09-15-65 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:--II Kings 4:38,39--I wondered about this, but I did not bring my Bible and I don't know just how it reads?

ANSWER:--"And Elijah came again to Gilgal; and there was a drought in the land, and the sons of the prophets were sitting before him; and he said unto his servant, set on the great pot, and see to the potage for the sons of the prophets. One went out into the filed to gather herbs and found a wild vine, and gathered there of wild gourds, his lap full and came and shred them into the pot of potage, for they knew them not. So they poured out for the men to eat, and it came to pass, as they were eating that they cried out and said, o thou man of God there is death in the pot, and they could not eat there of. But he said: bring meal and he cast it into the pot; and he said; pour out for the people every man eat, and there was no harm then in the pot."

Now, in one of the earlier texts it was that there were deadly toadstools instead of mushrooms in the pot. And it said as they put a spoon in the pot it tarnished so they knew they had death in the pot. Some of the men had eaten of it so he cast meal in the pot and they were healed. It is just as simple as that. It did take a miracle, but the prophet prayed and they put whatever it took to counteract, and some places it says meal, some places ground powder, but whatever it was it just neutralized the poison. It doesn't have any secret meaning, that is just what happened.

QUESTION:--But God told him what to do?

ANSWER:--Yes, God gave him the knowledge of what to do. Elijah was the type of prophet who could understand these things, could talk in those terms, that is rather interesting as there are many things talked about in the old records.

QUESTION:--This is from the tape audience--and I believe we have answered this in a Bible study not so long ago. It is on I Thessalonians 4:15-18--"For this we say unto you, that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the LORD shall not hinder those who are asleep, for the LORD himself shall descend from heaven with the voice of an Archangel, with a shout, and the sound of the trumpet of God, and the dead in Christ shall rise first, and we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them into the clouds to meet the LORD in the air, and so we shall be ever with the LORD." Actually the question is--Is there a catching away in the air? This is a matter of translation and interpretation, and is not what was intended by the writing of the Apostle Paul as he wrote to the Thessalonians as though we were to be lifted and caught up into space. It is however referring to the return of the Christ into the world. When He left the disciples were led out to a hill outside of Jerusalem. They did not know what was transpiring but Jesus had told them that He was to leave them, but there was something yet that He had to speak unto them. When they got to the top of the mountain, a huge cloud was seen approaching this mountain and the cloud rested on the mountain. Jesus told them they were not to wait on the mountain, but to return to Jerusalem to tarry there until He endued them with power for their ministry. But it was necessary that He now leave. Jesus then stepped into the dense mist like cloud on the top of the mountain, and as the disciples stood there staring at this cloud, two men stepped out. What they didn't know was that there was a great craft in the cloud, a great chariot of the MOST HIGH, one of the great crafts described all through history when God or the hosts of Heaven traveled, throughout the Universe. They are described as chariots, or clouds, and actually they were great giant space crafts surrounded by aura and radiance like a mist. They could not be beheld under normal circumstances. At the time of the Exodus for instance a great craft--a cloud went before them by day and behind them at night, when it was like a pillar of fire, it was illuminated, effulgent, radiant. But it says: YAHWEH was inside of the cloud, but He wasn't just sitting there on a cloud, He was inside a great craft.

At the time of the birth of The Christ child a heavenly host was 'in the cloud'. But in the instance of this they were following, not a star, but the light from the ship which led them.

So also when we talk about the cloud on the mountain it was covering the ship. And then two men stepped out of the cloud and came over to talk to the disciples, then stepped back into the cloud and then it went away. So the Christ left then, it says when He went into the cloud, for He passed out of their sight, and some how this cloud made its ascension into the heavens.

In the days of Elijah and Elisha, when the prophet went into the heavens, remember that a ship came down. And Elijah climbed in and Elisha reached up to get the mantle of Elijah and he said: "the horsemen and chariots of Israel" and Elijah saw this great chariot go away. But the word chariot is vehicle implied. In other words he saw the great craft, he saw Elijah leave.

You read in Ezekiel of the wheels within wheels, the great and mighty vehicles of the hosts of heaven come in. Their roar was like the roar of a great and mighty waterfall as whole fleets arrived. And they rolled a throne out and "ONE" sat on that throne. Before you are through with the second chapter of Ezekiel you have described this visitation of God to give Ezekiel his directions. They rolled the throne back in and the whole fleet went away. So when Christ went away in one of these cloud covered vehicles it says, this same Christ shall return in like manner.

Now, the disciples were to go back to Jerusalem and wait for the power of their ministry to come, and when He returns then He will return just like He left. This does not mean that He will return to that mountain, but just as He left. Thus He will return. When you turn over to Revelation you see again that the great flag ships of heaven come in Mighty fleets from heaven. The hosts and with Christ at their head of this mighty company, and the flag ships marked as they come into earth, even the Calvary of heaven are in the picture and HE LEADS THEM AS THE KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORD'S.

This is what is referred to in Thessalonians, when this passage says: who are alive and remain, this is we who might be living at that time, that hour. Not because we are living, but the whole Kingdom is not going to hinder the purposes of God to bring about a Resurrection. He brings all the spirits of the household with Him. So we who are alive and remain will not hinder them, or prevent them who are now asleep, for the LORD of heaven shall descend from heaven with a shout, and the voice of an Archangel, and the Dead in Christ shall rise first. This is referring to their physical bodies which are as though laying dormant, not their spiritual consciousness, this He brings with Him to resurrect this physical body.

Now, we have some doctrines of "Soul Sleep" this is not the proper doctrine for one who rightly divides the truth. The body is dormant because the elements have broken down into ashes and dust, but the spiritual consciousness is constant. The soul consciousness resident in the spirit has never lost consciousness, has never lost the continuity of life. There is no such thing as cessation of existence or death. So the soul resides in the Celestial body of your rave and never sleeps, not at all.

So the dead in Christ, we are alive and remain shall not prevent HIM from bringing with HIM the spirits of all those whose bodies lie dead, of this household of God, of this race. So as they are resurrected, so are we then gathered together to meet HIM in our atmospheric breathing bodies. And the word atmos is used so it is translated as "So shall we be caught away in the clouds". Here is the coming in of the great chariots covered with clouds, and HE raises the dead and gathers you to HIM. This isn't necessarily some flying through the air but when it says: when HE returns every eye shall see HIM, this is a possible factor right now. We have satellites now moving around the world and by the next seven months it will be possible to link every T.V. set on the face of the earth. It does not matter what part of the earth they live in, any great and important event can be on that T.V., in just a few months. They will not only think they will have it completed, but they think they will have this whole process in working operation by then. We are now sending T.V. programs by reflectors clear across the ocean, have now linked them 1/2 the way around the world, and have them linked for bounces more than 1/2 away around the world. So the thing is that in the hour of His return it will be possible for every eye to see HIM. If you lived on the other side of the world you can't see over there, but now its possible from our technological development of our time. So we are fast moving to the point where anything that happens can be seen anywhere in the world. We know that we are in the latter days because one of the signs of the times of the end of the age was that the image of the Beast is going to speak. Of course a lot of people had the idea that a big statue would be built down in Rome or over in Russia and this image of the Anti-Christ would talk by some mechanical process or miracle. But this was not what it is referring to. Men just don't understand the prophetic significance of what was here discussed.

