08-12-64 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:---How do people react to God?

ANSWER:---Well, they react to Light. Essentially everything reacts to Light. Everything in the creation has to react to the creation. But the Creator is not a reaction. He is a causation. Even for HIM to think or to design, or to process, is to put it into operation. No--God does not react to people. He is the Causation. However, God directs responses which you might call reaction. But it is only the cycle of human perception and request. After a man finds a need in which he reaches out to God, the discovery of such a need originates with God who stimulated the consciousness of the individual. Therefore, prayer doesn't start with man. It comes forth as an impulse from God. Comes to an area of cognition of need within an individual. And returns as a cycle of completed awareness, and God answers this. Where as an individual who just on his own, asks as he wants something he decided, without a particular purpose or impulse starting it out, then this is what we call 'cycling prayer', this is a Gimmi (give me)prayer. There are lots of these prayers. They didn't ask because it was constructively necessary but just because they wanted it. So some of these things just depend upon the initiative of energy other than a whole long focal chain of events. But remember is directly Causation not Reaction.

QUESTION:---What is the Biblical position on divorce. And how did it effect this putting away of these outsiders that Israel married and brought in?

ANSWER:---We answered, or discussed Divorce about a week or two ago. And it is on tape.

QUESTION:---Well, I want to tie this into one book so I can answer people on this.---

ANSWER:---Now, lets put this into proper focus. The Bible position on divorce is really an involved subject because there are all kinds of situations and conditions. Also one must recognize where as there are within the structure of the law--many situations. But we will talk here about divorce in an overall sense. No marriage made between an Adamic man and an Asiatic is even recognized in heaven. For instance, it is not a legal marriage. It is only a contamination, an abomination. And unless these strange women and their offspring are put away, the person is not only out of adjustment, but the curse of God rests on their remaining. Therefore, this divorce has no spiritual factor involved. There isn't anything in the Divorce law which is outraged. But the quicker you send them away, the better. There isn't even an area of economic responsibility involved in this as before the Kingdom, such a thing is an abomination. Even the approach unto the Adamic race on the part of others, as far as they are concerned, in advance, but under the status of the Law of God--is a curse, for His and His Household.

The Book of Ezra out quite plainly outlining, that the greatest curse in all scripture---there is no transgression higher or greater than the violation of the race law. The reason for this is that the physical envelop is the container for the spirit to enter. Therefore the Sons and Daughters of God enter the world by the physical process of birth. But the Spirit as it came in, isn't a baby spirit. It is a full grown spirit. The ego consciousness is the resident awareness of the individual mind which can reside n a physical body or a spiritual one. And therefore, this can be a brake in experience, in its consciousness, in its perception, because of its first awareness of its environment. But the spiritual consciousness was with the Father before the world was framed. Thus is ego consciousness of the individual does have contact with the remembrance of the spiritual existence such, the preservation of the physical container which is not only the offspring of God in a physical establishment, because God produced a physical offspring when he produced Adam, and then He brought forth Eve out of Adam, separating a portion from Adam to produce Eve,--One flesh--One Race. This was then, flesh of HIS flesh, and bone of HIS bone. In otherwords, God is Spirit, soul and body. He did not become--body--.HE is Spirit, soul and body. He can move into any dimension whether it be a light frame, whether it be a conscious plane, merely a thought plane of conscious perception, or whether it be in a physical dimension of His Own Universe. So God is ---the same today, yesterday and forever---spirit, soul and body. He can move into any one of these planes. Or can enter into anyone of these planes by combining and transferring the energy of His being, by any process, and still His consciousness would reside in it. This is of course the Mystery of the Virgin Birth. The body of the man Christ Jesus was not actually a new body, for this was the body HE had before the world was framed. But it was just synthesized again, and brought forth in the Ovum. This is why it was called an Immaculate conception. This is why this was God of God. It had to be this way to be a Lamb without spot or blemish. And the Adamic race had already fallen.----thru which HE would make his entrance. But remember the most important going from the Book of Genesis on down, you are not to intermingle with the trees of the knowledge of good and evil. Of all the trees which are for fruit, you can eat. But the race trees, you were to totally let alone.

In other words, I have provided thee with all essentials for the tree of My Household, My Family, My Issue. This is the reason then that the fall of our race, this transgression which was the violation of Divine Law--is from the reaching outside of the race. Bringing on the seduction of Eve and the production of Cain. But this was not a divorcement. -- It was an evil Satanic seduction and never recognized by God. Therefore because of this, the cleansing of the womb and the non-acceptance of a line pure enough to carry out the destiny of the spiritual seed of the Father--until the birth of Seth--there was no one to carry on this seed line until Seth. Thus Seth, being the seventh gestation, was now acceptable. The cleansing of the womb was accomplished and the contamination of Luciferian contact was now out of the way. And the seed of the Celestial house was now in Seth, and a pure affinity between Adam and Eve, the offspring of God---for the production of physical bodies of the household of the MOST HIGH was now re-established in earth. Therefore, this is why Adam now says:--"I have now begotten a man after my own image and after my own likeness." Up to this time, no child had fulfilled this factor. Not even Abel. For the curse of condemnation was upon him as well. And he, altho he had a nature more like his father, and presented right offerings, still he was not acceptable, as far as being able to carry on the line and become the seed line for the posterity of the race out of which emerged----YAHWEH-God, Himself. Thus Abel was not in the scope of the measure.

All thru the scriptures the most stringent judgements were placed on this stepping outside of the Race. If anyone is interested in scriptures on this it is in the 9th chapter of Ezra that it says:--"These things were done, and the Princes came to me." Now, Ezra was the prophet. And very stringent, strict prophet was he, who was desiring only that which God wanted for His Kingdom. The people of Israel were in trouble. There had been no rain, and even the Princes and the Levites had not separated themselves. Segregated themselves from the people of other races. Ezra said they were doing according to the abominations of the Hittites, the Zebesites, the Hivites, the Ammonites, the Moabites, the Egyptians and the Amonites. All the pagan people of the world. Therefore, they were intermingling with these people. And the moment that you intermingle, you commit abominations. In otherwords, other gods were brought in. And all their life and vitality is tied into evil. and they are vile and vicious.

Now:--I as going to just go across into another verse in this 9th chapter and show you this:---(Vs:11)-- "the land into which you go, to possess it, is an unclean land with the filthiness of the people of the land, with their abominations which they have filled it, from one end to the other with their uncleanness." So here is a declaration of God that these people are filthy in their thinking, in their background, and in their life. To live with them is filthiness, and to join God's people to them is an abomination. So God makes this statement:---"Give not your daughters unto their sons, neither take their daughters unto your sons. Nor seek peace or their wealth FOREVER." If you want to eat the things of the land or leave the land for an inheritance for your children, you better obey these commands, or what you have will be taken away from you.

Now:--as he talks about this, then Ezra sees that Israel has taken daughters of the pagans for their sons and the holy seed thus has mingled with people of other lands.--In the Miracles of mitosis and the carrying forward of the seed line of the vessels of the MOST HIGH GOD----for we are the children of Adam after the flesh and therefore we are the children of God, after the flesh, and God is willing to acknowledge this as He says:--"you are flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone." He tells Paul this in Ephesians, and of course, we are also spirit of His Spirit because we were begotten first by His Spirit. ---Incorruptible seed. Before the world was framed. So therefore, the procedure which is the miracle of the Mystery of God transferring His Kingdom from heaven to earth by the process of birth. Having first been begotten in the spirit. And now begotten in the physical world by the breaking of the water, and emerging from the womb. Thus the Celestial children also enter into the world by birth.

