08-09-67 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:--The children of Nut and Thapanies have broken the crown of your head?

ANSWER:--These are the pagans and they are attacking Israel and Egypt. The children of Israel who were backsliding are chastised and god allowed this because the children of Israel were not worshiping Him.

QUESTION:--What are the Sacraments?

ANSWER:--What God required Israel to do in the areas of religion were largely ordinances such as building the Tabernacle, the substitute sacrifice. In the New Testament Sacraments are different than the ordinances in that in the Sacraments spiritual power from Celestial dimensions comes over the sacrament in a functional Sacrament. So the Sacraments are divinely ordained by the unction of heaven. This is the reason why for instance, the communion is the highest Sacrament that we have. The Communion is not just bread and water, just as it starts out. He said:--’Take and eat, this is My body, this is My blood, this is the New Covenant.’ This is My body broken for you. God by the power of His own spirit made the bread and wafers as tho it is His body, just as He has with the wine, made it His blood.

The house of Israel is the children of the MOST HIGH GOD. He did not create this body as He did for the Tungus man. He begat Adam. All thru the race this is true. Thus they are spirit, soul, and body. He is the Triune god. We the Triune beings.

There were 153 volumes in the original. We have 66 in this Bible. But this book was written unto you. Lucifer is to be defeated by God’s Kingdom. Thus the Sacrament can be bestowed upon His people. He ordained that marriage is a Sacrament. When it is it will last. The Communion was a table set for Israel. The House of God needs something far greater than they could provide for themselves--like three meals a day for yourself. But people think about death. They think about how long they are going to live. The fact is, death is the price of transgression. We lost the aura and were in need of atonement. With His Cross, He paid that price of transgression. And Lucifer has no power over the children of God if we accept that. If you don’t realize this, then Lucifer uses this against you. Back in the early days, Lucifer mixed things to create germs which are cross-bred little organisms, bacteria the body without light would not be able to kill.

God can heal Israel. He did at the Exodus with His Light. He healed people when He walked the earth. The Holy of Holies was the place of His presence. When priests went in to the ‘Holy of Holies’ these were ordinances. But now we have the Sacraments. Communion thus is a Sacrament. The unction of God gives you health. You acknowledge that you accept His Atonement. He said you could not join in His suffering unless except you partake of His Cross.

In the elements of the Communion, it is as tho you partake of His sacrifice and you join with HIM. You are thus raised with HIM in HIS Resurrection. The Light of God thus comes down over this table and those who partake are joined with HIM as tho you were at the Passover and you partake of the same power as His Resurrection. For this cause, the Apostle Paul was told that it does not work for people because they do not discern the blood of YAHSHUA at the Communion table.

There is no judgement put on people for this. They just come in and partake of the table and go out not really discerning this, that the unction of God has come down and blessed this area of the Sacraments. The unction of God covers both the wafer and the wine and the person partaking of this. Then the unction of God can clear their mind and the sickness of their body.

The Apostle Paul was told this communion was to continue with Israel until He comes to join His people.

When Christ took His disciples out on the Mount of Transfiguration, they did not know just what caused it, but His body shown with light and Glory. The disciples were amazed. As Moses and Elijah stepped out of dimension and talked, they were more amazed. Then Moses and Elijah went back into the spirit, but He had shown His disciples how He could bring down the Glory He had before the foundation of the world. This Glory would immunize Him from pain, from death. He was showing His disciples that He was the Master of all things. Of life and of death.

In the Apocalypse of Paul, it says He took His disciples up on the Mount and demonstrated that Light and Glory could so cover a person leading up to the fact He would commit the Sacraments to earth the bread and the wine even tho men did not behold it. But there would be enough power to heal the sick and raise the dead. This would have power to cleanse a person’s mind. Thus according to your Faith, so be it unto them.

