09-29-65 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:---This was in the Catholic Bulletin----

ANSWER:---Yes, who is my neighbor, Jesus replied. A certain man was on his way from Jacksonville to Atlanta. He fell among white supremists and they stripped him and beat him and went off and left him half dead. Now, a priest going that way saw the man. And he went to the other side of the road. A Catholic layman also happened to be going that way and seeing him, he went on by. But a Communist seeing him, went up to him and dressed his wounds with sulfa and bound them up. He put him in his own Falcon and brought him to his own hotel and took care of him. The next day he took ten dollars and gave it to the hotel keeper and said:--'take care of him and whatever you spend, I will pay you when I come back.'---Which of these three do you think proved to be a neighbor to this man when he fell into enemy hands?

This is from a Catholic church bulletin. What a piece of Communist propaganda.

QUESTION:---Was this sort of like a Sunday School lesson?

ANSWER:---No, this was their Sunday bulletin, their church Bulletin like many churches put out--this bulletin every week.

Now, since it won't be long until the Pope is here this may be very significant. In the L.A. Times last week they had two important issues, and it showed the Crown which was the crown of the Holy Roman Empire given by Pope Gregory Stephen in the year 1000 to the Hungarian Emperor, and it was worn by the Hungarian Emperors of the Dynasty until the toppling of the Hungarian Dynasty, an the two joined, and they also sort of joined the Hohenollern---the German throne, the princes who ruled Germany since the Goths and Vis Goth ruled. Then Germany under Martin Luther broke with Rome, and they broke the power of the Holy Roman Empire at that time. Because under Martin Luther when the 7 Princes of Germany reputed Rome the Hungarian Dynasty no longer had any power or swat. However this crown was quite a sacred relic and one of the greatest churches in Hungry took this crown and set it with jewels. It has several significant things on it, and there is a hill on the left side of the crown as the emperor would wear it, and on this hill is a mountain made up of seven hills, six of the hills with the seventh being on top of the church scene. They then used this as their city of 7 hills idea. But when Jesus used this --he was not talking about Rome in a sense of the word. Of course Evangelists have been fighting for years with Rome, and this is what they said. But Jesus said that the 7 hills are 7 Empires upon which the Woman sitteth. Then he explains that they are seven Empires such as --Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome. Five have fallen and one is, and one is yet to come. This one to come was the Hoards of Genghis Khan. Then as Genghis Khan died, this broke the string as he received the wound neigh unto death. But the hoards kept coming again as Communism fed some of the same people. The hoards came then from Asia, and they now come from Asia and Africa as well.

Now, because Rome is known a the city of seven hills, and this church does sit on seven hills then comes this theology, but the church itself has been infiltrated by the enemy to condemn its doctrine, create its trinitarianism and many other doctrines. These were installed in the church by Jewry as they penetrated into Rome to get control over the people. They became very powerful in both Bishoprics, and in the Priesthood, and helped condemn the doctrines of the church, and of course this gave them control over the souls of men. And this was always a very lucrative process. They could hold a man when he died for a while in limbo before he slid into purgatory, and if they didn't come up with enough money well he would just go into Hell.

This was a Jewish installed racket in Rome. They tried this in Babylon, among their Baal Priests. And they set up types of torture in certain areas of service before the Temple. These are things which have stuck in Rome for about 1400 to 1500 years and of course sort of helped by Papal Bulls and other sort of things.

Of course any intelligent Christian who knows these things finds himself forced to repudiate the power of the church to remove individuals by certain ceremony from any condition which would transpire after they die which was anywhere contingent upon their ability to pay for the service, or to in any way place the security of the soul of a man upon a dollar, or upon any amount of dollars. The fact still remains that the whole thing was based upon fictitious superstitions sowed into religion. And it followed the course of the pagans, and at the same time they did several other things . We just mention in passing because it is historical. The College of Cardinals originated in Babylon. The Cardinals were the Red Hats under Bishops, under the Papal Pontiff which was also a Babylonian Title for the chief Priests of Baal. The Vestal virgins were the unmarried order who served in the Temple, and were not as chaste as they are supposed to be today in Rome. The Vestal Virgins were instituted at that time in Babylon, and carried over. These were all transferred over to the Christian service by definite infiltration. You see the top of the World Cahilla were the Masters of Baal, they knew and they controlled Baal Religion all over the world.

Now, the procedures by which churches elected their own Bishops was set up in the start of Christendom , everybody selected their Pastors. And in the days of the Apostles they would select one to take the place of any bishop who had been appointed by the Christ, or had appointment from HIM.

Now, there is not any and or but --whether people like it or not --Christ did appoint Peter as head Bishop over the church at that time. Following Peter, the Apostles voted on succession, and following this of course, with the exception of John as we have no record of his death, but from then on the areas of the church having a moderator over them who was a Bishop--then the Bishops would come together and select their chief Bishop over them, but this was done only in Rome. In the churches to the north which were coexistent at that time---I think this is significant, but in the British Isles, these churches did not evolve out of Rome, were however pre-existent at the same time. I think this is significant, but in the British Isles these churches were as old as Rome. And here was where Mary was taken after the ascension of The Christ when the Jews were putting a price on the head of the Apostles.

Remember that Joseph of Arimathea owned the tin mines of Cornwall. And when Jesus had gone to Britain on the ships of Joseph of Arimathea he had built the Wattle church in Glastonbury, had gone to London and amazed the savants, had identified himself with the Wisdom school of the past, and his Omniscience was an amazing thing to then. Of course behind them they not only had their traditional Priesthood background but had a lingering form of it inside of Druidry. But also the Master Masonry was the key inside the structure of their house four the symbolism of the race.

But in this instance Mary was taken there, and Mary was buried at Glastonbury. She did not ascent with her physical body into the heavens, her physical body is there, but her spirit is in heaven. Irrespective of a Pope that said there was a bodily ascension of Mary--the body of Mary is buried, the spirit of Mary like any of the household went back to the plains of spirit from whence it came when she died.

However this church was equally as old as Rome and St. Augustine admits that. I have the works of St. Augustine and the basic works of Catholic theology, an they admit things to theologians that they do not admit to their parishioners. But generally speaking --again this church has held to truth of the Virgin Birth, and the Deity of the church, and of course this is the requirement of the maintenance of a church survival even though there are areas of --'

Fictitious Christianity within it. This does not mean that every Priest is a party to it. Many are a party to something they do not believe in. Many have been raised and trained to a superstition, and they are not permitted to research the areas of some of these doctrines, and yet right in the Vatican library itself is the foundation source of these things.

So actually the election of the Pontiff is by the Red Hats who wear this same garb as the Priests of Baal wore back in the days when the Jews ran Babylon, and Judah and Benjamin are the captives. The International Forces who ran Baalism are the same forces we call Jews today where as the true people of Judah and Benjamin are the Germans and the Normans of today. I have volumes of Archaeological plates which deal with the reliefs of plates from Babylon's Baal Temples and everything from Tara from the Pontiff's hat and the Tara of the Priests of Baal, on down to the Cardinals regalia--it is an exact duplication of what Baal symbolism has been thru out the years.