In this instance, therefore, the entire bodies of the Adamic Race have a higher wave length of perception. The nerve vibration levels of perception, consciousness, and induction are different than any other race. There are many people who do not realize this and lots of doctors do not. But there are neurologist who study, especially brain waves.--Some of them at Heidelberg, Germany today. Some of them in Scandinavia, and some here who know this. But over here we have too many Jew psychiatrists. And that is rather another name for a witchdoctor rather than a scientist. Whereas over there they make a very careful study of the convolutions of the brain and of the energy impulses. And they trace it out thru out the entire body and they make diagnosis in this way as to whether or not there is an imbalance here which has effected the glands or any part of the body. They are very advanced in this area of psychology and neurology. They were working on this long before W.W. II. But over here average psychiatrists try to be a psychologist rather than a neurologist. We have all kinds today of men who have gone to medical school. Sure, they have a degree in psychiatry, but the mechanics facets of this, and finding its relationship to the thought patterns as well, because they have to know something of spiritual origin or at least have to know the difference between the wave length of race perception,-- these fellows turn into psychologists to try to analyze what type of repression or fright or scare, or what happened to the individual at sometime which gave him a complex. And so they go this route. And then excuse everything on the basis of this complex. But they actually produce no area of healing, or at best sometimes do relieve guilt complexes by creating a fictitious area of thinking within the individual. Where as actually, a guilt complex is Lucifers job. And other people may put them on, but at the same time no one has to carry any guilt complex as a child of God when he understands what happens, where he is, and what time it is and so forth. But in this instance there is one transgression which injures or mutates and destroys the Kingdom. And that is when you marry outside of your race and bring these pagans in. There is no greater catastrophe outside of wars, than for our sons to come home, say from Korea, or Japan, and bring pagan wives. We have already participated in sending some of them back home. Telling them to go away and take these Mongol children with. This is---with no ands, ifs, or buts. And even the Chamber of Commerce sent some of these cases to us for counsel. We don't counsel them with fictitious patterns for it can't work. Some of them say: Oh some of them get along pretty good. We, that is because these women have been raised in a sort of slavery background and they are slaves to their husbands. And to some degree they get along because they are a slave. At the same time, this man has no affinity with his slave. Remember that. And even tho he may be attracted physically to this point, yet this is an evil thing. This is evil because it is sowing a mixed seed into our race. and should be sent home.

So having heard of this trespass, Ezra gathered the people and they trembled at the words of the God of Israel concerning this trespass,--this great transgression. And Ezra said he sat astonished and in fear at the evening sacrifice. And he said:--'I am ashamed and I blush to lift up my fact to thee that such an abomination should ever have been committed by Israel. And therefore, since the days of our fathers has there ever been such iniquities. Even Kings and Priest have been delivered into the hands of other lands. But now we see these delivered into the hands of other lands. Delivered to the sword and to captivity, and to confusion of face.---That which produces this mixed up mulatto looking people. All this is the result of this violation of law.

"Now for a little space let thy Grace shine upon us. Give unto thy remnant thy law. Revive us out of out bondage. What must we do?"

The only thing they could do was send them away. And they couldn't keep the children either. "Should we again break thy commandments, and join in affinity with the people of these abominations? Wouldest not thou still be angry with us?" Yes,---If this were continued. Then soon there would be no race left here because of the judgements of God.

'O YAHWEH---God of Israel, thou art righteous, for we remain even tho we have trespassed."

So Ezra, after he had prayed, then assembled before him a great company out of Israel. And --'And Shechainah the son of Jehiel, one of the sons of Elam, said unto Ezra:---"We have trespassed against YAHWEH, and taken strange wives of the people of the land. Yet there is hope in Israel concerning these things. Now therefore, let us make the covenant with YAHWEH our God, to put away all the wives and such as are born of men according to the counsel of YAHWEH our God. And of those that tremble at the command of our God, and let it be done according to the law."

Do you know what happened in the days of Moses?--24,000 men took this mixed multitude that came with Israel--out of Egypt. And this group of Hittite Kikes who tried to join themselves to the Israel Exodus---24,000 men of Israel took wives of these people. And when Moses came down from the mountain and demanded that they be put away---there might have been as many as 25 or 30 thousand of them, but--24,000 did not put these wives away. And God told the Israelites what to do with these 24,000 and ---their heads were cut off. YAHWEH said:--'Liquidate them, wipe them out, don't let this evil seed destroy this people.'

Now: don't let anyone come along and disturb you about this saying, what about Divorce laws. Because there is no such thing as divorce laws in this matter. This is just bestiality. This is abomination. People have to realize that these other areas have to measure up to the standards of Gods Household. Whereas the Creator is determined to restore Israel to the position from which they fell. and to get everything in order. But for a Celestial family just because it is in earth, to mingle with other races, is a violation of law beyond all others. The reaction and impact it has, both on the individual and on all concerned in the frame of society in intense. And it sets up whole waves of wrong thinking, whole vibratory waves of induction in the areas of temptation as well. And this is what scripture says:---'Abomination has spread thru the land--because of this abomination, this race mixing.' "So they did according to the law---Then arose Ezra, and the chief Priest, and Levites, and all Israel, to swear according to the Word." Thus these people did as they were supposed to do. And by the way, it started to rain right away. And it rained so hard they almost became frightened at the amount of water that came down.

"Then all the men of Judah and Benjamin gathered themselves together, it was the 9th, month, on the 20th day of the month, and sat in the street of the House of God, trembling because of this matter, and for the great rain. Ezra the Priest said:--"Ye have transgressed, and have taken strange wives to increase the trespass if Israel. Now therefore make a confession unto YAHWEH, God of you fathers, and do HIS pleasure. Separate yourselves from the people of the land. and from the strange wives." Thus again this was necessary in Israel to cleanse the land.

In other passages of scripture, it says outlandish women, and this comes from the word Outlander, which means from out of the country. That is where we get the word in our language today---Outlandish is something that is beyond conception,--something not wise--extreme. Therefore outlandish. "And all the congregation answered and said with a loud voice. As thou hath said---that we must do." Now there were many people who had thus transgressed of Israel. "And among the sons of the Priest there were found that many had taken strange wives. Namely the sons of Jeshu, the son of Jozadak, and his brethren, Maasiah, and Eleizer, and Jarib and Gedaliah. And the gave their hands that they would put away their wives. And being guilty, they offered a ram of the flock for their trespass." So all of them who had taken strange wives sent them and the children away. And if it was found that some kept their foreign wives and children, they were taken out and executed.

