09-02-64 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


Dr. Swift talking as tape commences...a question about the Books of Enoch I think (Ella). In the Book of Enoch it says that Enoch was shown the Valley of Fire and beings in it in torment, and when asked as to what it was...was told these are they who have committed sin. This is strictly a Roman concoction. The Book which you can get a copy of today is the one which Oxford re-did. It is a copy of the same kind of manuscripts they used when they did the King James Version...from the Roman Editions. All these hells and purgatories in the Book of Enoch as well as in the Apocrypha was Roman inserted, and didn't exist before this. There were a great number of Roman Theologians some of whom I know who will admit this. But there has never been a manuscript which goes back to the time of the Disciples which had any hell fire sown in it, not one single one of them. Not one single one of them ever suggested that a man was punished with fire after he died, or that he went into any situation such as this. It was the Apocalypse of the Apostle Paul that they tried so hard to change. I have the version now of the one after they tampered with it. I had one of the original 'Apocalypse of Paul' but it was taken at the auditorium in down town Los Angeles. We have another one but this one was changed from the original. So when ever you get anything which talks about fire and brimstone and torment, for a person after he dies, then you have a Babylonianized document that had this added after the Second Century....in Rome.

Now; Hudson's translation of the Book of Enoch is also based on those documents he extracted from Rome. There is far more notes in the Books of Enoch generally than there are pages. I have 'The Towers of Enoch', The Secrets of Enoch', and 'The Pillars of Enoch'. These three themselves would form a book about 2 inches thick without the notes. So what we have is that which was tampered with but Enoch wrote 365 Books. 260 was the original number then there were 5 Odes besides those and these Books were actually abut what we would call a pamphlet or a chapter. They were Scrolls, and when these Scrolls were put together in one set they contained..'The Pillars of Enoch...The Towers of Enoch..and The Secrets of Enoch'. So anytime anyone comes along and tells you that a Celestial being, born of incorruptible seed, having immortality, is going to be tortured with fire and brimstone, you have the most rudimentary elements of superstition inside of religion.

In the first place a god who would operate this kind of a torture chamber needs religion.

QUESTION:...Would you explain II Corinthians 5:10?

'For we must all appear before the judgement seat of Christ, that every one may receive the things done in his body according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad.'

ANSWER:...Lets just put that side by saying that the Apostle Paul first starts in by saying:...that there is a wise Master Builder. No other foundation can any man lay other than that which is laid in Christ. And upon this they build, whether they build of stone, indestructible material and top it with gold and silver, or build with hay and stubble, every mans works shall be tried by FIRE (Shekinah Glory). But the man himself shall be saved OUT OF IT.

This is what it is talking about here in II Corinthians 5:10., it is talking about a physical world where man builds. In otherwords everything may be tested by fire, and if everything a man has built is swept away still the Apostle Paul tells us that the man will be saved by the fire which burns away the error.

Now; in the seat of consciousness men build up many areas of ideas which possess error. They have to think transgression before they commit transgression. Sometimes it is wrong theology, sometimes wrong ideals, brainwashing, politics and processes of their environment which effect these things. But the Scripture makes it quite clear that the Spirit of God which is in the refining FIRE..the Aura..this is what burns out the error, this is the Shekinah Glory of God. In every instance where the passage is translated Lake of Fire..this was Divine Aura..the refining Fire of Gods Spirit. Therefore this purges out error and leaves the individual free. Now; suppose that all the ideas and all the background of your works are in error, still you are of the Adamic Race and you are a child of THE MOST HIGH GOD, and have been born into this world, you have acknowledged the Father, but all this other that you thought you had learned was in error... well, before the Holy Spirit gets thru purging the seat of your consciousness all your ideas are gone, and there wasn't even one single thing which you could point to that you had done right...well, what does the Scripture say? Still the person is saved from ALL errors, by this refining influence, and he is now on a foundation of truth, but he just didn't have anything to show for his time. The most important thing then is the elimination of error from the seat of the consciousness, guilt complexes, fears and errors to same men from areas of transgression. For this cause then Christ came to save men from their sins not to send them to perdition. He said:..I came to save that which was lost. He said:...I didn't come into the world to condemn the world but that thru me it might have LIGHT. Have it more abundantly. And of course, above all things, to empower my sons and daughters, because I have an Eternal Covenant with them. I not only come to give them Eternal Life, but to give them this power to finish the task I put them in this world to do.' Thus it is that the Salvation of God is as different according to the direction and intent...it is an adjustment for men, it is a salvation to turn men from all transgression and error, this is what it is for.

In otherwords, if it were not for the Grace of God the Kingdom would not have been necessary at all. In otherwords what are you doing down here trapped in a physical world like this? The only reason you are here in physical bodies is because God put His own family in earth to build His Kingdom, and to overthrow Lucifer. To battle the intense concentration of error which exists in a physical world. After all, Lucifer was already defeated by Michael the Archangel in space, his fleets had been defeated and he had been driven to earth, and in those thousands and millions of cycle of millenniums there were catastrophe and wars, and sinking of continents of earth, and involvement of Heavenly Hosts...all of this was a part of this as Divine Authority stepped in to put the rebellion all in ONE place. Finally God said:..alright the incubator is ready...here is where I am going to put My children. I am going to bring them in, put them in bodies of flesh, and we are going to overthrow Lucifer. We are going to conquer him here in earth. The family is going to conquer him, even the sons and daughters he refused to acknowledge.

Now;..one of the things the enemy uses to operate by is FEAR. And this fear is one of the most deadly weapons on the face of the earth. Fear paralyses men, so Lucifer operates on a process of fear. Then under this instance if they could keep people afraid of God, but never understanding His GRACE, they could eliminate any corrective policy which the Spirit would guide them into. Thus it is today that we have thousands upon thousands of people identified as Christians but who are afraid of God. This is their FATHER but they are afraid of HIM. They have a fantastic idea of what God is about to do. Then all the church gets up and talks about the Love of God, and they want you to go out and love everybody, to go out and throw your arms around the Negroes that are rioting and looting in block after block, destroying building after building and yet the Christian is afraid of God? Not only is this irresponsible, unreasonable but the Scripture tells you that 'Perfect love casteth out all fear'. It is a bad thing they ever put the word fear in the translation of the Scripture. The word for love in Greek is translated fear in the English Language. The area of respect or service, and love and the patterns of emotion all surrounds the areas of allegiance and devotions...and is translated in the English language out of a dual purpose word as...fear. Thus the people have interpreted this word much differently than it was intended to be. As far as these perdition factors are concerned everyone of these things were inserted out of Babylonianism. But if the attitude of God was to create a massive destruction by things like this rebellion of Lucifer and so forth then he could have done this without ever involving His own household, His own family. And for God to take a chance on anything or anybody just to satisfy a whim would make HIM a monster...this is not HIS Nature. Anything which denies the nature of God and limits God or ends with God defeated, or God investing His own children and then losing them, anything which does this is not only unrealistic but has no Scriptural substantiating support. The deeper you get into the background of theology you soon discover this, and you also discover that there are far more passages thru out the mutation of Scripture that we do have which supports the Eternal Grace of God and the Sovereignty of God. Such as 'All Israel shall be Saved' ...'All flesh shall be saved'....'All beings shall be saved'...I shall lose nothing'...and so forth, and when you get thru with it I can show you 27 'alls' in which God is going to have everybody. For every knee shall bow, every individual is going to be adjusted..and I like that word ALL...it is so complete. We find this in Ephesians, in Galatians, and in Acts, everywhere God talks about His overall plan. In this He says He is going to reconcile everything unto Himself. Then when Peter arose to speak, after the Anointing at Pentecost, then when he started to talk about the fact that Jesus Christ had gone back into the Celestial planes until the end of the Age, in which He was going to fulfill that which was prophesied by all the Holy Prophets since the world began, that He was going to reconcile ALL things to Himself. Under this situation then, if every Holy Prophet since the world began..in spirit..promised that there would be total reconciliation, total adjustment of every living creature, of all beings, Saints in earth and in the Universe above us, by THE FATHER then that is pretty good evidence that you couldn't anymore find any more completeness than that. Any Ecclesiastical leader who comes along and won't accept this but wants to make some changes has a short circuit in his thinking. He has just never thought it thru, or he has never been spiritually adjusted in this matter. There is nothing quite like Ecclesiastical bondage because Hierarchy in doctrines creates these bondages.

