09-28-66 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:...Is there any Judah blood still left in the Jews?

ANSWER:...In the first place Judah blood was not in the Jews. There is only three places in the Old Testament where the word 'Jew' is used. This is Yehudin and they were referred to...or they used this because they were referring to and calling people...as of Judah when they were actually the abomination of Satan. This was not done until the King James Version of the Bible. They never called Abraham a Jew before this, they were always called Israelites.

Now; a whore tried to trap Judah, and then later tried to bring that offspring back into Israel..years later. But this offspring if it had been Judah's would have by this time been married back into his mother's people several times and there would have been no Judah blood there.

Actually the scripture would tell you that this was a trick for there was no Judah blood in the Jews. The Jews of Jesus' time were Cainanite's and if they came from Cain by no stretch of the imagination would there be any Judah blood. When Jesus said:...(John 8) 'ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do, your father was a murderer from the beginning'...He was talking about Cain, who was the first murderer as it effected our race. Jesus said:..'I am from above, you are from beneath.' This makes it very clear that the Jews were the offspring of Lucifer and had no capacity for spiritual things. More than this in this declaration, He said that we who are Christian, we who are Israel, we the people of God, we are also from above. 'Mine they were in the heavens, mine they are in earth.' He makes the great distinction between His people and those who came from Lucifer. They are lower than the Asiatics and the Negroes who they dropped to their low degree of today.

It must be remember and we care not what the policy might be or what preachers might say. We still deal with the fact that the Negroes came in with the Luciferian rebellion. They are the Zombie of the scripture... the walking dead. They have a soul but not a spirit. It is good to see Negroes worship God, it is good to see them respond in their soulishness under white man's instruction. This has been true in some cases, but left alone they fall under the influence of the Witch doctor's, and under areas of evil. So as we deal with these Jews, there is no Judah blood in them either.

QUESTION:...I thought they mongrelized?

ANSWER:...Well the mongrelization took place outside, in mongrelized stock but they never mongrelized inside to become of the house of Judah. When Jesus was talking to the people these Jews said:..'We have been never in bondage at anytime,' so therefore they could be no part of Judah, no part of Israel or they would have been in bondage. Jesus said:...yes I know ye say you are Abrahams seed, but if you had been Abrahams seed you would love me.'

Now; remember that no mongrel can be counted for either Judah or Israel. If there was such a mongrel then ten families would have had to breed back the blood for ten generations for it to be acceptable, and all those ten families would have been cut out of the service of God and out of the Temple. So this didn't happen very often. The word 'Yehudin' means...accursed. Three places in the Old Testament you find the word Jew, that's all. In these places it is talking about the accursed. And in one place the word is 'Judean' and they translated it Jew.

QUESTION:...If we are spiritual beings in bodies of flesh then why did the Angel tell Ezra that he was nothing but a mortal man?

ANSWER:...Because mortality had descended upon the Adamic Race. When the spirit went off the being instead of enveloping him, it left him a mortal. And even the body of the man Christ Jesus was mortal. This was what the Angel talked about. Everyone was mortal until YAHSHUA comes back to put immortality in him. Jesus came in a body of flesh like you have, but He raised His body of flesh back to what the sons and daughters of God had in the beginning.

QUESTION:...The Amalekites. Where did they come from?

ANSWER:...Turn to the 36th., chapter of Genesis in Verse 12. Here you have one of the origins of the Amalekites as Esau took a wife of the hill country...a Cainanite. She was not Israel seed. There was a tremendous difference between Esau and Jacob, Esau took this hill country wife and then a son was born to him from a concubine, and his name was Amalek. So Amalek was ½ Cainanite and what ever Esau was. And the Amalekites were the descendants of Amalek, they were hill people and fierce warriors.

