09-09-64 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:---Did God predestinate that Abel was to be killed?

ANSWER:---It was foreknown.

QUESTION:---Well then, what about thou shalt not kill?

ANSWER:---Whoa there!---now you are talking about a standard of conduct which has nothing to do with foreknowledge. This is an area of conduct and instruction. The words:--"Thou shalt not kill"--are not correct. It should be "Thou shalt do no murder." There is a difference in killing in defense and all those patterns and in planned murder when some individual does this. What you are talking about is a pattern of direction and the law. And the statement of the law is not the fulfillment of the law. There is a depth to this discussion if you go into that. But Predestination is unbreakable, absolute sovereign, immutable, unchangeable. It is what the MOST HIGH knows about His sons and His daughters. And what He has purposed to accomplish and that He will bring to pass. He has areas where He gives them a permissive leash. In otherwords, they have areas where they can be in a perfect center of WILL according to fulfillment, or given a limited way or area of fluctuation. But not beyond the given point as to Destiny. Because the destiny isn't something in their hands to decide. When you recognize this,--then "Children not yet born, doing neither good or evil"--in the purpose of God according to His election--His purposes, then these things are final patterns. You cannot have a Sovereign God with HIM being Sovereign. People just beat their heads against a wall when they try to limit this Sovereignty. But they concoct these Luciferian ideas and upset their theology when they try to equate law and regulations and realities which exist in the areas of construction and substance with the areas of destiny and the patterns of environment. Ultimately there is advantage in each and every situation by experience, and the ultimate defeat of the powers of darkness, and by the manifestations of Grace. There is much to be said on this subject, and I don't want to get into this tonite. It depends on the subjects we want to go into. Then maybe we will want to go further in this subject. We spent 2 1/2 years just on that subject alone one time. And we probably delved into more facets of it than has ever been touched. We went into ancient records, background and purpose. So Predestination is Destiny. It is sovereignty, the WILL OF GOD CAPABLE OF POURING IN ALL THE INGREDIENTS INTO THE ENVIRONMENT TO PRODUCE THE RESULTS HE WANTS. He says:--'Who has resisted HIS WILL? Man? O man who art that who replieth against God?

The important thing is in the seat of cognition of course. As far as the Spirit is concerned. The Spirit of everyone in this whole household is perfect. There is nothing wrong with the spirit of anyone in this entire house. That which was born of God in Celestial plane was born of 'incorruptible seed. That there is no way to corrupt it is now established. So an area of corruption or error as far as our race is concerned has been in the embodiment in a physical world. Having been embodied in a physical world our soul consciousness residing in this world is capable, a reasoning personality which dwells in a physical body, and this also---is attached to a perfect Celestial consciousness. But in the areas of God's Grace, there has been a veil of forgetfulness pulled down over our Celestial mind. Grace--in otherwords, we do not remember all the things which we saw, or our experiences, for we were with the Father before the world was framed.

I would not try to tell you tonite, how long that was. I could jump back over cycles of absolute anthropology and fixed patterns to 600,000 years ago when the Tungus man was migrating out of the Steppes into various parts of the world. This was the sixth day of creation of the Book of Genesis, where as the second verse of Genesis 1, a great catastrophe had wiped out great civilizations and cultures. And the earth was covered with water, with some land masses submerging. And there is one and one half million years to the Miocene Period and about two and one half million years of the Pleistocene age. While the Pre-Cambrian period can be about one and one half billion years.

Now, I much rather prefer the 14 million years as a mark which is acceptable as the closest point in geology acceptable for the Pre-Cambrian seas. For when you deal with time elements of this length then you see that there isn't a young person in this room. Your spirit was with the Father before this Solar system was even framed. And Job was with God when He laid the foundation of this earth, when He laid down the measuring line upon it. So when we think in these terms we forget these organic changes, and transitions. This process of aging which is the reaction now of some of this living n a different environment under a different condition. with different situations and forces involved. For the Spirit is an entity, and this Celestial being possesses a quality of endless life. Since its first beginning, being begotten, on down to the present time it hasn't changed a bit. So therefore, the ego consciousness of the individual which resides in the Celestial plane possesses therefore in that Celestial plain--total Eternal life, total incorruptible ability. Only the physical body is capable of error in the seat of reaction and reasoning. Because it is capable of these areas, the soul consciousness becomes totally invested in thinking thru the founts of physical knowledge thru the senses. It is never going to get a full and complete picture because of various reasons. In the fall of our race which took place in the physical dominion alone, the loss of Spiritual perception involved in this, helped to cloud the remembrance of yesterday. So our Spiritual consciousness knew all the patterns of God. And the things of Divine law. All the areas of purpose. Knew all the mysteries of the consistency of the Universe, and all the things of its environment. After our fall this we could not remember. Therefore, after this everything had to be taught to us--'Line upon line, and Precept upon precept.' Since they are the household of the MOST HIGH GOD--with the word Adam identifying the white man, and identifying the offspring of God as His Issue, then this seventh day was a resting from the re-creation of the earth. Then yet in that seventh period God brings forth the Issue of His own Household upon the earth to build His Kingdom. Thus this is a seventh day Issue, and in this situation we are then the offspring of God embodied now in earth, but from the Celestial planes into physical bodies. When Adam and Eve were first placed in earth, they were enveloped with Glory. A radiance which belonged to the sons and daughters of the MOST HIGH. Because they were the children of God in the Spirit, now the children of God thru Adam after the flesh. This physical body was enveloped with energy and Light which synthesized into perfect coordination,--perfect balance.

Now, the seduction of Eve and the violation of divine law by Adam which was this attempt to mongrelize and integrate this race is its physical existence in earth, this was to block the plan of God for His sons and daughters, to multiply and increase, and to build His Kingdom while occupying the earth. The enemy thought that once this race was contaminated it would be absorbed by the Luciferian hosts, and never be able to triumph over Lucifer's kingdom. So Lucifer was playing a master stork. After all, he had already rebelled and trafficked with one third of the occupants of the Universe. One third of the angels of the heavens---in that area of the Universe which he controlled, had rebelled with him. And of course when it was suggested by the Father that we participate in the overthrow os Lucifer---of this one who refused to recognize the children of God, and started this rebellion, of course we thought it a good idea. But this rebellion had started because Lucifer, an Archangel, had refused to recognize the children of God--who were higher in stature than he was--even next to YAHWEH. SoLucifer refused to show this light---of the sons of God, and he thus became Shaton, or Satan--one who turned away. Shaton means to refuse to show or reflect the Light. In his struggle to take over the Universe which he could never win, for he was already outnumbered two to one, and of course defeated before he started, still the defeat effected this solar system, and here is where he finally made his points of refuge. When YAHWEH unveiled His plan that here He would place His sons and daughters, then we volunteered to come. Here they would have to control the darkness. Here they would have to control the evil. And here of course would be our great testing time. For in order to do this we would eventually have to be embodied in a physical body. And of course we would then be subject to areas of temptation. The Father said that we should fall from our Celestial Glory in this physical world. That He would have to come and restore this, and perform a physical atonement where in He would be the consummate sacrifice identified with His race.---As "The Lamb of God slain from before the foundation of the world." (Rev:13:8) That our names would be written in the Lambs Book of Life before the foundation of the world. We said:---"don't worry about us Father, we will take care of things down there. Just put us down and we will overthrow the Devil and teach him his lesson." "All that you have given us to do--we will do."

