09-25-68 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:---Where did Seth get his wife? If his sister, how is it that there were no mental problems involved?

ANSWER:---The reason is because that today the sin question has been so descended on the race, that the patterns do produce mental deficiencies. But at that time such a pattern had not been so built up. It was necessary for Seth to marry his sister for there was none other for him to marry to increase the race. There were other children of Adam and Eve at this time, but there was contamination in them. So Seth had to marry his sister younger than himself.

QUESTION:---This is in Daniel 7:7---

ANSWER:--This is back in the days of Medo-Persia and conquered Babylon. Then Greece came and conquered Medo-Persia and spread its wings out. These were the toes on a beast, a world political system. Now, verse 9--this comes over into the days of the 'Ancient of Days'. These are something else, the fiery streams were chariots of God moving out all over the Universe. 'I beheld the beast slain (vs. 11-12) yet their lives were prolonged. The little horn of Daniel----Here is Greece comes out, and moves then, after Greece, into the Roman Empire. Actually this seventh chapter is fulfilled, except that in this area of these powers there is a kingdom set up which lasts forever. Alexander the Great went eastward a long way into India. The little horn in the latter part was to be Genghis Khan after Rome. Then the eighth is to come out of the seventh. This is communism. ----Little horns are all powers.---many forces. But in all these the Kingdom of God is successful.

To deal with the book of Daniel, you have to break down each passage as to whether finished or part of it for our days. Actually this is the picture of the Saints still fighting al thru the times. Even back in Egypt, these Jewish powers fought against even Enoch and Job as they went into Egypt. Then much later, Jezebel brought in these Cainanites and raised them to great power and the struggle continues in Israel. When they conquered Israel--Babylon was a great power.--And it came under the total power of Jewry. The Persians and Medes were mostly of white stock. And when they overthrew Babylon, then the Jews in control just went to Pergamos. Always they continued.

Zoroaster was a Priest of Israel or of the Persians. Persians then let Judah and Benjamin return to rebuild Jerusalem.

Alexander the Great's Empire then extended to the roof of the world. Daniel lived long before the Greek Empire. But his prophecy sees many little powers rise and overthrow these Beast Systems after those Empires are taken over, because they became the beast system.

The kingdom is aligned with the Ox, the man, the lion, and the eagle. But those are the beasts of God. Thus the Beast System comes after the capture of and Empire by the Jews. They used Rome as well to fight the Christians and they taxed and brought it down. Then Constantine went in with the sign of the Cross and conquered Rome and freed the Christians. So the Jews then became converts and went inside the Roman Church and brought in Babylonianism. The bear of Daniel is an Asiatic area of power. Christianity is the one system that fights world Jewry. It is the only world power which fights Christianity.

Today many Christians call them the 'Chosen' and they call many of the Christian leaders Anti-Christ. The Catholic church is the church of Revelation called Thyratira. He has against them, this area of Babylonianism brought in. The Beast tries to take over even America. This is interwoven all thru the book of Daniel and he sees the Kingdom of God still fighting empires that were thrown down 2000 or 3000 years ago. But it is the same force. This Satanic power is behind all the Beast Systems, and it continues up to our time and moves on from one empire to the next. World Jewry is the power behind all of it today. And communism is their political arm. But Daniel says that the Kingdom will stand and which ever leader that stands in their day, says things against the Most High. To break down Daniel verse by verse would take much time.

QUESTION:---Revelation 6:7--these seals--all that remains is all of Israel of today, this is a remnant. Dan is not listed. Why?

ANSWER:---Dan is almost an oversight. It is just poor translation. Dan moved out first and almost disappeared. The 144,000 men -virgins--the Jehovah Witnesses ask for the name of God. I say His name is God. They say but Jehovah is the big God, the father of the little God--Jesus. Jehovah just means Yah-hova--God Almighty, but His name is YAHWEH. And YAHSHUA is Yah, as savior. Yah-Zeus--the Apostle Paul says YAHWEH--the Savior and Christ means embodied in flesh. So you are embodied, for your spirit is our of Him. 144,000 men virgins means 12,000 from each tribe squared and multiplied. Virgin means pure in spirit. Thus 144,000 is a symbol of unlimited pure spirits and they are of Israel. Men virgins is just symbolic. Virginity is spiritual purity. This spirit prays for things you don't know about. This is the chapter of 'completion.'

QUESTION:---There is more confusion in the area of deity---

ANSWER:---Ministers say I am not interested in whether God is one or three. This is no great thing. They are more interested in salvation. But what is more important than understanding who God is, for He is the one who made the atonement. The spirit is the Living Father. He is also Christed. He comes unto you. The spirit if the silver cord which connects you to the Father. Ecclesiastics talks about when we move into the climax of the last days. It says someday the silver cord breaks, and death of the body comes and the spirit returns into the dimensions. The Apostle Paul in the heavens, --then in the Apocalypse talks to the man who had gone into the spirit body. John the Baptist talked about things in the heavens. Two witnesses are Church and State. And they lay in the streets today. Then they come to life--raise up with great power. And God throws His spirit on His Kingdom and brings to it full.