In the Book of Exodus, 117:11...when Moses let down his hands then Amalek prevailed. Moses was the leader of Israel when the Amalekites swept down on them to fight. Amalek came and fought Israel in Rephidim, and Moses said to Joshua, choose you out men to go and fight with Amalek tomorrow. I will stand on top of the hill with the rod of God in mine hand. And this Amalek came with his army of hill people to fight Israel, and they came from the Cainanites and the Akkads. Remember that when Cain went out from the Adamic family he went over to the land of the Akkads and took a wife, these people were a fallen society. So Amalek was a Cainanite and he married back into the line of the Cainanites. When Israel, under the command of Moses, was coming thru this area then they attacked Israel. They were hill tribes and very ferocious. So when Moses held up his hands then Israel prevailed, when his hands dropped then Amalek was winning. Moses got tired, his arms were heavy so they set him on a stone and Aaron and Hur stood beside him and held his hands in the air, and thus his hands were help up and steady until the going down of the sun. And Joshua defeated Amalek and his people by the edge of the sword, and God said to Moses:...write this in a Book and rehearse it to Joshua for I will utterly put out of remembrance, the name of Amalek under heaven.

Moses built an altar and called it Jehovah-nissi, because He said, the LORD hath sworn, and the LORD will make a war with Amalek from generation to generation.

Now; the Amalekites move to the north, they together with the Tungus people, and the Akkadian people who were fallen Tungus people, they spread out where today we have Russia. And when Japhet came out of the Ark and he began his move into the areas of Asia and some of his descendants started to merge with the Amalekites then mostly the Amalekites retained their names but some names were chosen by the now mixed tribes as Gog and Magog. But the Amalekites and the Gogites were mixing and the Amalekites were the strongest. But a lot of the seed of Japhet was not absorbed for a long, long time. They continued true to their racial heritage just like Ham's seed right down to the time of Nimrod who was a white man out of the household of Ham. There was no intermixing with other races up to that time. But this is the people that Esau took a wife from and Amalekites were strung over a great territory. They were Cainanites...that's a better identification.

But under Nimrod then the False Prophets of the people of India were able to turn Your of the Chaldees to the areas of apostasy mongrelization by the process of intermingling. This is when Ham's seed started to intermingle with the people of India and North Africa. But up to that time there was no intermingling. Oh, they say that Ham was a Negro but this is foolish because the Ham line begat white men right on down to the time of Nimrod.

Japhet left his seed in the Asiatic area but the name of God and so forth was quite resplendent among them. When we see God speaking out in Ezekiel 39:39., against Gog and Magog where He says:...' I am against thee, I will bring you down'...then this is the land of Russia and Moscow...one of those names of today. So when He talks about Moscow and Tubal, then these people are Amalekites...they go way back to Cain and beyond in their background. So when you see these people coming against Israel again remember that Amalek has his seed forever with this area, he has absorbed some of the Japhet line as well. So when you come to the prophecy of Ezekiel, when they 'come against my people Israel as a cloud to cover the land, it shall be in the latter days, and I...bring them against the land, that the heathen may know when I am sanctified in thee O Gog before their eyes. Thus saith the LORD God:...'Aren't thee of whom I have spoken in old times by my servants, the prophets of Israel which prophesied in those days, many years ago I said that I would bring thee against them, and it shall come to pass at the same time when God shall come against the land of Israel that fury will come up in my face. For in my jealousy and in the fire of my wrath have I spoken, surely in that day there shall be a great shaking in Israel.

So again the Amalekites are with the children of Gog because God always has a war with Amalek. The Assyrians who came out of the High Steppes, those that Alexander the Great fought against, they were tied to those of Amalek. And as the Assyrians came against the people of Israel they were of this lineage because these go on back in their history to the Akkads, and Tungus people, and generation after generation they come out of the Steppes against you. but this is the last time they come against you...as told in Ezekiel 39., and God wins a great victory over them at that time.

QUESTION:....But who are Gog and Magog...I still don't understand?

ANSWER:...Well, after the flood when Japhet passed thru Asia many of his seed was swallowed up by the intermingling, and they took upon themselves the names of Gog, and the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal...these are today Moscow and the people of Russia...so whoever is the chief of Russia is referred to as Gog in the land of Magog. So it wouldn't make any difference who is the head, whether it was Stalin or someone else, this is Gog and the land of Meshech and Tubal, this is who God says He will destroy...(this is the people who came thru the Luciferian rebellion and fell so many years ago...and they were a mongrelized people as they swallowed up and absorbed the Japhet people.

QUESTION:....Then what is the word 'Synagogue' a derivative of?

