09-13-67 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


Question:--Some people are confused by John 1:11------"He came unto his own and his own received him not." This is-----

Answer:--This is poor translation---He came unto the land of his inheritance and the occupiers received Him not. The occupiers were organized Jewry not Judah and not Benjamin at that time. He came to the land of his inheritance, is the literacy of the translation. The Jews helped a lot in the King James translation, and lots of times the word is Judah instead of Jew., and many places such as this one the translation is garbled but He came to the land of his inheritance and the occupiers received HIM not. (Mary owned the land around Bethlehem and held it in trust for her first born.) But to those who received HIM he declared that they were the children of God. This of course is right because those looking for HIM, and who received him were of Judah, Benjamin and Levi.

Question:--I would like to know where the Jews started from?

Answer:--That's a rather simple question-----In the Luciferian rebellion. This is referred to in the twelfth chapter of Revelation in which we are told that there was a tremendous war in heaven and Michael and his Angels fought against Lucifer and his hosts, and Lucifer prevailed not, neither was there any place found for him in the heavens. That Great Dragon, called the devil and Satan was cast out of heaven. So the Dragon is the Devil, and he is Satan and he deceives the whole world. He was cast out of the heavens and all his Angels were cast out with him. This word Angel is administering spirits, those were cast out with him.

Now; this in Revelation is only a small area of this story. The book of Enoch contained total descriptions of such battles. And Enoch was told----I bring again to your attention the things which you have forgotten since you have been in bodies of flesh. But you children---then in spirit---were present when Lucifer rebelled against the throne of THE MOST HIGH. You have forgotten how Lucifer gathered one/third of the hosts of heaven, so Michael gathered some of the Hosts of heaven, and with the power of Righteousness then Michael prevailed over Lucifer and his hosts. And Lucifer then had filled his crafts with axmen and swordsmen, all this is in the book of Enoch. The axmen and swords men were out of a portion of the Milky way area, and we are told that they were the dark and curly headed ones. So the negroes came in with Lucifer at that time. But this was long after the pattern of the creation and man upon the face of the earth. The Tungus man was the man of creation after the second verse of Genesis----In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth----then the earth was without form and void. And void is the aftermath of destruction, because of the violence and Luciferian rebellion in the first creation. In the sixth day creation again God created male and female and establishes them, and this was the Tungus race. They then spread out over all of Asia and out over the continent of Lemuria which today the Pacific ocean covers most of it. They moved out over Atlantas also. This is how Plato referred to this land that went beneath the waters of the Atlantic ocean. Where the Azores are today, this land then stretched over to North and South America, centered about one-half of North America and two-thirds of South America. There were land bridges or units all the way across. And during this time the Tungus man was the creation of the MOST HIGH GOD. There is no question of this because we have the history of mankind for 600,000 years. This is one thing. Dr. Leakie consummated this last year in Africa. Being an anthropologists he also says they have found fossils which are one and one-half million years old. During the periods of archaeological research Dr. Ivor Lisaner being the most, or one of the most brilliant minds which Germany ever produced in archaeology and of course he has traced the Tungus man back 600,000 years. Traced them as they moved out of the HIGH STEPPES OF ASIA, and down into Europe, and into Africa and so forth. The Tungus man lived in the caves of France---they lived on Caribou and on reindeer back in the days which were ice ages. So he was able to establish with radio carbon, then carbon fourteen, and now we have Carbon 10 and Argum 12 and was able to establish that there was 600,000 years for this Tungus man. Thus this is pre-Adamic people, for the scripture says that in the 7th., day God rested from his creation, these cycles were a million or million and one-half years old, some of them. But then He rested then said:---there is no Adamite to till the soil. Then YAHWEH brought forth----bara is the word----Adaum in his own image. And this creation---this word bara means to bring forth issue. So the Tungus man or the original man----Created he them male and female, but he begat Adaum then took the female portion out of Adaum and made Eve. And Adam and Eve were thus one flesh, and the bara---or offspring of God. So the Adamic race not only had sparks of divinity but they were divinely conceived as a Race, and by this procedure God transferred His Kingdom from heaven to earth.