Over the years we have had Bishopric's whether in a Protestant Church or whether in Rome where doctrines are drawn up and wrong patterns of law are set, and year after year they get stronger and heavier in this as to what it says. But after all this is the opinion of these men who take one little part of the Scripture and straight way depart from it.

I have in my Library volumes and volumes of Church doctrine, and about 50% of it is totally man made. In fact I can take you over here and you can find the writings of Cheye Noyon, and here is the writings of St. Augustine and here is St. Thomas Aquinas. There is no doubt that there are great books included just in those writings...because it took St. Thomas Aquinas several books to just get down all Catholic doctrine..just in commentary. But the volumes it takes to write this up is not only 178 feet of Encyclos in the Vatican Library, but there happens to be 4 solid rooms of the opinions of Ecclesiastical authority of this. But it only took 4 Gospels and these few Epistles of the Apostle Paul to outline the whole theology of the Christian Faith as we have it recorded today. So where did all these other writings come from? Well, this is how long it took for men to talk it up and set it in form.

Now; I don't have anything against these fellows if they want to form all these opinions and write it all down and lock it up..that's fine. But they can't put it over on me and say:...this is what you have to say, this is what you have to believe, this is what you have to do. Because I will go back to the original from which they started this hodgepodge and say... what is wrong with using the original?

The fact remains that when St. Augustine went up to Britain he found that Christianity had been there since the days of Jesus. He came up from Rome at a time when the Empire was having some trouble about the collection of tax from the Britons, and when he came back to Rome he reported to the Emperor, and then went down to the Holy C and said:..I want to report that instead of finding Barbarians in Britain I found a great Christian civilization. I found that in their Abbotries they not only had all the Gospels but they had listed great traditions concerning Christ and His Disciples and so forth. They had great buildings, they had Universities, but there were no Barbarians there. More than this he said:..that without having had the advantage of all our August discussions, and without having had all the advantages of our Encyclos, and our opinions, that they were fully informed upon all the facts of God's Grace.

Then they asked him to sum up his meeting with the Britons and he stood before them and for two hours told Rome all the theology which he had discovered in Britain which was the sum total of all theology. And he asked them why they had this mutation. After this they had this meeting..the 'Diet of Worms', and shortly after that when they were trying to press Martin Luther into making a recant and to come back into the church, then Martin Luther said:..when the total of theology was found in Britain it was summed up in two hours. He said:..what one man could put forth on the floor for two hours is satisfactory with me because there was no missing part in this Christian Doctrine found there, so why is not this enough? All I can tell you is that as far as Ecclesiastic Authority is concerned, this Ecclesiastic authority is endowed by institutions. As far as an Apostolic discussion...every minister who preaches a Gospel that was ordained by Clergy..who was ordained by Clergy..who were ordained by the disciples should know that. Someone said it doesn't make any difference because the church has been a continuing process of laying on of hands, or ordination of the process of overseers from the Bishops to the few churches out in the Isles of the sea and the four corners of the earth. But the fact remains that it is almost impossible to find someone who doesn't believe in the Apostolic succession.

Now:...the church of God makes quite a big fuss about this, they were a new denomination formed, and they said they were the only denomination with the true Apostolic succession. In fact I know some Campbellites who thought this, and they had only lived here since the Civil War. But they thought they had the only true line of Apostolic succession. Rome thought this also but it took them 3 centuries to find it out. Rome then said that the church of Rome was founded by Peter, but Peter did not found that church, Peter went down from Britain after the church had been founded and there had been Bishop's there before Peter. He was the first great Martyr of Renown that they took out of the Clergy itself and put to death. But there isn't any doubt of the fact that Peter came down from Britain and for a while was Bishop of Rome, but the fact also remains that he was only one of the 12 Apostles. The fact also remains that these Apostles founded churches which continue to this day. In fact of most every church you know of has come out of some other church, they were all part of some church, and the Apostolic succession...the whole ministry is Apostolic succession...see? Besides that I have something more important than even that...My FATHER put this whole thing together, and everyone of this race is My FATHER'S child which had come down thru the Adamic succession, so this makes him an embodied son of God, and because he was born of incorruptible seed...the son of My Father, that is even more important than any succession we have had since then Apostolically. So lets face the fact that as far as the church is concerned the church has authority which was given to it when Jesus gave the authority to His Apostles, and disciples. All Christians are witnesses, and all Clergy has had authority...but they never had the authority to change what God has said. They were never given authority to set this Ecclesiastical humbug which they have incorporated from time to time. And some of the most dear people that I know believe in this humbug.

QUESTION:...Prior to the reformation was there any other break off from the Roman Church?

ANSWER:...Well, the 5 churches of Revelation were never in the Roman Church to begin with.

QUESTION:...Does the Roman Church believe in the Apostolic succession of say Peter down to the.......

ANSWER:...That's right. But remember Peter was in Britain before he was in Rome. In fact Joseph of Arimathea, the brother of Mary, gave the hides of land for the great Abbotries of Britain. There were 10 hides of land which he gave, and this church was in Britain before there was a church of Rome.

QUESTION:...But you indicated that this was a part of Rome? (Roman Empire)

ANSWER:...No, now this church was not a part of Rome, for Rome did not ever conquer all of Britain, altho they did fight over the land. But remember that the church of Rome at the time that Rome was waging war in Britain....Rome was also persecuting Christians in Rome because it was under a pagan Administration, until Constantine conquered the Roman Emperors, and Caesar's, then he set up a government which was friendly to Christianity. Then because he wanted to be a Bishop, they made the Emperor Bishop of the church as well. Thus Constantine was not only a Bishop of the church, and Holy protector of the church by Title, but he was also Emperor of all the Roman Empire. Both the East and the West because the Empire covered everything clear to Constantinople. Under this then he was the all powerful ruler of Rome. But centuries before this the church still existed in Britain, where Jesus had built the Wattle Church in Glastonbury. Jesus was in Britain at times between the years when he was 19 to 30 years of age. When Jesus went to Britain on the ships of Joseph of Arimathea the tin mines of Cornwall belonged to this Joseph. And the tin ware which he delivered to the far east as well as to Palestine, and all over the Roman Empire came from the warehouse of Joseph of Arimathea. He was a wealthy, powerful shipping merchant who owned the mines, and tin ware production, and who was also the brother of Mary the Mother of Jesus. From the time Jesus was 19 up until He was 30 years of age He sailed on these ships of Joseph of Arimathea and was in and out of Brittany. More than this He not only confounded those of the oldest University which existed outside the Egyptian one in Alexandria, but this oldest University was the Druid University in Britain. And Jesus confounded the Masters of that University before He started His Ministry in Palestine. They not only have the records of this there but after the Crucifixion and Ascension then Joseph gave those hides of land to the disciples who went to Britain, and to the Apostolic following which was there, to the people who were dedicated to preach the Gospel of Christ. Thus they built there this Great Abbotry, and an Abbotry was not only a Cathedral, but at that time it was a church, but also dwelling there were Clergy who would come and go from this place. In otherwords it was Church Headquarters. Of course it then grew with its orders and developments, and the Abbotries are still there today. But the thing to remember was that there wasn't any church at Rome at that time, and the Christians down there were in the catacombs hiding, for the Roman Emperors were allowing the destruction of Christians. People were being destroyed just because they were Christians...in Rome, while up in Britain there was no harassment of the church at that time.

