07-14-65 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:...Matthew 10:16-17....serpents, men?

ANSWER:...Behold I send ye forth as sheep in the midst of wolves; be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. But beware of men; for they will deliver ye up to the councils, and they will scourge you in their synagogues. These are serpent men..beware of the Jews they have the synagogues. Jesus is making this clear to His disciples. When He said:..I send you forth as sheep among wolves, He is already telling you what kind of men to look out for. Sheep is the symbol of Israel, and the sheep of His pasture, His Household and race. So He says:..I send you forth as sheep among wolves, these workers for Lucifer, Lucifer's helpers. And then He goes on:..Be ye just as wise as the serpents and as harmless as doves. In otherwords be diplomatic, be careful, but beware of these men who move up to you and say...come into our council. Don't let them persuade us, don't be taken in by them, because if you do they will deliver you up to their synagogues and scourge you. But you will be brought before governors, and kings for my sake, for a testimony against them and the nations they control...see? So when they deliver you up, don't worry about what you are to say, for in the same hour this shall be given you as to what you are to say. For it is not ye that speak, but the spirit of your Father which speaks in you. This was the disciples He was talking to who were farmers, fishermen, doctors, tax collectors, they filled all these walks of life, and although they had challenge in the ministry they had not been endued with the force which would charge them and bring all things to their remembrance. So they were naturally a little bit disturbed as to how it would be if they got into a tight spot, so Jesus told them who to be careful of and if they got in a spot they would be given the things to say. And that Spirit of the Father was in them so they would say the right things. This was so they wouldn't be apprehensive as to what would happen, in such a spot.

When the day came the disciples, after Pentecost, went out without fear, and they denounced the mobs and even in jail they couldn't turn them off. All kinds of things transpired but the disciples were given the right things to say. This becomes a much easier thing to explain if a person has a 'called' ministry, and they are conscious of the fact that God fills their mind with a constant flow of coordinated material and fact. Of course in most instances you have to assemble the facts for the spirit to activate these things and bring them together. So there are two criteria for these things: ..one is that you are not a lazy thinker, that as you read and gather and research for material and facts on everything which relates to everything under creation which has any bearing on life in the Kingdom, so if you search then you find, and more is added to you. But you could actually store as encyclopedias in your mind and not have to go around thinking about these things to remember them because these electrons will be there. Therefore Scripture says...'Study to show yourselves approved unto God, a workman who need not be ashamed, and rightly dividing the word of truth.' And the spirit will gather out of your electronic memory anything you need to supplement this Mosaic which He wants you to declare. This is something we have experienced. Generally when we have had to have an answer, when we were to speak, when we were caught in an cross-fire, and they were trying to trap us. Then things which we didn't know we were going to use...just came. The spirit gathers them out and we begin to use them.

Now actually you do not know how many things you have been guided to accumulate which is a part of Destiny directive which you have stored that can be used. You have inherited such a vast area of experiences from your ancestors, which could be activated if you needed it in the theme of things of what you know and understand. However many times you will know something that you will never find the academic truth of, and then the spirit brings it to your attention and fills it in, and you become hesitant and don't want to use it until you can confirm it, until you have the documents, until you know where you can support this. And generally speaking in a short time, if the spirit has made it a part of what we want to say, then along comes the evidence in a book or a volume, or a document rolls in and now you have the evidence to tie this in, and then we use it. But we have maybe been super cautious so we don't run out and use something before we have the evidence even tho it was given unto us, except it be something on spiritual planes, or for some Celestial purpose, and then there isn't any evidence beyond what God shows or if He says it will happen. Lots of times I give a perimeter when we are measuring prophetic measures as things that could happen, before I become positive and say a thing will happen. I have to get a witness that it will happen. I know it is a condition or period when it can happen, but whenever I say it will happen then I have to know...see? So again, the Father said:...at the proper time I will put these things in your mouth. I know what Jesus was telling His disciples, because God has done this with His ministry throughout the years which followed.

QUESTION:...Would you tell us about the White Saints of Mexico?

ANSWER:...No, this belongs into an area of Catholic order, and it relates to a sort of ritualistic background associated with atonement, associated with areas of the crucifixion, even self chastisement almost. It is an apparition for holiness by a participation in rituals and works. And a tableau commemorates acts of Christ's life similar to the stations of the cross associated with parades and relics and ends up in the High Mass with adoration of the family of Christ and so forth.

Now; whereas I am a Protestant and do not as such feel the necessity of all this area of pageantry, we would renew in our minds the historical events which surround the birth of Christ and the crucifixion. And thus go thru in our minds and our thinking all those great historical events which followed the patterns of Christ. Thus if we preach an Easter sermon and go thru all these things which led up to His crucifixion and resurrection, or we bring a Christmas message which starts with the events, and surround it, and go thru the events that surround the birth of Christ, we might say that what we have gone thru have been the stations of Christ-Life experience. We have done this as the spirit brings the image of the picture to our mind. More simple areas where they probably have less background and not been taught, thus they have to follow thru in symbols and rituals already set up. In otherwords, the stations of the cross inside of the Catholic Church are the events in the Life of Christ that are the tableau or picture, are to commemorate this high point. Ignorant people may worship the picture, but the intelligent will know that this is a reminder of the events. Some of this calls for the imagery of the pagan, but actually there is little difference between the image and the picture. You will find illustrated Bibles, and Sunday Schools which we give our Protestant children colored pictures so they will know what we are talking about while the majestic picture tell them about Christ. So actually what we can say is, that pageantry imagery may help to project into the conscious of more simple people the living reality of the things which Christ said and did. So I think we would be extremely narrow if we condemned some of these areas and say it is idolatry. But at the same time we would condemn the procedure if the Priest was so ignorant that he taught the people that there was any special value in these relics, or that there came any special mystic power out of the articles themselves, this is where you get into the areas of idolatry.

