08-25-65 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:--The Aquarian Bible what is it?

ANSWER:--A man wrote a book, a fanciful Gospel taking material from several sources, from occult teachings, and philosophies as well as some abstractions from Apocrapher books, and some areas are out of the New Testament books.

However there was at one time an Aquarian Bible, but this book had several books in it, and it was called 'The Aquarius', but the Aquarian Gospel had a blue cover when it came out. There was one run on it, and one reprint and it never existed before the imagination of this man. This writer of this book was in this special period following in the late 1920's in Los Angeles when anyone could publish a book, and come out with a new religion, a new gospel. There were all kinds of cults and groups ready to devour it. The Jews found it quite profitable to publish books like this.

I have a copy of that book among these supposed Gospels and sacred writings but I have classified it over with Madam Blavatsky where it properly belongs. Oh, we went to the bottom of this, we talked to one of the publishers who only received it as one of the materials that might be sold at that time to a hot Bible and Gospel reading public. There was a great wave of occult literature that was being passed off as being Biblical and this book you speak of came in that way. There are some interesting things in it, but I wouldn't give any weight to it. Here is one thing that was in it, men are just a moat floating around in the air for just one short lifetime, and then lost. But they are a part of an eternal whole and therefore since they came out of something eternal, and they reach out to something Eternal then when wrongs have all been straightened out and become right, then man shall arise and be one with God.

You see it is just some kind of a come on, with inactive phrases, and some truth in it. But the fact remains, an Adamite, an Aryan, or white man, an Israelite is one with God, in that he is begotten by the Father, is thus a child of the Father. His spirit is spirit of the Father, thus possesses this Eternal quality, and of course this is an incorruptible seed, and a part of the Eternal spirit. This portion of his being continues through out Eternity. This does not answer all questions about the Aquarian Gospel, but although it has some interesting reading in it, however it all started with Simon Levi, and it ended with him except for some corrections they tried in another spurious book some people think is Gospel. Of course they tried to say among some of the books that as long as God inspires men, as long as they can receive inspiration they would write Gospel. This is true but God did not inspire this one.

QUESTION:--I wanted to ask about the Enosh people, are they just mostly the Chinese and the Blacks?

ANSWER:--The word used in the Old Testament was for all people who were not begotten of God, and had His spirit such as the Adamites. So when it talks about the original Assyrian people, they ascended from the original Tungus or pagan people, thus the word was Enosh, and the word Enosh does relate to created beings. It is also related to these who came under the Luciferian influence, and is translated Beast Kingdom. So all belong to the Beast Kingdom who did not come, spirit of His spirit. And of course the Negro then would be Enosh, but of the lowest order of all Enosh order because he does not have a spirit of any kind, just a soulish consciousness. That doesn't preclude the

fact that God can develop them as he ultimately will, because he will make new creatures out of them, another creation, quite a work to step them up by His own creative process. But as far as they are concerned, if they had at anytime anything similar to the spirit of the original Enosh they were of higher order. In the rebellion of Lucifer they were already degenerated into a more lower level by the time they arrived here. From the beginning here they have been called Zombie, and Voodoss as well as Enosh. Voodoss was one of the Angels who rebelled with Lucifer, and of course was the one who started Witchcraft and others called Voodooism. Of course, remember that the word Zombie is--Walking dead, and everything which has a spirit is never dead. So when it says: "The dead when they die know nothing at all" this is talking about the Negroes. Where as the Asiatics, their spirit may go through cycles, until it is finally released and moves back into a restored status, and maybe elevated by the Acts of God into the restored order for them, but they are still not begotten offspring. They are the created inbreathed people who He put on the earth, and established life in them. Where as Adam is Spirit of His Spirit, and Life of this Life, or physical offspring after the flesh as well, as children of the spirit before the foundation of the world, where as they were Celestial being with the Father first.

Now various religions have had various ideas about races and of course, the Negro race is accepted by the Asiatics as having come in with the Dragon. They discuss this, and it is also found among the writings of the people of the Ganges, and they talk about the Negro having come in with the Mother of the Ganges, Kali, the Snake Goddess. So you see they have identified with the fall of Lucifer.

Now, within the ares of Christianity, or areas within the structure of Christianity we have different things taught. For instance the Mormons teach that the Negro at one time was of a higher order, but because of his disobedience in one of his progressions he did not advance upward, so he was punished and came into earth as a Negro. He could get out of this state in another generation of living if he performed well, and obeyed and did all he was told to do, but at the same time they do recognize him as a lower order. And that the Adamite or white man came from his Celestial level to be manifested in the earth and to follow through cycles and arrive like, or at the same status as Christ, "As he once was so shall we be." This is their doctrine, that the Negro can't make it at this time, he is going further down the ladder. Where as he might have a chance to ascend if he performs well. Of course we do not believe any part of this, for the Negro was once a part of the Milky Way system. When Lucifer rebelled of course at that time Lucifer had a large portion of the Universe under his control. The difference between an Archangel and a regular Angel is that there were 4 Archangels and they controlled the four corners of heaven. In other words there were 4 areas of dispersion, and the Chief Archangel is of course YAHWEH the Eternal Master, the revolving center or corner. In other words this is the sides of the North. This is the Master of the Universe around which all these sides revolve. He would be the Master, and under Him are Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, and at one time Lucifer. And Lucifer because he was an Archangel could become embodied, he could also show up in a part of the Universe embodied, could walk and talk to people.