Now, I point out that the coming of the Pope to the U.S. is the first time a Pope ever set foot in the United states. Of the Cardinals who became Pope, one of the most brilliant of men, probably one of the most devout and most intelligent Popes of the church, or that the church has had for years was Cardinal Eugene ___________, and he became Pope Pius the twelfth.

Now, he was a fine man, a great statesman, a great theologian. He held to every basic fundamental where as he was still stuck with all this hocus pocus because he was raised in that. But generally speaking he was sincere, honest, and totally anti-communist. Of course the following Pope John was kind of a moron on Politics. He came from a peasant family, but he went along with a lot of socialism, helping the Jews to escape during the war who were trying to get out, was friendly to socialism, was foolish enough to make a Negro a Cardinal, but at the same time John was followed by the Pope who was a Jew--in that his grandmother on his fathers side was a Jewess, and his grandmother on his mothers side was also a Jewess, so there was a Jewish connection on both sides, and during W.W. II this man helped Communist get out of Europe who were actually before in all nations of Europe trying to overthrow all of Central Europe, and he helped these Jews escape. And he was of course very friendly to the Communist, and was not a man who should have been selected for the Papacy. If they had followed the key to the prophecies the man who would have been elected to the Papacy was a very devout Bishop. They were told in the key of the Prophecies who was to be appointed, and what spiritual development he would make within the church, and this prophecy without doubt, this was one area of inspiration because it dwelt with many things which relate to these latter days in that church. There was no church which taught the Virgin Birth, the blood atonement, the deity of the Christ that would be cut off from areas of vision and inspiration, but many times these areas of inspiration are not accepted, but turned aside by the group, especially when its a political hierarchy, as was done.

So they put the wrong man in, then sealed up the prophecy to keep it from the people. But the thing is they made a mistake---there was 3 sets of these prophecies, one was unsealed in Canada, another was unsealed in either Belgium, or Holland, which was rather unique. Anyway the Pope is coming to the United States at this time and it will not be good for the relationship of his church. It will not be good for the whole structure of the present developments. He is coming over to ask us to accept Red China into the United Nations, and all the countries of the world into the United Nations, with one vote for each. This will forever outvote the white man seven to one, never will there be a chance again of winning. They will not only out vote us, but when they go to rule 11 which counts the number of the people in the U.S. to make the ultimate decision they would have to have the white man in all the western nations, and these are the nations with the technological masters --of the structural foundation of Christian civilization---counted 6 to one. Then secondly he wants to embrace all religions with an area of religious tolerance, and to work toward respect for all religions, a world brotherhood of man.

Now, there is no such thing as a world brotherhood of man because all men are not brothers. White men, hu-man---yes but there are different races and they have different backgrounds. And Jews are distinctly different, even had a different father, event he creative pattern was different. So in this instance they have nothing in common. This is a violation of law, in both the old Testament and the New Testament. And here you have the first church man of the world as far as numbers of people are concerned, who has assumed a temporal, as well as a church crown, and he comes now to the United States. Cardinal Spellman is going to set him on a golden thrown which they had a picture of in "Times" last week. And then the State Department has this Hungarian crown which fell into our hands when we found the loot of Europe in caves on our side of the Iron Curtain. They had been hiding this treasure, the crown of the Holy Roman Empire with all its Jewels on it. We understand that it is to be presented to the Pope, and he is to be crowned with it in New York on the golden throne, this here in these United States of America. But this is prelude to the Pope visiting the President of the United States of all places in the apartment of a Commie Jew by the name of Goldberg who represents us at the United Nations. Of all the parodies of time, the Pope and the President were to meet in a Jews apartment which is the political seat of the Anti-Christ. So if every Evangelist who has been raised on the prejudice of battle between Rome and Protestantism---well they will be vibrating all over the country---and if everything this is what the Jews want, if they can divide the Christians all over the world at the same time they have a boy here who is jumping their rope-----I talked to quite a few Catholics in the last week, and they have been in our meetings and they are denouncing this Pope. It shows that they are freeing themselves from the church in areas where error exists. They do not like his actions, or what he is saying, and they think he should stay home. There is one thing you don't want to do, and that is to sit him on a throne and crown him with the crown of the Holy Roman Empire. But the fantastic thing is that the Methodist church wants to embrace this, and so does the Baptist churches, and the Presbyterian church, they are going to gather with him and have a great big conference as soon as his speech is over at the United Nations. Also he lets the Buddhist and the Hindu sit at his feet and kiss his ring. He says we have to accept these great Temples of truth. But there is no truth in this Hinduism, none in Buddhism, they are idol worshiping pagans, assassins of Kali, and so forth.

Therefore we as Christians must adopt the Biblical provision that there is no God but YAHWEH-YAHSHUA . We will have to join with our Mohamedan friends who say:--Allah, Allah Akabar ---as we say Hear O Israel the LORD GOD IS ONE. We have to say;--"thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thy mind, with all thy heart and all thy soul. If this is fundamentally Old testament, then what did Jesus say was fundamentally the greatest law and commandment, but this same:---"thou shalt love the LORD with all thy mind, with all thy heart, and with all thy soul." Then what was required along with this ----but---"Thou shalt have no other God before me---"--in any way thou shalt have no graven images, make no likenesses of anything in heaven on earth to worship it and set it before me. So we have this one line, we can't shave it or we can't enlarge it, we have to take it as it is. There is no God but YAHWEH-YAHSHUA, this must be our cry. There must exist no throne in the worship of God, if we have to conquer it to prove it, this must be done, every evil power broken and every knee shall bow. It is not going to be a revival, but it is going to be by a triumphant army of the House of God. You are going to see the victory, but not thru a revival---I think this is significant.

Now, I will point out something else--this Pope is sort of a kook ---he said--we must recognize that Jesus is a Jew, and this makes him an Asiatic. Of all the fantastic things --Jesus could not be a Jew being God himself---being YAHWEH --being of God He could not be a Jew. Being the father of Israel he could not be a Jew. Besides the Jews repudiated Him and He repudiated the Jews. He said:--'I am of my father (spirit), and you are of your father the devil.' So they could not be relatives, since they had different origins. I think one of the significant things this week is the article in "Look Magazine" for it is about 'Israel". And they say that Israel is a testimony of the total inability of men to live together. (speaking of Israeli ) It says that the Jewish immigrants are coming in, a nation is being created by anti-Semitic prejudice. Who are against the Jews are Anti-Semitic, so Jews are coming into Israeli from Africa and from Asia, from all over. But Oriental Jews look differently, their eyes slant differently, they dress differently, they worship differently, they react differently. Virtually the only thing they have in common with the European Jews is an area of religion, and a need for a haven for persecution therefore willing to accept the collectiveness of the philosophy of Israel. But Israelis face so many differences said one sociologist that there is no genetic or racial similarities. The European Jews are reacting to the others with superiority for having absorbed western culture. (end of quote) I like this, the Jews have absorbed western culture. Make no mistake about it, no Jew ever contributed to Western culture.