Yes. We volunteered to come, so no one here has much excuse for complaining because you volunteered to come. After you got here things happened just as the Father said and even tho you were so sure it wouldn't--still it happened. Thus we lost the Aura which surrounded the physical body to the extent that it catalyzed enough spiritual energy to keep every atom of the body thoroughly balanced in careful metabolism. And in this instance, there was no disintegration and no death. But the loss of this balancing Celestial life force caused a slow area of disintegration. Even tho Patriarchs lived for 800 to 900 years, the fact still remained that the day Adam and Eve lost this Aura of Light, then death was upon them.

Now, this was something the Patriarchs knew. The Zohar speaks of it. And it was in the ancient records, as known by Enoch. And explained in the heavens to the Apostle Paul and then put in his Apocalypse. This was that we were the offspring of God, the Elohim of God. And HE is the Father, and that He was going to restore the Light and Glory of His children. He is going to restore to them all of the things which they ever possessed. He is going to renew their minds which means that we had to possess that knowledge before it could ever be renewed. He was going to re-generate them. Thus they had to be generated spiritually before they could ever be re-generated. Under this instance this is what was intended. We brought this out Sunday when we talked about the fact that Nicodemus who was well aware that he was an Israelite--Issue ruling with God--was well aware of the existence of the Kingdom of God. And he just wanted to participate in it. For to Nicodemus the Kingdom of God was not just the heavens, or someplace to go, but it was the areas of government. The administration, the ultimate dream, the hope of the Prophets, the revelation of the Patriarchs. This Kingdom of God, and the Household of God was going to rise in the earth and rule. And he understood that the powers of darkness would be defeated. That this was a developing , growing system which had been assured to the prophets--he knew. But how was it coming about? Thus Nicodemus was a Master, a teacher of Israel. And he came to Jesus at night. He wanted to talk to Him. Wanted to be sure before he identifies himself with this ONE. He, however, knew this had to be a voice out of the Heavens; had to be a man come from God because of the things He did and said:--So Nicodemus said:--'Master, I perceive that thou are a man who has come from God. No man can say the things which you say unless God be with him, or he be out of God. Therefore how does a man participate or enter into this Kingdom of Heaven?'---And Jesus replied:--" You a Master (teacher) in Israel and do not understand this?"---"A man must be twice born." When translated in the New Testament the words--"A man must be twice born " are translated:--"A man must be born again." In fact more theological fetishness has been built around these words than many people realize. But Jesus did not say 'ye must be born again', alto it wasn't too far removed for this. Jesus said:--"Ye must be born of the Spirit and of the breaking of the water (physical)." Ecclesiastical orders transposed this and said:--'Ye must be born of the water and then of the spirit.' They said that which is of flesh is first, and that which is of spirit is second. But this is not what Jesus said and this proves it.-------"Ye must be born of the spirit and of the water." You can take any lexicon and check this for Jesus said:--"YE MUST BE BORN FROM ABOVE AND THEN BORN ON EARTH, TO ENTER INTO THE ADMINISTRATION OF THE KINGDOM." You were born of the Spirit first, incorruptible seed which lives and abides forever, then you were born into a physical world. For there had to be a physical body for this spirit to inhabit. Therefore you were born into a physical world, and it was sustained by Light.

Now, under the fall this immortality possessed by the body became mortal by the loss of the preserving spirit, or the preserving Aura of Light. And under this circumstance then the entire structure of Old and New Testament is built around certain things which the Grace of God had promised us before this ever happened. Promised that He would take care of our fall. Probably the most important thing we can understand is this. Because He has predestinated us before the foundation of the world. That we are going to conform to the perfect Image of YAHWEH EMBODIED. Thus this CHRIST--YAHWEH embodied as YAHSHUA--Himself in the flesh. This embodiment is translated Son only in our transition for YAHSHUA WAS THE FULLNESS OF YAHWEH embodied.

In the Book of Colossians, you are told that this was the fullness of God dwelling bodily. And He predestinated every last one of His sons--in His plan--when? Before the foundation of the world. Therefore He predestinated every last one of His household. For He knew how many there were and where they were. He said:--'They are like the sands of the seashore and the stars of the heavens.' And "of the increase of His Kingdom in the earth, there is to be no end." so inevitably we have not only victory before us, but we have been destined by our Father's plan to have everything restored to us that we possessed Celestially and physically. Therefore, everything the church has to offer is giving back to us something we had before you ever saw the church. In otherwords, to have re-generation means you had to have been generated by Spirit to begin with. To have restoration means you had to have had something once to have it restored. And as for the renewing of the mind, you had to have possessed it before it can be renewed. Therefore, when the Holy Spirit comes, the Spirit which the world cannot receive--this brings us to what Jesus said:--"It is essential that I go away. For if I do not go away the concentration of this energy will be in One body." This is what is said:--(it was not until later when they tried to make it in conformity that a different meaning came into being.) But the original, and the Alexandrian text carried this as well.---"If I (YAHSHUA) stay here, then the fullness of this area of revelation stays in one body. But if I go away, then because you are spirit of my spirit and life of my life, I will send the Paraclete." And the Paraclete is a Greek word. But in Aramaic HE said:--"I will send the intelligent consciousness of My Spirit to unveil in your consciousness all the things which I can bring to your remembrance from the beginning, and to lead you to the knowledge of all truth."

Now, read in the King James version, and it is still not obscure too much for it says:--"I will send the spirit, and the word is Paraclete--the spirit which the world cannot receive." (John 14:17) Lets get this clear tonite. There is not a person here tonite who is of the world. In otherwords, we are not of this world. And Jesus said in the 17th Chapter of John, speaking of this:--"All thou (spirit) hath given me, none are lost except the son of Perdition."--"They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world." So--can anyone tell me why Jesus was not of this world? This was YAHWEH from the heavens. The embodiment of He who you call God. He was here in the body of God now dwelling in a physical body. How did He get here? By the route of birth. He said:-"These are my children, they also came by birth, after the progeny of Adam." This is why the Apostle Paul said:--"We are children of God after the spirit--thus we are then token--or progeny--offspring." And to be children of Adam after the flesh, means we are children of God after the flesh. The genealogy of Christ traces back down to Seth who was the son of Adam who was the son of God.

Remember that the Hebrew word--bara--which is to bring forth Issue is used in relationship to Adam. Therefore, Adam was a Divine offspring and the first white man. And under this instance the Adamic race, or the white race is God's Household. This being true, each and everyone of the household of God passing into the world thru birth came into the physical world thru the structure of the bodies of the Adamic Race. But the soul which dwells in this body with its Celestial carrier which is still with it, was with the Father before the world was framed. You can have a physical body from one year old to a hundred. But the spiritual being which is still you, and the soul consciousness resident in it, is not the life span that we know. This spirit with you is two or three million years old or more. But this isn't important because there is no aging of the spirit. This soul consciousness was resident in the spirit, and is now resident in the flesh. And you don't know how wise you really are. For if you could have brought back to your remembrance all the things which you have known, all the things you have witnessed, experienced, or heard, if you could remember all the spiritual wisdom you possess, there wouldn't be anyone in this room ten minutes from now because you would go right back where you came from.