He had all the powers of human beings as well as a spiritual being. And now because his estate was as a celestial being to serve in celestial plains, he could also materialize in each plain he wanted to, and take on an area from the high celestial area to the electronic plain of substance. But in this area he was to remain an Angel separate and segregated from all the people over whom he ruled.

You see when Lucifer rebelled he did not keep his first estate, as an Archangel of God. He took upon himself an electronic flesh body and then intermingled with the people he ruled over. Why? Because he wanted to breed unto himself super sons, as he called them, who would be as he said, Sons of God, these would be the Nephilin, because of this he started the mutation of people, and started the Negro into brutishness, and mutation, long before he arrived here with the Negro as his shock troops in his space fleets. They had already fallen and degenerated when they showed up on both Lemuria to the west, and Atlantas to the East of the American continent. They were already mongrelizing and mixing them in the total plan of mongrelization, and integration. This is referred to as where Lucifer the chief offended of the Malefactors did not keep their first estate. But God could not have one corner of the Archangels who ruled over the Universe without a replacement so He Himself then became 'Son of the Morning' thus Archangel--Master--Patriarchal--Savior, and Melchizedek Priest to this portion of the Universe. Then he put His own sons and daughters here as residents so as to have a people to be Patriarchal over, see. So He became Archangel, but also Patriarchal, and by doing so He had His own household, in earth, who were His children before the world was framed.

There could only be 4 Archangels and they ruled over the Universe divided into 4 parts. And Lucifer in his rebellion understood to sweep his section of the Milky Way, and one third of the Celestial heavens into his train. This is all involved in this, and we had a question as to Archangels----when Archangels did not keep their first estate? He then stays in physical form and then co-habits with earth people who are not of the celestial realm, and by this process is earth bound, and not able to get back into Celestial plain with anything but a fallen status, and never could then walk but in a fallen status unless restored by an act of God. This is why a fallen Angel is just a fallen Angel, was also a question. Well, God took these fallen angels, and some of them are reserved in the midst of Judgment, and confined to the Netherworld, or the inner earth until the day of Judgment. Some of them of various orders are out, and one reason why Lucifer started begatting a household was to speed the return. This would turn loose a lot of forces in the earth that he could use when the Angels he wanted to use were all tied up in the Netherworld, in the midst of darkness until the days of Judgment. (Jude)

QUESTION:--I have been listening to back tapes, but was unable to find it--so would you please discuss Demon possession and obsession, and disembodied spirits?

ANSWER:--That is a big subject---we might say that Demon possession is where demons are in control of the individual. Most instances of Demon possession is resident--they have already found access to the inner consciousness of an individual, and they have his soul bound to some degree. And in most of these instances the individual is totally unable to free themselves. If such a person has this control it would take a combined effort on the part of a ministry which perceived this to cast it out. And of course Christ had the absolute power to cast out demons. But sometimes when this was evident it was also obsession not possession. And obsession is where as demons are so battling against the consciousness of an individual until they give him an illusion and obsess him with the wrong ideas, and obsess the individual's thought plain with superstition and fears, and an

obsession sides with him. In other words an obsession is as though he had a demon force riding on his shoulders all the time trying to short circuit his thought processes, but never gained an entrance as much as it has gained an influence over that individual.

You see, you are living in a sophisticated age where most people do not know very much about Demons and Devils anyhow. And they don't know that Devils are very real and tangible. They do not know that some of them are embodied in earth, and are walking around or that there are races of Devils, for any offspring of Lucifer, that are mutations of people of earth are actually Devils.

Now, the rebellious spirits that rebelled with Lucifer and joined him, they are demon forces, therefore their powers move with them, and they also begat devils or demon forces. Remember whenever the devil or demon are cast out they are all of the same household. They have to be cast out by the spiritual power, exorcised--then who ever has the power to exorcise the demon may have left him disembodied, and disembodied they cannot get into the Netherworld. And they are sort of stuck in that state. A devil in order to get into the Netherworld, in order to be able to obsess another person and be born into a physical form with Satanic powers has to go through the gates death. So if he is disembodied he cannot get into the Netherworld to go through this cycle. For this cause when Jesus cast the demons out of the man who was the Manic, the demons asked to be permitted to go into the swine, so they would go back to their own place, so swine being just walking garbage pails to Jesus, he allowed the devils to go into the swine, and they committed suicide, as they hogs rushed down the hill, and into the lake in a body and drowned. The devils did this to get back to their own place, it says this in the scriptures. The word is Tartoes which is the abode of Devils and Demons. This proves that Judas of Iscariot was a true Devil. He was the offspring of Lucifer and his mother bore him of an incubi, or Devil, conception, and Judas was this by-product. Although his mother was the wife of Simon the sorcerer, Judas of Iscariot was the son of Lucifer, and he was a devil in human form--just as we have Jesus the Messiah being born of Mary into human form. And Jesus called him the son of Perdition, and referred to him as such. In his human capacity he prayed, lifting his voice up to Divine fullness, and said: "I have kept all those thou hast given me except the son of perdition that the scripture might be fulfilled." This meant that all that the spirit had bestowed upon the physical body, his embodiment, he had kept, but this Devil who he could not keep for he was not a sheep to start with. So Jesus said: I have kept all these but the son of perdition who is a devil, and thus is out of bounds. So a disembodied spirit is cast out devil.