The elimination of the Jews would enhance Western Culture but no Jew ever contributed to it. Now (quote)--Having absorbed western culture the European Jews consider themselves superior over the Asiatic and other Jews, and now the European Jews exhibit a frantic desire to wash the Asiatic Jews out of Israeli society which they want to create with an Eastern European domination. The Oriental's make up over half of the population which is growing fast. The Oriental Jewish population, the European Jewish population, and the Negro Jewish population are fighting, acting violently from frustration, with outbursts of violence. Bloodshed is taking place on the streets of Israeli. --Said their philosopher--we are just human beings, and we don't get along with other races. (unquote) I think this is important because there is no more mongrel group of bastards in the world than the Jewish race. They are an unassimilatable group and Jesus referred to them as this. The Old Testament tells you that this is what they are. In the first place if they were Israel they would be one race, because if there is one factor which marks Israel it is that they are one race. They are the genetic descendants of Abraham, which were separated from other nations as he came out of Ur of the Chaldeas. His offspring thru Isaac and Jacob to our time would have to be one race, who have been forbidden assimilation thru out all the structure of their religion, and faith. Therefore if you came along and you have Chinamen, and then Negroes, then they cannot say that they all descended from Abraham who was a white man. Therefore if they have Irish on one side, and Chinese on the other, they can't say they have descended from Abraham, from the same genetic origin.

Now if they did not descend from Abraham they are not Israel. If they were a polluted seed they were expunged from Israel, since Racial purity is the strongest and most important criteria for the Israel race. So the significance of that is that here is an open admission in "Look Magazine" that these people are not the children of God, they are utterly Anti-Christian , where as the mark of Israel, in the book of Jeremiah -----"This is my covenant with the house of Israel and the House of Judah"-----He says:----"I am going to write my laws on the tables of your heart", I will put my name on thee--and this is for the fulfillment of the covenant, so the Apostle Paul would say.

Now, today the house of Judah, and the House of Israel is Christian. Where as we find that the Anglo-Saxon people and their kindred are Christian today. The thing is so significant here is that in Israel --true Israel --the people today are battling each other but their ethnic origins are the same. And when they admit to an area of theology which is Babylonian Talmudic theology then they graft together Asiatics, Negroes, Kazars, Europeans and Ashkenazie and they call them Jews----what results is that they have all people mixed together and they are not a pure race of people.

Jesus said:---These Yehudin are the offspring of Lucifer. He said that they are the unassimilatable children of the fallen Angels, that they mixed with the white race through Eve, and produced Cainanites, and mixed with Negroes in Africa under Lukii. They mixed with the Asiatics and thus you have all these people of different backgrounds. The only thing that they have in common is that they came from different backgrounds, they came from fallen Angels. and Jesus said that they were devils. So there is nothing they have in common except the fact that they are all devils. So the Devil bible is the Babylonian Talmud, and this Babylonian Talmud says that the devil (Lucifer) is God, and Jesus is the devil, and you can;'t get any further out than that. In fact the Babylonian Talmud precludes that the whole structure of theology mixes with this twisted, strange hodgepodge of gods, mixing with men. The filthiest books in the world ever written is the Babylonian Talmud. The nuttiest little reader in all times in history was the little fellow who sat in the white House. He said he used to sit up nights reading the Babylonian Talmud. He said he received great spiritual inspiration out of this, that --'I richly enjoyed it'. This man's name was Harry Solomon Truman.

Now, he never read the Babylonian Talmud or else he was reading it because he thought that it was a whiz bang, because it is a dirty filthy piece of literature, it is about as dirty a piece of literature that you can get. It talks of perversion, about how it is alright--between old men and little children, all these kind of things. It is corrupt, it is filthy, it is rotten. So if he sat in bed, night after night enjoying it, and knew what was in the book he should never have told you. It just goes to show that because he came under pressure and recognized Israeli for them, and they made Mr. Truman Grand Master of the B'ani B'rith, that he did not know what they were doing with him.

This was the Jewish Masonic lodge, but has nothing in common with the true lodge, or the blue lodge. But that evil lodge helped to sow in a great number of other degrees into Masonry which produced the degrees of today which are Asiatic and pagan, and should not be there in Masonry at all. But the thing that I think that is significant is that the Jews in Israel are going fast to the Asiatic point of view, and another problem is the Negro Jews. And thee problem is getting more dangerous because they all can't agree to get along. Something else is significant and that is --here is Prime Minister Ben Gurien and he didn't believe any part of the Bible for he is a Zend Buddhist, so figure that one out.

Of course Buddhism was set in place by the Jews. Buddha was a commercial Bandit who was doing quite well until one day he got caught. And they were going to behead him, but of course he had a lot of loot hid out os he began to talk about being a great god. He frightened his jailers by telling them this and they let him out. He was set up for beheading but the jailers let him out for part of the loot. As people then gathered around he tried to pull the Robin Hood game, and gave away the loot to the poor. He sat around mouthing saying that were actually taken from older philosophers, but to get them into an area where their minds were off of him as a bandit, he then got them to considering the Lotus flower, and what they were to feel and to think, it was a lengthy operation. He told them what they would see as they considered this Lotus flower, an what they would think. In the meantime he started to fault the status of the rich, and call for the distribution to the poor. So the rich then started to embrace him, and the poor was looking to him because he distributed some of the loot to them. Then the Jews stepped in and said;---this is our boy , so they took him over. They were the slant eyed Chinese but also they were Jews. So the Temples of thee Yessardies, and the Temple of the Red Hats --which again is another area of the Babylonian Cardinals from Babylon, and which was transferred until it took over the entire Buddhist religion. And so all Buddhism today, from the Dalah Lama on the Tibetan side, up into China--the Jews took it over. They are the slant eyed Chinese, but they are also Jews. So you say what do they have in common? Well they don't have anything scriptural in common, but they have this Babylonian phoney organization of theology.

It might be interesting for you to know--the Dala Lama and Buddhism is set up exactly like the order of Bishops in the Catholic church which again was set up in Babylon. I tell you this because its the same thing, and it functions in this manner.

