08-10-66 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:--What is the Biblical evidence for the superiority and supremacy of the White race. And is there any place in the scriptures to confirm this?

ANSWER:--The entire theme of the old and new Testament is the story of the superiority of the white race. There are many passages that confirm this. In turning to the scriptures we always turn to the seventh chapter of Deuteronomy. Here in verse 6 is a statement made to the Adamic race, the white race, and this is the statement:--”Thou art a holy people unto the LORD thy God, the LORD thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, above all the people that are upon the face of the earth.”

This is speaking of the white race, thus this is white supremacy if you want proof. This is the pure seed of the Adamic race, and of course the word Adam means the race that can flush red in the face, and this is the highest strain of his race and they came out of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Now the other passage in Genesis II----God created in the seventh period--the Adamic race, the starting of the bodies for the Adamic race, while in Genesis I in the sixth day he created them male and female.

Now, these were not 24 hour days, these were periods of thousands of years in length, and were areas of repopulating the earth. It says in Genesis I, verse 2,--that the earth was without form and was void, and darkness was on the face of the deep. Then in verse 1, it says that God created the heavens and the earth, and at this time in creation they had form and all the factors which go along with creation, but the Luciferian revolt in the heavens is definitely involved in this. We have thousands of years of history of this Luciferian revolt, and then God created the heavens and the earth. And then we are told in the fourth chapter of Revelation that after the defeat of Lucifer by Michael, that Lucifer was cast to earth. And here in earth were these people of the sixth day creation, and they were the Tungus people. And God had told them to go forth and repopulate the earth.

If we go back into the background of antiquity we discover that there were 30 or 40 or even maybe 60 thousands of years of relatively late history of these Tungus people. 640 thousand years ago we discover that the Tungus man was walking across the steppes of Asia, and if not the Tungus man, a continuity of that man has come down to this day. We have radio Carbon and other patterns of dating today until we know this is so. And all this was the sixth day of creation.

Now, in the seventh period we find God had rested and then he said:---’There is no Adamite to till the soil.’---the words here----that God begat Adam in his own image. In this issue, then Adam went forth with God to see all the creations, the animals and peoples of earth. And Adam named everything on the face of the earth. Then there was no helpmate for Adam, meaning no woman of his race was on the face of the earth. The MOST HIGH GOD made it clear to Adam that he was not to mingle his race line with these people of the race trees who knew both good and evil. He told Adam that he could eat of all the trees of the garden which were for food but of the tree that had knowledge of good and evil, he must not partake. This was definitely a race tree. Because of you had knowledge of both good and evil then these trees would be races that had fallen under Lucifer. And of course we are told in the book of Jude and other places that Lucifer and his fallen Angels did not keep their first estate. By this token, we discover that God established the Adamic race, even as he had prophesied that the seduction of Eve would bring about the fall of that race.

In the Epistle of John, then it says that we are not of the evil one who was the progeny of Lucifer, the son of Perdition, and here he was talking about Judas of Iscariot. In this instance of this pattern, then there is Cain who is said to be of the evil one. There is a lot of discussion concerning the areas of the allegories of the first few books of Genesis. But the Hebrew definitely proved the conformation, because of the words used ---bara means to begat or bring forth and issue, and Yatsar means make out of substance or form, or start something from the beginning. So when it comes to the Adamic race He brings forth an issue, and the word is Bara. This also explains the 82nd Psalm where He says:--”Ye are Gods and all of you are the children of the MOST HIGH.” Where He speaks of this He says:--’Ye are Elohim, the children of YAHWEH.’ So He is speaking of the Adamic race when He makes this declaration, and of course He is recognizing that all the races of earth had fallen under Luciferian powers. Thus He said:--He had determined to put His children, His own household, His Kingdom people in the earth, and the establishing of the Adamic race was the way He would do this. He would send His children from the heavens to dwell on earth in a body of flesh, thus the Adamic bodies would be the dwelling place for His children to enter as they came down to earth. The Adamic race was the vehicles for them to use to enter a physical world.

As we come in the book of Genesis after Cain killed Abel, and remember that Cain was Lucifer’s son and he had no spiritual capacities, and thru the process the womb had been mutated by the birth of Cain so that a cleansing of 7 gestations would be made. And then would come the birth of Seth, and now Adam would say, ‘I have begotten a man in my likeness and after my own image.’ So with the womb now clean then Seth was the posterity of the MOST HIGH GOD, THRU THE ADAMIC RACE.

Now, the question as to whether the scripture teaches that the White race is superior. Well, they are a superior race because they are ‘flesh of His flesh, and bone of His bone, and they are spirit of His Spirit. The Apostle Paul makes this very clear in the book of Corinthians; where he says:--’When I speak I speak to those who are perfect, and he was speaking to the white race, as he was referring to their spiritual nature, because their spirits were perfect. No man transgresses in the spirit of the spirit is perfect. He transgresses in the flesh because the soul consciousness of the mind bends to temptation, but the spirit is never corrupted. We were born of in-corruptible seed that lives and abides forever. For instance then the Apostle Paul said, we did not receive the spirit that the world received, and he also said that the Princes of this world, or the World Order cannot understand the things which are of God. If they had understood they would not have crucified the Christ. For by doing that, they lost control of all of the Adamic race who were held captive in the Netherworld, for YAHSHUA led them forth from the Netherworld.

So again, if we as race are possessors of his spirit, and are flesh of his flesh, and bone of his one, then we are a far superior race to these races which were created with their soulishness and their areas of responsibilities, but they were not spirit of His spirit, or bone of His bone, and they were not the offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD. And they never came down out of the heavens, but rather they were created right here on earth to begin with.

Then we have the words of Jesus saying that no man can ascend into the heavens unless he came down out of he heavens. But Jesus in the 17th chapter of John as he was in prayer said:--’I have given unto them all thou hast given me----’all of the Word, and none of them is lost, don’t take them out of the world, for thine they were in the heavens, and mine they are in earth.’ He is also talking of the pre-existence of the children of whom were the disciples and the household of Israel, and by this area of their pre-existence in the Celestial realms we also have the passage saying:--’We brought nothing into this world, and therefore we take nothing out of the world except the areas of conscious pattern of our experiences.’ But then God also said that He pulled down the curtain over the remembrance of the babies of this Adamic race, as they were born into this earth, because if these strangers and pilgrims who are now in the earth, had remembered where they came from, and how they got here,---they would have gone back the same way they came, after they had looked at the problems of the world that was ahead of them.