Now, these devils, they make trouble, they actually obsess people, they would like to find some place of residence. If there be anyway they could gain entrance into an individual then they try this. There are areas I will not discuss tonight which are areas of past theology as to the supposed process by which a dispossessed Devil might enter into a person to make them Demon possessed, thus when they die, even sometimes these demons direct them to suicide so they can get back to their own place. It used to be estimated by the church that 80% of the suicides were a type of insanity which came from devil possession, or obsession which had taken hold and wanted the death of an individual as a transit back to the dimensions so he could come through the cycle of the Nephilin, or the Nethermost to reactivate every 612 years in at least one manifestation in earth.

But we are not the children of Reincarnation, we are the children of Resurrection where as the Asiatics house are children of Reincarnation. But the Negro does not fall in this category. In olden days the cycles were a little different than they are now, and under judgment, and of course some of those races became fallen, and their spirits go into the Netherworld with a 612 cycle. So it takes that many years to make that cycle complete. We won't go into all that at this time, it takes to much material and lore, and it is not for you anyhow. It is for the Asiatics and there is a vast difference between the children of Eternal Life, and the Resurrection, and the children of this cycle of return. There is a different plain, or plain for Celestial children and for the creation. There is no doubt that there is a lot of devil obsession. I think most Jews are not only possessed but being offspring of Lucifer may house familiar spirits as well.

Some areas of familiar spirits and demonic spirits, these have familiar spirits, and some of these witches and charlatans who are Luciferian in this area like a witch or wizard that people say is just old fashioned superstition, but they are real. The word is also sometimes used for extreme wise men and such, but when used with a witch or a wizard it was an evil practitioner of black arts. So the Scripture says--you are not to suffer a witch or a wizard to live, in that category. These people had many familiar spirits, and of course the spirits would appear to them in the form of the dead, so that they would receive many. They were thus told not to consult with these people because they would deceive them, and they would become obsessed by their evil.

QUESTION:--Revelation 11:1---These two witnesses.

ANSWER:--We covered not so long ago this subject of the two olive trees. I don't want to start this tonight, but there is a multiple parallel in the two witnesses back in the book of Zachariah. It is talking abut the two olive trees which means the two branches of the Israel who stands by the God of the whole earth. And of course when Zachariah is talking thus, he is talking about the whole house of Israel. (Zachariah 4:3-11) It may be that the two branches which we see are in Ephraim and Manasseh because we see that in the midst of their land he sets the headstone upon it. Of course it is the Pyramid headstone, and the cry is to its power and authority. And of course we have on the seal of our nation the Pyramid with the headstone already in place.

Another area of the Two witnesses is that they are both church and sate, the spiritual Kingdom and the physical Kingdom, one symbolizing the spiritual force, and one symbolizing the physical nations, with the realization that the Kingdom shall never be destroyed, and never left to other people. And the Ecclesia or the 'Called out' ones will

never be destroyed, and never left to others. These become the two witnesses who stand before God. Actually these two witnesses who died and lay in the streets before men--are church and state. It is a symbolic deadness, not an actual deadness. There is no intelligent person who could not cut off the heads of two men in three different cities, because you would be short somewhere. But the three cities symbolize economic, political, and religion. In other words economic bondage was Babylon, Religious bandage was Jerusalem, and political bondage was Egypt (the world). These are the three cities in which the two witnesses--Church and State--or the Kingdom are crucified. But they will rise out of this condition of death just as The Christ rose out of the grave.

Now, there are two other men who they often talk about as the two witnesses, one was Enoch, and the other Elijah. And once in a while they will say Moses and Elijah (Elias). It is true that Enoch went into the heavens and did not know death, and Elijah did this also, went away in a chariot of heaven. And as I have mentioned before Moses did not die, no matter what people say, or have added to the book of Deuteronomy. Just remember that Moses wrote the book of Deuteronomy, but he never wrote his own obituary. But on the Mount of Transfiguration when all the Adamic sons were down in the Netherworld waiting for the crucifixion, and for Christ to come and release them, then Moses showed up on the Mount of Transfiguration. The Apostles beheld Moses and Alias (Elijah) and if Mosses had been waiting in the Netherworld he would not have been on the Mount of Transfiguration. His spirit was not in bondage. This story about Moses dying was that they could not find him, so someone just ghosted up that story and put it in the back of the book of Deuteronomy, about Moses being dead. The devil could not find the body of Moses, and in the book of Jude the Devil is contending that he never got the body of Moses although the bodies belonged to him. But Moses never died, this was known by the ancients, was in the Zohar and different discussions. So there has been those who said that since Elijah did not die, and Enoch did not die then these would be the two witnesses who would rise up at the end of the world, and they would speak to all the world, and then be crucified and then they raise their dead bodies which would be lying in the street. But you see this is because people do not understand that the church and state are symbols of Living Israel. And there was three different cities where they lay dead in, and they will rise out of all three--economic, religious, and political.

