09-16-64 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


Question: The Books of the Bible.

Answer: There were 163 books which should be classified as inspired books. Some of them were scrolls and might not be but two or three chapters as we would term them today. But remember that none of these scrolls that make up the books of the Bible were originally divided in chapters and verses. This was done back in the early period of printing. Many books and many volumes and anything pertaining to religion or theology were done in chapters and verses, so as to locate it again, it brings out any point they wished to discuss. So it became sort of a religious legal form, as they started putting everything in chapters and verses. We do have the book of Jude, a short book which is just one chapter. But there were 163 books or volumes and scrolls which could have made many chapters and books. All were inspired and all of them could have been used, by the early Patriarchs down to the writing of the New Testament. The sum total were more than that but 163 were known to be inspired. The council of Nicaea sometimes called Nicolea today by the contemporary commentators talking about the crisis in Cyprus, and so forth, but they were not Nicolaitanes, and they are not pronouncing this according to the old associations.

But they had well over 300 volumes to choose from and they whittled them down to only 66 books and only 64 of them belonged in the original of 163. Out of that 300 or more volumes of scrolls there were actually 163 good ones, and you will ask how do I find them? This is a little hard to do but you can find them. It is almost impossible, yet not to find the book of Enoch, that is the old books of Enoch which was actually three books, "The Secrets of Enoch", "The Towers of Enoch", and what was known as the "Wisdom of Enoch" which is commonly called "The Book of Enoch", and this last is the easiest found. But they used to be in great separate scrolls, and were then bound together into one huge volume. The scrolls were bound shortly after the Wycliff Bible came out. Then after this the Lutherans and the Catholics produced the book of Enoch, and they had revised the whole thing. They did this because this book of Enoch was in such common use everywhere as it had been even in the periods prior to the time of Christ. During the time of Christ the Enoch Scrolls were heavily used, and this was true clear back to the time of the Patriarchs, but they were not as much copied and plentiful as they were preceding the time of Christ, and two or three centuries following that time. But Rome had to do something about this because you could not have hells and fires and torture chambers, and have the book of Enoch in use, because there was not anything like this in the books of Enoch. Therefore there wasn't anything to do but change it just as the Apocalypse of Paul would also be changed.

The Apocalypse of Paul was one of the most vital pieces of literature for the early church. Fortunately the whole of the Apocalypse of Paul was copied over and over and various churches had it. And of course Christians everywhere wanted to read it. Evangelists and Apostles would read to them out of the Apocalypse of Paul because this was the sum total of the Mysteries and the Wisdom which God had taught Paul in his heavenly vision. This made up the foundation of the majority of the Epistles which he wrote. Those came out of the content of the Apocalypse of Paul, and of course out of the content of the things YAHWEH had unveiled to him. So in this was things which related to space, to the Universe, to the antiquity of earth, and of course related to people. But there was absolutely no perdition, no hells, no fires or torture chambers for a man after he died, none of these things existed. In fact because superstition had such impact upon men, because all pagan religions had some type of situation like this, the Apostle Paul was told by Archangels and by YAHWEH himself, "Men do not sow in one field and reap in another." In other words men do not sow in their bodies in earth then reap in the heavens, or in some distant place, and their spirits were not burned in fire, and all that kind of stuff. This was all pagan grotesque Babylonian type stuff which was used to oppress, and to intimidate people, and to get them to serve their type of demons. And they classified any other religion as being in opposition to the truth when demonology of Babylon was taught. All those things were brought into our religion to keep people in a fear complex. This is why they needed to replace the original Apocalypse and the books of Enoch, plus the Gospel of Nicodemus would get Universal reading, because people were eager to hear these things, so they decided they better translate this book, or these books for themselves.

Rome had one of their Popes dictate the redoing of the entire book of Enoch, thus the "Towers of Enoch", "The Secrets of Enoch", and the "Wisdom of Enoch" were taken apart and then they inserted even in them their predictions and fires and torture chambers. Then in this copy, they pushed this as a popular copy with Rome's permission. This is why when they were hunting the scriptures for an English translation of the Bible, they used these books and translated these same Vatican manuscripts and documents into English. They knew about the existence of the books of Enoch and many other pieces of literature. So they took these books and looked at the others then made sure that they had the translations they wanted to uphold in their own church. This is the reason why if you get a book of Enoch today, that the Charles edition published by Oxford, it has been republished ever few years, and it has some things in it that are true. It has a part of the background where as at the same time it has part of the mumbo-jumbo put in so that it supports the doctrines the church established, but which were not the doctrines of Enoch at all. Great license was then taken by theologians to add, to subtract from, to change anything the Apostles said. This is a rather interesting thing, for St. Augustine has this in his works and I have all of his works as well as that of St. Thomas of Aquinas, about for instance, this dealing with Rome. But they said it was perfectly permissible when God gave higher knowledge to men, or established his own Bishopric, and they spoke as Catholics, but it was perfectly alright for them to make changes in anything which had been stated, or said unless there was some seal that they, these men spoke by perfection. Since all prophets and all writers, and all Apostles were but men and subject to error, where by God had set one apart as a Bishop, then he had given him the most elevated position in his church, and thus the Holy Spirit would not permit this individual to be in error, where this designation might not have been given to all Apostles and prophets. So they said they could correct the prophets and Apostles in the name of the authority of the Bishopric. By this they set doctrines to support this which I can show you in correlated doctrine. This is the reason why these doctrines of theology come down to our times. Lots of people get concerned when you say this is not the way it should be, but you have already accepted the change, IN THE WRONG DIRECTION.

When Protestantism came they didn't go much further, for they just accepted the same root material which had already been CHANGED, just translated it. In the retranslation they had the same set of material and if the change had been obvious they would drop it, but generally speaking the same knowledge is still required by all branches of Christendom. Generally speaking Orthodox theology did not discover this. Whereas today you have another wave of theology, this is Fundamentalism which not only accepts with literacy all the things in the scriptures, many of which are vital and important, and can be accepted literally by their having taken place. But they blind themselves to whole areas of truth by saying that every word in this book if true, not one word of it is not true. But of course that is not true at all because the Devil talks here and he never told the truth in his life. So you can't say that everything you read in the Bible is true because when the Devil is quoting it is not true. Then that which he concocted like the story of the book of Esther, the purpose is not true.