Note this:--when God spoke to Moses, after giving him all the law, he said:--"Altho the law is violated, My Grace and My Mercy will follow you still." If in the areas of this violation of law---there are areas of human emotion, and there are great moving impacts of condition, environments, and adjustments.---And He takes into consideration, all things. And when a person realized he has made an error and appeals in his heart for mercy, then God says:---"My Grace shall follow you." But for this one transgression, the catastrophe would descend upon the children to the 3rd, and 4th generation and to the tenth generation and on because you get this mongrelization. this unassimilated offspring. And what can you do with it? In otherwords, it isn't as tho God can forgive a trespass--here you ave something which does not have a proper affinity to God, and the proper affinity to the race form which he came. But He must be shoved in that direction because that offspring must be put out of the Kingdom. So therefore, generation, after generations---this condemnation continues. And even if bred back into the race, it would take 9 whole families,---a generation of 9 whole families losing their status inside their society, to absorb this one mongrel. So no one was going to do that either. So when people talk about after 1064 then there were no longer ten generations, so all can come into Israel, they are fooling themselves. You just start counting and remember all the people between here and then were out ---so no one in Israel would want to do this. The fact remains that this is why God made the race law so stringent. As I point this out, this is not to be confused by the Divorce Law. This is strictly a race law where the marriage is not recognized in heaven. And has no pattern of affinity. There are laws concerning marriage, and there are laws by which there was a Mosaic legality for the putting away of a wife. This divorce law was based on infidelity. There are two things which I want you to recognize under the laws of Moses. The laws which were given to Moses were strong--strict laws. But in the ten commandments--"Thou shalt not commit adultery", had nothing to do with infidelity inside the race. This was the law about intermingling with other races, or the adulterating. The word is adulomos, meaning the cohabiting with one of another race. So that law---"thou shalt not commit adultery'--means thou shalt not cohabitate with another race.

Now; there are laws given in Israel. Laws of conduct apart from these 10 Commandments which call for fidelity in the marriage relationship. And if gave the legality for the putting of a person away where there was strong evidence to show there had been infidelity. However, if they were taken in the act under the law, they had the right to stone them to death. They didn't have to do this. But they had the right to do this, because this excessive judgement was to discourage this act. They would by even fear---then retain a higher moral standard. This was not always done because of the areas of human nature, and the violations of Divine law. Often the male was forgiven, and also the woman. Altho the woman did not have as much status in the matter as did the man legally. But the thing is, the person would forgive and that would be the end of it. The very moment he took again, his wife, for himself, no longer would he have any basis in the matter of infidelity, for action. But he had acted in Grace. God speaks of the violations of law by Israel as His wife. And he said:---"I put thee away but who can show me a bill of divorcement? Thou are my wife, I am married to thee." This then shows God dealing with Israel with Grace. In the Book of Revelation, He shows the Lamb's bride as the 12 tribes of the children of Israel. This put these silly preachers in place who say that God the Father is married to Israel, and Jesus Christ, the son is married to the Church. And they have one people for Israel. Another for the Church. But there isn't any basis for this. Instead, this is what we call ecclesiastical gymnastics. They set these things up. And then set charts over it and they have a doctrine. But the thing is that as far as God was concerned, HE had basic laws. When the Sadducees came to Jesus to try to make trouble, they thought to trap him using the Mosaic law. But being the embodiment of God, He had given the laws of Moses and the commandments. He has given also areas of the law and He had also given areas of punishment. And the punishment was as to whether it was an act against God or against the or against the social order. They still had the right to punishment, but working within them was the spirit. Jesus often said:--'Moses said you can do this and that. And you can. But I say unto you that you only put away your wife out of the hardness of your hearts. In otherwords, if you are honest with yourselves, you remember that all men have sinned and come short of the Glory of God. Therefore, you wouldn't divorce a person for the act of infidelity particularly because of an unforgiving spirit. For this would be by the hardness of your heart. Because I deal with you with Grace, and you all know that you have all transgressed. You have all looked upon another sex and even in the patterns of the mind would have given ascent to any of these areas of these social occasions would have transgressed with them already. The word here is 'belpre' and does not, and is not, the pattern of cohabitating with any other race in the Greek of the New Testament. This is a matter of an English translation of a word. This is not dealing with the same thing. In this instance, Jesus said:--'When you put your wives away, you do it because of the hardness of your heart.'

Now:--I have extensive volumes of law on this matter. You would be surprised. But probably 15% of all the questions that people come to preachers with for consultation, is about pressures of the hour, and the problems which grow around infidelity, suspected infidelity, or areas of unbalanced social reactions. Always the results of the pressures and the conflicts, from the times, and the situations we have about us. As long as we have Babylon in our midst, as long as he is parading all the patterns of evil, as tho these are normal, they are going to have problems. The thing is Jesus said:--'I don't tell you to divorce at all---but there is a legal ground for divorce. If you have someone who is going to continue in infidelity and tho you forgive them 70 times 7, and still they continue in infidelity, then actually, the great transgression, under the law, was for one man to have to raise another mans son. In otherwords, for seed to have to be raised of another household, but not of his line--this was a social injustice. and economic injustice. And in some areas of the Old Testament, the consummation of the violation of law had a free requisite built upon it as to ---was there conception. And this was the fine point they were arguing in the days of Jesus. The Sadducees were all a vicious round of rascals and they were breakers of the law, but oh so holy in public. For instance, Mary Magdalene was a popular woman. She was not a harlot in the general sense. She was a very wealthy, influential woman, an Israelite of the race. She entertained great numbers of people. And she had been known to have been promiscuous. But the fact remained, she was not a harlot in the sense of being a prostitute. And some of the high society even of Israel had associated with her. But now when she accepted Christ, she left this old life. And the Sadducees knew she had become a very devout follower of the Christ. And was one of the close friends of Jesus. They knew that Mary Magdalene and Mary, and Martha not only served the Christ at every opportunity, and devoted their time to assisting the ministry of Jesus, but helped in every way they could. So the Sadducees thought they would accuse her before Jesus and use the Mosaic Law and have her stoned to death, because she supposedly had violated the law of Moses. But in a strict sense Mary Magdalene was never married (not to an Israelite). And this was another factor involved. She had come of a wealthy house. But still they were going to charge her and get her stoned because she had associated with men who had been married---in her past. So in this instance they brought this charge before Jesus. He knew these rascals. Here were some of these men who had even been involved with the very one they were accusing. The woman under this law could, however, never charge her accusers. She didn't have too much right in this matter, the way they ruled in Palestine. So Jesus just looked them over and wrote in the sand---'he who is without sin cast the first stone.' These rascals thought they would trap Jesus. For he could not set aside the Law of Moses. It would have to be obeyed. But God only sets aside the judgements of the law when he has softened the heart of the individual to think with spirit and wit vision. But He does not set aside the law as an issue. So Jesus said:--'alright then, we will perform the law this way. So he wrote in the sand:---'He who is without sin cast the first stone." Then Jesus looked at those men, and suddenly they realized that Jesus knew all about them. So each dropped his stones and sneaked away. Then Mary Magdalene fell before Jesus for mercy because He was the Prophet-law-giver. Jesus said:--'Neither do I condemn thee--go--sin no more.' So here in this instance, only God could lift with Grace and apply the principal. And this was what He was doing.

Now:--where there is no compatibility, or you have the process of infidelity and this continued refusal to comply, then there is left no alternative but Divorce. In most instances the incompatibility of individuals will not even comply with social law,--demonstrates no real area of affection, isn't concerned about the children or anything else. And this thing continues. Then you have no alternative. This putting away is acceptable, even in the high level of the church. Even in the Ecclesiastical order. This is an acceptable expunging out of the household of such a man or woman. Today, there is a little more flexibility. A woman can divorce a man by our laws. Especially since the property factors and everything is involved in our modern society and everything is as intense as they are. Actually, there are many things which in a discussion like this, if I tell you the truth, and then this tape goes across the country, then there will always be someone who is always trying to make trouble for the tape. People don't want the truth. They want the Ecclesiastical notions of their own denominations. So this is a hard question to discuss because there was no limit on the number of wives a man might marry, as long as he wasn't taking another man's wife.--unless she had been put away without justification, and was free. In otherwords, they could marry one wife, or five wives. In otherwords, there was no limit to the number of wives a man could marry except he had to be able to support these wives and sustain and educate and assume all spiritual and moral obligations of a father as it related to the children.

