09-06-67 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:...I have heard that Jehovah is not the right name for God. Do you know why?

ANSWER:...Yes, we know why. Jehovah is a name put together by Ecclesiastical teachers in 1030 A.D. The name of Yahweh is the only name of God and used way back in the days when Moses was writing the Pentateuch. In the days of the writing of the Book of Job almost 5000 B.C., the name was Yahweh. The time of Adam is 5400 B.C., for the year out of the Garden and up to the time of 1967 we are still on approximately the right date. There is not a years discrepancy in the present calendar plus or minus the four years and in all these things. So we are still less than one year out in our time. There may be shifts of calendars a matter of three months at the outside chance. The areas of Chronology will establish that Adam was 5400 years before Christ. The Alexandrian text was one of the most accurate of texts. In the Scofield Bible he has so many footnotes that are rather interesting. But when he deals with chronology here in his concordance he tells you of this discrepancy for the time of Adam. He tells you that Usshurs Chronology of 4004 years is very much used because of its convenience but the most accurate chronology is the Alexandrian text and it has 5300+ years for Adam when he was driven out of the Garden of Eden, the other one listed here has 5400 B.C. years for Adam. So Scofield is rather an honest commentator and his footnotes are quite good. If he were alive today he would have been a Kingdom man. He was so close to it but still not seeing this principal. But this year for Adam is about 5400 years. The Book of Job was written about 5000 B.C., and Job called God Yahweh. Yah is the old word, and Yahweh is the all powerful, the all presence...all things...the everything....Alpha, and Omega, the beginning and the end....the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.

The word "Jehovah" never existed as a word until they changed the name Yah to Jehovah. In their derelict of words they sounded out....God the Almighty and this is what they said. But the name of God is Yah and the name of Yahweh is the present, all powerful. You find this all thru the scripture in the Old Testament and the New. Moffet's sites the translation of God anywhere in the Old Testament is Yahweh. The Rotherhamn says the same thing. Of course all the texts where the name exists in Hebrew they just translate ...God. But God is not the right word...God is actually the Babylonian word for "dog". But Yahweh does look upon the situation and blindness in part has happened, and people do this and He realized that people don't always understand, and He knows when they pray to god exactly who they mean. But the fact of the matter is that in the latter days He said He would return the word "Ishi" to the mouth of His people and take out of their mouths the word Baalie. Ishi is "Beloved" and this would be restored and His name Yahweh would also be restored to His people. The reason why Jehovah is not the right name is because it never existed in the scriptures. This is one of the areas where in the Jehovah Witnesses are the farthermost out, for they will come up to your door and ask you what the name of God is. You tell them that it is Yahweh and they will tell you that Jehovah is a better translation of Yahweh. But Yahweh is not a translation, it is the pure Hebrew of the original name of God.

QUESTION:...Is the message of Sonship actually biblical and is it significantly important to make an issue out of it?

ANSWER:...I don't know what the person writing in this question means by making an issue out of it. But the message of Sonship in the Bible is the most important thing which the Bible teaches. The House of Israel means "My Issue ruling with me." Therefore it is the name of the government of the people, and of the nations that are the Issue of God ruling with Him in the earth. This is why Israel is thru Issue...ruling with Him..then makes Sonship probably one of the most important doctrines of the scripture. It separates the men from the boys. It separates the Negroes and the Asiatics from the whites, they are not the children of God..the sons of God...there is no way you can change this. A study of scripture shows you that Yahweh is constantly referring to His children, His household, to His sons. In the entirety of the scripture all the way thru the Book of Revelations you find it is written to an for the Household of the Most High God. He didn't give the inspiration for the writing of the scriptures, or bring the law to anyone but Israel. In fact this is true concerning the background of the Book, and basically the only people who have the Bible are the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic and kindred people. Then even this Book is incomplete. The truth is that there was 163 Books in the original scrolls with ten spurious, leaving them at 153. Thus 153 was the number of inspired volumes and records that they had in scrolls. The Alexandrian Church in Egypt was where Mark was the Pastor and Mark had 153 scrolls in their Church library. When they decided they would print a bible there were many, many copies and scrolls, and we can thank the Monk's who copied and copied the scriptures so that we have them today. When we go back to their various sources we find that the Alexandrian text's were the most accurate texts in the world. There was the Alexandrian Version, and the Alexandrian Text. These 153 Books...this is also the displacement pattern in the Pyramid and also when Christ had the disciples throw the net into the sea and then count the good fish, the number was 153 fish in the net. Thus this number is very significant and there was 153 volumes. This involved all of the writings in the Books of Enoch, the Book of Seth, and the Book of the Bee, the Books of Adam and Eve, the Book of Jasher, and the Books of the Apocrypha.