Now; I think you might find this rather interesting, I have some clippings from addresses out of Northern California, and they are out of Sacramento papers, and the San Francisco papers, and the Jews up there are having their services, and their New Years services. And the Feast of Purim is one thing people don't talk much about, and another is the Kol Nidre. The Kol Nidre is an Oath they at this time take, and this oath says that all the oaths now taken are null and void. All the promises we have made and all the commitments, pledges, allegiances foresworn to, are no allegiances unless this is an allegiance to Jewry, and to our way. (unquote) Therefore they say: we now proclaim null and void all promises we made, and all commitments, pledges, and all agreements we shall enter into with the Goym to work out to the best interest of our society, the best obtainment of our objectives. So the Kol Nedri when the full text is sung is total repudiation of any allegiance, or agreements, it totally disallows them. Further it is totally impossible for any Jew partaking of the Kol Nedri to be an American citizen. This man thus denies his allegiance to the United States, denies any pledges he has made because this is not a Jewish Nation. Since this is a Christian nation any agreement they enter into with you by contract, in his mind, the Jew see this as totally voided, and then is perfectly at full liberty to cheat you, to lie, and there is nothing now that is not nullified. Jews have for years denied that there was a Kol Nedri but this year, all the Newspapers everywhere are joining all the clamor for the Jews to come and sing the Kol Nedri, and to attend the Kol Nedri services which proves that the old rascals are foreswearing everything which is sacred, and that no contract which you have with any Jew this year is any good, if he attends these services. If he can then find a way to defraud you he can do it with a clear conscience.

Question: They are great cheaters, so do they disavow the Protocols?

Answer: Well, they have always done this of course, but the protocols also establish this.

Now; getting back to the books of the Bible, some of these were very vital, the true Book of Enoch was available to our race, and we still have parts of them. We had them stolen and destroyed. In fact the enemy enjoys moving into destroy anything he doesn't want back in publication. There are probably several thousand sets of these valuable books of Enoch which exist in various places, but to get them would be hard. I couldn't begin to tell you where to get them. The little book of Enoch which costs several dollars, and the Charles Edition are better than none, so just cross out when you come to the errors, in that area which was inserted by Rome which never existed before then. And in the commentaries it admits that there were no hell fires, and torture chambers after death as a punishment inside any of the original documents or texts of the Monotheistic Faith which descended though out our Patriarchs, our ancestors, from YAHWEH on into the New Testament. So the Book of Enoch would show this to be true.

Question: Would the "Secrets of Enoch" published in the "Lost Books of the Bible " be any good?

Answer: This is only fragmentary really.

Question: Then what is found, is it correct?

Answer: Partly.

Question: But how can we know the difference?

Answer: When you see the insertion of hell fires, and torture chambers this was inserted with the rest of it.

Question: I noticed that he said that the moon and the sun were all the same size, only the sun was shining brighter.

Answer: This is a good example, for this wasn't what Enoch said either, it wasn't in the original trip out into space, he tells of how he flew over the entrance of the earth in the north, He told how this was the entrance into the chambers of Paradise. Told of how as he ascended up he passed the moon, and this was the earth's moon, and this was the first thing that he passed, and the moon was not as big as the earth, and Enoch told us that. Then he tells of how he passed all the wanderers (planets) but Venus which was still a comet at that time. Then he tells about how he finally passed the sun, and he knew that it was the biggest of all the planets and that the heat from it was great. Then as he went further out from the sun out toward the seven stars which are the Pleiades, he tells how he approached them, and of the panorama of the passing Sidereal systems. So you see it wouldn't be proper for us to ignore a man who had taken a space flight past most of the major planets of our Universe, and had been out to the Pleiades and back, and who certainly had more first hand information of the sidereal systems than any of the scientists we have on Mt. Wilson, and who surely knew more about it than Columbus when he set sail, so we wouldn't but the idea that the moon was the same size as the sun with the sun only being brighter. He might have referred to the areas of brilliance in talking about the sun being so much brighter than the moon, but in the text which Enoch wrote he wouldn't make an error like that.

I had one thick volume which was stolen from here, and it was almost twice the width of this Bible here (big one) and this was all Enoch's works. But I never read anywhere in it this error about the size of the moon. I never found anything I could disagree with which was a scientific error, and I watched for this, because being written so many millenniums ago, and now we think in terms of scientific knowledge. The best evidence of inspiration is that this Bible does not make a mistake when it talks about a scientific fact, neither does any other book which is inspired. But where men change them, and change this without technical knowledge because of their time and period, they catch themselves up.

Question: The Book of Horus which are you talking about this time?

Answer: This book of Horus is an Egyptian book, and I am not classifying it as a book of the Bible. I am not even classifying it among the inspired books of our race because Horus wrote for Egyptians. He was one of the last of the High Priests for his people, maybe a Patriarchial High Priest for the Egyptians who migrated across North Africa and who settled eventually in Egypt. The thing is that when they settled in Egypt, North Africa was not a sandy waste, it was a lush country and the Nile River was also a part of its lushness, but there was much more irrigation, more rainfall at that time. In fact the sands of Egypt now cover more of the Temples of the antiquity which goes back to ancient Egypt.

Now; remember this is something which is significant when you are talking about volumes and books. This book of Horus was written to Egyptians, but was written about the Sons of YAHWEH. He was called YAHWEH-PUTAH, and Horus wrote about the white men who would come to earth. He said they would come because he had been definitely told that they would come, by Ministering Spirits of YAHWEH-PUTAH. And YAHWEH said that: "I will send my children back to earth and they will be in bodies of flesh, and in the eras to come they will build a new Altar in your land like unto the Temple you had before the earth went down." This was of course talking about Atlantas so the book of Horus is telling of this. How the children of YAHWEH-PUTAH used to come and go, back and forth from heaven to earth. And that we had Celestial Chariots, that we came to earth in, that we could not be touched but we could be seen at times, and we could talk, and those people of Atlantas could hear the music and see us at times, and that we could walk in their midst but we would make no sound by our moving, and therefore they couldn't touch us but they could hear us, and we would teach them the wisdom which they now knew. It tells of how after Lucifer rebelled, and brought the Negroes to the people of Atlantas that they started to mongrelize and to ruin their society, and then YAHWEH was angry and started the earthquakes which started the convulsion and fires which finally sunk their land. But in this declaration it tells about how he took away His children, and no longer were they seen in their Temples. But their Temple was built like Pyramids with a High Altar inside like a great amphitheater without the inside passage way systems of a Pyramid. They were built with a high dias center inside the Pyramid and the pattern of it also had a way of ascent into the Light and Glory of the Most High, which throne of the Most High was also the seat of the instructor. And the children of the Most High YAHWEH would teach in this Holy Temple. They had music, also what they called the symphony of the Universe. Music which came in by areas of reflecting light. And the one values of the blended sidereal systems were used by them in skills to produce a music which was challenging to the whole consciousness, and very stirring to the soul. But they could not hear this when the Sons of YAHWEH-PUTAH were not there.