But prior to this time and during the Luciferian rebellion, in the history of this Luciferian rebellion---then he brought negroids into his rebellion, and not only that but these fallen Angels also intermingled with these people on the face of the earth. So not only did Lucifer mongrelize but he wrought by this to destroy creation. He started to debase creation by mongrelization etc. but in this confusion a great catastrophe developed and the continents of Lemuria and Atlantas sank except for some of the high spots in the areas of the Pacific for instance Sumari comes from the Latin word highest, and summit or sumus in Latin is the highest point. and Sumari were warriors from down under the high parts. Japan is virtually today the highest of the land which sank. Of course we have the Islands that were some of the ancient lands of Sumari. For instance there is even a great wall like the wall of China which goes down under the ocean and deep sea divers have gone down since W.W. II and here are sunken cities along the ocean floor around Attu Island. So we not only know this but we know that there were also great giant gods and so forth in the ancient catastrophe. Most of the islands in the pacific like Sumari and so forth have remnants of ancient civilizations on them which go back into antiquity before the days of Adam. The situation is that when that continent sank it was approximately 11,000 years ago, some areas site that this battle lasted a long time and some areas of Lemuria went down perhaps 14,000 years ago. But it was 11,000 years ago when our costal plane was effected and when the Andes mountains made their final ascent. At the time of the breaking off of this continental shelf the Andes mountains were on sea level in Peru. But there was a great uprising---a great uplift took place. Today you can find sea shells up on top of the Andes mountains in Peru just 140 feet below the great Temples of the Inca. But when the Inca built that Temple they cut that solid black rock out of the Matagrosso and that was 550 miles out from the base of the mountains at almost sea level up to several hundred feet, but now this is up in the mountains at 12 to 14 thousand feet and we have there these great basalt temples. But we find the quarry where they cut the rock, some weighing 800 tons, where they put in place these in their Temples, and thus the fact remains that we can establish the antiquity of men because when that mountain went up it went up after they built that Temple. They never raised the 800 ton stone up the side of the mountain. The pre-Incas built these great Temples----later Incas came along and continued to rule and to reign but the fact is that the early Incas were pre-Adamic civilization.

Now; another strange thing---in W.W.II of course we had reason to believe that the Germans had bases in South America. We were fighting a was and you couldn't blame them for thinking this, so we being in was were very carefully flying over the northern end of Brazil and over the end of the Andes. Well at the north end of the Andes mountains at 12,000 feet up a pilot happened to notice a city. It was build much as a Corinthian column city, some of the area was broken down and there was a sheer basalt cliff, and he could see great piles of ruins at the base of this cliff. He was looking for German locations remember, but he came back and reported this city on top of the cliff, and he could see great piles of ruins at the base of this cliff. He was looking for German locations remember----but he had seen this city ½ on top and ½ at the bottom of the mountain. So several groups of men planned to go down as soon as hostilities ceased and see what was there. So archaeologists went down there and they found the city, in fact Wilkens writes of this in his fine volume of ancient cities. They found that at least 10,000 feet below this city was great ruins, slides had buried most of the city below but on top the building were still there. No one inhabited them, and hadn't for some time. But they dug thru the debris and radio carbon the things found and discovered that city was cut in half and the ½ buried 11,000 years ago. Radio Carbon can go back much further than that so we know when the city was cut in two and part of it buried. The wood of the furniture they found there, and other fossils tell us that the north end of the Andes mountains went up 11,000 years ago. WE can establish that there were cities 11,000 years ago which were on what is now the Andes mountains.

Now; in the Luciferian rebellion, --- after he was cast out of heaven --- and this could have taken several thousands of years ---- but there was these great Gotmas of China, they were gods of the Luciferian forces. These Fallen Angels with Lucifer also intermingled with the people of earth --- thus didn't keep their first estate, and they intermingled with the Tungus people all over the Islands and where ever the people lived. One of the things also which Lucifer did was to mongrelize the people of earth with the negroes, all he could get to mongrelize. Another pattern told in the history of Enoch is that the negroes who went into Africa were under a fallen Angel named Voodoss, and the negroes worshiped this devil Voodoss ---- this is where Voodooism comes from. This Devil Voodoss rebelled then against Lucifer and they had a war among devils over that until Voodoss was incarcerated with Beelzebub in the Inner earth or Netherworld, but the negroes still worshiped Voodoss. So Lucifer permitted a cycle of 612 years for Voodoss to return to the circle of the earth to see these people (the negroes). But he had to recognize that Lucifer is Prince of this world and rules with darkness. These are in the secrets of Enoch, it spells out all this panorama.

Now; we have the history of the white race as 7400 years ago. In other words 5400 years before Christ --- the white race was created or brought forth as begotten issue.