Now; when they published the Bible we had incorporated both in the Ancient Douay Version, from the original Vulgate 66 volumes. When the Council of Nicaea met then this council was going to select what Books of these 163 available ones they had and probably they have even 200 volumes at this time in which all the Clergy of that early church were to vote on as to what Books to accept and what to reject. I don't think too much of the Council of Nicaea because they were too filled with wine in doing their choosing. But it is said that they were alright until ten or eleven o'clock but later most of the Ministers there were pretty full of wine and in no position to choose anything. This is a sad thing to admit but it is true. They chose these 66 Books we have in the scriptures, and they threw out Books which were inspired like the Books of Enoch because the Catholic church was running this Council and they didn't want any Books which would destroy their doctrine which Jewry had been able to bring in after joining the church....such doctrines as purgatory and hell and so forth that the Books of Enoch did not have, so out went these Books which did not agree with their doctrine. They threw out the Apocalypse of Paul which was one of the most brilliant pieces of writing the early church had, and from which most of the Epistles were written. In the Apocalypse of Paul there was no flaming hells or perdition. He has the Grace of God reaching out to the sons and daughters. He had this in the Book of Romans, and of course the things which were mysteries are found in the Epistles that Paul wrote. But he wrote to the individual churches and he wrote of his experiences when he was taken into the heavens. He rode with Angels in a craft into the heavens. He was carried into the four dimensions of the heavens and things were brought back to his memory of the things he had known before the foundations of the world. He was reminded that he was begotten of the Father before the world began. That he had already been blessed by all spiritual blessings of Sonship. He was told to write the things in a Book, so he wrote the Apocalypse of Paul, and he said:...'whether in the spirit or in the body he didn't know, he couldn't tell.' Then he established another thing as far as life, reality, and living is concerned in the spiritual consciousness, and the spiritual dominion is so like the physical plane that a man could not tell if he is in the physical body, or a spiritual body...YAHWEH alone knows. Therefore the physical body is the exact image of the spiritual body, and the physical creation is the image of the spiritual creation. The only thing different is there is no transgression, no violations of Divine Law, no patterns of sin in the Celestial field in which the consciousness of the Celestial children of God could exist. But as far as the plane of it is concerned, as far as everything which exists here....it exists also in the spiritual plane's. The spiritual plane then is not actually visible but it is the power which holds together the physical plane. It is the nuclear cement which holds together the atom, and yet that energy as it dissolves is the most powerful force on the face of the earth. The atom is smaller than the microscope and can see yet the energy which holds the protons and electrons together in Uranium 238, so for instance will be so great because there are 138 particles and there will be 50 lbs., to the particle holding it together, so you can see what a small minute particle can do. The spiritual realm is that strong glue in holding it together,...holding this physical plane and the physical plane exists because of this.

In this area the Apostle Paul tells many of these mysteries. There is just a few things mentioned about this. He may write to this church or to that church and tell some of these things they should know. The Book of Romans was not written necessarily to just one church. The people of Rome were the people of Gad, but they were just in the Roman Empire. The reason they refer to it as the Book of Romans is because Paul wrote it in classical Latin of that time. He was a brilliant linguist, he could write in several languages. He wrote and spoke in perfect Greek. He spoke Hebrew and many of the dialects of the House of Israel.

We had one of the Apocalypses of Paul at one time which was stolen, we were able to get portions of another. I hadn't completed the Apocalypse of Paul and unfortunately I left it in my car outside of a church and when I came out it was gone. I will get another someday. I had almost memorized it when the Book disappeared, but the Apocalypse of Paul was the most valuable Book of the New Testament with the exception of the four Gospel's and possibly the 5th., Gospel. The Gospel of Nicodemus or the Book of Nicodemus is an accurate Gospel except for the fact that the Romans translated the Book. The Oxford version is from the Catholic retranslation of this Book and there are very few changes in it. The Gospel of Nicodemus like the Gospel of John is a Gospel of Resurrection. One of the most powerful Books which ever existed in the Christian world is this Book of Nicodemus, however it is not included in our scriptures as well as Paul's writing, but they both had many truth's. Of course the Book of Hebrews was written to the descendants of Heber which means that every white man on the face of the earth was a recipient of this Book. It is the Book of the Priesthood and the mysteries of this......the mysteries of Sonship and so forth are there. So in these 153 Books which were left to the church then there were 66 approved for our Bible and two of these are spurious, first Esther, and second the Songs of Solomon.