So the supremacy of the White race in one area is that we have the spirit of the Living God. In our spiritual natures, we are perfect. But we were cut off from an area of fellowship with HIM by area of transgression. But God has been reinstating that state of fellowship as thru the ages, He called to the Patriarchs and established His prophets and established His Kingdom, as He confirmed His covenants once again with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Now, Abraham was of course a truition of purpose. Because he came out of this race and God was selecting the best for the continuity and expansion of His Kingdom. But it still stands in line that the children who possess the spirit of the Living God are White men. They possess the spirit which is of God. We are out of the heavens. We came into earth and none of the races of earth came out of the heavens, for they were created here,--all except, the Negro race which filled the ships of Lucifer. We are told in the book of Enoch, that the ships of Lucifer in the days of rebellion, took the dark and curly headed ones out of a portion of the Milky Way. Then in the writings of theology of Babylon, in which they talk about the great battle between the Chaos Monster Tiamat and the Great God of the Heavens, they say that the dark and curly headed ones came in with Tiamat. Then is says that those in Babylon sought to use these for servants, but found them to be very brutish, and that they would never advance beyond that point. So this was what was said at Babylon in their early society writings about the Negro race. So there we have the pattern of the word ‘Zombie’, which is the word for Negro. Then Ecclesiastes, it tells us that when the Zombie die, they know nothing at all. So the people who have no spiritual life, but just a soul consciousness, then the word is Zombie, and that was the word for the Negro. So then, when the Zombie die, they know nothing at all. And of course, this refers to the general resurrection.

Then when we refer to the living, when they die, their spirit returns to the God who gave it. Whereas the Zombie, they are dead until the resurrection.

There is of course, a unique difference from even what is said concerning Asiatics and spirit beings, and sidereal returns, and these other patterns according to their status. For God never made a new spirit for any of the race which He created in the Asiatics as long as they were under the fall. Now the word Zombie is an interesting word. For they use the name today in Voodooism, because the ‘walking dead’ or the people today in Voodooism, are activated by witch doctors. And even their bodies are made to work at night. They are Zombies and they are put bed in daytime, so they work at night. They are referred to as the working, walking dead. So this is what Zombism consists of. This goes on in Jamaica and in Africa. Some of the witch doctors have to stay out of the light, because they are supposedly the walking dead. There is no light consciousness in them other than by some strange phenomena of witchcraft. So we see there is inner relationship between the vocabulary of the Hebrews and the patterns of the scriptures and these things.

As far as the White race is concerned, again, Jesus makes it very clear. For He said:--’Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of heaven, unto them it is not given. And if they rise to take over with power, then that power they do have will be taken from them.’ Why? Because they cannot hold power. For ‘My program is for the Kingdom, and not only shall My Kingdom hold the power, but My saints of the Kingdom shall take the Kingdom and possess it forever and forever. This repeated again and again all thru the book of Daniel. And it is made quite clear.

Now, the Communists always use this passage of scripture:--’To him that hath, more will be given.’ And ‘to him that hath not, even what he hath shall be taken away.’ So the Communist say, see--even in religion the rich get richer.’ But the truth of the matter is that the Communists are not seeing the truth which says, that to the people who have the Living God, to them more will be given, and the people who have not the Living God, the power that they have shall be taken away. This is what the scriptures mean and what it stands for under this situation.

Of course, in the 14th chapter of John, then Jesus said, ‘as far as My Spirit is concerned, as far as the Paraclete, the spirit of truth is concerned, you can receive this spirit, but the world cannot receive it, even tho it is the spirit of truth, and it will guide men into all truth. Thus again, we point out to you that the supremacy of the White race is here well established because God would not have made the error of Lucifer. By that, I mean the error of the mutation of the races and the fallen society into which he entered into and in which he created the catastrophe and violation. And yes, God said He would emerge forth out of the race that He would come as Messiah God. So for God to come to earth as Messiah, and emerge out of the Adamic race, this meant the Adamic race had to be His progeny, His family, His household, spirit of His Spirit, flesh of His flesh, and bone of His bone. Had this not been true, the Holy Spirit could not have procreated the body of Messiah with the Virgin Mary. Because this is a pattern of theology that remains for all times. So therefore, when God produced this body for the Messiah out of this race, there was no mutation of the line. There was no crossing of blood. This race had to be one with Him in the beginning, for this was the work of the MOST HIGH.

I think that these passages should be sufficient in themselves in proving and establishing that the children of God were the household of the White race. And that this is a Holy seed, and a superior race. Because God said:--’Ye are a Holy Seed and I have placed you above all the people on the face of the earth,---tho all the earth is mine---.’ Then also Webster says, ‘Holy’ comes forth from God. And if that is the case, then the Holy Seed had to emerge forth from God, and God is quite clear concerning all this.

I think this should answer that question, but we might pint out that we are not going to cite that all the White race is led with wisdom which they should have. I am very much disgusted when the government pays off lying with honoring by a celebration----speaking of the Watts riots. On the 12th, which is this week, is the anniversary of the Watts riots and they are going to celebrate with parades and so forth. And Sargent Shriver of the Peace Corps, is coming to Watts to celebrate and lead the parade as Grand Marshall. He says if the Negroes had not started something, they would not have gotten anything. So he is thinking they will get government money to rebuild what they destroyed in the riots. We have kooks like that and we even have a president who is like that. But these people are sort of casualties in this battle. Then the U.S. News, comes forth to show areas of this. And it tells of troubles in Minneapolis as the governor and others tried to alleviate the problems and the Negroes rose up and cried for more and there was more trouble. And the even the Negro ministers rose up and said, either you accomplish this by tomorrow night, or we are going to burn, burn, burn. So you see?--You have a totally irresponsible people of second class citizens who come from a background of Cannibalism. And they went into those areas of irresponsibility in Africa, and other places when extremely warm and humid weather comes along, they go out under witch doctors, into their dances, and then they go fight one another.

In the U.S. World News, this week, we learn of the concern for the total failure of Black Africa. Where is the total failure of Black Africa coming from? Well, we cited that in the first place, as the U.N. and the world revolution is driving the White man and his terrible oppression out of Africa, and as the Negroes take over the rule, they find that when the hot weather comes along, then the Negroes go into their tribal dances and one tribe doesn’t trust another, and they start a war with each other. Now all Africa is swept with inner tribal wars. And the White man is keeping out of it. And now only areas of Africa that aren’t falling are areas such as Rhodesia and South Africa where the White man still rules, and where he makes them obey the rules, and where he taught them of Christ. So today they are citing that the whole U.N. program is a failure and either the Russians will come in or else the White man will have to come back. But in the meantime, they are still pushing for black rule in Rhodesia and South Africa. Rhodesia today is better off than all the other countries of Africa where they drove the White man out. Then to top it all off, the Jews are pulling all the silver out from under Britain. And since the pound sterling is tied to the military block of the American dollar, then we have been trying to bolster the pound, and then eleven days ago, we put 900 million dollars behind the pound Sterling. We put gold behind the pound sterling and the Jews are pulling it out and taking it to Tele Viv. So today then Britain is so near bankrupt that she can’t fight a war with Rhodesia. So you see, Rhodesia has already won and behind the scene then Britain will try to do business with her. This was the areas of Communism and Socialism in the government of Britain that was at odds with Rhodesia. So they are caught in a trap that they have set.