Now the oriental Jews have no sympathy with the Zionist Jews on the basis of any area of Biblical Zionism. But they design to rule the world with their order, and they want to take over from the Asiatics. In closing I think the most important part of this article was:--(quote) --we do not know what to expect, but we hope to keep these people together until they flow together into one race of some kind. But the biggest problem is that we never expected so many people from Asia, and Africa to come in. But now that they are in they are changing Israeli Jews into Asiatics. But then the biggest Jew of all--Moses --was born in North Africa, the God of the Christians was also born in Asia, and of course all Israel is in Asia, so lets face it then it is inevitable --we are Asians. (Unquote)

I think that we should deport all the Asians. I have been just quoting from LOOK Magazine, the article written for the Jews, and by Jews , as to their ethnic problem. I don't think they should tell us how to get along with our ethnic problems here when they can't get along over there. The western ones want to oust the Oriental's, and the Oriental's are greater in number, and are taking over. Actually Jews have more of the Asiatic and Negro trend than anything else anyhow. They only touch on the whites as they got this thru Cain, and mongrels they have picked up along the line. I think this is significant, because if anyone had written an article that they were not from Abraham, that they were made up of a multitude of races, that they were filled with all kinds of doctrine, and the only thing they have bringing them together was Satanic Baalism--then this would have created quite a stir, but they wrote this themselves.

QUESTION:---Would you comment on the Volcanic explosion in Luzon, and whether the volcanoes like Shasta in America are apt to do this?

ANSWER:---Well this would be a long operation to go into the genealogy of all these volcanoes, but I can tell you about the one in Luzon, it blew all of those people into the air. And if they would get an earthquake in it, being that this volcano only has eleven miles stratus to sea water, its velocity is thus computed---and if they would get an earthquake in it, just like this, you could blow the whole Philippine Islands off the face of the earth. That whole Island would go. That is what happened to Atlantas. If there is one place other than Hawaii that you could not give me real estate it is there. If I had any real estate there I would sell it to the Jews in New York. The Hawaiian Islands are equally bad, there may be some Islands which won't move, but the major ones will. The earthquake over there now ran under the sea, and there was lots of action there. We are coming into a cycle for this. I am not telling you that they will blow this year or next but the alignments --as we told you last September or October were not to definite for here, but would effect more the Pacific and Asia. We have had a lot of little quakes, like the one in Denver last week, but no big ones. As far as Lassen is concerned, the last active volcano which exploded in the U. S. proper when it did go, it was gasses that came down from its cone which were so great that it killed. It was not the lava that killed, it was the gas which rolled down the hills and snapped the trees off, burned them, the density of the gas rolled down the hills and snapped off the trees. (Well it did this also when Mt. St. Helena blew) For some miles down that valley it was not water or lava, it was gas that snapped those trees off. This gas came down with such a low area of density that it just popped the trees off for 20 miles, and then the lava came down and set fires and so forth. There has been rumbling in the Shasta area for months. I hear from people up at Redding and they say that Black Mountain, a little way from Shasta is rumbling. We have some volcanic cones here in America that are not to old. One of these is up at Little Lake. The Owens river used to run right down Owens valley and down past the Argus Lake and right out thru what we now call Little Lake, and then out to China Lake, and Red Mountain was not as high as it is now. But the water went behind Red Mountain and across and down to Mojave and then on down to the Sultan Sea, and then out to the ocean. But about 300 years ago was the last eruption, but 460 years ag that mountain erupted east of Little Lake, and it put that long lava scarf down there and cut off the flow of the river. And the Owens lake was then formed, and backed up almost to Bishop. There was volcanic eruptions on the east side of the Sierra at Lone Pine, and so forth, and that ledge at Lone Pine is the oldest piece of mountain in the U.S. So it was only a little over 400 years ago that the course of the river changed. It is in the tradition of the Piute Indians who live in the Piute mountains, their great, great grandfathers told them about the river changing. In fact before Los Angeles stole the water out of Owens valley that lake ran from Owens valley almost all the way up to Bishop. I have cuts and engravings of a Steamship you used to get on at Alanshire and then rode on up almost to Big Pine. This lake and river was navigable up that far. This tells you how much change was made in that area as Los Angeles pulled the water out of Owens valley. But it was said that people would sit on the deck of the steam ship and shot a deer, and antelope, or an Indian. But that river was turned from a river to an inland lake because of volcanic action. And yet people after a few years forget and they say---all things continue as it was in the lady of our fathers.

QUESTION:--Do you think there is any type of judgment in this destruction of the Philippines?

ANSWER:--Yes, the only thing good about the Philippine Islands is the Spanish blood sown in there. In fact they would be as pagan as any pagan if it were not for the Spaniards, who at one time settled in the Philippine Islands. The Spanish had more intelligence than the President and his cabinet, for when they moved in they took enough troops to enforce the law. When they colonized the Philippines then the people got lighter in color. Today they fall into three categories in the Philippines, one the Hill country Philippines are savages of the worst order, many of them have tails, they are aborigines to begin with. I have photos of Philippines who were found to have tails, also some of the Japanese, and many have been amputated just like the Jews change their noses. The Philippines are in the Earthquake belt, in a bad spot. And I also don't' see much hope for Pacific Island Empires resisting Communism except Australia and New Zealand. I really think the Red Chinese in time will sweep the Islands. Korea will fall and the Japanese will be outflanked, the Islands will fall like ripe plums, then we will have to fight.

QUESTIONER:--hopefully not to long, but they have had plans before this, and they can go wrong again. You mentioned some time ago, a dark mass in the sky?

ANSWER:--that is right, it is a large dark mass, and is coming closer and closer to our solar system. We know it is a large body, because it has peculiar properties, and it opaques stars as it passes. Of course the stars are fixed so this places it in the comet classification lacking only two things, no illumination and no tail. There are a few substances, very rare which do not reflect light, none of them reflect any light. In other words then every object is capable of being analyzed by a spectrograph because of its ability to reflect light. None of this reflects any light. A material which totally absorbs all the rays of the spectrum, reflects no light what so ever. So it cannot be seen, is only known to be there because it blots out what is supposed to be there, this is the phenomena. I would even hesitate to comment on it, for it is a physical phenomena which I can give no answer. I have tried to find it, and could not pick it up with a Questar. But whenever I looked it was blotting out something so insignificant that I could not tell it from something else. I never saw anything missing where it was supposed to be. So I can't tell you much about it. Now it may bed a miracle operation much like a lot of the space fleets of today. They can be rendered invisible, not transparent, just invisible because of possible abilities to not reflect light particles, but permit them to just pass thru, and it may also bee an area of camouflaged reflection. The kind of setting up light like light bounced off light, but make no image.

QUESTION:--Could this be connected to ---"as a thief in the night?"

ANSWER:--No, that is not for us, that is for the world order. But to you the children of the Kingdom, you may not know the day and the hour, but you know the time and the season. He doesn't come to you as a thief in the night. He comes as Kinsman Father. He is the Bridegroom of His race. So this was a different aspect for us. This would be a sign, not a personage moving, converging, coming thru space. It is moving at great speed. They have analyzed it and don't know what it is.

QUESTION:--Would you elaborate on these beings from the Netherworld? Are they born thru a mother or did they just become people walking on earth?