Now; at no time was there harassment of the Christian Church officially by the Kings of Britain, even tho at times there was in the King line out of Scotland and Wales...struggles...but the King line remained and finally the seat of it was moved from Ireland to Scotland and to Wales and from there came to all powerful England. Then out of this came the Administration which went out to form the British Empire. But remember also that the British Empire is not as old as the United States. We came into being as a Nation on July 4, 1776, but it was after 1812 that the British Kingdom was formed into the Commonwealth of Nations, and became the British Empire. Before this time it was just a British Kingdom in Britain. When we point this out remember that there were struggles in Britain between the Stuarts and the Tudors and others but this happened much later. This happened 1000 years later, and was the result of a little battle over theology between Protestant and Catholic stirred up by Jewish Hierarchies behind the scenes who created this problem. They were behind each and every one of these conflicts. The Inquisition and everything else, because for instance Torquemado who headed the Spanish Inquisition was a Spanish Jew. He was a temporizing, non-believing Christian who extorted and used this in order to acquire wealth. In fact I have the Jewish volumes here of the Marranos in which it admits that Torquemado is a Jew, and boasts of how the Jews became converts and joined the Christian church by the thousands to get on the inside. They said the Holy process of Baptism made an Agnostic Jew on the outside a temporizing Jew on the inside who came in to join in the struggle against the church.

Now; the unfortunate thing is that when Christians permit the Anti-Christ to come in and pit one against the other, they are working to twist the whole foundation of their thinking in order to hold them in Slavery. We should expect this of the devil, he is a pretty sharp boy, he is clever and the way he captures men is to capture their minds. By capturing your mind he changes your thinking, and now he accomplishes something. But you see we are not prone to think that Lucifer would move into the church, but Lucifer knows that if he can join the church he can successfully do more there than anywhere else to block the operation of God's Kingdom. So in this instance every once in a while Lucifer gets someone short circuited and they try to destroy the church. He is always trying to block the truth or to devour or to injure.

Now; we today have so many manuscripts which thru out the years have been copied and maintained that there are thousands of manuscripts in possession. Every once in a while someone is bold enough to print them, and these manuscripts go way back. The British Museum of course had the biggest collection of all until they had that big fire back in 1678 or 82... somewhere in that time. But the manuscripts are still available in scroll and texts. Many of them have been copied and after that many have been printed, and they were not noticeably tampered with.

Now;..the church always says:...anything which disagrees with us is heretical. Take these changes we have showed you...in the footnotes it tells you that this didn't exist in the original or old manuscripts, but was changed 200 to 300 years after the death of Mark, or after the Crucifixion of Christ. So if in the Book of Mark or Matthew the passages appear 300 or even 200 years in later texts then this is after Matthew and Mark were dead, so they didn't write them. Thus it is totally fantastic to think that they would be of an value as to truth, and put there by the writer of the Book of Mark. This same thing is true where it talks about the death of Moses back in the Book of Deuteronomy. If all the Books of Deuteronomy was written by Moses then this shouldn't have been added, because he wouldn't have written about his death. They should have put this in the Book of Jasher as the writings of someone else, but not put it in the Book of Deuteronomy which Moses wrote. The fact is of course that Moses didn't die, people just don't know this, but Moses didn't die anymore than Elijah did. We can always prove this very quickly, for if Moses had died he couldn't have been on the mountain with Elijah when Jesus took His disciples up on that Mountain. Then Moses and Elijah stepped out of the dimension of Spirit and talked with Jesus. If Moses had died his Spirit would have been down in the Netherworld with the entire Adamic hosts waiting for the Crucifixion of Christ and the Atonement. The fact that Moses was on the Mountain proves that his Spirit was never down there,...he never died, neither did Elijah. When you say that Elijah was on the Mountain people say..oh, but he was translated, but both of these men were there. Then someone says:..but it says in my Bible that Moses died...yes, but in a Book that Moses wrote??? In otherwords it is quite obvious that Moses didn't write it, he wrote everything up unto the time that he disappeared. Even the Devil couldn't find him, and you know that anything the Devil couldn't find on earth must have hid real well because you go over in the Book of Jude and it tells you that the Devil was arguing with Michael. He was saying...where is the body of Moses...I claim the right to hold the body in death. Moses is missing and I want his body...you are hiding it from me...so Michael, where is his body?...you are hiding it from me..so Michael where is this body of Moses? Then you read in the Book of Jude that Michael was telling the Devil off, and he had some real choice names for him, and God stepped in and stopped him saying:...Now Michael, remember that Lucifer is an Archangel, he fell but you still can't call him any names...you just say:..YAHWEH rebuke you ...and stop exercising your vocabulary. So..what were they arguing about? The BODY OF MOSES, the Devil said he is missing and I want his body. So the Devil never found Moses and it is quite obvious that he didn't die. They sent a craft for Moses just like they did for Elijah and the people didn't know this because they were looking all over the Mountain for him. They thought the old boy climbed the Mountain and maybe fell into a crevice but they couldn't find him. Moses knew it was time to go...so he just walked into the Mountains.

Lets face it...shall we say that most of these theologians had been brought up in consecutive tradition? The Jews changed the record, and then taught that this was the way it was, because the Jews were now the experts on the original tongues, and languages and changes. The Jews got in and condemned the doctrines and they will even tell you about it. The Bishops couldn't read the texts where it was coming from, could only read it after it was put into their own languages, and they started to express opinions. The people started to argue about fine points, but then people always like to argue about fine points, if they could find some way to give themselves permission to do something which is wrong. This is what starts arguments...find some way to justify being wrong. If you can do this it makes you feel better about being wrong. Historically this is what all theological disputation starts over...when it comes to...can you, or can't you...because this is what they are trying to do. Even the Jews get into this, they are a bunch of rascals, they write the Talmud, they twist the Scriptures and so forth. But they also set up a code as it related to one another even tho they are in depravity, and morality corruption, but they had to have a certain amount of code with one another, or they would be fighting among themselves, so they set up a code with one another, or they would be fighting among themselves, so they set up a code. But because they didn't want to abide by this code, even tho they set it up, you would be surprised how many doctrines they put in their Talmud to let themselves be rotten and immoral. I have the Babylonian Talmud, and I think it is the most fallacious and rotten book ever written, but it is still the official Talmud. This is the Talmud in these synagogues used for study. Supreme Court Justice Warren went down there and put on that black cap on his head to study this Talmud. Harry Truman who was a liar as far as this instance is concerned, but he is sort of a colorful one, but Harry wanted to impress the Jews so he said one of his chief joys was to sit up in bed in the White House and read the Talmud. He said:...I have the full volume set and it is one of my chief joys to sit up in bed and read the Talmud. Now:...I know the old codger was lying because if he was sitting up in bed reading the real Talmud he wouldn't want anyone to know because I have a Talmud and I can show it to you. Nothing ever written is any more rotten. For instance anything which would suggest it was alright for any man to violate little girls from 3 to 8 years old for instance, and still be Holy and pure under Jewish Law...and this book is full of every instance of violation of every moral code. It is so rotten, so depraved, so degenerate that I wouldn't want the average child or teenager reading the Talmud. But here was little Harry setting up there in the White House reading the Talmud saying this is some Holy Book the Jews have. If he did read and en joy it he should have been ashamed of himself.