QUESTION:--What type of monetary system will the Kingdom have?

ANSWER:--Well, first what kind will it do without? The monetary system of usury of Babylon, of course, is going to fall. One of the strange things is that even tho hard money such as gold and silver were used in Bible times, and throughout all periods of time, actually the production of goods was the backing of the country. So money was used to move goods and you could save it or use it to buy goods in your old age, etc. The actual pattern was that the great curse was on ‘usury’. And the scriptures cited that those who charged areas of ‘usury’ and those who make money with money rather than money by production, were the ones under the curse. The scriptures were rather clear on this and so were commentaries on Biblical Law. They cited that if a man put up the money so a farmer could buy seed and put in a great crop, that the profits of the crop could be shared by the man putting up the money because this was not usury which was condemned by the MOST HIGH. And of course this was just putting his money to work. Whereas money is put into an area of manipulation and where it is grown on misfortune and areas of big usury, that was condemned by the MOST HIGH. And of course the areas of this are quite extensive.

Now, of course, we have had this area of manipulation extended until we have no gold or silver left. We have a few silver coins in our pocket, but the Federal Reserve is removing them as fast as it can and melting them down into bullions. And the Federal Reserve is selling them at twice their coin value. Now, we have 12 billion dollars in gold left. And these dollars must be kept to make the dollars in circulation good. In otherwords, we have 13 ½ billions dollars and that is the smallest amount of currency we are supposed to have. But we have already slipped 1 ½ billion in that area. And now we are in an area of inflation. Then also we say that we will honor all the dollars that have gone over seas, so all those people can demand their dollar back in gold, even tho we as American citizens cannot own gold. Pretty soon we won’t be able to own silver either.

Now, France has been going crazy with Penay of the House of Rothchild and DeGaul following along this course. But they have now demanded three billion two hundred million dollars. And I understand that the government is going to give it to them, for it says it has to give it to them. So there goes more from that twelve billion. Well, we do not have to do this for we could freeze all gold and silver in the banks and pass an act of Congress and tell them they could pay back all the war debts they owe us first. That would be a good thing to do for we have not collected on the war debts for W.W.I as yet. And here they are calling back the collateral which they used to put the bite on our gold values with. Now we find that the Federal Reserve wants us to move into the World Monetary fund, which is the World U.N. Bank. And actually this is in the plan of world government thru the U.N. activity and it is seeking to get us more deeply involved and we find that there are 13 ½ billion dollars today in Europe in large amounts in France and especially Israeli and some of it is in the Swiss banks. And they could take every bit of gold out of this country if we continue to honor dollars with it. Therefore our money would be absolutely worthless and we would be broke in a day. The reason they try to hide this from the people, is because people of the United States would be rather stupid if they said, ‘We will just do without money and we will be peons.’

Well, we are the country that has the goods and has the technology and the manufacturing ability. We have the raw materials also. Now the cry is coming from small businesses and from small bankers, and from the people. And they say we better get a U.S. Bank. We better have a dollar in circulation for every dollars worth of good. We better move into a position where they can’t take all of our gold and silver into Europe when they have never honored their war debts. This has created a lot of trouble and the U.N. is trying to push the world controlled bank on us. At the same time, the Federal Reserve is not putting out any money for loans for real estate loan companies which they also own. And then they can extract a greater bite our of what remains in the hands of the American people. In the small loan companies, it takes 6 ½% to 7% for handling a loan. And then 7% interest on the loan, then 33 1/3 % has to be available in collateral before you can get a loan. Thus they are trying to pull the final curtain down on the United States Monetary System and force us into the U.N. Bank. And this is all a part of the program of the Beast System.

Now, the scripture tells us that when things get so bad, then will come the cry of labor and all other forces of the American people. And then, God tells us to get out of Babylon before she falls. Now, make no mistake about it. The things they have tried to do has been to push too fast. And the people in America are beginning to wake up. And even Congress is doing some thinking in the financial centers. And if they push us too far, someone will come up suddenly with some new monetary system. We have plenty of money printed if we go into a new monetary system that is available. And now, Congress is not willing to go into the U.N. plan of a world bank. If we did that, we would cease to be a nation and we would become a subsidiary of a World Empire. And then every Negro tribe of Africa would have as much vote as we have in the U.N. setup. After that, they would resend the veto power of the Security Council and that would destroy what little protection we have under the U.N. So under this program we can say that over in Revelation, when it talks about the fall of Babylon, we feel that the time is getting close.

In Revelation, it says in chapter 18 verses 20, 21:--’Rejoice over her ye Holy Apostles and Prophets, for god hath avenged you on her. And a mighty Angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying, ‘Thus with violence shall that great city, Babylon, be thrown down, and shall be found no more.’

So, it will not be a Sunday School picnic when Babylon goes down. Rather with violence shall that city Babylon be cast down. At the present time, the stock market is wavering and stocks are losing. Going up and down, but loosing more than progressing. So this is an inflated deflated period of uncertainty. The Airlines are in trouble, as there is a strike by the mechanics for higher wages. But the Airlines can’t pay more wages unless they charge the higher air fares, and the government would let them do that. It is a vicious circle and this is a major catastrophe. But the Congress moved to put the power in the hands of the President to correct this. However, the President hasn’t used the power because he is afraid of the Unions. The head of the Union said, ‘We will call a Universal strike and we will tie up this country in every facet of it even to food. And unless Congress backs away from their position, we will throw them out of office and put a Congress in power that will bow to our wishes.’

Now there is another side to this. When men at the top of labor such as Walter Reuther who was trained in Moscow set up this situation, then they plan to pull the final string. But if they move this way then the people could cry out for food. And besides, Labor has to live in the cities and they will need food, and then Labor can cry out. For if big Labor get too big, and is bigger than the government, then the people of Labor will say that Labor has to go.

So we are watching this Luciferian monetary system work itself into its final trap. And as things progress, it will be setting forth a strange picture for this period of time. But God said that in all these things, He would take His people thru and they are to come out of here and be not partakers of her sins and receive not of her flesh. Because this Mystery Babylon, with her economic status, is bad all the way thru. Of course, God talks about how they have gained control of all major industries and also all areas of Labor. And yet, Labor will find that she is caught in the web and then the rank and file of Labor will rise up with violence against their Labor leaders. Well, most of the Labor leaders are Jews. So we won’t miss them. But there will be violence when Babylon falls.

QUESTION:--If Christ was the embodied God, then why did He say Father forgive them for they know not what they do?’

ANSWER:--This is showing the humanity of the Christ. The fullness of God dwelt bodily in the man Christ Jesus. But in the instance of His Messiahship, the thing that He was sacrificing was His human body. The Spirit of the Almighty left Him, but at the same time, His human spirit communed or prayed with the Spirit that fills the heavens and the earth. This was the fullness of God in this work, make no mistake about it.