Now; in the offspring of the Luciferian hosts here you find the Yehudin people or the accursed, and this is where the word Jew comes from ---- actually that is where it was taken from. And there are black Jews in Africa, there are yellow Jews ---- Asiatic Jews, and in the priesthood of Modern Buddhism, are these Jews. They come down thru the Mantavaros (ancient word for races in the battles of the gods in space) theology of the great monster gods which they have created which are all emblems of the original god (Lucifer). They made Buddha a great Gotma, they took a man and Jewish Priests made him a god, then they made him a great Gotma like all the rest of their Gotma statues which existed all thru Asia. The strange thing is that in the original mongrelization, the Gotmas were 23 to 24 feet high, because the morn of mitosis multiplied according to the essence of spirit. It still does ---- you see the original monster gods were very very big as they came out of the mongrelization with the Asiatic people, and the negroes after God had placed the white race on earth then Lucifer seduced Eve and of course he used the normal size as Prince of the earth and he said to Eve: --- God doesn't want you to know that I am Prince of this earth, so he seduced Eve but he didn't deceive Adam. Eve was deceived but Adam was not, for God had explained all this to Adam but not to Eve. So Adam knowing ---- entered into the seduction of Lilth who was the consort of Lucifer, the Satanic woman of their Trinitarian pattern. They had a child called Ninus, and of course in the Brahma, Vishnu and Siva pattern then Siva is the embodied goddess, the offspring of Lucifer and Lilth. So it is from Siva is the embodied goddess, the offspring of Lucifer and Lilth. So it is from Siva today that Astarte, or Ashtoreth comes, of Isis, and Isis is a demon god. You take Madam Blavatsky --- we think she was a reincarnation of Isis when she wrote the Secret Doctrine --- which is a continuous thing, and has come down thru the centuries. But the fact remains that the Jews are the fallen offspring of Lucifer and his rebellion. But the Jews you are mostly faced with today are largely those sowed into the white race. Thus this brought the waters of the flood. The Nephlin, the offspring of the fallen Angels inter-mingled with the daughters of men and there were giants in the land in those days. So the Jews came down this route.

Now; Jesus makes this very clear as he speaks to these Jews:----"Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do, he was a liar from the beginning". Cain is the child of the evil one--- and Jesus said: --- speaking of Israel --- "all of them thou (spirit) have give me, I retain, none are lost but Judas of Iscariot --- the son of Perdition." But Judas of Iscariot was the embodiment again of this Satanic line. And Jesus told his disciples --- I have chosen you twelve and one of you is a devil --- this was again Judas of Iscariot. The others were men of Benjamin, of Galilee, and the people of Judah were also Israelites, and the Jews were never a part of Israel, never descended from Abraham. And Jesus said: --- where did this one come from, and Eve said from the lord, but the word in Hebrew was Baalie. Adam then knew his wife also and she bore Abel who was the son of Adam, but Cain was the son of the Wicked one. (I John).

Now; Cain was the first murderer in the history of our race. And Jesus speaks in the book of Matthew and he tells these Jews that they are the descendants of Cain. I can show you this in the book of Matthew as to where this is brought out. Here Jesus fixes on the Jews forever, who were in Palestine at this time --- as he says: --- "Woe unto you scribes and Pharisees (these are Shama Pharisee, or false Pharisee). Ye hypocrites, ye are likened unto whitened sepulchers ye appear beautifully outwardly but within ye are full of dead mens bones, and uncleanliness. Outwardly you appear righteous but inside ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity, woe unto you scribes, Shama False Pharisees. Ye build the tombs of the prophets, and ye garnish the sepulchers to the righteous. Ye say: --- if we had lived in the days of our fathers we would not have been partakers with them of the blood of the prophets. Then Jesus said: ---- Ye have born witness that you are the children of them who killed the prophets. Jesus makes it clear that there was with Israel as they went out of Egypt, a seed line of Satanic offspring. He said: --- you have born witness that you are not Israel, you are the children of the prophet killers. For you just said:---- if we had lived in the days of our fathers we would not have killed the prophets. A leopard does not change his spots --- He said: Ye Serpents, ye generations of vipers, how can you escape the judgment of perdition.

Now; when you go back into the book of Deuteronomy then YAHWEH told Moses to write ---and Moses did write: --- I will publish unto the LORD to show the greatness of our God. He is the ROCK, all HIS words are perfect. The judgments of YAHWEH are true. But these evil ones have corrupted themselves, their mark is not the mark of His children. They are a perverse and crooked progeny. Remember the days of old, consider the years of their many generations, you ask your fathers, and they will tell you that the MOST HIGH DIVIDED the nations in the inheritance, and separated the sons of Adam, set the bonds according to his children of Israel, when he set the bonds of Adam.