I find that about 50% of the Talmud is disputation by the Rabbi's, excuses to be just like they are....just rotten. There is no way to apologize for them, they are just what they are.

QUESTION:...What is your opinion of Reincarnation?

ANSWER:...It is the route the Asiatics can take but it is not for you. After all you are not the child of Reincarnation, you are the child of Resurrection. You are an incarnate being, you existed in Celestial Planes far from earth. You had never resided in earth before, but inside of you is the sum total of all the remembrances of all the experiences of all your ancestors. They have been stored up in the chromitin, and inside the genes, and the chromosome. A new born baby starts out, and inside the tendrils of his brain nerves there is a whole area of these nerves which already have nasion electrons of electronic memory there. Some times all it takes is a unit of energy which causes them to revolve and these electrons revolving would give the same impression of memory that you get when those electrons revolve and show you an experience which you have had.

What is memory? It is the ability to flash before my consciousness all the things I have ever done, all the things I ever heard, all the things I participated in. Do you know what you are? You are just a piece of memory. So who are you living here in this body? The sun total of all you have thought and experienced. That makes up the body of your consciousness. You are not only the sum total of all you have experienced but the sum total of all your ancestors experiences as well, clear back to Adam. Because of this then this is why the sins of the Fathers descend upon the children for generations after generations. This is why the only thing which can clear error and adjust to righteousness is The Spirit. Because the Spirit is ENERGY, it is VITALITY, it is the synthesis of LIGHT vibration and can be translated to miliamps of energy to the seat of your consciousness. It is the only thing which can transform a man in the seat of his being, it is the only thing which can clear up his error. And because of this as we talk about you as an incarnate being, it is the Spirit inside of you which was with the Father before the world was framed. There it was perfect, and never made a mistake. You can feel good about whatever mistakes you have made here, just remember the Spirit never made any. But the soul consciousness which is the resident you can abide in that Spirit. But now enveloped in a physical body, and having retained the connection between the seat of consciousness, and all of the nerve tendrils of the brain this soul consciousness of yours uses the implement of the brain organically composed to store its memories, to function in the areas of its reasoning. Therefore you live in this physical body, and God intended this or he wouldn't have let you come. Therefore you think with the senses of the flesh, and you are balanced by the perception of the Spirit. But people sometimes become so enamored with the physical facets that they aren't aware of spiritual guidance, but still can be effected by some conscious spiritual forces which God will provide. But they at that time in the seat of their consciousness may not be mentally aware. Then suddenly God activates this, gives them a sudden charge and it can happen in a meeting, it can happen with a word of Truth, it can be made a connection and then begin to pour in. This is why we say...they become new creatures in Christ Jesus. You say..but this isn't talking about you as a race...well, you as a race just have things renewed to you which you forgot. But the ultimate program God has for all the world is to eventually adjust them and make them capable of understanding, of knowing what only his sons and daughters can know now, but that in the fullness of time. At the present time you have therefore a Celestial consciousness capable of knowing all things because you are Spirit of God's Spirit, and Life of His Life, you are incarnate in a physical world. And while incarnate in a physical world it is a very possible thing for the Spirit to so stimulate any part of your memory in anything which ever happened from the days of Adam on down to this time, by the steps of progression.

Now; lets get this clear....when we say the steps of progression, anything which happened to your parents before...before you were born, happened to your mother up to the time of your birth with the exclusion of a 3 to 4 week period, where in would be the final adjustment of the final chromotin, the final chromosome, the final gene...anything which was the experience of your father in the 9 months period prior to your birth, and of your mother up to the 3 1/2 weeks prior to your birth is stored in you in electronic memory whether you know it or not. This overlaps and anything at the same period of time which happened to your parents, and to their parents and on back is stored in you. But you say how can you store all that? You can store in a fraction of a gene the sum total of the content, by electronic memory of the biggest encyclopedia, because the layers of electrons are so thin and small that you can compute the smallest area of material mass containing multiple thousands of layers of electronic circuiting. So when you stop to realize how a tiny gene in its iron-oxide pattern carries with it the electronic memories of experiences, then that electronic gene may be 50,000 or 100,00 tiny chromotins, and each one of them is an area of remembrance.

There is a gene which carries your cultural inheritance, and this is why some people are born more rotten because there is probably a physical mutation which occurred some time. This happens sometimes, and they don't remember in their own consciousness, but it didn't effect the Spirit, but it did effect the remembrance in their consciousness. This is why you get physical mutations which can happen because of conditions, or accidents or areas of Divine Law or crossed species. But the reason this is important for you to understand is because people think that remembrance is an indication of past lives. And it is a very easy thing for a doctor in a hospital using electrodes to pinpoint various portions of the brain, and just by the probe touching these various areas can have the brain exposed. They can do this right thru the skull now. This tiny beam as it touches an area is just like you are having a dream, and whatever was stored in that electrode layer on layer flashes thru your mind. In fact if it happens to touch one which was one of your boyhood experiences it might be someday when you went fishing, or some day when you got stung by a bee, and it would all come right into your consciousness. You might think you had forgotten this instance but it is not forgotten, for the moment those electrons move around this area, you think and perceive this. Do you realize that this new born babe has all the experiences of its forbearers? You say why is this valuable? Well, any time in the description or any time in the course of the Semantics in which we translate sounds, and set up pictures, the moment anything is discussed as experience, of his fathers, or anything they might have touched with the moment that anything is described, the image that he erects is a reality. This is the reason the history of your race goes way back, and you can picture anything in your culture. All the things as they become visible and form an image to you, all the things in the history of your Nation, when they start talking about how your forbearers migrated to this country...it doesn't matter how far back they were tied into his history, but you set up this living picture.

Now; they used to say that imagination raises this picture, but now they have proved that you can take any two artists whose parents both saw a great spectacle and you ask them to paint this picture...put them in separate rooms and they see almost the same thing proving that they were there. Do you know that almost every artists conception of Christ...it doesn't make any difference if he is Scandinavian, or Italian, whether they paint him with blue eyes or brown, the moment you see the picture you know who He is because there is a nostalgic remembrance pattern here. And it runs thru the race. You can walk thru an Art Gallery of some one of our race and even one of these artistic fellows who is all twisted up...and you will walk up there and say...my that is an awful picture of Jesus...but how did you know this was a picture of Jesus?? We saw some samples of this sad art over at Sadalia once, but you knew who it was just the same. The fact remains that these are inherited background remembrances.

