08-05-64 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


Question:....How could Eve being perfect still fall....She had a perfect body?

Answer:....Well: you could have a perfect body and still be seduced.

Question:....Well we keep talking about this perfect body, but they fell in the flesh didn't they?

Answer:....That's right, there wasn't anything wrong with their bodies, they were enveloped in Light, and there was a foul consciousness resident in those bodies just like you. But they had been instructed not to intermingle with any of these other races. This was the basic instruction they were given, this...other tree they were not to mingle with was... 'The Tree of Good and Evil' and was a racial tree. Of all the trees which had fruit for food they could partake of, but there was no race with whom they were permitted to intermingle with. There was no race existent in the earth that hadn't had knowledge of Good and of Evil thru the Luciferian influence, for Lucifer was now king over this earth, and Prince of the powers of the air.

Lucifer knew that this was going to be a new Household, and he wanted to contaminate and destroy it before it got started. So Lucifer or Azazel seduced Eve, ...he talks her into this. Adam and Eve had already beheld races and people and some were like almost Nomads while others were moving with all kinds of wealth and majesty and Glory, and Lucifers household was all decked with Jewels, for he went overboard for Jewels and Jewelry and magnificent clothes. We are told in the earliest writings of Enoch and Job and also in the early Zohar as to what a tremendous impression Lucifer made. So he just talked Eve into an attitude of mind in which he said:.. if YAHWEH said this, it is because He doesn't want you to be radiant like we are, and to possess all these things.

Now; Eve had an Aura and a Glory which was much higher than Lucifer had but she didn't realize this because she was used to it. In the meantime Lucifer reached her consciousness and seduced her, and there is much of this pattern in the background of our history. The moment this transgression transpired however...nothing of the Spirit could cohabit with the darkness, so the Aura of Glory went off of Eve. The moment she was contaminated the Aura of Glory went off her, and off Adam as well, and they lost this radiation of Light. Their bodies then were just like yours or mine as far as visible factors are concerned, for you didn't see any illumination. You would probably find a higher Aura if you would be able to perceive it. The moment this Aura left them as an outside covering, they were no longer protected from some of the things they should have been immune from. Viruses or germs from mutations which Lucifer had produced, could not attack the body because the Aura of the body would deflect or kill it...this would not happen now that they had fallen.

Now; before a thing happened there was no awareness of this, but once this happened there was an instant awareness. Once this race has experienced the fall...the restoration...and the enveloping Aura is put back upon the body. With full Spiritual cognition it will never happen again. But in this instance YAHWEH had declared that his would happen when they were in physical bodies subject to Lucifer in this area. But they said:..'All that thou hast given us to do...we will do.' They made the same mistake when some of our Race stood around the base of Mount Sinai. Not that it wasn't right that we accept the directions of the covenant as God gave the law, but they said:...'All that thou hast given us to do...we will do,' and then while Moses was up the mountain getting the law, they were at the base of the mountain making a molten (golden) calf. So you see in this area they failed, but always they were the people of the book, those to whom the law was given. But Moses remember was so angry when he saw what they had done that he broke the stone tablets and had to go back and make another set.

Question:....In the Millennium will this happen again?

Answer:....No, because Lucifer is to be defeated this time, imprisoned during the millennium and unable to accomplish anything like that. But Lucifer could never conquer the race again anyhow, and the race could have been given a higher immunization, but the covenants which had been made ages before our time, with our people were still in force and would have made this possible. In the ages before this, even the Egyptians had been told that the children would return to earth, but not in bodies of Spirit, this time they would be in physical bodies like unto those round about. This also took into cognition that tho they were enveloped in Glory, that by the time the Egyptians saw them they would have lost this Aura...and this they did. Remember they had never been in physical bodies before. They had full consciousness and Celestial bodies, they had moved thru out the Spiritual dimensions and planes, and even moved into areas of visibility, but they had never had physical bodies whose wave length out of the electronic field was like the substances of the earth. Therefore in this situation they were projected into this position as the synthesis 'Issue' of YAHWEH. The fact still remains that this was a new experience to them, and it was here that they fell...in the flesh. The consciousness surrendered to error and they fell...in the flesh. The Spirit did not err, the Spirit just withdrew its Glory, and as a result of this there was no Light on the outside...however the Light was still within. It still had its cognition in the inner consciousness but it was not an enveloping Glory where the Light Being surrounded the physical body and immunized it. Now; it could have obtained more than this because of its Destiny, but you will note that as far as the Apostle Paul..he was speaking of this same thing. He said:..'If this physical body be dissolved I have a house not made by hands Eternal in the heavens.' Well, the word is..Eternal in Spirit...for the word used for this is Celestial domains or Spiritual substances of Light. Therefore he said:...I have another house not made by hands...begotten Issue. A house of consciousness, a house of dwelling, just like this physical body which was begotten in the flesh. It wasn't made by hands,..the spiritual house or his Light being, but his flesh body was a dwelling place...a Tabernacle of the Spirit, and was begotten also, and was of incorruptible seed. Paul said: I really don't want to die, but I do want to put back on my Celestial house. In otherwords if the body is once more enveloped in its Aura of the Spirit, then the body would have put on immortality, and death would be swallowed up in victory, and he could never die. He said:...I know this is already paid for...the Atonement restored to me rightfully everything which Adam lost. It was restored by the Christ... I just haven't taken a hold of it as yet. I comprehend this but I haven't yet apprehended it. There is a difference between the two...to apprehend is to obtain, and to comprehend is to understand. Thus the Apostle Paul said:.. I understand this but I have not obtained it, but I shall obtain it, and when I have obtained it I will have immortality.

Now; he realized that he did not have to die to obtain this, but he said:.. the thing that is hindering me is that I go back grasping death because I feel the guilt, for having held the coat of those that stoned Stephen. And I am not worthy to enter into immortality without suffering death because of this. And all this really was not YAHWEH talking...this was Paul because he held this guilt complex even after the Atonement was already made. He realized this, still he said that this was a stumbling block in the seat of his consciousness which gave him this sort of a guilt complex in which he could not apprehend that which he could comprehend. So this wonders away from your question, but the transgression of Adam and Eve was in the flesh, the transgression was known, and YAHWEH stepped in to preserve the race by making it quite clear that He was going to keep them from learning another area of mystery which would perpetuate their transgression...or their transgressing flesh. This He did not want...thus this 'Tree of Life'...the wisdom of the tree of Life was the mystery of maintaining flesh thru out all kinds of conditions. This was a spiritual law which they could not now comprehend unless they found it where they were...which could only be shown by Lucifer in certain conditions or by some of his hosts. Thus YAHWEH took them out upon the surface of the earth (they no longer had access to the Tree of Life).

Now;..no longer covered with Light, they were no longer immune to sunlight, so HE made them a covering of Skins, and without this covering they would have burned from the sunlight. But in this instance HE promised he would restore them, that none of their offspring...from a womb now contaminated...would be acceptable for the race stream until the seventh generation. He had a task ahead of them for the preservation of His seed from whence He would come and He was preserving this racial line. This is from the books of Adam and Eve...the original ones, not those in the Lost Books of the Bible which are not a complete set. These here have already been Romanized, and they tried to make them fit their theology. But Adam and Eve were driven out of that Area..later Cain killed Abel, and then there were also other sons and daughters and finally the seventh gestation, and Seth of course was to carry on the Racial line. Two years later after Seth was born, a daughter was born and Seth was to marry this daughter 20 years later.