Now; Adam was Israel because in the book of Seth then YAHWEH speaks and says:---Thou art my Israel, ruling with me. The Adamic race thus is the offspring of THE MOST HIGH GOD. And ----- The LORD's portion is His people, and Jacob is the rod of His Inheritance. Then God changed Jacob's name to Israel, but HE also said to Enoch --- "Thou art my Israel." To Abraham he said:---I shall make of you a great nation and a company of nations---you are also My Israel. The program of God all thru this book is the same story----His sons and daughters are going to conquer the sons of Lucifer, they will put Lucifer in his place before he upsets all things, and puts his kingdom in place. The establishment of the Adamic race was the sending of His sons and daughters from heaven to rule in earth. So from that time on He promised them----even before they came---that they would fall but He would be their redeemer, for he was the Lamb slain from before the foundation of the world. We are told in Ephesians that He had already blessed us with all spiritual blessings before the foundation of the world. That we existed in the bosom of the father in love before the world was formed. Even before the periods of the world order he promised us, and told us about these events. So we have this picture here in the book of Matthew, he calls them serpents, and in the book of Deuteronomy he says:----they provoke YAHWEH unto jealousy running after strange gods, to gods our fathers knew not, but to new gods. and of the ROCK which begat them they are unmindful. "Thou hast forgotten HE who formed thee". And when God saw this he abhorred them because they had provoked His sons and daughters to err.

So you see these are the fallen Angelic hosts who intermingled with earth. They tried then to gobble up the whole Adamic race, but God intervened, and God said:---their rock is not as your ROCK. In other words your ROCK is YAHWEH and theirs is Lucifer, and their vine is the vine of Sodom. And sodomy is the areas of mongrelization, inter-mixing that existed even back before Adam.

Remember Tidal King of the Nations, King of the land that sank beneath the waters after all that Luciferian catastrophe. Tidal and his people had migrated and were on the plains of Shinar when Shaldomere was locked in that battle with six of those kings. There is no tracing of this Shaldomere or these other kings in the scripture who were battling --- but they are pre-Adamic --- and they were battling for the gold of Omhir. They were battling as God brought Abraham out on that plain, and so those people go way back to antiquity.

Now; we thus had God say:--- their vine is the vine of Sodom and their fields of Gomorrah, their grapes are grapes of gall, their clusters are bitter. Their vine is the vine of the dragon and the cruel venom of the Asp. They are the generations of the serpents. So Jesus said:----Ye serpents, ye generations of the vipers---you are the progeny of the viper. Lucifer was known as the dragon and the serpent in the star map across the heavens, he is the constellation of Hydra the serpent. And the Jews who worship Lucifer make their six pointed star out of a serpent who holds its tail in its mouth. You can go down on Beverly street and every star in the synagogues is woven of a serpent into a 6 pointed star.

Now; Jesus said unto them:----I sent prophets and wisemen and scribes, and some you killed, some you crucified and some you scourged in your synagogues, and some ye persecuted from city to city. Upon you is going to be the guilt for all of the righteous blood shed upon the earth, from the blood of Abel to the blood of Zacharias killed between the horns of the altar. So therefore these people were descendants of Cain, were Cainanites, and these were the lighter colored Jew that at that time were trying to usurp areas of authority. Jesus exposed them in the Temple, and Annas and Caiphas were Sadducees and they believed in the doctrine of reincarnation. They believed in the cycle of 612 years----the Mantavaro (races --- battles of gods in antiquity). So therefore every last Israelite has the doctrine of the resurrection going back to the beginning of the Adamic race. Even going back 5000 B.C. for that is when the oldest book of the bible was written --- and in the book of Job it says --- Job says:---I know that my redeemer liveth and shall stand in the latter days upon the earth. And tho the worms consume my body with these eyes shall I behold my redeemer. He believed in the resurrection and your entire race are children of the resurrection. Your entire race believed in the resurrection. And even back at the time of 5000 B.C. or 4500 B.C. this was the pyramidal age, when the pyramid was being built it was Enoch and Job with 144,000 men who built the city of On in Ancient Egypt, and they started the erection of the Great Pyramid, and the temple in the city of On, and the Sphinx with its temple, and they taught the ancient Egyptians that the embodiment of God would someday dwell on earth. That he was Osiris ----Lord of Light and Life and resurrection. This is why the king or Pharaoh of Egypt responded, and supplied man power to the white savants who were building the Pyramid. They believed that Osiris was the Lord of Life and Resurrection and would cross the river Styx, and would raise all men, would conquer Lucifer with the resurrection and so forth. So they said:---Osiris is the soul of Ra or the embodiment of the God of Light. And of course God is Light, in HIM is no darkness at all. He is the light of the life of men which is some of the mysteries of the book of John. Of course we could take you into the background of the Book of John that will take you into the mystery schools that go way back to the days when the Masonic lodge and the Rosicrution lodge were formed, back in the days of Enoch and Job. Today they have been penetrated, some what by the areas of Jewry. In the days when they formed the Illuminati and the Grand lodge of the Orient they moved in, and sought to mask the doctrines of truth. However the lodge and the Light carriers are still there, and the Blue Lodge is trying its best to get rid of the Jews right now. There is going to be a lot of things happening but the situation is that Jesus said everyone of these Jews were Cainanites and Sadducees at that time, and the Sadducees who have moved in were out of the Amalikites, out of the Hittites and out of the areas of the Pre-Adamic, and the white Jews came from the seduction of Eve which produced Cain. And when Cain took a wife he went eastward out of Eden into the land of Nod and took a wife from Asiatic Jews. Remember Cain also took unto him the Enosh Emblem which is Beast of the field. When the word is translated Beast of the field from whence Cain took his wife-----then the negroes also come under this emblem and by mistake this Enosh is translated man. You thus have Enosh translated man and Adam translated man. Everywhere in the scripture you have these two words translated man, but Enosh is man without spirit, and these fallen negroes had not spirit at all. After their degeneration they were even mingling with beasts in some parts of Africa. Some areas of earth were much effected by their degeneracy. The world was a lost mass of chaos when the Adamic race was begotten by the MOST HIGH GOD.