Again, within this pattern, He was not talking about the Jews. Here Jesus was talking about the Roman soldiers who had to do this. And He was stressing forgiveness for them as they did not know what they were doing. They were only following orders. However, the Jews did know what they were doing, for Caiaphas and the other high priests, were talking together and Caiaphas said, ‘It is necessary that we kill this man because if we don’t, He will ruin this Judean nation that we now hold in our power.’ So they plotted how to put Him to death. They knew what they were doing, as they talked to Pilate and as Pilate wanted to set Christ free, but they said, ‘Let His blood be upon us and on our children.---but we want Him killed.’ Then Pilate said, ‘But He is not guilty, I will set Him free.’ And then the priests said, ‘If you set Him free, then you are no friend of Caesar. We want Him killed.’ So these of Jewry who were also the sons of Lucifer, were calling for the blood bath of the death of the Christ.

Of course, the purposes of God were ultimately fulfilled, because before the foundations of the world, He had told everyone of us that this would be the ultimate cause and He would be the Lamb of God slain before the foundations of the world. Thus He told us before the foundations of the world, He had made this promise to us that He would be the Lamb slain. And He had already blessed us with all spiritual blessings in all heavenly places. So we have this area of declaration.

You remember when Jesus was talking in the 14th chapter of John, and He said, ’It is necessary that I go away, but in my Father’s house (in the spirit) are many dwelling places of the spirit, Mansions of the soul. If it were not so, I would have told you.’ Then He said, ‘The way ye know, and where I go ye know.’ Then instantly, Philip said, ‘Show us the Father.’ And Jesus said, ‘Have I been with you so long, Philip, and you don’t know Me? He that hath seen Me hath seen the Father.’ In otherwords, there is no other Father---only me. I am the fullness of God dwelling here embodied, right now. No one can come to the Father except by Me---and I am right here.

What the disciples did not understand yet, was that they had come down out of the heavens and thus:---’Where I go ye know and the way ye know’ but this knowledge had not as yet been brought back to their spiritual recognition and their remembrance. But when THAT SPIRIT OF TRUTH would come, it could bring all this knowledge to them. One thing the Christ has promised, is that when the fullness of Spirit finally dawns on the entire race, it will be in the hour of His return, or in that short work of righteousness before He returns. For at that time, we shall see as we are seen and know as we are known. And these things shall come back to us in a flash in those areas of recollection.

So God does some remarkable things in the areas of vision and the areas of understanding because He makes known to His ministers and to those He calls at times. He renews the patterns of yesterday by His Spirit. And we see and feel the things of yesterday as tho we were witnessing them. And many of these things we see so clearly in reality that later as we come upon passages of scripture that confirm these things are true before we knew that these passages existed. Before we saw the book of Enoch and the ultimate patterns of his writings, we had several times caught the visions that Enoch tells about, of the heavens and the people and the thrones. And we caught these patterns so vividly. Then we discovered how Enoch was taken so far out into space, and how the messengers first came to Enoch’s house and told him that YAHWEH wanted to see him. And we see Enoch go in to tell his sons and daughters good-by and how he pulls down the curtains of his house, and they goes outside and gets into that great spaceship and then went into the sky. This is what the books of Enoch tell us. And they tell us about how the great ship went out over the ends of the earth. But first before leaving this earth, they went into the inner earth. And then thru the planets of our solar system and then into the Pleiades. And he tells of the vastness of space and of the coming and goings of people and ships from every part of the Universe. And he asks about some of these people and he learns that, here are some sons and daughters just like himself, but as of that time, they had not dwelt in earth. But these were coming and going from the far flung planets and they were worshiping the MOST HIGH GOD. These were people who were also created and who were placed on various stars and sons of course, who had planets. Enoch was told all these things.

So in the areas of Enoch’s experiences, he was told to write these things in a book and we came later on some of these things in his books that he had beheld. But actually, we had already seen those things ourselves. So again it was just a conformation. The Apocrypha of Paul written by the Apostle Paul, tells about the things he saw when he was ushered into the heavens and into the presence of God. And the Apostle Paul said, ‘I know a man who went into the heavens and he went into the forth heaven. And he said, whether in the spirit or in the body, he could not tell, only God knoweth. So this proves once again that the Celestial realm is not unlike the physical realm in that a man cannot tell whether in the spirit or in the body. This is also pretty good evidence that there isn’t any death either, for the soul consciousness passes into the spiritual body. Paul thus could not tell which body, but he knew that he was there. He told of the heavens and the people and ships coming and going and God told him to go back to earth and write all that he had seen and heard.

In the areas of this, the Apostle Paul goes into quite complete descriptions and in the Apocalypse of Paul, he tells about what he saw and heard while he was out in the heavens and as he came back again. So we do discover that the Holy spirit brings all things to their remembrance and does bring to you the knowledge of all truth, even tho there are vast areas of time that we have lost contact with. The spirit has not lost the contact. For the spirit is perfect and it never forgets. After all, we were back there with HIM when He created the heavens and the earth and that’s a long, long time ago. The scriptures say that the Morning Stars sang together and the sons of God---all of them---shouted for joy when God created the earth. And that is a long time ago and we were there. But then again, this is a reflection on the patterns of time.

QUESTION:--Your stories of the experiences of Enoch and of Paul are so exciting. So where could you find these books?

ANSWER:--You can get the books of Enoch, and there are various versions of them. Some of them have more and some less of the scrolls of Enoch. You see, at the council of Nicaea, they did not allow the books of Enoch or the Apocalypse of Paul to be put in the scriptures. Because these books told many things. In the Apocalypse of Paul it is clearly stated that there is no perdition and no hell. And these areas of the superstitious working upon the people by their priesthood is denounced by God Himself, thru Paul, to the early church. And the Apostle Paul was told all these things and he wrote them for later generations. He was told that all of Adam man’s works will be cast upon the ‘Man Christ Jesus’, or My embodiment in the flesh. So if all of man’s works are burned up, still he would be saved by the Grace of God.

The Apostle Paul also writes all of this in the book of Corinthians. But he had the whole story given to him and he learned that there was no flaming hell and no perdition. Nor was there any of the patterns that were superstitiously being augmented to capture people minds and hold them impoverished, from the Great Grace of God and the knowledge of the Faith. So this all existed in the Apocalypse of Paul. But the Catholic Church took this knowledge and ruled it out and threw it away, because without purgatory, and without all this perdition, they didn’t have any control over the people. This was their operation of control. Then later the Apocalypse of Paul was found in Armenia and some of those books had been scattered in Europe. And when the Catholic Church found this out, they put out another version of the Apocalypse of Paul, and this version was, I think, put out by Pope Leo. But anyway, in this version, they removed all areas of this book pertaining to no perdition and no hell and so forth. And they added the wood of the Cross and all kinds of monkey business.