Question:....Do you have any idea as to how long Adam and Eve were in physical bodies before they fell?

Answer:....Oh, this could have been a 12 to 18 year period. I think Hale figured it at about 35 years, but I don't think so. The Age of Innocence was very short, and 9 is a very significant point. This was one thing that all chronologists said:...that thru out all these situations they were observing...that Adam and Eve were looking at all of the things upon the face of the earth, and they were naming all the animals they saw about, until they came to the number of Judgement so maybe they only had 9 years of innocence before Eve's seduction.

Question:....Enoch mentions another seducer, Gadrel?

Answer:....That is still Lucifer, he had different orders, in different planes. He had authority as Archangel, and there were other various orders which he had. He had various titles and orders, and the book of Enoch by Charles is a very limited edition and has been Romanized to this degree...they Romanized out things they didn't want taught. The old volume of ...'The Towers of Enoch', 'The Secrets of Enoch', The Pillars of Enoch', had a more clear story and you don't get confused in it.

Question:....Were all these books destroyed?

Answer:....No, nothing has been destroyed, but they are scarce. Oh, sure they burned books, and out of 163 books they burned almost everything which was not in those 66 which have been canonized. After Nicaea then Constantine went around burning all the rest of them. Even marched down into Egypt and burned all that great library, but he never got them all because people were scurrying around like ants hiding their eggs. This is why we fortunately have some things left.

Question:....Would you like to talk about the Celestial planes?

Answer:....No, not to much, but what is your question about?

Question:....Where is the Celestial...have we been there...or what ever you want to talk about?

Answer:.....Well that is a big subject because it deals with a whole other part of the Universe. It is removed from earth altho the first planes of heaven surround us. This is the mystery of the field of entrance into earth. The first plane is the closest in wave length to our video-frequency but just outside of video-frequency. Of course they are a LIGHT synthesized...light particles are organized in that field, just as the Celestial body is made of Light particles...it is just as well organized as the electronic particles are in this body. The Celestial plane does have the full capacities of not being intercepted by any solidified plane in the electronic field. Generally speaking the first heaven or this first plane can also supply areas of form for an electronic plane because the thinking elements of the energy which groups the atoms and the substances in a physical plane come out of the first Light plane or Celestial plane. Thus the nucleus inside of every atom of substance has mentoids of Light within them, or these particles within that atom...hold it together..altho they may be directed on a mass Light Sustenance plane. But at this point we call it the border line between the Spiritual plane and the physical plane. Because it is possible for Beings moving in that plane to move across invisible channels and not realize they have variate that far in that wave length, these then pass back into the other wavelength. Or they could if they were mischievous and wanted to stay..if they had some other purpose they could frighten someone if they didn't know what it was all about, and then move back in to their original plane.

But the first heaven, the first Celestial plane is all around us...and even at this moment the administering Spirits...the Guardian Angels move within this plane. And Guardian Angels are not winged creatures, they are Celestials who generally speaking are servant Angels of the MOST HIGH, but they are a multiplying, increasing staff, a propagating host is within this order. But Guardian Angels...one sits as watchers over each and everyone of the people of the Household. So everyone has a Guardian Angel plus the fact that this is a servant Angel to the individual. And the individual has the power to command them, but this they do not know. They will...when you get out of all these factors of the fall, then you can command. Then you will get unusual Results. At the present time we are surrounded in this room, not only by watching Angels, but we are surrounded by a great crowd of witnesses. No telling how many are moving thru or passing close to this plane, or may have been sent as areas of protection, or canalizations of power, but they are here, plus the fact that there are Messenger Angels who come, and who are able to catalyze channels. In other words, in the consciousness of the FATHER which is not only resident in HIM but which your Spirit synchronizes as co-resident with...and if they wanted to catalyze an area of field the Messenger can catalyze these areas of thought and build up around the area of the receiver so much of an image of it that he sees more and more clearly as tho out of a clear sky. Yet never maybe even aware that the Angel is there...at least not at first. Because people don't know how they get ideas, or from whence the vision comes, or how to catalyze it. There is great wave fields of thought that descend out of the Spirit, it comes like rain upon people, and those who are seeking some area of Spiritual guidance, or those who have their mind meditating upon some plan of the program of the Kingdom may pick up the idea and it surges thru them almost intuitively. And as truth moves, and YAHWEH sends a wave thought it moves on all people like rain...but only some people perceive it. But if no one was paying attention to what HE wanted to be sure that it reached certain minister for a special purpose, He can send a catalyzing messenger. This is a Celestial representative, and he can catalyze that image in the mind of the individual.

Remember...Daniel discovered this because all that he would ask for..was an answer to some specific question that was being developed in his consciousness concerning the destiny of his people or some prophecy which would come to pass, or he would see something fermenting on the horizon and he would as Yahweh for an explanation of this. But if this held back and he did not get an answer in an hour or two, or that night maybe as a vision as he went to sleep, or first thing in the morning as he woke, up for this is when it comes in real clear, and if he didn't get this then he was disturbed. So when he waited 42 days and didn't get an answer then he was all shook. He thought he had lost connection, and the telephone wasn't working. This is why you get this story in the book of Daniel, when the Angel came to him and said:...think not that you have transgressed or that YAHWEH has deserted you, because from the day that you asked this question..I was sent to bring unto you the answer. But I have been withstood one and 20 days by the Prince of Persia who was one of the Princes of the power of the air. Understand this Daniel..greatly beloved Daniel..understand the words I speak...for from the first day you set your heart to understand this...before YAHWEH thy words were heard, and I was sent to strengthen thee. Behold!, I was withstood for this period of time until Michael the Arch Angel, the chief of the Princes...the warrior Angel had to come in with a space craft and unbind this messenger. Thus the entrapment would not let the messenger pass, he was being withstood in the areas of communications. But the moment Michael won this victory then immediately the messenger was there as he said:...to make thee understand what will befall thy people in the latter days. This was upon Daniel's mind, and he was to be given an explanation of these events.

Now; what happened in Daniel's day is far more frequent in our days because we are climaxing close to the end, and desiring to know..and God does make these things known. The thing which people don't understand is that they run around with all these guilt complexes the devil puts on them, they run around with all these inferiority complexes, and most of the trouble in the world comes from these inferiority complexes. For with these complexes they have to down grade everybody in order to push themselves up, and to prove they know something which they really don't know. This is the problem but if people stopped getting inferiority complexes, just think, we are sons and daughters of God and we can walk tall and stand high, because this is all paid for...FINISHED. We are not only offspring of THE FATHER, but He made a consummate Atonement, He empowered his sons, He has given us all assurances, He has given us all areas of communications, He had given us Angels for our watchers..servants..guardians..and messengers. He said: what so ever Ye ask in My Name I will give it. I will do it...what so ever you want to know I will show it to you...there is no secret thing if you can perceive it.

Now: of course you can't fool HIM, if you say you want to know this more than anything else, and then you want to go somewhere and don't find out until you are willing to wait long enough to hear. Then at other times if this is more important..then you might get it right now...this is the way it works. I find that the first thing people do is to say:..this field isn't for me..God doesn't want to show this to me, I am just a person after all, see how many mistakes I have made, but...this is the work of Lucifer and his guilt complex. Any time you want something from God then the Devil begins his work, he tries to be there as a contact, he is always there to try to pick up thought waves, to negate them. As long as your thought waves move positively thru the Celestial, or moves positively even against the enemy he can't pick up these thought waves. But the very moment you put out a thought wave of doubt, starting to question, or for one moment question your area of power or authority, or any of these forces of the Elementals feel that they can't pick up your thought waves, they know that you are thinking in a spiritual channel. But the moment they can pick up your thought wave then they can put a suppression on it, and this is one reason why they try to do this. There are days when you are high and days when you are depressed, and cast down and you say:..what is the matter..what makes my spirits fall..why is this such a bad day? Nothing seems to work out no matter how you try to do good for everybody.. still trouble befalls you. But don't worry this happens to everybody, it even happened to Job.