ANSWER:..This is again the areas of assembly...'Syn..and Synagogue is an assembly of Gogites. This they were in the land of Magog, they assembled the people together. The 'Synods' is still used today. Presbyterians still refer to their Church as Synod. I don't think I would use that term since it applied to the adversaries of the children of God. It is in the dictionary as 'assembly'. But the Synod is tied in with these outlander people, and yet as the Jews came into the land of Israel they came in as a mixed multitude and they gained control of the Priesthood. They actually set up Synagogues all over instead of the small Temples or Tabernacles all over the land. Everywhere they went they called them Synagogues. But they never called them Synagogues in the Old Testament. This was not done until the Jews came in and took over the Priesthood at Jerusalem. This Synagogue has a lot to do with Eastern European Jews because as they translated the King James Version then the Jews used their temple, and all these little Temples stretched around Palestine were called Synagogue's. So as they translated the King James Version then they came in to help claiming they were Israel or Judah. So again we see their influence in this matter.

QUESTION:...I am thinking about the children of Israel when they came out of Egypt. Did they have to stop and grow their food?

ANSWER:...No, God sent Manna, it came down from the heavens, and He also sent quail. Lots of people think they should be vegetarians, but I have a question that came in from the tape circuit that fits here.

QUESTION:..We have so many vegetarians and so many say we shouldn't eat meat, so what is the truth of this matter?

ANSWER:...Let every man be persuaded in his heart as to what he wants to eat. But there is no prohibition in the scripture against eating meat, except pork or some unclean thing. We are not going to say you can't eat meat because God sent them manna and it had everything in it that they needed to sustain them, but the children murmured so bad that God sent Quail by the thousands, and they ate quail. And thus they had meat for 40 years along with manna, but with the manna they had the real things...but if they wanted meat they had that too.

In the Ark of the Covenant they put some of the manna. I want to point out that with the laws bestowed upon Israel, He gave them health laws which actually governed the areas they lived in. This was not all the world, but it was for those areas they lived in. This was not all the world, but it was for those areas and some may apply to all the world. The creeping serpent and some things they were not to eat, and also the hog. It doesn't matter what you think...hog meat has never had God's blessing on it. The man who eats of the hog, its alright if he wants high blood pressure and to be sickly, then eat hog...that the best way to get it for its filled with poison, no piece of hog is fit to eat. The reason why is because the hog drains thru the little holes on the back of its feet. All the poison which normally goes thru the elimination system in an animal goes thru the meat and out the feet of a hog. They are thus called a succulent meat because all the poisons go thru the meat and that keeps the meat succulent. So you can show what is in the meat with a microscope. If a man is to take a cancer test then he must not eat any fresh pork for a week or two. And Doctor if he is honest with you will tell you that hog meat will test the same as cancer...see? So this is one thing God did forbid.

Now; when God wanted to show Peter that He wasn't mad at Israel He lowered a sheet down from heaven, and it had unclean things in it, and He told Peter to kill and eat. Peter said:...I can't touch anything unclean. So God said:..don't call that which I have cleansed unclean. This didn't have anything to do with the hog. People have said:..taking this verse out of context, that God cleansed all meat. That is not true. He did not cleanse all meat. He still tells you what to eat and what is good for you and what is not good for you. At that time here with Peter, the children of Israel had gone apart from Judah and Benjamin. Had gone thru the periods of their release and traveled into Europe and settled down. They were now the Goth's, the Anglo-Saxon's, the Celt's, the Scandinavian's, and so forth, but they were still Israel. But here in Judea and Galilee then Peter and these disciples were teaching that these scattered Israelites were unclean, that they had been cast out, so no longer were they worthy to be sons of God because they were now an unclean people, they had been away from the Temple much too long. So Peter who was raised under Judaism here in Jerusalem,...when Christ came along he followed Him but he still hung on to the idea that the ten tribes of Israel had been cast aside. So Jesus was showing him that these people were still the house of Israel. Peter then went out and spoke and it says spoke to the Gentile's, but this word is 'nation's' and the nations of Israel because as Peter learned, God had not cut them off.