Now, there is another man they have been trying to fit into this picture and that is John the Baptist, but John the Baptist had the spirit of Elijah in him, so the spirit of Elijah did taste death in the body of John the Baptist. Jesus said: never was there a man like John the Baptist--never was there a man born of woman greater than this one, why? Because he was the prophet Elijah living and speaking in this mans body, and he told them as a baby, what went on in the heavens, what he had experienced. He told them these things until he was ten years old then he could remember no more. When he became 12 years of age his ministry started and then he was given the Message of the Kingdom, and a veil was pulled over him as taught he other things he had known.

Now, there was another one who never died, and this was the Apostle John, remember what Jesus said: 'What is it to you if this man is still preaching when I come, you just follow me. Jesus never wasted words, he never talked about anything insignificant. He gave every man his work to do, and then Peter was asking: 'But what about John? Remember this is the beloved disciple, and then Jesus said: If I will that he stay here until I come back what has that to do with you, I want you to just follow me. Jesus said when talked earlier to his disciples, there shall be one standing here who shall not taste death until I return in power in My Kingdom, and thus the Apostles looked around, some one of that group? And we now know that death came to everyone but John, of that there is no record, and we know that John has been seen all over the world. He was seen in the days of Genghis Khan traveling around and preaching, thus John is the one who did not die. And remember Jesus told John to eat the little book, to devour the whole thing. He did not mean for him to chew up the pages, but John would come back then and write the book of Revelation. But again it was to devour the book, it would be sweet 'in thy mouth, but bitter later on'. But John was to do this because he was to prophecy later on to leaders, and Priests and Kings. So a lot of people thought that John would be brought back from somewhere to be one of these witnesses at the end of the age. But John was always to be one of the witnesses, and any Apostle would be a witness.

The two great witnesses of the Olive tree are thus vital and some thought that Church and State are also referred to in Zachariah as well, but the oil which comes out of the Olive branches produces the Light in the candlesticks of Christ's church. Also the oil in the candlesticks is the Light of Israel demonstrated in the 'called out' ones who Light the World. "Ye are the Salt of the Earth",---"Ye are the Light of the World." And the oil is the symbol of this light. And also it is the symbol of the Holy Spirit. In order for Israel, or the Olive branches to be an illumination then the Holy Spirit has to move through them. And the oil of the spirit is their light, and testimony before God which illuminated the candlesticks. Thus it is that it is the Olive Oil which light the candlesticks. And the Olive tree provides the oil, and this Olive tree is of course Israel, and no other branches, only Olive branches were ever grafted on to the Olive tree.

QUESTION:--Ezra is another one who did not die?

ANSWER:--This is true, but that is in the Apocrapher, and I was referring to the Biblical record, but there is no record of the death of Esdras either. Again there are some who hold that Esdras was the spirit of another prophet, but we won't get into that.

QUESTION:--Would you trace the origin of the triune Gods?

ANSWER:--Well, this origin of a triune God, or trinity, started with Lucifer, in the Luciferian system. In other words there were many false gods, many fallen angels. But Lucifer set up Kali, who was Lillith, the female of the specie, even though people are confused by this thinking there are no sect or gender in Angels, it is however only those around the throne who do not propagate. And also the word Angels is ministering spirits. But Lucifer did have offspring and started this triune god thing, and it has showed up in many religions. You have Vishnu, and Siva along with Kali and this is the Satanic trinity. Over in Babylon they set out to take over Nimrod using religion, and they did this in their sowing in of many gods. Nimrod however was a white man, he descended from Ham, and there was a whole line behind him, so this should stop this idea that the Negroes came

from Ham. Even Terah who descended from Shem was white and he was Prime Minister for Nimrod. But in Babylon they set up a trinity in which Nimrod was god, and his wife Semiramis was a mother-god, and his son was offspring god, or Baalie. And Baalie was the name of Lucifer incarnate so they put the name of Lucifer upon this son. So Baalie was symbolic of the embodiment of Lucifer and it was said that the Incarnate spirit of Lucifer rode in Nimrod.

Now, Babylon was run by a Priesthood of Babylonian Jews, and when Judah and Benjamin were in captivity there then the Baalism was the chief religion and Nebuchadnezzar was then king. When Daniel and the tree Hebrew children would not bow down to these pagan gods, then we have an account of the incident which happened. When Medo-Persia took over Babylon then the children of Israel, of Judah and Benjamin were taken captive by the Medo-Persians, and the other Israelites were under the Assyrian captivity, and then later Shalmanezar would release the ten tribes, and Judah and Benjamin would also gain their release. So all Israel then came out of their captivity in their own time. Shalmanezar was an Assyrian, and Darius was a Persian but also an Aryan, and they were selected of God for this task of turning loose the Israelites.

Now, of course Judah and Benjamin were not Jews. (They were ewes-sheep and Hebrews). And when Babylon fell the Priests of Baal fled from Babylon to Pergamos which is one of the Aegean Islands. And here they carried on their secret rituals. Judah and Benjamin returned to Palestine, but these kikes who you see around are not part of Benjamin and Judah. Their headquarters are the time of The Christ was on the Isle of Pergamos. Just prior to Christ's ministry one of the wealthiest families controlling all the gold that they took out of Babylon, was very powerful. They were in Greece and Rome--through the rise of Rome as an Empire and they had a great influence on Rome. Remember that Herod was one from this family of Baal Priests, they were thus able to buy for him this appointment so he became literally king of the Jews. He was the one who sent his army to kill the Christ Child.