But the fact is that Satan moves out..oh, not necessarily himself, he really doesn't personally give anyone his personal attention...I don't want to hurt anyone's pride, but the Devil is pretty busy. Ha, He has lots of fellows working for him, so he doesn't move in personally on all, just some he tries to use his expert opposition on. He moves on those doing something big enough to shake his kingdom. And he might individually help to take care of some of the stones which helped to frame this activity but at the same time he is always looking for those he can knock down. For instance I think he has really moved in on Billy Graham, and took what was a wide open ministry of positiveness and when this ministry refused to learn outside of Orthodoxy, then this made it easier, but the Devil has knocked this ministry down. Now: Billy is not outside of Grace, where as this ministry won't accomplish great things, but the Devil has him negated, and his ministry is wrecked. He now goes along with the world crowd and the National council of churches, and all of this grand design. I think he worked on Billy because he was a big name, and I think he stays there to keep the control in his hand to some degree. I think this is how Lucifer produces at least sometimes, where as he gets some of the sons of God way out where they are really doing Lucifers job altho they still give lip service to the symbols of God. Then they actually help the enemy, and YAHWEH comes along and says:..behold these people work with the enemy, and now as the kingdom is rolling in...in this last phase of this situation, these people will have to go into outer darkness. This means that they have to go out and live with these people..and they will say:..LORD, LORD didn't we do this and that in thy name? But He says:..depart from me ye workers of iniquity...for when ye did these things...and here the translation is poor...'When ye did these things, I didn't know you'. In otherwords when you were walking with the iniquitous, even tho you did it in my name and tried to make it look right...look like Faith..then 'I didn't know you'. (Because it was in error). But the moment anyone is sent into the outer world for chastisement or punishment then of course Rome and even Protestantism had to roast and toast them and tear them up. And they not only put them into inner darkness but into a burning fire where there was weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. So never could figure out where you could burn a fire in total darkness..did you? On time they are in total darkness, then they are all burned up, and then they burn forever without stopping. This never made any sense to me, and there is a lot of it, superstition, connected with this.

But getting back to the Celestial plane it is important only in understanding the first Celestial plane...that you know this is the surrounding bridge. This is the first contact bridge in which the administering spirits that minister to the household must stay. They can't step into this dimension without becoming visible, so they stay in this plane. But if could just see, if you could taken an infra-red photograph of this room and get it quickly, just as you turn the light out, and you would be surprised what this can show because they are all not far enough out but what some of them will show. I can show you photographs in material, such as even H.G. Wells in which they were photographing Spirits and couldn't understand it. They can photograph Auras around people, and could photograph a body but this they couldn't understand. You couldn't see this with the natural eye but the moment they photographed it, the infra-red could get it just a little bit beyond the visibility of the video wave band which is the first heaven. Thus this is the first order of the Celestial planes, and while you are dwelling here in physical bodies, earthbound, this is a very important plane from the standpoint of what is going on there.

When ministers don't know about any of these things and never studied or received any revelation, and when churches don't know anything then to them..it doesn't exist. Or if they think maybe it might exist but they don't understand, they poo poo it and say it is something that you aren't supposed to know anything about, because you aren't to know anything they didn't know. So they say you can't talk about Ministering spirits or anything in this plane or you are a spiritualist, and like the witch of Endor...evil. Or there isn't anything real evil anyhow, or don't bother about it, you are just superstitious if you believe this.

The word superstitious means something more than the semantics of it... Superstitions meant above the ability to synthesize. The old word actually meant..put ideas together until you had a picture idea. And if something was superstitious it was something beyond normal in picture ideas, and therefore imaginative or fearful. Because most of the things they were saying startling in ideas or synthesis was beyond the ability to prove, therefore if you could not prove it and back it up so they could touch it..then this was superstitious. Today we apply this to people who try to scare themselves to death, or who throw a little salt over their shoulders so they don't have any bad luck..who knows what they do throw in the eyes of the devil..Ha..who knows? They used to teach this but now they teach there is no devil, there anyhow. I know that this was such a reality..and just to show you how this goes back...one of the valuable factors not only for savoring, but also for catalyzing certain areas of physical action..was Salt. And salt was a covenant symbol, they would say:..God would make a covenant of salt, therefore they savored it with salt, and a covenant of salt was a binding, lasting covenant. They said there was nothing which made the enemy quite as unhappy as a covenant of salt. So this is the reason why...since god would savor anything with a covenant of salt with His people, this was significant when they did break bread. They had unleavened bread, and the Passover Lamb, and then the covenant had several phases, and when sealed with salt, it was a covenant of salt. We are told in the Zohar that when people wanted to chain the devil they threw a pinch of salt out. They couldn't see him but they knew he was there. So that is where this thing starts, and a lot of these things are super ideas put together. So Superstition had some basis of fact. The people who believe in ghosts are said to be superstitious, but actually there are ghosts. For a ghost is a being who dwells in a different dimension and when seen visible is out of dimension.

Now:..there is another dimension lower in vibration than this Celestial dimension, and yet it occupies a similar stance, and is the other end of the Light wavelength, is in the black background from whence Demon forces seep into a plane of communication. Thus they can become visible as well. There is grotesqueness of form, a hideousness of form which can be taken on by evil forces because they seek by fear and fright to move people. So these forces operate in what we would call a fallen spirit dimension. They have been thrown out of the upper dimensions and cannot enter into...oh, maybe part of the second, but never the 3rd., or 4th., plane of spirit. Lucifer for a while could come into the general assembly, and when in this solar system god called his counseling spirits to minister before them, they came before HIM...this happened occasionally...and Lucifer came among them. This was still in the first plane and there even YAHWEH looked at Lucifer and said:...what have you been doing? And Lucifer said:..I have been walking to and fro upon the earth to see who I can devour. He was quite honest about this so YAHWEH would chide the Devil and would say.. You aren't getting very far are you? Lucifer would reply...Well I have tempted your people and I caused them to fall. And one of these times is even recorded in your Bible as YAHWEH said:...'Have you considered my servant Job?'...You never got very far with him did you?

I am not concerned with Lucifer as he walked around in the days of Job as I am when he walks around today. Your defense...the wall around you.. the keeper of the gate is your resident soul consciousness, the thinking you. As the keeper of the gate...this is your house, this physical body you live in, but you have a Celestial body infinitely strong, a genie of strength, spiritual power, and you have behind that, the catalysis of administering spirits. And if you so wanted to you could command and call in more than this, if you had the Faith to perceive. But the catalysization of spiritual power is vital, and you have the right to call for spiritual strength and protection...which is a wall of Light like a flame about you. When God said:...I will be like a wall of fire about you...this is a field of aura energy thru which nothing destructive can move. But the individual who requests this must also desire it, and do this when you are in real deep trouble which is pouring in on you...but always remember that while in the flesh, the flesh feels and thinks like the world around it, and it is the consciousness that keeps the flesh in check, and it is the spirit which gives you a triumphant, overriding pattern.