You say:--'How do you know?'---Well, this is what the Apostle Paul tells us.---'that we are strangers and pilgrims in the earth, and if we could have remembered how we got here, and from whence we came we would go back.' This is the reason why God brings this veil of forgetfulness down over the new born child. There is a lot of wisdom in that new baby's eyes. And if it could just articulate what it knows. It may be helpless in a physical body like this, but that spirit is not helpless. But the area of forgetfulness is drawn because it is still living in the plane from whence it came as far as its consciousness is concerned. And as it grows up it has to orient itself, its words, semantics ---to family, to orientation. As it starts to talk in this language, it forgets that one of spirit. But the subconscious mind is still carrying all the electronic memory of the race from whence he has come. And the Celestial spirit with him remembers all the things which it ever heard from the Father. Remembers all it ever saw, ever experienced. And this is why God would say to Job:--"Stand up and act like a man and answer me--where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth?" Where were you when I laid the measuring line for the earth. And Job said:--"Oh, don't ask me, I wasn't even born yet." But God said:--"Oh yes you were, Job. You were there and full of years." In otherwords, not full of years in a physical body, but you were there in a Celestial body.

Someone said:--'But that is sort of a ghostly thing.' No. It is not any less real in that dimension than it is in this one. The strange thing is that this body is the material of a Spiritual plane. You say, why is that? Because the spiritual plane is as solid in this dimension as this one is in its dimension. And this body composed of electrical particles moving in high velocities around a nucleus always has body and solidity in this dimension. While as that dimension is to us in this dimension--wavelengths of dimension in light form. Physicists understand this, and I don't want to get into this tonite. But one of the facets of science involved in this, one of the most tremendous things is the actual areas of Light cycles, compression, expansion, creation forces in the Universe, which are now known to physicists. But they don't know how to find a semantics to express what they have diagramed. But this is significant in itself.

Thus even tho we framed a semantics to describe what they have diagramed and what we perceive and know, these semantics might not set up a picture in the vocabulary quite yet. Perhaps it takes a few more line on line, and precept on precept to get this across. The point is that when Christ said:--"They are not of this world even as I am not of the world--Why?--Because He was the LORD from Heaven. So also are the children of the heavens. This is why He said in the 17th chapter of John:--"Thine they were" this is the physical consciousness referring to the spirit. When He said:--"Thine they were"--then "Mine they are"--now He was talking about His physical embodiment. This is why the Apostle Paul goes as far as he does when he writes to our race in the Book of Hebrews. For every white man is a son of Heber, or a Hebrew. And no Jew is a Hebrew. When he wrote to us in the Book of Hebrews, he said:--"Since the children of God were now down here in the bodies of flesh, He took upon Himself a body like His kinsmen, that He might in all these things be like His kinsmen, and was not ashamed to say--you are my relatives. This is the story in the Second chapter of Hebrews:--God down here in a body of flesh because His children were here. His children were captives in inner earth. They were under the bondage and fear of death and bondage. But still they were His children in bodies of flesh and were here in earth. And thus He took a body of flesh so as to be just like His kinsmen.

Now, to be a kinsmen of God, who is a God of Spirit, means that the Elohim of YAHWEH had to be begotten of spirit before you ever arrived here in earth. Jesus talks a lot about things like destiny, and origin, and movement between heaven and earth. We have a lot of Preachers running around trying to get people into heaven. But they don't have to worry about that. If you get hit with a car you might get there faster than you would think. Anything can happen. But getting into heaven isn't near as hard sometimes as staying here.

Now, Jesus said that no man can ascend into heaven except they who came down out of it. The word, (which is not correct here) it was --'No man can ascend into heaven unless they came down out of it. And the word is plural and theology didn't want to concede this. For they didn't want people coming down from heaven. They just wanted them--after they said the right words, and paid their tithe and hit the sawdust trail--to go to heaven. But all of these things are very important for us. The more we can create a formula and especially if this formula can make a profit the more Ecclesiastics want to keep the formula as a part of the area of arrival. But the fact still remains that whereas they are worthy of their hire, the program of God's Kingdom is not a con game. It is an illumination. In fact we never had some of these concepts we see today until we got down here and got all messed up in all these things. Remember that not man can ascend into heaven unless he comes down out of it.

Someone then says:--'But then what about the Chinese? Well, they never came down out of the heavens. They were created here. Starter as the Tungus man and the earth was their habitation. Here they succumbed to Lucifer. Their spirit being such as they had as created beings, succumbed to bondage. And never do they move except thru the cycles of return. This is why reincarnation is an Asiatic theology. But has nothing to do with our race. And there were no Negroes on earth either until Lucifer came in. Therefore the Negroes did not come out of the Celestial planes. They were never in the Pleaides. They never moved in the planes of spirit But they were created creatures inside of another planet. But when they joined Lucifer in rebellion then of course, they went into all areas of transgression, and violations of Divine Law. The great areas of the violation of Divine Law is according to plane and dimension. Physical violation of Divine law is according to plan and dimension but violations of this is also violation of this is also violations of the moral code or the biological codes. In otherwords, it is the crossing of creatures, the mutation of man, and beast, or bestiality. Its the intermixing of races. It is all the sensual and immoral depravities especially as this exists between Satanic seed and areas of the Kingdom. In otherwords, everything Lucifer did was to mongrelize and mix up everything God had made. Anytime you violate the law whether it is the law of physics, of the law of chemistry, whether it is a mathematical law, a race law, or a biological law, a law of species, this is violation of law and is transgression.

Now, this is what happened to the Negro. They do not have a spirit even in the sense that the Asiatics have a spirit. They have a soul consciousness emotionally responsive to the sense pattern. But when they die they are dead until a special resurrection takes place, This is why the word Zombie relates to them. They are the 'Walking Dead'---This is what Ecclesiastic says:--"The walking dead, when they die know nothing at all. But the living when they die return to God who gave it." So who are the living?--Only the Celestial begotten, Eternal, incorruptible seed of the MOST HIGH. This is why when talking about Sonship, that He says:--" I gave them Eternal Life, and they never perish." He said:--"I call my sheep by name, I lead them our---I give them Eternal life" and so forth. He said:--"All that the spirit (Agra-Pneuma) giveth me shall come." And the spirit is translated Father here, but then He says:-- "and he who comes, I never cast out for any cause." Then---"None of you can come unto Me unless the Spirit draws you." Therefore:--"All that the Spirit (Father) giveth me shall come, and in no wise shall I cast them out."