When YAHWEH told all his children to leave the continent and took them away in the Chariots the people were suddenly left alone with Temples without any spiritual administration except for the men in their communities who were their leaders and served before our race in Celestial plains. One of the last things told before the evacuation and the sinking of Atlantas was that the sons of God would return. That YAHWEH would establish his sons and daughters in the earth, and that they would come in bodies of flesh just like they, the Egyptians had. That they would overthrow darkness and evil, and set them free, and restore the earth. That they would build a great Altar in the earth to the Most High like unto the shape of the Temple they had on Atlantas before it went down. This is all contained in this book of Horus. Thus a great number of these people on Atlantas migrated from this terrible wickedness going on in this continent to the westward of Egypt. They didn't want to be a part of these wild sex orgies between the Negroes and their people, so they migrated. They were trying to get away from this catastrophe which even involved the beasts, and was a most awful, sordid thing.

This shows the standards of righteousness which the sons of God had implanted in these Egyptians because Horus said he blushed to speak of this evil even as he passed it down to those who were to come after. But he tells of the evils of Luciferianism when it came to Atlantas before they migrated. As they crossed North Africa, Horus describes it as lush and beautiful. And their king who had been of the dynasty of these people of the sun was with the Egyptians as they migrated. The name for the sun was Ra, so Alatcan was a land of Light, and it was the God of YAH-PUTAH who ruled this land, and Atlantas is thus a derivation of this, and is where the Atlantic Ocean which covers this land today got its name, from this history.

The name of Atlatcan was actually carried out by Plato when he wrote about the things he had heard in Egypt. He first introduced it into classic literature, but the thing is, the title of their king, we have a president, they had a Czar in Russia and a king in England, but back there the people had a Khufu in ancient Atlantas. We have a lot of authors and writers today who don't have any idea of semantics, or how the title came about. But the word Khufu is older than the word Pharaoh which did not come into existence until we came into what we call New Egypt or the period after the coming of the Adamic race. They were, these Atlantians, in the land of Egypt before the coming of the Adamic race but they never developed great architecture, nor achieved anything like the golden age they had before, until after the white man entered Egypt and started re-building, but under the sands in the ruins are some of the things which they had built similar to what they had on Atlantas.

Every once in a while you come upon some of this type of work, but basically nothing was done comparable to the Great Pyramid, and later copies of this were done, but this was introduced by our race and all attempts to peg it and tie it down to a much later period for construction is not correct. I can show you where masters of Egyptology, and master of the British museum recognize that the date of the Pyramid precedes the flood (of Noah's time). Where as some of the Pyramidtologist of today would like to date it as being after the flood, but that is not correct. More than this in the actual construction of the Pyramid, Enoch and Job were the two pillar leaders at its building, and the later Cheops had nothing to do with the building of the Pyramid. The later Cheops came along, and here was this mighty Temple under YAHWEH, but his name of course was not even Cheops, for that was the name the Greeks gave him. But he built a funeral Temple for himself along side of this Great Pyramid, and he put his Cartuoch, mark, on the Pyramid. This had no relationship to the original Temple, and the writings of most ancients of our theology tells about the fact that one of the things that the Sethites were going to do, or rather the descendants of the Sethites was that they were going to take the body of Adam which was in the Cave of the Treasure, and then on the ark, and they would take it down into the land of Egypt where the Children of YAHWEH, their kinsman ancestors had built a great altar unto YAHWEH, where in they would place the body of Adam in the sarcophagus prepared for it, until the coming of the embodiment of YAHWEH, whose TEMPLE THIS WAS. At the time then of HIS Resurrection the very grave would give up its dead, and the body of Adam would emerge out of this sarcophagus where it was to be placed, so perfectly embalmed that it would not decay even as it had not decayed in the Cave of the Treasure, or while on the Ark.

To demonstrate that this was true, it was taught that at such a time as the Prince, Messiah should come, and the resurrection take place, the grave would give up its dead and the body of Adam would emerge from the sarcophagus. Secondly they had sealed up the Pyramid so as no deteriation would take place. This is true because in the Great Pyramid of Giza they found that they had placed thin limestone plates over the air passages intending that they should be sealed up until a given time. And the laws of decomposition, plus the fact that after the resurrection there was nothing in there to preserve anyway, but this is all a part of the lore which precedes our day and goes back in the history of this race. This is one of the things connected with its original purposes. There is these little markings, such as the symbolism of an empty tomb. There is a sarcophagus and it is empty, but this was never meant for a funeral chamber for any Pharaoh. And never was it built for this purpose. The Egyptians were very superstitious about the Great Pyramid for quite awhile and would not let anyone touch it. Other Pyramids were later built for tombs and had no upper passage ways. And others built tombs with their funeral temples, but the funeral tombs were not of the same dating as the Pyramid itself. The Pyramid when it was originally built, the remnants of the ancient history, the hieroglyphics of the old books of the Dead, and the books of Horus tell of the coming of the Sons of God, while the books of Annett tell of the building of the Pyramid. There is no funeral temple with it, for it is only a flat plain around it. And when it was built there was no funeral temple, this was what was done by this Pharaoh at a later date.

But because they used this term Khufu some writers thought this Khufu was Cheops, but all Pharaohs were called Khufu. I have shown this to several Pyramidologists because we have the evidence here, way back in the days of Wilkerson who was one of the great Egyptologists in the days of Queen Elizabeth, and I have a beautiful leather bound set of the complete works of Wilkerson as to when they first got into some of the tombs in Egypt. They made painted hand copies of these things found for identification because they did not have the photography as skilled as they wished for that work. But because of their work I can show you what the original was like even when they first started their excavations. Remember in the days of George Washington that he was the Grand Master of the Masonic Lodge in the United States. And the Masonic Lodge knew all about the symbolism of the Pyramid. They all knew about the passages, they knew all about how many tiers of stone there was in it. They had diagrams of the intercepting passages, they also knew about the Mystery of the Sphinx, they knew about the hidden Temple, and they had all the hidden lore about this in the days of George Washington, and this was before the re-entry, the re-opening, excavation of the Pyramid which came later.

