07-05-67 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:...Will Russia ever take over our country?

ANSWER:...No. She will never take over our country but she will attack because in Ezekiel it says 'they will arise and come like a cloud.' They will come by air and by sea, and by land and some will land here because there is the scripture that says they will be destroyed on the land of Israel as they come. It speaks of bodies by the thousands ...taking seven months and seven years to bury and destroy the equipment after the attack. But God speaks out here in the Book of Ezekiel as to the strategy of the Soviet Union and things involved in it. He says: 'I will make my holy name known in the midst of my people Israel, and no more will I let them pollute my name anymore. Everyone will know that I am the Holy one of Israel.' This will be His destruction, and when His destruction descends on them then they will be totally defeated. And those who dwell in Israel will go forth and burn their weapons, and their shields that they drop. They will be seven months burning these weapons. This is the Soviet Because He says: 'I am against thee of God of the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal.' Of course this is that land, He said you will come with all types of weapons and along with them comes Persia and Ethiopia and Libya. This includes all the sweeping out of Asia for Pekod is China, and this covers all the Steppes of the Mongols who fell to the Soviet Union, these Mongols man their Calvary, the largest cavalry in the world is in Asia manned with these Mongol's. This fulfills what the Christ said in the Book of Revelation. There was seven kings, seven mountains (empires), on which the woman sits. And five have fallen and one is which was Rome, and one is yet to come, and he will continue a little while. And the Beast which is and is not, even he is the eighth and is out of the seventh. So in the days of Jesus the Empires which were against Israel were Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and then Rome was the sixth. The Seventh was the Great Empire which threatened Christian civilization..... Genghis Kahn the Mongol hoards from the Steppes, financed by the Jews and directed by the Jews living in Venice. Thru Chepe Noyon a Chinese Jew they gathered the Mongol's. They brought the arms from Damascus, they helped to gather the tribes for this army of Genghis Kahn who had the military ability. He had fast moving cavalry by the millions, so they over ran Samercand, and Baghdad and they came into Europe. They had already taken China before coming west. The Jew's had come into China and set up their little shops around the gates of the great wall, then one night the Jew's opened the gates and Genghis Kahn's hoards were deep into China before the guards were aware that the walls were opened. The Jew's wore yellow arm bands as they let the Mongol's into the cities of Europe and everywhere they would point out where the wealthiest Christians lived, and later they would meet and share the loot with the hoards of the Mongol's. So they never bother Jew's, and the Jew's opened up the wealth of all eastern Europe for the Mongols. Genghis Kahn was the seventh and when he was wounded and then died then this force was wounded nigh unto death, and they went back and divided up the territory they had conquered and then began fighting amongst themselves.

But now the eighth.......World Communism is the new beast, the new vehicle which gathers the area which Genghis Kahn had conquered. In otherwords, today there is a great circle and it runs thru Asia and comes down thru Africa and it is all the hoards which Genghis conquered....resurrected by Jewry, under the title of World Communism, all those areas will be in this final attack which is the 8th., to come against the Kingdom. In the days gone by we had prophetic preachers and they were against the Catholic Church, but they knew that there was seven hills down there so they said that Rome is the 8th., beast and the Roman Church is the woman on the back of the beast....this is the great harlot, but this isn't true. This is just mistranslation for the seven hills are 7 kings with kingdoms or empires. The 8th., if out of the seventh. Now everything which has ever been involved against the Kingdom of God will be in this last great drive. But when He talks about the 7 hills upon which the woman sits then these were not always pagan, they went into the hands of the pagans as they fell. For instance....Rome..the Italians were the Tribe of Gad, and the Roman Empire spread all over but the Tribe of Gad became Christian's. The Greek Empire were Sythians, Israelites and when the Gospel came along they became Christians. So it doesn't mean the Empires were enveloped with all pagan people, but it meant the beast system gained control of their economy and power, and used it for their own gain. When the 7th., and the 8th., came they would be totally controlled by the beast because the false prophet also gives life to it. Of course World Communism is without a doubt the Empire or power referred to because it has to come out of the one almost destroyed. You see.. Genghis Kahn not only came up to the gates of Vienna but when he died they took him back to Lassah and then were to choose a new leader, but this is when they started fighting amongst themselves. They started coming back under different leaders. And up until the days of Martin Luther, they were still coming. Then a strange thing happened, the hoards were turned back and they were dormant except for a few raids now and then until Communism is given the power once more of Jewry. But in Martin Luther's day he and the pope quit fighting for a while until the hoards were turned back. No matter what they said against each other, they called a truce until the armies of the Anti-Christ, as they said, were turned back.