Then turning to the Jew Jesus said;---"Ye believe not because you are not my sheep" But he who calls his sheep leads them out . Then turning and speaking of the Enosh tells the parable about the goat people, the difference between the sheep and the goats. And he separated the people of the world--separates the sheep from the goats. This is again an identification of his own household, his own race. Recognizing this therefore, there is in our Celestial remembrance, for the Celestial brain has all the retention of experience and facts that our physical brain has in electronic memory which was stored in the inheritance of the chromotin of all our forefathers from Adam to our time, ---in otherwords if we were intelligent enough in stirring the electrons to start moving at the lowest level, and could bring that history on down, we would start with anyone here in the beginning, and come right on down with the whole history of the Adamic race. If we could take it back by layers we could take a retrogression here, and take back the history which is stored--in the elements of your nerve tissue, take it back to Adam, then up to the point of gestation , and have a perfect pattern of all the patterns of history that happened to your race. Therefore this is important to understand, and it cannot be understood without the foundation we have just laid, that the Adamic race as such therefore has the capacity to remember Celestial values because no one else dwelt in these plains. This is why the 14th., chapter of John contains this mystery. And it is because of ecclesiastical order which works to seek to cover up these areas of mystery because it does not jibe with their contemporary theology, that we lose and they did not want to lose their control over people. they do not want people to just react to Grace and Desire, they want them to operate thru fear so that they have a better hold on them. This is why you are to be set free, and He who is free of all this error is free indeed. There is no design upon the part of God to control people with Ecclesiastical bondage. The kingdom of God operates with liberty and freedom. It operates with knowledge and reaction. It is because of this that he said:---'When this spirit of truth comes, or this wave length of my consciousness , out of my mind (Paraclete) ---when it comes to apply to any need that the individual would tune himself in for, thus this will bring to you the knowledge of all truth. He said:---I can bring all things to your remembrance. What so ever I even told you from the beginning will be brought back.

Now remember this that there is not one single individual who can have brought back to his remembrance all the things which happened back to Adam, or what happened in the ages of history in Celestial plains unless he has been there. If you have not been there, if your Celestial being had not existed thousands upon thousands of years--with your father, before it was ever physically embodied in the Adamic race it would be totally impossible for it to be brought to your remembrance. This is another affirmation upon the part of Christ that the spirit, the Celestial spirit is His own offspring, that you are spiritually begotten of incorruptible seed which lives and abides forever.

Now He said:--I can bring you to the knowledge of all truth, there is not one area of knowledge which I cannot bring to your consciousness if you seek to apply---with this Paraclete. Then He said; 'This is the spirit of truth which the world cannot receive . Let us get this clear---Asiatics, Africans all non-Adamic people form the world order where as we form the Celestial order--out of the Pleiades, the offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD. This is our Fathers universe, and our fathers planet and he has given this for our inheritance. He said;--"You ask me, and I will give you the heathen for an inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession". Our Father said: I am going to put this world back in order--I will defeat Lucifer here in earth, thus the earth is the final battle ground, and we will liberate the earth, and then my sons and daughters will rule. They shall fall from the violation of divine law but I shall restore them this lost aura, this spiritual consciousness which bridges this spiritual gap between the physical consciousness resident in a physical body, and that of the spirit. this being true, this is then our destiny, this is why it says: 'We who he did foreknow he did predestinate to conform to the image of the son. (his embodiment) .

Now there is a certain area of latitude, but not beyond foreknowledge, but beyond permissive persuasion. For instance he gives us a perfect will in which to function in which a coordination of the this area may be largely of consciousness, and thus this adjustment keeps the person in total harmony with the program of God, this mental area--confused or picking the wave length of the world order, and permitting us to subordinate the spiritual laws, and the background of things as they are will cause this individual not to walk in the true center of perfect purpose, but sometimes within the perimeter of permissibility, but never is it possible for a man of your race to get outside the perimeter beyond where he is lost, or destroyed in some catastrophe. This whole idea of flaming perdition, total destruction, where you wind up lost is a bed time story ghosted up today by the pagan religions, and by which Jewry which gained control over all pagan religions and sought to confuse and condemn all our areas of theology.

The program of God concerning his own household is to continually adjust and put his own people back on track. He came to seek and to save that which is lost. And they are lost because they don't know who they are, or where they came from. They are lost because they do not know the perfect will of god. And when he finds them they go in and out of fine pastures. And when this occurs then we have the words of Christ's ministry for He said he came to seek and to save that which is lost. He said he came into the world, not to condemn the world but that thru HIM , thru His kingdom the world might have light. As far as that goes He never said he came into the world to send me to Hell, this is another one of those false patterns of frustrated theology trying to gain a fear complex over people. He said:--I came to save men from sin, and to take them out of this hell complex. Some one said:--well who wants to go to hell when they die? But I say--who wants to stay in hell while they live? What do I mean?--The word Sheol the grave is the final end of all the areas of violation of Divine law. Death is the penalty for the violations of Divine law, but it is not the end of the spirit, not the end of the consciousness. But of all the problems, the catastrophes, the wars, the depressions, the cycles of pressures and tensions, this is the hells created, or this is the living graves of judgment and chastisement from which men can only be saved by a knowledge of Divine law, by a function of it thru the Grace of god.

Now; he sent his kingdom here to multiply it thru this Adamic race, and Adam was the offspring of God. But Adam as far as history is concerned is 6000 years after the Tungus man if you are even using Usshers Chronology, and many years after the people whose civilization was wiped out which Jeremiah speaks of back in the time when the earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep. When the continents sank, and the mountains rose, and the whole area of the earth was in turmoil, and civilization and cities disappeared. "I beheld and the earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep". Thus after the second verse of Genesis then you have all the recreation and that sixth day man was here a minimum of 600,000 years ago according to what we can prove today. But this seventh day--- Adamic race has been here only approximately 7400 years. Thus we are dealing with the only race which came down out of the heavens, and thus the only race which can go back into the heavens, in this present condition. Because the father said:--no one can go into the heavens except he came down out of it.

Now we are in a struggle, and a warfare because of the seduction of Eve, and Adam's error. Even tho we all volunteered to come, and said we would not do it. Still it did happen as this race arrived in earth. Thus capturing this pattern then God told us before we lest, before we lost this remembrance, that as we came in as new born babes we would also fall. Remember how the scriptures say that we brought nothing into the world, well if you didn't come in then they would not have questioned it. You brought nothing in and you take nothing out as far as material substance is concerned,, whether by route of birth or death this is true. But in the fullness of time you don't go in or out of the earth by this route of death. You travel where you want to go in the Universe. For instance the fleets of the MOST HIGH GOD are disclosed in the Old Testament. I can show you place after place where it tells of these great fleets coming in. Thus those didn't come into earth by route of birth of death. They came right out of the heavens and down to the family who had arrived by route of birth. For from the days of Adam, our race has been arriving by birth. And we have a lot of our race who have passed back into the plane of spirit by death. But they haven't lost their Celestial form in that dimension. And they make up vast companies in Celestial form. But did you ever stop to realize that there are millions and billions of heavenly host who never knew death at all? That the areas of the crafts in which they move can move into out physical plane?

Enoch experienced this. Job knew some of this. And in the days of Ezekiel these great crafts landed and delivered responsible messages. In the days of Moses when he received the law upon the mountain, these great fleets came in. Sailed out over the various mountains and finally settled over Sinai. People don't realize what the scripture has to say about this. We have to get a Universe Global vision of who we are. And when we do this it alters and changes things. Changes everything we do and think about the earth and all there is within it. As long as people can be kept in ignorance of the set things they don't perform according to their heritage. But the scripture talks about the fact that THE MOST HIGH CAME IN AND SAILED OVER MT. PARAN, SAILED OVER SINAI. That YAHWEH came with 10,000 of His administering spirits or His saints, when He came to give Moses the law. Therefore, Deuteronomy 33--"This is the blessing whereby Moses the man of God blessed the children of Israel before his death." --Do you know what the words man of God mean?--"Enlightened progeny. So for the special instance of God's Grace to this race, then ever once in awhile He enlightened. He endowed someone with enlightenment who was His progeny. And this enlightened progeny becomes a Patriarch, or a prophet. And where ever he is, he becomes a prophet catching this illumination for the race. But he is called in the scriptures--A MAN OF GOD.