ANSWER:--We have limited sources of knowledge and unlimited sources as to the Netherworld. To weave the accuracy of extensive sources, demands sort of intuitive as well as spiritual delineate when one takes the time to work on it. There are so many things to think on I don't spend much time studying devils. But the Netherworld is interesting only because it is real. It is just as much a dimension of habitation as outer earth. The Netherworld is the Inner earth. It is involved with cavern systems and inner hollow areas of the earth.

Now, there are more physicists today who believe that the earth is not solid; believe if it isn't a large honeycomb cavern system with a very large cavern system, then it is a very very large center possibly several thousand miles across whose land surface would be as great as that on the outside of the earth, for it is unbroken by seas. The Netherworld is inside the Earth.

QUESTION:--Can those beings come out on the outside of the earth?

ANSWER:--Oh, yes. There is no question of that. I was just telling you where the Netherworld is.

The Celestial world falls into two categories. The Celestial world is sometimes referred to as the Planetary and space world of outer space. The great planets and the sidereal systems like the Pleiades is what they are talking about. But when you look at the Pleiades, you only see the suns. You do not see the planets in the sidereal system. The only time you see any moons is when you find them attached to a planet like in our own solar system, like Jupiter moons and so forth. But it is too far out for us to delineate any reflective factors of the planets outer system.

Now, some people classify all the outer space area as Celestial. Actually there are two ways for this. Truly all the heavens are Celestial in the sidereal realms. When we compare the Celestial realm and the Terrestrial realm, then we also know that there is a Netherworld. But the Celestial dimensions of spirit which are Celestial plains in heir order made of light particles synthesized and organized just as the protons and electrons organize in the substance of matter. So this is the abode of God Himself which is the dimension of spirit. But Celestial worlds in sidereal systems are also occupied by created beings. Offspring race of God who are your own kinsmen of other planets are also there in other portions of the Universe---this plus, God Himself and the Angelic orders.

Now, the Angelic orders can go to any of these places. And they can even move in embodied dimensions. But they are to retain their status Angelically and not to intermingle. Are to 'keep their own estate.' But when Lucifer rebelled, this is not what he did. For when Lucifer rebelled against the throne of the MOST HIGH GOD, he gathered out of the sidereal systems of space, various things. In his perversion, he saw instruments being used that could be turned now to new things he saw in his mind. That is--he was now to use them as edge weapons, or pointed projectiles. He would thus use them as weapons of war. We are told that Lucifer began to use these weapons of war, and that he gathered from various planets these who followed him in perversion. And we are told that the dark and curly headed ones became his axmen and swordsmen. So he filled his crafts with the Negroes from out of the Milky Way system. They degenerated and fell under senses mutation and debasement with which he mutated their society. Then they were defeated by Michael the Archangel and his hosts and driven finally to earth. Remember, this was a pretty big act of politicking for one third of that area of the Milky Way system rebelled under Lucifer. He, being their master because he was an Archangel under God with control of 1/4 of the Universe. And they did not realize facts and were to some degree the victims in all this. But anyway, Michael the Archangel and his hosts defeated Lucifer and his hosts after driving them into this solar system. And even tho defeated, and their ships smashed, still, they survived the crash. One of the things we note, the ancient people of India had a story of the Great Mantavero (the battle in space of the gods). And how the Great God defeated the Serpent and the mother of the Ganges. The Serpent Dragon consort who was Lucifer with Lilith, the mother of the Ganges, or Kali of the Temple were defeated by the Great God of the Heavens who of course was Great YAHWEH. And it was Michael, His Archangel, who led this battle. This is why the Dragon played such a part in the thinking of India. They are the children of the mother goddess who is Lilith. This is their doctrine in their ancient pagan background. But they said that the God of the Sky would not permit the Captain of His space fleet kill or to destroy the ability of Lucifer and his hosts from being embodied in earth. But is says he gathered up and melted with fire and flames which burned brilliantly into the sky, all the ships of the hosts of Lucifer. So according to the antiquity of India then, Michael disintegrated all the crafts that the devil had after his forced landing on this planet.

Now, the 12th chapter of Revelation tells us that Michael fought this great war with Lucifer. That they fought this great battle in space and were defeated. Enoch was told some of these things. He was told how the heavenly hosts defeated Lucifer and then how immediately on being defeated and coming to earth, he started the mongrelization of the people. Great catastrophe occurred and continents sank. The great battle of the Genie came. But I don't want to get into that tonight. But many of the fallen Angelic hosts who had gone even into brutishness, were driven into the Cavern system and into the entrance of the inner earth and the occupants there were joined to them. In otherwords, the occupants of inner earth such as the Deero and others were taken over just like the Asiatics were taken over by Lucifer himself. But Lucifer could come and go whereas some of these beings had dropped to such a degenerate position that they were no longer angels with permanent titles and angelic hosts who could still come and go. So they were kept in the Netherworld. This is why this passage in the book of Jude is so significant, even tho the book of Jude is only one chapter. Still it is dynamite. Because it says:--'Angels who kept not their first estate.' Meaning that they came out of their first dimension. These 'He has reserved in chains under darkness unto the judgement of the great day.' Thus has bottled them up on the Netherworld. And 'even as Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities about (these were cities on the plains of Shinar--cities of fallen angels) who had given themselves over to fornication, and were going after 'strange flesh.' In otherwords, were going after the earth races which were a different specie. And in their intermingling, they mongrelized and mutated so that the judgement was great and YAHWEH bottled this bunch up in the Netherworld.

Now, some of them for instance, ruled in the Netherworld. And their pollution, there were some who were no longer free on the outer earth so these all knew death thru the Luciferian catastrophe. And their spirits entered the Netherworld with their soul consciousness as their bodies died. But they had cycles of return. In otherwords, ever since the fall of Lucifer, and the Asiatics, it is impossible for them to produce new people. When I say that, I mean that there has not been one spirit formed among the Asiatics since the fall of the Asiatic race. And they would soon cease in the earth is it was not for the process of birth. There is a 612 and there are fractional cycles called:--'cycles of return.' So under these cycles, there are beings who come out as children are born to Asiatics. And the Jewish children are a part of this fallen cycle also. They are of their father the Devil. And they go back to him.

Now, Judas of Iscariot was the son of perdition. His mother was a sorceress and he was satanically conceived. This is called 'Incubi'. And I have volumes of this on areas of Satanic factors. This was known as the early church came into being. And the developed church knew it as well. Then they became so sophisticated that they classified those things listed as Satanism as not being true. So people just go around not knowing that these things do happen. Now, Judas of Iscariot went out and hung himself. So what?--So that he could go back to his own place. In otherwords, his spirit came out of the Netherworld and his spirit returned back into the Netherworld.