Now; there is no doubt that there has been sown into all of the Christian religion...into Protestant as well as Catholicism some areas of imagery, and the Priest of Babylon would like to Babylonize all Christianity with the trappings and all the fanfare and all the ritual and all the spectacular, with an organization of a church which organizes its society with almost a duplicate of Ancient Babylonian Priestcraft even tho it elects its Bishops and Leaders in the Name of Christ. It is much more open to the assumption on the inside of what we would call negative forces. While it is the biggest church in the world today, still it has suffered some penetration inside that church which was one of the first forces to try to condemn the Scriptures and obscure its values. So when the devil can't lick you he sometimes joins you, but I'd rather have less converts than have him around..see? Even if his purse is heavy, for this is how the got into Rome.

So there is this to say:...probably the poor people are exploited more heavily in Mexico than in any other part of the world. And people who can hardly buy their bread have given so much of their life and their living to a great Cathedral of magnificence and to procedure and ritual in such vast amounts that you would say that they gave 80% and kept 20%...see? This is an unprecedented amount take from this people. But I surveyed this, I looked at them, I watched the faces of the people as they went thru such a religious ceremony. I looked at the hovels they lived in, and at the churches they adored, and then I came to another understanding of this. These people would never have anything anyway because they lack the know how and the initiative and it takes a lot of them to produce this, and this is the only thing they have. So therefore this church has become their pride and their joy and their life, and if it is Christ centered around HIS life it is better that they have this than they just have the mud hovel which they would have after the Kehila got thru with them, and all the other things which would still get their money. For Mexico is a land of great contrasts, either you have it or you don't. Very seldom do you go from the bottom to the top except you are say a Bullfighter or something like that. There is very little chance of this for most, and a lucky prospector maybe, but someone would take it away from him. But beyond this, shall we say, the only things which keeps the Mexican people happy and going is this area of religion. Here the magnificence is his, he has poured all he has into it, but if he kept all he had, he still wouldn't have anything. This is hard to understand but it is true. Therefore I have discovered this, you can get through to them, and when you get through to them you can sometimes snap them out of their environment. If they were Castilians you might bring them out of that environment, but if they were Castilians and not mixed and mongrelized then they were already among the haves instead of the have-nots. So again if there is an area of have-nots this is due to their thinking and their background. The best thing they could have is to stand on the skirts of Christianity at any level. So therefore someone said:..would you oppose or fight the Catholic Church in Mexico? No, it is probably the biggest, the greatest thing the people have. I wouldn't approve of its conduct if it went out to the edge of extortion, I would never approve of anything which holds people in fear by suggesting that their parents or relatives would not make Celestial realms, or would slide from limbo to purgatory, to perdition, if they didn't come up with the last coin. But at the same time, apparently these people can come up with something even if its chili peppers to get them out, and get them in...see? And as long as they think this, even tho they lost their last bottle of chili, at least they got some Faith out of it. But the whole world could be set free...out of this prison torture chamber by the truth which shall indeed make you free. Then you don't worry through life, you just thank God for Truth.

Remember that God said of this Church:...I have something against thee because thou hast left thy first love, however thou hatest the deeds of the Nicolaitans. So there was the doctrines of the Nicolaitans there and Priestly assumptions, but God also said:...I know thy works, and I know thy charity and I know thy first love. So one of the things we must recognize is that they have a Sacrificial Clergy in the areas of serving the poorest people, moving out among the masses...almost into conditions the average missionary wouldn't want anything to do with. So they have their place.... and since this tape gets out all over the country, I have to be careful how I express this. We don't want to drive anyone away from the cause of the Kingdom or from the Right. But I am awful glad Columbus didn't discover North America, but landed in the Isles which he called the Indies. Because when Columbus hit the Islands he established it for the name of Isabella and the Holy Roman Church. And when Cortez came he hit the same areas that Columbus did. And he spread out from there, and everywhere he went he left a Catholic country. Now we also had Catholics who landed at Maryland, but the majority of our Colonists were Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, and Scandinavian with only some Catholics from France and Spain, and even a little Catholic mixture in the Anglo-Saxon world. But the Catholic nations in the Western Hemisphere have not had the vision and initiative that made them a great technological society, and there is more ignorance and superstition in those areas. This shows that their church lacks the vision of getting beyond the image of the Gospel. So you ask them where Christ is and they show you the crucifix. You ask a Protestant where Christ is and he will show you an empty tomb. We didn't leave Christ on the Cross, we took Him down and put Him in a tomb but He didn't stay there. They do this on Easter then put HIM back up on the Cross again before it is over.

We embrace all churches which bear testimony that Jesus is the Christ. But we tell you that it is how they have been able to develop the knowledge of Christ, and the power of Christ that makes the determination today as to how much they can contribute to the people in the Mighty Spiritual Force and Lore which exists between God and His Family. Now:..the church which does not know the Sonship of God's Family is more limited in its faith than others. We can go thru Protestantism now and if they just think you are born here and simply converted into the family of God, and you can just slide into an abyss, can't give as much to its people than one which can teach its people that they are the children of God who came down out of the spirit, and were born into a physical world, they cannot give as much to their people as one which knows that this was planned from the beginning, that your names were written in the Book before the foundation of the world.