Then when the church was formed the Jews started to persecute the church, but it just kept spreading and spreading. And when they could not kill the church they joined it. And when they joined it they gave great gifts of gold, saying the church should have greater honor, and finer garb and so forth. So they brought in robes and cloth of purple

and gold, and they reproduced the robes of the Old Babylonian Priesthood. And then they started helping with translation, and started their infiltration of the church. And they interjected into the church their Babylonian trinity says HE was 3 different people, God the Father, God the Son, and the female portion or Holy Ghost. So they now had 3 different gods, but there is still no Trinity, this is one of the biggest lies of all times, this is Satanic, for remember --"HEAR OH ISRAEL YAHWEH THY GOD IS ONE." Therefore the man Christ Jesus--this was the body of God, but it was always the body of God--for--"Before Abraham I AM". This was the Eternal Existing body of God. YAHWEH or the Eternal Father of the Eternal fullness of spirit--this Celestially always existed, and this part we call the Holy spirit is the consciousness area. When it moves forth from God then it is the mind or conscious existence of From God. And HIS existent knowledge went into His children. So God is spirit, or physical in its elementary form. But is not 3 people, not 3 gods walking along beside each other. You see only One God, and you are in the image of God, yet you are only one person with spirit, soul, and body, the same as it is with HIM.

Now, this design to break God up into pieces and then to translate as many scriptures to make this tangible was done in Rome by Jewish assistance. And then in the Episcopally or rather in the days of King James when they translated the New Testament, they would like to make it look as though God is three people, but remember: "Hear O Israel--YAHWEH thy GOD is ONE". Jesus said: "He who hath seen me has seen the Father, I and the Father are One", and NO man can come to the Father except he come by Me, thus there is no way there is no one else to come to, there is no other way to come to God.

The Apostle Paul said of Jesus, "By HIM was everything made, with out HIM was not anything made that was made", "He was before all things and by HIM was all things." So if Jesus made all things, if YAHSHUA, the embodiment of God made all things then HE is the Eternal Father, or else the Father did not have anything to do, was just hanging on somewhere all this time. Where was the Father if Jesus made everything, and then if Jesus is the name we have given to YAHSHUA, and if I turn over here to Isaiah 43 it says: "I YAHWEH AM THY YAHSHUA", I the Eternal God am thy YAHSHUA, or Saviour God, and He makes this statement so clear there is no way to get out of it. He says: "if there is any God beside me, on My right or on My left" I don't see them, for there is no God beside me. So this establishes the declaration of the Oneness of the essence of Gods' being. This whole passage has significance, "Now; thus saith YAHWEH that created thee O Jacob, He that formed thee O Israel, Fear not; for I have redeemed thee, I have called thee by thy name, thou art mine. I YAHWEH thy EL (God) am the Holy one of Israel, thy YAHSHUA (Saviour). So I God the Holy one of Israel am thy SAviour and the word is YAHSHUA.

When the Angel Gabriel came to Mary he said: "Thou shall call his name YAHSHUA, He shall save His people from their sins." And when Ezekiel saw this great fleet of the heavens come in, a throne was rolled out and one sat on that throne. He was like the embodiment of a man. Always the theosophy of God is like unto a son of Man.

Now, when John in the book of Revelation passes through the door into the spirit One sat on the throne. There was a rainbow around the throne, and the one who sat on the throne was Jesus. When John was on the Isle of Patmos, he was out there because he was testifying in the name of Jesus. They did not dare kill him because there would be to much of a reaction and bring trouble down on their heads. But John heard the great sound of the trumpet, and heard the words "I am ALPHA and OMEGA" the Lord God Almighty, and John turns and beholds Jesus.

Now, there was one more question here, and I think it is more or less a matter of translation. But the attempt to try to trinitize the Bible did have an impact in more ways than one because it did have a very disturbing factor in more ways than one. Lots of times trying to obscure or translate their theology into New Testament verse, this passage you were speaking of comes up Acts 7:55-56--"But he being full of the Holy Ghost looked up steadfastly into the heavens and saw the Glory of God and Jesus standing on the right hand of God."

This was when they were stoning Stephen, and when they heard the things he was saying the Jews gnashed their teeth because he had been preaching about Jesus, an what was in the original text such as Mark had in Alexandria was: "He now being moved upon by the mind of God, the Holy Spirit, and remember Jesus said He would send the Holy Spirit and you could receive it although the world order cannot. When it comes it will give you all knowledge, bring all things to your remembrance, an lead you to the knowledge of all truth. This is the coming of wisdom and knowledge, this is the mind of God's own energy, the essence of His being. So Stephen now being moved upon by this wisdom was able to see what they could not see, and he looked up into heaven, and saw the Glory of God, and it was Jesus standing there holding the scepter of authority in his right hand. And anytime it talks about the right hand of God, this is the authority, this is the power, this is the Majesty. And Stephen looked steadily up into the heavens and he saw that ONE sat on the throne, and that one was Jesus. And he said: I see the embodiment of God the ONE who was right here, this one you crucified, I see him standing with the septer hand of authority. So they cried out with a loud voice and they stopped their ears, and they all ran upon Stephen with one accord. They cast him out of the city and stoned him for they could not take it. But what couldn't they take? Stephen had just said THAT JESUS WAS GOD.

