account of how they found the book, for instance, because things like this do happen. But you would have to be a true believer.

Let me say this. All the areas which involves Jewry, inside of Mormonism is hooey. And of course there have been revisions. And I know Presidents inside the church who have different opinions as well. Also, there have been theological divisions inside the Mormon Church. And they now find that they don't hold completely with the Book of Mormon, or "The Pearl of Great Price", or the documents of the covenants. They can't do this today or the church wouldn't be admitting Negroes to the church who they are preparing and fighting to bring into the Priesthood of the Temple. How could they ever attain this when it is clear that they never will be able to attain this???

Now; areas of error do exist there, and this is true. And I don't believe that this error came from any area of inspiration. I don't think the key was used altogether correctly. We can prove this by much which happened in research since W.W. II among the Mayas civilization. A lot of this will be born out by areas of the Mormon records concerning the white man.--Manasseh being down among the Mayas and the Aztec. In fact I can show you volumes in my library just out from Archaeology such as "In Search of the White Gods" and so forth. The fact is our Race visited Central America just as the Vikings came into the northern parts of our land. And when Cortez came over, they received him as another wave of the White Gods, because the Manasseh people had been there earlier and had taught them the history of the white race. They knew all about Noah and about the Old Testament history up until the time of 800 B.C. because this incorporated the period of that migration.

So this piece of historical material showed that they had a certain amount of inspiration here of they wouldn't have known this before modern science was to discover it. But there are definite areas in which the information is confused. One can show you that this genealogy by which they try to trace some of these characters back is not accurate. This means that they could be inaccurate in genealogy, in the text even as it bears witness with other ancient text. And thus possible that it is not all inspired. Can you see this? But it does have much inspiration. The one thing we do not embrace, is their now embracing the Negro. For the Negro did not start in earth. He came in. The Adamic race is the Household of God and came in when He sent them with the birth of Adam as Issue of God as His offspring. And because the Adamic race are the Offspring of God. Because they are Holy Seed which we can prove to you from passages and from doctrines and covenants and other factors. Thus the Negro was not a white man who had disobeyed God in some other planet and became a Negro here. He was a Negro in space, but in a higher status of civilization than now. But when he rebelled with Lucifer, he lost all the capacities of remembrance in the areas of great spiritual law. And they became a mutated and brutish people. And they were used early in mongrelization. The Negro has been on earth for 73,000 years. The Asiatic of Torog race was always here. They never came in from anywhere else. They started here.

And now we have the Mormons teaching that for disobedience, these Negroes are now down here as Negroes. But if they follow thru on all instructions and behave themselves and graduate, then after they die they might get another shot at it and come back as a white man. And then if they lived a cycle thru as a white man, then they might progress into the program of the Kingdom from there on.

Let me tell you this. No white man was ever a Negro at no time, or any hours. And no Negroes are going to turn into white men at any time, or by any process. So we don't agree with Mormonism on this. But they do hold and do teach 'as Christ once was so shall we be.' This has long been a part of their declaration. But the fact is that we have been predestinated to conform to His Image. That we are the children of the Father. That Christ was the embodiment of God as a man dwelling among us. So therefore, embodied men as a part of perfection--this is our Destiny. We make no war with any who declare that Jesus is the Christ. Because the Christian church today has so many areas where they are blinded in s many capacities, that what we are looking for will soon transpire. The conditions are going to produce it. And you will see--One Faith--One LORD,--and One Baptism. You are going to find people called out to follow leadership. Called out because of situations and conditions. You see the best laid plans of men fall apart sometimes because there are a few things they don't see. For instance the greatest weakness in Mormonism is that they let the Jews sneak in and claim to be Judah with they are not. And they have practically take over areas of administration of their commissaries. For instance it is a great thing to set up these great commissaries and have these great store houses of food, and then along comes this great chaos, the shortage of food. Then how are you going to keep this food? The hungry masses are going to come along and take it. If you can't defend it then you won't have it. Then also if the government is hostile and run by the forces of darkness then move. You may have the food, but your people won't have it for the enemy will take it. The only way to defend their food for their own people is for the Mormons to join ranks with the other children of the Kingdom. And their combined strength will be one solid force with the realization of what we are faced with. So don't try to stand alone. Don't say:--'Look at all the food we have stored.'--You know what will happen then.

QUESTION:---What is the difference between the keys which clarify the Bible?

ANSWER:---Well, basically to know the people of the Bible is very important. If you don't know who you are or where you come from you don't know where to find yourself in the picture. If you enter into the picture without a knowledge of the background, you come in under an Ecclesiastical distortion which just gives you a title and classification which has no relationship to what God has to say. Therefore men do not understand the scripture until they have the Keys of Racial identity, until they understand God's covenants with his people and how He fulfilled them. These are the great keys plus spiritual law. And this knowledge of spiritual law generally comes as God catalyzes it with hearing, as people worship together where spiritual law is taught.