It says the image of the Beast would speak. The beast is not just one man, it is the system of Political, Economic, and Social control of programs of the Anti-Christ. This whole Beast System is a way of life, of thinking, it is the structure of Anti-God society, it goes along with this whole process. So we have tow forces in the earth today battling for control of men. And one of them is the Kingdom of God, the other is the Beast system controlled by Lucifer. One is the program of God for the betterment of the earth WHICH WILL COME TO PASS, and the other is the strategy to take it over and rule it. So therefore we include in this program of the world order of the Beast System, communism, socialism, United Nations Organizations, United Way Organizations, all these situations which would join together darkness and light, truth and error. The program of communism in all the pagan countries of Africa and Asia, all these are not to be joined in by the white race because we would be out voted six to one. This is something God warned us not to get into. This is the trap of the World Order, this is the Beast System, so remember that the image of the Beast is filled with everything which contaminates morality, the structure and concepts of your way of life.

Now, the day has come, the image of the Beast speaks. In fact it speaks from your front room, you turn on that switch and here is the world order paraded in front of you. In fact they are trying to sell us a bill of goods. In fact I don't say throw it out, but I say just remember you are supposed to be wiser than the powers of darkness. Even though they may be more cunning still you are the children of Light not the children of Darkness, and not to be taken unaware. When you watch the vehicles of propaganda, the T.V. and the radio and newspapers, magazines, all together, then just remember that the enemy controls this. Organized Jewry has a powerful control over all the Major T.V. circuits and channels, and most of the Radio channels, and their advertising controls most of the publications. So therefore they are trying to sell you a bill of goods, but most everything however is slanted. Something slips by this like the broadcast of a hurricane, or something like that, but the fact is that they are trying to sell you on World Government and surrendering into this socialist order.

Now, the image of the Beast, with its attempt to sell us on the whole structure as to how world order operates and thinks, is now in your front room. So if the Image of the Beast speaks in front of us then we have moved into the day of the talking of this image, the talking Picture. This shows you that we are at the end of the age. And at the end of the age this Beast was to be speaking so you could hear him around the world.

There is one thing they cannot do however and that is to stop God from locking in on any one of these channels or on all of them. They can't stop what is going to happen, for the moment HE enters the field of human activity by HIS own presence, and with the Hosts of space, as it relates to this, the resurrection of His own household, HE will not be hindered by those who are yet alive. But we also shall be gathered to this great and mighty assembly in our atmospheric breathing bodies, yes air breathing bodies. In other words not as some wandering spirit, not as some substance but in this same kind of body breathing air, existing in this dimension, HERE WE WILL MEET THE CHRIST AT HIS RETURN. This was all it was intended to convey. And in this translation they made it as though some mystical gathering of people up in space where they will float around in space because Christ is coming to earth. If Christ is returning to earth HE is going to meet you here in earth, He is not going to take you out somewhere in space. If you were going down to the station to meet someone then you wouldn't go down there and then just stay at the station, when they come you go back to your house. So this idea that you are going to be floating around up in the air are the figments of imagination from an area of incorrect translation and misunderstanding.

The Apostle Paul was a realist, he had not only traveled himself in space craft, but he didn't know whether he was in the body or not in the physical body. But he knew he was there, and he knew that he came back, and he knew he was an Apostle to the nations of Israel, that the nations were here on earth, that the children of God were here in earth, that he was responsible as an Apostle to teach them to occupy, and as to what they were here for, and he was the one who wrote in the book of Hebrews to every white man on the face of the earth:-"Now that the children of God are down here in bodies of flesh, God Himself when He came as Messiah took upon Himself a body just like you have, that He was not ashamed to call you His kinsmen". He then goes ahead to talk about this as well as all the rest of the Celestial orders. If you ever read a copy of the "Apocalypse of Paul" this is the sum total of all he was taught, what he wrote in the book after his heavenly experience, it was brought back to his attention these things he had known before he was physically embodied. He wrote them all in a book and the Epistles which he wrote, which we have in the New Testament were all explained in his "Apocalypse".

Now, the Apocalypse of course left no room for superstition, burning torments, torture chambers, and gods who are as pagan as the pagans. After his experiences there was no room for any of this. So when Paul wrote his Epistles they were quite effective in the New Testament Church, and all the way from the south clear up to Britain, showing how extensive this was, at this time. Then as Jewry penetrated the church at Rome and sought to weave into their Babylonian doctrines including some of the fear programs to control men, as they gained more control they realized that the most deadly doctrine in opposition to what was taught was actually--first "The Apocalypse of Paul", and the second the "Gospel of Nicodemus", so they wanted to throw them out, say they were not inspired. But they run into some problems here, for there were so many of these books in existence that then the chief Bishop of Rome, and one of the Pontiffs had the "Apocalypse of Paul"--REWRITTEN, and they then put out their own version of this book. Then they made the "Gospel of Nicodemus" taboo, and tried to take it away. But still there was much truth of the "Apocalypse of Paul" that the Priestcraft could not function, so they gradually eliminated both copies. I have both the "Apocalypse of Paul", the one after it was Romanized also, and the "Gospel of Nicodemus" that you have which is partially Romanized but not to much. What they tried to do is to delete it, and then say that the "Gospel of Nicodemus" was spurious and written 200 years after the time of Nicodemus. But this is not true because the "Gospel of Nicodemus" was in the Alexandrian church when Mark was pastor there. Since Mark did not live 200 years after The Christ, since he was a Disciple of Christ and had this Gospel when he was pastor in Alexandria, Egypt then it was not written 200 years later. Sure it was contemporary with Mark, and this soon after the Crucifixion, and Resurrection, in a few years after that, so there is no doubt of the authenticity of the "Gospel of Nicodemus". The reason for getting rid of it is that it shows that in the triumph of Christ's Resurrection there was no more need of the Netherworld for the sons and daughters of the Adamic race. That every one of the captives whose soul consciousness were waiting was liberated with Christ's power and resurrection. And there was no spirit of the Adamic race left in the Netherworld. Therefore having immediately taken them into the dimensions of spirit, then "Absent from this body was to be present with the LORD". This is what Paul taught, this didn't leave any room for purgatory and limbo, and there was no way for the church to extort any areas of money by promising them their particular ability by rituals to get them into the condition which they are supposed to arrive in based on their conduct in earth, or their penance, or the amount of finance their family are able to supply to the church to gain this state. Any benefit that the church can give is that as the oracle of God--it proclaims truth. And as such the program of the church is to carry out the areas of ordinance, the areas of responsibility of worship, to administer sacraments God established, to become thus the Oracle of God, and the prophet of God to the people who make up its constituents. This is to the Race, to the Kingdom, and this is what it is for. And the Evangelic proclamations to the ends of the earth, as to who God is, and what the Kingdom consists of, and what it is all about. But at no time is the church to use their ability to keep men out of the plains of spirit, which they do not have the power to do anyway.