A Presbyterian church could give more to some who would stay with them through life, when the Presbyterian was Knox and not like it is today when it stayed with its fundamental truth it could give them more than some Holiness church that didn't know this. And yet, there were other churches which recognized the power of God's Spirit, and reached out for God's guidance and they had much more to offer their people in their individual field. But...A CHURCH CAN ONLY GIVE THAT WHICH IT KNOWS. And actually it is what men know, felt, and now perceive and understand and live with in their being that sets them free from superstition, darkness, and fear. Remember that 60% of Christendom lives in partial fear of slipping back into bondage, or maybe not having a security for their Eternal soul. Therefore shall we say that 60% of Christianity hobbles through their Christian life just trying to make sure they make it. And they are competing against the devil for they think that when they die the devil is going to get the majority. I listened to a fellow the other night on XERB...this was the station we were once on, I never heard so many crackpots in my life. This fellow was on the spot just before where we used to be. So this fellow said:..we want you to know that you have to be sure that you are on the narrow road. God is pouring out to His utmost but the devil is getting all the people. God is only going to get a few who are on this narrow road. Broad is the way that leads to destruction and the masses are pouring down this road. Where as there are only a few on this narrow road leading to God. And then he read the passage:..Few find it. So you better be sure you find it or your mortal soul will be lost forever. Be with the little flock who Jesus takes out of this. He doesn't know that this broad way is for the world order. And the Kingdom is the narrow road, of righteousness, of the Eternal Destiny of men. The broad road is talking about the catastrophes, the wars and all this is the road of destruction which comes to those who do not follow the principals of Divine Law. So understand this...in this instance the road is inflexible, it is straight, and we aren't a majority in the world. we are a minority in the road and in the world. But God is to lose nothing even all flesh is to be saved. So you see you can take one verse out of its proper sequence, and a partial parable without a knowledge of the proper interpretation, and make God come out with the small end of the stick, and scare yourself for the rest of your life.

QUESTION:...I have noticed lots of activity in the heavens in the last few nights. I was wondering if this had anything to do with spiritual impact of this in relation to the 21st or 22nd of the month?

ANSWER:...I have been on the go so much I haven't had much time to look. But 12 days ago there was a lot of activity. (This has been covered in other tapes so I am not going to list it all at this time...it is about earthquake alignments...etc.) In 1812 a tidal wave was 45 ft., high off the California coast and if such a wave hit today you could not evacuate the people, it would go all the way to City Hall. This was carried in the L.A. paper, so they are talking about it. Many people were praying, God hold it back, I happen to know we are in the end of the age, and I don't pray either way. I happen to know that these things are to happen and I see a more interesting result than some do. I see the enemy running in great terror or being destroyed in mighty masses at the end of this age. I believe that God can take His people through this if they have the Faith to believe. They might be washed around a bit and rescued from a piece of wood ....but I believe that 10,000 can fall at thy left side and 1,000 at thy right hand, and yet no harm can come to you. Great catastrophes can sometimes carry along some of the innocent with the enemy, but if they have been warned and they still live there, then they asked for it, and you have to figure that out.

In otherwords, there is one thing that you can be sure of...people who live on the coasts of the earth, in the time when the Scripture says that 1/3 of the people on the coasts are going to die then actually they are taking this chance. I know this is going to happen and it will kill lots of people. I don't say it will happen this July, but I know that sometime in the near future great areas of the coast are going to drop out into the waters below as the last of the Lemurian shelf breaks off (California). This is going to happen, God has made this real clear to me from the beginning of my ministry and on, I have had several visions concerning this thing. And for this cause I just wouldn't live down there if they gave me the finest beach home. I wouldn't take a piece of Watsonville for anything ...see? That area all the way almost down to Monterey, all that area where the great artichoke fields are, that is going to go, it is nothing but a little thin shelf out there. Its a mile deep under that area. We were going to build a submarine headquarters under there during the war, and they were going clear back to San Juan Batista, that is how far back you can go. They were going to put in underground submarine headquarters with elevators going down then decided against it because of the earthquake factors. They were afraid the quake would break off the shelf and destroy submarines and headquarters and all. But you can just dive down and go back under for miles. I am not a calamity howler, but I just tell you that this is going to happen. It is prophetic, it is historic, and it will happen! Someone said: what about all your people down there...well, I told them. The alignments are accurate, there is always a shaking somewhere in these alignments, but I also think there are more fleets of Michael standing by all the time, and we are on the edge of W.W.III., with all its intensity. And we are going to need help because if there was ever a set up to destroy our boys...it is now. Instead of fighting this with intelligence we are fighting it with ignorance. We hold back our sharp threshing instruments and are now sending over one half million of our boys to hand to hand combat against 800 million Chinese and Asians in a bloody design to shift our power there, and strike us hard here, while they are gone. (This didn't work...and Nixon turned it around.) The design is to disarm America, take away all their heavy weapons so they can't use nuclear weapons. Then send your active army carrying their weapons over into Asia as they hit you here at home. But I thank God..and although I think their report is inaccurate, but they said there was 50 million arms in the hands of the American people and over 3 to 5 million rounds of ammunition for those arms. That would make it difficult for paratroopers dropping in and we could stand a lot of help. QUESTION:...Did you know that the President signed a Paramilitary Bill? In fact you can't even study this subject or you would be suspect?

ANSWER:...Well, to sign such a Bill is one thing, but to make it stick they would have to establish that a person was a member of such a group to make this effective. I will tell you what transpired:...its like the Dodd Bill, one of the most Liberal of Senators in this country is Mike Mansfield but he jumped all over Dodd because he was getting so much mail against the Dodd Bill. So the Senate tabled this until 1967.

One of the saddest moves by a President was the appointment to the Solicitor General of the U.S. of Thurgood Marshall...he was the head of the NAACP, and one of the cleverest mulatto lawyers in the U.S., he will now prosecute all the cases before the Supreme Court for the Justice Department. He is clever and cunning but he shouldn't be allowed to prosecute any white man. (He ended up being appointed to the Supreme Court.....remember? But he was a part of a Communist front outfit when he was the head of the NAACP, lets face it.

QUESTION:...I heard that by this Bill there is a one year jail sentence and a $1,000.00 fine.