From Scandinavia on down almost all the white knighthood of Europe was fighting these hoards coming in. Finally when they were at the gates of Vienna their power was broken and they didn't come any more. So it was a long battle and it lasted for several hundred years. But this eighth is going to have more men in it, and it will take in all this area........

QUESTION:...I read that some of Europe was sacked by some of them clear up to 1688?

ANSWER:...Yes, small groups of them kept trying to come in. However, after 1520 the great huge bands didn't come any more. Some did come thru the Caucasus and they went back a few times. But that had to be in Eastern Europe didn't it?


ANSWER:...The interesting thing is that Russia is planning three more wars for us this year. This is again the hand of the Anti-Christ but we know that Michael and his fleet will come in if this is the great climactic starting of the battle. Then we will get all the reinforcements that we need, because Michael the Prince will stand for us just like he did for the children of God's Kingdom once more. Remember that the last time Michael fought...this is very interesting....we have told you before that the children of the kingdom were begotten in the earth, secondly after being begotten in the heavens first. This is what Christ said:...'ye must be begotten in the heavens and then begotten in earth, thus twice born to participate in the Kingdom.' You must be born of the spirit, and born of the breaking of the water, this is the entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven. The children of God's Kingdom existed in spiritual bodies, in celestial planes in the heavens and the starting of the first white man, first of the celestial children in earth is when God begat Adam...the word is...BARA..it means 'to begat issue', so He begat Adam in earth and then separated Eve from Adam that they might be one flesh. But the fact remains that into the children of the Adamic race has come the Celestial children begotten in the heavens. So when Jesus said:...'ye must be born in the heavens and ye must be born in earth...then you had to be twice born. There is no other area by which to come in. We can prove this because we have all the words of Christ, and all the passages in the scripture that prove that the children of the kingdom are His family, His household, and were begotten in the spirit before being begotten in the flesh. As we are the children of God after the Spirit, thus we are the children of Adam and Eve out of the flesh. We turn to the Book of Daniel and it tells us about Michael, how he will fight for the children of God as he fought for them aforetimes. But when did Michael ever fight for the children of God except in the heavens? "At that time Michael the Prince shall stand for the children of thy people, and there shall be a time of trouble such as there has never been since there was a nation." At that same time the people shall be delivered, every one found written in the Book."