Now, when the scripture entails what Christ gave to the Apostles, and the disciples he said:--I give you the keys to the Kingdom and what you bind on earth will be bound in earth, whatsoever you bind in spirit will be bound in the heavens. So whatsoever you bind shall be bound, in other words no Satanic power, no demon force which would try to hurt people, or bring pain, death, or sickness or evil upon them, these are subject to your power IN MY NAME, to bind. So when I give you the keys to the Kingdom then whatsoever you bind in earth shall be bound in heaven. But I give you the key:--this means that you can stop these Celestial forces of the Netherworld, these Satanic forces from inflicting injury, or destroying by spiritual authority which I GIVE TO YOU. In other words the apostles had the power to intercept Lucifer, to intercept Satanic power if they functioned under the power which HE gave them.

Now, this was not giving the church the power to send men to heaven, or hold a man out, and in purgatory. If the family did not have enough money to ante up, he could slide back into the Netherworld or they could hold him temporarily in limbo until the family paid up. This I only say because this may be somewhat a crude way, because we are not waging war on the church. But it was these doctrines they wanted to carry on which originated in Babylon, and Babylon was a Baal worship. These Baal devils Priests were pretty clever devils themselves, and they had it set up under Baal worship, that the thing necessary to enter into the stages of the pleasure of Baal, or enter into the tortures of Baal for disturbance was dependent on how much they supported the structure worship of Vestal Virgins, how much they contributed to the extension of the Priestcraft, and to the worship of Baal.

Therefore in ancient Babylon when a man died, if he wanted to enter into the pleasures of Baal which was rather a scrumptious area of perpetual revelry, then the family had to keep anteing in. And when they had paid the Ante they let him go into the pleasures of Baal. But if they did not pay this ante then this Priesthood could consign him temporarily to these torture areas unless the family could pay enough to extract him, and get him up out of there, and if the family raised this money then they had a temporary statute saying he could remain in this state for a period of time. This is Baal worship as it was in Babylon. I can show you this, that it is Baal worship. But when the Jews could not lick the church, could not get Rome to put enough Christians to death in the Coliseum they then decided to join the church, and when they joined they paid in great donations to the church. Here these Christians in Rome were saintly people, they had been living in the Catacombs, they had been preaching the Gospel in this area, where Jew power around a crazy Emperor was putting them to death.

Even the Apostle Paul was captured at Ephesis and what did they do but make the Apostle Paul fight with beast like the Gladiators with a short sword in the Coliseum at Ephesis. The Apostle Paul said: of the things that I have suffered, for the Gospel of Christ, as a Gladiator I had to fight with the beasts--why? Because of the power of these people. The Apostle Paul did not have any use for the Jews after he had his eyes opened. He said:--they are against God and Contrary to all men. This he said as he talks of his experiences and as to what transpired.

So when we understand this we can see that they sought to weave into the church these orders of Priesthood, and Priestcraft. The Bishops were alright, but above the Bishops then came the Cardinals, and then above that the chief Bishop or the Pontiff which was the title of the chief Priests of Baal, and actually they wove these titles into the church. We can recognize that the Pontiff is the chief Bishop and the Cardinals are sort of Sub-Bishops, and then there are local Bishops, and then there is the Bishopric with the local Clergy. But when they did this they adopted the principal of Baal to apply this to the structure of a man's eternal spirit.

Now, do not let anyone come along and tell you that there is any preacher on the face of the earth that can have any control over your spirit when you die. Don't let anyone ever tell you that he can boost you on into the sky, or hold you back, and kick you over into the Netherworld to the control of the devil. This is totally false, this is impossible for any of the Adamic Race--AFTER THE FINISHED WORK OF THE CHRIST IN HIS ATONEMENT. They will never land in the hands of the Devil, there is no Netherworld today that has one single Adamite in it, none at all. And that is what the Apostle Paul taught when he said Christ descended into the Netherworld and brought forth captivity captive and led his many sons on high. Then he said: "Absent from this body is to be present with the LORD".

Now, there is nothing in the Netherworld for Adamites, and we point this out also concerning the "Gospel of Nicodemus" these doctrines surrounding the Gospel taught that no longer did the Devil have any power over any of this Kingdom, this house of God. There was ONE ATONEMENT, you cannot add to it, to take from it. The church was to be the oracle, to proclaim the truth, to bear the prophetic message, to minister to men, to admonish, to advise them as to why they should keep the laws of God, why they should respond to the laws of God because of the terrible results that violation of Divine law has on earth. You thus reap what you sow, the whole society has to reap the impact of it, as well because we are still tied together in the fields of association. And if you get great massive transgression on the part of a nation then chastisement and judgments descend upon that nation, and when you have violations of Divine Law we find where whole nations pay for it. When our race loses its responsibility of maintaining our racial self respect, and our immigration barriers as scriptures tells us we must maintain, when we don't get flooded with pagans--when we stop bringing in all those pagans--those unassimilatable Jews in here from Europe--who bring communism and socialism with them--if we do those things we are told not to do, then they will surround our president and control our monetary system.

This has happened and they have brought us into Internationalism, have increased our taxes, and taken away our private enterprise. This is the price you pay when you violate Divine Law, and when you let these Jews come in and gain this kind of power. This is the price you pay. We watched this design of integration as they seek to flood America with Asiatics and Blacks, and again this is the price you pay when you violate Divine Law. Because the scripture says send them back to their own lands, you are to dwell separate and apart, "I have placed you above all the other people on the face of the earth, have placed you above all other nations."

So again: the churches responsibility is to teach the laws of God, the forgiveness of God, the Grace of God. But the conduct of the individual is still going to bring repercussion upon all those of the family, his associates, and his nation. This is the law which relates not to the forgiveness of God but to the construction of things as they are. Every law of God is hinged to the way that God made things, and put them together. He made them and they were good, and they balanced out accordingly. There are chemicals that are bad for you, for your health, and if you tried to digest them they would be bad for you. These are laws as to what is digestible and what is not. You might not know this and eat and die, but that does not change the law, you wouldn't put poison in your coffee if you knew it, but if you didn't know it you would die if you put it there. So the law will kill you if you break it, not because it is the law but because these are facts. The law is only the statement of facts. God gave the law to your race, and you are more knowledgeable to it than others. Moral law, ethical law, the law of mathematics and monetary standards, the law of procedure, no usury and these patterns. You have these, as to how people live under the Kingdom for benefit, for production, and for advancement. You break these laws and things come to pass, for violation of law is an ugly little word called sin. Violate a Divine Law and this is sin, it is transgression against the law, since God made the Law it might be considered transgression against HIM. The transgression against God, worship of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA transferred to another god, object or person. This is the greatest and first commandments: Love the LORD GOD with all thy heart, and all thy soul, violate this and you violate the Law of GOD.

Secondly thou shall not integrate or mongrelize this race. This is basically the second most important one because--break this law, and you mongrelize and destroy the race which carries the Holy Seed. Now that which proceeds out of God is Holy. The Adamic race is the physical offspring--His physical posterity. And also the Adamic race is not only a violation of your racial self respect but is an insult unto the MOST HIGH GOD. It is mutating the Holy Seed, attempting to do this is an insult to God.

Now, in the Ten Commandments, "Thou shalt not commit adultery" does not have anything to do with any promiscuous relationship between a man and a woman regardless of whose wife she is. This has nothing to do with that, but there are plenty of laws and they are well spelled out, for they call for moral standards, and integrity of the home and all this. But "Thou shalt not commit adultery" comes from the word Adulomas--meaning thou shalt not cohabit with another race. The word to adulterate means to mix or fuse two different kinds of things. If you pour water into milk you have adulterated the milk. If you pour it into anything else it is adulterated. Mix two different things and you adulterate it. When it says:--Thou shalt not commit adultery, the word is--adulomos, thou shalt not co-habit with another race. This is what brought about the fall of Eve, and then Adam with Lillith, the mother of the Ganges.