Now, of course today this term is used rather loosely for all the Clergy. But I can assure you that all the Clergy are not---For God calls Levi thru out the whole race. But they are not all enlightened progeny. They may be progeny, but only some are enlightened. For some have no enlightenment. "And YAHWEH came from Sinai. He rose up from Mt. Seir and shown with His beaming Light down upon Mount Paran. And He came with 10,000 of His Saints--and from His right hand (a symbol of authority) went forth the Law." This was called the fiery law for these people. The most interesting about this is the limitation of translation and the consciousness of the Zohar concerning things that would seemingly be before modern technology. But notice the words:--HE came with 10,000 of His saints. If you go back into a mathematical pattern of the Old Testament . Then whenever you see it used, this thousands time ten thousands times thousands and so forth, it is 10,000's. Over in the Book of Daniel as it talks about the fleets of the MOST HIGH it says these fiery streams, and the word there is chariots, or wheeled vehicles, or circular vehicles, again like the space saucers, or wheels within wheels like in Ezekiel, and it says:--These fiery wheels which go forth from HIS presence are one thousand times thousands times thousands and they proceed forth from HIS throne capital--(this is in the Book of Daniel (7:10).

Therefore the vastness of His transportation systems of the Universe in which we have now as we mention many times--we used to say there was these 126 trillion sun. But of course that is just a figure. You can't think in terms of trillions unless you would see all of them in a row. Then you couldn't think in terms of trillions unless you have something in trillions to compare it with. You can think in terms of thousands, and even a hundred thousand, for you might see that many people together in a big coliseum. But you can't think of billions and then trillions, and the 126 trillion suns which have been photographed by sidereal calculators in Harvard University thru the conventional scopes. Then you begin to get the picture. In otherwords, these calculators were able to calculate the specks of light which hit the sensitive film and calculated there at Harvard, those 126 trillion suns. But you and I can't compute on this level. It is mathematically beyond our comparison level. If we could go out and take the sands of the sea, and pick it up and let it fall thru our hands, and then say there is one orb in space for every speck of sand, we would be coming to a proper equation. Because we are told:--"As the sands of the seashore and the stars and the stars of the heavens."

Now, lets take a look at this. For even Millikin had to admit back in Pasadena at the great science convention about 11 years ago, that it was estimated that there was about as many illuminated orbs as there existed granules of sand if we took the mean weight of the earth and divided it up into particles. Now of course it is so astounding he said that people can't perceive this. Nevertheless it is true. But if we had just one offspring of God for each and every solar system, then we would fulfill this spoken to Abraham when God said:--"Thy seed shall be as the sands of the seashore and the stars of the heavens." Thus what we need to get is a tremendous vision of a ruling family in Gods Universe, a Household of Destiny. Then just stop and think of the billions or so of us who over the course of time stuck our necks out and said:--"We will take on Lucifer. We will just follow him down here to earth where Michael has him blocked off." And we said:--"don't worry Father, we can take care of this situation." But we were also coming against the concentration of one third of the Universe now turned to evil.

Now, we have little idea of all the things which went on and of all the dimensions of forces to contend with. Do you realize that there were angelic hosts then who did not keep their first estate? Who in mutations and struggles were doomed to sunken continent areas? Whereas they possessed a certain area of immortality as far as being were concerned. They were not permitted to obtain surface bodies again. And we call them Rephaim--or Dwellers of the Deep, or beings who live in the depths of the sea and are part of the fallen household. We have what we once knew as Elementas. And out of these Elementals there is not a dimension of substance where there is not a fallen, rebellious, spirit capable of residing in them. The Salamanders for instance, could dwell in the fire. You say that is a Satanic symbol or name for Luciferian hosts who could dwell even in the dimensions of total fire. Yes---They could dwell even in the sun, for instance. It would not consume them. Then there is a counterpart for this also, as he said:--"I make my Seraphims, or ministers--as flames of fire." So we have Celestial beings dwelling in Celestial planes who are of the Household---only now in spirit. We have people who can dwell in the heart of the earth and we have people who can dwell in the areas of the solidness of substance. We have a difference between Dwarfs and Gnomes and Elves. This is all a part of ancient lore as there were Nymphs and Silts, and levels of these dwellers in the water, with the Silts against the Rephaim, and so forth. Thus all these things move in the dimensions of the Elementals. I don't want to get too deep into this subject of beings other than to answer this entity of our race. Because having in existed in these planes, in these far off areas, the dimensions of these transportation systems are beyond comprehension to us, or they stagger our imagination. We know however, that when Enoch was carried into the presence of THE MOST HIGH GOD that he went out on one of these super Dreadnought crafts. He described seeing the solar system fall away from him and he describes the vastness of the heavens. As he came to these great stations in space, he talks about them being as great fields with might palaces. He talks about these great chariots coming and going like doves to a dove coop. In otherwords, they were coming from all over the Universe. And he said:--'who are these?' He was told, 'these are thy brethren, and those who serve them thru out the Universe, coming and going from His presence.' And when he arrived at the Pleaides--these seven planets, the center of the known Universe, then out of these were going all kinds of forces, coming and going from all over the Universe. When Enoch arrived, he was ushered into what was a crystal Palace made of something hard like diamonds which shimmered in the sun. Enoch said it was as high as a mountain. And when he stepped into the hallway, the floors were radiant, and people were coming and going. Enoch never before had seen such hustle and bustle. And he looked around and behold high up and elevated was the top of this Castle and there were clouds of radiant Glory shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow. Enoch said:--'As I beheld this, there seemed to be a great golden light which broke into a multitude of rays of Green. Then beneath that, as it were, all the colors of the rainbow.' He said there were even crafts that ascended up and disappeared into these clouds of Glory. Then Enoch turned to the angels guiding him and the Archangel--Michael and Gabriel came to talk to Enoch. They told him that he was to see the MOST HIGH. And Gabriel said:--'You are to meet your Father.' Then Enoch said that he was lifted up thru the radiant clouds of shimmering color and stepped forth upon a plane of Light. He said as he stepped out upon the plane of light--behold it did hold him. For all things set upon it. And he beheld that here at this level that Light was rigid.

Thus Enoch had entered from a physical dimension and at this particular level, he had to step into a Celestial field to get into this heavenly of heaven. As Enoch approached this throne of thrones, he was filled with awe. And he heard YAHWEH say:--"Thou art my son, Enoch. I have brought you back here in the body so that you may go back and tell my many sons in earth the many things which they must know." Therefore, He revealed the great wisdom and secrets of Enoch. And Enoch was told to remember these things and to tell them again in the earth. Enoch was taken into the chambers of creation, and into the dimensions where the flowing forces were still sending out wavelengths of energy to be regrouped with the great dynamic light of Divine Will which synthesized the spiral Nebulas, the folding constellations, the creation of New Island Universes, which has been going on thru out the ages. Thus Enoch watched the synthesis of the sidereal systems. And he learned something which I think is rather interesting because many people never caught it. I have talked with physicists about it and even some astronomers. Enoch said:--'I beheld and lo--YAHWEH created in a great oval.' That when one tries to go into a straight line into space, you find yourself turning into a vast oval. He said that there were undulating waves or they were moving waves of expansion and compression which were the pulse beat of the Universe. Therefore, he could never get to the end of anything because to go to the end--WAS TO FIND THE BEGINNING. Thus under this instance, the mind cannot conceive of a limitless expanse that does not find for itself an edge. And you cannot have an edge of space or you would have nothing. So there is no straight line. They all continue to curve. Therefore, space is, what we might call in the areas of limitless, because we are not capable of fathoming the total limits of what we might refer to as the dimensions of which the circular orbit of the Universe is framed.