Now, you will note that the old Darby Version reads this way:--when Stephen opened his eyes he saw God on the throne and it was none other than Jesus who he had testified about. But the Jews gnashed their teeth and covered their eyes and screamed and killed him.

QUESTION:--Would you explain Luke 12:20 --"And who so ever shall speak a word against the son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but unto him that blasphemeth against the Holy Ghost it shall not be forgiven?

ANSWER:--I don't want to go into that tonight, its to long a subject but this blaspheme, the only one who can do this are demons and devils, Luciferian hosts. They are imputing the work of God to the Devil and saying that the Devil is God. This is supreme blaspheme. The only comparable blaspheme is when you marry into another race and the offspring is thus a mutation. This mingling of the Holy seed is considered a blaspheme against God. It means that the children of that union, the seed of that house cannot inherit the Kingdom in any area of power, authority, or administration, and that household has to be cast out on the outside. In Old Testament script that is considered the 'Sins of the Fathers' or parents passed on to the children to many generations. And in all the transgressions of the book, God says: I can forgive you still, but this one, the degenerate

offspring have to carry the curse.

In the New Testament then blaspheme is the imputing of the work of God to the Devil, and the person of God to evil, and imputing evil as good, and making it appear as "In the spirit of Truth". This is the blaspheme of Satanic offspring, and the Apostle Paul said: we are not of those who can do this.

There is a lot more on this subject, there is about 7 places in the scripture which show facets of this, but we won't go into any more tonight.

QUESTION:--Does this have any bearing on the purifying of the blood?

ANSWER:--No, and I won't go into that either, but this is a last moment affair, this is a small amount which may have infiltrated in unknowingly.

QUESTION:--If God has a hold on everything why does he let these mixed marriages produce offspring?

ANSWER:--Well, God has the power to do anything, but if he had not permitted Lucifer to go off in a circle, the sin question could never have been dealt with. And before he could put it down forever it had to arise--ONCE. So Lucifer was permitted to go out. The children of God were perfection because they were the offspring of God, spiritually begotten in Celestial plains. Archangels served before the solar system round about and all the sidereal systems round about, even the sidereal systems round about, even the physical creations were knowledgeable unto them. We came and went through the midst of these things, we were watching the fall of Lucifer when he rebelled and refused to acknowledge the sons of God. But God knew all about this and permitted it, and for instance many children of God, the family, the household as we are told in Ephesians, many of them may have been on earth in the past. Not as physical residents in a physical body but visible Celestial bodies. The great temples of Atlantas to The Great God YAHWEH-PUTAH (Savior) ministered to by white Celestial sons. This is true in other places as well, and we are told that when Luciferian mongrelization got so high that the people were violating Divine law then many of them turned from the truth, and God was angry, and he removed his sons until they were no more visible to earth. But prophecy was given to Horus and came down through the ancient records in Egypt that the day would come when God would place his sons on earth, embodied. That again they would lead the world in righteousness. That again they would build a Temple like the one they used to have, and they did this in Egypt which of course was the Pyramid, and the Sphinx. This was quite a prophecy, but the part I am interested in is that it does show that some of the spirits, some of the sons of God were present in the Pre-Adamic world, but they were in Celestial being forms. They were like a visible walking image, which couldn't be touch, they were not in the same dimension.

Now, the second chapter of Hebrews tells about this, it takes all the guessing out. The Apostle Paul in his Apocrypha of Paul tells about what he saw when they took him into the heavens. He came back to write about the 4 heavens. God told him to write all this, and then the Apocalypse of Paul was completely destroyed. It was being so universally used that they made a changed addition, or edition. But they did not destroy all of it because in Armenia, and in Thessolanika and in areas of Greece, and southern Europe there were still some copies. So God stopped this even though Rome tried to block it by trying to keep it out of print, by destroying all the scrolls they could find. The reason why: because it destroys the idea of purgatories and perdition, and the status men could use through Priestcraft in any way to extricate them, through any process for money, to get people out of the Netherworld and so forth. You see the Apostle Paul was so clear, he was told by God to go write it in a book and give it to the people. He said: man does not sow in one field and reap in another, man does not sow in the earth and reap in heaven. He doesn't sow in earth then reap when he dies, you have to reap where you sow. And as man violates Divine law when he comes into earth, then nothing anyone else can do will help him after he passes back into the spirit. But God never lost the spirit anyhow, and Paul was told this, and he put it in his Apocalypse, and every great thing we find in the Epistles that Paul writes were originally in the Apocalypse in its complete form. But as he wrote his Epistles he kept drawing on this knowledge he had as to what God had shown him. As he wrote to the Ephesians or to all the Israelites in the book of

Hebrews, or to the Romans, and so forth, that is why he tells them that they are strangers and pilgrims in earth, and if we could we would go back to where we came from, we just don't know how to get there. God took this remembrance away so that we would not go back into the spirit and never get our job done. He didn't want us to shirk what he sent us here to do. We were not only to experience here so we would sense and know, and evaluate throughout the ages to come, in the work he has for us to do. The areas of transgression, we would then be able to know what it was we were fighting for, and what it was we had to triumph over, what it is that we are able to defeat. Thus it was that God permitted areas of experience and he has already predestined areas of achievement. So in other words because of this we don't have to worry about this one factor, that God was taking any chance on losing anyone. He knew about their coming and who would be casualties, and who would not. But the areas of the experience will be fulfilled. And after all there is a resurrection coming, and each will finish what he has ordained they would do, so don't forget this. They will all do this before they conform to the final things that God has in store.