We have said this before, but Eve was deceived and Adam was not. When Adam was placed on earth as God's offspring then he looked at all the races on the face of the earth, and all the beasts of the field, the Enosh who were non-Adamites--non-spirit people, so Adam looked at the Enosh and he looked over those in Asia and in Africa and then he names the animals of the earth. And then he said: "Behold there is no helpmate for me--so Adam knew, and God put him to sleep and made Eve so that they would be one flesh, but His Issue.

Now, since there was no fit helpmate for Adam then God produced Eve out of Adam so that they would be one flesh and the carrier of the Holy Seed. Because Adam had looked over the people of the earth, and knew there was no helpmate for him. So God said: of all the trees in the garden for food and for fruit, you can eat of all of them, but this tree of good and evil. "Ye shall not eat, but in the days ye eat ye shall die". If you thus mutate the race the child will not be the same type of vessel and the Holy Seed cannot reside in a mutation, therefore, this offspring is a violation of law, and it cannot carry forward the Kingdom. Therefore the greatest of all transgression against social orders, substance, ethical orders, this is against the very race itself, the very life seed of God's household. So--thou shalt worship no other God before Me, and thou shalt not adulterate, or co-habit with one of another race, these are the two most important laws.

Jesus said: Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself, if you do this you preserve the race, you fulfill every law God gives for the creation of a social order, and for construction. As we bring this out it is necessary that people understand this. There are other laws which are important and relate to the structure of society, the moral law, these are important for you to understand. And the churches responsibility is to call attention to this responsibility, call them to understanding.

Now, someone comes along and says: we aren't saved by the law, we are saved mad saved is from judgments we might have earned from our mistakes, and has given us Eternal Life. That's right, and He did this by His Grace. But this does not change the fact that if you put your hand in the fire you will get burned. You are supposed to be the smartest race on earth, but you are the dumbest if you put your hand in the fire, when you know you will get burned, so what burns you but the law of oxidation? That has been a law ever since God synthesized the first flame, so therefore its a law. You can be a good Christian and do this and get burned, but I'll always question your brilliance.

Now, the fact remains that the laws of God are still just as effective on all things pertaining to life and living. You violate the law and you are in deep trouble. Keep the law and you are in deep trouble. Keep the law and you receive blessings. Now you have more responsibility to keep the law than the other races do. But when Eve came along she hadn't had the experience that Adam had, so when Lucifer came to her he was able to seduce her. Lucifer knew what he was trying to do, he was trying to break down the offspring of God in the earth, out of which the whole race was going to come. And thus Lucifer said:-You come with me, be a part of our race, and look I am already king of this world. Oh, did God tell you not to have anything to do with us? Oh! He just did not want you to be as great as He is, come, let me show you. Of course he had lots of power, he had Asia under him, and Voodoss the High Priest of Voodooism in Africa was under him. He had caused the sinking of Atlantas and Lemuria long before your race came to earth, but here he was trying to absorb your race. And Eve was deceived so the scripture says where as Adam knew better. Why? Because Adam had to make up his mind whether to go with Lillith the serpent woman, the mother of the Ganges, Isis, Kali--all are one and the same. She appeared with all beauty and all the attempts to seduce by all patterns of lust. And Adam had to make up his mind as to whether to obey God and move on, or whether God would do something for him, or should he be separated from his wife. So Adam became involved with the violations of law, and it says that Eve was deceived but Adam was not.

Now, the white race then received the law at Sinai so we are more responsible than anyone. The reason why God did not give it to the other races was because this race was the one with the Holy Seed, the one with the capacity and discernment who were of the Kingdom unto who He gave the law. You turn over here to the book of Romans and it says:--Who are the Israelites--He is talking about these who came out of the issue of the MOST HIGH GOD. Talking about Princes ruling with HIM--who are they? Because everything from the giving of the law, the positioning of some, the service of God, all of the covenants belong to Israel, the Adamic race.

Now, Seth the son of Adam who was the son of God was told; thou art My Israel. And Enoch the great patriarch 5000 years before Christ was told. These sons of Adam through Seth are My Israel. And Enoch the great Patriarch 5000 years before Christ was told. These sons of Adam through Seth are My Israel, and thou art a Patriarch, a Priest before me, after the order of Melchizedek, and thou art to serve as a Patriarchal Priest before me, and my people. Enoch knew this, he knew he was an Israelite. Of course the average theologian today is only taught what they want him to know in the seminary of today, and then anything which the denomination does not teach he is not to know. They want him to know less today than ever before so under this instance they don't know what is contained in the scripture, and they know nothing of the panorama of the sacred scriptures--writings and scrolls. A part of the great literature of our Faith and our race they know nothing about. You ask a lot of preachers today a lot of questions which they know nothing about. They do not know what is contained in the scriptures, and they know nothing about the ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEK, they don't even know who Enoch is. They may tell you that Seth is the son of Adam but they don't know that he also wrote a book, they don't know about the teaching of the Patriarchs. They don't even know what the scripture taught on this subject. I have discovered that the average Clergyman of today doesn't even know that he pre-existed in Celestial plains--in Celestial plains, or dimensions far out in space before they dwelt in earth. He doesn't know the differences in races, he does not understand the panorama of these things. When you realize that they don't know what Jesus is talking about when He said: "Thine they were in the heavens, mine they are in earth"--how can they when they don't even realize that they were ever in the heavens. When Jesus said: no man can ascend into the heavens, but he who came down out of it--here they are trying to preach men into heaven who did not come down out of it.

I point out once again, the seminary instead of becoming the area of deep instruction has unfortunately in our time become almost a hindrance to this instruction, of these facts that they do not know.

I know some real old theologians that in the course of time have taught in these Bible schools and Colleges for a long time. When I ask them about some of these things, and what was their position on these things, they don't have any position, for they didn't know there was any position to take. You can go to this Methodist Church for the next 20 years and not learn anymore, because the preacher does not know any more about what we are talking about tonight, so he can't answer their questions either--see. In fact when I talked to him one night at an affair we were both invited to, I ask him if he had a Sunday night service and he said: Oh, my no, they can get all the religion they can take from a Sunday morning service, let alone have a Sunday night service too. He said: I let the Holy-roller church do that, they need more entertainment than we do. Twenty minutes on Sunday morning is long enough. So we find out that this is probably all he could put together in a week, that's all he knows, this is just the way it is.

The important thing is--to recognize that a lot of teaching, a lot of things which become traditional came out of facets and figments of doctrines sowed in to shape the thinking of a people, so that they are susceptible to Priestcraft--and Preachercraft--lets not put it all on one spot, because this is a lot of hocus pocus, a lot of power. The church possesses a great area of supernatural power. And the church is responsible for the commission of passing the sacraments, and there is much greater value in the Sacraments than people recognize. And this exists in any sacrament as well as in the ordinances.