In the days when the work was being done by Professor Totten many of his valuable documents, I have. He was a professor at Yale, and Totten was commissioned by the Congress of the United States, to do all the work on the seal of the U.S. I have an original set, not a copy, of both of these two volumes which today are very, very valuable, and considered to be among two of the most valuable books ever printed in America, these two books by Totten on the Great Seal of the U.S., in this he was contemporary with the findings of the late 19th century, but he had in here complete diagrams of the Pyramid and its insides. And about this time we had Sykes coming along who did not know anything about identity, was Orthodox, but he did see symbols to the plan of Salvation, and did catch certain areas of inspiration which were already known in Masonic and he wrote the book entitled: "The Miracle in Stone". I have this volume, so I have some of the oldest things ever written on this subject by our race. But the thing is that these men knew what they were going to find, before they got back into the Pyramid itself.

We know that an Arab entered into the Pyramid about 1800 but what he found after he went back in there was covered up, and no one knew that someone had been in there until it was re-excavated under the British Empire. Then the work was done on it by leading engineers from then on. But there are some strange things, there is phenomena to this picture. For instance under strange, spiritual influence and guidance one man who was doing much research in these things was given a vision, where in there was given a vision as to the location of buried books of Horus, also as to where to find a Temple beneath the sands. Where they not only had a Temple of early worship in ancient Egypt, but also there were old scrolls and the books of Horus and so forth. And in this inspirational vision to this man, he felt impelled to write. I have the volume of Randall Stevens, who took up his pen and wrote chapters of the book of Horus which no man had seen except small excepts from them for millenniums of time. Fragments of them had been found but not these by Wilkerson. Then Stevens was led to go down into Egypt and to find the complete set of the books of Horus. This may seem very strange but this is also the way lots of things do happen. War conditions and other factors forbade him going ahead at that time, but as soon as it was permissible they let Stevens go down, and he did dig where he was told, and even though everyone thought him crazy, within three days of the starting of excavation with hired help, they found the entrance of a Temple, and a tomb and there found the most complete books of Horus that they had ever found. In these books was the story backward to Atlantas. They found just where Stevens had said, these books would be found.

Someone said: You don't believe a thing like this do you? Well, I have the books. In other words the man went there and found them. You say, but how could that happen? Well, it did happen just that way.

Now; I don't know whether I believe Joseph Smith or not but there isn't any doubt in my mind that these books of Mormons were put together. I disagree with much of Mormonism because of their areas of interpretations, but there was one thing in here that related to cities hidden and long since buried in South America which they had no away of knowing anything about in the state of New York except that they did find some documents which did contain some information.

Someone said: You are a true believer. Well, I would rather be a true believer than to doubt an area which comes up with information, and then ignore it after it is found. I repudiate lots of error which may come from an area of humanism that enters into something like this, and I don't go along with all the interpretation. I think they even got ahead of the Angel in their translation before they got through, and they even got stuck with the Jews, but this has also happened before. But I am convinced that there is a difference for I can show you the old books of Mormons, and the new ones with the revised patterns, and there are lots of them.

I only mention this because this is modern contemporary happening. Since the lore and the finding of these old manuscripts just because a man had a dream. Well, if he did then he was activated by the dream by some very powerful spiritual force that wanted him to go find the books, and he went. There isn't any doubt about this because the man set down and wrote the first few chapters of something he had never seen, then tried to persuade people to back him, so he could go dig it up. The permission then had to be acquired so he could go dig them up. And I now have the books, and I know these books of Horus are accurate, for accuracy is supported not only by other fragments, but by all these things. The books of Horus we have quoted from, from time to time, and we don't quote them as books of inspiration given to our race. We quote the books as to inspired vision of what was happening and what he saw, and what he was given to prophecy, by a Priest migrating at that time with the Egyptians.

Now; the title of Horus descended upon Priest after Priest after this, after he had died because the next Priest carried down the teachings of Horus, the teachings of the ONE GOD who they call the GOD of LIGHT of Atlatcan. And they finally adopted the word Ra for Light. And they believed that the sun was not that God, but it was His symbol. In ancient Mu they also believed that there was the Symbol of Light. And the God of the Universe was said to be brighter than the Sun. But the sun was this image of Light, and they used this passage we have quoted in the past, this was the Day Star going by. You see their astronomers were smarter than a later era because the sun is a Day Star. It is the only one in our Solar System. It is a big star the rest of them are planets. This is a day star, we revolve with it, into it for its Light. So they refer to Christ, and remember Peter refers to the fact of prophecy, "A more sure word of prophecy, until the Day Star arises in our hearts." This is the same thing we have mentioned in other Bible stories, as the "Winged Orb". This of course used by our race in Egypt and everywhere we went. The Egyptians knew of the ancient teachings of Horus. They had this in their ancient theology before Set and Soth and their pagan religions came along. They knew that there was only ONE GOD, that eventually they would find that the Sons of God would come back to earth. That they would live in bodies of flesh, and would build Temples and teach them the RIGHT WAY. That they would go into great apostasy, which they did, but this wasn't so surprising because this had also happened in Atlantas long before. They said that the children of Osiris which is the LORD OF LIFE AND RESURRECTION, who is the embodiment of Ra or the soul of Ra was in them. Thus we the white race, embodied in flesh, are the soul of Ra embodied. And Osiris and Jesus Christ or YAHSHUA are one and the same, THE LORD OF LIFE AND RESURRECTION, THE EMBODIMENT OF GOD IN THE FLESH. This was Egyptian theology before the Adamic race came, and they got this theology in promise plus the things told them by our forbearers Enoch and Job in the days of their coming into Egypt, to build the city of On. There these two patriarchs Enoch and Job were to do wondrous things, besides the building of the city of On, because they would also build the Pyramid which came at a later time. This has its significance, and we don't like to differ with Pyramidologists who are experts in their fields, but they are not experts within the historical background of the race because they don't understand it. They refuse to put together pieces which upset any pet theory that they have. I don't care one way or the other what dates they start out with going one way or other, I am interested in one thing, truth. There are high water marks on the Pyramid but they came from the flooding of the Nile. But the thing is that the Egyptians ante-dated the flood of Noah's time. Remember this now, people trying to bring the Egyptians from Adam are just plainly mistaken. Because when Adam was placed on the earth, the Egyptians were already here. God told the Angel to tell the King of Tyre, who was Lucifer at that time, that HE knew all about him, and to tell the King of Assyria what HE was going to do to him. Tell him, I know how old this Empire is, I know his Empire was existent before the days of Adam. Tell him that the Egyptian Empire was also a great Empire, and it has been brought down low, but I can also bring down the Assyrian Empire as well.

In this declaration the prophecy goes so far as to talk about the fact that long before the days of Eden these Empires were all over the earth, thus this being true they preceded the days of Adam.