Now we turn to the Book of Enoch, he also was shown this and he tells how Christ shall come with thousands times ten thousands of His Saint's in Judgment and to Rule. He tells about how Lucifer in earth will gather the kingdoms of the pagans to destroy God's people, and then Michael the Great Prince will come. As he fought for us in the heavens so shall he fight for us in the earth. So when did Michael fight for us in the heavens except when Lucifer tried to overthrow the Kingdom of Heaven? Thus you see that YAHWEH had children of spirit and light, but Lucifer would not recognize them as children of the MOST HIGH. But YAHWEH turned the battle over to Michael. It was probably quite a battle, lasting for years, but Lucifer and his hosts were defeated. Michael cleaned Lucifer and his hosts out of the heavens and ran them down here to this Solar System. Ran him out of the Milky Way and down here to this little Solar System. On thing about Michael, he had a lot of ambition and he was just going to grind Lucifer up good, he was going to totally destroy him but YAHWEH said:..Stay. you just leave him there, this is the spot where he is still going to recognize my children. For my children are going to arise and defeat him until he worships at their feet. Enoch tells this, and the Book of Revelation tells you this also. The battle will still be between the same antagonists, between the devil and his armies and Michael and his armies like when he drove Lucifer out of the heavens. So Michael is going to fight for you again in this battle in earth. Not that you won't be battling, for you will be fighting the anti-Christ and all his forces, but Lucifer will probably bring in a lot of crafts and strange ships. We have a scripture here in Revelation which tells of ships coming out of the earth, and they are like great flying locust. John is trying to describe the flying saucers, that they have stingers (weapons) in their tails, and all these facets of trouble. They will darken the sky as a cloud, they are the ships of Lucifer out of the Netherworld, because we will have our hands full with these weapons on land, let along fighting devils, because all the Angel's in the Universe won't be too many for that. But one thing about this....when Lucifer rebelled against God he was able to persuade 1/3 of the Angel's of Heaven to follow him. And we have today over 12,000,600 trillion Solar Systems we can see today. These are suns of solar systems, but we call them stars. So you can't hardly think over a million or so. If you see a stadium some place with 100,000 people then you can have an idea of that many, but when you think of a million and then one thousand two hundred trillion then this is how many planets and suns there were to say nothing about the planets in the Universe. Lucifer had 1\3 of these join him in his battle against Michael. But Michael defeated these ships of Lucifer and drove them into this Solar System. On those ships as axmen and swordsmen were the Negroes, they were created people at one time but now are called Beasts of the field (world). They are not animals of the world, they are the Negroes of the world. Enosh is translated sometimes as 'beasts' of the field but that shouldn't be. Enosh are the created people of the earth. The Negroes were on the ships of Lucifer and they were people who walked upright, but they are now Beasts of the field (world).

One day after Moses was missing then the devil was hunting Moses, and lots of Christians think that Moses died but they don't know there are a few verses which they should chop out of their Bible. But the devil didn't know where Moses was and he said:..'I own the bodies of everyone, so where is Moses?' Lucifer thought that he had the power to raise up bodies if he wanted to so he said:...'I want the body of Moses, I want to know where he is.' He was ranting and raving and walking the earth because he didn't know where the body of Moses was. If the devil could have found the body of Moses he would have raised it with an evil spirit in it to lead the children of Israel astray. But the scripture where they get this story of the death of Moses is in the 34th., chapter of Deuteronomy, and Moses went up from the plains of Moab, unto the mountains of Nebo to the top of Pisgah, that is over against Jericho. There YAHWEH showed Moses all the land that was promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and to their seed after them. He said:...I have caused thee to see it with thine eyes, but thou shalt not go other thither.'

Now:...verse 5: 'So Moses the servant of the Lord died in the land of Moab, according to the word of the Lord.' This is not true because YAHWEH never said Moses was to die. Moses wrote those Book's of the Bible but he never wrote that he was dead. These last verses were not written by Moses and they were hoodwinkers because Moses never died. So He translated Moses, and Moses was taken out to the top of the mountain and translated.

Now; someone always says.....how do you know? Well, the devil couldn't find Moses, and the children of Israel wept 30 days for Moses and they couldn't find him either. But verse 6 says:...'God buried Moses in the valley in the land of Moab and no one knows of his sepulcher to this day.' But God never buried Moses...remember that when Jesus was on the Mount of Transfiguration, then Moses and Elias came to meet him and Jesus stood talking with them. If Moses had died he would have been down in the Netherworld with the Adamites, and been waiting for Jesus to come preach to them. Elijah was translated, so was Enoch and the devil never had them either. If Moses had died the devil would have known where the body of Moses was. Israel was weeping because Moses had left them so someone just concocted this portion and added it to the Book of Deuteronomy here in the last chapter.

So in the Book of Jude then the devil was angry and he came storming around the courts of heaven and he wants the body of Moses. Since there had as yet been no resurrection then he could claim that body, but Michael flew at Lucifer and called him everything he could lay an Angel's tongue to. But YAHWEH said:...now just a moment here Michael, not another word. After all, Lucifer was an Archangel once just like you, but he fell.... What YAHWEH is telling Michael is that Lucifer will once more be an Archangel and will do all the things he is supposed to do. But Enoch said that God had held back the hand of Michael as Michael wanted to destroy Lucifer once before. The only thing that Michael was checked in was that he could destroy the ships and trap him here, but he hadn't found a way to destroy his spirit. Michael said;...Oh, YAHWEH, how do I destroy his spirit? And YAHWEH said:...you can't, for his spirit shall still acknowledge my sons and my daughters and he will worship me. So this is the Grace of God, this is what the Book of Enoch says concerning this.