Again I would bring this out because it is significant for us to know the passage like the instructions concerning the return of the Christ--this return is a very effectual destiny, to rejoin His people in the earth, coming at a time when we are engaged in a struggle for survival against a host where we are so out numbered. You don't have to wait so long for this, because Red China can enter into this picture and the whole world will be in trouble. Actually the Hindus' of India have also killed one and one half million Mohamedians since 1946--because they hate the fact that they believe in One God who is in the heavens, and they hate idolatry. (Red China was then admitted to the United Nations.)

If any country deserves to be trounced it is India, they stole two small nations from the Portuguese and the United Nations did nothing about it. And then India went into Pakistan with these Hindu Priests of Kali and sowed them in to kill off the Pakistanis. Now, Pakistan is going the other way, and we have given food and assistance but the communists are smart, they say we will back you for your cause is just, this makes them look righteous in the eyes of the Asiatics. But if Red China enters into the picture then the Jews of Israeli will turn on us, and the whole world will be in flames. So it is easy to see how the Kingdom in a matter of weeks can be out numbered by their manpower. So our technology is our best weapon. And our nuclear weapons, but even so they can keep coming in like ants. And we have one assurance, at such a time The Christ re-enters the picture, with all the fleets of heaven, and then we are no longer a minority.

QUESTION:--Talking about the book of Nicodemus, there is one spot in there which I particularly liked--here Satan is having a conversation with the Netherworld, and he speaks of his ancient people--THE JEWS.

ANSWER:--That is right, this is true as it is in the oldest manuscripts, it is one thing they did not expunge out. Of course, Lucifer people are Jews, and Jesus proved this as He said: "Ye are of your father, and the lusts of your father ye will do", proving therefore that the seduction of Eve produced Cain, and these were Cainanites, and they are the light ones, not the darker ones.

Now, no seed was acceptable until Seth was born, this being the 8th., gestation, the seventh from Adam and was acceptable. So every white man on the face of the earth descends from the Sethites. The genealogy of Jesus goes back to Seth, the son of Adam the son of God. The others don't count because of that mutation in that time of the cleansing of the womb, that is a part of our history.

Nicodemus wrote a remarkable book, this is why they tried to destroy it, but weren't quite able to destroy its impact.

QUESTION:--You mentioned a while ago that the Jews infiltrated the Roman church. Was wondering when this took place because in my survey of history the Popes were passing edicts until the 17th. century against the Jews?

ANSWER:--It is rather a unique thing, when you go into the background of the Roman church. The Jews came into the church proclaiming they were converts. They were no longer classified as Jews, now they were converts, and thus Christians. Then they became heavy money contributors and they used their monetary power to buy influence, and Bishoprics in the church. They moved into the church while secretly meeting with their Cahilla. I have the book "The Marranos" by Cecil Roth, the American Jewish publication society is the publisher. In it they boast of how they moved early against the church and came in as Christians to destroy the church. But how they secretly met under their old faith of their world Cabal, and sought to destroy the church from within. They said: we have become nothing but agnostic and atheist outside the church--to heretics on the inside of the church condemning the doctrines, and reducing it to our usage. This is their own words from their own volumes published for a library of today.

Now, the period of time when they penetrated the church is from the latter part of the first century, through the 3rd., century, and then they had strong domination inside the church. Then it wasn't until the 16th., and 17th., century that there came so many blatant happenings that they ran the Jews out of different places. For instance Spain ran them out earlier. At the time of the Moors were pouring in Spain, the Jews and the church helped betray Spain. They advocated mongrelization, it wasn't the Roman church as such but the Jews who had gotten into the Bishoprics. Remember at the time of the Spanish Inquisition when the non-Catholics were being tortured and unless father confessors renounced their heresy, and became Catholics they were put to death. They had to surrender their fortunes, all their wealth, but they did not stop there, they also turned on the wealthy Catholics and called them heretics, and said they had not stayed loyal to the church, and the doctrines. And the Inquisitors started hanging them on the rack. Do you know who the Inquisitor was --Toorqumato--was a Spanish Jew, and the Inquisitors were getting rich inside the church. Actually the Inquisition was not something which the Pontiff started, is wasn't something which the church started, it was this powerful click inside the church who controlled this, and they caught Protestants and Catholics alike and took their money. Finally they caught up with them in Spain, and they exiled them, and killed some of them, and they called them pigs and they liquidated them, and by then these enemies of the church started to scream. They called them pigs, and the word for pig in Spanish is Marranos. That is where they get the word Marranoa--they are pigs.

QUESTION:--Isn't it true that the Pope is the one who originally started the practice of having Jews in Europe wear the yellow arm band?

ANSWER:--No, Martin Luther started this. Martin Luther made the Jews wear the yellow arm bands in Germany. When the hoards of Genghis Kahn came Martin Luther and the Pope made an agreement, they were at odds after the trial at the Diet of Worms and so forth, as they excommunicated Martin Luther and sought to bring him down. Of course, he was strong in Germany, and the Lutheran church is the results, but with all the hostility in the Catholic church of that time against Martin Luther, when the hoards of Genghis Khan was coming in, and even after the death of the Khan then it was the hoard under the leadership of Suluman of Turkey, and they kept on coming from the Steppes of Mongolia, and from Turkestan, and the Pope and Martin Luther then made their agreement. And always the Jews were the secret fifth column and they helped bring in the Mongol hoards. Chepe Moyan was a Chinese Jew, and he helped make Genghis Khan great as he helped him build his empire, and supplied him with arms. The Jews threw the gates of Sammerkand, and Baghdad open, and they opened the gates in China to him as well. But now when the raiders came into Europe, all the way from the Steppes of Asia, they came right to the gate of the city of Vienna, and the Jews in the city were wearing little yellow arm bands to identify themselves and they marked their business this way also, and they opened the gates of that city and let the raiders in, and they even pointed out the homes of Christians who had money. So many of the Jews had joined the churches, but when the hoards came in the night then these Jews also wore the arm bands and let the raiders in. I have all the works of Martin Luther, and he said: "these Jews are the children of the devil, never should you baptize them in the Holy Christian Church, never should you bring them into the church, because as you bring them in, when you had devils on the outside, now you have devils on the inside of the church. He said: they betray, and they will sell out the church, never should Jews be permitted to walk the streets of any German city without having to wear this yellow arm band, which they wore for identity, so that Christians shall know they are Jews. They should not be allowed into the church, and they should always have to wear these little yellow arm bands.

Now, Germany was divided into a northern and Central Parliaments, and they also had the ancient Reichstag so to speak, which was Princes ruling over Germany, several Princes and an Emperor, but Martin Luther said: I implore all ye Princes of Germany, that ye take away from these Jews all the loot they have stolen from the Christians. Then send them out of the country and never let them come back in again. Let them go out shorn of all their ill gotten gains, thus you shall serve the Christ and His church. These are the words of Martin Luther, if they will not go, and if they still persist I say ye should do as ye will with them, destroy them if ye will.

Now, this practice caught on and Spain made them wear the little yellow arm bands after that. It started in Germany but when Adolph Hitler came to power, and after the burning of the Reichstag, and after the attempts were made to assassinate the key leaders in Germany, these leaders were not only involved in communism, socialism, treason, when the state wanted to buy their assets and terminate their ownership, well many came back into Germany, and others would not sell, but finally as they left they screamed persecution, and tried to transfer their wealth to dummy fronts in other nations. Then they

came over here to America and told us they died over there. But the fact remains that Germany said every Jew had to wear yellow arm bands.