Nor has eye seen or ear heard the extension and expansion beyond this in the waves of tomorrow. Because our Eternal Father never had a beginning, and never had an end, and we do not have an end either. Then since we have no end, and our beginning existed in His Eternal Spirit, then there is no cessation of the endless creations and the might works of tomorrow. And even this Universe may get small sometimes when we have finished hunting all the dinosaurs in the farthermost planets. Then we will have some new things to hunt for. But the thing is really, that the Universe, the patterning and the purpose of it, gave to Enoch such a vast message that he came back to the sons and daughters who had forgotten---after this veil of flesh---having lost this vast knowledge by the fall, and Enoch told these sons and daughters that they were to be Exhaulted above the earthlings whose concepts grovel like worms in the dirt. Enoch told them that they would be elevated to realizations of Divine origin and told them of their great spiritual destiny. And that we had volunteered to become earthbound so that we might lift this earth and restore its people unto our Father. Then being embroiled within it, and having lost the supremacy of the mastering of our physical bodies, having become in bondage because of the violations of Divine Law, having permitted the seduction by cohabiting with lower orders, we lost the Eternal aura which preserved and gave us Eternal Life within a physical body. This is what has to be restored. This, God knew from the beginning and therefore He predestined that everyone of us would be put back in the order in which we were in the beginning. This is why Isaiah could catch this little ramification:---"All flesh shall be saved.--All Israel shall be saved ---all Issue ruling with God."

He was not talking about the Jews for they were a mutation, a mixture of races. This is why they came---black, yellow, brown and off white. In fact, there were other colors in the past , but they ate them up. I guess the Chlorophyll is what they were after so the green race is gone. Ha. I thought the purple ones were gone until I saw a Cadillac go by with some who were almost shining purple---maybe this is where the Purple People eaters came from. Ha.

But the significance of this, the challenge God gave to your race, is only suppressed when we let laws, little laws, of mens mind build the bondage of Ecclesiastical limitations, and when we try to close the walls of the vastness of the Universe, the vastness of such a panorama. Then we have suppressed ourselves and our spirits. And in this instance when we see the vastness of this, then we are not only challenged with the fact that you can't stop us, you can't destroy us. If you broke down a physical body, your consciousness is still surviving plus the fact that our Father says:--'we shall triumph. We shall raise that body, and we will still run them out. And when we have broken the last power of darkness, when they have bowed the knee in this situation as---"Every knee shall bow"--until they declare that this man Christ Jesus was the fullness of God dwelling bodily, then we are promised that they shall know that the sons and daughters of YAHWEH are His children.

The fact is that we discover more things all the time, in that as long as we permit God to unveil with limitless expanse this glorious panoramas, that He keeps bringing out whole nuggets of it here and there. And we have been running all around it and never seeing it.

Some people say:--these things neutralize. But realize they don't The more that we know of this vast purpose, the less we are going to let mundane wordings stop the program of our Father. Whether we use a sword or whatever we want to say, that if this is the way they want to battle in this physical world, then in this physical dominion we defeat them. If they bring too many hoards against us, we have catalyzing spiritual forces to use. We have the right to call in forces. And the MOST HIGH, knowing that so many of His children are asleep has already sent in lots more forces that you realize. And they may materialize in an unprecedented way.

Now there is no question of the solidity of their crafts. There isn't any question about the ability, as in Enochs case, to transport physical bodies into space and to bring them back again. The thing I like about it is that they were so real. The men came down--who were they?--Administering spirits.---But men like Enoch. Living men from space. They came and they said:--'We have been sent to bring you to the Father.' YAHWEH wants to show you something. He has selected you to tell this message to His children." So Enoch says:---'Well I want to go in and close my shutters on the house." This is just so human. He wanted to go in his house and lock it up and tell his children goodby. That is just what Enoch said:--'Let me go into my house and shut the shutters against the storms and tell my children goodby and I will go---" Just like that. I am not so sure I could take off with some that would land today because I am not sure they all come from the same place. But there is a lot of curiosity here and Enoch should have been a reporter. And he probably was in his day. Because he told about the whole trip. He described how he was lifted up from the earth and went out over the ends of the earth with its great ice and snow. He told about the great entrance into Inner Earth, and about passing the sun and the moon. About passing the wanderers on his way out. But the thing I want to point out to you is that when he gave the number of the wanderers, he was short one Planet. This is absolutely an accurate conformation of the fact that Venus did not come into our solar system until 1480. It actually confirms the sidereal calendar of the Mayas, and the Chinese, as well as the catastrophe that hit Egypt at the time of the Exodus. It also effects the fact that Venus in her orbits had for seven or eight times come in collision course with the earth, as far as its tail was concerned. Venus was responsible for the Ice Age, --was responsible for the rise and fall of planetary pulls and contraction patterns, (masses of material was swept into space by it and so forth.) This was probably the basic and major scourge called:--'THE SWORD OF THE LORD" that we find in all kinds of biblical records, as its great sweeping tail swept toward earth. Much happened each time the earth was swept thru the tail of that comet according to any basic astronomical pattern.

Now, remember this, --again there is no one on the face of the earth outside of the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian and kindred people of this race who are related personally to this Heaven of Heavens (the Pleaides). To this vast control center of the Universe, to this terrific technological background of spirit which is yours by nature. This is why God can bring all things to your remembrance. This is why He can lead you to the knowledge of ALL truth. Because you are Spirit of His Spirit, and Life of His Life, and Breath of His Breath. This again, is why the restoration of this people is the importance of God's plan---this is the Salvation of the Earth.

Now, in this instance there is no area beyond plan. In otherwords, in this period of mental obscurity as the world order has launched every possible concept or error by every area of communication to try to bind mens minds. Today T.V., radio, newspapers are trying to sell the idea of a World Order. And while we are in physical bodies with physical sense patterns, we accept this order. We will therefore subordinate the areas of our vision and our destiny and we become enslaved. When we function under Divine Law and its processes, everything moves in our direction. And when we synchronize it with the laws of God and rise to administration and mastery, then everything is blessed including the World we are in. The World Order, the sum total of it, are people not of your race who are under the bondage of it. And they wage this war. The Beast system is the Luciferian force not controlled by Spirit whose world order fights the Kingdom of God which is Spiritual Order.

Now, because you can fight in any plane or dimension does not mean that you have lost spirituality, because Christ Himself tells you that blood will flow to the horses bits. And that He will take the sword and lead His columns against the powers of darkness to liberate the earth from this permanent and constant cycle of transgression and catastrophe under Lucifer.

Someone said:--'What a terrible day for the enemy.' It may be the best day that ever happened for them. As it will put them back where they belong. For they certainly don't belong in a state of producing permanent catastrophe. Then it will be a great day for them. Because of all this YAHWEH said:---"In the fullness of time I shall lose nothing. I shall reconcile 'ALL' things unto myself."---Why? Because if you go out far enough, you get back where you started from. This is a pretty long Mantavara, this upheaval. Using that ancient word of Races form where Lucifer started out until where he gets back to bowing the knee before THE MOST HIGH GOD. He can say that the day will come when Lucifer shall worship at thy feet.