Every once in a while someone says: Why does God do this, well, why don't the sons of God do better. After all he put you down here to overthrow the devil, to conquer, to stand tall, and walk like Sons of God. And if we violate the areas of this Divine law after He has given us this knowledge then we have an experience which wakes us up. But the fact remains that God did not do anything to punish you. He so made the law so that when you disobey, it does the work of chastisement. In other words there are physical laws, economic laws, health laws, but you violate some law when God has made it quite clear that you are not to do this and it isn't He who punishes you, it is just because it does not work. So people disobey, and thing happen, their body crumbles, their nervous system does not take the shock, or they sooner or later are in trouble themselves. Oh, there are depressions, and money troubles, but it all works out. God says if you bring in all these pagans then you will be in trouble. They will bring in other gods, and even Ben Franklin said that if you let the Jews come in then pretty soon they would be in the counting house and you would be in the field.

QUESTIONER:--Since the sins of the parents are visited upon the children to the 9th gestation, then the natural laws are in perfect harmony with the Laws of God? You will observe that these Queers that are appearing now are from previous violations of law, in previous generations?

ANSWER:--Simply because we have permitted them to dwell among us.

QUESTIONER:--Sure but the results are clear, nature is eliminating their ability to pro-create, and they are coming out of----

ANSWER:--But 9 is the number of Judgment.

QUESTIONER:--But nature is purifying.

QUESTION:--Do we take our soul consciousness with us into the plain of spirit?

ANSWER:--You take your soul consciousness with you everywhere. Some people are sort of unconscious most of the time, but that's the best they have, but yes, you take your consciousness with you. The only ones who cease to be conscious are the dead, and when they die they know nothing at all. I am talking about the Negro--Zombie.

QUESTION:--A man asked me--he said--you think prophecies are coming true, and God has a plan so what difference does it make to God what I do if I can't alter His plan one way or the other.

ANSWER:--This is the question of a person who is learning how big God is before he is ready. God is sovereign in HIS Universe. He is the absolute Master. He can add any ingredient to your environment to bring about anything He intends to do. And by this procedure--again we have been given instructions as to what our responsibilities are. We are here to build the Kingdom, and the forces of darkness are coming against the Kingdom, with ever increasing design to cause trouble. But God has already ordained their defeat. He has put a perimeter as to how far Lucifer can go. The powers of darkness still fight us, they rape our women, kill us if they could. And this man says--why do I resist, why don't I just wait for God to do it? Well, there are two reasons: you can end up as a cannibal sandwich, have your property destroyed, or be a slave in a Soviet camp, or you and all the rest of the sons could awaken and resist. You could bear testimony, call for power to overthrow the enemy, you could start winning and occupy. This is one reason you just don't do nothing and sit down. And secondly any one who just sits down doesn't have any life anyhow. The more you know the more you go. The more you know about the Kingdom the more enthused you get about it, and the more you become a part of it. The more you behave, the more you catch the pattern of the picture, the more you conform to the image of God. So there isn't any, why should I, the work of the spirit is doing a refining work on the sons and daughters. And the more they absorb the wisdom of the spirit, the more they feed on spiritual food, the more they move. Spiritual food is definitely the essence of knowledge and wisdom which flows out of the mind of God. And it is the life of the soul when it is in tune with the spirit.

Now, there is no question but what we all know what food is, we all know how to feed the body, even though sometimes we get wrapped up in something and even forget to eat, but most people stop to eat. But Jesus said: I AM the bread which came down out of heaven. I am the bread of life. He that eats of this bread will never be hungry again. He who drinks of this water will never thirst again. But the fact is that this is a devouring, this is the Divine Omniscience of God. This is absorbing it again in the soul consciousness through the Spirit. So therefore as this process increases in the individual he changes more and more into a nature like God. But God is not a do nothing God, this is not His nature. He is a man of war, He rolls out the whole Universe, He sinks continents if He so desires, He moves against the enemy. You say--Oh! God just sits back and waits---but what makes you think He is just waiting? Just because things don't happen bing, bing, bing at the speed we want it to? We are facing this thing against a backdrop of Eternity. It has been over 7400 years since Adam arrived and look at all that has already happened. But as far as God is concerned He is going to do all He plans to do, and he is going to bring you forth until you conform to this image, there is a perfect center of God's will. This is a synchronization of God's mind and spirit. And there is permissible perimeters, and here is where they learn. If they are not synchronizing that God is a conquering Faith, that they occupy with it, then they get polished off by hard knocks of the outer perimeter reaching them to teach them. But I am going to tell you, that you will do as your are required sooner or later. I knew a preacher one time and he came out of sort of a Holiness background. There is nothing wrong with the Holiness churches, as it s always good to measure up to righteousness, but some of these fellows sit on 'cloud nine' and think they are better than anyone else in the world. This fellow was one of these kind of preachers, he wouldn't admit it but he wasn't having any fun, he was afraid that if he smiled, or enjoyed life then God wouldn't like him. I don't think he really thought to much about it, but he couldn't go fishing or hunting, see? Because God might not like it if he enjoyed it. Sort of like if its good, don't eat the dessert. They think this makes them righteous and holy. But that is what makes people run from religion, that is sort of a sad sack religion. After this man heard one of the tapes, and then one of the messages I preached he said:--'Dr. Swift, do you mean to tell me that I am a son of God, and just because I am a son of God I am going to conform to his image, sooner or later?'-- That's right.-- 'You mean that when he wrote my name in the Lamb's book of Life that he ordained that I conform to that image?'-- That's right.--'Well, then suppose I just disobey?'