Question: What about the Sphinx, is this also part of the story?

Answer: Well, the Sphinx is a Temple, there is more to it than meets the eye. It is a lion with a human head, the symbol of Leo in the sky, the Seed of Virgo and the completion of the Star Bible. It is not just a great massive idle monument, but is the symbol of the Ultimate reign of God of the Universe, as King of Kings, Master over Egypt and over the earth. But it also has a lot of other significance because it is itself, a long subject. Remember that tied to the Sphinx is the Temple with the 33 steps. This Temple has not yet been entered into, but inside it has 10 pillars separated by 2 entrance pillars. It has all the basic Temple lore of the Masonic Temple. All of this is in the Temple of the Sphinx and the Masons knew this.

Question: Oh! There is a Temple?

Answer: Yes, which had not yet been entered into.

Question: I was there in 1949 and they said there was an underground passage way which maybe connected the Sphinx and the Pyramid.

Answer: Did they tell you about this passage when you were in Egypt?

Question: Yes, not the caretaker but others said that there was a long passage way, and cobble stones marked it.

Answer: But that isn't it for it does not go that way.

Question: Well, I think the cobblestones went toward the cold wells, where they put bodies down in for a time, something like that.

Answer: I have the Masonic charts of the Temple of the Sphinx, and they go back to the days of George Washington, and even before that as this knowledge was carried down. Former curators in the Egyptian Museum used to provide guide service to the Pyramid and the Sphinx and so forth, and these men were experts in Egyptology and they told the traditions and history of this, but here in the 31st chapter of Ezekiel where it says: "Behold the Assyrian was like a cedar of Lebanon, fair, whose branches were like a shadowing shroud, the waters are the racial streams that made him great." This was the Asiatic of Tungus streams, and they were so wide that the rivers of his streams of life set up all the small plants of his Empire. And these small trees grew along the waters, but the Great Tree of the Empire was the trunk of the Empire itself. So God said: Tell Pharaoh that he also has an Empire like the Assyrian although not as great. That all the trees which existed in the days of Eden envied the Assyrian, but I brought him down, and I can bring Pharaoh down as well as he joins in league against my people.

In this story it shows the antiquity of the Egyptians proving that they existed before the flood of Noah's time. And of course Abram went down into Egypt after the flood and the Egyptians were there. Then when Joseph later went down into Egypt the Egyptians are still there, thus proving they were before and after the flood of Noah's time. But when Joseph went down into Egypt, of course, the Pyramid was there still, and I have a Cartouche of Joseph, a scale out which once belonged to Peitre. I have some of Peitres own books in my library which were from his own library, for he was one of the great Egyptologists. I knew the heirs of Peitre who lived in Santiago, and one of them not to long ago died, and I got some of his books.

Now; as far as Peitre was concerned he was not a great theologian but he was a great Egyptologist. They found long after his day, in the tomb of King Tut a Cartouch of Joseph which were Scarabs, and I have one of them here. In this you have the chronicle of Joseph, the Premier of Egypt, the Prime Minister of Pharaoh, the preserver of Life, the keeper of all foods and so forth. But it tells the story also of the 2 Obelisks, one for Manasseh and one for Ephraim, "May you each follow their steps". These are called Queen Cleopatras Needles and yet they tell the story of Joseph, about how he walked to the Temple of On, how he married Asneth the daughter of the Priest of On there in the shadow of the Great Pyramid.

Question: Well, Joseph was only 18 or 10 years of age when he went to Egypt?

Answer: Yes, but he married Asneth whose people had been in Egypt since the days of the building of the city of On, and the Pyramid and so forth. Thus Joseph not only knew of the Pyramid building but also the background of the race, he was taught this just like Moses was taught.

This has its significance because Moses came along later when there was a Pharaoh who knew not Joseph. This idea that it had to be an Israelite from Jacob who helped build the Pyramid of Giza is foolish, they had no part in this.

Answer: Now, those who came from Jacob-Israel and came out of Egypt in the Exodus, no they did not build it, but the Adamites (White men) are the IS-RA-EL of GOD. Ra is the old word for the God of Light. And IS, is the old word for Issue, thus the word Issue still comes forth out of the semantics of this. And the word ISH pertains to offspring, and British means Covenant man or Covenant Issue. Therefore Adam was MY ISRAEL, he was given the order to dominate the earth. One of the things told to Enoch was "Thou art my Israel". Then when God changed Jacob's name to Israel he wasn't creating a new name, he was just giving him the name of "Isusue ruling with God", instead of the name of Jacob, the Supplanter, which was a destiny which he fulfilled.

Now; every true white man is an Israelite, but when I say this does not mean that all white appearing men are Israelites. The whiter Jews are not Israelites, they are Asiatics and came from the mutation of the white race, by the Luciferian seduction of Eve. So Cain was a white man after the flesh, but he did not marry into the line of Adam's descendants, but went eastward into the land of Nod, and took a wife of the Akkad Asiatic line. Therefore the Jews which came down as Cainanites are not pure white although they are lighter in color and somewhat white. They have inbred much as we have told you before, because they have taken white children out of orphan homes. Years ago they used to hire Gypsies to steal children for them, and this is why the Gypsies got in the child stealing business, for they could sell the children to these Jews, the Gold buyers and the money lenders of Europe. They would then raise these children and marry them to their daughters and thus keep their blood stock up because they were such intermingled stock that they had high sterility. There is thus red Jews, yellow Jews, black Jews, and then these off white ones. I can show you places in Jewish literature, in piece after piece where they do not refer to themselves as white, but they brag about being able to pass as white people.

Question: They bought and sold people back in the days of Joseph did they not?