Now:--especially is this true thru out the history of our race. In fact, this was the pattern down thru the time of the great patriots, and on down thru the ages. Then as the race multiplied, the ideal symbol was not polygamy, but it was the practice of monogamy which was now the pattern. One man--one wife--they being one flesh, which was again like Adam and Eve. However, there was no forbidding of more than one wife. Prior to this it was more or less the practice.

Now:--in the New Testament era, under Christianity, under the development of higher Christian values, after the atonement was consummated, and all transgressions had been taken account of, then Adam man was under Grace in his original condition before the fall as far as the legality of this status in concerned.

Now: the higher the spiritual level, the better it be that they maintain monogamous. And because of this then a Bishop was to be the husband of one wife. It specifically tells you this in the scriptures. A Bishop was to be the husband of one wife. Now there were those in early Christendom, in the early church, who had more than one wife and there wasn't much thought about it. But gradually this thinking continued. And if it was good for a Bishop, then it was good for all others in the order. There was no area of celibacy within the church as a spiritual requirement. Nor was there any order such as in the Catholic church today, to go into the convents and become sisters, nuns, and take their vows. This did not occur until after Jewry had invaded Christianity and sowed the order of the Vestal Virgins of Babylon into Christianity. For the Vestal Virgins under Baalism went in as novice and took the order, pledging themselves to Baal. Therefore they could never marry and always remained as the bride of Baal. This was never incorporated into Christianity until this Jewish penetration came in.

Now; in all fairness, when they entered into these orders in the Catholic Church, they took the oath of celibacy. And in the rituals now made, they became a bride of Christ. Therefore, dedicated to service and holiness, in celibacy all their lives. But this was never a Biblical order. It was a man made order which was established. And we do not say that these people do not live holy lives and have not followed thru on the responsibilities they have assumed. But this built up a whole area of individuals who were totally separated, to become cloistered residents of church property and church operation, in much greater numbers than their need for any areas of service thru out the orders of the church.

Now; the church in its original pattern was to draw its people out of any of its families, from all its people, to serve Christ in any way needed. The ministers were never forbidden to marry any place in the scriptures. The laymen in the church were responsible to do the work of charity, as to the visitation of the sick. The early church laid hands on men called Deacons. They all laid hands on women and dedicated them to the special service in the church to the sick. Altho anybody could help the sick, or clean their houses, or bake for them, there were some however, who made special missions of this, helping people everywhere in the name of Christ. And they were those of the order of Deaconesses. We find this in the second century before the order of Nuns and sisters was ever set up. And all their spare time from their own homes was spent doing the work which a Christian community could render in service to other Christians. To people in need, people who were sick.

I have all the areas of basic Catholic doctrine. Not only St. Thomas of Aquittus, but also St. Augustine, and so forth. And they were quite honest going to the root of these doctrines. And this was a man made area of theology which was not always a healthy one. But it has been complied with in many areas. Of course, we know that lots of people come along and lay charges that these vows are not kept. And I will concede, that in some cases they probably are not. For there are human frailties and things like that. And after all if you get an imbalance of natural law and divine purpose, you are going to get heavier areas of temptation in any procedure. But I will not condone nor condemn other than to say that Baalism was transferred into Christianity. And then rewritten up with a new background. Most people carry out of the best of their ability what they think is the highest status of their churches requirements in the service of Christ.

Now in this same pattern also many laws were set up in side the church as to what they would and would not permit, in the areas of marriage. So intense eventually became church factors that the church refused to marry many who asked. In Rome for instance they refused to recognize any marriage made outside of the church. They refused to recognize a marriage unless it was a ritual inside that individual church of Rome. And other marriages were classified as no marriage at all, and Rome cited that the people were living in transgression. The church termed this living in sin if they married outside of the church. Today there is some modification in this, and they are beginning to concede that all Christians are still Christians even if not Romans therefore a Roman Catholic can be married to a Protestant as long as they are believers and the marriage is under the consecration of the holy spirit at the time it was made. And that it was made in full intent. And the marriage vows were kept .--so today they recognize that marriage. In fact they will not recognize a divorce today even tho a Catholic tries to divorce a Protestant , if that marriage was with one who was confessing Christ, and had been baptized, this is real tight yet today, event ho there have been modifications and changes. So remember that in most of these of divorce, the Protestant church had made various laws, the Episcopal church set up high standards and they would not recognize any divorce except in the areas of infidelity , and then only when it was witnessed, and well established in this matter. So we have these problems, and there are questions of spiritual law which I don't want to get into tonight, as to also the affinities that never existed, and areas of emotion that have largely been constituted from wrong conditions and environments having their impact. Thus there were marriages never made in heaven any way, and when broken or separated they would never have worked as marriages in the full sense of the Matter.

Generally the Race has one vehicle to perform, it was to produce the multiplication thru mitosis of the physical bodies in which the Celestial children of YAHWEH would dwell. There fore this demands high standards, high moral values, and this is why racial purity is a must.

QUESTION; I want to know the exact difference between this man created on the sixth day and Adam on the seventh day, so I can explain it using archeology and other facts, and also about the Negro.?

ANSWER;--Alright--the difference between the Tungus man of the sixth day, who was

an Asiatic people, who were here 600,000 years before your race even came along.---and these people fell under the Luciferian rebellion, in the finals of that fall about 73,000 years ago, as the great impact of the Luciferian rebellion came, Negroes were brought into earth by the Luciferian ships which were battling in outer space. And when this final catastrophe made Lucifer earth bound in our solar system, he may have had bases on Mars, and Saturn before that, but when defeated by Michael and driven to earth then he started to completely take over the races of earth like the Tungus man, and so forth, and then their fall took place, but the Adamic man did not come along until about 7400 years ago.

Remember that all of these things were a part of history and cycles. Then on the 7th., cycle , on the Sabbath as YAHWEH rested from all the things he had made, he looked out on the earth and said:--" Behold, there is no Adamite to till the soil." This was on the 7th., day, and the word Adam which is the word for the white man is also the word ---for "Issue of God", in the earth. The words are Bara--used here and not YATSAR --thus you are a begotten issue not a formed image. So therefore instead of just being formed out of the elements of the earth they are a begotten offspring of God. So all the people of the earth were created --in the earth--except the Negroes who came in with Lucifer. And some people who are mutations like the Polynesians out in the islands, and some of the off color patterns. But Lucifer gathered the axmen and swordsmen from the various planets in the Milky way . All of this is in the books of Enoch, and is confirmed in the scriptures. There is no doubt about it, for Lucifer brought them to earth. And then he started the violation of crossing of the species with the Negroes----Mongrelization, and this brought contamination , but our race was put down here after these catastrophes. Adam is the Issue of YAHWEH and we are HIS LIFE, HIS BREATH, AND HIS ISSUE. This is why as the genealogy of Jesus is given in the book of Luke that this is traced back to Seth to Adam who was the son of God. And this is the only genealogy which is an important one , and not a vain one in this whole book is of the Adamic Race. This is important---that we know who we are, and from whence we came. And so the Adamic race is the household of God transferred from heaven to earth, specifically of a different origin. The word creation should not be used concerning the 7th., cycle for this is "Issue". thus on the seventh day YAHWEH brought forth Adam and then Eve from Adam. Remember there had been races and catastrophes which enveloped them in the beginning of Lucifer's war, and that catastrophe may have been effecting our earth for millions of years. For instance we know that there was a catastrophe between the first and second verse of Genesis I when the whole earth became without 'form and void', and darkness was upon the face of the deep. This is what Jeremiah described in the fourth chapter under the inspiration of the spirit when God brings back to his remembrance the things he saw when he was with HIM before the foundations of the world was framed. So he tells about how civilizations disappeared and you will note that the Tungus man was told to go out and re-populate the earth,

Now; the Adamic man was also told to go out and increase and to procreate, for the program of God's was that he was transferring his sons and daughters from heaven to earth thru these Adamic vessels. And of the increase of his kingdom there is to be no end.