QUESTION:...You said that is in the Book of Jude?

ANSWER:...verse 9.

QUESTION:...Is the report of the death of Moses in the Book of Joshua spurious too?

ANSWER:...yes. The account of Moses' death was put in here, but YAHWEH had used Moses mightily as a prophet, he just didn't let him into the Holy land, but He did translate him. When Jesus spoke to him on the Mount of Transfiguration they were both talking about the things which pertained to the Kingdom. And Moses wasn't down in the Netherworld after the Crucifixion waiting for Jesus to come preach to him.

You see, a lot of these things when they were translated, they had some Jew's helping which wasn't good, but also they thought these things also had to work out. If they didn't understand then they made them come out like they thought they should.

There is one verse over here in the Book of Luke which says:...Jesus being as was supposed the son of Joseph. That is not true. He was the virgin born embodiment (son) of God. Always the Jew's and others go back and use this verse. It is in parenthesis and even so Scofield knowing that is not true still put it in his translation, all the King James Versions carry this also. But the most important thing is that the truth is still here, and a wayfaring man nor a fool couldn't err therein, this pattern of the scriptures. We do know that the Grace of God is sufficient, it is tremendous, as to His dealing with these individuals is concerned. A lot of people worry, they say:...look at all these Asiatic's they have been raised in Buddhism, they have died in Buddhism and they say they have to go to perdition first. But there isn't anything in the scripture that says this. God says:...'All flesh' shall be saved, but a lot of people have an idea that the only ones to be saved are them, and a few of their friends. I talked to a man the other day and he said:...I pray, I sing hymns, I worship God every day. Do you mean these other people are going to be saved, and all my praying and worship is going to be for nothing??'

I said:....well of all people you should be the happiest. The Angel's of heaven are always happy when a child of God is found. Now when I tell you that all flesh is going to be saved, that the word of God tells you this ...well, if you don't enjoy singing hymns and praying so much then don't do it. 'Oh, he said.....But Dr. Swift what did you say?' I said....if it disturbs you then don't sing and pray so much. He said:...But I have to do this, I am a child of God, I have to do this. I said:....If you are a child of God then act like one. The children of God should start reflecting the Grace of their Father. And the one thing we do know...that we should waken this country up and strengthen it against the anti-Christ. I would have no mercy on these Jew's peddling this dope to these young people. I would have no mercy on these forces trying to destroy our youth. I would wipe them out...see? Because the fact is that the devil and all those monstrosities are going to know the Grace of God, and when they do they won't be devils anymore. You take these Jew's....when the devil had children he had devils, and when God had children they were God's. I know this is a hard thing for people to grasp but in Psalms 83., "Ye are God's (Elohim) and all of you are the children of YAHWEH....so why do you die like them?" Thus God has children, and they are God's. The fact is that they have not yet become perfect, but He has ordained that they will one day become perfect. We note that the devil has devils and they are called devils. Jesus was just stating a fact as He said:..."I have chosen you 12 and one of you is a devil." Jesus was quite emphatic as He tells them off for He says:..."Ye vipers, who warned you to flee the judgment, you are guilty of all the blood of the righteous from Abel to Zacharias killed between the horns of the altar." At the same time, God in His Grace says He will save all flesh. This doesn't have anything to do with Israel for "All Israel shall be saved, as it is written."

In the Book of Isaiah, He speaks out and says:..."look unto me all ye ends of the earth and be saved, for I am God. The words have gone out of my mouth in righteousness and shall not return unto me. Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall swear." And also...."In YAHWEH shall all the seed of Israel be justified, and shall Glory." Of course this is repeated in the Book of Romans as God speaks out and says:..."All Israel shall be saved as it is written. There shall come out of Zion a deliverer and He shall turn away the ungodliness of Jacob......"