ANSWER:...Yes, if convicted of belonging to a paramilitary group, or be training or practicing for paramilitary activity. Remember, this has not been checked to see if it is Constitutional, as to what a person studies. Because I have books in my library which have been written by American Military, by Communists, and on many subjects. These are volumes you could read in a library or buy in a book store. I have always been interested in Military Logistics. I don't know how you could read Harold Lambs books on 'Genghis Khan' or 'Tamerlane' or even Alexander the Great, without studying paramilitary activity. This is military movements on a mass level. In fact in some you start out at a low level and get big quick. So have we reached the point where we have thought control in the United States? But, then I know who they are gunning for and so do you. They are after each and every one of us but basically they are going for leadership in the Right Wing. This is why they tried to classify the Christian Defense League as a paramilitary group. Even tho it never made any military directives, never published any military literature or participated in any military activities. But we have no control over what our citizen members belong to. In otherwords, you could belong to the Methodist Church, or the Baptist, or be a Mason, an Odd Fellow, or Minute Man, or even KKK and belong to any organization and still belong to the Christian Defense League...and even the Methodist Church. I assume that we have in the league some of everyone of the patriotic organizations of the U.S.

Now; I don't believe that their bite is as bad as their bark. Someone spoke of the IM movement, and the only good thing they ever did was that they got into a hassle because of the areas of their religion which was ghosted up for the selling of those books and so forth. And they filed a suit trying to get them for using the mails for establishing a false religion. And they tried to take them to court on this issue. But it isn't a matter of the truth of the allegations, but when they got to the Supreme Court then the court threw this out. They said:..we have no authority to investigate, criticize, attach anyone for what he believes. Right or wrong you can believe anything you want to. The Supreme Court nor the Government has a right to say whether or not you can believe something. You can advocate it or assemble for it. This was one of the most significant decisions in history, made on the IM movement. And throughout all the case they were saying you can't attack a man on the basis of whether his religion is or isn't true. If he believes it or others believe it then no government agency can act concerning any institution of religion. No matter what it teaches or is something we agree with or not. So this proves that they can't make a law against the Christian Religion. Of course the strangest thing is...that there should be any opposition to people who are anti-communist when we are getting ready to fight a war against communism. Think about that.

QUESTION:...What about Alan Cranston...he is speaking out?

ANSWER:...He is a cunning two-edged, forked-tongued boy, he was with the World Federalists, and way off to the Left. But to protect the left he will sometimes try to also protect the right, only so no one will do anything about the extreme left. (Are we seeing that in Washington today?) He said he got just two pieces of mail in the box at the same time, one came from the Jewish Active Labor Party, and they were saying that President Kennedy and now President Johnson were Fascists and were against real civil rights. And then the other literature was from the John Birch Society and they thought that both men worked for the Communist Party, so he didn't worry about either the left or the right. But by making this statement this demonstrates that Cranston may be talking about this, but they are beginning to worry about an armed citizenry.

QUESTION:...Would you mind putting on tape the facts about St. Germain? ANSWER:...Well, St. Germain was an enigmatic character in some areas of the occult philosophies, his name showed up years ago. In some of the earliest assemblies of the Rosicrucian association as it was being set up in Venice under control of the Jewish World Kehila whose association was with the Illuminati. Later this was reformed and founded in England about the time of the Revolution, but previously had worked with the influence of this strange Kehila and its power through various Asian fronts. And the Jews then penetrated the Rosicrucian like they did the Masonry and the Church. And one of the ingmatic factors identified as a World Jew at that meeting was a figure called St. Germain. He was an elegantly dressed gentleman wearing a beautiful embroidered cape of the highest fashion and a beautiful sword cane was in his hand that he flourished. He spoke with great eloquence. He was the Jews fair-haired baby at this Rosicrucian assembly. In fact her performed certain areas of what you would call magic, if you want to put him in a class with Hudinie. Or it could have been an occult miracle. But he performed certain things like the ability to keep a flame burning without any substance for it, an eternal flame...a miracle. These things he performed before these people. I am talking about alchemy...the capacity to do a chemical transition..supposedly he turned lead to gold. I can show you several of these things in volume of Rosicrucianism as to what transpired at this meeting. He became the Patron Saint at the re-birth of Rosicrucian activities at that time. And it spread throughout the Christian world to subordinate great mastery of the environment and so forth. At the same time he had been before this in the court of the Czars, and was involved in great intrigue. He was about to marry a Princess in Austria when he just disappeared from the group and wasn't seen again. Nobody knew where he went, and then he was seen later in Greece. He met with Napoleon and he tried to gain an area of Jewish influence and power over Napoleon. He controlled areas at Monte Carlo, he had deep influences all over Europe and he controlled the vice operations. He had a dozen names, as a counselor at Banks at Switzerland, and to the Dardanells. His influence goes way back. And during the time of the Renaissance, after the dark ages, he was a forceful factor seeking to negate the influence of the church in areas of sort of rebellion, was a powerful influence at the time of the French Revolution. He virtually hounded Napoleon to overthrow Christianity or to overthrow the Church in Christianity in its revolt. So you see, he was a great power, a Jacobite, or the Jacobian Movement. He was an Illuminati member, was quoted in the Illuminati literature.