Now since this is a transference of heaven, power to an earthly substance, this is a Sacrament. The other Sacrament if Marriage. When the church marries, then this is a marriage made in heaven. This was in the original, the marriage of Adamites to build the Kingdom. Thus in the Old Testament, the Temple blessed the marriage because they would bring into being the body of His children, and God blessed this.

One of the ten commandments was not to mix the races---adultery. Thus there would be no child for the Kingdom. If you broke this commandment, there is no spiritual seed.

The Apocalypse of Paul has the sacraments of marriage in it. The marriage ceremony of today did not come out of the scriptures as such. It came out of the Apocalypse of Paul. And Christ did speak of Marriage and also He told as to what cause a man should put a woman away. The word is fornication not adultery. This is the mixing of the races. Generally speaking, the Sacrament in marriage, was only when she was under the law. The Apostle Paul had this to say:--’It is better for men to have only one wife.’ There was then a third sacrament and that was the Christening until the child was old enough to become of age and be baptised, in his own right. But the greatest of the Sacraments is Communion.’

Many times after they understand this, the second time that they take Communion, they are healed. There may be a law in the spirit on this, because men use the gifts of God for themselves, and call on god to use them in service. Whereas in some churches they get people who are healed. We have even had prayer and after people have prayed, then the sick are healed. This happens lots of time. I have prayed for people and asked them if they believed that God could heal them and they say yes. One man had his back broken and he called for me. The X-rays showed his back was a mess. He wanted me to pray about it. And I asked him if he believed that YAHWEH would heal his back. He said I know He will, but I want you to pray. We did. And he insisted that he felt better. Felt his back being healed. Doctor said he would be in a cast for months, but finally he fussed so much they took X-rays in about two weeks. And his back was perfect once more and the doctor was amazed. But the gift of healing is not considered a Sacrament, but or except that by and thru the Sacraments the body will be healed and ‘quickened.’ The Catholic Church has seven sacraments but there is really not that many. However, there are some ministers who do have the gifts of healing. He gives every Christian at least one gift. However, it isn’t for the man to demand a gift. It is for God to bestow it, if he seeks for it.

In the Pentecostal church, they think an unknown tongue was a gift, but it was a known tongue to those who understood it.

When the people came to Jerusalem at the time of Pentecost, they could all speak Hebrew, but they were standing there. And after the Holy spirit came to the Apostles, they could speak all languages of those standing there. Never since the days of Adam, had there been this much power on an Adamite. Suddenly the Apostles were speaking in all the languages of the lands wherein these people lived that was the tongue used in that day. Paul said he would rather speak in a known tongue so people would understand. But all of the gifts are important. God has bestowed gifts on His Clergy and on the people. He gives everyone a measure of Faith. All these gifts are bestowed as the measures of Christianity.

One thing about the Christian, one thing about the Kingdom, is that it brings forth the fruit thereof. One thing it does is gather the people, and when people are brought into the truth, they believe it. You don’t lose people of the Kingdom even if they move away, if they understand it.

The President wanted to declare a day of prayer whereas we should search ourselves and see where we had caused the Negroes to riot. Did you know that the Catholic and Protestant Churches were almost empty that day? The people are disgusted with these Negro riots. The preachers had prayers of brotherhood, but not many people hear it.

But the gift of the Spirit follows the people. God never takes back a gift of the Spirit. These gifts are a part of the blessings of God, but they are not Sacraments. Baptism then is an ordinance, but Christening is a sacrament.

QUESTION:--Bury the body?

ANSWER:--Our race, after the fall---Adam was told of the resurrection. Job knew of the resurrection, and looked forward to it. For he said--with these eyes and in this body will I stand and see my Redeemer.