So within this field the Luciferian forces can give you a guilt complex and when they get you cast down they try to keep you from gaining the areas of strength, wisdom, or vision you should have. It keeps you from applying so much spiritual power in your area. Now; it seems like the greatest of the leadership was the place the devil would do his trouble making. Moses was kept in hot water about 30% of the time, and he would just about tear his hair out until he would triumph over this thing. We find this as we read the Zohar, and how David would almost be in a rage over things that would happen, but this was the way they got to him. Then the Psalms would start rolling into his heart, and fill him so with serenity and the next day he would wonder why he was so shook when he went to bed the night before. He would play this Psalm, record this Psalm, and YAHWEH would fill him with these things until he forgot the work of the devil. This is what people must learn..as long as sons and daughters are in bodies of flesh...these messengers of YAHWEH are there, and they are people, they look like people, they are like you are, so in this instance lots of times people will hold back from what YAHWEH would show them because they block themselves off as not able to receive it in their own thinking. Where as the Minister who is called, and who learns the key, then the unrolling revelations move in and their ministry fills out. These people are not arrogant, but neither are they cast down. In other words I am not frightened at YAHWEH-YAHSHUA, and about something someone tries to show me..even tho sometimes someone tries to throw some fear at me. I just say:..it is all taken care of...I throw it all on HIM..He will take care of it, and I don't worry about it.

This is the situation you live without fear because you know what happened, you know that this is indestructible. You know because God came down with thousands of His administering saints and landed on the top of that mountain and gave the Holy Law unto Moses. He told him all the things that men need to know to live...to become successful, powerful, and earth conquerors. But here you find that people were picking on Moses as he came down from that mountain, and were saying:...who does he think he is anyhow? We don't even like the woman he married. Why should he be above us? Picking on him.. and he was the man who still carried an aura after being with YAHWEH. Here was a man who already knew so much and then he went up the then he went up the mountain and there YAHWEH gave him the law, and yet these people were sitting around, finding fault with him. Well, Moses would get real irritated at this, and YAHWEH would have to just flood his heart and say...look, these are just people, and this is why some of the Psalms are called the songs of Moses. YAHWEH would just say:..now Moses, these people even tho they want your guidance and leadership still they sort of resent the fact that I have shown and said these things to you. And yet they don't want to take the time themselves to do this work. So this is the experiences of Moses, and half the time he was walking with his head in the next plane. And yet he would fight, for he gave the Egyptian a jude punch, and that didn't bother him. He also fought against the Arabian princes who came against the Midians and later married a Princess of the Midians. So Moses had lots of experiences but the experience he had with YAHWEH overrode everything he knew.

Now; again, we have been given all this experience, everything which happened to Moses you know about, that may not be right, not all things, but we do have an accumulative pattern. So we have the knowledge built on the past experiences of our race, and we have one built on all the accumulative experiences of our ancestors which the spirit quickens and flashes areas of it to our consciousness, thus this catalization is going on.

Now: it is in this first plane that all visual communications finally arrives. You often see maybe in the amusement parks...these little bumper dodger wagons going around, they used to have a trolley going around on a wire rack..and they were getting power all over, it was everywhere, and they moved around in this field. But actually it was like you had a mantle of power above you, and all around you, and its out of this mantle of power that all non-sense vision comes, and the world might call it the same because it is not perceived by these senses. It is non-sense vision..it is spiritual sense vision first come.

Now; we talk about super sensory, this can be high sense perception. You can even perceive other things with this. There is within super sensory perception which is still operating just with the senses but yet out of the seat of the consciousness, and this type of super sensory perception is what we might call intuitive, but it is even more than that. There moves out of you waves of energy in the electronic field, but so balanced that the soul consciousness is so aware of certain things that it feels, and knows...but maybe just to busy to be thinking and meditating upon it. Then comes an enemy into this field and you haven't time to think about it, but you sense something, or somebody around that is wrong. Instantly you turn around and someone is there, or you move up to a person and you suddenly feel that something is wrong. There is an uneasy feeling here at this moment, and this is extra sensory perception. And this extra sensory perception can do something else because it moves in this field. You can sit in this room and if a Satanic force or something out of the ordinary moves in this room and you are sensitive enough...if this extra sensory perception is strong enough, you feel something, there will be an uneasiness.

Then when we get into the super sensory, this is the first plane of spirit, and this is making its contact in the inner center, and coming thru strong, it is catalyzed. God can send it as a wave, but if he wants to send it by messenger it is catalyzed. So people must learn this also..God speaks thru men, and they must take this by Faith..by the Faith of the Message God gives to men. At the same time we know that truth exemplifies conduct. But we also know this, that we may block our own areas of perception because we miss the key if we look at the physical resident man that you are, and become so critical that we accept everything, and forget that Lucifer can't condemn you anymore before THE FATHER. Do you realize that the Devil can't run up to the Father anymore and say,...look at this man or that man down there. Satan can't do that anymore..for YAHWEH-YAHSHUA said:..get out of here, it is already paid for, so Lucifer doesn't bother HIM with me, he bothers me with me. ...See? This is what he tries to do, only I don't even get bothered with me. The reason for this is that you get shook sometimes in the sense perception, and you feel someone is kicking you around a little, but just don't take your guilt complexes...throw them off...you don't please YAHWEH by letting the Devil get you down. We have lots of preachers preaching a negative Gospel, they want people to be out here weeping because they made mistakes, and its all over. In other words if you are going to go back to weeping, you are leaving the CROSS undone. You are saying:..it isn't finished..you have to help atone for it.

Some people crawl around on stone and rock, or Cathedral steps...that is where Martin Luther woke up one day. And this was a smart thing for him to do (wake up) because he was hurting, and finally he realized what...am I doing all this for..Wasn't the CROSS enough..do I have to supplement the CROSS? Do I have to cut myself, and hurt the knees, to be good enough? So he thought what is that passage..'The just shall live by Faith?' This is what started Martin Luther forward. In this instance there is no doubt that at various points of time YAHWEH was ready to use those instruments, and thus a messenger was sent to just catalyze his thoughts, to stir and to catalyze him until he broke into a full faith pattern.

Now: that is just one phase of that Celestial plane, there are in that Celestial plane orders above orders, and great fields of Celestial forces that move in the first plane and greater ranks like the Seraphims..forces in the second rank or plane above, but they could come into this dimension or swop into earth like flames of fire. There is in the first plane just above us..where there are great fleets of objects not visible to us, but which could be seen. But there is in the physical world in the same dimension we are living in great numbers of fields of vast moving objects that are synthesized out of fields and shielded with waves of energy of Light so that they don't reflect. Therefore since they don't reflect the Light, you don't see them. There is an ability that we know of that is possessed in the first plane which can cover anything in the first plane and they can't see it. In fact Jesus could be completely invisible to them, and still have been in his body. He didn't leave it, didn't go out of it but still they couldn't see it. But he also knew how to step up the wavelength and cause the electrons to go at such high speed that it changed the plane slightly of the body so he could go right thru the wall, because there was no wall in that plane. He would do this and come outside the building. You say:..how do you know he did this? Well: we have been slowed down slightly because when we lost the aura which covered us we were slowed down.