Now; in the days when the Masonic Order was having its battles and they didn't want to admit the Asiatic orders, one of the ingmatic forces which was directing Masonry was again St. Germain. People look over his background and it has been over 400 years and he was still going. Then he disappears and then comes back, his accounts are drawn on and moved around, and his power is unique. He has held Castles in Germany, great estates in England and Germany, property in Switzerland, and had held land in Egypt. And still he continues with his signature and his presence, he utilizes names, you say he is the devil himself. Yes, he is a devil, I am quite confident now that he is. I am also quite confident that this is the embodiment of Lucifer, just as Christ was embodied as Messiah. I think this is Anti-Christ, this was what was discovered by Kenneth DeCoursey and this was 'force X'. And he knew the destiny of this man who was wielding the pen and signing the checks, was absolutely...his flesh looked about like that of a person 30 to 35 years of age. He had the same eternal youth, the same vitality that he had in the Courts of Russia and Austria. DeCoursey was so thoroughly convinced that the Anti-Christ was alive that this mysterious force was the embodiment of Lucifer, and that he was working closely with Communism revolution, with World Jewry, with political Zionism, with organized crime, with syndicated vice, that he controlled the vice, the brothels, and was the evil of the day. DeCoursey said:..if I name him they will kill me. But I am going to try to get the story finished by the next Digest. We were in contact, were getting material and the next Digest never came out because they had taken DeCoursey. They had him in the penitentiary under lock and key and no one could get to him. Kenneth DeCoursey was one of the most brilliant men...without question and they framed him. Don't think the Jews don't have power because they also framed DePugh here a week ago. They had been working on this a long time and finally they framed him. You say...they can't frame me. Well, they can do anything, but whether it is successful is another matter. In otherwords, say suppose a couple of 16 year old girls suddenly appeared at the Sheriff's Office and said:...we have been held prisoner by Dr. Swift in a place in the mountains. We had been kidnapped and he tried to recruit us to their movement. You say:...now who would believe that? We know where we have been. But here is two witnesses, so they come and arrest you, this is what just happened to DePugh. I had a phone call that is quite significant, not only is the threat out but they are trying to get every Right Wing Leader. DePugh knew they had the warrant out for his arrest but until he could get hold of his attorneys which might be a couple of days, he wasn't going to turn himself in. But if you don't come in within 4 days after it is advertised that there is a warrant out, then it turns into a Federal Warrant because they just assume that you have crossed a State line. So here is this man charged with vice, with trying to seduce Congressmen who are Communists but Statesmen, and for all this fraud.

About us...it would be pretty hard to prove because we are always surrounded by a group. And someone you don't know who says they know you, then you would know that it is a frame. But people who are willing to buy propaganda are willing to buy this sort of thing. I know of people who we used to attend church with who would be willing to believe anything evil they could hear about us, tickled to death to hear it, it would just confirm all the fantastic ideas they have. The Jews first plant this kind of stuff, then uses people to accomplish it and then runs in to frame. But the fact is that by this practice of helping the enemy, people think they are buying security, but they are only buying themselves judgment, because such security as they thought they had is going to be lifted before judgment. I don't lose sleep over this...that they might try to frame me, but they have been trying to do this for 20 years. But I discount people who run out and hide from us, they were really not with us...Jesus told His disciples the same thing....see? There is nothing I despise more than cowardice. I think that every Christian should pray for DePugh, we should catalyze our prayers. Anytime anyone of the Right Wing gets in trouble we should close ranks because maybe we can bind the darkness which they don't know how to bind.

QUESTION:...I think it is in Deuteronomy, about marrying and divorce. Would you clarify this for me?

ANSWER:...I would prefer tonight not to go into the marriage and divorce laws of as varied as the decisions and the court of the elders through the generations. So generally speaking the great basic rules start with the ten commandments. Thou shalt not commit adultery. This word adultery comes from ADULOMOS...thou shalt not co-habit with another race.

Now I am not talking about all the violations which might take place in ethics or moral codes which are acceptable and unacceptable to our race. I am talking about the ten commandments. And thou shall not commit adultery in the Hebrew meant...do not cohabit with another race. This means the mixing of the white and black, the yellow and so forth. I can prove this to you... it is used in other instances such as...thou shalt not adulterate the wine, the salt, and the moment you mix water with milk you have changed it also, the same is true with race. The areas of the holding together of the structure of the family was given, there is a multitude of laws given for this and its conduct. The standards of the Old Testament was one for a multiplying race under attack. There was no limit on the number of their wives as long as they supported them, for this was protection for the women of the race. There were other things while legitimate under Old Testament law were given a better prescription under the New Testament where for instance the instruction for the church is that a Bishop or an Elder have but one wife. He will have all he can do looking after one wife in his home and doing the work of a Bishop. If he had more than one he would probably have to keep them separated and this would be a lot of trouble. Ha. The only one outside of Solomon who was past master of that was Brigham Young and I am not so sure that it worked out so smoothly. But I don't want to get into all the facets tonight of the marriage and divorce laws because I am very much of the opinion that much of the ordinances in this matter has been made by the Elders. But marriages are made in Heaven, and lots of legal ceremonies have been preformed on earth which were not made in Heaven. This does not mean that posterity can't be produced. But it does mean that areas of spiritual, and intellectual compatibility has not been obtained. Nor does it mean that all these things are done under Divine guidance, but rather under permissive patterns for the experience, and the education of the individuals involved. However again, there is no patterns that are not within the structure of Destiny. So again there is many involvements, and when one starts to move into areas of law, and starts to interpret judgment from the seat of God one has to recognize that God looks unto the content of the heart, the conditions..far better, and with absolute accuracy beyond that of the individual standing on the side-line and making a prospective picture you can look at. People are very very sharp to criticize people, or to find fault with the areas of their behavior, and therefore they can become very harsh with the extension of their laws. In fact so much so that they would have stoned Mary Magdalene for her conduct, altho Mary Magdalene was not actually married to any of these consorts. She was a wealthy and influential woman, and would probably would have fitted into the background of some of our Hollywood stars. But the fact remained that right away there was a lot of rascals who wanted to stone her. They sought to trap Jesus because this woman had become very interested in what He was saying. This woman followed Jesus around and was being changed by the power of the Spirit of Christ. But these big Jews came rushing up and some of them were powerful merchants, and had been to these big affairs in Jerusalem and had known Mary Magdalene and others of the city. So they said:...this woman has been taken in adultery, and...the law of Moses says she shall be stoned. So what do you say...Jesus? You see if Jesus would have reputed the law of Moses they could have stoned Him. So Jesus looked them over and then knelt down and cleared a spot in the sand and wrote:...'He that is without sin cast the first stone'. There is greater dialogue than this which exists in Clemens writings who later wrote on this instance. Apparently there was more written by Mark which wasn't included in that Gospel because Clemens quotes Mark....Jesus saith that he that looketh at a woman and had thought to violate the law with her had done so already. So there is no 'degree' in sin, for sin is violation and the Grace of God draws all His sheep to Him. So Jesus just said:...He who hath not transgressed either by looking, or hath anywhere violated the law therefore cast the first stone here. And Jesus as He wrote looked at these Kikes gathered here and as they looked at HIM they knew that He knew what they had done and they turned and left and dropped their rocks. So Jesus looked at Mary Magdalene and said:...Where are thy accusers? And she looked up and said:...they are all gone. So Jesus said:..neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more. Now: within this structure then this was not condoning error, but there was GRACE according to patterns of conditions. And there was far more tolerance on the part of God for an area of transgression which related to human emotion and natural failure, than for conspiring of foreclosures on widows homes, which created catastrophe in families, and that which ground down the structure of society to gain power and influence. This was not condoning error but there was Grace according to the patterns of conditions. God therefore evaluated these evil destroyers...see who he said swallowed up the widows homes, killed the prophets, and fought the Faith, these were the Serpents and these things was what He was against.