So when God says 'all Israel' and then He says 'all flesh shall be saved', then it is all, all from end of this Book to the other because God's Grace is sufficient. Of course this doesn't happen in just 24 hours, or 100 years, or even a thousand, but in the fullness of time He is going to gather all things unto Himself. He is going to reconcile all things, this includes everything in existence. This is what Peter is talking about over here in the Book of Acts when he is telling things to these people (Acts 3:2), and he talks about heaven must receive Jesus until the time of the restitution of all things which God hath spoken out of the mouths of all His Holy Prophets since the world began. So if you are to restore "all things" then the program of God has a lot of things in it. The battle of Armageddon is a great historic point, and when we are in the earth this is a very important point because the enemy says we are going to encircle and destroy.

The three unclean spirits like 'frog's' gather all the pagans of the earth. Out of the devil, out of the beast (World Order) and out of the false prophets and out of anti-Christ move all these evil spirits. They are moving today, they are moving these hippies, and are trying to destroy our land, but still God says they are gathering all these for Armageddon. But it is going to be a triumph, for God embodied as a man was a very enthusiastic person. He said:..."I am going to stop them, you shall destroy them", He is very angry with these people who are trying to destroy His Kingdom. Then He reaches back in His Grace and says even of the devil..."I am going to put him back in his place." Oh, you say but what about the Lake of Fire? Well look at that word...it is Shekinah Glory and the devil is going to be thrown into an area where the Shekinah Glory will purge him out. This nature of Satan, or the devil, will be totally destroyed in him, and he will be a good Archangel once again. Some think they are going to set and watch the devil thrown into the lake of fire, and you will set around and watch them burn...burn and burn. No thank you, I'd rather go fishing, I want no part of this. I don't want to sit and watch them be tortured. Who would want to sit and watch them be tortured for years and years? God wouldn't want to that either. But when they translated the King James and the Douay Version they put this Lake of Fire in here. The word originally in the Aramaic is that Satan, and the beast, and the false prophet, would be cast into the "AURA OF DIVINE GLORY." This is the second death, because it destroys all the evil of their nature. Burn's out the error from their consciousness, their spirit and mind. Lucifer becomes again an Archangel. Thus all these devils who are offspring will have to move backwards, some subservient to Lucifer yet, but not devils anymore. In fact this is the choice in the areas of their nature. The African's can go back where they came from and they will be better Negroes than they are now. They were not originally on the earth to begin with so the earth will be a better place, but they can not ascend into heaven as such. Neither can the Jew's ascend into the heavens, this is one thing Jesus made quite clear ..no man can ascend into the heavens unless he came out of there. This is something the Jew's and Negroes did not do, or the created people of earth as well, and in spite of what some of these preachers try to do...saving everyone and sending them to heaven, it is a fact that those who did not come out of the heavens of God do not go back there. They don't belong there, they belong where they came from and God has declared that he will restore all to their original condition. The areas of this is in their dispensation.

There is no question of the fact that the children of the kingdom can preach to the nations of the world, they will be able to receive and recognize Christ. Someone said:...can't this be the work of just a day? Not necessarily, there has been seed scattered among all nations. The Human province has however produced all the Chinese Christian's, Kai Shek's wife and so forth, but this province was one of the places the children of Ammon went. This was Lot's seed remember....they went eastward into Honan province of China and there they were finally absorbed by the Chinese. So some of the Chinese of that province came from the Ammonites, and some of the Ammonites were exiled to the Island of Japan. Those were the Anu, and some of the Japanese are pretty white, they are cultured, they have the story of Noah, and all of the Old Testament up to their time. People are amazed at this because these do not serve pagan God's, they have nothing much to do with the Jap's except they live there in the high mountains. But they are from the part of Ammon who were driven out to the Isle of Japan. You can reach these people to a large degree, but then along comes the powers of Anti-Christ and throws it all out again. Tear's down the churches and throws it all out again. But one for sure....all Israel shall be saved, this is the situation, they are the first fruits, and they come back again.

QUESTION:...What do you mean by that?