Someone said:--my that is terrible, but I wish they still had to wear them, then maybe so many of our people would not get caught up in so many things we do today. I am going to tell you that the Negro riots in Watts was a Jew operation. The whole communists conspiracy is a Jew operation. Today they are voting in Israeli and voting over here as well, and the Jewish voice warns them not to get caught voting in two countries. I am concerned because there is no more vicious attempt to destroy Christianity in our National Life, than this by these Luciferians.

What is happening here is what is happening other places, but I don't know where they will run to when they leave here, there is no place left to go. Now, I am going to be very frank, it is either you or them, someone has to go. Many Christians are waking up, a couple more of those Negro riots and they will wake up more. But the Jews are behind this, and I can show you their paper, Tommy Ghatt said: we are getting tired of this, we organized them (the Negroes), set it up, drove them on, we directed them in this, and what did they do? We did not expect them to turn on us and burn our liquor stores and property. This is in the Jewish paper, an admission. So the idea was to sick them on to the Christians, and Oi, Oi, Oi, they turned on us.

They are real mad at God this week also, because when the hurricane "Betsy" came roaring in, the Jew hotel strips and bordellos, and vice orgy centers in Miami were hurt. I saw two of them on T.V. saying:--Oi, our property, well a fig on their property. One of the wickedest cities on the face of the earth in the U.S. is New Orleans. Lets face it, New Orleans is one of the most wicked, the most vice ridden cities in America. The Jews own most of those night spots, Brothels all over Louisiana and in some parts of the old city there is picturesque patterns, but I have been there, and over that city, the last time was several years ago, but there seemed no change in the city. Go down into the old city, the Spanish, French and Creole atmosphere and you see these wrought iron balconies. In the day time you see those prostitutes hanging over the balconies waving everyone in, calling to the people from those balconies. There is no one to enforce the law, the fact is that at night this is one of the most lewd and evil place of depravity in our nation.

I will never understand why the state does not stop it, but we do understand Jew politics and pressure. The white slave traffic in New Orleans is the highest of any place in America. But when "Betsy" came in to that part of the gulf it wiped out the most vicious parts of New Orleans. They said that there were 200 or 300 dead and the property

damage ran into the millions, so what--this is just some of the judgment which fall on the enemy of God's Kingdom, this is after all judgment time. This September, or probably in August we will start into the cycle of Judgment on the enemies of God's Kingdom. It may last for several, or many years, but it is coming.

QUESTION:--Dr. Swift what significance do you place on the fact that big Jews are moving into positions of influence inside of the United Nations? Jimmy Roosevelt was talking about this.

ANSWER:--Well, the significance of this is that of course the Johnson Administration is a captive administration in the hands of 'left-wingers' and Jews. And I was just looking at a piece in the B'nai B'rith Messenger, and this paper said that Johnson's wife is a Jewess, and these attorneys who are old timers, said she belongs to the Estaters. I had suspected this because they had a meeting, a Rabbinical meeting at a center in one of the big synagogues and Lady Bird Johnson was there. Lady Bird, it said was right at home, and she was sort of amused because Johnson was sort of uneasy since he did not understand this stuff. But Lady Bird was acquainted with all this for she had been raised that way, so this Messenger publication says. This would indicate that she is a Jewess, but I did not have any conformation until this came out in the "Jewish Messenger". They said that she still has her Jewish attorneys in Washington, and thus they could count on this administration to carry out their interests. Then we see this Goldberg who was in many communist organizations, put on the Supreme Court which is a bad place for him to sit, but when they transferred him to the United Nations this told us that they were going to raise this United Nations to the status of a World Government. Because normally the U.N. is failing, Russia cannot pay her share, and should never have a voice in it. If it wasn't for the acquiescence of our nation, with Goldberg leading this movement, then the U.N. would fold up. It has failed ever since it began, even though it has squandered millions of dollars. But to make it possible for these conventions and agreements, the legal status convention to tie our hands, and reduce our sovereignty to an area of absorption, by these pagan races and other countries, then the U.N. must have muscle. Anytime you join anything and give up your independence and sovereignty you are very foolish, that is also treasonable.

Now, everyone anticipates that the U.N. will fall, but whenever a Jew like Goldberg leaves a safe seat on the Supreme Court for a seat at the U.N. then he has been assured by the President of the U.S. that the Untied Nations is to be perpetuated, or he wouldn't leave a lifetime job.

Now, Abe Fortus is a Jew that they put in his place and he had a lot of commie front background, was in the Communist movement in the days of Franklin Roosevelt. This again goes to show you that they are going to strengthen the U.N. Jimmy Roosevelt is a smart politician even if he is a political hack, and these Jews keep putting him back, he can have a seat in Congress, can always be a cog in a big wheel, but at the same time when he left a sure seat to go to the U.N. for this poverty thing, as America's representative, this proved that they promised him that the United Nations is going to be a big wheel. But we think not, it is going to fall, there will be shooting in the streets before it is all over. They are going to try to rule us from the outside of our nation, but we will shoot them as they come. We the White Christian Americans will never be ruled by pagans, Asiatics, or Negroes under the U.N. flag. The day that becomes true, we would be rebels for God in this country, and they will learn that we are a free people, and that we did not elect people to be treasonable or to put us into an institution and take our freedom from us. They better not try on us what they have tried over in the ares of the Congo because there are to many white men here, and we are just not going to have this. They aren't going to ram these Negroes down our throats, and make these Watts like riots an everyday thing, it is just not going to work. I speak now as an individual citizen, and I speak from a knowledge of thousands of citizens, I have talked to, and heard from. So I site to you that it is not going to work.

QUESTION:--Did you say that in the book of Ezekiel, in the valley of dry bones that this is current to our times?

ANSWER:--It is the stirring up of people, the making them come together, as a national, spiritual, and ethnic group, this is the waking up of Israel, in the Valley of Dry Bones. This is the great and mighty army of God's Kingdom coming to their feet. They were put to sleep in the days of Roosevelt, remember, "My friends, you have nothing to fear", and they all just went to sleep, and we lost sovereignty, and independence and portfolios, and the government, and this thing went forward step by step. And I would say that from that day to this there has been a gradual deterioration. I would say that the last three years has seen a renewing of spirit, realization, and awakening, and there is no way to stop this awakening.

QUESTION:--So this is sort of just a captivity then?

ANSWER:--Well, not like we have been in the past, we are not now under the bondage of a foreign power. We are under the bondage, as far as our brains and minds have been held in bondage by the thinking of the world order. This came in at the time of Jacob's trouble. Now, it didn't get us all, but there has been a lot of people who did not bow the knee to Baal. I have been against every last one of these ideas ever since I was a kid. I was raised in a family who were against the abolishment of our family life and nation. I was young when Roosevelt came in but I knew he would not be good for the U.S., would only be a tool because I knew about the Murder Incorporated, and about the Brain Trusters. I cut out of the paper Mr. Wert's story about the Brian Trusters, and it is in my files yet. But when I was just a young man beginning to preach I knew this was wrong. The thing is I never at any time was taken over by the facets of the Socialist Front. Because I was against it all the time. From early in my ministry I was fighting this kind of evil, because I could see this thing, and I wasn't alone either, for it wasn't long before I found Co-Patriots, and some clergymen, and young students, people of science, and I found a few conservative Republicans, and a few conservative Democrats, but they did not start integration pattern. When the war was over the strategies and the inner conspiracies were getting more obvious, but they started to bear down on the south, and to bring on integration, and the Commies had moved into certain areas of our society. Roosevelt had brought many refugees in by special decree, but it was quite obvious what was going on.