ANSWER:--Well, then you will be punished.

QUESTIONER:--But you still say that I will still conform to his own image.?

ANSWER:--That's right.

QUESTIONER:--Well, then why don't I just go out and do all the things that I would like to do?

ANSWER:--You just as well, because you don't have much religion anyhow. But tell me what would you really like to do?

QUESTIONER:--Oh, many, many things that I see people do.

ANSWER:--You really are a bum preacher if you are just preaching to keep yourself from doing all these things. You don't even know that the laws of God are for your good, and when you keep them you do it because you want to do it, not because your afraid of some kind of punishment. But you have to have a renewing of the mind before you will realize this I guess.

Now, this man thought he was in the midst of one of the most Holy churches that ever was, but then he thought that there was flaming hells, and he might get into one, so he was just being a preacher because then he might not be so apt to get in one. This was a fire escape operation with him. And here were all these souls depending on him, trying to stay out of those hells.

QUESTION:--There are 4 terms---Body, soul, mind, and spirit?

ANSWER:--There are not four terms, it is Spirit, soul or mind, and body. Spirit is the Celestial plain, it is the Light entity, you have a Light entity just like you have an electronic entity. You have a consciousness in both, a brain in the physical and a Celestial

consciousness, one in tune with God. Soul consciousness bridges these two. And of course down here in earth you have a soul consciousness.

QUESTIONER:--Then is the mind a separate entity?

ANSWER:--This word mind is over used to some degree. We refer to the mind as the sum total of concentrated ideas. Idea being the energy field accumulated. So lets say that all the soul experiences which it has experienced as an entity, are stored as nasson electrons around the tendrils of the brain. And the sum total of the remembrances are the knowledge of the mind. The soul is the consciousness and the mind is very much related to the soul, the bookkeeping file of what it accepts and rejects.

QUESTION:--Then anything bad is to be eliminated?

ANSWER:--Everything Bad will be burned out when the fire is applied. I am not talking about some of the devils flaming perdition either. I don't think the devil ever ran anything to please God. He may serve God and not know it but he doesn't do it on purpose.

QUESTION:--In Revelation (I couldn't hear the question.)

ANSWER:--This is ultimately the rising up of the Anti-Christ forces in the last dictator event for the attack against the Kingdom. Of course the Soviet Union fills the scene but there will be a powerful figure at the top of the scene, and he will be identified as the horn (Power). It was called a little horn at one time, but actually this is a man who speaks dark sentences, and has a fierce countenance in Daniel's prophecy as well. But we have in this period many Anti-Christs', and their top dog in the last hour will be a Luciferian Embodiment. Some people do not think there is such a thing but there is.

QUESTIONER:--What about this committee which came out here after the Watts riots?

ANSWER:--I don't think much of it, for they were not out here to find out what happened, but to blame all the white Christians for the riots. We didn't kill, rob, rape, and burn, or shoot at police, but because Negroes don't have more than we do, without doing anything to earn it, then we are guilty of making them unhappy. They demand equality but they aren't emotionally, or intellectually, or creatively capable of sharing equality of our society. This Committee will simply advocate more money, for poverty although they already received six million dollars before the riots.

This is a payoff job, pinkos runs things, run the city and dictate as to what the mayor is to do. We had an ear on the inside of this meeting and this was said: Now that we have had a chance to try out the riot tactics and see how far it would go, and proved the effectiveness of the Police Dept., this dress rehearsal was a success. In the next one the Negro must be allowed to reach white homes, come clear to Pasadena, and Glendale as well as the coastal areas. The more horror the quicker the government can step in and declare Martial Law.

So what stopped them this time? Mayor Yorty and head of the police said, next time we will call in the armed white men and stop this thing. So the Local planning commission said: we must get rid of the Mayor and the Chief of Police. They said, we can't have to many Negroes killed until we have our Federal and International state established.

There were 412 stores in the Watts area and 387 of then are owned by Jews, and the Negroes burned those stores, and the Jews were up in arms. Sammy Gatt their mouthpiece said: it makes us angry, because we have sparked all this Negro activity and we brought them up to this spark of resistance and demonstration, and now they burn our stores. It is estimated that the Negroes burned out 40,000 jobs, and now they want to take the jobs away from the white man and give it to the Negroes. I think it is time we talk about deporting some of them, or all of them back to Africa, this is the best investment of money we could make.


end of tape