Do you remember the demons who apparently had been exorcised by The Christ, or by the disciples some times, or by Prophets, or by Angels moving in? For sometimes guardian Angels move in on behalf of the children of God. Anyhow, they obsessed a man and were living on this man. They had gone into him and were using him and waiting for him to die. But Jesus came along. This man was almost like a wild man. And as Jesus came along, these demons cried out:--'What have we to do with you the embodiment of God. Leave us alone, torment us not.' But remember that Jesus cast them out and they asked to be permitted to go into the swine. But why would they want to go into the swine?--Because if they did not get into the swine, they wouldn't get into a physical body and they would be disembodied. they would always be in a dimension where they had little impact, because they have little impact on spirit except by obsession or they can move thru flesh. So Jesus let them go into the swine and they ran down the hill and drowned themselves. ---'So that they could get back to their own place'. Thus these demons had come out of the Netherworld and death is the door by which they get back into the Netherworld.

Now, do you remember Beelzebub, as he was one of the fallen angels who rebelled with Lucifer? He got into a fight with Lucifer over power. Because devils fall out. So Lukii and Beelzebub and Lucifer got into a fight and Lukii and Beelzebub tried to make a deal. They would kick Lucifer out and they would rule the world. After all the devils had tried to kick God out. And now these lesser fallen angels were trying to kick Lucifer out. So Lucifer who had other fallen angels who were not so involved, did some rearranging. He assigned Lukii and Beelzebub to the Netherworld. And made Beelzebub Prince of Hell where he had to serve Lucifer on the inside, and Voodoss was made to stay in Africa. That is where Voodooism comes from. Of course Negroes worship Voodoo in some form because all the Negroes were assigned to Voodoss, and were under his control. The Asiatics were then Lucifers field of control and here was his court. But all this was punishment for Beelzebub and Voodoss.

All this ties in. Remember that in the Netherworld there is a gulf. Remember when Jesus went into the Netherworld, after He was crucified, to preach to the spirits of the sons of Adam who were held there at that time in prison? From the fall of Adams race until then no spirit of the Adamic race could ascend into heaven at death. The spirit of the soul consciousness went into the Netherworld, but went into that part where Lucifer was only Prison master. Could confine, but not effect in any way but on the mind. This portion of the inner earth they could dwell in but they couldn't get out of it. But they could not be persecuted except that their thoughts were under attack all this time.

In this wavelength of their thinking they were under attack. Remember also that in this area of the earth with its entrance passages, which originally was the mountain of God, and the Garden of Eden. --- This was the original EDEN in its first stage in the Inner earth. and when the violation of Divine Law took place then they were driven out upon the surface of the earth. This particular area of inner earth thus had the Mountain of God with the Paradise of God, which contained the TREE OF LIFE and so forth within it. You will note then that with the violation of law by Adam, --with Eve deceived,--where it was Adam who violated divine Law. For he knew there was no help-mate but Eve. Well--then they were driven out upon the surface of the earth and Angels with flaming swords were set at the entrances.

Now, there were entrances to the Inner Earth at the North Pole. And at the South Pole, there are other Inner Cavern entrances. And watchers were also put over these. I can show you in the scriptures where watchers were set in place to especially keep some of these forbidden ones on the inside. Then at the end of the age there was to come a day when the watchers would be withdrawn and Lucifer can turn loose all his executives. And all his forces will come out of the Inner Earth like a cloud. They make war on earth and join with the Anti-Christ. I think there are a lot of them loose now.

QUESTION:--In the 'Book of the Dead', it talks about the watchers.

ANSWER:--Well, the 'Book of the Dead' is made up of several books. It is sort of a compilation of a type of Egyptian Bible. It is not the same as this one. For it had different theology. But it mentions this. Of course, they had this knowledge from our race who established the Priesthood. The knowledge of the God of Light the Father of men and the knowledge of Osiris the Ka of Ra. All of this which of course was all there. This is where they got their story of the 'watchers'.

Now, when I say that there are cities in the Inner Earth, there are some mysteries that we know of.-- Where did the Inca go? The Inca people just disappeared into the Andes Mountains. They had a tunnel system which their Priests knew about. And most of them just went into the mountains and disappeared. I have records of this that thousands of these just followed the great Inca into the mountains and never came out.

QUESTION:--Are there more than four openings to the Inner Earth?

ANSWER:--I am not an authority on how many there are. I would be inclined to think there were more than this. I know of a great deal of comment on this in ancient literature. But as late as Cortez's expedition in the knowledge of the Indians and the people of South America, the Priests who traveled with Cortez, made tremendous records of one of the great mysteries.---Where had the Inca gone?--Most of the Inca just marched into the Inner Earth and never came back. The tradition was that they had an Inner kingdom in the mountains connected with the kingdom of the little people who lived in the Innerworld. And that these little people were supposed to be just 4 feet high. And this tradition goes back to that period of time.

Now, I can't say with any scientific accuracy that this is true. Because I haven't talked to anyone who has seen them. And I haven't seen them. But I do know that the Inca went in somewhere and never returned. This could be done by walking in somewhere and falling into a crater. But I don't think they did that. This is just like the Shasta legend. I will call it a legend, but I give it more credibility than that. But remember that The Christ went down into the Netherworld and preached to the Adamic people. He led them from the prison chamber back to Paradise which was--the Mountain of God. Remember that Jesus told the thief on the cross --'This day shalt thou be with me in Paradise.' But Jesus did not go first to Paradise. He first went into that part of the Netherworld where all the souls of the Adamic race were held in the prison chamber. And He preached to the souls of the dead. And then He led 'Captivity captive', and took them out of there. And there hasn't been a white man there from this day. All the Priests and evangelists can't get a white man in hell even if they break their neck trying.

Of course there are some who will vibrate when they get this tape because the chief enjoyment they have from their religion is to save men from Hell. But the most important thing is to save them from sin, because this is the mistake which brings all the trouble. If we could stop men from the error of their ways then we would not have all the problems we have today. We would not have integration problems, we would not have the whole field of imbalance and evil. In fact you would be surprised, if you could save men from sin, even the taxes would go down. If you could save men from their sins almost all the heartaches and catastrophes would be gone, and the kingdoms of this world would be the kingdoms of our LORD. Some sins have to be conquered, some you have to defeat, some yu have to personally eliminate. Remember that Christ said:--'I did not come to condemn the world I came to save it from sin'---not to save it from Himself.

Now, the fact is that He led "Captivity captive", He took his many sons on high.------

afterwards we are told that hell, or that area of the Netherworld, or inner earth controlled by Lucifer and his hosts was enlarged, or he could take over that area where previously he was barred from.

If you want to read an interesting document then read the "Gospel of Nicodemus". This tells us how Beelzebub did not want the Christ to be permitted to enter in. And He did not want Lucifer to permit the Jews, who were Lucifers ancient people to crucify The Christ because as he said:--'I am afraid that if you kill HIM, we won't be able to keep him out. And if He gets in here we won't be able to keep HIM in. He had already let another man out, and if He gets in here we will lose every thing----and they did. The reason why they expunged this out of all the areas of the church after 300 years is because they could not teach this purgatory story when there was not any Adamite left in there.