Now; God says concerning the Tungus man:----and the word is Yatsar---I formed and made him out of the elements of earth and breathed the breath of life in him and he became a living soul. But the actual text concerning the Adamic man:---the word Yatsar----for Enosh, but Bara for the Adamic race. God says:---I brought forth issue---spirit of my spirit, soul of my soul, and life of my life. Therefore this is another reason why it tells you in the scripture that you are made in the image of god----spirit, soul and body. I don't see 3 people here at all. I see one person, but you possess a celestial nature that hovers above which is connected by a silver cord to your soul consciousness which is chain connected by an inner silver cord to your brain. So your soul consciousness can record with Masson electrons around the filaments of the brain cells all these patterns of knowledge, wisdom and experience. But you have the guidance of the patterns of the spirit, and the silver cord. The spirit can effect your mind, and give you guidance, interpretation, and knowledge---thus----"Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you". There isn't any area of direction which is not opened unto your race as to a way to get around your problem, that you race cannot discover. In areas of technology your race will produce more in five years than the rest of the world will in one hundred years. You are the household of the MOST HIGH GOD, and areas of inspiration will do this. We know our scientists are somewhat materialistic and do not recognize these spiritual values, but they do know that every thing they search for is still in, and can emerge from their mind. Some of their greatest scientists recognize this. They have so many areas of scientific phenomena that establishes the spiritual qualities of the individual, that even today there is no way for an agnostic to deny it. I was amused to see in the news paper about this book which Pike brought out. You know that Pike is an agnostic, doesn't believe in the Virgin birth or in the blood atonement, none of these great things in the scripture. But he did write a book on immortality and they advertised it in the L.A. Times. I read this column and Pike is saying:----altho I don't believe that Christ was anything other than just a man, I do not believe all this other propaganda, but I am still forced to believe in immortality because it has been established scientifically. He said:---we have photographed with infra-red cameras the spirit leaving the body. We have photographed an area of aura that comes up---almost stands erect for a moment at the feet then separates and moves into the dimensions around about. We have photographed with infra-red cameras, being walking thru rooms, then come right thru the walls. So the dimensions are no longer limiting them, we have had psychic phenomena in which communications have come from the spirit world. So I do know altho I don't believe that people move into areas of catastrophe that bars them from Eternal Life. I think everyone has an Eternal Spirit. I think an individual finds more meaningful existence in the existence of the dimension of spirit than he does here. Every once in a while apparently a manifestation of the spiritual world in a physical world takes place. I don't know what I believe but I do know I believe in immortality.

Well:-------even an agnostic like Pike has to admit this. I have the book "The science of Life by H.G. Wells and Huxley, and they have what is known as the border line of science, and this has about five chapters in the back of the book which came out about 1932 or 33. But in this they show where they have photographed with infra-red photography a celestial being which leaves at the time of death (of the body). They have also photographed spiritual forces emanating, and understand it but they do have form and move with intelligence and design. So they are admitting a spiritual realm.

Well, the spiritual realm of course is the father of matter, and all the elements held together in the Atomic field is there with a tremendous area of power. It is out of the spirit that power comes into the atomic world. And the plain of spirit is the father of, or creative force of the natural world. So God who is spirit, thus makes it necessary that we worship HIM in spirit and in truth, and has well established the entire physical creation, but he has been making forever. There never was a beginning. People talk about a beginning-----"In the beginning God created". but this is just our solar system. There never was a time where there was no matter, no space. He has been creating forever, never had a beginning or an ending. He is the Eternal creating Father. And as far as His family is concerned, from their point of origin, HE declared HE would have a family, of incorruptible seed, that lives and abides forever. This is another mystery told by the Apostle Paul that you are of incorruptible seed which lives and abides forever. Now you are this, then---a child of God after the spirit, and a child of Adam after the flesh because God begat Adam who was a son of God.