Now; there are certain Satanic patterns people don't like to admit... but it is true. There are certain occult arts which are used, and they have positive and negative facets but they came out of Luciferian forces. People should stay away from all hypnotic processes and schools as such because the largest area of this operates in occult even tho many who made a study of this thought it would alleviate pain, or thought it would be a good thing to know. But what they are studying is a negative practice which they were told not to study...told not to participate in it. What this does sometimes...you get a person under hypnotic control and that person has now subjected his consciousness as far as his spirit related control, or connection with his own thinking process of remembrances...has subjected this to the individual, and now as you try to reach back to the regression of each step what happens as he picks up things? Sometimes history of 4 or 5 generations comes but he is picking up the remembrance of his parents. Or sometimes in hypnotic this will jump sometimes back for 15 generations. What you come up with then is not the experience of this spirit, but the experience of your ancestors. And someone will say:..this proves I lived here before. NO, it just proves that you are a continuing line of life. It proves that you are a sum total of your forefathers, or forbearers. That everyone of your forbearers back to Adam are a part of you. This is why the church is correct in talking about the impact of Adamic transgression. Someone said:..but I didn't do it why should I bother with it, but you are still bugged by this error because death came on your race, and mortality was lost. And the Guilt complex you assumed has passed to every generation. This is why it takes Grace of Spiritual liberation to set men free. Probably the technology of our society has proven us to be above all others. Probably nothing has proved it as much as when we went into the combustion engine stage. The speed with which we moved in technology and began the milling of engines with their pistons and bearings, and then started to make gadgets and magnetos, and generators and all those things. Now; the principals of the combustion engine were never known until suddenly back 40 or 50 years ago as we moved into the cycles as to what they are now being used for. So...what transpired? The first generation of mechanics were tediously taught, but everyone in the country was interested in this. The second generation of mechanics were kids who grew up with these things around them. They were putting together and taking apart Model T's and Model A's, and they were sent to specialty schools to teach them what made them go and so forth.

Now;...you say why didn't this happen in Africa of China? But they don't have any affinity for remembrance in this process. But the second or third generation of our race inherited a semantics in their consciousness, and the moment they are subject to this they understand the principal, but that is just a matter of throwing something together which works. And when you know what we have then it is no problem to understand this. Today you can still take someone who maybe wasn't very mechanically inclined because it isn't in their background, but they have inherited a certain amount of it, and you can teach it to them. But it is hard to make a mechanic out of a Chinaman. The fact is that the Psychiatrists whose job it is to study not only the functions of the brain but neurology and how it relates to health, and they know this, and it is a vital area of medicine. Someone said: but this mental health thing today is a bunch of humbug. Well, this is because a bunch of Jews are running it, and anything they run, they ruin. But the study of the relationship of nutrition and health is far more important than all the medicine produced in all generations. This is why, when you get a person adjusted right then 90% of his problem is lifted. I don't care how much of this process you have to use, if he is under pressure and not spiritually adjusted he is still fighting against any process he might use for his growth. This is why some people die no matter what type of treatment you give them. Then there are those who move with Faith, and without a guilt complex, and they are totally cooperative and they survive even when they say they are going to die.

Now; this shows you that the most powerful entity of your being is Spirit, and it doesn't die anyhow. And that soul consciousness which abides in that spirit is actually immortal. In fact the physical part of the body may die, and when the physical body dies the consciousness moves into the Celestial body...and keeps on going. This is the reason why we tell you that you do not come back..and back again in cycles. But every 612 years an Asiatic can come back...why? Because there will never be any more of them than there was at the time of the fall...until the restitution of all things. Because anything Lucifer took over...God stopped supplying spirit for them. This does not apply to His own family for He stepped in and set them back on the track...and keeps supplying Spirit for them. This is the reason why reincarnation started with the Asiatics, it is an Asiatic way. Negroes do not reincarnate, when they die they are dead. There is a resurrection for this kind of dead, this is sometime after the resurrection of the Living. Then there is a type of resurrection for the type of consciousness wherein Lucifer is embodied, like those of the Asiatics, and then there is the Zombies, the walking dead who are the Negroes, and they don't have a consciousness like you do, they have a soul consciousness only. This is why it says in the Book of Ecclesiastics...the walking dead ...or the dead when they die they know nothing at all. But the living when they die, their spirit returns to God who gave it. The Asiatics under the Luciferian fall went thru cycles. These cycles don't have to be 612 years but that is the normal cycle. There is a measure for this, but we don't want to get into that tonight. But no white man ever reincarnates unless a very special instance is created for some purpose...for God can do anything even tho some people don't think so. For Elijah didn't die, he stepped into a space craft and sailed away into the heavens, then God decided to send Elijah back as the spirit in John the Baptist and He did just that. Elijah's brain and consciousness was in John the Baptist, but the being of Elijah even tho this brain and consciousness was in John still had identity for he was with Jesus and on the Mount of Transfiguration. A short time after this they beheaded the body of John the Baptist, but remember this was the first time that had ever happened like this. Jesus said:..'Never was there a man born of woman like John the Baptist'. This was the first time a spirit which had ever lived in a body...came back and lived in another one...out of our family. This is one of the reasons why there is never failure in the kingdom of God because He has destined that he will synthesize the soul consciousness of every son and daughter who ever lived ...back in a physical body with immortality and victory. Those who think they got out of something are still going to do the job they were sent here to do, and don't you forget it.

Thus there is no defeat in the kingdom, for we are the children of resurrection, and not the children of reincarnation. Every once in a while someone gets fascinated by some area of sequence remembrance, sometimes it is something they have heard that they like, something which captures their pattern because their ancestors have traveled there. And they say:...my what a beautiful nostalgic memory I have of Africa, or India, or Egypt, but this is their inheritance not their experience.

Now;..remember Jesus said:...I will pour out my spirit on you, the spirit that the world cannot receive. And when he who is the spirit of truth comes, he will bring all things to your remembrance, and lead you to the knowledge of all truth. So this is the work of the Spirit, to bring all things to your remembrance. And actually these had to be experiences which you or your parents had, so you get the whole history of all that has happened, plus all the things which happened before the world was framed. Because Jesus said:..'Ye are they who have been with me since the beginning.' This is why He said of Job:...'Where were you when all the morning stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy?' Where were you when I laid out the measuring line and created this solar system...where were you Job? But Job said:...Oh, my I am just a little man, I don't know. And YAHWEH said:..Now Job tighten up your belt, and stand upon your feet and look at me like a son of God should...you are full of years, you just don't realize it. The body isn't so old but you are, for you were there and saw all this. He just touched the right Celestial cord and Jeremiah came right out...telling what happened over 600,000 years before when the earth became without form and void, and darkness was on the face of the deep, told about the cities being destroyed and so forth. The same thing is true for Isaiah, the last time the Comet Venus crossed the earth and turned it upside down...many, many thousands of years ago, long before Venus came in for the upheaval of the Andes. And long, long before it came in for the exodus out of Egypt and stayed in our Solar System...then Isaiah who had been with the Father said:...I beheld the earth and it was turned clear upside down. In otherwords the earth was flipped pole to pole, one end to the other. This caused oceans to race across land, and land masses to slip, and great catastrophes occurred, and it was back as it is described..... 'As it was with the master so it was with the maid'. In otherwords everyone was in trouble at that time. You say:...when did this happen? Back in pre-Adamic days in a period which may have antedated the 600,000 years destruction. Lucifer was involved but not to the point when he was confined to residence in earth. But we have Isaiah telling us about this, and there isn't a geologist today who doesn't know that this did happen. I am inclined to believe that this could have happened say 35,000 to 40,000...or could have been back 63,000 years ago when the second destruction occurred down in Mexico, or when the disappearance of the cities in the Gobi desert catastrophe. I think that this could have occurred at that point because...the world turns as we do....not into the sun, and when we come to a comet in space, the tail swings to us because the density of material in the tail is not as dense as the planet earth. So every time you come close to a comet, the tail which is made up of everything from huge boulders the size of a city block down to fine dust as fine as talcum powder, that tail could be from one to two million miles long.