QUESTION:--Is this the reason, that you think this was thrown out?

ANSWER:--I know it was because there was no longer any substance for purgatory.

QUESTIONER:---Speaking of the Netherworld--In the Mesa Verdi National Park these people disappeared---maybe into the inner earth caverns?

ANSWER:--This is possible, but a lot of them disappeared when that great meteorite hit up in that area of Arizona. Gasses which accompanied it, or shock waves killed them in their caverns and caves for miles and miles. They were found sitting up, and seated, or just as they dropped when that happened. They dehydrated right there because the Archaeologists found those caves and it proves that thousands of these people were wiped out at that time, of that catastrophe.

Now, it is strange, but we have in Arizona of course, the Grand Canyon, the greatest cut in North America, but we have not found any entrance into the Inner earth system. But in the Ouldville Gorge in Africa we find cavern systems which are unexplored by the thousands, and where they go no one knows.

QUESTION:--Can you give a definition of Akabar?

ANSWER:--Akabar is Mohammadan and I don't speak Arabic, but Coptic Aramaic is a form of Arabic and it means--"The LORD God is ONE"----Hear O Islam --THE LORD GOD IS ONE"--thus Allah, Allah Akabar --behold the LORD GOD IS ONE.


ANSWER:--The name of the Eternal God is YAHWEH. No man is to use this name if they are superstitious, but the children have a right to use the name of their Father. So YAHWEH is the name and YAHSHUA is Savior. So YAHWEH-YAHSHUA is the name of the Almighty ONE. It does not mean God Almighty, but He is the Almighty God. And when they say God Almighty the absolute Supreme YAHWEH, and YAHSHUA IS the Almighty God as Savior, embodied in the flesh, thus when YAHWEH is in the flesh he is YAHSHUA.

QUESTIONER:--Then YAH was the original word?

ANSWER:--It may have been more than this. But yes. YAH is the original word. This is positive, and it is also why it means Yes in German, which is the pure Judah language. The fact remains that there is a word ---PUTAH---and this is an Egyptian word for savior --and when the early Egyptians migrated from Atlantas then Horus and Khufu led the migration as Priest and King of this people, across north Africa. These people were a devout people, and they would not worship the gods of the Luciferian's, and they resisted mongrelization, and they talked about the supreme God of the heavens. All this back in the days when ancient Temples built like a Pyramid existed, where they worshiped in that ancient land, the Great God called YAH-PUTAH. He was the Almighty God of the heavens, and He was from that land above earth. So He was the God above the earth and they worshiped HIM. Then when they first met Enoch and Job, as the white men came into Egypt, and they built the city of ON, to them this was the fulfillment of the prophecies of the book of Horus, their High Priest at the time of their migration, under their spiritual Priesthood of the sons of God, thus under YAHWEH-PUTAH. For apparently the celestial beings of the Household of YAH ruled in the earth, or ministered in their Temples, before the Luciferian fall. And they never came back to earth after being lifted out during the Luciferian rebellion. So in the book of Horus it says these white men are the children of Osiris, the Ka of Ra who is YAHWEH-PUTAH to the ancient Egyptians.

This also proves that it says that they worshiped Ra the sun that it also means that they worshiped the LIGHT as a symbol of the brightest thing they had which to their mind was like the Glory of YAHWEH-PUTAH. But they were not ignorant, they knew that the sun was a part of their solar system. They had star maps, and of course the first one built in Zendera had 612 luminaries of the first to 7th magnitude of stars. Then there was the progression of the Equinox which was marked with the movement of the planets in their orbits. The Egyptians knew how to measure the equinoxes, but when we set up the pyramid we gave them the greatest measure of astrology of all times. They stood back in amazement at this. Yes we had smart early Egyptians as well, for they embraced our God. One of the Pharaohs taught the concept of 'One God' and they tried to kill him, all those priests of Sette, and the black witchdoctor of Pagan Egypt, all tried to kill this Pharaoh. As this one Pharaoh tried to teach the difference between white Egyptians and dark ones they went after him. In fact his Queen was one of the great Queens of Egypt.

QUESTION:--Do you know anything about this play called --"An Act of Jesus" which is now playing in San Diego?

ANSWER:--Only what I heard. it is another modernistic devil, corrupt evil thing, and is getting some recognition among educational circles. The most evil book of the year is the one written by a Beatle--John Lennon--a little Jew in which he says that Jesus is a garlic eating, dirty, little Spanish Catholic bastard. Those were his exact words, this was said because being a dirty little Jew and against anything Christian when Franco had more brains than President Johnson, and wouldn't let the Beatles into Spain after the Priests ask him to keep them out because they demoralize the youth by setting up all kinds of passions and sensualism loose among the youth. So the Bishop of Madrid asked Franco to bar these evil Christ hating Beatles out of Spain, and when trying to write a book against Jesus then he said he was a Spanish Catholic. Personally I think that he should have been hung by the neck, and never should the Beatles have been let into the U.S.

QUESTION:--Some will say that is pretty rough.

ANSWER:--Well, it may be pretty rough, but we are in the roughest times in our history. We are being Sovietized must as fast as the Johnson administration and the Jews around him, can take us. They are Sovietizing America. The government is going more Soviet every day. It is going dictatorial. They created a new Soviet block today. They have just created a new government department for Art, Culture, and the Theater. And now they are going to subsidize it with millions and millions of dollars to this art, drama, and theater which we have to see and listen to. They are moving into education and into business this way also. They have stolen the value of our money and are reducing us to the level of the socialists as fast as they can. But the funny thing is that we are still winning. They are usurping the power, but this may be wrestled from them by the numbers. The intervention of God in this matter and the directives of His spirit are going to be very potent. Everything which tries to get along with this drift to socialism --and they are buying men with money, and good times without work, --they are destroying thrift--they are destroying initiative and making men more or less dependent upon the state--property, machinery, equipment, housing, everything owned by the State. And then the State demands of a super liberal group of the Jews, their tools thru out the world--total adherence to their policy. Make no mistake about it. Given their time probably H.G. Wells fantastic book of a thousand years from now wouldn't be out too far, because these demons want to make us all Zombies for their own gratification and slavery. This is the way they are working. This is the goal they are setting. And every day it is more and more of it.