I discovered and now you have too, how many people are rebels. They are not rebels against our government of these United States, but against this whole communist conspiracy, and they have not bowed the knee to Baal. Not only that but they have been able to use their influence until not only are not millions of people are not going to bow the knee to Baal, but they are now standing on their feet. This is what it means as they talk about the two witnesses that are beheaded in three cities. This is significant, this is spiritual symbolism. Church and state, or political and spiritual life of a nation. These are held in bondage to Mystery Babylon, which consists of political, economic, and religious, and social control. So Egypt (the world)is the symbol of political bondage, where as Our LORD was crucified in Jerusalem, thus this symbolizes religious bondage. So we have the political, economic, and religious bondage which is symbolized by these three cities. This is thus church and state (Israel) and we aren't in Egypt, but we are in the World political and economic bondage because of Jew manipulation, and they have their idea of throwing us into the United Nations, as a world government which will be divided up in provinces, and every one can go where he wants with no immigration barriers, violations of Divine Law until Negro, White ,and Asiatics are fused into one. They want us integrated socially until we are disintegrated, and dispersed and they take away our religion and subordinate us into this Jew religion, which is again symbolized by Jerusalem with significance. So they bind us from the administration of the country with these designs. So this is what is significant here now. But I would say that more people are coming alive again, and they aren't making the gains against our side that they were. Instead of intimidating us with these Negroes everyone just went down and bought a gun and decided that this was the thing to do. If they try it again they will be burying more Negroes than they do whites. Now they are worried and want to take our guns away from us, so we can't protect ourselves from the Negroes. Katzanbaum is one of their tools, and he says to control crime, we have to take over all the arms in America. Well, in fact he won't ever get the arms in America because he would never protect us.

But the Communists do plan on rioting in the streets, taking over with fear, and they want great catastrophes with homes, so people will cry out and the Federal Government will declare martial law, and then you have a Dictatorship. But we don't need to cry out to the government, we just need to take this thing in hand fast when it comes. But I agree the situation is a hot one.

Now, I am going to tell you this, the President moves under the Judgment cycle pretty soon, and whether he will make it through and whether the next few cycles will be amazing. Someone said; if his heart fails him we will be in bad shape because we will have Humphrey. I am going to tell you something, by then we can get every Republican to fight Humphrey, and half the Democrats. That's as fact, if Humphrey, makes a Red move they will impeach him. Oh, they are swooning under the black veil of the present administration but the pressure is being put on. This is the biggest wheeling and dealing machine you ever saw. Just look, who ever heard of a President telling the steel companies, you meet this demand, you settle with Labor on their demands. If you don't I will move in and take over, so they used this method and these companies bowed to Labor demands, and Labor got a 47% raise, and the prices you pay will go up and up. The companies of the U.S. said: but we have been trying to hold down the prices for the government is going to be spending millions of dollars for defense, we don't want to raise prices. But the President said: never mind, just meet Labor's demands, so they pressured the industries and this is as close to Dictatorship as you can get and not have it.

So let the people cry, their dollar is not worth much now, and it will be worth less. Take a look at the new quarters, they are taking the silver out and they will then be just as worthless as the paper, worth less and less. If you have any silver or gold coins hang on to them, you may be able to buy a sack of potatoes with a silver quarter where it will take over $5.00 worth of paper.

QUESTION:--What is the significance of the Pope coming over here?

ANSWER:--Well, I think he wants to stick his nose into everyone's business. I don't trust this Pope. Now, Pope Pius the twelfth was a pretty good Pope. This fellow was a commie sympathizer during the war. And he isn't like any of the previous Popes. This Pope John could be a little soft, but now this one well, the previous Popes did not help the Jews, they knew about the brothels, the monetary corruption, and the conspiracy, they knew the Jews were behind communism and that they were warring against the church. They knew this, Cardinal ____________(Minssenti) had sent enough information in for this. So they knew who was behind it in Hungary they knew that the Jews ran that whole Communist thing, and that they fought the church everywhere. Now, when this man was befriending Jews, and helping the powerful and wealthy ones escape, when they were the ones engaged in conspiracy, against a central European state, this was enough to let us know that he was strange, and if a Catholic had run to the church for sanctuary there would be a reason for the church to extend sanctuary, if he had been a political prisoner, or a political fugitive, but when an enemy of the church, a communist planning to overthrow the church, when the church helps him then the question is whose loyalty does he carry.

I personally think he is coming over here to try to do two things. He is going to pitch to get Red Chinese into the United Nations, making peace on Communist terms. He is going to call for greater plurality in religious freedom. He is going to call for Universal recognition of all religions. He already has recognized Buddhism, and Hinduism, allowed their representatives to kiss his ring in Rome, and recognizes their authority. Any time any branch of the Christian church recognizes the authority of idolaters, then this man should be repudiated as a false Christian leader. My opinion is that this Pope is a Usurper. I don't think he is a proper Pope, and I don't think the church is following its own areas of spiritual guidance or instructions. Even the keys to prophecy which has been given inside the church, in the areas of such oracles which might be spiritually guided inside of Rome, for God said: I have something against thee because of priestly assumption, speaking about the Roman Church, but still I know your first love, I know your charity, and thy works, and that you have overcomers within it. There is no doubt that some have been moved by vision, some have had a responsible message, and they are told how and what type of Bishops they should select, and how their Bishops should follow certain courses, and they repudiated this, and they have sought to suppress these areas of prophecy going directly opposite to the highest spiritual revelation that the church


Now, there will be some listeners who will want to contend that there isn't any spiritual revelation there, but don't make the mistake, if you think there is something wrong with Rome, there is also something sick about the Methodist church, and the Episcopal when they keep men like Pike, and they want to take homosexuals in the Methodist church. I am going to tell you that there is something wrong with all the churches which move in those directions.

QUESTION:--What if the Pope is a Jew?

ANSWER:--Well, he could be.

QUESTION:--He is the first Pope to ever visit Jerusalem isn't he?

ANSWER:--Yes, but Jerusalem does not belong to the Jews, so that wouldn't make a Jew out of him. Jerusalem belongs to the Christians. If anyone should have the right to go to the Holy Sepulcher and the scenes of the life of The Christ then it should be the Bishop of one of the most powerful churches of Christendom, so this isn't any mark against him. But when he fraternizes with these Jewish rascals that is what I do not like. But then the Pope might be in more danger than he realizes, because the 'Magpie' would like to assassinate the Pope. After all Count Bernadot was assassinated down there, as was Lord

Moyan, and Abdulla of Jordan when he said: The LORD and Allah are one, they assassinated him. Just think what an upheaval there would be all over the world if some one killed the Pope. The Jews might just pull something like that, the Commies might move and they will have to have a big guard around him even over here, plus here is a lot of screwball fanatics who might think they were serving God and go after him. Personally I don't see why they should keep the Pope away from here after letting the Anti-Christ devil-Khrushchev come over here. Under no stretch of the imagination would it then be wrong for the Pope to come. They took Khrushchev down Pennsylvania Avenue, and they would not let Christians come out and protest, they pushed them around on the streets. When someone flew over and made the sign of the cross they said it embarrassed Khrushchev, and Eisenhower didn't like it, well who cares?