In this instance again, there is no defeatism in this area of thinking. We get under terrific pressure because of the things of which are of importance to us from little horizons. But the secret of mastery over this is that we are a secret Celestial order. And we must lift above this earth horizon in the hours of its greatest pressures, so that as we occupy the earth--FOR THE KINGDOM--we must also live with the Law above it. As such therefore, we are never defeated in our minds because we can catalyze enough mental force by the spirit to destroy or defeat anything that exists in the earth. There is nothing which can resist the catalyzing force of the sons and daughters of God, for "Greater things shall you do---If you understand how." (John 14:12). What so ever ye ask--IN MY NAME UNDER HEAVEN, YE CAN DO IT." Two or three of you shall agree as touching anything under the order, and it can be accomplished. But this must be with a non-defeatist attitude, with a victorious pattern.

Now, there may be parts of the World Order which you will not change. But you can emancipate yourself from its impact. And you can thus defeat it. And we have never been told to live with error, but only to conquer it. We have had casualties. And we evaluate casualties by echelons of conduct in the areas of our ideas. We classify people by conduct. Of course the first place to classify them is by Race and appearance. But the most important area of identification after you have identified their race is perception. And you will discover that you are drawn closer to people who can perceive the things which you can understand. Then the farther you go into mysteries of spiritual truth the more you require that kind of associations in which you have confidence. But the arm of flesh will fail. And the more that is based upon incomplete knowledge the less you can depend upon it. Therefore, the enemies major design is to try to attract and capture some person by appealing to their ego consciousness or their awareness. And at the same time block off the various areas of inspiration. Then use them to divide and destroy. To wage war against the Kingdom. This was also true back in the days of David for instance. The Devil had figured this out. After all Jesus had 12 disciples and knew all about this. And the Devil slipped Judas into the twelve. But this was Satan's own son. But Jesus knew all about it and He said:--"this time I will just show up the Devil. I will just teach all of you a lesson. So He said:--'I have chosen you 12 and one of you is a devil.' And He was speaking of Judas of Iscariot being one of the 12.

Now a devil is a progeny of Lucifer, a dependent offspring of his line, he was the only Jew (Yehudin) among the disciples of Jesus. After identifying Judas then Jesus walked in Galilee because the Jews of Judea sought to kill him, so Jesus told you--the Jews are devils, and then you remember the 8th., and the 10th.,chapters of the Gospel of John where you find the pattern. Jesus turns to the Jews and said "Ye are of your father the devil , and I am of mine"--thus Ye are of your father the devil---if your father is a devil then so are you.

Now someone always says that ----you can be converted and stop being a devil. But no--you cannot convert a devil, and make him into anything but a devil until he has been taken out of this dimension and put into his proper orbit. And when he ceases to be a devil he has to become an obedient Angel again. I am speaking of Lucifer. But if he is just a mutated offspring then no physical consciousness can transfer to the spiritual.

Now I want to point this out--when Satanic forces intermingle with physical forces there is no physical spirit which can cohabit with a fallen angel. Those of flesh can because they did not keep their first estate, and thus you have an offspring of Lucifer with a soul consciousness, but a fallen angel spirit which is a devil.

Some one said; --what about the human side when they put them back in the right dimension? There is no human side to the spirit of a fallen Angel .This again is the reason why when a white man intermingles with a Negro that there is absolutely no spirit that can go into the heavens. Because the only spirit which would be involved would be the spirit of the white man which cannot cohabit with the darkness, and thus all you could produce is a physical entity without any electronic memory which could follow the pattern of his forefathers, which seed would only be destructive. Thus when you take the Celestial seed and mix it with the Asiatic order then you have mutated the wave length until it is unable to perceive, and you now have produced only an abortive cycle which is no part of the white race, and which can only go thru the cycle of bondage and return, until the final resurrection and deliverance of the Asiatic kingdom in the ages to come. therefore races or racial suicide is the breed outside of our race because there is no spirit outside of our race which we can cohabit. In otherwords an Anglo-Saxon, A Nordic, Basque, Germanic, Lombard person because they are one household of the House of the Adamic race are one people, one least common denominator, one ethnic background. This is why every Biblical law calls for the maintenance of racial purity, racial perception of this. And in order to accomplish the purpose of God this is important. This is the transgression which descends upon the children to the third or fourth or even on to the tenth generation, if they violate this law, this is adulteration of the seed line. And with this again we tell you that as we see people then we evaluate them. You are sitting around here tonite and thinking of spiritual things, and its relationship to earth, while down here in the cafe there is a bunch of people sitting on a bar stool. They may be very kind people, and if you had trouble they might give you the shirt off your back, they might do anything for you but 90% of their thoughts don't even get above their jobs, and they are just wasting their time, maybe one beer after the other, or completely temperate, but their minds never have reached a technological level other than an inherited level. And there are other people just sitting around and they don't want to think about anything which might be a contest for their mind. They want to be happy to watch the boob tube, and just come home and join their family, eat and go to bed.. They don't care if the world burns just so it doesn't burn around them. They have an idea that if they don't pay attention to it that the world order will pass them by. At the present time the world will utilize their apathy, will harness their desire for security to perpetuate itself, until it gains as much sovereignty over them as it wants, and then will reduce their creative energies into slavery and disperse all their advantages unto itself, confiscating what you have, for Lucifer has always donee this. So again we have these people, and they are of our race, and they have a spark of life, and they have everything there, so thee moment you crystalize them you break them up---you challenge them with truth, and if you ever break thru to them just once, the World Order will never get them back.

Now you say --these people go to church on Sunday, and sure they hear a little moralizing story about how they should not take off with the other man's wife, or steal the other man's money, or some other little subject like this, then they sing some hymns and say the Choir sang nice, and my but it is a pretty day, and yes we went to church----see---it doesn't have to much impact because they never heard anything. They don't know who they are or where they came from, or what they possess. they don't' know what they have so they haven't claimed their birthright, they don't know they aren't in a green pasture, because they never ate anything but dry husks anyway.

Thus the stimuli---when God starts to move in a situation like this He challenges them with truth, and then he charges them to tell it. Then he moves like a great field and as people begin to learn , and to think, and move, then as they are charged they are changed in their thinking. Their mind is renewed and in their reactions they react the way they should .

What we are watching today is the great reactivation of the kingdom. And the enemy is aware of this and is doing everything he can to hold them down, and declare anyone who stirs them up or awakens them out of their sleep as being anti social. But then I am not interested in trying to get along with the World Order. I am looking for the New Order for the new age. We are a divine race, we penetrated the earth on our fathers command, and we volunteered to come, and we have a job to do, and we are going to finish it. But this little cycle we are going thru --you cannot admit that you are bored, for there isn't any problem involved even tho there are problems. But we definitely are in probably one of the greatest times of hypertension that our race has ever been in. There never has been a period of hypertensinase never more ready to boil over than now. There are some things which we face and I might just tell you of a few of them.