Now, for instance, the Republican party is derelict on some areas as are the Democrats. Here we have this Thurston Morton as head of the Republican Party and he came out tonight and denounced the John Birch Party, not for complete integrity of Robert Welch who lets the Jews use him. --Now I have no use for the Jews in the John Birch Society. But it has accomplished an area where as it does not cover as many people as does the other right wing movement. Still they are gunning for them. They just as well jump in and join all the other right wing organizations, for the water is fine. The semantics of today is trying to put things together and prove guilt by association. Morton said the other day --we have to clean out the Birchers from the Republican party, there is no difference in my mind between the KKK and the Birchers and the Communist party. But since when has the KKK and the John Birch party been equated with the Communist party. I think this kook does not belong in the Republican party. I am going to prophecy that if they drive out the Conservatives they won't have a Republican party they will just have a 'me' to Commie party and in a few years nothing. But I tell you that the tares will go first, and when the armies of God move we will lose a lot of them. You are in one of the great periods of time, but did you ever hear of any such fantastic procedure ---you embrace the thing you are fighting. But we are not defeated, we just tell you there will be some real hot issues in the months ahead.

The enemy wants to capture the cities and rule the world from the city centers. They want to bring in One World government ruled from the vast urban centers. Massive World cities --all of which is Babylonian Anti-Christ tactics.

QUESTION:---Where are we in Pyramidology?

ANSWER:--Right here.- Ha. I will tell you this--Pyramidology is an interesting study. I read and studied everything there was to know about it. But there are more passages in the bible than there are in the Pyramid so more to talk about. Certain measures we have solidified with events so that we know they are true. So every Pyramidologist that I know strains at measures and figures and keys and new keys in order to correct his error to come out with measures for tomorrow which he can point to. The Pyramid is accurate when used like an astrolabe, when its sighting plains are used in relationship to Dragonis, when its fields and plains are used as a vast astrolabe for its measures. When you take these vertical's and use it thus you get alignments, and alignments are the clock of time, and the measures of prophecy. Measures inside are according to the proper use of the pyramid inch and those are right. But the thing is we have reached the end of an era and we now move to Celestial measures. I have friends who are Pyramidologists, and I spoke for many years at the Pyramid club, but because I would not hocus pocus some of them rebelled. One of the best Pyramid experts I know makes many mistakes. But he never wants to admit it. In fact he had the church translated in 1946, in 1953, and in 1966, and each time after it did not happen he didn't come around for about a year. But the Pyramid does not talk about the translation of the church because there is no translation of the church so why would it talk about it?

Now, I am not attacking Rutherford or Davidson, both of these men did tremendous pieces of work in the calculation of the Pyramid. Rutherfords books are long, his chronology is excellent, but his timing is in error. He does not know when it was built, he takes an area of rather sophisticated error to back up his claim, and yet he does not know. In fact he thinks Adam was here 4000 B.C. when the pyramid was built before that--see. I don't like to get involved, but we will go into a couple of bible studies on the pyramid if it becomes necessary, significant and important in measures to use the Pyramid to show its intersection points,---then we will. Right now there has been so much horsing around with it, by stretching things to make it fit--in otherwords--I like it when they say--measured right up to the way--and never care a whit what it says, but then lets do that and not try to fit it back and forth.

I tell you that we are at the ending of an age, and these measures are already fulfilled, these measures are past (1962). There are some heavenly measures vertex measures to come. Some say, but there will still be another chamber found in the Pyramid, maybe so, but if it is there it will be a cervical chamber and only locked in its place, it they don't alter the size of it, and place it over so many inches and degrees, but this can't be proven yet.

QUESTION:--Were Enoch and Seth the builders of the Pyramid?

ANSWER:---Enoch and Job were the pyramid builders.--Seth was Adam's son, but he did not build it.

QUESTION:--How do you tie this in with Enoch?

ANSWER:--Because they lived at the same time, and Job talked pyramid language. Job wanted to go down and set with a pen, and iron and seal it in a rock, all these things that God showed him--in measure (Job 19:23). He knew that his Redeemer lived and would stand in the latter days upon the earth. He knew the story of the empty tomb. He knew various things, where in the measuring line, the sockets of the earth, the spot in equal distance of the seas. He knew things that are in the Pyramid. He lived in the same Hyksos city--Orusalem--Old Jerusalem that Enoch lived in. Migrated south at the time the two pillars of wisdom were set in the city of ON, the two schools of wisdom in our race were set up in the city of On, One was the law of the fulcrum, the Master Masonos of which Job was the master. The other was the school of the Spiritual law of the Rose Cross, the Rose of Sharon, and Enoch was master of this. The book of Enoch contains an acknowledgement of his relationship to the knowledge and wisdom of the Rose. The pillar of the law of the fulcrum is acknowledged by Enoch and thus we see that Job, or father Job knew all these things including the Resurrection, the immortality pattern. I can show you more scientific facts in the book of Job than almost any other book. We know that two pillars existed, the two schools of Wisdom, the one the law of the fulcrum and the other the discourse of the Rose Cross, the spiritual school back to Enoch. We know that the Sphinx carried these Mysteries. We know that the Temple of Solomon had these Mystery schools which had come on down and that there they traced Masonry back to Job in Egypt, and they traced the Mystery of the Rose cross, the spiritual school back to Enoch. So the Patriarchs clear up to the days when we have the writings of the Patriarch, of the revelation of God to man, -----in the Zohar they talked about the two pillars of wisdom--Job and Enoch--in the land of Egypt where YAHWEH sent them to store up the wisdom. So this all checks out.

Also I know that one was the commander of the night and the other the commander of the day, and we know that there were 144,000 savants, 12,000 for each month of the year. We know that all of these things do check out with the wisdom which is in the book of Job, and that this book of Job is the oldest book in the bible which we have bound here. And Job even talks about things which happened before Adam. So you see he was pretty well informed. And was astute enough to talk about it. I can show you all kinds of pre-Adamic things which are in the book of Job. It talks of people running down to hide in the cavern systems when the catastrophe comet came over.

QUESTION:--I heard that the dead Sea Scrolls were carbon dated as being written before the Christ.

ANSWER:---Many would be from 200 years to up unto the time of the Christ. The Savants who lived in those caves had virtually a total library down there. This was an underground war against the Jews, who were the sons of darkness in this war described in the Dead Sea Scrolls. This was the war between the Sons of Darkness and the sons of light. Knowing that they were the sons of Light, the sons of God, knowing they were the keepers of true Israel that the true Priests and the true military united were among these people, then were trying to maintain their libraries, and they kept them in earthen jars. These scrolls were tediously copied from old scrolls.

There were scrolls among the Dead Sea Scrolls that may have been maybe 1000 years old, and some maybe 500 or 600 years old. There were scrolls in Egypt however when Mark was the Pastor --in that library at Alexandria, Egypt however that were several thousands of years old. Scrolls were that were 400 years old were on Papyrus, and in ceramic vases. So you see we have lots of antiquity for writing, but the copying was continuous, and it was a tedious work to keep these ancient scrolls copied and safe. We have the various writings of Job, the books of 'The Cave of the Treasury' and 'the Books of Seth, and 'the book of the Bee,' all these various books show these things. There was 163 or some say 165 inspired books, but we have only 66 here in our bible and then only 64 of them are inspired ones. But these were scrolls in the ancient writings of the Essenes.


end of tape.