I can show you this Astronomically...we know that Halleys comet had a tail almost one and three quarter million miles long. But if it gets close enough to earth the tail would swing toward us. At times comets have come close, and we have gone thru the tail of comets many times. We go thru them like a bullet, and the turning of the earth is always TO THE EAST. As the comet comes close the tail swings to earth and the higher up in the comet tail we go thru, the bigger the rocks and boulders which hit the earth. The further down in the tail then the debris would be smaller. And this stuff which hits the earth is called Comet Drift, and this material is laved down and we can find it. Up in the Alps, and in the High Sierras and in the Carpathian Mountains and down in the Andes we find it. But we also have mountains over in Asia which have three or maybe four comet drifts. The High Sierras have only one major one on the east side of the Sierras, but in the Alps there are several and in the Carpathians there are 3 well and distinct ones, each one different materials. And you can tell them for all the marks are longitudinal. Glacial drift can be sideways, or any way be- cause if it has a rock embedded underneath it then it follows the least resistance, but a comet drift is always longitudinal. So up here in the high mountains as we went thru the tail of comets these have left this drift or debris. And on the west side of the mountains you should never get any debris, but we have two comet drifts on the west side of the High Sierras, and only one on the east. But this tells us that we have snapped thru comets three times, but the last uprising of the High Sierras was 11,000 years ago, and yet we have one comet drift on the east side and 2 on the west. Thus this would indicate that where we have the new drift...this was the last comet contact.

Now; what we call today the Alabama hills are just nuggets up here in the valley, and are on the east side of the High Sierras. These Alabama Hills were laid down, and then the Sierras went up since that time. But the upper High Sierras, the oldest part of them have been up there all the time. The Southern ones are the last ones that went up and these are the volcanic ones like from Lassen north. This is the reason why that on the older ones is where we find the drift. In the new part of the Sierras we find the drift only on the east side, but on the old part it is one the west as well. So when we find this we know that the last part of the Sierras went up but the old part was up there long enough to get two comet drifts on the west side, and the earth had to be turning the other way to get it on the west side.

Now;...the Northern Andes are not as old as the Southern part either, but the Andes Mountains in their oldest parts are not any older than the oldest of the Sierras. But the Carpathians and Alps are older by hundreds of thousands of years. You say:..but these rocks are millions of years old ...but they in their beginning were not where they are now. They have gone through changes, and metamorphose but are not now where they were in their beginning. They were pushed up by geological upheavals and so forth, and thus the story of geology leaves a rather interesting pattern. We have a lot of historical geologists like a lot of biologists today who run on theory rather than on facts. But the fact is that most all geologists recognize that this drift which is laid on the side of these mountains came from our passing thru tails of comets. And to do this the earth had to change directions, it had to tumble and Isaiah said:...yes, I remember this, but it had to be brought back by the spirit to his remembrance.

QUESTION:...What cut off the mountain a five mile long path?

ANSWER:...A long time ago?


ANSWER:...Well, this could have been a huge and monstrous meteorite. Comets are generally much bigger. Comets are mostly bigger than our sun. The biggest comets in space are much bigger than the sun. Venus was smaller so we have had smaller ones as well. Venus is a late comet, not too long ago, this is why any occupation of Venus has been relatively late. You see it was about 1486 to 1480 B.C. when Venus settled into our Solar System.

QUESTION:...I don't understand how comet drifts can be attracted to the earth when it is pushed away from the sun?

ANSWER:...Now, I am not going into that tonight, but here in my library is the latest and finest work on Astronomy, and they will tell you that any time a body such as a comet moves past the earth, that all drift up to the size of the body is attracted to it. There is an electromagnetic flow of force of attraction. This does not only happen 'always' but there is not one Astronomer who does not admit this. Then on top of this...this is the reason why the Ancients in the past, in the age of comets when there was a lot of them...they all report that the tail would swing toward earth then after passing earth, would swing toward Venus or Mars or whichever planet it was close to. As far as Sun repulsion is concerned...sun attraction is greater than sun repulsion. It is an electromagnetic force and balance which holds everything in its position or place. Apart from that it is magnetic attraction. Therefore when objects are in motion and carrying its tail this material is attracted by any bodies which it passes according to the relationship of its proximity, and to the areas of mass which is around it. This is the reason Wilkens, one of the great Moon Astronomers today, and Moore and others write of these things. This great moon encyclopedia has almost every known fact of Astronomy right up to date in it, and it tells you the same things about these Comet tails.

Now; it is possible for the Comet itself to be attracted, or to create a field which will break the electromagnetic force of the Solar System and attract an object to it. When this happens then that planet and that comet collide and there is a shattering disintegration, and debris in this Solar System. There was one planet we know which blew up years ago, whether it was hit, or whether it was disintegrated by nuclear reaction, we don't know. But it is tied in with the Luciferian rebellion, and just why that debris has been saved....we won't get into that tonight, but it is a long record, and it accounts for a lot of things.

There are a lot of things out in space to account for, strange things like masses of frozen substance. For instance a comet can sometimes attract and pick up as it goes. We not only shoot thru its tail and collect debris but it sometimes picks up whole areas of material such as water and ice, dirt and other debris. But water is one thing which is attracted and picked up many times. Then when it gets into the stratosphere all this water of course freezes and the salt drops out of the ice, but ionized salt stays in orbit. The fact remains that this ice and salt may float around as debris in space for years and then come back and go through the same orbit and plunge thru our stratosphere and come in fast. Sometimes it melts and sometimes great masses come in fast and drop all kinds of sea creatures which had been on earth ages ago. We have had blocks of ice come down in storms and shrimp which hadn't existed on earth for hundreds of thousands of years then showed up in a lake over here north of Barstow. They actually belong back in the Paleontropic age, but they came down in a terrific ice storm. So what happened is that the ice melted coming in, and the cloudbursts came and the masses of water didn't kill a lot of the fish...and there they are. Some of these naturalists and biologists said that the eggs were just laying there all the time and when they got wet they hatched out, but I've seen every part of that area standing under water so it didn't come from that. They came in with that storm out of that former catastrophe. If you want to read about mysteries like that then get Major Forbes books, and you will discover he has researched and kept a record of all these things which fell out of the sky. His books are rather interesting, he has scientific journals and records and history, and any time you understand this, then you have to fit this in, and if you don't have to fit this in then there is something missing. When you find out something it has to fit, so you keep on like it is a part of a jig-saw puzzle until it fits. With us, when we find something like this we keep trying to fit it until God tells us where and why. Then when a difficult piece finally fits then all the other pieces fit as well.

One day in France a strange thing happened. Suddenly something came down out of the sky, and was all over, and then the heat of the sun hit it after the storm cleared out and it started to smell. So they put it under the microscope and it was Blood. So what kind of blood? It was reptilian blood and it came out of huge dragons and lizards. Some were out in space where there must have been a catastrophe, somewhere that killed lizards by the thousands. Maybe Dinosauria carried up in the tail of a comet. But what came down was blood which had been frozen, and it came down and crashed into earth. There is no doubt of it for they tested it and made records of their findings, so we can prove that it happened. A lot of strange things have happened even tho some sophisticated people don't care to think about it. I like that word...sophisticated anyway, because this word indicates a false status of intellect, they think they know everything, they think they have all the answers, and don't like to be jolted by something they haven't thought about. They don't like to be disturbed theologically either, they like to go to church and hear the choir and during the sermon..go to sleep ..and then go home and eat lunch. This is comfortable to them and they don't like to be disturbed by thinking about something else. But these things have happened and I have a record of them.

The most fascinating thing was this man who fell out of an airplane the other day and landed in a plowed field. He got up and walked away after his chute didn't open and he fell. He landed after falling 2000 feet on his back and then got up and walked away. He fell into a fresh plowed field which had been turned deep. It was soft and fluffy and it knocked the breath out of him, but then he got up and walked away. When they came out to pick up the body there was that man over there waving at them. They waved at him and said:..don't bother us we are looking for a man who fell. Finally they picked him up and put him in the back of the truck and said: what are you doing out here? He said:...I am the man you are looking for. This happened about a week ago. If he had hit water or lit on his feet it would have killed him, but he lit on his back with his weight all distributed, and it wasn't his time obviously.