Thus these keys make the Bible come alive. And once the Bible comes alive, then no one ever gets abstracted out of it. No one ever has any breaks in the picture, for the Mosaic than comes alive. Then we stop worshiping paper and ink and believe every word which comes out of the mouth of God, the fullness of His person. There are other areas or routes, but this would take too long.

QUESTION:---What is the difference between Children of YAHWEH and created beings.

ANSWER:---The created beings like the creatures of the Universe, are created out of the Will of the Spirit mind. And were formed out of the units of energy to synthesize it which makes and comprises the chemical processes electronically of a physical Universe. The physical creations are synthesized out of positive and negative units of electricity into their various forms. So we have an electronic and a physical Universe which operates in a pattern of electrical frequency.

Now--the spiritual world operates in a Light frequency which is also a higher wave of vibrations and light. And also it holds together the electronic Universe. The only other dimension besides these two is the area of conscious awareness of existence which can dwell in either dimension. This is where the thought dimension exists. So when one talks about a created being God synthesized out of His Will, all of the creatures He formed in a physical Universe out of the electronic energies which He directed come together. And thru space goes electron, protons, neutrons and mentoids moving as vast particles. Then suddenly they start together and nebulous gas takes place. And they start to synthesize and all of a sudden you have a spontaneous generation of a planetary force. And the spectrograph moves on it and there isn't a new element in it, for it all falls right into the scale of things.

Now--God synthesized what He wished. So every creature was synthesized and given its pattern of life of creation. And He said:--'Kind after its kind, seed having life in itself.' Of course, this is the higher mantels of what we might term as mitosis and cell division, even down to the lower forms like cell life--the direct cell division. But each ends up with the direct counter part of the parent cells with the process of Mitosis showing the extreme energies of the spindle fibers drawing and splitting the genes, and the chromosomes, even the Chromotin. And Chromitin is the electronic memory. And this is one of the most unique patterns. This is why Chromitin is oxide. Why it carries electronic memory which effects even the development of every organ. It carries the remembrance of even every experience your forefathers had coming down to you in the seed. This helps to make up the background of your intellectual capacities as well.

Now--a created being--each according to his order, was made and formed, and God said this was good. Remember that Lucifer was created in his beginning as an Archangel. Remember that the Asiatics, ( the Torogs) were made and are the 6th day creation. And they were made male and female--'created He them.' But remember, that Adam and Eve do not come forth until on the 7th day after God rested and announced that "there was not an Adamite to till the soil." Thus Adam is the Issue of God and the word is Bara, meaning to bring forth a progeny, of Issue. The word for the other creation, or for things made is Yatsar.

Now,-since a race has been created by God, then God assumes His responsibility as author. He is their God and they are required to worship HIM. They are not His offspring. But Lucifer did not want to testify to the offspring of God. He didn't want anything greater than he was. This is what his rebellion was all about. When God said He would have sons and daughters, Lucifer asked:--'will they be as great as I? And YAHWEH answered:--'they shall be even as I--but I alone above all.' And Lucifer said:--'I will never show this.' He became Shaton--to turn away, to refuse to reflect the Light and the Word. --Devos--the oldest word in semantics means to take the other route. Thus Lucifer took the route of rebellion because of jealousy. And he was permitted to go this route because he would not bow to the Sonship of YAHWEH'S family. Thus the difference between a begotten household is that they are the offspring of God. We existed in Light bodies, begotten of the Spirit in spirit synthesis. And the cosmic conception of spirit synthesis is a subject far too deep to get into tonite. But we were synthesized. And did exist with a form like that of the Father in Spirit. And we existed in Celestial planes and were there when this solar system was put together. This is why God said to Job:--'Where were you when the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of YAHWEH shouted for joy? Where were you with I brought forth the earth and set the measuring line upon it, and fixed the sockets of it. Where were you?' Job answered:--'I wasn't even born yet.' But YAHWEH said:--'Yes, you were full of years, but not in earth.' In otherwords, you were there as the morning stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy. Then God talks to Job about the mysteries of creation. And of course, Job was one of those who was given great desire for enlightenment. And when He finally taught Job the mysteries directly, then remember, that Job said:--'O that I might put these things in the rock with a pen of iron and seal it with lead forever.' And he had a chance to do that, for he was one of the builders of the Pyramid which set this in form. This is another thing which is tied up in the mysteries of Job.

But getting back to the created beings--they are not offspring of God and never existed in the spirit. Never existed in Celestial planes. They have a soul consciousness. A spirit of life was breathed into them. They can propagate, multiply, and increase. But the moment they fell under the Luciferian rebellion, there was never a new spirit made for them. And they could only make cycles of return. This is the why of the law of the Asiatics. But this is not true of the Negroes. For no Negro ever makes a cycle of return. When he is dead, he is dead. He has a soul consciousness. He was created with a soul consciousness and he knew no death in his kingdom. He existed in his part of the Milky Way. And after he got into that space war against Michael the Archangel, as described in the 12th chapter of Revelations, then death came on Negroes. And the word for them is Zombie. And the Zombie, when they die know nothing at all. Ecclesiastics says:--'the dead when they die, know nothing at all.' The word Zombie means the walking dead. So why did ancient Israel call Negroes the walking dead? Because they had no spirit. They were dead as they lived. They had no spirit. I don't care if you preach to a Negro from now on. You still can't put a spirit in him.