We are faced with a great Negro outbreak on the west coast before the end of this month. That these are to be great and violent upheavals you can be assured. More than this the law enforcement knows this. I know of one meeting of high officials and law officers held because they were unhappy with the last orders of the attorney General in our state He said the orders have already gone out, there is no reason for use of fire arms or force by the police against the Negroes when they come, on the grounds that life is more valuable than property. But they are also aware that the people west of the Mississippi will react differently than those east of the Mississippi. Will defend their property and security with their weapons and will destroy the enemy when he moves.

QUESTION:---I do not understand about this 144,000, does it set a limit?

ANSWER:----This number is just a square of 12 carried out to the thousand of decimals. You see they keep on going to the thousand times thousands. But the basic square of 12 carried to the thousands decimal is 144,000. One fact this is the exact number of savants who erected the city of On, and the Pyramid. 12,000 men for each month of the year, divided up according to their segments .The of course from this number to even a greater number resided there in this part of Egyptian history.

QUESTION:---In practical terms what is the meaning of living an overcoming life?

ANSWER:---This number is just a square of 12 carried to the thousand of decimals. You see they keep on going to the thousand times thousands. But the basic square of 12 carried to the thousands decimal to 144,000. In fact that is the exact number of savants who erected the City of On and the Pyramid. 12,000 for each month of the year, divided up according to their segments. Then of course from this number to even a greater number resided there in this part of Egyptian history.

QUESTION:---In practical terms what is the meaning of living an overcoming life?

ANSWER:---Basically this is not to permit ones self to become defeated in the seat of your consciousness. The soul purpose to perceive and understand the purposes of God as we relate and live our life to finishing of these objectives while living in this environment. This is in itself in overcoming life. we have people in areas of 'sexism' shall we say, who think of an overcoming life in a strict sense as --don't do this or don't do that. They think this is overcoming. Far from repudiating the righteous standard let me point out that the more you know of the law, and become adjusted and equated with it the less therefore you move into areas which relate to social conduct. But we point out that basic 'overcoming' is areas where men are defeated where they think. This defeats the area of thinking wrongly. This defeats the consciousness, being depressed by darkness. Therefore the individual who overcomes, lives by Faith, by knowledge of what the Father had said. By what He has promised, and who He is. And this whole basic concept fills his life. And it overcomes the enemy. It is possible for the individual to hit 'valley' experiences, but the more you overcome the less the walk becomes, even tho the enemy turns everything loose against you. Then you can see this pattern, as the enemy turns everything loose. This does not mean that an overcomer has a life of Peace and serenity. But serenity in the seat of his consciousness in the midst of his task might find him right in the midst of a battle field. In fact, you might be really happy in that battle because you were doing a lot of physical overcoming at the same time. But as far as an overcoming Live---first an overcoming life does not permit itself to be captivated by error and witchcraft. Thus continually carrying a guilt complex which consigns itself to some perdition to which it is not headed, or repudiates the Grace of God which is already finished. So I think the first thing is to roll back the thoughts of depression which is the basic weapon which Lucifer first starts to use. He brings people to such depths of depression that they destroy themselves under the frenzy of it. This is a capitulation to thought depression factors without acceptance of spiritual values. In otherwords, this is a repudiation of a heritage.

Therefore, there is not one single area of thought error that you can be subject to where God has not supplied vision and truth to fill this horizon until it pushes it out of your mind. With this then there is not anything in the world which you ever achieved for God that you cannot get again. There isn't anything which can't be done better. There are no limitations or time elements sealing off your opportunities.

QUESTION:---This veil cast over the people, is this when we were taken away from Grace, or then we lost our identity?

ANSWER:---We never lost our identity. People just don't remember who they were. But they are still the same people. The veil wasn't even effective for some of our people. In otherwords, as we entered into physical bodies at the time of birth, even since the fall of Adam and Eve and the lost Aura, there has been a veil over remembrance to a certain point.

However, we still possess an Aura and the spirit retention is still with us.. And the soul consciousness possesses an Aura. We today who have been reactivated in our thinking largely possess a much more extensive Aura than those that are not activated. But this veil descended in this fallen condition at birth. When the babe comes in, and starts to adapt to the environment, it finds itself living in the veil of remembrance of the plane from whence it comes takes place. This takes place after birth and the time of adjustment to living in a physical environment. We think the baby is just learning. But he is just learning the vocabulary of this environment. He knows what he wants. But how are you going to get this expressed. So he has to learn to adapt to this environment and in the process he has forgotten some of the most valuable things. But this was as a veil drawn over his remembrance. When it is all brought back to his remembrance in the fullness of time, and under spiritual law, then of course there is not anything that the spirit will not bring back to your remembrance.

QUESTION:---What does it mean when they say a person is born with a veil? Is this the same thing?

ANSWER:---No. That is just a biological facet. That is just a membrane.

QUESTION:---The gangs that are to hit in Glendale, are they to injure and what?

ANSWER:---I was briefed not too long ago, that the strategy is that they are planning on training these Negroes. And when the Supreme Court leaves them immune, then they will pick up all the master conspirators and use them. Now they have been practicing a major strategy in the east to be used by Negroes in the west. But they are trying to do this quietly without publicity. Because they don't want people to know as mischievous kid could do this. But all major trunk line telephone systems, dial systems can be blocked off for a blockage of all communications. They assigned 20 people to block off the Police Department over here in Lancaster. So they go to 20 pay phone, one after the other, drop in one dime and dial all but the last number to the Sheriffs office. Then they leave the receiver off the hook and go away. After the sixth or seventh has been dialed, all phones to the Sheriffs office are out. And they can't phone out or incoming calls can't come in. they do this with the fire department and any homes they want to hit. And there can be no calls for help. No communications. Then they start a fire on one end of the city, and no calls can go in, so they have to drive to the fire department. And now fires are going off in other areas where the phones have been dialed out. This is the strategy. They set the Negroes up for their part in this by using some sort of sordid and vicious movies of white girls, showing them being attacked by Negroes. These are used to whip up their lust. And to tell them that when the cycle of violence starts that white girls are their prey. That they can confiscate everything in the white peoples possession. That they can rape, loot and pillage. And if caught will be excused because of their frustrations because this is an emotional reaction from the Civil rights suppression. This is the program. This is the way it has been working in other places. The only difference is that when they try it out here it will not work. There may be a lot of apathetic people who will go along with this thing. But a lot won't. It will be more dangerous in Los Angeles because there will be waves of Negroes coming out of Watts. They will move in great numbers. We were warned that they would use the phone tie-up system. So knowing this, I am going to increase guard at all times. They are not hitting the rural areas, but cities in spots of most concentration.

QUESTION:---When does Divine assistance come into this picture?

ANSWER:---When the battle gets into full swing. But I don't look for it in this little Negro escapade.

QUESTION:---What can we do?

ANSWER:---When they start busting your windows and coming at you, then you start shooting. When you see mobs of them start to smash and loot, you better get ready because in time they will be at your house.

If men all came out and formed a solid line, they wouldn't get so far. If each man tries to stand alone, then it is more turbulent. The thing I was warned of today is that they will try to throw fire bombs and burn this place out because of the tape headquarters and so forth. But if they try this, they will pile up like cord wood. But we are alert. And we know they can't stop you before your time. So this is just one of those things which has to come. And it is tribulaiton time. But just remember, that we are going to win..

(The situation out there climaxed in the fall of 1965. But the Swift Church in Lancaster survived)