I was rather amused when I read one of the chief Bishops of the Methodist church was calling on all lay leaders and all Methodists to join with the Pope. Have all religions of all nations put together, see what they would get. But anytime the Pope comes to the U.N. and they put their heads together with the lefties there, I would say that this leadership is joined in the areas of all false prophets. All areas of fall religious leadership belongs with the false prophet.

QUESTION:--One of the Beatles wrote a book--

ANSWER:--Yes, a vicious, rotten book.

QUESTION:--Well, it says on page 14, something about Christ eating garlic.

ANSWER:--Called him a Catholic, Spanish bastard. Yes, that is right, this is John Lennon and it is published by one of the largest publishing houses in the United States, Simon and Schuster, and it is recommended reading for High School and College students because it is the free philosophy for our day. Every teacher who recommends this belongs in a concentration camp.

QUESTION:--How do you read this, long hair, Beatles, this shift to--

ANSWER:--Well, it is total depravity, they are trying to see, a genuine Jew operation to reduce the morals of our youth, to get them into an orgy of abandonment. It is a highly paid operation as well. Their manager (of the Beatles)is Epstein, a Jew and he said: these

four boys are totally--Anti Christ, but these boys put me to shame. This John Lennon is one of the filthiest minded little Jews in the world. Of course the reason why he called Jesus Christ a--Little Greasy Garlic eating Catholic Spanish Bastard was because he hates any church, and besides Franco of Spain would not let the Beatles into Spain so they are mad at the Spaniards. And the church in Spain said that the boys were immoral, degenerated and depraved, so Franco agreed with the Bishops and would not let the Beatles into Spain.

Lennon in writing a book of philosophy which is repugnant to any intelligent, sane and decent person said that he hated The Christ, and anything that had to do with Christianity and he put his pet peeves together. Franco, Spain, Christ, the Catholic Church were all in his book and thus he talked that way about The Christ. The only thing which worries me about Franco is that he is getting old, he is the best thing which ever happened to Spain.

QUESTION:--When we come to a show down in this civil rights thing, do you think we will come to the point where we will have to go out and shoot?

ANSWER:--Well, they will be creating riots, burning and looting, but this is all to be excused because we have not been good to them. The Negroes like this, and Martin Luther King told Mayor Yorty the other day: Don't try to treat these people on the basis of the white man's law. He said: don't take these 4,000 Negroes that you have arrested because they took things from the stores, and try them by your rules, because the Negro does not recognize the property rights of the white man. This is what Martin Luther King said. And I am glad he said it, because if he does not recognize property rights then he does not belong in our society. This Civil Rights thing, they are going to try to cram it down our throats, it is a Socialistic, Communist move out of Washington D.C., and America is already revolting. But it is going to hit all over the nation not just here, the northern cities are also targeted. Chicago and St. Louis as well as the other areas are promised for this. Of course California is a powder keg, Oakland and Richmond are powder kegs as there are more Negroes in those two cities than there is in Watts. In L.A. county we have over 6 million people and 763,000 Negroes, but Oakland had the Negro numbers over 50%.

One of the top leaders of the Negroes is Earl Williams, and this fellow is a top Communist, trained in Russia, and this Negro has also been over to Red China. They have promised the Negroes that is the Negroes will hold off till this fall that before it is all over there will be Red Paratroopers and foot soldiers in the struggle and the U.S. will be tied down in a massive war, and then they will give the Negroes more assistance. The Negroes are to strike out, to steal, rob, and burn, and the Police Department and the Fire Department cannot contain them because they will jam the dial telephone system so it can't get though. At the same time will come this cry for Martial Law, this is the design but I don't think any of this design is going to work.

QUESTION:--So do we fight them?

ANSWER:--Well, if you see a group of Negroes in your front yard getting ready to throw a Malotav Cocktail at your home, then you use buckshot and mow them down. Do this before you let them burn down your home. If they break into your home, shoot them. If you have to choose between your property and your lives and the Negroes, then which is more valuable? Remember that if they will take your property then they will also take your life. Read: "Next Time Fire" by Baldwin. This Lomax thinks this is a great book, and I do to because it shows the filthy, rotten mind. It says: Every time I see a white woman I rape her in my mind until the day I can force myself on every white woman. This is what they are waiting for, they want to hit Glendale, and all the other white suburbs of L.A. and this is what they are waiting for.

If it had not been for the quick action of the Police Department, and the throwing an area of troop around this area, and holding that battle in it, then it would have been the biggest orgy of all times. You must remember that you are dealing with an animal like mentality, they have no spirit such as you have, they are a different specie, and they are being used, being stirred up to come against you.

If you do not make them obey the law, they are emotionally irresponsible, they have no standards of morality, even their preachers don't have any. This is a fact, they give lip service to the facets of your religion but I tell you frankly, there is more illegitimate children belonging to their preachers than you could imagine, and they are glad to have them, for they get $50.00 every month for everyone they have from the welfare.

There is one thing about little Goody Knight, he is kind of soft but he was speaking to a women's club over in Riverside and he said: We need to install now in our city and state a new law. When any woman has a second child, an illegitimate child then she no longer gets any welfare and the children become wards of the State. He says: We could stop this quickly.

Now, about 60% of our welfare money goes to women with illegitimate children, living on the fat of the land, doing nothing but raising these children.

Now, at the time the Commies were holding meetings out in the Watts area, these meetings were covered by U.S. Investigators, and I was in Watts, and a friend of mine who was a high official in "Internal Security" said to me: Dr. Swift some of these meetings held out in your area are quite important as to what they plan. They have been taking these filthy films the Jews are making out in Hollywood, fallacious films which are also illegal, and they show these Negroes in every sex act with white women to inflame them at these Communist stag meetings, and then they tell them that if they will serve Communism and the Communist cause, then at the signal the Negroes are to head for various areas, and raid, and loot and rape every white woman they can so as to create terror.

They plan to assign someone to go to other parts of the city, string them out, and go one at a time to the telephones and tie up the dial phones to the police department and the fire department. First one will dial and then another and they won't dial the last number so they tie up the phones. The average switchboard of the fire department of the police department has an average of seven to ten phones, so they will dial those numbers, a few seconds apart, and then hand up and leave the phones out of order, and the departments can't even get out. Then they set the fires in different areas and people will have to go personally to the fire houses to get the trucks, and the fires will then be out of control. Then they set more fires, and while the police are occupied they hit all these homes, raiding, stealing, raping then burning. This is the policy, this is the design.

I was in Washington D.C. and they told me that this was the plan. They have already tried this trying up the phones in several big cities without any fires, just as a dress rehearsal, and it works.

QUESTIONER:--They must have done this in the last riot for I heard Parker say that they had to resort to short wave communications.

ANSWER:--Sure, remember I told you a few years ago, over five years ago, that Washington D.C. knew this, but the Supreme Court has its hands tied. It used to be that you could arrest conspirators and put them in jail as they planned things, but now the Supreme Court says you can't do this, you have to wait until they do it. This is the price you pay for Judgment.


(Tape runs out.)