Now; some people write of types and shadows and bring out all kinds of symbolism from the Old Testament, but I want you to realize that most of those types and shadows are imaginary. Even tho they use it in texts and Bible Colleges where one of the subjects if "Types and Shadows." But most of these are purely imaginary and they then spiritualize away the reality of the scriptures and what Yahweh reveals spiritually they never catch. But under this measure they put in the Bible the "Songs of Solomon" and you hear how wonderful this Book is. They say it is the story of Christ and His church. They say:...God the father was married to Israel and Jesus Christ the son was married to the church. This is as phoney as a three dollar bill, but it was taught in most major denominations because most doctrines were caught up in Mystery Babylon and they had a trinity which they had to observe. Because of this then they had God the Father an old man and Jesus Christ the young man and then they had the only spirit as a mystic spirit. They had the throne of God, the father in the center, the son on one side and the holy spirit on the other, and this was incorporated into Catholicism. From the days of Mystery Babylon the Great they had Semiramis the wife of Nimrod, and Nimus the son, and the Babylonian apostasy which came in was the same type of trinity they had in Hinduism as Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. In Buddhism, Buddha is surrounded on the left the right hand with devils of the bright blue sky, and of the woods of earth. In otherwords, all pagan philosophies had a trinity, and Lucifer wanted to sow the trinity into the true Faith so this is how he managed to get this into Catholicism.

Now; we are not making a basic attack on the Catholic church because Jesus said of this church..."I have something against you, priestly assumption, and areas not advocated by Yahweh," but He would still talk about their over comers in the Book of Revelation. I think today one of the most important facets of the Catholic church has continued to contribute to the Christian Faith thru the years is that it has held to the fact of the Virgin Birth, and irrespective of what various churches have done in modernism and even when the dark ages came, the Catholic church still held to the Virgin birth. And that the man Christ Jesus was the embodiment of God. They did hold to that tho various areas of Ecclesiastical thought have made areas of extension and modification in the church today. Nor is there any approval of any of the hierarchy of the church. The present Pope is a half Jew, he embraced communism, and in 1958 the policies of the Catholic Church changed from being anti-communist whereas no Catholic could be a communist, to permitting communists to be Catholic, and permitting communism to be a political system. Actually this is because they were able to infiltrate the church.

Now; the Protestant churches, many of them never came out of Catholicism at all. Tho the story is that they came out of it, but Martin Luther came out and took the Luther's out and saved the House of Judah in the heart of Europe where the Germans became mainly Luthers. Luther was a Priest and he realized that the Just will live by Faith, that human hierarchy will not keep people out of heaven, that limbo and purgatory are just fetishes. You see, he had managed to get hold of an Alexandrian text and was translating areas off the scriptures. He found that most of the doctrines of the Catholic church were false. He then nailed his Thesis to the door of the church and said:..."If anyone wanted to contend with him then come see him." Of course at the "Diet of Worms" this was when they sent Priests of Rome to debate with Martin Luther...but the debate never came off. They had excommunicated him from the Catholic church so the Lutheran church was formed, and people think this was when Protestantism began....but it was not.

The Apostle Paul's writing of the Apocalypse of Paul was probably the most outstanding volume of any time. It showed that the church had existed from the beginning of time, from the days of Christ's ascension, from the time when the ships of Joseph of Arimathea had taken to Britain this Christ....Yahshua who had been in London traveling on the ships of Joseph of Arimathea. In London he astounded the Masters of the University. They said 'surely He is the Grand Master of us all!'. You see the Ancient Mystery Schools existed here in the Druid University and thus they said:..."The Grand Master is here." Here in London at this Master University they believed in the Divinity of Yahshua because He had answered all the questions which no man could answer, plus, all the ritual answers which they had been taught from the days of Job....tho they knew not why.