Turn to the writings of the Apostle Paul and he also tells you this, and that the second Adam is the son of God, so YAHSHUA was the son or embodiment of God and the first Adam was also the son or issue of God. But the Second Adam was the total embodiment of God himself by his declaration. Thus the first Adam was a living soul and the second Adam was a life giving spirit.

This was only the second conception of the holy spirit, in the human race to produce and establish the line of HIS Sonship. The only race having emerged from God. This having been fulfilled in the book of Jeremiah Chapter 31---- "A woman shall encompass a man". In the King James version it is written this way but in the actual text however, it was:----"A woman shall bring forth a man without embodiment". In other words a woman shall bring forth a man by spiritual conception. Or a woman shall enclose and bring forth a man from spiritual conception.

So, now these white Jews were Cainanites, and Cain was a devil, there is no question of that. Jesus said:----I have chosen you 12 and one of you is a devil---- this was Judas of Iscariot. After this Jesus couldn't walk in Jewry for they sought to kill him. He had to walk in Galilee because the A.D.L. of that time said:---we have said:---we have to silence this man. And they plotted constantly how to kill Jesus because he had exposed the fact that one of the disciples was a devil, and of course they knew they were devils. But the doctrine of reincarnation comes out of the Sadducees and of course they do reincarnate according to their limitation. Because there never was a new spirit provided for the houses of the Tungus people from the hour of their fall under Lucifer to the hour of their return as do the Asiatics. You may make a convert of some such as the Hunan province of China where the Kai Sheks came from, but this was one area where the Ammonites were absorbed and remember Ammon was an Adamite---Israelite. Ammonites went north and east and into China, and the Chinese exiled the Ammonites out into the Hunan province. There they finally intermingled mostly, but there also the eyes and complexion pattern brings this out, for there is less of the oriental slant to the eyes here in this province than anywhere you go in China. This is also true in Korea, and in Japan, for they exiled a bunch of these Ammonites out to the Island of Japan. The fact then remains that some of the Ammonites were on these Islands where some had mingled with the Apes of the pre-Adamic race, and there were huge white Apes on the Island of Japan. In fact there are many Japanese with short tails. This was found during W.W.II. The Sumari were tall brilliant warriors but they were pre-Adamic. Then we have a people over there known as the Attu and these are the Ammonites and they live high in the mountains, and they were exiled there, and still today there are Japanese who do not have slant eyes at all, they are a Caucasian type people.

But God has spoken of the fact that you are not to intermingle with any of these other races where there is no spiritual progenity. In other words these other races have a spirit but not the spirit of an offspring of God. So if you do intermingle---a white man with an Asiatic then the offspring doesn't have His spirit and the race runs down. If you co-mingle with a negro you have gone to the extreme end of mongrelization for a negro has no spirit at all. Do you notice how so many Evangelists have been beating their drums and trying to save them, and send them to heaven. No---they can't, they don't have any spirit. They have a soul consciousness. Their religion is syncopation and rhythm. It is possible to teach them the truth, it is possible for them to learn to some degree, the truth, when they live in civilization, but a negro when he dies is dead, just like a dog. He is there until the second resurrection, and you are told that "The dead when they die know nothing at all". (Ecclesiastics) But "the living when they die, the spirit returns to he who gave it." This is a part of the mystery schools of our race, the wisdom of the ancient Light carriers. Enoch was told these things, Paul was told them, and told to write them in a book. When he wrote "The Apocalypse of Paul" he wrote this book and it contained all the deep mysteries, and he has some of them in his Epistles, but there are many more of them. But we don't have them because we don't have "The Apocalypse of Paul" bound in the King James Version. We do have the volumes some where, and all the 153 books will be restored to the house of Israel there is now no question of this.

`But the fact remains that out of the areas of this mystery the Jew came, and they were the mongrelized offspring of Lucifer and the fallen Angels who mixed with the people of earth. And they are like their father they can not thing a spiritual thing. A Jew cannot think a spiritual thought but with cunning he can adopt and absorb your blessings, and take over the areas of god's covenant with you but he cannot understand anything spiritual. Jesus said:---You cannot understand my words because you can't hear the. Jesus never preached to the Jews. He preached to the house of Judah and the House of Israel, and to them he said:----"Thine they were in the heavens (spirit), and mine they are in earth, none of them are lost except the son of perdition" He said:---"Ye believe not because ye are not my sheep". More than this He said:----"Where I go you can't come". You will seek me and not find me for where I go ye cannot come. The Jews said:----where is he going to go that we can't find him? Is he going over to the cities of Ephraim?