Now; we don't say that the standards of law aren't right, for they are. But Jesus did not support them...or all the necessity of the full fulfillment of the law to this extent that within these areas where He said Moses permitted you to put away your wife for a violation of the law...he gave her a bill of divorcement, but I say you do this because of the hardness of your heart. In Clemens writings on this he said that Jesus said:..forgive.. ..how many times? 90 and 9 forgive unless they will not cease, and then you are free. Now; God said there is a letter for the law but I say work with Grace. Clemens thought that all had violated the law either by acts or thoughts so forgiveness would be a work of Grace. So you can get into a lot of problems in this. I have a volume here by Yale University back when it was a University which was holding up all the great principals of Christianity. This whole set of books is Yale University opinions on Divine Law way back to the beginning, and it contains in it the works of the Ancient Patriarchs and the patterns of the Zohar. Even includes the Rabbinical and Talmudic decisions. And then the Christian churches position and its leadership and so forth. So when you see all the pro's and con's and all the straining at gnats and swallowing of the camel...then I can show you where you can permit yourself to do anything and get away with it or condemn yourself for the smallest act and make it stand. So you see people have learned how to get around these passages. Therefore I would say the Spirit of God is a greater guide in some of these things than so called instructions and ordinances. But hear this....there has never been any license from Genesis to Revelation to mongrelize or marry outside your race. This God curses, he drives out, He cuts off, so don't mutate the species, the seed, there is no area of lenience here. There are many factors which contains counseling under Christian law. There is some facets of re-compatibility...people torturing themselves for this area which are so far apart. Nobody was as firm as Rome, and yet they have reformed some of this. I don't believe that when there is no spiritual seal and there is no consummation of the acts of marriage, I really don't believe that these marriages are any more than a contract, ill advisedly entered into under statecraft. I don't think that just because a preacher said a few words that this is always binding on this marriage. If it isn't bound with love and has not been ordered by Spiritual Destiny and isn't a part of the great Divine building program of the Kingdom, it isn't for the good of the individuals, either one of them, this thing should never have been.

QUESTION:...What is this Zohar?

ANSWER:...The words which came out of the mouth of God, from His words to Adam in the Garden even more than you have in Genesis to the words to the Patriarchs. The sum total of the Zohar is what God said to men, and what Patriarchs said and how they made use of the words of God. It became quite a volume and was added to through the Patriarchial years, then it cut off by the days of Solomon.

QUESTION:...Where is it now and is it available?

ANSWER:...Its's available. I had a thick one, a rare one but in course of many people here one night at Bible Study, it was being looked at one the desk then two weeks later I went to secure it to show Onar Nichols something in it, and it was gone. It may still be there in the Library, but if you take the cover off and forget the color of the book you have to read these titles of all these books. Maybe it was put in the wrong place, and I hope it is here. I know of another one down in Louisville Kentucky, the Baptist Seminary there has a genuine Greek Version of the proper codex, uncontaminated by quotations, which we have quoted from many times. We had a codex here which disappeared when we went to Idaho one time. I was stolen off this desk with other volumes, the time when Shupp was supposed to be watching the place. Anyhow we lost some very valuable books at that time which we never were able to replace. The only copy I know about is in Louisville and learned scholars...on tape...went down there to see it, but when Louisville knew what they wanted to see they wouldn't let them see it. The Alexandrian Text, not the later version which was used in the Douay Version and the translations which followed, for instance there were many things in the Hebrew Septuagint but also there were transitions even in that, and all were translated into Greek, but in the original text of the Greek a lot of things were not muted or changed. I can show you this in Scoffield, he knew this...I also can show you old lexicons with this. Oh, we have even had agents here in Bible Study, believe it or not. We had one agent here who went away and said we were not a Bible Study at all. They said we were all ready to rise up in a revolution, in fact it was just a revolutionary meeting where we plotted the overthrow of the government.

QUESTION:...If you could find a Cambridge Bible would it be a good one? ANSWER:...Well, a Cambridge Bible is like an Oxford Bible, this is a publishing house in Britain. The Cambridge Bible was published just like this Bible was. There was an ante-dated Cambridge Bible which had notes, but most King James Bibles are Oxford Bibles or Cambridge Bibles if they are published in England. Of course the publishing house of both the Oxford University and the Cambridge University were one of the first and finest publishers of the King James Version of the Bible. There is no difference in the versions just differences in the notes. Now it is true that Cambridge published a Companion Bible of comparative texts, but this was not the regular Cambridge Bible, just one of their publications. But you can't tell the difference between the Oxford and a Cambridge...they are both King James Versions. You can tell a difference between a Moffits Bible and a Philips version, in translation they are different from the thee's and thou's of the King James English. I can show you English of say the year 1640 and you can hardly read this English. So remember these are contemporary with this version here, so they had to knock out some things to make it readable for today. I still like King James Version because it still has a religious feeling for us who are raised up with this one. It sounds like the Word of god because we have been taught to listen to it this way. However if God came down here and spoke in Gaelic or something like that, we wouldn't expect that. You expect HIM to talk to you like you would talk to Him. We don't talk like the Scripture we read, but the Scripture shows us the unchangeableness. There is one thing I would like to see done, if there wasn't so much else to do, would be for one to write this text straight. Take out the areas of error, whether the enemy liked it or not. It would then only be a few years before it would have assumed its own place like truth is assuming its place now. Those who know the truth would welcome such a text, because it eliminates all these little problems...see? And there are a few of us who could do this, but the time factor is the thing at the moment plus some one who would invest enough to print it afterwards.