This is why the only area whereas eating anything was approved and eating had a different meaning than given by most places. The Apostle Paul also had some difficulties as he went out among these tribes of Israel. Others of the disciples had their troubles also because these people had been away from the true center, and they had different health laws, perhaps not that they wouldn't see these things, but they were not within these laws as was those in the old areas of Palestine. So now if a host set something before them that was unclean, rather than to disturb the host he ate this and then asked God to see that it didn't hurt him. But this did not mean that those within the structure of the Christian Church were to suddenly become eaters of hog meat.

I find a lot of people who come up and say...'but I like the flavor of hog meat, I am going to eat it.' Well, that's alright...'Let no man judge you by what you eat or drink'. Just eat and get sick and die, that's alright, because actually I can tell you that there are many doctors who will not eat pork for they know how bad it is for the human body. You say bacon is better? Well bacon is cured a little bit better than most pork and generally that is true, but you can eat beef bacon and it is just as good. The flavor is because of the smoke, the seasoning, they put it on any kind of meat. People say what about ham? Well, generally there is not as much germ life left in ham because it has been cured in a process which takes care of disease germs. But the more you know about pork then the more you understand about it the less you want to eat of it. A piece of ham is a hard thing to digest, when you know the truth. I would say that the vegetarians have even some strange ideas. They will only eat the things which grow above the ground...some of them, so they will eat of the tops of the beets and the tops of the green things, but not eat anything which grows below the ground. They will eat fruit but nothing which grows below the ground. Well, most things which grow below the ground have more carbohydrates, so I eat anything which grows above the ground in a garden because they don't think the tops are good for them. They will eat lettuce because it has no root crop. But the scripture says nothing about a vegetarian. Christ was not a vegetarian for He ate Lamb which is high in protein, and Lamb was the major meat in Palestine as well as fish. His disciples fished and this was a major source of meat along the Sea of Galilee. Then Christ fed the disciples fish down along the seashore of the Sea of Galilee. These are just facts of the scripture, I am not poking any fun at a vegetarian, some people won't eat it because they say it is dead, but what about the vegetable? Pull it out of the ground and it is dead. They say we are eating life as we eat things growing, but we eat death if we eat meat, well, this is not necessarily so. The moment you discontinue a point of growth the thing is dead so this is hardly a viable point. I think the problem today is with the way food is handled. They put poisons in them to preserve them and the poisons they preserve them with are far more serious than if you threw out something that spoiled. In the canning of vegetables there is no reason why you need to put preservatives in them. The problem today with our food is there is too much fertilizer in it and we should rest the ground once in seven years. We should plant a cover crop and plow it under in the fall. Farmers who farm following the laws of God get an unprecedented crop plus the fact they don't need the insecticides on the crop. The plants are strong and they throw off the parasites and the aphids and so forth. When they have to use more fertilizer then find they have weaker plants who have a hard time throwing off the parasites. Then they put insecticide on the plants and a lot of them inside of you build up in the body and you don't get rid of them. Let's face it, with our modern civilization we can produce more food than ever before, but in preserving the food we have put poison in our systems. In growing the food we haven't been wise in preserving or rotating the soil. In fighting insects we have placed all these poisons in our system. So you have all these things against you. I can't say that the man who is eating all vegetables is safer because he is eating all the stuff with the insecticides on it. But someone will come along and say...but organic food is good for you. This is true if you can raise it properly, but all food is organic when it grows even when insecticides are put on it. It all operates organically on the process of osmosis, and the taking in of material. There isn't any such thing as in-organic food. It isn't just a question of what food has been more naturally grown than others. The peculiar thing today is that the Jews have moved into the health store business. We had the experience that when Dr. Haun wanted to take some potatoes which had actually been grown with the best procedure, with the rotation of the soils, and no fertilizer except from manure of animals and when he took them to the health store they said:...look we can get all the potatoes we want from the market. No sense in paying you a few cents more for potatoes at the same place as everyone else. You say...well my health store man wouldn't do that. Then the potatoes aren't so important anyhow, this is just one of those things. But the laws of God are good and they are intended to be observed.

Some of the things that were in the slews of Palestine were forbidden for them to eat, and others had their names changed and this confuses. Some people won't eat a rabbit, they think it is a coney, but it isn't. A coney is something like a muskrat, something like the animals they have in Australia which are not rabbits. A rabbit chews its food and it lives mostly on grass. But you can get Tularemia from it, yes, but you can get it from a cow, and every animal that walks can have it. Mostly the hog carries this because it runs thru his system and is in his meat.