This is important in establishing this fact of Sonship. Of course the Rosicrution schools were overlapped by Druidism. The School of Rosicrution of today has drifted into the wrong hands and is occult just like the church has been infiltrated, and the attack on the scriptures has been made by modernism. The Jews joined the Masonic Lodge and came out with the Illuminati, and the Western Lodge and they have taken over almost completely the school of Rosicrution, except for the "Light Carrier's" in both Lodges. The thing is these were Mystery School's containing the things in which God had instructed them to make them masters of the earth because His sons were sent to rule and to reign. In fact it was in the time of St. Augustine when he was sent to Britain with their legions, when they called everything outside of the Roman Empire barbaric, but when they went to Britain this time St. Augustine went with the army and he found that they were not barbarians at all. But he found instead that they had beautiful stone cities and that they had churches, so he went back to Rome and he said:..."these people aren't barbarians, they have the Christian Faith the same as we have but they have not the Bible. They have these things by tradition, and their Priesthood and their Abbots are all over the Island.

The Apostle Paul of course had been to Britain and he had been to Rome, was related to Caesars family who were Anglo-Saxon as well from Britain. But the works of St. Augustine...I have them here and he tells of what he saw as he traveled in Britain. The University of the Catholic church is that all the churches everywhere...and some churches that didn't know they were Catholic were however Catholic churches. What St. Augustine was saying is that this British church has to be part of the Universal church. This is what he means by being Catholic. The word "Catholic" doesn't make the church....the Methodist church and others repeat "the Apostle's Creed" saying we believe in God, and in the Holy Trinity, God the Father, God the son, and the Holy Spirit and in the Catholic church. But they don't believe in the Roman Catholic Church...the word is, I believe, the Universal Church and this is what St. Augustine was saying.

Now; even tho the Vulgate had trimmed down the scriptures still the scrolls were available in Britain when they decided to print a Bible. The Vulgate versions was in the hands of Rome when King James started to print the King James Version, and he called for the wisest of scriptural authority to help him translate, and the Jews rushed in and said:...'we can translate the Hebrew, we will help with the Old Testament and that will help with the New Testament.' So the King James Version is a Jew monitored Book even tho a wayfaring man or a fool couldn't err therein. The Jews are not smart, they are just cunning but they are not very smart. They were not smart enough to delete as much as they might have. They left parts of the Book of John unchanged. We have today what people call Bible-ology, and the Bible-oloter is the one who says:...every word in this book is true. But every word out of the mouth is true, men make mistakes. Even the Apostle Paul made mistakes, he says.....'now I speak as a man, and now I think as Yahweh inspires me and there He is right.' With the experiences he had of being taken into the heavens and coming back to write a Book he is the most experienced of any man but Enoch who also went into the heavens. The fact thus remains that the Holy scriptures are true. The Holy Scriptures are true, scriptures are every word out of the mouth of God, or those Holy men which He inspired to record. Jesus quoted from the scriptures....He said....."have you not read in the scriptures?. He did this because He wanted to establish the authenticity of the scripture. This doesn't mean that the King James version, which wasn't even translated in the days of Jesus.....is all correct. The bible was translated and printed in the time of King George. He was a good man, he wanted the churches to have the Bible, the people to have the Bible and hoped that the people would learn to read it in English. I will say this....the most literal people on the face of the earth are the English speaking people, or the Anglo-Saxon people. This is quickly followed by Germany. The reason for this is that they learned to read around the scriptures. The churches wanted the people to learn to read the scriptures. This is a great Bible land, the Anglo-Saxon and the German's pushed the reading of the Bible, and where ever all over the earth can you find them, then they are the most Bible reading people on earth. The literacy of the world does come from the desire to read the scriptures, and the scriptures are the foundation of our literacy.

But everywhere he wrote then the Apostle Paul wrote of Sonship. Everywhere the scriptures speak of Sonship, and we might just turn to the Apostle Paul for just a moment and here he says:.. "His spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God." If you have a Scofield Bible you find that the word is "Taknon"...children having been begotten...one born.....begotten as a child. Therefore this means ISSUE..."His spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are offspring...children of God." Thus if we are the offspring of God then we are Heirs of Yahweh-Yahshua the embodiment of God. So Paul says in the Book of Romans:.... "We are the children of God." Then back to the Book of Galatians he says:..."offspring of God, sons of God, ...who hath sent the spirit of His embodiment into your heart saying....our Father."