In 1868, there were some of the Armenian version translated into English and these were of the original text and not the ones which the Catholic Church had gotten their hands on. I had an Apocalypse of Paul when we were meeting in the auditorium down on Figaro Street, and I left it locked in my car. And that evening, after I go home from the meeting, and I was taking my Bible and other things out of the car, I found that I didn’t have that book. And I never found another one. However, I do have a Catholic version. And if you have read the original, you know how to get around in this one.

QUESTION:--Why are there so many version s of some portions of the scriptures, such as in the case---’In my Father’s house are many mansions.’?

ANSWER:--This is an area of the problem of translating the spiritual verity into an articulate language as such. And to do this with semi-spiritual darkness which is what they had to do, when they translated the King James Version. But as far as this area is concerned, the LORD God is One. They just tried to divide up God and put one god along side another god. But in the original text, this is not correct. There is only one for ‘I am YAHWEH--thy YAHSHUA.’

QUESTION:--How should it read then--’In my Father’s house are many mansions?

ANSWER:--Well, ‘Agra-Numa’ is the spirit of matter. And many, many times such as this ‘Agra-Numa’ is the spirit that filled Him because the fullness of God dwelt bodily in the Christ. And this Spirit is Father of the flesh. And as far as that goes, is the Father of all that we see, as spirit pre-existed before matter and spirit holds matter together. You can dissolve matter and still the spiritual plain exists. But when He referred to this, then He is speaking as Messiah--the man, and as the Messiah, then He says, ‘In my Father’s (spirit are many Mansions and if it were not so, I would have told you.) Or in my Father’s house are many dwelling places of the spirit and soul. In otherwords, the spiritual house is the dwelling place of the soul. The Apostle Paul said, ‘I know that if my body dissolves, or if I die, I have a house not made with hands, eternally in the heavens.’ This was his spiritual body, begotten by the MOST HIGH GOD. It wasn’t made with hammer and nails, it wasn’t made by hands, this was his BEGOTTEN HOUSE. Thus absent from this body is to be present with the LORD. There is no cessation of life or existence or continuity with children of the MOST HIGH GOD. There is not so many of these mistranslations as you would think. However, I think there are about eight of them.

QUESTION:--Something about---Jesus looking at Jerusalem and said, ‘I would have gathered you as a hen does her chicks---’your house is left to you desolate---’Blessed is he who comes in the name of the LORD.-- Did He say those things?

ANSWER:--No, no exactly. He was lamenting even the sight of Jerusalem for even the ‘rocks cry out. There were people in Jerusalem who would acknowledge Him. They were the Israelites, but of course, those in power in Jerusalem were totally against Him. And at this time, at this point, He would curse Jerusalem. Back in the book of Jeremiah, He says to the prophet, ‘Pick up that earthen vessel and break it on the ground.’ And as the prophet does this, He asked, ‘Can you put it back together again?’ And the prophet says, ‘No, it is all in pieces and in dust.’ Then Jesus says, ‘So shall it be with Jerusalem and its inhabitants. Never shall it be put together again.’ So you see, He was not talking about Judah, but He was talking about the Jews in control of Jerusalem and all of their catastrophe, their idolatry, and their apostasy. And He said, ‘Never can it be put together again.’ And in this sense tho there was to be a temporary rebuilding by some of Judah and Benjamin. Still a mixed company would come in and HE, at this point, WAS SHOWING THAT THIS WAS NOT THE SPOT WHERE THE KINGDOM OF ISRAEL WOULD BE BUILT, or where HE was not going to utilize the restoration of Jerusalem. Of course, after the return of the Christ, that whole country shall be leveled not like a new place and fresh water will run out and the Dead Sea will be a fresh water lake. Then of course, it will not be like Old Jerusalem either. However, you do not by His pillars, that He was to be given a new land and it was not the land where He was then standing. Rather it was far beyond the water. In this instance, in this passage where Jesus says, ‘Oh, Jerusalem, I would have gathered you like a hen does her chicks etc.’ This was as He sat brooding over the site of ancient Jerusalem. More over now the people who controlled the nation were not the true vine.

Another thing --this passage is a unique thing for it is found in some versions, and not in others, so we assume that it was in the original. This is just like the last of the book of Mark and in Matthew also, --these verses were not in the original when Mark was alive, they just were not there at all, and they were put in long after Mark was dead by two Jewish Priests. So we do have some of these passages, and we do have these in Italics, because in the New Testament script it was apparent in some and not in others. But this passage we can allow for its value.

QUESTION:--What about Jesus going to take his place on the right hand of the father?

ANSWER:--That does not mean the right hand of the father, that is the Scepter hand of authority. In other words He assumed the scepter hand which is the right hand, they just had to put in the father in there, as they had put it in other places.

QUESTION:--I do not understand this--’Fullness of God walking in


ANSWER:--Well, having ascended into the heavens and having conquered the grave ---His humanity delivers the fullness of the Kingdom back into the hands of the spirit, so now the spirit would be the fullness of God. Now this passage is not properly translated, but it is still--spirit, soul and body the oneness of God. Just like you are spirit, soul and body for you are made in the image of God.

It was a hard thing for the early church when they translated this and then the Jews came in to help the translation and they tried to divide up god and they did not translate it correctly, but it is still there as ---”Hear oh, Israel, YAHWEH THY GOD IS ONE LORD.”

In the 43rd chapter of Isaiah, He makes this declaration--I am YAHWEH---I YAHWEH AM THY YAHSHUA.----I am God thy Father, I am God thy Savior, there is no other God.

QUESTION:--Well, then do the Jewish people just have their translation of the Scriptures? (This same lady had been asking these questions.)

ANSWER:--The Jewish people do not have a translation of the scriptures. The Jewish people stole the Old Testament and their Rabbie wrote the Talmud taking out the supernatural factors from the Scriptures, making a perverted religion. Jewish people are not Israel.

QUESTION:--What do you mean, they stole the Scriptures?

ANSWER:--The Jewish people stole the Scriptures from the House of Israel, who today are the Anglo-Saxon, Normanic, Scandinavian, Germanic, Lombardic, and Basque people. But they stole it way back in the days when they came into the Temple at Jerusalem when Judah and Benjamin were trying to rebuild Jerusalem. This was in the days of the battles of the Maccabees and the Hycranus people. And this was the time when they perverted areas of the scripture. After this they produced the complete Talmud. The Babylonian Talmud of today is the Jewish bible. But it is not the Scriptures at all.

QUESTION:--But Jesus condemned the tradition of the Elders?

ANSWER:--Well, that tradition was the tradition of the Jewish Elders of that time. It was not the tradition of Israel. This is the reason why there is so much twisted scripture. In fact, the Talmud keeps right on changing and never stops. They are still writing the Talmud today. They---in their Talmud---say that Jesus Christ is a devil and then they say that the Devil is god and that we curse him.