Now: the electrons can move slightly faster than this, and they throw out a higher aura, and they are totally immunized as well, but if we hadn't been slowed down we wouldn't have been dropped to a 9 months gestation period as far as this field of energy was concerned, and wouldn't be subject to sickness or any of these things. And when this is restored to us, as it is explained in the Book of Romans...The Spirit of the Law of Christ Jesus sets us free from the law of Sin and Death. Then note that he tells us the secret by which this is changed. He says:..'Therefore the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death'. This is the law that leads a subject to thinking wrong and dying, now it may not be yet demonstrated completely but HE who raised up Jesus from the dead...dwells in you. He who raised up Jesus from the dead shall quicken your mortal body. This means step up its wave length, increase the velocity by which the electrons move in its balance and then immediately that mortal will put on immortality, and the Light comes back on the body again. So sin retards..or slows down, and the Spirit enlivens and quickens. There is another field to this, but we shouldn't go to far in that dimension now because we haven't finished with this first plane yet and there is six more to go.

Question:...Have any of these ministering spirits ever been in the flesh?

Answer:...Well, now to this extent that all are children of the MOST HIGH, and all have Celestial bodies, and if this physical body dissolves before the resurrection, or the re-embodiment of the Spirit. You already have this house for it to dwell in..in the spiritual plane. Now: in that dimension you will go about any business that the Father has purposely directed you for. Could even...some people could even be called back into a dimension of Spirit to do a very vital work. Do you realize the advantage we have in the Church of Jesus Christ, Christian? We don't have a wall of restrictions around what we are permitted to think. Many denominations already have a bunch of stupid restrictions around what they are permitted to think. But many denominations already have restrictions on what they are permitted to think, and they don't have any Biblical reasons for it. Where as we have whole areas of Biblical reasons where as we can think something they aren't allowed to think about.

Now: I am going to tell you that as big as this Universe is with a diameter that goes trillions and trillions of miles, in fact there is so many scadtrillions that you can't comprehend how many. There is 126 trillion suns times ten, so think how many miles they are in diameter.. think how big this Universe really is. You say:..but if a person gets out there into the plane of spirit no telling how far out you are going to go? Well if you were in your Celestial being and were to step right thru into the plane of Spirit then you wouldn't be out of contact, you would be talking to people all around you, Every woman would be talking right now. Ha. The moment you got into the plane of Spirit what would be surprising would be to find that you had relatives who had stayed to assist. You would find that you had people close to you who had affinity with people in the group before you came here, that had never forsaken this area. And because of this they had stayed to help catalyze, and they have affinity not only with the Spirit but the flesh also. Because they just left the flesh which might be a kin to yours. Therefore their contact with you is close. After all it was only about 7400 years ago since HE begat Adam, so when He came down to join his race then it hadn't been a very long time. Thus He could say that it was only 5400 years ago when I begat you...so I am close to you, I am flesh of your flesh, and bone of your bone. So HE came and occupied a body just like they had, and these were kinsmen. But do you realize that if it took one year to build each 126 trillion times ten suns, then you can see how long things have been going on, and it would be pretty close..just 5400 years. Then when you get up to three score and ten years, or the last 100 years cycle, people who had affinity to the House of God.. overlapping..some of them have responsibilities, and I am going to tell you that this is one of the things..where as they may not consummate responsibilities, they may be forced to consummate this responsibility in Celestial planes because the Spirit is still perfect. They may be forced to consummate and fill a bridge. This is something we get out of another area of confirmation which was picked up in another dimension as recorded in the Apocalypse of Paul. But we shouldn't go into that tonite, but I believe that a great number of times that some of those of our household are raised up at times with great spiritual vision, for instance..the great Patriarchs. And they move back and forth from here to the throne of the MOST HIGH and it just may be that they do not leave our solar system at the present time. Because they are very involved in a great master strategy right now. Angelic hosts are coming in, Ministering Spirits are now gathering from the corners of the Universe. Your relatives from the far corners whom you haven't seen for ages, or since you left the Celestials are coming in...everywhere they are converging on the earth. Now: there are people who leave and go into that plane and may not leave, but may be staying here to help in this catalyzing, increasing strength, at all times.

Now: a medium who reaches out to them, doesn't get them. And Lucifer always substitutes a familiar spirit. This again is something which moves in the Spirit Law. A familiar spirit is one which has been assigned Luciferianly to you. That knows your relatives and what you look like, and knows all about you, so a familiar spirit..not a good one..and the medium are in league with Lucifer, and can have this familiar spirit appear to the individual looking like the countenance of the person to whom he was attached. After all he is a Nephilin and can do this, for he didn't keep his first Estate. This is the reason why if people go to a spiritualist medium then they say:..oh yes, I recognized her, that is Aunt Nellie up there, but it wasn't Aunt Nellie, it was a familiar spirit. This is why when the Witch of Endor...remember as Saul couldn't get a hold of Samuel, he had been so negatized by the wrong influence that when he prayed he didn't get through. Lucifer had influenced him that he wouldn't get thru so he went to the Witch of Endor. She was probably giving him a bad time all this period but she said:..oh yes, I'll get Samuel for you. She thought this top devil who ran around bothering Samuel..was going to show up. But.. Samuel wasn't to far removed after all for he was the prophet around this throne, and probably sent back in the area of communication with an administering spirit to catalyze and get thru, so the moment she started to call...then out came Samuel. And the moment she saw Samuel she knew she didn't have any familiar spirit because he negative sense perceived that the Positive sense was of Samuel, and she almost fainted. She probably cried to herself...oh, I got the real thing, and it scared her. But Samuel said:..what is the matter with you Saul..why are you calling me back out of the grave. Now:..God had to make a special dispensation to do this because Samuel was dead and his consciousness was in the Netherworld. He wasn't like Moses who was still floating around with Elijah, coming and going as they wanted to. In this instance however the Witch of Endor was amazed, but remember that YAHWEH could send a messenger out when ever he wanted to, just like he called Lazarus out. But He called out Samuel and his Spirit came, and he told Saul that his end had come, and explained the situation to him, and as the Witch witnessed this it scared her almost to death.

Now: we are told to sit around and look for contact with some relatives among the dead, after all they aren't dead, they are living. If they are assigned this responsibility of helping to catalyze this for which they have affinity, this is a Divine directive and doesn't require a human request. But the individual knows that he has a watching Angel, and he knows that he has Angel hosts at his command. And he can call on the Father for strength as well, he can call on his ministering spirits for strength and finally he can learn to feel them.

Question:..How do you call them?

Answer:...You talk to them.

Question:...but you don't know their names?

Answer:...In the first place your own Celestial consciousness which is a resident being..this is the Christ in you..so you have an administering Spirit who is a watcher Angel, a protector..'Lest you dash your foot against the stone'. In otherwords he is the protection force. You say:.. but people have wrecks and get hurt...yes, but the protecting spirit is there to shield them from the enemy. And he is also a service angel to give you sufficient strength to take you thru any kind of circumstance, there are where faith uses the command. Sometimes under Divine direction they might function without appeal, but always function on appeal. You have a right to call on Michael, and on any of the Archangels in the name of THE LORD. You have the right to call on watcher Angels in the name of YAHSHUA to give you strength, and you might even find out what his name is..this happens. now:..people with pagan powers who work the darkness..there are certain demons with tremendous strength and power that they call on, and they use them in their occult arts and so forth. And of course the higher a person is advanced in the Satanic Kingdom, and he is not a neutralizer which means just a pawn to bump shoulders with you and slow you down...but the real workers in iniquity know this. They can move up to you and smile, and generally they won't come up warring in the first rank. The Luciferian forces in the flesh who work with the evil forces as a rule try to be friendly as much as possible, because they catch a lot more flies with sugar than with vinegar. But they can turn demonic and behind them is a whole Satanic force, and this is why you have Guardian Angels and Watcher Spirits. One of the things that God said was that he would send His Holy Angels and gather out the tares, and that word is really administering spirits instead of Angels. So they can be not only Angelic hosts, they can be relatives, they can be even the Children of God in the earth who are involved in this, because they are all ministering spirits. He calls his sons and daughters in earth administering spirits, but basically when it comes in from the outside it is out of another plane, because they can enter this plane.