Now; over in the Book of Acts again the significant thing is that the last position of the Book of Acts is believed to have been written by the Apostle Paul. Most think that Luke wrote all the Book of Acts, but he didn't. The after areas of Acts are a commentary by Paul. But remember that as Paul stood on Mars Hill then he said:..."There is no difference between a man of Judah and of the nations (of Israel)." There is no difference between a man of Judah and a man of the ten tribes. There is no difference between Judah and Benjamin, and the rest of Israel....they are all one. It is translated here by the Jews...."There is no difference between Jew and Gentile, or a Jew and a Greek. But never tell a Greek there is no difference between him and a Jew or he is liable to paste you. The Jews don't get along in Greece too well.

The thing is the scripture when you go back into the Greek it says:..."there is no difference between a man of Judah or one of the nations (of Israel). The word is "Ethene", and it is translated "the nations of Israel." Paul then as the stood on Mars Hill knew these people were Israel. Knew that the Phoenicians or Pho-Enoch, the children of Enoch coming down thru Israel...some coming direct thru Enoch, and they formed what was Macedonia or Greece. The Apostle Paul knew they had in their traveling thru life picked up many pagan practices, so they had many gods, and yet they also had an unknown God. So the Apostle Paul said:..."To this unknown God, I declare Him to be unto you the God who made the world. He is Yahweh of the heavens and earth dwelling in Temples not made by hands. Neither is He worshiped with mens hands, as tho He needs anything, seeing that He giveth to all life and breath. And hath made of one blood (race) all the Ethene of men for to dwell on the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed and the bounds of their habitation. (Acts 17) That they should seek the Lord, if haply they might seek after Him and find Him though He be not far from every one of us. For in Him we live and move and have our being."

Yes, Paul knew that they were Israel, for this is only to Israel, and the word "Ethene" never applied to any of the pagan's. When they called the Chinese gentile, that word is "agag"...or pagan nations, the word "Ethene" is the word in Greek for the...nations of Israel. Paul says 'the nations' then he goes on to say..."For in Him we live and have our being; as certain of your own poets have said, for we are also His offspring."

Now; in the Book of Corinthians when the Apostle Paul is speaking to the people of Corinth he said:.. these people were all Israelites. He says proving this:..."All of our fathers passed thru the DEAD SEA, all drank of the same ROCK. All of our fathers ate of the same MANNA, so he is telling this to the Greeks. He speaks concerning these things and about the power of the Holy Spirit,, and is talking to the Corinthians... the Israelites, as he says we are the offspring of God.

In Psalms we find this again.....Yahweh standeth in the court of the mighty and judges among the ELOHIM, so what is Elohim but God's plural remember that. God's plural....how then is there God's plural? In the Book of Isaiah it is a rather clear text; "beside me there is no God"...so in this passage..."Remember the former things, there is none like me, I declare the end from the beginning, and from Ancient times the things not yet done saying, My council shall stand, I shall do all my pleasure." Then God says...."O house of Jacob, and all the house of Israel, born from the belly which are by me carried from the womb." (Isaiah 46:3) This is Yahweh once more acknowledging that you are His children, Israel is the offspring of The Most High. He begat Adam, the children of Adam are spiritual seed, you existed in spiritual seed in the dimensions of heavens in spiritual planes before the world began. After the rebellion of Lucifer and after the violations of Divine Law, after Lucifer came to earth being defeated by Michael and cast to earth, the program of Lucifer was to upset the creation...to mongrelize and thus destroy God's creation. Then when Adam was established in earth Lucifer set out to mongrelize the Adamic race, like he had already mongrelized much of the Asiatic race, and brought great catastrophe upon the antediluvian world. It wasn't until 5400 B.C., that Yahweh begat Adam and put him in the Garden of Eden.