QUESTION:...How do you account for child genius's?

ANSWER:...Well! most are only genius in one area. They are usually talented in only one field such as mathematics or something like that. These are catalyst patterns of strong aptitudes. This is a specialty of your race. There are different types of child Genius's and they are found in Asia, but generally they lose this by the time they are 12, but this is an addict..a familiar spirit..and it is not good. But in our race this gener- ally comes from a background catalyzing. Most of it is in the field of mathematics. They see these figures, they all line up for them like huge equations. Some are genius's in letters and words, their knowledge and letters and words works for them, and everything just comes together. Some have tremendous talents in music, and whole catalysts of musical perception is alive within that child. Sometimes you find a few geniuses in art with the ability to erect the minds images of patterns or happenings, and they can translate them into paintings. There are inherited patterns which catalyst thru the centuries. Some of these genius's are born, but never find they have the aptitude where they have their greatest talents. Unfortunately some people get bogged down with something they don't want to do, they get caught in the need and supply pattern of our society and they never find their capacity which they are fitted for. Sometimes this has spiritual indications as well which they never find.

QUESTION:...You are talking about having never found their potential, is this because they do not know they are Israel?

ANSWER:...Yes, I think there is a biblical explanation for this. In the first place we haven't forgotten but have traveled thru all these lands, and even Israel refers to us as Gentiles, which is Ethene or Nations, even tho we weren't called Agag...meaning Pagan Nations..we were never called that. The Scripture says:...(Haggai) that in that place where we are called Gentile...not my people..then it will be revealed that we are the children of the Living God..numerous as the sands of the seashore, and the stars of the heavens. This is the Covenant with Israel. Thus "Blindness" in part has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Nations comes in. In otherwords for part of our race we wouldn't perceive the relationship to all the rest, until they were all gathered, and came back thru Christianity and were regathered. So it tells us here in the Book of Romans that this gathering of so called Gentiles would be the restoration of Israel. In other- words:..."All Israel shall be saved", by the regathering of these so called Gentiles into Christianity. You couldn't be regathered unless they had been gathered at one time, you couldn't be Wild Olive Tree Branches unless you were Olive Branches to begin with. The Israel race is the Olive Tree, and you can't be a Wild Olive Branch unless you came off the Olive Tree. You don't make an Olive Branch out of a wild orange branch, and the Book of Romans makes this very clear.

Again remember that you came into this world as a small boy and your soul knew much more than you realize. There was more in those little eyes than there was 6 months later. Because your remembrance veil was pulled down over the Celestial, and you the Newborn child finds he has to learn everything from language to semantic, to talk, and to walk. He starts out with the association of his parents, and then this branches out physically and he now stores physical electrons around the remembrance pattern. But that same child has a Celestial consciousness and there that Celestial mind remembers all the things clear back to when he was with the Father before the world was framed. You don't remember this but it will be brought to your attention....why? If you never forgot anything and had constant access to this whole realm of Celestial Law, and Spiritual knowledge remained with you, then the first time you got hurt or something bothered you, then you wouldn't stay here, you would go back to where you didn't have this problem.

Thus the Scripture says:...you are strangers and pilgrims in the earth and if you could remember how to go back you would go there. The Apostle Paul says that the world was not worthy of you, but because you would go back then a type of forgetfulness came, to help us grow up in the world without this escape hatch. If HE hadn't done this then every time we had a problem we would leave. But He didn't put us down here to let us leave, He put us down here to OCCUPY.

In the 17th Chapter., of the Book of John then Jesus said when speaking to the Spirit....'Mine they were in the heavens, and Mine they are in the earth'. They are not of this world just as I am not of this world...'But don't take them out of the world, keep them in it.' They are the SALT of the earth, and if taken out then the Kingdom will never come to its fruitition, and the problems of darkness would not be conquered by the sons and daughters of God. Therefore we have to be energized in this environment and equipped and spiritually empowered until we do not want to go, but will want to stay and win. But it takes a certain amount of development and knowledge and understanding before you acknowledge and don't want to go out by the escape hatch route.

Now; there is a lot of religion today which is infantile, but they do recognize Christ and that is very important. They acknowledge the Atonement which gives them the guilt complex, but then Christ paid the price for all transgression. Being God He said:...'It is finished'..but there are a lot of individuals that when they see all this trouble coming on earth they start asking God to take them out of here. And they even built up a doctrine which says they are to get out of here, and thus the moment they see trouble coming or see Armageddon, the struggle with the Anti-Christ...they want out of it. The more you learn of the patterns of Destiny and History, and from whence we have come, then instead of wanting out you just want power enough and capacity enough to bring this to fruition and finish it. You want to conquer the darkness, you want to build a better world. Now; there is no doubt about the fact of that kinship you have with your entire Celestial family and the whole household of the Universe which is a part of your family. The fact is that if you are a star gazer you want to go out and run around under the moon a while, and then you would like to get out in that Solar System. If you are a fisherman you just wonder how many fishing holes are out there that you forgot about. Why is this?... Someone said:..why would you want to go if you couldn't get back? I don't want to go anywhere until this is done, I want to see this thing thru. I know My Father sent us down here and dedicated us to this task and we are going to see this thing thru...Here, and the world is going to acknowledge this. As we understand this program then we don't want to go. I was talking to a minister the other day and he just wants to be raptured...taken out of the world. He doesn't want to be any part of this resistance. I said:...well that is O.K. run off...fail the Father. He said: what are talking about? I said:..well, that is O.K. go ahead and run, you haven't enough Grace to carry you thru, you are afraid and want to run, you want to float around in space and let someone else do the job. So why did you volunteer to come? He said:..I never volunteered to come? I said: Yes you did. He said:..How do you know? I said:..I was there. Ha! He said: but I don't understand. I said:..everyone here volunteered to come, the Father warned us what would happen, but we insisted so he arranged it. Thus none of us are here except those who volunteered to come, and lots of people know this now, and they want to stay and finish the job. I know women 85 to 90 years old who have many aches and pains, and they don't want to go even tho they know they would get rid of all those pains that way. But they want to stay..to catalyst their Faith and help. Then here is a lot of people 35 to 40 years of age, and they want to fly away in the sky. What is the difference? Knowledge is that difference. In otherwords as long as they have been here they want to see this wind up and be here when Christ returns. Of course one of the strange things we find today is the fact that if you ask one of these who wants to run off, what they believe, they could tell it to you in one hour. You go get one who believes in the rapture and he can tell you all he believes in one hour and probably have some time to spare. But if you want to know what the Father wants you to know then He says:...I have to teach you line on line, precept on precept, so you can be learning all your life. But you won't get into the Methodist Church because they can teach it all in one hour...but sometimes a Methodist learns it anyway. What I am pointing out is that you couldn't point out all those text books in an hour, but that is their disputation not what they have learned...which they could point out in one hour.