Here is another factor, when the sons of God enter this plane,..and I don't care how many space crafts or how they come, but every atom of substance necessary to synthesize their physical body is reformed, and there is plenty of substance so don't worry about that. Someone said:.. but it has been scattered it has gone even into the vegetables, it is all over, but don't you worry, there is a synthesis here, and it is what is called an energy norm, and that norm can just recatalyse..re-synthesize that substance out of the earth, and it is here.

Question:...I went to my little dictionary and I can't find the word catalyze...what is it?

Answer:...Well a catalyst is a multiplication of energy and as energy is multiplied it can be multiplied by an agency, so in other words if two of us get together in our thinking, then that is a catalyst. If four of us get together that is a multiple catalyst. Now:..if spiritual wisdom joins with yours, if spiritual energy synthesizes with yours this is a catalyst as well. But if we get 50 people in this room thinking on the same thing, the energy which charges that picture gets thru 50 times stronger. And if 100 people get together then it is 100 times stronger, and so on. And if 1000 people think on it they could move a town. If you could get 5000 people thinking on something in the name of YAHSHUA you could make a number of them in Washington D.C.....sick. And by the time you had a million people thinking they would be getting ready to move. I think they are already getting scared, for what is happening is so catalyzing that the Presidents whole cabinet is getting scared.

Question:...What plane are the people in who are in these flying objects going over?

Answer:...It depends upon whether they are in the physical dimension or not. I would say that a great number of these crafts are just as tangible and real as the things we have in our own dimension, especially if they stop and get a bucket of water out of a stream, if they are about to drink it or do something with it...this is quite real. I don't think everything which whisks across space goes into the spiritual plane. When Christ left here he left in a physical body like you have, only resurrected. They didn't kill it. You say:..but all the blood was gone out of it? Well, it probably had some new blood because he was digesting food. When Christ left he didn't just float thru the sky between here and the Pleaides...a great cloud came down, and in it was one of His Super Dreadnoughts. He just stepped into the cloud and two men stepped out of it and the cloud was effulgent with Light so they couldn't see thru it. The two men who stepped out said:...what are you men of Galilee standing here gazing into this illuminated could for...go back to Jerusalem and wait. This same Jesus is going to return just like He left. the two men stepped back into the cloud and it went away.

Question:...But they were two men you could see....

Answer:...Alright these two men were Spirit, Soul and Body, and were Celestially enveloped so you couldn't destroy them, but without doubt they got into the ships and went away. There are ships coming and going thru the Universe all the time carrying physical bodies and with them is a Celestial body and a soul consciousness, and these people could move into other planes. Remember YAHSHUA is spirit, soul and body and so are you. We can exist in any plane, we did not previous to this earth have a physical embodiment, not in this planet anyhow. Because this is true this is the first time we ever had a flesh body in this dimension. But lots of sons and daughters of God have had physical bodies now waiting resurrection. No doubt...existing thru out the dimensions of Spirit everywhere that our race has been..with a physical body but visible because we chose to be visible. The early people of Atlantis used to see us sometimes in their early temple temples, see us coming and going. They talked about the great music of the spheres, played by the children of YAHWEH-PUTAH. They talked about their Light and Glory. They talked about all the things they were taught, about the things of the Universe, and until the day Lucifer came along with these black men and started to mongrelize people, and told them to leave these Pyramid Temples that were high and come down to the low lands and mingle in the big orgies...these people were a great civilization. It says that YAHWEH-PUTAH was so angry that he lifted his sons out of these Temples and they could see them no more. And they were told that the Temples would be destroyed, that great catastrophes would fall, that those who were believers in YAHWEH-PUTAH were to travel to far countries before this land was totally wiped out because of this great evil (race mixing). This was why these people with Horus their Priest, migrated and they just got over the last land bridges before they broke up and the last of Atlantis went down. A great earthquake let the waters into the fires of volcanoes and the fires under the continent caused steam to blow the top off the mountains. Then more water rushed in, more explosions came, and that is how this continent went down. I have a whole description in the book of Horus as to how this land went down. These people as they left this sinking land wandered across North Africa which was a very verdant, rich land with tall grasses and beautiful forests and animals at that time. And then later catastrophe would strike Northern Africa and a great part of that land would become arid desert. But the people under Horus went over into what is now Egypt below the great cataracts of the Nile River as they were instructed to do...below Victoria Falls, and all the way to the Nile river. Then they watched that land become an arid desert around them. But when white men came into Egypt in the days of Enoch and Job this was the coming of the sons of YAHWEH-PUTAH now in bodies of flesh...this was prophecy being fulfilled. But this time these white men would not leave for now they had bodies of flesh, where as the last time they saw them, they were in Celestial planes and when it got back then YAHWEH said:...come on home.

Question:...What period of time was this?...when the last of Atlantis went down?

Answer:...Well it was quite obviously not less than 11,000 years ago, probably back maybe three or four thousand years before this when most of Atlantis was gone, the Atlantis subsidence came first, Lemuria was last.

Question:...Are all the sons of Adam going to be brought back to earth at the culmination of all this?

Answer:...All the sons of Adam will come back for a mighty victory, but there will be lots of room for all.

Question:...How long will they be here?

Answer:...This is questionable, we could stay a thousand years but we would be pretty crowded. The fact is that when we get thru with that 1000 years there won't be any deserts, they will be blooming like a rose. You talk about a crowded. But just take a trip from here to the Canadian border, and see how much waste land there is out of cultivation..nothing being done with it, but the sons and daughters in power will have it producing almost unlimitedly. In fact the ends of the earth will be providing all your needs, so we aren't going to be short of anything. In fact with our ability to come and go we almost made it before the Millennium ...we will have a man on the moon in 1970, if 70 waits for us.

Question:...Is there a way of telling without an old Sumerian record that the Negroes are not a part of the 6th., day creation...and how do I do that?

Answer:...Well, that is a multiple question....

Question:...Well how do we establish that the dark and kinky haired ones came down with Lucifer? I had an argument with a woman as to why they weren't a part of the 6th., day creation.......

Answer:...Why would they be in the 6th., day creation? When God made a man and woman and started out this race, this was the Tungus man of the Steppes, and this is pretty far back we know at least 600,000 years ago, for we have that much of their history. But no history, no trace of the Negro until about 73,000 years ago. So Lucifers Major rebellion in which he brought in the Negro factor was about 73,000 years ago. In other words, Lucifer was out in the Solar System and further raising heck,... and God got disgusted with him once and wiped everything out (Genesis 1:1-3). And maybe there was just a few left at that time for Jeremiah tells you of this. You are told that in the Beginning God created the heavens and the earth and then the earth became without form and was void, and void means aftermath of destruction by Divine hand in this instance. Then Jeremiah in the fourth chapter tells you how God brought this back to his memory and he wrote it down to tell you about it. He says:..I watched this great catastrophe which overwhelmed this great civilization. This is before the 6th., day creation. So you see that the devil had been busy before the 6th., day but that early civilization was wiped out, or a few might have gone away. We know there was civilizations back then, before the pre-Cambrian days for they were glazing ceramics.