Answer: Well no, Judah isn't Jew, and Ishmael was Egyptian, but Israelite is his origin and all Egyptians were not necessarily all offbreeds. When you study the Zohar as to Hagar the Egyptian, she was pretty much a white woman, but was given to Sarah as a hand maiden, and she came from the city of On, and was selected as this hand maiden of Sarah. She could well have been an Adamite completely, but she was not in the place from which the seed was to be called, "Out of Isaac shall the seed be called". Today the true white race is all descended from the 12 tribes of Israel. But some people will try to say that the Philistines were white, but they were not. They were a tan race, they were much like the people who came out of Atlantas, and may have traced their background to King Tidal who was King of the land beneath the waters. Tidal King of the Nations, or King of the land beneath the waters had Dynasties which ran into and intermarries with the Philistines in history which follows that. So the Philistines did make attacks into Europe but these were like the Moors who entered Spain, they were beaten off. They had "Galleys" at one time which were called the "Galleys of the Philistines" because there are battles in history between the Pho-hanock (Enoch) and Danites and the Philistines in the Mediterranean Sea. Now the Philistines did not conquer Rome either, but they did come and go in that Empire. Some say the Romans were Philistines but the white Romans were Israelites and we can prove this. We know exactly where the tribe of Gad was as to their encampments, which was to the south. If the Romans had not been Israelites, the Apostle Paul would have never written an Epistle to the Romans. He said they were the Ethene, the nations, or the wild Olive branch which had to be grafted back into the Olive tree. And he wouldn't have been writing about these people being grafted back, these people who were called Judah or Benjamin, as Ethene, or nations, or as wild olive branches grafted back on to their own tree if they were not branches of that same tree. But remember by this time that Judah and Benjamin and the other branches were in this, "All Israel shall be saved", promise, "As it is written, in the Old Testament." How? By being grafted back onto their own tree, by the gathering of the people that even those of Judah and Benjamin were calling Gentile. But remember that the people of Judah and Benjamin were calling all the people, the Anglo-Saxon, Nordic, Basque, Scandinavian and their kindred people, calling them Gentile or Nations, or Ethene, but they were the people of Israel. But since all were not in the true center they weren't going to let them have worship with them. So God said: I will dry up the Green tree and make the dry tree to flourish. In other words dry up this tree, race in old Palestine and let the dry tree, Israel in the west to flourish. So in the days of Zedekiah remember how Jeremiah took Zedekiah's daughter from the ancient throne in Jerusalem, took her over to Ireland. But still over there were Israelites even though called Ethene, and the word translated in Greek became then later Gentile. They were associated with Aga or pagan and those who were not the Nations of Israel. So this is why Paul in his Epistles said: Ye who are sometimes called aliens are grafted back in, renewed, and brought back in, regenerated and brought back into the family tree. Sometimes ye were alien or alienated from the Father, but not at all times. You were sent out from the center, and now you are being brought back. In these same Epistles he called them the Elect of God, according to HIS foreknowledge, which makes them Israelites. So all the writings of the Apostles was to Israel, and all these people were white or true Adamites, now Israelites. This is the reason why all the brains of Rome were white people, and they are a part of Israel. Although in the days of the Roman Empire there were lots of pagan people there and the Jews created the great catastrophes of Rome. Where ever the Jews went they make it a Beast System, with Beast rules. The beast rule is the 7 heads and 10 horns. This does not mean that all people under these Empires, under these thrones were evil. Because communism which is the 8th, is out of the 7th, and has all Eastern Europe under its control, but many Eastern Europe are not an evil seed, they are a captive people waiting to be liberated one of these days. But the Jews ruled Rome, never forget that, and they brought down that Empire. And even in Medo-Persia most of these people were Is-ra-el seed. So remember this for God called Darius his son, his man who he raised up, Cyrus as well. Remember that the true, original Persians were behind Medo-Persia and they were IS-RA-EL, and it was not until Jewry moved in and corrupted that they had their trouble. They were very kind to Israel, when the Medo-Persians overthrew Babylon they treated the children of Israel with great kindness. Shalmaneser who was the ruler, turned the 10 tribes loose, writes also of the fact that after the fall of Babylon that it was the Medo-Persians who over threw Babylon who had Judah and Benjamin held captive. They gave them special treatment, and in the days of Nehemiah let them go back to rebuild their city, and of course these rulers of Medo-Persia were good to the Israelites their kinsmen.

Now; that attempt to seduce the King by Esther is a part of that ghosted up story because the people were after the Israelites who were dwelling in free cities all over the Empire. Now if we at the time of the book of Esther, for instance, had been slaves or captives, or had been looked upon with destain, and they were trying to hang us according to the story, then we wouldn't been free to come and go all over the land. So they were trying to bottle us up in their story. But under the reign of Exerxea the Jews were the ones who were looked on as dangerous and lots of times locked up. But in order to put over this deal they usurped their place inside the scriptures, and then used Esther as a symbol to try the seduction of the King, in order to get their enemies destroyed. They then built the Feast of Purim out of this, and this Feast of Purim of course is the revenge which the Jews have for all of their enemies. When they celebrate as they want to, it is to kill everybody. Actually the Haman story is in reverse, and so is Mordecai, but they use these names to conjure up a story which is almost impossible to unravel today because Israel was given her freedom, and they left that land. Some had migrated earlier into Greece, and now were called Sythians, who had made the Greek Empire rise, but they were of Israel stock. The tribe of Dan had gone out much earlier and his ships plied the Mediterranean as well.

Question: What about this tribe, or rather 1/2 tribe of Manasseh?

Answer: Manasseh was a whole tribe. They were 1/2 of the tribe of Joseph, if you call Joseph one tribe. There were 2 tribes of Joseph, and they were Ephraim and Manasseh. The tribe of Ephraim became so big that they spread out all over, and so did the tribe of Manasseh. Although Manasseh was born before Ephraim still Ephraim was to become the Commonwealth of Nations, and Manasseh was to be the great nation under Symbolism and Heraldry. Thus America was actually a nation before the British Empire was in place. England was in place but the British Empire was formed under its present form before it started to disintegrate, in 1812, whereas we declared our independence in 1776. And it was exactly 2520 years to the day from the time Ephraim was finally defeated and carried into captivity by the Assyrian hoard until the British Empire came into being. Manasseh was taken before Ephraim, into captivity, so it was 2520 years from that date until July 4, 1776. This shows the rebirth of these countries, and although one was larger than the other in its form as a Commonwealth of Nations, this did not occur until after the birth of our nation.

When we talk about the half tribe of Manasseh, we are just talking about the part of Manasseh who became restless, and they went out in the time of the Assyrian invasion, as it was building up, they went out on the ships of Dan.

The tribe of Dan has been down graded very much because they said: we don't want to stay here and battle for this little spot of land, we want to travel the world. So the tribe of Dan went out, like a tribe of Vikings saying they wanted to make the world bow before YAHWEH, and that is quite a commendable operation. Remember they had battle axes, and they were great swordsmen, and they had great ability when it came to building their ships. So when Dan migrated, they had built their ships from the Cedars of Lebanon, and they sailed westward out of the Mediterranean.

The Phoenicians or Pho-Hanock, people were the descendants of Enoch, but they were also Sethites who had been part of the Sethite migration which had gone down into the land, but now they sailed with the tribe of Dan as well. Thus Danites sailed westward, and they explored the rivers, and this is why you find the marking of the trail of the movements of the tribe of Dan, Danube, Deniper, Denmark and so forth, their heraldry is scattered everywhere.