Now, we have the areas of Grace. And the white race taught the Egyptians the practice of embalming about 5000 years before Christ. The Great Pyramid was not a tomb. But the Egyptians built pyramids to put the bodies of kings in and to keep the body until the resurrection. Then He came to earth embodied as Osiris, was buried and crossed the river Styx and went back into the heavens. He is now the Ka of Ra or the Light---as the sun. So our race taught embalming. They did this with Adam preserving his body. When Joseph died, his body was taken to his burial place in Canaan land. Most pagans cremate. The Hindu cremate. They burn the body. But Adamites preserve the body. If a man is buried at sea, still God says that the sea shall give up its dead. Let the land also give up the dead. If a body was burned in a fire, then the ashes can still be there. And God can resurrect them. But it was taught that the body would be raised from the dead. And Adamites always showed respect for this body. They did not start to cremate bodies in the U.S. until after the Revolution about 1828. And then people looked on it as not right. About 1870 to 80, they started to build these crematories and after all, it was a good Jewish business.

The Apostle Paul chides the Isles of the Aegean seas and tells them not to burn the bodies as the heathen do. For the Lord hath enough earth to hold the bodies until the Resurrection.

For those who are cremated, this has no effect on YAHWEH who can raise any material substance that belongs to His children. When you bury the body, you put it in the ground as earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust. This ‘ashes to ashes’ was not a part of the original. But in 1860, it was put in all the little ‘star books’. This does not mean that God will stop Christians, or that he suffers any loss, but Adamites were asked to bury the body, rather than cremate it. But lots of people don’t understand this. I am sure that most Christians would not cremate the body if they realized this was the instructions, that they honor YAHSHUA and His Resurrection by not cremating the body. If they can’t help it, then still all Israel is going to be saved. But the power of the Resurrection is not going to be withheld from any living spirit.

YAHSHUA said that the elemental body will be raised, transformed, changed in the twinkling of an eye. That the body can be handled, touched, eat food, enveloped into the Celestial plain or the Celestial body, then can come into the physical plain after the return of Christ---after Resurrection. Or those who remain alive and shall remain shall in a twinkling of an eye be changed, transformed, in the elements of their own being.

This is one of the great hopes of the Christian Church. The reason we cry at death, is because we miss this person. But we also know there isn’t any death. Absent from this body is to be present with the LORD. And the Celestial body in which the spirit now resides is just as aware, just as above as this physical body is now.

The Apostle Paul said:--’This Celestial house is not made by hands.’ You still work at things of the Kingdom even in the Celestial house, while still battling the darkness. The disciples saw Elijah and Moses just as plain as could be and they wanted to protect them from the weather. Paul said:--’I don’t know whether I want to stay here or go on home.’ He was fighting the rascals but he also said he did not want to die. He just wanted to be clothed with this light. For him to live is Christ, the Master of the Kingdom, the Light and the Way and the Truth.

But we---Israel, the Adamic race, will even fulfill all that has been ordained. For even death has no power. Christ paid for it on His Cross. And when he comes, we will instantly be changed and death will no longer have any power over His children.

QUESTION:--The first Resurrection?

ANSWER:--There are different phases of Resurrection. When Christ arose from the dead, this was the first Resurrection. Remember that there are some of the Adamic race who have experience this resurrection. For He sent some out of the Netherworld while He preached unto them. Every once in a while, He sent some out to walk the streets. This was a type of the coming resurrection. Then when He had taken the Adamic Spirits into Paradise, then after His Resurrection, He released them into the plains of heaven, or spirit. And some of them ascended bodily. Those who had walked the streets ascended bodily.