Now; there is a limitation on how many people the other races can produce for no new spirits have been provided since their fall. But our race, the spirits are coming in from the Celestial planes into the Physical , and already we are as the sands of the sea shore, and the stars of the heavens. The Celestial children of the father are beyond all numbers, of all the inhabitation of man upon the face of the earth, since the multiplications of time. So nobody can outnumber us as far as the universe is concerned, but here in earth we are now only 1/6 of the worlds population, where as once were only one mans family.

QUESTION;--What are those two words again in Hebrew?

ANSWER:--one is Bara--Issue, and the other is YATSAR-to mold , make or created. In other words , one is made out of the elements of earth and shaped and formed an God gathered the electrons , the protons, the substances together, and by HIS WILL formed man and breathed into him the breath of life and he became a Living Soul , and he starts out but he is not God's offspring. He is here the Creating Father--not the begetting Father. They are not his relatives they are his creation, and we are his kinsmen and his offspring.

Jesus in his physical consciousness--speaking in the 17th., chapter of John said:---"Thine they were in the heavens, mine they are in earth". None of them is lost but the 'son of perdition' .---"They are not of this world even as I am not of this world, but don't take them out of the world, keep them in it." Why was not Jesus of this world? ---He was the God of the Heavens. In other words he came --born into earth only because we were here. The Apostle Paul explains that to us in the second chapter of the book of Hebrews. He found it out after he was taken back into the heavens, and had these things brought back to his remembrance so he would not forget them, and could come back down here and tell us. That was his commission, that is what he did. So we have had this reiterated to us once again. God has taken messengers up --re-educated them to suit himself, and sent them back down .Seth told us this, and Enoch did the same , and now the Apostle Paul told us these things.

There is never anyone who understands this truth, and perceives what the Bible teaches that will accept doing away with segregation, and never will he quit. And once America discovers this it will sweep the country, in fact it is already sweeping, and then they will never get you back to thinking as the world wants you to think---once you understand this.

Now, this causes consternation in Ecclesiastical circles because they want to solidify their thoughts and they don't want to go to 'line on line, and precept on precept.' Some of these fellows think it is kind of comfortable to say:--'I have finally arrived at all truth. There is nothing more. So here it is, we have it codified, and that is that.' This gives them a sort of Ecclesiastical smugness. And they also say:--'we will only preach a certain amount of this to our parishioners because you couldn't take any more. Therefore, we keep this a secret in the Seminary and you depend on us and don't question us for any more. This thus, gives them a permanent authority, and they hold this authority not because they are the channels of Gods wisdom, but because they have solidified a total area of what has been permitted, what is not to be permitted. This is Priestcraft whether it is from the Methodist or Baptist churches or wherever you find it.

Now, the way of God is that--I will lead you wave on wave, line on line, precept on precept. He says:--'I will pour out my spirit on my sons and daughters. I will raise up my ministers, raise up my principal men. But their job isn't to keep this a secret, to hold control over the people, but to convey it to the people until the truth makes the people free. It casts out fear and expands your horizons--Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.'

Someone said:--Well, pretty soon we will know so much that we won't need you any more. Ha--No because remember that the channel of vision with which God provides the truth, the end of which can never be obtained in this present era--in the things He has proposed and planned "eye hath not seen, nor ear heard"--thus reaching out into the endless tomorrows, and you are going to discover that there is no end to the greatness of His purpose, the majesty of His Grace, the Mysteries of His Will in the things which are involved.

So we gain more and more knowledge, more and more wisdom. Did you ever stop to think about all the vastness of this, the balances, and the sciences, and the spiritual values that are involved? We have before us an unending era of answers from God. So we never worry about running out of things to learn.

One man said:--'Dr. Swift, if you would just talk for only about 20 minutes, you could get about 5 more sermons out of two. And it wouldn't be so much work. And then you will never run out of something to talk about.' He said:--'The hardest thing I have to do is to find sermon material to talk about.' I said:--'Well the hardest problem you have is to find out what it is all about. Because there is so much going on, and so much to talk about that you couldn't possibly run out.' If you run out, there was no channel of inspiration, and vision--and then the world would have had to have reached perfection, and the Millennium would have to be here in force. And until such arises, there is much to talk about. I haven't met the man yet who knows everything. Until we know everything, there is much to go with. I never could understand a man who had to set up all Saturday night to get a sermon to go with. Because I know what he was doing. He was pounding words and ideas on to a piece of paper. And then he was giving a piece of rewarmed hash to the Sunday morning congregation. And then he puts it away in a little box. And if the Bishop moves him to another church, then he can use it again, as well as the other sermons he has labored over. This beats being locked up every Saturday working on a sermon which cuts in on his time. The things that is significant---as long as the individual becomes a channel for Gods spirit, He puts the truth in their minds. He activates the spirit and it may give them topics which they don't know what to do with when sermon time comes. But the thing is, this does come thru, and the only thing required is to show yourself approved, fill the consciousness with facts, and God provides the areas for it. Then He cements it altogether and produces knowledge. Therefore, the ministry of God must remain vital, flexible, and not solidified. Not put away on paper for next year. This is the problem today. We get an awful lot of warmed over paper. Repetition doesn't hurt. In otherwords, God will continue to move sometimes in overlapping repetition because it reaches new people coming in, or in areas of repetition sometimes until people are so filled with it that they know the whole thing as a seeking force, as God puts it in their hearts to go over this again. But when the time comes, when a congregation can quote the passages instantly, and think as revealed, then they have it completely. But in the meantime, God is always showing, guiding, leading, expanding. And is always filling the thing to each day. Each development becomes ---'THIS IS IT'. And if you are perplexed, you just reach inside and say where does it fit. and it flows thru. Sometimes you may not get it right. Sometimes you may not get it until it is complete. Some people think that this takes some peculiar type of holiness, or something like that. But believe me--it does not. All it takes is utter Faith and Belief, and an area of perception and reception. And this God provides. This is how He calls out men.

He didn't call everyone to be ministers. He called some to sell securities and some to be farmers. And sometimes it doesn't always mix. But everyone can witness unto truth. If you ever get the concept of segregation, then people will never go back to an integrated philosophy.

QUESTION:---Will the second coming of Christ be at the time of the Feast of the Tabernacle?

ANSWER:---Now, lets clarify this. We are getting what we sometimes call Ecclesiasticle gymnastics. We have types and shadows which exist, and symbols as well. The Feast of Tabernacles of course, has its point. This is the enveloping of the spirit. Or the body of God Tabernacling with us or God dwelling among us and so forth. For years and years, theology has gone along and gathered up these old feasts and put them down as symbols here and symbols there. And it is kind of nice, but I can also show you volumes on this stuff. They are filled with small print and they get musty. And people figure out all these things and dry sermons are preached on it.