Now; you know that the creation was in different cycles, then on the seventh day He said:..."there is no Adamite to till the soil." God on the seventh day rested and then begat..."Bara" brought forth Issue which was the Adamic race. He disconnected the silver cord between the Celestial body and the soul consciousness in the physical body so that the soul would enter the physical body thru the process of birth. The soul would grow up with the child not knowing anything of his existence before this, to be taught by his mother of all the patterns of adaptability to this world....the physical world. But the scripture says that Yahweh had to pull down on them this veil or they would have gone back to where they came from. The Apostle Paul said that we are strangers and pilgrim's in the earth of which the world is not worthy. He tells us that if we had known from whence we came we would have...had we known how to get there....gone back. So again, Yahweh had many children and these children had full spiritual perception....so remember this. Every spiritual thought was known to the household of Yahweh because they were one spirit, all had been begotten of incorruptible seed which lives and abides forever. This is the spiritual seed of Yahweh the household of Yahweh which fills the heavens. But remember that there were multitudes and multitudes of people created thru out the areas of the Universe, and Yahweh's family were in spiritual plane's over the physical plane's of His creation. So Lucifer in rebellion would not acknowledge them and he was defeated by Michael and driven into this Solar System. This is the most important spot in the Universe today because this is a crucial spot, this is where Lucifer must be broken, the powers of darkness has captured the earth bringing in devil worship, mongrelization with the Negroes he also brought in with him. So there are many things which must be broken, these people are captives of Lucifer.

You read in the Book of Isaiah 45:11....."Ask me of things to come concerning my sons, and concerning the work of my hands, command ye me." They are going to set the captives free, they are going to do these things. Yahweh placed His sons and daughters in the earth to do these things. From the Adamic race on down He says:..."Ye are my Israel." This was an important thing, a part of your responsibility, for He gave the Law to Israel and nobody else because this is the Law of the Kingdom. We His children are going to conquer the powers of darkness and the forces of evil, they are going to establish the kingdom and establish Yahweh's family in the earth. People say....do you believe in white supremacy? Sure I do, I am sure we are going to be successful for Yahweh willed this.

QUESTION:...I am the first, I am the last and beside me there is no God. Where do you find this?

ANSWER:...Isaiah 46:6. Thus saith Yahweh the king of Israel, and Israel's redeemer, the Lord of Hosts; I am the first, and I am the last, beside me there is no God.

Now; we have told you before that the doctrine of the trinity is a Babylonian invention. God is a masterful God and exists in every plane of existence, in spirit, soul, and body, and Yahweh was embodied for the Man Yahshua (Christ Jesus) was Yahweh embodied. You say:...but that didn't happen until the Virgin Mary gave birth. But the body of Yahshua Eternally existed. He just came down and inhabited a body....but He stood before Gideon, before Joshua and then the Apostles say Him and talked with Him and the He disappeared back into the spirit again. Before Abraham was "I am...I gave you the Law." Jesus said this didn't He? Remember that spirit, soul, and body is the nature of the Father, and the Father made us in His own image, spirit, soul, and body. Are you three people? You are one person made up of dimensions you can dwell in.

Now; under this area of Sonship then we back to the 82nd., Psalm where the scripture says that Yahweh standeth in the congregation of the mighty and He judges among the Elohim. He said:..."Ye are Elohim, Ye are God's and all of you are the children of THE MOST HIGH.

So what does it mean that we are the literal offspring from Yahweh. Remember this means there is divinity in every individuals nature. This means also that as the Apostle Paul said:...We are the children of God after the spirit, the children of Adam after the flesh, who was the son of God. The Apostle Paul talks about a second Adam who was to redeem us because we fell. Even tho Adam was the son (issue) of Yahweh the Luciferian temptation caused him to fall. But Yahweh knew he would fall, knew this before the foundation of the world, and the Apostle Paul brings this out. In the Apocalypse of Paul Yahweh said:...remember how I declared unto you that I would be the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world? How I declared unto that your name is written in the Lamb's Book of Life before the foundation of the world? How I gave you all the promises in this Book before the foundation of the world? All these things....the Apostle Paul writes because these things he is told once more by Yahweh, these things were brought back to his remembrance since as he came as a babe and had forgotten them. But don't think that a new born babe necessarily had forgotten everything. He doesn't talk your language but has a wealth of information in those little eyes before it is absorbed into the pattern of the Veil. Again with knowledge and truth being unveiled that which has been mysteries that God is now unveiling to you. Mysteries which have been hidden since before the foundation of the world will now be made known unto you. This the Apostle Paul said in the Book of Corinthians, and it is being made known to His household.