Did you know that the Anglo Saxons wouldn't let a Jew on the British Isles at that time. The Anglo-Saxon people were then well established on the British Isles and the throne line of Judah had already been transplanted there by Jeremiah. Tea Tephi had married Herramon of Jerusalem the King of Ireland, and the Anglo-Saxons had the active throne line of Judah in their land. And there has been a continual line from the present line all the way back to David. In fact we can trace the present line all the way back from the Queen of England back to David. Right on back thru Tea Tephi and Herramon who were of the House of David. The Anglo-Saxons are true Israelites just as is the Scandinavian's the Germanic and kindred people. The Israelites came into Europe under different names----The Alpine man, the Mediterranean man, and the Nordic man. Anglo-Saxon was Nordic as well as Scandinavian where as you find the Alpine man in Switzerland, and the Basque of Simeon are also Alpine men. Alpine men are in Issachar of Finland and some of the Slavic Nation. The Mediterranean man was in Italy, and Greece and contained the pho-Enoch man. So you had three branches which emerged out of the white race but they were all Adamic or white race men. Altho they intermingled they still produced the house of Israel, and they all have one Faith. Their traditions are intermingled, all basically the same. The cry of Odin, Odin rang out thru Scandinavia but Odin was the grand sons of Tea Tephi and Herromon of Jerusalem---King of Ireland. He was a mighty warrior who helped turn back the Asiatics who came in thru Scandinavia and he married a daughter of a Scandinavian King. After about 30 years of being a great and brave warrior he died. They placed his body in a great Viking ship and set it on fire, and let it go out thru the fiords when the tide went out. But the people taught that Odin rode with the Valkyrie in the sky. They understood that he went to the Father. They referred to him in different names such as Thor who led the hosts, and would protect them in Spiritual plains. All of this was tied in with their spiritual background with the capacity of a son of God to return back to the spirit. This again is the backbone of Christianity. Of course Christianity has a lot of muddled up theology because the Jews helped in the translation of the King James and the Dousy Versions of the scriptures. But we can go back thru both texts and see that they have Jew instead of Judah in many places. It is that there is no difference in a man of Judah (not Jew) and a Greek. Don't ever tell a Greek there is no difference between a Jew and a Greek, he sure won't like it for he knows better.

The Apostle Paul said:----I am an Israelite of the tribe of Benjamin but of the sect (religion) of the Jews. Then Christ stopped him on the road (to Damascus) and we discover that in Thessalonians he said that the Jews are against God and contrary to all men. So the Apostle Paul moved out (of Judaism) with this text.

Now; back to the time of Jesus, they wouldn't let a Jew into Britain. So in those days they couldn't go into the cities of Ephraim. These Islands of Britain were where Joseph of Arimathea owned the tin mines of Cornwall. He was one of the wealthiest traders of his time, with his ships coming into the Mediterranean and even to Palestine. But Jesus said to these Jews:----"Where I go you cannot come". This meant He after the crucifixion and resurrection was going into the heavens. but the Jews said:----where can he go that our ADL cannot find him? There is only one place where we can't go, that is the cities of Ephraim so is that where he will go? But Jesus said:---I am from above, and you are from below. The word below in Greek is Netherworld. In other words Jesus said:--- I came from above but you are out of the Netherworld---you are of your father the devil. Not only once, but several times Jesus said this, and he makes this quite clear. HE ascended into the heavens, where as the Jews go back into the Netherworld to their father because the Jews originate with Lucifer. Whether from the ancient Tungus man to the white man it was the Luciferian rebellion which brought the Jews in the flesh. They have no capacity to understand what Jesus said.

Now; this does not mean that God is not God, and what He wants to do in HIS Grace is something else again. But ALL Israel is to be saved first---after that given HIS time---He will reconcile all things unto Himself. He even said he would make new creatures out of some of these people. He has a lot to do with the Negroes, and even the Asiatics but he does say that Asiatics have some capacity in seed, and can receive the areas of truth, and they shall be made new creatures. But that does not make them your brothers for you are sons and daughters of God. He tells you in the 87th., Psalm----"Ye are Elohim and all of you are the children of God". Actually it is "Ye are Elohim and all of you are the children of YAHWEH". For YAHWEH soundeth in the congregation of the mighty and says:---"YE ARE ELOHIM and all of you are the children of YAHWEH". and he was talking about Israel.

Now; we find people who say:---but the Jews are Israel---but remember that Jesus said they didn't even have the capacity to understand his words, they couldn't follow Him where he was to go.