QUESTION:---Well, this is what Pastor Comparet thought might be.

ANSWER:---Oh. Well, he is my good friend. As to what he is teaching as far as types and shadows are concerned, this may be very true. We aren't saying that types and shadows aren't true. Christ could come back on the day of the Feast of Tabernacle, and you would say now He is tabernacling with us. He came right on the hour. However, we can tell exactly the day and the hour the Feast of Tabernacle comes in any year. As we approach the time of the coming of Jesus the Christ, we may not know the day or the hour. But we will know the time and the seasons. If I know the time and the seasons, then I will have the year. And anytime I have the year, then I can tell you the day when the Feast of Tabernacle comes. And I can tell you the hour which crosses the Meridian to bring it in. So therefore, I do not say that He is coming at the Feast of Tabernacles, because as I approach it I would know the day and the hour----.See? In this sense, Christ was the Passover. His atonement was at Passover time. This because He predestined Himself to be the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world. Therefore, His return has thru the ages been discussed by the theologians as coming at the time of the Feast of the Tabernacles because He would come to Tabernacle with you , or among us. They talk about the Wave Sheaf offering, the Holy Spirit came on Pentecost, and the numerical value of this---and it is all true. This is an interesting area of study and we may go into it at times, but the thing is, we don't operate too much on symbolistic conjecture. We spoke to the Pyramid Club for 12 years, and were probably the foremost authority in this country on every facet of Pyramid knowledge because we had acquired every bit if it we could. We had to know all about any of it least someone would question some of it and I repudiated about 60% of all I read because I found it based on conjecture and on measurements. I can draw circles out in stone and figure out how far the radii was, but it has no relationship to what the length of the passage was. I discovered that the ancients had this as an astronomical measure. They used this as an astrolab. And I learned how the astrological measure was set. But then half of these men writing on Pyramidology, did not know that this was a celestial measure. So here is what I would say, if you hadn't told me who said this, there wouldn't be any complications. Mr. Comparet is my good friend, and he has a very astute mind. He embraces areas of theology that are traditional in some things which existed in old tomes and documents which in other areas of theology is long gone, by-passed and just gone on. But in looking for substance and material to teach, to think on in what would be for areas of Bible study, he goes back and picks up these ideas and works them out. He has some fine Bible studies, and some good speculation. And it is worth listening to in all these facets. Basically there is no difference in Comparet and I as to the Kingdom, as to Destiny, as to the Race question, as to the purposes of any of these patterns. He is a lawyer with a legalistic approach, and like some lawyers, he wants the law to put forth the judgements, and the punishments, and so forth. Would even be inclined to keep an area of perdition. But really, you don't do this if you know the Grace of God. The fullness of God. In times ahead we are going to all conform to His image as far as His purpose is concerned. And He is going to carry out the things He has ordained. All our race is saved. This doesn't mean saved from terrible things when they die. This is saved from transgression now. And once the Grace has fulfilled this, there isn't anything left to do.

Now, in the instance of this, there is no controversy between Comparet and me because I won't even argue about it. God is going to put everything in order and that's it. This doesn't matter then what theologians think. What words they left in, or what they took out. In the meantime, I am very cognizant of the many errors inserted in the text both in Protestant as well as the Catholic Bible. Mr. Comparet knows there are about 10,000 or these errors also. But sometimes he does not always think in terms of these errors when he is engaged in doctrinal discourse. When I say this--again--he is one of the most meticulous students to assemble an area of teaching and supports it here and there with text. We are glad we have him thinking or his teaching of theology. The fact is, this could very well be the symbolism of the Feast of Tabernacle. For this would be the embodiment of God. But as to whether it will take place on the date of the Feast of Tabernacle would have to be speculating as we approach such a year, or else we would know what the scripture says we are not to know until He comes.

QUESTION:---Sometime ago, you said you would discuss Samson and his hair. Would you want to discuss that tonight?

ANSWER:---Well, its pretty late to be putting up hair tonite. Ha--No. This was a covenant with a Nazarite. There is involved in this a covenant which involve a principal of spiritual law that is known unto our forbearers. And such an individual took such a covenant in relation to strength, and became a Nazarite. Samson was a Nazarite from his birth, so they didn't cut his hair. They could trim it to a point, but not out beyond a certain point.

Now, there is a catalyst or spiritual agencies together with the power of administering spirits. We talked about Arch Angels and ministering spirits and forces of command. And within the area of certain covenants certain authorities and certain powers could be claimed. The Satanic kingdom has long harnessed super human powers thru demon forces which they use like Genies and Satanic forces to empower individuals. For instance, the original powers of Karate and Jujitsu and all those things. These terrific forces are actually hinged to the catalyst of Demon Power. But there is a catalyst of Divine Power also. And thus after regaining his strength, then Samson could push over the pillar and bring down the roof of the Temple. The strength catalyst spiritually gave him the strength of more than just Samson as he brought down the Temple. And when he took the gates off the city of Gaza and walked away with the gates of the city holding them up over his head, when they weighed a ton or more. When Samson took the jaw bone of an ass and went out and defeated all these knights and soldiers, not only was his strength super human as he hurled that thing, but no one could get near him. And the power and immunity was more than that which was normal, that Samson used. We have had lots of people today, who you could say used the power of the jawbone of an ass. Men like Roosevelt for instance killed so many of our sons. But he sure wasn't helping us. He and his men were on the wrong side whether they knew it or not. But when Samson did this, he welded this power in his Right hand. And this was the area of strength. So under this instance the secret lies, when violation of the covenant came, strength left him. And those who were to stand by him came only as long as he maintained this covenant symbol, and his dedication that preserved his power.

Now, the very moment he began to deal wrongly with his power, for the affection of an outlandish woman--(a woman outside of his race)--then he was handling his power like a mess of pottage. And those who were responsible to sustain him, to catalyze his strength didn't have to provide it. Then suddenly Samson didn't have all that strength. And as the Philistines came upon him, they led him bound to the Temple. Then Samson regretted with remorse this terrible transgression. And as his hair grew out while he was captive, he rededicated himself to the covenant as a Nazarite. And instantly, YAHWEH restored his power. So there stood Samson in that Temple with his eyes put out, and he said:---'Just give that power back to me O YAHWEH. Just sent it out now that my hair is grown out. Just let me push this thing down.' And Samson pushed over that pillar and down came the Temple killing thousands of his enemies. He killed, maybe, more as he died than when he was alive. Thus Samson hadn't lived in vain either. He probably got quite a bang out of that last act.

QUESTION:---There has been quite a discussion about the sub-conscious mind. Many people are teaching that the subconscious mind is--cause--power--God. And if you can pass it, you can produce anything you want. Would you care to discuss consciousness and subconscious?

ANSWER:---That is to smug. In otherwords, the subconscious mind is not always the spiritual mind. The subconscious mind has been fed like a computer, a whole lot of information. The subconscious mind ties fight in with the inner ganglia of nerves, that tie into areas or remembrance of electrons, and can be sowed by the senses, and some things are by repetition and some by experience. Of course, the mind always retains these things in memory. Only when some activity which causes the subconscious or the brain without your having directed the thought of it thru the ego consciousness of itself to gather out this--using this stored knowledge without your particular pattern. Then you can say that out of the natural senses the subconscious mind is functioning. Of course, you don't have to think about driving you car anymore. A lot of the people are unconscious---most of them are subconscious when they drive. Ha-- You do this by reflex action. You do this just like walking. You can be thinking about something you are to do and you drive well because your senses are functioning automatically just like a reflex.