QUESTION:...This tidal wave, is it something which can be predicted? ANSWER:...Earthquakes can be predicted, the alignments and a knowledge of this lore are available. There are other factors also involved in these pressures such as political and money and social, but there is no doubt that we are moving into the greatest pressure vortex which will be loosed on 100 fronts. Remember we told you to start to watch how the Death Angel would begin to move in July? So we lost a couple of Jews, and now we have lost Mr. Stevenson, who knows maybe he is considering Eleanor. Anyway Stevenson was an articulate spokesman, had a brilliant vocabulary. He was sometimes right in standing up to the Communists but he was too much a liberal in International fields to be a good American. Besides he belonged to the Jenkins crowd. QUESTION:...We know that YAHWEH is Omniscient, Omnipotent, so if that be true couldn't He have straightened out everything without sending His heavenly family down here to go through all of this?

ANSWER:...He likes it.

QUESTION:...I beg your pardon?

ANSWER:...He like it this way. You see Lucifer.......

QUESTION:...I know.....but I don't want to change His mind, but.....

ANSWER:...You won't.

QUESTION:...I know but I wondered why?

ANSWER:...We touched on this Sunday afternoon. I touched on the Sovereignty of God and why He chose to send His sons into the world knowing they were going to fall before they came. But Lucifer had refused to recognize the LIGHT. Had rebelled against THE MOST HIGH, had been defeated by the Hosts of Heaven who fought for our family, and had concentrated all the evil in the earth. So the most evil place in the whole Universe was earth. Then God looked over His sons and said:...I am going to transplant them into earth, and they are going to overthrow Lucifer in the earth, they are going to smash his kingdom. So you say...why did God do this? Well, you would have never appreciated good, perfection, if you had never experienced evil.

QUESTION:...Oh, I would have.

ANSWER:...Well, you think you would, but you really don't know. The reason why you don't know is because you have never lived in an environment without sin since you were born into this physical world. So therefore to say..I would, this would be to think you had a spiritual intellect which superseded all other people, and this you don't believe. But this is what you said to the Father before you came. He said:...you are going to fall and you said...Oh no, not us! Just send us down and we will take care of the devil, but we came and we fell but He had written our names down in the Lambs Book of Life before the foundation of the world...why? Because He is our Father...our Savior, and our Redeemer. He said:..I am the Lamb slain before you go. So if I am the Lamb slain before you go, before the cosmos was rolled out, then this is where you are going to trap Lucifer. This is where we are going to win. You can fail but I will set you back up, if you don't do what I sent you into the world to do, I will still resurrect you and still see that you do it. But do it you will. There is not going to be any failures. This is not only the magnitude of the reconciliation of all things but the sovereignty of pre-destination. So there is no question of it and there is no if, nor ands, but after all no one has been bored, there is no boredom in the Universe, but since we have arrived here conduct could have been approved upon, but today if we do good it is because we desire it, we don't do good because we fear unless we have intelligence enough to fear the natural consequence of violated law.

Now...knowingly I will never touch any part of cyanide in my drinking water, not because I am afraid of the revenge from God but because I am smart enough not to bow out of the picture, because I want to stay until its over. So it is not fear, it is knowledge of the law, and knowledge of what it will do that makes me obey this law. There are other patterns of law and I do not believe that vital intelligence will violate a law when it perceives it. I think when it evaluated temporary pleasure against the impact it has upon the nervous system, or upon its environment that no area of law would be violated. But it is not perceived in a moment of passion or a moment of complete evaluation. It is a demonstration of as yet the clarity of spiritual vision has been not obtained in its full balance.

Now...all men have sinned and come short of the Glory of God. This doesn't make any difference, all men, even Moses and the Apostle Paul. The only man who did not transgress or violate any law was God Himself as the Man Christ Jesus. He had to have kept all His law or you could not have seen Him consummate anything with HIS Atonement or...gotten out of the grave. Did you ever realize that if Jesus had broken one facet of law of Right that there would have been no Resurrection? Therefore God is the criterion of Rightness, so by this...God made vessels to honor, and some with His foreknowledge were to fulfill absorption of enough of the casualty impact of this that they were referred to as casualties. So some vessels were made to honor, and some to dishonor, but who are thou to reply against God....Shalt the thing made say to HE who made thee...why has thou made me thus? God says that before He is through that evil will even Praise Him, but you will appreciate as you have now already learned to appreciate much rightness. Because you have had the opportunity to see what wrong does. To evaluate whole areas now already coordinating your consciousness with the truth of God as right or wrong, and you can do this on the basis of experience. But Luciferianism delights in wrong and the desire is nothing that is good, and when it pretends good it is only with hypocrisy that it might commit evil to destroy that which is good because this is Luciferianism. And it must be triumphed over by that which is already embodied in the seed of those who are the children of THE MOST HIGH GOD. And altho in the ultimate struggle God Himself has the right to join us in body because He took a body like we have to conquer sin for us. Therefore having triumphed in the Resurrection...He...God embodied...the Eternal has a right to join us, His kinsmen, with all the Hosts of Heaven. And will do so, thus don't worry about whether we will win...for we shall. And fortunately for us this is closer than you think.

QUESTION:...If evil is required to know good then the more evil you know the more good you will know?