When YAHSHUA returns, He brings all the children of the Kingdom with Him who have served here in earth. We who are alive, do not hinder those who have died and returned unto HIM because their bodies shall be raised first and transformed. Then we also, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, shall be transformed into Eternal and immortal beings. There is then another Resurrection, and it talks about the death of the Carnal man. This is when the wicked are thrown into the Lake of Fire. This is not for the Christians. So this is for Lucifer who when thrown into the Aura of Shekinah Light, on the Constellation of ‘Ara’, the place will be surrounded with the Shekinah Light. And this burns the error out of their minds. This is for Lucifer and the fallen Angels and all of their offspring. But in the end they who hate God, will still worship at your feet, as will Lucifer. This is what God talks about in the Ultimate of His Grace and the fulness of time that He would reconcile all things unto Himself. The only thing is that we live in this day we are in. And we anticipate the Grace of God as we worship Him because of His Grace and His Glory. But He does not want you to live today as you will live in the Kingdom because here and now you are to rise and throw down Lucifer and his world of darkness. You have to see that Lucifer is thrown down. God says He will deliver him and the false prophets and the beast into this Constellation of Ara. But we are to occupy in this period of time that we live in. He shows us in prophecy and thru the scriptures how we are to live. For we are the children of God. We are to rule and reign with HIM. And actually in charge of His Universe. Sometimes when we see how people act, we are glad that they are not in charge yet. But He says that they will conform to His image. So you are not to look at these children of god as they are, but as they will be, as God looks at them. And He looks at them as their work shall be when---I shall see this person transformed into MY OWN IMAGE. So the Apostle Paul says:--’I don’t want to hear anything about anyone in here, I don’t want to hear any thing in here but Christ Crucified. When we deal with the people of the Kingdom, then we deal with them as God does. You are angry with the beast of the field, the Asiatic reds. We have anger against them. But even if one of your own race falls, we may be angry because he fell. But the work of the church is to bring all of the race into a deeper relationship with God. Sometimes you can council them. The church is responsible for the believers. But if all his works are burned, but still he has faith, then the error is just burned out of him and the person will be transformed as the Shekinah Glory of God burns out the error. This may seem strange, but this is the mystery of the fullness of Grace. The Grace of God is sufficient to save everyone of the Kingdom. The more one knows of the work of the Kingdom, the more the things of the Kingdom penetrates their minds the less the desire to do the things they are doing wrong. The more God-like they become, they don’t work at this at all. It just comes naturally. This does not mean that they can’t stop and play or enjoy life. The idea that they can’t enjoy life with a healthy expression of Joy and laughter and so forth is a silly idea. For the sons of Isaac are the sons of laughter. God does not want a bunch of long faced individuals like some would have you to believe. But at the same time, you are not to leave off worshiping and coming together. This is not as being slaves to the church, but it is as they think in harmony with the people, they become strengthened in their nature, in the soul consciousness. And it starts getting rid of areas of error and the things that are not good for people to be doing. And begins to turn them to the things that God wants them to do.

So the Apostle Paul said that he wasn’t doing every thing he thought he must do. But he was learning all the time. He was loosing his eyesight to some degree. He wrote with large letters. Then he began to say--after I am gone---you can do this, and soon after this he was dead. John may be here. Jesus said that there would be some standing here, who will not taste of death. This was done so that Christ could establish the Resurrection pattern, that death was already a defeated foe.

Now, there were several things in the writings of the early Church fathers. I have these like the book of Clemens and so forth. And there were people who Paul spoke of who had put on areas of immortality and these ascended into the heavens bodily. The early church fathers, and the Apocalypse of Paul refer to these people. We haven’t seen any of this. But the early church saw them. They were so alive, so active in fighting the enemy, the Jews had put pressure on the officials. And when these people were thrown into the pit with the wild beasts, they became illuminated and brilliant and the aura shown around them and they then just ascended into the heavens. There is record of this in the Roman records and in the writings of the Nicean fathers. Thus we never know how many people this happened to. I do know we have a God of miracle. We are in that time when many things will happen. George Washington, in his vision, after the rioting, after the smoke as it arose, then as it all cleared up, he saw the Negroes back to Africa, the Reds back to Asia. Thus the Negro riots were the beginning of this last part of the vision. The President said he will spend trillions to rebuild the cities. But these are the ‘brute beasts’ of Isaiah, beasts of the field, your cities are burned by fire. But the Kingdom arises and you drive them out of your land.

The people armed themselves and they stopped this Negro riot. The News Media sure yelled, but this is what God said He would do.---We are in that day.

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