Now, there are areas of spiritual knowledge. The sum total of all knowledge is of the spirit. Also out of this is the things which you might say are of the subconscious mind of God. These are things God knows all the time without having to direct special attention to. See?-- Because He set it up Forever. What so ever God does, is done forever. And nothing is to be added to it or taken from it. In the correlation of this in your consciousness this means unlimited power.

Now, in this area again, out of spiritual realms, comes intuitiveness and guidance. Comes waves of perception which reaches the inner consciousness even without the necessary meditation of the consciousness of the physical brain. The ideas start to formulate, and we may find ourselves encouraging these ideas with remembrance patterns out of the senses, or comparing them with ideas which may be desires strictly of our own. And as we compare spiritual things with that which is temporal, we accept the spiritual evaluation if we are sensitive to it.

Now, again remember, that there are things which are facts as they are. Areas of what is good for the body, that is good for the knowledge of a person, or good for their whole area of survival. Or areas which move as sensory areas of perception as well as in spiritual areas of perception. Like the type of intuition and cognition which is a gift of discernment, which is the function of the spirit moving thru the seat of consciousness. Therefore, if people look at this, and say this is the subconscious mind, it may be the super-conscious mind instead of the subconscious mind. I am inclined to call super-conscious that which is above flesh level and subconscious, that which comes from negative sources of attempted influence. So there is a level of thinking that is higher than the natural process built upon the sense contact. And then there is even a higher level of spiritual perception which moves in. So in this instance we could go into a long discussion on that. And it will be a subject by itself later.

QUESTION:---What about the rats eating up the food supply in the Soviet nations until the people are going hungry? I was looking for a dirt storm or a drought to bring this situation but ---Rats?

ANSWER:---Well, after all nothing like a little change. They can't say this is unusual when a plague of rats come along and eat up the wheat even growing in the field. They destroyed 60% of the wheat, we are told. I want to call your attention to something. Go back to your tape of 'The Preview of 1964" and you discover that we said that announcements would be made by the 17th of August, when the factors of alignment show the conjunction of food for our enemies, and Mars factor and the Saturn factor. This conjunction spells crop failure for our enemies. It does not have to occur on the 17th. It occurs in this period of the growth and the harvest. Then the catastrophe comes. Then just a week ago the Soviet Union announced the failure of the wheat crop. Then the rats took over in Hungary. And the Ukraine also fails as well as in Yugoslavia. So the measure is right. And the thing happened according to measure. So id the prophecy comes to pass the prophecy is right

QUESTION:---Would you tell us a little about the phenomena of the rat plague. Frankly, I know nothing about it.

ANSWER:---Well, a rat plague, of course, is caused by an intensive multiplication of rats. Ha---And as they came swarming into a country, they eat up everything they come to. Now if you are thinking of Bubonic Plague, that is carried by rats, but this situation doesn't mean it is this kind of a plague which hit Hungary. What hit Hungary is a greedy type of plague where they are just eating the food up. They aren't spreading diseases just because they are eating up good wheat. They are probably eating better that the people. On the other hand you would probably be healthier if you didn't eat the bread you get down here from the bakery, which probably doesn't have any wheat germ left in it.

QUESTION:---How far can such a thing spread?

ANSWER:---Well, it could move over all the mainland in which it has contact. And then rats can swim out and get on the cables and come on board ships and go to other ports. This is the reason we have such stringent rat laws on our ships. And those big bells which keep the rats from running up the cables. Ships pull in a Asiatic ports and rats come out to try to get on board the ships. Whether they smell the food, or just what it is. But all the local rats of the port try to come on board our ships. I know of several times when there has been rat invasions. I don't know about these rats for I haven't examined them. But these may not be local rats. There has been all kinds of things showered down on the earth, you know. I don't say that these have come from there. But fish and shrimp and all those things that can survive freezing and come back to life, have suspended animation in antiquity. As long as they go into natural freezing they can come back to natural life cycles. These things we have had happen as we moved into masses of stellarites which have been lifted up from the earth from some planet. Then frozen in outer space--Various types of animecular fish and shrimp and so forth. And they floated around in orbit until they came in contact with us, and they flash thru like a meteor and the outer areas were melting. But the object is big, and the velocities were high and so in lots of times the ice actually gets thru and hits the earth. Lots of times it is broken up into water and comes down in a cloud burst. A lot of them die. But some of the shrimp live. Some of the fish lived even tho they had been gone from here for years and years. This happened out here in the Dry Lake area of Barstow and it has happened in other places. In fact all kinds of things have rained down out of the sky. All of them are a testimony as to what had happened in the past. It would be a fascinating subject to get into but too long for tonight as to what has come out of the sky just in the last couple of centuries. We know the ice age came this way because the astronomical forces which lifted it then dropped it right back down. One moment the animals were grazing and the next moment they were buried in ice and snow which had been picked up as water, frozen, and then back down it dropped as ice and snow. Another thing---Whenever you freeze salt water, the salt thaws out. Even in space it thaws out. And this is why you get whole areas of salt ionization which has been dropped. And then the ice which falls in the north, even tho from salt water, is not salty. The water or snow, whereas these mammals were frozen by is fresh. It was picked up and dropped back down and there is no area of brackishness. No contamination other than where it picks up living matter and freezes it.

QUESTION:---Is this the way the plagues hit Egypt?

ANSWER:---Well, the plagues that hit Egypt were from the tail of a comet. we assume it was from the planet Venus because it had apparently never entered our solar system at that time, altho it had made several bypasses over the years producing great catastrophes in anti-dulivian history. And the plagues which hit Egypt came as it rocked in and out. But remember, it was neither light nor dark for 40 years as stuff and debris were flying around. The only places which had light was over Israel, for God provided the light of Shekinah Glory for them during the 40 years of their wanderings. And all kinds of things were happening on the rest of the earth. Stuff fell in the streams and hit the earth in that part of the earth (Egypt). The Mayas recorded the coming of this planet into our Solar System. They said:---'Now we have a new wanderer, where before we just had a dragon sword across the sky.' The Chinese called it a sword as well. And sometimes the scriptures call it the "Sword of the LORD," because it brought such big judgements. There are lots of astronomical fortent of measure I could show you, in lots of these passages. There is no doubt, but that ancient star maps showed the wanderers, but there was one short until after the Exodus. This may thus, mark the balance of Venus in our Solar system. I have vast amounts of information which supports this. Well known astronomers have been figuring back and have wondered why the ancients have never mentioned the movements of certain planets. But they were just not there.

QUESTION:---What about the White Japanese. Are they albinos?

ANSWER:---Well did you ever see a white Negro? No. There you are talking about the Anu. There are various people who make up the modern Japanese. Some of these people came from the ancient people who were before ancient Mu went down. And some of these people were of the highest cast of Mu. And this old word Su meant highest of Mu. And Sumu meant the highest of the land of Mu. Now from the ancient semantics, we get the word Summu in Latin. And in our language it is Summit. This was the highest point. When everything went down, this stuck up out of the water. Alright, now the oldest people who lived thru this sinking of the continent of Lemuria were the Aria. The Sumaria were the oldest high-cast people of ancient Mu who lived thru. They became the warrior King race of Japan. So in the course of time, the Asiatics of the Tungus people became strong and powerful and they held the mainland of China. Anybody who became undesirable would be banished to Japan. And the word Ya-pan comes from this god Pan which was involved in the Luciferian upset there. This Ya-Pan was half man and half goat. The Minotaur, the black bull in Japanese worship, who was part of this man-goat bestiality, is also found in other areas of Asiatic patterns of worship. The 'Hill of the Satyr' referred to in the scriptures, is also part of this pattern. Esau remember, went to the 'Hill of the Satyr' where the violation of Divine Law had produced a monstrosity---half man--half goat. Ya-Pan--The Pipes of Pan--which piped for the children to follow,---this is all a part of Asiatic mythology concerning these monstrosities. They did not have the capacity which they were supposed to have. But no doubt, they were demonic empowered to a degree.