But Jesus said, ‘Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do.’ Jesus told them this in the 8th chapter of John and they recognized this. And they recognize this in their discussions.

In the areas of the scripture, to answer the passage which is brought up, about the MOST HIGH GOD, for instance, this is “Thus saith YAHWEH--the King of Israel, Redeemer, YAHWEH OF HOSTS, I am the first, I am the last and beside Me there is no god. And whom as I shall call and shall set in order, I have appointed the things that shall come to pass. So fear not, neither be afraid, for I told ye from the time that I declared unto thee, that ye are My witnesses. Is there a god beside Me?---No, I know not any.”

See---there is no one seated along side of God. In otherwords, remember in the book of Revelation, when the spirit said to John, “Come up hither” and instantly, John is in the spirit. And immediately, John looked at the throne of God and ONLY ONE SAT ON THE THRONE.

Now, think back to the first chapter of Ezekiel, and there we find that Ezekiel was called out to be a prophet. And he goes out on the plains of Shinar. And as he goes out there, he sees this great space fleet of objects flying over this plain. And out of this fleet he heard a great roar as of the sound of a mighty waterfall, and out of this fleet he hears the sound of a mighty trumpet. And he hears coming out of this fleet, the voice of the ALMIGHTY GOD. And then this fleet comes down and settles on the plain of Shinar and here is Ezekiel, and he is just as curious as he can be, and he comes right up to look at this fleet, and he sees a great door in one of the ships open up and they roll a great throne out of this door. And Ezekiel is standing there looking at this throne and he sees that around this throne is the color of a rainbow as it looks in a storm. It has the green coloring matter which is the photosyntheses which produces the light of Life and so forth. And then Ezekiel sees that the throne is covered with a beautiful golden ray like unto amber. And then Ezekiel says, ‘One sat on the throne and He was like unto the Son of Man. (YAHWEH-THY YAHSHUA.) And Ezekiel realized that this was the Eternal Spirit of God. And Ezekiel fell on his face. But then he heard the voice and say:--”Stand upon your feet, for I want to talk to you.” And God said to Ezekiel:--”I want you to tell My people Israel the things that I declare unto you.” And here also only ONE sat on the throne. Then in the days when Isaiah came to Jerusalem, and the days when King Uzziah died (Isa. 6), as Isaiah came into the Temple in Jerusalem, he beheld the LORD, high and lifted up. And he saw Angelic beings, Seraphins with their wings, standing on either side of the MOST HIGH GOD and they said to one another, ‘Holy, holy, holy, is the LORD of HOSTS.’ Then Isaiah sees these Angels standing around a throne, and he sees the Archangels, and he sees the whole picture of effulgent emanations coming from HE who is the center of this and this substance. This Glory almost bulges the door of the Temple and comes inside, and the Angels say, ‘Holy, holy, holy.’ Isaiah looks at this whole picture and he sees only ONE sitting on the throne. So the idea of a Trinity is not Christian, rather it is Babylonian.

QUESTION:--Well, then, ‘Ye are Gods, and all of you are---.

ANSWER:--No, no. That is taking about His family, talking about us. The Spiritual entity which is existing is the Elohim and that is you and your kindred. God turns to the Elohim and says:--’Let us make Adam in our own image.’ And He begat this body of Adam so that the sons of the Eternal God could pass into the flesh thru the progeny of Adam as they increased. So therefore, in the 82nd Psalm, it says:--’Ye are Elohim, and all are the children of YAHWEH.’ So if God had children, then they would be Gods.

QUESTION:--Well, then who is going to be saved?

ANSWER:--’All Israel shall be saved.’

QUESTION:--Well then, do the children of God have to be saved as we think of it?

ANSWER:--The children of God only need to be saved in the areas of their physical bodies, as this is the area that transgressed. In otherwords, we did not transgress in spirit. We transgressed in soul consciousness in physical bodies. Now in the areas as we transgressed, we were held captive by Lucifer and he had the power to hold our soul consciousness captive in the Netherworld until Christ came down as Messiah, was Crucified, and then went into the Netherworld and preached to the souls of everyone from Adam down to that time. And then He led the captive sons out of the Netherworld and brought His many sons on high, and not one son remains in captivity in the Netherworld today. Those remaining in the Netherworld are the devils Angels and those of the fallen races. And now they can move into the whole of the Netherworld today. But He redeemed His people Israel. Then in the New Testament, as well as in the Old Testament, the scripture says that ‘All Israel shall be saved, as it is written.’ He will take away the ungodliness of Jacob. After all, the Grace of God is the biggest thing in the Bible there is to tell about. The Grace of God, the nature of God, and the love of God, because God not only loves His household, His family, but He says in the book of Isaiah, I would give Egypt and Africa for you.’ (Isa. 43:3)

Then He says, ‘Ask Me of things concerning My sons, command ye ME.’ He says they are going to come to set the captives free. They are going to accomplish this thing. The day is coming when they say, ‘the whole God is in Me. He said that this will happen because this is what I have ordained.

Now, the areas of God’s Grace reach out and accomplish these purposes in the nations of His Kingdom. And we sometimes find that where areas of theology according to some movement exist, that they want everyone to conform to their thinking and what they preach and teach. And if you do not, they want to burn you up in some sort of perdition. Now they are allowed to teach and preach all of these things. But by the true pattern of God, this is not true.

QUESTION:--What is the condemnation then?

ANSWER:--What is the condemnation of who? There is not going to be anyone who will not be saved when God gets thru with His program.

QUESTION:--Not even the colored people?

ANSWER:--The colored people in their own style and their own time, will be taken care of. For the scripture says all flesh will be saved as it is written.

QUESTION:--In spite of everything? Isn’t there punishment?

ANSWER:--Yes, there is chastisement and there is punishment. And that is in an area that we don’t altogether understand. In the book of Revelation it tells us about punishment and some people think that we are going to sit around as tho at a great football game and watch people burn in this lake of fire, forever and forever. And they say that we are saved, and we are going to sit with the Lamb on His throne, all of us saints, and watch these people burn and be tortured forever and forever. Well, I would rather go fishing. I am going to tell you something. In the scripture it tells us that John the Baptist said that Jesus would baptize you with fire. And the word is given in Greek for fire, and that is Shekinah Glory. That is the fire that purges out all error. And it fills people and burns out error. And there is a certain kind of turbulence because people don’t want to let loose of these false theologies of error. But nevertheless, the man is saved. Just the error is burned out. Did you realize that in the book of Revelation wherever the word ‘fire’ is used, that means that the wisdom of these people is going to be refined by the Shekinah Glory. And this Shekinah Glory is going to remove all the errors and purge all this out of people. Instead of fire, this is God’s Holy Spirit.

QUESTION:--Then why are we always worrying about people and things?

ANSWER:--We aren’t worrying, we are praising.