ANSWER:...Lets not go backward as a stoic, it was Aristotle a long time ago had a time getting out of some of these tangles. So lets not go backward in this. It doesn't take evil to know good, but one can appreciate Righteousness and Grace with a backdrop of evil, as they might not have perceived it within their understanding had they always been abstract from it. This is more than a comparison, it is a participation since all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God. So even none of us can say we sat on the sidelines, we didn't get into trouble, maybe we just didn't get in to the more capital crimes but we inherited a certain amount of guilt complex. The only reason why I don't accept any guilt today is because I am not going to take on any guilt, I am not even going to stand up and take on my own. I am not going to take on any guilt since Calvary. I am going to accept His Righteousness and let it be imputed unto me. And I am not going to accept any guilt since Calvary.

Now; this doesn't give me any license to violate the law knowingly. When I know that the law functions this doesn't give me any license to violate it. But I also know that my Eternal soul is not about to be roasted over some pit in perdition that only a physical body could feel. I am not worried about my Eternal Destiny. Someone said:...you could go out there and do just anything then? But I don't want to do that. There is however nothing that I would want to do that would keep me from being an Eternal son. Nor would someone else interpretation of what I did make any difference. However as sons of God we are to move triumphantly thus as such we seek to walk as sons that we might reveal our Fathers Glory. So by this instance again some people can't understand this, but it isn't individual self righteousness, it is just self intelligence Divinely developed. There is a lot of things that some people might think are fun that I don't want to do.

Someone said:...but suppose you wanted to do it? Well, even then I might be smart enough to say no. There are just many things I don't want to do, and there are some things I might do which some fuddy-duddy would say were wrong...see? I don't have to answer to this, I answer only to the Law of Life and Righteousness. But I am not under any condemnation. There are some things that I might eat that might not be good to eat, there might be times when you ate them for convenience sake that it might not be good to eat. I know there are some things not digestible and other things which are deadly ...so what do you do? Generally speaking you live by what you know. If you go out here and see how much chlorinated water you can get, you can be stupid by the time you are 20 years older. So if I know its there, I don't drink much of it, but if you were in a city and had to drink water you wouldn't drink so much of it. This is where knowledge becomes your guide. Someone says...is it sin? Well, anything which destroys the body is wrong, because this is the Temple and you are to keep it as well as you can, so you can accomplish the job you have been put here to do. If you go around with an impaired physical body you won't be able to carry out the best in your ministry. I don't care who you are, you serve best when you are healthy. But of course there are conditions which have been set up in environment and in heritage or inheritance, and the Grace of God, if you try your best to get into the best adjustment that you can with the creation, then the Power of God can heal. Will synthesize and will do what you have the Faith to command. From the center of your inner consciousness, from the 'third eye' of your being...this is in accordance.

Now; there is a law of absoluteness, and a law of completion. Some are met with miracle and some are met with various services of assistance, but the fact remains that I have watched miracles happen when it seemed impossible, then they became a great miracle. Sometimes miracles happen where people don't realize that they are miracles because they are gradual, or were not instantaneous. But remember you can stay here as long as you want to...this may be hard to explain because you also have a time number. QUESTION:...When are you going to turn on your light?

ANSWER:...Well, let me ask you...when are you going to turn on your light? When are you going to flip your switch?

QUESTION:...How do you flip the switch?

ANSWER:...Well, the majority who hold back are brain-blocked, there is conscious doubts that you let stay. And these little brain blocks hold back the function. Whereas you may accept a whole lot of things that work in your life, then there is a little brain block in your mind. The Apostle Paul said:..I comprehend it but there is one of these things I haven't apprehended as yet. As far as turning on the light....how much do you know today than you did two years ago?

QUESTION:...a lot.

ANSWER:...So you have been turning the light on, this is true of all of us. If we thought like we did ten years ago, or thought like we did 20 years ago...why you wouldn't take anything for what you know tonight. So... God is turning the light on, continues to turn the light on. After all, we are kinsmen, spirit of the same spirit, this is ONE household. No one has a particular corner on this, but all can measure up to His image. So by this process all of them are going to measure up to His image. Every so often I find some fantastic creature who says, I don't think it is fair. I have lived a good life, I didn't go out and enjoy the pleasures of the world, and all this stuff.

Now:...is it fair that those who have been vagabonds, and didn't do all the things they should have...is it fair that they can accept, and put on this same light??? Do you think it is fair Dr. Swift that they could set on this same seat of Administration and measure right up? Let me ask you something. Would you rather see the whole race illuminated with the light of god or sit on a pedestal and see a lot of people who are down there who aren't as good as you are...which do you want? Do you want to see the whole race measure up to the Fathers purpose, or are we looking for some little favor all our own, so we can sit around and practice exaltation? Because...there is no righteousness which we have which has to come through His Revelation...this is the development of He who is within us. So since this is true, therefore I welcome the escalation of anyones spiritual attainment. I welcome the escalation of anyones blessings or reward from the Father. If every minister broke out as an Oracle of God, I would be the happiest man in America. If they could perceive and teach the truth this would be wonderful.

Again I heartily concur that when truth comes, it should not be copyrighted. I talked to lots of ministers about this. I said:..why do you copyright this? Well, they say, I don't want someone to come along and publish this after we have done the work, publish, and sell this book. Well, I know and you know how much it costs to publish a book so how many people would do this? But they might take pieces out of it and publish it.. ..they always reply. Well, if it is truth that is good that spreads it. So lets not copyright it lets let everybody have it, and spread it. Lets take it to them for their own, his is the truth of God and it belongs to everybody. No one has a corner on this. I have watched people catch a revelation on something we were talking about clear across the United States on the very same night. Something we were talking about in Bible Study or Church, and we would get correspondence and they would say:...Dr. Swift, we were talking about the same thing that very night. The Spirit of God was moving on that night, and if you tuned in you would have picked it up.

(End of this Message) .