Now;--he can be stirred. He can be directed. And in the fullness of time, God said He would do a new thing. There is going to be a great resurrection, following the resurrection of His children. In the fullness of time every Negro being will acknowledge the God who created him. And God says He can make new creatures out of them. In the fullness of time. And give them the capacities they never had before. First--restore them to the status they had before this world was framed, before Lucifers rebellion. Then add to them, a new creature progression at the Will of God. This you cannot do now even tho you can teach them and keep them under obedience to the law. You can teach them and keep them under the catalyst of your influence, and they can duplicate many of the things you do. But they haven't any initiative. Leave them alone without the aura of your initiative to catalyze them and they deteriorate all the time. Psychiatrists are aware of this today even in the mental field, the mentoid energies. The catalyst of energy will not put out the rate of impulses in a Negro of today as it will produce in the white race. More than this, the very nerve tendrils are very blunt in many parts of the body. The convolutions of the brain have different appearances when looked at than those of the white man. Or even of the Asiatics which are of a much higher order than the Negro. This marks the difference in people. This is why Jesus was to say in the 14th chapter of John:--'I will send the spirit that you can receive.' For this spirit within you is a part of it. But the world cannot receive it. They do not have the wave length for this perception.

Now; There are many things which could be said about this, having existed in the spirit. But god's plan to overthrow Lucifer after defeating him in space and driving him into this solar system, cutting his off from everywhere but Saturn and Mars, and finally he is completely earth bound as Saturn and Mars become only symbols,--God's plan was to send Heaven to earth.

I can tell you that out of these patterns of wars--we have the sources which go way back into Asiatic records, and Sumerian records. And in the patterns of the Matavaras,--they even describe this struggle. Even tho they still worshiped the darkness, because Lucifer still had the world and thought he was victor here. But they still understood what had happened. The Vedic forefathers were Aryans,---Manu--when they came into India. And they taught the people about the coming of Khrisna which was the embodiment of God who would overthrow the serpent and set them free, and restore to them what they had forgotten out of the ancient past. This is why even in Hinduism there is the story of Krishna brought by the Vedic writings of this conquest and eventual overthrow of the serpent.

they did know what the sons of YAHWE-Putah--the Egyptian word. But also over there, they were sons of Arya--Aryans coming from this. And they had the Great God of the Heavens--the God of the Universe--in their knowledge.

Now;--God's plan of the Kingdom is the most practical plan in the world. He said:--'the only way to correct this--since Lucifer says he will not acknowledge my sons--is to send them--to transplant My sons from Heaven to earth. My children who walk in the Light. Who served in ancient times on Atlantas, in spirit form. Who could at times be partially visible in their video frequency. Who served in these Temples. Now send them in physical bodies into earth.

I can show you the records of this. That as Lucifer took over earth, the Celestial children were lifted up. But the ancient people, later called Egyptians, had this promise:--that Osiris, the Ka or Ra would come. And that when the children of YAHWEH came to earth, the next time, they would be embodied as men, dwelling as men eventually pointing them back to the true God. Setting men free. Overthrowing the Devil in the earth.

But Lucifer said:--'if the sons of God ever get in bodies of flesh, I will win from there on.' And he almost did. But the Father knew all about his plan and blocked it. But the way of correction for earth was to bring Heaven to earth. Bring the Celestial children of YAHWEH into physical bodies in earth. And thus thru the Adamic race comes the Holy Seed.

This is why we are told:--'you brought noting into this world, you take nothing out of it.' He said:--(you came from heaven to earth)--'Thine they were in Heaven (spirit), Mine they are in earth.' 'I have lost none of them.'

Again without too much repetition, it says:--'We are strangers and pilgrims in earth, and if we remembered where we came from, and how we got here, we would go right back.' After we see some of the discouraging things here, you might think of that. But then you decide you will stay and win the fight. But if God hadn't pulled that veil over our remembrance, people wouldn't have had the tenacity to stay as long as they can.

But we are still going to finish the job. For God says He is going to bring this Kingdom to fruition. For My name is on it. My Life is in it. So Heaven and Earth is involved in this struggle. But I am YAHWEH, and no one is going to stop the development of My Kingdom.

All Israel is to be saved. Then all flesh is to be saved. And before He is thru, Lucifer is going to worship at your feet. That is a God that is big enough--this YAHWEH-Jireth---some say Jehovah-Jireth. But I don't like the word Jehovah, for it never came into existence until 1031. This is YAHWEH-JIRETH in its completeness.

QUESTION:---I have a whole family listening to these tapes. And they like the idea of being begotten of God but they would still like to hold out for some evolution for these other people. How do I change that?---

ANSWER:---Well, evolution in all areas of philosophy is the sorriest doctrine. Because, after all these years, we can prove that man was on earth long before the animals he was supposed to have sprung from.


the tape ran out.