I can tell you this:..most of what I learned in the Theological Seminary outside of the relationship to languages, most of what I learned they could have told me in one hour. Other than anything I wasn't acquainted with like the history of the Scriptures and so forth, as to how to take it apart, and then frame it all up again in diagram, which wasn't really necessary....the rest I could have been told of it in an hour. In otherwords the essential truth is the important thing, and the Devil is very clever, he has these people thinking that if you even start searching for truth then you are never satisfied, and you are in a bad spot, you may be even damming yourself. Because if you were satisfied you wouldn't be searching for truth. The fact remains that the more one reaches for Divine Knowledge the more thoughts they get, the more hungry they are for it, and because of this are constantly searching for Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding. Just think...one of these days it won't take even an hour for 'in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye' we shall think as He thinks and know as He knows and without error. The fact is that until such a moment there is nothing so important as acquiring all the knowledge and wisdom that you can acquire. It stimulates the Kingdom, and for this cause the Apostle Paul after his Heavenly experience wrote to Timothy and said:...'Study to show thyself approved unto God...a workman rightly dividing the word of truth.' This is important plus the fact that the Apostle Paul knew that all they were getting was not truth, and to get the truth you had to be spiritually guided. You had to be an approved workman to come up with the results.

QUESTION:...This 'in a moment'..knowing is this for all the white race?

ANSWER:...In a moment they will know...yes, this is the White Race. QUESTION:...Well, then what will they do?

ANSWER:...This will be interesting. There will be some who will be real shook for a moment. But the fact remains that they will know. But when suddenly they know...then almost immediately their soul consciousness is connected with their Celestial mind. They then won't even be able to understand that they didn't think right, they won't be able to think anything but that which is true. The more the Celestial consciousness is connected to the soul consciousness by the perception of the soul consciousness, the more it thinks Celestial thoughts and ties it into the physical brain thinking, the more it does this the more it disperses this kind of chromotin. The longer you are in the areas of the Kingdom of Sonship and Identity, the more these things become a part of you, and it is a part of your whole being.

Now;..with this..your knowledge of your relationship to the Spirit of God and your knowledge of this relationship...then comes the necessary adjustment or change which ever, and where ever it is needed. In otherwords if Christ suddenly steps into your field or your world then you are already going along with the things of the Kingdom which are of the earth factor. But these other people (rapture) who think they are going away into heaven, will be rather startled when they find out they aren't going anywhere. Of course they get straightened out when they move into Celestial planes as they die, but I'll bet some of them were shocked when they didn't get into hell. Ha. Many of them have such a guilt complex and they expect to burn when they get someplace.

QUESTION:...Is it possible to have this combination of Celestial and soul consciousness here in earth?

ANSWER:...You possess it now, or you would not possess any inspiration without any Celestial evaluation. The soul would never be able to think Celestial thoughts. This is why you are a dweller in two planes, in the Spirit and in the Flesh. You are a child of The Father after the Spirit and a child of Adam after the Flesh, who was also a son of God. We are thus still the household of the MOST HIGH in the spirit, as well as in the flesh. But the fact is that you can dwell in both dimensions, and the consciousness as it becomes more spiritually guided it is ruled by the Spirit.

QUESTION:...Should we be thanking Him for this?

ANSWER:...Thankfulness is good, command is also good, and you do have the power to command...you have been given the power to command.

QUESTION:...How do you command?

ANSWER:...Now, you are getting into a long subject and there is no time for that tonight. But there are certain areas where you have been told that you can command and even given the names of the formula by which you can command. After all remember that this race...the sons and daughters of God ...were sent down here to conquer the darkness, to rule the world, to drive back the forces of evil. More than this we were to meet them in every dimension. If they come physically whether by war, or by trying to capture our minds, we meet them with truth, but if they try to meet us with dark forces and temptation then we meet them with spiritual power. For this cause God raised up Prophets, He raises up Ministers and Teachers. He also communicates and spreads power over His people. And He raises points of polarization for this. As long as a person of this race.. ..this family of God..is who he is there is always this cognition even tho he doesn't fully realize that it is there. This is why the Spirit knows what you have need of and prays thru you for the things you have need of.. ..by 'Vibration which can't be uttered'. The King James Version of this is awful translation and it says here:..'with horrible groanings which cannot be uttered'. Romans 8:26. This is the word...groanings...used here in the Vulgate as well, but it is...VIBRATIONS which cannot be heard. Thus the Spirit speaks with vibrations which cannot be heard.

QUESTION:...The Psalmist says....All Israelites are Gods?

ANSWER:...The 82nd Psalm says:..Ye are Gods and all of you are the children of God. The words in the text:...'Ye are Elohim and all of you are the children of YAHWEH'. Offspring of YAHWEH...Gods plural.

QUESTION:...But Isaiah says:...'Hear O Israel the Lord thy God is one God'.

ANSWER:...Oh, now you are talking abut the entity. 'Hear O Israel YAHWEH alone is YAH'. There is only one God of the Universe but if God has off- spring then what are they? They are the sons of God's Divine people, and He alone remains above all, and for all times. The fact still remains that He Himself said that you are His offspring, therefore you would be Gods using that interpretation. When we say ONE GOD we are talking about HE being ONE there is all the other gods such as Kali, and Buddha, and Baalie, and Dragon and so forth, all these gods that people conjured up and worship are no gods at all. HE said:...'Is there any God beside me, no there is not any ...I alone am God...I alone made the Universe and set the stars in their positions...I alone order the course of their orbits and I alone prepared the earth...I alone put man upon it.' This is what it is talking about, not trying to deny your relationship with the Father.

QUESTION:...Why was it that the Lord accepted Abel's offering when he was the second born?

ANSWER:...Abel was the next one born to Eve, after Cain but he was the first offspring of Adam and Eve. There was contamination there and he could never have carried down the posterity of the Kingdom but he had spiritual capacity in that he had some of is fathers and mothers normal perception. More than this he knew of the degradation of the fall because he knew they had been driven out of the Garden, and he also knew what was a proper sacrifice.

Altho Abel tilled the soil he also kept flocks and he fulfilled the prophecy of sacrifice. But Cain who had no spiritual concepts at all because he was Luciferian, had gained some knowledge of the soil, but he wouldn't bother to fulfill any of the requirements of covenant because he had no spiritual capacity at all, he was Lucifers son. Cain killed Abel because he was jealous that Abel could reach God and he could not.

QUESTION:...Abel could reach God even tho the contamination did exist? ANSWER:...Yes, but this contamination only effected the line until the days of Seth. But the preservation of the Kingdom came down thru the Seth lineage. This is why the genealogy of Jesus goes thru Seth to Adam, not thru any other.

QUESTION:...Would you explain..'All are not all Israel'..who are of Israel?

ANSWER:...This passage which says:..'They are not all Israel which are of Israel'. Romans 9:6. This refers to the fact that for instance the posterity of Esau's was sowed into the hill peoples and even to the hill of the Satyr, therefore they are not God's Israel.

In otherwords the moment you sow seed outside of your race it makes those offspring...not Israel, issue ruling with God. It would not be that same seed after that absorption, and you could not bring them back for ten generations and you would have to pollute ten generations to even try to bring them back, and no ten generations would be willing to do this. This is to show what the route is.

Remember that some of the Jews (Yehudin) in the days of Rehoboam came in saying:...we are also of thy race, descendants of Judah. These were bad kikes..advisors to the King, and they came in from the hill country and tried to buy their way into power. And Rehoboam listened to these young wealthy strangers rather than to the old men, and this brought trouble into Israel. This was also part of the problem in the ten tribed Kingdom..Jewish advisors..just like we have again today.

But even in the days of Zedekiah they were in this and the Kingdom became participants of some of their Babylonianism. The thing is..here were some people who by a dim remote pattern could say that they had some Ancient relationship to Judah. For instance Judah had offspring from this forbidden woman, and this offspring was driven away from Israel, or this woman was driven away and she took this child down to the hill country. Then it was generations before they decided they would try to come back. Now they were a wealthy tribe of people and they came in claiming some Ancient heritage. They shouldn't have even been allowed back in the land, and yet here they were claiming to be part of Israel, when they couldn't be of Israel.


(Tape runs out)