Now:..I don't quite believe this one billion years, it is still to far to prove with radio carbon or with fluorene replacement or any of those things, so I give them this much time..one-half a million or three quarters of a million years..for up in Yellowstone there is in one place over a million years of visible straits. So this just goes to prove that their evolution theory which is based on later periods...and pre-Cambrian was ever so far before that..that they are stuck with it. In other words if human beings who walked upright and who painted plates were ever so far beyond evolution time, or even the mammals came, then where does that leave the evolution theory? Remember in the re-creation YAHWEH put back the animals all over the earth but he did not have to put back the fish... they were still there.

Question:...Where does it say that?

Answer:...This is an allegory that is hidden away. Remember Moses wrote this almost 4000 years after this happened. So if you are writing about something which happened that long before you are writing in allegory. So he didn't spend much time on this, but there was lots more information on that period. He thought anyone who was reading this book (Bible) would know that.

Question:...but I can't remember what happened 4 years ago...Ha.

Answer:...Let me show you something:...When in Genesis I YAHWEH came to the water and said:..'let the waters bring forth abundantly'. In this instance the earth brought back its grass and so forth before you could feed animals. And when you come here to the sea, all it had to do was bring forth abundantly. The birds that fly came, and then he created the great whales because these were mammals:...'And every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind, and God saw that it was good'. But the place where you are told that the waters were to bring forth abundantly.. the word isn't YATSAR for make or form, it is just the word for increase, or multiply. So you see the fact is that the world covered with large masses of water would never drown all the fish.

Question:...It also says here that God blessed male and female and told them to repopulate the earth...so who were they?

Answer:...This is the Tungus man. The earth had been populated once and then wiped out and now repopulated. This catastrophe was all Lucifers fault..there was none of this before the fall.

Question:...I think it was to bad that the earth was the spot he was kicked into.

Answer:...Oh, I don't know, this is sort of a little spot in the Universe. They concentrated it all here and I wouldn't want to miss it for the world, would you?

Question:...Yes, I wouldn't mind missing it.

Answer:...Well, but you really wouldn't want to miss all that is going on down here. You would never have appreciated the Grace and Glory of YAHWEH as much as you will appreciate it after the victory. Whenever you see Lucifer turned into an Angel..when ever you see him bowing before the MOST HIGH...when ever you see him with his heart, totally Glorifying THE FATHER then you have seen the ultimate of what Grace can do. To the Praise of THE FATHER FOREVER. The smaller religions don't understand this... Question:...Where is the Kingdom of Heaven?

Answer:...Within you.

Question:...well how about all the gates?

Answer:...Well, if we are going to talk about the New World Order, this is the Kingdom of God on earth, and the entrances into it is by birth, this is how you got here. And you arrived the day you were born.

Question:...But those gates have many names on them?

Answer:...Well, if we are going to talk about the New World Order, this is the Kingdom of God on Earth, and the entrance into it is by birth, this is how you got here. And you arrived the day you were born.

Question:...But those gates have many names on them?

Answer:...Alright, he says:...I will show you the gates to this Kingdom, and the gates had the names of the twelve tribes of Israel. So, you wouldn't get in to this Kingdom if you weren't of those tribes of Israel. You could be under the Kingdom but not participate in it. This is what Nicodemus was trying to find out, he thought maybe there was some way, maybe you graduated into it. So he said:..Just what do I do to enter into and participate in the Kingdom of Heaven? The word instead of enter should be translated...participate...administration..work...destiny. So Jesus said:...You have to be born into this order, you have to be twice born... born of the spirit in the heavens, not down here in an Evangelistic meeting, but born of the Spirit in the heavens, then born by the breaking of water by physical birth. So if you were spiritually born in the heavens then you would be seed born in earth for there is no other way to get into the Kingdom. This is why the gates are in this order...the twelve tribes of Israel..the children of these twelve tribes..(actually 13 before Levi absorbed into all.) This is why the when they even tried to apply this to any area of the church..you still have the 12 tribes of Israel to deal with. As far as the door of spiritual understanding then Jesus said:..I am the door. You can't approach this door to knowledge and wisdom but thru HIM. How could you approach the knowledge of the Eternal Father..embodied in YAHSHUA if you didn't come to HIM..How? But you will, come for all sheep do come...and I see that you are here.

Question:...What determined which sons came to earth?

Answer:...We did..we rushed right up and said we will go. Ha. We probably have the most bold spirits in the Universe...we said we will go!!

Question:...Then probably most of our household didn't come?

Answer:...No..but of the increase of His Kingdom there shall be no end, as far as the world is concerned you never would reach an end. You see..we rushed up and said:...we can do it..we will go. The FATHER said:..do you know what is going to happen to you when you get down there? You don't realize how much concentration of Luciferian power is down there to work on you in a physical body, you have never been in a Physical body before. We said:..that don't make any difference, we will go. The FATHER said:..but you will fall when you get down there, and I will have to come down and redeem you. He said:..I will write down your names...everyone of you right here in my book of records, everyone of you are my children, I will make a covenant with you. But to do this I will have to come down there and put on a body like you will have, and you are going to fall and to die, and I will have to come and to die with you. I am therefore your substitute before the foundation of this NEW ORDER. He told us all this before we came but we said:...don't worry about it FATHER, we will go down and we will let you know when we complete the job. He said:..you will remember what I have told you when this happens...you will remember...but we said:...don't worry we will go.

Question:...Do you think we were problem children up there?

Answer:...No..not to much. We just never had any problem for we moved in the Light, we saw things we stood against that Lucifer could go out..a subordinate being to our race, and get away with this. The other Archangels looked upon Lucifer with disdain but he still had rank. When Michael ran him into this Solar System and confined him, we can't even repeat what Michael was calling Lucifer. He called him everything he could think of..a son of an elephant, and every thing else, but he called him a snake, a rat and probably he had some real effective denunciations which would make outs look like nothing, and yet YAHWEH said:..tut, tut, Michael..must not do that.

Question:...You never plowed with a mule. Ha.

Answer:...But see what the book of Jude said:...Michael..let him alone, he is a fallen Archangel, but he is still an Archangel, so you just say YAHWEH rebuke thee! You are on the same level as he is except you have more power because....'I am catalyzing your power!' But you are an Archangel and he is an Archangel. He loses power as he negates, and uses his power to destroy, but it is never as strong as the power which creates. Because Lucifer cannot remake what he has destroyed...that which synthesizes can.

Question:...This is a question I always thought maybe I shouldn't ask?

Answer:...Go ahead and ask.

Question:...Why did God let this all happen to start with?

Answer:...Don't you think it may have broken up a lot of monotony?

Question:...Well, I thought of that but......

Answer:...No...I'll tell you the reason, we shouldn't joke about that altho I imagine that YAHWEH has a sense of humor about it. The reason why God did it was to develop a cognition of the evolution of righteousness, that which would never have dawned on them without a comparison. So in His Omnipotence knowing that in the negation of synthesis was destruction... before this could be unveiled to his children so that they would understand it they would have to experience it. So therefore the Universe becomes a greater place for having conquered that which would seek to destroy its synthesis. And once again it has been overthrown in the Island Universe, it could never happen here...again. Maybe never happen anywhere, but the fact remains that if it was ever permitted to...educate..something new which hadn't been existent to our time then we would now know how to cope with it, we have had now had experience.