Now, in the days of Ammon, who was Lots nephew,----He also moved in his migration over to the areas of struggle in China. They were picked up and put out on Japan. Some of them intermingled, but most of them didn't. They maintained most of their tradition. They had the Biblical tradition of background from the time of Ammon and Abraham on back. But they didn't have the later Biblical pattern because they had left that pattern after their migration. But these men were white and they were called Amminese--Ammu---and Annu. I have whole volumes on races and people. And you will see that these Annu are white men. They were around five foot six inches tall. They were brilliant. They carried on the old Israel traditions as far as one God was concerned. They have the basic theology up to the time of Abraham.

Now, over a period of time there was a certain amount of intermixing. And because of this, you had them put out on the Isles of Japan. And there you had the tall Sumaria who had a straighter eye than the Chinese Mongol. And when you blended these two, they produced some whose eyes were on a direct line. So you have the warlords of Japan who were high in the slant of the eye, and the Annu whose eyes with only a slight slant because of the inner mixture thru the years with the Japanese. So some of the Japanese were outlaws thru the years. And the people on the Isles eventually intermingled except the Sumaria being the high-caste---oldest people---king line, out of the so called sons of heaven. And there has continued to be some contamination thru the years. But the fact remains they were high-caste Japanese who have retained their lineage. This story of the white Japanese---these are the Annu,----some of their strains may be less contaminated, but the highest caste of the Annu were those who look less Oriental. We wouldn't even sanction union with the Annu because we think they have been contaminated to some extent.

The Japanese are one of the most intelligent of the Oriental. He is a deadly warrior. And in a lower caste are utterly ferocious at times. They will adapt themselves to all the worship of the Minotaur--the tower of Baal. These people under strain and stress, will turn to cannibalism. This the Annu will not do. And the Sumaria hold themselves aloof from this lower caste order. But you have this back in the strain of those people. Now, the word Cana-Baal means Priests of Baal. All of Satans religions are Baal. That is why when Negroes eat people we call them cannibals. Why? Because the word came from Cana-Baal. When someone comes along with a doctrine and says that has been canonized, you just scratch your head and say:--'so you want to Baal it?'

QUESTION:---Would you care to comment on the scriptures--speaking of Christ returning and sitting on the right hand of the Father, as tho they are two. I can't think of the scriptures, but I know it is mentioned in several places.??

ANSWER:---I know the passages you are thinking about, but this is Ecclesiastic mumbo-jumbo. The Septre hand of authority is the right hand. In otherwords, if the septre is extended with the right hand, then the people have a contact. If the septre is in the left hand, there is no approach to the throne.

QUESTION:---But this gives the impression of two.--

ANSWER:---Well it isn't. In otherwords, HE who is the man Christ Jesus will hold the Septre hand of authority, and there is no contact with God except thru Him by the symbol of the Septre hand. He doesn't sit down along side of Himself. I can prove this to you over here in the Book of Isaiah. If we have God's multiple as the theologians thought to imply, and even thought to translate, then lets take a good look at what HE said:--

'Thus saith YAHWEH, who created the heavens and the earth, formed it to be inhabited---"I am YAHWEH. There is none other." Then He also says:--"I am the first. I am the last. Beside me there is no God." Then (Isaiah 43:11) "I am YAHWEH thy YAHSHUA (Savior)." "I am the Holy one of Israel, I am YAHSHUA thy Savior." In otherwords, I am YAHWEH--I am YAHSHUA--I am ONE. HE came Himself. HE did not send another.

Now, after going back over what I said before, this tape may be viewed as a criticism of Mr. Comparets Bible studies based on types and shadows used in theology for years. This is quite an orthodox approach and there is nothing wrong with it as a study. This take a lot of time. A lot of study to put this together, so I don't want this to go as a criticism to be implied, by any tape listeners as to what Mr. Comparet was doing and implying. I was just pointing out as to whether all these types and shadows can be applied for a time determination, so that we can pin it right down to a day or an hour. In otherwords, it wouldn't make any difference to me whose opinion this was. I would have to tell you just what I believe.

QUESTION:---Isaiah 17:6--in referring to the harvest--what is this?

ANSWER:---Now remember, when the harvestman gathereth the corn and reapeth the ears with his arm---It shall be as he who gathereth ears in the valley of the Rephaim.

Now, there is not much left in the Rephaim, for they are the dwellers of the deep. They are the fallen beings who dwell in the depth of the sea, like the mysterious Neptune, symbolizing these people who are elementals beneath the sea. Whole continents went down but the Elementals---demon powers didn't die. So the Rephaim are the dwellers of the deep. And I don't want to go into the story of the Rephaim, but these were beings associated with Lucifer in certain areas.

Now, yet the gleaning grapes shall be left in it, as the shaking of an olive tree, two or three berries in the top of the uppermost bough, four or five in the utmost fruitful branches, therefore saith YAHWEH, THY YAHSHUA (Savior) of Israel.

At that day shall a man look to his maker and his eyes shall have respect to the Holy One of Israel. (verse 7) Also---'In that day the glory of Israel shall be made lean." (vs:4) This has already happened, because so much of our Income goes out in taxes and so forth. This is why the scripture says:---'that they dwell treacherously with us.' And Jeremiah then says that we will finally say:--'O our leanness, our leanness.' They have robbed us and taken the fat of our land. Satan takes, destroys and then moves out. And as we disobey divine law, then we become victims of this disobedience. This has already happened to our people behind the Iron Curtain. And is happening more and more to us here. Note that when Christ returns in the Book of Revelation, He thrusts in the cycle and reaps these grapes, and puts them in the winepress of wrath. And in this He crushes them. This is why we have that song:--'Mine eyes have seen the Glory of the coming of the LORD. He is tramping out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored.' In otherwords, this is God harvesting the forces who are against His Kingdom, that were in league with the darkness. So then how strong will these forces be after the great judgement of the earth? They will be only a few left here and there. In otherwords, the catastrophe in these forces who arrayed themselves against God---there will be only a few of them left here and there---see? This is what it relates to. There will be quite a destruction of these forces. Someone says--'but where will they come from after that?' Well, in the next thousand years, they will be increasing without any destruction. There will be great masses of the enemy kicked in this great destruction. The holocaust over Asia will be terrific. A lot of the great cities of the world and of Asia will be powder and dust when this next area of warfare is over. So there isn't any doubt about that. But as far as the Kingdom is concerned, the Kingdom will be in basic survival with whole companies of the children of the Kingdom being brought back with Christ. Actually the very fact that it uses the word Rephaim means an area of fallen angels, demon spirits, and so forth, is in this picture.

QUESTION:---What about albinos in Negroes?

ANSWER:---Well, you can get an albino indeed. And in rabbits--anything. But this is just a mutation which occurs in the cell division of a creature.


tape ran out.