ANSWER:...I mean that all Israel when they went out again into captivity, as soon as they hear the Gospel of Christ they come back again. God's spirit can reach, does reach, will reach every Israelite. Some may be casualties, and some say:...oh they were unsaved, but they still believed in Christ. He can straighten them up....they still have to come back and live the life and finish the task. That is one thing that God has promised. He is still gong to have to finish his task right here in earth, and he will do it because God said he would resurrect them and make them do it, but they will be glad to do it then. This again...Israel will come back, this is resurrection for Israel. This isn't the way for others as this is not the way they came into being, and it is not the way they go. As to the races in the earth, we do not quite know what happens to them because Lucifer had devastated them before we came along. But they do go through their cycles of return. As long as they were held captive by Lucifer they would go into the Netherworld and had the 612 cycle of return, reborn into physical bodies, for Lucifer was never able to get any more people than there was once on earth. So the population may go up and it may go down a bit, but the pagans will never increase beyond a given point. Because God never supplied a spirit to the evil forces.

QUESTION:...Two students were standing on a street corner talking about Christ and salvation. A pagan came up and said.....'you mean if we don't say we believe in your Christ then he will send us to hell?' The students said:... that's right. They said:....well then, your Christ is worse than the one you call our devil, for he wouldn't do that.

ANSWER:...That's right. More than that we knew an Adventist minister, or an Adventist doctor, and he was over in Africa when another great evangelist was over there, I won't mention his name, but he was preaching hell-fire and brimstone. The Cannibal chief came up to him and said:...we don't want your Jesus. This man was doing the interpretation for he had been down there before, so he said:...why don't you want Jesus? And the Cannibal said:.. he burns people forever and ever, but we just eat them all up then they are just gone.

QUESTION:...One minister's wife I know said this had happened to them. She said that the old witch doctor came up to them and said:...I could never believe in your Christ because he is too cruel. Don't come over here and try to teach us that your God is the boss. Well, even the heathens have figured that out, that our God is not boss to them, their God is the devil and he is the boss. The Jew's worship the devil because he is their father.

Well, there is nothing like the Gospel of the Kingdom, it is full, it is enough. It reaches out eventually to everyone. It doesn't destroy everyone that hasn't been admitted to the church. The strange thing is that many Christians's brought up in this that get real angry if they think someone isn't going to be burned up. They profess to be real happy with their religion but they are not. Oh, something is going to be destroyed, sure....all evil is to be destroyed. When all evil is destroyed then that will be a Good Day. It isn't so good today, but it is coming.

QUESTION:...I was talking to a lady and said:...Hitler was one of us, he will be in the Kingdom. She said:...well, if he is, then he will be last.

ANSWER:...Well he might even be first, one thing about Hitler, if everything they say about him is true, is he sure tried to get rid of more devils than any man who ever lived.

QUESTION:...Salvation is the same for everyone....but we have some things in our heart.......

ANSWER:...Wait a minute. Salvation is not the same for everyone. Salvation is one thing to the children of God, the offspring of God from the Heavenlies....another thing to the Chinese, another thing to these who came in from outer space. Salvation puts them back where they belong and destroys their evil nature. So it is not all the same. A man may be out in a desert and salvation to him is water. But if he is drowning in a lake then salvation is not water, see...? But both need salvation. The fact remains that All Flesh shall be saved...or put back in it's proper order. It doesn't mean God is going to make every Chinaman a white man. Every Chinese is not going to be a son or daughter of God because God didn't begat them to begin with....see? But He is going to complete them, in the earth, and take away the evil which was brought by Lucifer.

QUESTION:...People don't understand that some people are earth....earthy.

ANSWER:...Oh, well some people of the Kingdom are earth earthy too.

QUESTION:...But He will never make a Negro white?

ANSWER:...No, some people have some silly ideas, there is an evangelist in one movement who is teaching that the negroes are going to be white, this I don't want to bring up because we are not battling any church, but there are some churches who think the negroes are negroes now because they weren't so good the last time they lived, so now they won't let them into their church or be bishops because they think God is punishing them, so they are going to keep them in punishment. Well, this is a good thing, they shouldn't be bishops or elders, but these people think that next time around maybe they will make it, and will be white next time around. There is a church which actually teaches that, and they call it Christianity, but that is one area of it that is in error.

(End of tape)