QUESTION:--(couldn’t understand her question)

ANSWER:--The fact remains, that as far as the areas of operation are concerned there is a big difference between the years and ages when these people were in their wanderings and being far away from God and in knowing the Grace of God. Now, in a sense we desired preachers in this period of time and yet the preacher wouldn’t know the areas of God’s Grace, so he would preach that you are saved today and then you get out and get lost tomorrow and so forth. One wanted me to come over to his meeting because he thought I was a man who studied his Bible. So I said, ‘How is the meeting going?’ And he replied, ‘Oh, it is wonderful, we have just saved thirty-eight people.’ I said, ‘Oh, you saved thirty-eight people. Were they members of your church or newcomers?’ He said, ‘Oh, they are our members and they were also saved last year.’ Then I started to smile. And I said, ‘Now what you meant was that there were thirty-eight people in your church and when the Evangelist preached, then they realized that they were sorry for what they were doing, and they were going to quit doing those things. But you said they were saved again, and I say that a man gets saved only ‘once.’ He who believes that Jesus the Christ was the embodiment, or if you prefer ‘Son of God’, and if you don’t believe this then you aren’t saved. You realize do you not, that the Grace of God is final and complete. It is fine to get these people back on the right track, however, we don’t have this problem, because when we teach the operation of Grace, we know that when a person makes a mistake and is sorry for it, then he isn’t out until the next evangelistic meeting.’ Then I said, ‘God is going to save all Israel, all His people. The Grace of God is a big thing.’ And this man then said, ‘If I believed that, I’d go out and have a good time. I’d go out all over the world and do all things and have a good time.’ I began to laugh and I said, ‘It doesn’t look like you have been saved does it, for there isn’t much spiritual connecting there. And there is not much transformation is there? You talk about going out and having a good time, aren’t you happy being a Christian? We are so much happier than the people who are not Christians. We are happy with THE WORD and the things of God, that we wouldn’t begin to want the things of the world. And yet, you say you would just go out into the world and live like those of the world if you are going to be saved anyway. You are going to use up everything you have on the face of the earth. And it indicates to me that you think that living like the world does, is better and would be more fun.’

Then I said, ‘A son or a daughter of God who comes to the realization that YAHWEH is God and knows His Grace and knows the magnitude of what He has done, and knows the mysteries of these things, then that person behaves better and better. And the more he learns the more he wants to learn. And pretty soon, all he wants to do is the work of God. This is what comes over a man, because it renews him, and it regenerates him, and it rebuilds him.

On that note, the preacher got up and left. Then later, I saw him again and he said, ‘I made a fool of myself didn’t I?’ And I said, ‘Oh, you did?’ And the man said, ‘Don’t you remember what I said the other day, that I would go out and live like the world? Well I wouldn’t do that. I wouldn’t go out and live like the devil for I know too much about the Grace of God and what He had done for me.’ So I said, ‘Well, what about those other people? What makes you think that you are better than the rest of your congregation?’ You see. These people think they get a second chance, a third chance. When it really isn’t chance at all. There isn’t any chance in it because HE WHO DID FOREKNOW, HE WHO DID PREDESTINATE AND WE EVENTUALLY WILL MEASURE UP TO HIS IMAGE, AND THE LIGHT AND THE GLORY OF GOD WILL BE SEEN ON US.

In the book of Isaiah, is says:--’Arise and shine, thy light has come. The Glory of God will be seen on you.’ Now, some people die before this happened to them. But they are going to be resurrected and they will still make it. And they will finish the work they were put on the earth to do. And God’s light will be seen on them because God is complete. He is completion. And at no time is there any area that will not reach completion. This is the reason why Peter, when talking to that crowd in Jerusalem, said that heaven was to receive the Christ, until the restitution of things as spoken of by the Holy Prophets, since the world began. This is a Big Gospel

In fact, even the devil, Lucifer who was called the ‘sun of the morning’, and he was one of God’s four great Archangels, even Lucifer, will change his mind. Now, Lucifer said that he was not going to acknowledge that God would have sons and daughters that would be greater than he was. And in his rebellion, went all his perfidies, his obnoxious rebellion and his violation of law, and his lusting after the gold and silver and all areas of the lust of the flesh, and all the patterns of error. But remember when Michael in fighting Lucifer had cornered him down here and yet wasn’t allowed to say not even one railing accusation against him. Then one day Michael was going along and Lucifer jumped on Michael and he said, ‘Where is the body of Moses? I want the body of Moses.’ And Michael was telling off Lucifer in pretty strong language, but the LORD spoke up and said, ‘Now never mind Michael, you must do this. You cannot say these things about Lucifer.’

Why? Because the day is going to come when the nature which was called Satan, the fallen away, or devil is going to be wiped out, purged and destroyed. And God is going to get His Archangel Lucifer, beck in the fold. And in the day when Lucifer’s works are going to cease, then it’s going to be pretty hard to put him in a torture chamber and torture him anymore. Because now he is acknowledging the MOST HIGH.

Did you realize that in the book of Revelation it says that the day will come in the heavens above and on earth, and even down in the Netherworld of perdition, that everyone is going to be singing praises to the MOST HIGH. Now, when the Netherworld sings praises, then that is quite a transformation. But this is how big God is. And ultimately this is how big His plan is as it reaches out.

But now we have to live in the time element. And within this time element, we have the forces of Lucifer to contend with who have captured the earths nations and races, and have caused catastrophe, and are seeking to take possession of the physical world. And we resist these forces because we have been told to resist them. We are fulfilling our responsibilities as this is the time of our life span and our living. And we fulfill our responsibilities as we occupy. We would shoot them if it was required. We would fight them if that is required. And if they will obey the law and fall in line, then we would preach to them. For this is the pattern of the Kingdom. This is the Kingdom and it is flexible. It centers on the laws of God, the Grace of God, and the love of God. Therefore, we recognize and function with these things. At the same time, we realize that the hoards of Russia and the Asiatics are going to fall on the Kingdom. And that there are to be so many killed when they come against us that it will take seven months to bury them. It tells us this in the book of Ezekiel. And yet, where could their souls go that God could not find them? They couldn’t go any place in the Universe but my Father can find them and find them He will.

So again this reaches out into the area of tomorrow in our theology but there is a lot of truth in this also. In the book of Timothy, for instance, in six places it talks about all flesh, all men, about everything. But in the meantime, He keeps talking about the ‘apple’ of God’s eye, about My people Israel, My people Israel which I love---I will redeem Israel first and thru Israel, I will reach the world.

Now, He was not talking about the Jews, because they hate His name and curse His name. And in the book of Jeremiah, chapter 31, He says:--’I will make a New Covenant with the House of Israel and the House of Judah after those days. And I am going to give them a heart of flesh, and I will put My Spirit in their hearts and they shall know Me from the least to the greatest.’