In the Epistle of John any spirit who confesses not that YAHWEH is embodied in the man YAHSHUA or Jesus---then that one is not of YAHWEH (God) and doesn't have the father (YAHWEH) or the embodiment as YAHSHUA. This is the spirit of anti-"Christ which is to come into the world, and is already here. and remember that nobody in the world is more Anti-Christ than Jewry. They started the Soviet revolution, financed it with their international banks. Today push and finance communism all over the world. I have areas of communication thru the tape ministry across the nation, and we get a lot of excellent material that we can't give away ourselves. For instance I have a newspaper----a communist newspaper from Manila, one of the biggest newspapers in Manila. In it they are denouncing us and our part in the war in Vietnam. It was praising Mao and communism. but let me tell you something, in that paper, everyone of the advertisers in that newspaper are Jews but two, and these advertisers are concerns headed by Jews who have war contracts in Vietnam with the Viet Cong. They are telling you they are financing their war contracts out of their advertising in Manila. So the Jews are supporting communism and making money out of it. They don't want the war to stop for they are making money from the war.

The thing is rather unique in the situation today, we have people in Viet Nam unloading our ships in the day time, and at night they carry on the warfare against you. They shoot to kill our men at night but we pay them salaries in the daytime. I had a call just the other day from a man just in from Hong Kong, and he was going back in just a few days. He was a former intelligence man and he is absolutely disgusted with the administration controlled by the Jews. He said they are just using us. He is not against fighting communism but lets have a victory, one white mans life is worth more than a whole lot more than all these pagans they are trying to help save. but the whole picture once again is that organized Jewry sets up the witch doctor schools in Africa, and organized Jewry has helped bring in weapons into Africa and Red China helps in this. In Zanzibar about 1 & ½ Muhammadans lived there----they were taken out of their shops and they were machine gunned down. Their bodies were left lying, the Negroes did this but Jewish traders brought in the guns for them. The whole things is in this pattern.

Then this grab for Palestine is the same thing---this is the abomination of the desolator standing in the holy place. So the origin of the Jews is still Luciferian and one of the things which will transpire is that catastrophe will come on Jerusalem. It will be with the splitting of the mount of Olives, the great earthquake will change that whole land. The dead sea will become a fresh water lake, and it warns of the judgment to come on these people. Instead of them getting that temple up they will get destruction. God warns you to get out of Palestine, don't go down there because there is nothing but judgment for that country from here on out.

So---the Jews are the children of Lucifer they are behind every Satanic conspiracy and program. they seek to live off the structure of Christian society, and they serve their communist venom all the time. Today they have penetrated the N.C. of Churches, and the world Council of Churches but those aren't Christian organizations anymore for they deny the Virgin Birth, the blood atonement, the second coming, the resurrection and the inspiration of the scriptures as well as the miracles. They might just as well be a club, there is nothing left that is spiritual that they recognize. They have brought Christianity down by putting their own ministers inside the church. They put them in the Bible schools, and their Jewish professors are in all our seminaries. More Jewish professors are teaching Hebrew and Greek in our Seminaries today and they do not teach truth. They teach error and you can take your concordance and look it up and see how wrong they are. Even so the new Bible they want to push on us in 1970 will be more vicious than this one.

But that is where the Jews came from and where they are going will be very pleasing to me.

Question:--Who do the Jews worship?

Answer:--Lucifer, and I can show you this in their Talmud. They say Jesus Christ is the devil and our devil is their God.

Questioner:---But they say they always worship God?

Answer:----But when they say they worship God they mean our devil----Lucifer. Moses-el-Capoor who is the Chief Rabbi says he is Jehovah the last. but Jehovah is not the name of God, they came out with this name Jehovah in 1030 A.D. But this Jew says he is the reincarnating god---Moses-el-Capoor.

Questioner:----They always talk a lot about Moses, that he was a Jew.

Answer:---Well, of course they say this, but Moses wasn't a Jew, he was a white man who never died just like Enoch. He wrote the first five books of the Bible and when you come to the last chapter of Deuteronomy it tells of how Moses died, but Moses never wrote this. Remember that Moses and Elijah were on the mount of transfiguration but if Moses had died he would have been down in the Netherworld waiting for Jesus. He was in the plain of spirit, and came out and talked with Jesus. If he had died he would have been in the Netherworld with Adam waiting for Jesus. That is just one of the mysteries of the race, he was known as the son of Pharaoh's daughter and he built the treasure city of Remises, he was a brilliant man, and architect and a linguist. He commanded over 600,000 Egyptians as he built the city of Ramases. During this time he demonstrated his ability, and the city has his name as architect and builder right at the base of the city. He knew that he was an Israelite, he knew that the Priest of On was a white man, and when the Egyptians started to persecute the Israelites in the land of Goshen then one day Moses killed an Egyptian because of this. So since there was a law that if you killed an Egyptian you must die, so Moses fled from Egypt. But finally God sent him back as an Aryan in command. But there was no Jewish blood in Moses any more than there was in Abraham.

We have identity people today who can trace their race out of the captivity of Shalmanezzar, as the Persian people let them go, and as they moved westward. Zoroaster was a Persian but a white man, a Sethite prophet who was just a Persian. And you run into that area of faith as well.

(End of message)