One person wanted to know about Shrimp. Well, Shrimp has scales and swims in schools far out in the sea and they live on Plankton which lives in the water. They are not feeders on trash but on living things. Some people won't eat catfish and say they don't have scales, yet when you put a microscope on a catfish you find he has small scales. But there are no scales on an eel. Basically the health food laws are good. Basically you don't want to eat a buzzard for after all he feeds on carron, but you can eat quail or chicken. But don't let anyone say you are not a Christian because you don't follow the food laws, just say you aren't smart. ha. Some people just stomp out if you tell them what to eat and not to eat. I think the Bible gives us a rather sound area of operation. 'Let no man judge you in the eating of meat or the keeping of days.' They were trying in the days of Paul to raise up something to argue about, but Paul then said:...'let no man judge you..he who eats meat eat it under the Lord and if you don't eat meat then do that under the Lord, it doesn't make any difference. If you go without animal protein it makes it harder for the body. Christ ate meat, so this is the point I am trying to make. A person doesn't have to be a vegetarian to meet the will of God.

QUESTION:...Well, what about ducks?

ANSWER:...They eat grain and so forth, and these laws were in for Israel at that time, but I don't think ducks come into that picture.

QUESTION:...What about Lobsters?

ANSWER:...Some come out of the ocean and others come from sewage, so that would be bad. But lobsters are not a fish. It is a high protein creature, I wouldn't say one way or the other. The diet issue is quite an issue because so many people are wrapped up in this issue. I get questions by the hundreds every week, should we eat this or should we eat that. We tell them about the different areas where these applied. But generally there is so much good to eat that you don't have to flirt with the dangerous areas.

QUESTION:...I am curious as to what is meant by given a white stone, and in the stone a new name.

ANSWER:...I don't follow you. Where is it found? When you find it bring it up again. You are all lively stones built up into a holy temple unto God. the Chief cornerstone seals up the whole thing, and a new name is given. When it talks of a white stone then living stone then it is talking about a living church sealed up with Christ, but I don't know what verse you are referring to. I do know that this is true...even in the building of the pyramid, the white stone is symbolized.

QUESTION:...What are the seven horns or heads of the beast?

ANSWER:...These heads are kingdoms, and the ten horns are rulers who rule their hour with the remnant of the Beast System. When it talks about this it says 7 mountains, this is seven kingdoms on which the woman sitteth. Christ was the one giving this revelation to John and so the first of these was Egypt, then Assyria, then Babylon, and then Medo-Persia, Greece, and then Rome. So Jesus said:...5 are fallen and one is and this was Rome. Then there was the hoards of Genghis Khan, and the 8th., out of the seventh is communism, world communism stirred once more out of that area by the powers of Jewry. They have raised up all the hoards from the old area of Genghis Khan's armies, and have hurled them again at Christian civilization. They go into perdition. The woman...Mystery Babylon is all the false religions of the world, and the people of these false religions. Whereas the woman of Israel scripture is the church, Israel is the true woman, and Babylon is the false woman, and the church is the center of Israel.

QUESTION:...Revelation 2:17., this is the white stone.

ANSWER:...This is no secret here, a new name is given to over comers.

QUESTION:...What about the sun spots?

ANSWER:...They are getting more numerous and they are blotting out more of the sun, and a sun spot is very connected with electronic storms. For instance as the world turns in its revolutions then the sun will implant maybe in almost the same spot or area where the rays of the sun are diverted. Then storms set up in these spots. The sun spots are opaque masses of Gas and they come out of tremendous twirling areas of the sun. then there are some opaque areas of Gas which is totally black and the sun will not come thru it. So it leaves its imprint, it does effect the static pattern of the earth. In otherwords, radio messages have a hard time going thru when the sun spots are numerous and in a given area. There are other patterns too, but I would say that there are signs in the sun, moon, and stars, and one of the signs is sun spots.

QUESTION:...Is that volcanic action of the surface of the sun?

ANSWER:...It can't be, it could come from masses of Gas released from volcanoes, but sun spots are not necessarily from volcanoes on the sun.

QUESTION:..But they do move around?

ANSWER:...yes, and change shapes.


(tape ends)