Now, what He has done with the House of Israel and the House of Judah is what Peter spoke about. This is what was spoken of by the Prophet Joel, and then in the book of Hebrews. The Apostle Paul said, ‘This is the New Covenant that He has made with the House of Israel and the House of Judah.’ You see, the House of Judah is the Germanic people.

In the book of Ezekiel, it says:--’All Israel---In the House of Ephraim and Joseph, and all Israel his companions, and the House of Judah and all Israel and his companions and God said:--In the latter days I will make them one stick in My hands.’ And then we will turn against the hoards of Russia that are coming.

QUESTION:--But aren’t some of the Russians White people?

ANSWER:--The White people of Russia come from the seven Princes of Germany who went in to conquer the Mongol hoards of Genghis Khan and the Aryan people who went with them. After Genghis Khan died, his sons was in charge of the Mongols of Asia. He was the Czar-Khan so the Princes of Germany as well as some of the Nobility of Finland went into Russia and conquered it and took possession of the throne. And they had Princes on that throne up to the time of the Communist take over and King George I of England was a cousin of all.

Then when the Communist came to power they liquidated the people who were White in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. And today the people are a mixed up bunch and there are no White people as we know as a White seed left in Russia today. The same thing is true in the Ukraine. All the true seed has been exterminated leaving only some of their mixed up seed. This is the sorriness of the Communist system.

QUESTION:--Aren’t the Jewish people white?

ANSWER:--No, the Jews are not white. They don’t even refer to themselves as being white. The Cainanites are the lighter ones because Cain was the son of a White woman and Lucifer. But then Cain went out into the Akkods and married the seed of outer races and that seed was Luciferian.

QUESTION:--You mean Eve gave birth to Cain?

ANSWER:--Yes, to Cain. Eve gave birth to Cain, and Cain was the son of Lucifer.

QUESTION:--(a lady) The devil?

ANSWER:--That’s right.

QUESTION:--Were not Cain and Abel twins?

ANSWER:--No, Cain was the son of Lucifer, and Cain killed Abel. In the book of I John 3:12, it says that Cain was the progeny of the wicked one. Remember that God said that it would take seven gestations of the womb to cleanse it. This was the law. That is why none of the descendants of Adam and Eve were acceptable for the Kingdom until Seth was born. That is why that in the Old Testament it starts with Seth as it lists the posterity of God’s household. This is found all thru the areas of the scriptures as far as Lucifer is concerned, and the Cainanites.

Now, the Cainanites who came from Cain were the most abominable of all the Cainanites. And God said:--’I have a war with them thru all the generations.’ Now this wasn’t the Canaanites that came from Ham, because Nimrod was the descendent of Ham and he was a White man. And Ham was a descendent of Seth and on down thru Noah to Terah, who was Prime Minister under Nimrod. These were all White men---Adamites.

QUESTION:--When Jesus was talking and said, ‘How can you escape the damnation of hell,’ was He referring to hell for them only?

ANSWER:--No, the word for ‘hell’ is Sheol or the grave. In otherwords, Jesus was saying how can they escape the damnation of destruction. He said that they would not receive Him, but the patterns of Judgement would come on them. When Titus the Roman came against them, they held out and they wouldn’t give up their money and they even ate their own children. So Titus destroyed a great number of them.

QUESTION:--Was this judgement for the Jews of all times?

ANSWER:--This was those He was talking to.

QUESTION:--Why did He then refer to them as the offspring of the devil?

ANSWER:--Now, wait a minute. You are getting mixed up. Tho how anyone could have heard this so many times and not absorb it----------.

I will explain this one more time. In John chapter 8, Jesus is talking to these Jews who were Cainanites. And He said:--’Ye shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.’ They said, ‘We have never been in bondage at any time, we be Abrahams seed.’

By that statement, they proved they were not the CHOSEN seed of Abraham or they would have been in bondage in Egypt, and in Babylon to Nebuchadnezzar when he captured the two tribes, and Sannacharib when he captured the ten tribes. Thus they proved that they were not the true seed. They were not of the ten tribes of Israel or the two tribes of Benjamin and Judah. FOR THEY HAD NEVER BEEN IN BONDAGE IN ANY OF THOSE PLACES.

Now, the actual statement here should say, “Jesus said:--I know ye say ye are Abraham’s see, but ye seek to kill Me because My word has no place in you. I speak as I have heard, but if Abraham were your father, you would do the work of Abraham. Yet ye seek to kill Me, the One who tells you the truth.’

Now, you do the deeds of your father, but they say, ‘we be born not of fornication, we have one father, even God.

Then Jesus says:--’If God were your Father, you would love Me. For I came forth out of God. Neither came I by Myself. Why do you not understand My speech--because you have no capacity to understand My words. Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning.’ And here He is referring to Cain, so these were Cainanites.

Then Jesus continues:--’And he abode not in the truth, when he speaks a lie he speaks of his own, for he was a liar from the beginning. He is the father of a lie, and the truth is not in him. When I speak the truth, you believe Me not.’ Here Jesus was talking to the Cainanites, Jews on Solomon’s Porch. This holds good for all ages however.

QUESTION:--Then this applies to all Jews---and when He speaks of the damnation of hell doesn’t this apply to all Jews?

ANSWER:--but it does not say that here. That is another passage. But as far as destruction is concerned, the Jews keep their destruction in all ages. Actually, they cried out about Hitler. But the Jews were running all over Europe at that time. They were also running all of Europe at that time. They were running the brothels, they controlled the areas of usury and every loan company. They were grinding the German people down, so the Third Reich rose up. And Hitler rose up and said he would give the people a money system not controlled by the Jews. So the people followed Hitler. And when they had an election, then he was elected overwhelmingly to the Chancery, because they were for the program that Hitler advocated. Now remember this. The Reichstag was burned to the ground by the Jews. Then the Cainanite Jews realized that they couldn’t run the economy of Germany, so they got out of Germany and they went to Austria and in the Slavic countries and then they said that they were destroyed in Germany. And they were not even there. Then when Hitler went into Austria and other Slavic countries to set those countries free, remember that they had been a part of Germany at one time, and those people were happy to get rid of the Jews. Now these are the facts.

I do not have any special love for Nazism because I did not live in Germany and this wasn’t my problem, for I am an American. But I’ll tell you this. If the Jews hadn’t committed all these vices, and all this viciousness, if they had not run their usury into the ground where they were getting 30 or 40 percent interest, if they had not been pushing dope, if they had not been running every lecherous system, they would not get into trouble. This is why they always get into trouble in every country they go into.

So Jesus said, ‘You bring on this damnation on yourselves all the time. Of course, they control the press, radio and the television. And they told us that 6 million Jews were put to death in Germany. But most of them got away to America and South America. There, many have been, some of them Communist spies, and they were caught and put in prison. But those are the facts. Now, no one can say that every so often they don’t get a terrific jolt, but actually, the German people are the true Judah of the Bible and they know this. And of course the Old Testament scriptures in the book of Zechariah prove this.

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