Then Manasseh people decided they would go out also and follow the footsteps of Dan. They lifted up their Emblem of the outstretched wings of the Eagle, but the Eagle rode on a staff, and Rome did not carry their Eagle thus until after the Manasseh people came west carrying their symbol. The tribe of Dan carried the Eagle on a staff but not with outstretched wings. In the days of Moses his staff had a winged orb on it, but Manasseh had this old emblem which came from the marching signs of Israel. Manasseh had made a deal with some of the ships of Dan to sail to the westward. You see a prophecy had been given unto David as he stood by his pillar the day he was crowned King. In that day when this covenant and promise was given to David, it was that his seed would abide forever and his sons would rule and so forth, then YAHWEH said: more than this I am going to give you a land where all these blessings will come, and the people will move no more.

You see, this promise of the land was made when David was already in Palestine, King in Jerusalem, and thus there was still a land which Isaiah saw (chapter 18) this shadowing with wings, beyond the waters of Africa. Thus when Dan sailed long before Columbus sailed to prove that the earth wasn't flat, the Danites and Manassehites with them already knew this, for they sailed across the ocean carrying some of Manasseh and they came into the Caribbean Sea. This is how Manasseh got into the Maya history. This was a fulfillment of the prophecy as 1/2 of Manasseh crossed the waters, and this also explained where they went. Some people say but 1/2 of Manasseh dwelt here and 1/2 dwelt there, but this is not true. A few of Manasseh went with Judah and Benjamin, a very few, and stayed with them, many of them went into captivity with the 10 tribes, but the other 1/2 had already crossed the waters. This is how the Eagle came into the land of the Mayas. This is how it is in the seal of Mexico. This is why ancient Mexico had the Eagle fighting the Serpent. This is from Manasseh and the Great Eagle was the Serpent Killer, and Lucifer has always been the serpent. Thus before Quetzal Coatl was made the image of the Serpent God, the flying serpent, rather than a flying reptile was originally Lucifer. Quetzal was the symbol of the great god of the Universe, and the Quezal people would be Gods in earth. The name for them was Queeche, and the Queeche were the children of Quezal. So the Manassehites were called Queeche when they arrived in Central America. This is why the Mayas had all the wisdom from Adam right on down through Noah, through the Exodus up until the time Manasseh went to sea on the ships of Dan. The Mayas had this in their theology for, before that they didn't have it and then all at once they had it, and they accepted everything the white man taught when the Manasseh people came because to them these were the children of Quetzal. This then is how the Eagle arrived in Mexico, as a symbol of White Deity.

Now; in many volumes where mysteries were talked about, as to things that went before, and spiritual law, these things were barred because ecclesiastical forces did not know the answers. But most of these things we are talking about, modern archaeology now confirms. Where in ancient records, and the tracing of sacred scriptures far antedated anything as to what was to happen, antedated all the discoveries we have in our time, so today remember when you can find this archaeological history pre-written, and the things there recorded you have a pretty good synchronization of a route of truth. This again ties into the whole panorama as to how our race not only identified as the offspring of God, but also served in the ancient Temples.

When God spoke to the Patriarchs he inspired the writings of many more sacred volumes. This has all been obscured as far as possible. But we have now reached the day when the lid is off, and it cannot be obscured anymore. But when they obscured all these wonderful things they didn't have much to talk about. Did you ever stop to think that through out the years you went to church, and you had all the stories of the Bible, and this was good, you had Life of Christ, the 4 Gospels and most of the Epistles of Paul although the people did not understand them. Theology wrote volumes on these Epistles, but they didn't know what he was talking about. They had the Old Testament, but didn't have the background material because it was separated out, they would not accept what was in here when it came to Light, so they walled it all up with Creed. So the basic thing they have left is to tell you that Jesus is the Christ which is true. And thou shalt be saved, which is true, and all thy house, they were doubtful of. But the thing you were to be saved from is error, and transgression by being adjusted to the truth, by learning all truth, by doing the works of God and the Will of God, and to believe that He paid the price so there would be no hold on you from death, for all times. Christ dies for you to save you again from having the curse of death left on you, to give you a guilt free complex. All of this is the word of God, but then theology has ghosted up a terrific story around all of this, and as you and I know most of theology is the story of the terrible doom for men who did not know the terrible catastrophe of disobeying the laws of God as they die. But obeying the laws of God happens in earth where men live. This is the important thing, when ever we remove an area of instruction which in we benefit, by obeying the laws of God, and tell us that by accepting an area of truth as to the work which God did, this saves them from hell and flames when they die, then we have overthrown the great purpose of God's revelation which was to bring them knowledge, to overthrow sin while they lived. God came to set men free, He came to seek and to save that which was lost. He said: "I did not came into the world to condemn the world, I came that thru ME it might have LIFE." He said; He came to destroy sin, and all the works of the Devil. He did not come to destroy the consciousness of people. He did not come to run a torture chamber in the ages to come, He came for a very different reason.

Theology then trips over its own noose in this area of error. This is why you cannot find this supported in the scriptures except where it was placed in here by intent, by the theologists. So you just evaluate it, for the church has two things which it does, the less it knows and gets the areas of truth, the less it talks about it, so it just talks about the fact that the people should accept Christ, go through the rituals, formulas and sacraments and do good. But it also tells them this is to keep them from being tortured by God for not finding the Truth, and this IS NOT TRUE. Then it goes on to tell them to be good, and don't do this, and don't do that, then some of them turn around and say, it really doesn't matter what you do anyway. Then they tell you about the attitudes of moral behavior but they never do the work of bringing down the great knowledge which comes to individuals, of the things of God.

Do you realize that behavior is not developed by fear, but by desire? People can become thrilled with the history of the background of their race, by the covenants, by responsibilities, by the love of God, and the purpose of God. This supplants in their lives areas of error which they see are not to the best interest of their society, and to themselves, and their minds are renewed by the transforming work inside of their thinking, because of this the greatest thing people can embrace is to transform their lives, to give them a challenge, a charge, to give them something to live for, by finding the great truths of the Kingdom, and the great vitality of knowing all these things. This replaces the areas of error, without fear.