Now; let me point this out to you once again in the Book of Deuteronomy where it says:..."Yea Yahweh came from Mount Sinai, He rose up from Seir, and He shinned forth from Mount Paran. He came forth with over ten thousand of His Saint's, and He brought the fiery Law to Moses." So...how many came when He came to bring the Law? maybe forty or fifty thousands of His offspring from out of the heavens came to that mountain top when He gave the Law. In fact it said He sailed over these mountains, even shinned a great searchlight down over Mount Paran then came back to Sinai with so man of His Saint's. That is the same search light which came down on the Shepherds that were on the hill's the night of the birth of Yahshua. One of these crafts loaded with Angelic hosts came down low and a great Light shown down and then Angelic hosts began to sing Christmas carol's. These shepherds began to quiver under that Light and then they heard this singing from above....these are the same pattern.

And He said He came with ten thousands of the Saint's or offspring with spiritual discernment. Everywhere in the scripture where you see the word "Saint"...that is what it means. Therefore "yet He loved the people, all the believing offspring that are in thy hand. They sat down at thy feet, everyone shall receive thy word." God commanded the Law to these...the inheritance of Jacob. Yahweh says He is the Father to His believing offspring. This is brought out over the throne of the Ancient of days, and how His hair was radiant and His throne was like a fiery flame. About the wheel's being circular and as burning fire, and that thousands times thousands minister before Him. So what do you have but millions times tens of millions of these great circular space craft which go out from before Him in a constant stream from before the throne of the Most High God. It says that in the end of the age, the believing offspring of the Most High God shall take the Kingdom and they shall possess the Kingdom even forever and forever.

Then Daniel 7:21..."I beheld the same horn (power) making war with the believing offspring and prevailed somewhat against them until the Ancient of days came and judgment was given to them, and time came when the believing offspring possessed the Kingdom." Then you come on down and:...the kingdom and the dominion, and the greatness of the whole heavens shall be given to the people, these believing offspring of the Most High God whose Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom, and all dominions shall serve Him. This is white supremacy....this is the white race, this is development, technology and mastery. This is why all the law, all the promises, all the covenants, are built around this thing. So everywhere we look inside even the Book of Daniel and he is talking about the believing offspring, their troubles, their victories, how they are going to take the kingdom and possess it forever and forever. But you aren't going to take it at one of these Peace parties, but you are going to rise and rule from one end of the earth to the other. So Sonship is a significant thing.

In the Book of Isaiah again concerning this it talks about "tho Abraham was ignorant of it, Israel acknowledges us not....still thou art our Father, our Redeemer, thy name is from everlasting." This is the cry of Israel in bondage. The story still is "Thou art our Father." Then in the 64th., chapter of Isaiah the same thing is repeated..."O, Yahweh, thou art our Father." The story in the Book from end to end is Sonship, the household of His family, His sons and daughters. That there was a clear call to Abraham we know, his name changed from Abram to Abraham, Jacob's name changed to Israel..."Issue ruling with Me." Thus brought forth the twelve tribes of Israel, and made of them the Kingdom of God on the earth. The pattern is thus clear, the New Jerusalem has been descending down out of heaven like a bride prepared for her husband, from Adam thru Seth, down thru Noah, Shem, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and into our day as a great New Order! John said He showed him the city, the New Jerusalem and on the Gates of the city were the names of the 12 tribes of Israel. So the New Jerusalem....the New Order of the Ages comes by birth, by being begotten into that city. You are all lively stones fitly framed together into a holy temple unto God which He then becomes the chief corner stone.

This Temple they plan to build over in Old Jerusalem is not the Temple of God. The Temple described by Ezekiel was built and then it was destroyed one more time before the days of Jesus, and the Temple built by Herod stood in its place. The fantastic thing is that the Jews have already contacted the Masonry over in Europe and they have the Gates all laden with gold waiting in Venice. They just two months ago shipped out great chunks of marble out thru the Great Lakes, loaded the last of it just two weeks ago. They say they are going to blow up the Mosque of Omar on the 23 of September. Well that will be a shot heard around the world, for that will start a Holy War and then every Arab will turn on the Jews. But the High Priest of Jewry was here for a meeting one week after their victory (1967) and he said the Gentiles will recognize that we are Israel if we built a Temple. So we have to build a temple to get them to do homage and recognize our authority. So these people now they aren't Israel, but they want to rule over us. In his book "The Bible in the hands of its creators" by Moses el Gabor, which is one of the latest of all Talmud's, he writes that Ephraim is Britain, and the U.S. is Manasseh, and tells how the Anglo-Saxon's and kindred are the tribes of Israel. Then goes on to tell how they are going to destroy the tribes of Israel so that they shall be no more. They tell you this in their Talmud of today. So the uniqueness of it is that with all this extensive operation they are getting ready to carry out.....it will never be built. They might get it partly up but God will tear it down if necessary. When He splits the country in half and swallows up much of it, well.....I wouldn't want to be there at that time, that would be no place for the chosen people. That is the place for the judgment to fall.

In the Book of Revelation the New Jerusalem in the New world...there you find no temple, there is no need of one because Yahweh-Yahshua is the Temple therein. There is no particular need even for a sun or moon but we will have them. The radiance of Yahshua will so outshine the light of the sun and the moon that there won't be any shadows. In fact there won't be any shadows around the sons and daughters either because the effulgent illumination will come off the bodies of everyone of the white race, like it did from Adam before he fell and lost his aura. There won't be any shadows because the light will be everywhere. There will be no sickness because there will be immunity from the power of the spirit, and its rays of light will completely do away with viruses. No sickness, no crime, no more tears.....why? Because the body of Yahweh is dwelling with men.

Again this is the pattern of Sonship, all have the capacity to be guided by the spirit. His spirit is in and thru His children who are the believing offspring who are capable of believing the words out of His mouth. No wonder that he said to the Jew's....."Ye believe me not because you are not my sheep." In other places in the Book of John He says you (the Jew's) can't even hear my words because you have no spiritual capacity. "Ye are of your father the devil, the only thing you can think are those thoughts you have inherited from him." This is why you cannot convert a Jew, this is nonsense, you may convert a blue-eyed one who was taken out of an orphanage and raised by a Jew, but he wasn't a Jew to begin with. The mongrelization is so heavy in Jew's that they are not very prolific, better than 30% are sterile. So they adopt babies out of orphanages and raise them up a Jew but an Israelite doesn't have any affinity with the Jew's so that is where the Christian converts in the Jew's comes from. If they can just get them to marry into the Jew's then that brings up their blood line. But remember, in France how the Catholic's were stirred up because the Jews were adopting Catholic babies and raising them as Jews? Life magazine and Look magazine had articles about this. Some of the children don't know they are adopted and they can't understand their feelings. But no Jew can accept Christ, no son of Satan can be of the Kingdom. God doesn't play stepfather to Satan's children. All these things are a part of error in the areas of the church.

Christ says:...."All Israel shall be saved." And they shall be, then they will preach the Gospel to the Chinese and the Chinese will hear and understand...in that day. However today they are rice Christians. You give them gifts and tell them about Christ and when this is over then along comes the communists and they pull the church bell down and melt it up to make it into bullets. The funny thing about the Asiatics is they have a funny type of emotion. A mother has a feeling for her child it its a male, but if a female then they don't count for much. When revolution comes along they will take 1000 people out of a town to execute them and everyone wants tickets to watch. If it rains they have a fit for their tickets aren't any good, they want to watch these people get their heads chopped off.

This is the way it is in China and this is what Luciferianism has done to these people. Thru out all these years they have worshiped the fallen Angel's of Lucifer, and the demon powers which are behind their Idolatry. Symbolically yellow Jew's are the Priest's of Buddhism. This is why Negro Jew's run schools of Voodooism. Palestine today is filled with Jew's of all kinds who have gone there to take over Israel's headquarters....this is what they believe. Thus there are Chinese Jew's and Negro Jew's coming into Palestine and none of them are the seed of Abraham. If they had been of Abraham they would have been all of one race. "Out of Isaac shall they seed be called."

There is this one thing God said to Israel.....thou shalt not intermarry with the Hittite, the Amalakites, the Cainanites, and all these various people. Israel shall remain one race, this is the white race. If you have white trash which goes off and mingles with any of the other races they are outcasts. Today the design is to destroy America, to get you to accept the outcasts and thus destroy your society with a loss of your Faith until you end up with Hinduism and Agnosticism, with a temple of all religious and pagan gods.

Again God says He is going to destroy, and the destruction will be great. We are about to reap, we are just about to the line, it could happen next week or next month, but it will happen. The white man is becoming sick with the burning, the looting, the robberies, and the program of the United Nations is a definite design to destroy you. Armageddon is close and it starts with battling in the streets, and we will be victorious there as well. Being sons of God is thus most important, being the House of Israel....means the Kingdom of God's sons and daughters ruling and winning in the earth.

(End of tape)