Now: when YAHWEH invested an Archangel in this...Lucifer was His Archangel, and when he fell, he was out of the fold but still an Archangel, and all these one-third of the hosts of heaven who fell with him were still his Angels, and he still has them. He has to being them all back and make them all acknowledge HIM to overthrow this darkness, to resynthesise them and throw this darkness back into Light, power and form to the Praise of HIS HONOR, to preserve the entity of HIS SOVEREIGNTY THRU OUT THE UNIVERSE. If he had to punish them, and could never get them back the YAHWEH would always be licked by one-third of the beings of the Universe, and never can the Universe finish its course until they are back to...'Bow the knee'.

Question:...How about President Johnson sort of making a show of strength in Viet Nam?

Answer:...I think that anything that Johnson does now is in terms of making sure he gets elected. I don't think he can get elected, he is setting up a stage where he could always use an excuse to postpone an election indefinitely. He might be able to get an extension or postponement if Russia would move and strike with suddenness. This might happen since we are hitting at communist ports. But anytime that anyone shoots at America you ought to blast the,....let them know that you don't shoot at any American. But the President is looking for an agreement point of some sort, and he thinks he has found it. He could have jumped on Cuba but he doesn't want to do that even tho most everyone except maybe Humphrey would have agreed with him on that. Even Senator Morris got up and blew his stack, wanted to cut foreign aide, not give anymore to these people...and he is a Left Winged Liberal. He jumped the tracks from Democrat to Republican party and never knew just what he was doing, and now he is so upset. He realizes that he has to start thinking like the majority of the people or he is going to be out of a job. This could go into major war or flutter out, but if they have your eyes on that they can stir something over here. Right now everyone's eyes are on the Negroes going wild, and while your eyes are on them then Johnson is safe. This is what Civil Rights did for this country. Now they are smashing property, 7 million dollars worth in one city. Then stole millions of dollars worth of things, but instead of stopping this they say these are poor frustrated people. In Jersey city, this is the 4th night of riots and Negroes are even running out smashing windshields of cars going down the boulevard, throwing rocks and so forth. When the police came they ran out and tried to overturn the squad car. As the police got out of the car they called for more assistance as they were surrounded. And a bunch of these silly skunks called preachers came out saying:...Why are you calling the Police out, we have to placate these people, we have to make amends, give them what they want. They ought to take these preachers out and bat their heads against the wall. They aren't preaching the Gospel..the best thing to do would be to say...here they are ...take the preachers. If they want to do something out there...let them walk out singing hymns and see what happens.

Last night as I went over to a store the owner said:...Did you hear what is going on? I said: no. And he said:..the Negroes are rioting in Las Angeles. But I haven't been able to pick up anything on that story since then. They were to start riots not only in Los Angeles, but in Detroit and in Chicago and other places, and Martin Luther King came on a radio broadcast saying:...I am calling on all the Negro warriors in Africa who can come over here...to come help give America a blood bath...now. This was Martin Luther King on radio calling for reinforcements from Africa. Of course its a long swim, but the Russians might drop them in by parachute...that would be the best way...then American Patriots might be busy.

The news says they found three bodies, or maybe they didn't because there is a $25,000.00 reward up for anyone who can produce evidence of who did it, so they are looking for leads. If they knew anything they wouldn't put up all this money. But they say:...we have three bodies and we identified them by their fingerprints. But any time you have been in the Mississippi river that long, and have any fingerprints left...that is very unusual. There are catfish, crayfish, and even Alligator Gar in there.. so we aren't getting the truth in that story.

The Mexican newspaper 'El Presidete' says that these three men have been recognized by Mexican reporters as guests of Castro in one of the biggest of Cuba's hotels...Civil Rights Workers? How would they get back to Mississippi unless they were brought back and bumped, and then thrown into the water?

The question is did they really get any bodies if they had to put up a reward of $25,000.00. In other words they were saying come in and claim the money we have an informer who is going to come and tell us about it. (Today....fall of 1980...we are finding that it was an F.B.I. man who worked as an informer in much of the civil rights agitation in the south.) This sounds like the Sheriffs department in Lancaster...telling all the Patriots...come on in all you fellows for we have already one guy who has told all he knows...Told them what?

It is just to bad that all these people went down south...civil rights workers..but if they all disappeared there wouldn't be so many. They went down there to stir up war and bloodshed. I can show it to you in their statements...they were to create incidents..to get hurt..so as to bring the government into this.

Question:...it says some where in scripture that a man on the face of the earth will be more scarce then the gleanings after the harvest..among the olive trees...is this after Armageddon?

Answer:...Again this is not Adamites. The Enosh among the people of the Kingdom are to be scarce, unless they serve the Kingdom Utterly. Which passage are you quoting...Revelation or Ezekiel?

Question:...Revelation I think...I don't know.

Answer:...There is only one place the word Armageddon exists and that is in Revelation. But this particular set of words in Revelation don't ring a bell. I know there is a place, I think in Ezekiel, in one of the Darby translations where it says: a man of the outraces in the Kingdom, after the day of the LORD...would be as scarce as wheat after the threshing...in other words be gone. I don't remember this in the King James..it is not in Revelation just that way. If you run across it somewhere let me know. As far as the Elect are concerned, we are as the stars of the heavens and the sands of the sea shore so the world is going to know we are here after Armageddon.

Question:...is the World Order going to be destroyed then...at Armageddon?

Answer:...In the Kingdom. In other words most of these forces serving the darkness would then be very scarce...in the Kingdom if they are still here, and would not be doing a detrimental work. There is not to be a Jew in the house of the LORD, not one in these western nations. There will be Negroes in Africa, and Chinese in Asia but they will be scarce in the Kingdom because everyone to his own vine, and under their own fig tree. Question:...well doesn't the Kingdom effect this world?

Answer:...The kingdoms of this world become the 'Kingdoms of OUR LORD AND HIS CHRIST'. We rule the world as it comes under our administration from sea to sea and pole to pole.

Question:...But everything will be different won't it..no more trouble.. mixing of people?

Answer:...Yes, and be Aryan ruled. Even the Sea Gulls know better than people. You stand at the Golden Gate Bridge in the fall and see the birds come in, by the thousands, and they all come in...each in their own order.. the ducks here, the Sea Gulls there, and so forth but all in their own order. They have so much better sense than people do. Now and then you see them walking close together but they are just passing by, they all stay in their own groups.

Question:...I tried to look up adultery and find any other meaning in my Bible concordance, but I couldn't find any?

Answer:...That is probably right, it probably isn't in the concordance of your Bible, but the word is Adulomos...and it means cohabit with someone of another race.

The word translated all thru the Bible as, Bastard, only means the offspring of a cohabitant with another race. It doesn't have anything to do with the parentage inside of a race. It only has to do with this particular word.

To adulterate is to mix two things that are different. Even in our semantics today if you mix milk and ink you have adulterated both. If you pour water into milk you have adulterated it down.

Question:...well I understand that but I need something to show people so they can understand it.

Answer:...well, you need more than a Bible concordance in this area, you need a lexicon. But I could point it out in a specialized Bible concordance, but you can prove it without...you can prove it with verses which support this.

Question:...What about the bodies in the grave to be resurrected...when there is nothing left...much of the time?

Answer:...Well the elements are there to be resynthesized, and they can come to bone, and bone to bone, and flesh to flesh. Of course you might have to add some as plants might have absorbed some by now....

Question:...well, do you believe in a body resurrection?

Answer:...well, I believe that when the children of God...when Christ comes HE brings those with Him, and they do raise..resynthesize bodies.

TAPE RUNS OUT..........