Now; I find myself at the areas of Witchcraft which arises at times. And how we see these attacks by Luciferianism upon the Kingdom of God. But as God brings knowledge He brings it with brilliance and understanding. The God of Light brings you illumination, wisdom and knowledge. It is deep, it challenges us. But this is not like the wave of emotion which the Negro gets as the Witch doctor comes along. It is not a screaming, knife cutting torture like the Baalites used to do. It is not a wild sexual orgies like the heathens became involved in. It is not a loss of intellect or mentality like certain waves that theology embraces. What I am pointing out is that I think today, that there is a Luciferian entrapment which is trying to get people away from the areas of discernment and Light, to try to get them into an emotional, sensual wave of religion which is tied to a background co-equal in origin with that of witchcraft and vibrations of emotion set up by familiar spirits. The strange thing is that in the areas of the scriptures when God brings something to your knowledge it is something which when he gets you interested in it, He then confirms it. Pretty soon then along comes the archaeological facts to confirm the scripture which he has shown you.

So how did He say He would teach you? Line on line, and precept on precept. In this instance He has promised to grant an area of vision, perception, and knowledge. "I shall pour out my spirit upon my young men and my old men, they will dream dreams and see visions." In other words they will see pictures and they will always be confirmed, this is only a part of it. He says: "I inspired my patriarchs and My Holy men, and caused them to write as they were moved by the Spirit of God." They wrote the things which they had the vision to see, these things are in realism. All the pagan fetishes and rituals, these are not of God, but the wisdom and truth are. There is no place where you were forbidden as sons or daughters of God, in the comparison to it, to see the superiority of truth. As your mind is renewed then all pagan philosophy falls into the shadows by comparison and you see this. People today go around and around the same old maypole. They say that the human race started with Adam, and everybody came from Adam, and they run around trying to save everybody in the world from this burning when they die. Theology sort of goes around and around that same maypole. Yet here is all the Mysteries, all this truth, all these secrets, the power, all this greatness, and it is overlooked. But now it is going the other way, God is now bringing this out. He is filling people with desire for knowledge, we might say that this is a resurge of religion in the Kingdom of God. And it is happening everywhere as God stirs people. Of course there is to be the other, the counterfeit side. As God raised the standards of righteousness, then Lucifer is going to if he can, try to tie them all up with counterfeit, and bogus areas of nothing.

The program of God's Kingdom is not for people running around trying to get some kind of spiritual superiority thrill. But there is today areas of society in the church which has now been effected by this area of neutralization, where they have to run around and catch some thrill in which their thinking makes them think they are more spiritual than anybody else. And they cannot come up with any answers for this, they want you to think they have them, but this I want you to remember, there is a proof concerning whether God has poured out His Spirit on these people claiming they have just received a good wave of the Holy Spirit, and they have all the true knowledge while everyone else is off track. Alright, when this new thing came to them can they teach you anything? Because remember He said: "I will teach you line on line, and precept on precept." But they cannot come out with any new truth.

Now; the actual pattern concerning this is in the book of Joel, and it is that God is going to speak to them even though they spoke with their language changed. This was what He was pointing out, it is not what is inferred by the pattern of what we call today, Pentecostalism which was inserted. Remember that Israel from the Hebrew was now speaking English, German, Scandinavian, and so forth. But in each of these languages God is speaking to His troops although there is a basic in their semantics. Even when the Apostles had the initial outpouring of spirit on the day of Pentecost, remember they were all gathered in one place and suddenly the Light and Glory of God descended upon them and they reeled at first under its power. Then they got up and spoke to those in Jerusalem. But here were men from Spain, Britain, Rome, Greece, and so forth, while all were Israelites and could have spoken Hebrew, suddenly they heard these Disciples who had never spoken before except in the language they were raised in, now speaking to them in the language of the Anglo-Saxons and so forth, so the people said; What have we here, are not all these men Galileans? How be it that we now hear them all speaking in the native tongue where in we were born? In other words they were speaking in the language in which those listening were born. This was a mystery but not something you could not understand. This was something which was vital and a message for the hour. It didn't mean that Peter would continue doing this because he didn't, but that is what happened in this great sign when He challenged and called, and sent these men out. I think the significant thing about this, with these men Peter, James, and John is that these men were completely Aramaic speakers. When they wrote their Gospels they wrote in Aramaic. The only linguist among the Apostles was Matthew, but he wrote Aramaic, and then Luke who was a doctor, well educated, and capable of writing in both Latin and Greek. Luke wrote the book of Acts, he wrote in Greek as this was his common language. We also know that Mark became the Pastor of the Alexandrian Church in Egypt, and basically the Alexandrian Church was speaking Greek. The word Alexandria had been given to this city when Alexander the Great conquered it. So we have Sythians who were now Greek, all white men were in this city, one of the Metropolitan areas of that day, and Mark was the Pastor of the church. Here they had all the texts of the Apostles, and many or all of the old texts. Here was the greatest collection of scriptures that were ever written. They copied the scrolls and they spread them all over Europe and the church was faced with all this so this is what started the Nicaen Council discussion.

Question: The Coptic church?

Answer: The Coptic church is a part of the descendancy of the early church. It is also in Ethiopia. Remember that the Coptic church existed as a sort of Israel Orthodoxy before the coming of The Christ. The Coptic church whereas later formed was actually existent because of the original spread of the Coptic church which took place when the Queen of Sheba was forbidden to enter the Temple of Jerusalem by the Priests of Israel. Because she was not of the seed of Abraham, although she could have been Adamic, for she did tie back into the Sethite line.

The Queen of Sheba was not a Negress, she was a powerful Shemite-Arabic Queen. She had a child by Solomon, but they would never give this child the honor of marriage in the Kingdom because she was outside the line. So Solomon had to send her away as an outlander woman. But when this child was born Solomon sent 1000 of the Nobility of the race over to form a white court for this son, and to make sure that this son bred back into the race so that someday he would be acceptable. Well of course for generations they did breed back, and then finally bred out again.

Remember the Ethiopian in the New Testament, the keeper of the treasury of a well known and famous Queen descended from the Sheba line? He was one of the line who when Philip came along was studying the scripture. This man keeper of the treasury of a Coptic Queen, and he was reading Hebrew. Today we have a lot of silly people saying that one of the first converts was a Negro. But he wasn't a Negro, he was an Ethiopian just like if you lived in Mexico and are in no way related to the Indians that live there. A German could live in Mexico and they could call him a German -Mexican, but he is still a German. Well, this Ethiopian was still an Israelite because he was going along reading a scroll in Hebrew. And where was he going but to the Temple for the feast. And we know that no one but an Israelite would be permitted to enter that Temple. This proves he was not a Negro, he was an official, an Israelite, a member of the race descended from the Nobility sent out to guard and make a court for this son of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba.